The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


125. Chapter One Hundred-Ten – Maddison Madness Part 2

Harry frowned as he thought of that. "Am I that bad?" He asked a little insecurely. "Am I actually a horror?"

"No. No!" Xerxes said placatingly. "I'm just saying they put you on a pedestal, as all dominant mates do, and sometimes, well, sometimes it means that they let you get away with considerably more than you should."

Harry's frown deepened. "I don't see it." He said after a pause. "They do insist that I don't do certain things…"

"You're not going to see it." Xerxes cut in gently. "We're not talking about them stopping you from doing things that they think will harm you, that's just their instincts stepping in, and yes, Nasta stopping you all from eating sweets and drinking coffee counts under this as he sees it as a danger to your health."

Harry looked down, but all he could think about now was when he had manipulated his mates into taking him on holiday when he was pregnant with the quintuplets. They really hadn't wanted to go, they hadn't wanted him to go anywhere, but he had used his 'submissive wiles' to manipulate them into taking a family holiday. He had shamelessly used the Dursleys abuse of him to all but force them into taking him on a holiday they hadn't wanted to go on. He swallowed painfully.

"Excuse me." He said in a strangled, choked voice.

"Harry, no. I never meant to upset you!" Xerxes said, shocked by his reaction as Harry stood and hurried away.

He held Leolin tightly and he hurried to a small little alcove in Alexander's garden created by several rose bushes. He crawled into the centre of them all and he just sat with his knees to his chin, Leolin cradled to his chest.

Had it been wrong of him to manipulate his mates in such a way? Should he have ignored Marianna's advice to manipulate his way around his mates to get them to take him on holiday? He bit his lip and tried to excuse his own behaviour, but there was no excuse for what he'd done. He'd never thought of it in such a way before and now he felt terrible.

"Harry?!" Nasta's voice called out. "Love, where are you?"

"Got him?" Draco's voice asked.

"No, I can scent him, but I can't find him." Nasta sighed. "Harry?!"

"I'll look over here." Draco said.

Harry rubbed his eyes. "Nasta?"

"Harry?! Where on earth are you?" Nasta asked. "Xerxes told us that he'd upset you on accident, come out and we can have a cwtch to make you feel better."

Harry crawled out from under the rose bushes, almost at Nasta's feet, and his saw the surprise, and a little amusement, on Nasta's face. It made him chuckle a bit and rub his eyes with his free hand.

Nasta stooped and picked him up and gave him a big hug.

"Is it pregnancy hormones?" Nasta asked him.

Harry shook his head. "No. I just…I never realised before that you treat me like I'm beyond reproach."

Nasta frowned. "We don't." He said immediately.

"I…" Harry frowned and he looked at the floor. "I manipulated you."

"What?" Nasta said. "When?"

Harry swallowed. "When I wanted to go on holiday. Though back then I did really think we were just going to Marianna's house, I didn't know she'd booked the trip to Guadeloupe. But I guilted and manipulated you into taking me when you didn't want to."

Nasta snorted and sat down against a tree with him and Leolin in his lap.

"Harry, I am your top dominant. I was a thirty-seven year old man at the time. Did you really think that I didn't know what you were doing? Especially when you were so terrible at it. I knew what you were doing, Caru, almost from the first moment that you started."

Harry looked at him. "But, why didn't you call me on it? Why did you let us go on that holiday if you knew I was manipulating you?"

"Because what you said was true, Harry. You weren't lying to me to get your own way, everything you said was true. You'd never had a holiday before, you'd never experienced that. Despite knowing what you were doing, I still sat and thought about it seriously for long hours, weighing up pros and cons, but in the end I realised that you needed the escape and I decided that we would have a holiday together, pregnancy or not. You needed it and despite how obvious you were about trying to get your own way, I didn't care. Looking back on the long days we spent in Guadeloupe, seeing how happy you were, how relaxed, how excited, I can honestly say that they are some of my best memories. It was the right choice to go on that holiday. You deserved it."


Nasta cut him off with a kiss, expertly dodging Leolin's furious slap as he dared to kiss his 'Ma'.

"There are no buts, Harry. You deserved your first proper holiday, we all needed it, and it was the right choice. We had so much fun, we were happy, and truly, I don't think we've ever had that much sex in one week outside of a heat period." Nasta laughed.

Harry managed a wet little chuckle.

"So you don't need to get upset over that or feel bad about it. True, it wasn't the greatest feeling in the world to know that one of those you love is manipulating you, and it wasn't right, but I understand why you did it, Harry and I don't hold it against you. That's why I never brought it up or called you out on it. I understood. I do hope that now we're older, more settled with one another, that you know now that you can discuss things with us and bring up a suggestion without trying to manipulate us."

