The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


79. Chapter Seventy-Seven – June

Two days after the exams had finished for Harry and his mates, the fifth of June, was an eagerly anticipated day for a special reason and Harry woke up extra early just to move the sleeping children to the living room and to start making a special breakfast.

Nasta joined him not half an hour later and pulled a box of wrapped presents from under the sink, where he had stashed them because if there was one place that Draco would not go in without being told, it was the cupboard where they kept the cleaning products.

He laid them out on the kitchen table before boiling the kettle to make tea and baby bottles.

Draco's birthday had fallen on the perfect day, the Friday after the exams had finished for the three of them, though there were still some people doing exams from different electives, but none of that mattered because they weren't one of them. If he remembered correctly it was Muggle Studies today and it had been Care of Magical Creatures yesterday.

"Is he still asleep?" Harry asked Max as the larger man slipped out of the bedroom.

Max nodded as he yawned, his jaw cracking with how wide it forced his mouth. He scrubbed a hand over his face to wake himself up a bit before finally feeling a little better about being awake so early.

"Yeah, he's fast asleep; I gave Blaise a pinch on my way out, so he is awake."

"And likely not happy with your wake up technique." Harry said dryly.

"I hope I get treated like this for my thirty-third."

"Of course you will, but it's my eighteenth first." Harry grinned.

"You come of age in the Muggle world and can legally drink alcohol, oh wait; you've been doing that in the wizarding world for a year already."

Harry snorted and shook his head before picking up Regan and settling the five month old in his arms. He checked in Regan's mouth for signs of erupting teeth, but there were none, so he carried him over to Nasta to collect a bottle to feed him.

Blaise stumbled out of the bedroom, half asleep on his feet and groaning.

"Here, have some coffee." Nasta told him, handing him a cup of his most favourite Italian roast coffee.

"I'm still dreaming." Blaise said roughly.

"You often dream of Nasta handing you coffee?" Max teased.

"He's usually naked when he does it." Blaise replied before he gulped the coffee like it was cool water and not boiling hot.

"You can have me hand you coffee naked on your birthday." Nasta told him, pulling Blaise's head to his lips so he could press a kiss to him. "And you can have Max massaging your feet, Draco fanning you with palm leaf as Harry spoons coffee flavoured liqueur into your waiting mouth and anything else you can dream up, but can we please concentrate on Draco for today?"

They all nodded, put in high spirits by Nasta's fantasy scene, but when they heard Draco stirring, before they were ready, things turned rushed as Max took over breakfast to finish it off while Harry and Nasta tried to get the feeds out of the way as Blaise laid the table around Draco's gifts.

It didn't help that several owls turned up together with cards and gifts, Calix decided he wanted to wet a nappy and Tegan became frustrated and unhappy with the lack of attention that she was getting and started crying.

Blaise took Calix as the more serious matter and changed him carefully, making sure the powder covered all of his bottom so no wet or dampness was left behind to start a rash, by which time Harry had finished feeding Leolin and was distracting Tegan with a soft doll, making it dance in front of her.

Nasta unloaded the owls of their burdens and dispatched them easily enough and Max had just finished serving the table breakfast when Draco came out, still in his pyjama bottoms, dishevelled and confused as to where they'd all gone…or perhaps what all the damn noise was.

"Happy birthday, Draco!" Harry called out as the others called out some semblance of the same, they hadn't had time to decide on what to say or when, so it was a jumble of birthday greetings, but Draco's mouth split wide with a smirk that was almost an actual smile.

"You performing baboons are loud." Draco said, still smirking. "If you had slowed down a bit and stopped making so much noise, I'd still be asleep and you'd have had more time."

Harry huffed. "I think we made good time, besides it was the baby baboons making all the noise, not us."

Draco picked up Braiden, who had crawled to him and was now sat at his feet and pulling on his pyjama leg.

"Good morning, love." He greeted the ten month old boy happily.

Braiden babbled and burbled a bit, before Nasta took him from Draco and steered the blond to the table for breakfast. Four of the quintuplets were put in bouncers, Leolin was back on his little beanbag and Braiden went into his baby walker, this time with the seat low enough for him to pull himself about the floor with his feet.

