The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


128. Chapter One Hundred-Thirteen – Obstacle Lunacy

Harry was so excited for Max's birthday and as the baby had settled down a little more now that he was eleven weeks pregnant, he felt happier about the romantic meal tonight.

They still hadn't told Max about their plans to go out for dinner tonight, Max who was insanely excited for tomorrow, not knowing that his birthday surprises would start tonight. Harry couldn't wait to tell him that he wouldn't need to sort out dinner for anyone and that the kids were going away for their dinner and they were going out for theirs.

They were having the kids back for the evening, but hopefully they would already be asleep, then to distract Max from the kitchen, and more importantly the back garden where the obstacle course was going to be fully inflated and ready for the next morning, they were going to drag him up to bed and thoroughly distract him.

At almost three months pregnant, Harry had only just started to show. It wasn't much, but there was now a visibly perceivable bump to him and his mates could not be more excited about it as they took to cupping the barely there bump, touching it, kissing it, talking to it. This was rather annoying, as sometimes Harry was only lying in a certain position to quell the nausea and their touches made him shift, which then sent him running for the bathroom. They seemed to be getting the message and they asked him first if they could touch his belly first. Harry hated that, that they felt they needed permission to touch him, because he loved them touching him. In usual circumstances that was. This wasn't usual circumstances, however, he just couldn't have them touching the bump when their baby thunderer, or thunderess as Max had teased, played up when he so much as rolled over.

He sighed and nibbled on the piece of bread that he'd dipped in some of Max's 'healing' chicken soup. He wanted to eat, because he was hungry, but he wanted something light, because he wanted dinner later. He hoped that the good day continued and the sickness stayed away. Just a few days, he thought to himself, patting his belly gently.

"You're not feeling sick, are you?" Max asked as he ate his own soup.

"No, I'm okay for the moment." Harry said. "I'm more pleading with the baby to stay nice and calm and not jump around my sac so I can finish off this amazing soup."

"I'm glad you're feeling better." Blaise said. "You have more colour to you today."

Harry smiled happily. "I'm just glad to be eating something."

"I bet." Max said, walking behind him and kissing his cheek. "I can't wait for tomorrow!" He said for the millionth time that week.

"Why, what's tomorrow?" Blaise teased.

Max scoffed and darted around the table to wrap those huge arms around Blaise and he nibbled on his neck.

"You know what's tomorrow!" Max insisted with a grin, not letting Blaise go. "It's my birthday!"

"Oh, that's right, you're turning three." Blaise quipped.

Max laughed. "Thirty-three, though I have always told you that I have a mental age of twelve. Though I think since I became a Father that that's increased a little, maybe sixteen now?"

Harry and Blaise both laughed.

"You dope, I love you." Harry said.

"I love you too, stunner." Max kissed the air at him and then winked and Harry shook his head, but he couldn't stop smiling.

He was glad now that they'd decided to treat Max to dinner tonight, he really deserved some pampering, some quality time with them all to himself, with all the attention on him. They'd been through a lot in the last several months, Harry hoped that the next several were calmer and more level and if they got the time to spend together, like now, then they needed to take it. They only had Blaise's birthday left for this year now, out of their mateship that was. Myron's birthday was in two weeks, their quintuplets were two in December, after the nightmare that was going to be Christmas, and then there was Halloween to survive too. Harry Jackson, Henley's son, turned one in October, as did Beatrice, Caesar and Amelle's youngest daughter. Ashleigh and Richard were both fifty in November, Ashleigh just a few weeks before her husband, and then Henley himself turned nineteen in December, along with his daughter, Claudia. It was going to be a very busy couple of months, especially as he himself could go into his nest and have the baby at any time from about November or December. He hoped not, he didn't want any more premature babies, his heart broke for the struggling newborns who would have to fight for every moment of life. He patted his belly and he hoped that his thunderer stayed put.

"You're not feeling sick, are you?" Blaise asked worriedly. "You keep doing that."

Harry looked up and shook his head. "No, I'm fine. I really am just pleading with the baby to hold off for a bit so I can get some decent meals down me. Those potions from Healer Almus are helping too."

"We'll monitor you on those." Max insisted as he came back over with tea and a coffee for Blaise. They watched him closely until they knew that he wasn't going to run for the hills.

Harry nodded his understanding and he took a delicate sip of tea. Nothing happened and Harry sighed happily, taking a bigger gulp. He hoped that the sickness held off and that he was able to enjoy their meal later tonight and that he could have a bit of fun tomorrow, though not too much physical exuberance…he was going to be worn out after tonight. Harry grinned to himself, he was very much looking forward to distracting Max until tomorrow morning.

"I know that look, what are you thinking?" Max purred at him.

"Naughty things." Harry said. "I don't know why, but I'm revved up today, I'm desperate for a fuck."

Max's eyes widened and Blaise's jaw literally dropped.

"Do you both want to come and help me feel better?" Harry asked, lowering his voice and smiling. "I need a shower anyway, this way I can kill three birds with one stone."

"Three birds?" Max asked curiously.

"I want sex, I fucking stink so I need a shower and I want to feel better." He added, though the third 'bird' was keeping Max distracted and getting him into the shower for later tonight. He couldn't come out and say that though, not without ruining the surprise.

"Well then, let us help you." Max said as he helped Harry to stand and then went to help up Blaise, who drained his coffee and followed after Harry quickly.

"You're not sick are you?" Nasta asked as Harry almost bowled past him in the passageway, Nasta had had to hold him to stop them from colliding.

"No, phase get Max in the shower has begun." Harry hissed, winking, as Max and Blaise hurried into the hallway too.

Nasta chuckled. "Go on, don't tire yourselves out, you need to relieve me and Draco of baby duty once you're done." He laughed, letting Harry go and waving them to their master en suite.

Nasta went back into the family room and he gave a smile to Draco.

"What was all the noise?" The blond asked.

"Phase one is complete. Harry has convinced Max to have a shower."

"How?" Draco asked. "I've been dropping hints all morning!"

"I believe Harry offered him shower sex."

Draco blinked, then he sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Of course that would have worked! Why didn't I think of that?!"

"Don't worry. Max is in the shower now. He's warming up with Harry and Blaise, we'll get him later tonight. Are the suits all ready?"

Draco nodded. "All clean and fresh pressed and hanging up in our walk-in wardrobe. Did you check the reservation?"

Nasta nodded. "I floo called this morning to confirm and we've been assured that they don't allow photos to be taken on their premises. So we can floo directly there, or Apparate if we prefer, and while we're in the building no photos of us will be taken."

Draco nodded. "That will make Harry happy. He hates having his face splashed about the place."

"There will likely be someone who makes a comment to one of the rags about him being there, so I'd be surprised if there wasn't at least a small article about it, but they shouldn't be able to get pictures or anything from the staff as they don't put up with such behaviour."

Draco smiled happily. "Hopefully we can have a nice, quiet meal together without anything happening or any mishaps. I just want to enjoy a meal with my lovers, is that so much to ask?"

