The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


114. Chapter One Hundred-Three - Visitation Part 2

"I think we have seen enough fighting, enough violence." Blaise said. "I don't think I could survive another incident."

"It won't happen." Max said strongly standing up and striding to Blaise and hugging him tightly. "Never, ever again, my love."

Blaise sighed and he clung to Max and Harry truly saw then how much this had taken out of Blaise. He was trying to be strong, but he was just as affected as the rest of them.

"If…if it helps, I've made good progress." Draco said quietly. "My therapist has gone right back to my, rather spoilt, childhood. I'm not used to sharing things and sometimes…sometimes that can lead to angry outbursts. I've never been…challenged in such a way before, so I don't know how to react normally. I've never had siblings or cousins or anything to interact with as a child. My things were mine, everyone's attention was always on me and that was ingrained deeply from my childhood onwards. I expected others to pay me attention and to always focus on me. I'm being taught to change that mind set now and it is difficult, but it is also working. I'm seeing things from a new perspective, I'm actually thinking from your point of view now instead of just my own."

"We're very proud of you." Harry said, snuggling up tighter to Draco, who was still cradling Leolin.

"We are." Nasta said, adding weight to Harry's words. "Carry on as you have been and we'll allow you to move back in with us. You will be closely monitored, however." He warned, as Max bristled slightly at that declaration.

Hearing that, Max settled down approvingly, but Harry was ecstatic that his older mates were seriously considering allowing Draco back and not just brushing him off and keeping him at arm's length.

"I felt that surely you'd never allow me back ever again." Draco said softly, slightly choked.

"We love you." Blaise said. "We want you to be better because we want you back. Nothing has changed in that respect, Draco."

Harry felt Draco's breathing hitch and he sat up and kissed him on the mouth.

"You will get better." Harry told him sternly. "You will fight for us and you will not ever give up on us, your family. We love you and you will get to come back once you're better. You just need to work towards it and then we all need to work together to sort this once and for all."

"I will." Draco said. "I'm determined to do this."

"Then we will fully support you." Nasta insisted. "But one more incident like this, Draco and I will not let you live again."

Harry's heart iced over and tears prickled at his eyes. He turned to Draco and held onto him.

"Please never do this again. I don't think I'd survive if I lost one of my mates." He said sadly.

Draco freed up one arm and he put it around Harry's shoulders, pulling him in tightly. "I'm getting help and things are going well." He insisted gruffly. "It won't happen again."

"Good." Harry replied.


Just one sleepy little word and everything eased down. Harry looked down into Leolin's little, sleep wrinkled face and he smiled gently.

"You should be sleeping." Harry told him with a soft smile.

"Ma!" Leolin replied more demandingly and Harry sighed.

He had to pick his little boy up and snuggle him into his neck and he smiled softly as he felt a tiny mouth nuzzle into him.

"Here." Max was trying very, very hard as he handed over a sleeping Eva and Ave to Draco.

"Thank you. How are they?" Draco asked as he cradled a baby in each arm.

"Good, they've been good." Max said. "They're still trying to get up on their feet, but then that's baby Drackens for you. They're not talking very well, but their movements are phenomenal. My big, strong, baby bodybuilders!"

"Did you…did you just call my sweet, baby girls bodybuilders?!" Harry demanded.

"They obviously get it from Max's side of the family." Blaise quipped.

"Myron is definitely a bodybuilder." Richard said with a grin. "Our Maxie was a baby bodybuilder too."

"My daughters are not bodybuilders!" Harry hissed as he cradled Leolin against his shoulder.

"They might be." Draco said tentatively. "Weren't you the one always saying that they can be whatever they want to be? What if they want to be bodybuilders?"

Harry just looked at Draco silently, before he smiled and moved to kiss him hard.

"I'm so proud of you! You're right, they can be whatever they want to be, but they aren't bodybuilders at the moment and I will not have them called as such." Harry said. "As punishment, Max…"

"Why am I being punished?" Max pouted.

