The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


7. Chapter Seven – The Practice Heat and the Real Deal

Harry had decided that tonight was the night that he wanted to lose his virginity to Blaise. He had talked it over with Blaise and his mate had smirked and his eyes had gotten a decidedly lustful quality to them as he grinned and nodded his agreement.

"You're a demon." Harry complained, rolling his eyes as Blaise leisurely roved his eyes over him.

"You love me this way." Blaise answered, wrapping his arms around Harry's svelte waist.

"I love you full stop." Harry answered, loving how Blaise stiffened in shock at hearing Harry proclaim his love for him for the first time.

"I love you too, Harry." Blaise answered huskily, seductively.

"You know we can't have sex now." Harry exclaimed in shock. "We have classes in half an hour."

"You are right. Half an hour isn't nearly long enough for me to completely ravish you."

"Blaise!" Harry snapped, his face turning a bright pink.

Blaise chuckled, wrapping an arm around him and leading him out of their brand new rooms and all the way down to the Great Hall for breakfast.

Harry was now eating so many fruits and vegetables that the house elves had started sending up extra bowls just for Harry. After all, who else would eat vegetables for breakfast?

He sat next to Blaise and avoided looking at Malfoy opposite him, who had gone from avoiding him like the plague to following his every step.

Harry had found the Dracken section in the potions book and was amazed at how many potions there actually were. Awful, horrible potions that he couldn't imagine any Dracken ever taking. The worst one in his opinion was the 'Dissolvere Pullus' potion, or roughly translated as The Chick Dissolver.

It was a damned abortion potion for Drackens, who the hell would abort their children?! He had shown it angrily to Blaise who had petted his head and kissed his forehead and explained calmly that it was for submissive Drackens who had been raped and had gotten pregnant by a dominant who was not their mate, to stop the dominant from taking advantage of the submissive using the child.

Harry had calmed down then as he realised that the potion was not used as a quick and convenient tool to kill off babies but a way to stop submissive Drackens from being forced to love a dominant that had raped and impregnated them with a baby.

He had also found out that a submissive would usually get only the one baby from their first ever clutch, their bodies not wanting to overwhelm them with a clutch of five babies on their first ever conception. It was a sort of easing in period where the submissive got used to their instincts and became more comfortable looking after a baby before they had their next clutch, which could produce anything from between one and five babies.

He had also learnt that even if he had six clutches with the maximum of five babies, there was no guarantee that any of them would be Drackens. There had been a dominant and submissive couple who had had fifty children over seventy years and not one of them had been a Dracken. It wasn't any wonder that the Dracken population was declining.

"Do you have enough fruit, Mio Bello?"

Harry wordless pointed to the bowl of cubed kiwi and Blaise snatched it from the table as if someone else would get there before him and take the entire serving bowl.

Harry happily spooned a good sized portion of the ripe kiwi into his own bowl before letting Blaise take it away as he speared some with his fork before eating it happily.

Harry smiled around his fork as he looked at Blaise who was spooning fruit into little pots so Harry could snack on them during the day. Harry was coming to adore the little things Blaise did for him, he was such a thoughtful mate and he really was loving and kind, except when he was giving Harry a punishment, then he was hard and unyielding. Not that Harry took the punishments lying down, the deep bite mark on Blaise's side attested to that.

Harry did feel bad though as he watched as Blaise stretched too far reaching for some cucumber sticks and pulled on the scabs. It had bruised horribly as well. He'd make it up to Blaise somehow, though he doubted that with their impending sex session that Blaise would care if he was missing a leg.

"Harry?" Blaise called out softly. "We have potions and we need to leave. Have you had enough to eat?"

Harry picked up a handful of white grapes and nodded as he took Blaise's hand with one of his own whilst the other continuously popped the grapes into his mouth one by one, so that he didn't actually choke.

Blaise carefully led Harry down into the dungeons with his friends all around. He glared as Draco got too close to Harry and he tugged his mate into the side of his body and wrapped an arm around Harry's shoulders.

Harry looked up at him with such adorable confusion that Blaise pulled him up slightly to press their lips together. Harry's lips tasted of the grapes he was eating and Blaise couldn't help but flick his tongue out to have a quick taste.

