The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


117. Chapter One Hundred-Five – Waiting Games Part 2

"I bet that would be strange."

Harry looked at his quintuplets and tried to imagine four of them missing and he flinched.

"Very strange. I'm used to having them all around. I might wish that perhaps they'd only been one, but they're five, so I've adjusted to it. It's impossible now to think of them as anything else. I'd die before they became anything else now."

"You've already proved that." Aelia said, nodding to his belly.

Harry grimaced and nodded. "Despite the pain and the potions, if needed I would suffer through this again if it was in defence of my children."

Elder Kirrian sighed and patted him. "Well, let me go and see to Blaise's assessment. If I'm quick enough you can have him back for tonight."

Harry smiled. "I'd really like that. I want all of them near me, even Draco, but if I could have just one, please let me have that. Also be careful with Blaise, he's still very confused and he gets muddled and frustrated when he can't say what he actually means. Just be patient with him and let him speak."

"Do you offer him words?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, but if it's not the one that he's looking for then he gets doubly frustrated as it takes him off the track his mind was on and puts him on something different. He especially muddles up names, so please don't be offended or draw any attention to it if he calls you by something else. He knows who you are, he just comes out with something different and it embarrasses him as it wasn't what he meant to say. He's always prided himself on his intelligence and his memory and having both taken from him, even temporarily, it's driving him mad."

Elder Kirrian nodded. "Thank you for telling me. I might be a hard arse, but I'm not going to be cruel or unjust to an injured man."

"Thank you."

"Rest and recover a bit, Harry. I'll be back later, hopefully with Blaise in tow."

Harry sighed and he set himself to just resting and playing gentle games with his children. He still couldn't fully believe that this had happened to him, to their family. That he'd been actually, physically removed from his mates and his own home just because he'd passed out. He sighed again, much heavier and he smiled as Leolin woke up slowly between his knees, where Harry had put him when the Healers had reminded him that he wasn't supposed to be holding them.

Sleepy gold eyes opened and Leolin blinked languidly, then they locked onto green and Leolin grinned slowly, still sleepy and drowsy, and Harry smiled adoringly at him.

"I love you, Leolin." Harry told him softly.


"I'm here, love." He insisted and he breathed deeply, calming himself right down. Regan climbed up his back and popped his head over his shoulder and Harry turned to kiss him with a smile, letting his son just cling to him and babble in his ear.

He was nervous about this so called assessment, because of the threat of execution to his mates, but in the logical part of his mind, he knew, truly knew, that there was absolutely no risk to his mates. They were not cruel men, they were not abusing him or the kids, they loved him and he loved them. He would be reunited with them again, after they passed all of their assessments, he knew deep in his heart that they'd all pass and he'd see them all again soon.

Nasta was climbing the walls with his injured submissive away from him. He was as taut as a drawn bowstring and he was ready to release after the day that he'd had.

He'd endured the removal of Harry, the removal of his children and he'd endured the berating that he'd gotten from his family, from Max's family, from Blaise's family, for allowing this to happen. What was worse was that Draco had been the last to know about what was happening and he had berated them too, yelling at them for getting Harry and the kids taken away from them, from where he'd known that they'd been safe to somewhere unknown, without the protection of his dominants. It made them feel about an inch big and absolutely awful for what had happened. It had been over Draco that they'd been fighting in the first place.

Alexander, Myron, Richard, Aneirin and Marianna had browbeaten him and Max, not so much Blaise, who had been up in the bedroom napping when all of this had taken place, for causing Harry to have a panic attack. Harry's Dracken had been to the very forefront of his mind with his approaching heat, and he'd truly believed that they'd meant to take Draco away from him forever, so with that thought in mind, he had panicked, tried to get them to change their minds, and when he hadn't been able to do so, he'd had an all-out panic attack which had caused him to faint. Nasta felt terrible for that too. That his submissive would have been so afraid and so distressed that he'd had a panic attack severe enough to cause him to faint right in front of him.

The house was empty. The big house that he'd had specially built was only inhabiting three men at the moment. It was too big, too empty and it was too quiet to. He could hear the clock ticking, the fridge whirring, the kettle clicking after it had just boiled as Blaise had another coffee that he wasn't supposed to be drinking.

A house of this size, on three storeys with an attic and a basement and with twenty odd bedrooms, it was not meant for three mere men. It had been built with five men in mind, of a large family to come. He couldn't keep living here if he never got Harry or his children back.

"We will get them back." Max came to him and hugged his shoulders.

