The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


100. Chapter Ninety-Four – Anniversaries

Just like the last time, Draco's fever broke and he was sat up, talking, laughing and being normal just two days after being rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night.

He insisted that he felt perfectly fine and the Healers were completely baffled as to what had happened, what was causing the fever in the first place and what exactly the fever was if it was going to keep coming back. They'd never heard of it before and that had them all worried, though they tried not to show that around Draco, who, a full week after he had been admitted to the hospital, was being cautiously released again.

Of course Draco was complaining about how long he'd had to stay in the hospital when he was 'fine', but Harry wasn't sure that the hospital should be releasing him again when, yet again, they didn't know what was wrong with him.

The Healers insisted to Lucius Malfoy that Draco just had a fever, nothing worse than that, but they didn't know why he was getting the fevers or what was causing them, which had Harry very scared.

Eva and Ave were now two months old and growing by the day, they were only ten minutes apart from one another in their schedules now and getting closer to being fully synchronised as the days passed.

Apart from that and Draco's mystery illness, not much had happened, March had been a quiet month, which Harry was thankful for as he could focus his all on Draco and on his Potions studying, which he was being all but forced to do.

He slid his gaze across to Draco, who was wrapped up on the settee, Nasta sat in the chair near him to ensure that he didn't get up. Despite insisting that he was absolutely fine, Nasta wasn't having any of it as he sat in the chair doing the paperwork that he had taken on for the Brecon Reserve instead of going in to do the physical work with the actual dragons. They all knew how much Nasta hated paperwork, but still he had put himself on paperwork duties just so he could stay home and ensure that Draco was alright and that he didn't move.

Draco was stuck reading books all day every day, not that he minded, he just felt like he was being useless and wasting his time as Harry rushed about around him, chasing after children and doing the cleaning and the washing, but until they found out what was wrong with him, Nasta was not going to let him push himself even a little bit.

"Mama, eh bana essa nahba ga." Calix said and Harry stared at him blankly.

"Are you speaking in a different language, baby? I can never understand a word you say." Harry replied as he picked Calix up and tickled him to hear baby screeches and giggles.

"Baba ca, no." Braiden frowned as he shook his head, little hands touching his ears.

"Calix is being a bit loud, isn't he, Braiden?" Harry said as he cuddled Calix and set him on his hip. "Do you want tea, Draco?"

"I want to get up and get it myself." Draco growled. "My legs are aching."

"You aren't getting up." Nasta replied immediately, not even looking up from his paperwork.

"I feel fine!" Draco argued.

"You said that you felt fine the last time, I'm not taking that chance again. You stay where you are."

"For how long?" Draco demanded. "The rest of my life? I feel absolutely fine!"

Harry sighed and went to get the tea. He felt for Draco, he couldn't imagine how mindless and torturous it would be to be forced to stay wrapped up on the settee when he felt absolutely fine. He'd snap and go ballistic, he was sure and he would have done so sooner than now if it had been him, but then he was more restless than Draco was and he fidgeted terribly. He had to be doing something or he couldn't sit still.

He rubbed his head and rubbed out the tension lines in his forehead. He was so worried for Draco that it was eating him up inside. He knew his mates felt the same way, they were all worried for a seemingly 'fine' Draco, but he had had this fever and been fine once before and then he'd gotten sick again…they didn't know what to do anymore and Nasta was only doing what he thought was for the best, but the truth was, none of them knew what was wrong with him and they didn't know what to do for the best. It was a horrible situation and until the Healers found out what was wrong with Draco and they could start treating him for whatever it was that was making him sick, then they were unlikely to relax again.

However weeks passed slowly and Draco was fine and well and they eased off of him slightly, to where he wasn't confined to the settee for hours on end. They kept him sat down at Kimberly's ninety-second birthday, but eight days later they let him stand for a little while at Sanex's forty-first birthday as Harry was teased mercilessly by Caesar, Sanex and Idris, who was staying in England for a while as he took an extended break from his work place, which ended with Harry hexing all three of them and leaving them stuck to a cluster of trees and denying all knowledge of where they were for an hour and a half until he decided to put them out of their misery as Sanex was supposed to be the birthday boy.

