The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


103. Chapter Ninety-Six – Hormonal Break

Blaise had been right, Marianna was absolutely delighted that they'd asked her to babysit and though Harry had wanted Lucius and Narcissa to have them, to get them a little more used to their non-biological grandchildren, especially now that it had emerged that Draco needed fertility potions to have any hope of conceiving one, he didn't want to jeopardise his children's time with all of their grandparents by only pushing them at the one set.

They'd settled the children and then left Marianna to watch over them, they all had tea at the kitchen table, Leolin had had a bad night's sleep, so he was in his bassinet at the head of the table, catching up with his missed sleep and they'd spread hundreds upon hundreds of photos across the table surface and Harry was making several different piles. Photos he liked, photos his mates liked, photos they all liked, photos that were duplicates and ones that were 'maybes', but the photos were absolutely everywhere, a stack of baby books and family photo albums at the ready, while Draco sat near them, putting his input onto every photo shown to him, while he circled dresses that he liked from the catalogues that Harry had stacked up high for him to look through.

"What about this one, I really like it." Max said in such a way that Harry immediately looked over.

He blushed to the roots of his hair as he saw the naked photo of himself.

"We are not framing that, give it to me!" He demanded.

"I think we should frame it." Blaise said with a grin. "We could keep it on our bedroom wall."

"When did you even take that photo?" He hissed.

"I took it." Draco informed him, not even having the good grace to look up from the current catalogue that he was perusing. "Max and Blaise were teasing you and I got them to draw back away from you together, you never even noticed; you were too lost in your own pleasure."

"I can see that, give the photo to me! Imagine if someone found it!"

"No, it's going in the sex album."

"What sex album?" Harry demanded.

"We have a photo album filled with sexy, naked pictures of ourselves." Nasta explained calmly, as if it were completely normal to have a sex album, as he showed him another raunchy photo of Draco and Max together before handing it over to Max.

"Where is this album?" Harry demanded. "How come I didn't know about it?"

"It's heavily warded, no one but us will ever even find it." Blaise assured him. "We were going to give it to you on your birthday as a present."

"I want to see the photos that you have in there."

"Later." Max winked.

"No, now!"

"Later." Nasta insisted. "We have to sort all this out and we only have a few hours to do so."

"What do you think about this dress?" Draco asked, distracting Harry.

He looked at it and considered it. "For Tegan, yes?"

Draco smirked and nodded. "I knew you'd be on my wave length for this one. I'll mark it as a maybe, just in case I find something better for her."

Harry nodded and he sighed. Going back to the piles upon piles of pictures. He would find that 'sex album' and he swore that if there was anything in there that he didn't like or was overly embarrassing; he was going to burn it. It would serve his mates right for taking pictures of him in such vulnerable positions and keeping them without telling him. Maybe he should get revenge on them for doing so. He grinned to himself, he liked that idea a lot.

They had found three dresses that they all liked for their little girls, Draco had checked the sizes and then sent his Saracen out with the order, and they'd finished with the mound of photos and had had lunch by two O'clock in the afternoon. They didn't have to pick the kids up until later that night, so while Max was washing the dishes from their late lunch and Nasta and Draco were cleaning up while they could, Harry slipped away up the stairs to change.

He dug out Ginny's wonderful box of toys from where he kept it safe from his mates and he went digging through it. He found a lot of things that made him blush still, a lot of clothes that he didn't even know how to put on and the few skirts…he didn't feel like a skirt or the corset today. He passed over all the dresses and he frowned as he realised that most of the clothes in the box were women's, or at least styled like women's clothes as they had extra bits to support his male parts. Now he had nothing against women, or cross dressing on certain occasions, but he wanted something different today, something that wasn't a dress or a skirt, and he kept on digging until he unearthed a pair of blue shorts that were more like micro pants than anything else, he was sure that there was more material in one of his socks than in these 'shorts' but they were going to serve his purpose as he found the matching top tagged to them…if the little coloured collar could be called a top.

He grinned as he dug out some white stockings and a pair of matt blue heels. For kicks he picked up the little tube of clear lip gloss.

"I'm taking a bath while we have some free time." He yelled down to his mates.

"Alright!" Max yelled back. "Pamper yourself a little, you deserve the relaxation time."

Harry smiled at that, then he grinned widely to himself. He was going to bathe, pamper himself, oil himself up and then slip into this little outfit. If his mates wanted sexy photos, he'd damn well give them something to photograph. They were going to regret giving him the time to set all of this up.

"He's been a really long time; maybe you should go up and make sure that he hasn't fallen asleep in the bath again." Blaise said worriedly.

"He'll be fine, when is the last time that he got to take an hour long bath?" Max waved away.

"Probably a few months after the quintuplets were born, but certainly not after Eva and Ave." Draco pointed out.

"Exactly, so leave him be, he needs some pamper time to himself."

"I very much enjoyed it too."

Harry grinned as his mates turned to face him and the four of them just stared at him and they continued to stare at him silently. It was this more than anything that made him feel loved and attractive, because he was still carrying a few 'extra' bits from Eva and Ave, including the caesarean scar, but his mates eyes were glued to him, even as he walked, slowly and surely, in the matching blue heels. He'd have liked to have strutted, but that was shifting into the realm of him breaking an ankle…very unsexy.

He sat down on the settee and made sure his legs were spread a little bit, just enough so that his thighs weren't touching, but nothing too obvious or obscene.

"Stop staring at me!" He demanded a minute later.

"I'm sorry, Harry, but in that getup I really don't know what else you expect me to do." Nasta told him honestly.

Harry scoffed. "Isn't it obvious that I want you to come and touch me?"

As if they'd been waiting for verbal permission, all four of his mates jumped him, snatching him from where he was sat and he found himself on Max's lap, chest to chest with him as he straddled his biggest mate, his back arched, up on his knees and his bum pushed out, his body held tightly even as his head was grabbed and angled backwards so that Blaise could kiss him passionately.

Missing Scene

Nasta woke up an hour later and he groaned tiredly. He extracted himself from the pile of bodies and he couldn't help but laugh at the state of all five of them.

He pulled the only remaining bright blue high heel off of Harry's foot. He was currently digging it into Max's thigh, which couldn't be comfortable for the big guy, especially not as it had left a vivid, red indent. Nasta grimaced, that might actually bruise later.

He quietly and carefully cleaned up the living room around his sleeping mates, folded all of their clothes and took his own to go and have a shower. He felt better than he had in a while though, relaxed and invigorated, like his body had been reset. This had been exactly what he needed to destress himself.