"No, it's not." Nasta agreed, going to kiss Draco. "We've done our all now to try and make this meal as good, and as calm as we can. There are no photos allowed, the servers and staff are all professional and respectful of the diners' privacy, we should have a nice evening."

"I hope Harry's sickness stays away." Draco fretted.

"He's doing well, but he is pregnant. If he is sick, then it can't be helped and I made sure to get a table close to the bathroom, just in case. The restaurant understood completely when I explained. If he is sick, then I will bring him home and you can stay at the restaurant with Blaise and you can both make Max's night and then come back to meet me and Harry at home."

"Max will likely want to come back too."

"That will only make Harry more upset. He'll think that he's ruined Max's dinner. He might think that even if I'm the only one who brings him home, you know how he is sometimes. But this isn't his fault, he's pregnant."

"When are those guys coming to put up that inflatable monstrosity?"

Nasta chuckled. "Later tonight, about seven, we should already be on our main course by then."

"Then when we get home, Harry will want to check on the kids, but after that it's just dragging Max to bed and keeping him there until morning."

Nasta winked. "Exactly right, Cariad. It shouldn't be too difficult in theory. I've got the night feeds and nappy changes, we'll make sure there's a glass of water for him and Harry on the bedside table, everything should go to plan. Its tomorrow morning that could be the biggest problem, if Max wakes up first and opens the kitchen curtains and sees that 'inflatable monstrosity' we could be rumbled."

"We'll just have to wake up earlier than him then."

"Easier said than done when he's used to waking up early to sort out breakfast every day." Nasta sighed. "I'll try though and then I'll force him into the family room with the kids and keep him in there until the rest of you are awake."

"I'll do the same if I'm awake."

Nasta nodded. "I'll see Harry and Blaise too, so they know that if they're awake that they're to keep Max from the kitchen and away from the garden and the windows."

"I'm just glad that that thing will fit in our garden."

Nasta laughed then. "It has nothing on our garden, Draco. Our garden doesn't stop at the trees, I just made the decision to keep the trees when I bought the land because Harry loved Max's orchard. We'd fit three of those obstacle course on the back lawn, one to either side of the house and then another two on the front lawn. We do have a lot of land, I think I'm going to start doing something with it now, for the kids."

"We love you for building this huge house for us." Draco insisted, bending forward to pull Nasta into a kiss.

"Daddy, no!" Regan insisted, hurrying over to break up their kiss.

"He really has a problem with kissing." Draco said with a considering frown.

"He'll be fine. At the moment it's like when Leolin hits us when we go near Harry. He just wants some attention." Nasta said as he hefted Regan up and sat him on his lap.

Nasta changed the subject to the kids then, as time went by, just in case Max came down and heard something, but it wasn't needed. Another hour on top of the hour that they'd already been upstairs and he went to see where they'd gotten to. He found the three of them napping naked, and still a bit damp, in the middle of their bed. Harry's plan had worked a little too well it seemed.

Nasta chuckled, but he left them where they were. He sent Draco for his own shower as he took some time to play with his children, laughing at their innocent play and some of the things that they came out with while they were playing. Their oldest daughter was the funniest to watch, as Tegan went everywhere with her little penguin and she would strike up a conversation with it.

Draco came down and Nasta had to whistle at him, giving him a once over.

"You look so good." He said, standing from the floor and going to kiss Draco, making sure to stay away from the sharp, crisp suit. "Very dapper."

Draco went slightly pink, but he looked pleased. "Grey is definitely my colour."

"I agree, pale grey or silver goes so well with those stunning eyes of yours."

"You're in a very flirty mood." Draco pointed out.

"I have a reason to be in a flirty mood. Three mates upstairs, sated, naked and resting for later, and one very dapper mate in front of me, looking good enough to eat."

"Don't mention eating." A soft, moan came from the other room a moment before Harry slouched in.

"You aren't feeling sick are you?" Draco asked in concern.

"No, I'm so hungry I could eat a horse."

"That's just the Dracken in you coming through." Nasta teased.

It took Harry a moment to filter the comment, then he laughed, his face brightening up and bringing a smile to his lips. It immediately made Draco and Nasta take notice and stand up straighter, it made them happier to know that their submissive was happy.

"Maybe, but if I don't get something to eat I think I will go full Dracken and go scouring the neighbourhood for prey."

"Well we can't have that, it's almost four O'clock now, I'll get the kids' dinner on now and then I'll sort ours out." Max said as he stumbled in with a yawn. He stared as he saw Draco. "You're looking so good, Draco. What's the occasion?"

Harry shared a look with Draco and Nasta and he shrugged before turning to Max.

"You, of course. We're going out tonight." Harry said with a grin.

"Tonight? But…" Max looked at all of them for a moment, a confused frown on his face.

"We've got more plans for tomorrow, but for tonight, we want you to ourselves." Harry said softly.

"We're really going out?" Max asked excitedly.

"Yes, your suit is hanging in the wardrobe, we have reservations in a little over an hour, so best go get dressed." Nasta chided.

"The kids are going to family?" Max asked.

"No, we thought we'd leave them here alone." Harry rolled his eyes. "Aneirin and Idris are having them."

"And we can't wait!" Idris' happy voice came from the other side of the double doors which were thrown open wide as Idris made an entrance worthy of the best diva.

"Let's get them gone then."

"Nasta, you need a shower."

"I can be in and out." Nasta insisted.

"Get going then." Harry prodded at him. "I'm hungry."

"I've got the kids. Between us we can get them safely to the house." Aneirin said, watching them with a happy smile, cradling Ave who'd toddled up to him to inspect the new comer.

Harry was hungry, and excited, but he still hugged and kissed his babies goodbye. He still had a problem leaving them, even with family, for such non urgent reasons, even though he'd been told over and over that 'date night' was very important to keep their relationship as healthy as possible. He agreed with that, but it was hard to convince his Dracken side to leave their babies behind.

Forty minutes later and all the kids had been moved safely to Idris' house and they were running around getting ready, checking several times that they all had their wallets, that at least one of them had their keys, just in case, of which Nasta had already sorted out. Draco was making sure that they all looked perfectly presentable, attacking Harry's hair with a comb, straightening collars and cuffs and Max was like a big kid, bouncing around and demanding to know where they were going.

"You'll find out when we get there." Nasta replied for the seventh time.

"Are we having dinner? Because Harry's hungry and he needs food." Max wheedled.

"Harry will be taken care of." Nasta soothed. "Just take a moment to breathe, Max."

"I can't! I can't believe you did this, tricking me the night before my actual birthday! I wasn't expecting it."

"There's a lot you aren't expecting." Blaise winked at him.

Max's excitement, if at all possible, seemed to increase and he tried to wheedle the answers out of Blaise then, about the other surprises that he was getting.

"Alright, we're going, come on, Max. You need to Apparate with me." Draco said another twenty minutes later, going to take Max's arm after they were all ready and was assured that they absolutely had everything.

"What about Harry? Harry needs to go with someone." Max protested.

"I'm taken care of." Harry grinned.

"He's coming with me, Max." Nasta said calmly, sliding his arm around Harry's waist.

"Go on now." Harry shooed with a smile. "Come here, Blaise, we can't have you going alone. It's not proper."

