The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


123. Chapter One Hundred-Nine – Fruit Fun

Harry was back in court again after Braiden's birthday. Richard had at least given him an extra day afterwards to relax, but ultimately he couldn't afford to wait any longer and on Monday the sixteenth of August he was dressed up in a suit and a tie, which it was far too warm for, and he was back under Richard's care.

It was his own fault that he was here really, he had wanted to be fully involved in these court proceedings when he could have let Richard handle it, though due to extenuating circumstances he had had to stop going for a while, mainly because he'd been in the Healing Halls and unable to think straight, but that was all behind him now and he once again wanted to be involved with the court case, a stinking hot August day or not.

Everyone in the family now knew that he was pregnant too and he knew that several people had actually threatened Richard with bodily harm if anything at all happened to him while he was in the courtroom, sitting across from 'those monsters' and surrounded by people. Harry felt offended by this, as if they somehow thought that maybe Richard wouldn't throw down his own life for him if it came to it when Harry knew, and disagreed with it, one hundred percent that Richard would give up his own life to protect him and the baby.

"You're frowning again." Richard told him.

"This decaf tastes like soil." Harry grumbled.

Richard laughed, loud and happily. He wheezed a little and Harry looked at him worriedly, but Richard calmed himself, took several deep breaths, and regained control of himself.

"What happens if you have one of those attacks?" Harry asked worriedly.

Richard smiled gently at him. "I have the potion I need in my pocket, Harry. Stop fretting. I've been living with this condition for two decades now, you don't need to worry about me, it's you we need to fret and fuss over."

"Not really. I'm okay and the sentencing will be soon, won't it?"

"It will, not long now and all of this will be over." Richard said soothingly, putting his arm around Harry's back and leading him on the familiar trek to the courthouse.

The massive glass structure came into view as they rounded the last corner and Harry took in an extra deep breath, his hand placed over his fluttering stomach. He was thankful that he still wasn't getting any morning sickness…not yet.

"How did they all react to the photos?" He asked quietly.

"As you could well imagine, they did not go down very well with the Judge and jury." Richard told him. "I explained that you couldn't be there for the viewing of the photos as the photographic reminders of what those people did to you would complicate your therapy. Healer Vasey was more than happy to sign on such a thing when I went to explain the problem to him."

Harry nodded. "They are terrible photos, but I lived through it. The photos don't bother me half as much as the memories."

"I know, sweetheart." Richard said sadly, holding him tighter. "Just remember that they are getting what's coming to them for what they did to you. They are not escaping justice and with your therapy, you'll be better in no time while they rot in a jail cell for the rest of their miserable, cruel lives."

Harry blew out a breath and he nodded. "I'm doing really well with Healer Vasey. He was worried about the effect the fight would have on me after my childhood, but I spent most of it in Dracken form, so I don't really associate what happened with my human brain, if that makes any sense at all. It has bled over into my everyday life, of course. I went through that little while of not trusting them, of not being able to leave my babies, but that's behind us now. I'm better now."

Richard pulled him in tighter for a moment and smiled down at him. "I know what you mean about the Dracken and human mind being separated. I barely remember my injury because I was in Dracken form. Everything just seems blurry and detached when you go feral."

Harry nodded his understanding.

"It was mostly just pain and fear, seeing Myron hovering over me with his hands and arms covered in my blood, but the details of what happened, it's all just a blur to me. I remember that my Dracken and I were following our top dominant, we knew our pregnant mate was in trouble, in danger, and that made us angry, we were scared for her. We found her and we were fighting and killing those who were hurting her and holding her captive, those who had killed our baby…after that, nothing. I slipped into such a feral state that it was all just blood and killing to protect our submissive. The next I knew I was on the floor, trying to breathe through a ruined throat, Myron frantic above me as he force fed me his blood, from where he tore a chunk from his own arm in his own panic to get his blood into me as quickly as he could."

"It sounds awful, I'm sorry you went through something like that. Myron and Ashleigh too, of course, especially Ashleigh, but you too because of your injury. You were only doing what your instincts told you to do and you could have died from it."

Richard smiled down at him again as they reached the courthouse and slipped inside.

"We all do what we can for our loved ones, Harry. It's just who we are."

Harry nodded his understanding. In Richard's mind, he had only been doing what he was supposed to do for his beloved submissive. It would have been the same for him if he'd taken an injury to protect his children. Even if others didn't think so, it would be worth it to Harry to put his body on the line, his very life on the line if needed, to protect his children.

"I understand exactly." He said softly.

"I wouldn't doubt it, not with how very protective you are, of your kids and of those errant lovers of yours." Richard teased. "I mean, how many fights have you gotten into with complete strangers now just because they had threatened or insulted your lovers?"

Harry snorted. "A few, the most recent was two days ago on Braiden's birthday, actually. That filthy Faerie guard who threatened to have my mates executed and my baby torn from my arms."

Richard snorted. "I remember." He said with a teasing grin.

Harry was directed to sit on the polished wooden bench and he did so, trying to ease away his nerves. He did so by thinking of his new baby. He smiled and splayed his hands over his flat belly and gently rubbed at it, trying to will his love and devotion into his baby, so that the baby, or even babies, would always know, right from the beginning, that he loved them with all that he was.

"You're not feeling sick?" Richard asked him quietly.

"No." Harry said. "I'm just trying to convey my love."

Richard grinned at him and laid a hand on his head. "Carry on then."

"Is it bad that I'm craving a big, greasy burger?" He said.

"It's nine in the morning." Richard said with a grin.

"I know. Nasta wouldn't let me eat it anyway. 'Think of your health, Harry.', 'What about the baby, Harry.' He's such a fucking killjoy." He sulked. "I might punish him by eating a whole watermelon."

"How will that punish him?" Richard asked in confusion.

"If I eat it all then he can't have any." Harry said stubbornly. "He can't stop me from eating all of it either, 'because of the baby'." He added in a bad impression of Nasta's voice.

Richard had to laugh. He loved his boys so much, Harry especially. Some of the things he came out with…he just had to laugh at him.

"If you want a whole watermelon, you eat a whole watermelon, baby." Richard told him. "Do you have one at home?"

Harry shook his head. "I'm going to have to send Max out shopping."

"We can go to the store once we're done here." Richard told him. "That way you can buy all the fruit that Nasta loves and punish him by eating it in front of him and not giving him any."

Harry's face lit up. "Yes! That would drive him insane!"

"If you need me and Myron to take the kids for the afternoon, all you need to do is ask." Richard winked at him.

Harry's grin widened. "Blaise and Draco are going to take all of them to visit Narcissa, Lucius, Marianna and Josiah for group afternoon tea at Malfoy Manor. It's going to be just me and Nasta until about three O'clock when Max comes home from work."

"Oh, now you are going to have fun." Richard chuckled. "We'll be finished by two O'clock, that gives you an hour or so to wind up Nasta after we go shopping. Is that enough time for you?"

Harry grinned. "Who says we have to stop just because Max comes home?"

"That's my baby boy you're talking about." Richard said with a wink. "He wouldn't do anything of that sort!"

Harry giggled at the thought of dirty, perverted Max being chaste and abstinent. "We have four babies together." Harry pointed out.

"No, I'm not listening." Richard said, making a point of turning his back to Harry, smiling as he heard the laughter behind him.

"You're in a good mood, Seppen." Someone called out, walking down the corridor.

"Why shouldn't I be?" Richard answered curtly.

"You're in court today, I would have thought you'd be a little more…serious."

"I have no need to be when I'm so confident of a conviction." Richard said easily.

"You cocky narcissist." The other man sneered.

"I don't think that word means what you think it does." Richard replied with an easy smirk. "Then, that's nothing new for you, is it?"

The other man bared his teeth and Richard easily blocked Harry from view with a shoulder.

