The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


106. Chapter Ninety-Nine – Temper Tantrums Part 1

It felt nice to have a lie in for once, Harry thought lazily as he rolled around in the large bed that was abandoned except for him, luxuriating in having it all to himself for a change. He settled back down and he let out a deep, disgruntled sigh as the warmth of the bed became slightly stifling now that he was awake. It was almost June and the sun was streaming through the edges of the curtains warming everything up. He was too hot and he was sweating under the heavy duvet, likely the reason that he'd woken up in the first place.

He knew that it was gone breakfast just from the feel of the house. It was too quiet and there was no one rushing around anywhere, no screeches or giggles from small children and no shouted questions to mates in other rooms. It was completely silent, peaceful. If he had to guess, he'd say that it was midmorning and the kids were all down for their naps.

With a groan he sat up and pushed the heavy duvet away from his body and swiped his sweat soaked hair back, away from his face. He slid from the bed and he padded barefoot to the bathroom to relieve himself, brush his teeth and have a quick shower, but not the usual dart it, get wet and get back out routine he usually kept to with so many babies clamouring for his attention that he had to look after.

He cleaned himself up, taking the time to thoroughly clean himself and luxuriate as much as he could in the shower, he did prefer baths, but showers were still very nice when he'd been as sweaty and grimy as he'd been when he'd woken up. He dressed himself in whatever came to hand first from his drawer in their shared dresser, after a quick spell to dry himself off of course, before he went down the stairs, peeked into the empty kitchen, before going into the living room. He found Draco stretched out across the settee, sat up reading his book in the living room, but no one else.

"Where is everyone?" He asked with a grin. "I feel like I'm in the wrong house."

Draco startled in surprise and looked up from his novel.

"Well the kids are down for their nap, Max was recalled to sort out the aspiring potions apprentices, minus the one who actually caused the accident yesterday, and Nasta went to work an hour early to check on his Caronwyn."

"Blaise?" Harry asked as he went to lie down on the settee, resting his upper body in Draco's lap and keeping eye contact with him.

Draco pushed his hand, attached to his newly bandaged arm, through Harry's hair to get it out of his eyes and Harry moved and stole a morning kiss from his blond mate.

"Blaise went to talk to the goblins at Gringotts."

"Was he okay?"

"Nervous, but he's excited too. He really wants this to work."

"He's damn good at it!" Harry said passionately. "He should be able to set up his own business in this. It's not like he has any competition!"

Draco smiled and bent forward to kiss him, before wrapping his good arm around his back and pulling his upper body down to rest against him. He went back to his book and Harry yawned and rested on his mate, letting himself rest some more while allowing his brain to wake up slowly.

When he wanted his first cup of tea for the morning, he pushed up and kissed Draco again before he wiggled away from his body and stood up to stretch. He went into the kitchen and boiled the kettle while he got down two mugs and a bowl so that he could have some cereal. Nasta would kill him if he didn't at least try to eat breakfast and he really wanted cereal, it made him sigh. He really was in the fifth week of his cycle, just four more weeks and he'd have a heat period. He really needed to tell his mates about that soon.

He made tea for himself and Draco, scoffed his cereal and washed up his bowl, before taking the tea into the room, handing one cup off to Draco, who thanked him gratefully.

"Were the kids okay?" Harry asked, smiling apologetically as Draco put down his book yet again. He rarely had the time to read it, so Harry was loath to interrupt him, he just couldn't help it when it came to his babies.

"They were fine. They'll all be awake soon." Draco told him. "They all ate their breakfasts and even Farren went down for his nap. Blaise was on the night shift and he said that there were no problems and that he only had to get up at three to feed Eva and Ave and the once for Leolin at four. He checked on the other kids too and they were all fine. Tegan was wet, so she had a change, but Calix was bone dry."

"So no rashes?" Harry asked.

Draco shook his head. "He still wants to crawl around naked though."

Harry chuckled. "If he wants to crawl around naked in his own home, let him."

Draco hummed, but he didn't answer and he cheekily stuck his legs into Harry's lap. Harry just laughed and started massaging his calves, knees, ankles and feet as he sat quietly on the settee and lost himself in his thoughts with his cup of tea, leaving Draco to his book as they enjoyed the comfortable silence that they both knew wouldn't last for much longer.

He knew that Draco had a problem with the kids being naked, he believed that it was inappropriate and that they'd be hurt easier if they didn't have a protective layer of clothing on. The accident with Eva had only solidified his belief, because if Eva had been naked yesterday, her burns would have been a thousand times worse than the small patch of reddened skin that she had gotten. But Harry firmly believed that they couldn't live in fear of accidents that could happen. He recognised and understood that they couldn't protect the kids from every single little accident or injury that might happen and he also knew that he couldn't wrap his children up in cotton wool and stand on guard over them for the rest of their lives. They needed to learn and to grow, to come into their own persons and a part of that was taking an injury or two. It was as Nasta said, what was childhood without a few grazed knees?