Blaise laughed and came to Harry's other side, looking very, very handsome in charcoal.

Nasta was the only one who was wearing anything out of the norm, but he looked incredibly good in a dark brown suit. It brought out the hazel-gold in his eyes wonderfully and you could barely see the green hints in them, instead they looked almost amber.

Harry held his breath as they Apparated, and he hoped that his stomach stayed in place. A moment later and soft, gentle music reached his ears and the world stopped crushing him. He took a moment to breathe, to take in several breaths and then he opened his eyes to see Blaise in front of him, Blaise who had stayed with him as he took a moment, while Nasta went to confirm their reservations. They were led to their table and the five of them sat themselves down.

"How are you feeling, love?" Draco asked from his left side.

"Okay at the moment, not great, but it's not bad. I think it'll settle in a moment. I just need a minute."

"The bathroom is right by there." Nasta said, pointing out a short corridor with a door on either side of the wall. "Just in case you need it, I made sure that we had a table close to it for you."

"Thank you, but at the moment I just need to sit still for a bit. I'll be fine."

Max, sat almost directly opposite him, next to Draco, looked at him consideringly.

"You're sure? You haven't been well for a few weeks now."

"I'm sure. Just a small request though, please. No fish." He said with a face.

"That's fair enough. We'll respect that request." Blaise said from the other side of Max.

Harry smiled then and he stretched his leg out to touch Max's. "So, what do you think of our little surprise?"

"I still can't believe it." Max said, looking up from the menu he'd been given. "I really didn't expect you to do this before my actual birthday. It's such a surprise and I love all four of you for it."

Harry smiled, feeling much better for having heard that. He looked at his own menu, but he was pretty sure that he was going to go for a steak. Ever since Nasta had said about feeding him raw meat, he'd wanted raw meat.

"Are we ready to order, Sirs?" A waiter came to ask them, his voice soft and respectful.

"I think so." Draco answered, looking at them all. "Harry, have you decided?"

Harry looked up and he noticed that he was the only one with his menu still open. "Yes, I want a rare, ten ounce steak, please. No sauces."

"Very good, Sir."

The five of them ordered, none of them wanted starters, they all wanted dessert, even Nasta, which just made Harry desperate for sex again. He shifted uncomfortably, then again, and the second shift got the attention of all his mates quicker than a gunshot.

"Are you okay?" Nasta asked from the right side of him.

"Yes, I just…" Harry stopped, cast a glance around, then pulled himself to Nasta's ear. "I want sex."

Nasta was surprised into laughing, but he kissed him regardless. "Later, love. After dinner."

"What's the matter?" Max asked.

"You didn't tire him out enough." Nasta said simply.

Max looked worried for a moment, then the penny dropped and his expression cleared. Those dark blue eyes danced with amusement. "I'll have to do a better job after dinner then."

Harry winked. "You'd better."

"It would be my genuine pleasure, my love." Max said, all male pride and self-satisfaction.

"You had your chance and you failed. It's my turn." Draco boasted.

"I'd tire all of you out before an hour was up." Nasta said simply.

Harry laughed. "That you would, love, but that would have to be an hour each, your glorious hip rolling takes about an hour to smoothen out as you find your rhythm."

"Ooo, Nas, he's in need of a personal performance to prove him wrong." Max chuckled.

"I'll prove all of you wrong later." Nasta smirked.

"Now that's just unfair." Harry complained. "You know while pregnant I can't last very long, the sensations are too much for me."

"We'll just have to give you multiple attentions throughout the night." Blaise said, giving him a heated look. "Trust me, it'll be no hardship."

"We're going to scare the waiter if we carry on like this." Draco said with a grin.

"Let the poor peon be scared." Max declared. "I like our topic of conversation."

"Of course you do." Blaise teased. "Anything to do with sex and you can't help yourself."

Harry chuckled. "I can't wait to see the dessert menu. Only posh places have a separate dessert menu and I didn't see any on the menu we were given."

"They have a separate dessert menu, love. We'll make sure to get you what you want." Nasta told him with a smile.

Harry was pleased with that and they moved their conversation smoothly onto what desserts they might have here and what they each wanted. Harry was almost drooling at the thought of all the desserts and he couldn't stop his stomach from rumbling in anticipation.

Nasta gave him a look and smiled, as did Draco.

"I did say I was hungry." He giggled. "Where is our food? Our neighbours are starting to look appetising."

His mates all laughed at that, but it was only another ten minutes before they were served. Harry was grateful that his came first and he happily started slicing up his steak. The first bite was for him, the second went to Draco. He gave his mates all a taste of his steak and he got a taste of their chosen plates…if he liked the look and smell of it that was.

They were quiet as they all ate, the sparse conversation was light and happy, and it did inevitably turn to their children and their growing ninth, who was behaving so well today.

When they were done eating, they just settled down for a moment and Harry did have to go to the bathroom, for his bladder though, not for anything else. When he got back, their plates had been cleared away and his mates were all drooling over a rather large dessert menu. Harry all but dived onto his as he retook his seat.

"I can't decide between the chocolate fudge cake with chocolate sauce or the warm brownie with vanilla ice cream." Harry complained.

"So get both. Who says you only have to have one?" Max insisted.

Harry looked right at Nasta, who chuckled. "It's a special occasion and you have been very good with your food lately, and you deserve a treat after all of the morning sickness you've been experiencing. Go mad, all of you."

Harry cheered and he closed his menu, happy that he'd looked through everything several times and that he wanted both desserts he'd chosen…and he'd steal a bite from each of his mates too.

Max once again tried to wheedle the details of what they were doing tomorrow for his birthday out of them, but the rest of them held out, just laughing at his attempts to get the information.

Their desserts were brought over, and this time Harry was out of luck and his mates got theirs first, so he begged for them to feed him their desserts until his arrived. He liked Nasta's cheesecake, he liked Draco's lemon and lime posset, whatever a posset was, Harry had believed it to be a vermin animal of some kind, not a dessert, and Max had gotten the same chocolate cake as Harry was getting, along with a separate bowl of chocolate ice cream. It was gorgeous and Harry couldn't wait for his own to arrive. Blaise had ordered chocolate mint ice cream and coffee…Harry did not want to try that, but thankfully his own two desserts arrived and he happily dived into both.

Another hour and all five of them were very full and very happy. Nasta settled the bill from their joint account and Harry was helped to his feet and escorted to the Apparation point within the restaurant. He and Nasta were going to go first, just in case anything was amiss at home that would clue Max into his surprise for tomorrow.

It was an absolute relief to get home and Harry sat his arse on the settee and he happily kicked off his shoes as he pulled off his tie. Nasta went into the kitchen to make sure the curtains and such were closed and he was going to make tea as an excuse. Harry could hear Idris laughing from the kitchen and the loud greeting of Nasta let Harry know that everything was fine and his babies were all in bed. He'd want to go and check on them all first, but for now, he needed to rest and relax, letting his large dinner and two desserts settle a little.

