The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


122. Chapter One Hundred-Eight – Birthday Bumbling Part 3

"No!" Warren growled fiercely. "I am stood beside you in all things, Eitri! I am helping you to repeal all of the laws oppressing Faes. I have worked tirelessly beside you for the same goal! I have always hated the way that Faes were treated, even when I was a mere babe of twenty, under the Headship of Caracellus. I saw my Mother being treated like a slave, my young, just budded Fae cousins sold off to Valkyries near the end of their lives. My Father and brother acted as if nothing was even wrong with it, but it never settled right with me, Eitri. Never! I would not ever want to go back to those times, I am relieved that we have come so far, but I know that we need to go even further. I do not want a change of Court, I do not want to go back to how things were."

Eitri smiled then. "Good. I am pleased that if needed I can trust you at my back, because I mean it, Warren. With the gods and the deities witnessing my words, I will never allow myself to be used in such a way, even if I have to die a martyr for my beliefs."

Harry was stunned silent at what he'd heard, he couldn't think of a single thing to say and it seemed that he wasn't the only one, so he was thankful when Nasta came back into the room and hugged him tight, pulling Harry's face to the crook of his neck and Harry inhaled those wonderful, calming pheromones deeply and happily.

"I assume he was saying something along the lines of us being unfit parents and removing Leolin from our care?" Nasta asked him.

Harry nodded. "He was saying shit about Ezrah too and I won't have it."

"I gave him an extra kick as I dropped him off at the gates to the Faerie City." Nasta told him.

"I love you so much." Harry declared and Nasta smiled at him and bent to kiss him.

"Kailen has given the chamomilla to Leolin, he fell straight off to sleep." Nasta told him. "Blaise put him up in his cot, so how about you come outside and enjoy our son's birthday with us?"

Harry nodded happily and he was led outside and to the bouncy castle and slide. The Faeries looked even more astonished at the inflatable monstrosities than Draco had been when the people that they'd hired them from had put them up yesterday evening.

"Have any of the kids been down the slide yet?" He asked.

"Not yet, Max hasn't given them a chance." Sanex quipped, his beautiful girlfriend Crista hovering near him.

It was no wonder that she was so timid and unsure of herself with so many submissive Drackens clutching their children and snarling at her like she was a wild beast. Harry wondered why he'd even invited them, much less why they'd even come, especially after his own birthday. It was cruel to the children to bring them to a children's party with cakes and treats and a massive, inflatable slide and bouncy castle, not to mention the ball pit that Max had enlarged and filled with a million and a half plastic balls, and not let them play and run around…there was no other way to describe it, it was just downright cruel and Harry shook his head sadly. He would never treat his children in such a way.

Calix was in the giant ball pit by himself, all but swimming as he shrieked and kicked about, rolling onto his belly and then over to his back, kicking and thrashing before rolling back to his belly and Harry laughed to see him.

It was swelteringly hot and Harry was only in shorts and a tee-shirt, but still he was too hot. He went to the drinks table and grabbed the jug of iced juice. Nasta had gotten him earlier with a bottle of sun cream and the babies were plastered in the stuff, Farren was even rocking a hat and sunglasses, mostly because he was the only baby sat still and he hadn't cared enough to take them off. He looked adorable.

Max was indeed throwing people down the inflatable slide, as he'd promised that he would, his latest victim was his own Dad. Richard slid down the slide, laughing and shouting, threatening to kill Max when he caught him. Max's reply was that Richard was too old to catch him.

"I don't even understand what I am seeing." Ezrah said as he watched in a sort of horrified, awed curiosity.

Harry smiled at him. "Come on, Ezrah, let's go have some fun." Harry insisted and he took the Fae's hand and ran over to the slide.

Ezrah was very hesitant, but Harry was insistent and he pulled Ezrah up the inflatable stairs.

"This is very high, Harry, are you sure that it's safe?" Ezrah asked, his young face pale and worried.

"Come on, Harry!" Max shouted at him. "You're holding up the line."

"Just because you want to hog it!" Harry shouted back. "Wait your turn!"

"Well get your cute behind down here already!"

Harry laughed. "Together then?" He offered.

Ezrah nodded and Harry sat down, his legs dangling down the slide.

"Come on, it's fun, I promise."

