The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


120. Chapter One Hundred-Eight – Birthday Bumbling Part 1

The morning of Harry's nineteenth birthday got off to a bad start. At just ten past five in the morning all five of them were jolted awake by hysterical crying.

Harry sat up, scrambling about in his panicked fear, but it was Draco, who was closest to the side of the bed where their twin girls were sleeping in their cots, who reached them first.

"Shit." He cursed, all signs of sleep vanished under his sudden alertness. "She must have been standing up."

Draco hurried her into their en suite bathroom, but not before Harry caught a dark stain and he panicked more, knowing now that she was injured, even if they weren't under attack.

"Was that blood?" He demanded, forcing his body out of the tangle of limbs. "Is she bleeding?"

He went straight into the bathroom to find Draco holding a damp flannel to their daughter's face. The sink was full of blood.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"Her mouth or nose, I couldn't tell." Draco said as he peeled back the damp cloth and had a look. "It's her mouth, she must have hit it against the bar of the cot."

"Let me see." Harry said.

"Just calm down and let me sort her out first." Draco insisted. "Nasta!"

"I'm here." Nasta said from right behind them. "What do you need?"

"A bit of space." Draco said and Harry glared at his blond mate, but he turned and walked out of the bathroom himself.

"Here, Harry." Max distracted him with the other twin, who was perfectly fine and safe, but she had been woken up by her sister's crying. His biggest mate handed the baby over and then he went into the bathroom, as their first aider of the family it was the best place for him to be.

Blaise was stripping the other cot of its blooded sheets. There truly wasn't a lot of it, only a few spots, but Harry still swallowed and cuddled his daughter closer, he sniffed her gently and he knew that he was holding his Eva…Ave had been the one to hit her face on the bar of her cot.

"You're doing so well." Nasta praised him. "I know you want to see and hold our baby girl. I know that this is tearing you apart on the inside, but she needs to be seen to, not fussed over. I'm so proud of you."

As stupid as it sounded, Nasta's obvious pride that he was controlling himself and not hovering over Ave was actually making him feel better and Harry turned to snuggle into Nasta's naked body.

"Do what you need to." Nasta insisted firmly and Harry took that as the permission that it was to bite into the flesh at Nasta's pectoral.

If his arms weren't full, then he would have clutched at Nasta's skin with his nails instead, but it made him feel better to hold something, even if it was with his teeth. He didn't bite hard enough to draw blood, or to even really hurt Nasta, but it made him feel better, it helped him to ground himself.

"That's it, Caru. Do what you need to. We love you, our baby girl will be fine."

"Ave." Harry let go to tell them, before biting down on a different part of Nasta.

"It's Ave?" Nasta asked. Harry nodded minimally so that he didn't hurt Nasta.

"She's fine. She's stopped bleeding." Max said as he came out of the bathroom with Ave in his arms.

Harry let go of Nasta and went to take his other baby girl from Max, who handed her over happily. He took one look at her and he started crying over her and he sat back on the bed and held both his girls to his chest, still crying silently, but he couldn't help it.

Nasta came to sooth him and Harry did eventually calm himself down, especially as both Eva and Ave were calm, one was playing with her own hair, the other was curled up against his chest.

"I suppose going back to bed is out of the question." Blaise groaned.

"It's only half five, Blaise. If you get back in now, you can sleep for another two hours, or even for four if you want to wake up at nine."

Blaise nodded and he crawled back into the bed and under the duvet. Harry smiled at him and he snuggled the two girls on his chest, using just his one arm to hold them in place. He used his free hand to smooth over Blaise's head.

"Feels nice." Blaise muttered softly, his eyes closed, a nice smile on his mouth.

"Do you want me to put the girls back to bed?" Max asked.

Harry staved off his automatic denial and he instead took a nice, calming deep breath, looked at his two girls and then he nodded.

"Yes, they're still tired. Later, we're padding the bars on the cots."

"I supposed your birthday breakfast in bed is out of the question." Max sighed. "This is the second year in a row now! Am I ever going to get to give you breakfast in bed on your birthday?"

"There's always next year." Harry laughed as Nasta took the two girls from him and he was able to snuggle back down in the bed with Blaise.

Max bent over the bed and he kissed them both, him and Blaise. Then he stood back up, a thoughtful frown on his face.

"You know what?" Max declared as he lifted the duvet and climbed back in with them. "I'm going to go back to sleep for a bit too."

Draco slid back into the bed and he grinned. "I suppose I'll join you."

Nasta laughed and he shook his head. "I'm too awake at the moment." He said, even as he climbed back into the bed. "But I suppose I could just lie here and look at you all."

"That's fucking creepy." Max declared.

"Max is right 'I like watching you while you sleep' sounds too much like the tag line for a horror film." Harry giggled.

Nasta shifted his body hard into the rest of them, making them bump one another and Harry giggled again.

"How does it feel to be nineteen?" Draco asked him.

"No bloody different to yesterday." Harry yawned. "No…actually I'm more tired today than I was yesterday." He laughed.

"Come here, you." Max said as he tugged him in tighter to himself.

Harry rolled over and laid himself in Max's arms, snuggling in.

"Now this is the best way to start a birthday."

"Naked cwtching?" Nasta grinned.

"Naked cwtching." Harry agreed with a smile as he rubbed his naked body against Max's naked body.

"This is going to evolve into something more than just cwtching if you keep rubbing up against me like that." Max growled playfully.

Harry laughed softly and stayed still. Blaise was breathing softly behind him and Harry knew that he was already asleep. Draco on the other side of him was still and Harry assumed that he was asleep too. He yawned again and he closed his eyes. He was determined to get a couple more hours sleep so that he could actually enjoy his birthday without getting tired later on. He wanted to keep enough energy to enjoy his privacy with his mates when all their guests were gone and their children were happily tucked up in bed. He smiled to himself, tucked up to Max's body, he was going to damn well enjoy himself today, but first, he needed to sleep for a little longer, it was far too early to be awake.