He washed himself quickly, dried and dressed himself and he went out into the kitchen, checking on his little son as he did so. Leolin was sleeping peacefully, as he knew that he would be. He hadn't had a good night last night and he and his mates had been back and forth to his room all night to settle him back down, so it was inevitable that Leolin was going to sleep a lot today. It was just as well really, he thought wryly.

He boiled the kettle to make himself a cup of green tea and he took this moment to just breathe. He couldn't remember the last time that the house had been this quiet, he took this moment to just relax and breathe as he listened to the absolute nothingness around him, it was completely silent. He smiled as he sat at the table and slipped his arm under Leolin and pulled him out of his bassinet and up to his chest.

He sipped at his tea as he traced every inch of his son's face with his eyes. Leolin was coming on so wonderfully well that he couldn't help but be proud of him and Harry, of course, who was such a nurturing parent that he had absolutely no worries about leaving Harry alone with his children.

Some of the submissives that he'd seen over the years had him shivering in remembered revulsion. He would never have been able to rest again and he would have definitely had to quit his job if the Mother to his children had been Miette Solange or Ameena Dewan. He wouldn't have ever been able to entrust the submissives that he'd met in his past with his little Leolin. He thought that maybe that might have been the reason that he had rejected them without even speaking to some of them. Thinking about it just made him appreciate and love Harry all the more.

He kissed Leolin's face and held him closer to his chest. It was so peaceful that he hardly recognised it as his own home and he absorbed that peace while he could. It would be fleeting and the next opportunity might be months away, so he took what he could get when he could get it.

It took another half an hour before the silence was broken and it was a soft noise from the baby in his arms that finally disturbed the peace. Nasta looked down at him and smiled as tiny hands reached up to rub at tired eyes. Leolin blinked open his sleepy gold eyes and Nasta smiled at him softly.

"Hello Leolin." He greeted softly, quietly and he kept the smile up as Leolin traced every inch of his face with a critical eye, his adorable scowl already on his face.

It seemed that Leolin recognised him…at least a little, as he stopped scowling so hard and he slipped into a more neutral expression. Nasta stayed with Leolin, holding him and giving him eye contact, even when Leolin moved his gaze to elsewhere.

It's not like he had anything else to do, there were no distractions, no other babies to give his attention to, everything was silent, so he could give this whole attention to Leolin, who seemed to be enjoying it as he kept looking back at him every so often and his mouth pulled into a smile every time he caught Nasta staring at him.

"I think you might be a little egotistical, grinning like that when you find someone looking at you." Nasta teased Leolin. "Attention seeking, I think it's called. I believe you get that from your Daddy Draco."

"Da." Leolin repeated quietly.

Leolin raised a hand to pat at his face, like he did to Harry and Nasta felt his heart soar, to even be considered on the same level as Harry by Leolin was a huge honour. He felt a little weepy as Leolin stared hard at him, as if truly recognising him for the first time and he repeated another soft 'Da' to him and he brought Leolin slowly up to kiss him. He swore that he would make more time to spend one-on-one quality time with his son, even if he had to take him upstairs, into a quiet room and spend just fifteen minutes bonding with him, but this feeling of Leolin actually, truly knowing who he was, it was unfathomable, it was unmatched by almost anything else, he couldn't help but crave more of it, he wanted Leolin's attention and recognition.

"Are you okay?"

Nasta looked over at a sleepy Harry who was stumbling around, still wearing the stockings, garters and the little collar, and nothing else. He couldn't help but look at Harry's body appreciatively.

"Your Mummy definitely has a body to die for, Leolin." Nasta told his son with a smile. "You came out of that body."

"Alright, alright." Harry laughed. "I really need a drink, then I'll be hopping into the shower and getting dressed. My throat is killing me though, that was taking Max all the way into my throat. He's just too big."

Nasta chuckled and he couldn't help but reach out a hand to caress Harry's bare bum as he walked past him to the counter to get a glass of water.

"Oi, you've had more than enough of that for one day." Harry told him before he gulped the water down before walking back to where Nasta was sat, getting ready to go and have a quick shower.

Nasta bent down and kissed one of Harry's naked bum cheeks. "I can never get enough of this." He declared. "I love you so much and I don't say it nearly enough."

"You don't need to, I know that you love me, I can see it in your eyes." Harry told him.

He took Leolin from Nasta and kissed his baby son all over his little face.

"Ma! Ma!" Leolin wriggled excitedly and Harry chuckled.

"Oh I love you, so much!" Harry declared as he nuzzled Leolin's belly. "Here, go back to your Daddy, I need to go and have a shower."


"Yes baby, Mummy needs a shower, so you stay here with Daddy Nasta."


"Yes!" Harry said with a smile and with a last kiss to Leolin and then Nasta, he went to the bathroom to clean his body.

Nasta shook his head and he stood with Leolin and he went to boil the kettle, if Harry was awake, then the others wouldn't be far behind, Harry was not the quietest or the most graceful upon waking up, if he hadn't kicked or stepped on at least one of the others then he'd be very surprised.

As if to prove him right, Blaise wandered into the kitchen, still half asleep. He was rubbing his ribs.

"Did Harry step on you?" He asked with a grin.

Blaise snorted. "No, he stepped on Draco, lost his balance and he sat on me. I am the smallest person next to Harry and Max is the biggest, yet he completely misses Max's bulk and sits on me!"

Nasta chuckled and kissed Blaise's forehead.

"Where is the klutz?" Blaise grumbled.

"In the shower." Nasta said with a smile. "Sit yourself down; I'll get you a coffee."

"I think I'm still asleep, because I swear I just heard you say coffee."

"I did, you look like you need it."

"Ti amo." Blaise declared gratefully and passionately.

Nasta chuckled. "I love you too, get some rest and wake yourself up a little."

Draco came into the kitchen and he sighed. "That man is a hazard."

"Are you hurt?"

"No, but that was not the way I would have chosen to be woken up after the way we'd fallen asleep."

"One time he kneed my balls trying to get out of the bed." Blaise grumbled. "We need to teach him more grace."

"And how to be quieter when waking up." Max groaned as he stumbled into the room. "He must have moaned loudly several times in my ear before he decided that he was actually awake and got himself up. Then of course he stood on our Draco and sat on our poor Blaise, he's dangerous."

Nasta couldn't stop the laugh that came out of his mouth. He loved these four men so much that the thought of anything happening to them hurt his heart. He would always do everything that he could, as a man and as their top dominant, to protect them and keep them all safe. If he did less than that, then he didn't deserve to have them in his life as his mates.