For a moment he thought that he might have spoken aloud, but then he realised that they were all thinking, dreading, the same outcome. It was playing heavily upon all of their minds.

"Have we become so overbearing, so intolerant and cruel that we would allow Harry to become so distressed, by our own actions, that he could panic and pass out right in front of us?" Nasta asked. "Am I that vile a top dominant?"

"No! No, Nasta." Max told him, sitting beside him and pulling him into a strong hug. "We were just worried and angry. We just didn't listen."

"We should have." Nasta forced out from his tight throat. "He told us just a few weeks ago that we never listened and we swore to change. We haven't changed at all, Max. We brushed it under the rug again. We need to change and not just say that we will. Words mean nothing if actions don't back them up."

Max nodded in agreement. "He was getting more wound up, more desperate. We needed to have stopped there and seen to him, but we were angry ourselves and we didn't pay close enough attention until it was too late. Anyone could have made the same mistake, Nas."

"It wasn't anyone else though, Max! It was us, our mateship, our Harry! How could we have been so blind and inattentive to him? Of course he would have panicked, his heat period is hitting him in mere days!"

"This last month has been the absolute worst." Max sighed.

"If we don't get him back…" Nasta trailed off.

"We will."

"What if he doesn't want to come back?" Nasta worried.

"Of course he will! Nasta, what are you saying?" Max demanded. "Harry loves us. This is his home. You know he wouldn't have wanted to have been taken in the first place, of course he'll want to come home."

"I don't know anything at the moment."

"Snap out of it and pull yourself together, we won't get him back like this…wallowing in self-pity and misery. Harry's counting on us!"

Nasta swallowed and closed his eyes. "I let them take him and the kids."

"What else could you have done?" Max demanded. "Fought off the Counsel? We would have been automatically executed for obstruction of the full enforcement of the Submissive Protection Act. We would have broken the law, Nasta, and for what?"

"For Harry!" Nasta growled.

"For Harry who will be back with us soon enough!" Max growled back. "We're no use to him dead!"

"What if he doesn't see it like that?"

"How else can he see it?"

"That we allowed someone to remove him from his home while he was unconscious."

Max sighed heavily, wearily. He'd never had to hold Nasta's hand like this through anything before, it was draining. He had no idea how Nasta had done it for all of them numerous times over the last two years. He was gaining a new insight into the burdens that a top dominant took on, and it gave him a new level of respect for Nasta and the innate strength that he had. Perhaps it was that, and not his 'cooking skills' as they'd originally thought that had made his Dracken bow out of the top dominancy in favour of Nasta two and a half years ago.

"I love you, Nasta." Max said strongly. "But use your brain, please. Harry loves us, of course he's going to want to come home to us and settle the kids back into their home. I bet you he's shouting and screaming the Dracken Halls down right now demanding to be brought back home. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to call for us too."

Nasta smiled slightly and he chuckled, which made Max feel all sorts of accomplished and relieved. It buoyed his heart and it took a heavy weight from his shoulders…maybe he could do this, maybe he could have Nasta lean on him a little bit, maybe he could temporarily take over the top dominant role for a short while without everything falling apart.

"I'm telling you, we'll get him back, even if it's just because the Elders and Healers can't take another minute of his whiny bitching. They'll be begging us to take him back after a few days. He was injured, drugged up and mostly unconscious the last time that he was there, he's going to be awake, alert and fucking angry when he wakes up there this time. He'll give them so much hell and he's so stubborn and unmovable when he wants something that he'll be back here before his heat period, you'll see."

"I hope so, Max." Nasta said softly. "I miss him so much."

"We all do and he'll be missing us too."

Nasta swallowed then and he took in a deep breath. "You know this means that we have to work things out with Draco, don't you?"

Max grimaced, but he nodded. "Yes. Harry wants us all together, no matter what. So we have to get over ourselves and actually speak to Draco like he's a person and not a monster or an obstacle. I'm still not sure that I can do it."

"You can, for Harry." Nasta said gently. "He needs us now. You're right, we need to pull ourselves together to get him back. I'd do anything to have him back, this house is almost like an abandoned haunted house from some cheesy horror film without him and the kids here to liven it up."

"More likely because you two are skulking around like murdered spectres." Blaise insisted, walking through the room and sitting on a settee, yet another cup of coffee in his hands.

"How many is that now?" Nasta asked sternly.

Blaise shrugged. "I don't keep count, that's your job."