Blaise pulled Harry in tighter when Harry made a small noise in the back of his throat against his mouth. A small growl had him holding Harry crushingly tight and raising his eyes to glare at Draco, who was glaring back. He didn't know what the fuck had gotten into his friend, but he would not have anyone, and he meant anyone, encroaching upon what was his! Not a Dracken, not a human, not a damned bloody veela. Blaise remembered all too well the chaos those Beauxbatons girls had brought to the school. The veela Fleur had been very beautiful, she had kissed his little mate numerous times, she would not have him.

"Blaise! Too tight." Harry muffled against his chest, pushing against him to try and release his face from his mate's robes.

Blaise immediately loosened his hold and held Harry's face in his hands, checking to make sure that he hadn't accidentally done Harry any damage. He gave one last glare to Draco, before carrying on down the corridor.

"Having fun with your new posse?!" A shout from a voice that Harry knew very well echoed down the corridor.

Harry looked into the rage burning blue eyes of his once best friend and sighed lightly. He had been hoping to avoid this; he didn't want to get into a fight with his ex-friends. They might not care for him any longer, but he couldn't forget four years of friendship in a few months. They had been through so much together and how they could disregard him so easily hurt him deeply.

"I don't have a posse." Harry replied calmly, clenching his fist into Blaise's robes to keep his anger, and his tears, in check.

"Whatever, Potter! Strutting around as if you own the castle!" Ron snapped.

"Potter could easily buy the castle if he wished." Draco replied coolly. "But I suppose you wouldn't know anything about that would you, Weasley? What with you not being able to afford the bare essentials?"

Ron went as red as his hair and that enraged, jealous glint came back to his eyes as he started towards Draco, unsheathing his wand as he did so. Hermione and Seamus held him back.

"Stop it." Harry told Malfoy, glaring at the blond.

"As you wish." Malfoy drawled boredly.

"Already taken over the Slytherins have you?!" Ron spat at him. "Got Malfoy to do your bidding haven't you, you traitor!"

"Ron that's enough." Hermione spoke up from behind her boyfriend.

She placed one of her small hands onto Ron's arm and tugged him back into the Gryffindor line. She didn't once look up or make eye contact with him and that hurt Harry as well. The three of them had once been as thick as thieves, now Hermione couldn't even look at him and Ron was spitting spiteful things at him from down the corridor.

Harry sighed. It wasn't what he wanted, this wasn't how he had envisioned his friendship ending up five years ago, he had thought that he had made some friends for life. He had been wrong, so very wrong and it hurt.

Dean sidled up to him, ignoring the warning growl from Blaise and patted Harry's head like one would a dog.

"Don't worry about it, Harry. Ron's being a jackass and Hermione's being a prude. You still have the rest of us to look out for your back, which reminds me; I overheard the loud mouth talking to his sister. I wouldn't recommend the treacle tart tonight."

"At least he remembered that it was my favourite."

"Dobby did actually, they went down to the kitchens and he mentioned that you hadn't eaten it in a while and wondered why. Hermione picked up on it and started to see if there was any truth to it."

Harry startled at that. Hermione was watching him? Did that mean that she still wanted to be friends? Was she just torn because of her love for Ron? Or had she just taken an interest in passing as she was prone to do?

Harry deflated at that and Blaise, feeling the difference in his stance, brought his other arm around his front to give him a sort of sideways hug.

"Harry has been advised to eat more fruits and vegetables by Madam Pomfrey." Blaise lied smoothly. "To build up his immune system, she seems to believe that he will come down with something again soon and we are trying to prevent it."

"Madam Pomfrey seems to think it will be unavoidable no matter what I do." Harry added, picking up on Blaise's thought process immediately, they needed a ready-made excuse for when he went into heat, after all they couldn't just disappear for ten days and then pop back up like nothing had happened.

"It isn't contagious is it, Har?" Seamus' Irish lilt asked as his head appeared over Dean's shoulder.

"No, Seamus, just a viral infection, though it'll probably keep me in the hospital wing for a month."

"Nothing new there then." Dean grinned, as Seamus threw his head back and laughed deeply.

Harry smiled and it felt good to laugh with his old friends, even if they weren't his best friends, Seamus and Dean were his friends and he had missed them.

"Honestly, Harry, the year hasn't started until you've spent at least a week in the infirmary." Neville piped up, a bit nervously in front of all the Slytherin sixth years, but he smiled kindly all the same.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Nev!" Harry grinned back before saying with exaggerated enthusiasm and excitement. "I'll be sure to pass my illness onto you. We can spend the week in the infirmary together!"