Harry looked at the newly erected framed photos that now lined the walls of their home and he smiled. Pictures even from before Braiden was born now adorned the walls and it made him smile, but it also made him realise just how far he and his mates had come, how much he'd grown in the last two years under the love and attention of the four wonderful men who he'd chosen to share his life with.

He had all of his babies back under his roof and he'd given Marianna a selection of photos that she absolutely adored and which she assured them more than made up for her several hours of high activity that she was no longer used to.

Harry spooned a small portion of pasta into Calix's mouth and watched him as he chewed and swallowed. He opened his mouth wide and Harry put another little spoonful into his mouth.


Harry turned and smiled as Max wasn't moving fast enough for Farren, who had chewed and swallowed before Max could get anything more onto the spoon.

"More." Farren repeated demandingly.

"I told you that it would be better to let him do it himself." Harry said as he put the little spoon into Calix's mouth and watched his little boy take the food into his mouth.

"He can't keep the pasta on the spoon. Not even Braiden can." Max said as he indicated to where their big boy was sat, waiting for Blaise to feed him.

Harry smiled. "I love the baby pasta, it's so tiny."

"You just like baby everything." Draco told him. "Baby pasta, baby socks, baby shoes, babies."

Harry chuckled. "That's true."

"We'll have to give you a new baby so that you can start gushing over tiny fingers and toes again." Blaise laughed.

"I think we have more than enough at the moment." Harry said, though he averted his gaze and ducked his head.

The urge to eat cereals and other grains was growing…he believed that he was in at least his third or fourth week of his cycle. Another four or five weeks and he'd be having his heat period. He could be pregnant again when his little twins were only four months old. He didn't know what would be worse, being pregnant again, or having a heat period every two months until he fell pregnant. The first trimester was fine, he usually had a bit of morning sickness or maybe some dizzy spells and he wouldn't have any heat periods, but things got a little worse in his second trimester and then the third…no, he couldn't do that again so soon, but he didn't have a choice in the matter, his body had already decided for him.

"Are you okay?" Nasta asked him. "You look a little out of it."

Harry smiled. "Just thinking back to our wonderful afternoon together." He lied, distracting his mates in the process.

Max snorted. "I still ache."

"Are you actually complaining?" Blaise teased.

Max laughed loudly. "Never, but I do ache. I'm going to need a hot bath later."

"I'd join you, but we'd likely end up more sore than we already are." Harry laughed.

"You've had an hour long, pamper bath today!" Blaise told him.

Harry grinned. "I know, I can go straight to bed and know that I'm squeaky clean and well sated."


Harry turned to Braiden, who had the simple, basic tomato sauce that Max had made to cover the pasta smeared all over his face.

"This one on the other hand, could really use a pamper bath."

"He's even put it in his hair." Blaise complained as he dropped Braiden's empty bowl into the sink with Farren's.

"Typical, it's because he has so much hair. I told you, he needs it cut back neatly." Draco lectured.

"We'll get around to it eventually." Max waved away.

"When it's gone past his shoulders!" Draco complained.

"You do it then." Harry said simply.

"You…you would let me do it?"

"Of course, you're his Father too, just don't do it too short!" Harry warned seriously. "I mean it, Draco, if I can see his scalp, it's too short. Just cut it neatly to his ears, just so the shell of them is visible and then leave it."

Draco nodded and he picked up Braiden and carried him to the bathroom.

"Was that such a good idea?" Blaise asked.

"He has to learn." Harry replied easily. "More importantly, where is my tea?"

"It's coming." Nasta assured him as he messed around with five cups at the counter. "Get the kids into the living room."

Harry nodded as he picked up Tegan and Calix and carried them into the front room. Calix went right down onto the floor, his squirmy little boy, but Tegan had her hands clenched into his shirt and didn't want to go on the floor, despite his urging.

He sat down and settled Tegan over his chest, patting her nappy covered bum gently as he played with her ever growing hair. He yawned and settled himself further against the arm of the settee. He was so tired when it was only just five in the afternoon because of the amazing sex that he'd been engaged in only a few hours before; it had really worn him down.

"Wake up."

Harry startled and blinked his eyes. He yawned widely and looked up at Nasta, who was smiling above him. Tegan was fast asleep on his chest.

"That's just mean." Harry frowned.

"She needs to go to bed."

"What time is it?" Harry asked in shock.

"It's half six, you've been asleep for an hour or so." Nasta smiled softly. "Your tea went cold."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to waste it."

"That's okay, I've sent Max to get you a fresh one, but this little girl needs to be changed and settled in her cot."

Harry nodded as he eased himself up with Tegan and he kissed her sleeping face gently before Nasta eased her up and into his own arms as he carried her up to bed.

Harry rubbed his face and sat up with yet another yawn.

"You don't normally nap." Blaise told him with a smile.

"You sexually aggressive beasts wore me out." Harry laughed. "I need a nap and a good sleep tonight…I hope Leolin settles." He added worriedly.

"He went to sleep just lovely." Max told him as he came in with a cup of tea for him. "Here, get this down you."

"He's getting attached to Nasta." Draco told him. "All he had to do to go to sleep tonight was see Nasta's face."

Harry smiled. "I'm glad. He seems to be striving for more independence lately and if he switches his attachment to you guys as well instead of just me, then I'll be happy. How was Braiden's haircut?"

"Nerve wracking, but it looks a lot better." Draco assured him.

Harry looked the Blaise.

"It really does look better; I think Draco could become a hair dresser…if he would listen to what other people want instead of just doing what he pleases."

"Did you at least keep his hair to his ears?" Harry asked. "I won't have him with a shaved head."

"Its four inches long around his head and two inches at the back." Draco told him. "He looks good, sophisticated."

"He's not even two!" Harry laughed. "He doesn't need to look sophisticated or snobby."

Draco snorted. "Of course he does. I will not have a son who looks unkempt."

Harry rolled his eyes and drank his tea.

"It's a Pureblood thing." Max told him. "Like submissive Drackens, they try to outdo one another, an unkempt, scruffy child reflects badly on the parents. Every little detail is scrutinised, their outfit, their hair, their face, if they have clean, smooth fingernails, clean socks and unblemished skin. It's all a load of rubbish, but the hardcore Purebloods take it very seriously, so naturally Draco will and maybe even Blaise."

"Aren't your family Purebloods?" Harry asked.

Max nodded immediately. "And Nasta's, every single Dracken can link their family back to a Pureblood line, because the Dracken blood is only in the Pureblood lines, Harry. In fact, all creature blood is in the Pureblood lines, magical creatures are very picky about blood, particularly the vampires, naturally. Only the purest will do."

