The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


113. Chapter One Hundred-Three - Visitation Part 1

Harry's leg continued to give him no end of trouble as he tried to carry on as normally as he could, but he rapidly came to realise that he just couldn't, not yet. It was very upsetting and even distressing for him when all he wanted to do was to go back to his normal routine with his children, who were all back in their own normal routines, thanks on the most part to Myron, Richard, Aneirin, Alexander and Kimberly, who had given them no end of help and support.

The days were passing very slowly and as Harry struggled through the endless hours, trying to rest his stomach muscles while his leg throbbed even if he was sat down, he couldn't help but wish that he would heal up completely already. He'd had a few Healers come to visit him, while he was much more lucid and able to hold an actual conversation with them about how he was truly feeling and what he was struggling with, and he was now on much milder potions, ones that didn't completely numb his whole body so that he couldn't feel a thing. The downside to this was, of course, that he could now feel his healing stomach muscles and his sore left leg at all times. Every single little ache and pain, twinge or pinch and though the new potions took away the sharp, stabbing pains that he felt, the constant grinding pain of walking on his leg, or the dull throb of his stomach muscles if he bent down or picked up his children was wearing on him and running down his overall mood.

Harry sighed heavily, pushing those upsetting thoughts away from his mind as he perched on the edge of the wooden bench, supervising his five oldest children as they ran riot in the garden.

He loved the garden. The kitchen led straight out onto a wooden deck that was like another room on itself. There was a massive table at one end surrounded by chairs and there was a set of stairs leading down onto the lawn, alternately there was also a metal slide going down to the lawn too. There was a smaller slide on the grass, along with a baby swing set, a see-saw, a climbing frame, a little wooden play 'castle' and a little sand pit. It was in this area that his children were running around, while he was sat on a small wooden bench just to the side of them, smiling and watching them play and screech as they rolled around in the green grass with an assortment of multi-coloured foam footballs.

Kimberly was inside the house with Eva and Ave, watching over them, and Leolin, who had been out on the grass with his brothers and sister, had wanted a feed, so Max had taken him inside. Nasta had vanished into the treeline some three hours before and he hadn't come back yet, but he had said that he'd be some time, so Harry wasn't worried, Nasta needed his own time to calm down too and sort out his thoughts and feelings.

Blaise, who had been struggling with his memory and headaches for the last few days, had gone for a lie down after he'd developed a bad headache that sent shooting pains through his skull. He still did not remember anything of the fight or what had happened to him still, which he insisted was a blessing. Blaise didn't want to remember what had happened.

"How are they doing?" Myron asked, coming to sit beside him and pulling him in to a hug.

Harry shifted over, trying not to move any muscles in his left leg or his stomach, and he rested on Myron's soft bulk.

"They're really enjoying themselves." Harry said with a smile. "Tegan was the bravest, my little warrior. She went down the slide first. Calix had a look, he even climbed the steps too, but he climbed back down." Harry laughed.

"Tegan is most definitely the most independent of the five of them." Myron nodded as he looked proudly at Tegan, who was up on her feet, babbling to Regan and trying to heft him up. Regan who was trying to stand up, bless him, just couldn't keep his balance and he toppled back over onto his nappy covered bum.

Farren wasn't even trying to stand up or move, he was sat in the grass, quite happily, and he was just watching his brothers and sister around him. Calix was absolutely everywhere, crawling as fast as he could and imbedding the grass stains deeply into the knees of his little trousers.

Braiden was the one that Harry was watching the most though, as he was firmly on his feet, running as fast as he could, falling to his knees sometimes, but picking himself up again without a murmur of complaint. He was 'kicking' a football around and screeching in such utter delight that it brought a smile to Harry's face.

Max brought Leolin back out, because he was crying and demanding 'Ma' over and over to a stressed looking Max.

"Pass him here." Harry sighed as Max stepped down the several steps to the lawn and approached the bench that Harry was sat on.

Harry took Leolin onto his lap and all he had to do to stop the tears was coo at him. Leolin recognised his voice after a moment or two and he stopped crying to look up at him. He sniffled as gold eyes caught green.

"Ma." He warbled, reaching out his tiny hands to grip at Harry's neck with his little nails, almost clawing at him.

Harry pulled him in close to his body, to lessen the pressure of being gripped at by those nails and he hissed.

"Tonight." He said seriously. "Tonight, after his bath, we cut his damn nails!"

Max chuckled and he helped to remove the little fingers from his neck and he rubbed the tiny hands with his thumbs.

Harry watched as Leolin yawned and his eyes immediately fell to half-mast. Harry kissed him and that sent Leolin into full sleep mode as his eyes closed and he shuffled his little body, getting comfortable in Harry's arms, before he started drifting off.

Harry looked back up at his five toddlers, Tegan having another go on the slide, Regan was playing with Farren, Calix was crawling under the slide, squeezing his body through the gap and Braiden was staring up at the climbing frame curiously as he held on tightly to the bottom bar. Even as he watched him Braiden took his first step up it and he sucked in a deep breath.

"Max, go and stand by him in case he falls." He said quietly, not wanting to startle Braiden and cause him to actually fall, nor wake up Leolin in his arms.

Max looked at him, then to where he was looking. "Oh shit." He cursed and he went to support Braiden, who had climbed another two rungs of the climbing frame by the time that Max got to him.

Max didn't stop Braiden or his progress, but he did hover over him, his hands ready to snatch the, not quite two year old, boy from the air if he slipped or fell.

