The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


121. Chapter One Hundred-Eight – Birthday Bumbling Part 2

Harry smiled and he went down to the warded tables that were set up on the grass, careful and slow with the several steps. He used his wand to remove the covers from them to reveal the party food and drinks that Max and Nasta had set up while Harry had been eating with the kids.

Draco carried the two girls out and placed them on the sheet. Ezrah followed with Leolin, but he looked worriedly to the sun and he covered Leolin as much as he could. Harry helped out by popping up the three large patio umbrellas and moving them until the sheet was cast completely in shade.

"Is he okay to go on the floor?" Ezrah asked worriedly.

"Sure." Harry said as he took his beautiful scowly boy from Ezrah and kissed him.

He put Leolin on his belly, close to the edge of the blanket so that he could feel the soft grass. His Faerie son immediately rested his hands on the grass and rubbed his face on the sheet.

"He loves grass." Harry smiled. "Sit down with him if you want to, Ezrah." Harry said with a smile. "If not, he'll be just fine on his own. He's not going anywhere."

Harry went to greet Aneirin with a big hug and an excited noise and he chuckled as he was pulled off of his feet. Nasta had told him that his Father might not be able to come today, because of work commitments, so Harry was extra excited to see him.

"How are you?" Aneirin asked.

"Wonderful!" Harry said. "Thank you for my card and present!"

"It was nothing." Aneirin told him. "Have those boys been treating you right?"

Harry nodded. "Yes. I've been so spoilt." He giggled. "I thought you were working today?"

"I wouldn't miss your birthday. I moved some things around." Aneirin told him.

"The kids are down for a nap at the moment, but the younger ones are being very stubborn and Leolin's only just woken up."

"Where is my little grandson?" Aneirin smiled as he went and hefted Leolin up, kissing his little mouth before replacing him back, half on the grass, when he made an angry, frustrated noise and scowled. "That's me told." Aneirin laughed.

"He loves the grass. Just don't give him flowers, he gets the pollen all over his face and he tries to lick it off!" Harry said with a grin.


Harry turned at the sound of his name and he made an excited noise and went to hug Henley, who had gotten much taller since Harry had last seen him. He was picked up and swung around yet again and he laughed.

"Henley! How are you?! You've gotten taller!" Harry said in a rush.

"Happy birthday! I'm great and yeah, I have gotten taller, five inches since I last saw you."

"I can see that! Where's Anabel, Claudia and baby Harry?"

"Harry dirtied a nappy, so Blaise directed Ana to the changing station you've set up."

Harry nodded and he pulled Henley over to the drinks table and he got himself a red drink. It turned out to be strawberry flavoured.

"None of these are alcoholic are they?" Henley asked, even as he took a blue drink and sipped it.

"Knowing my mates, no." Harry smiled. "We're waiting on baby news." He added as he placed a hand on his flat belly.

Henley's eyes widened. "Congratulations!" He said. "How many heat periods have you had, or is that rude of me to ask?"

Harry laughed. "My first one since the girls. It was fertile straight off."

Henley laughed. "Of course it was, this is you we're talking about now! I bet you're pregnant."

"I'll owl you." Harry winked.

Anabel came to stand by her mate and she greeted him with those wide eyes filled with hero worship.

"Hi Anabel." He greeted politely. "Did you sort baby Harry out okay?"

"Yes, thank you. I wasn't sure if you'd have his size nappy."

"We're fully stocked." Harry said. "There's going to be a lot of kids running around, so we made sure to stock a pack of every sized nappy there is." He laughed.

Henley took his daughter from his mate and he introduced them softly. Claudia hid her face shyly.

"You're not shy." Henley teased her gently, working a finger into her belly.

"Claudia, do you want to go in the play area?"

The little girl peeked out at him, then to where he was pointing. She nodded her head.

"Go on then." Harry encouraged.

She giggled and Henley placed her down and she was gone. She was just a few weeks older than his quintuplets, but she had been a singleton and as such, she was much more developed and forward as she darted past a shocked, terrified group of Faeries and climbed the little castle and happily went down the slide.

A sleepy Braiden toddled out onto the decking holding Max's hand, who was almost bent double and led him to the slide and sat him on it.

"Max! He's tired!" Harry said warningly.

Max, who'd looked up as soon as Harry had shouted his name, nodded and he spoke to Braiden and then he hurried down the porch steps and then held his arms out. Braiden shuffled forward and went down the big slide and Max caught him, picking him up and kissing him.

Harry shook his head and got another drink, a green one this time, which turned out to be apple flavoured.

