The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


75. Chapter Seventy-Three – Calming Down and Carrying On

Nasta wouldn't let him floo over to Grimmauld Place in search of Remus, he pointed out that Remus had told them that he had moved into a house in the countryside with Tonks and hadn't said where it was located.

That put an even bigger damper on Harry's already low spirits. For the first time taking care of his children seemed more like a chore than anything else with his mind so far away and he hated feeling that way, so he removed himself from them as well, nursing his hurt in the lower half of their bedroom.

His head was a mess, his heart was worse and reasons and explanations raced each other around his brain, why had Remus done this to him? He knew he should have written to Remus more as well, but surely a marriage, a pregnancy and then the birth of a baby was more interesting than the height of teenage schooling, the listed amount of homework he had to do or him going on and on in pages about the amount of stress he was feeling. He just didn't understand why he hadn't been told.

Growling softly to himself he tried to keep his Dracken under control, which wanted the hurt to intensify, wanted him so hurt that he turned irrational so it could take over and eliminate the threat. He didn't want that to happen no matter how hurt or angry he became with Remus.

"Harry, are you alright, love?" Max asked, creeping around him like he'd attack him if he approached too suddenly.

Harry could only sigh. "I'm fine, Max; I just can't understand it and I don't think I will until I hear his reasons for doing this to me. How could he just keep this from me and then spring it on me all at once? What was he expecting me to do?"

"Nasta's written him back, he should be getting the owl in a few days, depending on where he lives now, we'll get to the bottom of this, love, I promise."

"I hope so, I've really missed him. Everything's been so hectic, especially with the exams coming up and the amount of homework we have, it's not like I excluded him, Max. I haven't had time to breathe let alone owl anyone about nonsensical things. Right after I last saw him I had more than enough on my hands with Braiden and newborn quins, I was terrified for Leolin and his wings, terrified he'd get an infection, I was barely sleeping, I don't think any of us were for those first two months and now with the exams are coming up…"

"It's alright, love, you're not to blame, so stop trying to justify yourself, you don't need too, not to us and you have to stop trying to blame this on yourself, it is not your fault."

"But why did he keep this from me? Doesn't he trust me?"

Max sighed. "Only he can answer that, Harry, all anyone else can do is speculate about it."

"I know, I just don't understand."

"Why don't you go and talk to Dumbledore?" Max suggested lightly.

Harry nodded with a sigh and kissed Max gently. "I think I will, you'll be here when I get back though, won't you?"

Max nodded with a smile. "Of course. I'm not going anywhere."

Harry nodded at that and trekked out into the living room. Picking up the letter and a few other things on his way out.

"I'm going to go and see Dumbledore a minute, Nas, I won't be long."

"Don't work yourself up. We're going to sort this for you."

Harry nodded and went for the door, feeling torn as Braiden called out for him as he tried to leave. He would usually have just taken Braiden with him, but he was going to have a pretty upsetting conversation and he didn't want to shout or upset Braiden at all, so he kissed him goodbye and carried on to the Headmaster's office without him.

After guessing the right password, Harry climbed the winding staircase, too jittery and impatient to wait for it to take him to the top and he knocked on the solid wooden door.

"Come in." Was the soft, gentle reply.

Harry entered and smiled at one of his most favourite people.

"Harry dear boy, how have you been? What brings you to my humble abode?"

Harry couldn't help but chuckle, no matter how weakly.

"I just…I don't know how to start, Sir."

"Well, why don't you sit down and tell me what this is about first and we'll go from there."

Harry did as he was bid and he fell into his nervous habit of running his hand through his short, messy hair, making it even messier.

"It's about Remus." Harry sighed.

Albus immediately looked concerned. "Is he alright? I haven't heard that he is unwell."

"Oh, he's fine as far as I know."

