The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


124. Chapter One Hundred-Ten – Maddison Madness Part 1

Harry was so very glad to reach a break in the courtroom drama. Things had not improved in the slightest over the last few days. Richard had pressed for a long weekend to be granted and it had been, which meant that today, Friday the twentieth of August, was a free day, which was wonderful, as it was Alexander's ninety-fourth birthday today and Harry would much rather attend the Maddison get-together than go back to court for a fifth day in a row and listen to more lies about him. Though he'd found that that wasn't even the worst part of court anymore, it was the frustration more than anything that got to him, the silences, the lack of answers to questions that he'd asked himself over the years. He just wanted answers, and the frustration of not getting those answers, as the Dursleys tried to save every inch of skin on their own necks as they could, was actually getting to him more now than all the lies they were trying to get others to believe about him.

Harry had been up at daybreak, which in August was five in the bloody morning, and he'd been busy getting the kids organised, making sure the half dozen nappy bags were packed, one for Braiden and Farren, who were on larger nappies, one for Tegan, Regan and Calix, who were near the same size as one another and took the same nappies. Leolin of course had his own bag to himself, it was full of frozen teethers and chamomilla powder from Kailen, just in case he cut another tooth today, though his one single tooth was still sore on occasion as it hadn't actually broken through completely yet, like everything with the Faeries it seemed, the tooth was erupting slowly. The fourth bag belonged to Eva and Ave, the fifth bag was filled with changes of clothes, sun hats and sun glasses and the last bag was filled with food. Snacks, little pots of fruit, a box of biscuits, several pre-made bottles with labels as to whose bottle it was and little food jars for the girls, just in case.

He'd taken all of the baby monitors with him when he'd gotten up and he had Eva, Ave and Leolin down with him at the moment. It was a rare opportunity to spend some quality time with his youngest children as the older kids were just so loud and boisterous and they were everywhere at once and they completely took the attention without meaning to. So he was very happy to spend this time playing with and encouraging his seven month old baby girls and his twenty month old Faerie baby, who was near enough on the same level as the twin girls, though the girls were getting a lot more mobile in recent weeks and Leolin still wasn't.

He was currently cuddling Leolin in his arms, his Faerie baby had a teething toy in his hands, a chunky plastic set of colourful keys that Harry was sure had once belonged to Braiden what seemed like a lifetime ago now, back in his personal rooms at Hogwarts as his first child started teething. Instead of chewing on the keys however, Leolin kept shaking the ring, listening to the clacking sound it made and giggling in that soft, huffy way of his that Harry loved.

Eva was on her belly, exploring underneath the coffee table and Ave was up on her feet, cruising the furniture, her big blue eyes looking everywhere. She truly was their most active, mobile baby to date. She had been crawling the earliest, and now she was their youngest baby to walk. She was a Dracken baby born of Dracken parents, she had the biggest advantage possible, and she was using that huge advantage to force herself to her feet and walk. It was amazing to watch her cruise around.


Harry looked back down at Leolin in his arms and he smiled widely at him.

"Are you alright, my love?" He asked softly and slowly, giving Leolin's brain a chance to recognise that Harry was speaking to him.

"Ma." Leolin replied. "Ma ma."

Harry's smile widened and he puckered his lips, waited for Leolin to recognise what he was doing and then that wet, dribbly mouth opened and Leolin mouthed at Harry's lips happily. Harry kissed him over and over, exaggerating the kissing, smacking sounds to hear Leolin giggle, even as his Faerie baby mouthed at his mouth and chin some more. Harry got covered in drool, but again, he just couldn't care, this was what wet wipes were for.

After their little session together, Harry placed Leolin in his little baby gym, where Leolin was effectively distracted, and utterly transfixed, by a dangling mirror ball that reflected the light. Harry watched him reach his hands up and grapple with the ball, pulling at it, hitting it, then going back to just staring at it. Draco was right, something about that ball completely fascinated Leolin, and whatever it was, it had Leolin entranced.

He went to drag Eva out from under the coffee table and he started a game with her, rolling her over his leg, as he used to do with Farren what seemed a million years ago. She giggled and shrieked happily and Harry smiled at her, baby laughter was completely infectious after all.

Shuffling and soft grunts over the baby monitor fifteen minutes later had Harry making sure that nothing was immediately dangerous to his children before going up the stairs to collect his other children. Of course it was Calix who was awake first. He slept the least out of all his children, because he was always so worried that he was going to miss out on something.

"Come on, monster." Harry whispered, picking Calix up out of his cot.

"Mummy, down stair." Calix told him.