"He didn't go down for very long." Blaise came over to tell him.

Harry nodded. "There are too many people here, he knows that something's going on. Calix will be up next."

Harry watched as Braiden saw Eleonora on the play area and all remnants of sleep were gone as he too darted past shocked Faeries and went to clamber over the equipment.

Harry had to smile at their shocked, concerned faces as they watched Braiden manoeuvre himself up the steps, over the short, wobbly bridge and then down the much smaller slide. He laughed happily, clapped his hands and then got up off his bum and went back around.

Harry made his way to the Faeries, who looked about ready to panic.

"Thank you for coming." He said genuinely.

"Thank you for inviting us to the day of your birth." Eitri insisted with a smile. "It is hard to believe that you are just nineteen, a mere baby to us, yet you already have your own babes, rather a few of them too."

Harry grinned. "I'm not going to stop at just eight either." He chuckled.

"Eight babes at nineteen. The gods truly bless you and your partners."

Harry looked behind him, at all four of his mates, and he sighed happily. "I'm the luckiest person in the world." He insisted.

"I think you have that the wrong way around. They are the lucky ones, to have you." Kailen told him.

Harry chuckled. "I don't see it that way, I'm a nightmare and I know I am."

"You have that right." Ginny said as she materialised at his shoulder. "Happy birthday."

"Ginny! Thank you for coming."

"As if I would be anywhere else on your nineteenth." She told him.

"Ginny's right." One of the twins came to tell him with a wide grin. "Where else would we be?"

"We had to come and see our favourite pickled toad for his birthday." The other twin insisted.

Harry groaned. "You're never going to let that go are you?"

"Never." They said together.

"Ginny, how could you give them so much material to work with?!" He faux sobbed on her.

"I was eleven!" She defended. "And honestly your eyes are as green as fresh pickled toads."

"Couldn't you think of something a little more…I don't know, flattering to compare me to?! Like summer grass, or I don't know, emeralds or something, anything?"

"It's better than the gibbon with two black eyes." Fred pointed out.

Harry groaned louder, thinking of the portrait that Dobby had given him for Christmas one year.

"Am I really so hideous that my only options are a battered gibbon or a pickled toad?" He demanded.

The twins both nodded gravely. "I'm afraid so." George told him.

Ginny all but cackled, but Eitri was incensed.

"He is one of the most beautiful boys I have yet seen!" He told them angrily. "How dare you say such things about him, in front of him!"

"Whatever you say, mini Draco." Ginny smirked and went off towards the drinks table.

Eitri went red with anger and Harry laid a gentle hand on his arm.

"They're just teasing." Harry said with a smile. "They don't mean it."

"Of course not, we'd never actually hurt our adorable little Harry." Fred snorted.

Harry rolled his eyes.

"Is this some sort of Dracken etiquette?" Warren asked. "Are such blatant insults a form of…affection?"

"It's a human thing." George nodded seriously, but Harry could see that he was fighting back laughter.

"Why would you even engage in such a thing?" Eitri demanded, his gold eyes flashing dangerously.

"It's not meant to be spiteful." Harry insisted. "If it was said maliciously, then that is something else entirely, but you can't laugh at others unless you can laugh at yourself, and I can." He said with a smile. "It is just teasing, Eitri."

"I do not understand." The golden Fae said seriously. "Why would you insult others or accept such people insulting you?"

"Because it's done affectionately, Eitri." Harry explained patiently, aware that they lived in vastly different cultures and that despite the fact that Eitri barely looked older than Harry himself, he was in fact a hundred and nine years old. "They aren't saying it to be cruel and I know they're just teasing me. Like when I call Draco a ferret."

"Why do you call him as such?" Dain asked.

Harry chuckled with Fred and George.

"Draco!" He called out across the garden and his blond mate looked up and came right over when Harry beckoned to him.

"What is it, are you alright?" He asked.

Harry nodded. "Yes, but they want to know why I lovingly call you a ferret."

Draco groaned and slung his arm around Harry's neck, pulling him into a kiss.

"Did you have to mention that?" He complained.

Harry chuckled. "When we were fourteen Draco was transfigured into this really cute, fluffy ferret. He looked adorable! Ever since he's been called ferret. Some people use it as a demeaning, spiteful curse, but I use it affectionately. Do you hate me calling you as such, Draco? Do you feel demeaned or belittled?"

"No." Draco replied. "I still call you scar head and you're a lovable idiot sometimes."