"Really? I never knew that…but then the Blacks are related to a lot of people."

"All the Pureblood lines are intertwined." Draco told him. "There are less than sixty Pureblood families worldwide and the Blacks have links to nearly all of them."

"I thought it was only Britain that did the whole Pureblood thing."

All three of his mates just looked at one another and then laughed. Harry rolled his eyes and drank another mouthful of tea.

"No, love. The Malfoy family is relatively new to Britain; my ancestors were originally from France." Draco told him.

"The Zabinis are a very old Italian Pureblood line." Blaise shrugged. "But my Mother is French too, the Lavelle line, my Mother's maiden family, are old French Purebloods."

"The Maddisons are originally Greek. Way, way, way back, I'm not even talking generations, but a couple of centuries. We came over to England and we stayed, I think we still have family back in Greece, probably all over the world, but they're no longer recognised as blood related, our Drackens certainly wouldn't see us as related."

"I wonder what the Potters were." Harry said thoughtfully. "I never really thought about it before."

"They're English through and through, at least as far back as the records go. They sprouted from the Peverell line, which is also English as far back as the records go." Draco informed him.

"There are…twenty-eight Pureblood families in Britain?" Harry asked.

Draco shook his head. "Twenty-nine now because you were officially accepted back into the Pureblood fold after you 'married' four other Purebloods. Our children are all considered Pureblood too, well, except for Leolin, he's classed as a Faerie, but then the Faeries reject all notions of blood purity."

"I think I remember Parkinson saying something about that."

"She told her parents, who took it upon themselves to verify the information and then they rounded up all the other Pureblood families and they had an in depth discussion about it. You're officially welcomed back."

Harry snorted. "It's a political thing, I'm sure." He said. "Because of the defeat of Voldemort, they want to be seen supporting me and not Voldemort now that he's gone for good."

Draco nodded in agreement. "It likely is, yes, but that's besides the point, your family is a Pureblooded one and our children are Pureblooded."

"Don't the Purebloods have a get together like the Drackens?" Nasta asked, just appearing out of nowhere, but he'd obviously been following their conversation for a while.

"If you can call it that." Draco scoffed. "Its afternoon tea with a heap of aggravation, politics, sneering, gloating, boasting and one upping everyone else there. Mother took me a few times when I was a child to show off how well groomed, eloquent and educated I was."

Max snorted. "What happened?"

Harry laughed and Draco just sneered, raising a pale eyebrow. He didn't dignify Max's comment with a verbal response.

"Shouldn't you be going to one of those?" Blaise asked.

Draco shrugged. "I'm invited every other month, I always decline, we're always too busy and all five of us going and taking all eight kids, that would be a disaster."

"So just go by yourself and take Braiden or Farren with you, they're well behaved…or even Leolin, he won't cause any sort of fuss. Then Regan doesn't fuss either, it's mostly just Tegan, because she likes talking and holding conversations and Calix because he just won't keep still and wants to get into everything."

"Eva and Ave are too loud." Harry said with a smile. "I definitely recommend Braiden, he loves you and he likes going places."

"I don't like going to afternoon tea with those people." Draco sniffed.

"It's rude to ignore so many requests." Harry said. "I'll go, should I wear my brown jumper or the yellow one."

"You said that you'd binned those!" Draco hissed in repulsion. "You promised me that you'd thrown them out!"

"I'm not throwing away perfectly good jumpers just because you have a too high a standard of clothing."

"They're four sizes too big for you, they're full of holes, the brown one is fraying at the hem and they're both hideous colours!"

"Alright, calm down, you'll give yourself a stroke if you carry on." Max said. "Instead of focusing on the bad points, focus on the good!"

"Good? What good?!" Draco almost exploded.

"The brown jumper is bigger than the yellow one and it shows off this absolutely delectable shoulder." Max said as he pulled Harry's shirt aside and he nibbled along the skin. Harry laughed and squirmed as Max's mouth tickled him.

"Actually, if Harry pulls that jumper up to cover this shoulder, it's so big at the neckline that the other shoulder pops out to say hello." Max said as he moved to kiss and nibble along Harry's other shoulder, making him laugh and squirm harder.

"The yellow jumper has more holes too; one particular hole that I like is on the front, it shows this pretty, pink nipple, doesn't it?" Max asked Harry as his hand went up Harry's shirt to play with his right nipple; abused from that afternoon and ringed with a set of teeth marks that he thought might have been Nasta's. In fact, it probably was Nasta's, his top dominant would always have his biting fetish.

"You're just teasing me now." Harry said with a smile as he tilted his head back to see Max's face.

Max kissed him on the mouth, then did so again and then a third time. "Maybe just a little." He answered with a smile filled with love as he pulled Harry back with him to sit on his lap.

Harry shuffled around, swinging his legs sideways so that he could cuddle in fully and he gripped Max's shirt. It smelt of their fabric softener. He pressed his ear against that strong heartbeat, smiling as Max laughed under his head, his chest shaking with his laughs. He was asleep within minutes; he didn't remember being carried to bed or being tucked in a few hours later.

Harry forced a smile as he slipped away to the table of drinks and light finger foods at one end of the huge, rented, function hall. Talia had invited a lot of people to her twenty-eighth birthday and she was having a grand time, Harry just wished that she hadn't invited so many young, single men. Young, single men who seemed to think that he was a woman. When he'd gone to complain to his mates, Draco and Max had almost broken a rib each trying not to laugh and Harry had stormed away again.

He smoothed down his shirt, which met his jeans seamlessly; his dragonhide boots were masculine in design, what the hell made these inebriated men think that he was a woman?

He played with his hair and though it was a little long, he didn't think the messy, odd tufts were at all girly and his face certainly wasn't. He clenched his hands, those damn idiot strangers didn't know what they were talking about, it had to have been the free flowing drink from the open bar.

He made his way to the bar now and hailed a bartender.

"What can I get you?" The man asked.

"Something…anything." Harry said aggravatedly.

The man laughed. "That bad?" He asked sympathetically as he got a little shot glass and filled it with something before dumping it into a bigger glass of something else. "Here, this will help."

Harry sipped at it and screwed up his face at the almost acidic burn. It hit his belly just right though and he smiled.

"Thanks for this. I need something to take my mind away from the idiots here."

The bartender laughed. "I'm Paul."

"Nice to meet you, my name's Harry."

The man pulled back a little, looking shocked. Harry groaned.

"Not you too!" Harry sighed. "Half the idiots here think I'm a woman, you can piss off too."

