The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


118. Chapter One Hundred-Six – Coming Together

Harry woke up slowly, in stages, and the first thing that he noticed was that he was terribly sore. In fact he was in a soft sort of agony.

He didn't wait, he didn't even try to get out of the bed by himself, he just trilled a call to his mates, asking them where they were and letting them know that he was awake and that he needed some help, that he needed them. His top dominant was the first to reach him a few moments later and Nasta looked very worried.

"Harry, are you okay?" He asked quietly.

"So sore." He whispered. "Hurts."

"Shh, just lay still, Max is getting you a pain potion."

"So bad." He sobbed as he reached out for Nasta, seeking comfort.

"Shh, Caru. I've got you." Nasta told him, sitting on the bed and letting Harry clutch around his waist, face in his lap. It tore at his heart when Harry started crying.

"I can't…can't hold…"

"Can't hold what, Har…you need the bathroom." Nasta answered himself as he realised what Harry was talking about. "Don't hold that back, you'll cause yourself more pain. We can always strip the bed and get you into the bath afterwards, Harry."

"Humiliating." Harry cried.

"No it's not. We love you and we'll sort you out. Blaise wet the bed when he woke up too. You won't be the only one. You were both severely injured and are only recently recovered, this heat period has knocked you both off course and you need a pain potion before you can be moved. Just let go, Harry."

Harry cried, but ultimately his body made up his mind for him as he started weeing without conscious control. He buried his head further into Nasta's lap in shame and he cried.

"It's alright. Do you feel slightly better for that now?" Nasta asked him and Harry could only nod. His full bladder had been adding to the pain and discomfort. He did feel better, he was just highly embarrassed now too, on top of the pain he was feeling.

Max came hurrying into the bedroom with a cup of tea and a pain potion and he stopped dead, his face crumpled with worry as he heard his crying, before he took those last steps to him, kneeling by the side of the bed and stroking his head with gentle fingertips.

"Are you in much pain?" He asked softly, a hint of tears in his own voice.

Harry let out a strangled sob when he tried to talk, so he just nodded in place of words.

"Here, take this, it'll wipe away everything."

"Strong one?" Harry questioned, biting his lip and picking up his head enough to spy the familiar dullish red potion.

"The Healers visited and gave me one single dose, for right after you woke up. It's only the one, love and it'll take it all away."

As much as he really disliked the potion and what it did to him, Harry reached out a shaking hand for it. Max reached over the bed and as Nasta pulled him more upright so that he could drink it, Max carefully trickled it into his mouth a sip at a time.

Harry gagged on it and choked, shaking his head at the bitter taste, but he swallowed regardless and he screwed his face up against the lingering aftertaste. Max offered the tea to him and Harry allowed that to be trickled carefully into his mouth too, swallowing great gulps of it to rid his mouth of the taste of the pain potion.

"There we go, just rest." Max told him.

"Can't." Harry wriggled. "I'm lying in my own urine. I'm wet and uncomfortable."

"Give the potion a minute to work and we'll get you straight into the bath."

"I'll sort that now." Max insisted as he stood and went to their en suite. Harry heard him fiddling about, opening cupboards, before the water ran and Max came back in and went searching for a pair of his pyjamas in the dressers.

"Damn it, where are the pyjamas?" He cursed.

"In the other dresser, Max." Nasta said calmly.

Max opened the other dresser and cried out in triumph as he pulled out a pair of pale blue pyjamas and took them into the bathroom.

"You forgot boxers." Nasta told him and Harry giggled as Max cursed again, much louder and expletively this time, and he came back into the bedroom and dug in the closer dresser and plucked out a pair of Harry's boxer-briefs.

"There's the missing buggers." He exclaimed before going back into the bathroom. Harry chuckled at his biggest mate.

"How are you feeling?" Nasta asked him seriously.

"Tired." Harry replied honestly. "I feel like I've had no sleep whatsoever. How long have I been out for?"

"Four days." Nasta told him hesitantly.

"Four?!" Harry replied aghast. "The kids! They'll be beside themselves that we've been gone for so long!"

"They're all here." Nasta assured him. "We were just waiting on you. Going four days over is unusual, but given the circumstances, it's not unreasonable."

"Who's watching them?" Harry asked. "Blaise isn't well!"

"Blaise is fine and well able to handle them." Nasta insisted. "But Draco is with him and so is Myron, Richard, Alexander and Marianna."

"Has Marianna hurt Draco?" Harry demanded furiously, worriedly, trying to get up. Nasta hurriedly held him down and smoothed his hair and face.

"Blaise gave her a right earful when she started on him and now he is wrapped around him and he was only just waking up when we left him."

"Did I wake him with my call?" Harry fretted, biting his lip.

"Enough of that, you were in pain and you couldn't move. I'm glad that you trusted us enough to call out for us. If Blaise is still tired, he can easily go back to sleep."

"Myron and Richard are speaking to us again, then?" Harry asked.

"It was never you that they weren't speaking to, but yes, they've seen fit to forgive us, but they're going to keep a closer eye on us and how we treat you."

"You treat me fine!" Harry growled.

"Fine won't cut it." Max said, coming in from the en suite. "You need to be our highest priority, always."

"The kids always come first." Harry said sternly.

"For you, love, but you know that dominant Drackens are different to submissives, you know that you'll always be the most important to us."

"The thought makes me feel physically sick." Harry told them.

Nasta sighed. "Let's get you into the bath." He said as he rolled off of the bed and picked him up carefully and oh so gently.

"Let me bathe him." Max almost begged. "You've had a fifteen minute cuddle with him, I want some time too."

Nasta chuckled and slid him over gently to Max, who carried him into the en suite and got down on his knees, trying his hardest not to jar Harry's body as he did so.

"Ready, love?"

"Yes, just get me clean." He begged.

Max carefully eased him into the warm, medicated water and Harry sighed.

"I put some relaxant salts in here for you." Max smiled at him.

"The ones you make yourself?" Harry asked, cracking open an eye to see his mate.

"Of course the lovely citrus ones that I make myself, only the best will do for your luscious body."

Harry laughed at that and he half-heartedly flicked some water at his mate. "It's the grapefruit one, my favourite."

Max bent forward and nuzzled his face. "Mostly grapefruit, a bit of lemon for antibacterial purposes, a hint of orange and just a touch of lime so that you can smell all fresh and tantalising."

Harry laughed again, but he yawned too and slipped lower in the bath. Max caught him and then held him, just in case he slipped under the water or fell asleep and drowned himself.

Harry came to, having actually dozed off for a moment in the warm water, to find Max washing his body with a flannel. He hummed.

"That's nice." He insisted and Max chuckled.

"We've got to make sure you're all clean and fresh."

"I can usually hold myself better." He insisted.

"We know, but it can't be helped when you're as injured as you were."

"Did I have a fertile heat?" He asked consideringly.

"Yes, love. You had ten days on heat and then four to recover."

"I've been away from my babies for fourteen days." He said, his face crumpling.

"It couldn't be helped." Nasta said from the bedroom before he appeared at the bathroom door. "Are you feeling better now? The kids are about to wake up from their naps."

Harry nodded as he heard that and Nasta handed Max the fluffy towel and Max hefted him out of the bath with one arm while wrapping him in the towel with the other. He was rubbed and pet dry like the kids, but he didn't mind so much at the moment while he felt so tired and as weak as a kitten.

He let himself be dressed, his two mates squabbling silently above him as they realised that he wasn't going to fight them or insist that he dressed himself, instead he allowed himself to be dressed like a ragdoll, Max getting his boxers and trousers and Nasta buttoning up his shirt and towelling off his hair more.

"I want my centaur babies." Harry said, looking up at them suddenly with wide, glassy eyes.

Max and Nasta shared a look above him and Nasta let out a controlled breath.

"Where are they?" Harry asked. "Have you hurt them?"

