The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


112. Chapter One Hundred-Two – At Ease Part 2

"Mummy." He called out. "Pick up."

"This is why I woke up!" Harry declared as he reached down into the cot.

Nasta however picked Calix up before Harry could and placed him on his hip. Harry sighed and shook his head, but he still smiled. Nasta picked him up too, carefully and gently, and carried him and Calix out of the nursery, through another door that led onto the hallway, before carrying them down the stairs.

"Blaise is still asleep." Harry told Nasta, who veered off into the kitchen instead and through to the larger family room.

Harry got placed on one of three large, five seater settees and a squirming Calix got placed on the floor. He hauled himself up to his feet and he toddled right over to the toy box and he started digging. Harry smiled adoringly at him.

"Did you grab the baby monitors?" He asked distractedly.

"I need the bathroom, so I'll grab them on my way back down. Just don't move."

"Not moving." Harry replied. "Unless Calix needs me, then no promises."

Nasta looked like he'd argue with him, but he just sighed and nodded.

"I'll be back soon."

"I love you." Harry said quietly.

Nasta's entire stance softened and he smiled. "I love you too, Harry. So very much."

His oldest mate came back over to him and he cupped his face in his hands, fingers pressing gently across his jaw and into his cheeks before he bent and kissed him.

He pulled back, but Harry slipped his fingers into Nasta's black hair and tugged him back down and into a more passionate kiss that left them both breathless and chuckling.


Calix's shriek broke them apart as he hurried over to them on little legs and their son lifted his arms right up over his head.

"Want kisses too, Mummy!"

"You are so adorable, I can't stand it!" Harry cooed as Nasta swept their son up and kissed him.

Nasta presented Calix to him and Harry kissed him soundly on the mouth, Calix making a smacking noise as he did so.

Harry chuckled in joy at Calix's antics as Nasta placed him back on the floor and Harry watched him toddle off yet again, back towards his toys.

"When do you think we should start toilet training them?" He asked. "They're old enough to start trying I think."

"Braiden definitely is. I was going to bring it up when we were more settled, but he's almost two. It's about time that we introduced him to that potty that we bought for him."

"I'm so excited to try him on it." Harry said with a grin. "He's been hiding while he's going in his nappy recently. If that's not a sign that he's ready to try then I don't know what is."

"Speaking of potties. I'll be right back." Nasta said with a small grin before leaving the family room.

Harry sighed and he relaxed back, letting his muscles unclench and lose all tension. Nasta was none the wiser about his visit to Draco and he hoped to keep it that way.

He settled on the settee, trying to ignore the ache that was getting fiercer in both his leg and his abdomen. He breathed through it and he watched Calix. He had no idea if it had been his jaunt to Malfoy Manor or the sex that he'd had with Blaise, but his leg and stomach were killing him. He'd over done it and now his body was punishing him for it.

"You're in pain."

Harry tipped his head back on the settee to see Nasta looking at him, two baby monitors in hand.

"Yeah. I think I need a potion, not one of the strong ones, but one of the other ones." Harry said, grimacing.

Nasta came around the settee and put the monitors down on the coffee table, reaching out to cup his cheeks. Harry got a kiss and then Nasta went back into the kitchen, through the top door. Harry noticed that there was a set of double doors to the left side of him and he wondered where they went.

Nasta came back with a pain potion and a cup of tea, sitting by the side of him and uncorking the slim vial.

"Where does that door go?" Harry asked as Nasta was sorting out his potion for him.

Nasta looked over to the double doors and his face scrunched up. He got that look on his face where he didn't want Harry to know something.

"It goes into the smaller living room, doesn't it?" He asked as he realised that the other room would be beside this one, but he already knew the answer. "Why didn't you say yesterday, I could have seen the kids and…and that was why you didn't tell me. You didn't want me seeing them, did you?" He demanded.

"Drink your potion."

Harry narrowed his eyes. He allowed Nasta to tip the contents of the vial down his throat and he swallowed hard, getting it all down in one go. It made his eyes water and he stuck his tongue out in absolute disgust.

Nasta smiled gently at him and he held the cup of tea out for him to sip at to remove the taste from his mouth.

"It's so disgusting." He complained as he wiped his eyes dry.

Nasta cupped his cheeks and used his thumbs to catch the tears that Harry had missed. He kissed him again and pulled him in to rest against him quietly as Calix played on the floor. At least it was quiet until a shrill cry came over one of the baby monitors.

"I got it." Nasta said, making to stand up, but they heard Max grunting over the monitor and lumbering out of bed instead.

"I guess Max has it." Harry chuckled before he lay back on Nasta's chest.

"A good thing too, I'm very comfortable right where I am." Nasta smiled as he drank his own morning cup of green tea.

Harry smiled and relaxed himself as the potion got to work, erasing his pain and melting the tension from his muscles.