"Because I said so…and I want tea. So your punishment is to go and make us tea!"

Max huffed, but Harry could see that he was happy and his eyes were smiling.

"Can we have takeaway tonight?" He asked.

"They're not very healthy, Harry." Nasta worried.

"They use fresh ingredients and it's not anything that they wouldn't cook at home anyway." Harry insisted.

"What do you want, pizza, Indian, Chinese?" Max asked.

"Indian." Harry grinned.

"I've always wanted to try Indian cuisine." Blaise said interestedly.

Nasta wavered and he looked unsure as both of his recovering mates wanted the same thing.

"Max makes a mean curry." Richard insisted. "Better than any takeaway place!"

"I do, but if my Harry wants a takeaway, then he gets a takeaway. My two lovers get what they want." He said kissing Harry's head and then Blaise's.

"I thought neither of you liked spicy food." Draco cut in worriedly.

"There are milder curries." Max told him calmly. "Ones that use yoghurt or coconut to temper the gorgeous spices so they're still full of flavour, but not so much heat. So boys, how are we for curry for dinner? Nas, you must have had a thousand curries on your numerous visits to India."

"I do like curries. There was one that I did really like, a local specialty from Mumbai." Nasta smiled. "Do you remember, Dad?"

"Was that the very hot one that you and Sanex forced me to try and had me gulping a pint of milk every other bite?" Aneirin asked with a fond smile.

"Yeah, I think for those two weeks that was the only curry that I ate." Nasta laughed.

"I like the coconut ones." Harry said.

"I'll find the local takeaway, it'll be alright as a treat, Nas." Max insisted. "We have something to celebrate, after all."

"No meat for me." Harry called out.

That stopped Max short and he looked at him curiously.

"Are you…do you feel like you want to stay away from meat?" Blaise asked him.

Harry pulled a face. "I forgot that I hadn't told you that I was having a heat period."

"What!" Max said in shock. "When?"

"Yeah, in three weeks." Harry told them.

"Three…three weeks!" Max echoed weakly.

"Yeah, so gear up for it, we might be getting more babies soon."

Harry patted Leolin's back as he looked out over to his five others, who were being incredibly good as they played with their quiet toys and each other.

"I…I…I can't even believe it." Max stammered. "Why are you always so calm?! How can you be calm now, after hearing that?!"

Harry thought for a moment that Max was talking to him and he looked over to his biggest mate to see him looking instead to Nasta.

"I already knew. Harry told me last week." Nasta replied easily.

"And you didn't think to tell me?!" Max demanded.

"We were a lot more highly strung last week. I didn't want to put any more pressures on any of us. We still have time to prepare."

"How will it be handled?" Draco asked worriedly.

"Harry's coming heat is part of the reason why I set up this meeting and allowed this visit to come about so soon after you've started your therapy." Nasta said. "We owe it to Harry to make his heat period as comfortable and as painless as possible."

"It's painful to have a heat period without all of my mates there with me." Harry said quietly.

"It is?" Aneirin asked and Harry became painfully aware that Aneirin had been incredibly young when he'd lost his own mate and that, as Lowri's only mate, Aneirin had more than likely stayed with his mate from a few days before her heat period was due. Lowri wouldn't have ever suffered with having one mate with her and one missing as she'd only had the one dominant.

Harry nodded. "When I had that fu…muck up with Draco and Max, for the first part of the first day of that heat period, it was painful because Max wasn't there with me. It felt wrong, I was confused and distressed and the burning of the heat was unbearable until Max finally arrived. I have no doubts that it'll be exactly the same if any of my mates are excluded. So we're making sure that they're all going to be there with me."

"I had no idea." Aneirin said.

"I was at work when Ashleigh went onto her heat period once." Richard said. "It was an unavoidable case and I thought that she'd be fine with just Myron for a bit longer, so though my Dracken was going ballistic, I held on for half an hour to finish up the case and get back home before letting my Dracken out. She made me swear to never leave her like that ever again. Do you remember, My?"

