The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


17. Chapter Seventeen – Everything Burns in Hell

Harry had been anxious for the last few days that remained before his heat period. Blaise and Draco had tried everything to make him relax, from baths, massages, hugs and talking, but Harry still had a bad feeling that something was going to go wrong. He had a feeling that something was missing.

He couldn't put his finger on it, but all of the hair on the back of his neck stood up on end the closer his heat came. He got irritable and snappy and he didn't know why, his Dracken side was rebelling and it was all Harry could do to keep his scales, fangs, claws and wings sheathed during lessons.

"Are you going down with that sickness again, Harry?" Dean Thomas asked during Potions on the Thursday, the day before he was supposed to go on heat.

Harry was shaking and sweating, he could barely sit still let alone concentrate on his potion and his fingers were digging into the desk edge.

"I think I might be." Harry replied tightly, his voice strained and little more than a whisper, yet Snape heard them, of course he did, he was a Dracken. It wasn't any wonder to him now that no student got to hold a conversation in lessons with Snape within a ten foot radius.

"Something to share with the class, Potter?" He asked silkily.

"No, Sir, I just…I think I'm unwell."

"Again? Surely this is milking your illness for everything it's worth, Potter. Don't you think that you have taken it just a tad too far?"

Harry didn't take anything the Professor said to heart, he knew that the man had to remain in character so no one realised that they were all illegal creatures, but it was so difficult today and he would have snapped had it not been for his courageous Gryffindor friends. His stupid, foolish, Gryffindor friends, jumping in before he could do so himself.

"Harry is not milking his illness!" Dean shouted, enraged on Harry's behalf.

"He's really ill!" Seamus added. "All you have to do is look at him to know that!"

"I think you're being unfair, Professor, Harry does look unwell and he has been suffering lately, I heard Madam Pomfrey say so!" Parvati joined in, Lavender nodding seriously beside her.

Harry smiled. He was so, so happy that he had friends in Gryffindor still, friends who could hardly care less that he was in love and going out with two Slytherins, in fact Lavender and Parvati constantly begged him for little titbits of his personal life, asking him all sorts of questions that made his face light up like a flame. Them and Ginny too, who was still trying to grill him for details on his sex life with Blaise and Draco.

"Silence!" Snape hissed. "Twenty points from Gryffindor. Zabini, Malfoy, take Potter to the hospital wing as he obviously wishes for more people to fawn over him."

Blaise was immediately by his side, helping him gently to his feet as Draco wrapped an arm around his back to support him on his jelly like legs.

"Attention seeking prat." Ron said loudly enough for Harry to hear him, as well as half the class and a certain dominant Dracken.

"Ten more points from Gryffindor and a detention tonight, Weasley for disrupting my class further! What will it take for you to learn to keep your abnormally large mouth closed?!" Snape snapped.

Harry giggled, but hid it under a hacking cough, draping himself over Blaise, who half dragged; half carried him out of the Potions classroom.

Harry was sweating profusely by the time that Draco and Blaise had led him to the seventh floor from the dungeons and he was out of breath when they finally reached their rooms. He collapsed onto their settee and just lay there whining deeply in the back of his throat.

"I don't know what's wrong with you, diletto. I'm sorry." Blaise apologised as he caressed his cheek, looking so apologetic that it was borderline pathetic.

Harry smiled and turned to lay a kiss to the hand on his face. "You can't know everything, Blaise. Maybe this is what a second heat is supposed to be like."

"We'll wait for Severus." Draco told him worriedly. "He'll know what's wrong. He's older than all of us, he can help."

Harry nodded slowly as he settled down more into the soft cushions. He couldn't control the continuous whine, he couldn't stop it and it made it very difficult to fall asleep, but somehow he managed it.

He woke up to a rough hand on his forehead and he hissed pitifully at it rolling away to stop the dominant Dracken from touching him.

"Kindly keep still, Mister Potter." Snape's silky drawl cut through his sleepy hissing and Harry frowned a bit, but he remained still as that hand clamped down over his forehead again. "You're temperature shouldn't have risen this high."

"He is on his heat tomorrow." Draco pointed out, his voice coming from the chair behind Snape.

"It still shouldn't be this high. Harry, have you accepted Draco? This sort of occurrence only happens when you don't have all of your mates around you in the week commencing your heat."

"Yes." Harry answered immediately with no preamble or hesitance.

"Perhaps the rejection messed with the breeding cycle." Snape hedged looking thoughtful. "No submissive has ever partly rejected a dominant and then taken the same dominant as a mate."

