The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


71. Chapter Seventy – April

April arrived and Harry snorted at every childish attempt to catch him out with an April Fools joke. All day he had had students come up to him telling him shit to get him to react, but he couldn't even laugh at them, because exempting his friends and a few others, all everyone seemed to be focusing on was telling him that Voldemort was back from the dead, one or all of his lovers had left him, one of his children was in the hospital or that they had seen one of his lovers kissing someone else.

By the time the last bell rang at five, Harry was so very glad that the day was over, as he rushed out of Defence Against the Dark Arts and legged it all the way back to his rooms. He made it back first, even though Draco had had Charms and was closer, though Blaise had had Transfiguration, so he should have been the last back.

He tapped the portrait door and shut it closed, sighing in relief as he went and hid himself in Max's side.

"What happened?" Nasta asked, bending over the settee and pulling him out of Max's side.

Harry sighed. "I can't believe how immature the brats of this school are."

"April Fools?" Max queried.

Harry nodded. "If I hear that again today then I'm going to blow a hole through a wall. Hey Harry, I just saw your biggest lover kissing a Hufflepuff! Hey Potter, one of your children is in hospital. Draco's doing this with another Slytherin; Blaise is in the boys' bathroom with a sixth year Ravenclaw."

Nasta kissed him to stem his words. "Ignore them, love. You know we'd never do anything like that to you, to each other or to our family and if anything had happened to the children, you would have been the first person to know, one of us would have come to get you or sent a message with a teacher."

Harry nodded. "I know, but it's been constant, all day! I can't wait until I graduate and I never have to see any of those bastards again."

Max grinned and pulled his chin into a kiss before moving to make some tea. Harry turned to grin at Braiden, who was sat in a baby walker in the middle of the room, the seat raised up high enough so that his feet didn't touch the floor, but his son seemed very happy to be sat up on his own where he could see the whole room and everyone in it.

"Are you enjoying yourself, love?" He questioned hunching down in front of the walker, bouncing Braiden's little hands on the tray, where a dummy lay forgotten and Braiden's favourite teething ring was resting.

"He's loved that walker, I'm so glad that you asked me to go and get it." Max answered. "We've had fun all day, I've been pushing him around in it, he loves it."

Harry grinned and pushed Braiden back before pulling him forward again. Braiden actually threw his arms up and screeched and giggled hysterically.

Harry couldn't help but chuckle at him as he did it again. Max slipped down onto the floor and pushed Harry aside.

"You're not doing it properly." Max told him, gripping the walker before pushing Braiden far faster than Harry would have dared and he was shocked, but he breathed deeply and clenched his fists to control his instincts to attack Max, listening instead as Braiden shrieked in happiness, just laughing and laughing as he was zoomed around the room.

Nasta shook his head and handed Harry a mug of tea, pulling him to sit on the settee.

"It's alright, love. It looks dangerous and I had words with Max when he first did it, but Braiden adores it and I've checked and he's not being hurt and Max isn't really going that fast after you watch them for a while and Max makes sure not to take any fast or sharp turns."

"Of course I don't, I love this boy, I would never want to hurt him." Max said as he shuffled past them on his knees making car noises, Braiden screaming in joy.

Blaise and Draco came in together and stopped short, just watching as Max pushed and pulled Braiden around the room.

"What are you doing?" Draco asked at the same time Blaise hissed and unsheathed his claws.

Nasta leapt to intercept him and held him on his lap, on the floor and took a fistful of his hair, biting the back of his neck calmingly.

It was the first time Harry had gotten to see another mate calmed down in that way and it made him smile. He knew the same sensation of liquid relief that made Blaise go boneless in Nasta's arms before he was hauled up and sat on the settee next to him as Max carried on his game with Braiden.

"Listen to his happiness." Nasta whispered to Blaise. "Actually see him. It's not too fast or sharp, he's fine, he loves it."

"Where are the quintuplets?" Harry asked after a quick look showed that all of the bassinets empty.