He pulled Max down with him when his biggest mate came through last, telling him that Nasta was getting the tea and he wanted a cuddle. Draco and Blaise didn't mind, as they knew that he was doing it to give Nasta more time to check on everything. Harry hoped it was all alright and that things went well tomorrow. He was so excited.

When Blaise came back in and told them go stop being anti-social and to go into the kitchen, Harry knew then that everything was safe and though he made a play of whining, he was happy to coerce Max into carrying him to the kitchen and to his cup of waiting honey tea.

"There he is, hello tiny." Idris greeted. "And you too, Harry, shwmae."

Harry laughed at that, as Idris was calling Max tiny, but Max just rolled his eyes.

"You'll have to do better than that, I've heard worse from my own family." Max laughed as he placed Harry down gently in a chair and sat beside him.

Harry all but fell on his cup of tea and he took a huge swallow. He moaned happily.

"Did you miss your honey tea?" Aneirin asked with a smile.

Harry nodded. "Yes, the restaurant didn't have honey tea on the menu, and I doubt they would have made it right, just as I like it, anyway. This is the perfect end to a perfect meal."

"Did you enjoy yourselves then?" Idris asked.

Harry nodded.

"Yes, it was amazing." Max answered. "The best early birthday dinner, ever."

That made Harry smile.

"Well, there were no problems with the kids, they all settled fine, they all made a big mess with their dinners and they all dropped off to sleep with a story." Aneirin told them. "If that was all then we'll get out of your hair and we'll see you tomorrow."

"What's tomorrow?" Max asked quickly, his excitement almost palpable.

"Your birthday, of course." Idris winked. "Have a Harry birthday, kid."

Harry rolled his eyes at the terrible joke. "You're not even funny."

Idris pouted. "I am!" He insisted. "Nassa, tell your mean mate that I'm hilarious."

"My Father taught me to never tell lies." Nasta said simply.

Aneirin laughed then. "I did teach him that, Idris. You'll just have to stay very unfunny."

"But I am funny." Idris complained. "That was a very good joke considering the amount of times Max is going to be banging Harry tonight and tomorrow."

"Alright, that's enough." Aneirin cut in. "Let's get you back home before I have to carry you in pieces."

"At least I have someone to bang me." Harry winked.

Idris laughed loudly, even as he was chided out of the door by his older brother. Harry looked to Max and he winked again.

"Maybe Idris has an idea, Max. Wanna bang?"

Max about choked on his laugher and he had to bury his face in his arms, head to the table, as he roared loudly with uncontrollable laughter.

"You could ask more politely." Draco sniffed.

"He's my mate, I shouldn't have to." Harry pointed out. "I should be able to turn around to all of you and just say 'hey, wanna fuck?'"

"What would you say if I came out with that, though?" Draco asked. "If I just turned around and asked if you wanted to fuck?"

"Yes please, let's get going upstairs, we only have a few hours to get it all out of our systems and I'm desperate." Harry answered with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

Max laughed harder into his arms, he actually started wheezing and Harry gave him an amused look, even though his mate couldn't see him.

"I mean it, all of you get moving. I was desperate in the restaurant, before we even started eating, I'm even more so now. In fact. I'm going up, if none of you are there in five minutes, I'm playing with my toys…actually, I might play with them regardless. Fuck you all." He declared as he hurried off to the stairs.

He went into the nursery to quickly check on his babies and he tucked them all in, giving each of them a kiss. Then his night truly began and he walked into their master bedroom. His mates were all there waiting, but Max had already gotten their box of toys out and he was rooting through it, looking for whatever toy he wanted.

"You can pick the toy, Max." Harry said with a smirk. "But I'm using it first. Then if I hand it to you, you can take over. If I feel like handing it over, of course."

Max moaned and Harry's smirk widened. He really loved teasing his mates and as he stripped himself off slowly, teasingly, he automatically cupped the bump of his ninth child. Tonight was going to be amazing, but tomorrow was going to be phenomenal, he couldn't wait to see Max's face…if it was anything like the one he was currently making as Harry swayed his way towards him, fully naked and cradling their unborn child, well, they would find themselves back in the bedroom very quickly.

Harry woke up to an insistent, annoying prodding and he groaned, rolling over further into the warm body beside him.

The poking became more intense, and getting angry now, he rolled back over to confront it, only to see Draco.

"What you want?" He slurred tiredly.

"Shhh!" Draco shushed him. Harry felt like finding something, anything, hard and solid and beating in Draco's face with it.

"How dare you shush me when I was fine sleeping?!" Harry groused.

The body behind him grunted and shifted and Draco looked panicked and like he was fervently praying for something.

"It's Max's birthday, his big surprise!" Draco bent forward to hiss into his ear. "You wanted to be downstairs to see his face."

Harry's slow, tired mind caught up with the words, and what was happening, and he groaned. "It's not morning already, it can't be. We shouldn't have played so many games last night."

"You're the one who kept picking more toys to play with." Draco pointed out.

Harry grunted. "You weren't complaining, none of you were. Now help me up."

Draco snorted softly, but he dutifully pulled Harry upright and helped him to swing his legs over the side of the bed. Harry looked back at the still sleeping Max, who was the only one left in the bed, but then they really had done a number on him last night. He had been the main focus of all of their attentions, especially when midnight came, and it was a wonder that he was actually asleep still and not just flat out comatose.

Harry padded his way to their en suite, he did his business, washed his hands and then he splashed some cold water onto his face. It woke him up better than anything else and he took a big breath and he went back into their bedroom. Draco was waiting for him, watching Max like he was a sleeping dragon, but their biggest mate hadn't moved since Harry had rolled out of the bed.

"Come on, we've got a nice cup of tea waiting for you downstairs." Draco coaxed and Harry chuckled quietly.

He took Draco's hand and allowed himself to be pulled from their bedroom, down the corridor and then carefully down the stairs. They made it to the quiet, shut up kitchen, which Max was going to hate, as he always insisted that the first person down was to open the curtains, and if it was hot, then the windows too, and then on into the family room, which was partially shut up. The double doors into the smaller living room were open, as were the curtains on the one side, flooding in light, but it was still rather gloomy as the long, floor length curtains that covered the sliding door out onto the porch were closed still, all so that Max would actually eat something before he went charging off over the obstacle course in the garden.

"Have you checked to see if it's still up?" Harry asked, even as he scooted around and pulled back the edge of the curtain to look.

"We did check and it seems fine and sturdy." Nasta told him.

"Mummy!" Braiden called out. "Bo da!"

Harry smiled adoringly at his son. "Bore da, Braiden. Good morning."

"Bo jor!"

"Bonjour, Braiden. Good morning."


"Ciao, Braiden. Good morning."

"Ciao!" Tegan copied.

Harry actually gasped in surprise. "Ciao, Tegan. Good morning."

"Ciao, Tee!" Braiden greeted his sister.

"Ciao!" Tegan giggled.

"What have you done, Blaise?" Harry laughed.

"I've successfully taught them a new greeting." Blaise said proudly, looking at the kids with such a smug look on his face.

"I can see that. They're all so amazing." He sniffed, brushing away his eyes. He was so happy that they were growing and learning.

"What they do now?" Max asked, stumbling into the room, scratching his naked belly.