"This is a courthouse, not a zoo." Richard replied mildly. "Take your animalistic behaviour elsewhere. Or better yet, learn to control yourself, you might actually win a single case if you did."

"You better watch yourself, Seppen. One of these days you'll take the wrong case, or piss off the wrong people."

Richard made a disinterested noise in the back of his throat. "Not all of us worry more for our own necks and hides over the rightful justice for the victim. So if that was all you had to say, kindly carry on walking."

The angry man stormed off and Harry released a breath that he hadn't known that he'd been holding.

"Who was that man?" He asked Richard. "Why doesn't he like you?"

Richard turned and smiled at him. "He doesn't like my conduct outside of the courtroom. He thinks I'm too childish, yet I win ninety percent of my cases and it drives him crazy. He's usually opposite me in the courtroom and every case we've had together, he's always lost and he hates it. He's just a bitter little man who likes using big words to make himself sound more intelligent than he actually is. He always tries to show me up in a courtroom, trying to get others to see how 'childish and unsuitable' I am to be a barrister. I always show him up in return, especially when he uses his big, fancy words in the wrong context. That always makes me laugh. Well, that and the fact that he comes across as more bestial than me when I am literally part beast." Richard chuckled.

Harry smiled back, but he frowned again a moment later. "Was he threatening you?"

Richard scoffed. "Probably. It's a dog eat dog kind of career. I don't feel threatened by the teacup Chihuahua though, Harry, so I wouldn't pay any mind to that conversation. I meant what I said, I care more for the justice of the victim than I do about my own neck. I have Myron to cover my neck for me and you need to remember, all of these people are not only humans, but they're Muggles too, sweetie." Richard winked at him. "They aren't going to take on me and win. I'd chew them up and spit out the remains and that's before I bring out fangs and claws."

Harry smiled then, having been reassured with the knowledge that he was in a Muggle courthouse, and that everyone around them were Muggles. Of course they could still cause damage, or even death, to a wizard or to a Dracken, but the chances of that happening while Richard had wings, claws, fangs and a wand at his disposal was drastically lowered.

"Potter versus Dursley." A court attendant called out.

Harry took a huge breath and he took comfort from Richard's hand on his shoulder, walking him into the courtroom. Richard would look after him.

As before, the Dursleys were already sat at the one table. Harry and Richard sat at the other table, Harry taking the seat furthest from the Dursleys and Richard placing his case on the table and opening it, taking out a stack of papers and snapping them against the table top, neatening them up before laying them down and removing his case from view.

Harry took a nervous sip of his decaf coffee, trying not to fidget, trying not to look as nervous as he felt and trying not to look around him, especially not at the Dursleys.

He stood with the rest of the courtroom when the stern, severe looking Judge Justice Brais entered and Harry sat when the Judge did. The room was called to order and Harry just sat and tried to ignore his pounding heart. It was ridiculous, nothing was going to happen to him, he knew that. He wasn't going to be hurt, but that didn't calm his heart and it didn't stop his nerves. He remembered that he'd been through much worse, this courtroom was nothing, this case was nothing. He was going to survive this and he was going to get his justice on the family who had hurt and neglected him his entire life.

"I would like to remind the court that in our last session we covered the extensive physical torture that the plaintiff, Harry James Potter, endured at the hands of the defendants, the Dursley family that was documented in a series of photographs that was taken by a since deceased neighbour and then later by Mister Potter himself." A court attendant read out.

There were mutterings and grumblings throughout the courtroom as the photographs were mentioned. Harry felt eyes boring into him from all directions and he sunk down in his seat. Richard touched his back gently in silent support. He would be alright. He was going to be just fine. Today was going to be a few hours of back and forth arguing, like all the other times, everything would be fine.

"Today we will call Mrs Petunia Dursley to the stand to answer the allegations of causing some of the injuries to Mister Potter's body." The attendant carried on.

Petunia moved slowly, like a hunched woman going to her own execution. She had already faced Richard in the courtroom before, she clearly did not want to do so again.

Richard touched Harry's shoulder and bent to whisper in his ear. "I'll be bringing up some of the pictures for reference, Harry. Will you be okay with that?"

Harry nodded, a little jerkily, but he took a deep breath and straightened himself up. He had nothing to hide, he was not the guilty party, he had not injured himself after all. He was here for justice and he was going to get it. Petunia had hit and hurt him and caused some of the injuries in those photos, she needed to answer from them, as well as Vernon needed to answer for the injuries that he had caused to him too.

Richard's face changed suddenly, one moment open and caring, kind and loving, the man that Harry knew and adored. The next it was closed off and stern, a perfectly crafted mask that would hide all of his facial expressions and would allow him to keep control of himself. A man that Harry did not know.

"Mrs Dursley." He started, his voice once again taking on that hard, mocking tone. "You were very uncooperative the last time that you were on the stand, I hope that you've had a chance to set your story straight in your mind."

Petunia said nothing, but her blue eyes took a quick dart to her husband and their lawyer, Mister Chorley.

"I would like to start with pictures eighteen and nineteen." Richard called out and a court attendant flitted through the photos and brought up the picture labelled as eighteen on a screen that the whole court could see. Picture nineteen was placed on the projector next to it and they appeared side by side.

Harry peeked up at the pictures and he saw that the first showed a wonky, bloody bandage that certainly hadn't been tied properly or by any sort of professional. Picture nineteen was the corresponding picture, where the bandage that he had tied on himself was removed, showing the deep cut underneath.

"You should remember these photos, Mrs Dursley. Harry has told me all about how he received them, how you hustled him into the bathroom afterwards and threw a roll of bandage at him for him to clean himself up. A boy of nine." Richard said, his voice icy and chilling.

"I don't know how he got that injury." Petunia said, her voice hesitant and unconvincing to Harry's ears.

"Well, let me remind you." Richard said coolly, walking back to the table and picking up the top piece of paper, turning back to Petunia. "You had told Harry to make breakfast for your family, all the while knowing that he hadn't eaten in two days and would be very hungry, and while your husband snapped at Harry to hurry up, Harry took a misstep in his terror. He fell from the footstool that he used to reach the counters and cupboards and he caught himself on the corner of the counter as he fell, which left a long cut in his side, over his ribs. You, very frustrated with Harry's fall and his subsequent injury, pulled him from the floor by his upper arm, marched him to the bathroom upstairs, threw him inside and told him to clean himself up, before you shut the door and presumably went and finished cooking breakfast for the family. A job that you, or your husband, should have been doing yourselves in the first place, and not making a nine year old boy do as such. And no, we have established that cooking is not an acceptable chore for a nine year old child." Richard put in venomously. "I would not have allowed my nine year old to cook a full meal, unsupervised. I very much doubt any parent or guardian would."

"Objection, that is all conjecture and presumption!" The Dursley's lawyer spat. "My children knew how to cook at a young age, my wife used to cook with them and they enjoyed it!"

"We are not talking about standing a child on a chair and having them 'help out' by letting them crack a few eggs into a bowl." Richard said chillingly. "My children also stood on chairs and 'helped out' by stirring sauces and learning how to peel vegetables, but they were supervised at all times, as I'm sure that your wife supervised your children also. Harry was not supervised. He was not just stirring or cracking eggs, he was cooking full meals over an open gas flame often with hot fat and sharp knives. Two dozen of the photos shown to this court over our last three sessions were injuries related to Harry being unsupervised in the kitchen. He's been burnt, he's had hot grease leave scars on his hands and arms, he's cut his fingers and hands with knives that he was never supervised with when using. This is not the same as teaching a child to cook and watching every move they make!"

No one said a word and Richard took a deep breath and then pointedly turned back to Petunia.

"You saw Harry fall hard while cooking for your family. You dragged him from the kitchen as he was bleeding, and you threw him into the bathroom to sort himself out. You knew that he had that injury." Richard said, jabbing his finger to the screen and the two photos. "You knew that Harry would not be able to wrap his own chest and still you left him there to bleed and patch himself up, but worst still, you made him clean up the bathroom once he was finished. You forced him to clean up his own blood from the bathroom floor while he was injured and in pain."