Harry finally made his way down the stairs at twenty past eight in the morning. Blaise and Max were still sleeping, but Nasta and Draco had both been missing from the bed. He found them both in the family room, watching over their excited kids.

Harry happily slipped onto the settee and snuggled into Draco, worming his way under his arm and pillowing his head on the blond's chest.

"Are you okay?" Nasta asked worriedly.

"Perfectly fine. I'm just a bit sleepy still. I'm not quite fully awake yet." Harry said through a yawn. "How's Ave?"

"None the worse for wear." Nasta told him. "Nothing's bleeding and she's crawling around and trying to stand up as normal."

Harry sighed and relaxed back, bonelessly flopping over Draco, who snorted with laughter before repositioning him and then holding him gently.

"Do you want tea?"

Harry hummed. "Yes please."

"Are Blaise or Max awake?"

Harry snorted himself. "No." He declared. "They're completely out of it. Max was still snoring when I got up."

"On his back?" Draco smiled.

Harry nodded. "Blaise and I must have tag teamed him. He was pinned down on both sides."

"Bo da, Mummy." Braiden interrupted.

Harry turned to smile at him, reaching forward to cup his cheeks and he kissed him soundly on the mouth.

"Bore da, Braiden. Good morning." Harry repeated.

"Bo jor." Braiden said next and Harry chuckled.

"Bonjour, Braiden. Good morning."

"He's gotten so good at that." Draco complimented.

"He's our smart little almost two year old." Harry smiled.

"Two weeks." Draco sighed. "Just two weeks and he'll be two."

"Then four months later we have five of them turning two." Harry chuckled.

"Then a month after that, we'll have our two terrors turning a year old." Draco laughed.

"And maybe a new baby being born too."

Draco kissed him at hearing that and his hand splayed over his belly. Harry kissed him back, winding his hands into that baby fine, platinum hair and it was only Nasta clearing his throat some minutes later that broke them apart. Harry panted breathlessly and he giggled.

"Now that was a birthday kiss."

Nasta lifted a black eyebrow and he smirked. He put one hand behind Harry's head, cupping the back of his neck and he all but plundered his mouth with that glorious tongue of his and he left Harry breathless and his head swimming.

"I need to have a birthday more often." He laughed, a little gruffly.

Regan interrupted them this time, standing up and clambering onto the settee and plonking himself on Harry's lap. Harry's arms wrapped around him and snuggled him in close. He lifted a hand to play with the fluffy, jet black hair.

"Are you okay, Regan?" He asked.

Regan just nodded and he slumped to rest on Harry's chest. Alarm bells rang and Harry automatically lifted a hand to press against his forehead.

"Is he warm?" Nasta asked him.

"No." Harry said, shaking his head. He sat forward and he peered into Regan's beautiful hazel-gold eyes. "He's normal temperature, his eyes are normal, he's alert."

"Maybe he just wants a cuddle." Draco insisted.

Harry nodded, but he looked closer at Regan. "Regan, are you feeling poorly?" He asked.

Regan shook his head.

"Something isn't right, Nasta." Harry said. "He's not a loud boy, but he's never this quiet either."

"Pass him here."

Harry handed Regan up to Nasta and their third son started struggling, reaching out for him, kicking his legs.

"Hold on, kid." Nasta said as he held Regan tight and sniffed him. He sniffed all over his body, but he passed Regan back to Harry with a shake of his head. "Nothing. He smells completely healthy. Maybe he'd just a bit tired still, we'll see after his nap."

Harry nodded and he snuggled Regan tightly on his lap again. They didn't need to wait for lunchtime, or for naptime, as Regan fell asleep on Harry's lap not fifteen minutes later.

"He must have had a bad night too." Draco sighed as he brushed a lock of black hair from Regan's sleeping face.

"I'm going to go and put him in the other room." Harry said.

"Don't go in the smaller living room." Nasta warned him. "Your birthday things are in there."

"Really?" Harry asked, brightening up and looking at the closed double doors.

"No, Harry. You can wait for Blaise and Max to wake up." Nasta told him with a grin.

"Aww." He pouted, but he couldn't stop grinning.

"Do you want to put him upstairs?" Draco asked.

Harry shook his head. "No, if he goes upstairs then there's no telling how long he'll sleep for and that'll demolish his routine. It's not that loud, I'll keep him here with me."

Harry cradled Regan close, looking at his sleeping face with a smile.

"Where's Leolin?" He asked.

"In his gym." Draco said. "Utterly transfixed by that glitter ball attachment."

Harry craned his head and neck, moving until he could just about see Leolin in the little baby gym.

"Everyone's okay and happy then?"

"Of course." Draco said firmly.

"Do you want something to eat, Harry?" Nasta asked.

Harry, who had woken up feeling slightly queasy, shook his head. "No, I'm too excited to eat!" He played off with a grin. "I want more tea though, please, my gorgeous sugar daddy."

"What did you just call me?" Nasta demanded while Draco laughed.

Harry laughed himself, trying to stay still for Regan's benefit. Nasta placed his hands on the back of the settee and he bent down to kiss him.

"Never call me that again, it makes me sound so old." He complained. "Not to mention perverted."

"What's he called you?" Blaise asked, stumbling into the family room, rubbing his eyes.

"A sugar daddy."

Blaise stopped and then stared. "Does that mean something different in the Muggle world, because Harry, that in the wizarding world means that you're sleeping with him for money."

"It's the same in the Muggle world." Harry giggled.

"Oh, what money is he giving you?" Blaise asked. "I've slept with you too, where's mine?" He demanded of Nasta.

Harry laughed happily as Nasta turned on Blaise and swept him up into his arms and gave him a passionate kiss.

"He pays with love and care." Harry grinned.

"And phenomenal sex." Blaise added cheekily.

"Exactly!" Harry laughed.

"You're both terrible." Nasta complained as he set Blaise down on the settee.

"We know." Harry grinned. "Where's my tea, sexy?"

Nasta snorted, shook his head and he went out into the kitchen to get them drinks.

"Happy birthday, Prezioso." Blaise greeted him before giving him a gentle kiss.