"I remember. That's when we learnt that it was physically painful and mentally unsettling for a submissive to be on a heat without all of their mates." Myron nodded his head.

"So we need to be ready and at the least not tearing chunks out of one another for Harry's heat period in three weeks' time." Nasta sighed. "So we're trying, we're all calm and we're trying."

"I appreciate it very much." Harry said with a smile. "But Max, I wanted that tea ten minutes ago, I haven't forgotten your punishment!"

Max laughed then. His big, booming laugh that tightened things low in Harry's gut and brought an uncontrollable smile to his face.

Five babies stopped what they were doing and looked over at their Daddy Max before they laughed, giggled and shrieked themselves and that made Harry laugh too.

"Ma ma." Leolin burbled into his neck.

"Are you still awake?" Harry cooed in a funny voice that made Leolin scowl. "Oh you do not like me changing my voice, do you?" He said normally and Leolin's scowl melted back into neutral. "Go back to sleep, Leolin."


"I know. I'm still here." Harry assured softly, rubbing his back through his sleepsuit.

A baby shrieked and he looked over quickly to find that Calix had found that he could whack Farren with a soft teddy.

"Braiden, no!" Blaise chastised. "Don't hit Calix! No, I mean…Calix don't hit Reg…Te."

"Farren." Nasta said helpfully as he hefted Farren away from the teddy that Calix was whacking him with and he handed him to Richard to snuggle. "Calix was hitting Farren."

Blaise's fist clenched and he nodded. "My mind went blank."

"You got the link that it was Calix." Harry pointed out. "That's progress." Harry praised him.

Blaise rubbed at his head, sneering as his hand encountered only less than half an inch of stubble. "How am I supposed to be a productive member of society if I can't even remember the names of my own children?"

"You'll get better, Caru." Nasta insisted gently. "It'll be for a few weeks, but until then, don't strain yourself, it'll only make things worse."

Blaise sighed, his shoulders sagging. "That's more difficult to practice than it is to just say, Nasta."

"I know, Cariad. I know. But you will get over this."

Nasta hugged Blaise tight and Max walked in with a tray of tea.

"I've ordered dinner. It'll be about an hour." He said before realising the sombre mood of the room. "What happened?"

"Calix was whacking Farren with a teddy bear." Harry replied helpfully.

Max groaned and picked up Calix. "You are such a little trouble maker!" He insisted as Calix giggled. "It's not funny! You're going to be so much trouble, you're like a little Caesar."

"Oh, hark at him, Myron!" Richard laughed. "You'd think he never got into trouble for a single day of his life!"

"I didn't!" Max insisted, adopting an offended tone and a hurt look. "It was always Caesar! Him and his harebrained schemes always got us into trouble."

"Then maybe you shouldn't have joined in and encouraged him."

"I was being a responsible older brother and going along with him to make sure that he didn't get hurt!" Max insisted, sticking his nose into the air and sniffing haughtily.

Harry burst out laughing and Max shot him a mock hurt look that had Harry laughing until tears streamed down his face.

"You're my submissive mate!" Max cried out. "You're supposed to be on my side and defend me from such attacks on my honour and integrity!"

Harry, who had been calming down, was thrown into another fit of hysterics and he started laughing so hard that his face turned red. He waved at Nasta and pointed at his chest and then his top dominant was there, a smile on his own face, as he helped Harry to breathe by rubbing his back.

"Please, Max. Do try not to kill our submissive with laughter." Nasta mock chastised.

"I don't even see what was so funny!" Max huffed.

"Probably that Harry knows that you have no honour or integrity." Richard pointed out and Harry let out several soft giggles.

"How dare you!" Max threw his nose back into the air. "I'll have you know that I'm the most honourable man of the utmost integrity in this whole damn country!"

Harry about collapsed at hearing that, wiping his streaming eyes and trying to control his breathing. He lost the battle when his children looked over to see him laughing so hard and they joined in.

