The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


76. Chapter Seventy-Four – Vaccinations and Heart-to-Heart

Saturday morning came all too quickly and Harry wanted to take a bat or even a bar of iron to every single book and piece of homework that dared to cross his path. He had been given so much homework in the last two days that he was sure he'd never be able to finish it before the end of next year, let alone by graduation when it was in fact due in next week. It was impossible.

Blaise was acting like a man possessed and all of them had learned to avoid him very quickly as he was in one of those moods, but with one mate down, the rest of them shared more childcare and Draco, who was also in a bad mood, lost it very quickly and he and Blaise had a massive argument in their living room, which devolved incredibly fast into a physical fight as they were dominant Drackens. Of course Harry got involved and the result of the fight broke half of their furniture, two of Harry's fingers and Blaise's left arm.

Harry was just glad that the kids had been taken outside in the sun for a bit by Max and Nasta to give them time and privacy to revise in peace, not that it worked out that way. This was seriously not what they had had in mind and Nasta had screamed bloody murder at all three of them when he had come home to find the place demolished, though that had soon ended when he had noticed that Blaise was cradling his arm to his chest and Harry was desperately trying not to cry over his obviously broken fingers. The punishments he had been threatening had vanished as he rushed them straight to the hospital wing and into the care of the stern, but kindly matron.

Madam Pomfrey had taken one look at them and had shaken her head in exasperated disapproval.

"You aren't the first to have a fight this close to the exams; you won't be the last either." She had told them as she fussed around them. "It's the same every year."

Harry had been healed in a snap, but Blaise's arm had taken a while longer to fix. Max and Draco had cleaned up the room by the time that Nasta had escorted them back from the hospital wing and no more was said about that morning.

Harry gulped his honey tea down, before making himself another one. It was very, very early and his racing mind wouldn't let him sleep. He regretted his fight with Draco and Blaise, but he had felt so angry and frustrated that he just hadn't been able to help jumping in when they had started to fight in front of him.

He looked to his fingers, perfectly fine and mobile again, but he remembered them sticking out oddly, bleeding and bruised, and being unable to move them. He sighed. It had been ridiculous, how could he have resorted to fist fighting like a common brute? With his own mates no less, in their rooms where they raised their tiny children.

He sighed and gulped another cup of tea in mere minutes. He'd need a wee every hour for the next two days if he carried on.

He pulled some homework towards him, even if it was the last thing in the world that he wanted to do after yesterday, but it had to be done. He considered taking a leaf out of Richard's book and writing anything down just so he wouldn't get detention for not handing in set homework, but Nasta wouldn't let him.

He snorted and decided to screw it, he scribbled rubbish that only just made sense and he didn't care. Richard had had the right idea. At this point of the school year, it was revision that counted, not homework, he didn't care what Nasta said now, their life had been stripped down to homework, revision, lessons and childcare, the only exceptions had been the sex and the fight they had recently had, the only two blips in a month of a heavy work load of consistent and constant childcare and schoolwork.

They were all frustrated and stressed and there was nothing that any of them could do about it, not until the exams were well and truly over. Blaise and Draco were only getting worse the closer the final exams came and Harry just could not deal with this high stress situation any more, he'd be reduced to tearing out his hair soon, it was already getting hard to keep control of himself. His fingernails itched and ached to release his claws, his gums were inflamed as his fangs tried to come out and he couldn't keep his back still with the heavy weight of his wings, which moved under his skin constantly, reminding him every moment of the day that they could rip out of his back in a spray of blood at a moment's notice and there'd be nothing that he could do about it once that happened, he and his family would be exposed, he'd put them all in danger, he'd completely ruin their lives, he needed to get more control of himself.

Finished with one piece of homework, he moved onto the next, speeding through it as he just didn't care. Nasta could tear it up in front of him for all he cared now. His weekend was completely booked and the next weekend was just before the exams, which started a week Monday, he just didn't care anymore.

"You're up early." Blaise said tiredly, emerging from the bedroom on wobbly, still asleep legs and going to the kitchenette.

Harry nodded. "I couldn't sleep."

"Me either." Blaise sighed as he made a coffee for himself from his secret stash of coffee grounds he hid in an empty food tin, Nasta knew about it, of course he did, but he didn't let on to Blaise that he knew about it, leaving Blaise to think that he was being sneaky when he really wasn't. Harry smiled softly to himself, but broke off when Blaise brought him a fresh cup of honey tea over.

Blaise sat next to him and threw an arm over his shoulder and kissed him.

"I'm sorry about yesterday. I love you and I never meant to hurt you, not at all, mio amore. How are your fingers?"

"Fine, how's your arm?"

"Stiff, but Madam Pomfrey said that it'll be that way for a few days. Are you actually doing homework?"

"Not properly, I don't have the time. The kids have their injections today, I've got the lunch date with Richard tomorrow, when am I supposed to actually sit down and do it all? I'd rather just put any old shit down and focus on getting as much revision as I can get done at this point."

Blaise nodded as he got his own homework out and started where he had left off yesterday.

"You be careful." Harry said with a nudge and a grin. "We don't want that homework taking over your mind again; you might pin me down and fuck me."

Blaise chuckled. "You wish that I would."

"So what if I do?" Harry grinned naughtily.

Blaise snorted and pushed him gently, before pulling him into a passionate kiss with a large hand on the back of his neck, their mouths moving against one another, lips parted and pressed firmly together, their tongues licking and twining at one another's continuously as Harry shifted and moved to straddle Blaise's lap, their kiss never breaking for longer than it took to take in a quick breath, their lips still pressed together and their tongues dancing.

"Not interrupting?"

The two of them broke apart huffing and panting to see Nasta cradling Farren in his arms as he moved to boil the kettle and make a bottle for him.

"No, we're apologising for yesterday and making up." Harry told him as he calmed himself down.

The older man nodded approvingly and set up the bottle, all the while Farren wailed in his arms.

"Yesterday should never have happened." Nasta said eventually as he put the bottle teat into Farren's mouth after shaking it vigorously.

"No, it shouldn't have. But it did." Blaise answered. "We can't change that."