"Better?" Nasta asked him once he felt Harry relax fully.

He nodded carefully and then sighed when there was no pain. "Yeah, that's better now."

"You should know better than to take on the stairs by yourself." Nasta lectured him.

"I know, I know. I can't always help it though, if I think that my babies need me, then that's it, nothing else matters to me. I'd struggle up those stairs for my babies if both of my legs were severed at the groin and I had to crawl up them with just my arms."

Nasta tried to remain calm as he heard that and he nodded. He had to try and understand things from Harry's point of view. He was a submissive Dracken, of course his children were going to come first for him, just like Harry came first for him because he was a dominant. It wasn't Harry's fault, it was just his inherent instincts and no matter how hard he tried, he could never change them, it was a fundamental characteristic of a submissive Dracken and like it or not, he had to accept it.

"Here you are. I saw that Blaise was still asleep and I panicked a bit when I realised he was alone." Max sighed as he hefted in the twin girls.

"Are they okay?" Harry asked, trying to peer at the two girls from against Nasta's chest.

"One woke up the other, as usual." Max groaned. "But other than that, they're fine. Ave needed a nappy change." He explained when Harry looked at the girls critically. "She's all clean and fresh." He smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

Harry smiled back and held his arms out for her, before looking to Nasta, as if seeking permission and that hurt Nasta's heart too. It had been what he'd wanted…or so he had thought. But now that it had actually happened, it was all wrong. It felt wrong for Harry to ask his permission for something, for anything. Harry was his mate, his lover, not his child. Harry didn't need his permission to do anything, he refused to be such a controlling, domineering mate.

He refused to answer the non-verbal look that Harry had given him and Max, possibly feeling the tension in the air, laid Ave in Harry's outstretched arms. When Nasta didn't say anything, Harry smiled widely and he pulled her into his chest, cooing over her and tickling her tummy. It was natural for him to be like this, it was normal to see Harry with a baby in his arms. Perhaps that was what they needed now…normal.

Nasta put his hand on Harry's knee and he squeezed gently. "I'm going to go and check on Leolin." He said as he stood up.

"Nasta." Harry called out softly. "Thank you."

Nasta had to close his eyes and breathe deeply through the pain of having his submissive thank him for letting him hold his own child with no fuss. They really did need normal in their lives and routines again if this is what they'd sunk to.

He left the room without saying a word and he went to check on his remaining children, particularly on Leolin, who were all fast asleep still.

He went back down to the ground floor and he didn't know what to do for the best, he didn't know what would make things better, but he knew that they couldn't carry on like this.

He made everyone a cup of tea, squeezing a good glob of honey into Harry's cup and he stirred it vigorously for a minute before heading back into the family room and handing out the tea to each person.

"We're going to need to have a sit down and we need to talk this through." He said softly, almost randomly as he broke through Harry and Max's conversation about getting new sleepsuits for the rapidly growing girls, but his mind was working furiously as he tried to figure out how to put his family to rights again.

"What is there to talk about?" Max asked, almost too calmly. Nasta could see the flash of anger in those blue eyes and he sighed. This would be so much easier if he didn't have Max fighting against him too. He needed to get Max to see things from an outlook perspective, he needed to get Max on board with him. Things would be so much easier if he and Max were working together on the same page. If all of them, every single one of them, were all on the same page and were working together, then things could actually get done and things would be sorted much quicker and much easier. They might actually be able to become a family again if they all worked towards the same goals together, as they supported one another towards those goals. They needed to be strong now, to pull together and work hard to salvage this situation.

"Don't make this any more difficult than it has to be." Nasta said softly, keeping his temper so that he didn't ignite another fight. "You know that we need to talk about how to proceed from here."

"Calmly and with no shouting." Harry said. "I've had enough of fighting, I've had enough anger and shouting."

"We'll do it calmly." Nasta nodded. "Like the adults that we are."

They heard a low moan from the room next door in the strained silence created by the heavy topic. It was followed closely by a second, louder moan.

"Is that Blaise?" Harry asked worriedly. "He was a little dizzy last night and his head was hurting."

"Why didn't you say sooner?" Max demanded as he ran to the double doors and flung them open into the other room, going to attend immediately to Blaise.

"Did I…did I do something wrong?" Harry asked in a quiet, unsure voice that wavered with upset. "Was I supposed to call you, or a Healer, if Blaise was a bit dizzy? He said that he was okay."

Nasta controlled himself and he touched Harry's cheek. "No, my love. Blaise has been signed off by a Healer, he likely only has a bit of a headache."

Nasta kissed Harry's mouth and smiled at him, even though his Dracken wanted to run over to Blaise and sniff every inch of him. Harry needed him too, especially after Max's unthinking, hurtful outburst.

"Oh, get off, Max." They heard Blaise complaining. "I have a headache, nothing else."

"Why are you naked?" Max asked him.