"Remember the Healers said that it's his subconscious worries and fears coming forward." Nasta hissed to Max before he turned to Harry. "No one has hurt your centaur babies, they're being very well looked after."

Harry smiled then. "I'm so happy. Are they okay?"

"Perfectly fine." Max said, clenching his fists tight, but having been told that Harry's mind was thinking of the centaur babies as his only children, that Harry thinking them as being hurt was his mind jumping back to the fight and to when the kids had been injured, he was a lot more understanding of Harry's fantasies. Telling him that the centaur babies were safe and happy was going to do wonders for him.

"They're not hurt?"

"Not at all, love. They're perfectly happy and having lots of fun."

Harry smiled, in a slow, goofy way as his body tried to catch up to the commands that his brain was signalling.

"Good, I want you to like them." Harry said.

"We love them." Nasta said passionately.

Harry smiled and closed his eyes. "I only ever wanted you to love all of them."

"We do, every single one of them." Max insisted.

"Love you." Harry said softly.

"We love you too." Max and Nasta said as Harry drifted off into one of the most relaxed sleeps he'd ever had.

He hadn't once tried to get up and go searching for his babies, and all because they finally understood that the potion had warped Harry's mind into thinking that his own children were centaurs, it was why he always looked right past their actual children to look for his centaur babies. That they had reassured Harry immediately that the centaur babies were fine, happy and well looked after, that they loved all of them, it had settled him down immensely and he hadn't felt the need to get up and go looking for them to assure himself that they were alright. They were making progress and things were looking up. They left Harry to sleep off the potion in the aftermath of his heat period…at least he was finally awake and they could stop worrying that he was in a coma or something.

"Are you awake?" A soft voice asked him.

Harry blinked open eyes that he couldn't remember closing and he hummed confusedly. He peered around himself to see that he was tucked up in bed and Blaise was beside him.

"What happened?"

"You fell asleep as you were being dressed, so Max and Nasta tucked you up and left you to sleep."

"What time is it?"

"Late…or early if you think of it." Blaise laughed. "It's about twenty past seven in the morning."

It took a few moments for that to filter through and his eyes snapped open. "The kids!" He cried out. "I was going to see them, I let them down."

"Of course you didn't, Bello. They didn't even know that you were awake and now that you're more recovered you can actually do a little more than just watch them from the settee like I was doing when I first woke up."

Harry smiled. "Are we the last ones up?"

"Of course, we're recovering." Blaise told him with a grin. "Though Draco has only just gotten up, I woke up while he was showering about fifteen minutes ago."

"I'm glad he's still here. I was worried that he would be gone when I woke up."

"I worried about that too, but I think Max and especially Nasta, knew about our fears and strove to prove them wrong. The three of them seemed to be getting on better when I woke up, so maybe they had a heart to heart while we were both sleeping still, I don't know."

"I hope so, I hate that we're split up and that this issue is just continuing, that it's not being resolved."

Blaise nodded his agreement. "I know, Innamorato. I feel the same and I think that now, finally, Max and Nasta are taking notice of that."

Harry smiled. "I hope so."

Blaise groaned and sat himself up and he held his hands out to him. "Let's go and see our babies. They should be done with their messy breakfasts and they should have been cleaned up and they'll be happily playing by now."

Harry took those hands and he was pulled slowly upright. He still grunted and took an extra moment to breathe, before he stood up fully, and he didn't care as he went down the stairs in his pyjamas. He was planning on staying in them all day anyway, he didn't have anywhere to go.

"Harry! Are you okay?" Draco asked, spotting him first and coming to see to him, and to Blaise too when he noticed the other man behind him. "How are you both?"

"Okay." Harry said.

"Hungry." Blaise answered.

"That's what I like to hear from my men." Max said, coming into the kitchen having heard Draco talking to them. "How do toasted bacon sandwiches sound?"

"Like heaven." Harry replied, perking up and watching as Max happily started cooking for them.

Harry was given the first sandwich, filled with bacon and brown sauce, but Blaise was given two right off. When Harry demolished his bacon sandwich in just several bites, Max happily made him another two and watched him proudly as he ate, getting butter and brown sauce over his cheeks, but he didn't care. He hadn't tasted anything so wonderful in all his life. Blaise managed another one and a half, but Harry easily snatched his remaining half and he ate that too.

"Are you both done now?" Max asked. "Do you want tea?"

They both nodded that they were full and that yes they wanted tea, but Blaise gave Max a sidelong glance, cocking his head in a silent askance and Max just smirked as he dug out a pot of coffee.

Nasta had hidden Blaise's coffee before his heat period, while he'd been taken prisoner at the Dracken Halls, he'd been told, but since then Max had done a shop and had bought a new one, which he was hiding in the baby cupboard. Nasta almost certainly knew about it however. Not much got past that man.

Harry chuckled and he stood up and took careful, small steps into the living room. There he found Nasta watching over their children.


Harry lowered himself to the floor and he accepted hugs, kisses, babbles and half a soggy biscuit. He kissed each child, listened to them and held them, putting the bit of rusk onto the side table behind him.

When they'd had their fill of him and they had assured themselves that he was really there, he stood up with the help of the coffee table and he sat himself next to Nasta, snuggling in and letting that muscular arm wrap around his back to pull him in impossibly closer.

Nasta bent to kiss his head and he stroked his back.

"How are you feeling?"

"Much better. Where are the girls and our Leolin?"

"The girls are sleeping in their bassinets and Leolin is napping in his bouncer."

Harry looked around the room and he spied the two bassinets and then the bouncer by Nasta's feet, on the other side to him. He smiled, now very secure and assured that all of his children were safe.

Max came in carrying his cup of tea and he handed it to him, watching him drink a bit with a soppy, proud smile.

"What?" Harry asked him curiously, wondering why that look was being aimed at him.

"It's just…it's nice to see you handling solid food again. To see you eating normally."

"How much did you eat?" Nasta asked him in a way that told Harry that the answer was important, for whatever reason, to his top dominant.

"Three and a half bacon sandwiches." Harry said, feeling rather shy that his mates thought that it was worth celebrating as they shared a proud, happy look over his head.

"The same as Blaise." Max told Nasta.

Something in Nasta relaxed insurmountably and Harry found himself with a more comfortable cushion and he happily snuggled in further, taking care not to spill his tea on Nasta's lap.

"It seems that the potion did its job, as well as those salts, Max." Nasta said.

Max nodded. "Thank Merlin. Maybe things can finally start getting back to normal now."

"Truly normal?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Yes, truly normal." Nasta insisted. "You and Blaise will still need support, but you're both coming on fantastically well and Draco still needs to go to therapy and we'll of course support him through that too. But we are all working towards normal now, especially as you may well be pregnant."

Harry hadn't thought of that and his hand automatically went to his belly. He petted it gently.

"I suppose it's a good thing that I'm back to eating normally, at least so far. If I am pregnant then I need to eat to give the baby everything it needs."

"I'm just so happy to see you eating something more than a small bowl of soup." Max said happily.

"You will be just the one baby." Harry told his belly. "You will not be any sort of multiple."

"Do you think that you are pregnant?" Nasta asked seriously.

"It's impossible to tell, you know that, but it doesn't hurt to plead our case early." Harry laughed.

Max laughed with him and swooped forward to give him a big kiss. It made Harry smile.

He accepted all the toys that his children came to give him, smiling as Tegan's little penguin made it into his lap, he took special care with it as he knew that she wouldn't do anything without it beside her or in her sight. She even bathed with it, after a handy spell from Daddy Max that made it completely waterproof for half an hour. Harry had gone out and bought a second penguin. It was exactly the same, but it was brand new and still wrapped up in the bedroom. It was just in case Tegan lost her penguin or it fell apart and he could hand her the new penguin to prevent a meltdown.

When his lap was buried with toys, his babies were happy to stay playing with what they had left on the floor, which was still quite a large amount.