"I'm going to wet myself." He managed to get out between bursts of hysterical laughter.

"Good!" Max declared. "It's no less than you deserve!"

Harry shook his head and he handed Leolin to Nasta before standing and he wobbled his way down the corridor and to the bathroom, trying to squeeze his legs closed so that he didn't wet himself. He heard Max's 'outraged' shouts all the way to the bathroom.

He took a minute to calm down once he'd emptied his bladder and he washed his hands and face and he took a moment to regain his breath. Of course it would have been Max who would have reduced him to a hysterical mess.

He shook his head and then grinned to himself as he thought of payback. He stole into the smaller living room and grabbed the pot of floo powder off of the mantelpiece and he threw a pinch into the flames. He carefully got down onto his knees, watching his injured left leg, and he called out for The Burrow before sticking his head through the flames.

"Oh, Harry dear, are you alright, do you need me to come through?" Mrs Weasley fretted as she turned from where she was making the Weasleys dinner.

"No, no, it's okay, Mrs Weasley. Everything's fine." He insisted. "I just wanted a chat with Ginny. Is she around?"

"Of course, dear. One moment."

Mrs Weasley left the kitchen and Harry heard her yelling through the house for Ginny.

"Harry wants to talk to you!" Harry heard her calling out and then there was loud clattering as if a horse were running over a rickety, wooden bridge. It made him chuckle.

"Harry! Are you okay?" Ginny asked him. "Mum told me everything!"

"It's alright, Gin, I just have a favour to ask of you." He said with a wink. "Only you can do this for me."

Ginny looked around herself a moment then turned back to him. "More toys?" She whispered.

Harry nodded. "Preferably clothes. We've moved house and I'm pretty sure that Max would have burnt the other stuff too."

"I have just the thing." Ginny told him. "I was looking for new stuff for your birthday next month. I'll give you something early, but aren't you too injured?"

Harry shook his head. "No, Gin. I'm up and walking now. I just need to take it easy for another couple of days, but my mates won't give me what I need unless I force them to. Hence why I need a couple of items."

Ginny's smile almost split her face and she cackled. "I have just the thing in mind, do you want it now, or should I send it with Pigwidgeon?"

"Can Pig handle it?"

"Yes, it'll be rather light."

Harry nodded. "With Pig then, I can't take it now, we have company over and the Faeries will be by tomorrow, so it'll have time to get here." Harry chuckled. "Thanks, Ginny. You're the best."

"Of course I am, now go, quickly before they find you and blow your cover."

Harry was still laughing as he pulled his head free of the flames. He stood up, brushed the soot from his head and hair thoroughly before he headed back to the family room via the kitchen.

"Are you okay?" Nasta asked.

"No accidents?" Max tacked on.

Harry grinned manically. "No. I just needed a moment to relearn how to breathe. I will pay you back for that though." He said, thinking of all the things that Ginny could possibly send him.

"Yeah, yeah." Max scoffed with a wink.

Harry grinned wider. Max wouldn't know what hit him when Harry dressed up for him. He couldn't wait to see what Ginny would send him this time.

"Right, let's get these kids to bed." Harry instructed. "By the time we get them all in bed it'll be their bedtime. They've all had their teeth brushed, haven't they?"

"Yep, they're all in fresh nappies too." Max told him as he hefted up Farren from Richard's lap along with Calix.

"What story do they need tonight?" Nasta asked as he passed Leolin back to him carefully.

"Tickly Tiger." Harry told them. "Let Tegan hold the book though."

Max and Nasta nodded as they took the five oldest kids, Max with two, Nasta with three, up to their nursery for a bedtime story.

"I'll take the girls up." Aneirin said with a smile, taking the sleeping Eva and Ave from Draco and following Max and Nasta.

Harry sat back on the settee and snuggled up to Draco with Leolin, letting Draco take their Faerie son as he took several deep gulps of his honeyed tea. Everyone else had already finished theirs.

