The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


80. Chapter Seventy-Eight – The Graduation, the Home and the City

July hit them and so did their graduation ceremony, Harry was dressed up in his finest robes displaying the proud Gryffindor lion. They were seated alphabetically, so Harry was between Sally-Ann Perks and Lisa Turpin, both of whom kept touching his legs and talking to him, he suspected they were trying to flirt with him, but he wasn't the least bit interested, as they should well know by now.

He checked the adults on the other side of the Quidditch pitch and saw his mates and their families, along with the Weasleys, minus Ginny who had exams, Narcissa and Lucius, who had had Calix dumped onto his lap, he looked incredibly uncomfortable and he was holding Calix gingerly and was trying to pass him to his Wife, who was ignoring him, talking to Marianna who was expertly bouncing Braiden on her knee as she held a conversation, even as he watched she and Narcissa giggled together.

He smiled and clapped politely with everyone else as another student collected a diploma after having all her achievements to date read out. Hermione's list had been the longest so far and Harry didn't think that would be changing any time soon, Dumbledore had even honoured her contribution to her own house elf group S.P.E.W.

The graduation ceremony took nearly all day starting from nine in the morning, just after breakfast; Draco got to go up first out of them and Harry laughed as he heard Max yelling out his congratulations amid the polite smattering of clapping from everyone else.

It was then a boring wait for his own name to be called as they went through the Ns and then the P's until Dumbledore said those magic words that had everyone sitting up straighter and straining their hearing.

"Harry James Potter, Gryffindor, Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team for seven years, Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team for two years. Eight OWL results, Tri-wizard champion, Defence Alliance instructor and receiver of a special award for services to the school and an order of Merlin: first class for services to the wizarding world."

Harry walked up to raucous clapping and screeches from the crowd, both adults and students alike, but he still heard Max yelling at him, he was glad that Dumbledore had left off the Boy-Who-Lived title and The Chosen One, or god forbid he had put in the defeater of Voldemort. He would have died from the embarrassment of it, but as it was he couldn't keep the grin from his face.

Harry smiled at Dumbledore as he collected his sheet of parchment that proved that he had attended Hogwarts and had successfully graduated.

"Well done, Harry, I'll be sad to see you leave."

"You can come around to visit us any time you like, Sir and I mean that, I would love to carry on our chats over tea as the kids play about our feet."

Dumbledore chuckled and nodded. "I look forward to it, my boy; I very much look forward to it."

Harry walked down the stairs again, waved to his mates, the Weasleys and everyone else who was there to see him, Draco and Blaise graduate as he retook his seat and then sat studying his diploma, with all of his achievements and what they were listed down the paper, as soon as his N.E.W.T exam papers were graded his diploma would automatically update and would then list any and all of his achievements through the years until he died. It was a very clever piece of magic.

Blaise happened to be the very last person up so when he left the stage amid claps and cheers, and Max's yelling, Dumbledore said goodbye to them for the last time as students of Hogwarts and then welcomed them all to the school grounds as adults. Harry threw his pointed hat into the air with the rest of his year group and then he rushed off to go and find his family.

He found Myron easily, at nearly seven foot tall, he was very easy to spot and Harry darted his way between bodies and reuniting people to bowl right into him, holding him around the middle and resting his chin on that strong chest as he grinned up at him.

"I'm so proud of you." Myron said gruffly, ruffling his hair.

"It brought a tear to my eyes." Richard said, actually brushing away real tears.

"He's been a right mess all day." Max snorted, picking Harry up for a bear hug before setting him back on his feet before turning to drag Blaise into a hug as Draco greeted and hugged his Mother.

"I can't believe that I've finally graduated." Harry said with a wide grin.

"Congratulations, Harry."

Harry turned and smiled at Lucius Malfoy, who held Calix out to him.

"No, he's with you this afternoon." Harry teased. "You need to learn how to look after a baby, you might be getting a real grandchild soon, I have a heat period in a week."

"I have had him all morning." Lucius tried to be dignified, but it was difficult when he was wearing a partly pleading expression.

"Another hour won't do any harm. He likes you." Harry said, cooing over Calix, who was sleeping in Lucius' arms.

"I forget which one this is." Lucius told him. "I know he's Calix, but other than that…"

"Calix Bowen Black, Max's second son."

"So this is the little Black heir?"

Harry nodded. "I promise you'll have a Malfoy heir soon, or at least a baby of Malfoy blood, Draco's just not assertive enough." He chuckled.

Lucius looked offended at the mere notion of that.

"I assure you that my son is not at fault for this!"

"Oh and I suppose I am? Draco was happier to have sex with Blaise than with me when I conceived the quintuplets and Blaise happened to be the lucky sperm for Braiden, I'm sorry about that, though if Draco had gotten that first baby Blaise wouldn't have a blood child either, do you think he or Marianna would be making this much fuss over it? I may have six children, Mister Malfoy, but I've only had two pregnancies, Draco will get a blood child and a lot of them too if everything progresses as it has done previously, but I will not shoulder the blame nor will I allow you to bully Draco just because I haven't given him a Malfoy heir yet, it'll happen, in time, you just need to be patient and let it happen as it happens. Are you really in that much of a rush to be on babysitting duty? I would have thought you'd want to wait as long as possible before we left your grandchild with you, for you to bathe and feed and change every few hours, but if you're that desperate for it I'll talk to the others and see if we can't get you the kids for a few days a month."