Nasta made the decision to stop this, here and now. Harry had wanted normal and things hadn't been normal, even when they'd actively tried to make everything normal, it had still been very abnormal. It stopped now. He would get Harry and the kids back, Draco would go to these anger management meetings and he would come back to them too. He needed to stop his personal pity party and sort out his mateship, because he would be forever shamed if the Counsel had to step in and do it for him. They'd already done more than enough damage by taking Harry and invoking the Submissive Protection Act, that was a brand of shame all by itself that would never go away now, but if they had to resolve the problems in his own mateship for him, all confidence and trust would be lost.

He stood up and he took the mug from Blaise's hands, he went into the kitchen and he poured it into the sink. He took Blaise's pot of coffee and he stormed upstairs with it, hiding it in an unused bedroom. Blaise had had more than enough coffee for one day. He'd had enough since he'd come home from the hospital to cover the rest of the year! If things were to get back to normal, he would behave as normally as he could and that included not treating Blaise like he was terminally ill and not cutting off Draco like a dead limb. He was a person, a very beloved person to their mateship, not a piece of driftwood.

"Max, we need the rest of the things from the old house over here, sort that for me. Try and move those bloody owls too, I know they like your attic, but they need to be brought over to the new house, only Hedwig is being cooperative, but she won't leave Saracen for longer than a night. Blaise, the downstairs bathroom is an absolute mess, go and clean that." He almost ordered.

"Maybe Blaise should…" Max started worriedly, but Nasta held up a hand, stopping Max in midsentence.

"Blaise is fine and he's capable of cleaning a bathroom, go to the old house, Max. Salvage what you can, leave the rest. We'll dispose of it later and then we'll get the house fixed up and made structurally safe again too."

Blaise actually grinned at him as he hurried off to clean a bathroom. He'd been missing the normalcy of his life too. They all needed it back, all of them. Nasta breathed in deeply and exhaled loudly, suppressing his urge to hurry after Blaise and wrap him in a blanket and cradle him on a settee. Those instincts would not help them and would not bring Harry back, just the opposite. True normalcy was needed now, not the pretending at being normal they'd been striving for before.

Harry screeched when Elder Kirrian led Blaise into his room and he leapt up, run to Blaise and jumped into his arms.

Blaise laughed happily and pulled him into a searing kiss as Harry held onto him like he was a raft in the sea.

"It's so good to see you. How are you, are you okay? How is everyone else?" He asked rapidly.

"I'm fine and it is amazing to see you and hold you again." Blaise answered. "Everyone is calm and holding together well, though your distress calls drove us mental at first. Nasta's gone back to his usual self…you know, taking away my coffee after my first mug, hiding all the sweets and chocolates, it's actually good to see him being normal again. Myron isn't speaking to any of us though, that's why you're going to Alexander and not to him."

"We didn't think it would be the right environment for you." Elder Kirrian agreed. "I have to leave, I'm assessing Nasta next."

"Is Max still being stressy?" Harry asked worriedly.

"He's the worst one, so to give him time to calm down, I'm doing him last." The Elder said. "I'm hoping that by giving you more mates, so that he knows you're better protected and with those whom you love, that he won't be quite so high strung and temperamental."

"Thank you." Harry said seriously as he clung to Blaise like a limpet.

Blaise nuzzled his neck and licked him, making him giggle.

"I missed you so much, Blaise. Ti amo."

"Ti amo, Bello." Blaise replied.

Harry grinned. "Come and see the kids."

He led Blaise to the bassinets by the side of his bed and he let him peer in at the twin girls. Blaise touched them and he sighed happily.

"I've missed them all." He said. "Where are the others?"

"Next door, come and see."

Harry led him into the room next door and to the swarming kids, who were being fussed over by Joanne, the receptionist for the Healing Halls who was supposed to have finished her shift an hour ago and still hadn't left.

"Daddy!" Tegan called out, hefting herself up and toddling towards them.

Blaise smiled so happily as he went to his knees to receive her, giving her a big hug and a kiss.

"I missed you baby girl." He murmured to her right before he was swamped with the others.

"Daddy Blay!" Braiden called out and Blaise embraced his only biological child tightly, laying a kiss to his chubby, rosy cheek.

"Where's…?" Blaise trailed off, obviously wanting to finish, but drawing a blank over the name.

"Leolin?" Harry supplied, their Faerie baby being the only one who Blaise hadn't seen yet. "He's okay, he's right by here."

Harry picked him up, out of the bassinet in the room and handed him over, their little boy scowling, to Blaise.

"I love the faces he pulls." Blaise smiled.