"Yes, Callie, love, we're going downstairs now." Harry insisted as he first took the time to check on his other babies, all in their own cots every few feet around the entire wall. None of them were awake yet.

He left the nursery and he padded down the corridor to the stairs. Calix burbled happily as they went down to the family room and as soon as they entered, he struggled to be put down. Harry placed him on his feet, on the floor, with a small laugh and he watched as Calix went to the toy box and started throwing everything out of it. Of course the toy he wanted was right at the bottom.

Harry sat on the floor this time and though he kept an eye on Leolin, he spent most of his time with Eva and Ave, encouraging them to talk and walk, playing with them and then lightly wrestling with Calix on the rug. Then more grunting and talking came over the monitor and Harry had to smile as he heard Tegan and Regan calling out to one another and then they started a conversation with one another from their cots.

He went back up the stairs to collect them and he found them as he'd expected, sat in their cots, facing one another, just chatting. Regan stood when Harry walked in and he called out to him. Farren was also awake and Harry had a struggle on his hands to get the three of them downstairs, especially as Farren was his biggest, heaviest son. In the end he got Farren walking down the stairs, watching him like a hawk with his heart in his throat as Farren held onto the bannister as directed and went down one step at a time, very slowly. He was only twenty months old after all, Harry would have preferred to carry him, but his arms were full of a squirming Regan, and Tegan, who was chatting at a mile a minute in her own little language while prodding her finger insistently into Harry's ear.

He only breathed easier when they reached the bottom of the stairs and Harry opened the gate and let Farren step down onto the flat, solid ground. He took a deep breath and let it out again. He shut the gate behind him and he walked with Farren into the kitchen and then into the family room, much happier to have his baby safely back on the floor once more.

"Bisky?" Farren asked sleepily.

"Not just yet, baby." Harry said. "You need to have your breakfast first."

"Bisky now?"

"No, Farren." Harry said a bit more firmly.

"Want bisky."

"No, Farren. You have just woken up and you need to have your breakfast first." Harry said sternly.

Farren looked at him for a moment, then his eyes closed and he started crying. Harry closed his own eyes, but he ignored Farren as he put down Tegan and Regan. His nice, quiet morning was now well and truly broken, as he swept the room for Calix, only to find him halfway up the bookshelf.

He plucked Calix from the bookshelf and placed him back on the floor, only to get a smack for his efforts. He was not having that.

He crouched down, so that he was on eyelevel with Calix and he made his face as firm and as serious as he could.

"You do not hit other people, Calix." He said.

Calix went to hit him again and Harry caught his wrist lightly and pulled it back down.

"No." He said even more firmly. "You do not hit people." He stressed.

Calix sniffled, then huffed, and then he joined Farren in having a crying fit. Calix took it further by throwing himself to the floor and lashing out with all of his limbs. He wasn't near anything that could hurt him, so Harry left him to it as he picked up Ave and kept her out of the way.

Leolin didn't even notice his brothers having tantrums, he was still grappling for the little mirror ball, reaching out for it, managing to bat it about, before he'd go back to staring at it for a while as the light caught and reflected off of the different discs, and then he would reach back out for it. His muscles were strengthening by the day now. Perhaps soon he might even be able to support his own body upright for a small while, instead of needing someone to hold him up. It would be wonderful to see Leolin sat upright by himself for more than a few seconds.

"What in the world is going on down here?" Nasta asked sleepily as he carried Braiden into the room from the smaller living room and saw Calix rolling around the floor and Farren just sat crying.

"I was going to ask the same thing, what happened?" An equally sleepy Max asked, poking his head into the room from the kitchen, a mug in his hand testament to the fact that he had come down first, ahead of Nasta.

"Farren wanted a biscuit and I said he couldn't have one until after his breakfast and Calix was climbing the bookshelf and when I took him off he hit me, so I told him off for it."

The gazes of both his mates hardened as he said that he'd been hit. All of his mates hated anything, and anyone, who hurt him, but after being in court all week, and all four of his mates working so hard to relax him after his time in court, and now knowing about the existence of those photos too, even if they didn't know the content of them, of which he knew they were all speculating about between one another, anything that hurt him angered them.

"Did he hurt you?" Nasta asked.

"No. He smacked my leg and as I crouched down to tell him off, he went to hit me again, but I caught his hand and told him off again. He started crying and having a fit then."

Nasta nodded and he placed a squirming Braiden on the floor and he came to kiss Harry, holding him for a moment. Harry heard him inhale deeply and he rolled his eyes, though he said nothing about it, it was fine as long as it was only the once.

"Bo da, Mummy." Braiden told him.