"I'm not allowed to go into the other room until Max is up." He pouted.

Blaise laughed and kissed him again before looking down at Regan. "Is he okay?" He asked, kissing a plump cheek.

"He's alright as far as we can tell. I think he's just tired."

"He smells healthy." Nasta agreed as he came back with a tray of tea, like Max usually did. He handed Harry his honey tea and gave Blaise a coffee.

"Oh, this is what all my wet dreams are about." Blaise groaned as he took the mug from Nasta and inhaled the scent of coffee deeply before taking a sip and groaning.

Harry laughed happily. "All my wet dreams are about being waited on hand a foot, by my four gorgeous, naked mates who each have a different treat."

"Oh, what treat do I hold for you?" Nasta asked him curiously.

"Draco holds my honey tea, Max has my fudge chocolate because he's the one who always buys it for me, Blaise holds out chocolate cake, because that's my favourite cake ever and you offer me treacle tart, because I would literally sell my body for payment in treacle tart."

"You'd better not." A sleepy Max growled from behind him, just catching his last comment.

Harry laughed. "But I love treacle tart. Hey, you know, Max, you're a bit of a tart, why don't you wear some treacle for me so I can eat you?"

"I don't know whether to be turned on or offended that I'm being called a slut. Either way it's too early and I'm not fully awake…and it's your birthday too, so I'll let it slide this once."

Harry giggled, he was so happy and he looked up at Nasta pleadingly.

"Presents now?" He asked. "You said when Max was awake."

"You were waiting for me? You should have come up and given me a kick!" He insisted, bending down and kissing him.

"No, I'm able to wait…a bit." He said with a grin.

"Let Blaise and Max have their breakfasts first."

"We'll be having guests soon." Draco frowned.

"No, they've owled their gifts to Harry and they'll be here in the afternoon." Nasta countered.

"There are more gifts in there?" Harry asked.

"Wait for Max and Blaise to have something to eat."

"Just toast for me." Blaise smiled. "I won't keep him waiting long."

"I've got it. I want tea anyway." Max said as he stood back up.

"I've got it, sit down." Nasta insisted.

"It's Harry's birthday, not mine." Max chuckled.

"You've just woken up and I can handle toast."

"Are you sure?" Blaise teased. "It's not too much for you, is it? I don't like my toast incinerated."

"You're not funny." Nasta chuckled.

Harry chuckled too and he snuggled further into Draco with Regan and he sighed.

"Are you sure you don't want anything, Harry?" Nasta asked.

"Maybe just a bit of toast." He relented. "I'm so excited my stomach is doing flips."

"You need to eat." Max chastised him as Nasta went into the kitchen to get them something to eat. "No getting excited before your big present tonight."

Harry laughed. "I can't help it, this is my second birthday with you all and my third since I became a Dracken. I'm happy and excited."

"Get a bit of barbequed toast down you and then we can have presents." Max told him.

"I heard that!" Nasta called from the kitchen and that made Harry laugh harder.

When Nasta presented them with a plate of toast each, none of them said anything about the slightly charred edges, though there was a lot of covert glances at one another and suppressed smiles. Harry ate his toast happily, Regan still sleeping against his chest and he drained the rest of his tea. He was the last to finish, as usual.

"Presents now?" He asked with a grin.

Nasta chuckled. "Come on then."

Harry was helped to his feet and helped to the next room, his mates following. Calix made sure that he was the first one through the double doors after Draco opened them.

Harry gasped as he saw the massive pile of presents.

"Seriously?" He demanded. "All of this is for me?!"

"All for you, love." Max assured him with a grin, falling onto the one free settee, the other one was covered in presents, with just the smallest space left for him to sit.

Harry sat in the small gap and he shook his head. "I can't believe I have so much stuff!" He said. "Who's it all from?"

"Everyone you know." Nasta chuckled. "You even have a gift from the Dracken Healers. I told you that they truly liked you."

"Seriously?" He cried.

"Yeah, this one." Max said as he handed over a small wrapped gift. The tag did indeed say that it was from the Healer team at the Dracken Counsel Halls.

Harry opened it as best as he could with Regan still sleeping against his chest and he laughed as he unwrapped a dragon teddy. Someone had taken the time to wrap it up in bandages.

"They're not funny." He said, but he giggled regardless.

"Mama!" Calix, who was by his feet, reached out for the teddy. Harry handed it over and watched as Calix turned it over in his hands and then toddled off with it.

"At least that's one use for it." Harry laughed.

"Open your cards." Blaise insisted as he handed over a wad of envelopes.

Harry opened the multitude of different coloured envelopes and noted who they were from. Myron, Richard and Ashleigh. Julinda, Talia and Alayla. Caesar, Amelle, Eleonora and Beatrice. Hagrid. Henley, Anabel, Claudia and baby Harry. Sanex and Crista. Aneirin. Alexander and Kimberly. Marianna and Josiah. Arsenio. Hermione. Seamus. Dean. Neville. Luna. Professor Dumbledore. A million of them were from Max's Aunts and Uncles, Cepheus had made a rude comment about how much he could fit in his mouth, seriously he was never going to let that incident go. There was a card from the Weasleys, one from someone called Sixten, who was also a Dracken and apparently Nasta's best friend who worked on a Dragon Reserve in Sweden, and then one from Lucius and Narcissa and another from Remus, Tonks and baby Teddy. Then there were the cards from his mates, one each, each declaring undying love, which made him laugh and then another very large card, from his babies. It was signed with their handprints, which was becoming more of a tradition now since Harry had done it first for Draco's eighteenth birthday.

"Do we even have the space for all of these?" He giggled happily as he looked at them all.

"Of course." Nasta insisted as he took them from him and placed them up on the cupboards and sideboards and then all over the windowsill.

Harry looked at them all and he smiled.

"Presents now." Max said excitedly.

"I don't know where to even start." He laughed.


Harry looked over the side of the settee to Braiden and he hefted his almost two year old up and sat him down on his knees, being careful of the sleeping Regan.