"I was so angry with the three of you, but when I saw that you were hurt…I was so afraid. Three of my four mates had attacked one another and two of them were hurt. Do you have any idea what that did to me?" Nasta asked in a small, soft voice. "I wanted to punish all three of you, I was so angry I could have, but seeing you injured terrified me and I had to get you help as soon as possible. I was so conflicted between fear and anger. I know we've all been under pressure, we've all been feeling the strain, but I thought we were better than this. I never would have believed you three capable of attacking one another as soon as my back was turned. I wouldn't have left yesterday if I'd have had even a hint that this might have happened. You attacked one another!"

Harry bowed his head and bit his lip. He hadn't thought how it might have looked or felt to Max and Nasta as they came home after a fun afternoon in the shade of a tree with the kids to find their rooms wrecked and three bruised, bleeding young men in the middle of the carnage, two of them with broken bones.

"I'm sorry." Harry said quietly and sincerely as he slipped onto his own chair once again.

"No, sorry isn't enough, Harry, you have to promise me that this will never happen again. Never."

"I promise. I have no idea what came over me. I was just so angry and so frustrated; I wanted everything to just go away."

"I didn't even see Harry join in." Blaise admitted. "It was just me and Draco. He started on me and I just leapt at him, so I take full responsibility for starting the physical fight if you want someone to punish for that."

"I think you've punished yourself enough." Nasta sighed. "But you have to stop acting like children or animals. I know you're young and have limited control, but you can't behave like this when we have children about."

"Trust me, I know. They didn't even come to mind." Harry said. "I think it was only because you had removed them from the rooms that I even considered joining the fight instead of tearing them a new one over actually fighting in the rooms. If the kids had been here, I would have done the same as I did the last time a fight broke out in these rooms I think. Thankfully no travel cots were demolished this time."

"I'm sorry too." Blaise said. "It should never have gotten that bad, but I reached breaking point when Draco started on me, I just couldn't stop myself."

"I hope it's all out of your systems now, we'll be in public later today."

"We're not going to start brawling in public!" Blaise hissed, offended at the very suggestion. "No matter what I'm still a Pureblood and I was raised a Pureblood!"

Harry snorted. "Don't start quoting blood supremacy now, Blaise, I might have to chop your hands off."

Blaise snorted and pulled him into a hug.

"I never would with you, Bello. I'm officially classed as a creature now anyway, as is Draco; we can hardly slate you for not being Pureblooded when we're now considered half breeds."

Draco walked into the living room just in time to hear that last and he huffed, completely affronted. Harry chuckled.

"Don't worry, love; we're all the same, all half breeds." Harry said. Blaise snorted at the look on Draco's face.

"Call me a half breed again, Potter and see what happens to you."

Harry grinned. "What are you going to do?" He teased. "Nasta is stood right there."

Draco sent a glare to said man as he stumbled to the kettle to make tea. Nasta finished feeding Farren and burped him, sitting him on his hip as he came over to the table that Harry and Blaise were sat at.

He sat down himself with Farren on his lap, facing towards the table. Harry was instantly distracted as he leant over the table and started pulling faces and letting Farren hold his fingers as he wiggled them and babbled to him.

Max's chuckle was the only thing to bring him out of the game, cutting over Farren's loud, happy giggling.

He had both Calix and Braiden in his arms and Harry smiled at him. Holding his arms out for Braiden as he went to get Calix a bottle. Draco had Braiden's smooth cereal already in the little bowl and was heating it with his wand carefully and checking it every few seconds to make sure it was warm enough, but not too hot for Braiden's little mouth.

When it was ready he levitated it over, which made Farren and Braiden screech in laughter and made Harry shake his head as he grabbed the bowl from the air and fed Braiden on his lap, letting Blaise take the spoon now and then to feed their son a mouthful between paragraphs in his essay.

"You are a gorgeous boy." Blaise cooed to Braiden lovingly. "You are my precious baby boy and I love you."

"Da la." Braiden cooed back, slapping his chubby little hands on the table top in joy.

Harry chuckled and pushed the spoon into Braiden's mouth, of course he still didn't open his mouth wide enough, so most of the smooth goo ended up on his chin, but he laughed as Blaise pulled a face at him, which made Harry smile widely. This is what he wanted mornings to be like, not them all being so stressed that the children had to be taken away from them and they ended up breaking into physical fights at each other's throats, this is what mornings should be like and he'd strive for it to always be like this in future. After the exams were over that was, all bets were off before they were over and done with.

The hospital was noisy and busy today and Harry hated it as he sat with Max and Nasta in the paediatrics ward of Saint Mungos, the disinfectant smell tickling his nose and throat aggravatingly. Again Draco and Blaise stayed home with Leolin, hoping that the two or so hours extra of almost complete peace to do their homework and revision would keep them in their good moods from that morning. Harry hoped that they didn't have another fist fight while they were alone again and he wasn't there to jump in and try to stop them, though he hadn't done much to stop them and after his fingers had been broken he had jumped right into the fight, furious that he'd had two of his bones broken by his own feuding mates.

People were staring at them and whispering about them, one person had even tried to take a photo of them sat in the waiting room before Max had shouted out, loud enough for everyone to hear him, that they were in a damned hospital and to have some respect for others. The orderlies had rushed the shocked, blinking woman away quickly, chastising her that photography was prohibited in all parts of the hospital. Harry was sat between his mates, Braiden and Farren on his lap, Nasta held Tegan and Regan and Max was pretending to eat a hysterically laughing Calix.

The wait always made him feel nervous and he couldn't stop his knee from jumping under Braiden, but it just made his two sons giggle at the movement, at least they could be happy and not nervous about what was to come, but he was sure they'd learn soon enough, he had very intelligent children after all.

"It'll be alright, love." Nasta assured him.

"I hate seeing them in pain, seeing Braiden after his vaccinations alone was bad, seeing four of them screaming themselves hoarse was worse, now all five of them are going to be at it all afternoon." Harry said softly, squeezing the two boys on his lap and putting his head down between theirs so he could kiss each one in turn.

"It has to be done." Max said softly, pulling his head in for a kiss.

"I know that, it doesn't mean that I have to like it though."

"I'm going to the bathroom a moment, where's the nappy bag? I believe Regan needs an urgent nappy change before they declare this hospital a hazardous area." Nasta said suddenly, pulling a face.

Max handed over the nappy bag laughing and Nasta handed over Tegan.

"If we're not here when you get back, we'll be in the Healer's office, so just come on in, okay?" Harry said, chuckling.

"Of course." Nasta answered with a nod before setting off to the bathroom around the corner.