Harry kept an eye on him as the five of them ate breakfast, though he did notice that Draco was eyeing up his gifts and that he was eating quicker than he normally did.

"There's no rush." Harry teased. "We're not going to take them off you if you don't finish your breakfast within ten minutes."

"I know, but I've always loved receiving gifts." Draco smirked.

"You're spoilt is why." Blaise nudged him with his shoulder.

"And you're not?" Draco teased back, in too high spirits to mind all of the ribbing.

"I'll have you know that I lived a very balanced life." Blaise sniffed.

"A balanced life in the lap of luxury." Draco countered, finishing the last bite of his toast.

Nasta, concerned about the effect the current conversation would have on Harry, changed the subject without it looking like he had as he handed Draco a wrapped present and took his empty plate away, thus distracting all of them from the previous conversation.

They watched Draco opening his various gifts and cards, getting kisses for their presents and when he was done and Nasta had cleaned all of the ripped paper and envelopes up, Harry shyly handed Draco another card.

"This is a special one." Harry said softly as Draco looked at him in puzzlement, as Harry had already given him a card and a present.

The puzzlement faded when Draco pulled out the card, which really was a folded piece of card that had been hand painted by Harry, who wasn't the best of artists, but when he opened it, he understood. Inside the card, on both sides, was a collection of six handprints, his children's handprints, around the message 'Happy Birthday Daddy Draco' in the middle.

"This must have taken you forever." Draco said to distract from how touched he was that Harry had thought to do this for him.

"Not really, I got some paint, got a sponge, painted their hands and pressed them to the card. It took longer to clean the paint from under their nails!" Harry laughed. "I won't be doing that again in a hurry."

Draco traced the minute print that had Leolin's name written in elegant cursive under it.

"This isn't your handwriting." Draco told him surely.

"No, it's mine." Nasta said with a smile. "I helped Harry with the prints and the handwriting, but the idea was all Harry's."

"Thank you, love." Draco said, pulling him into a kiss.

The day passed quickly and easily, they focused more around Draco, but naturally their main focus was on the children, who didn't care that it was their Daddy Draco's birthday, they just wanted all of their needs met and all of the attention, but Draco didn't mind sharing the limelight.

They had an almost constant stream of visitors to wish Draco a happy birthday, Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass, even Crabbe and Goyle, though Draco hadn't spoken to either of them in months, not since Harry had almost been raped by Theodore Nott and Draco had learnt that Crabbe and Goyle had slept through his shouts just feet away from him.

Narcissa and Lucius had sent an owl with a card, a letter and several gifts, but they remained a no show and told Draco that they'd see him when he got out of school, but Draco didn't seem to care, he told them that unfortunately as his birthday fell in the school months that his parents often didn't come and that in his younger years he had been doing exams on his birthday even.

Blaise nodded and said the same, his birthday fell in the school year too so he was used to just getting an owl from his Mother and various step-fathers.

Harry didn't want to bring down the mood, so he didn't tell his mates that even though his birthday fell in the summer holidays that he had often been ignored, or sometimes even worked harder on his birthdays, at least they had people who cared for them and loved them.

Harry went to play with Calix and Regan then, to hide his bad mood with praise for his little sons as he watched them play and learn with their toys, he didn't however fool the ever observant Nasta Tabrien Delericey, who came to sit beside him, Braiden in arms biting at a stuffed doll.

"Are you alright?"

Harry looked at him and smiled a small, strained smile and he nodded.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?" He asked airily.

"You don't have to pretend, Harry, not with me. What happened? What was said to upset you?"

Harry blew out a breath and smiled as Blaise looked over; he clapped enthusiastically as Calix slotted a plastic triangle through the triangle shaped hole to make a chirpy, jingly tune.

He looked back at Nasta when Blaise looked away, his attention caught by Tegan. He licked his lips and checked where everyone else was, Nasta could keep something quiet. The other three, not so much.

"It was the talk about where everyone's birthday landed." He confided.

"Yours is the only birthday to land in the summer holidays." Nasta said neutrally. "Normally an extra reason for a child to celebrate, but not so much you. What did they do to you on your birthdays?"

"Nothing." Harry answered.

Nasta just gave him a look that plainly said he didn't believe him and Harry blew out a harsh breath.