"Napping in the bedroom, Max's game was too loud and Braiden's screeches kept waking them up and they were getting grumpy."

Harry went into the bedroom with Draco, who went to the bathroom to shower and change out of his uniform. Harry checked on his children and smiled at their peacefully sleeping faces. He could stare at them all day if he chose to, unfortunately having four mates, an older, more active child and school work to do, it was nearly impossible to catch moments like this where there was next to nothing for him to do and he could indulge himself and watch them sleep for a few minutes.

Damp arms circled him and he leant back onto Draco.

"That was a very quick shower for you." Harry murmured, soaking in Draco's quiet presence.

"Hmm…I knew you were out here and that we'd be alone for a few minutes."

Harry chuckled and turned to face Draco, looking up into his face and admiring the splay of muscles under his hands. Draco still had the most defined chest of all his mates and he loved running his fingers, and his tongue, into the sharp dips and curves of his solid muscles.

Every single one of his mates had very different bodies, but the one thing they had in common was that they weren't very hairy, Blaise was the hairiest and he had only a controlled patch on his chest, no matter how much he thought that Nasta might be the hairiest because of his stubble problem, he had next to no hair on his chest or back. Draco was the smoothest, his very fine, white blond hairs were barely visible on his arms and legs, let alone anywhere else, but he was still the only man he knew who styled his pubic hair.

"I can't wait for this school year to be over and I can stop worrying so much." Harry sighed.

"Two months, love, just two months, keep thinking about that. We have exams at the end of next month and then we don't have anything to do or worry about until our graduation and it'll be so worth it when we graduate with honours."

Harry chuckled and kissed Draco's pectoral. "I love you, Draco."

"I love you too, but it's going to be worth it just to prove to everyone who were so sure that we would fail wrong. I want to rub their faces in it until they don't have noses left, but I doubt Nasta would let me."

"I'm sure he'd turn a blind eye to that, love. He's been turning a lot of blind eyes to us lately."

"He's getting more accepting of us and our habits, I mean, who would have thought he'd willingly offer Blaise coffee? I was as stunned as Blaise."

Harry laughed. "I know, but we're all really still new to this, we've been together for a little over a year. That's not really a long time to get to know one another, especially when most of our time is taken up by our six children."

"We have a long time to get to know the stupid stuff like favourite colours, but we have the important stuff down already, like favourite foods, birthdays, family, we've focused on what's important, everything else can come later, but just for you to know, my favourite colour is teal."

Harry grinned. "I don't think I have a favourite colour, but the colour of my children's eyes comes very close. I hate admitting favouritism, but Braiden's eyes and Leolin's are stunning."

"There's nothing wrong with admitting you like their eye colour." Draco told him with a snort of amusement. "It's not like you're admitting that you love them more."

"I guess not, but still, it feels wrong to me to even admit favouring their eyes over their siblings."

Draco kissed him and Harry sunk into that kiss, wrapping his arms around Draco's shoulders.

"I was wondering where you two had gone too." Nasta's voice cut through their kiss. "It's about time for a feed; the little ones will be hungry."

Harry looked over the bassinet and sighed as he found Calix awake and looking at him steadily through jet black eyes.

"I swear this one needs bells or a beeper." He said as he picked Calix up gently. "You do, don't you?"

Harry dug a single finger into Calix's belly and wiggled it, eliciting joyous laughter from his three month old son.

"Come on my little gummy baby, let's get you a bottle." He said as he moved them into the living room.

"Are you calling him names after you yelled at me for doing the same?" Max demanded.

"You wouldn't stop calling him a fruit! That's offensive."

"And calling him gummy isn't?"

"He is gummy."

"He might be a fruit."

"I am not having this argument with you!" Harry said simply as he boiled the kettle to make up six bottles.

"Are we going to the Dracken meeting this year, it'll interrupt revision." Blaise said worriedly as he looked at something which Harry believed must have been the invitation to the meeting, it must have come after they had left that morning.