"Why are you dressed?" Blaise answered back lecherously, as quick as a snap.

Harry chuckled softly and even Max, as fretful as he was, saw the funny side of things as he helped Blaise sit up.

"You have…Blaise, what is that?" Max's good humour had slipped away as quickly as it had come and his voice was like thunder.

"You know what it is, don't even try to pretend that you don't. That's going to hurt like hell to get off now that it's dry." Blaise sighed and too late, Harry remembered that Blaise still had their fluids from last night on his body. They had never cleaned up afterwards.

"Are you talking about what I think you are?" Nasta asked far too softly as he stood to see for himself. His eyes flashed as he saw the patch of dried cum on Blaise's belly. "Did you do this yourself or did you have help?" He asked as he turned to stare at Harry.

Harry sighed. "Alright, so we fucked last night, big deal!"

Harry could almost see Max inflating with anger.

"It is a big fucking deal!" He roared. "You're both injured!"

His shouts startled Calix, who flinched and looked up worriedly and that made Harry angry as it obviously caused Calix to remember bad memories as he huddled up to make himself appear smaller. Harry saw red.

"Stop shouting, now." He demanded quietly, furiously angry, but his children came first and he refused to raise his voice.

"I can't even…what were you thinking?!" Max shouted again.

"I'm warning you!" Harry glared as he stood up and went to Calix, cooing gently to him, trilling gently to reassure him.

Max shoved a hand through his hair as he realised why Harry wanted him to stop shouting, his heart breaking as he caught sight of Calix's terrified, worried face, but he was so angry, so afraid, that he wanted to shout and rage until Harry and Blaise understood what they'd done and why it was such a bad idea.

"Max, go out to the tree line, have a good shout and scream, and then come back." Nasta offered and Max nodded tightly, going to do just that.

Harry kissed Calix and distracted him with his toys again, before he stood and put Ave down in the bassinet next to her sister.

"We had sex because we both felt fi…"

"You are not fine." Nasta said tightly. "You are both very far from fine."

"I didn't allow him to move." Blaise shrugged.

Nasta inhaled audibly and he breathed out again, very forcibly. "His insides were on the floor, Blaise. That sort of damage does not heal overnight. There are internal injuries that could have been aggravated by you being inside him."

"We understand why you're worried." Harry said calmly. "We did let things get a little out of hand, we never intentionally set out to have sex. It just happened when we both woke up in the early hours, but we were very careful and it was soft, gentle love-making, Nas. It certainly wasn't a hard, rough fuck."

"Can I sniff you?" Nasta asked, his arms shaking with the pressure of holding his Dracken side back from doing just that. He didn't know how he would react if Harry refused to allow him to do as such.

Harry nodded though, well aware that Nasta was trying. He hadn't rushed at him and just sniffed him without asking as he usually would have done and Harry rewarded that by agreeing to subject himself to Nasta's Dracken side.

Nasta held him so gently that Harry relaxed and allowed Nasta to sniff every inch of his skin, particularly down by his belly and lower abdomen, for a full ten minutes as his dominant was very thorough in his inspection.

"Are you in any pain?" Nasta asked him as he finally finished.

Harry shook his head. "I feel fine today, Nas, honestly. I've taken my potion and it was enough. I'm glad that Blaise listened to me, I feel so happy to know that he will take me at my word and not refuse me things out of hand or because he thinks that he knows better. Blaise has always loved and respected me enough to believe me when I say that I'm fine or that I'm ready, he doesn't question it and I love him so much for that. I know my own body, I know my own limitations and I know myself better than anyone else."

"You truly love and respect Blaise more than anyone else?" Max's quiet voice asked from the doorway to the kitchen.

Harry looked over his shoulder and he sighed at the hurt look that Max was trying to hide.

"Blaise loves and respects me back. He respects me and my opinions so much that when I tell him something that I perceive as important, he doesn't question it and he doesn't try to make me feel stupid for my own thoughts. Instead he listens to me intently, without judgement, even if he doesn't give the same idea or thought the same amount of importance as I do or even if he thinks it's stupid or ridiculous, he understands that I find it important and he is willing to listen to what I have to say just because I think it's important. Blaise has always respected me in such a way and it's hard not to love someone like that."

"That doesn't really answer the question." Max pointed out.

Harry sighed. "I love all of you…all four of you!"

"But do you love Blaise more?" Max asked persistently.

Harry shoved his own hand through his hair and he dissected how he felt. "No, I don't think so. I love you all equally, just in different ways as you're all separate people who each bring your own unique qualities to our mateship. I chose you all for different reasons and thus I love you all for different reasons. But the thought of losing any one of you is like a punch to the gut…or like losing a limb. But because Blaise respects me more than any of the rest of you…I think I seek him out more for his opinions on things more or if I want to say something without being laughed at or I want someone to listen to me without scoffing or telling me that I'm wrong for thinking a certain way. It's the same if I have a thought that I want to share without being judged or seen as stupid, I'll go to Blaise, because I know that he respects me enough to understand that I have my own thoughts, feelings and opinions and he doesn't try to make me think that I'm wrong or stupid or childish just for thinking differently or seeing things differently."