"How many toys do they have?" He asked. "I don't remember half of these toys."

"Really?" Blaise asked hopefully. "I don't either, I thought I was having another issue with my memory."

"No, half of these toys are definitely new." Harry insisted firmly.

"Thank Merlin." Blaise sighed, completely, utterly relieved as he fell back against the seat of the settee.

"I'm so sorry, Blaise. If I'd thought that…I should have thought more for you, I'm sorry." Nasta said. "Max and I spoilt the kids a bit with some new toys to try and make the transition into this house easier."

"Some new toys?" Harry laughed. "You've bought out half the toy stores in Britain."

"It's not that bad, some family members brought them toys too." Max said. "They're happy with them and it's a distraction for them as some of their old favourites were ruined or destroyed in the fight."

Harry nodded. "It's okay, but it's a good thing that we have such a large house now." He giggled. "Or half of these toys wouldn't fit."

"It's easier when we open the double doors and the toys and kids are spread through both rooms."

"Oh, I bet they love that." He said. "Especially our little explorer, Calix."

"Hold on." Max went to the doors and he opened them, hooking the doors open and out of the way before making sure that the fireguard was in place and he took the lone mug from the other coffee table making sure that the other room was safer. Before he'd even finished a very happy Calix had sped into the new room and he was making a circuit of it.

Max stepped over him and laughed, shaking his head. "If that boy isn't some sort of explorer when he's grown up…" He trailed off with a smile.

The kids happily went from one room to another, spreading out as they played. Harry stayed cuddled up with Nasta and his mates moved around the room, playing or chasing babies and then Leolin woke up and they only knew about it because he immediately started crying.

Five babies stopped and looked at him curiously, but he set off a chain reaction and suddenly Regan and Calix were both crying too.

"Oh, not again." Max sighed as he came in from the kitchen and scooped up the two boys as Draco picked up Leolin.

"To me, Draco." Harry insisted.

His voice filtered through to Leolin, who stopped crying so hard to listen, huffing.

"Come here, Leolin." He said calmly.

"Ma! Ma!" Leolin called out, even as Draco handed him over and Harry turned his baby around so that gold could meet green. "Ma!"

Leolin tipped himself forward and mouthed along his chin and mouth, trying to kiss him and Harry hugged him tightly and kissed him back.

Between Draco and Max, Regan and Calix calmed down too and soon they were back on the floor and playing again.

"Has that happened before?" Harry asked, thinking to Max's comment.

"A couple of times since we woke up off of your heat period and Alexander said it had happened a few times at his home too." Nasta told him, pulling him in tighter and raising his other hand to touch the back of Leolin's head.

"Oh, sweet baby, it's okay." Harry cooed.

"Ma." Leolin answered, his eyes tracking all over his face, staring into his eyes and darting to his mouth when he spoke.

"Bo da." Braiden came over to say to Leolin and Nasta smiled so proudly at their oldest.

"Bore da, Braiden. Good morning." Nasta repeated, as he did every morning.

Braiden grinned widely, showing off all his teeth. "Bo da, Daddy."

"Bore da, Braiden. Good morning." Nasta repeated.

"Bo da, Mummy."

"Bore da, Braiden." Harry said back, his words a little off and not as perfect as Nasta's, which was no surprise. "Good morning."

"He's been doing it all week. He was saying it to Alexander and Kimberly and they had no clue what he was saying until my Dad popped in to visit one morning and Braiden came to greet him. He's so proud too." Nasta told him proudly, as Braiden went to say bore da to Blaise, who swept him up and kissed all over his face and told him 'Bonjour, Braiden. Good Morning."

"Bo jor." Braiden repeated and Blaise grinned.

"He got Braiden's name right." Harry whispered to Nasta, who looked at him, already smiling having noticed as well. He nodded his head.

"He's been getting better since we woke up off of your heat." Nasta whispered back.

"Who says sex isn't good medicine." Harry giggled.

"I certainly don't." Max said as he hung over the back of the chair behind them, kissing him and then Nasta.

"He'll be trilingual soon." Draco said approvingly.

"Quadrilingual." Blaise said. "I'm teaching them Italian and French and Nasta is teaching them Welsh. All of our babies will be at least quadrilingual."

"It'll give them such an edge." Draco said with a proud, approving smile.

"I have a dozen other languages to teach them, but four for now is fine. I'll start on some others when they're a bit older, maybe around four. But I am teaching them all the sounds of several other languages, so that they learn those early." Nasta said as he stared at Leolin.

"They'll be so smart." Harry smiled.

"Just wait until they start shouting at us in languages that we can't understand." Max laughed. "It's only me and you who don't understand French. It's only me, you and Draco who don't understand Italian and then none of us understand any other language that Nasta has up his sleeve. I barely grasp English."

Harry chuckled, but he smiled regardless. "I don't care, it'll give them such a leg up and they'll be so smart and it'll open so many doors for them. Compared to that, not understanding their foreign babbling will be worth it."

"I could always be your interpreter." Nasta said happily. "But don't forget, Harry, that it's you who has one of the rarest languages in the world in your arsenal."

Harry snorted. "Some good that'll do our babies."

He sat forward and turned to Regan, called up a picture of a snake in his mind, and he started hissing and spluttering at him. Regan laughed and clapped his hands, as if Harry were just blowing raspberries on him and not speaking to him.

"You see!" Harry said with a chuckle, reverting back to English. "I have a dead language that is of absolutely no use to anyone for any reason."

"Oh, I don't know, I like it." Max told him with a hint of aroused growl to his voice.

"Oh, you would!" Harry complained. "You've had more than enough in the last two weeks to last you a while."

"Never." Max declared passionately, nuzzling the back of his head.

Harry chuckled, but he couldn't deny that it made him feel amazing to know that his mates couldn't get enough of him. It made him feel sexy when he wasn't at his best and was feeling frumpy to say the least, sat here in his old pyjamas where they were wearing their tight jeans and tee-shirts that showed the hard, muscled contours of their glorious bodies.

"I'm a bit sore still, it'll have to wait until tomorrow." Harry said instead.

"It'll wait until you've been cleared by a Healer." Nasta told him. "We wouldn't let them do their check-up tests while you were asleep. We didn't think you'd appreciate it. We did let Healer Moore look at you, because we were worried that you were in a coma or something, but we were with him the entire time and Max knew which spells he was using, so we knew he wasn't doing more than we'd asked him to do."

"No. I wouldn't have appreciated having those needless tests performed while I was near unconscious, thank you." Harry said.

Harry sighed and he held Leolin on his chest and he watched his five other babies play and interact on the floor, at least until Ave woke up, they heard her grunting and squirming, and Max straightened up from where he was stood leaning against the settee behind him and Nasta and he went to go and pick her up.

"They should be in the travel cot." Harry said. "Not the bassinets. They're mobile now, if they rolled over they could tip it from the stand."

"They're warded, love." Max insisted and he proved it by pushing the empty bassinet and it didn't so much as wobble. "They're only in the bassinets down here as they're more out of the way than the travel cots and we can watch them at all times in case they sit or stand up."

Harry nodded approvingly. "Have you noticed any changes?"

"They're more stable while crawling and climbing." Nasta said immediately. "Ave especially can pick herself up and hold herself off of the floor for several moments before she sinks back down."

Harry smiled. "They're so good at moving."

"Just not so good at speaking." Blaise said. "They're the opposite to Braiden. They're focusing more on moving than talking, where he was the opposite."

Harry nodded. "They'll even out once they start getting a bit older."

"I love them all." Draco said as he looked at them all.

"We might have a new one to love soon, too." Harry said. "Even if I'm not pregnant this time, another two months and I could be. It was a fertile heat."

"We know, just take it easy so that you can recover." Max said as he placed Ave down and picked up Eva out of her bassinet. She was still asleep, so he kissed her and took her over to the settee and sat down with her in his arms. She looked absolutely tiny, like a little doll, in his huge, bulky arms.