"It really will be alright. Just think of the headache Draco alone would give you if we didn't get them vaccinated. It'll be worse than all of us screaming together after a Dragon Pox vaccination."

Harry laughed and bumped his shoulder against Max's.

"I love you, but you're so daft some times." Harry said with a smile to take the bite out of his words.

"I know. I can't help it. It's the way I was brought up; my Dad Richard was a very, very big influence on me."

"A very bad influence if you ask Myron." Harry chuckled.

Max's grin widened. "He loves the mayhem really. He always hated it when the house was too quiet; it gave him too much time to think about the bad stuff."

Harry's smile turned sad. "Have you spoken to him lately?"

"Yesterday. He's fine, he asked if you're still meeting Richard tomorrow and I said of course you are, you were asleep and I didn't want to wake you up, you are still going aren't you?"

"Of course." Harry said with a nod. "I need to get it over and done with, Max. I want that part of my life to finally close. I haven't had a flashback in a while, but I…I haven't said anything about it as I didn't want anyone to fuss, but I get…nightmares about them, I don't know why this is all coming up now, but it is and I'm remembering more and more the longer I think about it."

"That's usually how it works." Nasta said as he sat back down with a happily gurgling Regan. "The safer you feel, love, the more the bad stuff comes out. It's actually a good thing, it means you feel safe with us and feel able to now deal with the bad memories you suppressed early on."

Harry sighed. "I wish the nightmares weren't so bad though."

"Is that why you're always awake so early lately?" Max asked concernedly.

"Sometimes, not this morning though, this morning it was the fight with Blaise and Draco, I felt like scum for hurting the both of them so violently and I just couldn't sleep."

Nasta sighed and threw his spare arm around him. "You're not scum, love. I do wish that the three of you hadn't fought so viciously and violently, but the stress and tension of the last month has been building steadily and surely, it was bound to blow over some when, I just hope that we're done with the fighting. I don't like knowing that you can be reduced to fist fighting when I'm not there to intervene, or that you're so angry, upset or completely frustrated enough to trade blows, it means I'm not doing my job as top dominant properly if you feel that way."

"You're an amazing top dominant, love." Harry assured.

"Of course you are, I wouldn't want your job." Max said.

"You wouldn't survive being the top dom." Harry chuckled. "You wouldn't be able to handle me in one of my moods, let alone Blaise in the mood he's in at the moment."

Max grinned. "I'm glad I don't have to. He's an absolute horror at the moment."

Nasta rolled his eyes, but he was saved from answering as an orderly came out and called for them to come into the Healer's office. Harry stood up and licked his lips.

"Come on, love, it'll be fine." Nasta encouraged as Max walked on ahead. Harry blew out a breath and walked down the corridor.

"Good morning, how are you all today?" Healer Nasser asked, looking at them from over his clipboard as they walked into the paediatric Healer's office.

"Fine." Harry answered as he sat Braiden onto the bed; the sides were high and made of a soft mesh to stop the infant patients from rolling or falling off while the Healer worked.

"Five Dragon Pox vaccines today, yes? One at a nine month dosage and four at a four month dosage, is that correct?" He asked, reading off of the clipboard as he checked the sealed bottles of vaccine on the desk and lined them up, a sealed needle lying innocently next to each one.

"Yes, Healer."

"Right, I can see you want this over with as quickly as possible, but if you're agreeable, we need their heights and weights and a general check-up for their medical records."

Harry sighed and nodded. "Can we do that first, before they're all screaming?"

"Of course, Mister Potter." The Healer nodded.

He took out his wand from the pocket of his lime green overcoat and took measurements of each baby quickly and easily.

"They're not exposed to much magic are they?" He asked approvingly.

"No, we try to keep all magic away from them and only use it on them directly in emergencies, but still very sparingly, the school itself is filled with so much magic, so we try to live without magic as much as possible."

The Healer nodded. "That's good and very mature and responsible of you. You don't know how many parents come in here with children that are almost permanently damaged by magical overload because they either refuse to live without magic or don't know they have to. I don't care how young the couple is, there is no excuse for such negligence. If you can be bothered to have a baby, you need to be bothered to learn how to care for them properly."

Harry smiled as one by one the babies were measured and weighed and checked over, and then came the hard part. The actual vaccinations.

Braiden was up first and Harry held him still as Max pulled faces at him to keep him as distracted as possible. Healer Nasser held his arm still as he slid the loaded needle under his skin gently, he pushed the plunger down and emptied the syringe and then drew the needle out quickly and only then did Braiden draw in a large breath and he started screaming as loudly and as hysterically as he could, scarcely taking another breath before exhaling it, crying as quickly as his little lungs could manage.

Harry put Farren down for his injection as he picked up Braiden and shushed him to no effect, bouncing him and trying to calm him down as a smear of potion was put over the vaccination site by an efficient Healer Nasser and a tiny little dot of a colourful plaster with little moving snitches on it.

Nasta put Regan down on the bed behind Farren and held the older baby still as his own vaccination was administered and Harry found himself with another crying baby in his arms, one on either side of his neck, pulling at his hair, making wet trails all the way down his neck and to his chest.

Regan went next and Nasta cuddled him as he cried hysterically and Max put Tegan down and held Calix for his injection, before handing the screaming boy over to Nasta before he held Tegan for her injection and at long last it was all over and done with, all five of them screaming and crying, leaving an apologetic looking Healer who smiled softly at them.

"I am sorry about that; at least you won't have to get them all done together anymore. The highest number of babies under three I've ever had to do at once before was four; I don't envy any of you lads." Healer Nasser said with a smile before he gave a rue chuckle "You know because of you, I've never been busier with vaccination appointments, making babies cry has become a daily occurrence for me."

"Do I apologise for that?" Harry asked jokingly.

"Absolutely not, trust me when I say that I've never been happier to be busy. When…when you've heard a child screaming and dying from Dragon Pox, you never forget and I know you think it's bad with them crying now, but it's nothing to what they're like when they're dangerously fevered, so very sick and dying from Dragon Pox. I'm so grateful to you for manning up and bringing all of your children for the vaccinations, even if you hate the publicity and the media, in this case, it's been a gift. So many children are being vaccinated, it's tripled in the last few months alone, we saw an increase immediately after your firstborn had his first vaccine, but when you kept coming back and even bringing your younger four for their vaccinations, that's when the appointment cards took off. Parents are finally bringing in their children, adults who were never vaccinated are booking appointments and I want to thank you personally for that, all of you. Hopefully we'll see the number of Dragon Pox cases declining over the next decade and I hope to never encounter another child with such a disease."