Ezrah nodded again, seemingly beyond words at this point, as he slowly sat next to Harry and they held hands. Ezrah clutched at Harry's hand as if he were the only thing anchoring him to the ground and Harry smiled reassuringly at him.

"On the count of three?" Harry asked and Ezrah just nodded again. "One. Two. Three."

They pushed forward and Harry shrieked in laughter as he slid down the thirty foot slide with Ezrah, who just shrieked in what seemed to be utter terror. At least until they reached the bottom safely and Ezrah seemed to process what had just happened. He was shaking and pale still, but he started laughing, light and airily, and Lathen, who had looked about as terrified as Ezrah had, grinned to hear him.

Harry hefted Ezrah off of the end of the slide and they shoved past Max to go up again.

"Oi! It was my turn!" Max told them angrily.

Harry stuck his tongue out at him and blew a raspberry.

"Oh, that is it you are so getting it when I get my hands on you!"

"If you can get your hands on me!" Harry echoed Max's words to Richard, which made Richard himself laugh.

"You tell him, Harry!" Richard cheered.

Harry and Ezrah managed to slide twice more before Max managed to grab Harry and pull him off of the slide and into a deep kiss. Max put him on the floor and then charged up the stairs while Harry was still dazed and stupid.

"That was cheating!" Harry called out, but he laughed anyway and went to grab a drink and one of his own biscuits.

He mingled a bit, kissed each of his mates, checked in on his babies and then he was determined to win back the slide from Max. He pulled Ezrah and a befuddled Eitri with him and he snuck up on Max, a simple charm had his foot stuck to the floor and as Harry darted past him with the two Faes, Max went to grab him, but found his feet stuck to the floor and he fell over, giving Harry a chance to get up the slide before Max found his feet again.

"I'm the cheater?" Max yelled out. "What do you call this?"

"Payback, my dear!" Harry answered from the top of the thirty foot slide.

"It is high up here." Eitri said as he looked around with a smile. "It looks fun. Is it as fun as it looks, Ezrah?"

Ezrah actually looked rather intimidated to be spoken to by the other Fae, a member of the court no less, but Harry supposed that that was natural when you were much more used to being hit and spat on by other Faeries.

"It was terrifying the first time." Ezrah said seriously. "But it is a lot of fun. I have never experienced anything like it ever before."

"Will you just sit down and slide!" Max yelled. "Stop holding a conversation at the top!"

Harry chuckled. "Come on, let's see how many times we can push in front of him this time."

Eitri enjoyed the slide too and he was very quick to get up and dart to the stairs, cutting Max off while Harry and Ezrah laughed and darted past too.

"I swear to Merlin you three are the worst hoggers ever!"

"Why is he calling us pigs?" Eitri asked.

"He's not. Someone who hogs something is someone who excessively controls something and won't let anyone else have it. If I took all of the blankets in the bed, then I'd be hogging the blankets. We won't let anyone on the slide, so we're hogging it."

"Oh, I believe that I understand." Eitri smiled.

They went down again, but Max was waiting and he managed to grab Eitri and the poor golden Fae ended up backwards in the empty ball pit. He came up laughing but Max had already gotten up the slide.

"Are you okay, Eitri?" Harry asked with a grin.

"I have not been manhandled in such a way since I was a very young boy. About the age that you are now." He said. "I was not expecting as such, otherwise I would have been ready for it."

Harry offered his hand and pulled Eitri out of the mass of plastic balls and the three of them giggled together and they started planning their next assault on the slide.

Harry greeted more guests, directed them to Braiden if they wanted to see him or give him a gift and he, Eitri and Ezrah took a drink and nibble some snacks as they held what was reminiscent to a full on war meeting.

Calix came hurrying over to them and he tugged on Harry's shorts and pointed at the slide and Harry grinned as he realised that they now had the most perfect excuse.

"Do you want to slide with us, Calix?" He asked.

Calix nodded. "Yes, Mummy."

"Come on then, baby. Eitri, Ezrah, let's go and get that slide back."

"He is so young, will he be alright on that slide?" Ezrah asked worriedly.

"It's meant for kids, Ezrah, he'll be just fine. In fact, he'll love it." Harry grinned.

He got Calix's hand and led the two Faes back over to the slide.