Harry left the stunned man where he was rooted to the spot and he went to greet Marianna and Aneirin, hugging them tightly, asking after them and their health and cooing to his oldest and his youngest sons, Braiden was alert and awake, grinning at everyone. Leolin was fast asleep in Aneirin's arms tucked up in a little blue and white blanket that had been knitted for Braiden when he was a newborn but still fit around Leolin's tiny, tiny body at six months old.

He took Braiden from Marianna when his eleven month old reached out for him and he kissed that little mouth gently, smiling widely as Braiden giggled happily, but that's when things went downhill as a flash almost blinded him and he had his wand in hand and aimed in a split second, his body turned to the side to better protect Braiden, only for another flash to go off, making him see coloured spots.

Someone's back was in front of him then and the trailing edges of blond hair identified Lucius Malfoy.

"What is the meaning of this?" He asked silkily with a hint of steel beneath. "Is it customary for the Daily Prophet to take photos of students upon their graduation? Is this a new custom that I have yet to hear about?"

"He's Harry Potter, there's gold to be made…"

"I don't believe I appreciate having my son-in-law exploited for a mere pouch of gold." Lucius cut in scathingly. "Is it the nature of the Daily Prophet to take photos of children without the parent's permission now as well? I had not heard that that law had changed either. I believe that it is time for you to take your leave and if a single photograph of my son-in-law or his children appears in the papers, you will be hearing from my lawyer."

The photographer stalked off sullenly, unhappily and Lucius turned back to Harry, ignoring the rest of the family, even Draco, who was staring at him, shocked.

"Thank you." Harry said softly.

"It was my pleasure, it is always my pleasure to cut down others, but if you would please take Calix from me now, I've lost the feeling in both elbows and my right shoulder. It has been a very long time since I've had to hold a baby, least of all for such an extended period of time."

Harry laughed as he shifted Braiden onto his hip and accepted a still sleeping Calix into the crook of his arm.

"I think my little Princes' are in need of a nap, it's been a long day." Harry said as he noticed that Leolin was still fast asleep despite the drama and that Regan was fast asleep too.

"We're all packed up, we can go home if you'd like." Max offered. "Unless you'd rather wait for the school to dismiss officially to take one last train ride home."

Harry smiled and shook his head. "I'd like to go home, I've had more than enough train rides home and I certainly won't miss a nine and a half hour train ride with six babies in tow."

Draco and Blaise agreed, they too said they'd had more than enough train rides to the school and home from the school to last them a lifetime, so the babies were all accounted for and Nasta and Max went with Richard, Aneirin and Myron to get the luggage.

Harry handed Calix and Braiden off to Blaise and Draco as he went to see the Weasleys, he and Ron had been civil to one another, but they would never be friends again, there was so much water under the bridge now that it was forming its own ocean.

"Harry dear, how are you? I saw that photographer hassling you. I was about to go and give him a piece of my mind when he left." Mrs Weasley patted his cheek gently and Harry smiled at her.

"Lucius got rid of him for me, we're going to go now, the kids are shattered and are in need of a good nap, none of us want to ride the train back with grouchy kids and over nine hours is too long a ride for them."

"Okay dear, you take care and congratulations on graduating."

"Thank you, Mrs Weasley."

"Call me Molly, dear, you're a graduated man now."

Harry laughed. "Okay, thank you, Molly."

"Don't be a stranger either, you hear me? I want an owl at least twice a week."

Harry smiled widely as he gave her a long, tight hug. He slapped hands with the twins, promising to come and see their joke shop and to bring along his children as well as his lovers too, before he gave a solid handshake to Mister Weasley, accepting his congratulations and he and Ron shared a nod before he rushed back to his family and got himself and his children ready to Apparate.

"How does it feel to be a man?" Aneirin asked.

"No different to yesterday, or this morning, or last week really. I think I've been a man for a while."

Max snorted and bumped him with a suitcase. "You've always been more mature than Draco and Blaise."

"Pardon me?!" Draco burst out glaring at Max.

"Well he is, you and Blaise argue over absolutely everything, from books, to authors, to exams, revision, any excuse for an argument and you're both all over it, you need to sort that stuff out. Harry never behaves like that, you're fathers' now, you can't behave like temperamental boys."

Draco scowled, but he held Calix tighter, obviously biting back what he really wanted to say, but a quick look at his Mother stopped him, whatever he wanted to say, he wouldn't say it in front of her, which meant that it was probably a cuss word or even an actual curse.

"Come on, let's get home and get settled in, have we got everything?" Nasta asked.

"We made sure to pack everything and we used that spell to locate anything that we might have forgotten, we've got everything." Harry said with a smile. "I can't believe we're actually moving out of those rooms."

"Good riddance." Draco said. "They were so small, it was fine with just us and Braiden, with the quintuplets too it was an acquired talent of stepping over babies without injuring them."

They all laughed at that, fondly, or not so fondly in some cases, remembering stepping over several babies to reach a settee or to go to the bathroom.

"It was like an exercise programme." Max grinned. "It's like that game I used to play with my brother and sisters when we were younger where we weren't allowed to step on the carpet because it was lava, we used to jump from chair to table, we used to make stepping stones with cushions, only instead of lava, all babies are landmines, you're not allowed to step on the landmines."

Harry laughed and shook his head. "Landmines are explosives." He told Draco, who looked at Max like he'd lost his head. "If you stand on them they blow up."

"Are we going or not?" Blaise asked, looking around at the students and their parents suspiciously. "I don't like the look that girl is giving you."

They all turned to see Sally-Ann Perks blush and look away quickly.

"She was trying to flirt with me during the ceremony." Harry replied disgustedly. "Or at least I think that was her attempt at flirting, she might have just had something in her eye."