The climbing frame wasn't even that high, it was four metal bars high, that came just over Max's waist in height, and Harry watched, his heart in his throat, but also welling up with pride, as Braiden reached the top, looked around him, looked at Max, before he swung himself over the top and climbed down the other side, one slow, careful step at a time.

He reached the grass without needing any help and he laughed, before he ran off to the slide and it was like he was on a sugar rush as he ran straight to the slide and climbed the steps with clumsy feet and he slid down it and he hardly waited until he'd hit the grass before he was up and going down the slide again, laughing.

"That was so frightening, but I'm so proud of him." Harry voiced his feelings as he grinned. "He's getting so much stronger, so much bigger."

Max came to him and kissed him hard. "I love you."

"I love you too." Harry declared. "I can't believe that he'll be two in two months."

"These last years with you have been amazing, Harry."

"Not always." Harry said sadly.

Max sighed. "No, not always, but there has always been love."

Harry smiled and he nodded. "Yes. You wouldn't be here if there was no love."

"Nas…Nasta and I have been talking a lot."

"I had noticed. Blaise is very paranoid you know. He thinks that you're talking about him and he doesn't like it."

"It's not about Blaise, but…well, Draco's been doing really well in his classes and, taking in what you said to us that morning a week ago, Nasta believes that it'll be a good idea to reward him, as such, for his progress with a short visit to you and Blaise."

Harry paid close attention to Max's words, and his body language. He wasn't happy with the idea, Harry could tell. He had stressed that it was Nasta's idea, that Nasta had been the one behind everything and from the grimace on his face that he was trying to hide, Harry knew that Max did not share the same thoughts as Nasta, but he was trying. He really had been trying for the last week to overcome his feelings of guilt, but it was not going to be easy, and it would not come quickly.

Harry raised a hand and touched Max's face, leading him into a soft kiss with his hand.

"Thank you for trying." He acknowledged gently, smiling. Max needed positive reinforcement too and Harry saw just how much it meant to his biggest mate to have his attempts recognised when he saw a small flash of emotion before Max guarded his expressions.

"I'm…I'm going to go and start on lunch." Max said as he stood up, taking a sleeping Leolin back into the house with him.

"He'll come around." Myron insisted, throwing his arm back around Harry and hugging him. "He always was an emotionally ruled boy. He was prone to fits because he couldn't handle his own anger or grief, but when he was happy, he was the happiest boy you could ever think to meet."

"I went to see Draco." Harry admitted softly. "The day after I got home."

"I had suspected as much. You were so angry when you were refused to see him. I saw the effort it took you to hold your tongue, to hold your words back. The next day that anger was gone, washed away and I knew then that you had found a way to go and see him, or at the very least that you'd spoken to him."

Harry nodded, feeling a mite happier now that he'd told his 'secret' to someone. "I had to see him. I had to let him know what he was risking if he didn't go to, or failed, these classes. I had to remind him of how I had fought so hard to even keep him as a mate in the first place after my Dracken had dismissed him. I told him that it was now his turn to fight for me, to fight for his family."

"Then it is no wonder that he is doing remarkably well with these private lessons." Myron said approvingly.

Harry smiled, unexplainably proud that Draco was doing really well. It would take longer than a week, naturally, but he was trying so hard and that meant the world to him. His older mates had taken notice too, if they were thinking of letting Draco have contact with him and Blaise again.

"Let's get these kids back inside. Their lunches will be ready soon, Max always does something quick for lunch." Harry said as he stood carefully, with help from Myron's supportive hands, and he went to round up his kids.

"Mammy, up." Tegan demanded and Harry endured the pain of bending down onto his good knee, holding her tight, and then forcing himself to stand back up, wobbling only slightly.

"Braiden." He called out, holding his hand towards his oldest child, indicating for him to take it, which he hurried over to do so.

Harry took a deep breath and started climbing the several steps to the decking, looking to Braiden too as he held his hand and watched proudly as his little boy conquered the steps easily, putting both of his little feet on the same step before tackling the next one.

Every step was agony, but he endured it. It was almost time for him to take another potion and then he could have half an hour, maybe an hour, of being completely pain free before the aches started to creep back in.

When they reached the decking, Braiden slipped his hand free and he clapped happily at his own achievement before he toddled of into the kitchen. Harry followed him with a smile as he carried Tegan.

"Are you okay?" Max asked, from where he was cooking, his dark green apron tied around his waist.

"I'll be better as soon as I take that potion." He said, shaking his head. "But at least I'm upright and somewhat mobile." He chuckled as he put Tegan down on her booster seat and strapped her in before 'encouraging' Braiden to climb up into his own so that he didn't have to bend down and lift him. "Who's a good boy?" He cooed as Braiden sat himself in his booster seat. "Did you climb all the way up here by yourself, you're getting so big!"

"Yeah." Braiden answered, giggling happily at the praise as he allowed Harry to strap him in.

Harry scooted them both closer to the table, so that they could reach and he sighed happily.

"Is there anything that you need help with?" He asked, even though he really just wanted to sit down.

"Sit down before you fall down, my love." Max insisted, seeing right through him.

Harry chuckled and he did just that, sitting himself next to Braiden as Myron came in through the back door and easily bent down and hefted up Farren, sitting him in his booster seat before doing the same to Regan and Calix. Harry envied his ease of movement, when he himself couldn't even sit down or stand up by himself without careful consideration and a snail's pace.

Footsteps behind him had him turning his head, only to receive a kiss to the mouth from Blaise.

"How is your head?" He asked softly.

"Better." Blaise smiled, sitting next to him. "I'm still having trouble with memory though, I forgot where I was again."

