The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


111. Chapter One Hundred-Two – At Ease Part 1

Harry groaned as he woke up slowly. He was lying on someone, he could feel his body move gently, up and then down slightly as the person that he was lying on breathed deeply and evenly. Opening his gluey eyes revealed that he was on his back between someone's legs with his back and head resting on their body. Big arms that were wrapped securely around his waist prevented him from rolling or moving much, as he found out when he tried to move himself to the side and those arms tightened around him immediately, reflexively, and kept him still and clamped to the person's front.

"Are you awake?" A sleepy voice asked him.

"Nas?" Harry questioned, moving his hand to rub at his eyes.

"Hold on, let me get you down so that you can see me."

Harry was moved so carefully and gently that he had to smile as he was laid down in the warm groove that Nasta had created and he had his very handsome mate leaning over him, checking him visually for pain.

"Are you okay?"

Harry nodded minimally to prevent any aforementioned pain. "How long have I been sleeping? It looks like it's still day time, unless I slept all night through."

"No, it's still day time, you've only been asleep for forty minutes or so."

"Did I wake you up?" Harry asked softly.

Nasta chuckled. "It's a good thing that you did, I wasn't supposed to be asleep in the first place, but I didn't want to move you, so I took a nap myself."

Harry chuckled. "Where is everyone else?"

"No idea. But I think that it's about time that you saw the new kitchen. Do you want a cup of tea?"

Harry nodded eagerly. "I'd love one. Can I sit up for a little bit? Just until I've had a drink and gone to the bathroom? I can't do either lying on my back."

"Do you need the bathroom now? It's right outside this room, the first door on the right."

Harry shook his head. "Tea first, please."

Nasta eased him into his arms and stood up. Harry wrapped his arms around Nasta's neck and he tried to keep himself as still and as straight as possible. It was awkward, but Harry was just glad to be looking at things from an, almost, upright position as he was carried through one hallway and then taken down another hallway that was at a right angle to the first, and then into the big, bright, sparkly kitchen that was filled with people sitting around the incredibly large kitchen table, including his two missing mates, Myron and Aneirin.

"Harry!" Max cried out happily as he saw him.

Harry grinned as he caught sight of the full, brand new kitchen and he whistled, there were so many windows on the one outside wall that the sun almost blinded him. There were other windows, false, magically charmed windows that were also streaming in false sunlight.

"Damn, Max, you did good with this." He said. "I take it you picked out all the appliances and the design? I really want to bake a house warming cake."

"No baking for you until you're better." Max told him, coming to kiss his lips. "You need a drink."

"Do I have chapped lips?" Harry frowned.

Max nodded to his question and he went to boil the kettle for him. Harry noted that it was also brand new and it seemed to boil in half the time of their previous kettle too. Nasta sat down slowly so that he wouldn't jar Harry's healing body and once he was down he held Harry on his lap, like one of their children, but Harry didn't care as he snuggled in and greeted everyone around him. He happily took his cup of tea when Max handed it to him.

"You have a bit more colour to you at least." Myron told him, accepting a mug of coffee from his son as Nasta quickly grabbed Harry's cup of tea, helping him to sip at it when Harry's shaky hands threatened to throw it over the both of them.

"Sorry. I'm sorry." Harry insisted, utterly mortified, as he dribbled his tea over Nasta's arm.

Nasta kissed the side of his head and ignored the tea on his arm as he held the cup steady for him to sip at. It was Max who cleaned up Nasta's arm, and Harry's chin, with a clean tea towel.

"It doesn't matter, Caru." Nasta told him softly. "Just drink what you want, when you want it."

"I'm dribbling on you!" Harry said embarrassedly.

Nasta chuckled and kissed him again. "You're under the effects of a very strong pain potion and there is a bit of a lag between your brain and your muscles. We know this and we don't care."

Harry blew out a breath and he tried to drink again, making absolutely sure that he'd swallowed what was in his mouth this time before moving his mouth away from the cup.

"I hate this." He growled.

"I know." Nasta said sadly.

"Where are my children?" Harry asked.

"Leolin woke up for a bottle while you were asleep, but he was much calmer and quieter. He didn't open his eyes as he ate and he went right back to sleep. The girls are in the living room with Molly and the others have yet to wake up." Aneirin told him.

Harry sighed and he nodded. "Did you send off that letter after?"

Aneirin nodded. "I did."

"What letter?" Nasta asked, looking between Harry and his Dad.

Harry looked at him. "The one to Dain and Kailen, letting them know that Leolin is at least still alive and well after his trip to the hospital."

Nasta nodded and he didn't argue. He didn't even grimace or pull a face this time and Harry didn't make a fuss or draw any attention to it. It was progress in Harry's book and progress was sorely needed when it came to his stubborn mate and the Faeries. Nasta accepted Dain and Kailen's story and their reasoning behind their total separated absence, but it was going to take him some time to get over the news that he was actually blood related to them when he, and his whole family, had believed that they were related to someone else, Jediah Constas. Though from what Harry had learnt about the man from Dain and Kailen, how abusive and vile he'd been, to Trefor and to Trefor's children, the children that he'd believed were his own and had raised as his own, Harry was glad that Nasta wasn't related to him, and on the same page, he was so very glad that Trefor Delericey had found Dain and Kailen to love him and to give him his beautiful children, though the tragedy that had followed when they were grown was unthinkable. Jediah Constas had been a real piece of work and Harry truly was glad that the man he loved, the man he had mated to, had not a single drop of that man's blood in his veins.