Harry thought about that. He thought of all the strides his mates had made, particularly Max and Nasta, in listening to him without automatically shooting him down.

"I think I do now. Since that awful day." He said. "It shouldn't have taken that attack to get you and Max to listen to me, to Blaise too, we're not children and we shouldn't be treated like children. But I think we have grown more together over the last two years, with you and Max listening more and not just overriding the rest of us because you think that you know better, I think we can have more level-headed discussions now. I feel that I can trust you to listen to me, so I guess…I guess I don't feel like I need to resort to manipulating you to get you to listen to me or do what I want."

"That's good, really good." Nasta said with a smile.

"I am sorry that I did it, Nas. I love you."

"I love you too, Cariad. You shouldn't have done it and I won't condone it, but as I said, I understand. Though more to the point you shouldn't have had to resort to such drastic measures just to get us to listen to you. We were a little hard headed back then."

Harry smiled and he snuggled into Nasta, his top dominant holding him tight with one arm, the other was stroking Leolin's hair.

"Are you okay now? No more being upset? You've sent all the Maddisons mad." Nasta chuckled.

Harry nodded. "I feel better now. Just…can you hold me for a little longer?"

Nasta kissed his head, getting an angry screech from Leolin, but he did as asked and held Harry tight.

"You are getting very bossy." Nasta told Leolin. "I will kiss your Mother whenever I please."

Harry laughed softly and used his free arm to mop up his face.

"Nasta, we still can't find…oh." Blaise came storming over to where Nasta had been last and he caught sight of them on the grass cuddling. "Are you alright, Bello?"

Harry nodded. "I am now that Nasta has given me a cwtch."

Blaise sunk down beside him and cuddled up to his back, his chin propping out over Harry's shoulder. Harry had to grab Leolin's hand to stop him from hitting his Father in the face.

Blaise nuzzled him and Harry nuzzled back.

"I'm glad that you're alright. I could have killed Xerxes when he said that he'd upset you." Blaise said.

"It's okay. He didn't really upset me, I upset myself after I thought too hard about something he'd said."

"What did he say?" Blaise asked.

"That as your submissive I'm beyond reproach. That I can do no wrong."

"Well that's bullshit." Blaise said. "We've had to punish you in the past, we've had fights and stupid arguments. You're far from beyond reproach, Harry. You're not flawless, no one is, but still, to me, you're perfect."

Harry smiled and tipped his head to kiss Blaise more firmly.

"I agree with Blaise, Harry." Nasta said. "None of us are beyond reproach. We all do things wrong, we all argue and maybe sometimes we get on each other's nerves, but that's just normal, that's us, and I wouldn't change any of that. We do not put you beyond reproach, I mean, we all nag at you and I suppose we do chastise you on occasion, none of us are perfect, but we're good, both together and apart."

Feeling much better, Harry nodded. Xerxes was wrong, or at least not completely right. His mates might let him get away with certain things, but he was far from getting away with murder. The worst he'd done, as he'd admitted to, was manipulating his mates, particularly Nasta, into taking him on holiday, but now he'd found out that Nasta had known all along and didn't hold it against him.

"Come on, Prezioso." Blaise said with a smile. "Alexander will want to see you now, all the Maddisons went crazy when Xerxes admitted to upsetting you."

Harry nodded and he went to stand up, but Nasta held him tighter and stood up with Harry in his arms. He was then placed on his feet with Nasta's arm around his shoulders and Blaise's around his waist. He smiled from between them.

"Harry! Are you alright?" Draco called out as soon as he spotted him between Nasta and Blaise.

Harry nodded with a smile. "I'm alright. I'm fine." He insisted.

Draco came to cup his face, looking into his face, into his eyes, to see if he was telling the truth.

"You are definitely alright?"

Harry nodded. "Yes."

Draco kissed him and Harry smiled at him. Leolin broke the moment by slapping an open palm into Draco's face.

"Leolin!" Harry chastised sternly. "You do not hit your Fathers."

"Ma." Leolin sniffled.

"I know, but you can't hit people for kissing me, love." Harry said.

Leolin started crying and Harry sighed, but he dutifully cradled Leolin close and soothed him.

"Where's Max?"

"He went hunting through the house for you." Draco said. "He knows all the best hiding spots from when he was a kid."

Harry snorted and he hugged Draco and then moved to Alexander. He was wrapped up in strong arms and held tightly.