"I think I'll pass." Neville stated.

"I won't! A week off of lessons!" Seamus enthused.

"You mean a week in the hospital wing doing homework and catch up essays." Dean told him.

Seamus' face fell and Harry laughed at him from his place snuggled into Blaise, trying to lean away from Malfoy, who appeared to be inching closer.

All of them were stopped from saying anything else by the classroom door being thrown open and Snape's head appearing around it.

"All of you get inside now and leave your insipid conversations out here!"

Harry gave a secret grin to Neville, Dean and Seamus and happily walked into the potions classroom with Blaise.

Harry chuckled under his breath as Blaise rushed to save their potion yet again. He must have done something wrong for it to have gone from a light shade of red to a violent, deep orange, but he had been sure he was following the instructions properly.

He looked at the chalkboard and wiped the sweat from his eyes; he squinted and tried to read the tiny, sharp, scrawling letters through the potion fumes of about twenty other cauldrons and Neville's creation, which was spewing blue gas. Oh, no he had done it wrong; he hadn't added the powdered moonstone before adding the beetle eyes.

"Dear Merlin, are you trying to kill us both?" Blaise hissed.

"Not purposefully, but I'm terrible at potions."

"I can see that, Harry! Didn't you know that you can't add pixie wings and beetle eyes one after the other into a potion without adding moonstone between them?!"

"Apparently I didn't." Harry grinned unrepentantly.

"Merlin, Harry! It's in chapter seven of the potions textbook we were assigned for this year!"

"You mean I'm supposed to read that? I'm using it as a paperweight to stop my parchment from curling."

Harry laughed at Blaise's gobsmacked expression and went back to their potion. It was red again, a darker red than it had been before, but it was still red nonetheless, until Harry read the next line of instructions which clearly said 'add the lacewing flies' in Snape's god awful writing and he tipped in the bowl of lacewing flies, then the potion went a poisonous yellow.

"I think I did something wrong again." Harry told his mate seriously.

Blaise snapped out of it and looked at the potion, before he cursed and dived for the hellebore extract.

"Damn it, Harry! It meant several flies, not an entire bowl!" Blaise stated exasperatedly.

"Then why did we have an entire bowl laid out?!" Harry demanded.

"Because a handful of the lacewing flies need to be added to the potion every ten minutes after line twelve! The instructions clearly say that!"

Harry peered through the fumes and read the line twice over and then read a few lines down.

"Huh, so they do."

Blaise sighed and picked up his hand before laying a chaste kiss to his knuckles.

"If we don't come out of this lesson alive, Mio Amore, please know that I love you."

"Oh stop being so overdramatic!" Harry demanded. "I'm not that bad!"

"It pains me to inform you that you are that bad, Mio Bello."

Harry huffed and turned back to the chalkboard, reading through the next line of instructions twice and then once more to be sure before he picked up the tiny bottle of cobra snake blood and tipped exactly one drop into the potion.

"Harry, no!" Blaise cried.

The next thing Harry knew he was knocked to the floor with a heavy body on top of him, before he could ask Blaise what the hell he thought he was doing a massive explosion shook the very floor he was lying on.

He sat up and peered around at his fellow classmates, who were all staring wide eyed at the place where his and Blaise's desk used to be. He touched Blaise when his mate didn't move or make a sound and let out a relieved breath when one indigo eye opened to glare at him.

In the shocked silence that permeated the room, Harry shifted nervously and wiggled about on the stone floor.

"I don't know what I did wrong." He told his fellow students seriously. "I read the instructions three times."

"Cobra blood reacts very violently with the hellebore extract that I used to stabilise the potion and with the amount of lacewing flies you added I'm surprised the floor is still intact." Blaise told him.

"Oh. Well at least no one was hurt." Harry replied meekly.

"Due to the containment ward that I hastily placed around your cauldron, Mister Potter." Snape's silky voice cut through the room like a knife. Harry had been wondering where the snarky git had been hiding.

"Thank you for saving us, Professor." Harry simpered sarcastically. "But perhaps if your handwriting wasn't so small and illegible this might never have happened."

Harry's eyes widened the moment he realised what had spewed out of his mouth. He could see Seamus and Dean out of the corner of one eye smothering their laughs into the sleeves of their robes and Blaise out of the corner of his other eye edging away from him like he had the plague. He'd be having words with his mate about loyalty if he survived this encounter.