Harry went back to his cup of tea, still being held by Nasta, but he gave up trying to drink anything after he almost choked when he'd inhaled the tea instead of swallowing it and he had to be carefully winded like their babies in order to breathe again.

"This…just get the tea away from me before I injure someone or myself." He grumbled. "Can't even fucking drink properly."

No one chastised him for his language and Nasta nuzzled him and bit at his neck with his lips pulled over his teeth, so that it tickled him more than it hurt and Harry chuckled, which made Nasta do it again.

"Stop it, it tickles." Harry giggled.

"The Malfoys will be here soon." Myron reminded them, which was news to Harry and he perked up a little.

"Today?" Harry asked. "Is that where Draco is?"

"Yes." Nasta answered blandly, trying not to inflect upon any one emotion.

"Good. I wanted to yell at him." Harry nodded.

"He's not coming back, Harry." Max said as calmly as he could manage, knowing that getting angry and shouting at Harry would definitely not be a good thing to do. His hand was clenched into a fist under the table in order to control himself.

"Why not? Does he…does he not want to come back, doesn't he care about us? About what he did to us?" Harry asked quietly, feeling inexplicably sad about that.

"It's not that." Nasta assured him quickly, unable to take Harry's hurt, devastated expression over something that wasn't true. "He wants to see you and the kids, but I won't let him. I thought…"

"Why not? They're his kids too!" Harry questioned, trying to keep his temper as his eyebrows lowered in confusion and the beginnings of anger.

"Technically they're not his." Max cut in fiercely.

"Since when did we start caring about such technicalities?" Harry demanded, his anger being stoked further.

"Stop." Nasta ordered harshly. "The last thing any of us need right now is more fighting!" He growled. "Draco is not coming back, Harry. I've ordered him to stay away until such a time that he can control himself. I made a promise to you, remember? This will never happen again. You made me promise that and I'm making sure of it!"

"He can't do it on his own." Blaise said calmly, drinking yet another mug of coffee. Nasta wasn't commenting on that either and it was very unusual, so not normal and it made Harry feel skewed. He felt off axis, as if things weren't normal and he needed normal more than anything else right now. He just wanted everything to be normal and it wasn't.

"I've told him to take anger management classes. Lucius agreed to the terms when I went to speak to him and he found the very best therapists with the highest success rates. Draco is going for his first class tomorrow and he is seeing no less than three different therapists. He is not coming back here, near my mates and my children, while he can lose control enough to almost kill you!" Nasta growled.

"What if he can't do the classes?" Harry said worriedly.

"Then he's never coming back." Nasta said simply.

"You can't do that!" Harry exploded. "That's my choice to make not yours. He is my dominant mate, not yours and…"

"You are my submissive!" Nasta shouted, his voice echoing in the large kitchen. "I am the top dominant of this family and I say who goes near you or not and Draco is not going near any of you until he's proven to me that he can control himself! He almost killed you, Harry and he did kill Blaise!"

"Still alive." Blaise put in snidely, still staring into the depths of his coffee cup as if it would give him the answers that he was looking for.

"But you weren't alive, we watched you die!" Max said desperately. "Do you have any idea what that did to us, Blaise? We…we had to watch you die, we had to watch as the Healers worked non-stop to revive you. You were dead for over six minutes and they were the longest six and a half minutes that I've ever lived through. Do you not understand how much that hurt us? How upset and devastated we were to receive the news that you'd actually died, no matter if it was temporary? We had to stand there and see you dead, Blaise."

"I don't remember any of it." Blaise sighed.

"Because you were suffering with serious head trauma, because you'd actually, literally died!" Max insisted. "He killed you!"

"I don't remember much of anything either." Harry said with a frown.

"You're on very strong pain killers, Harry. You're just not sure what's what at the moment." Nasta told him patiently, striving for calm after his loud outburst. That too wasn't normal, Nasta was the calmest, the least likely to shout and hearing him shouting so loudly, so angrily, drove into Harry harder that everything around him was just completely abnormal at the moment. He didn't like it in the least.

Harry nodded. "I do really want to shout at Draco though, I need to get my own thoughts and feelings off of my chest so that I can feel better. Can I go and see him?" He tried to compromise.

"Absolutely not." Max growled. "You're not going anywhere near him."

Harry sighed and tugged at his hair. "This isn't ever going to be resolved if we don't even try to fix it, Max."

"Very wise words." Myron told him approvingly.

Max clenched his teeth and his hands and he tried to breathe past his anger. "I can't even look at him at the moment, I don't want to."

"You don't have to. Let me." Harry insisted.

"No." Nasta said firmly.