"I'm sorry I ruined your birthday." He said softly.

Alexander scoffed. "It's not ruined, and if there aren't several more incidents and altercations then it'll have been a very drab party indeed."

Harry smiled and he snuggled in, taking in the fatherly comfort of Alexander.

"Someone go and get a pot of tea." Alexander ordered, before he led Harry over to the table and chairs he'd been sat in before and he and Leolin were settled down in the shade.

"Thank you." He said softly as he cradled Leolin closer. Leolin who was much happier now to have no competition around so that he could monopolise Harry's attention. He'd already stopped crying.

"Are you feeling better?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, now I do. I am sorry I had an episode here. Today is about you."

"Was it your hormones?" Alexander asked, laying a gentle hand on Harry's belly.

Harry shook his head. "No. I just got upset." He said. "Nasta calmed me down though, as it turns out, Nasta already knew what I'd done and why I got upset over it, he knew years ago and I didn't know that he knew."

Alexander nodded. "You've all said it before, and I can see it too, but nothing gets past your boy, Nasta. He's always on the ball. Look at him now."

Harry looked over to where Nasta was. He was talking to Max and Draco, obviously explaining what had been going on, but Nasta's eyes were flicking everywhere as he spoke. He would look at Max and Draco, but his eyes would then flick to, and track, their children, who were running all over the place. Even as he was speaking, holding a conversation, he was watching their babies running around the garden, and he had no doubts that those hazel-gold eyes would flick to him also.

He smiled and looked back at Alexander. "He's a good top dominant and…I know he's your grandson, but I don't think we could say the same for Max. He's just…he's not level-headed enough. He's quite hot-headed, like I am, and I already know that if I had been a dominant, then I wouldn't make a good top dominant. I'd be awful at it, I'd probably put my family in danger. I have such a hot temper, I'm a hard-headed fool at times." Harry sighed heavily. "Maybe I just make a bad Dracken full stop, because I wasn't raised as one."

Leolin dribbled down Harry's neck and Harry shifted him and patted his bum, almost absently taking a soft cloth from his pocket and wiping Leolin's face.

"You don't make a bad Dracken, Harry. You're actually one of the best submissives I've ever met, my beautiful mate of course comes top of that list." Alexander winked at him and Harry laughed. "But you shouldn't put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect, Harry. You should just be yourself, no one is perfect and truly, I think ultimate perfection is unobtainable. It doesn't exist purely because one person's perception of perfect is not the same as another's. Everyone is different, sweet one, everyone has their own thoughts and their own perceptions, thus true perfection isn't real, so just be yourself and be your own version of perfect, and those who love you will come to you."

Harry smiled at that. "Thank you."

Alexander clapped his knee and then turned his gaze. "It's about time that tea got here, what were you doing, hand picking the leaves?" He joked as Alexus set the tray down.

Alexander's third oldest son scoffed. "No, Dad, I was being tactful and letting you and Harry talk for a bit before I brought this over." Alexus took two of the cups on the tray and he went to give the one to his Mother.

"How is Alexus now?" Harry asked softly.

Alexander pulled a face. "He's getting better, stronger. He's had contact with that weasel, Sean, and I think that helped to turn the heartbreak he was feeling into anger. Lexi's fears were founded in truth it seems, Sean left him for a younger man and he tried to spout out all this nonsense about them growing apart, becoming sedentary and too comfortable with one another, that there was no excitement or passion in their relationship anymore and that this new, young boy brought all those tingly feelings back. The stupid weasel doesn't realise that being that comfortable with someone is worth so much more than all the butterflies and uncertainty of a new relationship. Sean will come to regret his decision, when his new relationship gets as stagnant and as boring as the one that he complained that he had with Alexus. What will he do then? Leave his new boy for someone else? Keep jumping from person to person, from new relationship to new relationship to seek the fluttery butterflies he says he's missed? What a terrible, lonely way to spend a life."

"I feel so bad for Alexus." Harry said.

"Don't feel bad for him, Harry. If this is how Sean really feels then Lexi has had a lucky escape in my opinion. He, of course, won't feel the same way, not yet. He's still too cut up about it, though now that he's starting to feel anger about the situation, it'll start getting easier to move on. I'm sure Lexi will find someone else one day, someone better than Sean. It's such a shame, I'm usually a good judge of character and I did like Sean before all of this. I never would have thought him capable of such an ill-judged, callous action such as this." Alexander sighed heavily. "I suppose that no one can truly know what others will do, or what they're thinking. I'm no legilimens, after all, nor would I intentionally deprive another of their privacy in such a way, even if I were a legilimens."