Draco needed to learn that the kids would get hurt, it was inevitable. Of course none of them would ever wish their children to be hurt and Harry shuddered at the nightmarish thought of having to deal with his first broken bone or serious injury to his little babies, but he also knew that there was nothing that he could do to prevent it. If it was going to happen, and it would sooner or later, then it was going to happen and he just needed to prepare to act when it did happen. Swaddling his children was going to achieve nothing but them despising him or even making a situation or injury a million times worse as his children would have never had to deal with such a thing before and they would panic and could easily injure themselves even worse. No, he needed to be prepared to act, his mates needed to be prepared to act and his sweet little sons and daughters would get bumped heads, grazed knees and knocked elbows. As much as he hated, absolutely hated, the thought of his babies being hurt, he knew that it was going to happen one day. It really was completely inevitable.

They stayed there in the silence, Harry thinking about anything and everything as Draco read, still having his feet and legs massaged by an almost mindless Harry. It was as Harry was thinking of maybe broaching the topic of his approaching heat period when a soft rustling came over the baby monitor that was sat on the coffee table and a baby made a small grunt.

"Mummy?" The sleepy, tinny voice came over the monitor and Harry smiled, stopping his massages and patting Draco's legs to move them as he stood up and went to fetch his wakening children.

He found Regan blinking hazel-gold eyes at him, his face creased from his nap, but he was sat up in his cot, or at least he was until the door opened and Harry walked in, then he pulled himself up and he lifted his arms up.

"Mummy, up."

"Good morning, Regan. Did you have a good nap?" He asked softly.

Regan nodded his head as he fisted at his sleepy eyes.

"Do you want teddy?" Harry asked as he picked up the teddy that Regan used as his comfort toy after his traumatic fall down the stairs months before.

Regan nodded his head again and reached out a hand for the teddy and Harry checked on the other napping children before taking Regan back out into the living room, being extra careful on the stairs.

"Is it only Regan?" Draco asked.

Harry nodded. "At the moment, yes. Farren seems to be deeply asleep, was he alright during the night?"

"He was fine. He's just catching up on all the missed naps over the last few days. We had to take him into the bedroom and show him that you were still in bed for him to go to sleep."

"I didn't hear a thing." He frowned.

"Nasta put a silencing bubble around you so that Farren wouldn't disturb your much needed lie in."

Harry sat back down and cradled his seventeen month old son in his arms, holding the teddy too as Regan was very attached to it.

Draco put his book down and shifted so that he could see Regan. Harry smiled at them both as they started talking to one another and Regan seemed to come out of his sleepy shell without any other baby in the room with him, especially his fraternal twin, Tegan, who definitely liked taking control of everything and everyone around her.

Harry handed Regan over to sit on Draco's lap as he had an idea and he bent down into the pile of toys by the side of the settee that he was sat on and lifted out what he wanted.

"Regan, what colour is this?" Harry asked as he held up a blue shape.

"Bue." Regan told him and Harry clapped his hands as Draco praised their son.

"What colour is this one?" Harry asked as he held up a yellow block.

"Ellow." Regan said clapping his hands as Harry did.

"Well done, Regan." Draco told him, kissing the back of his head, nosing into his jet black hair.

"Do you know this colour?" Harry asked him, holding up a red car.

"Red." Regan told him and Harry grinned, bending forward to kiss Regan's forehead.

"This one?" He asked holding up a green car this time.


"Primary and secondary colours, he's coming on so well." Draco smirked proudly as he listened to Regan.

"I don't think he'll know purple or orange." Harry frowned. "We haven't done those colours as much."

He reached down and picked up one of the shapes from Braiden's old shape sorter and held it out.

"Regan, what's this?" Harry asked, holding up an orange shape.


Harry and Draco shared a look and Harry grinned. "That was close enough for me."

Harry found something purple, a scrap of fabric that looked to have come from one of Tegan's dolls, and he showed it to Regan.

"What's this one?"

"Bue!" Regan screeched and clapped his hands.

"No. No, Regan. This one is purple."

"Bue." Regan insisted.

"No, this one is blue." Harry told him, picking up the blue shape again and putting it next to the purple fabric so that Regan could compare them. "This one is purple."

"Purpa." Regan frowned as he reached out for the scrap of fabric and stared at it. "Purpa." He repeated as he petted the fabric.

"Close enough." Draco chuckled as he pulled Regan further back onto his lap.

Regan was having none of it, however, and he shifted himself forward and then climbed down to the floor and he started playing, only every time he picked up a toy, he'd say the colour that it was and look to them for praise, which they readily, and enthusiastically, gave to him.

It was only five or six minutes later when a snuffle came over the baby monitor and a soft and sleepy, slightly confused exclamation of 'Ma' was heard.

"I think our Faerie baby is calling for you." Draco told him.

"He's going to want a bottle, can you boil the kettle for me please?"

"Of course." Draco answered as he stood up and stretched his back and shoulders as Harry left the living room to go and collect Leolin from his cot, in his own separate nursery.

Harry opened the nursery door, to the room that was directly opposite their bedroom. He walked to the cot and he smiled down at the sleepy scrunched up face of his Faerie baby, lying flat on his back and unable to move.