"Don't be so scathing, Harry." Hermione chastised.

Harry turned and hugged her tightly as her parents looked on nervously. Harry would have thought they'd have gotten used to having a witch in the family by now, it had been seven years after all.

"It feels good to be graduated. I never thought I'd get here, not with…"

"I know." Hermione answered. "His end was a bit anti-climactic though, wasn't it?"

Harry snorted hard. "For you maybe, you trying being possessed and having a man screaming and flailing in your mind as you burn him to death."

Hermione held him tighter. "There isn't anything that I wouldn't do for you. I would have followed you anywhere if you had needed it."

"I know." Harry said, wrapping his arms around her further. "It's not needed though, he's gone, he's dead and this time, he can't come back."

"I can't believe he used Horcruxes…seven of them no less."

"He's gone, Hermione, I burnt all of those soul fragments, I burnt him."

"He still has followers out there." Hermione said directly into his ear.

"The Aurors are hunting them down; they were way more interested in my list of names after Voldemort's body was found in the Ministry. They won't get away with what they did."

"Why did Lucius Malfoy get away? Donations to charity?"

Harry stiffened before relaxing. "No, he was questioned with Veritaserum and it emerged that Voldemort was blackmailing him with the lives of his Wife and son, apparently it's old Pureblood stuff and he could do absolutely anything he deemed necessary to ensure that Draco, as his only blood Heir to his family name, survived, even using the Unforgivables and torturing Muggles. That law really needs to be changed."

Hermione nodded. "I agree, people can't get away with murder and torture just for the sake of one child."

"Well Lucius got off on Draco's name, so I can't really complain about that, he's been a little…prickly I suppose would be the word, but he doesn't seem to want to stake me through the eyes in my sleep."

"Voldemort has no chance of winning now, Harry; he's dead, only the insane fanatical followers are going to be after you, like the Lestranges."

"Rodolphus and Rabastan are still eluding Ministry capture then?"

"There hasn't been a single sighting." Hermione said nervously. "You take care of yourself, Harry, be careful and don't take any unnecessary risks."

"You know I will be careful. I'm a Mum now, Hermione, I'm over the recklessness of the past, I have something to live for now, people I care about enough that they will always come before myself."

"Do we have something to be worried about?" Max teased.

Harry broke away from Hermione to see that they had gathered a crowd around them, watching as they hugged for fifteen minutes whispering into one another's ears.

Harry laughed. "I'd make a joke right now if I didn't think it would earn me four petulant lovers and a room of stony silence. You know you have nothing to worry about, we were having a conversation."

"Wrapped in each other's arms?" Draco demanded.

Hermione shrugged. "We've had conversations like this throughout our friendship."

"Oh? Even when you abandoned him for a year?" Draco stabbed in cruelly.

"Draco!" Harry snapped, giving him a poisonous look. "We're over that, you know we're over that, why bring it up? You know we didn't speak in those several months, you know the problems it caused and how hurt I was. No one stood by me back then, not you, not the Ministry, not even Ron and Hermione. I was alone and isolated until Blaise chased me down in the forest!"

"Careful, Harry." Nasta warned with a look and Harry took a deep breath and smiled, giving Hermione another lingering hug, saying his goodbyes to her, before going to hug Blaise tightly.

"Did I ever thank you for choosing me?" Harry asked.

"Several times, Prezioso." Blaise murmured gently.

"Though I could have done without all the neck squeezing, people thought you were abusing me of all things. Harry Potter, Boy Saviour in physically abusive relationship! It made me want to go tearing chunks out of people."

"I was just helping you out." Blaise insisted. "You wouldn't let me do anything back then, you wouldn't even let me provide or care for you. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is for a dominant Dracken?" He asked quietly.

Harry shook his head with a grin. "No, because I'm not one, but I wanted you to understand that I value my independence, I was never going to be a 'yes dear, right away dear' type of person and you seriously chose wrong if that's what you wanted."

Blaise laughed and kissed him. "Never."

"Ma Da!" Braiden called out and Harry picked him up and brought him between him and Blaise, who wrapped his arms back around Harry, sandwiching Braiden between them.

"He's looking more and more like you every day." Blaise said, nuzzling a baby soft, chubby cheek. "My hair, my colour eyes, but everything else is like you."

"He definitely has your chin." Harry said. "Mine isn't that strong or sharp."

"But everything else is yours." Blaise said. "He's stopped looking like a clone of me and has started looking like a clone of you."

Harry shook his head and smiled, kissing Braiden before setting him on the floor on his little feet, which were in a tiny pair of trainers, he stood up holding Braiden's hands and let him see the world from an upright position. Blaise stood back a little and held his arms out, encouraging Braiden to toddle to him, but though he was so much better at standing now, he still hadn't taken his first steps. Braiden was very happy to bounce between Harry's hands, not the slightest bit interested in taking a single step forward and Harry sighed.

"Don't you want to walk to Daddy Blaise?" Harry asked.

Braiden tipped his head back to look at him and grinned with a mouthful of little teeth that were coming through fast now that he was just a few weeks from his first birthday. The time had gone so fast.

"Are you ready, Harry?" Nasta asked.

Harry nodded as he pulled Braiden back into his arms. "Yes, let's go home."

They bundled the children up again, made sure they had everything and everyone and Harry looked at the majestic castle for the last time before he Apparated away to Max's home, his home.

Settling in was easy, they had been here before, they knew where everything was and it just felt like coming home after a really long time away. It was an amazing feeling.