"Tegan is greeting us in Italian." Harry said. "Happy birthday, lover."

Max gave him a grin, but Braiden took his attention by repeating his daily morning ritual that included three languages now.

"Why's it so dark in here?" Max demanded, as they'd known that he would. "It's eight in the morning, all of these curtains should be open."

"Breakfast first." Nasta said.

"Who cooked it? I saw Harry leaving the bedroom not ten minutes ago, so I know it wasn't him and he's the only other person in this house who is able to cook."

"Your grandmother sent over pancakes with Myron this morning." Nasta said. "She knew we wouldn't want you cooking and guessed that we would have had a late night."

"Yes!" Max cheered. "Today is starting to look really good."

"Harry, do you want some?" Nasta asked as he stood to go in the kitchen.

"No, thank you. I think I just want more tea and a banana please."

Nasta nodded and didn't press. He had been doing really well for the last few days, no one wanted to ruin that progress by urging him to eat more and then having that progress ruined by another thunderous bout of morning sickness.

Harry instead watched his mates eating their fluffy pancakes while he nibbled on a banana and sipped at his second cup of tea.

"Are all of those for me?" Max asked, peering into the smaller living room and spying the pile of presents.

"You know that they are." Blaise teased. "No one else has a birthday today."

Max stuffed the last of his pancakes and he went charging into the other room, dodging toddlers like a pro.

Instead of penning in the kids, Nasta had had the genius idea of penning in the pile of presents, so Harry had to laugh when Max had to climb over a fence to get to his gifts, but it had stopped the curious, inquisitive babies from destroying his birthday presents.

"Come on! I want to see what you've all gotten for me!" Max complained as his mates took an age to reach him.

"You're so childish." Draco laughed.

"You knew that when you met me, love! You can't complain about it now."

"I didn't have any part in choosing you, that was all on Harry." Draco insisted.

"But…you love me, right?" Max asked, a rare glimpse of insecurity poking through.

Draco's expression softened. "Of course I do. You might be an overlarge, childish prat sometimes, but I adore you still and I wouldn't change a thing about you."

"Not even farting in bed?" Max laughed, remembering that talk.

"Okay, maybe a few things, but they're all relatively minor." Draco amended.

Harry had to laugh at that. "There's nothing any of you can do about one another, it was my choice and I chose perfectly." He insisted.

"That you did, Caru." Nasta told him. "Max, open your cards."

Max nodded and he did as he'd been told, still grinning. He would chuckle to himself every now and then, even as he opened and read cards from family and friends. Max had a lot of family members, and he had a lot of friends too, all the cupboards and all the windowsills were covered in cards and it took Max almost half an hour to open and read them all.

In that time Harry had placed both his twin girls in baby walkers, just to keep them safer, had broken up a fight over a doll between Calix and Regan, and drank another cup of tea with Leolin snuggled into his neck.

Max moved on to his presents and again, he had a lot of family and a lot of friends and as a result he had a lot of gifts, from clothes and novelty tee-shirts, to a little plush doll from Julius that looked an awful lot like Harry, right down to the tiny red zigzag on its forehead.

"I love this!" Max declared as soon as he realised that it was a soft, Harry doll. "I'm sleeping with this every night."

"You'll have to." Harry sniffed. "You won't be getting the real thing."

Blaise laughed and Max joined in. "Aw, love. Come on, it's just a gag gift, my family are experts at winding one another up, I mean, Caesar gave me a china tea set!"

"You love that tea set though." Harry pointed out.

"Yeah, I do, but he didn't know that I would. He gave it as a gag gift, like Uncle Julius has given me this." Max said, dangling the Harry doll by its little arm. "It's meant to garner a reaction, that's what makes giving gag gifts funny. If you actually show that you love it, it takes all the wind from the person who gave it. Julius is going to be watching later to see how this doll was received, and truly, I do love my little doll, I'm going to keep it in our bed so I can cuddle it always."

"That is not coming in our bed!" Harry cried out, shivering at the sight of the big, wide green circles that were supposed to be the doll's eyes. "Put it in the wardrobe, I'll have nightmares waking up seeing that looking back at me."

"Ma." Leolin said, a curious note to his voice. Harry looked down at him, but Leolin wasn't even looking at him, he was looking at the doll that Max was dangling.

Harry was actually surprised into being silent as he watched Leolin study the little doll. "Ma." He said again before he reached out for the doll. Max handed it over immediately and they all watched in awed silence as Leolin held the doll and then brought it to his chest to cradle it.

"You see." Max said, breaking their stunned shock. "Gag gifts always have their place. Leolin now has his favourite person in the world in doll form that he can carry around with him. It's useful to us, like the tea set is. This will just choke Julius when he sees that Leolin loves that doll."

Harry bent and kissed Leolin's head, watching him as he cuddled with his doll likeness. Maybe, like the blanket that he had slept with to cover it with his scent, having a doll version of him that he could always carry around with him would help to settle Leolin down and help him to gain a bit more independence, or at the very least help him to put up with his Fathers' attentions when usually he only allowed Harry to fuss over him.

"Here, Nasta." Harry said, shifting forward and gently transferring Leolin over to his arms. Nasta had all but dived forward to receive his son and Leolin went easily and without fuss, or much notice, as he was far too busy staring at the green circles that the doll had for eyes. Harry had to admit that Julius had managed to get the colour almost spot on.

Once Max was done with opening the plethora of gifts, now including books, work journals so that he could write down all his potions notes, potion ingredients, including some rare and obscure ones from Blaise, food, sweets, chocolate and even a very handsome leather case from his grandfathers on Richard's side that contained a beautiful set of very expensive quills.

"This is the best birthday ever." Max declared, looking over his horde.

"You say that every year." Draco pointed out.

"It's true every year." Max argued. "My birthdays only get better as I age."

Harry chuckled. "Well, we do hope that this birthday will be the best ever, the four of us have one final gift for you."

"Really?" Max asked, his excitement ramping up yet again. "Where is it?"

"This way." Harry said with a grin, standing up and taking Max's hand and stepping over the playpen first. "Close your eyes."

Max excitedly did as he'd been told and Harry led him carefully through the field of toddlers that kept getting underfoot. Blaise had gone right for the camcorder, to record Max's first reaction, and Draco and Nasta followed them as Harry led Max to the kitchen and a simple wave of his wand had all the curtains rushing open.

Harry grinned at the massive inflatable obstacle course in the garden, even as he unlocked and slid open the backdoor.

"It's outside?" Max asked curiously.

"Yes, keep your eyes closed." Harry said sternly. "Left foot up and over." He directed as he looked at Max's feet. "This is one day where you don't want to be nursing an injury."

"Why not?"

"You'll never win for me that way." Harry said sternly.

"Win for you? Win what?"

Harry checked to make sure Draco and Blaise and Nasta were all standing behind him, where all four of them would be able to see Max's face.

"Okay, open your eyes, love." Harry said and he watched as Max snapped his eyes open and the confused furrow in Max's brow eased off as he realised what he was looking at. He stood stock still for a moment, Harry counted eight heartbeats before Max reacted and he got the biggest grin on his face.