"What…" Harry stopped and licked his lips. "I know this will be a hard question for you to answer, but what was the youngest patient you've ever had with Dragon Pox?"

Healer Nasser smiled sadly, his grey eyes shadowed with grief and pain. "The youngest I've had was a little girl and I'll never forget her for as long as I live, she was five months old and she didn't stop crying until the very end. She held on for three days, as bad as it sounds, I prayed for her to meet her end quicker, but she lingered and fought and there was nothing that we could do to help her, we had to watch her die slowly and painfully, fevered beyond belief, she felt like a naked flame to the touch. It's nothing I would ever wish on an adult, but on a child." The Healer shook his head and swallowed painfully. "No, I am so grateful that you have spurred people to vaccinate their children too, there's no excuse. Dragon Pox is a vile disease and once you already have it, there's nothing that we can do to help, that should be enough to get parents off their backsides and get them to vaccinate their children, but people never think it'll happen to them, they brush aside all the warnings and statistics in favour of burying their heads in the sand, but when it does happen to them or their families they look to us to help, but the only defence against Dragon Pox is vaccinating everyone before they get it, otherwise there is nothing else we can do but try to make their passing easier and more comfortable."

Harry held his crying children tighter and breathed in deeply. He nodded his head to the Healer decisively.

"We'll see you in four months for Braiden's next dose, Healer Nasser." He said strongly and he couldn't help smiling back as the Healer's face broke into a soft smile at his declared words.

"I'll see you in four months, Mister Potter."

Harry spent the next four hours having tears and snot rubbed into his shoulders and neck as he tried to calm down five screaming babies in the bedroom.

Calix, as his smallest, and though he hated to admit it, his weakest child after Leolin, cried himself to sleep quickly, followed by Regan and then Tegan, but Braiden and Farren were still going strong and Harry didn't know what else he could possibly do for them.

He collapsed onto the bed and pulled Farren into one side of himself and Braiden into the other, snuggling them and letting them clutch and tug at him as they wailed, screamed, cried and then finally they tapered off into exhausted grizzles and whines.

He felt drained and completely wrung out as an hour and a half later the room was quiet and Farren and Braiden slept fitfully on either side of him. He eased out from between them, before carrying them both down the stairs carefully and placed Farren into his cot, before going into the nursery and putting Braiden into his own cot.

He turned on the two baby monitors, the one in the nursery and the one on the side table behind the four cots in the bottom part of the bedroom. He carried the two, colour coded, monitors into the living room and he collapsed onto the settee.

Max pulled him into his side and Draco handed him a cup of tea a few minutes later.

"How are they?" Blaise asked softly.

"All sleeping for now, hopefully they'll sleep for a while and wake up feeling better, but at least that's over with for now, Braiden doesn't need another one for four months, the four quintuplets don't need one for five months."

"It'll all be worth it once they're completely vaccinated." Draco told him.

Harry nodded strongly. "Yes, yes it will. Completely worth it, no child of mine will ever have Dragon Pox. Speaking of which, Nas, when can we vaccinate Leolin?"

Nasta shook his head. "Not for a while, Harry, the vaccinations will only end up killing him, they're too strong for his body to handle, it would probably end up giving him Dragon Pox instead of doing its job in preventing him from getting it."

"What if he gets Dragon Pox before he's old enough and strong enough to get vaccinated?" Harry asked something which had been playing on his mind for a while now with a crumpled frown.

Nasta came and sat on his other side and held his hands gently, playing with them for a moment as he gathered his thoughts, before looking up at him with a sad look in his eyes.

"If he gets Dragon Pox, love, then we'll just have to make him as comfortable as we can. This is the danger of us having Faerie babies, Harry, you know four in ten Faerie babies don't even make it to their first year and out of the remaining six, only one or two of them will even reach adulthood. Their immune systems are next to non-existent while they are children, any bugs, viruses or diseases floating around and he will get it and it's highly likely that it'll kill him. His body won't be able to fight them off."

"But what can we do?!" Harry asked desperate and teary.

"Nothing, Harry." Nasta told him sadly. "There's nothing that we can do."

The next morning Harry was a bit despondent as he looked at the large, deep bruises on his children's arms. Apart from the hysterical crying afterwards and the knowledge that the vaccines hurt his tiny babies, it was the bruises that the vaccinations left behind that he hated the most.

He refused to let Leolin go as he cradled him gently in his arms, talking to him softly and encouraging him to talk or at the very least babble, but Leolin just laid there in his arms, looking at him through the deep, bright gold coloured eyes that Harry adored.

Harry traced the sharp nose, the tiny lips and the thin face. He hated that Leolin wasn't chubby like all of the others, but Nasta had coached him to give it time, Leolin was still in the premature stage of his life as he had been born three months early and a lot of his body's healing and growing had gone into his underdeveloped wings in that first month of life, which had set him back by a lot. He would remain in the premature stage for at least another two months and then Harry hoped that he would start to gain some much needed weight and height, it was disconcerting to hold a baby the same size as premature month old baby when you knew that he was actually four months old and putting him next to the other quintuplets was worse.

"He's not going anywhere." Nasta told him softly, sitting next to him and putting an arm around his shoulder.

"I know that, I just…" Harry trailed off, not sure what he felt or what his reasoning for holding onto Leolin so tightly was.

"I didn't mean that he's going to get up and leave or one of us will take him away from you, I mean that he's not going anywhere. We're not going to let him leave us, Harry." Nasta told him sternly and surely and Harry swallowed hard.

"How do we control that?" Harry asked softly.

"We don't. We can't control what's going to happen, so we don't control it, but we have faith and we have intelligence. We're not going to be stupid like other parents of Faerie children, we're going to look after him properly, love, because to do any less would be to put the blame at our feet for his death and I can't allow that to happen. If one of us is sick, we take no chances, even if it's just a sniffle or a feeling of general unwellness, tell someone else to tend to him, even in the middle of the night, we do not handle him as what is just a sniffle to us, could be a full blown, fatal fever to him. If one of the kids gets sick, like Tegan was, we need to remove him from them, we take no chances with his health or his life and if we can manage that, then I'm sure we can get him safely to adulthood where his immune system will become impenetrable."

