The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


97. Chapter Ninety-One – Faerie Stories

It seemed that Harry had forgotten how very hard it was to have such young babies. Either that or his girls were ten times more demanding than his previous six children had been and at the moment he was leaning more towards the latter.

They were a little over a month old and they cried for everything, even for absolutely no reason and Harry was sure that they even cried when the house got too quiet as well.

"Mama, de canna no baba bana."

Harry picked up Tegan and sat her on his lap.

"I know, sweetheart, your little sisters are very loud aren't they?" He said as another high pitched shriek came from upstairs. "They take after your Daddy Max."

"Dada Ma." Tegan repeated and Harry kissed her lovingly.

"Yes baby, your Daddy Max. It seems he makes well behaved little boys, not so much well behaved little girls."

"We'll have to ban him from having any more girls." Blaise agreed as he swaggered into the room, dressed to perfection in one of his brand new sets of work robes.

He'd finally found somewhere willing to take on an inexperienced young man, just out of Hogwarts…well, several months out of Hogwarts now, but they had heard little else other than Blaise's new job since he'd been owled the news that he'd gotten an apprenticeship position. Max had been right though, no one wanted to hire an inexperienced graduate, Blaise had only gotten a job after he'd been accepted for an apprenticeship.

Of course Harry was bursting with pride for his mate, especially as it made Blaise so very happy, but he needed to focus on more than just Blaise's new job, especially with Nasta finally giving in and allowing Dain and Kailen to come and visit them and with Eva and Ave's very first Dragon Pox vaccine later that day, he was stressed. He just knew that it was going to go worse than the four quintuplets fourth vaccine had gone last month. He was glad that they, and Braiden, didn't need another one now until they were three years old, it was just Eva and Ave to sort out for the foreseeable future and Draco was already stressing about them being so unprotected.

"I don't think banning him from having girls will work." Harry said with a smile. "Not only is it actually impossible, but I want baby girls…they're just so loud!"

"They're healthy and have good lungs." Draco commented from the armchair, where he was sat reading a book.

"They do. But I'll still plug them up with dummies if it'll help keep them quiet for a few minutes." Harry laughed as he bounced Tegan on his knee.

"When are those meddling Faeries coming over?" Draco asked with a small sneer.

"After the hospital appointment." Harry replied. "Now Blaise, have a good day, don't get too stressed and enjoy yourself." Harry told him as he stood up to peck his lips and held Tegan up for the same.

He shared a last hug with Blaise and then his mate was gone, half an hour early to his first day of his first ever job, joining Max, who was also already in work, and Nasta, who was only working a half day today so that he'd be home at midday in time for the girls' vaccinations that afternoon.

"Just me and you now, Harry." Draco commented.

Harry laughed. "You mean, me and you and eight babies?"

Tegan giggled and clapped her hands together. Harry smiled at his almost fifteen month old daughter, she was always laughing, though Max pointed out that it sounded more like a cackle. Harry flung a cushion at him every time he dared to say such a thing in his hearing range.

Braiden, his almost nineteen month old son, toddled to his leg and tugged on his trousers.


"What do you want, Braiden?" He asked as he looked down at his sweet son.

Braiden lifted his arms up and Harry smiled, he bent down and picked him up and sat him on his other hip, cuddling him.

"Don't overdo it." Draco cautioned as he put his book down and came to take Tegan off of him, cuddling her in his own arms.

"I know, I know. It's not like I picked up Braiden and Farren." Harry sighed. "I am getting better and the scar is fading. I'll be back to normal soon."

"I know, just take it easy, please." Draco told him, putting their foreheads together and rubbing their noses against one another, which made Harry smile. "I don't want to see you hurt."

Harry chuckled and pecked at Draco's lips. "I'll be fine. Now it's almost nine in the morning, Blaise has just fed Eva and Ave, they'll need a nappy change soon, I'll cut up some apples for a snack for the kids and then I'll start on lunch."

Draco groaned as he sat back on the settee with Tegan. "What did I just say about overdoing it? Just calm down. I'll sort out Eva and Ave and the kids' midmorning snack, you just stop stressing so much or you'll do yourself an injury."

Harry blushed a little. "Sorry. I think maybe we need a calendar or a cork board or something so that we know what we're doing, I need everything written down just so that I know that I'm not forgetting anything; I'd feel awful if I forgot something important just because we have too much to focus on and some things end up slipping through the net."

Draco closed his book, which he'd left open on the arm of the chair and put it on the side table before picking up a piece of parchment and a self-inking quill and he wrote down a quick schedule of the day while Harry was distracted by Braiden and their quintuplets, as Tegan had immediately moved off of the settee and gone back to Harry when he'd sat back down.

He smiled as he watched Harry being surrounded by five adorable, sweet children. He stood up and checked on Leolin, who was scowling fiercely up at the floating shapes above him, tracking them with his golden eyes. He almost looked like he was sneering and Draco smirked, ruffling the slowly thickening, black hair gently.

He handed the piece of parchment to Harry and went to check on Eva and Ave, he didn't want to disturb them, they were quiet at the moment and he'd like to keep it that way, but he needed to make sure that they didn't need a nappy change after Blaise had fed them.

Little feet stomping on the wooden floorboards of the hallway behind him had him peeking over his shoulder to see Regan toddling after him as fast as his bandy legs could take him, a toothy grin on his face.

"Where do you think you're going, hm?" He asked as he picked his little boy up and sat him on his hip.

He carried Regan up the stairs and went into his bedroom, where Ave and Eva were sleeping peacefully in their bedside bassinets. He had only kept Regan with him because he was their most quiet child, after Leolin that was, and he wasn't likely to wake the girls up with an ill-timed screech.

He peeked in on the sleeping girls, checked their nappies and changed Eva's when he found her wet, watched avidly by a fascinated Regan.

"I think it's time for a midmorning snack now, do you want some apple?" He asked as he picked Regan back up and swung him over his shoulder, getting a soft giggle for his efforts.

He went back down the stairs, closing the baby gates as he went.

"Oh there he is! I was panicking as I couldn't find him. This schedule is brilliant though, Draco, thank you." Harry said as he took Regan from him and Draco just smirked and nodded before he went to cut up four apples for the kids to nibble on before their lunch.

Harry snuggled Regan and went back into the living room, where the TV was set onto an infant cartoon channel that was more than a little freaky, but Braiden was engrossed with it, standing against the coffee table, rocking from foot to foot in an adorable little dance to the music as he watched the creepy cartoons.

"You'll give them bloody nightmares putting that on." Draco complained as he came in with Farren toddling excitedly behind him.

"They like it and it's not too bad, just a little…strange." Harry defended as Draco put a bowl of thin apple slices down on the coffee table. There were four different varieties of apples and they were all different colours, from a solid dark red, a crisp, fresh looking green, a red and green mix and a green that was almost a yellow. Harry smiled approvingly.

Farren grabbed a handful and Harry took a hold of his wrist gently and pulled up his best serious face. "One at a time, Farren." He said as he held up a single finger and Farren pouted at him, but he used his other hand to pick up one slice from his handful and he used his several teeth to bite into it happily.

"Good boy." Draco praised as he bent to kiss Farren's brown hair.