Harry kept an eye on Ave as she slowly squirmed around the floor, but her big brother Braiden had her well in hand as he hovered over her every movement, bending down to touch her gently every time that she stopped and he crouched down on his haunches to speak to her.

Draco did pick her up and turn her around when she went to go through the double doors into the living room however. Their almost nineteen month old Calix racing around the other room was fine, but their newly mobile six month old daughter was another matter.

Harry settled himself on Nasta with Leolin sat in his lap. He'd gotten Blaise to pass him Leolin's favourite blue ring rattle and it was keeping their Faerie baby mesmerised as he turned it over and over in his tiny hands, listening to the beads hit the plastic with rapt fascination.

He was feeling a little better now that he'd taken that potion and slept a lot, the three toasted bacon sandwiches had really made him feel like he was more normal. He wasn't feeling any pain, he wasn't uncomfortable or at all awkward today. He just felt normal, like himself. It was one of the greatest feelings in the world after all the pain that he'd suffered through when he couldn't even sit up and had to remain on his back at all times. To be completely pain free, even if some of his muscles were still a bit sore, which was usual anyway right off a heat period, was absolutely amazing. He was incredibly happy that they were finally getting over what had happened and they were recovering nicely, very soon it would all be behind them and they would never need to bring it up ever again.

With his own nineteenth birthday approaching and Braiden's second, Harry was very busy with sending out invitations, buying presents for Braiden and planning two parties, Braiden's and his own. He was alone with the kids today…or rather his mates weren't here today, he instead had a very protective Myron hovering around him.

His mates were having individual therapy and group therapy together, today was a group session, so he was being looked after by Myron, who had taken a day off of work so that he could hover around him. Richard would have been there too, except it was a very important day in his court case and he didn't want to halt the court proceedings any further. Now that he was feeling better, he was going to be back in court soon. He could stand up for an hour at a time now, he could sit down and stand up unaided, he was eating properly, even if he wasn't quite handling his added treats, he was eating three good meals a day and he could maybe stretch to a dessert after dinner or a few biscuits with his tea, but he was improving and now that his scar was finally fading and his muscles were healing and repairing, he was getting stronger.

"Do you think a bouncy castle for Braiden's second birthday is a bit much?" Harry asked Myron consideringly. "It's only a small one, but the quintuplets will want a go too, maybe it's a bit much for them."

Myron smirked at him. "You think a bouncy castle is a bit much when your Calix is trying to climb the curtains?"

Harry looked around and he hurried to Calix, who was yanking on the curtains, his feet dangling half an inch from the floor.

"Not again, Calix!" He groaned. "We do not climb the curtains, the sideboard or the bookshelf!" Harry reminded him.

"Mama, no!" Calix cried as he was removed from the curtains.

"God, they've all gotten so active now they're nineteen months old!" He said as he put Calix back on the carpet, only for his son to crawl like lightning back to the curtains.

Harry got there first and he hoisted the curtains up and he put them on the windowsill. Calix stared at them for several moments, realised that he couldn't reach them, and he started crying. He threw himself backwards and he started rolling on the floor, kicking his legs and thrashing his arms. Harry sighed.

"It seems the terrible twos are upon you a little early." Myron chuckled.

"Well and truly." Harry said, shaking his head. "He'll calm down soon."

Harry sat back down and he picked up his tea, trying to ignore his son screaming and shouting over by the window, but as Harry had said, Calix did eventually calm down and stop his tantrum and he crawled over to him, sniffling. He reared back on his knees, lifting his arms up with a soft 'mama' seeking out comfort.

Harry picked him up and snuggled him into his chest, hugging him tightly, wiping his eyes and nose and giving him a big kiss.

"I love you, Calix." He said firmly.

"Love you, Mummy." Calix snuffled against his chest.

"We're not allowed to climb the curtains. It's dangerous." He said just as firmly.

"No." Calix said, rubbing his eyes.

Harry kissed that little mouth and he sat back, cuddling Calix to him until his little boy calmed and soothed himself. Harry knew that all had been forgiven when Calix squirmed away from his chest, gave him a kiss and then wriggled down to the floor. He crawled off to the toys and Harry breathed in deeply and sat back.

"You handled that incredibly well." Myron complimented.

Harry smiled. "I can't pander to their tantrums. I saw how much better it worked when I was injured and physically couldn't pander to them. It was much better and the tantrum was over quicker when they were left to their tantrums and then had the comfort and reassurance afterwards. When they're older I hope to be able to head them off before a tantrum occurs."

"I have also noticed the potty floating around, is it being used?"

"It is, as a toy at the moment." Harry laughed. "That was my idea, so that it's not demonised as a massive change when we try and force them to use it. There are three of them floating around, a blue one, a yellow one and a white one. Braiden is ready to start, most definitely, so once he's a little more comfortable with the potty in the room, we'll start teaching him to use it."

"How did he ever get old enough to start being toilet trained?" Myron shook his head. "It seems only a few weeks ago that you laid him in my arms and told me to welcome my new grandson."

"Then I handed you four new grandsons and a granddaughter just four months later." Harry chuckled. "Then a year after that our two new little girls and now I may yet hand you another grandchild."

"You still haven't found out?" Myron asked.

"Not just yet. The Healers are coming tomorrow to see me. I'll ask for a pregnancy check then. I might keep it to myself until after Braiden's birthday if I am pregnant. I have so much to do and I'll never get it all done if those four start hovering around me. They're going to be a million times worse than normal and I know what you're going to say, about the injury and the recovery and not pushing myself too hard, but there's no need to keep me bedbound like a prisoner. I can still do things for myself even if it's not as much as I could manage before."

Myron nodded his understanding and he was then suitably distracted as Tegan climbed up beside him with her penguin and a book. She monopolised his lap, put his hands where she wanted them on her tiny waist and cracked open the book to start reading to him, pointing out the pictures and babbling, turning to look at her 'ganda' to see if he understood. He didn't, none of them did, but they all pretended that they did and that they were following her stories with rapt attention regardless.

This gave Harry the opportunity that he needed to get a few more things sorted out. He was not making his own birthday cake, or Braiden's for that matter, as Max insisted that he had that well in hand, but that didn't mean that he couldn't bake a few fairy cakes for now.

Farren had followed him into the kitchen, as was usual now when someone left to go into the kitchen and Harry pulled up a chair and he got Farren to help him make the little cakes. It was only really getting Farren to bash the mixture with a wooden spoon and making sure that he didn't put any cake mixture in his mouth, but his son enjoyed it.

Harry distracted him by giving Farren the, almost clean, wooden spoon to suck and bite while he put the tiny cakes in the oven and then he cleaned up everything, taking the wooden spoon from Farren and dropping it into the sink lastly.

"Come on you, they won't be ready for another eight minutes, just don't tell Daddy Nasta."

"Shh." Farren said, holding a little finger over his lips and Harry nodded, even as he stifled a laugh.

"There you are, where did you go?" Myron asked him. Tegan was laying in the crook of his arm, she wasn't asleep, but she was staring at her penguin, petting it, kissing it and talking to it.

"I was baking some little cakes for after their lunches." Harry smiled as he looked at his playing children.

"Nasta wouldn't approve." Myron smirked.

"Nasta doesn't approve of anything fun or tasty." Harry waved away.

Myron snorted in laughter and shook his head. "Do you need me to do anything for you?"

"No, Max already did as much prep as he possibly could, all I have to do is actually cook it. They're all back in their routines, so because of his therapy, he misses the kids lunches. We can't put their lunchtime back, because it'll affect their nap times too and break their routine, but likewise he can't be here for them, so I get to do something for a change. He seriously takes over in the kitchen."