"Healer Odell said that that could happen when we asked him about it." Harry nodded easily. "It's because the house is new."

"Daddy!" Braiden called out, reaching out for Blaise.

"Hello Farren…Calix…" Blaise frowned, even as his hand held Braiden's. "I've drawn a blank." He said sadly.

"Braiden." Harry reminded him gently.

"Braiden." Blaise repeated and he smiled for their son, but this was now becoming a regular occurrence. Blaise muddled up all of the names of those around him and he went through several names before he found the right one, or, as he had just shown, he drew a complete blank entirely.

Harry ignored Max's pained, upset expression and he instead smiled at Blaise and reassured him that everything was fine. The neurological Healer, Healer Odell, had insisted that this was normal, that it was the sign of a healing mind after the type of injury that Blaise had received and he insisted that it was a good sign. A bad sign, he had told them, was actually losing information instead of just muddling it up. If Blaise ever showed signs of forgetting a day, forgetting who any of them were or who he was, then they were to immediately rush him to the hospital. Blaise did forget sometimes where he was, especially if he fell asleep somewhere and he was moved into a different room. They had stopped doing that as soon as they realised exactly how distressing to Blaise it was and they realised that they were not helping his recovery at all, but rather the opposite.

Farren started banging his spoon against the table and Blaise winced, his long, slim fingers going to his temple.

"Farren, sweetness, don't do that, please." Harry said calmly.

Farren frowned at him, looked at his spoon and then he started banging it again.

"Farren." Harry said more sternly. "I've said no."

Harry's resolve was tested when Farren's bottom lip trembled, ever so slightly, but he remained firm, even when Farren dropped his spoon and started crying.

Harry stood up using the table and he unstrapped Farren and took him next door, to the family room, so that Blaise wouldn't get another headache.

He fell down onto the settee with Farren in his lap and he held his second son as he had a tantrum on his lap. He remained quiet all through Farren's screaming fit, and once he was all cried out, Harry hugged him close and murmured reassurances to him, kissing him and wiping his eyes dry.

Once calm, Harry took him back into the kitchen, ignoring the pain in his own body, as he got Farren strapped back in.

"Perhaps we could put the cutlery down just before their plates so that they don't come to see them as toys to play with while they're waiting?" He suggested mildly as Max plated up the kids lunch.

Max nodded. "I think that'll be a good idea. How are you feeling?"

"Worse than I did ten minutes ago." He replied truthfully.

"Just sit and rest." Max said worriedly as he put down a couple of plates of food for the kids.

Harry watched as his children ate their lunches, Farren a little more subdued in his enthusiasm than usual, but they were all eating and Harry sighed, accepting the cup of tea handed to him gratefully. He was given a small sandwich, as was Blaise, who had also been given a mug of his most favourite coffee.

Harry ate, not because he wanted to, but because he knew that the potion he had to take couldn't be taken on an empty stomach and his desire for pain relief far outweighed his reluctance to eat anything.

"Are you still having trouble eating?" Max asked fretfully.

"I know you're a feeder, Max, but calm yourself." Harry insisted as he poked at his nibbled sandwich. "As you are very fond of pointing out, my guts were trailing along the floor a week ago. I am having a bit of difficulty managing a lot of food in one go. Soups and stews are fine, but anything solid, like this, take a bit more time to eat." Harry said prodding viciously at the small sandwich.

"You need to eat roughly half to take your potion." Max said, biting his lip.

"Don't remind me." Harry said unhappily as he took another small bite before putting the sandwich back down, waiting for his healing belly to accept the small morsel before he took another one.

If he ate too much in one go, the pain was unimaginable as he got terrible stomach cramps that wouldn't go away and more often than not, his stomach rejected what he'd eaten and it came straight back up…that always made his belly feel even worse. So he had learnt to take small bites and to wait between each bite to make absolutely sure that his stomach would accept the food before he took another one.

It took him almost half an hour to eat half a tiny sandwich and he happily knocked back the potion in one go. He drained his tea to take away the taste, but he had no appetite to finish the remaining portion of sandwich. He pushed the plate away just as Nasta walked in through the back door.

"Nasta!" He called out happily, holding his arms out for a hug, which made his oldest mate smile happily as he veered to him and embraced him tightly.

"Are you well?" Nasta asked him gently.

Harry nodded. "I've just had my potion, so I'll be fine for the next half hour, hopefully an hour though."

Nasta kissed his cheek and turned to Blaise, hugging him and kissing his cheek too before he went to Max and did the same.

"Did you finish up your soul searching?" Max asked.

Nasta snorted in amusement, but he nodded. "Yes, I did."

Nasta went and kissed every one of their children, even the messy Calix, before he sat on Blaise's other side and kicked off his trainers.

Harry stood up and tested himself, bending, not quite in half, but he did bend at the waist…there wasn't a hint of pain.

"Oh that's so much better." He groaned.

"Don't push yourself." Nasta warned him as he accepted a cup of green tea from Max.

"I won't." He promised as he made his escape and he went to the smaller living room, where Kimberly was sitting with his twin daughters.

"Harry, how are you feeling?" She asked him with a smile.

"For the moment, great." He replied with a smile of his own. "How are my girls?"

"Just fine." Kimberly told him, indicating the one twin, Ave, who was asleep on the settee beside her, and then to Eva, in her arms, who was just drifting off. "They're getting so big now."

Harry nodded. "I know. I can't believe that I'll be having another heat period soon. I could have another baby by the New Year."