Blaise was sat on Draco's other side and he too rested himself on the blond, absorbing his presence while they actually had it.

"Are you both truly okay?" Draco asked them both as he kissed Blaise's shaved head and then turned to the other side to kiss Harry's brow.

"We're going to be fine." Blaise told him. "It's you who needs to get better now."

"It has only been a week, but I am making progress already. I always knew that I was spoilt, I just never knew what that would mean when I finally had a family of my own. I just never realised that I had no idea how to compromise or how to really get by when everything wasn't always about me. I bluffed my way through two years, and it was difficult, but I managed. Then finding out that I nearly made myself infertile through my own stupidity, well, I found it a lot more difficult to manage my stress and anger levels after that and every little thing just grew until I finally exploded over something relatively minor."

"But it won't happen again, will it?" Harry asked.

Draco turned more towards him, cupped his face and kissed him. "No, it won't. I'm being taught ways to control my anger, ways to use it productively and how to recognise when I'm getting to the limit of my anger and patience so that I can separate myself from the situation and go to cool off. I'm learning and I'll go to these classes every single day if I have to, to get you all back. I do love you all, so very much, and I'm willing to do absolutely anything to prove it to you."

Blaise moved and kissed Draco's cheek while Harry kissed his forehead and they both lavished their love upon Draco while they had him. Their bigger, blond mate had no idea what to do or which way to turn as he was sandwiched between them and they were kissing all over his face and neck. It was Blaise who claimed his mouth first and snogged him while Harry sucked a bruise onto his pale neck to mark him.

"We are still here." Myron grunted.

"Don't interrupt them, I'm enjoying the show!" Richard complained. Lucius said nothing, but he was paler than usual.

"Why don't you all go into the kitchen and give us a minute." Harry complained. Blaise didn't release Draco's mouth from their kiss, so neither of them said anything.

"Leolin is between you." Lucius said.

"He sleeps beside our bed, he's seen and heard much worse. This is nothing new to him." Harry pointed out, much to Richard's amusement.

"Pass him here." Myron stood up and he took Leolin from Harry's arms before herding Richard into the kitchen. Lucius didn't need to be told, he had been the first one through the door. "Nothing more than kissing." Myron told them sternly before he shut the door on them.

"Fuck, I thought they'd never leave." Harry growled as he moved to swing his good leg over Draco's lap and he sat on him, keeping his healing left leg straight, gripping that perfect blond hair and snogging his blond mate himself.

Harry felt an arm wrap around his waist, he felt Blaise by his side, he could hear moans and small groans and then Blaise forced his own tongue into their kiss and suddenly they were having a three way French kiss.

He didn't care how much time has passed, but Harry found himself with his own love bites, a hand under his shirt playing with one of his nipples and he was unbearably hard. They did not stop their snogging for longer than it took to gasp in some much needed air, or when one of them broke off to suck at a neck, leaving bruises and marks all over each other.

"Oi! Knock it off." Max growled from above them and they split apart like naughty boys and they all looked up at him standing over the back of the settee. "That's better."

He grabbed their heads one by one and snogged them himself, all of them, even Draco, before standing back and licking his lips.

"Damn, you three taste good." He said deeply.

"You taste like curry." Harry grinned.

"I taste tested the takeaway, just in case." Max winked. "Nasta has sent everyone away so that we can eat in peace, but if you'd rather stay in here and maul one another."

"We would." Blaise answered, moving back to kiss Draco.

Max laughed and he hefted Blaise up and over the back of the settee, setting him down on his feet before picking up Harry and keeping him in his arms.

"Kitchen, now. You can snog after you've eaten."

Harry groaned theatrically and it made Blaise laugh as he waltzed into the kitchen with Nasta.

"The pale curries are for you three, the red ones are mine and Nasta's, seeing as your little sensitive taste buds can't handle real curries."

"I like a different sort of heat." Harry winked as he was set down in front of a plate with a smooth sauce that had no diced meat in it like the others.