"I have my own anger to work through!" Harry turned to tell him, trying to remain as calm as he could. "If I can't work through this anger in my own way, then it's going to fester. Keeping me from Draco is going to do more harm than good in the long run, Nasta! What do you think he's going to do to me? He's not going to take one look at me and just attack!"

"I've said no." Nasta growled, a hint of his Dracken peeking through.

Harry's eyes narrowed and his anger ramped up to fury. He bit his tongue, but a torrent of words wanted to fall out still, he wanted to use his words, to fling them around like sharp weapons with an outburst of abuse aimed at his two oldest mates, but he stopped himself…just.

He clenched his teeth and breathed deeply, letting those words flow through his mind, but not out of his mouth. Shouting wouldn't help the situation at all and it would likely only make him dizzy or cause him pain. Instead he remained silently fuming, planning what to do next as it was very unlikely that he was going to get his way by talking things through with his two oldest mates, he had to act instead. At the moment he hadn't been ordered to stay away from Draco and he could still leave of his own volition and he was going to do just that, as soon as he was able to.

The tensed, strained atmosphere that was left in the kitchen was broken by grunting over the baby monitor that was in front of Max.

"Mama?" A small, tinny voice called out over the monitor and Harry automatically went to stand up, but Nasta held him firm around the hips and kept him still as Max stood and went to get the awakened baby himself.

Harry instead remained sitting in Nasta's lap and he planned his little escape jaunt and he planned it for tomorrow morning. No one would expect him to be up and moving so soon, especially not travelling through the floo. It was going to be painful, but he didn't frankly care. He just needed to get rid of Nasta and Max first, maybe even Blaise too, though his first mate seemed to be more accepting of seeing Draco, it was just his two older mates who were being the problem and he had to remove them as the obstacles that they were first, before he could do anything.

Max walked in with Regan and as soon as his son saw him, he reached out with both hands, grasping for him, he'd been asleep when Harry had cuddled with his children earlier, so his little boy hadn't known that he was home. Max sat Regan on the table in front of him and Harry leant forward to hug him.

"Mama, no go way."

"I'm not going anywhere, Regan." Harry insisted softly as he cupped his son's face in both hands and bent forward to kiss his little mouth when he smacked his lips, wanting a kiss.

Harry rubbed Regan's back gently, tickling his fingers over the back of his son's onesie, smiling at Regan's giggles.

"I've missed all of you." He said softly, hugging Regan tightly, kissing all over his cheeks, listening to his son giggling happily.

"Come on, let's get you a bit more comfortable. You've been sat up too straight for too long." Nasta said gently as he stood up.

Harry was taken into the very large family room, still in Nasta's arms, and he gasped at how large it was.

"This is…it's the size of a Quidditch pitch!" He said in amazement.

Max laughed. "Not quite." He said as he cuddled up to him, still sat sideways in Nasta's lap, but on a settee this time. He was reclined backwards slightly, to take the pressure off of his abdomen.

Blaise walked in unaided, but Aneirin was sort of hovering just behind him protectively. Regan was placed on the floor by Max, but their son was content to sit at Nasta's feet and play with Harry's bare toes. It made Harry feel so sad that his son was that uncomfortable moving away from him, that he couldn't go to the neat pile of toys just a few feet away to play.

"How are you, Mrs Weasley?" Harry asked with a tired smile from Nasta's lap.

"Harry, dear. I was so worried when I heard what had happened." Molly said as she supervised Eva and Ave playing on the floor. "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright." He insisted. "If Voldemort couldn't kill me, no one else will be able to."

He ignored the slight flinches around him at Voldemort's name, and the growling of his mates at the mention of the monster who had tried numerous times to kill him dating back to his babyhood.

He yawned widely and sunk back onto Nasta more securely and he snuggled in, tucking his arms between their chests and just resting. Nasta and Max approved of his actions if the two, different sized hands stroking him was an indication, Nasta's hand on his back and Max's on his face and head.

"If you need to sleep, Caru, just sleep." Nasta told him. "You need the rest."

Harry nodded, but he didn't sleep. He just needed to stay still for a little while as his body rested. The tightness in his belly was not something that he was used to. It was a different pain altogether from what he had come to consider as normal from his experiences in giving birth. He wasn't used to not being able to move his own body, he'd thought that this would have been like giving birth, just without the baby…but it was completely different.

When he gave birth, he didn't cut through any muscles for a start, his insides didn't spill out to dangle on the outside of his body for another. He sighed and rubbed his head over Nasta's chest until he found his heartbeat and he rested his ear over that strong, soothing beat. It was nice and even, Nasta was relaxed and calm, as always, and that went a long way to ease him down, to reassure him that not everything was out of the ordinary.

"Are you okay?" Nasta asked him quietly.

Harry nodded. "I wanted to hear your heartbeat."

"Do you want skin to skin contact?"

Harry considered that for a moment before he nodded. He did want skin to skin contact, he wanted it a lot.

"Max, can you help me please?" Nasta asked.

"Course." Max answered as Nasta sat forward and eased Harry away from his body as Max pulled up Nasta's shirt and helped him to slip his arms out one at a time while Nasta juggled Harry's body with his other.