"It'll only be one night." Harry soothed as he made up the bottles and waited for them to cool down. "One night isn't going to do much, we could even go later and come back earlier if you'd like, or you don't have to go at all."

"My Mother would curse me if I don't show my face." Blaise sighed. "But I want to revise."

"You and Draco have been revising for a month."

"I have another month's worth of revision to get through."

"If you're not prepared enough to miss one night, then you should have started earlier." Draco cut in carrying Leolin and Regan.

Blaise glared at him.

"Calm it down." Nasta coached them, coming out with Tegan and Farren.

Nasta put Farren down on the settee and he just lounged there, slightly reclined onto the cushion, calm and cool as you please and it made Harry chuckle. Farren was now getting rounder and he looked like a chubby ball. He loved his food and Harry was sure that he'd be on Braiden's weaning food soon enough, he just wasn't getting enough from the milk, he was up to six and a half ounces of milk and still he pouted his mouth for more.

Harry tested each bottle and then passed them out when their temperatures were safe; they were a bit warm, but it wasn't hot enough to be uncomfortable or blister their mouths.

He stroked Calix's cheek with the bottle teat and his head immediately moved to get it into his mouth and he suckled strongly.

"Someone get Farren, he won't like being left out of a feed." Harry said as he fed Calix.

Max hauled himself up on the settee with Farren from the floor. "How are you, my son?!" He said with a wide grin. "You are definitely my son."

Harry snorted. "Oh he's yours alright." Harry winked.

Max frowned and looked at Farren consideringly. "Well he does look like me and he does have a body build like mine…"

"Don't forget he eats like you." Blaise chuckled.

"That wasn't what I meant." Harry gave a secret smile. "Farren's our second Dracken baby."

There was silence as Harry grinned, finishing feeding Calix.

"You're serious, you're not joking?" Max asked.

"Very serious, Farren's our Dracken baby from the quintuplets, Calix, Regan and Tegan all smelt funny though, sort of tingly, bitter, like a thunder storm or an electrical storm."

"Magic, they're magical, love. We have two Dracken's, a Faerie, two wizards and a little witch."

Harry grinned as his lovers celebrated as they burped the babies and put them down on the rug for tummy time and Harry hugged them all as Max wouldn't stop his boasting.

"I have to go tell my Dads, can I go and tell them please? I want to rub Caesar's face in this!"

Harry laughed. "Go ahead, love, tell them all. I decided this morning that I was going to tell you, but I forgot with my bad mood over the stupid children of this school!"

"You got that too did you? I'd hoped they left you alone." Draco snorted. "I almost punched the face in of that stupid second year. Little runt that he was, who does he think he is, does he not know who I am?"

Harry shook his head. "Same old Draco. Please try not to threaten anyone with your Dad okay; I'd like to keep on his good side, your Mother invited me to afternoon tea and she said that Lucius would be there."

"When is this, I haven't had an owl." Draco frowned.

"It was addressed to me only, so I think only I'm invited."

"Why wouldn't they invite me?"

"Why are you arguing, you hate afternoon tea."

"That's not the point! I'm their son, they should have invited me! I would have gone if they'd only asked."

"Wonderful! They did invite you, but I knew you'd back out, but now you have no reason to." Harry grinned.

Draco's face fell and he tried to do just that by going back on what he said and by saying Harry tricked him so it didn't count.

"No, you've said you'll go now, didn't he, Nas?" Harry grinned turning to Nasta, who raised an amused eyebrow.

"That certainly seemed to be what he said, yes. I'm afraid you'll just have to go to afternoon tea, Draco."

Max near enough cackled at Draco as he finished 'praising' Farren for being a Dracken.

"You do know that it wasn't his choice to be a Dracken, don't you?" Blaise asked.

"You're just jealous." Max teased.

"Why would I be? My son is a Dracken also and he was the first born."

"There's a trend there, the first born baby so far has always been a Dracken." Draco pointed out.

"I'm very sure that has nothing to do with it." Nasta pointed out.