Harry collapsed onto a settee with a groan, Braiden in his lap as everyone settled around him. Max had been back yesterday and had cleaned everything and opened all the windows to let in a breeze and the house smelt clean and fresh and Max had even set up a play area for the babies in the middle of the room so that they had somewhere to go as soon as they got home, the sleeping babies were put into one of the three travel cots that Max had set up, they were still small enough at six months to fit two into one cot for a nap, but the awake babies were put in the play area and of course Tegan immediately took over, stopping Farren from playing properly as she snatched every toy that he picked up from his hands.

"She is so controlling." Harry huffed as he separated them both and handed Farren one of his favourite toys, only for Tegan to crawl clumsily over and snatch it right back off of him.

"No, Tegan!" Harry said firmly. "That's naughty and you shouldn't snatch from your brothers."

Harry carefully took the toy from her and handed it back to a scowling Farren, who turned his back on Tegan and started playing by himself. Harry laughed and stroked Farren's back before handing Tegan her favourite toy, but she flung it away and started crying.

"You are so spoilt." He told her as he lifted her out of the play area and cradled her as she cried on him.

"They're just more advanced than regular babies." Marianna said with an adoring smile. "They're learning and developing so quickly and they have these huge personalities squashed into tiny little bodies, Tegan obviously wants to rule the roost, but Farren is not prepared to let that happen."

"She needs to learn to stop being so spoilt and learn to share." Harry said with a frown as he patted her back soothingly, listening to her cries trail off into hiccups.

"I've noticed that she's only like this when Regan's not with her." Nasta said musingly, sharing what he had observed in the last few months. "If Regan's there she's so absorbed with him that she doesn't take any notice of the others, but when he's not there, it's like she's forced to take notice of them and she doesn't like it."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Like I said, spoilt."

He put her down into her own travel cot and tucked her in, stroking a soft, chubby cheek until her little mouth puckered into a yawn; she fell asleep easily as he eased her to sleep.

"See, she was overtired."

"Does Farren need a nap too?" Myron asked.

Harry checked on his second oldest child and shook his head.

"No, he's fine. He's turning out to not need as many naps as the others, he can stay awake for longer and doesn't ever get grouchy, he's so laid back."

"He takes after me." Max said loudly and proudly.

"I know, it seems the only thing that he took from me is the slight tint of green in his eyes." Harry said as he sat back on the settee and pulled Braiden onto his lap. "Even then they're more blue than green, more teal coloured."

"Our eye colour mixed into his eyes is adorable." Max assured. "We make good looking sons."

"We'd make good looking daughters too." Harry grinned. "When are you going to give me some little girls to fuss over?"

"What about the daughter I gave you?" Nasta asked with a raised eyebrow.

"She acts more like a son than Calix, Braiden and Leolin put together. I think if I put her in a little blue shirt and a pair of dungarees no one would know that she and Regan are not identical twin boys." Harry laughed.

"You certainly will NOT put my only daughter in dungarees!" Draco hissed. "How dare you even joke of such a thing!"

Harry laughed harder. "I wasn't joking, Draco. If I'm taking them out to the park when they're older or into the garden then I won't have her in pretty little white dresses and expensive sandals, I want her to be able to run around and get dirty with her brothers, a little girl she may be, but I won't have her treated any differently where my sons are allowed to run around and roll in the mud, but she has to sit prim and proper in a little wicker chair sipping tea and making idle small talk. Let her grow up and have fun first, then once she is actually a woman she can start acting like a little lady…if she wants too that is! She may not even be the slightest bit interested."

"Well said!" Richard said with a smile, Harry hadn't seen him grin or laugh like himself since the problems with Ashleigh had popped up, she hadn't done anything but lie in bed since Max had taken her from his birth certificate and since Caesar had done the same she had become despondent, the girls had yet to go through with the threat and they were instead urging their Mother to seek help, Talia was rapidly losing patience according to Max and she was in the process of making a false certificate to take her Mother's name from it. Harry wanted her to get better so badly, but she was not being cooperative, she wasn't helping herself and they could only do so much in terms of helping her, she needed to want to help herself too or nothing was ever going to work.

Max left the room with a smile and he came back ten minutes later with a tray of tea cups and a plate of biscuits.

"You make the perfect housewife." Blaise teased, giving him a kiss in exchange for the mug of coffee.

Max laughed and nipped at Blaise's nose. "You're lucky you're so cute or you'd be over my knee."

Blaise snorted and shoved him away. "Don't flatter yourself; you couldn't get me over your knee."

"Don't tempt me." Max grinned naughtily.

"Will you behave yourself?" Myron demanded. "You have guests."

"I'm aware of that, Dad, if you weren't here I wouldn't have threatened to do it, I would have just done it." Max answered with that naughty grin widening on his face.

Harry laughed and Braiden joined in with him, which made a wave of warm pride and love flood through him.

"Daddy Max is very silly isn't he, Braiden?"

"Dada maba!" Braiden echoed adorably as he clapped tiny hands together.

"I found the balls you wanted for him. They were under the stairs." Max said, holding a finger up as he remembered something and he rushed out of the room.

Harry frowned as he tried to remember what balls he had been talking about before Max brought back the inflatable ball pit and blew it up with magic, stoppered it and then upended the two huge bags of plastic balls into it that Braiden had gotten for Christmas.

"Come here my son, let's see you in this pit and see what you make of it." Max clapped his hands together and took Braiden from Harry's lap, settling him into the inflatable pit and settling him securely on the floor, surrounded by plastic balls.