"So I noticed!" Max laughed. "They were kissing so heavily, Nas they didn't even hear the door opening."

"I can imagine." Nasta smiled softly as he ate his own food.

"You started without us!" Harry complained as he grabbed his fork to catch up. He had a significantly smaller plate than everyone else, but that was fine as he couldn't handle eating a lot, yet he hated leaving anything on his plate. His mates knew that, so they'd given him less to eat on his plate to begin with for him. If he could eat more then there would be more for him, but if he couldn't eat more, then he would have cleared his plate and that was fine.

"We would have all started together if you'd come when you were called and didn't become so absorbed with snogging that you were deaf to our voices." Nasta winked.

Harry chuckled and he took the first bite and he smiled as he watched Blaise and Draco eat their own food. There were an assortment of side dishes between the five of them and Harry tried bits and pieces of everything, but not too much as he had to keep stopping now and then to wait for his belly to accept what he'd already eaten before carrying on. It was annoying when all he wanted to do was gorge himself on everything in front of him and enjoy being in the company of his four dominant mates for the first time in almost two weeks.

It was peaceful, normal. It was just the five of them in the kitchen, eating dinner, all the kids were asleep in their cots. It was normal and Harry actually felt relaxed and calm for the first time in weeks. This is what he'd truly needed and he would not forget just how hard Max was trying, he would not forget the unhesitant kiss that he had given to Draco, nor how relaxed and joy filled he'd made the evening with his jokes and laughter. Harry would pay him back for that because it had been everything that he'd needed today and he was incredibly grateful.

Harry barely managed to finish his plate and even then it had been a massive struggle, but his belly was distended and he groaned as he pushed away from the table.

"I'm not going to be moving for days." He complained.

"Good!" Max laughed. "Maybe now you can stay where you are and heal up a bit."

Harry stuck his tongue out, but he couldn't do much more. He instead sat back and groaned happily.

"Any pain?" Nasta asked him seriously.

"A little." Harry said and Max stood up and went to his potion's case, which was near enough in the same place that he'd had it at the old house, up in the highest cabinet in the kitchen. "That's just cruel to keep it up there away from me." Harry pouted.

"It just means that you have to ask for things when you need them." Max smiled as he got out one of Harry's mild potions and placed it by his hand. "Let me get you a cup of tea before you take it." He insisted as he put the case back and turned to the kettle.

Harry sat up a little straighter and he got the potion ready to go down as quickly and as easily as possible while Max got his cup of honey tea ready.

"Draco, you're the closest, stick honey on the shopping list for me." Max said as he looked at the almost empty bottle. "I don't want Harry or Blaise moving."

Draco stood up and he went to the massive, double doored fridge, where there was an A4 piece of paper stuck to the front with a fridge magnet. He picked up the pen that had a magnetised strip attached to it so that it could also live on the fridge door, and he wrote down honey before coming back to the table.

Harry knocked back the potion and then gulped a quarter of the tea down before he stopped to take a gasping breath.

"Fuck that's gross." He complained.

"Blaise, do you still have a headache?" Nasta asked after supervising Harry taking his potion.

Blaise shook his head. "It trailed off into nothing." He said simply.

Harry sighed happily and he stood himself up.

"Where are you going?" Nasta asked him.

"To the smaller living room so I can sit down in comfort and relax." He said with a smile.

"Come on then." Max said as he walked over to him, bent down and picked Harry up by the back of his knees, before sitting him on his hip and he used his other hand to grab his cup of tea.

Harry chuckled, but he allowed himself to be carried into the living room and to the little settee nest. Max placed him down gently and Harry wriggled around and settled down with a yawn. Blaise crawled in next to him and he wrapped Harry up in his arms.

"You're not staying down here alone, again!" Max told them.

"You're just jealous that you weren't invited."

"What happened?" Draco asked.

"They had sex together when we left them down here alone almost a week ago, when the both of them were still very injured."

Draco shook his head but Harry grinned unrepentantly.