"Plus two clutches, one of which was a certain singleton birth, that's not conclusive." Harry added.

"You're just upset that none of your babies were Drackens." Max teased Nasta.

"I have a Faerie and none of you can ever have one of those, hell I'm surprised to have a Faerie for a son. I'm content with that and I'm happy that Farren is a Dracken, he's as much my son as yours and I'm proud of him and Braiden, just like I'm proud of Leolin for being a Faerie, Calix and Regan for being wizards and Tegan for being a witch, as you should too."

"Well of course I am, but still, he's a little Dracken."

"Go and tell your family." Nasta sighed exasperatedly.

Max chuckled and left them to go and tell his Dads the good news. Harry just shook his head and got onto the floor with his children.

"We have to get the cots assembled soon; they'll all be rolling, though I want Leolin beside me for longer, he stays in his bassinet. Braiden was three months when he started rolling."

Nasta nodded. "I'll get on it after dinner." He said. "I'm sure they're in the nursery."

"They are." Blaise nodded. "I helped Max put them in there when they started getting in the way."

Braiden made a small noise and Harry turned to him, feeling aghast as he realised that no one had fed Braiden. He was still in his walker and he looked close to tears.

Harry pulled him out slowly, watching his legs on the tray, no matter how much he wanted to just rip him out and cradle him, Braiden's safety was more important than anything else.

"Who has his bottle?" Harry demanded as he rubbed Braiden's back and bounced him lightly.

Blaise pulled a face, scooted forward and picked up a full bottle from where Max had been sat.

"I think telling him that his son was a Dracken distracted him." Blaise said as he handed the bottle over and Harry offered it to Braiden, who latched on and suckled.

"I'll be tearing him a new one when he gets back." Harry hissed as he cuddled Braiden and let him suckle.

No one tried to get him to think differently, they just watched him feeding Braiden before burping him and going to get him a rusk to nibble on as a treat. It brought the smile back to Braiden's little face and he bounced in Harry's arms with his rusk.

"He's adorable." Harry grinned in pride. He had never been a prideful person until he'd had children.

"They all are." Draco agreed, coming to kiss him and kiss Braiden's cheek, grimacing slightly as his lips hit some drool and a patch of rusk mush.

"Harry!" Blaise called out sharply.

Harry looked to him, then to where he was staring to see Regan reaching for one of Braiden's toys, he stretched as far as he could and when he couldn't reach it, he pulled back into himself before pushing himself forward to get closer. He didn't exactly crawl, he was more wiggling to move, but he was moving and when he reached out again, his fingers caught the toy and he was able to drag it closer to himself and into his mouth.

Harry was just stunned, he didn't think he could move or say anything as he watched Regan suck on the toy he had worked to get.

"Dear Merlin." Draco whispered.

"He…I don't know what that was but he moved!" Harry said excitedly.

Harry sat on the floor and pulled Regan into his lap with Braiden and kissed his head of black hair.

"Two achievements in one day, we found out Farren was a Dracken and Regan is mobile."

"It's a good idea to get the cots out and put together then." Harry told them. "If he can move forward, he can move sideways."

"He's moving before Braiden, Braiden rolls sideways, but he hasn't gone forward yet." Blaise said.

"He will when he's ready." Harry smiled kissing Braiden's black hair. "There's no rush, the sooner he's mobile, the sooner he'll start getting lost and hurt. I'm not looking forward to the first time he bumps his head."

"I don't think any of us are, but you know he needs to get a few bumped heads and grazed knees, don't you?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, I know." He answered slowly. "I'm not going to like it though."

"Do you want tea, Harry?" Draco asked.

Harry looked over his shoulder consideringly. "Yeah, go on then."

Harry got Braiden and Regan sitting up, he made sure to support Regan, because he wasn't yet used to sitting up for too long and let them move as they saw fit, keeping his arm tensed around Regan, just in case, you could never be too careful.