"Ma! Ma!" Leolin chanted happily and his little arms lifted themselves slowly as if they were actually leaden weights, but still he lifted them for a hug.

Harry lifted him up and cradled him close to his neck, feeling teeny, tiny hands clenched into his skin, tiny nails biting in, but he didn't mind.

He hugged Leolin tightly and he picked up the fleecy blanket from the cot before he carried Leolin down to the living room. There was a bottle made up and ready on the coffee table and Draco was trying to pull a brush through Regan's hair while he was distracted with his toys.

Harry sat down on the edge of the settee and he turned Leolin gently down into the crook of his arm, being very careful with his tiny wings.

He checked the milk against his inside forearm, mostly out of habit instead of any distrust that Draco hadn't cooled it properly, before he rubbed the teat over Leolin's cheek and he watched as his baby son turned his head to wrap his lips around the teat, taking as much of the bulb into his mouth as he could before he started suckling.

Harry watched him, completely entranced, as Leolin stared at him with his gold eyes as he drank. Harry drew in a deep breath and he let it out again happily as he watched his son feeding.

He was disturbed by a cry over the baby monitor, but it was Draco who hefted himself up to go and get the awakened babies, leaving Harry to finish feeding Leolin while keeping an eye on Regan, who was playing very happily now that his Daddy Draco had stopped dragging a brush through his hair.

Harry looked up when Draco came back in, herding their remaining children. He had to smile as he saw Braiden up on his feet and walking, clutching onto Draco's leg.

"I carried him down the stairs." Draco assured him as he set Calix and Tegan on the floor. "But he wanted to go down as soon as we'd passed the stairs."

"Where's Farren?" Harry asked when he realised that one was missing.

"He's actually still asleep."

Harry frowned. "Is he okay?"

"There's no sign of fever and I couldn't scent anything out. I think the last few days have just taken it out of him and he's just catching up with some needed sleep."

"Okay, but I'll check on him in…."

"Mama!" Calix interrupted loudly and enthusiastically, crawling to his legs and sitting back on his knees to reach up to him. "Mama! Mama!"

Leolin did not like the disruption and he turned a glare onto his older brother, even as he continued feeding, though at a much slower rate than he'd been suckling at before.

"Good morning, Calix." He greeted with a smile. "Did you have a good nap?"

"Mama, pick up!" Calix beseeched him.

"In a minute, Calix." Harry said gently. "Your brother needs his milk, first."

Calix pouted and when that didn't work, his lower lip started trembling.

"Draco, he's going to start crying." Harry warned as Calix's eyes grew damp with unshed tears.

Draco looked over and took four large strides before swooping Calix from where he'd slumped onto the floor. A belly tickle and an upside down trip over Daddy Draco's broad, muscular shoulder and Calix was giggling in happiness and clapping his hands together and Harry was able to resettle Leolin and re-establish eye contact to get their bonding moment back while Leolin fed, going back to larger mouthfuls and a faster pace of suckling.

With all the other babies though, playing, screeching, giggling and playing, Leolin got distracted much more easily and he was frowning at all of the noise and he soon abandoned his bottle and refused to drink any more. Harry sighed after Leolin turned his head away from the bottle teat once again and he gave it up, putting the bottle on the coffee table and hefting Leolin over his shoulder to wind him.

"How much?" Draco asked him.

"Three and a quarter ounces." Harry shook his head. "Ave drank more than that last night."

Draco looked worried too. "He's seventeen months old. I know he's a Faerie, but can we realistically expect that he's going to be completely fine drinking just three ounces of milk several times a day? It just doesn't seem enough! It's like us living off of a bowl of soup a day!"

"Nasta said its fine." Harry replied. "I know that none of us were expecting Leolin and I know that Nasta, or Aneirin, have never had to care for a Faerie baby before, but I trust them to know what they're doing. Dain and Kailen said that he's eating fine too and they were alive two hundred years before the Ministry of Magic was founded! I trust that between the four of them, that they have the right information to care for Leolin because the only alternative is that we're caring for him wrong and we could be doing him irreparable harm and I can't believe that."

"Any sign of a tooth?" Draco asked hopefully.

Harry carefully pushed back Leolin's lips and checked his pink gums for any dot of white that would signify an emerging tooth or even just a red area of inflamed gum which would be a clue to him teething, but there was nothing and all rooting around in Leolin's mouth did was make him scowl heavily.

"No, nothing." He said as he shook his head. He sighed. "Nasta did say from about eighteen months was the normal average."

"Next month then." Draco said with a nod. "At this rate, Eva and Ave will be teething before him too."

Harry grimaced and put Leolin down on the settee, propping him up against the arm of the settee and a stack of cushions.

"Do you want tea? I'm going to make one while I log Leolin's feed down in his book." Harry asked.

"Sure. I'm going to try and get their hair into some semblance of order." Draco sighed heavily as he looked around at the mass of bed heads.

Harry grinned. "Good luck with that."