Harry grinned and he squirmed from Nasta's arms and he hunched down, taking Braiden's hands.

"Bore da, Braiden. Good morning."

"Bo jor, Mummy."

"Bonjour, Braiden. Good morning."

"Ciao, Mummy."

Harry blinked at the added word. "Ciao, Braiden. Good morning."

Braiden ran off, ignoring his still crying brothers, and he went to the mass of toys that Calix had already put on the floor and he picked up several cars.

"That one's new." Harry said. "Who taught him that?"

"Blaise did." Nasta said with a smile. "It's Italian. It actually means hello, but as he's only two, he's making really good progress. I'm very proud."

Harry smiled at Braiden and then he turned to Calix and then to Farren. Farren was calming down now.

"Farren, come on, come here." He encouraged and his big boy stood up and ran to him.

Harry wrapped his arms around Farren tightly and kissed him.

"I love you, Farren." Harry said clearly, bending and kissing his son again. "I love you so much."

"Muma." Farren sniffled, holding onto him.

Calix, not wanting to be left out, came running over to hug him too.

"Love, Mummy." Calix declared.

"I love you too, Calix. I love you both." He said.

"Now, are the morning dramas over?" Max asked, sounding more alert and awake.

Harry nodded, holding his sons closer.

"Do you want some tea? Have you had any this morning?" Max asked. "Actually, how long have you been awake?"

Harry chuckled. "I would like some tea. I've had quite a bit already as I was up at five. I've packed all of the nappy bags, one has spare clothes, as we planned, and one has snacks and food jars."

"So we're going to get to go a little earlier than we planned?" Max asked.

Harry nodded with a smile. They were going to spend near enough a whole day at Alexander's home. It was going to be the first full Maddison get-together that they had attended since their big bust up and he and Blaise had been so severely injured. Draco was naturally very apprehensive about it, but Harry would not accept any cruelty to his mate. Not from Max's aunts and uncles, nor his cousins. If anything was said or done to Draco, then they would be leaving right away.

"Caesar spent the night there, he needed to because of the time differences, so we'll be seeing him and Amelle as soon as we arrive."

Harry smiled happily at that. He was overdue for a good chat with Amelle.

"Okay, who want's what for breakfast?" Max asked.

"Omelette?" Harry asked unsurely.

"Oh, my love, don't sound so timid and frightened. If you want an omelette for breakfast you turn around and you say 'Max, get your gorgeous arse in that kitchen and make me a mouth-watering, fluffy omelette for breakfast', you got it?"

Harry chuckled. "Okay. I don't know why, but I just want eggs for breakfast. It's unusual, this is about the time that smells start affecting me and morning sickness starts."

"We'll take it as a good sign and fill you with fluffy omelettes while we can." Max insisted. "Nasta, what do you fancy?"

"If Harry is fine with eggs then an omelette sounds perfect."

"I'll make dippy eggs and toast for the kids." Max said almost to himself.

"Do the kids breakfast first, as they're all awake and Farren is hungry. It'll give Blaise and Draco a chance to wake up by themselves."

Max nodded and he went right into the kitchen to start breakfast. Harry cuddled with Calix and Farren some more, but ultimately the draw of toys was too much for Calix and he went to join Regan. Harry cuddled Farren tightly, as his big boy was more content to stay sat with him on the floor. Harry didn't mind.

"Okay, breakfast is up, but I'll need some help with spooning out eggs once they've finished dipping." Max said.

Harry nodded and he stood, taking Farren to his feet.

"Breakfast is ready, Farren." He said. "Go into the kitchen."

Farren grinned, showing off all his little teeth and he was gone, making Harry smile. Braiden toddled past and Tegan followed. It was a struggle to get Calix to leave the toys, but they fought this battle at every meal time, so Harry left Calix to Nasta and he instead went into the kitchen, where a cup of tea was waiting for him, a baby on either side in booster seats, so that Harry could supervise and assist them if they needed it. The smell of the eggs and buttery toast only made his belly grumble, he didn't feel at all queasy.

He watched happily, proudly, as his babies all dipped slim pieces of toast into their eggs. It made him feel all mushy inside, he couldn't really help it.

He drank his tea and watched as Max looked after the babies on the other side of the table, helping Regan to dip his toast, then helping Farren to scoop out his egg whites.

"Morning, lovers." Blaise greeted, then yawned. He was already showered and dressed. His small growth of hair was still damp.

"How are you, Blaise?" Max asked him.

"Fine. Draco was stirring as I got dressed. He shouldn't be much longer."

Max nodded. "Are you okay with omelettes for breakfast?"