But Draco really did seem fine and he didn't relapse at all as March slipped slowly and calmly into April. Dain and Kailen came around to visit, Ezrah came back a few times, Amelle came to visit with Eleonora and Beatrice, Remus brought Teddy over for a few playdates…everything was normal, but Harry was waiting for the other shoe to drop as they went to Caesar's thirty-first birthday, which had been held at Myron's huge, lavish home.

It was worse than walking on eggshells as they were waiting for their mate to fall ill, but he never did and with the court case starting next month, Harry found himself being stretched very thin on all fronts as he tried to do everything by himself but found that he just couldn't, but still he tried his best to do so.

He took Eva and Ave, now three months old, for their check up with the health visitor, he made sure that the house was running smoothly, that no one forgot anything that they needed. He saw Nasta and Max off to work each morning, he wished Blaise good luck as he went out to sort out his business venture and he kept Draco relaxed and stress free, but it was taking its toll on him now and the fear and nerves of the upcoming court date had him feeling sick and left him unable to sleep.

He'd had his visit with his personal mind Healer, but that just made him feel worse as he felt ripped apart at the seams and he honestly believed that he was heading for a real breakdown soon; he just hoped that he wouldn't have it in the actual court room.

His Braiden was now twenty months old and Harry could really see him becoming a little person now, the way he acted, the things he did, how he behaved. He was much better up on his feet, he was interested in everything that everyone was doing, he was striving for more and more independence as he happily broke away from his siblings to do a wooden puzzle in the corner by himself and his words were becoming more and more understandable. Harry could really believe that he was almost two years old now and on his way to becoming a proper toddler. It was exhilarating.

His quintuplets were sixteen months old and the change in them as well was noticeable as they scribbled on blank paper with crayons or sat with Max for an hour as he encouraged them to point out his chin or nose or mouth and he watched as they all understood and did as Max asked them to do and little fingers were happily pushed into the body part that he'd named.

Leolin of course was still very much exempted from this as he was more on par with Eva and Ave than his actual sac siblings. He still only had a two word arsenal, but he was using those two words now to great effect, instead of just crying or whimpering over the baby monitor in the mornings, he clearly called for 'Ma' and 'Da' instead and that made Harry very happy. Still not sitting up properly on his own, Leolin was happiest on his back or belly, the former where he could reach up to the mobile they hung above him and stretch to reach the floating shapes or the latter where he could push himself, rocking from side to side as if he wanted to roll over, holding his head up off of the blanket to see what was happening around him…it brought a tear to Harry's eye to watch him and Dain and Kailen were more than impressed with Leolin's progress and strength as they got to watch him displaying his newfound talents when they visited.

Eva and Ave were developing too, now three months old; the twins were completely in tune to one another and woke up within minutes of each other for a feed, which they very much took advantage of during the night as they weren't sleeping right the way through yet, so it made it easier on them all.

Eva had surprised them one morning by saying 'Ma-ah' and Ave had surprised them by rolling from her belly onto her back and then right over back onto her belly. Harry was overjoyed by this, but it made him a little sad to realise in such terms exactly how far behind Leolin actually was.

"It'll be fine." Nasta told him as Harry was caught yet again staring at Leolin struggling to get his skinny little arms under his body to push himself up.

"I know, it's just…I feel a little bad for him. He wants to move so much, he's trying so hard, yet Ave can move easily and has a blast when she rolls herself right over. I don't want Leolin to be discouraged when he sees her doing it when he can't."

"I doubt he rationalises it that much in his mind, Cariad. He likely doesn't even realise that Ave is younger than him. She's just another obstacle to his mind."