"Max, Calix wants a go on the slide, get down." Harry ordered.

Max whined and complained, but he did as asked and Harry and the Faeries got control back of the slide as Harry got one of Calix's hands and Eitri got the other as they led him up the stairs.

"Are you ready, Calix?" Harry asked as he settled his fearless boy between his legs at the top.

As Calix was up here everyone's attention was upon them, as he was the first child who had shown an interest in it. Not that they cared, Harry was used to being recorded now and he didn't think the Faeries even knew what the camcorder was or what it was for, much less what it did.

"Yeah!" Calix exclaimed, trying to push forward before Harry was ready.

"Hold on! Hold on!" Harry laughed, tugging him backwards and back between his legs. "You little daredevil. On three."

The four of them slid together and Calix screamed happily. They reached the bottom and Calix clapped his hands excitedly and he recovered before all of them and he was gone, clambering back up the stairs.

He barely waited to sit down before he threw himself over the top. He slid down, screaming all the way and he landed between Harry and Ezrah, none of them had even had time to get up from the tangle of limbs they'd found themselves in before Calix was back down with them and Harry was so proud of his fearless boy, who got up and charged the stairs to get up again.

"I think Calix is hogging the slide now." Eitri said with a laugh.

"Yeah, we've lost this one now." Harry laughed as he slid off the bottom of the slide to the floor and went to check on his other babies.

"It's good to see you having fun." Nasta told him and Harry smiled.

"We've had a trying few months, but I feel better." Harry said with a wide grin. "My muscles are almost healed now, and they've been healing well. My limp has gone, Blaise's little slips are becoming less and less as we approach autumn and everything's going well. Braiden is now two, Leolin's cut his first tooth and Calix has a death wish, what could be better?" He giggled.

Nasta smiled at him softly and kissed him gently.

"Go and get a drink, your lovely lips are dry." Nasta told him and Harry laughed, swatted Nasta's bum and did as asked, going to get more juice.

He played with Regan for several minutes, hefted Tegan into the ball pit when she pointed to it and then found his birthday boy bouncing his heart out on the bouncy castle with several other children. He didn't mind sharing at all, as long as no one tried to make him stop.

Harry didn't try to make him stop, he joined him and they bounced together and Braiden was so happy with Harry bouncing with him that he hugged Harry around the knees and grinned up at him with all of his tiny little teeth on display.

Harry held Braiden and threw them both backwards, landing on his bum and bouncing back up to his feet and Braiden laughed.

"Again, Mummy! Do that again!"

Harry laughed and did as he'd been told, making sure that no little kids were behind him first. He was able to pull Braiden from the bouncy castle and get a drink for him and Braiden was happy to drink and eat a little cake, because he'd needed them. Though seeing him running around with a little plastic cup in his hands was adorable.

Harry sighed and he rested for a small while, migrating over to Myron and wrapping one arm around his back to lean on him. Myron immediately accommodated him and took some of Harry's weight onto himself.

"Are you doing okay?" He asked softly.

Harry nodded and grinned up at him happily. "I'm having more fun now than I did at my own birthday. I think next year I'm having a bouncy castle and a slide for my twentieth."

Myron laughed at him and bent down to press a kiss to his forehead. He took that time to whisper into his ear.

"How is the baby?"

"Wonderful." Harry answered. "I'm not in any pain, nothing in my lower back or stomach hurts, and I'm having fun and releasing stress. They would not have allowed me to do any of this if they knew. I'm already going to have a fight on my hands later when I tell them and they realise that I knew and that I did all of this today while I knew."

He sighed heavily. He was not looking forward to that part of dropping the baby news, but he was going to back his own corner. He was doing nothing wrong and jumping around or going down an inflatable slide was not going to do him, or the baby, any harm.

"Seeing you so happy and carefree after all that has happened to you is a great weight off of my shoulders." Myron told him seriously. "You have been put through so much, by your mates as well as others, to see you smiling and having fun is a relief."

"I agree." Alexander told him, coming to stand by them and giving Harry a gentle touch. "Though I heard about your fight, are you alright?"

"Me and baby are completely fine." Harry insisted. "That Faerie deserved it."

"What is this about now?" Myron asked.