"Really, they didn't do anything and that was the problem. They ignored my birthday as thoroughly as they ignored me when they had company around. Sometimes they would give me a longer list of chores to do, but often I was completely ignored and my birthday passed with no acknowledgement at all. I had a selfish thought is all, when Blaise and Draco were complaining of not being home for their birthdays or their parents not coming to see them, I just thought, at least you have people who care, people who love you and that's not fair of me to say or to think, it's not their fault that the Dursleys were how they were with me."

Nasta pulled him into a hug and kissed his head.

"It's not selfish to think this way, Harry. You have every right to feel human emotions and yes, to you Draco and Blaise will seem very spoilt and ungrateful, but they've never been without that love and support, so like most people in that situation, they take it for granted and to someone like you, who has never had that sort of love and support, it comes across very strongly to you, you see it differently because you've never had that love to take for granted in the first place. They don't realise that they are digging a knife into you with their words, needless to say I don't think they think of anyone else when they get into a pissing debate with one another. I've never known anyone to argue as much as those two do, it's like they look for things to argue about."

Harry snorted in laughter and rested against Nasta.

"I just don't want to be a downer on anyone, especially not on Draco's birthday of all days, but it just hit me that I never actually had a reason to celebrate my birth before I came to Hogwarts. I was just another year older, it was another year less on my countdown to my eighteenth birthday when I could just get out of their house and leave and forget everything that had ever happened to me there, even though I never..."

Harry fell silent and Nasta remained silent with him as the three little boys played and giggled in front of them, Calix and Braiden having one of their daily conversations that only they were privy too, but when it seemed like Harry had actually stopped talking and wasn't just gathering his thoughts, Nasta pressed him.

"You were going to say something, what was it?"

Harry shook his head lightly, his messy hair still bouncing around his head; he had allowed Draco to brush it for an hour straight, so it was extra light and fluffy today.

"You can tell me, Harry. I love you and I won't think anything different about you, it's those people who are to blame and they will be punished."

"It's those people that I'm worried about." Harry said.

Nasta reared back like he had been punched and the flash of anger was so sudden and severe that Harry's heart missed a beat.

"Why in the world are you worried about those beasts?!" He hissed.

"Who's worried about what?" Max asked with a frown.

Harry looked over at him and gritted his teeth, the other three had taken notice of them and had realised that not all was as it seemed and they had come over to join them.

"It's nothing; we're not doing this here, not now!" Harry made to stand up, but Nasta held his upper arm tightly.

"No. You tell me why you're worried about them, after everything they've done to you."

"You're talking about those people, aren't you?" Blaise asked quietly.

Harry found it maddening that his mates couldn't even say their names, or even their last name, it was like the Voldemort thing, he wasn't afraid to say Voldemort and neither was he afraid to say Dursley.

"What brought this on? Are you having another flashback attack?" Draco asked and Harry was angry to see him so concerned and worried, this was Draco's day, Draco's birthday, they shouldn't be doing this now.

"No and it's nothing to worry about, Nasta and I were just having a conversation that he made too loud." Harry explained, his eyes glaring holes into Nasta's.

Draco sat down on the settee adjacent to where Harry and Nasta were sat on the floor and looked at him.

"It's my birthday and it is my wish that you tell me of this conversation."

Max snorted. "Aren't you a regal bastard? Well Harry, his birthday Prince has commanded it; you might as well tell us what's going on."

Harry snarled and glared at Nasta for putting him in this position and he turned to his three other mates.

"I was just saying that my birthday fell in the summer holidays."

"I would have loved my birthday to fall in the summer holidays, but my guess is that you would have rathered it fell on a school day." Max said, his blue eyes staring into him.

Harry's hand went through his hair and he tugged on it harshly.

"I spent an hour fixing that hair!" Draco cried indignantly and Harry had to smile as he tried to fix the damage that he had done.

"I would have rathered it fell on a day in the school year; at least here I had my friends." Harry said softly.

"You have us now." Blaise told him.

Harry nodded. "I know, but before Hogwarts my birthday was never anything special. I had no family, no friends; it was just another day of the week."

"You said something of the like last year, near your seventeenth birthday." Max said thoughtfully.

"He did?" Blaise frowned.