"Detention with me tonight, Potter, seven o'clock, do not be late or I will be forced to make your life a misery."

Harry was so tempted to tell his professor that he already made Harry's life a misery, but he managed to control his wayward tongue. He needed to replace his brain to mouth filter because it was obviously broken.

"All of your potions will be ruined by now." Snape told the rest of the class. "You all have Potter to thank for that, so let me see…I think five points from Gryffindor for every potion you ruined. That equates to fifty points from Gryffindor, Potter, because your feeble mind cannot even follow written instructions I highly doubt it can handle number equations."

Only several people laughed at Snape's barb. Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott, Crabbe and Goyle were to name a couple. Ron let out a snort, but he looked torn between amusement at Harry's humiliation and anger at the prospect of losing so many points in early December.

Harry curled in on himself so he didn't have to look at the sneers sent at him by the Slytherins nor the angered looks from the Gryffindors. If it had been any other situation he would have held his head high and glared right back at them, but with it emerging that he was a Dracken, not knowing where the genes came from, the whole losing his virginity tonight that was making him nervous and the entire situation with the dominant Drackens and the prospect of picking another million mates just so he could have a baby, well he wasn't feeling very confident or much like himself.

Arms wrapped around him and a low growl rumbled through a large chest and vibrated through his body. Harry buried his head into Blaise's neck and inhaled the soothing scent deeply. He clung to Blaise as Snape ordered everyone to leave due to the fact that the lesson had now ended because their potions were unsalvageable.

Ashamedly Harry felt tears well up in his eyes and he strove desperately to blink them away. The last thing he wanted was for Blaise or Snape to see him crying and thinking him weak minded and pathetic.

"Let yourself cry, Mio Prezioso." Blaise cooed to him. "It's part of the breeding cycle, your emotions are going to be out of your control until after the heat."

"Does this mean I'm closer to going on heat?"

"Yes, you are now in the last stage of the breeding cycle, I'd say in about a week you will be on heat." Blaise told him gently.

"Be thankful that your breeding cycle is two months long, Potter." Snape told him. "I knew a Dracken who had a sixteen day breeding cycle. It drove both the submissive and the dominant mad."

Snape got a faraway, thoughtful look on his face and Harry realised that he was most likely thinking of his own mate, though the thought of sex and Snape in the same sentence made him shiver in revulsion. Snape had always been and would always be a teacher to him.

He didn't think he'd be able to handle having a heat every sixteen days that was a horrible thought. He could barely handle having a heat every two months, though this was his first one ever, he might change his mind after having sex with Blaise for the first time. He peeked at Blaise through his fringe; his mate was speaking with Snape about the Dracken gene potion to find out where Harry's Dracken blood came from.

Blaise was so handsome and so powerfully alluring and that he had said that he didn't need to practice for their heat indicated that he was a good lover. Harry grinned at the turn his thoughts had taken. He doubted he would want to go into heat every sixteen days, but every two months? He wouldn't mind having a sex marathon with Blaise for ten days every two months.

"Wake up, Potter!" Snape snapped, waving a vial of a potion under his nose.

"This is the potion to tell you where your Dracken genes came from, Bello." Blaise informed him, coming to stand close to him.

Harry nodded and looked to Snape for instructions.

"It was too much to ask for that you listened to a word I said ten minutes ago." Snape sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Swallow the potion and then prick your thumb with this knife, press your blood onto this chart."

Snape indicated the small knife and the blinding white, circular piece of paper. Harry nodded and threw back the entire potion, grimacing at the horrid taste. He picked up the knife and jammed it into his thumb and let it bleed for a bit to build up the blood before pressing it onto the chart.

He was not prepared for the sucking sensation or the zap that started at his thumb before spreading through his whole hand and then through rest of his body. He ripped his thumb away and glared accusingly at Snape.

"Did I forget to mention that it might be painful? What a shame." Snape drawled as Blaise held Harry's hand gently and kissed the bloodied thumb.

"How long do I have to wait?" Harry asked.

"It depends how far back your genes are." Snape answered slowly, as if Harry were a particularly moronic idiot.

Slowly words started forming on the circular chart, blooming outwards like a flower opening to the sunlight.

Harry looked at the names on the chart and smiled. His name was in the very middle of the white chart, then the name Lily Evans was on one side of his and the name James Potter was on the other side. Two names came from his Mother's name, Deidre Campbell and Jackson Evans. His grandparents. He grinned at finally learning their names; Aunt Petunia had always refused to tell him who they were or what they were like when he had asked when he was younger. The only thing she had ever told him was that they were decent, hardworking people who didn't deserve to be bothered by loathsome freaks.