Harry looked around him, seeing they were alone in the room, he snuggled up to Blaise.

"What sort of things were you asked?" He questioned worriedly. "Was it bad, invasive? Do you think the others will pass?"

"No, Innamorato, it wasn't bad. It was all very basic questions with a psychiatrist present."

"What? Why a psychiatrist?" He asked.

"To make sure that we aren't lying or sociopaths hiding behind a normal façade." He smiled. "The whole point of the assessment is to see if we are a risk to submissives or children, they don't take anyone at face value, they need to dig deeper, so a psychiatrist is always present at all assessments. Some of them are fucking sadists, but others aren't so bad. Elder Kirrian made sure that we had the best, an old friend of his."

Harry hugged him and watched as their children, who had dumped a load of toys into Blaise's lap, went off about their playing again.

"Do you think Max, Nasta and Draco will pass the assessment?"

"I did, Prezioso. There's no reason why they can't pass either. I'm the one with a messed up mind."

"You're not." Harry said hotly, kissing his head gently. "I love you and you passed because you deserved to. You've always put me first, you've always made sure that what I want or need is first. The others, not so much." Harry admitted bitterly. "That's why I'm so worried."

Blaise kissed him hard and it took Harry's breath away.

"The others will pass because they're not abusive or cruel, Bello."

Harry swallowed and he nodded. He took strength from Blaise and he calmed himself, if Blaise wasn't worried and was adamant that the others would pass too, having gone through that assessment personally, then Harry would relax himself and take Blaise at his word. If Blaise said that the others would pass, then Harry would wholeheartedly believe him.

"I've missed you all." He said softly.

"We've missed you too…that mansion is more like a mausoleum without you or the kids there. It's so quiet that you can hear the house creaking, you can hear the clocks ticking, and everything has an odd echo to it. It's horrible there, honestly I was glad to be the first up for the assessment just so I could get away."

Harry snuggled into him tighter. "If that's the case then perhaps Nasta should have been left until last. Max doesn't do well with silence."

"He doesn't have to stay at home, he can go to see his brother or sisters. He could go to Myron if he was talking to us. We're told the time of when our assessments will be held and I had two hours to prepare myself before I had to come here."

"You were here?" Harry asked.

Blaise nodded. "We have to floo to these Halls to be assessed, Harry. All assessments are performed in the Counsel Halls. It was awful knowing that you were here, but having to go off to a different part of the Halls, but it reminded me, just before I went in, that I was doing it for you and the kids. That really helped me through the assessment."

Harry sighed. "I'd just finished packing these kids up when you arrived. Alexander is coming in twenty minutes to pick us up. He's bringing some others to help."

Blaise nodded and just held him, the both of them watching the kids playing around them. The next disturbance came when Alexander arrived, pale faced and looking stressed.

"Harry, how are you?" He asked, coming to clutch at him. "When I'd heard that you'd been removed for your own safety, oh I could have killed those boys myself."

"It was an accident, Alexander." Harry said as he hugged the man back just as tightly.

"It wasn't an accident and I don't care if it wasn't done purposefully, you were still hurt. Are you okay?"

Harry nodded against his chest. "Yes. I'm okay."

"Come on, I've set up one of the big en suite bedrooms for you, there's a room next door that I had the boys help me clear out earlier and I've put the travel cots in there, I've sent Nico to get the three bassinets."

"Oh no, Leolin's in a cot now." Harry said proudly.

"Is he? Oh that's wonderful. Is this a recent transition?"

Harry nodded. "I wanted to see how he handled his own cot, he loves it. His baby mobile works so much better on a cot than a bassinet, he loves being in it."

"How would he take a travel cot?"

"It would probably be safer than a normal cot because he can't suffocate."

"I'll send the boys' straight back to get his mobile and put the bassinet back and pop up an extra travel cot."

Harry gathered up what he needed and he offloaded it off to Blaise before picking up Leolin.

"Come here, love." He said softly. "Let's get you to great-grandad Alexander's."

Oliver, Enrique and Keanu were outside the door and when Alexander led him out, they went in to pick up the remaining four kids. Alexander himself had the twin girls and that left Blaise with Braiden.

Harry flooed over with Alexander and immediately he had Leolin taken from him by an adoring Kimberly.

"Oh, sweet dove, come here." She cooed. "Does he need a feed, Harry dear?"

"He's due one soon." Harry nodded.

"How about the girls?"

"They'll need a change before a feed, but they're due another bottle each in about forty minutes."