Myron laughed. "He's always been the same, ever since he was a teenager. He used to kick his Mother out of her own kitchen, especially if we were having guests over, and he'd do everything himself, he wouldn't even hear of having help. There was a time when I seriously thought that he'd be a chef and have his own restaurant to rival the best. Though I suppose that being a Potions Master and carrying an entire company on his shoulders is close enough."

Harry chuckled. "I told him that he could go freelance to get some more free time, but he's happy where he is and he likes his colleagues."

"More like he can boss them around and get away with murder." Myron snorted.

"Nothing new there then." Harry chuckled. "But it's good that he can cook too. Draco and Blaise don't know how to as they're spoilt prats and I think Nasta would kill us via severe food poisoning if he tried. For such a worldly, cultured man who's been everywhere and tasted everything, he absolutely sucks at cooking."

"Are they better behaved now?"

Harry smiled softly. He nodded. "Yes. If I say something now, I actually feel like they listen to what I'm saying. They're not just brushing me off anymore and thinking that they know what's best. I'm not sure if it'll last, but at the moment it's lovely to have control of myself and my own actions. I'm hoping that with the therapy, that it'll continue, but for now, I'm not counting my chickens."

"If they look like they're slipping or they do actually slip, you give me a call, Harry." He said seriously. "I'll put those boys back on the right track and remind them of the consequences if they slip back down that route."

Harry nodded with a smile. "I will. I'm not going to let them slip backwards after all of this, when they're finally listening to me like an equal person and not like a child. I only want to move forward from now on."

Myron smiled at him, but the alarm on the oven interrupted them and Harry stood up and made his way back to the kitchen. It took just a few minutes for Farren to toddle into the kitchen after him.

"Muma. Muma!" He said excitedly.

"Stand back, Farren." Harry said seriously and he had to smile as Farren did as he was told, standing back by the kitchen table, but he was almost bouncing in anticipation.

He took the little fairy cakes from the oven, put the baking tin well out of reach before he closed the oven door and switched off the gas.

He smiled at the dozen little cakes and he put five of them away immediately, for him and his mates later.

"I have one?" Farren asked as he watched Harry putting the cakes away and Harry was so surprised that he almost dropped the tin.

His eyes welled up and he hunched down to clutch his growing boy to his chest as Farren produced his first ever little sentence that he had actually understood. Sniffling and wiping his damp eyes, he reached up to one of the little cakes and he tore it in half.

"We'll share it okay, baby?" He said as he handed Farren half.

"Ta." Farren said as the morsel of cake was handed over and Farren chewed on the cake happily.

Harry ate his little bite of cake and he led Farren back into the living room, still rubbing his wet eyes.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Myron asked, shifting Tegan to the seat and standing to tower over him, picking him up and sniffing him over for illness or injury.

"I'm…I'm just being emotional." Harry insisted. "Farren said his first ever proper sentence."

Myron slumped, but he chuckled too. "Good boy, Farren."

Harry handed Myron the last spare cake and it was almost dwarfed in his huge hand.

"I see what you mean about giving them little cakes." He laughed.

"There was one left over. I kept five for me and the guys, five for these after their dinners and there were two left, Farren and I shared one for baking them and granddad Myron gets the other."

"Richard will be so jealous." Myron said with an evil grin.

Harry laughed. "I need to get their lunches on. Where are the girls?"

"Regan put one in the doll's pram and he's pushing her around and the other one is right by there, in that pile of teddies. I can still see a couple of curls. Oh, there she is." Myron said as the pile of teddies exploded as the little girl within raised her arms, creating an avalanche of soft toys.

Harry laughed. "Just make sure that Regan doesn't tip Eva out of that pram, it's not meant for real babies."

"I have had children before, Harry." Myron teased him. "Juda used to put Alayla in her doll's clothes all the time and use her as a living doll in place of her actual doll."

"Of course you have had children…I am mated to your funniest, most amazing, most gorgeous child after all."

Myron scoffed and ruffled his hair, but he surprised Harry by bending to kiss his forehead too. Harry grinned, liking the feeling of love that came from such an action. Myron pulled him into a hug.

"You're so easy to read sometimes. We love you, Harry. It's been two years and we see you as our youngest son and at the moment, we're on your side, even over Max. You're our son too and we don't ever want to see you hurt."

Harry grinned and he wrapped his arms around Myron's thick waist and held him tightly.

"Thank you."

"Anytime, Harry. Remember, if you need help getting any of these boys in line, you come right to me."

Harry chuckled darkly. "I think I have that well in hand now that I'm getting better and I'm able to move more normally."

He didn't mention the package that had arrived with Pigwidgeon the other day. He'd keep his own mates in line now that he could actually move around by himself…and now that Ginny's little gift had arrived too. He'd had a good root through it already and some of the things in there were enough to make even him blush. He needed to get a hold of the magazine that Ginny owl ordered from, or maybe he could even get Muggle catalogues to order some Muggle things…the clothes weren't going to be much different after all, even if the toys had a magical twist to them.

"I'm not even going to ask because I don't want to know, but I've seen that look on Richard's face numerous times…it never leads to anything good. The one time he covered his naked body in honey and ran around the garden. He got covered in so many ants and wasps." Myron laughed. "I was laughing so much that I couldn't even help him. I actually got a stitch in my side from laughing so hard and Ashleigh couldn't breathe properly. I'm glad all the kids were in school that day."

Harry laughed himself, trying to imagine running around the garden wearing nothing but honey splotches.

"Nasta would do his nut at that…I can hear him now. 'Harry! What are you doing? Honey doesn't offer any UV protection!'"

Myron was surprised into a burst of raucous laughter, of which several babies turned and joined in. Harry giggled before he shook his head.

"I'm not sure streaking around in just sun cream would have the same effect though, I can't imagine that it's edible. Speaking of edible things though, I need to get their lunches on."

Harry darted in to give one last quick squeeze to Myron before he went into the kitchen and he went to the fridge to get out all of the little pots that Max had already prepped. He'd diced all the vegetables, he'd marinated the little slices of chicken breast and he'd left instructions on how to cook the little rice bags that he'd made up. Harry shook his head. All he had to do was grill the chicken and steam the rice and vegetables.

He almost had a heart attack when he turned around and saw Farren, stood by the table, watching him silently.

"Farren, love, Mummy's heart can't take you creeping around, okay? What's the matter?"

Farren pointed to the clock and Harry laughed.

"You know its lunchtime? Of course you do. It won't be long. Do you want to go and play or do you want to stay here?"

"Stay, Muma." Farren said as he turned around and he climbed the chair to sit on his little booster seat.

Harry was so proud of him and he was so happy as he carried on making his children their lunches, setting out their own little plastic plates on the counter ready.

"Do you want a drink, Farren?" He asked.


Harry smiled as he went to the fridge and got out the jug of diluted apple juice. He poured a beaker half full for Farren and placed it down. He watched with bittersweet joy as Farren picked up the beaker and drank perfectly from it. Where had his sweet little baby gone? He was growing up so fast. It gave him a pang of broodiness. His little twin girls were only six months, yet already he wanted the feel of newborns in his arms again. If he was pregnant from this heat period, his girls would be a year old by the time that he gave birth, if he carried to term that was, and Braiden and the quintuplets would all be two years old.

He sighed as he carried on making the little lunches while keeping an eye and an ear on Farren at the table, who was kicking his legs, sometimes taking a drink of his juice, but was otherwise waiting patiently, as good as gold, for his lunch to be ready.

"Myron, lunch is up!" He called out as he put the tiny plate in front of Farren with his fork and spoon. His little boy dug right in happily.

Harry had all the plates on the table by the time that Myron herded the kids into the kitchen and Braiden, much like Farren had, climbed up into his little booster seat by himself and had started on his little lunch. He'd put their colour coded beakers of apple juice by their plates too, and Tegan took a moment to drink some first, before she started on her chicken, rice and vegetables, her penguin sat in her lap…she would prod chicken or vegetables at its beak every now then.