Max came home grumpy and Harry sighed. How could he shout at him now for forgetting Braiden's bottle when he was already looking miserable?

"What happened?" Nasta asked.

"She demanded she came to see Farren, demanded it from me!" Max hissed. "Like it was her fucking right to see him now because he was a Dracken, she didn't even ask after Calix once she heard he wasn't a Dracken. I don't know what's gotten into her lately, but Dad's taking her to a mind specialist. It'll have to be done in secret, he's a Dracken too and specialises in Dracken cases, but there are rumours that the poachers are watching his house."

"That's too dangerous." Nasta cut in furiously. "They could put us all in danger!"

"It's only a rumour and Dad thinks it's because he wouldn't mate with that one submissive in Gothenburg. Her Father didn't like it as he had all these plans for his daughter being with the high earning Healer."

"Can we take that risk?" Harry asked, looking at his children and remembering the story of what happened to the babies that poachers thought were Drackens. He held Regan and Braiden tighter.

"Dad's going to use Polyjuice potion for it, he doesn't want to hurt the family any more than anyone else, he knows we can't be too careful, I promise I won't let them do anything to hurt us or the kids, but we have to try."

Harry nodded. "He's right, I don't like it, but as long as they can promise to be as safe as possible, we have to try and see what happens, to see what triggered her to act like this and be this way and to find out if her therapy before went deep enough to get rid of it, or if it only buried the hurt for a few years before slowly building back up."

They all took a moment to silently reflect on that before a little giggle broke through them and Harry chuckled and kissed Braiden's head as he bounced where he was sat.

"You missed Regan being mobile for the first time." Harry broke to Max gently.

"You mean Braiden?" Max said with a frown.

Harry shook his head. "Regan was on his tummy and he wanted a toy, so he sort of wiggled his way closer until he could reach out and grab it."

"He's three months old; Braiden is almost eight months old and he can't do it yet."

"I don't think it's because he can't do it, I think it's because he doesn't want to just yet. He likes being on his stomach and on his hands and knees, he just doesn't want to crawl or move, Regan really wanted that toy."

"I can't believe I missed it." Max looked so upset that Harry held a hand out to him and pulled him down for a kiss when he moved over to him.

"Don't worry, love, all of them will be mobile soon enough and then you can get as much exercise as you need running after them."

Max huffed and sat behind him, framing his body with his legs and ruffling both Regan's and Braiden's hair.

"I caught the moment in a photograph, if it's developed properly, it should show the whole moment."

Harry grinned. "You're the best, Nasta! You know that right, love."

"Of course." He smirked back.

Everyone but Harry and Nasta rolled their eyes. Harry just shook his head and laughed.

"I'm going to get dinner on." Max announced, but he didn't move right away, instead he kissed at the back of Harry's neck for a few minutes until he let out a breath of air on a moan. He smiled, kissed his neck once again, before hefting himself to his feet and heading into the kitchenette.

Harry stayed on the floor and played with his children, laying Regan back on the floor, not wanting to injure his spine by keeping him sat upright for so long when his muscles couldn't take the pressure.

Braiden happily giggled, four of his quins smiled widely as he messed around with them, but Leolin was fast asleep again, it was a bit perturbing, but he was very used to it by now.

"Dinners up, lovers!" Max called happily an hour later.

Nasta and Harry stayed and settled Braiden into his walker; the four quins went into their carrycots before joining the other three at the table to eat.

"So what are we doing for the meeting?"

"We're going, it'll depend on how much homework or revision you have if we only go for a few hours or for a little longer, but we can't go for long because of the kids, we can't disrupt their sleep too much and it might upset them to be around so many new people and in a new place to boot."

Harry nodded. "I thought about that too, Braiden's so clingy, he may not like it much."

"We'll see how he deals with it on the day, love." Max assured him. "If he doesn't like it and we can't settle him, we'll come right home. I don't like the idea of forcing him to stay anywhere that makes him that upset."