"In that case you sit down, dearest. You need to rest."

Harry was ushered to the large, dragonhide settee and he sat down with a groan. It was such a comfortable seat and it was so deep and soft and relaxing. His kids were let free on the floor and Kimberly had brought out the toy chest that was kept here for the grandchildren and the great-grandchildren to play with when they visited.

"Shae will be here tomorrow." Kimberly told him, as she brought in a large tea tray and handed Harry a cup of honey tea. Farren peeked up interestedly and he toddled to the table and he took a biscuit when he saw the saucer on the tray.

"Ah, Farren." Harry chastised. "You ask if you want something."

"Muma, bisky?" He held the biscuit out as if questioning if he could have it.

Harry went into the nappy bag and took out the rusks.

"We'll swap, okay, love? I don't want you having those small sugary biscuits, this one will fill you up better."

Farren hurried over and he handed over the bourbon and Harry gave him the rusk with a smile.

"Ta." Farren said as he was handed the biscuit and he hurried away.

Harry smiled at him adoringly.

"He is such a sweetie." Kimberly sighed with a smile, sitting down with her own cup of tea.

Alexander had taken the box of rusks from him and he'd handed one to each of the older four before slotting the box away again. They all sat and just watched the kids playing, it was very relaxing and peaceful.

"How are your heads, boys?"

Harry frowned as he realised that that question applied to them both now.

"Mine's fine." Blaise insisted, sipping his coffee with relish, knowing that for today, he could drink as much of it as he wanted as Nasta wasn't there to stop him and neither Alexander nor Kimberly saw anything wrong with coffee.

"I'm okay too." Harry said softly. "I've taken the headache reliever for today and that was the only thing still bothering me."

"Will you need any for tomorrow?" Alexander asked him seriously.

"I have some off of the Healers, just in case." Harry admitted. "I packed them in the nappy bag."

Alexander sat forward and he rooted in the bag until he found the paper bag filled with half a dozen small vials of potion.

"I'll put these away, next to the kettle so you know where they are when you need them, okay?"

Harry nodded his understanding before he turned to Blaise and cuddled into him. Blaise's hand immediately went into his hair and started stroking and petting and Harry hummed lightly and he started purring. He heard Blaise chuckle under his breath and it made him smile, even as his eyes closed in contentment. He didn't mean to fall asleep, but he woke up several hours later in the early morning to Eva or Ave's incessant crying.

He stumbled up, pushed a cursing Blaise back into the bed and he scooped up his twin daughters, who by now were both awake and wanting their bottles.

He carried them down the stairs and into the kitchen, flicking on the lights and setting the kettle to boiling. He was half blind in the strong light, as Alexander didn't have a dim lamp in the corner like they did in their kitchen, and he went to put one of the girls in the kitchen bassinet at the end of the table, but his Dracken screeched and he clutched them tighter to his chest automatically, suddenly completely alert and awake. There was no bassinet to receive his baby girl…she would have hit the floor had he dropped her.

He breathed heavily and peered around for the bassinet, but there wasn't one, instead he put one of his girls down in an empty washing basket to feed her sister before swapping them over and feeding the other girl.

He switched everything off, hefted up the other happily fed girl and he carried them back up the stairs to the bedroom that he'd been shown to yesterday when he'd first arrived, Alexander making absolutely sure that he knew where he was located and where everything else was. The room had a beautiful en suite and had once belonged to one of Alexander's daughters.

Harry laid the two girls back into their bassinets, checked their nappies before heading next door, into the room that had been turned into a nursery for his older children's use. He checked on all six of them, checked their nappies and he made sure that Leolin was still happy to sleep in his big cot that made him look like a tiny newborn in the vast amount of space.

They were all fine and there were no issues, so Harry was able to crawl back into his bed happily and he sighed, snuggling into Blaise in the big bed that should have had three more people in it…he would never have thought about it before, but he found it difficult to sleep now, when he wasn't surrounded and pressed in on all sides, being held and protected through the night as he slept. He made do, but it was ages before he finally managed to slip back off to sleep again. He just wasn't used to having so much space to wriggle around in while he was sleeping and he wasn't used to how cold it was with three of his mates missing from the bed. He did not like it.

Nasta joined them at midday the next day and he immediately knew that Blaise had had twelve coffees before lunch in anticipation of Nasta arriving and he was not impressed.

He took the mug from Blaise's hands and tipped it away before handing him a bottle of water.

"Hydrate yourself, Blaise." He ordered, watching as Blaise dutifully sipped from the water bottle.