"What are you saying?" Harry asked worriedly, he had come to love Draco, he couldn't lose him now.

"That perhaps your Dracken hasn't fully accepted Draco back."

"Well that will be sorted by the heat won't it? I love Draco, I don't care what my Dracken wants, he's mine!"

"You may not have a choice in that, Mister Potter."

"Damn well watch me have a choice!" Harry snarled.

He couldn't believe that after everything he might still lose Draco. It wasn't a bloody option!

"We will ultimately find out tomorrow." Snape said, before rising to his feet from his knelt down position by the settee.

"There is nothing you can do?" Blaise asked.

"I cannot do anything, Mister Zabini, because I do not know what the problem is."

Blaise nodded and the three of them watched as Snape left their rooms and shut the door behind him. Harry looked at his two mates and bit his lip. Come tomorrow everything could be blissfully wonderful, or everything would be utterly ruined.

Harry's eyes snapped open and he breathed in deeply, wide awake in a matter of seconds. He rolled on the bed between his mates; sweat beading on his body which felt constrained by his clothing.

He kicked off his boxer shorts and yanked off his sleep shirt. He rolled around and pulled in another deep breath. He remembered this part of the heat all too well and he wasn't happy to have to go through the burning again, he hated the feeling of being burnt alive.

He mewled and whined in distress and both Blaise and Draco were awake within moments, both touching him, both kissing every inch of his body, both ripping off the minimal clothing they had gone to bed in.

Blaise took over his mouth as Draco latched onto a nipple, sucking it viciously. Harry arched from the bed and twisted his hands into Blaise's hair, tugging on it and pulling him closer.

Missing Scene

Harry woke up slowly and lethargically. His body was dead tired and as his stomach grumbled loudly in the silence of the bedroom, Harry contemplated ignoring it and his bladder in favour of falling back to sleep.

His bladder won out as it threatened to burst in the bed where he lay and he crawled out of the warm cocoon and bum shuffled his way down the stairs because he didn't trust his legs to carry him down safely, this had the repercussion of making his bum ache after every step until, when he reached the bottom, he was nearly in tears, but he had reached the bottom without falling down them, an accomplishment by his standards.

He relieved himself and washed his hands, using the sink to stay on his feet. Harry contemplated falling asleep in the pool sized, empty bath, but came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be very comfortable.

Harry crawled out of the bathroom on his hands and knees, his bum too sore to sit on and his body too tired, too hungry to get up and use energy to walk. The sight of all the stairs back up to the warm, comfortable bed made him feel like crying. For the first time he felt like cursing Dumbledore for giving them a bed on a ledge that was only accessible by a set of stairs that was looking like a mountain right about now.

Harry whined in the back of his throat, only lightly. He was distressed, but it wasn't anything he couldn't deal with himself. However he was up in someone's arms before he had finished his first whine.

"You should have called." Draco's smooth, aristocratic voice sounded, deep and guttural, like the skin was missing from his voice box.

"I didn't think anyone was here." Harry answered snuggling up tightly to Draco, laying a kiss to the underside of his chin.

Harry felt very, very affectionate towards Draco and he basked in the feeling of the full bond. His Dracken was not even close to thinking about rejecting Draco now. In fact the merest whisper of rejecting Draco caused his Dracken to hiss deeply in displeasure.

"I'm here, my love, Blaise has gone hunting. I wanted to go as well but he rationalised that one of us had to stay with you because you got upset if you were on your own. He decided to hunt because he knew what you liked best; not that staying here is any hardship on me, just that I wish to prove myself capable of providing for you."

"You don't need to do that." Harry said even as his Dracken stated firmly that yes Draco did need to do that at some point.

"I'm going hunting for dinner, seeing as it's near enough lunch time now."

Harry smiled and allowed Draco to carry him into the living room and settle him on the settee, before lifting his head and sitting down, replacing Harry's head in his lap where he proceeded to comb his fingers through Harry's untameable hair, tugging out the knots and tangles that had formed during his ten days of continuous sex, massaging his scalp and settling Harry down.

Harry fell asleep quickly under the ministrations and only woke up when a large thump made him nearly jump out of his skin.

"Be quiet!" Draco hissed, but it was too late, Harry was already awake.

He peered over the back of the settee, using the cushions to pull himself up enough to see what was going on. Blaise had laid a still twitching buck on the floor of their living room and Draco was now in his face hissing at him for waking him up.