Harry went into the kitchen and started boiling the kettle before he opened the counter drawer and found Leolin's book and he flipped it open. He noted that Leolin had taken an ounce at four in the morning before he'd gone back down to sleep for four hours, that he'd taken just half an ounce at eight in the morning before going back down to sleep and then Harry filled in his information. That Leolin had woken up at ten past ten in the morning and he'd taken three and a quarter ounces.

He bit his lip and nibbled on it. Draco was right, it just didn't seem enough when Leolin's log book was compared to Eva or Ave's, but he pushed it out of his mind, his girls were Drackens and Leolin was a Faerie. There was no fair comparison between them.

He made a cup of unsweetened white tea for Draco and his favoured honey tea for himself before heading back into the living room to hand Draco his cup. He was wrestling a brush through Braiden's hair and it made Harry smile as Braiden wriggled and squirmed away from him, batting at Draco's hands and the brush and being very vocal about his dislike of the brush.

"This could be their punishment when they're older. Misbehave and suffer five minutes of Daddy Draco brushing hair." Harry laughed.

"You're not funny." Draco huffed.

"I am. I'm hilarious." Harry said with a grin as he sat back down next to Leolin, who was surprised that he was sat completely upright. "Draco, look at his face!" Harry chuckled.

Draco shifted away from Braiden to look at Leolin's surprised, yet very pleased face.

"Where's that camcorder?" He asked. "Where did Max leave it?"

"I don't know." Harry frowned. "Is it in the sideboard?"

Draco went to the wall cabinet and went through the drawers and he made a sound of triumph and he pulled out the camcorder. He set it up overly cautiously, still not that used to using Muggle technology, but he now knew how to turn the TV on and how to flick it through the cartoon channels for the kids and how to get onto the Muggle news channels. He was learning and Harry was very proud of him.

"There!" He said happily. Harry had to smile at him.

"So, this is our Leolin at seventeen months old, and sitting completely upright for the first time." Harry narrated to the camera with a smile.

He turned back to Leolin and smiled at him, getting a grin back. "Ma! Ma!" He cried happily.

Harry took his tiny hands and he bounced on the settee, making Leolin move. He made a soft, fearful noise, but Harry stroked his thumbs over Leolin's tiny hands and smiled to reassure him. He bounced again and Leolin, still looking unsure, watched him.

As Harry bounced more, Leolin got used to it and he let out a huffy sounding giggle.

"Try and get him to bounce with you." Draco told him.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Harry said. "It's one thing for me to bounce, but another thing to get him to do it. He isn't that steady."

"Hold him under the armpits." Draco encouraged. "That way if he does go to fall, you can catch him."

Harry nodded and he slipped his hands from Leolin's and up under his armpits. He barely moved Leolin as he made him bounce on the settee. Leolin actually squeaked and it made Draco laugh and Harry smile.

"That's a new noise." Draco said.

"He's never been bounced before." Harry said with a smile.

"He enjoys it, do it again."

Harry laughed and this time he bounced with Leolin, who let out more of his huffy giggles.

"You're growing stronger every day!" Harry praised his tiny son. "You're growing and developing and as soon as you start teething, we'll try you on some mushed up fruit puree."

"I can't wait until he's on something, anything, other than formula milk." Draco said.

Harry nodded his agreement. "I know what you mean. It'll be such a milestone for him."

The floo flared green and Harry smiled as Blaise stepped out gracefully, well aware of how many steps he could take upon landing to avoid colliding with the fire guard.

"Daddy Bway! Daddy Bway!"

Blaise's face broke into a huge, gorgeous smile as he stepped over the fire guard and swept the clamouring babies into a hug with his long arms.

"I missed you all too." He said softly before he realised that one was missing. "Where is Farren?"

"Still down for his nap. I'm going to go and check on him now." Harry said.

Blaise came over and sat next to him, nuzzling into his neck and kissing his face. Harry chuckled and turned his body to put his legs over Blaise's lap and he pulled his mate down into an impassioned kiss.

"Hey! That's enough in front of the camera, we aren't making dirty recordings!" Draco complained as he turned the camcorder away and switched it off.

Harry burst out laughing and Blaise joined him, followed by several babies who copied them.

"Speak for yourself." Blaise said with a cocky smirk. "Harry and I are much more open minded, aren't we, Bello?"

Harry couldn't stop laughing, but he nodded regardless. He calmed himself and took in a deep, gasping breath.

"Hello, Leolin." Blaise greeted as he saw Leolin behind Harry. "He looks so strange sitting up like a proper baby. I'm more used to seeing him from above as he's usually always on his back."

"I know, but he's doing so well. He's propped up firmly and he isn't flopping over. His core muscles are getting so much stronger." Harry pinched Leolin's cheek so gently it was more like he was resting his finger and thumb on his cheek, but Leolin giggled regardless.

"What are they having for lunch?" Draco asked as he put the camcorder down on a side table.

"Max left their lunch menu on the corkboard." Blaise told him.

"How was the meeting at Gringotts?" Harry asked him.