"Then you wish to see him? You have taken a lot of school time off this year, Harry, I understand, of course, but can it not wait until the weekend? I'm sure you understand that your education is important. I cannot condone another day off of lessons, though I'm sure you have a good reason for missing your lessons today."

Harry was suitably shamed, he hadn't wanted to miss lessons today, but Nasta had insisted.

"It's not that I want to see him, Sir, I do, but that's not it. Did you know that he was married?"

Dumbledore blinked pale blue eyes and looked suitably shocked.

"No, no I did not. I knew he had moved out of Grimmauld Place and into a home with Nymphadora; he sent me a short letter explaining where he would be. When did this happen?"

"February. He proposed in January and they rushed the wedding in time for the following month. I didn't get an invite."

"Neither did I. I had no knowledge of this, Harry, is this what has upset you so much?"

"Not really. Him moving into a house with Tonks and marrying her, I could have forgiven that, but she got pregnant in August and they now have a two week old son that they've named Teddy. They've named me his Godfather."

Harry handed the letter over to the Headmaster and he could see the fury on Dumbledore's face as he read the letter and he had to swallow against it to keep himself in his seat.

"He has also neglected to mention this to me."

"I…I know he's entitled to his own life and maybe I should have gotten in touch with him first, but he's moved house, gotten married and had a baby since I last saw him after the quintuplets were born, that was just five months ago, only twenty weeks, she was pregnant when he came to see me at Christmas, pregnant when he came to see the quintuplets after they were born and out of the hospital. I just don't understand why he didn't tell me before everything happened, even if I couldn't have gone to the wedding I would have at least congratulated them."

"I will have words with him and find out what is going on, everything does seem to have moved very quickly."

"I wanted to go and see what was happening, but he didn't say where he'd moved too, Nasta's owled him back, but we don't know how long a reply will take."

Dumbledore nodded in understanding. "I can understand how this would have affected you, Harry and at such a stressful time in your life, you may have the rest of today off, but tomorrow I expect you to be back in lessons."

"I wanted to go in today, Sir, I honestly did, but Nasta wouldn't let me. He's too overprotective sometimes."

Dumbledore nodded once again. "Was this all you wanted to see me about?"

Harry smiled. "The bad stuff yes, but Calix is babbling more than ever, he's started babbling 'mama' a lot more too, my heart swells every time I hear it." He handed over the photos of the children he had taken for the man. "Draco's Mother wanted a photo of them all dressed up formally so she could show them off to her friends. So we dressed them up properly, it took most of the day to do, but we got there in the end, we're giving a copy of them to all family members."

"Thank you, Harry, these are lovely."

Harry left feeling happier and like a weight had gone from his chest. He arrived back to his rooms and dived into his family, happily taking the weight off of Nasta so he could do some of his paperwork, he only had a little bit left, which probably meant he'd get an owl sooner rather than later with a bunch more paperwork for him to do.

Harry kissed him hard. He really did appreciate that Nasta gave up his love of actually handling the dragons for paperwork, just to ease their childcare stresses. It wouldn't be for much longer anyway. As soon as school was over and they had graduated and had left, Max and Nasta could go back to the jobs that they loved so very much.

Harry was back on edge a few days later and Remus remained silent, Nasta reminded him that if the owl took a few days to get to Remus, it would take a few days to get back too, but Harry wondered if Remus would answer him at all or if he would be too busy, he remembered having a newborn Braiden and even with five of them looking after him it was hard to find free time. The first child was always the worst as they had all questioned absolutely everything they did in handling and caring for him.

Harry shoved the bad feelings away and took up his mantel as lover and Mother, he couldn't keep doing this, his children and mates had to come first and everything and everyone else had to come second to them. His children didn't stop needing milk because he was upset and his lovers didn't stop needing his support just because he was having a bad day. He had to just work through it and keep working through it until it was over or just gone.

Richard had sent him a letter personally about meeting up over the weekend to talk about his past for the trial, which was inching ever closer, and though he knew it had to be done, he just didn't want to do it.