Nasta sat back against the settee and Harry laid his head back on his chest, his ear to that strong heartbeat and his hands and face touching warm, bare skin. He smiled and closed his eyes, everything was much better when he could touch any of his mates' skin.

He didn't mean to fall asleep, but he must have dozed off at some point as a scream had him jerking awake and flailing around in shock and then almost landing on the floor as he yelled out in agony and he tried to move his body away from the pain, which only caused more pain.

He writhed in Nasta's arms as his mate tried desperately to get him to stay still, but the pain was too much for Harry to handle, it made him almost mindless as he was caught in the pain, and he wriggled and writhed and it made the pain so much worse, but he just couldn't stay still.

Max grabbed his legs with one arm and held his hips down and as still as he could with the other and between the strength of Max and Nasta, they were able to hold him still as he cried helplessly through the waves of burning agony. He couldn't help himself, he cried like a baby from the pain that he was in and once he was still and Nasta had picked him up into his arms again, he buried his face into Nasta's neck and he cried messily, wrapping his arms around Nasta and holding on tight.

"Here, Harry. Pain potion." Max said shortly, sounding like he was near tears himself.

Nasta helped Harry to drink the potion down and he held him through all the grimaces of distaste, the spluttering and the heaving at the taste of the vile potion as Harry had to sip it as he was huffing and hiccupping from his crying too much to knock it back in one as he usual would have.

"Are…are you alright, darling?"

Harry looked up at the voice of Narcissa Malfoy and he nodded minimally, silently, his face still wet from his tears and dribble.

"Who screamed?" He asked in a voice as rough as sandpaper.

"Leolin." Nasta sighed. "He's alright, he was having a feed and if we'd known that he was going to look around instead of feeding with his eyes closed as usual then we would have fed him in the kitchen, but he just caught sight of you and he immediately wanted your attention and he kicked off when he was refused. Myron's taken him for some air."

Harry nodded once, but he moved his head too much and he gasped from the pain that it had caused him and then he stayed as still as he possibly could while the pain potion did its job. Nasta stroked his hair repeatedly while holding him close to his bare chest to try and help comfort him.

"I was just saying that Draco is going for his first anger management class tomorrow." Lucius Malfoy told him. Tegan was 'reading' a book on his lap, babbling to herself as she turned the pages. She had Lucius' bulky Malfoy crest ring clutched in one hand and it made Harry smile as Lucius had obviously taken it off for her to hold and play with.

"How is he?" Harry asked concernedly.

"He's regretful, of course." Narcissa told him. "He's missing you and the children terribly too. He keeps wondering aloud what you might be doing or he'll turn around and say that Braiden would be having his bath at that time or Leolin would be due a feed."

It was obvious that Max or Nasta, maybe both, had already warned the two elder Malfoys not to say anything that would obviously upset him. He realised then that Draco must be in a bad way, much worse than what everyone around him was letting on, and it made him more determined to go and see him tomorrow morning. He needed to get all of his anger and pain out at what Draco had done to him, to Blaise and to their children and Draco needed to know that he still cared. That he was still loved and cared for, despite everything that had happened, or he wouldn't be able to get through the classes at all. He needed to know that he still had something to fight for or he wouldn't apply himself one hundred percent to the classes. After all, why would he even try when he had already lost what he was supposedly working towards?

"I miss him too." Harry said, a little slurred as the powerful pain potion started working. "Can't let this happen again, though." He said softly, almost to himself.

"We completely understand. This definitely cannot be allowed to happen ever again." Narcissa agreed immediately. "We've already told Draco as such and he is going to these classes, we're not even forcing him, he wishes to go to them and more than that, he is very enthusiastic about going. He doesn't want this to happen again either."

Harry was completely gone by this point thanks to the potion and he blinked languidly and sluggishly. He peered around with glassy, bleary eyes and he hummed confusedly, seeing things that only he could see.

"Where are my babies?" He asked, looking right past Calix, Regan, Ave, Eva and Tegan, who were all in the room with him and he instead looked around for something which clearly wasn't there.

"Please, don't do this again, Harry." Max pleaded with him, near tears.

"I want my centaur babies. Where have you put them, what have you done with them?" He cried out, looking around with increasing alarm and panic.

"You don't have any centaur babies, Harry." Nasta said sadly.

"I do! What have you done with them?! I want them back!" He insisted, fighting against Nasta's hold on him. "I want them back right now!"

"Is that the effect of the potion?" Lucius asked worriedly, very alarmed at the rapid change in Harry's behaviour and the decline of his mental faculties.

Max nodded. "It is ridiculously strong. I actually protested him being given it at first, because of how very powerful it is, but the alternative was another potion not being strong enough for the level of pain that Harry was experiencing and thus making it a waste to give him the potion in the first place. Then Harry would have still been in pain and unable to take any more potions and that was unacceptable. He's on milder potions now for managing his day-to-day pain, but we have a handful of the powerful potions still, just in case he has an episode like he did earlier, where he experiences very strong pain."