"You'll be doing this soon." He smiled. "Two weeks and you'll be two years old!"

Braiden clapped his hands and Harry laughed. He picked up the first present nearest to him, he read the tag and saw that it was from Mr and Mrs Weasley.

He opened it up, very awkwardly around the two babies he had on his lap, and he grinned at the home baked fudge and mini treacle tarts. He ate one of the tarts right off.

"She must think that you don't feed me." He giggled. Max looked faintly offended and that made Harry properly laugh. He laughed even harder when he saw that all of his mates had taken offence to the thought that others believed that they weren't providing adequately for him.

He put the box down and swore to keep an eye on it…and the rest of his horde. He would be very disappointed in his friends if they didn't give him half a sweetshop and he would have to protect it from Nasta.

He was correct in his knowledge of his friends. Neville had given him the biggest box of chocolate frogs he'd ever seen, Seamus and Dean had both given him a collection of specialist sweets, including Pepper Imps, Sugared Butterfly Wings and Treacle fudge…Harry popped a piece of the latter straight into his mouth and chewed happily.

Hermione had knitted him what he assumed was supposed to be a vest, but it had ended up looking more like something that Ginny would have sent him, as he put it on with Blaise's help and found it rather lopsided on his shoulders and a bit too long, making it seem like he was wearing a knitted dress instead. She'd also given him a Defence book, so he wasn't too upset with his vest.

He was surprised, and touched, to have received yet another pair of socks from Dobby. One was red with gold lions on it, the other gold with red dragons. Harry immediately pulled off his socks and slipped the new ones on, throwing his old pair onto the floor for Draco to tut over and pick up. It made him grin.

"Do you want me to take Regan?" Blaise asked. "You can't do this quickly with him on you."

Harry held his son closer, then realised that he was being unreasonable, Regan smelt fine, he was just tired, so he gave Regan a kiss and handed him over gently to Blaise.

Nasta smiled at him in that happy, proud way and Harry ducked his head in embarrassment. He chuckled a bit and then seized the next present.

It took him forever to unwrap everything, but at least his children were enjoying it, as they had migrated into the smaller living room to play in the sea of wrapping paper. That was making Harry so happy, to see them shrieking and giggling as they tore colourful paper or batted it about.

The first present he picked up from one of his mates was a huge, heavy box…it was from Max.

"I'm scared to open it." Harry confessed with a giggle, as Max immediately came to help him so he didn't pull any of his healing muscles.

"You'll like it." Max promised with a grin.

Harry giggled again. "Will I like it or will you?"

"You." Max insisted as Harry tore the paper from the box and draped it around a laughing Farren.

Harry opened the box and then he just stared. A moment later the biggest grin took over his face and he threw himself at Max.

"Thank you. Thank you!" He declared, kissing Max all over his face.

Max laughed. "I knew you'd like it."

"What the hell has he gotten you?" Draco asked.

"Yeah, I want that treatment when you open my gift." Blaise laughed.

Harry turned and he opened the box to show his mates that inside had to have been a few hundred chocolate bars…his favourite fudge chocolate bars.

"There has to be three hundred chocolate bars in that box!" Draco said in shock.

"Three hundred and sixty-five." Max declared happily. "One for every single day until his next birthday."

Harry made a happy noise and turned to snuggle back into his mate.

"I made sure they were single chocolate bars, as to appease our gorgeous top dominant, but I doubt you mind much."

"Not at all." Harry insisted as he plunged his hand into the box and just felt them all.

"If you want I can tip them onto the bed so you can sleep with them all." Max joked as he watched him.

Harry laughed and turned to kiss Max again. He went back to his remaining presents, unwrapping clothes, books, Quidditch gear, more broom wax, the newest joke items from Fred and George and then he picked up Blaise's gift and he sent a grin to his first mate and unwrapped it.

It was another box, but this one turned out to be a pamper box.

"Honey?" He said with a grin as he unearthed the jar, it was slightly darker than the usual honey he used. It was also set and not runny.

"Specialist imported honey." Blaise told him.

Harry opened the jar and smeared a bit on his finger and popped it into his mouth.

"Mmmm." He said. "I'm going to have to ration this, it's gorgeous."

"Better than your usual honey?" Blaise asked.

Harry nodded. "This is going to be special occasion honey."

"So you'll put it away until Christmas?" Max chuckled.

Harry shook his head. "It's my birthday today. All tea made today will be with this. Then Braiden's birthday is in two weeks, honey for that day too."

His mates laughed at him as Harry continued looking through the box, finding oils and aromatherapy candles.

"This is spa stuff." Harry grinned.

"Remember I kept going out in the evenings for twelve weeks?" Blaise said with a grin.

"Yeah, you were going job hunting."

"No I wasn't. I was going to evening classes." Blaise said with a grin. "To learn something that can benefit all of you."

"You took massage classes, didn't you?" Harry gasped.

"Well, I didn't think it was fair that only you know how to give a good massage and you get a shitty one from us back. So I'm now qualified to give proper massages."

Harry screeched and leapt up to hug Blaise. "Can I have one later?" He asked.

"You can have one whenever you want, Bello. You only need to ask now."

"That's so sneaky!" Harry told him. "Telling us you're going job hunting and going to evening classes! We believed you!"

"Do you like your gift?"

"Do I…? Of course I do!" He giggled. "I get first dibs on your glorious hands, though." He insisted.

"Of course, it was for your birthday after all. I just hope that I…that I haven't forgotten anything with the…you know."

"I'm sure you'll be fine." Harry insisted, giving Blaise a kiss. "Just start slowly and let your hands remember everything that you were taught."

Harry moved back to his now slightly bigger space and he opened more presents, noting what was off of who, and then he unearthed Draco's gift. He grinned as he opened it and found another pamper box, but full of the gorgeous citrus scented body washes and bubble baths that he loved.

Harry laughed as he saw them, picking out lime, orange, lemon, grapefruit and even pineapple scented body washes, soaps and bubble baths.

"You're going to be so edible after using those." Max grinned.