Harry laughed before looking back to the Faeries. "You see? It's just affectionate and it makes us stronger to such things when they are aimed at us maliciously. It takes the sting from the words to hear them affectionately and it makes our skins thicker to malicious attacks, I still love Draco, even if he is a ferret."

Draco snorted. "I still love you too, even if you are insufferable and entirely reckless with no penchant for your own safety."

They shared a soft kiss and Harry snuggled into his arms.

"Ergh, get a room." Fred told them with an over exaggeratedly pinched face.

Harry turned further towards Draco and flicked out his tongue, aiming for a deeper kiss, but Draco pulled away with a chuckle.

"Max! Draco won't snog me on my own birthday! Come and show him how it's done!"

Max bounded over with all the enthusiasm of a kid at Christmas as he snatched up Harry and all but plundered his mouth in a kiss that left Harry breathless and shaky.

"Wow, you should kiss me like that more often!" Harry giggled.

"Any time you want, love. Draco, how could you refuse this gorgeous face a snog?"

"You know that I hold no love for such blatant displays." Draco said. "That sort of thing should be for when we are in private."

"Snob." Max accused him with a grin.

Draco huffed and walked away. Harry smiled up at Max happily, much calmer now since the horrifying revelation with the honey.


Harry was already looking down automatically when Braiden wrapped his arms around his leg. He immediately hunched down, held Braiden's hands and looked into those wide purple eyes.

"What is it, love? Are you alright?"

Braiden nodded then turned and pointed at the big slide. "Slide?" He questioned.

Max laughed. "I knew they'd love that slide. Come on."

Max took Braiden's hand and walked him up to the top and then sat their oldest son on the top. Braiden didn't wait this time, but thankfully Blaise was near the bottom to catch him before he shot off the end. Not that Braiden much cared as he laughed hysterically and then hurried up the steps on his own, which freaked the Faeries out again, to meet Max at the top so that he could go down the big slide again.

Of course as soon as Eleonora saw what was happening the kids had to take it in turns as she immediately wanted to go down the big slide too. Thankfully it took the both of them a while to traverse the porch steps, so it gave the other plenty of time to go down the slide without waiting.

The garden was filling up and Harry could barely keep track of who he had greeted or who he hadn't. He did find Alexander and he excitedly hugged him tight.

"I saw Kimberly earlier, but you weren't with her."

Alexander laughed and shot his mate and Wife, over by the drinks table, a loving look.

"I had a few things to take care of and Kimberly was not willing to wait, not even fifteen minutes for me to finish what I was doing. She had to come over right away to see you and the kids."

Harry chuckled and held on tight, greeting Xerxes and Julius from Alexander's arms.

"Have you got any baby news to share?" Xerxes asked him.

Harry shook his head. "I'm refusing to even think of doing the test until after Braiden's birthday in two weeks. I've shown no signs though, so we're going with a cautious no, not pregnant for the moment, but we can't be sure until I do the test."

"Why are you refusing?" Julius asked curiously.

"Because he wants a bit of bloody peace, Jule." Xerxes explained. "As soon as those boys find out that he's pregnant the kid gloves come out and he would never have been able to have a bit of fun on his birthday or set up Braiden's birthday."

Harry narrowed his eyes on Xerxes, who winked. He knew. He actually knew.

"Did Myron tell you?" Harry asked.

"No, I can tell that you are." Xerxes told him with a smirk.

"You are pregnant?" Julius said.

"Shhh!" Harry hissed. "Not so loud!" He insisted as he looked around for all four of his mates. Thankfully not one of them were close by.

"Myron knows that you are?" Alexander asked him.

"He was here when the Healer visited. Only he and Amelle know."

"Amelle knows, but not your own mates?" Julius asked, his eyebrows going off into his hairline.

"The last I checked, Amelle wasn't going to ban me from moving, getting up, lifting my own children or force me to eat my body weight in food at every meal. I will tell them after Braiden's birthday, until then I want some peace to be in control of my own body."

"Understandable." Alexander said with a smile. "Those boys really do take overprotection to the next level." He chuckled.

"So please just keep this to yourselves for two more weeks. That's all I'm asking for, two weeks. Nasta's already had me book an appointment for the day after Braiden's birthday. I just need to be free to do what I want to do for a little while."

"Well I'm not going to say anything. I knew as soon as I looked at you that you were pregnant."

"How?!" Harry demanded, wondering if he was giving off 'don't fuck with the pregnant submissive' vibes.

"You look a little queasy." Xerxes said simply. "I'd hazard a guess that you had a little bout of sickness this morning."