Harry made sure that all the kids had at least one apple slice before he picked up Leolin and went into the kitchen with him, sitting him in a soft seated highchair so that he could recline backwards as he wasn't good at sitting up unaided and he started on making lunch for his children and for him, Draco and Nasta before they'd have to get the girls ready for their first injections.

Myron and Richard were coming over to babysit for them while they went to the hospital and Aneirin would be over after that for Dain and Kailen's afternoon visit. He sighed…they were taking on too much, he was sure of it, and now that Blaise had a job to fill in the void as he tried to start up his own business, it was just him and Draco who were unemployed and Draco had started making hints that he was going to start searching for a job soon, which would leave him on his own on some days with all eight of his babies, hell by the time that Draco found a job he could even have nine or more babies and he had to breathe deeply to calm the panic and the stress. Everything would be alright, they had a huge extended family that they could rely on if things got difficult, they wouldn't truly be alone, even if it seemed like they were at times.

Harry had just finished washing the dishes from lunch when Myron and Richard flooed over and Harry happily hugged them both tightly, absorbing the warm comfort that they offered and he pulled back with a sigh.

"Thank you for doing this for us."

"It's not a problem, Harry." Myron told him seriously, pulling him back into another hug and patting his back.

"Well Nasta is having a quick shower, Draco is getting the girls ready and the others are everywhere!" Harry said.

Richard laughed. "Got it. Are they down for their naps?"

Harry nodded and then moved his hand to the reclining high chair where Leolin was sat grumpily. "All of them but Leolin, but then he had a good night last night, he slept for almost nine hours straight, it frightened all of us half to death when we realised that he hadn't cried for his one O'clock feed or his six O'clock feed, but when we checked, he was just sleeping, but now he doesn't want to take any naps."

"That's okay, you leave him to us, we hardly spend enough time with Leolin because the other five are so active. It'll be good for the three of us." Myron told him and Harry watched as Richard pulled faces at Leolin, who scowled even harder.

"The wind will change and your face will get stuck like that." Richard told Leolin seriously.

Harry looked at Myron and shook his head. "You got one and I got one, we can comfort one another later, after I get back from the hospital and before those pissing Faeries come over."

"Language." Myron chastised him with a smirk, but he pulled him into that huge, thick body and gave him a squeeze. "Richard and Max aren't too bad…though I have to lump Caesar into that group too, you just have to know a good muffling charm so you can't hear them."

Harry chuckled. "I do know a good muffling charm."

"Are you ready?" Nasta asked, his black hair was still damp, but he was dressed and ready to go.

"Draco is still fussing with the girls. He's put them both in sleeveless dresses so their arms are easily accessible, but now he's worried about them being too cold so he's digging around for cardigans and he's complaining about the lack of matching shoes."

Nasta let out a long suffering sigh and he turned back the way he'd come and went past the downstairs bathroom to go upstairs to sort out Draco and the girls.

"He looks overly stressed." Richard commented casually.

Harry hummed softly. "He is…he's got the most dangerous job out of all of them, he works long hours, he always has a ton of paperwork to do and still he insists that he does the night feeds. He's doing too much but he pulls top dominant over us, so we can't do anything about it. I'll be much happier when the girls start sleeping through the night, but from the way they act thus far, they're never actually going to sleep through the night."

"Why do you think that?" Myron asked concernedly.

"They cry for the sake of crying." Harry told them as he ran a hand through his hair. "They cry when it's too loud, they cry when it's too quiet, they cry if they think they haven't been fussed over for a while and then they cry for no reason that we can figure out. They're nonstop criers."

"I'm glad you're taking them with you." Richard laughed.

Harry rolled his eyes and finished cleaning the last of the kitchen before he picked up Leolin and cradled his little boy gently as he took him into the living room.

"We're going to be late if those two don't hurry up." Harry grumbled checking the clock concernedly.

"Pass Leolin to me and go and see what's taking them so long, surely these vaccinations are more important than if they're wearing shoes that match their dresses and cardigans." Myron told him.

Harry heaved out a breath and nodded, handing Leolin over carefully and he went up the stairs to check on what the hell his two mates were doing.

He found them in their master bedroom, a baby apiece dressed like they were going for professional photo shoots.

"What is taking you two so long? We're going to be late!" He hissed. "Get those girls in their carrycots and get downstairs!"

"It's too cold for them to go out barefoot and I can't find any shoes for them."

Harry made a soft, angry noise in his throat, he strode to the dresser and pulled out two pairs of tiny white, frilly socks, he jerked them apart and wiggled them onto his daughters' little feet, folding over the frilly tops.

"There…their feet are covered, they don't need shoes at a month old!"

"Are you okay?" Nasta asked him, putting Ave into his one arm and pulling him into cuddle against his other side.

"I just…I don't want them to miss this appointment and we're pushing it here, we have ten minutes to get to the hospital."

"What?!" Draco raged, looking at his pocket watch. "Our appointment is for…"

"The appointment is for one O'clock, Draco…it's ten to. It doesn't matter what they are wearing, how they're dressed or if their bloody cardigans and socks match their dresses, it's not important, these vaccinations are important and out of everyone I would have expected you to be more concerned with their health over their appearance."

"I lost track of the time, of course I care more about these inoculations! I made the appointment for them!"

"Then get Eva into her carrycot and let's go before we miss it!"

Draco actually listened and Harry took a moment to rest on Nasta, before he took Ave from his arms and followed Draco down to the living room, where his mate was strapping Eva up securely.

"You have six minutes to get to the hospital." Richard supplied helpfully.

Harry glared at him. "We're going now." He hissed as he made sure Ave's straps were secure and tight around her little body.

Draco picked up one carrycot and Nasta the other, leaving Harry with the already packed and ready nappy bag. He didn't think they'd need it, but it was better to be safe after all.

The hospital was loud, crowded and busy and they couldn't find a place to sit down in the waiting room after they'd checked in so they had to make do with standing, which played hell with Harry's stomach muscles as he shifted from foot to foot agitatedly.

"Rest against me." Nasta encouraged him and he pulled Harry until he was taking a bit of weight off of his own feet and he sighed, realising that this was why he was so short tempered today, he was in pain and he hadn't even realised it.

An Orderly in her pale yellow robes called them at almost fifteen minutes past one and that annoyed him too, if they had an appointment for one O'clock, why were they called almost fifteen minutes after their appointment time? He didn't care how busy they were, they should stick to their given appointment times!

Healer Nasser was waiting for them and Harry almost sighed at seeing the friendly face. If it had been anyone else, he may have just lost his temper, as irrational as it might have been.

"So these are the little ones causing all the fuss?" He said with a smile. "Harry Potter, pregnant for a third time in less than two years, at just eighteen years old, even though he already has six children, what a terrible scandal!" He teased and Harry smiled.

"What can I say, I don't like contraception and I'm definitely not giving up the night time activities."

Healer Nasser laughed and he patted the bed with the sides pulled up. Taking a breath, Harry unstrapped Eva from her carrycot and he laid her down on the bed, taking her one arm out of her cardigan ready for the Dragon Pox injection.

Healer Nasser did a few cursory checks on her before he started; checking her length, weight, head circumference, colouring, heartbeat and he took a peek in her eyes, mouth and ears.

"She's in very good health, she's a good weight too, wonderful. Is this the oldest twin?"

Harry nodded and the Healer turned and wrote a few more notes down in his file.