Braiden's eyes were wide and he kicked his legs and flapped his arms, his eyes filling with tears as he knocked the balls flying, which startled him more and he started crying in earnest.

Harry plucked him out and comforted him as Braiden clutched at him before he calmed and sniffled on his lap.

"I think that was a little too sudden." Harry said.

Max nodded and handed Braiden a yellow plastic ball, which Braiden held with his whole hand and stared at. He sniffled again as his tears dried up and Harry grinned when the yellow ball was held between both hands and went right into the dribbling mouth and his son tried to bite on it, but it was far too big to fit in his mouth and he just ended up slobbering all over the ball instead, licking at it with a little wet, pink tongue.

Max however had put Farren in the ball pit and he seemed to be enjoying it a lot more than Braiden had, or at least he wasn't crying hysterically. He was just sitting in amidst the balls, acting like he did when he was propped up between several cushions. Max was offering him different coloured balls, but when Farren finally slapped a green ball from Max's hand he laughed and sat back, getting the message that Farren was perfectly happy to just be sitting in the balls observing everything and not playing with them.

"I wish he'd play more." Blaise sighed. "Especially when I see him actually playing with something and then someone takes what he has from him, like Tegan did."

"I don't think he's interested in anything that he can't actually eat." Max said with a small smile. "Watch."

He picked up a biscuit from the plate, which Harry had only just noticed had a few rusks on the side, and handed it to Farren, whose whole face lit up as he started gurgling, grasping the rusk in a little hand and sucking on the biscuit happily.

"See! My boy is only happy when he's eating."

They all laughed, but a high beeping sounded, interrupting them and Aneirin broke off his conversation with Lucius and Myron to touch a button on his watch. He cursed softly.

"I'm going to have to leave you lads to settle in, I'm being summoned by my secretary. Work is always calling." He sighed.

Nasta hugged him and Aneirin kissed his forehead, he went around the kids, kissing and hugging, shook hands with everyone and then hugged Harry.

"I'll owl you later in the week and I'll come over when I can." He promised as he made sure he had everything before twisting on the spot.

"I think it's time I got going too." Marianna said, checking the time. "Josiah is taking me to dinner and I can't help but take an hour or two to get ready."

"I think you're missing another hour in there, Mother." Blaise teased.

"Oh hush you, a woman has to look her best for a date, don't they, Harry?"

Harry tore his face away from Braiden and blinked. "Um, I don't actually know. I can't say I've ever been a woman or even gone on a date with one."

That made everyone laugh as Marianna gave him a fake smack to the shoulder and kissed his cheek.

"You have dressed like one though." Blaise whispered into his ear as he came to sit next to him.

"That was different." Harry smiled. "If I like wearing a skirt or a dress with high heels now and then to rile up my lovers, there's nothing wrong with that, it's when I start wearing the muck on my face, keeping half the house in a handbag and spelling the hair off my legs when you have to check my boxers to make sure I haven't accidentally blasted my balls off with a severing hex."

Blaise laughed so much and so hard at that along with Harry that everyone stared at them and despite being asked to repeat the joke several times, they were laughing so hard that they couldn't breathe, Braiden giggling between them.

"Come on, what's so funny?" Max asked curiously. "I like a good laugh."

Harry shook his head, calming down a bit, at least until he caught sight of Blaise and then he burst out laughing again.

"Well I think it's time to leave these hyenas to their fun, it was lovely seeing you again, Narcissa. We must have tea sometime soon."

"Of course." Narcissa agreed graciously as she stood and smoothed down her skirt. She gave that little kiss to each cheek that women were fond of doing before Marianna left and Narcissa hugged Draco as she and Lucius planned to leave, Lucius wrapping up his conversation about politics with Myron.

Harry sat with a smile on his face and Myron stood with Richard.

"We'll leave you boys be, but we'll be back soon to see you." Richard said with a wink.

"I thought you needed to…"

"Not now, Myron!" Richard snapped.

Harry's smile fell; it was the first time that he'd ever seen Richard being stern with Myron and not the other way around. It made him think that perhaps things at their home were even more difficult that he had originally thought.

"You don't have to go." Harry offered. "Max has a spare room if you'd like to stay the night even."

"Oh now that would take me back to the early years." Richard chuckled.

"Don't offer my spare room to them!" Max replied scandalised. "I'm not going to wash the sheets my Dads' have been…intimate on!"

That set Harry off laughing yet again and the tears came beyond his control as he tried his all just to control his breathing as he sucked in a deep rattling breath only to lose it laughing again.

Max huffed and crossed his arms and turned his head away. "Well I'm not!" He scowled.

Myron chuckled and punched Max gently on the shoulder. "We're not staying, though it was nice of you to ask, Harry. We'll leave you to settle in, but maybe in a few weeks we'll take you up on that offer."

Max looked horrified and Harry slowed his breathing right down before he had a heart attack and he hugged Myron and Richard goodbye before they turned to leave, he hefted Braiden back on his lap as Blaise handed the little boy his yellow ball that had slipped from his hands.

"So what were you laughing at?" Draco asked once Myron and Richard had left, leaving them on their own to settle in.

"Blaise reminded me that I liked wearing women's clothes." Harry said wiping the tears from his eyes and draining the last of his honey tea.

"And that made you laugh why?" Max asked. "If you'd had the idea to wear more, Blaise wouldn't have been laughing with you."

"Harry told me that there was nothing wrong with wearing women's clothing to wind us up, but when he starts wearing make-up, carting around a handbag and charming off his body hair that we have to check to make sure that he hadn't accidentally cursed his balls off."