He sighed and he reminded himself to take those photos out from where he'd buried them long ago in the bottom of his trunk. He was not going to be happy to look them over again, after his neighbour had died he'd sworn to himself that he'd never look at them ever again. He'd never expected for any of this to be dragged up or for the Dursleys to face a court over what they'd done to him, not after the neighbour who had taken half of the photos had died. Those photos were going to really help Richard though and anything that helped Richard and stopped him from being so stressed and causing another episode like the one at the Dracken meeting could only be a good thing.

He dutifully made a reminder of the meeting with Richard on the calendar though, the one that Draco had bought so they had some semblance of order in their lives. He groaned as he caught sight of Draco's neat handwriting on the square for the coming Saturday, which reminded him that they had to get the kids vaccinated for Dragon Pox.

Harry scrubbed his face and went to the bedroom and got an armful of washing, dumping them in the sink filled with hot water and washing powder as Blaise played with the kids that were awake.

He scrubbed out his frustrations and wrung out the sleepsuits, bodysuits, stained bibs, socks and blankets before hanging them to dry over the grate protecting the kids from the fire.

"Is the washing all done?" Nasta asked him, stepping around a mobile Braiden with an armful of toys to dump into a cardboard box he had pulled out for their toys, despite them having a toy box in the bedroom, which was actually full now that he thought about it.

"Yeah, it just has to dry; do you need a hand with the toys?"

"I think I've got it." Nasta answered, letting the toys tumble into the box.

"Max, do you need a hand with dinner or with the potion?"

"Don't let him near any potions!" Blaise burst out. "We have babies in the room and I actually want to live."

Harry turned and glared at him even as Max laughed.

"Nah, I'm good, go and relax for a bit." Max answered, stirring the cauldron on the top of the oven.

Harry went into the bedroom and found Draco in the bed. He had a headache and they had found out the hard way that they were out of headache relievers, so Max was quickly making more, all the while Draco suffered.

"How are you?" He asked barely above a whisper as he checked on Leolin in the bassinet. He was sleeping peacefully.

"My head feels like it's being repeatedly hit with a Beater's bat." Draco moaned.

"This will teach us to check on our stocks of potions before we desperately need them." Harry moved onto the bed and cuddled in to him, stroking his head and his sweaty blond hair.

Draco groaned pathetically.

"It'll be alright, Max is almost done." Harry soothed him gently, holding his broad shoulders tighter.

"Tell him to hurry up."

"You know better than I do that potions can't be rushed, if anything goes wrong he could cause harm to you or poison you or it'll go arse up and he'll have to start all over again."

"I know, but this is the worst headache I've ever had and I don't have any potions to help me."

Harry shushed him and held him as his hand massaged his left temple; the right side of Draco's head was buried in his chest.

"It's going to be fine, very soon your headache will be gone and you'll be back to your normal self."

"Are the others laughing at me?" He asked insecurely.

"Are they…of course they're not!" Harry said as quietly as he could while still bringing across his surprise and horror that he could ask such a thing without knowing the answer already. "Draco, we love you, why would any of us laugh about you being in pain? Blaise is playing with the kids, trying to keep them busy, Nasta is trying to clean up the floor space a bit and Max is making a potion for you while also making dinner. None of us are laughing because you're in pain."

Draco nodded and something in his shoulders and upper back relaxed and Harry shook his head, kissing Draco's head.

"Silly man, of course none of us are laughing behind your back, I'm very upset that you're in pain and hurting. I love you and they do too. No more doubting, us or yourself. None of us want to see you in pain."

Draco squeezed him tightly for a moment, before pulling him in more securely and they both settled down waiting for the potion. They fell asleep quickly, only for an hour though before Max woke them up with the much needed potion.

Draco necked it back as soon as he was partially upright and it took a minute before his entire body melted in relief.

"Oh that feels so much better." He said softly, falling back onto the bed.