"Nasta!" Harry called out, coming into the room from the bathroom and he threw himself at his top dominant.

Nasta caught him and swept him up into a nice, tight hug that took Harry's breath away…in a very good way.

"I missed you." He told his mate.

"I missed you too, Harry. I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. I'm just glad that you're here now. How's Max?"

"He's okay, he's doing much better. He's been cooking up a feast though and stocking the fridge. It keeps him busy and stops his mind from wandering too much."

"I can't wait to get home." Harry sighed.

"Soon, Caru." Nasta told him. "Very soon we'll have you back there, but this will never go away…it will forever be documented that you were removed from our care for your own safety, as we were deemed a risk to you."

"I hate that." Harry sniffled.

"It'll be okay, because this will never happen again." Nasta swore. "I've had enough of all of this. More than enough. It ends now."

"I'm glad to hear you say so." Alexander insisted. "Having your own submissive removed from your care for his own safety? What are you boys even thinking? A few more instances like this and Harry and the kids will be permanently removed from you as a best case scenario. The worst case scenario will end with the four of you being executed!"

"We know." Blaise said softly. "It won't happen. I've agreed to go to therapy."

"You have?" Harry frowned with lowered eyebrows.

Blaise nodded. "Yes, it was a condition of my assessment. They wouldn't sign me off until I'd agreed to go."

"I have too." Nasta agreed. "I'd do anything for you Harry, to put this right."

"I don't think therapy will help any of you. None of you are crazy."

Nasta chuckled. "It's not for that, Cariad. Therapy isn't just for crazy people, it's for people who need help and support, like Draco. We say anger management classes, but he is truly in therapy for his issues. We will be in therapy for a few weeks to be fully signed off, in that time an Elder will be popping by several times daily to check on you."

Harry's cheeks pinked and then reddened in anger. His fist clenched and he drew in a ragged breath, forcing it out harshly.

"That they even dare." He hissed unhappily. "I won't have them there!" He growled.

"Harry, Prezioso, they need to make sure that you're alright."

"I'm fine! I'll be perfectly fine with you all!" He snarled as he started pacing.

"We all know that, it's just procedure." Nasta said soothingly.

"They will not be there for my heat!" He said adamantly.

Nasta snarled at the very thought and he snatched Harry from his pacing and held him tightly. "No, no they will not be there for our heat period. I will make sure." He insisted, laying a kiss to his head.

The rest of that day, sat in Nasta's lap for the most part, was near bliss to Harry after two days of being forcibly removed from his mates. He was still missing Draco like mad, but he knew the reason for that separation, it was the missing Max who hit him harder and he'd already walked into the kitchen twice to speak to Max, expecting him to be there, which only made the absence hit him harder.

It took almost three days for Max to floo to his Grandfather's house to join them and he arrived very late at night, almost nine O'clock, and he looked haggard and he was unshaved.

"What took you so long?" Harry cried out as soon as he saw him, even as he wrapped him up in a tight hug and lifted his arms to be picked up for a better cuddle.

Max smiled softly and hefted him up, squeezing him gently and rubbing his face against Harry's.

"They left me until last, they did Draco first."

"Draco's assessment took two days?" Harry said worriedly.

"He had to work it around his anger management classes." Max soothed him gently. "The Counsel were incredibly unfair to him because he was taking anger management classes, but Elder Kirrian said that he actually kept his cool rather well. He didn't get angry, or at least not visibly, and he didn't shout…in fact he reverted to cold silence most of the time, not deigning to give their questions a response, and where silence wouldn't work, he used that biting, sarcastic tongue of his to make them think that they were idiots for even questioning him." Max laughed. "His classes are going really well, it seems, but because the Elders were so gung ho on his anger management classes, and the wounds that he inflicted on you and Blaise, his assessment took twice as long."

"Why is he not here? Did he not pass?" Harry asked breathlessly, his Dracken throwing a panic fit inside of his head. "Have they executed him? Have they taken him away from me? I'll kill them!"

Nasta was there then, dragging him into a tight grip and putting his head in the crook of his neck, forcing him to breathe in his calming pheromones.

"Draco has not been executed." He said firmly and in such a no nonsense way that Harry and his Dracken automatically listened to him and believed him. "Draco is still staying with his parents, you will see him tomorrow."

"I can see him?" Harry asked, picking up on that one thing and he drew back to smile happily at Nasta, who smiled back and surged forward to give him a surprise kiss.