Max snorted, Nasta rolled his eyes and Draco huffed. Harry giggled and Blaise grinned.

"Just us for the joke, love, but just so we're clear, if that ever does happen, I want it on record that I wish to go to Saint Mungos to have that rectified." Harry told him and they laughed together and Braiden giggled between them, clapping little hands, once again dropping the yellow ball, which Blaise dutifully bent to pick back up to hand to him.

"Who wants more tea?" Max asked happily.

"You just want to spend the day in your kitchen." Harry teased.

Max groaned in pleasure. "Don't tempt me."

"I think you could get hard from being in that kitchen for too long." Blaise said.

"He can when Nasta's in there too." Draco added with a smirk.

Said men blushed and Harry laughed, slipping to the floor and letting Braiden lean over the ball pit and pat at them, picking up balls and dropping them and clapping his hands, letting him and Farren interact together.

"We've all had a long, exciting day; I think it's best if we catch an early night." Nasta said.

Max huffed. "Your version of an early night is a boring one. My early nights often…"

"Leave us tired, grouchy the next morning and in my case with a backache." Harry finished with a grin.

"I was going to say mutually satisfied." Max pouted.

Harry laughed and beckoned Max over to kiss him. "Where is my tea?" He asked with a smile.

"I'll happily go and get you one, my kitchen is all lonely and cold through disuse, I have to change that. There's nothing worse about a house than a cold, dingy kitchen. A kitchen should always be the heart of the house!"

Harry watched Draco roll his eyes behind Max and he stifled a giggle, happily focusing on Braiden instead, who bent all the way over the side of the ball pit and Harry happily rolled him all the way over and sat him in with the balls, Braiden laughing happily, much more at ease with the pit and all the balls after they were introduced slowly and he and Farren started playing together. He loved watching his babies play together, they were growing so fast now that he wanted a spell to slow them down a little, but he knew that that wouldn't be fair.

He sighed. "When must we visit the Faerie city?" He asked unhappily.

Nasta grunted and pulled a face, like he always did these days when Faeries were so much as mentioned.

"Next week some when, it might be best to get it done before your heat period. They're expecting us so we don't have to book an appointment." He grumbled.

"Do you want me to go on my own?" Harry asked. "I don't mind, honestly."

Nasta's whole body quivered and he made a soft snarling noise.

"The Dracken won't let me, huh?"

Nasta shook his head. "No. It's a terrible idea letting you go anywhere alone and with one of the babies too, no, I'm going with you, but I hate those fucking Faeries."

"Our son is a Faerie!" Harry reminded forcefully.

"Not the Faeries collectively!" Nasta amended. "Those two specific Faeries."

Harry made an 'O' of understanding and nodded as he played with Braiden and Farren, pushing a few balls around with his finger.

"Will they try to take him from us?" Harry asked again, as he had several times since the Faeries had expressed interest in him.

"I'll kill them if they try." Nasta swore and then he grinned, showing sharp fangs. "It would be my pleasure to."

Harry clutched Leolin tightly, his little blue and white blanket wrapped around his teeny body securely, but he couldn't help but be slightly awed at the Faerie city as he walked with Nasta through the streets from the edge of the city, where the specialised Portkey had left them.

When he had been told city, he hadn't actually thought city, as stupid as it sounded. He had thought maybe the court halls that Aneirin had visited, the library he had mentioned and a few other official buildings grouped together, but this was an actual city, completely hidden by magic, but it was huge, complete with residential houses as well as shops and business buildings.

The pathways were paved with granite of all things and the roads were tightly packed dirt. Nasta had told him that they didn't have cars here.

"Why do they have roads if they don't have cars?" He asked with a frown.

Nasta had shrugged, but they found out why when they found horses pulling carriages further down. Harry snorted incredulously.

"Seriously, they have horses and carts still?" He sniggered and Nasta chuckled, pulling him into the side of his body as they got strange looks from the regal looking Faeries.

"They all remind me of Draco." Harry hissed quietly and Nasta grinned.

"We have to try and tug the silver spoon from his mouth."

"And the bejewelled sceptre from his arse." Harry muttered.

"He has gotten better." Nasta allowed with a small smile.

"He has, but he has a long way to go before he stops using a saucer with his tea cups and crossing his hands in his lap as he's waiting for dinner."

Nasta laughed, but cut off when they were approached by one of the Faeries.

"Dragons do not belong here!" He snapped hostilely.

Nasta stepped in front of Harry and Leolin smoothly.

"Says who?" He demanded. "You? And who are you? Are you Sindri, head of the court? I think not!"

The Faerie sneered at them, but he moved off and Nasta ground his teeth together. "Fucking Unseelie." He spat.

"That's the horrible Faeries?" Harry said.

Nasta chuckled. "They're not horrible, but they're more like dominant Drackens, they're more often than not Valkyries, who are the warriors of the Faeries, the defenders, the protectors, they don't like us being here anymore than we'd like a bunch of Ministry officials walking into our yearly meetings. They're suspicious of us."

"They should mind their own business!" Harry huffed as he checked Leolin over critically and tugged the corner of the blanket to cover his little chin.

"Is he alright?"

Harry nodded. "He's fine for now, but he'll want a feed soon though, I'd rather feed him before the meeting rather than during it."

Nasta nodded and they walked leisurely around the city, making their way slowly to the large, sandy coloured building that dominated the skyline like Gringotts bank did with every other building in Diagon Alley.