"Really I would have wanted you to eat something first, but given the situation I think it'll be alright as long as you eat soon, that said, dinner's up in five." Max grinned.

Draco nodded and got out of the bed. Harry stretched and got a lecherous grin from Max before he crawled onto the bed and nipped at his neck with his teeth.

Harry chuckled. "Max! Stop it, I have to get up."

"No, I'm going to keep you here and completely ravish you and keep you barefoot and pregnant for the rest of our lives."

Harry laughed at him and shook his head. "Don't you dare, I don't want to be barefoot and pregnant all the time, just some of the time."

"I can compromise to that as long as all the babies are mine! Mwhaha."

Harry laughed helplessly at Max's fake evil laugh and pushed him off.

"You're so funny, Max. I love you."

"I know, I'm amazing, now let's go eat before dinner burns and I have to start all over again." Max grinned, scooping him up and carrying him down the stairs as Harry held on for dear life.

"Fuck, please don't drop me."

"I'm not going to drop you." Max told him seriously. "I wouldn't dream of dropping you and my Dracken doesn't like the idea either."


Max carried him into the living room and put him down onto Draco's lap before going to the kitchenette to serve dinner. Harry snuggled on Draco's lap, kissing the corner of his mouth.

"I see you're feeling better." Blaise came and sat next to them, Calix on his lap.

Draco nodded. "That was a terrible headache."

"It looked like it; you were really pale, I'm glad you're feeling better." Blaise kissed Draco and Harry smiled at them both.

"Mama." Calix called out and Harry fell on him, kissing his cheeks and cuddling him.

"My little boy is growing up!" He said proudly to the others. "He knows me!"

Blaise snorted. "Of course he knows you. They all do and they all prefer you to the rest of us."

"Oh that's not true." Harry huffed. "They just know that I carried them for however many months, they have known me for longer."

Draco chuckled and kissed his neck, flicking his tongue out to taste him.

"Come on lovebirds, foods up and those kids should be down for the night already, Blaise you're slacking mate."

"Five out of six isn't bad!" Blaise called back. "And I'll have you know that it's your son who's refusing to go down to sleep. He wants his Mummy."

"Like Father like son, I want his Mummy as well." Max said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Harry rolled his eyes and sighed. "Come on, Calix, let's get you to bed, love, you'll be grumpy tomorrow otherwise."

Harry put him in the empty travel cot, Harry loved them as they just popped up with next to no assembling required and they could be folded down just as easily and now only Leolin could use the bassinets, they needed a lot of handy travel cots.

Harry sat between Blaise and Nasta and ate his dinner happily, letting the conversation float over his head, he didn't feel the need to contribute, Draco and Max were talking potions, Nasta was reading through Blaise's Transfiguration essay and was talking through it with Blaise.

Harry finished first and he set the kettle to boiling for tea, but was muscled away quickly by Max before he could start doing the dirty dishes.

"That's my job." The large man told him, pushing him gently into the living room.

Harry rolled his eyes, but he didn't argue.

"Harry, did you finish your Charms questions?" Nasta asked sternly.

"Yes, Blaise helped me." Harry said with a smile.

"We did them this afternoon." Blaise confirmed.

"Do any of you have homework left?"

All three of them replied in the negative. "It's just revision now, which is optional."

"If I do anymore revision then my brain is going to fall out of my ear." Harry scowled.

"Let's take a night off then." Nasta suggested with a smile.

"I have an idea for what we can do with a night off." Max grinned at them from the sink.

"If you want sex, you can happily have my body. I'm so stressed I need some relief." Harry smiled before anyone else could say anything.

Max stopped and turned around with soapy hands. "Really? You mean it?"

Harry nodded. "I've been in the mood for it for the past week, since the meeting really, but with everything that's going on, it just took over and it got pushed to the side. I'm sorry for that, but I do want sex from all of you."