"Right then, let's get this little girl vaccinated."

Harry watched as the Healer unwrapped a new needle, took out a tiny little bottle of liquid and pushed the needle into the bottle, drew up the liquid and then he turned to Eva. Harry took another steadying breath and rolled his daughter slightly onto her side and he held her arm out for the needle, which slid easily under her soft, pale skin. Healer Nasser slowly depressed the plunger and then withdrew the needle and only at that moment did Eva open her mouth and scream.

Ave woke up and she screamed with her sister as Harry quickly passed Eva over to Draco and picked up Ave, letting Healer Nasser check her over, check her measurements and everything that he needed to before he prepared the injection and Harry held Ave still as she was vaccinated.

Her cries picked up a higher pitch and when Harry picked her up to comfort her, she vomited over his chest, which he ignored as unimportant.

"Thank you, Healer." Harry said as he watched Healer Nasser discard the used needles into a bright yellow box and then pop the empty vaccine bottles into a white bin on the floor.

"My pleasure, Harry. Despite the tears and the screams, I'm happy to see two new little girls vaccinated against such a vile disease."

"Have you had an increase in people vaccinating their children?" Draco asked curiously.

Healer Nasser nodded happily. "Yes, we're seeing an increase every month in those vaccinating their children, it's common knowledge that your oldest ones are now fully vaccinated and only need booster jabs from now on, so that you've given them the full course of vaccine, it's waking more and more people up to the dangers and the need to have their children vaccinated. I've waited a long time to see this happen."

"Good." Draco said as he grimaced as Eva's snotty nose came into contact with his shirt. He quickly got out a handkerchief and dug carefully around in her nose to clear it for her.

"I'll see you back in two months for their next dose, here is your appointment card. If you can't make it, just see the welcome witch at the front and she'll change it for you or if it becomes a problem at a later date, then you can owl the hospital for a different appointment."

Harry checked the card and handed it to Nasta as he cradled Ave tightly to his chest, ignoring the spit up milk on his shirt for now; there was nothing that he could do about it as his twin daughters continued to scream.

"Do you want to use my private floo? I can't imagine you wanting to go back out into that waiting room with those two."

"That would be very appreciated, thank you." Nasta spoke quietly.

They were led into an office next door and they flooed back home quickly, Eva and Ave still screaming their lungs out after their new and very unappreciated ordeal.

Two hours later and Harry was clinging to Max who had just fed him a wonderful potion which had eased away all of his pain and he could finally relax as his tight, tensed muscles melted with the blissful effects of the potion.

"You should have taken this a couple of hours ago, why didn't you?" Max clicked his tongue at him as he put the stopper back into the vial and slipped the empty bottle back into his potions case, zipping up the top securely.

"We were at the hospital before I even realised that I was in pain and when we got home we were just trying to settle down Eva and Ave and that took over an hour and their arms are already bruising. I just didn't think to stop and take it."

Max shook his head and cuddled him tighter, laying kisses all down his neck and he brushed his hair and his jumper aside to kiss over his shoulder. Harry chuckled breathily.

"Stop that, the kids will be awake soon and Dain and Kailen will be here in an hour or so."

"I don't care; you're too delicious and irresistible. I have to have a taste of you and this luscious skin."

Harry smiled and cuddled into Max, tilting his head to give him more access to his neck. Eva and Ave were fast asleep after their hour long crying fit, the napping babies would be waking up soon and Leolin was sleeping peacefully, they had come home to find him, like a blot on Myron's massive chest, sleeping soundly with Richard cuddled in to Myron's side, a huge arm holding him in place as he stroked a hand slowly and rhythmically down Leolin's tiny back. It had been so sweet, so domestic that Harry had ordered them not to move an inch as he pushed Ave onto Nasta and then urged him and Draco to hurry Eva and Ave out of the room so that he could take a few quick photographs.

Myron and Richard had gone soon after they'd come home. They were visiting Ashleigh in the hospital today, which is why Harry had been so agitated about the delay to their scheduled appointment time, and Harry had placed Leolin down so that he could carry on sleeping and he'd gone to help Nasta and Draco with the twin girls. Now everything was silent for the minute as he took a stolen moment with Max. It didn't last long.

Nasta soon came into the room with a yawning Braiden on his hip, his little face still sleep creased from his cot sheets and his hair all mussed up. Harry smiled adoringly at him as he took Braiden off of Nasta and cradled him in his arms and Braiden just snuggled in for a short while before he woke up a bit more.

It took twenty minutes for the quiet calm to turn into piercing screeches, giggles, shouts and the sounds of five happy toddlers at play, Leolin was awake and he was sat on Harry's lap, the both of them reclined backwards, both watching the room as it descending into complete chaos. It was this chaos that Aneirin flooed into just five minutes later.

"Well they all look happy and boisterous." He laughed. "How are the girls?"

"They're sleeping peacefully, but their arms are already bruising." Harry shook his head. "They hated it, they cried harder and longer than any of the others did."

"From the noise I came home to, I thought that the Healer had cut off their arms at the elbow." Max said with a grin. "Instant headache."

"It was that bad?" Aneirin asked concernedly.

Harry nodded. "It was, we've all had to take headache relievers it was that bad. I can still hear their screeches ringing in my ear. Eva wiped her nose on Draco, so he's very unhappy and Ave threw up all over my front."

"But they're okay now?"

Harry nodded. "A bit flushed and a bit warm with the after effects of the vaccine, but they're both sleeping now."

"And how is this little boy doing?" Aneirin asked, sitting next to Harry and cupping Leolin's cheek with a gentle hand.

"He's doing wonderfully well. He slept for a full nine hours last night and refused to have a midmorning or an afternoon nap after his lunch, but he did fall asleep on Myron and he stayed asleep for a little under two hours, so he's all refreshed and ready to meet and greet…not that he looks very happy about that, but then he's always scowling these days."

"He's an adorable little Unseelie." Aneirin praised before his attention was taken by Calix racing over on his hands and knees and rearing back on his knees and lifting his arms up. "Well hello, Calix, how are you big boy?"

"Big boy." Calix repeated with a wide grin as he was picked up and sat on Aneirin's lap.

"Well that's new, how long has he been talking like that?"

"Two days, I sent you an owl, but it must still be travelling." Harry said with a gooey smile. "He only does it with certain words and phrases, like big boy, good boy, get down, sit down, no and bye."

"Bye." Calix said, flopping a little hand at the wrist in an imitation of a wave.

"Bye? Where are you going?" Harry asked him with a smile.

Calix smiled back and curled up with a laugh as Harry tickled him.

"I thought I heard you."

Harry turned to the door to see Nasta standing tall, dressed casually, but neatly. He was smiling at his Father, but there was a tension that he couldn't quite hide at his eyes and the corners of his mouth.

"What are you stressing for?" Aneirin asked. "Everything will be fine, Nasta. They just want to fuss over him a little."

"It'll be just them, though? Just them."

"You know that two guards have to escort them, they're members of the court."

Nasta's teeth ground together and Harry slipped Leolin to Max and stood to go and comfort his angry, agitated mate.

"They're coming for a private, personal visit, not on court business!"

"You know it doesn't matter…besides this could be classed as court business, Leolin is of great interest to the court after all."

"I don't want my home invaded by guards! They're supposed to be family, they should come here as family!"