Harry stood up and he kissed Draco and gave him a hug. "Thank you, my lime body wash is running low."

"I love you smelling of limes." Nasta declared.

"That's why it's running low. You're the only one who voiced a preference, so I wear lime more than any of the others."

"I like you smelling of oranges." Blaise said immediately.

"Lemon or lime." Draco smirked.

"Grapefruit." Max winked.

Harry laughed and shook his head. "I wonder if I mixed them then I'd smell like fruit cocktail."

"I stopped listening at cock." Max laughed.

"Mummy." Harry looked to Calix and hefted him up, kissing him and placing him in the middle of all the colourful paper.

Calix giggled and kicked his legs and flapped his arms, sending the paper everywhere. Harry chuckled and he went to finish off the last of his gifts.

When he'd unwrapped the last one, he looked around for any others that he might have missed, moving the mass of paper out of the way and then he sat with a frown when he didn't find any.

"What's the matter?" Max asked.

"Surely you got enough?" Blaise asked him.

"I did. I got more than enough." Harry said distractedly. "It's just…"

"Just what? What's wrong?" Draco asked him. "Was there something that you wanted and didn't get? You only have to say, Harry and it's yours."

Harry looked up at Nasta. He didn't want to sound ungrateful, but Nasta was the only one of his mates who hadn't given him a gift, but he didn't want to be presumptuous and ask for it. Thankfully Nasta himself put him out of his misery.

"My gift couldn't be wrapped." Nasta told him softly.

"Oh, that's why he looks like he's been crushed!" Max sighed. "You never gave him a present, how could you?!" Max teased. "That's so cruel of you."

"As if I would ever not take a chance to spoil you." Nasta chuckled as he reached into his back pocket and handed over a small envelope.

"Thank you." Harry said with a shy smile. He opened the envelope and pulled out five tickets. It was only when he read the top ticket that he stood up excitedly. "Is this…?"

"Tickets to visit the England Quidditch team at their stadium and to have a flying experience with them." Nasta smiled. "They usually won't do it unless it's for a special request. As soon as they heard that it was for you however, with your Hogwarts reputation preceding you, they agreed immediately."

"Nasta, thank you!" Harry stood and hugged him, pulling his head down for a kiss.

"Yeah, Nas, thanks for one upping us all." Max teased.

"No one has one upped anyone!" Harry hissed. "I love all of my gifts, even the socks off of Dobby. They're all wonderful and thoughtful in their own way. I love my body pampering kit, I love my chocolate and I love that Blaise went for lessons just to give me a proper massage! I love all of my gifts and I won't have anyone saying anything about any of them."

"I was only joking." Max insisted as he pulled Harry back onto his lap and kissed him.

"Me too!" Tegan demanded from the floor.

Max reached down and hefted her up one armed and he kissed her with a big, smacking sound. She giggled and Harry did the same and snuggled her in close.

"Let me sort out this rubbish." Draco said. Harry chuckled, he'd wondered when Draco would snap over the rubbish all over the floor.

"I don't want any of my presents going missing." Harry directed at Nasta.

"As long as you pace yourself with the edible ones and don't binge, I don't care that you have so much." Nasta insisted. "But for today, you can have as much as you want." He relented with a smile.

Harry cheered and reached for Max's box of chocolate. "Max, my love, I need tea."

"Coming up, gorgeous."

"Don't forget this." Harry said, digging in Blaise's box and finding the jar of imported honey. "I want to see what it tastes like in tea."

"Whatever you want today, dear."

Harry snorted as he tore the wrapper from his chocolate and took a big bite. He moaned happily and fell back against the seat.

"I love this chocolate. It's my favourite ever."

"So we've noticed." Nasta chuckled.

"Mummy, bisky." Farren came over to remind him that it was gone eleven in the morning and that he wanted a snack.

"Do you want some apple too?" Harry asked.

"Gapes!" Farren corrected.

"Oh hell, do we have grapes?" Harry asked, moving to get up.

"I've got it." Nasta said. "Farren, come with me to the kitchen." He said clearly as he walked off and Farren hurried after him.

Harry smiled after him before he hefted up Braiden as he toddled past and kissed him repeatedly, much to shrieks and giggles.

"Who's my big boy?!" Harry cooed.

Braiden laughed and pushed at his head. "Mummy, no."

"Yes, baby." Harry said as he rolled Braiden over onto his belly and tickled him.

A small whine had him looking over to Regan, who was wriggling and fisting his eyes. He blinked them open and looked up at Draco.

"Daddy." He said sleepily.

Draco kissed Regan and slowly sat him up in his lap.

"Are you okay, Regan?" Draco asked him.

"Yuh." He said as he yawned and then rested back a moment.

"Egan." Braiden called out happily.

Regan looked over and he giggled as he saw his big brother. "Bay."

Harry allowed Braiden to climb down from his lap with no help and he went back to his chocolate as Braiden went to sit up with Draco and Regan.

Blaise shifted to his settee and he sat next to him now that there was room and he snuggled in. Harry shifted so that Blaise had more room on his chest and he wrapped an arm around Blaise and kissed his head and he settled in.

"This is nice." He said. "Only…Max!" He called out. "Where's my tea?"

"Right here, your highness, please don't take my head." Max said as he placed the cup down on the coffee table and got onto his knees, his forehead touching the edge of the settee as he bent down in supplication, his hands raised in a wordless plea.

"It depends which one I fancy." Harry replied. "There's a certain head that I do want."

Max looked faintly shocked as he looked up at him, then he threw his head back and laughed hard.

"Harry!" Draco chastised him. "No smut before the afternoon, it's too early."

Harry gave a rather dirty chuckle and Max laughed again before bending over him and kissing him.

"I love you so much." Max declared.

"Did we have grapes?" He asked.

"Well I've got two plums if you want…"

Harry cut the rest of Max's sentence off with a loud, boisterous round of laughter that left him breathless with tears in his eyes.

"What is it? What happened?" Nasta asked.

"They're being filthy."

Harry heard Nasta sigh and he wiped his eyes and looked over the back of the settee at Nasta.