Nasta nodded. "The day that you and Draco decided to argue over books and who was the better author, you went upstairs to argue and Harry, Max and I stayed in the kitchen, he said the same then."

"Why are you worried about those people? What's the link between birthdays and them besides how they treated you before?" Max asked.

"I was telling Nasta that every year my birthday was just a countdown until I could leave them." Harry confided.

"Carry on." Draco said when Harry stopped.

Harry huffed and gritted his teeth. "I'm worried for them because I'm more worried about you."

"That makes no sense at all." Blaise informed him.

Harry growled and waved his hands in frustration, he didn't want to spell it out for them, he didn't want to actually have to say it out loud. "I'm worried that you're going to go and hurt them and I'll lose you all!"

"Why would you think that?" Nasta asked.

"Because what I was going to add on was that I never actually thought that I'd get out of that house."

"As soon as you were eighteen you would have been a legal adult, you would have been able to just get up and go." Max said confusedly.

"Exactly." Harry said quietly. "When I was younger I never…I never actually thought that I'd live to see my eighteenth birthday. That's what I meant. Every year everything got worse, everything got harder, by the time that I was nine, just getting through the year was so hard that half the time I just wanted to give in and die in my sleep so that I wouldn't have to face the next day and the torment it would bring."

"You wanted to die?!" Draco asked, his expression showing his astonishment.

"My life has never been easy. I thought everything would be better when I got to Hogwarts, but it did and it didn't. For the first time in my life I had friends, I was happy, but then the events at the end of the year had me facing sudden death and then I get sent back to the Dursleys and everything was ten times worse, every subsequent year has been worse than the last as I've gotten older."

"I hope that doesn't apply to now." Blaise put in quietly.

Harry smiled. "You know that it doesn't. Having you four in my life is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I'm not just saying that or exaggerating anything, you and the kids are the best thing to ever, ever, happen to me. Most people have a favourite memory, their happiest memory, one that they'll never forget as long as they live, a day at the beach, a certain birthday or Christmas where everything was just utterly perfect, even you four have a special memory that you hold above the rest, don't you?"

Max thought about it and he smiled. "Definitely when I got my Potion's Mastery. When I got that letter by that ridiculously fluffy owl telling me that I had passed all of my exams and that all those hours of studying and the endless days and nights of revision for those examinations had paid off, I have to say that it's the best moment of my entire life."

"Mine is a bittersweet memory." Blaise said softly. "It was when I had finally learnt enough Italian on my own to write a letter to my Father's parents, my paternal grandparents. I was so proud of myself for having learnt it by myself, for sticking to it and battling through all the frustration and anger at forcing myself to learn a third language so young. I had barely a grasp on English back then and most of what I knew was thanks to play dates with Draco throughout the years. I wrote that letter in my best handwriting, I was so proud. They never replied, so I wrote them another letter. A week later that letter came back unopened, they'd put a block up to prevent any more of the letters I sent getting through to them."

"How old were you?" Nasta asked.

Blaise shrugged. "I was eight. I didn't get a proper grasp of English until I was about thirteen, but by then everyone at Hogwarts knew me as a silent shadow. They never realised that I was silent because though I knew what they were saying, I didn't know enough English to reply to them and I didn't want to embarrass myself by botching up the language. They thought I was an arrogant sod who thought that he was better than them and they stopped trying to speak to me."

"Mine was getting the O.W.L. results last year." Draco said with an embarrassed smile. "I was terrified of what the letter contained, worried that I might have failed everything, but when I saw that I'd gotten all O's, that had to have been the proudest moment of my life. My biggest achievement to date and I hope to replace that with my N.E.W.T. results this year."