"Sindri is sick, so the Court is now even, eight Faeries, four on our side, four against us and one of the ones against us gets to decide split votes. She forced an unknown guard to come here today and I was so not having any of that shit."

"Language!" Myron chastised him. "There are young children around."

Harry rolled his eyes, but nodded dutifully.

"Anyway, as you know I was in the smaller room with Leolin and when the Faeries flooed in he started by asking how I had harmed Leolin and why he was crying. He obviously has no children of his own and knows absolutely nothing about babies otherwise he would have recognised the signs of teething. So that really pis…ticked me off. Then he started going on about how me and the guys were Dragon scum only fit for execution and that got my Dracken up, then he said he was going to get Leolin from us and I lost it." He said simply. "I regret nothing."

Myron snorted and Alexander grinned. "Of course you don't." The former said in a long suffering tone of voice.

Draco came out with a screaming Leolin and Harry left the comfort of Myron and hurried to them, taking his miserable son and cradling him. Draco handed him a frozen cloth and Harry used it to press and massage the gums around the erupting tooth and it actually calmed Leolin down, to the point where he was whining and grizzling more than out right screaming.

"Come on, my love." Harry said gently, going to a sun lounger and reclining on it to cast them both in the shade of the umbrella, holding Leolin to his chest. "You're alright."

"Ma." Leolin snuffled.

"I'm here." Harry said soothingly, his finger gently rubbing Leolin's gums and carefully circling the emerging tooth. As Leolin tried to gum on his finger, Harry assumed that it felt really good to his tiny Faerie son.

Nasta came jogging over from the house with a bottle in hand and Harry understood his reasoning. Leolin had missed enough feeds today as it was, it would be best to feed him now, while he was relatively pain free, lest that pain build again and stopped him from feeding again.

"Here you go, baby. Daddy Nasta has some nice milk for you, here, go over to Daddy Nasta." Harry encouraged.

"Da." Leolin sniffled as he was handed over and he didn't pitch a fit at losing contact with Harry. Instead a tiny hand reached up to touch Nasta's rough, stubbly chin and he opened his mouth for the bottle teat. He was very hungry.

Again he gnawed on the teat aggressively, but Harry left the frozen cloth with Nasta and he forced himself to walk away. It was difficult, especially as he knew that Leolin was upset and in pain, but it was getting easier the more that he did it. His son needed to spend some time with his Fathers, and they needed to spend time with him. Instead he forced a smile and went back to his birthday boy, who was, of course, back on the bouncy castle and showed no hint of tiredness as he jumped and rolled around.

"I'm so proud of you." Max's voice breathed in his ear. "Come and slide with me."

Harry smiled and he took Max's hand and ran with his biggest mate to the slide, pitching Sanex off of the stairs with a laugh and reaching the top.

Emulating how Harry had held Calix, Harry sat between Max's legs with his mate's arms holding him around the chest and Max shoved them over the end, his heavy bulk giving them some serious speed. Harry laughed and shouted out happily, holding on to Max's knees.

They reached the bottom in a tangle, as they'd shifted sideways during their descent, and Max snogged him there and then. Harry wrapped his arms around Max's neck and held on.

"Stop ruining the slide for all of us!" Caesar called out. "Nora want's to have a go, but she's not going down with you two humping at the bottom!"

Harry broke away from Max to laugh, he gave a grin to Caesar who was holding Nora back from the stairs, even though she seemed desperate to get up them.

Max helped Harry move from the bottom of the slide and Caesar released Nora, who charged up the steps, much like Calix had. Then they were cousins, sort of…they shared a common Grandmother in Ashleigh, but they had different Grandfathers.

Though speaking of Calix, he came rushing back over, dragging poor Regan with him, an angry Tegan following, chattering angrily like a hive of bees, presumably at having her twin taken from her by Calix. Blaise intercepted her and gave the two boys a chance to get away and to play together. Regan was already too passive and quiet as it was.

"Daddy, no!" Tegan demanded.

"Leave your brothers be." Blaise told her, taking her over to the snack table and giving her a cucumber stick to distract her.

Calix dragged Regan to the stairs and pulled his brother up as Nora went down, Caesar catching her to appease Amelle, who looked a little worried at the height of the slide, but at least she was giving Nora a chance to play, unlike some others at the party with their screaming, red faced children. It was truly cruel and Harry wanted to tell them all to just leave, before they spoiled Braiden's birthday, they obviously hadn't wanted to come in the first place.