"He's going to be like this for a few hours now." Nasta said as he held a struggling Harry against his chest and stopped him from going to hunt for his missing centaur babies. Just because Harry could no longer feel the pain that he was in, did not mean that he wasn't causing any damage by moving around as he was.

"Because he's not in any pain, in fact he can't actually feel anything at the moment, he doesn't think that he's hurt." Max said, almost reading Nasta's mind. "So he actually does more damage by wriggling and moving around as he is because he can't feel a thing, his body is completely cut off from his pain receptors, and he thinks that he's completely fine when underneath the numbing effect of the potion, his body is screaming with pain." Max explained sadly.

Harry stayed in his painless bubble, upsetting his mates, ignoring his babies as he tried to search for his centaur babies and he was talking rubbish for most of the afternoon, including recounting a very steamy, passionate encounter with 'his centaur' in his nest. It was almost a relief to all those present when, after a few hours of this behaviour, he eventually went quiet, only mumbling unintelligible words now and then, before he fell asleep on Nasta's chest again. He was then carefully placed back into the little nest of a bed made up on the settee in the other, much quieter room, and he was left to just rest and sleep while those remaining tried to push what he'd said from their minds, trying futilely to block it from their memories.

When Harry next woke up several hours later, it was pitch dark in the room and he was not alone in his little settee nest, Blaise was wrapped around him, fast asleep and lightly snuffling, but the overprotective Mothers', Nasta and Max, were nowhere in sight.

He tested his body a bit and then, when no agonising pain ripped through him, he sat himself up slowly and carefully. He got up and tentatively put one foot in front of the other and he made his way to the door in the darkness. He opened it as quietly as he could manage and he carefully padded down the corridor, to the first door on the right, where Nasta had pointed out the bathroom to him.

The room behind the door couldn't even be called a bathroom. It was huge and included a full sized bath that would have fit him and two other mates comfortably, as well as a large shower, that could have again fit himself and two other mates with elbow room. The room had beautifully carved counters along the one corner of the room, a beautiful, smooth sink sunken into the top of the one counter closest to the toilet. All of them were latched and couldn't be opened by any wandering toddlers. Well, he had to go digging through the cupboards and drawers as his curiosity got the better of him and he found mostly baby cleaning things, baby shampoo, baby bubble bath, bath toys and so on, but in one cupboard, the one under the sink, he found clean flannels, shaving foam, a massive pack of disposable razors (which made him grin) and spare boxes of soap and toilet paper.

He used the toilet and washed his hands as his eyes took in every inch of his new home. He came out of the bathroom and headed further down the corridor and he then turned left to go down another corridor to the massive kitchen. Max really had done well with the kitchen, it was beautiful and there were even false windows that had been charmed to reflect the weather outside, as there was only the one exterior wall.

He boiled the kettle and snatched a mug from the mug tree next to it. They were all brand new and they were three different colours, white, pale grey and pale blue. They matched the same colours as the soft, pale and very open and spacious kitchen.

He made himself tea, trying not to overdo it, but he felt no pain as he was still being covered by the pain potion that he'd taken earlier. He really did hate that potion, but he couldn't deny that its effects were outstanding. He almost felt completely normal, completely himself again.

He went back to the living room, padding quietly past Blaise and he sat himself back in the nest next to his mate and he sipped at his tea quietly, trying not to move too much, but he really was not feeling much of anything.

"Are you alright, Prezioso?"

Harry turned, almost choking on his sip of tea at the voice in the dark and he coughed a little before answering. "Fine, I just woke up and I needed a drink. You should go back to sleep."

Blaise did the opposite and he sat himself up and mirrored him, resting their bodies beside one another.

"Are Nasta and Max in bed?" Harry asked, wondering why they'd been left alone.

"I convinced them to leave you to me so that they could focus on the kids. It took an hour of arguing before they agreed that we'd be fine down here on our own for the night. Nasta did cut off the floo access to anyone who wasn't immediate family though, just in case." Blaise rolled his eyes to show just how ridiculous he thought that idea was.

Harry chuckled as he drained his tea and he put the empty cup down on the side table and he turned on the lamp that he found there too, just so that they weren't straining their eyes so much in the dark, as Drackens did have a good level of night vision, before he turned to cuddle into Blaise.

"Can I have skin contact, please?" He asked quietly, a little unsurely.

"Of course you can, Bello. I'd never deny you anything that you wanted…within reason of course."

Blaise immediately stripped himself off and he helped Harry take off his pyjama top too and they laid together, bare skin against bare skin. Blaise drew patterns on Harry's back with his fingers and Harry sighed, rubbing his thumb across Blaise's skin, dipping his thumb into his belly button and smiling as he encountered the slight patch of hairs that Blaise had on his lower belly.

He turned his head and craned it back and he puckered his lips up at Blaise, who chuckled and obliged him by kissing him. Then they kissed again…then again. Their soothing touches became harder, stroking instead of teasing, their kisses became something more as one of them, neither would remember who, added their tongue to their kisses. It had been so long since they'd last had contact of this kind, and with Max and Nasta being so very overprotective, it was likely that neither of them would get contact of this kind in the near future while their two older mates were being so paranoid and overprotective.