Aneirin sighed. "I know, I get the feeling that they don't trust us yet…the dirty dragons may turn into beasts and injure them while they visit."

Nasta snorted. "I will injure them if they don't watch their step."

"Just…please, don't start anything." Harry begged. "I want them to see Leolin and then I want them gone, I don't want them here for more than an hour. If you start arguing they could be here all afternoon."

"They damn well won't." Nasta all but hissed.

"Max, tea, please." Harry begged in fragments.

Max stood up and he handed Leolin back to Harry before leaving the room. Harry hoped he had gotten his hidden message and put a drop of calming draught in everyone's tea. He couldn't take any more stress.

Harry got Nasta to sit down and he put Leolin onto him, if anything would assure that Nasta would relax and calm himself down it was giving him one of the kids, Leolin especially as he was more delicate and vulnerable and their Drackens instinctively knew that.

Max came in quickly and he gave Harry a long look and Harry almost sighed as he fell on his cup of honey tea. Max had gotten his message and he'd put the calming draught in the tea.

Nasta and Aneirin both drank their tea and nibbled the biscuits…one of which was swiped by a very quick, opportunistic Farren, who had toddled quickly away and hidden, badly, behind a chair to suck and gnaw on it.

Harry laughed at him with his mates and Aneirin, the terrible tension broken. He shook his head softly.

"He's crazy." He said with a smile.

"What do you expect; he was made between me and you." Max said.

Harry gave him an affronted look. "Me? You're saying this is my fault? Oh no, I won't take equal blame for that with the likes of you. Calix is my baby, Farren is all you."

Max roared with laughter and it amused Harry that four babies turned and joined in with their Daddy Max without knowing what they were even laughing at.

Calix crawled from Aneirin, over Nasta, who held Leolin up securely as he let Calix pass over him, and then over Max and he sat himself straddling Harry's lap. Little hands grabbed his chin and Harry bent down to receive the wet, dribbly, smacking kiss that Calix gave him and he didn't even wipe a hand across his mouth, he'd done that just once and Calix had cried for ten minutes and then ignored him for half the day.

"What does my baby boy want?" Harry cooed as he wrapped his arms around Calix and rocked them both back and forth.

Calix giggled and clapped his hands. Harry smiled and he cuddled Calix tightly. It was hard to believe that his quintuplets were almost at the same age that he had been when he'd lost his parents and had been orphaned thanks to the attack by Voldemort, it was even harder to believe that Braiden was older that that.

He immediately stubbed out the thought process of thinking of his children without him and his mates there for them. It wasn't worth thinking about, he would be there for them and his children would never live the same life that he had as a child. He would never allow it.

"You've gone all morose, are you okay?" Max asked as he cupped Harry's chin and tilted it back so that they could have eye contact.

"Just thinking too hard." Harry sighed as he rested against Max.

"This visit is going to be fine." Aneirin assured him.

Harry nodded. "I know, I'm not worried about anything happening, I just can't switch my brain off."

"A lot is happening in these next few months." Nasta agreed with a soft exhale.

Harry swallowed hard as he was reminded forcibly that his court appearance against his own family was in just three months' time. Richard had everything ready, he'd finally gotten all of his evidence sorted out and his case set up and he was ready to go into a court room and rip the Dursleys to pieces over their past actions, but they knew that the Dursleys also had a lawyer who would have spent the time that they had been gathering evidence instructing the Dursley family on what to do and what to say to get them the lowest possible sentence. It was galling.

He was distracted by Draco coming into the room with both Eva and Ave, who were both wide awake and both mewling unhappily.

"What sort of noise is that?" Max asked as he stood up and went to check on his two daughters.

"The grizzly sort of noise." Harry replied as he played with Calix's hair. "Like I said, they're not happy unless they're the centre of attention, they grizzle when they're not."

"Well, do they want anything?" Max asked curiously.

"They're not wet, they're not due a feed and they've just woken up from a nap." Draco told them.

"How are their arms?" Harry asked.

Draco pulled a face. "Badly bruised and getting worse too."

"Maybe that's why they're grizzling." He said as he stood up with Calix cocked on his hip and made his way over to his girls.

He pulled the blanket from around their bodies until he could see their left arms, the one that the Healer had injected with the vaccine. The injection site was steadily going darker. He sighed.

"Get something to sooth the area, please. Keep it compressed, I heard that keeping the area compressed will help with bruising and recovery."

"Mama, babas bad?" Calix turned and asked, looking at Harry to his little sisters with a frown.

"Yes Calix, they're feeling a little poorly at the moment, but they'll be okay."


Just one word, a soft, almost inaudible sound and Harry kissed Calix, placed him on the floor where he crawled off as fast as he could go to where Braiden was playing with several wooden blocks and Harry turned to Leolin, who was staring at him intently from Nasta's lap.

Harry picked him up carefully, still supporting the back of his head and his neck and he kissed him too and then cradled him in his arms.

"Ma." Leolin repeated.

"I still think it's astounding that he's talking so early." Aneirin said proudly.

"He's come on so well." Harry agreed as he smiled at Leolin, who caught sight of it and grinned widely back with his toothless mouth. "He's grinning at me again!"

His mates and Aneirin all came to peek at him and they just caught the grin before Leolin saw them and scowled so hard his eyebrows furrowed down.

"He's so adorable and his puppy love with you is so cute." Max said.

All of them stopped when the floo warning sounded and announced a visitor who wasn't tied in to their wards. Harry sat down with Leolin and cradled him as Max stood in front of Harry and Nasta went to stand opposite him to protect their playing children, Draco put Eva and Ave down into their bassinets and stood in front of them as Aneirin tensed, ready to protect his son, sons-in-law and his grandchildren.

Warren flooed through first and he smiled at them warmly, greeting them like old friends and Harry eased down. He liked Warren; he had always been kind to them and helpful too and Harry was happy to see him. Nasta however growled when Dain flooed through after Warren, followed by Kailen and then lastly another guard. The same one who had come to visit the last time, the one that had been rude to them, the one that none of them liked and hadn't wanted to see again.

"Thank you for coming." Harry said when the silence stretched on and on uncomfortably. "Take a seat."

"You're not pregnant this time."

"No, I gave birth a month ago." Harry said with narrowed eyes. "I'm still recovering and I'm still sore, so sit down."

Dain and Kailen acquiesced without another word and sat down together on the adjacent settee. Warren and the other guard took up positions behind them both, standing behind the settee.

Of course Braiden immediately wanted to know what was happening and who the new people were. He stood up and toddled to the coffee table, he studied the new arrivals intently, making sure that they were actually new and that he hadn't seen them before, before he looked to Harry with a pouty frown.

"Mama?" He questioned as he pointed to the four people on the settee. The Faeries watched him back even more intently, insanely curious. Faerie babies didn't walk or talk before they were five or even six years old in some cases; it must have been strange for them to see Braiden doing both at a little over a year old.

"These are our guests, Braiden; they've come to see us and your brother, Leolin."

"Baba in." Braiden nodded. He toddled around the table and then walked from the table to the settee, where he climbed up and sat straight on Kailen's lap, watched by four astounded Faeries.

Braiden proceeded to strike up a conversation with Kailen, who had no idea what to do and he rushed to support Braiden and appeared confused as to what he was supposed to say in relation to Braiden's conversation and what he was supposed to do as he hurried to support Braiden's head and neck, only to have his hand smacked away angrily by Braiden.