"I'm going to sort the dishes." Max grumbled.

"Already taken care of." Nasta said. "I put a charm on the dishes and threw everything else in the bin."

Nasta climbed into the nest bed and he lay down and pushed his arm under Blaise and Harry's heads.

"Get in here, the both of you." Nasta ordered. "Settle down and let us resettle our bond while we can."

Max didn't need to be told twice as he climbed into the settee nest, but Draco hesitated.

"Get in here, now!" Harry ordered.

"Don't upset him." Max warned seriously.

Draco climbed in then and he laid himself down on Nasta's side, not Max's, somehow sensing that Max was the one who had the biggest problem with him, after all, they had been the ones mostly fighting that day.

Harry was very happy and he started mumbling and chatting about anything and everything, his new home, his day outside in the garden, the kids, how much he'd liked the takeaway treat. He was so happy that he rambled about everything that he could think of and he barely gave his mates time to answer or say anything.

Max eventually ended up laughing. "Slow down and take a breath, Harry, my love."

"I can't, I'm so happy." Harry said with a grin.

Max kissed him. "I'm glad that you're so happy, but stop talking our ears off and let us get a word in once in a while."

Harry huffed and he snuggled himself between his mates, inhaling deeply and regularly so that he could smell Draco's scent around him. He smiled to himself, letting his mates' voices wash over him, as now that he'd stopped talking, they could start.

He was happy, relaxed and everything felt right. He could ignore everything that had happened, he could ignore his injuries and little aches and pains, because right in this moment, everything felt so completely right.

"Harry, what do you think?" Max asked. "Harry?"

Nasta laughed as he looked at his quiet submissive and saw the closed eyes, the slack mouth and the soft, even breaths. "He's asleep."

"That's just fucking charming. He talks our ears off and then when we start talking, he falls asleep!" Max complained without heat, smiling softly.

"He did eat a lot." Blaise said. "That usually makes him mellow and sleepy."

"Let me get him up to bed, those girls won't be waking up until much later and he could use the uninterrupted sleep."

Nasta removed himself from the nest and he picked Harry up carefully and he carried him lovingly up to the master bedroom.

Harry mumbled as he was placed onto the bed and Nasta shushed him gently. "Just rest, Caru." He said softly. "You need to sleep now."

"Nas? Bed is cold." Harry complained, his eyes still closed.

Nasta got out his wand and a quick spell heated up the sheets and blankets for Harry and his submissive smiled, still partially asleep.

"Is everything okay now?" Harry asked.

"Everything's going to be fine, Harry. Just go to sleep and rest." Nasta insisted.


"Draco is still downstairs, he'll be going back to his parents soon, but he will be back."

"Hmm…good." Harry mumbled, rubbing his one ear across the pillow and pulling the duvet up to his chin.

Nasta smiled at him and tucked him in more firmly and he kissed Harry's cheek, watching as Harry pulled a face in his almost asleep state and he couldn't help but smile wider at him. He watched Harry drift back off to proper sleep before he left the bedroom and he went back down to the living room. He had made the right decision in his mind. Harry had needed to see Draco, to see them making an effort and now Harry could rest and recover properly. Hopefully Blaise could too, he hadn't shown any discomfort or adverse reaction to Draco being here either, just the opposite in fact as he walked back into the living room and he saw Blaise snuggled up with Draco, Max holding the both of them in his arms, Blaise sandwiched happily in the middle.

He smiled and his shoulders relaxed and he breathed in deeply. Their mateship wasn't entirely destroyed and with a lot of work, from all of them not just Draco, this could be forgiven and they could move on from it.

Nasta climbed back into the nest and he pressed himself up against Draco's back, linking his arms around Draco and Blaise to grip at Max.

"Is Harry okay?"

"He was mumbling about the bed sheets." Nasta smiled as he wriggled himself around and shoved his hips forward into Draco's. "He'll be fine, just destress and reaffirm our bond."