Harry nodded. "I was appalling at the mind arts, I couldn't even learn Occlumency to protect my own mind from Voldemort."

"I am sorry that that happened to you." Alexander said gently.

"It seems a lifetime ago now." Harry admitted, looking out at his mates and his children, at the new family members that he'd gained in all of the Maddisons.

"I suppose it does now." Alexander agreed. "You have been through a lot since that time in your life. It was actually before your Dracken inheritance, wasn't it?"

Harry nodded and he patted Leolin's bum more firmly as his Faerie baby fussed. "It was, I was only fifteen. It was a few months before I had my Dracken inheritance and then all of this came about and it was almost like I had no rest, no time to think in between the two instances. I never really had a chance to come to terms with what I did, nor with the loss of my Godfather, Sirius."

"I am sorry for the poor timing, sweetness." Alexander sighed. "I've always insisted that sixteen was just too young for such life altering decisions, unfortunately it is very difficult to hold a meeting back for any significant amount of time. We just have to support the submissives as they do go through their meetings, and of course monitor them throughout their lives for signs of depression or even just general unhappiness. We need to act quickly, before the Dracken side of them takes matters into its own hands."

"Max and Nasta have told me scare stories about submissives turning on their mates and even their own children." Harry nodded. He couldn't even imagine such a terrible thing. He held Leolin a bit closer. His Faerie baby was still awake, but he was getting tired, he was silent, but he was mouthing at Harry's neck, dribbling on him.

"It takes a lot for a submissive to turn against their own children, as you could well imagine. That said it does happen if the submissive in question is unsettled or feels deeply unhappy with their life or mateship."

Harry looked out over the garden at all the Maddisons. He could see the hulking form of Myron over everyone else, he spotted Shae in between moving people, her dozen children were running around, some of them were around his own children's age, thus they were all playing together, everyone in the garden keeping an eye on all of the children running around. It made Harry smile. Not so much the submissives who were excluding themselves or were being difficult or hostile. He didn't even want to think of those women though, he could never behave in such a way and he was never going to.

"Harry, how are you?" Max came over to ask him, having obviously finished his own conversation with Nasta. He took the sun lounger next to him.

"You don't need to sound so cautious, I'm fine." He smiled.

"I'm glad." Max said, leaning in to kiss him.

It took several seconds before Leolin's sleepy brain caught up and he started crying.

"Hey, what's this?" Max asked. "Do you not like being out of your home environment? Why does he always turn on us when he's in a new place?"

Harry sighed. "Kailen said that it was because I was his safe place, he sees me as utterly safe in his developing mind, thus when he's in a place that he doesn't know, he clings to me and lashes out at everyone who approaches. Dain said that when he's older, I'll be able to encourage him and reassure him that those around him are safe too."

Max nodded, remembering that conversation with the Faeries. He gently touched Leolin's back, as he would have at home and Leolin squirmed. It took long, silent minutes before Leolin calmed and recognised what was happening.

"Da." He said quietly.

Max bent forward, his hand still flat on Leolin's back, careful of his little wings, and Max kissed their baby son's soft cheek.

"I love you, baby." Max said.

"Da." Leolin repeated.

"Hold on, I think he'll let you have him for a moment. I need the bathroom."

Harry gently took Leolin from his shoulder and Max looked so pleased as he held his hands out to receive Leolin. Harry stayed afterwards, just to make sure that Leolin settled in Max's arms. He was grinning widely, of course, this was a step forward for Leolin, a small hint of progress, and it made Harry insanely happy as he gave Max's knee a touch and he stood to go to the bathroom.

"Mummy!" Braiden called out as Harry walked past, his oldest son came careening towards him from behind a group of people.

"Hello, sweetheart. Are you okay?" Harry asked.

Braiden nodded.

"Do you need a drink or something to eat?"

"No, Mummy. I go with you."

"I'm going to potty, Braiden." Harry said gently.

"I come too." Braiden insisted.

Sighing, Harry took Braiden's hand and he took him into the house with him. Perhaps this would help Braiden's own potty training, if he saw Harry using the toilet too. Though of course this wouldn't be the first time that Braiden, or any of his other children, had followed him into the bathroom. He'd even had to bathe with them on occasion, when he'd given into their cries instead of fighting with them and turning their desires into a battle.

They made it to the bathroom and Harry chose to sit on the toilet to wee, like Braiden would do on his potty. He made it a bright, fun experience by being overenthusiastic, even though Braiden seemed to be more interested in digging in Alexander and Kimberly's bathroom cupboards.