Everyone looked expectantly to Nasta and he chuckled. "I have so many memories and I hope to remember them all, I could easily say that my best memory is the moment I grasped enough of a language to speak it fluently, of which I know so many that the memory would be repeated several times over. It could be the moment I spoke my first sentence in my second ever learnt language, which was German when I was four. I could say that it was exploring each and every new country I was taken too, or even running hand in hand with my brother and sister across some field or beach or through a busy market place, but I think, upon reflection, the one that I'll always remember above the others would be when I heard my Mother's voice for the first time. My grandparents on my Mum's side were Drackens and they had six children, one of whom was very interested in Muggle things. My Uncle Rhodri mixed a Muggle Dictaphone with a spell and he caught my Mother's voice on it, exactly as it was. She was pregnant with me at the time and the clip features a whinging Angharad and a squalling Sanex before my Dad took them off for a bath before bed, but my Uncle Rhodri was asking my Mother about me and hearing her speak of me, still in her belly, the love that she had for me even then, how she spoke about me, not knowing if I was even a boy or a girl. She called me baby Nest, because I was always nestled against her spine, she said that no matter what she did to dislodge me, I always squirmed back to her spine and that nickname helped my Dad name me after…after I was born and she died. It's the only time that I have ever heard her voice and that is a memory I will forever treasure, knowing without a doubt that she loved me before my birth and knowing that she would have loved me after birth if she had lived."

There was silence after that before Harry moved to hug Nasta, who covered his eyes with one hand to hide his tears.

Max pulled that hand away and kissed each eye gently, catching those glittering tears on his lips.

"You don't have to hide your tears, not from us." Blaise told him.

"I think about her every day." Nasta said. "Especially as I see the kids, my Aunt Megan told me that my Mother had always wanted to be a mother, and a grandmother, she wanted to be surrounded by children, but she died before she even got to see me, let alone the six beautiful children that I would have given her as grandchildren. She died too soon."

"My Father did too, at least your Mother died in childbirth, my Father was killed by my own Mother in a fight over me, how do you think that made me feel growing up? To know that my Father's family blamed me for his death because it was a fight about me, a baby just a few weeks old and that that was the reason they wouldn't see or speak to me, because them blamed me for his sudden and early death."

"They're idiots." Draco said as he hugged Blaise. "They don't deserve to know you. They don't deserve to see the amazing man that you have become."

Harry said nothing. He had lost both of his parents, he had no grandparents and the only family he did have had abused and neglected him so badly that they were facing thirty years in prison for it. The only memory of his parents he had was of them dying in a struggling attempt to save his life, but then he didn't need to say it, everyone already knew his story because it was public property, people in the wizarding world had known his story before he had even known how to walk and talk.

"We got a little off track." He said instead with a smile as he rested against Nasta, whose arms came around him to hold him against his chest. "As I said, my memory like that, the one that I'll cherish forever, was just after I chose Nasta and I knew that I was pregnant and that I didn't need any more mates, when all of us became a real family together. You four are the reason that I wake up every morning happy, the reason that I smile and laugh, you're the reason that I love instead of hate and the reason I can forgive the Dursleys, after everything they've done to me, is because I have you four to stand beside me. I have you now and I have my whole life, my future, ahead of me, why should I care what happened in the past? Those people don't matter to me anymore, the four of you do. You are the reason that I live and carry on living, you're the reason that I love going to bed just to lie beside you all, to wake up beside you every morning. Nothing else matters to me, not even the Dursleys and what they did, as long as I have you four and our six children with me, how can it? How can anything compare or come close to what you four do for me and give to me? I don't even care if that makes me pathetic and sad, if it does then so be it, I'm a loser and I'll shout it from the bloody Astronomy Tower myself and I still don't care, I love all of you and getting the four of you and falling in love with you is my most cherished memory. The only thing that I have to hold onto is the memories of you four and everything that you've done for me and outside of that, I have the paled Quidditch victories, the broken friendships and the dead family members that I used to use to try and make a Patronus with. I have no other treasured memories, no family event or holiday that I'll remember because I never had any of those before I had you, everything good in my life has come only after I already had the four of you in my life."

Nasta's arm clenched tight around him and Harry felt other hands and mouths touch him, holding him, kissing him, but he felt that swell of love and he savoured it. He had his four mates and his six children, nothing else mattered to him anymore, not even the Dursleys.

They vowed to stay silent about what they had said as they got on with Draco's birthday, Harry even subjected himself to another hour long grooming session by Draco after he messed up his hair yet again, this time it wasn't really his fault as Farren had decided to take two huge fistful's of Harry's hair between drool covered, biscuit sticky fingers and had yanked and tugged and pulled, doing his best to give Harry two bald patches as he grimaced and howled in pain, trying to detach the five month old baby from his head.