Harry sighed. "No, I did feel really sick though." He said, casting another glance around at his surroundings to look for his four mates. They were still well out of earshot. "The morning sickness is coming, I just hope I can hold the secret until after Braiden's birthday."

"How did you pass it off this morning? Surely those idiots noticed."

"I played it off as excitement for my birthday. They have no clue."

"Maybe in two weeks I'll have a little talk with them." Alexander said. "You shouldn't have to lie or feel like you have to keep your condition a secret just to get some peace. I can very well understand the need to protect you and the baby, Dracken pregnancies are rather delicate, but there is no need to stop you from doing any of your normal activities."

"They just worry." Harry tried to defend.

"Just worrying is normal." Xerxes said. "Making you feel like you have to keep your news a secret just to be left alone for a little longer is not. I agree with you, Dad, they need a talking to."

Harry sighed. "Just wait…"

"Until after Braiden's birthday. We know."

"Thank you." He said genuinely.

"There you are!" Max declared loudly, striding over. "Stop hogging the birthday boy."

Max wrapped his arms around Harry's shoulders and bent down to kiss the top of his head.

"The rest of the kids are awake, they refused to sleep for long and I'm sure Farren hasn't even been asleep, he was just sat all quiet in his cot."

Harry sighed. That was typical for Farren, he was so contented and laid back that he didn't move enough to tire himself out for a nap.

Harry went to go and find his children and, unsurprisingly, most of them were wreaking havoc on the little playground, including Farren.

Eva and Ave had been put on the little sheet with Leolin and Beatrice. Not that either of them were staying put. They were both off on their own little adventures, and getting incredibly frustrated when they found themselves back on the sheet.

"Everyone!" He called out and waited until their attention was on him. "The girls want to move around, they don't like being still, so if you could please just leave them to wander around, but obviously check by your feet before moving! Thanks." He said and then hefted up one girl off of the sheet and set her free and then did the same for her sister. They couldn't get to their feet out here, not easily at least, because they needed something to help them stand, which was usually a settee or a coffee table. But they were very happy to crawl around the grass.

The garden was full of kids running around, though there were still several women off to the side who refused to put their children down and were casting suspicious glances at everything and everyone, especially Hermione and the Weasleys and at Remus and Tonks, who had set Teddy free on the playground.

Harry was very clearly enjoying himself and he made sure that his mates saw him eating from the finger goodies that they had laid out. Max even caught him sneaking a taste of his massive birthday cake, he had threatened to spank him…Harry's reply had been to steal another of the iced decorations from the cake and to eat it obviously and slowly in front of Max so that he couldn't miss him doing so. Max had promised to spank him before bed. So now Harry had something else to look forward to later.

After an hour or so, Harry was called forward to blow out his candles and he did so with Leolin on his hip. Leolin who wouldn't let Harry blow out his candles because every time Harry took in a breath and pouted out his lips to blow on the candles, Leolin thought that Harry wanted a kiss and would mouth at Harry's lips. Harry tried again, only for Leolin to do the same.

"Leolin, I'm trying to blow out my candles! Not kiss you." Harry laughed, even as he cupped the back of Leolin's head and kissed all over his face.

While Leolin was laughing in that amazing, huffy way of his, Harry took the distraction to quickly blow out the nineteen candles to the applause of his guests. He went back to kissing Leolin and making him laugh, to the delight of their Faerie guests.

Harry handed Leolin over to Ezrah, who smiled so happily that Leolin looked at him curiously and started touching his mouth, utterly fascinated by the shape of it.

Harry left Leolin in Ezrah's capable hands, even if the Fae didn't believe in himself, Harry believed in him, as he accepted the large slice of cake from Blaise and happily took a huge bite.

The little children all had slim slices of cake too, even Farren, who didn't have a plate and had the piece of cake straight in his hands, was tucking in happily, getting the cake and icing everywhere, buttercream smeared everywhere. It made Harry grin, he couldn't believe that he'd have to do all of this again in just two weeks though.

Harry was more excited for Braiden's second birthday than he'd been for his own. But then he lived for his children and he was awake at six O'clock in the morning, down in his huge, glorious kitchen, getting everything ready for Braiden's big day.

He'd already started making several batches of fairy cakes and biscuits, with half the amount of sugar so that the babies could actually eat them, and he was so happy and excited as he set out the iced cakes that were for the adults away from those that weren't iced, those were for the tidal wave of babies that would be coming. There were more cakes that weren't iced than those that were to compensate for this vast outnumbering of child to adult ratio.

"It's too early." Max bemoaned as he wandered into the kitchen just before seven.