"Frustrating and productive in equal measure." Blaise replied with a sigh.

"Does that mean that they agreed with your proposal?" Draco asked interestedly.

"I really think I won them around." Blaise said with a smug grin. "Trying to get gold for an investment off of a goblin is difficult, trying to wrangle the start-up money for a new business venture is near impossible, but I really think I managed it."

"Well done, Blaise." Harry said, hugging him and giving him a solid kiss. "I'm so proud of you."

"Nothing is set in stone yet!" Blaise tried to protest.

"I don't care, you've done so well and you've done exactly as you wanted to and you're not going to give up on this venture. Even if you have to start out from this very room and selling on word of mouth alone. You're damn good at what you do and as soon as you get started, your business is going to grow and then all of us together can set you up in a permanent residence. If the goblins don't see this as the amazing venture that it is, then we can set it all up for you and prove how wrong they are." Harry said sincerely.

"Merlin, you make it sound so simple." Blaise laughed.

"It is simple." Harry told him, pulling him into a kiss. "Now, I'm going to start lunch for these little toe rags, but first, I'll go and check on Farren. Keep an eye on Leolin and make sure that he doesn't fall forward and when Eva and Ave wake up, put them in the playpen for a bit, they need time alone to wake up without the older kids being rough and boisterous around them."

Harry did as he had said he would and he climbed the stairs and he went into the second nursery that housed his five oldest children. Farren was still asleep in his red cot, blanket over his chunky legs and his arms wrapped around a stuffed giraffe.

Harry rested his folded hands on the side of the cot and he smiled as he watched Farren sleeping. He sighed as he soaked in the peace before he stood up again and reached into the cot to stroke Farren's dark brown hair out of his face.

"Farren, love. Do you want to wake up?" He called out gently.

Farren made a small, soft noise and he shifted and Harry had to smile widely at him as he woke up slowly from his extra-long nap.


"I'm here, Farren." He said gently.

Farren blinked open his greeny-blue, teal coloured eyes and shifted around some more in his cot and Harry just watched him as he woke up slowly, in his own time, and got his bearings back.

"Muma, up."

Harry smiled wider and he picked up his hefty boy and cuddled him into his neck. He was glad that he was off for four days now. It would help him to reconnect with his children and it would go a long way to reassuring them that even if he left for a couple of hours, he would always come back for them.

He carried Farren from the nursery and down into the kitchen. He checked the corkboard and found Max's baby menu and he couldn't help but smile as his always fun-loving, childish mate had drawn little pictures of food around the edge of the menu. He chuckled and shook his head. He was missing Max and Nasta, he hadn't seen them at all today and though he knew that they had more than likely kissed him before they'd left, he'd been asleep for it and had no memory of their kisses. He just really wanted to hug them and give them each a kiss.

He kept Farren with him, cocked on his hip as he got all the ingredients out and started preparing them, putting Farren's bottom on the counter when he needed to use both of his hands, but keeping his son snuggled against his chest.

Farren soon woke up properly and he was very curious about where he was and what was going on. Harry let him handle the food, especially the onion, which Farren tried to get into his mouth and couldn't.

Harry prepared the food, keeping the one knife that he was using well away from tiny little fingers, all the while Farren was picking everything up and even taking bites out of things, as he found out when he picked up the red pepper and found tiny teeth marks in it.

"Did you eat my pepper?" Harry asked in a high, questioning voice.

Farren looked up at him and shook his head and Harry had to laugh.

"We must have mice, then." He joked as he pulled Farren into a hug and went back to cooking lunch.

He was almost done when Blaise brought Leolin out for his own lunch.

"Watch him with that knife." Was Blaise's first comment.

"Must we keep the knives away from him?" Harry asked, a hard edge to his voice. "I thought I'd teach him how to use one early."

"There's no need to be so passive aggressive, Harry, I was just saying." Blaise muttered.

"I am their Mother!" Harry told him. "Don't you think I know not to let them near the damn knives?"

Blaise sighed and held up his one hand in surrender. He boiled the kettle and Harry went back to wrestling an unused carrot from Farren's mouth as his son chomped on it with his teeth.

Harry didn't know why he was being so crabby, but then, thinking about it, it was likely a combination of missing Max and Nasta and his looming heat period. A month more and he'd be thrown into a heat period and he would potentially end up pregnant. His hormones were surging in preparation and he was experiencing some mood swings, particularly being quicker to anger. His coming heat was weighing very heavily on his mind now the closer it got and it didn't help that the court case might not be over at that time. How was he supposed to handle that stress and frustration while in the early stages of pregnancy? How did anyone expect him to deal with all of that?

He sighed as he dished up several plates of food and he shifted Farren to his booster seat and took his little plastic plate of food over too, so he wouldn't fuss while he wrangled up the rest of the babies.

"Draco, lunch is up." Harry told him as he quickly picked up Calix and Regan and made his way back to the kitchen, just in case Farren choked.

"You made food for us too?" Draco asked.

"Yep, it's lunchtime for us too."

"Technically it's breakfast for you." Draco told him.