Draco soothed his scalp with a soft bristled brush as Harry pouted and grumbled under his breath about vindictive babies.

"He's not being vindictive." Blaise laughed. "He was just curious. All babies are curious of hair and you happen to have not only a lot of it, but it's stranger than most."

"Thanks for that, that makes me feel so much better."

Draco laughed as he carefully took the knots out of Harry's hair, untangling them carefully and gently.

"It does have a life of its own; it's a bit like your hair is a separate living entity."

Harry huffed and ignored the both of them as he instead listened to Max humming some song in the kitchen as he made them dinner. He wouldn't tell them what he was making, but Draco had guessed that it was Chasseur chicken, one of his favourite meals.

Harry had spent the afternoon baking a cake for him, after Max had finished cleaning up from lunch Harry had started and the finished cake was decorated in pale green icing with little silver balls. Draco loved it and had already taken a photograph of it. Harry refused to allow him to take a piece.


They all stopped what they were doing to look at Braiden, who had called out.

"What's the matter, love?" Harry asked him.

Braiden brought a finger to his mouth and stuck it inside his dribbling mouth, before he turned and pointed at Leolin, whose golden eyes were opened and blinking, observing the room and the people in it with his scrunched up, suspicious frown that he almost always wore when he was awake.

"You're such a good boy, Braiden, such a good older brother to tell me that Leolin was awake."

Harry peeled himself away from Draco and his brush, kissed Braiden and praised him some more before he went to scoop Leolin from his beanbag, he had had more than enough hair grooming for one day, there was only so much that he could take, even for a birthday wish and he had reached his limit, if Draco wanted to play hairdresser any longer then he'd have to wrestle Blaise into it or drag a baby between his thighs and hold them down as he clawed a brush through their hair.

Harry sat on the settee with Leolin in his lap and he made sure to get eye contact and a lot of smiling in at Leolin while he was awake, he still spent the majority of the day sleeping, though not as much as he once did and at five months old, he was only just starting to come out of the newborn phase of spending every day eating or sleeping. Harry was glad that Leolin was developing well, but as he looked at Regan dashing around the floor on hands and knees, the same age as Leolin, from the same pregnancy and the same sac, he couldn't help the streak of worry that gripped him.

Nasta came out of their bedroom and laughed as he bent to pick up the speeding Regan and hefted the disgruntled baby over his shoulder.

"Where are you going to in such a hurry? Oh I see what's happening, Mummy has gone to tend to Leolin, so Daddy Draco is looking for another victim for his dreaded brush!"

"Oh ha ha." Draco scathed.

They all shared a laugh at his expense, though he couldn't keep the annoyed look on his face and it melted into a smile. He shook his head and put the brush away.

Nasta put Regan back in the middle of the room, where Tegan was trying her best to gnaw a thick finger from her doll and Calix was bashing about a soft teddy.

He came and sat by Harry and smoothed the soft, fluffy bits of downy hair that Leolin was growing on his head. It was going steadily darker by the day now and growing in thicker and more substantial too.

"We have to go to the Faerie courts soon; we've ignored them more than enough. It'll go from a simple snub to all out offense soon and they'll be very aggrieved."

"Let them." Harry said. "They snubbed your family for over a hundred years."

Nasta smiled. "There are those who genuinely want to see them though, Dain and Kailen, Warren too. They were all family friends."

"More than family friends if what your Dad was saying about what he was finding out about the family lines is true."

Nasta grimaced. He hadn't taken the thought that he might be related to Dain or Kailen very well, but Aneirin had been finding more and more evidence that Trefor Delericey had had a very elaborate and planned affair with the both of them and even more evidence that not one of his children had come from his Husband, which might actually explain why all of his children had had Trefor's maiden name of Delericey and not his Husband's name of Costas.

It had been correctly assumed at the time that Trefor was being abused by his Husband, but wrongly assumed that he had gotten his last revenge on the man by changing his children's names to his 'maiden' name of Delericey; none of them had ever once thought that not one of those children had been his Husband's by blood, so now it seemed that the Delericeys were carried on through either Dain or Kailen and that they shouldn't even be Delericeys anymore…if they came from Dain, they should have been named Talarin and if they came from Kailen, then they should have been named Aldaren. Nasta had taken that news hard too.