He flushed and then he washed his hands, pulling over Braiden to wash his hands too, making that as fun as he could, all to encourage Braiden to see the bathroom as a fun place. He still wasn't overly fussed on having a bath, though that had gotten better since he'd started using the 'big' bath instead of the baby bath.

He escorted a happy Braiden back outside and watched his two year old happily run off towards Richard, calling out for 'Ganda Itch.' Caesar, who was stood nearby, laughed at Braiden's name for his Father. It made Harry smile even as he went to check on his twin girls napping in their pram.

"Hey, Harry."

Harry was smiling before he turned around. "Hi, Amelle. How are you?"

"Tired. Beatrice was unsettled last night and Nora had us up before dawn."

"Ah, I was wondering why Caesar was so quiet today." He snorted. "I hope it's nothing serious."

"It's not. I think it was because she wasn't in her own room back at home. We just couldn't get her to settle, of course she's fast asleep now."

"Of course." Harry grinned.

"How are your tiny girls?"

"Fast asleep too." He said, looking back at his entwined daughters. "We have to watch them though, they're standing up now. The last thing I want is for one of them to fall from the height of the pram." He shuddered visibly at the very thought.

"Bring them over here." Amelle said, pointing to a group of picnic benches. Her own pram was parked beside one table and Harry could see baby Beatrice sleeping inside.

Harry flipped off the brake and moved the pram as gently as he could over to the bench and he sat with a groan.

"Are you alright?" Amelle asked.

Harry nodded. "I am. You know I can barely tell that I'm pregnant? I'm not showing any signs and really, if a Healer I explicitly trust hadn't confirmed it, I never would have guessed myself. No wonder my mates didn't see shit until I'd spelt it out for them."

Amelle laughed and Harry turned on automatic as little hands grabbed at his tee shirt. He swept up Regan and he sat his son on his lap. Harry rocked him on automatic, his arms around Regan's little waist comfortingly and securely as Regan's comfort teddy came with him. He'd been completely attached to it since he had fallen down the stairs when he was just seven months old.

"Are you alright, baby?" He asked, before pressing a kiss to Regan's head.

"Yeah." Regan answered, snuggling in.

"He's very cuddly."

"Boys usually are, or at least that's what I've found. My boys are absolutely more likely to have a cuddle with me than my girls. Tegan actively pushes you away if you pick her up and try to cuddle her, its worse if you disrupt something that she was doing. Eva and Ave are going the same way. They fight and squirm if they're picked up and if you still don't put them back down, they start screeching and wailing."

"Nora and Bea are the same." Amelle said. "I can only get in a cuddle when they're tired, either when they've just woken up, or when they're going to sleep."

Harry nodded as he looked out at Tegan and Nora, the latter a little taller than her younger cousin, but that no longer put Tegan off or made her feel insecure.

"I suppose that girls are just a little more independent." Harry mused.

Amelle nodded her agreement, but she was looking consideringly at him and Regan. Perhaps she was finally putting the pain of her lost son to rest, perhaps she was thinking of a son of her own once more, perhaps she and Caesar could enjoy her next heat and pregnancy, instead of suffering through those early months of not knowing if she was having a girl or an unwanted boy.

"Do you want to hold him? He doesn't mind who cuddles him." Harry said, even as he stood up and passed Regan over to Amelle without waiting for an answer. Harry kissed Regan's forehead and watched him sleepily snuggle into Amelle, his comfort bear to his chin.

"Is he okay?" Amelle asked.

Harry nodded. "He's fine, just tired. He's usually the first to go down for a nap, especially if he's been running around outside like today."

Harry stood and he went to get two drinks from the covered table over by the house. There was food as well and Harry was not surprised to find Farren and Calix over here, each with a sausage roll in their little hands. He smiled at them and handed them both a small finger sandwich each.

"Ta, Mummy." Farren said happily.

"Ta!" Calix echoed.

He waited until they'd finished eating and he handed them a beaker of weak juice each and then he went back to Amelle, putting a drink in front of her. Regan's eyes were half closed now. He would be asleep within several minutes.

It was noisy in the garden, as only a gathering of half a hundred people could cause, but still Harry heard Max and Caesar's laughter above the din. He shared a look with Amelle and they both snorted in laughter.

"They revert back to children when they're together." Amelle insisted. Harry nodded his agreement.

"They're terrible together." He added. "I couldn't imagine the frustration they caused together as kids. Poor Myron."

Both he and Amelle snorted in laughter, giggling together.