Harry watched with pride as Calix and Regan slid down together, holding hands. They giggled at the bottom and then they went back up, catching up to Nora at the top. Then the three of them slid down holding hands and Harry cooed happily to the three of them.

At about three in the afternoon, the party started wrapping up. Over half of the kids, those that had been allowed to play that was, were now sound asleep, having tuckered themselves out. Only Braiden and Farren were still awake out of Harry's kids, Farren was now wandering around now that it was quieter and Braiden was still on the bouncy castle. He had gone down the slide a few times, after Calix had pulled him over to it excitedly, wanting to share his enjoyment with his brothers and sister, but the bouncy castle was his favourite.

Harry was getting tired too and after Leolin's meltdown that morning, just after Braiden had finished opening his presents, he was ready for bed himself, but he still had to have the fight with his mates, who were gearing up for another heat period in just three weeks, not knowing that Harry was already six weeks pregnant. They had looked for signs of his pregnancy and they'd found none, so in their minds he wasn't pregnant yet and he'd have a heat period in three weeks. They'd think as such until Harry dropped the baby bomb later that day, as soon as their guests were gone.

It did not take long for them to be alone in their house again. The most difficult had been to get Braiden in off of the bouncy castle, but in the end, a bit of tone deaf singing on Harry's part and some rocking had their exhausted boy drifting off and he went down with his brothers and sisters for a nap.

Max brought in a tray of tea and some of Harry's surviving biscuits and they all just sat in silence for several minutes, enjoying the quiet house and the peace for a while. It wouldn't last for very long, about as long as it took for the kids to wake up off of their naps.

"So…that was a great day." Max said with a smile.

"It was." Harry agreed with a grin. "I can't remember the last time we had so much fun! Oh wait, I can! When we went to Guadeloupe together. I had so much fun back then too, though there was a lot more sex."

"We can fix that if you want." Max told him with a saucy wink.

Harry laughed and sat back with his tea, this was actually the perfect lead up to his baby news.

"I loved that holiday. It reminded me a lot of today. Only instead of inflatable slides we were scuba diving and building sand castles."

"We'll go on holiday again soon." Nasta told him, and that really hadn't been what he'd been angling for, but he'd take it too.

He laughed as he realised that he was going to have to spell it out, there was no way that he could hint at them and have them guess, they firmly believed now that he wasn't pregnant as he'd showed no signs, so they weren't going to get it until he straight up told them.

"It'll have to wait until after the baby is born." He said before taking another calm sip of tea.

"Of course." Draco said. "We'll wait for the next heat period and see if you fall pregnant from that, and then when the baby, or babies, are born, we can see about another holiday."

Harry snorted. He had himself some very dense mates, but he loved them and there really was no way for them to know. He snorted again, half laughing.

"What's so funny? I thought that you wanted another holiday?" Max asked him.

"Oh I do. I just…I'm trying to tell you all that I'm six weeks pregnant and you just aren't getting it." He laughed.

That stopped the four of them short.

"Are you sure?" Blaise asked.

"Are you actually asking me if I'm sure that I'm six weeks pregnant?" Harry chuckled. "Of course I'm sure. Georgio confirmed it."

"How long have you known?" Nasta asked him.

"Over a month." Harry said.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Draco asked seriously.

"Because I knew that you'd all try to smother me while I was recovering and that wasn't what I wanted or needed." He said just as seriously. "I wanted to enjoy my own birthday, I wanted to have fun today and that's exactly what I did."

"That's why you're telling us now." Nasta said. "Because Braiden's birthday is all but over."

Harry nodded. "Yes. I've had my fun, it was time now to tell you. I don't know how many babies I'm having, but I'm not actually showing yet. So I still have my fingers crossed for just the one."

"You're not showing? Can I see?" Max asked excitedly.

"I just said, there's nothing to see!" Harry said, but he was taking Max's excitement and the lack of anger all around, as a very good thing, so he was already leaning back and lifting his tee-shirt, showing off the flat, but scarred belly.

Max got on his knees and he laid his lips to Harry's skin, touching and kissing.