He looked at the two names branching off from his Father's name and saw the names Dorea Black and Charlus Potter. Black, he was related to the Black family through his paternal Grandmother!

More names appeared on both sides and Harry looked quickly to see it was adding siblings. Petunia Evans appeared branching off from his maternal Grandparents names, attaching itself to his Mother's name. On his Father's name nothing appeared, but three names appeared next to his paternal Grandmother's name. Pollux Black, Cassiopeia Black and Marius Black. His Grandmother had had two older brothers and an older sister. The next level of names appeared, but only on his Father's side.

"Your genes come from your Father's side of the family." Snape told him, also looking with interest at the chart.

Harry looked up at his Professor and nodded distractedly before quickly looking back down to follow the two lines connecting the four Black siblings to two new names. Cygnus Black and Violetta Bulstrode. The name Cygnus Black was glowing a soft yellow.

"There you have it, Potter. You got your Dracken genes from your Great-Grandfather Cygnus Black. The genes skipped his children and even his Grandchildren and manifested in you."

"Lucky me." Harry sighed, his eyes not leaving the parchment.

"The Black family is well known for having Dracken blood within it and no, before you ask your godfather was not a Dracken." Snape added.

"I wasn't going to ask, but it would be just my luck that I am the only one in three generations to get the Dracken gene."

Blaise put an arm around him and pressed a lingering kiss to his temple.

"It isn't all bad, Mio amore."

Harry looked up at Blaise and smiled.

"No, it isn't all bad." He agreed going up on his tiptoes to press their lips together in a sweet kiss.

Harry nervously squirmed on the bed as he watched the sliver of bathroom door that he could see from his position. It was late evening and Blaise was having his usual shower at his usual time, only it wasn't a usual night and Harry was nervous enough as it was without waiting.

His heart started racing as the water turned off and he wiggled even more in the nest bed as he had taken to calling it. He looked up through the skylight and drew in a deep breath at the sight of the almost full moon. It looked so beautiful, tonight really had been the best choice to give himself fully to Blaise, he just wished that his mate would hurry the hell up before he changed his mind through sheer cowardice.

He had wanted to get undressed, anything to make the waiting less painful, but he had gotten shy and embarrassed just sitting on their bed naked, waiting for Blaise to return so he had pulled his boxer shorts back on.

He played with the little curls of hair on his legs, he rubbed his goose bumped arms (it was December after all and it was damned cold.) he curled his toes and played with his fingers, he bit at his finger nails and he rubbed circles onto his bubbling belly.

He couldn't relax, he just couldn't. He knew that Blaise was drying off and drying his hair, but it seemed like an eternity before he emerged from the bathroom. It was then that Harry started feeling sick.

"Mio Prezioso, we don't have to do this if you don't want to, the heat leaves no room for fear or nervousness, just instinct." Blaise told him calmly, giving him a readymade way out, but Harry didn't want his first time with Blaise to be dictated by instinct.

He shook his head and reached out for Blaise, who was as naked as the day he was born. Blaise wrapped him up in his arms and gently stroked his back with light fingertips, causing sparks of pleasure to run down his spine.

"I want to do it now." Harry stated. "I don't want my first time to be fuelled by instinct. I want to do it myself, without the instincts to guide me and take away my free will."

Blaise smiled at him and picked him up gently, only to lay him on his back against the cool bed sheets.

"Please don't be afraid, Harry; there is nothing to be afraid of. I will not hurt you, I will prepare you properly and we will keep to foreplay all night if you feel you aren't ready enough."

Harry smiled up at Blaise and pulled him down for a sweet kiss, which turned more passionate when Blaise teased his mouth open and stroked his tongue over his own.

Harry let his hands wander over Blaise's well-muscled chest. Seventeen or not, Blaise had a nice body that was still growing and still gaining more muscle mass. Unfortunately Harry's sixteen year old body seemed to have been stretched to its absolute limits with the Dracken inheritance and he was positive he was actually shrinking; Blaise chuckled and told him not to be so daft, that of course he wasn't shrinking.

Blaise moved from his mouth, over his cheek and down to his neck, there he stayed and nibbled and licked in his skin, Harry let out a breathy sigh at the sensation of it and tilted his head to the side.