Nasta pressed a kiss to Leolin's soft head and then he moved to kiss Harry.

"I can't bear the thought of losing him."

"I know, love, but imagine being a Faerie, having a Faerie lover and only being able to have Faerie babies. Imagine their fear as they try to raise their children, any one of them they can lose at any moment. It's hard for Faeries to conceive, it's why they were so sceptical that we had had a Faerie baby, I'm only a fifth generation carrier of the gene and you're nothing, no Faerie genes at all, only dragon genes as they call it. Faerie couples have trouble conceiving, Harry; you can imagine their surprise and doubt that we had had a Faerie child when their own can't have one easily."

"We'll show them." Harry said as he looked lovingly to Leolin's little face, that was drooping with sleepiness. Though he was awake for longer these days, Leolin still spent most of his time sleeping.

Harry didn't worry or begrudge him of that, sleep was the best thing for Leolin, it helped him develop and grow, and though his social skills were being battered by the constant sleep and his communication skills were non-existent, Harry tried to calm down about it. Leolin would learn in his own time and as soon as he had a spare moment, he'd tear through those books that Aneirin had given them from the Faerie libraries and learn all he could, for now though, the only books he needed to go near were Transfiguration and Herbology.

Harry was nervous as he sat opposite Richard in the small restaurant. He had a small glass of wine in his hand that he was sipping on. Nasta would have thrown a fit, but Richard said that it was alright and it would help calm him down and he swore not to tell Nasta with a wink.

They had ordered a light lunch, but Harry's eyes kept slipping to the leather bound notebook by Richard's hand all throughout the meal, licking his lips and biting it harshly in slight fear and nervousness as he picked at his food.

"Just calm down, Harry, this is a formal chat, I know, I am here in a business capacity, but you are still my youngest son, my youngest child, and I want to help you."

Harry sighed and he reached a hand out to grip his glass and he took a gulp of the sweet red wine within. He breathed deeply, let it out and took another gulp.

"Okay. I'm ready. What do you need?"

"Okay Harry, any time you feel uncomfortable, you just say and we'll take a break."

Harry nodded his understanding and prepared himself, mentally and physically as he settled himself in the chair as if expecting a physical blow.

"My team and I have been asking everyone who has even had a slight contact with you about what they remember, thus includes neighbours, teachers, everyone we could track down. Your old teachers all said that you were a bright, happy little boy, but one teacher was of a profound interest to us. A Mister Payne."

Harry smiled in remembrance. "He always looked out for me on the playground; I always stuck close to him when he was on playground duty."

"He remembers the bright smiles and the happy little boy, but he also noticed the sad eyes behind the smile. He said it was like you were wearing a mask, at such a young age too. He told my work partner that your cousin liked singling you out, alienating you from the other students so that you were always alone."

Harry nodded. "Dudley had a knack for doing that. He intimidated a lot of the other students because he was bigger and heavier than them and he had them too frightened to even speak to me."

"We've noticed that about him as we've spoken to other children around the area. Particularly a Mark Evans, who seemed terrified to even hear Dudley's name mentioned. It's all painted a picture of a terrible, evil little boy who happily enjoyed bullying other children and neighbourhood animals too. One elderly woman insists that she saw him stone her cat to death with his hoodlum friends."

"He liked bragging about what he did. A single cat isn't the only animal in that neighbourhood that he killed purposefully."

"I dare say it isn't. We have a picture painted of him of a terrible, vile young man, but the defence will likely claim him misunderstood or insist we offer proof of his wrong deeds. We have statements and witnesses, so I'm happy to tell you that your cousin will be looking at a prison sentence, but it might only be three years."

"That'll be more than torture for him."

Richard smiled. "Now, your Aunt and Uncle are currently looking at fifteen years each, we're trying to push that up as much as possible, so we need more information, more damning evidence. The pictures of the bedroom that was yours and the cupboard they kept you in are what have given us those fifteen years apiece, but those bastards deserve worse, so…tell me about any injuries that you sustained, Harry. Anything that you remember will help. You don't have any Muggle medical records after you lost your parents, so that alone is damning, but if you had any broken bones that weren't seen by a professional, any deep cuts that needed stitches that you never had."

"I…I dug these out for you." Harry said as he hesitantly pushed over an old, tattered envelope of photographs.

Richard looked surprised, but he opened up the envelope, slightly wary of what he was about to see, and he pulled out a large pile of old photographs. He had to use all of his professional decorum not to leap over the table and pull Harry into a hug, or to go and beat the bastards who were being kept in the holding cells to death.

He flipped through each picture of Harry's beaten, bloody and scarred body, some from when he was very young. They were hideous to look at and he swallowed painfully.

"Who took these photos of you, Harry?" He asked through a dry mouth.

"Hermione and Ron took the ones where I'm older, I took some myself, but when I was really little it was the neighbour next door, I believe she died a long while ago. She promised to get me help, to get me out of there. She took the photos for evidence, but…but she died before anything could be done. A brain aneurism, completely out of the blue one evening, there was no warning, no helping her, she was just gone."

Richard put the photos down and took Harry's hands in his own. "You're being very brave, Harry. This will take their sentence up by a lot, actual physical evidence of the horrors that you sustained is going to convince the jury more, I'm glad your inheritance wiped these scars and marks from your body…" Richard stopped and hesitated.

"But from a professional's point of view you'd have rathered they still be there." Harry said with a smile, understanding Richard's mind set.

"If you weren't my little baby boy, then yes, but as you are, absolutely not, but these…these are like gold to us, Harry. I can't tell you how pleased I am that we have these photographs."

Harry smiled softly. "I thought you'd need them. I always keep them buried in the bottom of my trunk, especially after the neighbour died. None of the others have seen them, I don't want them too."

"These are all horrific, where did you get them?"

Harry took several of the photos that clearly showed scars and he lined them up. "These are all magical, the one on the bend of my elbow there is from the Basilisk fang going through my arm in second year, the gouges on my shoulder here are from the dragon in the tri-wizard tournament in my fourth year. The funny looking scar on my leg is from an Acromantula from the same year and the same tournament. Those scars are from when Voldemort possessed me the year after the dragon and the giant spider, there was broken glass on the floor and he made me roll and writhe in it before I destroyed him. I didn't actually feel those over the splitting pain in my skull, but the damage was still done whether I felt it or not at the time."