Paul laughed. "It's your eyes. They look feminine, you have very long, thick eyelashes and with how big and bright they are…I don't think anyone else is looking anywhere other than your eyes, I know I never, so we just come to the conclusion that you're a girl."

"Well I'm not. I want another one of these!" Harry demanded as he drained the glass and pushed it back at Paul.

Paul laughed. "How about dinner, say tomorrow night?"

Harry laughed. "You are seriously barking up the wrong tree."

"Come on, being with another guy is fun." Paul insisted.

"I know that, I'm completely gay, but I have four lovers."

Paul's eyes widened. "Four of them?! Do they know about one another? You, you've really surprised me saying that."

Harry laughed harder. "Of course they know about one another! We live together. We have eight children too."

"How old are you?!" Paul demanded.

"Eighteen." Harry smiled. "I'll be nineteen in two months."

"Wow, you really don't look that old, to have eight children so young!"

Harry nodded. "I had one boy, then I had quintuplets, four boys and a girl and then I had twin girls in January."

"Ah, so it was because of the set of five that threw you so high? Why did you have more after you already had six?"

"I've always wanted a big family; I don't see the point of contraception, so I won't use it. Thus I get pregnant often, not that I mind. I'll probably have another baby some when soon."

"Don't you think that's a bit much?" Paul told him.

Harry snorted. "I hardly care. I want what I want; I don't care about other people or their opinions. I'm happy, my four lovers are happy, what else matters?"

"Well you certainly need four of them to help you out with eight children." Paul laughed. "Do you want another drink?"

"I better not. I'm already feeling a little blurry and light headed. That is some strong stuff."

"Go on, have one more. It's a birthday party after all."

Harry nodded. "I like Talia, she makes me laugh."

"She's a popular girl. She knows all sorts of people, including you."

Harry nodded as he accepted his third, very strong drink. He said goodbye to Paul and wandered away, he never noticed the man nod to a group of other men, who nodded back and followed him.

He didn't know where he was meandering to, only that everything was starting to blur much worse than it should have from only three drinks. He stumbled and almost fell, but someone held him under his arms and chuckled in his ear, holding him around the chest.

"Easy there, are you okay? Do you need a moment to wash your face? I think you had a bit too much to drink."

The person was speaking too fast, he couldn't understand and he just grunted, trying to understand what was being said to him. He found himself suddenly in a bathroom and he heard the door close and then lock. He panicked.

"Woah, come on, we just want a bit of fun. Paul thinks that you'll be fun."

Harry felt a Portkey jerk at his navel and he tried to think, but his brain was fuzzy…there was something else in those damn drinks that shouldn't have been.

He fell flat on his face on the landing, he was dizzy, queasy, he didn't know where he was or what was happening. The first thing he heard was a terrified woman screaming for help.

"What sort of woman did you bring?" A man grunted. "The other one is no fun."

"A cute one, amazing eyes. Paul picked her."

Another man snorted harshly. "That isn't a woman, that's a guy."


"No tits and a shirt done up to the collar. That makes two guys now, tell Paul to send some more bitches!"

"But Paul…"

"Likes it both ways." A man further back answered. "Doesn't matter to me like, a hole is a hole. Looks like we get two boys to play with, Kirk came back with another one a couple minutes before you. At least this one is small and pretty, the other one looks older and he's muscled and more handsome than pretty. You lot know I like the pretty boys better."

A hand touched his boot, presumably to pull it off and Harry had a moment of clarity where everything fell into place and he kicked out with his other leg, smashing his boot into a man's face, feeling the crunch of cartilage.

"You little fucking shit! I'll kill you!"

Harry staggered to his feet and swallowed hard, he tried to follow where everything and everyone was, but he couldn't and he inevitably got punched in the face. He hit the floor again like a stack of bricks.

Both boots got taken from him and his jeans. He screamed in wordless denial and he lashed out again, but he was held down and he heard men sniggering and laughing at his lumbering attempts to save himself. A woman in another room screamed again. He thought of his mates and then in another moment of clarity, he screamed again, hiding a distress call within it.

He felt three confused rumbles and he screamed at them harder as he fought to get his hands free. One call came to him much closer though…in the other room and he felt bile in his throat as he realised that one of his mates was in the same situation as he was. The other man who had been brought here was one of his own mates. One of his mates had been drugged and kidnapped too and might, even now, be being raped in the other room.

He was punched in the stomach and he roared in fury, wriggling his legs and bashing his knobbly knees into as much flesh as he could that was the man on top of him.

"Stop fighting so hard, you really do want this. I'll even prepare you, so just lay still and then we'll be done in a couple of hours, after we've all had a turn."

Harry heard men sniggering again and he wanted to kill them all. Every single last fucking one of them. He flexed his fingers and his claws were just there, tearing through the hands that were pinning him to the floor.

The man started screaming as fast and as loudly as he could draw breath, cradling his ruined hands as Harry's venom went to work…he'd be dead within minutes.

If he wasn't quite so drunk, perhaps he might have realised how paramount his actions were, how dangerous for him and his family, but he didn't as he leapt onto the man who had been on top of him, stabbing his claws in deep and tearing.

He stumbled to a door and barged it open and inside were more men and a passed out woman. He dodged the attempt that the tired, sated men made to grab him and stumbled through another door. Here he found even more men and a bloodied, partially naked Blaise. He screamed in absolute rage and he flew at the man on top of his mate and he went straight for his neck, biting into it hard with his fangs.

He was grabbed from behind and hit in the face, a knee catching his chest as he hunched over in pain. He heard his first mate roaring in anger off to his right as Blaise tried to fight off the men holding him down, trying to reach him to help him.

Harry's silk shirt was ripped and he snarled in fury, it had been a present from one of his mates, his blond mate. He screamed at the remaining three of his mates again, they snarled back at him, comforting him, they were on their way and they were angry.

"Right you little bastard, hiding fucking knives in your damn sleeves!" The new man on top of him shouted in his face, pinning him back to the floor as stars danced in his vison from the last punch to the head.

"Get the fuck off of me!" He screamed, letting out another distress call.

"Stop fucking screeching you little bitch!"

"Get off him or I'll rip out your fucking throat!" His mate roared.

He was forced to watch, pinned down as he was, as his mate was beat upon and thrown back to the floor on wobbly legs that had lost their trousers. He'd been drugged too.

Another man came and held his arms down, this time he pinned his wrists, not his hands and Harry couldn't break free. He screamed as loudly as he could, letting out his most distressed call yet as he realised that if his mates didn't come here in the next few minutes then they'd never be able to have any more children. He screamed again and he felt a dozen comforting grumbles come back to him. The family were on their way to him, as fast as they could, he just hoped that they got here in time before anything happened to him or Blaise.