"It's not. I had a bowl of cereal while I was making the tea." Harry told him with a grin.

"That could only be considered brunch." Draco sniffed.

Harry chuckled as he settled Regan into a booster seat to see how he handled it and clipped Calix into his highchair.

Blaise finished feeding Leolin and settled him into the bassinet for another nap while he wrote in the baby log book. Draco carried in Tegan and Ave while Braiden was walking behind him, his arms outstretched for balance. He looked so happy being up on his feet and walking that Harry had to smile at him.

Harry clapped his hands and swept Braiden up, kissing him and praising him before settling him into his own booster seat. He went back into the living room for Eva and settled her into her highchair too. She and Ave were eating a smooth paste that had just been heated up, at four months old, they weren't eating proper solids yet, but they were having their first tastes. Today they were being spooned a pale orange goo that was nothing but blended sweet potatoes, pumpkin, broccoli and carrots made lovingly by Max a few days before.

Harry tried to feed the both of them together, but it was difficult when Calix was doing his best to paint with his pasta Bolognese. He flinched again as a tiny little cube of carrot and red pepper and a lot of sauce splattered up his arm.

Blaise wrestled the spoon from Calix and then started feeding him normally, so Calix's food didn't end up as an artwork instead of actually in his mouth.

Lunch was always messy and each child looked like they'd bathed in their food instead of eating it once they were done and they started 'talking' to one another, content to stay where they were for a moment, leaving Harry, Draco and Blaise to eat their own lunches.

Harry finished first, having scoffed his lunch as quickly as he could, and he just smiled at the state of his babies before he gave them a bowl of berries and a small spoonful of natural yoghurt each for dessert before he went back to his twin girls.

He cleaned off Eva and Ave as best as he could before peeling off their clothes and taking them to the downstairs bathroom to bathe them both quickly. He dressed them in clean leggings and different coloured smock tops before he carried them to the living room, leaving Blaise and Draco to wrestle with the five older, messier, kids. He went and got a sleeping Leolin from the kitchen and put him into the living room bassinet before getting onto the floor and playing with his two girls.

"Mama." Eva cooed at him from where he'd put her, propped up against a stack of cushions. He had Ave propped up against his own body.

Harry dug out a soft toy that his girls both loved. Thankfully they both had one as their Uncle Caesar and Aunt Amelle had sent one each over to them from America.

They were butterflies, though apparently they were supposed to be fireflies, but every part of the stuffed creature was made in a different colour with a different fabric, from felt, to soft, fluffy fleece, faux fur and even a fabric that was crinkly. The girls just loved touching and gumming on their butterfly slash fireflies and it helped that it had things attached to it, from a little mirror, to a cord that had a plastic teether on it and little rings that Ave in particular liked twisting her fingers around. It also squeaked when it was squeezed, which was Eva's favourite part of the soft toy as she bashed it around and giggled at the squeak, squeak, squeak that it made.

Harry joined in with their play and clapped his hands at everything and anything they did, from making the toy squeak, to putting the teether into the little pocket on the wing of the butterfly and taking it back out again and squeezing the one wing that made the crinkly noise.

The floo flared and Harry automatically moved his arm to shield Eva as he shifted in front of her and Ave, but he jumped up with a happy, excited exclamation when Max stepped through. He'd tackled his mate into a large bear hug before he'd even fully regained his bearings, the fireguard between them, and Max laughed deeply, happily, as he squeezed Harry back tightly, automatically shifting his head down to aim for a kiss.

Harry craned his head back and kissed Max passionately for long minutes, trying to convey how much he'd missed him and how much he'd wanted to see him, hold him and kiss him over the course of the day.

They broke apart, Harry panting and Max laughing breathlessly.

"I missed you too, love." Max told him huskily.

"I didn't like waking up to find you, Blaise and Nasta not here. I like my morning kisses and cuddles." Harry said with a grin.

Max swung him up and kissed him again. When they broke apart this time, Harry was sitting on Max's lap on the settee, their girls at Max's feet with their butterfly/firefly things.

"It's too quiet, where are the rest of them hiding?" Max asked. "Have they had their lunches or do you want me to go and…"

"Sit back down." Harry ordered as Max went to stand up while still talking. "We've all had our lunches, Eva and Ave loved their orange goo that you made for them and I gave them their bath and changed their messy clothes and currently, Draco and Blaise are giving the older kids a bath…giving them Bolognese sauce to play with was definitely going to be a messy experience."

Max laughed and relaxed back on the settee and pulled Harry to crush him against his chest, kissing his forehead and then his face, before catching his lips.

They broke apart when one of their girls, Ave, started giggling. They both looked down at her, to see her and Eva holding hands and rocking back and forth, their soft toys abandoned to either side.

"They are so adorable. Where's that camera?"

"It's over there somewhere, Draco had it on Leolin earlier."

"Was he being cute too?" Max asked as he shifted Harry to the side and hefted himself up to get the camera.

"He was." Harry said with a smile. "You can see after you've recorded a bit of the girls."