"There are a lot more scars that aren't magical, tell me about those."

Harry licked his lips and he went to one of the oldest photographs. "I remember this one clearly, it's the first time I ever got hit, I was eight, I fell on a rake." Harry said as he showed the picture of the little circular scars on his back, near to his left side.

"What sort of hit was it?" Richard asked as he put a number on the back of the photo and made a notation in his notebook. "Was it a slap, a punch, a push?"

"A backhand." Harry said softly. "It was too powerful and I fell onto a rake in the garden."

"Just to clarify, you did not receive any medical attention for that wound, did you? Not even a Tetanus vaccine from falling on a dirty rake?"

Harry shook his head. "No. They never took me to see a doctor, sometimes if it was really bad, Aunt Petunia would throw a couple of bandages at me and push me into the bathroom to clean up, but that was only in rare circumstances and I had to clean the bathroom afterwards."

Richard swallowed and took a sip of his wine, which he had hidden a few drops of calming draught inside. He had known that he would need it, but hearing that Harry had gone through such horrors, he wanted to hurt someone, he felt so angry, so pained for Harry and his shattered childhood.

He squeezed his hand into a tight fist under the table so that Harry couldn't see it, he swore he wouldn't tell Myron about these details until after the Dursley family had been sentenced and locked up and even then, not without a hell of a lot of calming draught, alcohol or sex, maybe all three, to help calm him down, but he shook those thoughts off, thinking of sex with Myron often led him to have a dopey grin on his face and in this circumstance, that would be a disaster. He didn't want Harry to think that he was laughing at him or making fun of him. So he instead schooled his face as he was so used to doing in his profession and he urged Harry to drink his wine, which also had a few drops of calming draught in it.

"Did you ever have any broken bones?"

Harry sighed. "That's a harder question to answer, even if it sounds pretty straightforward. I was a kid; I didn't know the difference between a break, a fracture, a dislocation or just a deep bruise. It was all just pain and hurt to me."

"Do you have a better clarification now?" Richard asked patiently, understanding perfectly that this was hard for Harry to talk about.

"I'm sure I broke my arm once, Dudley pulled it back too far and I heard a crack, but I was really young and I can't be sure. It's one of the only times that Aunt Petunia bandaged me up herself, she tied it very tightly and told me that if I touched it or took it off then I wouldn't get breakfast."

"Was…was food often used as a punishment?" Richard asked softly, hesitating only slightly. He was too close to Harry not to be affected by what he was hearing, he would have been affected by it if he didn't know Harry personally, maybe he should have taken his partner up on the offer of doing the interview, but he had known that Harry wouldn't talk to a stranger about this and he wouldn't abandon Harry to struggle through these horrors on his own.

"Yes, it was threatened at least twice a day on average."

"How often was the threat actually carried out?"

Harry shrugged. "It differed from week to week, but I missed at least two or three meals every week and when I was fed, it was just a piece of bread and a plastic beaker of water."

"That's all? You never had anything different?"

Harry shrugged. "I was sometimes allowed to finish what Dudley left or didn't want if I hadn't done anything they considered bad that day, but as he got older, he ate everything and there was never anything left."

"You mentioned before that you would eat grass?" Richard reminded gently.

Harry blushed and ducked his head. "Yeah. When it first started happening, I was always so hungry that when I was sent into the garden to weed or just to be out of their way I took to eating the grass and drinking the water from the hose, which often made me sick, so I had to stop that, but the grass was okay once I got over the strange taste and texture, but it never kept me full for long, no matter how much of it I ate."

"When did this start, Harry, how old were you?"

"About seven I think."

"What is the longest period of time they kept you without food? This is a very serious question, Harry, so I need you to think carefully." Richard stressed.

"When I was younger it was a couple of days if I was locked in my cupboard, I guess they just forgot about me, but when I was older, it was a week sometimes before I got anything. When I started Hogwarts, particularly after my second year and the cat flap was installed in the bedroom door, I got small, regular meals, once a day, something small, a bowl of soup, bread, maybe a bruised apple or an overripe pear."

"As a teenager you'd only get a piece of fruit for an entire day?"

Harry shrugged and nodded.

"We're you locked in your room all the time?"

Harry nodded again. "All day every day, all night, every night."

"This is a very invasive question, Harry, I know, but what about when you needed the bathroom."

"I was allowed to use it at around midday, if my Aunt remembered to let me out."

"If she didn't remember?"

Harry blushed but shrugged it off. "I'd have to hold myself."

"What is the longest time you've gone without the use of a bathroom, Harry?"

"Three days and I was only let out because I hammered hell out of the door. I got punished for that."

Richard focused on writing that down and not doing or showing anything else. He breathed deeply and pushed it out through his nose, trying desperately to calm himself. Maybe he should have put more than a few drops of the Calming Draught into the wine glasses.

He went back to the pictures that Harry had brought and he pulled out one that showed a horrific bruise that covered Harry's stomach and the right side of his hip and side. Harry was very young in the photo. He scanned the other photos and he deduced that it was a photo that looked to show Harry at his youngest.

"How old are you in this one, Harry?" He asked, pushing the picture towards Harry so he could see it.

"Six." Harry answered, which was honestly a lot older than Richard had thought that he was, it seemed the effects of Harry's abuse and mistreatment had been much more apparent before he had started Hogwarts. "Dudley had gotten a new cricket bat for his birthday and he tested it out on me. The woman next door that I told you about, she saw the bruises as I was thrown into the garden as punishment for ruining Dudley's birthday by crying and I was trying to tend to my own wounds and she took that photo, that's when she got involved in everything. She never confronted the Dursleys though, she said she was going to save up the evidence and go straight to the police, but I think she was more afraid than she let on, it took years of collecting photos and evidence and all the while I was being beaten, starved and attacked. As she baked cookies and watched her favourite afternoon TV shows, I was right next door terrified, hungry and praying for a glimpse of hope and when she died she still hadn't gone to the police, so with her death, my hopes went also and I resigned myself to being in that house until I was either old enough to leave, they threw me out, or I died."