"Did we have grapes for Farren?"

"Yes, I cut them in half too, don't worry."

Nasta put a bowl of grape halves onto the coffee table and Regan shifted from Draco's lap, down to the floor and he toddled to the bowl, grabbing a handful and chewing on them one by one.

Harry smiled and sat up, moving Blaise with a lingering kiss. He went into the larger family room and he checked on his twin girls and Leolin.

Leolin was still in his gym, but he'd fallen asleep. Harry left him where he was. The twin girls were awake and grizzling. Harry picked them both up and he took them into the smaller living room.

"Where's Leolin?" Draco asked.

"Baba Eoin!" Braiden called out, turning to look into the other room.

He toddled off to the baby gym and peered at his brother. Harry waited to see if Braiden would report correctly about Leolin as he came hurrying back.

"Baba Eoin sleeping, Daddy." He said to Draco.

"Merlin, I love this kid so much." Max declared, going to his knees and pulling Braiden into a hug and kissing him. "You're a good boy, Braiden."

Braiden giggled and broke away, going to play with a bunch of plastic cars. Harry put the two girls onto the floor and he watched them all happily.

Calix was motoring around the floor, Braiden playing, Regan eating grape halves, Farren was sitting out of the way with a biscuit and Tegan was talking to her penguin, three dummies lined up in front of her, she kept pointing to one of them before talking more to her penguin before pointing to another. Harry got the impression that she was narrating a story for the penguin about the three dummies, it was adorable.

He took a deep breath and went to crack open one of his new Defence books. He drank his tea, snuck another couple of Mrs Weasley's treacle tarts and he occasionally looked up at his children. Nasta had been roped into playing cars with Braiden and Regan, Draco was brushing Farren's hair and Blaise didn't take his eyes from the twin girls.

"Does anyone want lunch? I'm doing the kids broccoli and cheese pasta today." Max called out from behind him.

"Yes!" Harry said, peeking up from his book.

Max laughed. "Okay, birthday boy. You can have some too."

Harry went back to his book, at least until the floo flared and Caesar came through with Eleonora.

"Hey, Harry. Happy birthday!" He greeted.

"Hi, Caesar. How are you and Nora?"

"Great. This little missy is too."

Amelle came through with Beatrice and Harry stood to greet her.

"Are we too early?" She fretted.

"Of course not. Thank you so much for my card and gift."

"Max said that you wanted to spend the morning to yourselves."

Harry nodded. "Not that it did much good. Ave bumped her chin into the bar of her cot at five in the morning. So we spent the time we were supposed to be together catching up on sleep."

Caesar laughed then. "So your morning sex was ruined?"

"Caesar!" Amelle admonished him. "Is Ave alright, Harry?" She asked.

"She's fine." Harry said looking around his feet and then going to snatch Ave from the floor. "See?"

Amelle took Ave and handed him baby Bea and Harry cooed over her.

"I thought I heard your droning voice!" Max came in, wooden spoon in hand, dark green apron on over his tee-shirt and shorts, addressing Caesar.

"We are too early!" Amelle said.

"Of course you're not. I'm just feeding the kids lunch." Max waved away. "Has Nora eaten?"

"Yeah, but she won't say no to more." Caesar chuckled. "What are you making?"

"Only a bit of pasta, there's plenty there for her."

"Daddy, put me down." Eleonora interrupted Caesar as he went to open his mouth. He laughed instead.

"That's me told." He said instead, placing Nora on the floor. "You want a hand, Max?"

"Nah, you can keep me company though." Max said as he headed back to the kitchen.

Caesar followed him and Eleonora immediately went to Farren and sat by him.

"Hi baby." She greeted him. "Can I play?"

"Muma." Farren said, seeking him out.

"This is Eleonora, Farren. Your cousin. It's okay to play."

Farren nodded and he handed Nora a wooden block. Harry smiled at them and went to the sideboard, getting out his camera. He snapped several photos of them, then of Amelle.

"Oh don't, I look awful." She said.

"You look gorgeous." Harry insisted. "Pose a bit for me."

Amelle laughed, but did as he'd told her to do. She pulled some rather stupid poses and they both laughed.

"Promise me you'll destroy the ones that look awful."

"I promise, but I doubt there will be any." He said. "Smile, Draco."

Draco pulled his patented smirk out of thin air and Harry took his photo.

"That wasn't a smile." He scoffed. He turned the camera on himself and he pulled the worst face he could think of as he took the picture. He laughed happily afterwards.

"That wasn't a smile either." Draco told him.

Harry just grinned, walked over to sit himself on Blaise and he put their heads together and took a photo.

"You've probably cut half our heads off somewhere." Blaise told him.

"Give it here." Amelle chuckled. She took the camera from him and Harry adjusted baby Bea and he smiled happily. "Say cheese."

"Why?" Blaise said at the same time that Harry happily said cheese.

"Why cheese?" Draco asked.

"It's a word that shows off the teeth and because you're saying a word, it's more natural than forcing a smile." Harry told them.


Harry chuckled and he kissed Blaise before putting Beatrice onto the floor. She crawled off towards the doll house in the corner.

"There are no small parts, are there?" Amelle asked worriedly.

"Nothing smaller than a golf ball." Harry nodded. "It's all hard plastic too. Nothing that can be pushed up noses or into ears and nothing small enough, or detachable, so it can't be swallowed."

"I should have…I lost my Dracken for a bit then. Sorry."

"It's fine. No offence taken. If you needed to be sure, you needed to be sure." Harry told her kindly.

Amelle smiled at him and Harry smiled back.

"Harry, lunch is up." Max called from the kitchen.

"Farren, go to the kitchen, love. It's lunchtime." Harry told him and his little boy stood up quickly and he ran to the kitchen.

Harry laughed and rounded up the others.

"Braiden. Go to the kitchen, love." Harry told his oldest child.

Between them, they got all the kids to the kitchen and Harry sat down with his own small plate of pasta.

"I'm surprised you're still hungry with that mass of candy I saw in the living room." Caesar said.