Max saluted him and aimed the camera at the girls, who were still holding hands and rocking back and forth, giggling.

"They have tremendous skills to be doing this at four months. I know they're almost five months old now, but still." Max chuckled.

"Is it because they're Drackens?" Harry asked.

Max nodded. "That definitely helps. They're stronger than human babies, so they're able to do things like this." He said, waving his hand at the two girls playing. "Ave's already trying to get up on her feet, I wouldn't be surprised if they were walking at eight months."

"But Braiden wasn't really walking until he was much older and Farren still isn't really walking and they're both Drackens too."

"That's because Braiden was more interested in learning to speak than getting up on his feet and Farren's a happy chunk. These two girls just want to be motoring around and it helps that they can see their older brothers and sister up on their feet, because they'll try their best to copy them. I think that's how Ave got up onto her feet in the first place, even if she did tip a teapot over Eva and Draco in the process."

"I hope you realise that you just called Farren a chunk on camera and he's going to see those tapes one day, when he's older."

"Bollocks." Max cursed.

Harry laughed and he had to laugh harder when Max turned the camera to face himself and started talking into it.

"Farren, I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean it, okay? You're a gorgeous little chunk and I love you. Stop laughing, Harry!"

Harry couldn't stop though and he hunched over, holding his middle.

"What's the matt…oh. I should have guessed that you were home from the noise." Draco said as he put down a bathed and clean Braiden and Calix. They were both just wearing nappies.

Even as they watched, Calix sat down and tugged at the ties of his nappy, pulling them off and he started off crawling again, leaving his nappy behind.

"Please tell me you got that?" Harry asked with a giggle that he couldn't entirely suppress.

Max nodded with a chuckle. "Yeah, I got our little boy stripping on camera."

"Don't say it like that." Draco demanded furiously.

Draco picked up Calix and tried to cover him back with his nappy, but Calix squirmed and cried out.

"He doesn't want it on, Draco. Just let him go and let his skin breathe." Harry told him.

"I don't want him naked on camera." Draco insisted.

"He's our child, Draco. What do you think we're going to do with these tapes, sell them?" Max demanded as he put the camera down. "Merlin, you need to learn how to just calm the fuck down and have some fun once in a while. Try taking the stick out, that might help."

"If you're going to start fighting, get the hell out of this house." Harry demanded, ice cold and furious. "Our babies are in this room!" He added as he hauled Calix into his own arms and putting himself between Max and Draco and Braiden, Eva and Ave.

"It's not going to come to that, is it, Draco?" Max asked, putting emphasis on Draco's name that made the blond's jaw and fists clench.

"Get out in the garden and cool off, now!" Harry ordered.

"You are not the dominant in this relationship!" Draco exploded. "I tell you what to do, not the other way around!"

Harry tried to control himself, but he was hurt by that comment and unbelievably pissed off by it.

"Get out." He hissed. "I don't even care where you go, just leave, now."

Draco snarled at him and his silvery-blue wings popped out and Harry stooped down to put Calix behind him and brought out his own white, multi-coloured scaled wings. He launched for the bassinet to try and get the sleeping Leolin out of the way, but Draco shoved him before he could grab his baby.

Max intercepted Draco and threw him back and away from Harry and the babies. Harry just gaped as Draco went through the door and out into the hall way, taking part of the wall with him.

"What the fuck is going on down there?" Blaise roared from up the stairs.

Harry gasped and hunched over his babies as Draco flew back at Max, debris from the wall flying with him as Draco knocked through the now damaged wall. Harry felt wood and bricks hitting his back and he flinched, smelling blood.

He was desperate to reach Leolin, but it was when the bassinet was knocked off its stand that he became frantic and panicked as he watched his tiny Faerie baby roll out of the bassinet and onto the floor where his two dominants were fighting. He scrambled on his hands and knees to where Leolin lay in a crumpled heap, crying, and he saw stars when a fist connected with the top of his head and then a knee jawed him into biting through his tongue and lip. He cradled his son to his chest, managing to get away when Max threw Draco into the bookcase.

He couldn't pick up all five of his babies and he couldn't leave two of them in the room unprotected as Draco and Max fought behind him, one of them going through the coffee table this time, splinters of wood stabbing into his body, making him clutch at his babies tighter. One of them cried out in pain and then started crying hysterically and Blaise flew into the room and he took a moment to look around in utter shock at what was happening and he immediately went to try and split Max and Draco up.

Harry took the small lifeline to shift himself and the babies into the furthest corner of the room and he pressed himself against them, shielding them, wrapping his wings around the sides of them as he listened to the snarls and screeches behind him as his two injured babies cried.

A crack and a meaty thud and Harry couldn't stop himself from looking over his shoulder to see Blaise spread eagled on the floor and Max launching a new, ferocious looking attack at Draco, whose knuckles were bloodied and swollen.

Harry screamed long and loud, calling to any and all family members for immediate help. The first to respond to him was Nasta, Harry felt his responding call reverberate deep in his belly and he felt so reassured. His top dominant was coming back to him. He'd put a stop to this.