"You know I love hearing you say that. It's my favourite sentence from you, 'I want sex.'"

"And there's me thinking it might have been 'I love you' or even 'here is the child that I bore and birthed for you'" Harry teased with a grin.

"That too." Max chuckled.

"Do the dishes first, I want this place clean for tomorrow and I want the kids fed and in bed before anything, then we can do whatever we want."

"Yes sir!" Max saluted him and went back to the washing up with gusto.

Harry laughed, but happily mucked in and cleaned their living space up, Draco opted to do the feeds, because he was getting more domesticated, but he wasn't at the point of offering to do physical labour yet. Not if there were any other options.

It took merely an hour for them to be done and for the feeds to be well under way, Harry went to get their tiny Leolin, who was fast asleep but wouldn't be for much longer because he needed his bottle, all of the other babies had missed a feed at one point in their lives, but Harry was sure he'd turn maniacal if Leolin missed just one feed. He already drank so little for his age, Faerie blood be damned, if he missed a whole feed Harry just knew that it would upset him and probably panic him as the very thought tightened something in his chest.

"Done!" Max cried out as he straightened the cushions on the settees and stood with his arms out in a spotlessly clean living room.

"You know, I think I should bribe you all to clean with sex more often, this place hasn't been this clean since we moved back in." Harry chuckled, letting Blaise pick him up.

"How many kids are there left to feed, Draco?"

Draco, who was concentrating on carefully feeding Leolin, looked up for just a moment as he considered the question.

"Just Leolin and Braiden, the others are all in their cots, Calix doesn't want to sleep though. He was sat up and awake when I bedded Tegan down."

Harry sighed. "I hope he's not sick."

"He was grizzling a bit, I think he might be cutting his first tooth." Draco replied.

Blaise put him down when he wiggled and Harry went into the bedroom to see four sleeping children and Calix pouting at him through the bars of his cot.

"What's the matter, little guy?" He asked, picking him up and cradling him, moving to the rocking chair and sitting in it, pushing off gently with his feet, like he used to when they were very young and were screaming for milk at all hours of the early morning.

"Are you not feeling very well?" He asked softly, laying a hand over Calix's forehead. "Hmm…well you don't have a temperature, love, are you just being stubborn? Come here and have a cuddle until you fall asleep then. I'll look after you."

Harry closed his eyes and hummed gently, Calix resting on his chest, Harry's arms wrapped around him securely as he rocked gently back and forth, his fingers playing along Calix's back and through his hair.

He heard steps coming through the bedroom, but he didn't stop his humming or rocking and he didn't open his eyes, he didn't want to calm Calix down, getting to the point of sleep and then ruin it by breaking the rhythm, so he ignored it, it was likely only Draco or Nasta putting a fed Leolin to bed.

He didn't know how long he did this for, Calix had long since stopped playing with the hair at the nape of his own neck, his chubby hands going still, his soft laughs, coos and puffs of air against the skin of his upper chest had gone steady and slow and his little body had gone still.

Harry stopped rocking slowly, easing out of it, he stopped his humming and checked on Calix, opening his eyes to see his sweet sleeping face. He breathed in relief and stood up to put him in his own personal pine cot.

He turned to see his four mates sat on the purple settee watching him, he frowned.

"How long have you been there and why are you sat there?"

"Watching you being a good Mother is an amazing turn on." Max assured him. "Watching you settle him down in maternal bliss makes me hard for you."

"Everything makes you hard. Watching me sleep makes you hard." Harry snorted.

"You're very sexy when you sleep." Max purred coming to stand against him and pressing the hard length of his muscled body against him.

Harry snorted and trailed his hand down Max's body.

"Well then, why don't you wear me out enough for me to sleep and then you can watch me all you like." Harry smiled; dipping his voice lower and watching Max's blue eyes go almost navy blue in desire.