"It's best not to dwell on such things, sweetie." Kimberly told him kindly. "I remember getting half way through my children, I had twelve of them, my twins Sandor and Alaric had just been born on top of the quadruplets, and I had more on the way, thankfully just Philip, and I remember hoping for a break, I begrudged that my children were coming so fast and I remember willing it all to slow down…then…then it did slow down, then it stopped and I was so devastated. I felt awful for having wished for no more children and it hurt my heart. Then along came our little boy, Myron."

Harry aborted a laugh at hearing Myron described as a little boy, as Myron was not little in the slightest, but he covered himself and remembered that Myron was Kimberly and Alexander's youngest son. He would be their little boy for as long as they lived. He would feel the same about his own children when they were grown too, he was sure of it.

He sighed and looked at Eva and Ave, just four months old and he smiled gently at them.

"I would never want to stop having children, but…at the same time I can't help but wish my heat cycle was every year or two."

Kimberly shared an understanding look with him and Harry had never felt so grateful to have another submissive, an older submissive, to talk to about these things. His mates, as dominants, just didn't understand, Myron, Richard and Aneirin didn't understand, but Kimberly, Kimberly understood that he wasn't complaining about his children, that he wasn't complaining about having more, she understood that he was just a little apprehensive, that he wanted his children to come a little further apart than they currently were.

"I knew a lucky bitch who had a heat cycle every five years. I could have clawed her eyes out after the first decade."

Harry was startled into laughing, hard. He wiped his eyes free from the tears and checked to make sure that his girls hadn't woken up at the noise.

"The only problem was, every five years she had quadruplets or quintuplets. She had septuplets one year and I remember thinking that it served her right for having a breeding cycle that was five years apart."

Harry chuckled and shook his head. "Was it normal to have heat cycles so far apart?"

"Back then, yes, it was more common. Mine was every eight months, but I look to submissives today, having cycles that are only a few months apart, like yourself, and I wince with sympathy for you. It's to do with the declining numbers of Drackens, I'm sure. We're having more human children and less Dracken children, so our numbers are still falling, not climbing and the Drackens in us sense that and they are trying to do what they can to rectify it."

"I don't see it myself. I have eight children and four of them are Drackens, that's half. Then there's Leolin, so over half of my children have creature blood. Only three of them, Regan, Calix and Tegan, are human and Regan and Tegan are Faerie blood carriers."

"Then perhaps it is your generation that will solve the crisis." Kimberly pointed out. "Perhaps our species has evolved enough now to finally rectify our declining numbers. If so you may not have that many children, but a higher percentage of them will be Drackens."

Harry smiled and touched his little Dracken girl in Kimberly's lap.

"I'm not sure how I feel about having 'less' children, but as long as everyone is happy, I'll be happy."

"There you are." Max said as he poked his head into the room. "Marianna will be around soon, so don't get startled."

Harry nodded, remembering the panic and the fear that he'd felt, screaming out a loud distress call, when Marianna had torn through the front door looking for Blaise three days ago now.

He had been so frightened that he'd almost torn his stomach open again moving around, trying to protect himself. Thankfully all of the kids had been upstairs in bed so he hadn't made things worse by collecting them all up in his arms and shielding them. He'd just tried to crawl up the stairs to block the path of the 'threat' by putting himself in the way and the agony of that had been blinding.

He'd had to take one of his incredibly strong potions to control the pain and he'd been out of it for the rest of the night. He'd been filled in though on how Marianna had 'felt' that her child needed her as soon as her heat period had finished. She hadn't even taken a moment to bathe, or to clothe herself before flying to them, following her scent link to her son. She had torn through their new house, naked and pissed, looking for Blaise and she had been aggressive and hostile to everyone in her way. Especially as Harry's distress call had brought all dominant members of the family running, thinking that perhaps another fight had broken out.

Nasta had thrown her out and barred her entrance to their home in his anger at her for what she'd done to Harry, frightening him and sending him into such movements that he'd almost put himself back in the Dracken Healing Halls. Today, she was calmer, she was going to be bathed and dressed and she wouldn't act like an enraged submissive protecting her child with the body and fighting instinct of the dominant that she was. Harry was grateful for that, he thought to himself, as he laid a hand over his belly, feeling a phantom pain of what had been an agonising level of activity.

"Hey, do you need a potion, are you okay?" Max asked, coming to him after seeing him grimace and seeing his hand over his belly.

"No. I've taken my potion already, Max." Harry insisted, shaking his head. "I was just remembering Marianna's first visit. That really hurt."

"I could have killed her myself for that." Max said seriously, sitting next to him and pulling him into a hug.

"I'll just leave you boys be." Kimberly said with a gentle, genial smile as she placed Eva next to Ave, tucked them in and then kissed Harry and Max on the forehead. "You boys be kind and good to one another."

"We will." Harry agreed.

"Of course, Nana." Max smiled.

Kimberly chuckled softly before she went through the floo, leaving them alone for a bit while she went and caught up with her mate and husband, Alexander.

Harry turned and grinned at Max, leaning in for a proper kiss. Max pulled him, gently and carefully, onto his lap and manoeuvred him into the perfect position that would put as little pressure on his belly as possible. It came almost as second nature to his mates now to sit him like this if they wanted a cuddle because Harry could sit like this all day, supported upright and with little pressure on his belly or his healing leg.