"Sure, just fill it with cheese and bacon and I'll be happy." Blaise said, even as he boiled the kettle to make himself his morning coffee.

"Cheese and bacon for you. Harry, what do you want, gorgeous?"

"Cheese and red onion, please." Harry said with a happy smile.

"Got it. Hey, Nas? What do you want in your omelette?"

"Peppers and mushrooms, please, Max." Nasta called out from the family room, where he was keeping an eye on Eva and Ave, and little Leolin in his baby gym. He had all but wrestled Calix into his booster seat and strapped him in and then he'd left him to Max.

It never failed to amaze Harry just how diverse he and his mates were, even when they were eating the same thing they all had vastly different tastes and preferences. It made him smile. He was smiling a lot this morning.

Draco came into the kitchen and though he seemed awake and alert, he was in just a pair of boxer shorts. He hadn't had a shower yet, he hadn't even bothered getting dressed. He'd just pulled on his boxers for some coverage.

"Are you okay?" Max asked. "You're not feeling sick?"

"No." Draco replied. "I woke up and I was far too hot. It's stinking up in our bedroom."

"Ah, so you've come to cool off a little in the kitchen first." Harry nodded his understanding.

"Yes. It seems like the best idea." Draco said, sitting beside Blaise and taking his cup of coffee and taking a gulp.

Thus ensued a small grappling match for Blaise's cup of coffee that ended with a snogging session. Harry watched interestedly as his two mates kissed and held one another, Draco holding the mug out of Blaise's reach and Blaise trying to reach for it.

"It seems the heat has turned you into insatiable beasts." Max laughed.

"Daddy, no." Regan frowned at the two of them.

Blaise and Draco separated, the both of them breathing a little harder, but they both grinned at one another and then turned to Regan.

"What is it, love?" Blaise asked him.

"No do that 'gen." Regan said from his booster seat opposite them.

Harry laughed in surprise.

"We love one another, Regan. We're going to kiss and hug." Draco explained.


Max shook his head, bent down and kissed Regan's cheek.

"Leave him for now, he'll get used to it. I won't have my own children dictating my actions towards those I love." Max said, ruffling Regan's hair and then helping him to scoop out the last bits of his egg and spoon feeding him.

"What time are we going to your grandfather's house, Max?" Draco asked.

"You'll have enough time for a shower." Max said with a grin.

"So we're going early?"

Max nodded. "It's been a while since Caesar and I have had a good catch up."

"Amelle and I are due a chat too." Harry said with a smile.

Max hefted Regan down from the table and he ran off towards the family room, Calix followed after as soon as Max hefted him down. Farren and Braiden had half a banana each cut into slices. Tegan wanted an orange and Max peeled that for her, slicing out the centres where there were a few small seeds still. After that was done he started cracking eggs and slicing up vegetables, grating cheese and frying bacon.

"Do you want any help?" Harry asked.

"No." Max replied easily. "Just make sure you and Draco grab your showers, I want to leave soon after breakfast."

Harry nodded. "Blaise, can you make up three bottles please and get the tea on? I can rush through a shower now."

"Of course, Prezioso." Blaise said, draining the last of his rescued coffee and going to do as asked.

Harry left the kitchen and went to their master suite for a very quick wash down where he mostly just got everything wet, washed his hair and then rubbed himself down with grapefruit scented shower gel. He was in and out within fifteen minutes. A quick drying spell and he padded naked to the bedroom and picked out something light and cool to wear, it was already edging on too hot and it was barely twenty to eight in the morning.

He hurried back to the kitchen, just as Max was placing down a plate of two omelettes at his seat.

"Right on time, lover." Max grinned at him.

Harry smiled back and slipped ono his seat, picked up his fork and he tucked in. Draco was almost done eating and he would be in the shower next. Blaise, already showered and dressed, took his time with his breakfast and his second mug of coffee. He had handed off the three bottles to Nasta, who was presumably feeding all three babies their bottles.

Nasta was watching all of the babies at the moment, so Harry stuffed his food as quickly as he could without the risk of choking, drained his juice, picked up an apple from the bowl and took that and his cup of tea into the living room so that Nasta could eat his own breakfast and then jump in the shower afterwards.

"My glorious love!" Harry cried out, nudging Nasta and slipping into his lap while simultaneously taking a huge bite of the crunchy red apple.

Nasta smiled at him and held him close, taking his tea from him and then bending them both forward to put it on the coffee table. Harry was cuddled on Nasta's lap and he offered his apple to Nasta and this time he let Nasta take a bite before he brought it back to his own mouth to take another bite.