Richard breathed deeply and his heart ached for Harry. He couldn't think of what he must have felt, to have salvation so close at hand, only for it to never quite go that last inch, then to have it ripped away so completely and firmly. He steeled his iron resolve; these beasts were not going to get away with what they had done to Harry, to his little son. He'd push and push and fight every single moment to have them locked up forever. He'd accept absolutely nothing less than that.

They slowly went through all the photos that Harry had brought with him, ordering more wine, though he made sure it wasn't too much, and by the end Richard wanted to grind his teeth in anger and frustration, how in the name of Merlin could anyone not notice these bruises and scars on a child's body? He failed to believe that only one person in fifteen years had noticed the bruises, the scarring, the obvious malnutrition and neglect that had surrounded Harry. It wasn't possible!

"Right, Harry, you've done amazing and I know that you're tired and fed up and want this to be over already, we're almost done, I promise. You've been so brave and have given us a lot to work with, I'm confident that we can get them on a higher charge now thanks to this evidence. I'm so proud of you."

Harry puffed up slightly at that, his Dracken particularly liked the praise that was given to him. Richard smiled indulgently at him as he noticed and he chuckled, ruffling Harry's already messy hair. Harry had run his hand through it so many times that Richard had wondered several times if it was going to stay stuck up like he had used a heavy duty hair styling potion.

"You're a good boy. I love you very much and have never been happier to have you as my youngest son. Now, this is going to be hard for you sweet one, but these next few questions are going to be about sexual abuse."

"I've never been raped." Harry burst out immediately. "I wouldn't have been able to have children otherwise."

Richard smiled sadly. "I know that, love, but sexual abuse covers a lot more than just outright rape, it's a very wide, broad spectrum. I know it's hard and difficult, but did anyone ever touch you where you didn't want them too?"

Harry shook his head furiously. "They thought that I was dirty and contagious, they didn't hit me often, like I said. They wouldn't willingly touch me unless I had done something really bad; or rather what they thought was really bad."

Richard was so angry at that, that they had made Harry feel so dirty that he couldn't be touched, that he deserved it because he was a naughty child. Harry had quoted the term 'born bad' several times and it made him clench his hand so tightly that he almost drew blood, but he was so relieved to hear that none of them had ever sexually abused him, so very, very glad that that particular horror was spared from Harry, even if nothing else had been.

"Has anyone else ever touched you against your wishes?"

"Only Nott, but I doubt that he counts after what I did to him for it, there was no one else. I wasn't in any after school activities, my teachers were always nice and when I got to Hogwarts I was always with Ron and Hermione. I wasn't sexually active before Blaise and I didn't really think about it before him either. I never wanted to touch anyone sexually and I hope that they never wanted to with me either. Blaise was my first for many things and I was terrified, he was so kind and gentle with me, I think if it had been near enough anyone else, then I wouldn't have been able to do it without the heat cycle and that was something that I really wanted to do. I was determined to 'keep my mind' during that first time, I'm glad it was Blaise."

Richard chuckled and smiled. "Right, I think we've covered everything and I've taken up enough of your time. Max'll be having kittens if I don't get you home in time for dinner, but thank you, Harry. You've done a lot for me today, but most of all, you've done a lot for yourself and I've never been prouder of you."

Harry smiled at that as Richard packed up his notebook, the photos, his pens and pencils, all into a stylish briefcase. They both stood and Richard wrapped an arm around him and led him out of the restaurant, paying the bill on the way out, much to Harry's protest, but he was shut down by Richard telling him that sons didn't pay for meals with their family and if Richard held him a little bit tighter and closer than usual on the walk out, Harry didn't mention it or begrudge him that small level of comfort.

Harry couldn't believe that it was almost dinner time though, they'd been talking in the restaurant for five and a half hours and Harry was feeling drained and tired, a familiar feeling lately, but he was glad that he had done it and it was all over with now, he just missed his children and his mates and he wanted to get home.

Richard took him to a less crowded area and slipped down a deserted alleyway, he took hold of Harry's arm, pulled him into a tight bear hug and twisted on the spot.

Harry landed heavily and Richard pulled him up and held him tighter as he got his bearings and his legs back under him.

He breathed deeply and Richard set them off walking down Hogsmeade and through the gates to Hogwarts. They chatted quietly together, normal conversation this time, mostly about the children, but Harry asked after Myron, Caesar, Amelle and Eleonora and the three girls, Julinda, Talia and Alayla. He did not ask about Ashleigh and Richard noticed, even if he didn't say anything about it or call Harry up on it, he decided then and there to up his ante on his Wife and he made sure to make a mental reminder to tell Myron about it. They had to do something or they would end up alienating their children, all of them, and his heart wouldn't be able to handle the pain of it. He loved Ashleigh, he truly did, but he loved his children more and he was old enough, and he had enough control of himself, to ignore his Dracken side, who insisted that his submissive was more important. He knew that Ashleigh was the one in the wrong, that Ashleigh was the one who needed help. He refused to choose between his mate and his children, but if Ashleigh didn't step up and kept refusing their help, then he'd have no choice, he refused to lose a single one of his children over this, whether it was Max, Caesar, one of their sweet girls, or Harry. They were all his children and he refused to see them unhappy and he refused to alienate them when he knew that Ashleigh was the one who needed to sort herself out. It wasn't right and it wasn't fair.

They reached Harry's rooms and went inside to complete chaos. The room was a mess, nearly every child was crying or screaming bar Braiden, who had tear tracks on his face, but he was crawling slowly through the mess and debris, getting very close to a table full of half empty mugs of tea, three of the four mates were trying to calm down the kids and Max was trying to cook while also feeding Leolin.

"What in Merlin's name has happened here?!" Harry demanded as he rushed to scoop Braiden up as the nine month old sat up and pulled on a dangling piece of fabric, a discarded school tie, which pulled three half full mugs towards his face.

Richard just laughed. "It looks like they've missed a Mother's touch."

"Max and Nasta are used to looking after them for seven or eight hours a day, I've been gone for a maximum of six. I'll reiterate, what happened?"

"Blaise happened." Draco huffed. "He's possessed, I swear it."

Blaise scowled and turned away, trying to calm Farren.

"He's not possessed; he's just trying to do his school work." Harry defended. "That doesn't explain why this place is a tip and why every child is upset and crying."

Blaise sighed. "I lost my temper with Max and shouted at him, it startled the children."

Harry stopped and took a deep, calming breath; he let it out and took a step towards Blaise.