Max peppered his face with sweet butterfly kisses that made Harry laugh. Max nuzzled at his face and neck and he even snuffled into his hair and it made Harry laugh harder as he looped his arms around Max's neck and stroked his fingers through the soft hair at the nape of Max's neck. It was still curly as Max still hadn't cut it…the curls were getting more defined and his biggest mate was now looking more like a creepy, roided up twelve year old cherub with his curly brown hair. Max was right, he really did look better with short hair, but Harry would never say as such as he twirled his fingers around the curls while they were there. Perhaps it was because he had only known Max with short hair, but he looked wrong with longer, curly hair and though he had looked sweet and utterly adorable as a child with those curls, they didn't fit the man that he'd become. He couldn't wait to see their own children with those same curls, though.

Max nipped over his neck and Harry sighed softly, feeling a stirring of arousal and he buried his own face into Max's strong neck and kissed and licked at the tanned skin.

"I meant to relax you, not stir you up."

"It's too late for that now, my love. You have to deal with what you've created." Harry purred.

"Absolutely not." Nasta's stern voice came from the doorway and Harry groaned. "It's too dangerous, especially after Marianna's last visit. Come here."

Nasta picked Harry up gently and he ignored Harry's obvious arousal pressing into his belly, he carried him through to the family room next door via the open double doors.

"Max, get those girls up to the bedroom." He ordered and Max grumbled, his own arousal was visible in his jeans as he stood up. He tried to adjust himself to make it seem less obscene, but the outline of him was still bulging out his jeans.

Harry laughed as he watched Max adjust himself again, squeezing the length of his bulge and trying to hide himself and failing again as he still showed just as obviously. He grunted, threw his head back in disbelief, and then gave it up as impossible and he was forced to leave it, turning and picking up their two daughters instead to take them up to the master bedroom so that they could sleep in peace without any disturbances.

Harry was gently lowered to the settee and he smiled as he lay back and put his head in Blaise's lap. Blaise who immediately sunk his long, slender fingers into his messy hair and tugged gently, caressing his scalp and making him groan.

"That's not going to make my erection go away." He declared with a smirk.

"That's enough." Myron growled.

Harry's eyes snapped open and he turned to look at Myron on the other settee.

"Damn, I didn't realise you were here." He said with an unrepentant grin. "Where's Richard? He would have appreciated my oversharing."

Myron smirked at the mention of his mate and he shook his head in exasperation.

"He'll be here soon. He's visiting Ashleigh."

"How is she doing?" Harry asked sincerely.

"Very well. We should have done this decades ago and that fault lies solely with me as I ignored the signs of her pain and distress when I should have forced her to go to therapy. She's more like the woman that I mated to again. The change is unbelievable." Myron said happily, overjoyed that Harry was genuinely interested in his submissive mate, even after their slip up.

"I'm so glad that she's doing so well." Harry said with a smile.

Myron beamed like a fool, just like Max did when Harry did something that made him proud and happy, and it brought an answering smile from Harry. Myron had been looking old and tired lately, he was too stressed, too much bad was happening around him, he had little to no control of everything that was happening and he felt useless as he couldn't help, but that simple smile took a decade off of his lined face and his shoulders rose a little, unburdened a little of the massive weight pressing down on them.

Harry felt awful for adding to that burden…as it did seem to be him and his mateship that was causing the majority of the problems, from his fight with Ashleigh and his insistence that she was not allowed near him or his children, the almost fatal fight that had destroyed their home and quite possibly their mateship too. Everything seemed to go wrong around him, swinging from one extreme to the next. He supposed it was only natural that they would clash from time to time, there were five of them…five full grown adult Drackens who all had their own thoughts, feelings, opinions and ways of dealing with different things, but this…surely this wasn't normal, even with five of them. This anger, this aggression was tearing them apart, and it truly would be fatal if they didn't sort it out.

Marianna poked her head through the door and she smiled a little sheepishly.

"May I come in?" She asked huskily.

"Of course." Nasta invited graciously.

Marianna immediately sat next to Blaise and pulled him into a crushing hug while she sniffed at him, as she had done on her first visit, though she'd been less gentle and a lot more feral the last time.

"Hello, Marianna." Max greeted as he came into the family room. His, rather large, problem had been dealt with and Harry sent him a naughty grin from Blaise's lap as he vividly imagined all of the ways that Max could have dealt with such a problem by himself, his imaginings getting more and more detailed and lewd as his mind provided graphic images of Max 'dealing with' his problem in increasingly pornographic ways.

"Stop it." Nasta told him seriously. "I can see what you're doing."

"What's he doing now?" Myron sighed wearily.

"I'm trying to sit up." Harry lied. "I'll stop now." He said with a saucy wink at Max.

"You had better." Myron warned him. "You are in no fit state to be moving around like you are."

"I'm getting much better." Harry said happily. "It's just my leg really that's stopping me from walking around."

"How are you feeling today, darling?" Marianna asked.

It took Harry several moments to realise that Marianna was speaking to him and not to Blaise.

"I'm actually alright today." He said with a smile. "We had some outside time with the kids, Leolin was overjoyed to touch the grass, then they had lunch and I had a very lovely, hilarious talk with Kimberly as she told me how she wanted to gouge out the eyes of a submissive who she only identified to me as 'lucky bitch' who had a five year breeding cycle."

"Harry!" Myron chastised.

"What? It was your Mother who said it! I was just quoting her, if you want to have a go at anyone, it should be her!" Harry pouted.

Max chuckled and he came to kiss him. His blue eyes were dark and wide and he was still aroused. Harry wondered then if he hadn't dealt with himself, but had just…tied himself down. That made his breath catch in his throat and his imagination went haywire.