"I can't believe we have a little baby in here." He said. "Hello baby, I'm your Daddy Max, one of four Daddies you'll have once you're born."

That actually brought tears to Harry's eyes and he burst out crying, reaching out for Max and holding onto him tightly. Max made a surprised noise, but held him back tightly, murmuring to him and soothing him as Harry cried and held on tight.

"I didn't mean to make you cry, love." Max insisted. "What's wrong?"

Harry had just accepted it as a fact that he'd have a fight on his hands once he told his mates about the baby and he hadn't realised just how much he'd been dreading, and fearing, it. After all, the last proper argument that they'd had he'd ended up with his intestines on the floor, the rest of his insides being held in by Xerxes' large hand as their house was destroyed around him and his tiny children were injured and put in danger.

He had been fearing telling his mates and it was only now, in this moment, that he actually even realised it. He clutched at Max desperately, tightly, almost strangling him in his desperate need to touch his mates as he cried uncontrollably.

"Hey, hey. It's alright." He heard Max say as large hands rubbed his back to help calm him down. "We're not angry, we understand."

"We do." Nasta said and Harry actually heard a knee click as Nasta eased down next to them on the floor. It made him giggle wetly. "Of course, hearing me in pain would cheer you up." He teased.

"You're getting old now, Nas." Blaise said with a chuckle.

Harry brushed his eyes clear and he looked around at his four mates with a smile.

"I was so worried that…that…"

"That we were going to shout and scream at you?" Nasta finished and Harry just nodded.

"I was really scared and I didn't know that I was."

"Because the last time we argued you almost died." Blaise finished and Harry nodded again.

"Oh, Harry." Nasta sighed, playing with his hair. "We've been making so much progress with our therapy, of course we weren't going to start screaming, not without hearing your reasons first."

"I just knew that…that you'd force me to sit down and stay still when there's no need this early on in the pregnancy." He sniffed. "I wanted to have some fun and today, on the slide and the bouncy castle, it was the most fun I've had in a while outside of sex."

"Well if you feel like that then we've obviously lost the fun in our mateship somewhere along the way." Max told him. "We'll have to work on that and I think from today onwards, we'll strive to make you laugh as you did today, every day. Seeing you on that slide, screeching and screaming with laughter, you looked beautiful and so happy. We need to make you laugh like that every day."

Two fresh tears fell down his cheeks and Harry brushed them away with a smile. "Even though I'm pregnant?"

"Especially because you're pregnant, because you need some relief and some fun." Max told him seriously, tensing his arms and rocking Harry on his lap. It made Harry chuckle. He wiped his face again before snuggling in tight to all of his lovers.

"I love you all. I hope you always know that."

"Do you feel safe?" Nasta asked him.

"Yes." Harry replied after only the smallest of pauses. "I feel safe with all of you now, I feel settled and much happier. Just, try to keep the smothering to a minimum, please. I don't like it and it's unneeded."

"Gotcha." Max said with a grin. "Now come on, we need to get you and baby some tea. If you drink enough, we'll get a nice sweet baby."

Harry giggled, wiping his face clean on his tee-shirt. "I don't think it works like that." He said.

"Yes, so far it's only my baby who is at all sweet." Blaise said proudly. "So it stands to reason that only if this baby is mine will it be sweet."

"I have yet to have a child, how do you know that I won't have a sweet…?" Draco started but Max cut him off with a loud laugh.

"Your baby will come out sneering." Blaise told Draco seriously.

Draco huffed and rolled his eyes, he stood up, but bent back down to kiss him before going into the kitchen to get some more tea for the five of them.

Harry refused to let Max go. Instead he clung on and Max chuckled at him, lifting him up and sitting back on the settee with Harry snuggled on his lap. Blaise came to rest against them and Max threw an arm around him and Harry laced their fingers together. He sighed happily and he settled. Today had been amazing, he'd had so much fun and he'd been proven wrong. He had been fretting for nothing.

He did feel bad that he'd assumed that his mates would overreact to his baby news, but then they had shown him that they would in the past. He was so happy to be wrong for once and he was glad that their therapy was going so well that they didn't immediately act with anger when finding out something like this when he'd deliberately kept it from them.