Harry nodded sadly, aware that Leolin's mental development was unknown and that they had no idea how he saw his older brothers and sister or his younger sisters or even if he realised that they were older or younger than him or that they were anything to do with him at all. It was quite upsetting.

"It's almost the nineteenth." Nasta said softly.

Harry smiled and turned to Nasta with a knowing look. "If you want something, just ask." Harry replied.

Nasta squared his shoulders and looked at him firmly. "Would you like to spend an evening with me?"

Harry's smile morphed into a grin. "Mister Delericey, I'd love nothing more than to spend our anniversary together with you."

Nasta swooped him up into a cwtch and kissed him until they either had to break apart or learn another way to breathe that didn't include their noses or mouths.

Harry gasped and panted in Nasta's arms and when he'd caught his breath, he looked up at Nasta with a grin.

"You know, I think if we tried hard enough we could conceive another baby on the nineteenth." He said conversationally.

"There's no harm in practising." Nasta said with a grin of his own that was part smug smirk.

"None whatsoever." Harry agreed. "So where are you taking me for this planned evening?"

"You'll have to wait and find out. I wasn't sure if you'd say yes, so I didn't book anything in advance."

"Of course I'd say yes. Did you honestly think that I wouldn't say yes to spending time with you on our anniversary?"

"It's not that…it's more to do with everything else that's going on."

"Draco's fine and the court case isn't for another couple of weeks. I think I've revised more than enough for my Potions exam and I could use the distraction…frankly I really need it. So yes, I want to celebrate our anniversary together, please. Make it good!" Harry shot back over his shoulder as he left Nasta in the living room to go into the downstairs bathroom. He didn't need to use it; he just wanted to grin at himself in the mirror like a loon. Nasta could be the sweetest person in the world sometimes, but he could also be quite dense too. Harry loved him for it.

The nineteenth of April was the day in which Harry had chosen Nasta as his final mate, his grounding mate, two years ago now. The gorgeous, handsome, kind man had been his mate for two exact years today and Harry was sat opposite him in a downscale, homey feeling restaurant as he perused the menu happily, his one foot tangled around Nasta's leg.

They were in smart jeans and shirts, so they were comfortable, but not out of place, this restaurant wasn't a tuxedo and evening gown kind of place and Harry was happy about that. He didn't feel like dressing up too much.

"Do you want wine?" Nasta asked.

Harry shook his head. "Not tonight. I want that Mango smoothie that caught my eye." He announced as he flipped to the drinks menu and pointed it out.

Nasta nodded and gave him a kiss on his way to the bar to order their drinks in. Harry got the feeling that Nasta was happiest when Harry wasn't drinking alcohol, so he could easily stick to fruit smoothies for tonight, for Nasta. He had three other mates who would order him wine if he asked for it and he really wasn't that big of a wine drinker to begin with, so for tonight at least, with his top dominant who hated seeing him or the others ruining their health in such blatant ways, he'd skip the wine and the inevitable hangover tomorrow morning.

Nasta came back with a bright yellow concoction and Harry smiled and took a sip. It was gorgeous and he offered a taste to Nasta, who readily agreed with him that it was nice.

They ordered their food and sat talking and touching, on top of the table as well as under it as they held hands and twined their legs. Nasta laughed deeply when Harry's foot slid up to his thigh.

"Save it for after dinner." He whispered.

"Think of it as an appetiser."

"I don't need a sampler, I know exactly what I'm going to be eating afterwards and I have to say, it's one of my favourites."

Harry flushed a bit at that, but he laughed happily and stroked his foot over Nasta's thickly muscled thigh harder.

Their meals came and conversation was soft and slow as they ate and Harry liked this one on one time with Nasta…or really any of his mates, he wasn't fussy which one, but he was glad that this day two years ago, that he chose this beautiful, wonderful man to be his and that said strong, amazing man had said yes.