"Is that…?" He asked.

"A giant inflatable obstacle course for adults? Why yes it is." Harry said proudly, with a big grin.

Max let out a loud yell, cheered and he ran straight for it, leaving his four mates still on the porch to laugh at him. Blaise had turned with the camcorder to record Max's first go on the obstacle course.

"I knew he'd love it." Harry said with a grin.

"He's going to be exhausted by the time we go to bed." Nasta sighed. "Looks like I'll be doing all of the work."

"That's nothing new." Blaise said.

Harry laughed. "You're recording all of this for future documentation." He pointed out. "I don't think I want to scar our children in the future when they watch these tapes back."

"All the tapes are ruined." Draco insisted. "There is always some sort of comment on every scene we shoot."

Harry snorted. "We clearly have no self-control." He said, sitting at the massive porch table that seated twenty.

"Done!" Max cried out several minutes later from the bottom of the garden, where the finish was. He jogged back to them in double quick time. "What did I score? What was my time?" He asked.

"Oh, were we supposed to time you?" Draco drawled. "You should have said before you went charging off to start. You'll have to do it again."

Harry laughed and shook his head. He watched Max go around once more, before he went back inside to look after the kids. They'd be having guests at about lunch time, and there was no way that Max was getting off that obstacle course at all today. He really was going to be exhausted by tonight.

It was one in the afternoon when they started having their first guests arrive. Harry had sorted out lunch for the kids, assuring Max that it was his birthday and it was completely fine, that no he wasn't feeling sick at the moment and he was alright to make a bit of lunch for his babies. He only did a bit of chicken breast and vegetables for the kids, stealing bites and nibbles as he helped the kids to eat.

He was still doing this when Myron, Richard and the invited Ashleigh came into the kitchen.

"Harry, darling, it's so good to see you again." She said with a soft smile.

Harry smiled back. "It's great to see you looking so well, Ashleigh." He insisted, going to hug her tightly.

She had progressed to a place where she was now allowed out of the centre for a day or two, as a sort of little test to check her progress. She had passed such tests before easily, when she was in her own home with her mates, but this would be a bigger test. Harry hoped that she was alright now, that she passed and was finally able to go home with her mates and stay home.

"May I say hello?" She asked a little hesitantly, indicating the eating children.

"Of course, you're still their grandmother." He said.

He went to greet Myron and Richard while Ashleigh said hello to the kids.

"Thank you for not holding her breakdown against her, Harry." Myron told him, hugging him tightly

"She wasn't well." Harry said firmly. "If I had gone through the same I would have wanted support and help too and I wouldn't have wanted it to be continually shoved in my face. My Dracken is calmer around her now too. She needed the help and she got it. It's now time for her to remember that family can't be broken so easily."

Richard hugged him tightly too and Harry moaned. "Not so tight." He complained. "Thunder hasn't decided yet if it's a sick day or not."

"Thunder?" Myron asked, even as Richard apologised and loosened his hold.

"Thunder, thunderer, thunderess if you listen to Max, though I still say that thunderer is unisex. It's what we're calling the baby because of the violent morning sickness he or she is giving me."

"I…has that name stuck?" Myron asked.

Harry nodded. "Even the guys are calling the baby thunder now. I'm looking through all the baby name books I have for a name that means thunder now."

"Oh, thank Merlin." Myron sighed. "I thought you meant the baby's name would actually be thunder for a moment."

"It might be yet." Harry laughed and winked. Richard laughed with him.

"Sweet one!" Alexander called out as he came from the living room. "How are you feeling?"

"Very unsettled and on the borderline of being sick, but I'm okay."

"Where is our birthday boy Maxie?"

Harry laughed and pointed to the visible obstacle course. "Where do you think? He hasn't come off that thing since we showed it to him this morning. He's got Blaise recording him and Draco timing him and he's roped Nasta into a contest already to see who's faster. He won't believe that Nasta keeps winning."

Richard laughed. "I have to get in on this, I've been dreaming of this obstacle course since you mentioned it to me."

"Go and say hi." Harry said. "Don't think you have to wait for permission to go on that thing either, its upper weight limit is ridiculous and it'll take up to forty people at once. Go have fun."

"It's going to rain in the afternoon." Myron said worriedly.

"I'm counting on it." Harry grinned. "At the first hint of rain I'm covering that thing in washing up liquid and letting the rain do its thing. It's going to be amazing!"

Richard laughed and hugged him gently before taking off to the garden, his mates and his in-laws following. Harry heard him shouting his greeting to Max, he heard the challenge to Max and a minute later Nasta came in through the back door, sweaty but happy.

"Did you let him win at least once?" Harry asked.

"No. I was going to as it's his birthday, but when I dropped off and let him go in front he gloated so badly that I couldn't let him win after that."

"Nasta." Harry sighed, shaking his head. "It's his birthday! Let him gloat and win a few races."

Nasta snorted and came to hug him. "How are you feeling?"

"A little sick now." He admitted. "I don't think thunder is going to let me go on the obstacle course, not today."

"I'm sorry the baby isn't settling." He said sincerely. "Sit down and I'll get you some tea."

Harry nodded and he sat at the end of the table. The kids were almost done eating and Harry monitored them critically for signs that they might choke. Of course there was mess and food everywhere, that had become normal at mealtimes now. Regan even had squashed broccoli in his hair. Harry made a mental note to try and comb that out after lunch and even as he watched, Calix picked up a slice of carrot and squashed it tightly in his fist, giggling as the orange mush was forced through his fingers. He shook his head, it was a lost battle and now he and his mates just left the kids to it, as long as most of their food ended up in their mouths, he didn't care that his babies wore their food like face paint or hair accessories. It drove Draco mad though, at least until Narcissa had shown him a picture of himself sat in a booster seat and what looked like an entire plate of, what they'd been assured was cottage pie in his hair. He'd calmed a little since then, knowing how polite and mannered he had grown to be, he was now more assured that the kids could be taught too, just not quite so young.

Nasta set a cup of tea down in front of him and Harry sipped at it gingerly, keeping it in his hands so that no flying bits of food landed in his cup. That had happened before and he'd almost choked when he'd swallowed a baked bean that had been floating in his cup.

There as a loud cheer from outside and Harry chuckled.

"I'm glad we got that inflatable monstrosity for him." He said.

"He's certainly getting the most out of it, he hasn't come off yet."

"Who hasn't come off of what?" Caesar asked as he walked in with baby Beatrice.

"Oh, Caesar, we're glad you could come." Harry said with a grin…they hadn't told Caesar about the obstacle course either.

"I…I'm actually scared of that look on your face right now, what's going on."

"I hope you're feeling active." Harry giggled.

"Now I'm really scared."

"We hired Max an inflatable obstacle course for adults for his birthday." Nasta said, nodding to the kitchen window where the colourful inflatable was blocking out the sun. "He's already challenged me, he's challenging your Dad right now, as soon as you get out there, you'll be next."

"That's so cool! Here, have a kid." Caesar said, handing Bea over to Nasta and taking off outside.