"Braiden is very bold and forward." Harry said with a smile. "He likes meeting new people and he always makes sure that our guests aren't left out. Would you like some tea?"

"I…tea…yes. Tea would be lovely, thank you." Kailen said as he tried to pull himself together and away from his undignified gawping at Braiden.

"How is little Leolin?" Dain asked.

Harry swallowed and he took a breath, he stood up and crossed the distance to Dain and he placed Leolin gently into his arms.

"Leolin is fine."

"He has no signs of his hospitalisation?" Dain asked in surprised.

Harry shook his head. "None. His and Calix's coughs have gone, they're both breathing easier and their check-ups showed absolutely nothing amiss, they're both fine."

"Baba in!" Braiden greeted as he placed his hand on Leolin's head. "Baba, no gee an habba ah."

"That's right, Braiden, Leolin is being held by our guest, this is Dain."

"Ain." Braiden repeated.

"And this is Kailen."

"Aien." Braiden nodded.

Braiden bent his head down and he kissed Leolin gently, before he slipped down off of Kailen's lap, off of the settee and he toddled back to his brothers and sister and the toys.

"That…that is amazing." Warren exclaimed, sounding as amazed as he claimed Braiden to be.

Harry laughed. "It must be so strange for you to see."

Kailen nodded. "Yes…we knew that other species babies were more advanced, naturally, but actually seeing it, seeing this tiny little boy upright and walking, talking and actually understanding what is being said to him at, how old is he, eighteen moon turns? It's…it's…" Kailen shook his head, unable to find the word that he wanted to use to describe what he was seeing.

"Braiden is advanced for his age; he's a Dracken child after all." Nasta said tonelessly. "But even Leolin took partial Dracken blood."

Four heads snapped to Nasta at that and then to Leolin, scrutinising him as if they would be able to see any imperfections or blemishes on him that would be a sign of his Dracken blood.

"How do you know?" Dain asked.

"Well he's our child for starters; we know how he acts and what he does that he's not supposed to be doing from the books that the court gave to us. He survived being premature and his lung infection for one thing, which points to him being stronger and more robust than full blooded Faeries."

"That could be a coincidence, a wonderful miracle; it does not mean that he took Dracken blood."

"Would you be so adverse to the idea if he had?" Aneirin asked sharply, giving them a solid, hard look.

"No, no!" Kailen assured. "It is just that Leolin surviving through his life's hardships does not prove that he took his parents' Dracken blood."

"How about the fact that he understands us, recognises us or that he can talk at fourteen months old or that he's been doing so for some months now? He first spoke when he was eight months old." Nasta asked with a smug smirk.

"He…he can speak? At his age?!" The unknown guard asked incredulously.

"Yes, yes he can." Nasta said proudly.

"This is ridiculous." Harry sighed. "What the hell is your name?" Harry asked the unknown Faerie. "You've been here twice and I still don't have a clue who you are, it's rude."

"Forgive us; this is Auric, one of the guards." Kailen introduced, looking at the guard as if he was only just seeing him and he was of no importance, which really he wasn't to Dain and Kailen, they were court members, two of only nine Faeries given such an honour out of the hundreds of Faeries living in and out of the Faerie city, the man behind them was merely a guard employed to be their bodyguard and to protect them with his life. A nobody. Warren it seemed registered more on their radar as he was a friend of theirs through Trefor if he'd understood what they'd told him correctly, this Auric apparently wasn't anything other than a guard.

Max came back into the room with a tray of tea. He was using his previously unused tea set which included the little sugar bowl, the matching jug of milk and the matching patterned tea cups, saucers and teapot. Harry smiled because he knew that Max had been waiting for such an excuse to break it out and use it since he'd been given it almost four years ago as a gag gift by his brother, before they'd even become mates.

"What does Leolin say?" Dain asked curiously.

"Leolin!" Harry called, clapping his hands gently and waiting until he had his son's attention before carrying on. "What do you want? Do you want to come here to me?"

"Ma." He called out softly, one little hand rising up and out to Harry.

Harry hefted him up and kissed him softly.

"I love you, Leolin."

Leolin held his chin in both hands and clenched his little fingers, his tiny nails pinching Harry's skin.

"Ma." He repeated quietly.

Harry laughed and sat down, Leolin sat on his lap and he turned him around to face the room and he held him upright, slightly reclined back to take the weight of his head, because though Leolin could now sit up with help and keep his head from flopping to either side, he couldn't hold it up himself for very long and if they didn't support his head, he toppled either forwards or backwards or to either side, even while he was being held.

"He can sit up?" Kailen asked in bewilderment as he saw Leolin sitting up.

Harry nodded proudly. "He's getting better at it every day. He's moving his arms and legs more co-ordinately now too."

"He's moving as well?"

"Braiden, sweetie, can you bring Leolin's blue rattle to me please." Harry asked loudly and clearly, emphasising the toy he wanted and it took Braiden a few moments to process what he had been asked and he turned and went digging through the torrent of toys covering the floor. He found the pale blue ring rattle that had been given to Leolin for his birthday, got himself back to his feet and he toddled over with it.

Braiden waved the toy with a happy giggle in front of Leolin and the frown that took over the Faerie baby's face made him smile as Braiden giggled and waved the toy at his brother.

"Baba in, attle." Braiden gurgled as he waved the toy harder; making the plastic beads inside it make the noise that Leolin liked so much.

Leolin giggled with his brother and he reached out for the rattle, which Braiden handed to his brother.

"You're a good boy, Braiden and a good brother. I'm very proud of you and I love you." Harry said.

"Kiss!" Braiden demanded.

Harry tilted Leolin sideways, bent down and pecked Braiden's lips and then his oldest son was off, back to the baby group and the piles of toys they were making from their toy chest.

Harry tugged Leolin back upright and watched as Leolin carefully turned the rattle over in his hands, listening to the rattle make its clinking noise. Over and over and over he turned it, listening before it came up to his mouth and he bit it hard with his soft, pink gums, a tiny, tiny little tongue passed over it, wetting the hard plastic with copious amounts of dribble.

Harry stood and he passed Leolin over to Kailen this time, leaving his son on the Faerie's lap as he made a cup of tea how he liked it, giving the tea a good squeeze of honey from the bottle on the tray before he sat back on the settee and savoured it, leaning into Nasta as he let the Faeries stare and gawp over his son, who was paying no attention to them as he focused completely on the rattle in his hands. He did notice that Max had sat on the floor, playing with their children happily, but he was sat directly in front of the fireplace, Harry didn't think that that was a coincidence at all. He approved immensely.

"It…it's strange." Kailen said as he continued to stare at Leolin.

"What is?" Harry asked a little sharply.

"He's so tiny, about the same size any normal Faerie baby would be at fourteen moon turns old, but his mental development is far superior to the level that usual Faerie babies are at this age. It's amazing to see a Faerie baby acting in this way so young; it gives me hope that he will see adulthood."

"It is obviously his tainted blood; he should not be allowed or exposed to other Faerie babes, he could infe…"

"You are not here for your opinions!" Kailen snapped hard and quick, furious and as dangerous as an enraged chimera. "Do not forget who I am and that this boy is of my family! That everyone in this room is family of Dain and I!"