Leolin interrupted them when he started crying and Harry forced himself to remain sitting as Nasta went to get him. Kailen had given them little sachets of powder that Nasta had told him was ground chamomile. It was a herbal remedy for teething babies that the Faeries used in place of medicines, that Faeries couldn't actually take while so young. It was working a treat with Leolin, who was now back to feeding and was happy as long as he had his gums massaged by a frozen cloth every half an hour or so, but his freezable gel teethers were now his favourite thing and as long as he had one, or three, of them near him for him to chew and gnaw on, he was contented and his first tooth coming through didn't bother him as much.

Nasta came back with Leolin already feeding from a bottle, they could see their tiny son biting hard on the teat and pulling on it as he fed. Nasta had one of the gel teethers in his hand with a frozen cloth. As soon as Leolin was done feeding, he would have his gums massaged and then he'd be left with his teethers.

Harry let out a sigh, he was a lot more settled now that they knew exactly how to help Leolin and how to look after him as he started teething. His very first tooth. Harry couldn't have been happier or prouder. Leolin was coming on so well and he was developing in ways that they couldn't see. Harry was convinced that Leolin was understanding more and more as he aged, even if he wasn't saying anything more than his usual 'Ma' and 'Da', he was doing more, he was getting more mobile as he reached out for more things, testing and trying them. He would pull on grass to rip it up, he turned objects over in his hands, he would stare so intently at things that you could almost see his mind working out how they worked or what they were for. Now he was physically developing once more, he had grown a little longer, he'd put on more weight and now he had his very first tooth. Nasta had been right after all, Leolin had been sleeping so much over the last few weeks because his body had been gearing up for this…a growth spurt and a tooth. Harry was so proud of his tiny little son and he couldn't help but hold his arms out for him when Nasta had finished feeding him.

Nasta smiled at him and kissed him as he transferred Leolin over to his arms.

"Ma." Leolin declared looking up at him.

"It's taking him less and less time to recognise who we are." Max said happily. "It used to take him a minute before he'd realise who was holding him. He does it almost immediately now."

Harry nodded, so happy and so very proud. "I know. He is developing and learning and I love him so much for it. I can't believe he cut a tooth on his big brother's birthday!" He chuckled.

"He has terrible timing." Max agreed with a grin.

"I don't believe that he has any control over it." Draco pointed out.

"Well, he could at least try." Max teased and Harry chuckled, cuddling his baby, even as he used his finger to massage Leolin's gums and the one inflamed area surrounding the emerging tooth with the frozen cloth.

"Maybe this means that we can try him on something other than milk." He said hesitantly, unsure if getting a tooth was a sign that Faerie babies were ready to be weaned…after all, they had no idea when the second tooth would come through.

"I'll buy some natural yoghurt and blitz up some strawberries and see if he can handle having anything in his mouth. If he pushes it back out, then he's probably not ready." Max said. "But there's no reason why we can't try every week or so. Just because he's not ready one week, doesn't mean that he won't be ready the next, but we can't push him."

"I remember." Blaise said, perking up. "I remember that with the other kids. If they reject it immediately, we don't push them."

"That's right." Max said proudly. "If they look unsure, we try them again, but if they immediately look uncomfortable or upset or push the food out of their mouths, we don't push them."

Blaise smiled happily and he sunk back into Max's body and Max kissed him gently. Harry finished massaging Leolin's gums and gave him one of the teethers.

He sat back against Max and cradled Leolin on his lap, who was rolling the teether in his hands, who would then lift it to his mouth and chomp on it several times and then he'd bring it back down and turn it back over in his hands.

Harry watched him for several minutes, sipping on his tea. When the teether started going soft, losing its coolness, Harry asked Draco if he could please get another one from the freezer, putting the thawing teether back into the freezer.

The kids started waking back up again and the house once again became loud and active. Calix tripped over a stray truck, Braiden wanted to go back on the bouncy castle, so Max pulled out the dreaded trampoline for him to bounce on instead and Regan tried to climb up the sideboard, repeatedly, and when they kept stopping him from doing that, he tried to climb the bookcase, then he tried to climb over the back of the settee.

"Regan, you're going to hurt yourself you little monkey." Draco chastised as he plucked Regan off of the settee and placed him back on his feet. Regan laughed as if it were a huge game…perhaps to him it was.