"What was that?" Amelle asked, carrying Nora into the room just as Caesar ran out. She clocked Nasta with her daughter immediately, but didn't say anything about it.

"We got Max an inflatable obstacle course…Caesar is obviously just as excited as Max." Harry giggled.

Amelle rolled her eyes, but placed Nora down when her daughter squirmed and struggled. "He's going to be like a big kid all day." She said.

"We've set up a crèche area for the kids, taking their playpen outside and penning in the kids play area, so they can't get hurt or go near the obstacle course, if you wanted to put Nora in there now, she can have the run of it for ten minutes." Harry said.

Amelle nodded and she took Beatrice from Nasta and then took hold of Nora's hand and led her out to the garden.

"We're not going to have any peace." Nasta sighed. "Wait until Sanex comes over, and Idris. This is utter lunacy."

Harry chuckled. "It'll all be over by tomorrow. The guys are coming back to deflate and take that thing away tomorrow afternoon. Until then, Max is happy."

Nasta nodded and came to sit beside him, kissing him happily. "Is the tea helping?"

"I think sitting down is helping more. Of all days to protest movement, it's Max's birthday. At least I baked his cake yesterday."

"You should have let me order him one. It would have still been special."

"Nothing is as special as lovingly handmade." Harry said. "I was feeling fine yesterday too. Even with the afternoon romp and nap, and dinner was amazing too. It's today that this has started. Maybe I ate too much yesterday." He said consideringly.

"Just rest for a little whi…"

"Down!" Calix demanded, interrupting Nasta and waving his messy hands about. "Mummy, Daddy, down."

Harry chuckled and Nasta shook his head, grabbed the pack of baby wipes and he started cleaning a protesting Calix off with several of them before unbuckling him and setting him on his feet. Their son took off over the kitchen floor, much too fast, he fell just before he reached the door. Harry half rose, but Calix was unperturbed by his fall and he just started crawling instead on his hands and knees and out the back door.

"Crazy that boy." He said with a smile, sinking back into his chair, watching as Nasta took more baby wipes to all of the kids, picking bits of food out of their hair, and in Regan's case out of his ear, before he set them free one by one, leaving Farren for last, as he'd wanted apple slices after his lunch and none of the other kids had.

Harry hoped that someone had popped them all into the crèche area as they all filtered out of the kitchen one by one. The mental image of that made him giggle and he shook his head when Nasta turned to look at him curiously. He was in a very strange mood today, a rather silly, fun mood. It was a damn shame that he couldn't act on it.

Two hours later and the kids were all down for their late afternoon naps, all apart from Farren, who wanted to stay with his granddad Myron, and Leolin, who wanted to stay awake with his 'Ma' doll and was being fussed over by Kimberly.

The heavens had opened and Harry was as good as his word. He'd kicked everyone off of the inflatable course and he'd used a dozen bottles of washing up liquid that he'd bought just for this moment, to cover every inch of it, from start to finish. At least he'd sort of had a go on the inflatable course as he carefully walked all over it and climbed the obstacles to cover it with the liquid as the rain came down and made the entire thing a slippery, slimy hazard.

"Try and beat the course now!" He'd declared to the grown men and women who were as excited as kids at Christmas.

"Your mate is awesome, Maxie!" Nicodemus declared, getting ready at the start for Nasta to signal the start of the race. "A genius too for thinking of this fun way to use the rain so it doesn't spoil the day!"

"Don't I know it!" Max said back, giving Harry a gooey eyed look.

Harry dropped his collection of plastic bottles for the recycling to the grass to pick up later, and he waved at Nasta in the drizzling rain, getting soaked himself, but he didn't care. He was not missing this for the world.

"Aright, the course is set, please try not to break any bones, it's a backyard contest and there's no prize if you win, so don't kill yourselves or each other." Nasta insisted. "Feel free to drag down other people and throw them over or off of obstacles, however claws, fangs and wings are not permitted, so keep your Drackens under control."

"Let us go, Nassa!" Idris whined from where he was bouncing in eager anticipation. "We already know the rules, you've been saying them all day."

Nasta laughed. "Three. Two. One. GO!" Nasta called out.

It was a shambles and Harry almost pissed himself in laughter as a dozen people took one step onto the inflatable and face planted it when their feet went from under them. Everyone was slipping and sliding, their arms windmilling to try and keep their balance and clinging to some of the obstacles to keep their feet.

Harry couldn't breathe from laughing and he clung to Nasta, who'd come to join him at the finish to declare the winner, while Blaise was on the porch, in the dry, the camcorder aimed at the inflatable, watching the slipping, sliding people.

"I can't…I can't even breathe!" Harry giggled, panting and wheezing as he watched Cepheus slip and take out three other people like dominoes.

"This was definitely the best idea, I'm glad you thought of this." Nasta laughed himself as they watched Max go sprawling as he slid down a slide and he just didn't stop at the bottom. He couldn't get his feet, he couldn't slow down and he just slid straight into the next obstacle and Harry almost fell about laughing.

"Oh, Merlin." Harry laughed, trying to catch his breath. "I'm going to call it a draw and watch them go back on again, this is too fun."

Nasta was full out laughing when his brother hit a patch of washing up liquid and went skidding into Nicodemus and Richard, taking the both of them out. Harry burst out laughing again and the urge to go for a wee grew.

"This was genius, sweet one." Alexander told him, keeping the main bulk of runners in his sights.

"I can't even breathe." Harry laughed, watching as more runners went sliding and tumbling.

"Richard's getting trampled." Myron smirked as he watched his mate continually fall and slip, his arm was around Ashleigh as she laughed so hard she had tears streaming down her face as Idris came over the one obstacle and fell on top of Richard. Harry looked for Farren and saw him in Draco's arms, safe and dry on the porch.

It was anyone's game when they reached the uphill obstacle, that Harry had emptied three full bottles of washing up liquid over. No one could get up it and despite the ropes to 'help' no one could climb up it. Harry was laughing so hard that he couldn't see through his tears and he had wet himself a little. He just couldn't stop himself and all of his muscles had relaxed and some wee had dribbled out before he could regain control of himself.

The race finally ended and it was slight, slim Caesar who had won. Amelle had run to him to congratulate her mate and he'd picked her up and spun her around, ignoring his soaking wet, slimy shirt and shorts that were plastered in washing up liquid and soap bubbles.

"Where are my mates to congratulate me?" Max whined when he finally finished.

"You lost!" Draco called out from under the dry porch. "I'm not running out into the rain with you as slimy and filthy as you are to congratulate a loser!"

"I survived!" Max called back. "That should be enough."

Harry laughed again, wheezing and crying. He wasn't going to send them back on to the course, he could barely breathe now, round two would have to wait until after the cake. He needed to catch his breath first.

Round two had turned into round three, four, five and six. Caesar had won the first round, Nicodemus had won the second, Max had been absolutely brutal to win the third round, catching up to Richard and throwing his own Father from the top of the obstacle and back down the uphill climb to knock several others over like bowling pins and Richard had had his revenge by yanking out Max's foot and scaling past him to take the fourth round. Sanex had won the fifth round and then their winner, taking two rounds, was Caesar, who had wormed past both his Father and brother, then taken out Cepheus and then Julius to steal the win.