"We'll go soon." Harry promised. "I just don't want anything to happen to Leolin, you know he hates travelling."

Nasta sighed and kissed Leolin's forehead.

"I know, I just want to get it over and done with. Dad is going to contact Dain and Kailen soon and confront them on what he's found out, I want to have had the visit and gotten it over and done with before then, I don't want to see them."


"No. They knew, all these years they knew the truth! They didn't once approach us, we're their several times great-grandchildren, me and Sanex, my Dad and my Uncle Idris and my Aunt Nerys. My granddad Hywel, my great-grandad Dai, we're all related to one of them and they know which one and they know that we're alive! They've done nothing."

It was the most vindictive that Harry had ever seen Nasta. Usually so cool and calm and collected, his burning anger at the two Valkyries was not abating, no matter what any of them said, as soon as Nasta had read that letter, he had been set to hate them and hate them he was doing.

"How would you feel?" Nasta had challenged him when Harry had tried to ease him down a bit. "To find out after all these years that you have a great-grandfather in the world who knew you existed, who knew exactly where you were and what you were to him and he still did nothing? When he didn't even give you a chance?"

Harry had stopped trying to get Nasta to give them a chance after that, he would have been angry too, he would have hated to find that he had another living relative in the world that knew of him and where he was and they had left him to rot with the Dursleys without so much as an introduction.

"I know, love, let Aneirin deal with them, I'm just saying; don't let your anger cloud your judgement." Harry explained softly. "Hopefully we won't even see them when we go to the Faerie city, it's a big place, enormous even according to Aneirin and the books, what are the chances that they'll be there?"

Nasta had snorted harshly. "They both sit on the Faerie court; they'll be there when we take in Leolin."

Harry scowled. "You don't have to go if you don't want too, I'll go with Aneirin."

"I am not a coward." Nasta said bitingly. "I'll go even though I don't want to just to rub their faces in Leolin. If they ignored us because we were humans and Drackens and not Faeries, I'll parade Leolin in front of them and then deny them the chance to know the amazing boy that he is."

"And if they have a perfectly good reason to have broken ties with your family?" Draco asked, handing them both cups of tea.

Nasta sneered and swallowed a gulp of the tea. "I doubt they will."

"But if they do?"

"Then I'll hear what they have to say and if I deem it good enough, then we can try and build on that, but I'll never trust them, if they loved Trefor so much, why did they let him and his children die? If they were any sort of lovers or dominants they would never have allowed them all to die!"

"You need to remember that they aren't Drackens, love, they're different to us, have different instincts, maybe the situation was out of their hands?" Harry suggested. "Maybe they weren't there or couldn't help? If I was out for a walk with the kids and I was killed and the kids with me, I'd never want any of you to think that it was your fault."

"Don't say things like that!" Blaise snapped. "I don't want you saying things like that about yourself or the kids."

"It's a completely hypothetical situation, Blaise, I swear." Harry soothed.

"I still don't like it."

Harry rolled his eyes and shifted Leolin on his lap when his little Faerie baby grunted.

"You are such an unhappy baby." He sighed as he passed Leolin over to Nasta when he silently asked for him.

"You think he's unhappy?" Draco asked.

"He's always frowning and scowling at everyone and grunting. If I didn't know any better I'd say he was yours."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Draco demanded.

Harry chuckled. "That you are overly fond of scowling."

"I am not always scowling!" Draco said with a scowl, making all of them laugh at him. "It's my birthday, you shouldn't be harassing me."

Harry laughed but went to kiss Draco. "We're only teasing, love. Leolin probably just doesn't understand what's going on around him, that's all, you scowl because it makes you look handsome."

"You think so?" Draco asked, his folded arms loosening and a considering look come over his face.

That sent them laughing again and Draco huffed and went to go put the kettle on to make even more tea, making sure not to hit Max, who was laughing in the kitchenette, still making dinner.

"Don't fill up on tea, dinner's up in half an hour." Max warned as he dragged Draco into his arms for a hug, kissing the fluffy blond hair.

"Don't you mess my hair up!" He said angrily.

Max took it in his stride and kissed down his neck and over his cheek instead, ending at his mouth, which he peppered with kisses until the click of the kettle broke them apart.