Max sat by his feet and pulled them onto his lap and he used both of his hands to massage Harry's feet and, carefully, his calves. Harry moaned happily as the tight muscles of his healing leg were carefully, very gently, massaged to aid the healing.

"Thank you. You're a god." He said with a happy smile and his eyes closed. "You're both gods." He amended as Blaise went back to caressing his scalp and running his fingers through his hair.

Leolin took that moment to wake up and Harry heard him snuffling in upset as Harry's face wasn't immediately in his line of sight.

"Ma! Ma!" Leolin sobbed and then he screeched and Blaise cursed and moved a hand to his head.

Harry got up, ignoring his own pain, and he hurried to the bassinet, elbowing Nasta out of the way with a pointy, bony elbow, and he picked up Leolin and cradled him tightly, in a position where Leolin could easily see his face.

He looked at the pile of sleeping children that Nasta and Myron had settled down after their lunches and none of them woke up, even though Calix snuffled himself and Tegan stirred before settling back down.

"What's the matter?" Harry said softly, soothingly.

His voice broke through Leolin's little crying fit and he stopped for a moment, cracking open wet, gold eyes. Harry knew that if Leolin had seen anyone other than him in his line of sight at that moment, that crying fit would have worked up to a complete meltdown, but it was his green eyes that Leolin saw first and he sniffled and snuffled, but he settled down.

"Are you alright, my sweet child?" Marianna asked Blaise, holding him as he cradled his head in his hands.

"I'll be fine, Mother. It's just a headache." Blaise complained.

"I can't believe Draco has done such a thing. It's a good thing that you won't tell me where you're keeping him."

"Enough of that." Harry insisted sharply. "Draco is still our mate and I will not stand to hear him threatened."

"But it is fine that he killed my child, is it? That he almost killed you and your children?" Marianna snarled. "He should already be dead for what he has done, if you boys weren't so soft and had actually done as was warranted then I wouldn't have need to step in and…"

"How dare you!" Harry hissed. "How dare you try and interfere with my mateship! It is not your place to decide what happens with my mateship!"

"Harry is right." Myron said sternly. "It's not your place to step in and deal with anything. They have decided to move past what has happened. They are going to forgive Draco and…"

"What?" Marianna screeched. "You're going to forgive the monster who harmed your children? Who killed my son?!" She directed at Harry.

"Yes." He said simply. "I love him and he is trying. He is in anger management classes and he is doing much better now…"

"I don't care what classes he's taking! I won't have him near my son!"

"That isn't your decision to make." Nasta said with narrowed eyes. "It is Blaise's decision and his alone. He's a grown man and he can decide for himself if he wants to forgive Draco or not."

Marianna looked to her son, still massaging his temples slowly.

"He isn't in the right mind to…"

"Do not insult his intelligence or his own thoughts and feelings." Harry snapped. "He knows what he wants and he doesn't need you, or anyone else for that matter, trying to tell him what he wants or what he should be doing or feeling. Nasta's right, he's a grown man who is capable of thinking and doing things for himself."

Blaise smiled at him, giving him a relieved, grateful look that had Harry straightening his back, ready to take that weight to support his mate if it was needed. He would defend all of his mates to the back teeth if they needed him to.

"Harry is right, Mother. I am perfectly able to make my own decisions and I am happy to allow Draco the chance to prove that he is able to overcome this. If I had been in his place I would have at least wanted to know that my mates were willing to give me a chance to prove that I was willing to be better for them. Draco deserves to have that same chance."

"He killed you, Blaise!"

"So people keep telling me but I don't care!" Blaise roared, getting angry himself now. "It was an accident. He did not set out to kill any of us! If I had seen the punch coming and ducked out of the way in time then it might have been me who had killed him in that fight and I might be the one disgraced and vilified and it could be Narcissa threatening to kill me. Draco deserves the same respect and chances that we all do. Why should he be the only one not given the same chance as everyone else?"

"Calm down or your head will start throbbing again." Max soothed, shifting over, closer to Blaise so that he could sit next to him and he started running those large, thick fingers over his stubbly head, moving the skin of his scalp in a soothing way that rose goosebumps on Blaise's arms and neck.

Harry hushed Leolin and rocked him, looking into those golden eyes and a small hand rose and gripped at his cheek, those teeny nails biting in.

"Oh, fuck!" Harry cursed, his eyes watering. "We are cutting his fucking nails!" He insisted for the seventh time that day.

Nasta chuckled. "Pass him here, I'll bite them down now. Find the file though or his nails will be twice as bad and they'll break the skin, his own and ours."

Blaise was far too content to snuggle up to Max's bulk and Max was far too busy massaging Blaise's head. Nasta now had a squirming Leolin, already nibbling the teeny, tiny fingernails. Harry went to find the baby grooming box, but he realised quickly that this was a new home and he had no clue where the grooming box was kept.

He went back into the family room. "Where is the grooming box? I don't even know where to start looking." He asked.

"Oh, sorry, love. It's in the downstairs bathroom, in the cupboard." Max told him as he looked up from Blaise, but he never stopped his head massage.

Harry nodded and he went to the bathroom and went digging in all the cupboards until he found their grooming box, buried right at the back behind baby shampoo and bubble bath. He took it back into the family room and placed it down, opening it and finding the tiny baby nail file. He handed it over to Nasta and he picked up Leolin's other hand, got eye contact with his son so that he would settle more and he started biting the nails on Leolin's other hand.

Leolin giggled and wriggled on Nasta's lap as he was groomed. Harry left Nasta to file down the shortened nails while he picked up a soft bristled brush and he gently brushed Leolin's thickening, black hair, which made Leolin giggle more as he watched Harry's face as he brushed his hair.