Harry grinned at him. "It's our baby's second birthday!" He said excitedly. "He's two years old today."

"Not until eighteen minutes past midday he's not." Max said grumpily.

Harry scoffed. "Details! Today is his birthday regardless of what time he was born, though I'm incredibly happy with you that you remembered the exact time that he was born." Harry said, moving over to give Max a big kiss, setting a cup of tea in front of him.

"I could hardly forget, he was our first and you were screaming fit to wake the dead. It terrified me at the time and we were all clock watching. We knew exactly when he was born."

Harry smiled and kissed Max again. "It still makes me happy to know that you remember exactly when he was born."

"How much baking have you done?" Max demanded suddenly when he took a sip of tea and looked around at the counters full of baked goods. "How long have you been up?!"

"Only an hour." Harry insisted truthfully. "I love this huge oven! You know I can get two batches of cakes and three trays of biscuits inside it together!" He said happily. "It's amazing!"

Harry went to kiss Max a third time then, stroking a hand through his hair. "Thank you for picking out this oven and the huge fridge freezer too! I love them."

Max laughed. "If it gets me that sort of treatment, I'm glad I chose the largest appliances that I could find and then enlarged them a little more with magic, all to provide for our very large, and growing family."

"I can bake so much in that oven." Harry said, very pleased.

After two weeks of recovering a little more after the activity of his nineteenth birthday, he was happy to just sit on the floor and play with whichever baby came to hand. At first it had been all of them, but slowly over the two weeks, they'd gotten their confidence back and they were assured that he wasn't going anywhere and they were happy to go off and play by themselves. An added bonus in the last week was that they no longer cried if he left the room, either to the kitchen or to the bathroom.

Everyone was settling down and Harry was feeling more secure too. He wasn't quite ready to tell his mates that though, maybe later, once the kids were all in bed, when he was going to tell them that he was in fact pregnant.

He smiled to himself. The sickness had trailed off to nothing, he would sometimes wake up feeling like he was going to be sick, but it never came to anything and a nice cup of tea and a sit down in the morning eased it right off, though he knew that it was only a matter of time before it hit him full force and he wouldn't be able to hide it, but he'd made it to Braiden's birthday. It wouldn't matter if they found out now, because he was planning on telling them anyway, as long as he got these cakes and biscuits baked and got the presents and the lunchtime party sorted. He could tell them then, when the kids had, hopefully, gone down for an afternoon nap after playing for half the day on the massive inflatable slide and bouncy castle that had been set up yesterday afternoon.

He was six weeks pregnant and it was usual for him to just be starting his morning sickness regime. Just two, three more weeks then he'd be done with the first trimester of pregnancy and he'd be in the second. He was due in mid-February.

"You look a bit spacey, are you alright?" Max asked.

Harry smiled automatically. "I'm great. I'm just thinking. My little boy is two already. In just four months we'll have six two year olds running around and literally weeks after that, our little girls turn one."

"Come here." Max said softly.

Harry went to Max and he was pulled onto Max's lap and kissed softly.

"It'll be alright." Max told him. "They're growing up, but they still depend on us for everything. We've only just started potty training Braiden and Tegan. They're a long way off doing anything on their own. We have time with them."

Harry nodded with a smile. "I know, I'm just being stupid."

"How? Are you alright?" Blaise asked, peering blearily at him through almost closed eyes.

"Yeah, I just can't believe that our little baby is two today, that's all."

Blaise smile at him and detoured to kiss him before going to the kettle. "How long ago did this boil?" He asked.

"Not two minutes." Harry said. "I made tea for me and Max."

Blaise nodded happily and made himself a mug of coffee before coming over to sit with them.

"You've been busy."

"Not as busy as the amount of baking would belie. That new oven fits massive amounts." Harry said happily. "I can make up triple batches of everything and it'll all go in the oven together. I've done a triple batch of sponge fairy cakes, a triple batch of chocolate fairy cakes and two triple batches of vanilla biscuits. I'm not done just yet though. With the amount of people coming I need to do some more, but I'll eat breakfast first."

"You haven't eaten yet?" Max asked him.

Harry shook his head. "I've just had several cups of tea. I was so excited and so busy making treats that I just haven't eaten yet."

"That's my cue to start my husbandly duty."

"I thought your husbandly duty was to keep us all sexed up?" Blaise quipped.

"I can very easily do both." Max grinned, winking at them both and Harry laughed while Blaise snorted.

Max did them crepes, because they were one of Harry's favourites, and he happily served him and Blaise with little side bowls of slice and diced fruit, an assortment of jams and even freshly whipped cream.