Petunia was white, she was breathing heavier than usual, but she was also silent. She seemed to have adopted her husband's tactic of remaining silent through her questioning.

"You have nothing to say? No, I don't suppose that you do. What can you say to explain this?" Richard said, waving his hand at the screen. "There is no excuse, nothing that you can say to explain away the blatant child abuse that you not only watched unfold before you, but actively enabled by forcing Harry to cook unsupervised, and then made worse once he was injured from your abusive negligence. Harry is your nephew, your own sister's son, and you watched as he was injured and you threw him into the bathroom and left him to deal with his injury himself, a nine year old boy."

Petunia was shaking, as if she were a frail autumn leaf in a gusty breeze, but she still said nothing. Harry wondered if she was angry, or if she was merely scared. He took a bit of savage pleasure in thinking that it was the latter, after all of the pain and fear she had instilled in him over the years, it was about time that she got her due. The both of them deserved it. He looked over to Vernon and then back to Petunia. He had been hurt and abused by those two people for almost his whole life. He hadn't deserved what had happened to him in his life. He hadn't deserved to be targeted by Voldemort. He hadn't deserved to be orphaned as a baby, his own parents sacrificing their own lives willingly and unhesitantly for him. He hadn't deserved the Dursleys and all the torment that they had inflicted upon him over the years. He hadn't deserved it and Healer Vasey, and his mates and their families, his family now, were helping him to see that. He hadn't deserved it and now he was getting justice for all that had been done to him by these people.

He had been a child, a baby when he'd come to them, unable to defend himself, unable to understand, probably missing his parents as he wouldn't have had any concept of the finality of death at such a young age. He felt tears well up in his eyes, even as he balled up his hands into tight fists to prevent such a thing happening, as it finally sunk in fully. He had NOT deserved such treatment, not merely for being born, not for having magic, not because his parents had died to protect him, not just because he was unwanted. He had been a child, and he knew now, no child should have been treated the way that he had been. The thought of his own children having the same life that he had had, going through the same things, experiencing the same abuse and neglect. One hot tear fell down his cheek and he swiped it away angrily.

Petunia was his aunt. His Mother's sister. He knew that had the situation been reversed, and Vernon and Petunia had died and Dudley had been orphaned and come to live with him and his parents, he would have had a brother. Dudley would have been raised with love and affection, with discipline and structure. He wouldn't have been treated any differently to himself. He wouldn't have been singled out, not because he was a Muggle, not because he was an orphan. They would have been treated exactly the same, given the same punishments and the same rewards. Another tear fell and he again swiped it away.

Richard was talking again, Petunia actually said something back, but Harry didn't hear it over the volume of his own thoughts.

If Caesar and Amelle were killed, he and his mates would take in Eleonora and Beatrice in a heartbeat, Harry wouldn't even hesitate to accept them as his own daughters. He wouldn't even think to treat them any differently and Nora was older than he was when he'd been left with the Dursleys and this sort of treatment had started. That made his breath catch in his throat. His quintuplets were older than he had been when he'd been orphaned and sent to the Dursleys.

The thought came unbidden, of Regan suffering as he had, of Calix being poked and pinched and kicked and no one doing anything to stop it, of Tegan being denied a hug, of Farren calling for 'muma' and being ignored or snapped at and he swallowed hard.

A gentle hand on his shoulder made him jump and flinch.

"Harry, it's Richard." A soft voice whispered to him. "Are you okay? Do you need a break?"

Harry nodded jerkily.

"I would like to call a small recess of the court." Richard said, standing up straight and looking behind him.

"Granted, we will take an early lunch and proceedings will continue at noon." The Judge agreed and Richard quickly put all his papers back into his case and helped Harry to his feet, escorting him out and to a small, empty room down the hall.

"What is it, are you okay?" Richard asked as soon as the door was closed, coming to him and holding him tightly to his chest. "Are you in pain? Was it too soon?"

Harry clutched at Richard's suit jacket and he cried, hard and messily. Richard said nothing more, he just held him and stroked his hair, making soft, soothing noises until Harry eventually calmed down and quietened.

Richard pulled back and kissed his forehead, swiping his thumbs under his eyes. "What was it?" He asked softly. "The pictures were too much?"

Harry shook his head and swallowed. "I lived through those photos, I know what they show, what every injury felt like, when it was caused and why. No…I just…it was when you said that she was my Mother's sister. She was supposed to love me. Why didn't she love me?"

Richard couldn't answer that question. The only person who could wasn't saying anything, she was staying silent, denying Harry a chance of closure or at the least an explanation, but those people wanted to save their own skin, thus they were denying the charges against them and upsetting Harry even more.

"Do you want to go home, sweetie?" Richard asked him seriously. "You don't have to be here and if you want to go home, I will take you right now. You can go and sex up Nasta with all that lovely fruit."

Harry laughed and rubbed at his damp eyes. He shook his head. "I just…I know that if it had been the other way around then my parents wouldn't have treated Dudley any differently, we would have been raised as brothers. If anything happened to Amelle or Caesar, I would never even think about treating Nora or Bea as anything other than my daughters. I just don't understand what was so wrong with me."

Richard pulled him back into a tight hug, before he cupped his face and forced eye contact. "There is nothing wrong with you, Harry, and there never has been. Those monsters out there, the ones going to prison for what they did to you, they are the ones who have something wrong with them to be able to treat a beautiful, wonderful little boy like you the way they did and I hate them for what they've done to you, for making you think that there is anything at all wrong with you."

"My children are older than I was when I went to them in that house." Harry said softly. "Braiden, Farren, Calix, Tegan, Leolin, Regan. They're all older than I was when I was orphaned, Richard. When I think of them going through anything similar…" Harry trailed off into sniffling and Richard held him tighter.

"They will never experience what you did, Harry. You and your mates are not monsters. You have your problems, every relationship does, but you love your children. You love those babies so much, Harry and your mates love them too and they adore you to pieces. People don't act like those monsters out there, that's why they're going to prison, baby. The fault lies with them, always with them, not you."

Harry clung to Richard and just tried not to think.

"It's going to be so difficult for anyone to understand what you went through, Harry." Richard said gently. "But we try, we're here to love you, to support you. We might not ever understand completely, but we all know that what those beasts did to you was not your fault, it was abuse, my love, and they're going to prison for it."

Harry nodded. He knew that too. He saw it sometimes, when he would mention something that he'd been through and his mates would get those blank, uncomprehending looks, the furious anger and the promises to hold him close and never let him go. They could never understand what he'd been through, the things he'd experienced, but it was wonderful to know that they cared, that they loved him and would protect him and hold him. He adored them, and he knew that they adored him, regardless of anything else, or what they would go through, such as their fights and arguments, they still loved one another dearly.

"Now, do you want to go home?" Richard asked him seriously.

Harry shook his head. "No. I want to carry on." He said.

"Are you sure?"

Harry nodded seriously. "Yes, I'm sure. I want to finish this case. I want to finish up here today, and then I want to go home and tease Nasta with fruit."

Richard smiled at him and bent to kiss his forehead. "Come on then, love. Let's get back in there and hammer a few more nails into their coffins."

Harry smiled and he sighed, standing up and letting Richard lead him back into the courtroom, as their called recess would be over in several minutes anyway. He pushed the thoughts of what Nasta's possible reactions to him eating fruit would be and he instead focused back on the court case, he would be fine for the remainder of this case now. Everything would be fine.

"What are figs?" Harry asked as he picked up the small package with a frown. "I don't think Nasta eats these."

Richard scoffed as he bent over the handlebar of the trolley. "That boy eats avocado and aubergine, of course he eats figs. Shove them in."