"Is that truly how we make you feel?" Nasta asked, feeling like he'd had a hole punched through his heart.

"Not all the time." Harry said at the same time that Blaise said a simple 'Yes.'

"You do it to me too." Blaise said to elaborate when Max and Nasta looked at him. "You think that because I'm subordinate that I need controlling or telling what to do when I don't. Harry and I are young, yes, but we are not your children. We are fully capable of making decisions or opinions by ourselves, we don't need to be told what to do and yes, we had sex together, but Harry told me that he felt fine and I felt fine. I trusted him and he trusted me and we had a good time and we reconnected our bond after the disaster of the last week. We're both unharmed and I actually feel more relaxed than I did yesterday because I've resettled my bond with him."

"I feel better too." Harry said with a smile. "I don't love anyone more than someone else, but you don't exactly make it easy when you ignore my thoughts or opinions or you disregard my feelings as if they mean absolutely nothing to you. Like I mean absolutely nothing to you."

"Of course that isn't true." Max replied, slightly strangled by the sadness that he felt as he listened to Harry and Blaise speak as if he and Nasta were uncaring, controlling monsters. "We love you, of course your thoughts and feelings mean everything to us."

"But just yesterday you disregarded my feelings and you overrode my opinions with your own just because you thought that you knew better than I did. You treated me like I was just a stupid child who couldn't make decisions for myself about my own thoughts and feelings, about my own wellbeing."

"When?" Max asked, aghast.

"When he wanted to go and see Draco." Blaise replied simply as Harry hesitated.

Harry sighed heavily. "It's true. I told you both that I needed to see him, to speak to him, in order to work through my own anger and grief and you just brushed that off as if it was nothing, as if my emotions and the way that I need to work through them are inconsequential to you and your own thoughts and feelings. You thought nothing of the pain that it would cause me to carry around that anger because I wasn't given the chance to get rid of it. You thought nothing of my mental wellbeing at being stopped from seeing my own mate when I needed to, you just believed that you knew what was best for me and that was that, my thoughts and opinions were shut down and ignored as if I were a child who didn't know any better. You didn't care that you were hurting me by denying me the chance to offload my anger and grief over the attack, because that's not how either of you deal with anger or grief, so you don't understand or respect me enough to take my word for it that that is how I need to deal with such things. You didn't even give me the courtesy of explaining to you that that was what I needed, you just automatically shut me down and stopped me from speaking my thoughts. As long as you were doing what you thought was right for me, that was it, neither of you cared about what was actually right for me as long as you were both happy with what was happening. Neither of you respected me enough to put your own thoughts or feelings aside in favour of my own, neither of you so much as thought that, just maybe, I might know what I need better than the both of you do."

Max and Nasta shared a saddened look of utter guilt and Nasta sighed, reaching out to Harry and pulling him into a cwtch, kissing his forehead.

"I'm so very sorry." He said genuinely and it brought tears to Harry's eyes.

Max swallowed and brushed at his own damp eyes. "I am too. I'm just so angry and I feel so guilty for not throwing him outside sooner. I keep thinking that if only I'd grabbed him and thrown him out of the house that you and Blaise and the kids would have been spared from this fear and pain and I can't stop thinking about all of the things that I should have done and didn't."

"You're taking your guilt out on Draco." Blaise said simply. "It isn't fair. You're angry with him, I get it, but cutting him out of our lives isn't your anger speaking, it's your guilt and your inability to face it, to face Draco. So you're trying to convince us, me and Harry, that cutting him out is for the best. You're trying to force us into your way of thinking because you don't like, or rather you can't face, the fact that we don't think the same way as you do, but the reality is that we don't think the same as you do. We don't want to cut Draco out of our lives for something like this. You forgave Harry for almost killing your Uncle, we forgave you for running out on us when we all thought that Leolin was going to die, I was forgiven for running out on Harry and the kids when the stress of school and a growing family became too much for me, why can't Draco be forgiven also? The anger will fade given time, your guilt will not and it will drive a wedge between all of us and it is that that we can't allow to happen."

"We can't let that happen, Max." Harry reiterated softly. "I'm not sure if it's different for you three, but for me the thought of losing one of my mates is driving me crazy. I remember when I was mating to you and Draco for the first time, the heat where you needed to be there and you weren't…it was agony, Max. Not having you there was so confusing, it felt wrong, like a part of me was missing. I knew that I needed something else to get my first child, but I didn't know what it was and it was maddening. I can't go through that for every single heat from now on for the rest of our lives, it was so distressing and you were missing for perhaps half an hour, how can I survive six to ten days of that? I'd be completely mentally unstable afterwards, it would drive me insane. You just don't understand how wrong it felt not to have one of my mates there with me and that's the reality that I'm facing if you try, and succeed, in cutting me off from Draco."