He was feeding from Nasta, there was no other way to describe the way he was feverishly kissing and licking at his mate's lips as he was carried into a lavish hotel room. Apparently Nasta had cleared it with Max, Draco and Blaise and all three had agreed that it would be best if they got a hotel for tonight instead of coming home and possibly waking up Eva and Ave.

"Won't they feel left out?" Harry asked, his chest heaving as he tried to breathe around Nasta's mouth and tongue.

"I'm sure Max will keep Blaise and Draco entertained. In fact he promised me that he would."

Harry laughed breathlessly. "So we're here having sex and Max is back at home terrorising our other two mates?"

"I suppose Max's advances could be classed as terrorising, but I don't think Draco or particularly Blaise will see it like that, you know how much Blaise likes having all the pleasure to himself."

Harry grinned. It was why his first mate hadn't fought Max or Nasta for the top dominant position, his first mate liked being fucked as much as he did fucking and being a relatively new dominant, he hadn't realised that even if he was the top dominant then he could still submit during sex, as Nasta did on occasion. He'd thought that it would mean that he wouldn't be able to do what he liked, so he hadn't fought the hierarchy, he knew better now, but he still didn't care enough to cause a fight, he just loved the pleasure of being sandwiched between two lovers. Harry did too, but in a different way to Blaise.

He grinned and latched his mouth onto Nasta's neck, suckling and biting gently as large hands cupped his bum and squeezed.

"I love you." He declared to Nasta as he moved his mouth up a stubbled chin to plush lips.

"Love you too." Nasta panted as he turned and bounced Harry on the large, soft bed.

Missing Scene

Nasta collapsed on top of him and Harry held him with his jelly like legs, the only thing he could hold his mate with.

At least until Nasta propped himself up and tugged the shirt free from his wrists and used his wand to release the flannel they were using as a gag from his mouth.

"I don't think we'll be using that again." Nasta commented gruffly as he threw it away.

"Why?" Harry replied hoarsely.

Nasta smirked at him. "I loved seeing you in it, don't get me wrong. I just love being able to kiss you more."

Harry smiled as Nasta bent down and sealed their mouths together, lips and tongues moving together in a passionate kiss that had Harry twitching tiredly. Nasta could be so sweet sometimes. He loved it.

Harry was sore, tired, but exceedingly happy the next morning, after several rounds of incredible sex, alone in a very nice hotel room. He snorted as he caught the look on Blaise's face as he walked into the kitchen. Harry would guess that he and Blaise were both feeling fucking wonderful this morning.

"I see you're walking funny." Blaise greeted.

"I notice that you aren't sitting properly." Harry replied.

They both looked at one another for a heartbeat and then burst out laughing. Nasta shook his head at them and he greeted Blaise properly, with a lot of lips and tongue and Harry grinned as he watched them, feeling his spent cock twitch in his jeans. He was too tired to properly react though and he moved to the kettle to get tea. Nasta had most definitely sexed him out last night.

Draco came wincing into the kitchen and Harry grinned at him.

"You too?" He asked. "Damn Max was having a good time last night; maybe we should have come home, Nas."

Nasta chuckled and kissed Draco as he had Blaise.

"Where are my babies?" Harry asked.

"Max is in the bathroom." Draco replied easily.

Harry gave him a look and Nasta chuckled. "I suspect the kids are down for their morning nap already, it is nine O'clock, we woke up a little late."

"Did they have their breakfasts?"

"Of course." Blaise replied as he cradled his coffee between both hands like it was a child.

Harry smiled and eased himself down slowly and gingerly.

"What did you do to my boy?" Max demanded as he strode into the kitchen like a king and saw Harry moving delicately.

Harry didn't even get to sit down fully before he found himself up in Max's arms and being kissed.

"I missed you last night."

Harry laughed. "Draco and Blaise didn't keep you satisfied enough?"

"No, I could have done with one more gorgeous boy underneath me…or straddling my lap, riding me, I'm not that fussy."