Harry put the little package down in the trolley, along with all the other fruits he'd put in, including his one whole watermelon, a mango and a punnet each of peaches and nectarines. Richard was insisting that any fruit that 'dripped' would be his best bet. Harry assumed he'd done this before, so he was willing to trust his judgement…if Richard had any judgement left that was.

Harry smiled to himself. He felt drained after his ordeal in court, but he was excited to rile up Nasta with fruit.

"Right, I think you have enough now. If you don't want him to have any, then you need to buy just the amount you can eat or he's going to take from what you don't eat. You craving anything?"

Harry grinned. "I'm not far enough gone to be craving."

"Okay then, let's get this bought and paid for and get you home to your lovers." Richard said happily. "You don't need chocolate or ice cream?"

"They don't sell my fudge chocolate here, but thankfully Max bought me a massive box for my birthday, a bar for every day of the year. Though if I eat all of them before my next birthday, he assures me that he'll buy me more."

"Good. I'm glad he's looking after you properly." Richard said with a grin.

"He is. They all are." Harry insisted with his own goofy smile. "I've never felt so loved and so cared for."

Richard smiled at him and touched his head. He happily paid for all of the fruit, ignoring Harry's complaints.

"If I can't buy food for my son, who can I buy it for?" Richard demanded, handing over the notes to the cashier to pay for the fruit. "Now come on, let's get you home."

Harry smiled as Richard wrapped the plastic bags around his wrist and his other arm around Harry, they walked for a short while and then they ducked into an alley. They Apparated to the house and Harry immediately relaxed tensed muscles. He was home.

He pulled out his keys and he unlocked the front door and he walked into silence. Utter silence. It was wrong and unusual, but he knew that only Nasta was here at the moment.

"It's odd being in this huge house with silence." Richard said, his voice hushed. "I bet Nasta is making the most of it while he can."

Harry nodded. "He had a bit of paperwork to sort out, then he was going to just kick back and enjoy the peace."

"Now you're going to be naughty with fruit and rile him up." Richard teased in a whisper with a grin.

Harry grinned back. "Yep."

Richard chuckled as they made it to the kitchen and he set the bag of fruit on the kitchen table. "Let's wash all of these off before preparing any of them." He warned firmly.

Harry helped prepare some of the fruit, slicing them up and removing the stones inside the peaches and nectarines. The huge, flat one inside the mango that Richard had prepared had surprised him as he hadn't expected it and he watched as Richard took a dessert spoon to it, scooping out the yellow fruit from its green peel and then slicing it. The figs just had the tops cut off of them and then they were quartered, the watermelon was hacked into wedges by Richard with Max's largest knife and then they were done and Richard left him with the big plate of juicy, dripping fruit.

Harry followed his footsteps to the front door and he flinched a little at the suddenness of the front door slamming closed. Richard had done that on purpose so that Nasta would hear from wherever he was hiding in the house. Probably up in his attic office. Harry got to work putting all the knives in the sink and then taking his plate to the table to eat his fruit, knowing that Nasta would be here quickly.

"Harry? Is that you?" Nasta called out from within the depths of the house.

"Yes!" Harry called out loudly. "I'm home earlier than I thought I'd be. Richard just dropped me off, the wind must have taken the door." Which was a lie as there was no wind to speak of in the dry heat of August.

Harry sat down with the platter of the fruits quickly, hiding the remainder back in the carrier bag and in the depths of the fridge…only Max knew what everything was and where it was in this kitchen so it was unlikely that Nasta would find it.

He sat at the kitchen table, knowing that for this he would need to let the juice dribble all over his arms and chin, and he started laying out the fruit on the plate, before realising that it would be better if he didn't have his smart suit on. He quickly took off his tie and his smart shirt so that he wouldn't ruin them as he heard Nasta on the stairs. He slipped off his belt, shoes and his formal trousers and left himself in just his boxer shorts, sitting at the kitchen table, pineapple juice already dripping from his chin just when Nasta walked in.

Harry didn't look up right away, he had to play this as cool as he could.

"Court was awful." He complained as he licked juice from his fingers and gave his mate a smile of greeting. "It was so hot in that stupid suit. I don't know why I can't just wear shorts and tee-shirt. Sure Draco and Blaise will have a shit fit, but I am pregnant, I need my comfort."

"Are you…are you hungry? Did you not have lunch with Richard?" Nasta asked, stumbling over his tongue.

Harry shook his head and sucked at his thumb, which was covered in peach juice. "No, we didn't have time. I'm starved and I…I don't know, I just wanted all this fruit. Must be the baby's idea." He said with a shrug, biting into the mango and trying not to recoil at the strange taste of it. He'd never eaten a mango before, but the juice went from his chin all down his neck. Richard had been right, it was fucking juicy.

The figs were new too, but they weren't juicy, likely to throw Nasta off the train of thought that he was doing this on purpose when in truth, he actually was doing it on purpose.

"I'm glad to see you eating something healthy." Nasta said quietly, his voice low and lusty.

Harry picked up a big wedge of watermelon and bit into it, gnawing on it, the red juice running down his arms and off his elbows. He would give anything at that moment to know legilimency, to see what Nasta was thinking.

"I'm not that bad with food, Nas. Honest." He said, before licking the trail of juice from his skin. "I just…it's hard for me to try new things, you know? But I'm trying, I mean, look at this, I've never eaten mango before, these little figs are really nice too. Odd, but nice, though Richard said they're not vegetarian. How is a fruit not for vegetarians?"

"They…all edible figs are fertilised by absorbing a female fig wasp. The wasp is in the centre of every fig."

Harry stopped in mid chew and gave a long, serious look to his oldest mate.

"Are you shitting me?" He demanded once he'd swallowed his mouthful.

"No. There's nothing of the wasp left, Harry." Nasta said, seemingly realising that Harry was getting either upset or angry. "You aren't going to eat a fig and find a dead wasp inside, or any part of the wasp, but that is how edible figs are fertilised. You can't have figs without fig wasps."

Harry looked back to his plate and he picked up the halved fig, almost studying the red insides, but he saw nothing, there was a small hole in the centre, near the bottom, but there was nothing inside it. He popped the half into his mouth and chewed it.

"They taste nice." He said with a small smile.

"You don't know what you're doing to me, just watching you sit there eating all that fruit. No sweets, no chocolate in sight."

Harry shrugged. "Maybe this baby is yours." He joked with a grin. "The baby wants to start early with all the healthy foods. Oh no, this means I'm going to be a health nut like you for this pregnancy!"

Nasta smiled and that got him moving, he came to stand behind Harry, wrapping his arms around his naked shoulders. Harry tipped his head back and puckered his lips. Nasta dropped a kiss on him and his smile widened.

"You taste of watermelon." He said, an edge of breathlessness to his voice.

Harry nodded and he offered a wedge of watermelon up to Nasta, then snatched it away from his mate's mouth and jammed it into his own around a grin.

"Cheeky." Nasta told him, nuzzling into his hair.

Harry gnawed on the watermelon and then picked up another quarter of peach, letting the juice run down his chest. It tickled, but it hardened his nipple as the drop rolled very close to it. Nasta noticed…Harry felt him shiver as he was pressed up against his back.

Hands moved from his shoulders to his arms, sliding down slowly, barely touching, but raising all the hairs on him arms and on the back of his neck.

"Nasta, let me and the baby eat." He complained, but it was half-hearted at best, even as he picked up a quarter of nectarine. It was very juicy and drops rolled down his neck and then down his chest from the very first bite

Nasta just hummed and nibbled along his neck instead. Harry moaned softly and he tilted his head to give Nasta more access, even as he picked up the last, wet slice of mango and sucked on it.

"I love watching you eat healthily." Nasta told him, watching the yellow slice vanish in between Harry's lips. "It's such a turn on."

"Eating fruit turns you on? No wonder you get through so much in a day." Harry giggled.