Missing Scene

"Maybe that was a bad idea after all. My head is pounding." He said with a chuckle.

"I'm alright." Harry said with a grin. "Until later today at least. Do you regret it?"

Blaise scoffed and shook his head gingerly. "Never." He insisted firmly. "I've never regret making love to you, you are everything to me, Prezioso."

Blaise cuddled up to Harry, rolling over to spoon against the side of him, head on Harry's chest as Harry had to lay straight. Harry lifted a hand and he rubbed his fingers over Blaise's stubbly head, stroking his thumb over his temple to try and ease away the pounding headache that had been caused by Blaise's strong orgasm.

They fell back to sleep, naked, still covered in cum, snuggled up to one another, Blaise wrapped around Harry the way that Harry was usually wrapped around his mates. He couldn't wait until he was completely healed and this horrible nightmare was behind them…completely behind all five of them. He was not giving up on Draco, he was not going to lose one of his mates over this, regardless of what had happened. He was going to give Draco the chance to go to these classes and sort himself out, but first, he was going to wake up early, floo over to the Malfoy house and he was going to get his anger and frustration off of his chest before it could fester and become a problem in the future.

Harry felt no shame in sneaking into the Malfoy house. It was early morning, so if they weren't already up, then they would be soon. He had decided against getting dressed, he wanted to do what he needed to and then get back as quickly as possible and getting dressed would have been a painful waste of time. He had instead just slipped back into his pyjamas and forced on his old, battered trainers and he'd come as he was, tousled sex hair and all.

Harry ignored the little house elf that had popped immediately into the room after his arrival and had tried to stop him from going any further into the house. He knew where he was going, he could follow the way to Draco's bedroom as he could smell it.

"Young master needs to wait in the receiv…"

"Go away, please." Harry said firmly as the little elf hurried by his side. "Draco is my mate and I'll see him when I want to without an appointment, thank you."

Harry followed the scent of Draco through the house and he pushed open a door on the far side of the first floor. Draco was in his bed sleeping, his face was still bruised and his bottom lip was scabbed over. His eyes looked purple from a mix of lack of sleep and too much crying. It broke Harry's heart.

He shut the door quietly and he warded it tight, tapping into his Dracken side to manage it without his wand, to prevent anyone from coming in and disturbing them. He sat on the edge of the bed and he sighed. He stroked the silky, baby fine, blond hair that he had missed and he sighed heavier. Why had this happened? How had it come to this? It should never have come to this, it should never have happened.

Everything had changed and they were never going to forget this incident, but he did hope…he wanted for it all to be forgiven. He wanted to go back to having his four mates and his babies around him. He was due a heat period soon, it was going to be hell on him if just one of his mates were missing, he knew that from the heat that he'd experienced when he was bonding to Draco, when he hadn't known that Max needed to be there too.

Harry had expected to feel incredibly angry when he saw Draco again for the first time, but he didn't. He felt pained knowing that this man had hurt him, had hurt Blaise and their children and their family, but the anger that he'd been feeling since the incident was gone. He felt tired. Tired and inexpressibly sad. Maybe he shouldn't have come here today after all, not just because his fucked up leg was slowing him down and aching fiercely, but because he still didn't know what to think or feel over everything that had happened and he didn't know if he could control his own emotions. He didn't know how to feel, so therefore he had no idea how he was going to act.

Draco sighed and his silver-blue eyes fluttered open as his Dracken sensed that something was wrong around him. Harry had a moment of looking into his eyes, wondering if he wanted to smile at him or smash his fist down into those perfect teeth, before Draco's eyes closed again.

Harry knew what Draco was thinking though and he needed to speak to him before Max and Nasta came hunting for him. They'd know immediately where he'd come after their talk yesterday if they woke up and found him missing.

"You're not dreaming, Draco." He said softly.

Those eyes snapped open and Draco reached a hand out to touch him. Harry took that hand into his own and squeezed it gently.

Draco sat bolt upright and pulled him into a huge, crushing hug and he started sobbing onto his shoulder.

"Nasta said that I wasn't allowed to see you or the kids." Draco whimpered.

"Nasta doesn't know that I'm here, but I had to see you. I had to tell you that I still love you." Harry said, feeling like he was a hundred years old.

"How can you after what I did?" Draco asked him seriously.

"I didn't fall in love with you overnight, Draco, and I won't fall out of love with you overnight either. It'll take time and I know that if I'd followed Nasta and Max's wishes and not come here, if I'd let the anger and rage fester, then I could have easily fallen out of love with you, maybe I'd have even come to hate and resent you for what you did, given enough time away from you. That's why I'm here. I don't want that to happen. I fought for you once, to be my mate. I chose you more than I chose any of the others, because I had to fight to keep you. Now you need to do the same. You need to fight for me, Draco. You need to fight for me, for Max and Blaise and Nasta, for our beautiful children and all the ones that will come later in our lives. You need to fight for us, for your family, or you're going to lose us."

"I will do whatever it takes." Draco swore to him seriously. "I love you. I love you so much, all of you and the kids too, of course. I can't believe I did something so awful to you all."