"I think going down that huge slide has given him some much needed confidence." Harry said happily as he watched Regan take off again, back towards the bookcase.

"No, you little monster." Max said as he intercepted him, hefted him up and then threw Regan high into the air. Their little boy yelled out in happiness and giggled as Max caught him.

"Agen! Agen, Daddy!"

"Again?" Max cooed. "Up you go then!"

Max threw Regan several times, to much screeches and giggles, but it gained the attention of the other kids, who all wanted to be thrown in the air too.

Harry laughed at his biggest mate as he tried to throw and catch one baby at a time while four others clamoured for his attention at his legs.

"Will someone help me before I'm swarmed!" He laughed.

"Sorry, I'm six weeks pregnant." Harry said immediately and Blaise laughed, cottoning on.

"I'm still recovering from a serious head injury." Blaise insisted.

"Draco! Nasta! Help me." Max pleaded with a laugh as Braiden grabbed his tee shirt and pulled.

Nasta snorted, but he took pity on Max and distracted Farren and Braiden with one of Braiden's birthday presents, a massive, chunky garage for their plastic cars and trucks. All Nasta had to do was pick up a car and put it on the ramp, watching as it rolled down, and that was it for Farren and Braiden as they ran back to the garage to play.

Tegan was distracted by her penguin, which Nasta picked up from where she'd left it, and he put it in the toy box. Tegan shouted out a loud 'No, Daddy Nassa!' and stormed over to take the penguin back out of the box, petting it and stroking down its fuzzy fur.

Nasta then distracted Calix and Regan and that left Max free to fall onto the settee.

"Merlin, I'm getting old!" He groaned.

Nasta snorted as he walked past, but Max pulled him back into his lap and kissed him. It made Nasta properly laugh, then he grunted as Max tipped him backwards and snogged him.

Nasta laughed again once his mouth was free and Max joined him.

"I knew you were my favourite for a reason!" Max declared. "Coming to my rescue and then letting me love on you."

"I'll let you love on me whenever you want." Nasta said. "I think I've topped entirely too much over the last few weeks, I haven't bottomed once, we should fix that."

"Yes." Max's voice cracked and he cleared his throat before trying again. "Yes, we should." He agreed.

Nasta smirked and slid from Max's lap. "Unfortunately it will have to wait for these little ones to go to bed."

"You're getting as big a tease as Harry!" Max complained.

"If you want to go upstairs for an hour, I'll watch the kids." Harry said with a smile.

"You'd do that, why?" Max asked.

"Because I'm tired after today and I'm not really in the mood, I just want to sit here and relax a little. So if you want to go upstairs, it's absolutely fine with me."

Max leapt up, grabbed Nasta's hand and pulled him up the stairs to their bedroom. Harry laughed, especially when Blaise hurried after them.

"Do you not want to go too? I truly don't mind." Harry said to Draco.

Draco smiled at him and he moved from the other settee to sit beside him, throwing an arm around him.

"Like you, I'm not really in the mood. I had the night shifts last night and I'm tired. After all the excitement today, I just want some rest and relaxation. So I'm much happier staying here and having you to myself for an hour or so. It's been a while since we've had some time just to ourselves, I'm going to make the most of it."

Harry smiled at Draco and rested against him, smiling as they watched their eight children playing and wriggling around on the floor, the room only noisy because of how many children there were, while their three other mates enjoyed themselves and released some stress and tension upstairs.

Draco's hand played along his belly and rested on it often, just feeling, even though there was nothing to feel there yet. He did it anyway and it made Harry smile, even as he knew that Max was in his element, taking both Nasta and Blaise upstairs in their bed. He grinned. He couldn't wait to hear the delicious, gritty details, but for now, he was just very happy to be sat down, relaxing with some honey tea and some more of his remaining birthday sweets, that he happily shared with Draco, who'd gotten out his latest novel to read, even if he did look up to check on the kids with every turn of the page.

After the day that he'd had it was sheer bliss to just rest on Draco and sit still for a while and truly, not even sex beat this calm, happy relaxation for him, which is why he'd chosen it when given the two options. He regretted nothing, he'd chosen perfectly for his current mood, he could always get sex later if he felt like it. He chuckled to himself and turned his head into Draco's chest, he was perfectly happy right where he was.

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