Something smashed on the wall over his head and he screamed again in fear, calling out again to all family members as he heard something heavy tip over. Too many calls to count reverberated back to him and he cried out in pain when something sharp dug at his exposed wings.

He flinched and curled around his babies tighter for fear of something happening to them, but as he did so, a horrible pain flared in his leg and he whimpered. He called out for help a third time. He just needed his babies to be safe, he could hear his three other babies crying for him from up the stairs and he couldn't move to reach them. He couldn't leave his other five unprotected to reach the three left upstairs.

Someone pressed against his back and curled around him and the babies and he heard shouting and more growls than there should have been as he tried to shush his hysterically crying Braiden. Leolin had gone quiet.

He peeked out and caught sight of dark green wings with slightly paler green scales. Alexander. He risked peeking out into the room and found Myron…no, Xerxes wrestling with Max and the twins, Nico and Ceph, wrestling with Draco. It was comforting to know that even though he'd almost killed Cepheus, he still came when he let out a distress call.

Alexander's face was like carved stone and when he turned his head slightly when Richard, dressed in a jumper and jeans, arrived just a heartbeat before Myron, who was in a smart suit and tie overlaid with an expensive robe, Alexander's eyes glinted like stone. Richard jumped right into trying to restrain Max alongside the struggling Xerxes, Myron took a moment to remove his robe and tie first, before he joined his brother and his mate in restraining Max, doing better than the both of them as he gripped Max around the chest and flattened him to the floor with his own, considerable, body weight, pinning him down and restraining his arms while Xerxes grappled with his kicking, thrashing legs. Richard went to sit by his head, trying to talk him down as Nasta finally arrived home. He froze to the spot, looking at Alexander shielding him and the children against a wall in the corner of the room, to Max still snarling and Draco still fighting with the twins and the living room in ruins.

"What happened?" He asked in a soft, quiet voice that thrummed with his anger and authority.

All activity stopped and Harry huddled down into himself to prevent his dominant from seeing him. He'd never known Nasta to be so angry before, he could feel that anger, he could practically taste it in the air.

"I asked a question!" He exploded, his voice echoing off of the broken walls of the living room.

Harry huddled down further, shifting his aching, hurting body behind Alexander, who was holding him and protecting him still.

"We heard Harry's call and responded accordingly. Max and Draco were already fighting when we arrived and Harry was here, curled up against the wall protecting the children. We don't know why the fight started or how." Alexander answered.

Nasta nodded before he spotted Blaise, knocked out on the floor and partially covered in debris and he strode to him, kneeling down and checking his pulse before shifting broken bits of wood and brick off of him and hauling him into his lap.

Standing up, Nasta deposited the unconscious Blaise carefully onto the one settee that was still standing, even if it had been knocked out of place.

"I will not ask again." He snarled gratingly, directed at his mates this time. "What happened?!"

Max bucked under Myron and growled back at Nasta, still in his feral state and Draco went to launch himself at Max, sensing an easy target as he was already pinned down. Nasta caught him around the waist with one arm and used his other hand to grip that blond hair, forcing Draco's neck to his teeth, sinking them in over the jugular vein.

Nasta threw the blond to the floor in a heap.

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" He shouted furiously, his voice echoing off of the broken walls, looking completely deranged with his mouth smeared with Draco's freshly spilt blood.

"It's Harry's fault!" Draco shouted at him.

Harry felt rage build within him so quickly that he didn't even think.

"How dare you try and blame this on me!" He screamed, ripping himself from Alexander's hold and moving to confront Draco. "I was trying to protect our babies!"

He took two angry steps forward before his left leg folded on him and he hit the floor. He was almost sick with shock as he saw the state of his left leg. There was a large, sharp splinter of wood stuck right through his lower leg and he could see the bone.

"Get out!" He screamed at Draco. "You get the fuck out and don't come back! How dare you do all of this and then try and blame it on me! It was all you! Why do you always have to pick a fight? Look at what you've done!"

Harry swept an arm to encompass the whole room before he pointedly turned his back on Draco and crawled back to his babies to check them over now that the fighting had been stopped. He was hyperventilating and close to tears because of his anger. The pain of his injuries hadn't hit him just yet, he was still thrumming with adrenaline and he was in shock.

He saw red however when he found the open, profusely bleeding gash on his baby Braiden's leg. He screamed in fury, enough to rattle the windows, and he got his feet under him and he launched himself at Draco, getting in two good swipes before Draco hit him back. Feeling the stabbing sensation of claws digging into his belly, Harry hit the floor and then Nasta was there, throwing Draco through the front window.

Unable to contain the fury of Max, who was enraged by being forced to helplessly watch as his submissive was gutted in front of him, Myron was thrown off of him and Max followed Draco through the window to restart their fight on the front lawn.

Harry tasted iron on his tongue and he gagged, spitting out a mouthful of blood onto the already ruined carpet.

"Shit, you really need a Healer."

Harry looked up at Xerxes, who looked so much like Myron and he tried to speak, only to spray out more blood.

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