"You need help." Harry said even more seriously.

Draco nodded. "I don't know what you've been told, but I'm taking anger management classes, all with different therapists. My first one is actually later today."

Harry pulled his legs up and he lay down in Draco's bed, mostly because he couldn't stay sat up for a moment longer. Draco looked really worried at his behaviour.

"Are you alright?"

"No, Draco I'm not alright. I'm not going to lie to you, you seriously hurt me and it was almost fatal." Harry said, not sugar coating anything. "I'm having trouble sitting up for any length of time because it starts putting too much pressure on my core muscles and there is a very real danger of my gut opening up again. My leg was also very badly injured, so I can't really walk at all. It took ages just to get here and the floo was absolute agony."

Draco's hand hovered over him and finally touched his face, cupping his cheek.

"I'm so sorry."

"So you've said. There is nothing more that you can say now, Draco. You need to show it. You need to show us that you're willing to change. You need to show that you're sorry. You can't keep holding onto this anger and maybe it was the suppressant potion that you were taking that first set you on edge and made you so aggressive, but you are no longer on that potion, Draco. It's no longer in your system, you were properly detoxed and it is no longer in your system." He stressed for emphasis. "The deposit it laid down is not an excuse. You need to get rid of this anger, of all this aggression, Draco, before it tears us all apart, before you do actually end up permanently killing one or more of us."

Draco lay down next to him and wound an arm around him, holding him tight and pressing every inch of Harry against himself as if he was memorising the feel of his body, being careful of his aforementioned leg and belly.

"I didn't see it as you." He said softly. "When I dug my claws into you, I wasn't seeing you. I swear it."

Harry nodded. "That may be so, but it was me. I can't have a dominant who attacks me, Draco, not for any reason. I can't have a dominant who hurts my children." He said with a bite of a growl to his voice.

"I will get better. I'll learn how to control myself. I will." Draco swore determinedly. "I love you. I'm just scared that I've already ruined it. Nasta was so angry and Max and Blaise haven't even come to see me."

"Blaise is still injured too." Harry defended easily. "He's having a bit of trouble with his memory. He keeps getting names mixed up and he doesn't remember the fight at all, so he doesn't really know what happened and thus he has no emotions linked to the event."

"So he doesn't hate me?" Draco asked with a hint of hope.

Harry shook his head. "He still loves you, we all do, Draco. As I said, none of us are going to fall out of love with you overnight, we still love you, you're still our mate. But we're also very angry, Max in particular. He's scared and hurt and he's angry, so all together he's not willing to forgive you just yet. He needs some time to calm down first. He's feeling guilty, because he was right there when the fight started. He thinks that he should have done more to protect me, to protect Blaise and the kids and it's eating him up inside and he's channelling that into rage so that he doesn't completely breakdown. It just so happens that you're a very convenient target for that rage after what you did."

"I don't know how to fix this." Draco said tearfully.

"Just get better." Harry said firmly. "Show us, prove to us, that you want to get rid of your anger and the aggressive behaviour. Show us that you love us enough to work hard for us, because we still love you and regardless of what's happened, we can get over this. We can."

"How? What I did was unforgivable and I hurt Braiden and Leolin too! How can you even stand to look at me?"

"Enough." Harry said sternly. "This woe is me attitude is not going to get you through these classes, Draco. I forgave Max when he was so angry with me that he couldn't stay in the same house as me, his own home! I almost killed Cepheus, remember? I almost killed a member of Max's family and he forgave me for that! And I forgave him when his leaving left me alone with the kids and then Leolin and Calix were so very sick…I thought they were going to die, Draco. I thought that my two babies were going to die and Max wasn't even there. I forgave him for that, we all did despite how angry we were with him at the time. It doesn't last, Draco, but you have to work hard for us, like Max did. You can't just give up on us because things get difficult, we still love you and we will forgive you in time."

"I will work hard for you, I swear it."

Harry smiled. "I love you, but I think I need to get back before Max and Nasta find me missing and panic."

Draco nodded and he sat up, helping Harry sit up too, but Harry let out a pained gasp at the small movement regardless. Draco looked so upset just from that, but Harry ignored it. Draco's upset or apologies were not what he needed right now. He needed his mate to be better, so this would never happen again.

Draco helped him down the corridor and carried him down the stairs so that Harry didn't have to endure the agony of it. They met the elder Malfoys waiting for them in the receiving room.

"You should not be here." Lucius told him firmly. "You haven't yet recovered."

Harry nodded. "I know. But I needed to be here, just to lend a bit of extra support."

"Shall I assume that Nasta and Maximilius do not know that you're here?" Lucius asked him shrewdly.

Harry snorted. "As if they would have let me come if they did know. That's why I came so early, before they woke up. Blaise and me stayed in our settee nest last night." Harry smiled, but fought off the blush at the memory of just what he and Blaise had done in that settee nest. Perhaps that was why he was so sore today and not actually because he was pushing himself too hard. Max and Nasta would never have had sex with him in his condition, but Blaise had taken him at his word and had listened to him. Blaise had always listened to him and done what he wanted. Always.