"Are you telling me that you shouted in front of my babies loud enough to frighten them to tears?" Harry demanded softly.

"Oh hell, he's doing that quiet shouting, that soft, I'm going to kill you tone, you better run, Blaise." Richard told him seriously. "Myron uses that tone too, right before he ties me to the bed and leaves me there all alone for the day."

That made Harry chuckle and though he didn't see it, Richard winked to the four men over Harry's head with a grin.

"Right, this is my cue to leave you to the domestics, I'll see you lads later. Max, your Dad wants to hear from you soon, Caesar wants to talk to you and would it kill you to write to your sisters every once in a while? All I get is nag, nag, nag, Max hasn't written to me in a month, Max is being distant, Max is losing touch with us, please, for all the love you hold for me, save your poor Dad and write to those harpies!"

Max laughed loudly and Harry chuckled, he started taking his children from his mates and settling them all on the settee, he kept Braiden with him, as he was more mobile than the others, but he put him down when all of them were settled on the settee.

Max saw Richard out and Harry started entertaining his children with a puppet show with two teddies he had scrounged from the mess on the floor.

"I'm not doing this to entertain you lot too, I want this room clean. Now." He said as he looked over and saw his mates watching him as well.

That set them off as Max went to finish dinner and clean up the kitchen and lay the table and the other three went around the living room, cleaning everything up, even Draco, which Harry felt accomplished over and a little bit of pride was thrown in there too. He snorted, he was proud of his lover because he was cleaning, he was going soft.

Braiden snatched a dancing teddy from him and a fuzzy leg went right into his mouth. Harry laughed and picked up another teddy and carried on the pantomime, Calix giggling hysterically and the sound made Harry giggle too, which turned into deep laughter as Calix laughed so hard that he lost his balance and fell forward.

That made all of them laugh as Harry pushed him back up and kissed his cheeks, his little face flushed a bright red, his gummy grin on display, his little tongue visible through his open mouth.

"Can someone get a picture of him please?" Harry asked, unwilling to look away from Calix, giving him serious eye contact and grinning back at his dainty son.

"Already done." Max told him as he lightly gripped Calix's red apple cheek between a finger and thumb. "You are gorgeous and your laugh is infectious." He told him as he jiggled the full cheek so very gently, which got a screech of absolute delight.

Harry chuckled and kissed all of the kids.

"Have they all been fed?"

"Leolin was the last." Nasta nodded.

"Then these little ones should be in bed." Harry said as he picked up Calix and gave him a kiss, carrying him into the bedroom to settle him in his cot.

Once the babies were all in bed, Harry sat down at the kitchen table and he was served dinner by Max. He kissed him in thanks and tucked in. It didn't take them long to devour dinner and when they were all settled on the settee with tea, Max had joined them after washing up; they all looked at him expectantly.

"Oh no. No, I am not speaking about this." He said quickly. "Absolutely not."

"There's no shame in it, Harry." Nasta said calmly.

"That's fine for you to sit there and say! You weren't the one that this happened to!" Harry burst out, upset. "The things those people did to me, what they said, Richard almost lost it in the middle of a crowded restaurant, how do you think you lot will react?"

"How long are they looking at now?" Max asked softly.

"Richard said between thirty and thirty-five years. Dudley's looking at five." Harry sighed.

Max's face hardened and it was only then that Harry realised that Max had grown up with Richard's cases and likely knew how bad it was if they were looking at thirty-five years apiece prison time.

"Leave it." Harry sighed tiredly.

"It must have been horrific if they're looking at that amount of time, Harry, that's on the low end of murder with intent." Max said.

"It was bad, you knew that before."

"Not this bad! What the hell did they do to you?" Max asked angrily before his face fell and he went stark white. "They didn't touch you did they? No…please tell me that they never touched you like that. I'll KILL THEM!"

"Max! Keep your voice down or you'll wake the kids. They never." Harry interrupted, shaking his head for emphasis. "They never did anything like that, no one has, only Nott and look what he got! No, they thought that I was dirty and contagious, they never would have touched me like that."

"You're not dirty or contagious." Draco told him softly, sitting next to him and pulling him into a hug.

"I know that now, but back then I didn't, I thought that I was filthy and unworthy of the touch of other people, but I was never sexually abused. Never. I consider that worth a bit of emotional turmoil."

Nasta sighed and threw his arms around both Harry and Draco; he kissed the back of Harry's head.

"We love you and if you want to tell us one day, we'll always take the time to listen, but otherwise, push it from your mind, it's over now, you don't have to speak about it again, not until you're in court, but Richard will be right beside you for that."

Harry smiled sadly and a little wistfully. "I'm feeling raw and open at the moment. Richard grilled me for every minute detail and I did my best to answer fully and honestly, it hurt. It hurt me to talk about it, all of it, in exact, gruelling detail; I can't do that again, not yet."

"Oh come here." Max pulled him into a bone crushing hug and Harry laughed. "It'll be alright, those monsters will be in prison soon and you'll never have to worry about them hurting you again."

"I didn't think I had to worry about it now, not with my own personal bodyguards on duty all day every day, you four won't let anyone hurt me, will you?"

"Of course not." Blaise said immediately. "Anyone who tries to hurt you will be on the wrong end of my wand."

"That better be your wood wand and not your trouser wand." Max joked.

It took just a moment before Harry got the joke and he laughed loudly.

"I won't let my mates' spear anyone with their wands, those wands are mine!" Harry insisted possessively.

"Is that so? I don't see your name on them!" Max challenged.

"Get me a quill and a pot of ink, in your favourite colour, and I can rectify that, I've never done tattoos before, but I'm sure it'll look alright."

Max went quiet. "Absolutely not!" He said. "You take a quill to mini Max and I'll break your neck."

"Mini Max?" Draco grinned. "Undercutting yourself a bit aren't you, Max?"

"If you say so, my love." Max grinned and then winked with a laugh as Draco went pink.

Draco huffed and crossed his arms. Blaise kissed his cheek and laughed.

"Don't pout, Draco, it's unbecoming." He said, before ducking out of the way as Draco aimed an open handed slap at him.

"Don't start." Nasta said seriously.

Harry shook his head and leant back against the settee, closing his eyes. Today had been completely draining and he wasn't lying when he said he was feeling raw. Only one week now and the exams were going to be upon them. He couldn't wait until they were fucking over.

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