When Leolin woke up, little fists flailing as he cried for a bottle, they stopped on a bench and Nasta pulled a little bottle from the nappy bag that he was carrying over his shoulder. Harry sat right up against Nasta, whose arm was firmly around him, his other arm acting as a shield to Leolin. They had talked about this non-stop for the last week and Nasta had told him that he'd bring Leolin alone if Harry didn't let him act as a human shield for them both.

He hated it, naturally, but as he had been told numerous times, a dominant Dracken's main purpose after giving seed for babies was to die in place of their children or submissive, better if it was in place of both. If Harry heard that one more time then he was going to start frothing at the mouth.

Leolin was drinking more, but he was very slow going, which meant that he didn't drink as much as a little guzzler like Farren would, but Harry counted it as a success than Leolin was drinking at all and that he had actually increased his milk intake since his birth, even if it was only by a few extra ounces per feed.

Harry hefted the tiny baby over his shoulder and patted his little back, now a dab hand at avoiding the miniscule wings and the small stubs that were his flexible wing joints. It took them a further five minutes to get Leolin to bring up his wind and Harry let himself be led around by Nasta's arm around his back, following the subtle twitches in his mate's muscles, following him almost hip to hip as he kept his eyes on Leolin's golden ones, but he stopped dead when Leolin smiled up at him with a toothless mouth for the first time.

"Nas! Nasta he smiled! He smiled at me!" Harry hissed as he tried to get Nasta to understand as quickly as possible while still keeping his eyes on Leolin.

"He what? It's too soon."

"He smiled at me!" Harry snarled furiously, glaring at Nasta, before looking back at Leolin and smiling widely at him.

Nasta poked his head over his shoulder and looked down at Leolin, who frowned and squirmed, making a soft noise.

"Are you sure you got all of his wind up?" Nasta asked.

"Of course I did! He smiled at me damn it!"

Nasta chuckled. "Okay, if you say that he smiled then he smiled. I can't wait for him to do it again so I can see; I've been waiting for something other than a frown or a scowl for six months, that's forever in Dad years."

Harry laughed at that. "Dad years? You just made that up."

"No, it's something my Dad always used to say." Nasta answered with a smile.


A Faerie with thick black hair and bright gold eyes rushed up to them.

"I was expecting your Father to be with, you must be Nasta and Harry. I am Warren."

Nasta stopped shielding Harry then and he relaxed a bit, just enough to shake hands with Warren.

"My Father told me to look out for you."

"I've been waiting for you for the last three moon turns."

"Moon turns?" Harry said. "Months?"

"The Faeries don't measure time like we do, Cariad." Nasta explained quietly. "They usually measure time with the equinoxes and then by full moons. They don't count the hours of the day, but by the phases of the sun and I don't think they know what minutes or seconds are."

"Is this the little one that's causing all the fuss?" Warren asked, waiting for Harry to remove the blanket a bit to show Leolin's slowly blinking eyes and his little frown. "He's beautiful. He looks like Trefor's second son, Neifion."

"You knew him?" Harry asked surprised.

"Yes…well, we need to get going." Nasta said coldly, steering Harry away from Warren who had nodded to Harry's question.

"Bye, Warren!" Harry called out before turning to Nasta. "How long do Faeries live?"

"Longer than Drackens. I think the average is six hundred years."

"Six hundred!" Harry gasped.

"On average, some have reached seven hundred."

"That…that's insane!"

Nasta pulled him into a hug as they walked and squeezed his shoulder before they stopped and looked up at the court building. It looked ancient, worn smooth by time and one of the steps was broken and it was actually crumbling like ash into a little pile of something that looked like beige dust.

"Well, let's get this over with. I want to rub their snotty noses in him and then leave."

"Please keep calm." Harry begged. "I know you've had a few…surprises this last week or two, but don't let it get in the way of what's best for Leolin."

"I'd never let anything get in the way of what's best for Leolin, not even myself, never doubt that, Harry."

"I don't doubt it, love, that's why I trust you implicitly as my top dominant, you always put everyone before yourself, sometimes I really don't like you doing that, but when it comes to the kids..."

Nasta smiled and sucked in a deep breath. "Come on then, let's get this done and see what these Faeries have to say."

They climbed the gritty, sandy feeling steps, avoiding the crumbling step and Nasta opened the ancient door that swung easily on its well-oiled hinges despite how old they looked.

Harry stepped into the halls and frowned at the polished stone that was everywhere. The Faeries had a love of granite it seemed. Nasta led him forward to the polished wood reception desk, their shoes echoing on the floor and the Faerie sat behind the desk sneered at them with every step they took.

"Dragons do not belong here." He told them. "The courts are closed."

"We would see the court now." Nasta sneered right back.

"Do you have an appointment?" He asked snottily.

"We've had an open invitation to come here for four months." Nasta replied as politely as he could, breathing in deeply to calm himself.

"The court doesn't speak to dragons."

"We are here by invitation of Sindri himself." Nasta hissed, trying to keep his calm as best as he could. "We would see the court now or it'll be on your head."

"The court does not speak to dragons!" The Faerie sneered right back at them, repeating his previous comment as if he thought they merely didn't understand what he was saying.

"Then go and ask them yourself." Nasta hissed. "We're not leaving until we have had this meeting."

"You'll be laughed right out of the court room and I shall laugh too as you are dragged past this desk by the Valkyrie guards on your way out."

"Fine, whatever, I don't care what you find your turn-ons from; just let us go and see the court." Nasta waved away, thoroughly annoyed now.

The Faerie stuck his nose in the air arrogantly and wrote something down in a thick book.