"You can see him tomorrow. We've all passed our assessments, Harry. You could start your heat tomorrow, so we are going to the house, Draco will join us there, but the kids will stay here with Alexander. He has already agreed to watch them for us while you are on your heat period."

"Thank you." Harry turned to say.

"It's no problem, dearest." Kimberly insisted. "We're happy to help you boys in any way that we can."

With three of his mates with him, Harry was much more secure and visibly happier, as he caught Max up with what he'd missed, talking about mundane things such as the cookies he'd made earlier that day to keep his mind off of things, how Farren had clung to his legs, knowing that food was around.

Harry presented Max with one of his cookies and his mate moaned over it exaggeratedly, quietly though, as his grandparents were in the room too. It made Harry laugh and snuggle into Max, having missed his childish, fun loving mate over the last month. He was glad that Nasta seemed to be more like himself and that Max was back to being normal too. It settled him in ways that he hadn't even realised had been disrupted, now everything truly felt like they were getting back to normal.

That night, wrapped up in Max's arms, Blaise right beside him and Nasta, on the other side of Blaise, with his hand on his hip, touching him, he was so secure and his Dracken was basking in happiness with the scent of three of his four mates around him, that he drifted straight off to sleep easily, feeling very loved and very protected in the warm embrace of his dominant mates.

The next morning Harry had had a very lengthy, and wet, goodbye with his children, as he cried and they dribbled on him, and he was now back home and sorting everything out for his heat period, moving things that might turn out to be dangerous and generally just whittling down the hours.

He actually tackled Draco when he flooed through and his blond mate laughed and hefted him up and kissed him.

"You're feeling better." Draco said with a soft smile.

"Much better! But best of all, I've been signed off by the Healers, so no one can say anything about me doing shit anymore! I'm a bit stiff and sore still, but that's mostly because of disused muscles."

"Just, take it easy, okay, love?" Max all but begged him.

"Nope. I'm all healed, my scar is fading, I'm absolutely fine." Harry insisted stubbornly. "I'm still taking your blood to make you feel better, but it's not doing anything because I don't actually need it. It's more for your peace of mind than anything else."

"I just…a few days ago you were still laid up and needing to take things slow, it's too sudden a transition. It's worrying us to see you charging around like this, please, just calm down, at least until after your heat, you need to save up your strength and energy."

"Spoil sport." Harry teased. "At least Draco's here now." He said as he dragged his blond mate to the settee and sat down for the first time in several hours, snuggling into his very well missed mate.

Max actually looked relieved. "I'll get you some tea." He said.

"Yes, a wonderful idea." Harry agreed. "I need to keep up my strength after all."

Max laughed and shook his head as he went to the kitchen. At least Harry was sat down for the moment, he consoled himself with that.

"How have you been?" Harry asked Draco.

"Very busy, but I've missed you and the kids so much." He said. "I'm so sorry that I had a mini melt down and walked out of one of my classes. I was just so tired and I was completely drained. I needed to see you and I just couldn't take it anymore. The next thing I heard was that you'd been removed from the house with the kids for your own safety and that I had to complete an assessment to even go near you again."

"It's all over now, we need to move on." He sighed. "I can't keep thinking back to this one point in our lives. If we can just get through this heat period, it'll all be fine. I'm healed, Blaise is improving, you're getting the help and support that you need and most importantly the kids are all fine and safe."

"Will your heat hit today?" Draco asked.

"Today, some when in the night or early tomorrow at the latest." Harry nodded.

"Thank you for letting me be here."

"Draco, love, I wouldn't dream of having an orgy without you." Harry insisted, loudly. He heard Max's roar of laughter from the kitchen.

"Who's having an orgy?" Blaise called out. "Am I invited?"

"Of course!" Harry called back. "All of you are. It wouldn't be an orgy with just me, Draco and Max, it would only be a threesome. It would only be a foursome with you added too Blaise, so I need all of you to make an orgy."

"I can't wait for our orgy!" Blaise called out and Harry laughed while Draco, who was underneath him, chuckled.

"The Healers have signed you off for your heat at least." Max said as he carried in a tray of tea, handing Harry a cup and Draco another, before taking the third for himself and sitting next to Harry happily, with a slight groan of pleasure.

"Is Myron speaking to you yet?" Harry asked.

Max snorted. "He'll come around once Granddad tells him what happened and how it was quickly and easily resolved. He's just being stubborn to make a point that it shouldn't have happened, as if we didn't already know that!"

"Are you three alright?" Nasta poked his head into the living room to ask.