"You need to get back." Draco told him, but Harry could tell from the tone of his voice that he didn't want to let him go. "I don't know when I'll be seeing you again." He said sadly, confirming Harry's suspicions.

"I know. Nasta will order me not to see you again when I get back, if he finds out that I've been here that is and I have no intentions of letting him know about this little visit, but that's why it was so important for me to see you today, before the idea occurred to him to order me not to come to see you. It won't be forever, Draco, not if you work hard."

"I will, I promise." Draco sighed and he held Harry closer for a moment before carefully setting him on his feet.

Harry kissed him gently on the lips and shooed him away to get ready for his classes. He gave a meaningful glance to Lucius and Narcissa and then he went back through the floo to the new house. The house that Draco didn't know about yet.

Everything was silent and quiet when he arrived back home and Harry relaxed fractionally. Blaise was still fast asleep and Harry contemplated joining him again, but he needed to be absolutely sure that his little jaunt over to see Draco had not been noticed. He kicked his shoes off and he padded out into the hallway with bare feet and he took the left turn to the kitchen. It was in darkness. Relaxing further, he turned back around and he headed down a new corridor, one that he hadn't been down yet, and he found the stairs, climbing them carefully and slowly.

He cursed under his breath as he saw how many doors were up here and he tried to remember what Blaise had been saying yesterday, when he'd went on the hunt for a bathroom on the first floor. He was sure that Blaise had said the first door off of the landing was a guest bedroom and then opposite each other, to either side of the corridor, were nurseries, and the biggest room, next door to the nursery on the right side was the master bedroom.

Harry eased open the door to the master bedroom, thankful that it was brand new and didn't make even a whisper of sound, as he peeked in on Max and Nasta, who were both still asleep, and he smiled to see them all cuddled up and cosy together in the bed, wrapped around one another in a tangle of interwound limbs.

The room was absolutely massive, the bed a monstrosity with a thick, solid wooden headboard that had to have been custom made. The carpet squished under his bare toes and it made him smile as it tickled. He couldn't really see colours, it was too dark in the room with the only light coming in through the open doorway from the hallway, but he thought that it might have been red. Blaise and Draco would not like that, he thought happily.

He padded on soft feet, made easier by the very thick, plush carpet, to the large bed and he took his wand carefully from the bedside table, where it lay in a bundle with Blaise, Nasta and Max's wands, and he was thankful that Nasta and Max had chosen to sleep more on the opposite side of the bed as he quietly whispered the incantation for a scent remover, sweeping his body with his wand to remove Draco's scent from his clothes and body, before he quietly replaced it, his eyes always on Max and Nasta in the bed.

Once he was done with his practical business, he turned his back to the bed, and to the sleeping Max and Nasta, and he padded quietly over to the twin bassinets at the bedside which held his twin daughters, Eva and little Ave. They could fit several bassinets side by side easily in the space between their bed and the far wall and for some unexplainable reason it made him well up with happiness. It made him and his Dracken happy to know that their mates had been so thoughtful as to make so much room for their newborns, even if they didn't need quite so much room or ever use all of it, it made him force back a happy trill to know that they had been thinking of their growing family when building their home regardless.

He kissed both Eva and Ave softly before he just stood there and smiled at them. He touched their little hands, tucked them in more firmly and smoothed their curls from their sleeping faces.

"Why are you up here?" A soft voice demanded from behind him.

Harry startled, his heart turning over with fright, and he peered back over to the bed, to Nasta, who'd cracked an eye open at the disturbance in the air caused by his presence. Nasta pushed himself up on his arm, taking in Harry's pyjamas and bare feet with apparent approval. Harry knew then that it was the right decision to keep his pyjamas on to go and visit Draco.

"I woke up suddenly and thought that it might be one of the kids." He lied convincingly. "I was just coming to check on them, but I don't know my way around up here. I found four empty rooms, one looked to be a guest bedroom, but I must have missed the nursery, unless it's the door down the bottom of the corridor, but I never reached that far as I found the master bedroom before the nursery, so I came to check on my baby girls first."

Nasta groaned and he laid himself back down before he extracted himself carefully from Max's body without waking the bigger man and he stretched out before he sat back up and then got himself up and out of the bed. He came to kiss him and held him loosely around the waist.

"You shouldn't have struggled up the stairs, Harry. How is your leg?"

"Aching." He replied truthfully. "But my babies always come first, Nas. You know that."

Nasta sighed and he herded him to the other side of the room when Harry went to make his way out into the corridor. Harry was confused when Nasta opened a door, of what he had assumed was a bathroom or a wardrobe, only to be pleasantly surprised when he walked in to find himself in a nursery, right next door to the master bedroom, connected to it by the door. It was again a very large room, but there were five cots around the walls, a changing table too, and Harry could see all the occupants of the cots from the door, he loved that he was able to do that.

Only Calix was awake, sitting in his cot quietly, holding his toes and rocking back and forth with a grin. He giggled when he saw them and he hefted himself up with the bars of his cot and he reached out for them.

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