"It's not like that for us." Blaise told him. "I felt like everything was fine on that heat, but when Max joined us, I just moved out of the way. I didn't feel any pain or wrongness at all on that heat, it seemed fine, normal to me. It was the same as the first heat with just me and you, but I also didn't feel threatened or any need to protect you when Max arrived like I would if someone else walked in on us."

Harry shook his head. "I can't go through that pain again and I'd hope that you wouldn't want to put me through that sort of agony, that distress, heat after heat."

"Harry, of course not. Of course we won't!" Nasta insisted and Max nodded. "I had no idea that it hurt for submissives to have a mate missing from their heat periods."

Max picked Harry up off of his feet and hugged him gently, supporting him, and he kissed him on the mouth.

"I'll work on the guilt I feel." Max said as he hugged Harry and held him gently, touching him and kissing his face and head repeatedly. "For you I'll do anything and I'm sorry that we're all in this position. I should have acted…"

Harry pressed his fingers to Max's mouth to stop him talking.

"Blaming yourself is not working on your guilt, Max, it's heightening it." Harry said seriously. "You have nothing to feel guilty over, none of us knew that this was going to happen, how could we? If we'd known about this happening, then we would have stopped it entirely. It's easy now to say that I should have done this or that, because of hindsight, but you didn't know back then what you do now. Please stop blaming yourself."

"I should have…"

"We all should have done things differently, Max." Harry insisted again, much more firmly. "Maybe I shouldn't have challenged him, maybe I shouldn't have shouted at him, maybe I should have rolled over and showed him my neck like a good little submissive should have, but I have never been that sort of person and I refuse to change when I've done nothing wrong. I am entitled to have an opinion, I am entitled to have my own thoughts and emotions and I am not some sort of obedient pet to be smacked around and brought to heel. We all make mistakes, Max, but feeling guilty over them is not going to help us get over them. I need you to get over this, I need you to let go of the guilt that you shouldn't even be feeling. I love you and I still love Draco, and truly, you do to."

Max nodded slowly. "I do. Of course I do, but I can't stop seeing you blood splattered and my Uncle holding your guts in your body with just his hand and a tea towel. I can't stop having nightmares, ones where you die from your injuries, nightmares of when Blaise died, in my dreams he never…he's not revived and I keep thinking that I'll never see those beautiful purple eyes again and I've lost you both and I'm all alone and I don't want…I can't handle…"

Max's voice cracked and Harry wrapped his arms around him tightly, squeezing his biggest mate as Blaise and Nasta pulled in closer to lend their support.

"We're right here, Ciccio." Blaise said softly. "We're both alive and breathing. We're fine."

Max nodded. "I know. Thank fucking Merlin that you're both alright, I just can't stop my mind from travelling to those dark places. I don't want to think of you both dead, of course I don't, I just can't help it."

Harry stroked Max's hair, with its slight curls coming through because it hadn't been cut in so long.

"If holding us and touching us will help…" Harry tailed off his offer suggestively.

"It does help, it really does. I didn't have a single nightmare last night, so I am getting better and moving on now that you're both home. It's just taking some time."

"We just need to relax and ease up now." Harry agreed. "That's why me and Blaise had sex. It's normal for us to have those feelings for each other, it's normal for us to act on them and right now I really need normal when everything else is so abnormal that I'm feeling unsettled. I'm in a new house where I don't even know where everything is, I haven't even been on every floor yet, let alone in every room, it doesn't feel like home to me yet, I don't even know where we are. With everything else going on, feeling settled here and at peace is going to help ease the tension."

Nasta nodded. "Come on, I'll show you around. In every fucking drawer and cupboard if you want to look."

"I'll start on breakfast." Max said. "We all need normal and normal for me and the kids at this time is getting them their banana porridge."

Harry smiled and he touched Max as he was put back on the floor. He turned to Nasta and he smiled.

"Show me my home, Nas. So we can settle in properly."

Nasta held him around the back, just to support him, and he pulled Blaise in to the other side of himself too. They started off their tour and Harry actually got to see the front door to their home, or rather their two front doors. They were made entirely of frosted glass and the light that streamed through them was dazzling.

"It's reinforced, its unbreakable glass." Nasta explained.

"The smaller living room is down that way, so is the bathroom, so…what's that way?" Harry asked, peering down the opposite corridor. "I saw three doors when I went upstairs."

"One is large and empty for now, the other, smaller room Max wants as a small home gym." Nasta explained with a smile as he led them down the corridor. "That door goes down to the basement."

Harry looked at the door that was beside the stairs that went up to the first floor and he nodded. "Okay, is that the size of the foundations of the house or…?"