"You really are eating healthily with this pregnancy."

"Perhaps you're finally rubbing off on me." Harry said, then he realised the innuendo and he grinned. "In more ways than one. Then you're a better influence when you reward me for eating this…" He said holding out the apple again. "…with earth shattering pleasure."

Nasta laughed. "I love you, Cariad."

"Nasta, breakfast is on the table, love." Max called out from the kitchen.

"Go on." Harry smiled. "I'll eat this, drink my tea and then wrangle these babies into their clothes."

"I'll send Blaise in to help you." Nasta said, shifting him to the side and then kissing him.

"Blaise is more a hindrance than a help, he'll coo and squeal over tiny toes for half an hour before he gets the first sock on." Harry grinned. "That head injury wasn't all bad, I can't believe he forgot how tiny baby toes are."

"Blaise? You're just as bad." Nasta chuckled.

Harry didn't deny it, he just grinned wider. He was left alone with his babies, though he could hear his mates in the kitchen, talking to one another, over baby shrieks and giggles from his babies in the room with him. Braiden came running in from the kitchen first, then a few minutes later Tegan came in.

With a groan Harry took the clothes he'd already laid out ready and he started dressing his children for the day…or at least half the day, as they would assuredly get dirty at Alexander's party.

He started with Eva and Ave, as his youngest babies, they were the easiest to dress, after Leolin that was, but Leolin was contented in his gym at the moment. He still had milk on his chin from his breakfast, it made Harry smile.

He grappled with Regan to get him dressed, endured shouts of 'no' as he got Braiden dressed, which it seemed was becoming Braiden's favourite word of late. He got Tegan into a summer dress, but she refused to wear the matching headband and kept yanking it off whenever Harry managed to get it on her, so he gave up.

He took a break and groaned for several minutes about his plight and then he had an easier time dressing Farren and then Leolin. Then came the worst perpetrator. Calix.

Harry got him undressed perfectly fine, Calix even helped him by pulling his own arms out of his pyjamas, but it was trying to get his clothes back on that was the problem and their little evil child went streaking into the kitchen to avoid Harry redressing him. Harry heard his mates' surprised laughter a moment later.

Blaise walked into the family room with a naked Calix over his shoulder.

"Do you need an extra set of hands, Bello?"

"Yes." Harry replied. "Pin him down so I can actually get him dressed. We already have to put him in button dungarees so he doesn't strip off."

"I still can't believe he figured out those clip dungarees." Blaise giggled.

Harry gave Blaise a smile for the giggling, but he said nothing about it. Instead he turned his attention to getting a nappy on Calix and then getting him into the tee-shirt and short, cotton dungarees.

Calix squirmed and cried out unhappily, but between them, they got him into his clothes and even managed to get him into socks and slip on dappers.

Calix looked at the new shoes on his feet and instead of crying like usual, he giggled and wriggled his feet.

"Oh, do you actually like those?" Harry cooed, looking at the pale blue shoes with the little whales on the front of them. "Max! You were right, Calix likes his new shoes!"

"Told you!" Max called back after a small pause, in which he presumably swallowed what was in his mouth. "Put cute little animals on things and kids will want it."

"Maybe we should start buying those animal print nappies then!" Harry replied. "He might keep them on if there was a lion on the front." He laughed.

Draco came into the family room and Harry had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. Draco had a brush in one hand and a comb poking out of his pocket.

"I think I need some more tea." Harry said quickly and he abandoned ship, all but feeling the glare boring into his back given to him by Blaise.

He made it to the kitchen and he boiled the kettle, collecting up mugs and lining them up in preparation. Max and Nasta were just finishing up their breakfasts when Harry settled down two cups of tea for them, white for Max, green for Nasta. He took a cup of white tea in for Draco and a cup of coffee for Blaise.

Draco had his legs wrapped around an angry Braiden, who was fighting to get away from the brush that Draco was pulling carefully through his hair.

Harry noticed that Calix's hair was a little smoother and Tegan's tangles were gone, so it seemed that Draco was on his third child. He'd roped Blaise into combing hair too…Blaise had chosen Eva, Ave and Leolin, the three babies that couldn't fight back or get away from him.

Harry snorted and he went to get the big pram from under the stairs to set it up ready and that was when he encountered a problem. After spending the week in court, he couldn't get himself to bend underneath into the storage space to get the pram. He didn't want to go into the cupboard.

"Nasta?" He called out uncertainly, a little upset, mostly with himself, but at the situation too.

Nasta came hurrying from the kitchen at his call and he immediately wrapped his arms around him tightly.