Auric clenched his jaw and looked at the floor in furious embarrassment and humiliation at being publically chastened by a member of the court so venomously.

"Are we your family?" Nasta asked sceptically. "You two, who we hadn't even heard of until Leolin was born and revealed as a Faerie?"

"You do not speak to members of the court that way!"

"You were just warned that you are not here for your opinions!" Dain spun to face Auric and he glared at him. "Keep your mouth shut; this is no business of yours."

"What do you mean that you don't believe that we are family?" Kailen asked as he cuddled Leolin tighter.

"As I said, we only heard about you when Leolin was born." Nasta said bitterly. "You were very content to ignore me, my brother, my sister, my Father, my Uncle Idris, my Aunt Nerys, my grandfather Hywel…none of us have heard of either of you…in fact we had no clue that you were even part of our family or that Trefor had had an affair…you never even tried to get into contact with us!"

Dain and Kailen shared a long look and Kailen sighed sadly before nodding at Dain.

"We were embarrassed." Dain admitted. "It's not through lack of interest that we never got into contact with the children of Nesta and it wasn't because he never had Faerie children either. We raised Kian and Daire, our little grandsons and we loved them fiercely, we loved our great-granddaughters, Prudence, Abigail and Kagan and our Nesta too, but…the pain we felt at Trefor's loss, we never had time to grieve the loss of our lover and our six children. We put all of our focus; all of our attention was on raising Kian and Daire to the best of our abilities, and having never raised any young children before it was all new and a frightening experience and we were always worried about how we were doing, or if we were even doing it right. Narilla was a huge help to us both as all of our children came to us at eighteen, except for our youngest born daughter, who came to us at fourteen, but they all came to us when they were already grown, we saw a few of them as children, but it was never for long, so we needed the help to raise our grandsons, but when Kian and Daire were grown too…it…it…"

"It hit us quite suddenly that we were alone, that we had lost one that we loved so very much, that six of our children had been murdered by a man who should never have been near them in the first place. Trefor's Husband, Jediah, was a controlling, abusive man and Trefor was so sweet and gentle, he obeyed his Mother, he obeyed his Husband, his one act of defiance was to fall in love with someone his Mother hadn't sold him to, or rather two someone's."

"We loved Trefor." Dain told them with his head held high and no hint of embarrassment over his declaration. "He came to us and he slotted between us so well that it was like the two centuries we had been lovers before him had never happened, like he had always been there between us. Losing all of our children with him…it ruined us, we only had our two grandsons left to us and when they were grown and off making their own families, that is when it hit us and…we couldn't face anything or anyone."

"So you shut them out." Harry said softly.

Kailen sighed and he snuggled Leolin on his lap.

"It wasn't so much shutting them out, we were still talking to them, still seeing them…but it, it became harder and harder the more that we pretended that everything was fine."

"We had shut it out for so long as we cared for Kian and Daire that once we had given in and started to grieve, it got harder and harder to pull it back and keep it hidden until one day it all just boiled over."

Kailen rested his head back against the settee and he closed his eyes. "We had seen Kian happily married to a human woman, he loved her so much that we didn't dare try to stop him from marrying a human, he loved her so much that we knew that if it came down to it, it would be us losing out, not her, so we made sure not to put Kian in such a position. He and his Wife, they had three stunning daughters, Prudence, Abigail and Kagan and our little Daire had had his beautiful boy Nesta, who was growing up so fast, he was only just a teenager when we…when the grief became too much for me to take any more."

"Once Kailen had started, I couldn't support him, I could do nothing but join him and we started our long process of grieving for our lost family members, for the ruined shreds our family was left in when we should have still been creating beautiful children with Trefor, watching as our older children settled and started families of their own, but we couldn't, we could only visit grave sites."

"It took too long, far too long for the depression to disperse, the first decade was the hardest, where we couldn't even sit in on court meetings and we were in danger of losing our seats. Sindri didn't want to put us out of a job, he didn't want to replace us, but our presence was needed in the court, our voices were needed for debates and we couldn't even crawl out of our bed on most morns."

"Yet we couldn't allow ourselves or our ancestors to be so dishonoured as to be kicked out of the court, so we went back." Dain said with a grimace of remembered pain. "We were listless, depressed and hurting so much that we couldn't even take comfort in one another."

"I got so bad that at my lowest I even hated the sight of Dain. I hated him for allowing Trefor to be our Fae, for letting him get pregnant with seven children who had all died or been killed, for leading us to this agonising pain. I couldn't remember how happy we had been together, how wonderful our children had been, how much our family had flourished, now cut down to just us and two little boys, one who had seeded three daughters to a human woman and one who had seeded a lone son to carry on Trefor's last name." Kailen admitted, his gold eyes filled with tears. "Dain and I fought at least once every half a moon turn and even attacked one another and it almost destroyed our relationship and at points we almost killed one another in the process. I hated that we were so distant, yet I hated that Trefor and our children were dead even more, so I took it out on Dain and I hated him. We had told Trefor not to go to that funeral! Why should he have gone to that poisonous old woman's funeral? She brought him nothing but pain and hate and hurt! She hated her own child, she sold him, a beautiful, kind, wonderful Fae, to a spiteful, evil human man three decades older than he was to be raped, abused and kicked about like a stray, unloved dog! Why did he have to go to her funeral?!"

"Because he obeyed her in everything except over us and the kids." Dain said painfully. "When she died, he wanted to go and make his peace with her grave and the kids went with him, even if Delwyn, Neifion, Darin and Kyrin had only gone to spit on her grave site."

"What happened?" Harry asked quietly.

"Jediah was lying in wait; he knew that Trefor would go to his Mother's funeral. That evil cretin should have been dead a thousand times over, but Trefor never wanted him hurt. He always held us back when we would have torn his worthless head from his useless body. Trefor, in a fit of rare rage and courage in the face of the filth that had tried to sell our own fourteen year old daughter Keri, in front of the very man who had raped and beaten him so many times, he snapped and he told Jediah the truth of what he had done, the potions he had taken to ensure that he never conceived with him, that all of the children he thought were his own were in fact ours and had taken on his maiden name of Delericey over his Husband's name of Constas. That filth went ballistic, he killed Trefor and then he killed all of our children, putting them under the body bind curse and killing them in turn, hoping to wipe out the Delericey name, before he then killed himself, denying us our chance of revenge and justice for his actions."

"I wished he hadn't…" Dain said breathing heavily, his hands clenched, his teeth gritted. "What I would have done to him to exact my vengeance, the pain I would have made him feel for every single tear and drop of blood that he made Trefor spill, for killing our children in selfish, cold blood just because they weren't his…he still raised them until they were eighteen, Keri until she was fourteen, for him to just turn around and kill them all, even sweet Keri and our delicate Rhonwen, our defenceless, terrified daughters."

Kailen reached over and kissed Dain on the mouth, the very first time that Harry had seen them show any sort of affection towards one another, they didn't even hold hands or hug or even sit close together, there was a two inch gap between their hips and legs where he was practically sitting on Nasta's lap he was that close to his top dominant mate.

"Calm yourself, Dain, this way of thinking is useless. He is dead, we got over all of that, we came out of it and we still have family."

"What were you embarrassed about?" Harry asked them as respectfully as he could in the face of their pain.