"Why do you taste of peppermint?" Max asked, licking his lips.

"He's been stuffing the peppermint toads that I bought him for his birthday." Harry chuckled.

Nasta's head snapped around like a shot.

"How many have you eaten?" He demanded.

"Only three." Draco insisted, a haughty look on his face.

"How many did you buy him?" Nasta asked Harry who smiled innocently.

"About twenty, but his Mother bought him another ten. They are one of his favourites."

Nasta's eyes narrowed on Draco whose own eyes narrowed right back. "Don't even think of taking them off me like I'm some little child."

"I wasn't even thinking of it."

"What are you thinking then?"

"I'm wondering if you have actually only eaten three or if it's more."

Draco shifted from one foot to the other, a nervous habit that they knew well and one he did unconsciously when he wasn't exactly telling the truth.

"I knew it!" Nasta said. "How many have you really had?"

"I didn't know how many I was eating!" Draco pleaded.

"How many?"

"Seven, but it is my birthday, I can be let of this once, can't I?"

Nasta blew out a breath. "As long as you eat all of your dinner I can't see the harm."

"I can still have my birthday cake too?"

Nasta smiled at the cheek of it. "I wouldn't dream of rendering all of Harry's efforts to waste, so yes you can, but take more care with your treats in future, you'll make yourself sugar sick."

Draco came to kiss Nasta then, who realised for himself what Max had meant as he pushed his tongue into Draco's mouth which tasted strongly and sharply of peppermint.

Draco sat and sipped on his tea, waiting for dinner, his hand slipped into a box beside him and pulled out another peppermint toad, even as Nasta watched, but Draco truly did seem unaware of what he was doing as he was completely glued and enthralled by the book that he himself had given him for his birthday.

"Draco!" He said sharply and the blond started and looked up at him with a frown.


Nasta nodded to his hand and Draco looked at it and then blinked at it, as if he hadn't known it was in his hand. He dropped the toad back into the box and licked the powdered sugar from his fingers. He packed the box back up and slid it under the table.

"I didn't know I was doing that." He said.

"I know you didn't, I was watching you. How can you not know you're picking something up to eat it?"

"I…I don't know. I've always done it. I always snack on sweets when I'm reading. I become so engrossed in the book that I just…I just do it."

Nasta blew out a breath. "Then in future I'm going to have to give you a limited supply of sweets when you're reading, though I am glad that you're enjoying the book I got for you."

Draco smiled then. "Of course, I hadn't even realised that Penelope Vance had brought out another book series, I was so engrossed with her other one that I never noticed."

"And you have the audacity to call Hermione a bookworm." Harry grinned.

"She is a bookworm, Harry, I caught her reading the Library index in our second year! The index catalogue! It's not even a proper book."

Harry laughed and went to kiss Draco, distracting him from his book as Harry clambered onto his lap and kissed him deeply.

"Have I ever told you that I love the taste of sweets?" Harry said as they broke apart, only to have his head pulled back into a deep kiss.

"Break it up boys, dinner's up!" Max called, interrupting their snogging session.

Harry grinned to Draco, shifted his weight heavily onto Draco's lap, or rather a certain part of Draco's lap that had been very happy with the kissing and Harry's position atop of him, before getting up and going to eat.

Draco growled as he tugged at himself through his trousers and repositioned himself before going to sit down with as much dignity as he could muster while fully hard.

"You're evil." He hissed at Harry, who laughed joyously.

They ate the meal amid light chatter and sly looks. Harry's foot went to Draco's lap, as it had for their first year anniversary in the restaurant in Hogsmeade, but when he pushed Harry's foot from his lap, Blaise's hand would replace it and when he smacked Blaise's hand away, Harry's foot would be back. It was a wonder he managed to eat anything between them and by the time he got through his slice of delicious cake, he was sweating lightly and quivering with the need to just release.

He excused himself to the bathroom, listening to Harry and Blaise laughing behind him and Nasta telling them off, but he didn't mind, not too much at least. He'd had a brilliant eighteenth birthday and tonight, it was only going to get better, he'd make absolutely sure of that, he was going to pay both Harry and Blaise back in kind for their antics at dinner. He'd enjoy that too.

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