"I think I can manage that." Max said, his own voice gone deeper, picking Harry up and carrying him up the stairs, the others followed, happily and as Harry was dumped onto the bed, Blaise slithered on and covered him before Max could, but the bigger man didn't care as he just flumped onto Blaise's back and covered the both of them instead, nipping and biting at Blaise's neck.

Missing Scene

A touch to his hip sometime after Draco had fallen silent had his eyes blinking open and he looked over his shoulder, down his own body, to see bright, dark blue eyes looking back at him, Max was crouched over his body with a predatory grin on his face and Harry could only grin back, rolling over onto his back and spreading himself open for Max, who growled. This was going to be a very, very fun night.

Harry woke up with a groan and rolled his tired and faintly beaten body from the bed, heading to where he heard noise, trailing fingers across the wall to help balance him as his eyes wouldn't open just yet.

He scooped a child into his arms and carried on to the kitchenette, taking the noise with him which made his head pound in time to his heartbeat, like his lower back, which was also throbbing.

Harry filled the kettle before settled the squirming baby back in his arms more securely as the wriggly one tried to get away.

Harry cracked his bleary eyes open and secured the baby under his one arm so he could set up the bottle to stop the noise; from the weight alone he could tell he had Farren. Of course it was Farren.

"Calm down, love, I can't make it any faster." He croaked. He needed tea. Or whiskey. Something.

Harry got the bottle made up, tested it after having used a cooling charm on it first, before shoving it into Farren's mouth. He couldn't be bothered to stand, so he went and sat down on the settee instead as he fed his second son.

Last night had gone a long way to alleviating some of the stress that he felt and had been collecting over the last few weeks. Now if only he could get a headache reliever or a mild painkiller for his head and back he'd be absolutely fine and ready to take on another day of school.

Quicker than he would have liked Farren finished guzzling his milk and Harry sat him on the side of his thigh, patting his back firmly, waiting for the wind to come out one way or another. He wasn't looking forward to today, he just knew it would be a bad day and the upcoming Dragon Pox vaccinations for all the children except Leolin and then the day after that he had the lunch date with Richard were all weighing heavily on him.

It was Thursday, but it felt like the week couldn't be over quick enough, he just wanted to sleep for a week, but as he held Farren, sitting him on his lap facing him, his chunky legs on either side of his lap as his son babbled and fisted his hair in chubby little hands, Harry could only smile at him.

"I love you so much, Farren. You and your brothers and your sister. Please grow up well and strong and kind. Your Daddy Max calls you a bruiser, but every time he does I just picture a skin headed yob with tattoos and piercings everywhere and I don't want you to turn out that way and I don't want you in and out of jail either, petty offences or not, so you're going to be a Mummy's boy from now on, okay?"

Farren giggled wetly at him, spitting with his tiny tongue and Harry's smile widened.

"That's right sweetheart, you're a Mummy's boy now."

"Muma." Farren cooed softly.

Harry blinked and swallowed, before pride swelled within him and he danced around the room with Farren in happiness. He must have shouted out, because Draco was suddenly there beside him wearing absolutely nothing.

"What is it? What's wrong?" He asked breathlessly.

"Farren said his first word!" Harry told him proudly, watching with a smirk as Draco's shoulders deflated as his protective urges drained away.

"Let me guess, he said mama, right?"


Draco's face pulled into a frown. "What did he say then? I've got a bet with Blaise and Max that all the children will say mama as their first word."

"He said muma."

Draco suddenly grinned and kissed Farren's soft cheek.

"You didn't stipulate that it had to be exactly mama did you? Just some form of Mum?"

Draco nodded as he made his way to the kettle and tested it with the bend of his index finger before making tea.

"I take it Nasta didn't approve of you betting on the kids?"

"No, I don't." Said man scowled as he carried a writhing Tegan carefully. She let out a grizzle and then another, before she started wailing and then full outright crying.

Harry sighed and Draco couldn't fix the bottle quickly enough to save Harry's skull from splitting open.