Harry handed Myron a much larger plate and he sat down to eat his own lunch. It was exactly the same as what the kids were eating, only his chicken breast wasn't ready sliced and he had more rice and vegetables. Myron finished first and he made the rounds of the kids, helping them eat their food, wiping off their faces, wiping off Calix's hands…he'd only recently progressed to eating his food and not throwing it, but he preferred to use his hands in place of his utensils. Harry didn't mind, it was progress in his book and he was content to leave Calix to eat with his hands as long as he did actually eat his food and didn't throw it at people.

Harry finished his own lunch and he took his and Myron's plates to the sink and he boiled the kettle for them both, setting out two mugs and grabbing a pack of biscuits. He could only handle a few biscuits, but he was determined to enjoy a few of them with his tea. He set up three bottles and he carefully scooped in the measured formula powder into each bottle, setting them up ready for when Leolin and the girls would want their lunches.

"Farren wants more." Myron said with a hint of pride as he looked at his beautiful, growing grandson.

Harry looked over his shoulder to see the cleared plate and he smiled happily. He picked up one of the little cakes, peeled off the paper case and he handed it to Farren to dribble and chew on.

He handed out the little cakes one by one as the kids finished their lunches and he left them to relish their treats as he handed Myron a mug of coffee and they shared some biscuits between them, waiting for the kids to finish their desserts.

Harry heard the floo sound and he looked consideringly at the time.

"It's too early for the guys to be home." He said with a frown.

Myron immediately stood up and went storming into the smaller living room, the only room in their home that was connected to the floo.

Myron came back a minute later, escorting Healer Alessandri.

"Hi, Georgio. Isn't my appointment for tomorrow?"

"The Elders have a crisis at the Halls with another mateship, so I've been sent to check on you."

Harry sighed. "It's not necessary to check on me three times a day!" He insisted.

"Regardless, we're going to." Georgio said firmly.

Harry huffed, but he stood up and drained the last inch of his tea.

"Myron, can you watch them for me please? They should go down for their naps now that they've eaten and Leolin will want a bottle in the next ten minutes."

"I've got it in hand, Harry."

Harry nodded and he led Georgio back into the smaller living room and he sat on the settee, waiting patiently as Georgio sat next to him.

"How have you been treated since you were last seen?"

"Oh, you mean since this morning?" Harry quipped. "When they're not even here?"

"Where are they?" Georgio asked seriously.

"They're in private therapy, it's a group session today, so they've all gone to deal with one another."

"They took on private therapy, outside of what the Counsel offered?" Georgio asked, and Harry could detect that he was pleased by this.

"Yes. They wanted to be sure." Harry answered, calming down a little.

"Do you have any odd marks or bruising?" Georgio asked, his quill poised on his clipboard.

Harry glared at him. "They're not hurting me!" He hissed through gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry about this, Harry. It's procedure, these questions are always the same for each case."

"I know." Harry said, blowing out all the breath in his lungs. "I just don't like it."

"It won't be for long, they'll be signed off soon, especially if they're in private therapy. It shows that they accept that there is a problem and that they're willing to do something about it."

Harry nodded and he sighed unhappily.

"So, do you have any odd marks or bruising? I'm content to take your word for this and not scan you with spells or strip you off and look for myself."

Harry scoffed, but recognising the lesser of two evils, he shook his head.

"No. No cuts, no marks, no bruising. I haven't had any accidents and they would never hit me, only Leolin does that."

"Your youngest son? The Faerie."

Harry nodded. "He's getting jealous of anyone else taking my attention from him, so when I so much as look at anyone else, he hits me."

"How long has that been going on?" Georgio asked.

"A few months, why?"

"Did it happen before the fight you had, or after it?"

"Before." Harry said with a frown.

"Then it's a Faerie thing?"

Harry nodded. "Yes. Dain and Kailen said that it's normal Faerie behaviour. They get frustrated and confused because they want things but can't articulate those wants or needs into words or actions, so they start to lash out more and then there's the bond between Faeries and their Mothers. He feels connected to me, I am his safe place, his everything and there's no breaking that bond. So when I hand him over to someone else, he panics and tries to get back to me. When I fuss over the others, he gets jealous that I have a special bond with someone other than him and he lashes out. It'll lessen as he gets older and he starts to actually understand what is happening around him and who these other people are."

"Does he only recognise you?" Georgio asked interestedly.

"He recognises those who have been constantly around him, but he doesn't understand them or why they're here. He doesn't have a thought process as developed as his siblings…Eva and Ave are probably thinking better than he is at the moment. All he has is the connection that he has to me because I carried him within my body, that is where the bond starts. As he gets older, he'll start making more bonds, to his Fathers' and to his brothers and sisters, to his grandparents and other family members and then to friends and such. But at the moment he is only developed enough to have a bond with me and he panics if that bond is threatened by the introduction of others, because he is entirely dependent on me for everything and he doesn't want to share me for fear of being left out."

"That is so…strange." Georgio said. "Not in an offensive way, of course, I've just never heard of such a thing before. He is like a selective newborn. One who, instead of bonding to all people around them for their safety and needs, bonds to just the one, you."

Harry nodded. "He is always more comfortable with me, but he is learning and growing."

"Back to your assessment, Leolin has not hit you recently and you have no marks upon you?"

Harry shook his head. "No."

"Have there been any arguments?"

"Only small things." Harry answered truthfully.

"Such as what?" Georgio asked, a small bite to his words.

"Max left his socks on the bedroom floor again and Draco hates it. He said, as he picked them up for Max, what is the point of a clothes hamper if we don't use it. Then Blaise tried his luck with half a dozen mugs of coffee and Nasta was not impressed. It's all very normal and usual, we're not going to stop arguing, Georgio, and it's ridiculous to think otherwise. There are five of us, we're all different people, of course we're going to argue and snipe at one another on occasion. It's normal." He stressed.

Georgio nodded. "I agree." He said as he wrote something down. "I had an argument with Clara over the placement of the cushions just this morning, I like four per settee, in a line across the back, but Clara sits with three of them to herself in a little mound. I do understand everyday arguments and they don't count. Have they forced you to do anything that you haven't wanted to do?"

"With their dominancy bond? No, I can count on one hand the amount of times that they've used that and that's between all five of them over two and a half years. I was forced to stop shopping for Braiden's birthday though when I didn't want to, but I was getting tired."

Georgio nodded and he noted something down.

"A delicate matter, Harry. Have they forced you to have sex when you haven't wanted it?"

Harry scoffed. "Are you kidding? I've been down on my knees, begging for sex and they refuse me! Does that count?"

Georgio actually laughed. "No, that doesn't count."

"Is that everything now?"

"How is your wound?" Georgio asked in answer.

"Healing. I barely feel it anymore. If I push myself then it pulls a little and I know to stop. But I'm eating more normally, I can sleep easily and I can stand up by myself now and I have no problems walking. I haven't tried running yet."

"I wouldn't recommend it just yet. Wait a little while longer." Georgio said with a smile.

"Am I cleared for a sex life yet?" Harry asked with no hint of embarrassment. He no longer cared, especially not with a Healer. Georgio had already seen him at his absolute worst.

"How are you feeling after your heat period? Is there any soreness still?"

Harry shook his head. "No."

"Have you tried to stimulate yourself?"

That did make him blush and he laughed his embarrassment off a little. "Yeah I have. I felt fine, more than fine actually."

"It didn't pull anything or cause pain?"

Harry shook his head. "No, nothing like that, but I was gentle."

"Then I should imagine that you were fine for slow and gentle, Harry, but try not to go all out for a while longer."

Harry nodded with a grin, much happier now. Being cleared for sex was going to make Max's day. They were standing firmly behind him being signed off by a Healer, and Harry did understand that, despite teasing them and begging, he understood. But now he had been told by a Healer that he could have sex, albeit slow and gentle sex…perhaps that would be a good thing in disguise too, it could help them regain their soft, loving bond.