"You are getting more and more adorable as the weeks pass." Harry told him. "Yes you are."

"He's certainly getting a little more mobile." Nasta smiled as he splayed his hand on Leolin's little belly to keep him still while he filed down and smoothed his ragged nails.

Harry finished brushing his hair and he instead started pulling faces at Leolin, stroking his, still rather thin, cheeks and that gummy mouth opened and he laughed the hardest that he had ever laughed in his little life. It made Harry laugh with him.

"He's laughing so well." Marianna said, trying to change the subject after the little dispute.

"He's come on so well." Harry said, pulling more faces at Leolin. "I almost can't recognise him from his newborn self."

Nasta finished filing down his nails and Harry picked Leolin up. The first thing that his little Faerie baby did was clench his fingers back into Harry's cheeks.

"Is that better?" Nasta asked with a smirk.

"Not really, but it doesn't feel like he's gouging my skin with a razor blade anymore." Harry laughed as he shuffled himself on his arse and spread his legs comfortably, making room for his injured left leg.

Harry placed Leolin down on his own bum and he carefully, slowly took his hands away. Leolin sat there for a heartbeat, and then two, before he slowly tilted to the side and then rapidly lost his balance and tipped completely over.

Harry caught him and soothed him gently, letting Leolin see that he was safe, kissing his face and running a hand over his back before Harry sat Leolin back down and then used his own legs to support Leolin upright.

"He's not ready to sit unaided yet. He still hasn't got his balance." Harry sighed as he wrapped his hands around his son and let him play with his fingers.

Draco was not mentioned again while Marianna visited with Blaise, who endured her overprotective smothering in silence.

It was awkward, but Harry ignored it all as he focused on Leolin, spending some quality time with him as, with the rowdier, more active kids, they usually took all the attention and Leolin was usually left with his mobile to entertain him. He always got so enraptured with it that sometimes, when they picked him up, it took him a moment or two to realise that he'd actually been picked up and moved away from it.

Marianna was still thrumming with anger, but Blaise, still snuggling with Max, wouldn't allow her to change his mind or to ruin his peaceful time with his family.

Marianna however wanted to rant, she wanted to tear into Draco for what he'd done and she was only getting angrier the longer they remained calm and happy. In her opinion they should have risen up and killed Draco for what he'd done to her son, and Harry would have felt exactly the same if it was his child who'd been involved, but like this was up to him and his mates to sort out, so it would fall to his own child to sort out such an issue for themselves too. It wouldn't be his place to step in and interfere in such a way with his children's mateships. As such he understood Marianna's anger and worry, but he would not allow it to influence him or his decisions. Draco would be given the chance to make this right first, before he was completely cut off from them.

They'd said goodbye to Marianna after the kids had all had their dinner and had been through their bath times, and not a moment too soon either as not several minutes later, Lucius escorted Draco through the floo.

It was the fifth of June…Draco's nineteenth birthday. According to Lucius, who had floo called Nasta to finalise the plans and to make sure that it was all still going ahead, Draco had refused to celebrate at all. Draco hadn't been told that he was coming to see them today and his face when he saw them said it all really as he aborted an automatic move to come to them and bit hard into his bottom lip.

Harry stood first and he went to Draco, hugging him tight and nuzzling his face into Draco's robes.

"Happy birthday." He said softly.

Draco held him tightly to himself and Harry felt two spots of water drop onto his head…tears. Draco was crying.

Harry broke away from the hug, separating them a bit, and he cupped Draco's face in his hands and pulled him down for a kiss.

"Are you okay?" Blaise asked from above him. Harry tipped his head back and saw that Blaise was stood just behind him.

Draco just nodded, unable to speak as he reached out for Blaise, but he didn't touch him, allowing Blaise to make up his own mind and that made Blaise smile as he went to Draco, who was just slightly taller, and he hugged him tightly.

"I've missed you. The house just isn't the same without your patented brand of specialised wit." Blaise told him with a smile.

"I'm not sure if I'm offended or not." Draco said with a weak smile.

"Let's show you around." Nasta said calmly, blandly. He was exercising a steel control over himself, but he and Max had been preparing for this for a few days and thus they were behaving, as was Draco, who was the only one who hadn't known about this little visit.

Draco looked around then and a frown marred his face a little.

"The old house was ruined." Harry said softly. "It was structurally dangerous and the kids couldn't stay there. Did you know that Nasta planned and had this house built especially for us?" He said excitedly, giving Nasta a loving look.

"No, I had no idea."

"Only Max and I knew, it was going to be a surprise to our mateship after Harry finished with the court case."

"How…how is that going?" Draco asked him.

Harry shook his head. "I haven't been back yet. Richard has been carrying on without me for now. It wasn't what I wanted, but there's little that I can do about it. Apparently, now that I'm not there, they've gotten more confidence and they're ripping me apart and apparently my not being there is very 'telling' towards my lies and guilt."

"I'm sorry, this isn't going to ruin the case, is it?" Draco asked unsurely.

Harry shook his head. "No, of course not. Richard is very able to handle them and he is handling them very well. He's calling them all sorts because they're picking on me due to my 'accident' and he is assuring them that I'll be back soon enough, when I'm a bit stronger."

"Are you well enough to go back?" Draco asked worriedly.

Harry smiled and nodded. "Yes. I'm getting better by the day now. I'm taking some blood daily too, in the night just before I go to sleep. That's helping to take away all the little aches and pains. I can stand up now, as you can see, and though eating is still a little difficult at the moment, I'm getting better."