"You look happy." Draco said, placing an arm around Harry's shoulders and bending to kiss him.

"We are." Harry said with a bright smile.

"How is the baby?"

Harry sighed, getting fed up with the question, and the constant inquiries about how he was.

"You know I can't feel anything, Draco." He said pointedly. "I'm not sick, I'm not showing, the baby won't be moving for months yet."

Draco sighed himself. "I know, I'm just excited."

Harry huffed and blew out a breath. "Be excited in several months' time when this baby, or babies, are actually born. It's premature to ask after them right now. I'm seven weeks pregnant, there's not much that I can see or feel yet. The biggest indicator would be morning sickness, and I haven't got any of that yet, thank Merlin!"

Draco nuzzled his face and gave him another kiss. It made Harry squirm and laugh.

"Do you want me to get either of you anything while I'm here? I can see you have juice, but do either of you want tea?"

Harry nodded. "I do. Amelle?"

"If you don't mind." She said softly.

"I'll be back soon." Draco told them, giving Harry another kiss and then leaving again. Harry wondered if Draco's desire to go in the house, away from most of the people milling in the garden, was actually something to do with his fear of reprisal. He watched his blond mate closely, he noticed that some guests were giving Draco dirty looks.

"Is everything alright between you both now?" Amelle asked, as if reading his mind.

Harry nodded. "Yes. All of us are getting better now with the therapy, it has definitely helped us all get back on track."

She nodded. "The additional therapy is helping me too. I'm not so afraid to have my own son anymore."

Harry smiled at her. "You've come on so well, Amelle. Truly we both have."

She nodded her agreement. "It has been hard won, but I think I am right in saying that we have won our battles, mine against my past, and yours with your mateship."

Harry nodded. Then he grinned as Alexander came over to them.

"Hello, sweet ones." He greeted, kissing Amelle's head and then Harry's. "How are you both feeling? Have you both eaten something?"

"I jammed several sandwiches into my mouth." Harry grinned. Alexander laughed.

"I've eaten as well." Amelle nodded with a soft smile.

"Draco has gone to get us both some tea too." Harry added. "We're being very well taken care of."

"Good, you two deserve some pampering, and as Caesar is insistently behaving like a young boy again with his brother, I was worried for you being left out, Amelle."

"No, Harry and his mates have kept me entertained and looked after."

"Eleonora has fallen asleep in Kimberly's arms, is this alright?" Alexander asked her.

Amelle nodded immediately. "Of course. She was up very early this morning, the different time zones still affect her and her routine, so I was expecting her to go down sooner. It was all the excitement and all of the people though, she can't resist pushing herself when something is happening."

"Calix is the same." Harry nodded. "He's usually the last to fall asleep and the first to wake up, all because he fears he'll miss something, though Farren still consistently goes without any sort of nap during the day."

"He is one of the more boisterous children." Alexander said, looking over his shoulder, presumably at Calix…Harry couldn't see past several bodies that blocked the way.

"Is he behaving? We've started implementing discipline for bad behaviour. At the moment it's a firm no and why such behaviour is not acceptable, when they're two, like Braiden, they'll have two minute time outs."

"No, he's not being bad, sweet one, just loud and highly active. He's everywhere at once."

Harry snorted. "That's our Calix. Though if they're in a new place with new people, then they're most definitely inquisitive, all of them."

Draco came over with three cups and Harry patted the bench beside him. Draco sat down happily, seemingly much more secure next to Harry in the garden.

"Where's Nasta?" Harry asked. Nasta had promised to watch over Draco today to stop anyone saying or doing anything to their blond mate.

"Over by the sun loungers, babbling gibberish to Leolin in Welsh. Max handed him over when Caesar begged him to go and play like they're both five." Draco answered before taking a sip of white tea.

Alexander laughed. "That's definitely our Maxie." He said with a wink to Harry.

Harry shook his head and sighed. "I'd blame Caesar, but he's like it at home too, though he's never as bad as he is when he's with Caesar."

"Caesar is the same." Amelle nodded. "Bad at home, especially with the girls, but when he's with Max…" She trailed off, shaking her head.

"Well, I for one am glad that you both saw past their childishness and chose them as mates to become members of the family." Alexander said, touching both of their hands.

"Even if the family is utterly mad." Harry giggled.

"I prefer to think that we're just fun, and not boring." Alexander winked, and then he left again, making the rounds of all his family members, to people Harry had never met who he knew from Max were Alexander's older brothers and sisters who sometimes came to visit him. He'd met some of them over the last few years, but he definitely saw some new faces too.