"What is it? Are you alright, Harry?" He asked, then he noticed the open door that Harry was still holding and he put two and two together. "Why don't you go and get the nappy bags. I don't want you manhandling the pram anyway, it is much too heavy for you while pregnant."

Harry bit his lip, but he didn't argue, there was no way he could walk through that door and grab the folded up pram. He shivered, turned his head away and he went silently into the smaller living room, where he'd left the half dozen packed nappy bags.

Nasta came in a minute later pushing the assembled pram. He left it in the middle of the room and came to hold him again.

"I know that you're not alright, but do you need anything?" Nasta asked him.

"Just…just hold me." Harry said, throwing his arms around Nasta's chest and squeezing him tight.

Nasta did as asked, holding him and pressing a kiss to his face.

"If you're not up to this party, you know that Alexander won't hold it against you."

Harry shook his head. "No. It's okay, I'll be fine. I just…I think it was too soon, we were only talking about the cupboard yesterday and then trying to walk into it, I just couldn't. It's not even the same cupboard! It's stupid, I've done it hundreds of times before and it's a much bigger room than the one I was forced into on Privet Drive, I just…it was too soon after yesterday."

"That's alright, my love. Let me go…no, actually, let me call Max to bring you your tea and we can take a moment to ourselves."

Harry nodded mutely.

"Max?!" Nasta called out. "Can you get Harry's tea and bring it here, please."

"Sure thing." Max called back.

A minute or so later Max found them cuddling on the settee. He had Harry's cup of tea in his one hand. He sunk next to them on the settee and he laid his large hand over Harry's back.

"What happened?" He asked gently.

Harry shook his head. "I just…I couldn't go into the cupboard to get the pram." He said. "It was too soon after yesterday."

Max's hand cradled his head and a gentle kiss was placed to the crown.

"It's alright, love. If it was too soon, then it was too soon. We'll look after you, always." Max told him.

Harry smiled and just allowed himself to rest between Max and Nasta.

"What happened?" Draco asked, coming to find them.

"Nothing, Harry just needed a moment to himself after trying to go under the stairs."

Draco's face hardened, then he brought himself back under control and his facial muscles relaxed again. He hunched in front of Harry and offered himself up for comfort. Harry turned in Max and Nasta's arms and he hugged Draco tight.

"I am okay." He said softly. "It was just a little wobble. It was really just because I was in court yesterday and the cupboard was brought up, that's the only reason it affected me at all."

"Are you going to be okay?"

Harry smiled and he nodded. He proved it by standing up and going to slip the straps of the nappy bags over the bar handle of the pram, to keep them safe. He had to put two of them actually in the pram to keep it from toppling over without a baby inside it.

"Right then, a moment of comfort and now back to business. Let's get those kids wrangled up and let's get gone." Max said.

"Don't forget your Granddad's card and present." Draco warned.

"I won't forget them." Max said with an eye roll.

Harry chuckled and he went about gathering up his children into the smaller living room, so he could keep a closer eye on them, taking a break between children to grab a few quick gulps of tea.

Regan had his comfort teddy in his arms, Leolin was toting around the little mirror ball, as he'd screamed when Nasta had taken him away from his baby gym and out of sight of the ball, and Tegan had her closest companion, her penguin, clutched tightly in one hand.

"Are we all ready?" Nasta asked them.

They all looked about and did some last checks and then they nodded one by one.

"Right then, Max, go through with two kids and wait for Harry, hand them off and then come back for the pram, please. Blaise, are you alright with Leolin and Calix?"

"Yes." Blaise said, holding the two boys tightly, Calix was squirming and wriggling like a snake, but Blaise had his arm through the back of the dungaree straps and had him clamped to his front tightly, holding a chubby thigh.

"Draco, you have Tegan and Regan?"

"Got them." Draco smiled.

"Harry, I know you want to carry the girls, but please, let us handle this. In your condition floo travel is dangerous enough, you need your hands free in case you face plant the floor."

Harry sighed, but he nodded. He was getting better with age, and practice, but he would get worse the heavier pregnant he got and his balance was affected by the growing baby, or babies. He understood the need for his hands to be free to catch himself if he did stumble or fall.

Max went through first with Braiden and Farren and Harry followed him. He took Braiden and Farren's hands and then Max went back through the floo to collect the pram while Harry walked Farren and Braiden through Alexander's home and out into the garden.

"Harry, sweetheart." Kimberly greeted him happily, having seen him first. "Oh, Braiden, Farren, look how you're both growing!" She cooed, getting down on her knees to kiss them both.

"You saw them six days ago." Harry laughed.