Harry laughed happily. "Your anniversary will come around again soon enough."

Max snorted. "A whole year away!"

"Well…we do have an anniversary to celebrate together coming up, but then Draco's birthday is before that in June and then my birthday is in July…I'm not sure about Draco, but I know exactly what I want to do for my nineteenth birthday."

Max laughed and kissed him soundly before gently putting him back onto his chair.

"Everything was alright while I was gone?" Nasta asked Max, who had been the acting top dominant for Draco and Blaise while he and Harry had been away.

"Absolutely fine, I would have let out a call to you otherwise. Nothing more exciting than a soiled nappy all night and I had Draco and Blaise passed out by two in the morning."

"Nasta and I made it until gone four." Harry said with a grin, his eyes glinting.

"No wonder you're back so late and why you can't even sit down properly."

Harry smiled widely, completely unfazed.

"I could do with a nap myself." Harry said as he yawned, gratefully accepting the cup of tea Draco handed to him.

"Go and get your head down then." Max encouraged. "We have nothing to do today, do we?"

Harry gave him a look. "Did you happen to forget that today is my baby godson's first birthday? We have to go to Remus and Tonks' for Teddy's party this afternoon."

"That'll only be for a few hours though." Nasta said.

Harry nodded. "I know, but I want to make sure the kids are alright and we have to travel with Leolin. How are you feeling, Draco?"

The big blond rolled his silver coloured eyes. "Fine, absolutely fine. I just had my brains fucked out, I really don't think that fever will be coming back now. It was a phenomenon, an odd two fevers, that's all; I've been fine for the last month now. I'm fine, so stop worrying."

Harry nodded, but he'd keep an eye on Draco regardless while they were over Remus' for Teddy's birthday. He was not letting his guard down even a little bit when it came to the health of one of his mate's.

Remus' house was a gorgeous two storey cottage and the grounds outside were several feet of grass and beyond that was just miles of forest. It was picturesque and Harry could really see how Remus would be very happy here.

Unfortunately Harry, his mates and all eight of his babies were not going to fit in the little cottage, and that was without all of the other guests too, so Remus and Tonks had set up a series of picnic benches outside and thankfully it wasn't raining as they'd laid out several blankets for the babies to play on. Leolin was in the pram that they'd brought with them, safely tucked in, but outside in the fresh air and he was more alert and happy outside than he had been inside and he made soft, sweet noises and kicked his legs and waved his arms happily.

Andromeda and her Husband Edward, Teddy's namesake, were also there and Harry was happy enough to strike up a conversation with them and the Weasleys who were also invited over, including Ron, who stayed well away from Harry's mates, who were giving him not so subtle glares that promised pain or death if he wandered away from the group that he was stood with or went anywhere near Harry or the babies.

"You will come to our wedding, won't you, Harry?" Bill was asking and Harry turned his attention from surveying the grounds back to Bill and he smiled.

"Of course I will. I wouldn't miss Fleur finally making an honest man of you." Harry teased. "When are you going to have babies?"

Bill and Fleur shared a look and Harry's grin slipped and he looked from one to the other. His grin came back tenfold as it kicked up to a hundred watts.

"No way! No fucking way! When? How long?" He asked.

"Shhh!" Bill shushed him quickly. "No one else knows yet, we found out yesterday."

Harry grinned smugly at them. "I told you it was only a matter of time. How far along are you, Fleur, are you alright?"

Fleur nodded with a smile. "I'm about two months along. I 'aven't had any morning sickness yet."

"Well, I suppose I'm happy enough to say congratulations to you first. When are you going to tell everyone else?"

"Fleur wants to keep it quiet for a little longer, you know how my Mum is, she'll immediately take over and try to tell Fleur what to do. She means well, but we just want some peace, so I think we'll announce it when it can no longer be hidden."

"My lips are sealed shut, not even my lovers will hear it from me." Harry promised with a wink.