"No one can hear you, this place is warded! Stop making so much fucking noise you little slut!"

An arm went across his windpipe and just like that, his breathing was cut off as an immense pressure was pushed onto his neck. His legs kicked out, but they couldn't reach the man who had spread his thighs and was sat between them hunched over him and he couldn't get his hands free from the other man. A click had him bucking his body in rage; someone was taking photos of him like this.

His vision was going white and his body became heavy, lethargic as the lack of oxygen started affecting his body, he tried to breathe, but that arm pressed harder against his windpipe, almost crushing it. That was when the door flew off its hinges and the weight was just suddenly gone from his body. He rolled into a ball and sucked in huge, gasping breaths. Someone touched his hair and he flinched away.

"It's alright, sweet one. It's Alexander." A soothing, calming voice told him and Harry felt tears leak out of his eyes and suddenly he was sobbing his heart out.

His hair was stroked and his back was rubbed and Harry found himself vomiting. Alexander moved him away from the noisome fluid and sat him up, keeping up his soft words and comforting touches.

Nasta was there then, hunched in front of him, cupping his chin, checking him over and snarling at every injury that he could see and all of those that he could scent out.

"Let me get you home…"

"Blaise! How is Blaise?!" Harry demanded.

Nasta looked away behind him and Harry peeked around Nasta to see a bloodied Blaise, naked from the waist down, tearing the fuck out of what he assumed had once been a man.

"He's alright, he wants to get revenge for you, not himself. That was the man that was pinning you down. I got the one who had you by the throat." Nasta explained.

"The…the camera." Harry said. "One of them had a camera, he was taking photos…I don't, I don't want anyone to have them."

Harry heard Max roar at that and he stalked over to where Harry was looking, to a man dead against the wall. He started searching him for the camera. He looked magnificent in his full Dracken form. His shirt in tatters as his giant, bright blue wings stretched to their fullest, the tips fluttering, almost vibrating, angrily.

He found the camera and took out the roll of film. He then smashed the camera against the wooden floor and stomped on it.

"Get Harry and Blaise home. We'll clean this up." Myron said seriously, he was in full Dracken form too, his jet black wings out and hovering behind him like spectral shadows, his arms were covered with blood almost up to his elbows.

Nasta eased him into his arms and stood up; Harry clung to him, still a little dizzy and nauseous.

"Claire is waiting back at your home, to check them both over."

Nasta growled deeply, roughly in his throat, even as he nodded his agreement. He took one last look around, held Harry tighter and then spun on the spot, Apparating them both back home.

Harry didn't remember much of what happened once he got back, only that their living room was filled with Max's relatives, who had all been at the party. Nasta hovered over him like an overprotective bear and watched Claire's every move like a hawk.

Harry drifted in and out of consciousness as it emerged that he'd been heavily drugged and likely would have been completely helpless if he hadn't been a Dracken and that his neck and the left side of his face would likely heavily bruise. He was unconscious when his other three mates came back home with Alexander and Myron. Blaise was being carried, much to his ire, by a very, very angry, overprotective Max, but Harry was dimly aware of a conversation about those men not being invited to Talia's party.

"Tender!" Harry choked out, his voice gratingly rough.

"Hey, calm down. It's alright, you're home now, you're safe." Nasta soothed patiently as he turned around to face him immediately and smoothed his hair out of his sweaty face with gentle hands.

Harry blinked at him. He was sat on the edge of the settee that Harry was laying on, protecting and shielding him from the rest of the room.

"Bartender." Harry repeated. "He…he did this, invited his friends and slipped them in so they…they could steal girls. They wanted a girl, they thought I was a girl…told you those men weren't right when they called me a girl."

"You've been drugged, Harry, you aren't making any sense." Nasta told him kindly.

"No, he is." Max said as he shoved his fingers through his hair. "He came to me and Draco, a group of men were heckling him because they thought that he was a woman, but we just laughed. I didn't think it would be this serious, I just thought a few of Talia's friends were a bit too drunk and had confused Harry for a woman."

"Which bartender, Harry?" Myron asked him calmly.

"Paul…his name was Paul. He wanted…wanted dinner with me." Harry said dreamily as he slipped back out of consciousness. He was dimly aware of Blaise groggily telling them that he'd also been served by the same bartender, a man named Paul, who'd hit on him and offered him a date.

When he next woke up it was morning, probably late morning at that or even noon if how bright it was, was any indication. He was in his bed, soft and warm in his cotton pyjamas, which were done up to the collar and the drawstring bottoms had been tied so tightly that there was no way they could even accidentally slip off his hips. He was snuggled up tight to Blaise.

He frowned into the pillow as memories of the previous day worked through his rapidly awakening brain. Talia's birthday, giving her, her present that afternoon and then later in the night they had gone to her party. That was when his mind made the leap and he shot up.

"Woah, are you okay? Are you going to be sick?"

Harry looked at Max, who was sat happily in the rocking chair by the bedside. He was panting heavily and he put a hand to his head.

"I think I'm okay." He croaked out. He moved a hand to touch his sore throat, but Max stopped him with a gentle hand.

"It is badly bruised, I've applied a bruise salve to it, so it's best not to touch it."

"Why does it always have to be me, Max?" He asked.

"You're a little trouble magnet, that's why."

That made Harry smile tiredly as he eased his aching body back down into the bed.

"Did you get the kids back from Mrs Weasley?"

Max nodded. "She was horrified and upset when we told her what had happened to you and Blaise. We didn't give her the exact details, only that you'd both been attacked at the party, she made you some chicken soup. It's a good idea with how painful it's going to be for you to swallow."

"I want some." Harry said. "My mouth feels like cotton wool."

"That would be the drugs you were given. You've been sweating them out all night."

"Potion?" Harry asked.

Max's eyebrows lowered as he considered what he might be asking.

"Drugs in potion form?" Harry clarified. "I didn't see tablets."

"They were pills, Harry. It's common for the bartender to keep you talking, so that you don't look at your drink, or mostly to stop you noticing the fizzing tablets in the bottom of the glass."

"I feel like a fool."

"Don't, none of this was ever your fault, or Blaise's for that matter, you were both specially targeted by a group of men who had obviously done things like this before. But don't worry they can't hurt anyone anymore."

"I killed two of them." He said.

"Yes, you did and between us, we killed the other eleven and my Dad went to pay the bartender a little visit too. You're safe now."

"Should have stayed by you and the others."