Blaise grinned against Harry's neck and licked from the base of his neck, right up to his ear. Harry's body jerked uncontrollably and Blaise happily stayed at the one spot behind Harry's earlobe, right on the neck muscle that made his beautiful mate quiver.

Blaise slipped down Harry's body and moved to get rid of the last shred of clothing that separated their bodies from being in full contact with the other. Harry however shot up and gripped the waistband of his boxers tightly, preventing Blaise from pulling them off.

Blaise looked questioningly at his mate and took note of the red blush on Harry's cheeks.

"I…I…can we leave them on?" Harry asked timidly.

"How would that work, Prezioso? How can I make love to you through cotton?"

Harry blushed a brighter red and slumped down.

"What's the matter, Harry?" Blaise asked, very concerned for his mate as he sidled up to him and wrapped a comforting arm around him.

"I…I'm not as big as you are."

Blaise shook his head in exasperation and tucked a finger under Harry's chin, pulling his head up for a kiss.

"It does not matter, Mio Bello, I am the dominant here. There is nothing wrong, nor shameful, about being smaller than I am. I am not a good indicator of average size, being well endowed even before my Dracken inheritance."

"It got bigger with the inheritance?" Harry asked, his embarrassment forgotten in his curiosity.

"Yes, like I got taller and wider and you grew taller and lost your baby fat."

"Mine didn't get bigger or smaller." Harry stated, his cheeks going a bright shade of red again.

"Because you are not a dominant, Mio Amore, only a dominant Dracken's penis swells with his body."


"Now am I allowed to see my mate in all of his stunning glory?" Blaise asked with a teasing grin, his hands moving to the waistband of Harry's boxers again, but he waited for Harry to shyly nod his head before tugging them down his shapely legs.

Missing Scene

Blaise kept himself elevated above Harry so as not to crush his little lover, but he could only manage to remain that way for a few moments before his arms gave way and he collapsed next to Harry, who was lying oh so still on the bed, his eyes closed. If it weren't for the heavily heaving chest Blaise might have thought he had killed his mate.

"Are you alright, Mio amore?" Blaise asked after Harry made no movement or sound apart from his heavy breathing.

"That was amazing." Harry answered through a screamed raw throat. Blaise took immense pride in that.

He grinned and kissed the red, pleasure flushed cheek, brushing away the completely disarrayed tufts of hair.

"I'm not going to be able to walk for a year."

Blaise chuckled. "You stroke my ego so beautifully, Harry, but I think a year is a bit of an exaggeration. You will be sore tomorrow, but I have a cream to apply to help with that, you will be just fine."

Harry smiled as he cracked open his eyes to see the sight of a completely sated Blaise Zabini.

"You're so handsome."

"And you, Mio caro, are the most beautifully alluring, stunning creature to have ever walking this planet."

Harry fell into an exhausted sleep with a smile on his face, lying on his side with Blaise's large body spooned up against his naked back. He had never thought he could be this happy, what with the rushed mateship, the fact that he had hardly knew Blaise before they had mated and the supposed animosity between the Slytherins and the Gryffindors, but he was so glad, so relieved that it had all worked out in the end, he was so happy in the here and now, it was a shame that it would all be ruined soon by the appearance of another, unknown, dominant Dracken.

Harry woke up a week later, on the fourteenth of December, sweltering hot. It was too warm and he couldn't breathe. He kicked the heavy duvet from himself and ripped his pyjamas from his body, but his skin was just so warm.

He twisted and rolled, but he couldn't find a cool spot on the sheets and he was so uncomfortable that he mewled in distress, which woke up Blaise who had been sound asleep beside him.

The moment Blaise inhaled his eyes went wild and he grabbed Harry's waist and pulled him to lie underneath his body.

"Do not worry, sweet one." He whispered into his ear whilst simultaneously kicking off his sleeping bottoms. "I will take care of you. I will take away the heat, I will fix this."

Missing Scene

Thankfully they were allowed a minute of rest and recovery before their bodies demanded that they copulate again. Harry couldn't take much more of this, he couldn't stand the heat, the sex was just making him burn all the more hotter, why did Drackens have to feel this level of burning pain? What was the purpose of it?

Harry didn't have time to come to a realisation on his own before Blaise had once again moved him into a new position and entered his body with a harsh, fast thrust of his hips, driving away any and all thoughts that weren't about his mate or sex from his mind.

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