"I know, but they're so adorable, and they grow by the day, they truly do."

Blaise came out with Calix and Leolin and with a relieved grunt Blaise happily set Calix free on the garden. He immediately started running towards Myron screaming 'Gan da' at him. Harry watched as Myron turned to the noise, smiled the widest grin that Harry had ever seen from him, before he went to his one knee to accept Calix's tiny body to his own in a big bear hug.

Out of all of Myron's grandchildren, despite Calix being tiny, he resembled Myron the most. They had the same chestnut coloured hair and the same jet black eyes. Harry had to smile as Calix puckered his mouth at Myron, who happily kissed Calix and then dragged Richard into his side so that Calix could see them both.

Alexander made his way over to greet them, though Draco arrived with Tegan and Regan before he could even say anything.

"You didn't have any problems I hope?" He asked smiling, touching Braiden's hair gently.

Harry let go of his hand and hugged Alexander, Braiden was gone a moment later…he ran up to everyone and started greeting them in Welsh, French and Italian, to much cooing, praise and lavish attention.

"I am sorry, these kids are looking to be taking your limelight." Harry laughed.

Alexander scoffed. "I've had ninety-four birthdays, Harry, sweetness. Letting these little treasures of mine have fun is much more important to me now."

"Gwanda, eh no enta baba." Tegan said from Draco's arms, holding her own arms out to Alexander, her penguin clasped in one hand still.

"Come here, Princess." Alexander cooed, taking her from Draco and giving her a big, squeezy hug.

Harry went to save Myron when Calix clambered up his body to his shoulder and started yanking on his hair.

"Calix!" Harry said in his best authoritative voice. "You do not do that to other people."

"He's okay…" Myron started, but Harry gave him a small headshake.

"He's not, he's taken to hitting other people. He hit me and when I told him off for it, he went to hit me again. We're putting a stop to it now. There will be no hitting, no pinching, no kicking, no biting and no hair pulling. He's older now, he understands and he will be punished if he carries on." Harry insisted as he pulled Calix from Myron and put him back on the floor. "I'm pregnant now, we can't accept any of that sort of behaviour, he's almost two, its time."

"How is the new clutch?" Richard asked.

Harry smiled and laid his hand over his flat belly. "If I hadn't had it confirmed, I'd never have known I was pregnant. There's no aches, no sickness, I had two omelettes for breakfast and nothing. Not even a feeling of nausea. I'm completely fine."

"Good, that's good." Myron said, bending and giving his forehead a kiss. Calix had moved on to terrorising Alayla.

Harry sighed. "He is definitely getting naughty as he gets older."

"I've got him." Max said as he darted in to kiss his cheek, then dived off to rescue his youngest sister from having her hair ripped out by a very boisterous Calix.

"Is he really getting that bad?"

Harry considered the question seriously. "I don't think he's being bad, he's just naughty. He's climbing everything and if you dare take him down for his own safety, he'll hit you. He knows that hitting is wrong now, he understands the word no and what it means, he knows that he shouldn't be climbing or hitting, yet he pushes his boundaries, like all toddlers do. So I think instead of just being bad, he's just a normal handful, but he's old enough now for his boundaries to mean punishment if they're broken."

"We will do whatever you feel is right as their parents." Richard said. "After all, we're just grandparents."

"There's no 'just' about it." Harry denied hotly. "You're as much invested in their lives as we are as their parents. We do want you on board with our parenting style, but there's no 'just' about being a grandparent."

"Do we still have the same rules?" Myron asked with a smile.

Harry snorted, but he nodded. "No climbing, no hitting at all, which includes hair pulling, throwing things and biting, no more than four biscuits a day, no sweets or refined sugar. The worst to keep track of is their bedtime routine as there are so many of them."

"Dinner at four, bath time is between half past four till five, then an hour of quiet play and in bed at six." Ricard recited happily.

Harry nodded with a smile. "Though bath time differs, usually by as much as twenty minutes over, but we always try to do the most active kids first, to calm them down a little and then to give them more quiet time to settle them down. Leolin should always be near the end, because he doesn't usually need quiet time, just a five minute cuddle."

Farren came toddling over to them and he gripped at Harry's shorts.

"Muma." He called out.

Harry hunched down to the floor this time to hug him, he could not bend and lift Farren while he was pregnant. He hated it, but he had to make do.

"Are you okay?" He asked clearly. Farren nodded into his chest.

"Want Muma." Farren explained.

Harry smiled and pulled back to kiss Farren. "I love you very much." He declared.

Farren puckered his mouth and Harry kissed him on the mouth this time before he stood back up.