"I love you so much for this." Harry said as he took three crepes straight off and started filling them with jam before rolling them up with different fruit fillings.

"I missed breakfast in bed for your birthday, then you were so excited that you only wanted toast. Today I can spoil you with crepes." Max said, eating his own breakfast as he watched happily, and a little proudly, as he and Blaise ate the food he'd made for them.

Blaise kept to his usual favourites of strawberries with freshly whipped cream, but Harry was always more adventurous and he made such strange combinations, trying everything to see if he would like something more than his old favourites.

Nasta came down with Leolin and Farren and their little boy was frantic to reach the table when he realised that there was food on it. Nasta chuckled sleepily and placed Farren down on a chair and Harry handed him the bowl of sliced bananas and Farren immediately tucked into them.

"I wonder if he'll like crepes." Harry said consideringly as he pulled another one towards himself, filled it with strawberries and bananas, rolled it up and then sliced it into bite sized pieces.

He put them in front of Farren and smiled as Farren looked at them consideringly before trying them. His whole face lit up and he started chewing them with relish. Harry laughed.

"Oh, I love him." Harry declared as he supervised Farren eating his crepes as Max went to make some more for Nasta as Blaise made up more strawberry and banana crepes for Farren.

"Ma!" Leolin called out desperately, without seeing him this time, which was unusual, and Nasta handed him over, giving them both a kiss first.

Harry tucked Leolin into his arms and he automatically checked his little mouth for signs of erupting teeth. Leolin was twenty months old now and still had no sign of any teeth…only he did.

"Nasta! Nasta! He has a tooth! He has a tooth!" He said excitedly.

Nasta was suddenly back over his shoulder, peering at the tiny speck of white that had erupted from Leolin's red gum. One large hand cupped Leolin's cheek as Harry cuddled his little boy and kissed him.

"We've been waiting months for this and finally it's happened! Oh, I'm so happy!"

Harry almost gave his little secret away when he burst into happy tears, clutching Leolin tightly, but his mates just smiled at him and soothed him and told him that Leolin was growing up well. They didn't realise that his tears were mostly hormone induced…Harry wanted to keep it that way, at least for several more hours.

"Of all days for him to get a tooth." Max chuckled. "I always knew he'd be a sucker for attention, but to try and upstage his big brother on his birthday."

"This…this shouldn't affect Braiden's birthday, should it?" Harry asked worriedly.

"He can't have any of the gels or potions that we used for the older babies." Nasta reminded him. "He's going to be on frozen wash cloths and teethers only and he's not going to be happy about it."

Harry swallowed and looked at his little boy already wriggling in his arms, who had been calling out for him before even seeing him. Nasta was right, today was not going to be a good day for their little Leolin.

- X

Harry was stressed and unhappy as he stayed in the smaller living room with a hysterically screaming Leolin. At least he was the first to greet their guests when they arrived.

Braiden had had his breakfast, after greeting them in three different languages as had become his habit, before he'd opened his presents. Leolin's pain that accompanied his erupting tooth had held off until then. Harry had been able to feed him his bottle, though Leolin had gnawed on it rather aggressively, which was completely new for their little Faerie, then the bottle had been swapped out for his dummy, which had been dipped in a small amount of water and then frozen solid with a simple charm. Leolin gnawed on this too, so they knew what was coming, but they had been able to watch Braiden open his presents, laughing and clapping all through it, as they praised him for being such a good boy, for being able to open his presents, even if he did need a little help. They had then encouraged him to use his potty, to very exaggerated pleasure and not so exaggerated pride.

The kids were now outside, playing on the bouncy castle and it was a repeat of his first birthday with the trampoline as Braiden jumped and bounced around and refused to get off for his lunch. Nasta had video recorded Max crawling onto the bouncy castle to drag a defiant Braiden off.

Harry was leaving all of that wrangling to the others as he tried to just keep Leolin safe as he thrashed and screamed, gurgling in the back of his throat in pain as the shock of getting his first tooth registered in his brain.

"Oh, what happened, sweet one?" Alexander asked him worriedly.

"He cut his first tooth today." Harry said worriedly, his face rather pale and drawn with stress. "He's been like this for hours now."

Alexander touched the top of Leolin's head. "I suppose as a Faerie he can't have any potions or such?"