"So it's agreed, we go for a few hours if there are no problems. I don't really want to be there for too long either." Harry said with a smile. "Those of you who want to stay longer can, but I'll come home with the kids happily enough, being social with people I don't even know was never my thing."

"Before that though we have Regan, Tegan, Farren and Calix's second Dragon Pox vaccine." Draco reminded them. "And Braiden's third."

Harry paled. "The vaccine they need all together is next month?" He whispered "I really, really don't want them all done together. They don't stop crying."

"Then it's better to have them all crying on the same day than having four crying one day and one crying all day the next." Nasta said. "They need this vaccine."

"I know that." Harry put in firmly. "I just hate that they line up to have the vaccine together."

"I'll make the appointment tomorrow morning." Draco said easily. No one offered to do it instead as they all knew about Draco's thing with the vaccines and that he had to make absolutely sure that they were booked in. It wasn't that he didn't trust anyone else to do it, he just didn't trust the receptionist to put it down properly and he always demanded to see the appointment book where no one else would.

After dinner and everything had been washed up, Nasta and Blaise went to set up the cots as Harry fed the children their last feed before rocking them and soothing them into sleep.

"All done." Blaise said softly. "We've moved Braiden into the nursery and the four quintuplets are in a line where he used to sleep under the platform and Leolin's bassinet is still upstairs, we took the other four down and dismantled them."

"Thank you." Harry said softly as he cuddled Tegan gently as she slept.

"Do you want them in bed?" Nasta asked, stashing a screwdriver into the side drawer.

Harry nodded and stood up. "Yeah, they need their sleep."

They all took a baby, Blaise taking two, and Harry settled Tegan into the soft yellow cot, he had been adamant that each cot be a different colour. Tegan had yellow, Calix had pine, Farren had red and Regan had green. Leolin's would be pale blue when he was old enough to use it and Braiden's was white.

"You did a good job." Harry praised.

"They are all secure, we tried them out."

"Aww, did you put Blaise to bed in each cot?" Max teased.

Blaise rolled his eyes. "You want to be careful or I'll roll you out of bed in the middle of the night."

Max chuckled and bent into the cot to kiss Farren's cheek. The cot was on the highest setting because they couldn't stand or sit up on their own, but it would stop them rolling out.

"I'm not looking forward to when these are lower down and I have to bend in half just to kiss them."

"If you lean too far on those cots, they'll tip." Nasta warned.

"I know that, I'm not stupid."

"Not often at least." Draco smirked.


Harry chuckled. "Come on, let's go and snuggle on the settee and leave this lot sleep."

"Have you got all three monitors switched on?" Blaise asked.

"Yes." Harry nodded. "This one's on Braiden, this one's on Leolin and this one's on these four."

Blaise nodded and the five of them settled on the same settee, Max sprawled across the whole thing, Nasta sat at his feet with Blaise on his lap, Draco was sat reclined onto Nasta, on Max's lap and Harry snuggled up on Max's chest.

"This reminds me of that time where we all crushed Max having sex." Harry chuckled.

"That hurt."

"That was fun." Blaise grinned.

"We should do that again." Harry suggested with a wink.

"We need to find a way to do that without crushing my chest." Max grumbled.

Harry laughed. "Deal, but until then, move your arm, it's starting to get painful."

Max extracted his arm with a groan and Harry settled more firmly.

"I love this time of night when we have nothing to do but snuggle."

"I know, but we really should be revising." Draco complained.

"I'm too tired to do anything." Harry replied.

"We'll leave the revision for tonight." Nasta told them. "We'll get the ten o'clock feed out of the way and we'll have an early night tonight."

Everyone agreed and they settled into peaceful silence, just light breathing and the slightly faster, more tinny breathing through the three, colour coded baby monitors.

Harry loved nights like this where they chose not to do anything but lie together bonding with one another. They had a busy couple of months coming up, what with the needed injections, the Dracken meeting and the exams, but Harry was sure they could get through it, they'd already been through so much and whatever the future threw at them, they could take it easily.

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