"Stop it!" Harry demanded sleepily. "It doesn't matter that the thump woke me up, the smell coming off of that would have woken me up anyway. I'm too hungry to ignore it."

Harry's stomach backed him up by clenching and rumbling loudly, making Harry almost double over in hunger pains.

"Eat Harry, Prezioso." Blaise encouraged, gently leading him to sit in front of the still spasaming animal.

Harry unsheathed his claws and skinned an area of the animal's side before he cut out a lump of fresh, skinned meat, his fangs sliding from his gums as he tore into the tough meat, sucking the still warm blood from it before happily diving back down to strip flesh from bone with his teeth.

Harry ate until the ache left his belly and then he offered Blaise and Draco some of his food. Neither of them declined his invitation as they both sat and began feeding him lumps of warm meat, before gulping down their own.

Harry lay back against Blaise when he could no longer eat another bite. Blaise had also stopped eating, but as the bigger dominant who needed more food than the both of them, Draco was still happily foraging in the skeleton of the buck, stripping lone bits of meat from the remaining bones.

"Do you feel better, Mio amore?"

"Yes thank you, love. I feel so much better, though I am sore. Did you use the cream again?"

Blaise smiled and pecked his forehead gently. "Of course, I wouldn't leave you in pain."

"But I am still in pain. Why did you and Draco have to take me at the same time?"

Draco and Blaise shared a look that set his teeth on edge; he looked between them and then frowned.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

"No. Harry, how much do you remember of the last ten days?" Draco asked cautiously.

"I didn't remember everything right away last time; it took an hour or so for my mind to catch up and even then the memories are still fuzzy and I've obviously got some missing somewhere. Why, what happened? What did I do?"

"It is not what you did, Innamorato, it is what happened during your heat." Blaise told him softly.

"What happened?" Harry asked a clenching in his gut that told him he wouldn't like it.

"There is someone who we have locked up in the wardrobe, love."

"Excuse me, what?" Harry asked. "Who have you locked in the wardrobe and why?!"

"It seems that…well, Mio Amore, it seems that…"

Blaise seemed unable to form the words that he needed and Harry took a deep breath to stop himself from snapping, something told him that it wouldn't help anything.

"What Blaise is trying, and failing very spectacularly to do, is to say is that a Dracken joined us during our heat period. Neither I nor Blaise attacked him or felt the need to attack him; we were at ease with him, as if he was supposed to be there. We have no idea how he came to join our heat and until we can determine what happened and that he is not a danger to you, he will remain in the wardrobe."

Harry had a sudden remembered moment of a huge, thick set man ramming his equally large and thick cock into his body and his stomach clenched as his blood seared with pleasure which ended with his cock giving a feeble twitch, too spent from the ten day sex-a-thon to do much more.

"I mated with him." Harry realised with a jolt. He had three mates. Three not two.

"We want to make sure that he is actually a mate and hasn't coerced you into mating with him." Blaise stated, wrapping an arm around him.

"Does it matter if he coerced me or not? He's still my mate."

"We can kill him if he coerced you." Draco put in lightly as if he were talking about clothes shopping and not killing another man.

"Won't that have an effect on me?"

"No." Blaise put in carefully. "If he were your only mate I would worry for you, but he isn't, you have Draco and I also."

"The fact that you might not have even needed him as a mate also counts in favour of killing him." Draco added just as easily and lightly as before. "It means that your Dracken won't miss him if we eliminate him."

"Right can we stop talking about killing him like he's nothing more than a pesky mosquito, please?!" Harry stated suddenly. "And we can't leave him locked in the bloody wardrobe! Not only does he need to eat and more than likely needs the bathroom, I actually need to get to my clothes!"


"Why what?!" Harry snapped back at Draco.

"Why do you need to wear clothes? I am very much enjoying the view."

Harry threw a rib bone at Draco, who caught it and snapped it like a twig. Harry crossed his arms over his chest and scowled. Blaise kissed him and pulled him into his arms.

"Professor Snape is coming up to take the Dracken away to question him along with Elder Trintus, and they will find out one way or the other what happened, Mio Amore. Veritaserum does work on Drackens after all."

Harry chuckled a bit at that remembering his fourth year when Snape had threatened him with the same potion. He snuggled into Blaise and he didn't so much as twitch when Draco cuddled up against his back, sandwiching him between the two of them. He felt safe and loved and protected. He could get used to this. Now if only he didn't have an unknown dominant Dracken, who he was somehow mated with, locked in his wardrobe then everything would be perfect.

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