"Is there anything else that you wanted now? Or are you alright."

"I'm okay, thank you…oh! No, I wanted a pregnancy check, please. They're going insane not knowing if I'm pregnant or not." He laughed.

Georgio smiled and he pulled his wand from his lime green Healer's over robe. He performed a rather complicated move with his wand and he considered the information his scan had given him.

Harry knew the answer when Georgio smiled at him softly.

"Congratulations, Harry. You're pregnant."

Harry's smile took over his face and both hands went to his flat belly.

"We'll monitor you carefully through this pregnancy, to make sure that it doesn't rip your newly healed muscles, but as you're healing well, you should be alright to carry the baby to term with no problems. Of course if you have multiples, then problems could arise from that, even if it is only twins. I would seriously insist upon a selective reduction in that case, Harry, but we'll know more at your first scan. Do you want me to book you in for that now?"

Harry nodded numbly. He hadn't thought that having multiples might rip out his healing muscles. He looked down to his belly again. 'Please be just the one baby, please.' He begged silently.

"It'll be alright, we'll look after you and support you through everything, Harry." Georgio promised him.

Harry smiled. "I refused a selective reduction when I had my quintuplets…I look at them now and I can't even imagine not having birthed half of them. I know I'll feel the same now, if I have to terminate however many babies. I couldn't do it, Georgio."

"This is a bit different, Harry. You could die if the babies tear up your insides."

Harry nodded. "I know, I understand, but that would be preferable to killing off half my children."

Georgio smiled sadly. "Your submissive instincts are talking now. Death is not preferable when you have four mates and eight children to already look after. They all need you still."

Harry bit his lip.

"Don't worry so much about it, we'll cross that bridge when we get to your scan." Georgio told him kindly.

Harry nodded. "Okay."

"I believe that was everything, Healer Moore will be by tomorrow to see you, but later tonight, it'll be Elder Kirrian. He'll likely just pop in to say hello and then leave again."

Harry sighed and he nodded. "Okay. Thank you, Georgio."

The giant of a man left him to it and he saw himself out, through the floo and Harry sat quiet for a couple of minutes before he stood up and he went the long way around to the bigger family room.

"Is everything okay?" Myron asked immediately. He was sat feeding Leolin, who was trying to reject his bottle, but Myron was holding him and the bottle firmly.

"Yes, fine. I hate these stupid little visits." He huffed, sitting down and taking Leolin and the bottle from Myron and settling his youngest son down to feed him.

"Did you find out?" Myron asked with a small cluing look to his belly.

"I did and yes, I'm pregnant." Harry said softly. "There was more talk of a selective reduction if I have multiples. I didn't like that, but as Georgio assured me, we might not even have to cross that bridge, I might be pregnant with just the one baby."

"You know that we're all going to look after you." Myron said with a smile. "We're not going to let anything like this happen ever again."

"It'll never happen again." Harry agreed strongly. "We're going to ensure that. But, please keep the news to yourself for a bit."

"After Braiden's birthday?" Myron said knowingly.

Harry nodded. "Yes. I will take it easy, especially knowing that this is going to be a high risk, dangerous pregnancy, but they're going to drive me insane if I have to put up with them through the parties too."

"Alright, but I will be coming around more often, just to make sure that you are taking it easy."

Harry chuckled and he nodded. "After what happened, it won't be so out of the blue for you to come around to check on us all more."

"I would have done it anyway after what happened, but now that you're going to give us another grandchild, I can't take the risk that those boys aren't completely settled. Not just yet. You are my priority now, until such a time that I'm convinced that they can look after you as you deserve."

Harry smiled, taking the bottle from Leolin's mouth and putting him up on his shoulder and rubbing his back firmly, avoiding his tiny white and gold wings.

He smiled around at the kids on the floor. Braiden and Farren were still playing, Calix was cruising around still, but the others were all napping. Very soon the other three would drop off too and Harry hoped that by that time that his mates would be back.

Leolin drifted off in his arms and Harry placed him down on the settee and covered him over with a blanket before he snatched up Calix and pulled several faces at him. Calix giggled happily.

"Mummy, no." He giggled.

Harry pulled several more faces and Calix giggled harder. Harry smiled down at him and he started pacing the room, Calix liked movement. If you stopped, then he'd pitch a fit, but if you paced around, he would lie quiet and eventually it would lull him to sleep.

Harry placed Calix on the floor, tucking him up to Tegan, who was pillowed on Regan, her penguin between them both. Braiden had slipped off too, but Farren was just sat, playing quietly. He still didn't like taking naps and as he never got cranky or grizzly from missing one, Harry was content to leave him be.

"What time are the boys due back?" Myron asked him as it approached two in the afternoon.

"I was actually expecting them back by now, but we were warned that sometimes the appointments could run a little over, especially if they make a good bit of progress during a session. They could be back any minute though."

"Do you want another cuppa?"

Harry smiled. "Please."

"I'll let you do your own honey, Merlin knows that I can never get it right. I see you pulling faces behind your cup."

Harry laughed. "You'll never learn if you don't practice!" He teased.

Harry sat playing quietly with a very happy Farren. He heard the floo sound and he grinned. Not a minute later he heard Max's voice in the kitchen. Blaise wandered in and Harry scrutinised him critically. He seemed happy enough, he wasn't jumping for joy, but neither was he angry or upset.

Harry held his arms out and then Blaise smiled as he came to hug him and give him a big kiss.

"Are you alright, Bello?" He asked seriously.

"Yes. Everything's been fine here." He said with a smile. "Are you okay?"

Blaise smiled at him and stroked his hair back from his face. "Everything's fine."

"There's my gorgeous lover."

Harry chuckled. "Hi, Max."

Max came to give him a big, smacking kiss and it made Harry laugh. Max offered him the tea and then Harry grinned himself. Max had taken over making his tea and the amount of honey was perfect, as always.

"I love you." Harry declared as he savoured the taste of his tea on his tongue.

"You've been busy today, I saw your cakes. Are you alright?" He asked as Nasta came into the living room with Draco.

"Fine. Farren helped me make them and they all had one after their lunches. Those left out there now are for us."

"I saw that there was no icing." Nasta smiled.

"No, I don't think adding so much sugar to their diets so young will do them any favours. They get just plain cakes for now. They loved them too."

"Is there anything that needs to be done?" Nasta asked him, even as Draco pulled Harry into a kiss.

Harry broke apart from the kiss and he gave a breathless laugh. "No, everything's done and sorted. The kids have just gone down for their naps, Farren doesn't want to nap, do you baby? No, and everything else is fine."

"Did they all eat their lunches?"

"Of course they did." Harry smiled. "Calix didn't throw anything either. Overall, chicken, rice and veg goes down really well."

"Did you like it too?" Max asked.

Harry grinned. "Yes. I liked it."

"Did you have any problems cooking it?"

Harry gave Max a deadpan look. "No, Max. You practically cooked it for me. All I had to do was steam everything and grill the chicken. I was well able to manage that."

"Good." Max smiled at him before sitting behind him and wrapping his arms around him, chin resting on his shoulder as he babbled to Farren as Harry drank his tea.

"I'm going to head off. I'll be on call if ever you need me." Myron said.

"Thank you for taking a day off work to keep me company." Harry said.

"Thank you for the cakes." Myron laughed. "That more than makes up for it."

"Don't tease Richard about it too much." Harry laughed.

Myron winked and left them to it. Harry let his mates settle down a bit and then he started giving them worried glances.

"Everything was fine." Nasta told him the moment he caught Harry's look.

Max tugged his head back by his hair gently to see his little frown. He kissed it away.

"We just sat and talked in a group with a Mind Healer, that's all. It actually went really well. We were more worried about you."

"Me, why?" Harry said. "I was here with Myron."

"Not because of that, love, but because we knew the Elders would be coming and we wouldn't be here for you. How did that go?" Max asked.