Nasta snorted. "No, seeing you eating fruit, being healthy and taking care of yourself, that turns me on."

Harry pushed the empty plate away from himself and tipped his head back to look up at Nasta. He smiled and puckered his lips again. Nasta kissed him, then kissed him again.

"You taste wonderful." Nasta told him. "Come here."

Harry turned in his chair and knelt up. Nasta picked him up easily and sat him on the kitchen table. Harry grinned.

"Max will kill us if we do anything on this table. In this room." Harry complained, but his heart wasn't really in any complaint that he made.

"I don't care." Nasta said softly, mouthing around his wet face and then his neck.

Harry giggled and he wrapped his arms and legs around Nasta and pulled him down to his mouth. Harry laid back, he pulled Nasta over the top of him and snogged him. Nasta immediately reciprocated, pressing into his body hard and nuzzling at his mouth.

"I love you, how are you feeling?"

"Wonderful." Harry said.

"Even after your day at court?"

"Nas, I'll tell you about court after, just give me some of your stunning body first, please. I need some love!" Harry complained.

Missing Scene!

Nasta laid down on him gently, and he rested for a moment. Then he pushed himself back up, kissed Harry and nuzzled him and he slid out of him gently. Harry was picked up and cradled in strong, sweaty arms and Max shooed them both out of the kitchen and into the family room.

Harry heard Max getting out the bucket and the bleach and he laughed softly, safe in Nasta's arms.

"Put your damn clothes back on too. Those kids will be back soon and I don't want an earful from Draco or Blaise when I wasn't even involved."

"It's too hot for clothes." Harry complained, snuggling further into Nasta's damp arms.

"You know I adore you both, but seriously, you've riled me right up now." Max said, coming in to dump their clothes in a heap on the floor.

Harry was worried that Max meant that he was actually angry, until he caught sight of the considerable bulge in Max's work trousers.

"Oh! You're turned on too." Harry said with a smile. "I thought you meant that you were angry with us." He admitted in a small voice. Nasta's arms tightened around him comfortingly.

"No, I'm not angry, I'm so hard I'm in fucking agony." Max said, squeezing himself through his trousers. "You two looked stunning together on that table. You always do, seriously I don't care that you fucked in the kitchen, or on the kitchen table, only that I wasn't invited."

"Nasta jumped me because I was eating fruit." Harry said.

"Now that I can actually believe." Max grinned at them.

"He looked gorgeous, Max." Nasta said, shifting Harry, the both of them still naked, into a more comfortable position. "He was sat in his boxers just eating watermelon, pineapple, peaches, nectarines, mangoes and figs and I just had to have him."

"Did you not have lunch today, Harry?" Max asked worriedly.

Harry shook his head and Max looked even more worried.

"I…I started crying in the courtroom and an early lunch had to be called. Richard and I spent the time that we usually got lunch talking in a small room about why my emotions got away from me and why I was so upset. It was quite simply because…well I realised that our babies, Braiden and the quintuplets, they're older than I was when I was sent to them. They're older than when my torment started and…the very thought of them going through what I went through, or anything even close to it, I couldn't handle it and I broke down."

Nasta held him tightly and lovingly, Max hunched in front of him and held his hands lightly and comfortingly.

"They never will, Harry." Max told him. "They will never know those sorts of horrors. We won't allow it."

Harry smiled at that and he raised a hand to cup Max's face.

"Thank you. I never want them to be put in such a position. I don't want them to be hurt or unloved. I don't want them to be shut up in cupboards or starved." He said, sniffing and wiping his face when an errant tear tickled his cheek.

His two mates kissed him, Max on his forehead, Nasta on his neck, but best of all, they just held him and Harry absorbed their comfort like a dry sponge.

"Thank you." He said again after ten minutes of being held in silence.

"We love you so much. We would do anything for you, to help you through this." Nasta told him.

Harry nodded. He knew this, of course he did. He rested back in Nasta's arms, pulling Max's hand with him so that he held it in his own comfortingly.

"I just don't like thinking of these sorts of things." Harry admitted. "They're painful and they mess me up and I can't stop crying and I don't want to be miserable, I don't want to cry every day. I want to be normal."

"You are normal." Nasta told him firmly. "What those people did to you is no reflection on you, Harry. They were the monsters and we are here to support you and get you through this, if that means having sex on Max's kitchen table, that's what we'll do."

Harry snorted at that.

"You could have waited until I got home." Max bitched with a pout.

Harry bent forward and kissed him.

"I'm going for a shower now, Max, won't you join me?" He purred softly.

Max's blue eyes lit up happily. "Absolutely, my gorgeous man. Let us not dawdle."

Max took him from Nasta's arms and stood up with him, hurrying him through the house.

"Nasta!" Harry called out. "You are invited too, of course. If you want to join us!"

Harry heard Nasta laugh, full throated and deep. "I'll be right with you." Nasta called out.

Harry grinned to himself and he wrapped his arms tight around Max's neck. He adored all of his mates. They always knew what to say and how to make him feel better.

An hour later Harry was very pleasantly sore and lying on the family room floor with his babies swarming around him. Draco and Blaise had had a good afternoon showing off their eight babies, even if it was just for family.

Harry was enjoying himself, well, tricking Nasta into sex with fruit and then having some wonderfully rejuvenating sex in the shower with Nasta and Max would do that to a person, but being with his babies, that was where he would always want to be.

He paid attention to all of them, even tiny Eva and Ave, distracted Leolin and laidback Farren. He played little games with them all and he spoke to them all, telling them little stories and encouraging them to speak to him. Braiden was the best to have a conversation with, at two years old now he was gaining a better understanding of the things they said and the things that he wanted to say. He was coming on into a wonderful little conversationalist.

Tegan was still their most chatty baby though, however the things she said were still in her own little language. Harry adored listening to her as she 'read' one of her books aloud to her penguin, a line of dummies, or to one of her Daddy's. She never read to him, she would always push the book into his lap and snuggle into his side, wanting him to read to her.

"You're sure they already ate?" Max fretted.

"Yes, Max." Draco sighed. "I fed them at my parents' house."

"But…they had enough, right?"

"They had their dinners and their desserts. They're fine, Max. It was one meal. Well two, but you were in work for lunch, but they're going to be fine. Take an evening off."

Harry tried not to smile as Max hounded Draco and Blaise for the food their babies ate that day. He had been looking forward to doing dinner for the kids once they were back, as his own little way to take care of them. He'd had his feathers in a ruffle ever since he'd found out that the Malfoy's had taken care of the kids dinner.

"No, you still need to be fed at least." Max said, almost sighing in relief at that.

"I fancy a takeaway." Harry said from the floor.

"Not on your life!" Max growled at him.

Harry couldn't help bursting into laughter and several babies turned to look at him and then joined in, which just made Harry laugh more.

"I've had my fruit quota of the day." Harry said once he'd calmed down a little. "I could use some heavy and greasy in my diet."

"No." Max said stubbornly. "I've only made breakfast today! I missed lunch, I've missed the kids' dinner, I am not giving up on making dinner for us too."

Harry laughed again and he rolled onto his back. "Make us a curry then." Harry insisted, looking up at Max.

"Fine. I can do that." Max said happily. "Not too hot, I remember." He added, though no one had actually said anything. "I'll go and prep that now."

"I think you just made his night." Blaise told him once Max had left the larger family room for the attached kitchen.

"Two mates down, two to go." Harry laughed to himself as he rolled back onto his belly.

"It's your night we should be making, you're the one who needs cheering up." Blaise insisted. "How about another massage before bed?"

Harry picked his head up at hearing that and he sent a grin to Blaise. "Really?" He asked excitedly.

"Of course, Bello."

"He just wants an excuse to touch you."

"Since when have any of you needed an excuse?" Harry asked. "You all have an open invitation." He added a moment later with an over exaggerated wink.

Blaise laughed, Draco smiled and Nasta, who Harry had lost track of, knelt over his back and nuzzled his face into Harry's neck.