Harry shook his head. "No. We're waiting for either Aneirin or Dain or someone to come through. I refuse to believe that the Faeries, who are so overprotective of their babies, would leave them like this! They have to have some trick or something to calm them down, I just want Leolin to eat something! He's missed two feeds now, he won't even take the bottle anymore and he hasn't stopped crying since just after breakfast. He's going to make himself sick if this carries on."

"If there is anything that I can do, sweet one."

Harry smiled. "There's not. Go on out to the back, the kids have had their lunches and they've been set free on the garden again. Nasta's doing his nut because of the sun, the kids are all refusing to have their naps and Braiden didn't even want his lunch, Max had to grapple him from the bouncy castle. I'm not sure who has it the worst at the moment, but they have seven babies outside, at least I only have the one."

"Let me know as soon as the Faeries arrive, if they need anything, I can get it." Alexander promised and Harry smiled and nodded.

Leolin wailed again and Harry curled his son's body in tight to his own. He didn't even try shushing him, it didn't work, instead he hummed lightly and soothingly. Leolin paid no mind to him and carried on screaming.

Thankfully only several minutes later Ezrah flooed in. As soon as the young Fae realised what was going on, he fell to his knees by Harry's feet, his hands hovering over Leolin's little body, his face a picture of abject misery.

"What has happened?" Ezrah asked, his voice breaking in upset.

Lathen flooed through and he blinked at the immediate absence of his lover, before spotting him, then Leolin's screams filtered through and he strode to stand behind Ezrah and he peered at Leolin critically, taking in the bright red cheeks, the fisted hands and the tears.

In quick succession Harry was surrounded by Faeries all asking what had happened. One, who seemed to be a guard, demanded what he'd done to Leolin and how dare he harm a Faerie babe.

"He's teething you fool." Eitri snarled at the guard, who seemed to have come with him. Harry remembered Dain saying that Eitri never went anywhere without a guard, but that guard was usually Warren, who was also there. Harry didn't understand why there was someone there who hadn't been invited.

"Do you have any chamomilla?" Dain asked him seriously.

"I don't even know what that is!" Harry replied, stressed and now angry that he'd been accused by someone who was uninvited of purposefully hurting Leolin.

"I'll go and fetch some." Kailen said calmly.

Harry was aware that he had several sets of eyes on him and he hummed self-consciously, as Leolin's cries picked up a more desperate note when he stopped. Harry reasoned that it was because Leolin was crying so hard that he couldn't see through his tears, so the only way that he knew that Harry was still there, and not someone else, was to hear him.

"It'll be alright." Ezrah soothed him. "We use chamomilla to sooth teething babes. It works wonders."

"What would you know of such things, monster?"

Harry's hand clenched. He passed Leolin over to Ezrah and the guard gasped as if Harry had thrown his son into a wall or out of the window.

"Take Leolin next door for me, Ezrah." He said gently. "If you could hum to him, he'll never know that it's not me over the noise that he's making."

Ezrah did as told, going to the larger family room and Harry rounded on the guard.

"Who is he?!" He demanded. "Why have you brought him to my son's birthday?!"

"We did not want to." Dain insisted. "We were outvoted at the Court. It was Alston's doing, this is his personal piece of scum." He paused for a moment and then cleared his throat. "I apologise, I meant to say that he is a guard, he is Alston's guard."

"I will be telling him exactly how you handed a mere babe over to that vile beast too!" The guard insisted, as if he'd won some great battle.

"How dare you say as such about Ezrah, I will hack your…" Lathen started, his hand obviously grappling for a sword that he wasn't wearing.

"Lathen." Harry cut in sternly. "I will deal with this. Ezrah is your lover, but this is my home." He said.

The guard snorted at him as Harry was at least a foot and a half shorter than he was. He was obviously seeing Harry as he would a soft, sweet Fae. He didn't understand that Harry was a submissive Dracken and that not only was he different from a Fae, but he was very dangerous and aggressive, especially with Leolin's hysterical cries coming from the room next door.

"You will get the fuck out of my house." Harry said clearly and calmly. "I will do with my own child as I see fit and I love Ezrah as a dear friend and I will not have anyone saying anything against him in front of me! Get out."

"I am here on the order of the Court, as such…"

"I don't give a fuck who has ordered you to be here, if I see you again I'm going to tear your face off with my teeth!"

The guard scoffed. "That babe shouldn't be anywhere near such barbaric, savage beasts. The only thing that you and your lovers are fit for is execution. As soon as I tell Alston, we will have that poor, suffering babe from you…"

Harry's immediate rage was too much for him to handle and he did not even think of his pregnancy as he threw his full weight behind a punch at the man's face. It connected with a bone jarring pain all down Harry's arm, but the Faerie went flying, as if Harry had smacked him in the head with a baseball bat. He had seen Harry as such a lack of a threat that he hadn't even been expecting an attack and he had not been on his guard or even tensed up as Harry approached him. That was his third biggest mistake, after threatening to take his already upset Faerie son, and then threatening his beloved mates with execution.