"I 'ope to have girls just like your beautiful little ones." Fleur told him as she hugged a sleeping Ave.

Harry laughed. "You don't, trust me on that one. They're only quiet when they're sleeping. They take too much from Max."

"If I had a man like that I wouldn't even care." Ginny declared as she wrapped her arms around Harry's neck and hugged him from behind.

"Trust me, Gin, when those two are screaming in your ear at one, four and six in the morning, you'll change your mind."

"The sex with a man like that would more than make up for it."

Harry laughed, more at Bill's horrified face than anything else.

"You want to get out there a bit more then." Harry said.

"You said that Max had a brother." Ginny said with a pout.

"A younger half-brother, Caesar, who is all but married and has two daughters. If you go after him, I'll have to bury you alive, Amelle is a friend."

Ginny sighed. "Does Nasta have any brothers?"

"One, an older brother, Sanex, who just turned forty-one. He has a girlfriend."

"I guess I'm just going to have to go out and find one the old fashioned way."

"Can we please get off of this topic, please." Bill said with a raised hand.

Charlie wandered over, drawn by his older brother's loud plea and he sat next to Harry.

"What's going on?" He asked.

"We're talking about Ginny's sex life." Harry told him and Charlie's face blanched pale and his eyes all but bugged out of his head.

Harry and Ginny laughed.

"She wants a boyfriend like Max; do you have any friends you can push at your baby sister, Charlie?" Harry teased.

Charlie went from pale to green and he shoved Harry off of his seat and onto the floor with such a fierce expression on his face that Harry was almost scared that he'd crossed a line that he shouldn't have. He knew Charlie too well though and he just laughed and picked himself back up.

"Are you alright? What happened?" Nasta asked as rushed over and he helped Harry off of the floor.

"Charlie shoved me off of my chair!" He complained indignantly.

Harry caught the snap of Nasta's neck as he turned to glare at Charlie.

"You do know that he is recovering from giving birth in which he had to cut himself open to pull out our twin daughters, don't you?" Nasta said coldly, threateningly.

"Oh shove off, Nas." Harry laughed. "I'm fine. Charlie was just touching me up, I'm sure."

Nasta growled under his breath and Charlie recoiled as Nasta released his dominant pheromones.

"I wasn't!" Charlie insisted.

"He was." Harry said as he grinned at Charlie, who was squirming uncomfortably.

"Who's touching up my man?" Max demanded.

"He is." Nasta growled, his eyes pinned to Charlie.

"You touch him again and I'll break you over my knee." Max said happily.

"Thank you, loves." Harry smiled, giving them both a kiss and sending them off to wrangle up their older children, who were going berserk in the garden of Remus' cottage.

"That's not fair, calling in the lovers." Charlie huffed.

Harry grinned. "If I have them to use, why not use them?"

"Because you're going to get my arse kicked for me."

"Then don't push me off of a chair in a garden where they're all watching." Harry said smugly.

Ginny laughed and clapped Harry on the back, just as Braiden toddled over on quick legs, he wasn't quite running, but it was close.

He patted at Harry's knee and lifted his arms above his head and Harry groaned as he hefted his heavy boy onto his lap. He was a happy twenty-six pounds in weight and thirty inches tall. Farren had finally overtaken him, as they'd all known would happen eventually, their big boy was twenty-nine pounds and thirty-three inches tall and he was only going to get bigger from here on out.

Harry sat him on his lap and snuggled him tightly, kissing him to hear giggles.

"He is very cute." Charlie insisted as he dug a callused, burnt finger under Braiden's neck and wiggled it, making Braiden screech in joy.

"Here." Harry dumped Braiden onto Charlie and watched him fumble around. If it was one Weasley who didn't know how to handle kids, it was Charlie.

Bill laughed at his brother, who was holding Braiden out from his body, staring at the almost two year old boy with a pulled, pinched face.

"What do I do with him?" Charlie asked desperately.