"I'm still not used to handling too much food, my stomach stretches painfully if I eat too much, so I save most of the room for normal meals, but I've been getting so much better." He said with a smile. "All those sweets in there will be eaten…even if it does take me to my next birthday to manage it." He laughed.

He ate his pasta happily, watching his babies as they tried to use forks and spoons to eat their pasta and broccoli. Calix grew bored of using his spoon and not getting any food, so he threw the spoon to the floor and picked up a piece of pasta with his fingers and jammed it into his mouth.

"I saw that coming." Max said as he picked up the plastic spoon and dropped it into the sink with the saucepan, cheese grater and other bits that he'd used to make lunch. He hadn't washed up yet because he was busy taking platters from the fridge or from the back of the counter and taking them outside with Nasta's help.

"He's still not used to utensils?" Caesar asked.

"No, he really likes using his hands."

"He likes making a mess." Harry chuckled before popping more pasta into his mouth.

"Hello?" Someone called out from the living room.

Harry leapt up mid chew and ran to the living room to hug Richard, swallowing hard and barrelling into his Father-in-law.

Richard laughed and pulled him from his feet.

"Myron, help! I'm being attacked by a nineteen year old softie!"

Myron, who was stood just behind his mate, snorted. "You look fine to me."

"You're a horrid mate!" Richard declared.

A moment later Myron's massive arms wrapped around them both and squeezed. Harry laughed, Richard complained and Myron shut him up with a kiss.

"Ah, gross!" Max cried. "Stop slobbering over the top of my poor mate! He doesn't want you snogging over his head."

Harry was extracted from Myron and Richard by Max and he had his eyes covered by a large hand and he laughed harder.

"Happy birthday, Harry." Myron told him. Harry pulled Max's hand away from his eyes and he grinned.

"Thank you. Thank you for my card and gift!"

"Think nothing of it, love." Richard told him. "Where are the rugrats?"

"In the kitchen, eating their lunches, like this one should be." Max answered, carrying Harry back through the corridors to the kitchen, putting him down in front of his plate.

"Baby boy!" Richard cried out, grappling Caesar into a headlock.

"Don't snap his neck, Richard." Myron complained before giving up as Caesar gave back as good as he could get and they started wrestling. "How are you today, Amelle?" He turned and asked instead.

Amelle giggled at her mate and Father-in-law for a moment. "Fine thank you, and yourself?"

"I'd feel better if I didn't have to deal with this." He indicated to Richard and Caesar. "How are the girls?"

"Nora's having a second lunch and Beatrice is in the family room with Eva and Ave, enjoying the run of the place for once."

"Draco's watching them." Harry said, just in case anyone thought that they'd left the three youngest babies on their own."

"I assumed as such when I didn't see him." Myron smiled at him, ruffling his hair. "Who do I have to beg for a cup of coffee?"

"Nasta." Harry said immediately.

"Not today." Nasta said as he helped Regan eat as their boy was getting frustrated having the pasta continually falling from his fork.

"I got it." Max insisted. "Harry, do you want more tea?"

"Yes! Don't forget my special honey!"

"You have special honey now?" Richard asked as he stood and hefted Caesar up from the floor.

"Blaise got it for me for my birthday. Man-something."

"Manuka." Nasta said. "Imported all the way from New Zealand just for Harry to enjoy in his tea."

"It's gorgeous too!" Harry declared as he finished his lunch and pushed his empty plate away.

"Just don't let any of the kids get near any honey." Myron warned.

"We're always well aware of such things." Nasta said easily. "It's kept in the cupboards and it's never left out."

"What?" Harry asked with a frown.

Several people turned to look at him and he felt like he was missing something.

"Babies can't have honey, Harry." Nasta told him.

"Well, of course not. It's pure sugar." He said.

"No, Harry. Honey can sometimes be contaminated with certain spores that are toxic to babies. That's why they put a warning on the back to never give honey to babies under twelve months old." Nasta told him.

Harry blinked. "I thought that that warning was because it was just all sugar." He said, feeling hollow. "Are you saying that that's not the case?"

"No." Myron said. "The spores in contaminated honey can germinate in a baby's gut and release powerful toxins that can cause a variety of problems and eventually lead to full body paralysis. These spores have no effect on adults or babies over a year old. The condition is called infant botulism and it is very rare, but honey is a source of the spore and thus should never be given to an infant under twelve months of age."

Harry felt like he couldn't breathe. "Get rid of it." He said, his heart pounding and his body feeling cold. "All of it, get rid of it, now."

"Harry, you don't have to get rid of your honey or any honey related products." Nasta sat beside him and explained gently. "Babies under a year old are not going to feed themselves honey, they rely on us for everything. Even if they could get one of the jars, there's no way that they could open it."

Nasta held him close and held his head by the crook of his neck, releasing his calming pheromones to ease Harry back down and out of his feral Dracken mind-set that only saw a threat to his babies and not the logic behind them not being able to get the jars, or open them. It had been almost two years and Harry had been drinking honey tea before any of them had even met him. Not once had there been an incident with their children even getting close to any honey related products and none of them would have fed them anything with honey in it. Harry might not have known the true reason behind not giving babies under a year old honey, but the warnings on the jar labels was enough to stop most people from giving honey to their infants.

"Nasta is right." Myron said. "We kept honey around the kids too, and not once did any of them get infant botulism. As I said it is a very rare illness, Harry. There's no need to fret or to throw away any honey that you have. As long as you don't force a spoonful of honey into their mouths, they're going to be just fine."

Harry nodded, much calmer now that he had been reassured. He just didn't much like the fact that he had had a potential danger to his babies in the house for all this time and he hadn't known. He wouldn't have fed his babies honey, but if any of them had picked up his cup and drank a mouthful of his tea…he would be aware of that now in the future. He would not leave his tea at all unattended with his young girls crawling around and getting into things now that they were finding their feet so early.

Now suitably calm Harry stood up and stretched. He picked up Calix, who was finished eating, and he put him on the floor. His little explorer immediately took off towards the open back door.