It was almost pitch black when they had to finally call a stop to the tournament. It was the greatest day many of them had had in a long while, and all the laughter and the fun had definitely been needed.

Harry was settled down with a cup of tea, a fussing Eva in his one arm as she refused to go to sleep, despite the fact that it was coming up to ten at night. He'd tried everything, more milk, a fresh nappy, singing lullabies and reading a story, but she was not happy.

"Is she teething?" Draco asked from the settee adjacent to him.

Harry sat forward and placed his cup on the coffee table and he checked. He hadn't thought to check her for signs of teething and sure enough, another little dot of white was coming through at the bottom.

"You're right, Draco, look!" He said as he showed his clamouring mates the little speck of white around the inflamed gum. "Max, go and get some of that gel, please. Maybe she'll actually sleep if she's not in any pain."

"Sure thing, lover." Max said, putting his own cup down and going to his potions case in the kitchen, where it was in the highest cupboard that no one could reach.

Harry took the tube of gel and he used a baby wipe to clean his finger before he smeared a blob of the gel over the emerging tooth, making sure to rub all the way around it to soothe and massage the gums too.

Eva had dropped off to sleep before any of them had finished their tea now that her pained gum had been soothed and Harry sighed in relief, just happy that his daughter was finally getting the rest that she needed.

"How is the thunderer?" Max asked him.

"Quiet, thank Merlin." Harry answered. "I feel fine, I feel happy and healthy and not at all sick. It has been a good day."

"I'll agree to that." Max said with a grin. "I'm exhausted and I've pulled several muscles that I didn't even know I had."

"Serves you right for treating a small backyard game like a conquest of war." Draco laughed.

"I can't believe Caesar won." Max pouted.

"He is smaller and lighter than you are." Harry soothed. "I saw your muscular weight dragging you back down some of those obstacles and Caesar just flew over them."

"Yeah." Max said, smiling a little at that thought. "That must have been it."

"I'm sure it was." Nasta agreed.

He and Nasta shared a look and Harry hid his grin. As long as Max was happy, he didn't care.

"When does it need to be cleaned?" Max asked.

"Tomorrow morning now. You can have a few more hours on it, they aren't coming until two in the afternoon, so the kids will be hopefully down for their naps and out of the way."

"Yes!" Max cheered. "I can't even believe you thought to do this for me. You're the greatest mates in the entire world."

"And don't you forget it." Harry teased.

"I won't, not ever. I love you all far too much." Max declared, coming to sit beside him and kissing him.

Harry smiled softly at him and sighed. "I think it's time I put this little princess up in her bed. I don't think I'll come back down, I'm really not feeling the stairs."

"I'll carry you, hold on." Max insisted, standing again and going to drain the last of his tea. "I'm exhausted after today and I know tomorrow I'm going to be sore. I was playing on that thing for twelve hours."

Max picked up Harry, who had a hold of Eva and he moaned as his sore muscles protested.

"Don't you dare drop them or you'll be sleeping in a guest bedroom." Blaise warned seriously.

"I'm not going to drop my precious, beloved cargo." Max insisted. "I might not move from our bed tomorrow, but what's a few pulled muscles in the bigger picture?"

"A bit of pain after a day of laughter and fun." Harry answered what was likely a rhetorical question. "Oh, and cake!"

"Your cakes are to die for." Max said seriously. "I'm glad that you took the time, even when you aren't feeling your best, to make me a birthday cake. It was fantastic."

"I was feeling alright yesterday, it's today that all this has started, our thunderer is adamant that we know that they're there."

"We know you're in there, baby, you just need to calm down a little." Max whispered to his belly.

Harry smiled and he was set on his feet as Max climbed the stairs and took them into their bedroom. Harry went to the two cots beside their bed and he placed Eva into the empty one.

"Sleep peacefully, sweetheart." He said gently, tucking her in. He checked on Ave before he started undressing. Throwing his clothes in the direction of the hamper for Draco to pick up when he came up to bed.

Max joined him and the two of them settled almost naked into the bed. They both still had their boxer-briefs on.

"I am so glad today that we did all of that romping last night." Max said as he just held Harry tightly in his arms. "I don't think I can move tonight."

"You don't want birthday celebration sex?" Harry giggled.

"Technically I had it last night, as we were still going at it at two in the morning. I just don't think I can handle any more exercise."

Harry chuckled. "Whatever you want to do, Max. It's still your birthday and if you just want to cuddle and sleep, we'll cuddle and sleep. There's always tomorrow night."

Max laughed quietly. "I want to have sex. Of course I do, I always want to enjoy my mates and their beautiful bodies, I just don't think my body is up for it."

Harry laughed himself and turned onto his side slowly and carefully, so he didn't startle his thunderer into causing him to vomit, and he cuddled up to Max's chest.

"It's okay, I don't think the baby will let me have at my mates either. I can't move without feeling sick. So I guess it was the best idea to have dinner and sex yesterday, because I wouldn't have been able to do either today. I couldn't even have fun on the inflatable because I was feeling sick."

Max sighed and bent his head to kiss him. "It won't last, love. It never does. You're in the second trimester now, it should ease off in another few weeks."

"If it sticks to my other three pregnancies, yes, but what if it's different this time?"

"If it is then we'll help you through it and support you always." Max declared firmly. "We're your mates and nothing is as important to us as you. We will help you, gorgeous, though anything and everything."

Harry smiled and he closed his eyes, relishing being in Max's arms and just happy that he'd made his birthday as happy and as entertaining as he could.

"You were wrong, Blaise, they're both fast asleep." Harry heard Nasta announce quietly some time later.

"I'm not." Harry said gently. "My belly is unsettled."

Nasta came straight to him then and placed a hand on his bare shoulder.

"Do you need the bathroom?" He asked seriously.

Harry shook his head. "No. I think I need to lie on my back, though."

Nasta carefully, and ever so slowly, helped him to turn until he was on his back.

"Is that better?"

"I don't even know." Harry sighed. "Maybe."

Nasta left him where he was for a moment while he undressed and Harry scooted to the edge of the bed.

"Bathroom?" Blaise asked, coming to hover over him.

"No, but I do think it would be best if I slept on the edge of the bed tonight, just in case I need to make a quick break for our en suite." He said, looking at the open en suite door which was closest to him.

"That might be the best idea." Nasta agreed, even as Blaise climbed in behind him, settling between Harry and Max, who was snoring softly. He really had been worn out today.

Harry settled himself and he felt better being on his back and he stroked the bump softly and slowly, soothing the baby within and hopefully his stomach too. Damn raging hormones making him as sick as a dog. He sighed and calmed himself, it was all for his baby.

The bed dipped as Nasta climbed in on the other side of Max, Draco in front of him so that he was on the other edge of the bed, so he could get out quickly if he needed to, to help Harry if he had any sickness or vomiting in the night.

Max was right, Harry thought to himself as he watched all four of his mates drift off while he was stroking his bump to sooth his stomach…he really did have the greatest mates in the entire world.

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