"Don't fuss, dear." Harry told him. "We're fine, finish off that monster load of paperwork you have saved up before my heat hits, you'll only regret leaving it."

"I'm just stretching my legs and I thought I'd check on you all."

"You came down from your dragon lair just to check on us?" Max asked with a grin.

Harry snorted. "He sweeps in from his dragon cave."

Nasta rolled his eyes as Harry and Max giggled like children. They had started calling his study, up in the attic, his lair or his cave. He let them have their fun.

"I actually came down for tea." He insisted. "Hello, Draco." He greeted as he spotted the blond head. He came and kissed Draco softly, letting his Dracken side grow calm with his scent around them. It was taking a lot of work, but he was settling himself down rather well, and so was Max. He went to get his tea, heading through the double doors into the family room and then into the kitchen. This was going to be their turning point, he could feel it.

Harry sucked in a deep breath and he sighed happily, snuggling more into Draco while he had him there. His heat could hit him at any moment now, he was afraid that when he woke up, usually about a day after his dominants, that Draco would be back at his parents' manor in Wiltshire and he wouldn't have another chance to see, hold or speak to him.

"How far have you gotten in your book?" Harry asked him.

"I haven't touched it." Draco said. "I've been concentrating on my classes."

Harry frowned. "Have you done anything for yourself?" He asked.

"No, of course not. All that's important to me is working towards getting back my family."

"Draco." Harry groaned. "You need to do things for yourself too! It's no wonder you got frustrated and blew up at your teacher if all you're doing twenty-four seven is working on your anger management. You need to take some time for yourself too, so that you can relax and unwind."

Harry got up and he went to the shelf and he picked up one of the books that Draco had already read. It had been salvaged from the old house.

"I've read this one." Draco told him.

"I know that. I haven't read it, read it to me."

Harry handed the book over and he tucked himself up under Draco's arm, snuggling on his chest so that he could see the words, but he let Draco's eloquent voice wash over him as his mate scoffed, sighed heavily at reading a book that he had only recently finished, before he started reading to him.

They passed two hours like this and though Harry didn't care for the book or the story, he did care for Draco bonding with him in such a calm, peaceful way. Max had left them in peace to go and sort out dinner, Nasta was still up in his dragon lair and Blaise was napping off a headache that had developed in the late afternoon. It was all very calm and peaceful, until a hot flush prickled at Harry's skin and made him catch his breath.

"Oh." He said, sitting up and disturbing Draco midsentence.

"What? What is it?" He asked worriedly. Max was just there, at the first sound of Draco's worried tone.

"What happened?" He asked, putting a tray of tea down on the coffee table. He'd been coming to refresh them when he'd heard Draco's question.

Harry breathed deeply and he turned to them with wide eyes and flushed cheeks.

"Your heat has hit you." Max said, understanding immediately.

Missing Scene

They all lost track of time and none of them knew when the heat slipped away from them, all they knew was that one moment they were caught up in the heat, furiously fucking to ensure pregnancy, the next they were all in a state of deep sleep that bordered on unconsciousness. They all woke up in their own time, the top dominant was always the first one to wake, as his instincts would allow him to do no less. The others would wake up shortly afterwards, anything from five minutes to a few hours later, but their submissive stayed asleep, deeply unconscious as he recovered from his heat period on top of his recovery from his very nearly fatal injury the month before. They left him to sleep, though they were worried as he stayed in his deep sleep without once stirring. It was a worry, because of his previous injuries, but they tried to remain calm and they weren't so foolish as to try and wake him up themselves, but the longer it took, the more worried they became. It was almost a relief when Healer Jackson Moore knocked on their front door, in lieu of flooing into their home. He had done the same at the end of six days, but no one had answered and they knew then that Harry was having a fertile heat that would last for ten days.

He gently peeked in on Harry when he was urged to by four very worried dominants, (after Nasta had gone in to make sure that Harry was covered over and decent) but he assured them that he was fine and that it was normal after such a long heat after such injuries. He gave them a very strong painkiller for Harry to take once he did wake up, naturally, he stressed to them sternly, but other than that, he was very happy to report that Harry was fine and well and that he just needed some rest.

Nasta, once he was fully recovered and not as sore as he'd been when he woke up the day before, went to get his children back from Alexander, and he reported that everyone was fine, that Harry was still sleeping and that he would for a while longer according to the Healers, and then it was a waiting game. There was nothing that they could do, they could only wait for Harry to wake up on his own, no matter how long it took for their Submissive to recover from his fertile heat period.

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