"Go and play with him!" Harry encouraged. "Look at Max."

The table looked to Max who was rolling around the grass with a joyous Regan in his arms being rolled with him.

"He's such a good Father." Ginny sighed.

Harry grinned. "I know. He's not all good though, Gin, you know that right? There's no such thing as a perfect man."

"What's wrong with him?" Ginny asked interestedly.

"He snores when he's on his back." Harry told her. "And don't get me started on his morning breath and he's more likely to throw a tantrum than Braiden is. He's happy go lucky most of the time, but damn can he sulk."

"What are the faults with the others?" Ginny asked. "Nasta seems pretty perfect to me, all rough and ready."

"Nasta?" Harry laughed. "Mister I don't want to see you drinking coffee, pop or alcohol and don't even try to eat a greasy burger in front of him because he always looks like he might puke over the table. Oh and he counts how much chocolate we eat or how many sweets we have and if he deems us to have had enough he takes it off of us and hides it!"

"I'd have punched him in the face." Ginny declared.

"I feel like it sometimes, but I love him, so I don't want to hurt him over something so petty, but it is annoying when all I want is a good chocolate binge."


"He sulks too." Harry said with a grin. "He has a temper to rival mine as well, so when he gets going, we can shout one another hoarse. We're both stubborn and now that I think about it, Blaise and me…we're actually quite alike in personality, only he has the tendency to start shouting at me in languages that I can't understand so I never know if he's insulting me or declaring undying love. I tend to go with the former and respond accordingly."


Harry snorted incredulously. "He's self-explanatory, he's a Malfoy. Pompous, arrogant, he always has to be right, he likes these god awful, ugly knickknacks that he insists on filling the house with and then he sulks and whines for hours when the kids break one, he won't let me leave so much as a sock on the floor and god help you if you don't use a coaster on the coffee table."

"I bet they have just as many things to say about you too." Bill pointed out with a grin.

Harry grinned right back. "I'm the worst of them!" He readily admitted. "I leave my wet towels all over the floor, I don't use a coaster, I leave dirty cups on the counter instead of swilling them out or washing them, I put my freezing cold feet into the small of their backs in bed just as they're falling asleep, I drop my dirty clothes all over the bedroom floor on my way to bed, I'm stubborn as hell and won't give an inch, my temper can apparently blow off the roof according to Max and I hardly ever listen. I'm a bad, bad man."

The table roared with laughter and Harry laughed with them. He knew his mates had faults, but he also knew that he had his faults too. No one was perfect and it was the fact that they could all see past those faults and small flaws to love the people that they really were underneath, bad habits and all, that made them a stronger family and despite all the fights, stubborn arguments, sulking, god awful knickknacks and the stolen chocolate, he loved his mates very dearly and he'd never give them up.

They annoyed him on occasion, sure, but he was also equally sure that he annoyed them too, so he was content to call it quits and carry on loving them just as much for the kind, wonderful men that they were, annoying, maddening little quirks and all.

The twenty-fourth of April…the day that Harry had killed Voldemort for good exactly three years ago now. It had started like a normal day; he got up, fed his babies their breakfasts, changed them into their day clothes and set them down to play, he cleaned up around them, did some laundry before sitting down with a cup of tea, paying a Knut to the post owl who delivered their morning newspaper.

That was when he had first realised that it was the third anniversary of the day that he had become an actual murderer. The front page was dedicated to him as The Chosen One and he was gawping at all of the theories that others had come up with on how he had killed Voldemort that day, including the use of the killing curse, muggle weaponry, and even one theory that insisted he'd killed Voldemort with his bare hands wrapped around that pale throat. He felt sick and shocky.


He startled and looked at his four cautious mates and he blinked, feeling the slide of hot tears down his cheeks. He swiped the tears away furiously, growling as he did so.

"What's wrong?" Nasta asked softly.

Harry shook his head and threw the paper at him. Blaise took one look at the front page and came to sit next to him.