"Of course he would want to go outside." Harry chuckled, trying to get himself back into his happy, joyous mood of that morning, before he'd found out that his love of honey could have caused paralysis to his children if they'd ingested it. "Not until after your nap." He told his son, picking him back up and carrying him into the family room.

He put Calix down and sat himself behind Draco, who was sat on the floor, playing with Eva while keeping an eye on Ave and Bea. Harry bent forward and kissed his cheek before sitting back with a groan.

"How's Leolin?"

"He's still asleep. He must be having a mini growth spurt. He's been sleeping a lot more lately."

Harry nodded. He'd noticed the same. "Nasta thinks he might be preparing to get his first tooth."

"Oh, yes, that should be coming up soon."

"Yes, eighteen months is average." Harry nodded. "He's nineteen now, so it could be any day. I've been checking, but he doesn't look like he's getting anything through. His gums are still pink, no red spots or peeks of white. I'll keep checking though."

"Tea's up, lovers." Max said with a grin, coming into the family room with a tray with two cups and three bottles. "Do those girls need a bottle? I think they do!" He cooed to them.

Harry chuckled and he picked up his tea and he moaned around the first sip.

"Good?" Max smiled at him.

"So good." He said happily. "Thank you."

"Ah!" Ave declared from his legs and Harry put his cup down and picked her up with a groan, settling her on his lap.

"What's the matter, trouble?" He asked with a smile. "Do you want your bottle?"

Harry took the bottle handed to him by Draco and he prodded it into her mouth. Ave took the bottle from him and she fed herself and Harry picked up his tea again and he drank as Ave suckled her milk.

Max was feeding Eva and Draco was lost in thought for a moment, so Harry kept an eye on Beatrice, though the nine month old was very happy to crawl around exploring the new room.

Ave slipped from his lap and Harry supported her, lest she fall on the bottle in her mouth and reopen her wound, and she toddled around, drinking from her bottle and Harry sat back and sighed.

"They're growing so big now." He said softly.

Immediately Max and Draco moved to comfort him.

"It's alright, we'll have a new baby soon." Max soothed him.

"If you haven't caught with this heat period there's always the next one." Draco told him gently, lacing their hands together.

Harry nodded. "I know, I just…they're so big, they can feed themselves now, they're up on their feet. I just can't believe that they're coming up to seven months now and they're coming on so well! Most seven month olds are not this forward or this mobile."

"It'll be okay, love." Max assured him, bending down and kissing him, Eva still in his arms.

"At least we have Leolin. He's not going to be up on his feet any time soon." Draco told him.

Harry nodded and he stood and he went to the baby gym, kneeling down and stroking Leolin's cheek. He was still thin, but he no longer looked skeletal. His time in the hospital was slowly being erased.

At the touch, Leolin's eyes moved under his eyelids and he wriggled.

"Leolin." Harry called out gently. "Wake up, love."

"Ma." He replied sleepily, his eyes still closed.

Harry smiled and he waited patiently for Leolin to wake himself up.

"I've got a nice warm bottle waiting for you." Harry coaxed.

Leolin's arms lifted towards him and Harry's face slipped into an adoring smile as he gently and carefully picked Leolin up from his baby gym, supporting his head and neck on reflex and he snuggled his tiny Faerie in close.

Harry stood and carried his Faerie baby back to the settee and he took the bottle handed to him by Max. He prodded it at Leolin's mouth gently, waiting for his brain to catch up with what was going on as his lips parted and Harry could put the teat into his mouth, allowing him to feed.

"There you are, Harry. Ezrah and Lathen have arrived." Nasta said.

"Hi Ezrah, hi Lathen!" Harry greeted happily.

"It is hard to believe you are only just nineteen years of age." Ezrah laughed as he came to greet him, then he caught sight of what he was doing. "Oh, little Leolin."

"Yeah, come here, Ezrah, sit by me."

Ezrah did as he'd been told and Harry easily transferred Leolin over to him, keeping the bottle in his mouth until Ezrah had hold of it. Still the young Fae flapped.

"Oh, you're letting me feed him? I've never fed a babe before, Harry!" He said fretfully.

"And you'd never held a babe before when I let you hold mine and you were absolutely fine. You can hardly do it wrong, Ezrah." Harry said with a smile. "Leolin does all of the work, you just have to hold the bottle and keep the milk level over the bulb."

Ezrah nodded with a look of pure concentration on his face and Harry smiled, standing up and moving to the kitchen, Lathen gently touched his arm and bent down to him.

"Thank you." He said softly into his ear.

Harry smiled at him. "Think of it as a bit of practice for when you have your own." Harry whispered back with a wink before he waltzed into the kitchen.

"There he is, hello sweetheart. Happy birthday." Kimberly greeted him, coming to cup his chin and kiss his cheek.

Harry chuckled and hugged her tight. "Thank you."

"How are the other little ones?"

"Eva and Ave have just finished a bottle, Leolin is having his and Beatrice is rubbing her face all over the back door." He laughed.

Caesar laughed, but Amelle just rolled her eyes and went to get her daughter, who she insisted took after her Father too much.

"Are the others down for their nap?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I caught Calix trying to go out the back door again and took him up to his cot, whether they sleep or not is another matter, but a bit of quiet time will do them some good, but we have quite a few guests now, so it's time to move this party outside."

Nasta slid open the door onto the back porch and Caesar was the first out and he went straight down the slide.

"I've wanted to do that since I first saw it!" He cried out happily from the lawn.

Harry laughed, but he heard Myron groaning and that made him laugh more.

His mates had set up a huge sheet on the grass for the kids with some spare toys, it was close to the little play area they had for the kids near the bottom of the porch, right where Caesar had gone down the slide.

The massive porch, which was like an extra room as it was covered over, was bigger at either end, circular, like a castle tower, so that it could fit two huge round tables that could sit twenty people each. Max had had them custom made and Nasta had ordered the porch to be built around the two tables at either end.

"I'll never get over the size of this house." Richard chuckled. "This porch is amazing!"

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