"No, it's smaller than the foundations, but it is still rather large." Nasta told them. "It's walled off into three rooms, two smaller rooms and one large, massive space. One of the small rooms is Max's study, the other is a well ventilated room for his potions lab. The other space will likely be for storage."

Harry made to step up the stairs, but he was picked up under his armpits from behind and carried up the stairs and he smiled, letting out a small chuckle.

He was put down on the top landing and he made his way automatically to the nursery and he looked in on his children. They were all still asleep, which was unusual, but Tegan was frowning in her sleep, obviously waking up slowly.

"Come on, we have several minutes before they wake up." Nasta said as he led the both of them out of the room and he carried on the tour. "That's the master bedroom, there are two nurseries on this floor, one right next door to the master bedroom and one opposite. The bathroom is two doors down and the rest of the rooms on this floor are guest rooms or unused except for the huge room at the very back. It goes from one side of the house to the other and that is the room that Max and I designated as the children's playroom."

Harry opened the door and his jaw dropped. "Holy shit!" He declared as he looked at the massive room. It was on par with the humongous kitchen, but it was not as wide as the kitchen was, but it was longer, taking up the space where downstairs was part of the larger family room and the other rooms off of the kitchen…two empty rooms that would become studies and a storage closet if he remembered rightly.

Part of the room was segregated off, less than half of the room, but still a huge space. One half of this segregated section was tiled, the other half was padded with what looked like thick foam.

"This will be a wet area for painting, playdough, that sort of thing." Nasta told them with a smile. "The padded area will be a soft play crèche for the younger babies. Once we finish setting it up, of course."

"I love it." Harry said with a smile.

"All of the rooms on the upper floor are going to be bedrooms for our babies, but there is also another bathroom up there and six bedrooms are en suite."

"Are there enough rooms?" Harry asked critically.

Blaise smiled from the other side of Nasta and Harry had to smile with him.

"There definitely are. There isn't enough space for a room each I wouldn't imagine, but some of the bedrooms are large enough to fit four beds. We will have enough room for our children." Nasta assured him as they went back out into the hallway and then back to the stairs, they made it up to the third floor and Harry looked around, going off to open doors and peer into rooms.

All the rooms were empty, but clean and carpeted. Everything was brand new and it smelt new and it made Harry happy to think that maybe this would be one of his children's rooms.

"This one has an en suite, and so do five others up on this floor."

Harry opened the next door to see a perfectly functional bathroom and he grinned as it was almost a carbon copy of the one on the first floor, but it was a little smaller.

"Are the bathrooms all the same?" Blaise asked. "The one on the floor below is the same."

"They are the same, all the en suites too. I thought the kids could decorate their own when they have the en suites, a simple spell and all the carpets and wallpaper, the tiles, can be changed to any colour they want, or we could even repaper if they want."

Harry smiled and he looked around. This bathroom wasn't used, and likely wouldn't be used often for another several years, but there was still toilet paper, there were still towels and soap, but not much else. Not just yet. In several years though, this bathroom would be a daily mess, he could almost guarantee it.

They went up to the attic, Harry being carried up, which was the same size as the house and completely floorboarded too. A small section was walled off and Nasta said that he had wanted his personal study to be high up, where he could look out of the skylights and see nothing but the sky and the tops of trees while he did his paperwork for the dragon reserve. Harry wandered around the absolutely massive, empty space and he chuckled.

"What has made you laugh?" Nasta asked curiously as he kept close beside him.

"Nothing." Harry said softly. "I was just thinking of how big a house we have, you can really see it looking at this space, and I was thinking, perhaps you had made this space so big because you were going to smuggle dragons home and raise them up here like Hagrid did with Norberta, especially as your study is up here too."

Blaise chuckled then and Nasta shook his head with a smile. "It's illegal to smuggle them, Caru. I'd end up with a large, very serious fine and a trip to Azkaban for my troubles if I'm caught and if I'm not, I'll be facing the possibility of having the dragon burn the house down around us. I would never risk you like that. Not you, not Max, Blaise or Draco and not our children. As much as I love dragons, I love you all more."

Harry smiled at him and he sighed. "I think we need to head back down. The kids will be waking up and Max can't leave the kitchen because he has Calix, Ave and Eva down there with him."

Harry was carried down by Nasta, who was making sure that Blaise was alright going down the rather steep steps to the attic. They got down to the nursery floor and Nasta put him down, letting Harry pad into the nursery and immediately coo at the awakening babies.

Tegan was sat up, her little penguin in hand, and she was 'chatting' to Regan, who was sat up also. Braiden was just waking up, his eyes still blinking the last remnants of sleep away as he rolled over and hefted himself upright and Leolin was awake and staring up at the mobile above his head. His gold eyes tracing every image and bold colour floating above his head with a critical frown.