Draco just held him, not saying anything, as truly there was nothing that he could say, but he held tight and strongly. Harry smiled into that tight hold. They were going to be just fine. To believe anything else was to give up all hope and he refused to do as such.

"Come on." Nasta encouraged. "We'll show you the ground floor first, then we can sit down and talk."

"This is the living room." Harry said with a smile, taking Draco's hand and pulling him to the door.

Blaise chuckled as he mirrored Harry and took Draco's other hand. "That's a bathroom." Blaise pointed to their right.

"It can't be called a bathroom though." Harry insisted as Nasta and Max followed close behind with Lucius, who was here just in case things kicked off again, though what he could do as a human was very limited with brawling Drackens. Though perhaps he could talk down the situation before it actually got to a physical fight. Lucius, with his sharp, silver tongue, was incredibly good at doing that.

"What would you call it?" Draco asked him.

"A bath suite." Harry said with a smile. "Or perhaps a bath mansion."

Max chuckled behind him and Harry gave him a smile over his shoulder, giving him another saucy wink. He'd been teasing Max all day and his biggest mate was getting more and more sexually frustrated. He'd need a release sooner rather than later. Harry bit his lip as he thought of Max and Nasta christening their new bed in their new master bedroom without him, Blaise and Draco. It was a bittersweet fantasy, because Max and Nasta having sex was unbelievably arousing, but on the other hand, them christening the new bed without all five of them there seemed very wrong.

Blaise opened the bathroom door and Draco's mouth dropped.

"I agree with Harry." He said. "That's more of a bath suite than a bathroom."

"You see!" Harry cawed out. "I was right!"

"You're always right." Blaise told him with a smile.

"Thank you." Harry smiled. "I also agree that I'm always right."

That made Max laugh again and he felt a large hand grope his bum. He shifted himself back a little, putting his bum more into Max's hand and he heard his mate groan under his breath.

"That room is empty for the moment." Nasta pointed out as they carried on, sending Max and Harry a warning look. Harry just grinned back. "The room next to it, right down the bottom by the stairs, is going to be a small home gym when Max moves his equipment from the old house to this one and the room opposite that one is a storage closet."

Harry tugged Draco down to the left. "Come and see the kitchen, Draco! It's magnificent."

Draco actually gasped at the size of the kitchen.

"This is…its huge!" He said in wonder.

"It's brilliant, isn't it?" Harry grinned. "Come and see the family room too." Harry said excitedly, pulling him to the left without giving him much time to look at anything else.

"What's that way?" Draco asked. "And through those two doors."

"That's the utility room, that one's the pantry." Max said, pointing to each room off of the kitchen, and Harry could have snogged him for trying.

"Through there are two empty rooms that will be studies." Nasta added as Harry tugged Draco in the opposite direction, into the family room, where their children were playing under the supervision of Myron, Richard and Aneirin, who were here just in case.

"Daddy Day!" Tegan exclaimed happily, excitedly, as she hefted herself up to her feet and ran to him on unsteady legs.

Draco was in tears as he crouched down to hug Tegan close to his chest, his face buried in her hair as he run his fingers through the lengths of it.

Their moment was ruined by four other kids clamouring around them as even Farren got to his feet to come and greet Draco, who wrapped his long arms around all five of them and squeezed them close as they all chatted and jostled each other, each trying to tell their Daddy Draco their own little stories.

"We've all missed you." Harry said softly.

"Sit on the settee." Nasta encouraged and Draco moved, to much displeasure from the kids, who followed him, chattering and shrieking around his legs.

Draco sat down and lifted the kids up one by one, though Braiden climbed up easily himself, not content to wait to be lifted up, and Draco ended up having two kids on one side of him and three on the other. Not happy at all with this arrangement, Tegan clambered over her brothers and sat proudly on his lap.

Draco laughed and bent to kiss her, letting the kids talk to him and chatting back to them. He had very evidently missed them a great deal too and watching him be with them for the first time in almost ten days was painful and very emotional to witness. It seemed much longer than that, but a lot had happened in such a very short space of time.

Harry went to check on Leolin, but after the two and a half ounces of milk that he'd drank for his dinner, he was down and out for the count.

Harry picked him up and cradled him gently, kissing his cheek. The other kids soon migrated back to the floor after they'd finished telling their Daddy Draco their stories, even Tegan though she was the last to leave Draco, and they started playing with their quiet toys before their bedtime. Harry was then able to pass Leolin over to Draco for a cuddle.

"Is he alright?" Draco asked, obviously referring to his recent trip to the hospital.

"He's absolutely fine. We have to deal with the Faeries tomorrow though."

Draco snapped his head up. "I forgot that they would get involved. They…they can't take him from us, can they?" He looked over to Nasta as his arms wrapped more firmly around Leolin's tiny body.

"They can damn well try." Max snarled. "I'll throw every single one of them out of this house in pieces, one by one, piece by piece if I have to."

"It won't come to that." Nasta insisted gently, calming everything back down. "It'll just be Dain and Kailen and Eitri as an impartial court representative."

"I did like Eitri." Harry said softly. "He was kind and he was fair to us. He'll be the same again, won't he?" Harry asked uncertainly.

"He will." Nasta nodded. "They're all going to be angry initially, but once they see that Leolin is fine and unharmed and that we've taken steps to make sure that this will never happen again, they should settle down. We won't allow them to take Leolin from us. He is our son and they can't take him if we don't let them."

Harry nodded firmly. He agreed with that at least, his Dracken too, no one was going to take his son away from him.

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