Harry went to his tea, blowing gently on the top of it and then taking a sip. He had never been happier than when all four of his mates had finally learnt to make his honey tea just how he liked it. He smiled behind the cup.

He heard Leolin's cries before Nasta found him and handed their Faerie baby to him.

"Leolin." He cooed gently, not competing with the cries, but still letting Leolin know that he was there.

"We were fine, but he must have started missing you." Nasta smiled.

"He's getting better at staying away from me for longer." Harry said, even as Nasta sat right beside him and pulled him up against his chest, resting his bristly chin on Harry's shoulder and up against his neck.

Leolin had trailed off his crying and he was looking up at them both, his wet eyelashes clumping together in damp spikes.

"Ma." He sniffled.

"I'm here, love. You know that your Daddies would never hurt you. You're safe here, with us."

"Perhaps not with all these other kids." Draco added protectively, laying a hand on Leolin's head from Harry's other side.

"They're not allowed near him." Harry insisted. "If any of them approach, we move him or pass him off, you know that."

"Those of us who have met you before, and him, know just how delicate he is and we know not to take it to heart if Leolin is moved away." Amelle said gently. "Besides, who cares about offending anyone when the alternative is any sort of risk to our children?"

"Exactly." Harry said with a chuckle, cradling Leolin in his arms and trying to ignore Nasta trying to use his own body to cast their Faerie baby in shade.

Ave was the distraction there, when she squirmed and cried out from the pram next to the table. Nasta was forced to turn and pick her up, his hand reaching into one of the half dozen nappy bags attached to, and slipped under, the pram. He found one of the bottles for the girls and he tested it against his arm. It must have still been warm from the thermal pouch, as Nasta deemed it fine and he began to feed Ave without the need for a warming charm.

Harry turned back to Leolin, who was looking up at him. He smiled and Leolin smiled back, a big, gummy grin with half a lone tooth to be seen. Harry's smile widened at the adorable sight.

Nasta kissed him out of the blue and the scratchy stubble made him chuckle. Nasta had only shaved just before they'd left for Alexander's.

Harry freed up one hand by pressing Leolin close to his heart, and he rubbed his palm over that spiky stubble.

"I know. I'll shave again when we get home."

"Leave it." Harry purred into his ear. Nasta looked at him with shocked eyes.

"You never want me to leave it. You prefer us all clean-shaven…I prefer to be clean-shaven."

Harry snorted. "If that were true then you'd wax and have done with it."

"I tried that before. It was the single most agonising moment of my entire life." Nasta admitted with a reflexive wince at the memory. "Never again."

Harry laughed and nuzzled back into Nasta's cheek. "Just leave it for today. I know that it sometimes makes you sore to shave three times a day."

"Usually only if I nick myself." Nasta insisted. "I found a balm that works really well for me."

Harry nodded. "Take a day off. It'll be cute to see you with a mini beard." He laughed.

Nasta snorted, but he nodded. "Okay. I'll leave it until tomorrow morning, but no one can complain about it."

"I would imagine that it gets harder to shave it when it's longer." Amelle said.

Nasta nodded. "It tugs more when it's longer. As long as I use shave foam though, it doesn't make much of a difference, it just takes a little longer. If I left it for a week, however, that's another matter entirely."

"He goes from sexy, sophisticated Dragonologist to wild, feral crazy man when he stops grooming himself." Harry giggled. "It only takes a week for the change to be implemented too."

"You're not funny." Nasta told him, but there was a big grin on his face as he said it.

"Yes I am. Of course I am. The only one funnier is Max." Harry insisted.

"What about me?" Draco asked.

"You? You have no sense of humour to speak of." Harry teased.

Draco scoffed, but nudged him gently. Harry kissed him to show that he was only teasing.

"Gather around!" Oliver called out. "The birthday boy wants to blow out the candles! The rest of us just want cake. Everyone grab a kid to keep them still for a minute."

Harry watched as his babies, and Shae's, were picked up by those nearest and they all gathered around the huge cake. It honestly looked like a wedding cake it was that big. It must have costed a fortune too.

"I just wanted to say that I couldn't ask for a better family, for better children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and not forgetting our newest generation, my lone great-great grandchild, Jasmine." Alexander said, indicating to Xerxes' oldest granddaughter, Yasmina, who was holding a pink, lacy bundle.

"You're getting old!" Someone called out from the thick, dense crowd.

"Shut up, Nicodemus." Alexander threw back with a smile.

"It was Cepheus!" The apparently aggrieved Nicodemus shouted out.