"By the time we pulled ourselves back together and had fought off our depression, the little teenager Nesta was a fully grown man who was married to a wonderful man named Urien, who was of Dracken blood even though he wasn't a Dracken himself, and they had had five children together, two of whom were Drackens, and their first born son, Dai, had even had his own son, Hywel, your Grandfather, Nasta. But all of Kian's daughters had perished, one in a fire, one of illness and the other of suicide and Kian himself was dead and buried with his Wife. We kept up with all of you, loved you from afar, but we had been gone from Nesta's life for over three decades, we had never met any of his children, or grandchildren, we felt embarrassed that it had taken us more than three decades to grieve, that we had sunken into depression for so long that we didn't even know the people in our family anymore. That we had lost a boy we had loved fiercely without knowing about it, that we weren't there to protect his daughters when it was needed."

"So you ignored us?" Nasta asked.

Kailen sighed heavily. "It seems like we ignored you, but we kept up with everything that you did, we know all of your achievements and what you have done in your lives, we just never let on that we knew you. We thought it would come across as strange or even perverted if we let on that we were watching you all, but never approaching."

"But when Leolin was born and he turned out to be a Faerie, you couldn't hide from us, because we had to go to the city and we had to go to the court and the both of you sit on the court. You couldn't hide anymore and you were randomly, out of the blue, suddenly confronted with the family that you felt alienated from because of your period of grief." Harry nodded.

"Three decades was a long time, a very long time to be out of touch with our own family. Three whole decades." Kailen said with a pained tone. "Everything had changed, the family had grown up, there had been several births, a few deaths, marriages, we didn't know them anymore and at that time we felt that we had no right to intrude on their happy lives with our lingering misery. We still feel that way, the pain and the loss is always there and we are still miserable, we still feel like we have no right to intrude upon you all, as we did when we found out that you and Nasta had all but married and started having children, another generation to our family that we felt that we could never approach. We wanted to meet you, to be a family, but we felt that we couldn't, that we had no right to intrude after so much time had passed."

"Until you found out about Leolin. You couldn't hide from us when Aneirin took the news to the court or when Nasta and I brought him to the city, but when you realised that no one knew that you were related to the Delericey's…you tried to get off onto the right foot by being extra helpful."

The both of them nodded. "We had planned to wait, our thinking was that if we got to know you and then told you Trefor's story of what had happened all those decades ago, to explain ourselves, then things might go smoother, but you found out before we had the chance."

"That would have been my doing." Aneirin cut in with a heavy sigh. "My brother Idris and I went hunting through the family archives and we found mentions of Daire being brought up by his paternal grandfathers with his older brother Kian, which had been listed down as you both. Idris and I worked out then that Trefor must have had an affair and that at least his eldest son Delwyn had been the son of one of you two, thus making Daire your grandchild and of our line, the main line of the Delericey family, essentially of your own line. We had no way of knowing the true story or what had actually happened or why, but we knew that it had happened for whatever reason."

"Call Uncle Idris, he needs to hear this." Nasta said as he stood up and left the room.

"He has every right to be angry with us." Kailen said sadly to his lover as Dain all but deflated at Nasta's exit.

"He isn't angry; Nasta is a man of very few words." Harry explained to them both. "He left because it's almost time for our month old daughters to have a feed; he's making up their bottles and giving himself time to digest everything that he's just heard."

"Why do you only pay attention to Leolin?" Max asked suddenly. "I know he's a Faerie, but if you have been watching all of your family, then you do know that that includes all of these babies now, don't you? Tegan and Regan, those two almost identical kids by there, are also Nasta's blood children regardless that they have no Faerie blood and despite not sharing blood, Nasta sees every single baby here as his own, so really they're all your several times great grandchildren."

"We…we knew that he had two other blood children and that he saw all of these children as his own, he said as much in the city when he came to see the court with Harry and Leolin, we just feel a little…"

"Awkward." Kailen supplied for Dain as he waffled a little trying to find a suitable word. "We feel awkward around them as we have only ever been around Faerie babes, so human babes and the babes of Drackens are an unknown to us, so we really do not know how to look after them or what they might need or want, so it felt best to us to watch them, but have no interaction with them, that way we can't possibly harm or upset them."

"What rubbish." Harry snorted. He stood up, walked to his group of children in their mountain of toys and picked up Regan by the back of his dungarees and deposited him onto Dain's back.

Regan screeched and wrapped his arms tight around Dain's neck and started bouncing on him.

"The best thing about human and Dracken babies is how active and how strong they are." Harry said with a smile. "As long as you use common sense and don't start throwing them about, they'll be fine, just watch your hair, some of them like pulling."

Dain caught Regan and tugged him around the side of his body so that he was sat in his lap and Regan clapped his hands happily at the action.

"It is frightening to see them being played with so rough." Kailen said with wide eyes. "But they are unhurt and happy still…even though they are so tiny, they are so active, it's a…a conundrum!"

"Not really, this is just the difference between Faeries babies and other babies, don't worry, you'll be coming over every other Wednesday from now on, so you'll learn quickly how to deal with them."

"You'd…you'd let us have regular, prolonged contact with them all, not just Leolin?"

"Every single one of them. All eight so far and many more to come." Harry nodded.

Harry found himself wrapped tight in two pairs of arms, Regan up by his neck, Leolin down by his chest and Harry laughed.

"It's fine. You shouldn't be embarrassed to have taken time to grieve and family should be with family. You have explained what happened and your thoughts and feelings, what you had both gone through and how strong you were to push off the grief that you felt to raise Kian and Daire to adulthood and I at least accept that and will allow you to be in the lives of your several times great grandchildren."

"I feel the same way." Nasta said simply and to the point as he walked in with two bottles and Farren toddling after him, hoping that he had a biscuit.

Nasta looked down at him and smiled, taking out a packet of Rusks from his pocket.

"Dada Ta, Usk!" Farren all but begged, latching onto Nasta's leg and tugging on it.

Nasta opened the packet and handed Farren the biscuit and Farren squealed happily, dropping onto his bum so that he could eat his biscuit immediately.

"Make sure they all have just the one, I don't want their dinner to be ruined." Max told Nasta seriously.

"There are only five in a packet." Nasta reminded him.

"I'm just saying." Max said.

"I know you were, but I know not to ruin their dinners with snacks."

"Don't you take that tone with me." Max growled.

"I'll take any tone I like!"

"Will you two knock it off already before I throw you both out in the back garden." Harry complained. "You sound like an old married couple."

"I love seeing my nephew being kept on such a short leash."

Harry turned and did a double take at the man standing tall next to Aneirin. He was absolutely gorgeous and Harry grinned.

"Well, Nasta certainly never told me about you!" Harry said as he went to greet the new man.

"I tell you about my Uncle and Aunt all the time." Nasta replied confusedly.

"You never told me how gorgeous he was!" Harry denied as he cuddled right in to Nasta's Uncle Idris, who laughed and shoved Harry's head down while ruffling his black mop of hair. It was getting a bit too long again.

"And Aneirin and Nasta never told me how very beautiful you were, or how funny!" Idris replied in a deep, pleasant voice that had Harry grinning.

"Oh Nasta, how could you keep this man away from me for two years!"