"It feels wrong not to have Harry here." Blaise said.

"He couldn't cuddle like this anyway. Not yet." Max grumbled as he shifted the arm under Blaise and Draco's heads…the arm that he was losing the feeling in as his mates cut off the blood to his hand. He didn't care.

"We could have been gentler." Blaise insisted.

Max clenched the arm that was tucked over the two younger men and they both gasped and rubbed their ribs.

"But I like clutching you tight to me." Max insisted with a smile.

Nasta chuckled too and he moved his hand until he felt the edge of Max's shirt and his hand easily slipped under to touch bare skin. He smiled and he closed his eyes. He wasn't going to sleep, it was only eight O'clock, but lying here in the quiet, it was the perfect way to re-establish their bond to one another, more so since Harry wasn't there which is why he'd taken him up to bed in the first place.

It was one thing to bond around their submissive, an entirely different thing to bond with one another without Harry there. It was just them together, four dominants and no submissive. It was more intimate, more meaningful that they were doing this together without Harry and that was what he'd wanted because they needed to be able to do this without their submissive holding them together. They needed more, much more, than just Harry in common with one another or their relationship would never work as they'd be relying completely on Harry to hold them together and that wasn't fair on their youngest member.

Nasta opened his eyes and he smiled at Max as he caught those blue eyes looking at him over Blaise and Draco's heads.

"We're going to be just fine." He told Max quietly, tightening his one arm around Draco's waist and stroking Max's skin with the other.

Max looked at him for a few moments and then he nodded, before he smiled too. They really were going to be just fine. They just needed to survive the visit from the Faeries tomorrow. How Nasta wished they had never revealed to him what they had. He had been happier not knowing that the man he had thought was his ancestor was an abusive murderer and that Trefor Delericey had had an affair, and several children, with two Valkyries. He was glad that Trefor had found an escape from his abusive, pig of a Husband, he just wasn't sure on what to make of having relatives who were over five hundred years old and had known that they were related and hadn't done anything about it. It felt like…like they were ashamed of him and his family, like they didn't want to get to know them because they were Drackens and not Faeries and to him at least, it still felt like the only reason they had come back into their lives was because of Leolin.

He couldn't help but wonder, if Leolin had not been born a Faerie, would Dain and Kailen have ever come into their lives and told them the truth of what had happened to Trefor and his children? He got the feeling that the answer to that was a resounding no, they would never have bothered with them if it wasn't for Leolin and that was very painful to digest. He sighed and pushed it from his mind. He did know about the truth of his ancestors and Leolin was a Faerie, there was nothing they could do about it now. They just had to accept it and move on, just like they had to do with Draco and the fight.

It wasn't going to be easy, but then nothing worth doing was easy, but he was certain that they'd manage it as long as they stuck together. Their love would hold them together and his strength of will would stop him from immediately lynching the Faeries on sight tomorrow.

As for how the rest of the visit progressed, well that would be entirely up to the visiting Faeries and how they behaved tomorrow, but at the first sign of trouble or the first mention of taking Leolin away from them, that would be it, the final straw. He would kick them out of his home, bar them from ever coming back and deny them the chance of seeing Leolin grow. He was often told by others that he had the tolerance and patience of a saint, but truly now, that tolerance, his patience was wearing severely thin.

He had had more than enough of others interfering with his mateship and enough was enough, he would not take it any longer. He was the top dominant for his mateship and he would pull them all back into order and keep them there while blocking any attempts by any outsiders to interfere, whether that was the Faeries, Marianna or anyone else. It was his job to sort out this mess and he would sort it, in his own way and to hell if anyone didn't agree with him or his methods and Merlin help anyone who tried to interfere, because now, after today, it would not be accepted or tolerated. He was done and things would be handled his way from now on, and those who disagreed with him could damn well leave them all alone. It was no one else's business but their own, they were all grown men and Harry was right, they could make up their own minds about what to do and they had made up their minds. It wasn't for anyone else to try and change them now.

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