"Don't be ridiculous. This sort of thing doesn't happen every day and you certainly don't need to stay by our sides all day every day just to feel safe, you shouldn't have to. Nasta called your mind Healer though, he's booked you in for an emergency appointment so that you can talk this through with him, between him and us, you'll be fine."


"He's woken up, he's just angry that he couldn't do more to help you. He was very heavily drugged. I'm surprised that he was still conscious when we arrived. Of course we've told him that and explained that he was drugged too, but he feels like a failure as a dominant, so he's going to need your adoring attentions for a while, but he'll be just fine. You arrived just after him from what we can tell, no one managed to do anything of that sort to either of you."

Harry nodded. "I still want that soup."

Max smiled and kissed his forehead. "I'll go and get you some, maybe some chilled juice as well, it'll help your throat. You need some potions too, now that you're awake."

Harry nodded sluggishly.

"Don't move too much, you're still hurt and Nasta will have my balls on a plate."

Harry smiled tiredly even as he closed his eyes and rested some more. His body felt too heavy. This attack reminded him of Theodore Nott and Astoria Greengrass, hell he hadn't thought of that in a long while…he hoped that soon this would be the same and it would just be a distant memory that he never had to think about, he couldn't believe that Blaise had been targeted and attacked too.

He turned to his sleeping mate and kissed his cheek, laying himself back down and shifting closer to Blaise and pressing against him gently.

Another event in his life that he didn't want to think about and wasn't ever reminded about. He couldn't help thinking, as he drifted off to sleep, that this attack was somehow different. Nott's attack had been personal; he'd known the motivation behind it, he'd known why Nott had attacked him. Somehow, just being a victim of a random attack that could have happened to anyone, where he'd been targeted for no real reason and with no motivation behind it, it just seemed worse.

He was treated with kid gloves for the next few days, his mates spoke softly and quietly around him, even Blaise who had been attacked with him, they didn't let him do anything, he hadn't even been able to move out of the bed for the first two days, where he'd been hand fed soup and helped to drink juice and tea and encouraged to rest and sleep, though he was appeased slightly that Blaise was subjected to the same treatment, but the others never spoke to Blaise like he would break, only him.

Draco, Max and Nasta hadn't let him out of the bed and had even escorted him personally to the bathroom, remaining with him and blocking all his attempts to look at himself in the mirror before hurrying him back into bed. It was infuriating.

The pain potions worked a treat and the bruise salve meant that just three days later, on the twenty-third, no bruising remained on his face, body or neck. He hadn't been able to see exactly how bad it had gotten, but he knew just from their faces and how long it had taken to heal with potions that it had been very bad.

He could now eat semi-solids, things like jellies, mashed up vegetables and yoghurts, he felt like one of the kids as he was served a mashed up meal and a small bowl of yoghurt that he'd only been allowed to eat himself by wrestling the spoon away from Blaise, who'd been too worried about hurting him further to actually put up a real fight for the spoon. Of course his mate was allowed to eat by himself and he was being treated as normal, though perhaps a little more gently, but still pretty much normal. Harry felt sympathy for Draco now, who'd been treated like this after his fevers, only Harry had helped him out a bit by taking Nasta's attention away from the blond, Draco was not repaying the favour.

"Just don't push yourself. Claire said to take it easy." Blaise told him.

"I hardly think spooning baby food into my mouth counts as exerting myself." Harry said dryly as he picked at his unappetising food. "Besides, you were drugged and attacked too, why aren't you sat here next to me having baby food spooned into your mouth?!"

"I'm completely fine. I'm not even sore." Blaise told him.

"I'm fine too!" Harry insisted.

It was hard to believe that less than a week ago he'd been sorting through photos of happy memories and dressing up in little shorts to entice his mates into sex. It was like a bad dream and he dropped his head into his hand. He was glad that those bastards were all dead, even Paul the bartender, because if they hadn't been, he would be out there right now, hunting the fuckers down so that he could strip their flesh from their bones.

"I don't want this." Harry said as he pushed the tray away from himself. "I want meat, go hunting for me?" He asked Blaise.

"I…I don't know, love, your throat…"

"Works perfectly fine now, thank you. I want something I can sink my teeth into; I want warm flesh and blood, please."

Blaise nodded and he left the room. Harry took his untouched tray back into the kitchen where his babies were being fed what looked like exactly the same thing that he hadn't wanted to eat and he picked up Leolin.

"Harry, maybe you should…"

"If you try telling me what to do for one more minute I am going to find something to hit you with." He swore seriously. "I've had enough of the kid treatment; I want things to go back to normal."

"Can they?" Max asked him. "Can things really go back to how they were now?"

"Yes, of course they can, you lot just need to let go and let me and the mind Healer sort everything out. You treat Blaise the same, so give me the same respect and consideration."

"How is it going with him, he's never called you in on consecutive days before." Nasta said worriedly.

"Things are going fine, I'm working through the thoughts, feelings and emotions I had that night…not that I remember much of them thanks to that drug, but he wants to see me so often because we're making good headway and he doesn't want to ruin that. It's Talia you need to be talking to, she feels awful about this even though it's not her fault…the bartender came with the venue, it's not her fault that that place was as big as she needed for her birthday and I know now that though I didn't ruin her party, as I didn't know Blaise and I were going to be attacked, neither did she. No one knew that was going to happen and really, if it hadn't have been me and Blaise, it would have been someone else…like Alayla, Amelle or even Talia herself."

Max snarled ferociously at that thought and at once, eight babies went still and silent. Max calmed himself and blew out a huge breath.

"I know, I need to keep better control, but those pieces of slime really piss me off."

"Language." Harry chastised, in a complete imitation of Myron that made all three of them laugh.

"If you're truly feeling better, then we'll back off, but please don't hide any pain or hurt that you're feeling over this, we want to help you get better, with the mind Healer's help."

Harry nodded. "I know I'm going to be a bit messed up for a while. At least with certain things, but I don't like this tiptoeing around me, the soft, lowered voices as if I'm some untameable, wild animal that's going to lash out at any moment. It makes me feel worse. And no more baby food!" He added. "Claire said that my throat is fine, I can swallow normally, thank you."

"Okay, no more mashed up food. Do you want something else instead?"

"I've already got it on order." Harry said with a smile.

"You ordered take away?" Nasta asked.

"Eh, sort of. Blaise has gone hunting; I just want to tear something up with my teeth."

"You sent out Blaise?" Nasta demanded.

"He's fine, we're both fine." Harry stressed. "He wanted to hunt for me and he's perfectly capable of bringing down a deer for us to eat. I need to rip up something."