"Do you remember Granddad Myron and Granddad Richard?" He asked encouragingly.

"Gwanddad." Farren said clearly and Harry gasped.

"He's never said it like that before!"

"Who's a good boy?!" Richard encouraged happily, bending and picking up Farren how Harry wanted to. Soon, he consoled himself, soon enough he would be healed from what Draco had done to him and he would give birth in February. Earlier if he didn't carry to term.

"Me, Gwanddad." Farren replied.

"Yes, you!" Richard said back.

Harry chuckled and he waved and wandered off. He found Blaise and he peeked in on Leolin.

"He's been stirring, do you want him?" Blaise asked. "I'm going to go see how many coffees I can drink before Nasta notices." He grinned.

Harry chuckled. "He'll count exactly how many you have and he'll punish you for it when we get home."

"Harry, Bello, I'm counting on it." Blaise gave him a wink and Harry laughed, watching him walk away.

"Ma." A small, sleepy voice called out and Harry gave his attention to the just awakened Leolin, whose sleepy gold eyes slitted open to peer up at him. He had cried himself to sleep when Nasta had taken him from his baby gym.

"Hello, sweetheart." Harry said with a soft voice. "Did you sleep well?"

"Ma." Leolin said, lifting a heavy hand to rub at his little eyes.

"Let's find you some shade." Harry said worriedly, peering up at the burning sun, there wasn't even any clouds to block the sun for a moment's reprieve.

Harry went to a group of chairs set under a large umbrella. The cooling effect of the shade was almost instantaneous and Harry sighed happily, tucking his feet up and crossing his legs and sitting Leolin in the gap facing outwards, so that he could rest against his chest, tip his head back and look at him if he needed to, but he was also looking out at others, being more involved and social. A lot of people came over to say hello to him, and to Harry too, because he was looking around at them all and seemed more involved than usual.

"It's amazing to see him like this." Xerxes said, coming to sit beside him, easing himself into a chair with a small groan of pleasure.

Harry smiled and nodded, looking down on Leolin proudly. "I know. He's come so far from the tiny, shrivelled newborn he used to be."

"It was strange seeing him like that for months after his birth." Xerxes admitted. Harry wasn't offended, he'd thought the same and he'd constantly worried that Leolin wasn't developing enough, that he wasn't eating enough. Though being a Faerie, he was always going to seem strange compared to his Dracken siblings, and even to his Dracken born human siblings, for though Leolin had also been born to Dracken parents, he was a different species altogether, and the Dracken genes did not like competition with other creature blood.

"I'm just glad that we can see the improvements he's making now." Harry said. "Before, we sort of knew that he was developing, but we couldn't really see it in any tangible way, now though, we can see him taking strides to progress. He's sitting up, he can still only say two words, but he's getting quicker at spotting who is who and saying them quicker, he has a tooth now too! Oh, and he's holding himself up with his hands more if he's put on his belly, he can hold up his own head and he is getting stronger at lifting and holding up his arms too."

"He really is coming on strongly." Xerxes smiled, touching Leolin's jet black hair with gentle fingers.

Harry smiled at the praise given to Leolin. He bent and kissed his head and watched him watching the other guests. He was staring, glaring almost, at the people milling around.

"How have you been?" Xerxes asked quietly.

Harry smiled, a little sadly, a little wistfully. "I still wish that it hadn't happened, of course, but I think we're getting better each day and I'm thankful for that. We need the calm normalcy back after what happened and we're getting it. With the therapy and all the help we're getting, we're more settled. Of course we're all still worried about Blaise's head injury, but he hasn't had any slips in a while and Healer Odell is very pleased with his progress. I'm being fussed over too, but that's mostly because of the pregnancy now."

"How is that progressing? They all know now?"

Harry nodded. "As stated I told them all on the evening of Braiden's birthday. I had to spell it out for them too, they had no clue." He laughed. "But they all know and the pregnancy is very calm at the moment. If I didn't know that I was pregnant, I never would have guessed."

"After what you've been through I, for one, am glad that you're having a calm, easy pregnancy, at least thus far."

Harry smiled. "It is a much needed break, but the guys still won't take any chances."

"Good. You are their submissive mate, the one they all love most, they shouldn't take any chances with your precious life."

Harry scoffed. "We might be magical creatures, Xerxes, but we have human rationality too. None of us love one person above any other, we love one another equally. True if we were attacked I would run to my children and they would fight to get me to safety, but in human form, with human emotions and thoughts, we are all equal. Even if they do let me get away with murder."

Xerxes snorted. "That's putting it mildly, those boys do let you have the run of things more often than not."

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