Harry veered straight to his Faerie baby and when he poked his head over the cot, Leolin's eyes flicked to him and after a few moments, his little brain recognised him and he grinned widely, showing off his gummy, pink mouth and tongue.

"Ma!" He lifted his arms with some serious effort and Harry picked him up and kissed him.

"Is he too heavy? Are you alright?" Nasta asked as he had Farren and Regan as Blaise picked up Tegan and Braiden.

"He's okay. I'm not feeling too bad." He said with a smile. "Leolin is small and light enough."

Nasta was beside him every step of the way and Harry could see that it was killing him to watch as he inched down the stairs one at a time, taking it very slowly as he clutched his baby to his chest.

When it got too much for him, not even a quarter way down the stairs, he cursed.

"Are you okay? Hold on, stay there and I'll come back for you." Nasta said.

Harry shook his head. "No, what am I even thinking? I'm a fucking Dracken." He declared and he slowly brought out his wings halfway, as they wouldn't fully fit in the stairwell. He fluttered them furiously and he hovered all the way down the stairs, to the raucous amusement of Blaise.

Nasta shook his head, but he was smiling widely.

"Why the hell didn't I think of that before?" Harry demanded. "I can fly! Stairs are no match for me with wings!"

"What's happened?" Max asked as they came into the hallway leading to the kitchen. He was poking his head out of the room curiously, wondering what the noise was.

"Harry's realised he can do the stairs by himself." Blaise said with a grin as he put Tegan and Braiden down on their booster seats and strapped them in securely.

"You're too injured to walk down the stairs!" Max said aghast. "Why didn't you call me?" He directed at Nasta.

"I flew down." Harry said with a proud grin. "I'm a Dracken and I have wings and it didn't even pull at a single stomach muscle."

Max smiled softly and slipped his hand around the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. "I love you." He declared.

Harry smiled. "If you love me so much, you'll get me a nice cup of tea." He said cheekily.

The smile that lit up Max's face and eyes made Harry feel so much better for having put the smile there and he slid himself carefully into a seat amidst his babies, opposite Farren and Braiden, the latter was peering around, sitting quietly, the former was banging his little plastic spoon noisily on the table, making enough noise for all of his other brothers and sisters.

"I'm working as fast as I can." Max laughed, bending over Farren and kissing him, getting a little giggle.

Max went back to the oven, and the saucepan of porridge that he was warming on the hob. He had a chopping board filled with partially mashed bananas ready to add to it once it was dished up.

Harry kept Leolin with him, sitting him on the table so that he wasn't doing more harm to himself and Leolin was just staring at him.

"You are being very creepy, my love." He said with a smile as he bent forward, slowly, to kiss that tiny mouth.

"Ma." Leolin replied.

"Here, Caru." Nasta said, kissing the side of his head as he placed a prepared, cooled bottle on the table. "Max made it up while we were on the tour."

"Oh, what's this?" Harry cooed in over exaggeration. "Is this your breakfast? Come here, my sweetness."

Harry tipped Leolin down into his arms, making sure his son could still see his face when Leolin let out a very unhappy cry at having his line of sight broken, before presenting him with the bottle teat. He smiled as his Faerie baby wrapped his lips around the bulb of the teat and sucked and swallowed slowly, never once breaking eye contact with him, and Harry made sure to stare into those golden eyes so that Leolin knew that he was here and not going anywhere. Leolin always ate more when Harry was the one to feed him and he ate the most when Harry retained eye contact with him while feeding him.

Max served Farren his banana porridge and Harry saw, in his peripheral vision, Farren tucking in happily with his little spoon. Next to him, Braiden was doing the same. Regan was still spoon fed, but Tegan was just managing to manoeuvre the spoon to her own mouth, she was very messy in doing so however, and Calix could not be trusted with his own spoon. He took more interest in flinging the food everywhere rather than eating it, so Nasta was feeding him while Blaise supervised Farren and Braiden and Max fed Regan while keeping an eye on Tegan.

This is what Harry needed. Normal. Something that they always did and with Leolin in his arms, feeding, a cup of his favoured honey tea by his hand and his mates feeding his babies around him, the only thing that was out of place was Blaise's shaved head and the lingering pain in his belly and lower left leg.

He could try to convince himself that Draco was just upstairs, was in the bathroom showering or maybe even having a lie in, but it didn't work for long. Draco had never stepped foot in this house, it was devoid of his scent and on some base level, he could sense that, he could smell it and it was abnormal.

Leolin finished suckling and Harry put the unfinished bottle down and he hefted his tiny boy over his shoulder and rubbed at his lower back firmly, waiting until he heard the, rather loud, burp. Harry pulled him back and looked at his son bemusedly.

"Did you hear that? That burp would have rivalled Caesar." He chuckled.

"I wouldn't go that far." Max grinned. "Caesar's a complete pig, but it was certainly louder than he usually produces."