His two mates just looked at him. He rolled his eyes. "I am aware that this has links to the filth that attacked me and Blaise, I want to feel flesh under my teeth, hot blood and warm meat, but it has also been a while since any of you lazy bums have hunted for me."


Harry looked at Regan in shock and he groaned. "What are the chances of him not shouting that out the next time we take him shopping?"

"About twenty percent." Max told him.

"Bum!" Regan repeated happily, and loudly.

"Make that zero." Max amended.

Harry just shared a look with the two other men and all three of them burst out laughing.

The kid treatment had only just stopped when he was told by a concerned Richard that their trial was starting back up the next day.

"I really don't think that you need this right now, Harry." Richard told him when Harry insisted that he was going to court.

"No, you're wrong. I need to do it; I've always needed to do it. I was randomly, senselessly attacked, I know. But those people abused and neglected me throughout my childhood, I need to see them get what they deserve, I need to hear with my own ears what they're saying about me, I need to hear what possible excuses they can come up with for how they treated me."

"How's it going with the mind Healer?"

"Good. We've been focusing more on the recent attack than my past issues, but he's definitely helping to sooth me and calm me down over the whole thing, he's suggested that I take self-defence classes, he says that it might help me relax more and feel more in control and able to protect myself."

"Max is good with fighting; he had too many Uncles wrestling with him as a child."

"Max has been a huge help with it." Harry said with a smile towards his biggest mate. "He even lets me actually get a hit in now and then."

Richard chuckled a bit before he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Are you sure you want to come to the court?"

Harry nodded adamantly. "Yes. I think it'll do more harm to me than good if I stop going to the court. It'll be too much like hiding away and like I'm not facing my past issues. I've come this far in my recovery, I can't jeopardise it now."

"Then I'll be back for you tomorrow morning at half nine again. We'll get you a little something at the café before we go in, but it will last a little longer this time, now that the trial is actually starting. We'll have a break for lunch though and we should be done for the day in the afternoon."

Harry nodded and took a shaky breath. He could do this. His mind Healer, Sebastian Vasey, was adamant that seeing through the court proceedings would help him to face the rest of his lingering issues and he would see this through. He could and he would face his issues and he would get better, from what the Dursleys had done to him, to what those monsters had done to him last week. He would not only get over this, but he would face it, heal it and put it behind him. As his mind Healer said, he was a strong, independent man and he could do anything that he put his mind to with the right help and support that he needed.

They said goodbye to Richard and Harry sighed, mentally preparing himself for seeing the Dursleys tomorrow. He was going to be just fine, after this attack and through this court case, because he had all the support that he needed from his lovers.

He looked at his four mates; elegant, regal Draco. Suave, handsome Blaise. Strong, entertaining Max and stern, dependable Nasta. His rocks, his support, his beloved mates. They would see him through this, he knew they would and he trusted them to support him, to hold him up when he needed them to. He would get through this; he knew he would, because he had the best support system in the world.

"Come on, dinner's about ready." Max coaxed him off of the settee, shimmying him into the kitchen.

Harry grinned at him and allowed himself to be hurried to the kitchen table.

"I made lamb today; I know it's one of your favourite meats." Max told him, nuzzling his face with his nose.

Harry laughed and sat himself down. Max was always making him laugh these days, since the attack. It relaxed all of his mates to see him laughing and they always broke him out of anything that looked remotely like pensive brooding. They didn't let him think too hard about anything that had happened and for that, he was equal parts grateful and frustrated.

Nasta was in a good mood as well as he talked about their children and about the translations that Blaise had done from the hideous black book that Harry had given to him, Blaise had done a lot of translating in the past few days when he was stuck on bed rest with him.

Max spoke of potions, of the latest letter that Caesar had sent to him, regaling them with stories of what Eleonora and Beatrice were up to and the conversation was kept well away from the court case, the attack, Harry's mind Healer and Harry found himself smiling as he cut up his food and ate happily. He got a surprise after dinner though, as Nasta had left the kitchen saying that he'd heard something over the baby monitor that none of them had heard.

He came back ten minutes later, as they were just getting ready to settle in the living room with the tea that Draco had made because he hadn't wanted Blaise to get up and do it, he had naturally slipped Blaise a cup of coffee over tea in Nasta's absence.

"Max, put a spell on those dishes. One night won't hurt anyone. I've got a surprise."

"I knew that you never heard anything over that monitor!" Harry accused. "You're just being all sneaky."

Nasta grinned as he pulled Harry into a hug and pulled him into the living room. Harry's mouth dropped. The entire coffee table was covered with sweets and chocolate, including Draco's missing Ice Mice and Peppermint Toads and Harry's half eaten missing bar of fudge chocolate.

"You're not well, Nasta!" Harry declared as he teasingly felt his mate's temperature.

"I'm fine, but I've come to the realisation that I need to loosen up a little. So once a month we'll be sitting down after the kids have gone to bed, we'll watch as many films as we can stay awake for and we can have a binge on chocolate."

"You're my favourite person in the whole wide world." Harry declared as he wrapped his arms around Nasta and snogged him.

"I thought I was!" Max pouted.

"Obviously I'm only telling Nasta that to get chocolate." Harry stage whispered. "You're still my favourite really."

Max laughed deeply as he swiped Harry and carried him to the chocolate stash, where Harry immediately seized his 'stolen' fudge chocolate bar and bit into it. He moaned happily.

The others joined them and they all squashed themselves onto the same settee, Harry sat on Max with his legs thrown over Draco's lap and Blaise sat on Nasta's lap.

"What film do we watch first?" Blaise asked.

"There was one that Max wanted to watch the other day, but we never had the time, put that one on." Harry declared as he bit off an absolutely huge chunk of chocolate, chewing on it and sucking slowly to get the maximum flavour.

If Nasta kept this new routine up, then Harry could definitely see him being an incredibly happy man in the coming months. He wasn't completely fooled. It wasn't a coincidence that this 'idea' had struck Nasta on the same day that Richard had come to tell him about the court case resuming just a week after he and Blaise had been viciously attacked, no.

Nasta had done this on purpose just to keep him happy and contented and he was glad that his mate had thought to do this for him, because it did make him happy. He just hoped that when the court case was over and done with and the attack and the Dursleys were just nightmares of his past, that Nasta still kept up this…sort of mini date night, even if it was only once a month, because if Nasta was doing this just until the end of the court case, then Harry would be very unhappy when he had this quality time, shared and spent with his mates, taken away from him. He didn't want that, especially not when his heat period was coming ever closer.

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