"One of you do me a favour; get me a headache reliever please."

"Do you have a headache?" Draco asked.

"No, I asked for it for no damn reason, yes I have a headache, Draco!" He snapped.

"Harry." Nasta growled warningly as he fed Tegan.

Harry blew out an agitated breath. "I'm sorry, I'm just in a lot of pain, my lower back is killing too, but the headache is worse."

"Do you regret last night?" Draco asked with one perfect blond eyebrow raised as he handed over the headache potion and a cup of honey tea.

Harry got a dopey look on his face as he thought to the previous night.

"No, of course I don't. It's just a coincidence that I woke up with a headache and its put me in a bad mood. I'm sorry I snapped."

"That's alright. I've had worse."

"You shouldn't have to put up with it from us though."

"Hey, I had a headache yesterday, remember, if you feel even half of the pain that I felt yesterday then it can justify some snapping, I could have torn all your noisy heads off one by one yesterday."

Nasta chuckled as he readjusted Tegan in his arms, their only daughter did not stop moving when she was being fed, she wiggled and shifted and they had to shift and readjust their holds with her.

"Oh! Nas, Farren said his first word! He said muma." Harry said proudly.

"Bring him here and hold him out for me." Nasta said with a grin and Harry did as he was asked watching with his own grin as Nasta kissed Farren and told him how proud he was of him. His Dracken cooed in delight within him, Nasta was the perfect top dominant, they had chosen perfectly, Nasta was a perfect Father to all of their children.

Just fifteen minutes later and their rooms were a hive of activity as the rest of the students slept all abed still.

Everyone knew now about Farren's first word, none more proud than Max, who had stolen Farren from him and replaced him with Regan. Harry wondered what Max was coaching their son about as he spoke to him softly and seriously in the corner, but as he fed Regan, whose little hands cupped the top of the bottle as he was fed, his mind wandered to how amazing his children were.

He blinked and looked around him; he found Nasta and walked over to him, making sure none of the others were around.

"Nas? Is it possible to go onto a heat period early?" He asked seriously.

Nasta blinked in surprise. "No, Harry. Your breeding cycle is established at puberty, just before your inheritance happens, it never changes."

"But I conceived the quintuplets off a heat cycle."

"A very rare happening, Harry, I assure you. I doubt we could do it again if we tried. Conceptions like that happen very, very rarely and with the weather in this country being so sporadic and often mild, we don't usually see optimum conception temperatures here. It was a fluke, love. Is there a reason for all of this?"

"I…I'm not sure, but my Dracken is keeping a running commentary inside my head about how we have such amazing children, how you were such a perfect choice of mate and how brilliant a top dominant and Father you are…it's just strange."

Nasta grinned at him and Harry pouted. Nasta chuckled and pulled him into a hug.

"It's nothing to worry about; you're just feeling reflective upon your life and your choices. Though there is no greater honour than for a submissive Dracken to come to the realisation that they chose their mate perfectly or to be called a perfect Father and top dominant by said submissive. I'm going to be happy all week now."

Harry laughed and cuddled in closer, taking care not to dislodge Regan's bottle from his little mouth.

"So it's nothing to worry about and it doesn't mean that I'm going onto an early heat."

"No love, you're fine and nothing can alter your breeding cycle, it's something unique to you and no one else. It's not going to change; it'll always be two months between heat periods for you."

Harry nodded. "Maybe it's why I had such a headache though, with my Dracken harping on in my ear about things I already knew a long time ago."

Nasta's smile widened until it went almost from ear to ear, as Harry had known it would, he was kissed breathless before Max called them all for breakfast and their day took them on separate paths. Harry hated that he had to spend so much time away from his lovers and his children five days a week, but Dumbledore was right, he couldn't afford to miss any more lessons, not so close to the exams, no matter how stressed it made him feel to be separated from them all for so long.

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