"Who's such a good boy!" Harry cooed, rubbing his nose against Leolin's tiny button of a nose.

Leolin giggled and babbled wordless noises for a moment before he reached forward and dug teeny nails into Harry's cheeks and bent forward to kiss him. He couldn't pucker his lips, so he just mouthed at Harry's lips as he did with his bottles and it made Harry laugh as he cuddled Leolin to his chest.

"Do you want to sit back in the family room?"

Harry nodded. "Please. More tea too."

"Did you want breakfast?" Max asked him.

"Can I have a bit of toast, please?"

"You can have anything you want, my love." Max declared happily.

"In that case you will serve it to me naked, slavered in butter."

"The toast or Max?" Blaise quipped.

Harry giggled. "Max, obviously."

"I don't think licking up that much butter would be good for your health." Nasta insisted.

Harry's pupils widened with lust and his grin could only be described as salacious. He let out a dirty chuckle and looked at Max as if picturing him naked and dripping in melted butter.

"Stop it." Max said lowly, but he was smiling. "Go in the room, I'll bring you your toast and tea."

"Nas, a little help please, gorgeous." Harry insisted, holding an arm out as he tried to stand up using the table and found that he couldn't get himself up off of the chair.

Nasta smiled softly and bent right down and scooped both him and Leolin up into his arms. He stood with a small grunt that made Harry chuckle, before carrying them next door, into the family room. Harry was settled down comfortably on the large settee with Leolin in his lap and he breathed deeply.

"This new house is home, now." He said with a smile, looking down at Leolin when he made a soft noise to gain his attention, regaining eye contact with the golden eyes of his Faerie son. "I love it. We can settle down here. We can have as many children as we want. This is home. Not to say that our old home wasn't home too, it will always hold a special place in my heart, but…"

"But it's been tainted now." Max said sadly as he brought in Harry's toast and tea.

Harry nodded sadly. "I gave birth to all eight of our babies in that house. It will always, always be special to me. But I am glad that we aren't living there now. It was much too small."

"I'm having it fixed up." Max said with a smile. "We can keep it as a holiday home, or to show the kids where they were born, but I definitely understand never living there again. I don't want to live there either, not after…not after that."

Harry sighed and nodded. "Here's to happier memories here in our new home, because I'm warning you now, I am not moving again! This is our forever home."

"To our forever home, then." Blaise said, clinking his mug of coffee off of Harry's tea cup before he sat down next to him.

Harry chuckled and took a sip of his tea.

"To our forever home." Nasta echoed softly.

Max bent over the back of the settee and he kissed Harry's head, then Blaise's. "To our forever home." He agreed.

Harry sat back and he rested some more. He had a Healer visit in a few days, just to see how he was healing up, and to check his potion dosage too, though Max had that well in hand. He nibbled on his toast, not able to eat much because of his healing stomach, but he did his best and he drank his tea and then he just rested. He smiled at his children, who had all been brought in one by one as soon as they'd finished eating, as they played on the floor around his feet. They had so much space it seemed that they were all deserted on their own personal desert islands.

He looked down at Leolin and he smiled at the little Faerie, which reminded him that he needed to host the Faeries soon, Dain and Kailen would be furious with them for putting Leolin in harm's way, but Harry just hoped that they were more relieved that it had only been a bit of shock and not anything more serious, though Harry knew exactly how lucky they had been to escape with just shock and not a broken neck.

He sighed tiredly and hefted Leolin more firmly, more securely, to his chest. He kissed his son before he took a drink of tea. The Faeries wouldn't be happy, he knew that, but the sooner that he got their angry visit over with, the sooner he could go back to normal and put all of the fight in the past. He would be having a heat period soon, in a month now, and he needed to be ready for that. He needed Draco back for that as he refused to have another heat period without a mate after the one and only time that it had happened. He never wanted to feel that burning pain or confusion again, it had been truly frightening and he refused to do it, so Max and Nasta would just have to get over their anger and guilt and Draco would have to do well at his anger management classes, because anything else would hurt him and if it was one thing that he knew by now, it was that his mates would never purposefully want to hurt him. Even Draco had admitted to not 'seeing' him when he attacked. Harry didn't know if that was what had coined the term 'blind fury' but he fully believed Draco when he insisted that when he had gutted him, that he hadn't been truly seeing him. To believe anything else would be to believe that his own dominant mate had attacked him, had tried to kill him, and that idea was so wrong that even his Dracken denied such thoughts.

He looked around him, at his new home, at his mates and his children, and he breathed deeply and he let go of everything. They could get over this now, because he refused to allow anyone to stand in his way, not even his own mates. They would get over this, because he refused to accept that anything else would happen. They would be completely fine, as they always were, because he would ensure it with absolutely everything that he was and if his mates cared a damn for him or his happiness, then they would do exactly the same too.

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