"It has been two years hasn't it?" Idris sighed. "It's utterly criminal that it has taken me this long to come and see my new family members, are all these kids yours? Damn you boys are busy. Nye, you want to teach your son some control before they have so many kids they'll have to start populating Mars."

Max fell onto his back and laughed hard and Harry had to sit down, but both Aneirin and Nasta wore identical scowls.

"Merlin, you two are such serious killjoys! Where is my fun nephew? Sanex would have laughed at that. He always laughs at his cool Uncle Idris' jokes. If I had a son then he would definitely be a copy of Sanex."

Braiden made his way over curiously, toddling on unsteady, turned in feet, to see the new arrival.

"Has it really been so long that this little one is already walking? Damn I need to take more time off of work!"

Idris bent right down and scooped Braiden off of his feet, holding him under his arms and attacking his face with kisses, making eating noises while claiming that he was going to eat up all of Braiden and swallow his adorable, tiny feet whole, before cradling him in his one arm and tickling him mercilessly with the other.

"I honestly wondered what had gone wrong with Sanex and why he was so different to you and Aneirin. Now I know." Harry replied as he watched and listened to Braiden screeching in utter delight, giggling and laughing, squirming and twisting.

"I hadn't ever wanted to subject you or the kids to Uncle Idris, but I suppose it was going to happen eventually." Nasta sighed.

"You act older than I am!" Idris complained. "Nye, you gave seed to a little old man!"

Max was beside himself with laughter, so much so that tears were streaming down his cheeks as he laughed so hard that no sound was escaping.

"Please tell me your Aunt isn't like this too?" Harry pleaded.

"No, my Aunt Nerys is more level headed, though she scales the tallest buildings in the world as a hobby."

Harry shook his head. "Crazy…all of them crazy." He turned back to a horrified looking group of Faeries. "Maybe it was a good thing that you didn't want to be involved with this family, I don't blame you and I'm a part of it." He laughed.

"Is that little boy, Braiden…is Braiden alright?" Warren asked concernedly.

Harry turned back to find Idris dangling Braiden upside down by his ankles, Braiden screeching in downright joy, his shoulder length black hair sticking straight down as he wiggled as Idris pretended to bite his belly, blowing raspberries on his bare skin as Braiden's shirt fell down to reveal his pudgy little belly.

"He's fine." Harry said, waving a hand at Idris and Braiden. "Braiden loves it."

"It seems so dangerous!" Dain hissed.

"Dracken baby, remember?" Harry reminded him.

The four Faeries drew back in horror and Harry turned around quickly to find Idris was only holding Braiden's one ankle as he used his free arm to support Braiden's back and then turn him right side up again and cradled the eighteen month old boy in his arms securely.

Harry let out a breath and rolled his eyes. Idris was so much like Sanex it was easy to see who Sanex took after and between Nasta and Aneirin, it was very, very easy to see that they were very alike in personality, but where Sanex looked more like Aneirin, Nasta looked more like his Uncle Idris. It made Harry ache with curiosity to see his mate's Aunt Nerys to see what she looked like too.

"So those are the stick up the arse Faeries?" Idris asked his older brother with a scrunched up nose.

"You swear again and I'll throw you off of the roof." Harry said seriously.

"He's so mean, Nasta! How do you love such a cold bas….barbarian?" Idris stopped and corrected himself when Harry snapped his head around and gave him a cold glare.

"Ba ba un!" Braiden repeated happily.

"Example A of why you will be going off of the roof if you swear in this house." Harry said as he used both hands to indicate Braiden, who continued to repeat his new word with increasing volume.

A high pitched wail broke the peace of the room and they all turned to the two bassinets, where Ave had woken up for her feed.

Draco, who had been silent and observant all throughout the visit, moved for the first time as he took one of the bottles that Nasta had made up and tested it against his forearm before scooping up Ave carefully and rubbing the bottle teat on her little, rosy cheek.

"You gave birth!" Idris exclaimed happily to Harry. "I thought that you were still pregnant when I saw you, you should have said I had a new great-niece, Nye!"

Harry's head dropped to the floor and his hands fell against his will to the baby bump he still had a month after birth and he felt it self-consciously.

Max was there then, smelling of sage because of the headache relievers and the scar reducers he had been brewing and he was holding him tightly and kissing him as Nasta ripped into his own Uncle over upsetting his submissive mate.

"I'm okay, I'm fine!" Harry stressed. "I do look like I'm still pregnant with this baby pouch and really I only gave birth a month ago, I'm not surprised that it's still there. Just calm down and get me tea."

"I really do love seeing my brother get chastised by you, Nasta."

Harry looked up at the new person in his living room. He studied the pretty woman with her silky looking black hair and her beautiful hazel-gold eyes. He smiled as he realised that this must be Aneirin and Idris' younger sister Nerys, Nasta's aunt.

"You're supposed to take my side!" Idris whined.

"When you just insulted a submissive who gave birth a month ago? No." Nerys said with a sniff. "Nasta, are you not going to greet me? Get your cute little behind over here and give me a hug."

Nasta smiled and he hugged his tall, slender aunt and he kissed her cheek with genuine affection.

"It's good to see you, Aunt Nerys."

"You look so well!" She commented as she seized his head and tipped it this way and that. "You look happy and I must say that I'm so glad that you started to keep up with your shaving, as your Aunt I feel I have to tell you that you look like a scruffy tramp when you don't shave."

Max laughed loudly and Harry chuckled as Nasta flushed red and groaned in embarrassment.

"These must be three of your four mates, Harry I can tell as your submissive, I would recognise Myron Maddison's only son anywhere, and the son of Lucius Malfoy too, so it is Blaise who is missing."

"He's in work, his first day." Harry said with a smile. "He'll be home soon."

"Now for what I really want to do, come and introduce me to these gorgeous, adorable little munchkins wandering around my feet." Nerys cooed as she tugged on Nasta's arm to get him moving.

"Are we waiting on many more people?" Dain asked as he obsessively made sure that Regan was on the floor before letting him go when he squirmed to be put on the floor. Kailen was still cradling a tiring Leolin, who was yawning widely and showing off his toothless mouth.

"No. I called my brother and my sister, our Father refused to come." Aneirin said.

Dain swallowed and Kailen closed his eyes from the pain of having one of their family members reject them so obviously and firmly.

"If what Nye tells me is true and you have a legitimate reason for ignoring our family for so long, then I will sit him down and make him listen, but our Father and Grandfather don't know either of you, they didn't even know that you were members of our family, you have ignored us for a hundred and thirty years, that is not going to be turned around overnight." Nerys said, standing tall even with Calix and Tegan in her arms.

She sat on the settee and Harry grinned as he saw how similar she and Tegan were, both with black hair and hazel eyes, though Nerys' had the gold hint that both her brothers and her nephew Nasta shared, Tegan had a gold hint, but it wasn't as strong or as pronounced.

"Now, tell me what you told my brother to convince him that you deserve to even speak to us." Nerys said sternly and primly as she sat, looking all but regal in her smart, pencil skirt suit with two fourteen month olds on her lap.

Nasta made his Aunt a cup of tea with half a spoon of sugar and a drop of milk in one of Max's new cups and he handed it to his Aunt with a matching saucer and Harry knew then that if Tegan turned out to be as no nonsense and as stern as Nerys then he'd be a very happy man and a very proud Mother.

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