"Why, hello there." Harry purred.

"I think Blaise should teach us all how to touch you properly tonight." Nasta insisted. "So that you can be pampered and looked after properly. That way, we can all touch you together."

Harry groaned at the very thought of having all four of his mates massaging different parts of his body at once. It sounded heavenly.

"I can give you all a crash course." Blaise grinned. "Harry deserves some attention from his adoring mates."

"I've already had some decent attention today." Harry grinned.

"There's no upper limit on how much you deserve." Draco told him, Harry was touched by that comment and he smiled happily. He really did have the best mates in the world.

"Let's get these kids into the bath and into bed, then we can sit back and relax." Nasta said softly. "We can eat early, then relax together for a small while, then we can retire to bed for a very early night."

Harry grinned. "I like that idea."

"Right then, you sit and relax." Blaise told him. "Think about later tonight, when all of our hands will be on you, touching you, relaxing you. We'll sort these kids out."

"I laid out their pyjamas ready." Harry said a little distractedly. "It's too hot for bodysuits or vests, just put them in nappies and their pyjamas and then we can check their temperature before we go to bed."

"You always think of everything." Nasta praised and Harry puffed up happily without conscious thought. He felt so much better and he happily sat on the settee when told to and he allowed his three mates to grab a handful of babies each and go to bathe them, leaving him to watch over the rest.

"Dinner's on, gorgeous." Max told him, coming to sit beside him for a few minutes with a happy sigh as he took the weight from his feet. One large arm immediately came around him and Harry snuggled into Max's bulk. A kiss was pressed to his head and then Max sighed happily, looking out at the babies on the floor.

"I need to put away those toys and get out the quiet ones." Harry said.

"Give it another minute." Max insisted, holding him tighter.

Harry hummed happily and he sighed, relaxing further into Max.

"I love you." Harry said suddenly.

Max startled a little at the out of the blue comment, but he laughed.

"I love you too, Harry." Max answered. "So very much."

Harry smiled happily, feeling so relaxed and so loved, especially after the day he'd had in court. He needed this, and he loved that his mates knew that he needed this.

He did eventually force himself to get up to put away the loud, engaging toys, leaving only the quiet, calming ones. He had only managed to move after Max had had to get up to go to the kitchen so that dinner didn't burn.

Not long after that Nasta came back down with a sleepy Farren and Harry took his big, heavy boy into his arms and sitting back down, he gave him a cuddle. Farren was asleep before Blaise and Draco came in with Regan and Calix.

"Can you take him up, please?" Harry said with an adoring smile, giving Farren a gentle kiss.

"I got him. Draco, bring up those little girls, they should hopefully be asleep soon." Blaise said.

Harry passed Farren gently over to Blaise and he sat on the floor this time, encouraging soft, quiet play and shushing his children if they started shrieking or shouting, with a gentle reminder that it was quiet time.

An hour later and all the babies were bathed and in their pyjamas and they were just getting ready to go up to bed as Harry finished a fourth story for Tegan and Braiden. Leolin was already fast asleep, as was Ave. Regan had dropped off in the last five minutes and Blaise had taken him up to his cot, but Eva was not even slowing down.

"I think she's going to spoil our evening plans." Harry said as he watched her try to pull herself to her feet with the curtains.

Draco ran to snatch her up before she pulled them down on top of her head. He took her to the settee and he held her in her in his arms, he actually started humming gently and Harry shared a smile with Nasta and he ducked his head away before he started laughing. For Draco to hum to their baby daughter…he really wanted this night of relaxation.

"Haven't you got those kids in bed yet?" Max complained. "Dinner's up in ten."

"Your daughter won't go to sleep." Draco bitched as he rocked her.

"Maybe because you're glaring down at her." Max bitched right back.

"Please don't." Harry begged. "I can't…not so soon after being in court."

Nasta stood up as tall as he could, and though not as tall as Max, he was still very intimidating at six foot six. He glared at Max and Draco and he wrapped his arms around Harry and held him tightly, comfortingly, turning him away from Max and Draco so that he couldn't see them.

"It's alright, Harry. They're just arguing like children, it won't come to anything." Nasta soothed him, rubbing his back.

"I don't want any fighting." Harry said.

"I know, they should know better too, but it's just a small disagreement and it won't come to anything. It won't spoil our night, or the plans we have for later."

"What happened?" Blaise asked, looking at them all and the strange silence in the room. He came immediately to Harry and touched him. "Are you alright, Prezioso?" He asked.

Harry nodded and he turned to hug Blaise tightly.

"What happened?" Blaise asked the others again, a harder edge to his voice this time.

"A small disagreement, Blaise." Nasta said. "We're all alright."

Blaise disregarded Nasta and he rested his head against Harry's and nuzzled into his face.

"Are you okay, Innamorato?" He asked him softly. "Do you want to go upstairs for a little while?"

Harry's heart almost burst from the onslaught of love that he felt for Blaise and he turned and wrapped him in a hug. He did shake his head though.

"No. I'm okay." He insisted. "It normally wouldn't have bothered me and I'd have ignored the sniping, but…being in court, listening to the lies, seeing the photos of what those people did to me. It was too much."

"Photos?" Max asked, his voice a deadly whisper. "What photos, Harry?"

"Do you have physical evidence of what they did to you?" Nasta asked him his voice very careful.

"That would explain why their sentence has been pushed up so high." Max said, understanding dawning on his face. "I knew you had damning evidence on them, you had to have it because of the sentence they are facing. You don't get thirty to thirty-five years without some incredibly convincing evidence, but why did you never tell us about these photos, Harry? What do they show?"

Harry shook his head. He swallowed hard. He hadn't wanted them to know, because they would want to see, and he'd never wanted them to see what had been done to him, how scarred he'd been before his inheritance. They had never seen him uncovered before his inheritance, Max and Nasta hadn't even known him until after he'd come into his Dracken inheritance, though like the rest of the community they'd known of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, but not 'just Harry', the boy behind the name and the legends.

"I can't. I…I never wanted you to know. I don't want you to see them." He said.

"Harry, we're your mates." Nasta said softly. "We love you. We want to help you. Holding things like this back, to yourself, it's going to hurt you more and we don't want that for you."

"You'll only get angry!" Harry cried out. "I don't want any more anger."

"I could dose all of us with a strong calming draught. There will be no anger, Harry." Max said gently. "I can promise that as a certainty."

Harry shook his head. "Your Dad dosed himself with calming draught and he was still angry. He almost lost it in the restaurant, in public. It won't work."

"I can brew the strongest calming draught, Harry. It will work, I promise. We want to share in all aspects of your life, not just the good times, but the bad too. We love you, we adore you, and we want to help you shoulder this burden."

Harry shot a panicked look to Blaise, who drew himself up tall.

"This isn't the right time." He said placatingly. "Max, dinner will burn if we leave it much longer. Draco, Eva needs to go in her cot, even if she does stay awake for a little while longer. We promised Harry a relaxing, pampering evening so that he can calm down and unwind tonight after his stressful day in court and I will not let anyone ruin those plans, even if they do get downgraded to just me and Harry. I will massage every single part of his body by myself if needed, but this talk can wait a few days. Until then we stick to the plans we made this afternoon."

Everyone was silent for a moment, then Nasta settled his shoulders. "You heard Blaise. Draco, take Eva up to her cot and see if she'll settle, otherwise just leave her to self-sooth, we can check on her after we've eaten. Max, you've made a lot of effort to make dinner tonight, don't let it burn and go to waste."

The other two looked at Nasta for another moment, then they both moved, Max going to the kitchen, Draco standing and carrying Eva out to the corridor and up to her cot. Harry relaxed and turned further into Blaise. Big arms wrapped around him, kissing his head.