"Go down the left hall and turn right, then right again and finally left and wait until you are called in."

"Thank you for your help." Harry said, slightly sarcastically as he and Nasta moved away from the desk and followed the directions to a square room with a few benches outside of a wooden door.

Harry sat down with a sigh and rested Leolin on his knees, smiling at his youngest child, kissing little fingers and little hands, Leolin made soft little noises, but not anything anyone could call close to a laugh.

"I can't wait until he starts laughing." Nasta said, as if he had read his mind.

"Me either, though Farren still hasn't laughed and Tegan's more like to scream than laugh."

"She is a very frustrating little lady." Nasta admitted. "Maybe she needs a woman's touch?"

"She needs to stop being so spoilt and her every baby whim indulged! It's not helping. Draco is particularly bad." Harry said with a smile.

"I think he's just dreaming of all that gorgeous, thick black hair that she'll have when she's older and is trying to keep her on side so that he can brush it to his heart's content." Nasta chuckled.

Harry laughed with him. "As long as she doesn't take my hair, or really if none of the children take my hair, I think he'll be happy."

"There's bound to be one baby with your hair, the odds against it are too high with how many babies we can potentially have. I like your hair anyway." Nasta told him, bending down to bury his face in his hair, nuzzling it. "I'd love for a child to have your wonderful hair; it would look so adorable on a child."

Harry laughed. "Don't tell Draco that, he'll kill you in your sleep for saying such a thing, after all, we can't have a child in dungarees either. The shame of it!"

Nasta shook his head. "I'm glad you'd let our girls run around in the mud like our boys, I don't want them all prissy and made up like dolls or little ladies, as you said, that can easily come later, when they are actually grown women, but for now, I don't care if they run around the garden in jeans and a baseball cap or dive into a pile of mud completely naked, as long as they're having fun."

Harry nodded. "I swore that I would treat my girls and boys the same. I won't have them segregated or treated any differently and I mean it, if one of my girls does not want to wear dresses, I won't force her, if Tegan wants to wear jeans and a baggy tee-shirt for the rest of her life, I don't care. Are we going to give them pocket money?" He asked suddenly, curiously.

Nasta laughed in surprise. "They're not even a year old."

"But will we give them money when they're older? I never had pocket money, but Dudley always had pocket money and everything he wanted on top too."

"I'm sure we can work something out, but I'm sure a few Sickles a week aren't going to hurt, as long as they don't spend all of it on sweets. I mean that seriously."

Harry nodded. "I was thinking more for the clothes they want, or books, magazines…everything I wanted but could never have when I was little. It wasn't sweets I would have bought with any money I had. I wanted proper food; I would have killed for a crunchy green apple or a real sandwich, not just a slice of unbuttered bread and a piece of cheese. But outside of food I would have bought a toy or two, books, clothes that actually fit me and that I wanted to wear, a pair of trainers without holes. I just want them to have everything that I never got to have."

Nasta sat next to him and wrapped an arm around him. "You're away from them now, Caru, they can't hurt you anymore, no one can hurt you anymore."

"I know and between Richard and his team and the jury, I won't be seeing them again either after the trial, I just…it's bringing up so many memories, Nas! I hate the memories, I hate the nightmares."

"You're getting nightmares again?"

Harry sighed and nodded, not seeing the point in hiding it. "I usually get up and splash some water on my face before getting back into bed, but sometimes the memories are too harsh and I need to have a cup of tea to calm myself down before I can fall back to sleep again."

"Have you had any more flashbacks?"

Harry shook his head empathetically. "No. I rarely think about it when I'm awake and it helps that I'm just so busy with the kids as well, but this last week, with the trial getting closer and Leolin's meeting with the court, it's just…I guess I'm just nervous."

"You know they won't see or hurt you again, even if they do get off, which they won't."

Harry nodded. "I know that, but…my nightmares don't seem to realise that." He admitted. "I'm sometimes a little boy again, six, eight, ten, it differs, but they're always hurting me, shouting, yelling, hitting, the one I had recently frightened me. I was about four and I was slowly starving to death, I could see my ribs and my belly was back against my spine, I was so hungry in the dream that I could still feel the sensation of it when I woke up."

"I thought you said that they started starving you when you were seven, not four?"

"They didn't, it was just a nightmare." Harry said sadly. "Nightmares rarely make sense, but I…I don't know why these nightmares are coming up now!"

"Are you worried about the court trial?" Nasta asked.

Harry shrugged. "A bit I guess. I've only ever been in court once, when I was fifteen and it was when the Ministry was trying to expel me for repelling the Dementors that were sent after me. That was just a witch hunt, this is going to be a Muggle court and I have to watch what I say without it seeming like I'm withholding anything, I just know that I'm going to mess it up somehow."

"You won't, Harry, I promise. Richard will be right there with you, right next to you and he'll be doing most of the speaking anyway."

"I'm still worried about it, I don't know why I'm so worried and nervous, I just am."

Nasta hugged him and kissed his cheek. "Everything is going to be fine, we'll get through today, we'll get through your heat, we'll get through the trial. Everything is going to be fine, Harry, because I won't let it be anything else. I promise."

Harry smiled gratefully at Nasta, but he sighed and tickled Leolin's little belly, watching him squirm on his knees. He couldn't help but think that something was going to go wrong and as a haughty looking Faerie with red hair and the Faerie gold eyes that made him look like his whole head was on fire came to tell them that the court was ready for their audience, Harry's heart started beating faster and his breath came shorter, he didn't want the Faeries anywhere near his little boy and he couldn't explain why.

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