Harry did not leave it there, however, with the one punch, no. He was too angry, his Dracken was furious, so he tackled the stumbling Faerie, throwing more punches at his head and face. There was shouting, someone tried to gently pull him off of the Faerie, but as soon as Harry had his feet he furiously pulled away from the person, who turned out to be Warren, and he kicked at the guard instead, throwing his full force behind the kicks aimed at ribs and limbs before he fell back on him and started punching again.

"Harry, stop!" Nasta's voice, filled with his top dominancy order, stopped Harry dead.

He was breathing heavily, but he felt a savage vindication to see the Faerie's pulped face.

"Get him out of my home!" He snarled at his top dominant, who realised that for Harry to act in such a manner then it was a serious matter and it needed to be dealt with. Nasta just nodded his head and dragged the Faerie bodily from their home via the front door. Draco followed behind him, removing the bloodstains.

"I apologise that you had to witness that." He said, the bite of a growl still in his voice as his Dracken fought to take control, his chest still rising and falling rapidly as he breathed deeply.

Eitri laughed, a joyous, real laugh and he shook his head. "Do not apologise for such, that was one of the greatest things that I have yet witnessed. You did well."

Harry smiled a little shyly as he slipped back away from his rage and his Dracken settled back with the Faerie removed from his house.

"I don't normally act like that." He insisted. "He was just another level of shit bag and he had to go!"

"As I said, we did not want him to come, but it was Alston's doing."

"Maybe I should pay him a visit too." Harry growled. "How did he manage to even get a majority vote?"

"Sindri has not been well." Dain said worriedly. "He has had to abstain from court business and it is a worrying time for us all. Without Sindri to cast a vote, all votes were tied and it was the decision of the acting Head of the court, Donella."

"The spiteful bitch?" Harry asked and Eitri laughed.

"The very same."

"If…if Sindri has to permanently abstain from the court." Harry started hesitantly. "Will Donella take over from him?"

"No, that will go to a public vote." Dain told him. "The citizens of the Faerie city will vote in the next Head of the Court and with all new regimes, it will be a bloody business."

"Bloody?" Harry questioned, rather alarmed.

"The new Head will remove anyone they dislike or disagree with from power in order to bring in their own friends or family members." Eitri told him. "Sindri has been the most stable Head of the Court that we have ever had. He does things fairly and justly, but a new Head could mean that we, the current members of the court are exiled at best, but more likely to be executed on grounds of treason."

"You would have nothing to worry about." Warren told Eitri.

The golden headed Fae glared at Warren. "If you are about to suggest that being taken from my hard earned position of power and married off like some trophy is better than execution, just because I am a Fae…"

"Is that what would happen?" Harry demanded. "Is it only through Sindri that Faes are allowed on the Court?"

Dain nodded. "He faced so much harassment and resistance at the idea that a civil war almost broke out, but Sindri got his way and Faes were allowed to sit on the Court for the first time. It was ground breaking for equality between the Faeries. If a new Head comes in then they could rescind that law, and all others that Sindri has put into place to protect all Faeries."

"I will not lose my freedom." Eitri said firmly. "I will not go back to being sold off for gold as if I am a comb or a book! I am a person and as I live, we will not go backwards in our society."

"If the law is repealed…"

"Then I will rebel." Eitri said seriously. "I will not stand idly by and meekly accept any changes made that takes us backwards. I will fight and I will cause my own civil war."

"You'd be executed." Warren said, a strange, pained look on his face.

"Then so be it. I will become a martyr for my cause." Eitri said firmly. "It is not the same for you, being born a treasured Valkyrie." Eitri snapped, rounding on Warren. "Have you any idea the hardships that I and all other Faes face? The disgrace and humiliation that we are put through? The things that are required of us by law?! That is under Sindri's leadership too! I am trying to move us forward, to take the laws further, to remove them from our customs and traditions, not take us back to the good old days where a Fae could be stripped for inspection prior to bonding! Where a Fae could not speak out in public nor disagree with their bonded. Or perhaps you want to go back to those times, where this conversation wouldn't be happening because I would not be able to argue or disagree with any Valkyrie, where I would be cloistered away in the home of my highest bidder and expected to do all asked of me. Is that what you want?"

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