"It wasn't an Elder this afternoon, they had some sort of emergency that they had to deal with. Georgio came instead. He said that Elder Kirrian is scheduled to see us tonight, but that he'd only be popping his head in."

"He gave you an examination, didn't he?" Nasta said seriously.

"No, he took my word for everything and then he left." Harry said with a smile. "It wasn't so bad, not like that Elder Messana. I'm sure he's trying to get me taken from you all again. I'm glad that you were here to stop him from stripping me off and checking my body for marks."

"There's no need for it and I won't have it." Nasta growled protectively. "If they won't take your word for it, then they have magical scans, never strip off for them, Harry."

"Trust me, I won't." Harry said seriously. "I told Elder Messana as much. That's how you knew about it, remember? I started shouting and yelling and you all came running."

"Of course we did, you were screaming so loudly that I jumped into a table." Blaise laughed.

Harry smiled and snuggled back into Max's bulk. His biggest mate just wriggled and held him tighter, squeezing tighter with his massive arms.

"You're so good at cuddling." Harry complimented. "Come here baby, you need to get in on this too."

Harry dragged his big boy between his legs and added him to the cuddle. Farren giggled and stood up, wrapping his arms around Harry's neck. Max wrapped his arms around both of them, kissed them both and then he stayed smiling, holding them both.

"How have they been?"

"Great. Calix had a tantrum because I refused to allow him to climb the curtains."

"So that's why they were on the windowsill!" Draco chuckled as he eyed them up. "I was wondering."

"Ave is going to start walking any day!" He said excitedly. "Six months old and she's going to walk soon! Eva is slower on her feet, but still, she's getting around so well…to think that just last month they were still commando crawling."

"Still saying nothing, though?"

Harry nodded. "Just Muma and a few odd sounds."

"Muma." Farren repeated, turning to look at him.

Harry smiled and kissed him. "I love you, Farren." He said clearly and Farren grinned at him, understanding his words and their meaning.

Harry rested back against Max and he sighed. "When's your next assessment?"

"We made good progress, so our next session is next week, on the Wednesday."

Harry nodded. "The kids are going to Amelle and Caesar on the Wednesday."

"Oh that's right, their play date." Blaise nodded. "You'll have a free day all to yourself, Harry."

Harry frowned. "That sounds like hell, actually." He said.

"You'll have Eva, Ave and Leolin with you."

"I won't have Leolin. He's going to Dain and Kailen. Remember, we agreed to allow them a couple of hours with him. We planned it for this Wednesday so that we would have an afternoon together."

"Oh, that's right! Just you and our little girls then." Max laughed.

"At least I can catch up with the washing." Harry sighed. "When are your individual sessions?"

"Tomorrow with the Dracken Counsel." Max said. "Two O'clock, so I'll be here for their lunches."

"I'm up first, nine in the morning." Draco sighed.

"I'm last." Blaise nodded. "At five."

"When's your next session?" Nasta asked him.

Harry frowned. "In two days. I'm going well, but I wish they'd let me use Healer Vasey. I've made so much headway with him that I'm not all that open to having another Mind Healer near me. I'm probably not being as cooperative as I could be, but then I've never been all that open about sharing my thoughts with just anyone. Healer Vasey isn't happy about it either, he thinks that distracting me with a different style of therapy, like this new Mind Healer, when they won't be continuing my treatment further, is actually going to set me back."

"It's because Healer Vasey isn't on the Counsel's payroll." Max said, a small sneer tugging at his lips. "They don't trust his word as they can't force an oath on him."

"Healer Vasey actually offered to take the oath and they still refused." Harry said. "For whatever reason, they don't want me with my regular Mind Healer, the one that I've spent months working up to trusting fully with my mental health. It's making me less cooperative. It doesn't help that the prick they've assigned to me is trying to word trap me into incriminating you all. I know word traps now from Richard for the court case."

"He's still doing that?" Nasta growled.

"Oh yeah." Harry told them. "Not that he'll get very far. As soon as I recognise a word trap things devolve into insults and then silence. I've told Elder Kirrian and I know he's had words…probably more than words if I know him at all, so hopefully this next session won't be as bad."

"I hate the thought that this is putting you back in your actual therapy." Nasta said.

"It's okay." Harry said. "I don't class what the Counsel are doing as therapy anyway, as I said, he's not even trying to help me, he's just trying to force me into saying things that I don't mean. It's like he can't help but try to split up other people's mateships for some sort of sadistic pleasure…I don't know who his Submissive is, but I feel so fucking sorry for her."

Harry bent forward and he kissed Farren, who giggled and twisted away from him, moving to play with the big bucket of wooden blocks now that he didn't have any younger siblings to either prevent him from playing with them, or ruin his attempts to creatively build towers by knocking them over before he was done.

Harry smiled and he sat and he played with Farren, handing him blocks and subtly straightening Farren's creations when his boy turned to dig out more blocks from the bucket.

His mates were quiet, for whatever reasons, Nasta was definitely stuck in thought, he had that brooding look on his face that he always got when he sunk into his own thoughts, but from the others it was a little more unusual. He had the thought then that perhaps their own therapy sessions were actually going as badly as his own and they hadn't told him because they didn't want to worry him.

He frowned himself, then he smiled as he thought of something to cheer them up.

"Georgio told me something else today too." He said, breaking them all out of their thoughts, their brooding and respective silence as they all looked to him as he spoke.

"What did he tell you?" Max asked, almost in excited anticipation.

"Are you alright?" Draco asked him.

Of course, they all expected him to drop a baby bombshell on them. They'd been trying to hint to him to get a pregnancy check since he'd had a fertile heat, but they had, as yet, not asked him outright. He grinned mentally and he let out a small chuckle. He was going to keep that little bit of baby news to himself for a little while longer.

"I've been signed off to restart our sex life." He said happily.

He almost saw all their bodies relax as one, as they let out the breaths they'd been holding, and then Max whooped quietly, aware of the napping babies, and he surged forward to cuddle him.

"Yes! I can't wait to lavish you with sex! I've been waiting to fuck you properly for what feels like forever."

Harry laughed. "You'll have to wait to fuck me properly. I've been cleared for sex, but the slow, careful, gentle kind. It'll be another couple of weeks before I'm healed enough for anything more…vigorous."

"I don't care, I'll take what I can get." Max declared, pulling Harry back onto his lap and sucking his neck.

Harry was shocked to feel that Max was actually hard. "Where did that come from?" He laughed.

"What? I'm very happy to hear that I can have sex with you."

"You…that actually made you hard? Just me saying that we can have sex?" Harry grinned.

"Well, yeah. I always get hard when any of you say that we can have sex. Have you seriously never noticed that in two years of being in a relationship with me?"

"I knew you got hard when we would tease you or wind you up, I never knew that just saying it made you spring to life."

"It's probably because things haven't been normal and we haven't been able to have a normal sex life." Nasta reasoned.

"Are all of you hard?" Harry asked.

"Semi." Blaise winked.

That made Harry laugh and he had to wipe away tears of joy as he realised that his mates had wanted sex as much as he had over the last few months, but their love and care for him had always stopped them despite their own physical needs and demands. It made him feel wonderful to know that it hadn't been through any lack of desire that they had always told him no and he turned quickly to straddle Max's lap.

"I think tonight we should re-establish our bond." He insisted, in a low, sultry voice. "Nice and gently…and very, very slowly." He purred the last and Max let out a long, low moan. "But first, who wants more tea?" He asked brightly as he stood up and swayed to the kitchen.

He heard Max groan louder, this time in aggravation, and he giggled happily. This truly felt like they were back to normal…teasing his mates had always been a part of their relationship, a part that he loved very much. They were getting there, they just had a few more hurdles to clear first, but he couldn't wait until they reached their end goal. It was going to feel amazing when this was all over and done with at last.

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