"There will be no more talk of it, Harry. At least not tonight." Blaise told him. "Tonight is for you now, we will pamper and relax you. We will massage every inch of your skin, every part of your body…every part of it." Blaise whispered that last right into his ear, and Harry shivered, a spike of lust cutting through everything else.

"Enough of that without me." Max chastised, in a play at being more normal. "Dinner's on the table now. It's not burnt, because I'm just that good a cook, but it was close. Now just don't let it go cold."

Harry smiled in acknowledgement of Max's attempts to put him at ease and he gave a light touch, right across Max's groin as he went past him into the kitchen.

"That was uncalled for!" Max pouted. "Don't tease me like that."

Harry smiled at him and moved to sit in 'his' unofficial seat at the table. Before he sat down, Max had rushed him and given his bum a swat.

"Hey!" Harry cried out in surprise.

"That's what you get for being a tease." Max told him, before bending down to wrap him up in a hug and giving him a wet, smacking kiss. "You're lucky I love you so much or I'd turn you over my knee and give you a proper spanking."

"Promise?" Harry laughed.

"You're a terrible flirt, Harry. It'll get you into trouble one of these days." Max teased him. "Now sit and eat. It's a huge turn on for me to see you all eating my food."

"A bit like seeing me eating fruit is a turn on for Nasta." Harry chuckled.

"It really is." Nasta purred softly, looking at him with half-lidded hazel-gold eyes.

Harry's mouth was suddenly dry. He licked his lips and he gave Nasta a look back.

"Fuck." Blaise cursed. "At this rate we won't get through dinner."

"Calm yourselves down, lovers." Max said. "I need to get my turn on by seeing you eating. You can't deny me that after I've cooked now."

Harry grinned, but he ducked his head towards his plate. He picked up his fork and speared a chunk of chicken and popped it in his mouth. He moaned happily.

"This is stunning, Maxie." He praised, stabbing more chicken, loading some rice onto his fork and putting all of it into his mouth.

Max's smile was a million kilowatts as he watched Harry eating like a ravenous beast.

"You started without me?" Draco complained.

"You took too long." Blaise told him with a grin, eating his own food.

Draco huffed, but he took the seat on Harry's other side, opposite Nasta, and he started eating himself.

Harry was still a little tense, a little wary, but he was happy to eat his food, he was happy to join in the light conversation, mostly about their children and everything they'd done today, so Draco and Blaise dominated the conversation. They all shared a laugh when Draco regaled them with a story of how Calix had climbed a sideboard and thrown everything out of the one drawer before he'd been caught and stopped, shouting out several angry 'no's' as he was put back on the floor.

Max washed up all their plates and utensils with a simple wave of his wand, before he turned to Harry with a predatory grin.

"Calm your tits." Blaise chastised. "A bit of tele first with tea, so we can relax all together, and then we can get in the mood."

"But I'm in the mood now!" Max whined.

"You're always in the mood." Draco smirked.

Max blinked. "Well that's true at least." He laughed. "Alright, tea and some TV, then eight hands pampering Harry upstairs."

Harry's stomach clenched in a very pleasurable way and he had to take some deep breaths to calm himself back down. He really couldn't wait for his bit of pampering, more than pampering if his naughty imaginings became reality.

"I don't think I can wait." Harry complained.

"Come on, Harry. Let's sneak away upstairs and start without the others." Max immediately jumped on board.

Nasta intercepted Max and scooped Harry up into his arms first. He childishly stuck his tongue out at Max and Harry laughed.

"Get the tea, Max, Caru." Nasta said with a wink. "We'll be watching TV in the living room."

"You're such a killjoy." Max groaned, tromping to the kettle and filling it up at the tap. Harry heard it boiling as Nasta carried him through the passageways and into the smaller living room.

Instead of placing him down on the settee, Nasta sat down with Harry in his lap, Blaise followed them and he sat right beside Nasta, almost on top of him, and he snuggled in.

"Come here." Nasta smiled. He moved Harry over to the one side of his body and he pulled Blaise onto the other side, so they were both cradled in his lap, on a leg each with an arm wrapped around them tightly.

Blaise rested his head on the side of Nasta's face, Harry, being a little shorter, tucked his head into Nasta's neck. They rested quietly, at least until Draco came in from upstairs.

"Eva dropped off to sleep. Of course her blankets were everywhere and she'd thrown her pillow out onto the floor." He chuckled.

Draco sat next to Nasta, and he turned slightly to rest against Blaise's back. Blaise shifted to face forwards, so that he could touch Draco as well as Harry while he sat on Nasta's lap. Harry smiled, he was happy to be here, right at this moment. It was made better when Max carried in a tray of cups and joined them. Or tried to.

"You've left me no room!" He whined. "Move over."

Nasta laughed, but he did move over as much as he could to give Max enough room to squash in next to Draco.

"You know what?" Max grumbled. "I'm going shopping, I'm getting us the biggest fucking settee I can find! One that actually fits all of us on it so we aren't reduced to this! Why didn't we think of such a thing before, Nas?"

"We did, the larger settees are in the larger room, we decided that this room would look cramped with larger chairs." Nasta pointed out.

"Screw it." Max scoffed. "I don't care if they make this room look like a shoebox, we're getting bigger settees for this room."

"Why don't you just enlarge this one?" Harry asked.

Max blinked as if he hadn't even thought of it. He bent forward, cupped Harry's face and kissed him.

"You're a genius! Why didn't I think of that?!"

"Because you aren't a genius, allegedly." Blaise answered, quick as a snap.

"Shut up." Max faux growled with a playful glare. He whipped out his wand once more and he carefully enlarged the settee, just enough for all five of them to sit on comfortably. Nasta covered Harry, a bit paranoid really, as magic could adversely affect an unborn baby if used in large amounts. Though Harry's reserve for magic was rather larger than average, thus he mostly absorbed such little uses of magic into his own body and the baby was never in any danger.

"There we go." Max said happily, collapsing down heavily onto the settee and reaching for his cup of tea.

Harry only noticed then that the TV was actually on when he reached for his own cup of tea.

"How's the baby?" Draco asked curiously.

Harry smiled and laid his free hand over his belly. "Fine as far as I can tell. You know I'm not showing, I can't feel anything yet and I don't have any morning sickness yet. It's all too soon." He said, though he still patted his belly gently.

"We love this little tadpole so much already." Max said, reaching over all the others to touch Harry's hand over his belly.

That made Harry's smile widen. He looked down at Max's hand over his own on his belly. He liked hearing that he wasn't the only one who loved their baby, he knew that sometimes it took until a pregnant person was showing before the fathers took any interest, and sometimes not even then, sometimes it took until the baby was actually born, and was a physical thing, not just a concept in their partner's body for that love and care to come through.

Harry loved his mates so much, he loved his unborn baby with everything that he was, he didn't care if he wasn't showing any signs or symptoms of his pregnancy, he had a baby, perhaps more than one, growing inside his own body right at this very moment, and he was overjoyed that his mates loved their baby as much as he did at this early stage of his pregnancy.

The five of them sat quietly, talking softly now and then, as they watched some sort of documentary on lions that Blaise had put on.

"I hope you aren't going to breed me like that." He said as he watched the lion pin down the lioness and mount her.

"No, we last longer." Blaise quipped.

Harry laughed. "I should hope so." He answered as the lion climbed off after just a few seconds.

Max laughed. "Baby, let me show you how long I can last." He winked.

Harry grinned. "Come on then, I'm done with my tea and I'm fed up of watching lions mating. The thought of their dicks being barbed makes me feel queasy, so take me upstairs before it puts me off sex."

"I got you." Blaise said, picking him up and walking quickly with him to the stairs, leaving a cursing Max and a laughing Nasta behind. Draco was dogging their heels, a smirk on his face.

"Are you going to warm me up with a massage?" Harry asked, his voice breathy and lusty.

"You know I am." Blaise said back, giving him a smirk too.