"Was not!"

"I know it was one of you!" Alexander cut in.

Harry laughed with several others. He truly did love being in this family, though not just the Maddisons, but also the Delericeys, the Zabinis and the Malfoys, though the latter could be more accepting and understanding and both former families still had members that he hadn't met yet. Maybe he should prod his mates a little over that, after all, they had prodded him back when they were newly mated to see the Dursleys, though if he ever found out that any of his mates had been abused as he was then he would have to be locked up before he went on a murderous rampage.

An arm slipped around his waist and he smiled, leaning his body weight onto Draco as they both watched Alexander blow out the mass of candles…the Maddison patriarch had counted every single one of them and plucked out six candles and threw them in the direction of the twins.

"I'm not one hundred just yet!" He had insisted, before taking a breath and blowing out all ninety-four candles in one go. "Now who's for cake?" He asked, waving his wand and perfectly slicing up the huge cake.

Harry nudged Nasta, stood beside him, and his mate sighed, but smiled, nodding his head and he went to get three paper plates of cake for them. Harry grinned when Nasta was eating his own piece of cake…it was almost as much of a turn on seeing him eating cake as Harry assumed it was for Nasta to watch him eating fruit. They really were an odd bunch, but sometimes odd was good.

He spied his children, sat on the floor with their own little plates, the smallest sliver of cake in front of them that it made Harry laugh and point them out.

"That won't keep Farren happy." Draco mused.

"He can have a drink and then some more sandwiches if he's still hungry." Harry insisted. "One piece of cake is enough."

Harry turned back, and he was surprised by a kiss from Nasta. It made him pause to take an extra breath, then he laughed.

"Well, I love you too." He teased.

"I do love you. Very much." Nasta told him.

Harry sighed happily and rested against Nasta, Leolin still tucked into his one arm. Ave was still tucked into Nasta's other arm, though not for long it seemed, as she squirmed from his hold and toddled off over the grass, wobbling and needing to put her hands to the floor to steady herself often, but she was off over the grass, being watched indulgently by those in the garden, as she went exploring and making no qualms about gripping onto people's legs when she lost a little stability. She was always helped back to her feet and set back on her own little way.

"I still can't believe how well she walks." Harry said softly.

"She's getting so strong and she's growing so quickly. Eva too." Nasta said happily.

"Very soon we'll have another little one to look after." Draco added.

"Just think of all the sleepless nights, two hourly feedings and nappy changes, and eight toddlers on top of that. Who knows, maybe I have twins or triplets." He said patting his belly gently.

Both his mates groaned. "Why did you have to put it that way?" Draco said.

"Anything could happen." He said with a shit eating grin. He bent to kiss Leolin's head. "Though I am fervently praying for nothing over triplets. Three babies on top of eight toddlers is going to be a handful."

"Both hands full you mean." Draco sighed.

"All ten hands full." Harry chuckled. "They already outnumber us. If we have twins, they'll outnumber us two to one, any more than that, then we're doomed."

"We'll handle it." Nasta said softly. "We might only have ten hands, but we have unlimited hands with the amount of family members we have, and true, the Maddisons are all mad, but they're definitely always there when you need them."

Harry grinned widely as he watched Julius hop onto Max's back and order him to run down Caesar…Max actually did as asked and he started running around the garden with his Uncle on his back, chasing his brother, who was far too busy laughing to run too far, or too fast.

"They are all mad, but I like it." Harry said as he looked back at Nasta with a smile. "I never did well with boring and mundane. I think that's why I chose all four of you. I like…this." He insisted, waving his hand at the garden and the crazy Maddison family that he loved. "I love them."

"And we love you." Draco told him, kissing him.

Harry smiled widely and he looked out at everyone in the garden. He cuddled Leolin and enjoyed the family time together.

"I have never, ever, felt so loved before." He said softly. "I love this…I love all of you. It's a good time in my life."

Harry was hugged and held tightly and he found himself cradled between Nasta's legs as Draco insisted on going to get them all more tea. He blew out a soft breath and he relaxed, allowing all the love, and madness, to seep into him, as he laughed when several Maddisons set up a sort of 'war' together, with one person on the back of another and charging at one another. Max had dumped his Uncle Julius and had teamed up with the smaller, lighter Caesar. Harry cheered for them both and urged them on as they started winning all the 'battles' going on. They only lost when Richard wheedled Myron into playing and with Myron in the game, everyone else was flattened. Harry couldn't remember laughing so much, or so hard, in a very long time. It felt amazing.

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