"Walk faster." Harry urged, it made both Blaise and Draco laugh.

They made it to the first floor, and then to their master suite just down the hall. Blaise laid Harry gently on the bed and Harry rolled over and crawled to the head of the bed.

"Draco, light some candles. Harry, where did you put the box that I gave you for your birthday?"

"Under the bed, right by the box of toys." Harry told him.

"We're going to have to find a better place to put this stuff once the kids start getting older. I don't want to come home one day and find one of the kids using our vibrators for swords or pretend wands." Draco said.

Harry laughed. "We can hide them in the wardrobe when they're all a little older, now stop stalling and pamper me!"

"Have you not started pampering him yet?" Max complained, coming into the bedroom. "Poor Harry!"

"Come and look after me, Max." Harry pouted.

"Of course, my love."

Max got onto the bed with him and laid down beside him, pulling him into a kiss.

"I love you so much." Max told him.

"I love you too." Harry replied.

"Love you both." Blaise replied from under the bed, it was so large that he'd had to crawl under it to get at the boxes stored underneath.

Max chuckled. "I love you, Blaise. I love you too, Draco."

"I love you all." Draco declared from where he was lighting candles with his wand and placing them away from the curtains, away from anything flammable.

Blaise popped up from under the bed with a box in his hands and he opened it with a grin. He got out a small wooden bowl and several large bottles of expensive looking oil.

"What do you fancy, Harry? Lavender, rose, cedarwood, jojoba, lemon, bergamot or eucalyptus?"

"Lemon." Harry said immediately, mostly because he didn't really know what the others were or what they smelt like.

Blaise took out the one bottle from the line up he'd made and then reached into the box for a huge litre bottle of oil. Harry caught 'almond' on the front before Max pulled him into another kiss.

"What's that one for?" Draco asked. "Harry wanted the lemon oil."

"You can't use essential oils directly on the skin." Blaise said distractedly as he tipped the almond oil into the wooden bowl. "Almond oil is one of the best base oils to use for massages."

Harry turned to watch as Blaise twisted off the cap to the lemon oil and then carefully squeezed it out drop by careful drop. Max took his attention again by kissing his neck and Harry's eyes fluttered closed in pleasure.

"What are you adding now?" Draco asked curiously.

"Eucalyptus. It pairs well with lemon and it has benefits for the skin and for healing." Blaise answered. "I'm using a smaller amount than the lemon, so the scent won't overpower it, but Harry will still get the benefits."

"You really learnt a lot, didn't you?" Max asked, breaking their kiss and looking over Harry's head at Blaise.

"Of course. It was for all of you, my dearly beloved mates, though I admit that it was mostly for Harry, because he deserves a proper massage after all the ones he's given to us over these last two and a half years, but it can be enjoyed by all of those people I love most. I went to every class, performed every demonstration, learned everything I could, right down to the oils to use and the right atmosphere to instil, from the right temperature of the room and the oils, to the scented candles and how much light to use."

"This is going to be the best" Harry declared.

"Where do you want us?" Nasta asked, closing the bedroom door and walking to put the collection of baby monitors on the bedside table.

"Well, if you'd like to get Harry naked and make him nice and comfortable while I finish this…" Blaise trailed off.

Nasta laughed, but he did as he'd been told. He went to the bed, where he and Max both started slowly undressing Harry, taking the time to lingeringly caress his revealed skin. Naturally they both paid a lot of attention to his belly and the area just above his groin, as that was where their new baby was resting and growing.

Blaise took control when Harry was naked and moaning under the hands of Max, Nasta and Draco, who had finished his job of lighting a million candles and had come to join them. Blaise shifted them away and he got Harry onto his belly and tucked a small pillow under his head.

"Are you comfortable?" He asked softly.

Harry hummed gently. "Yes."

"Listen up you lot." Blaise snapped at the other three. "Be gentle, touch with a firm, but not tight grip, like this."

Blaise touched with just his fingertips, letting Harry know where he was touching, then his hands laid flat over his back, and then the massage started. Every single muscle in Harry's body was on alert, every bit of skin hypersensitive, waiting for a touch, but as Blaise worked, warming up and stretching each muscle with his hands, one by one, Harry's muscles loosened and then relaxed. It was utter bliss.

Nasta, ever the quick learner, picked up on Blaise's movements first and he started on one of Harry's legs. Max, ever enthusiastic, especially when it came to touching bare skin, started on his other leg very soon after.

Draco took another several moments to watch and learn before he moved up by Harry's head and he started touching both of Harry's arms and his shoulders. Everyone stayed clear of his neck and spine, even Blaise wasn't that confident, but Harry trusted their judgement.

It was quiet in the room, no one spoke, the only noises came from Harry moaning and groaning as a tight muscle was loosened or a knot was worked out. He started purring gently, continuously. That drew a few chuckles from his mates, but he couldn't help but squirm as every part of his body was touched and stroked. He was so happy, he felt so relaxed and calm, that he started nodding off and waking up only when someone shifted and made the bed dip.

"I'm going to fall to sleep in a moment." He said drowsily.

"Then I think it's time to heat things up." Blaise answered. "Roll over, Bello."

Missing Scene!

"Sorry, Draco. Give me a moment." Max said, his voice hoarse.

"Come here, love." The beautiful voice of Nasta interrupted, and he thankfully moved Max carefully, laying him down between Draco and Harry, who was clutching Blaise like a teddy bear.

Draco yawned, but he reached out one hand for Nasta.

"What is it? Are you okay?" Nasta asked him quietly. "Do you need a drink?"

"Wanted a kiss." Draco mumbled.

Nasta let out a pent up breath and then he chuckled, before bending down and giving Draco a soft kiss, both of their dry lips sticking to one another for an extra moment that made their kiss extra special.

"I'll clean you up now, let me sort out Harry first, he's covered in cum."

"No less than he deserves." Draco muttered. "He's a filthy boy."

"You're one to talk." Harry's hoarse complaint sounded from the other side of Max.

Draco chuckled and then yawned. He stretched until several joints clicked and then he snuggled into 'his' pillow and yawned again. He was feeling relaxed and very satisfied. He was drowsy and just feeling like he was going to drop off to sleep when Nasta started abusing him with a damp cloth.

Draco groaned and swatted at Nasta. "Stop it." He whined.

Nasta chuckled from above him and he continued to clean him up quickly and efficiently. Draco sighed when Nasta finished and left him alone. He could hear Blaise and Harry murmuring softly on the other side of Max's body, but he was too tired to invest any amount of energy in their conversation. Instead he closed his eyes and allowed himself to fully drift on the edge of drowsiness.

He felt Nasta slip back into the bed, heard him talking to Harry and Blaise, but again they kept their conversation considerately quiet and he was able to block them out easily enough.

Max rolled over in front of him and suddenly he had large arms wrapped around him and the deep, even breaths of a sleeping Max in his ear. Draco managed a small smile before he rested his head on Max's chest. Everything in the bedroom was silent, just soft, even breathing, the rustling of bodies over the sheets. They'd long since done away with the duvet…it was far too hot with five of them in the same bed in August.

Draco heard Harry wriggling and then Blaise's sharp chastisement came a bit louder as he whined at Harry to keep still, then Nasta shushing them both and that was the last he remembered hearing as he cuddled further into Max and finally let himself drop off to sleep. Tonight had been one of the best evenings he could remember having in a long time with his mates, all four of them, and he was very happy to have spent it as they had, with a dinner cooked by a loving Max, relaxing in front of the TV with a last cup of tea, and then everything that had come after, from the massage all four of them had given to a very deserving Harry, to the mind blowing sex, even if he did still feel a little overheated because of the still, humid heat. He wondered who was on night duty tonight, getting up to feed the twins, and Leolin too if he woke up for a feed, he didn't really care as he just knew that it wasn't him, he could stay in bed until the morning, he might even treat himself to a small lie in, that would be wonderful too.

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