"Don't listen to that shit." He declared. "They have no clue."

"I forgot that it was today." Max admitted.

"So had I until I saw that!" Harry sniffed. "It's bad enough that I am a murderer without it appearing on the front page every single year reminding everyone! What if the kids see it when they're old enough to read and they start asking me questions about it? About how I killed another person at just fifteen years old!"

Nasta sat next to him and pulled him into a hug. He kissed Harry's temple and rubbed those huge hands over his back.

"You shouldn't worry about such things. The editors of these damn papers have been warned time and time again to leave you and our children alone…this is a step over the line, to actually be theorising about something like this!"

"My Father will just sue them again." Draco said. "This time he won't go easy on them."

Harry sighed. "At this point I'm wondering if it's worth it. They're not going to listen and it seems like a waste of time."

"If you let it slide, then they're going to take it as permission to do more." Blaise told him.

"Let my Father do it." Draco insisted. "He likes doing these sorts of things; it's a hobby of his."

"How did I know that your Father would like suing people as a hobby?" Harry said with a small smile.

Draco shrugged, but he was smiling too. "Just let him do it, he's been in a foul mood since I was in that damn hospital, he could use something to vent his frustrations on."

Harry sighed, but he nodded. "Not one theory in here is even close to the truth…it was love that killed Voldemort, love and my own magic…I didn't kill him with my bare hands or use muggle weapons or the killing curse…it's all wrong."

"We know how it happened, love, we know and we accept you and what you did. You had to do it, Harry love, if you hadn't, then he would still be here." Max said softly. "Would you want him here, targeting you still, targeting us because we're your mates, targeting our children?" Max shook his head. "It's better that he's gone for good."

Harry nodded. "I know. I would have hated to pass that opportunity up…the guilt would have been too much, just thinking of how many people he could have killed before another chance like that came up and it happened just three months before my inheritance and I fell pregnant with Braiden soon after I met Blaise in October. I wouldn't want him here now; it's bad enough that there are still Death Eaters lurking around."

"The Lestrange brothers still haven't been caught." Draco said quietly.

"Fenrir Greyback is still out there too." Harry said.

"Greyback would have gone underground."

"The Lestrange brothers however, they have nothing left to lose, the entire world is on alert for them both."

Harry shivered. "If they're going to attack, I'd rather they just did so and got it over with. The more they wait, the bigger the risk to the kids."

"I'd rather they did nothing." Nasta said with narrowed eyes. "I hope they've fallen into a ditch somewhere and had the decency to stay down there and just die."

"The chances of that are slim. A man with revenge in his heart and nothing else, won't stop until he's had his pound of flesh and pint of blood."

"I won't let them." Nasta swore.

Harry smiled and kissed Nasta's stubbled chin.

"Now let's stop this heavy talk, get rid of this ridiculous paper and get some tea down you." Max declared as he took the paper and scrunched it up tight into one large fist.

"Extra honey!" Harry called after Max.

"Mama, baba Gan, no give."

Harry looked to Braiden and then to Regan, who was holding a toy aeroplane away from Calix, who was frustrated as hell and just wanted his aeroplane back as he stretched up for it as much as he could before he stopped, sniffled twice and smacked Regan so hard in the face that the sound of it had Harry's heart stopping.

"Dear Merlin, these kids will be the death of me." Draco declared as he picked up a screaming Regan and cradled him to his chest as Blaise did the same with Calix.

"You're a good boy telling us what was happening, Braiden." Harry told him, petting his fluffy black hair gently.

Braiden nodded and he toddled off back to play with Farren, the toy aeroplane that Regan and Calix had been fighting over was lying on the carpet, completely forgotten.

Max came back in and he shook his head.

"I heard the commotion, what was it over this time?"

"That stupid aeroplane that Caesar got Calix for Christmas. Regan took it off him and wouldn't give it back, so Calix hit him."

"I hate that they're trying to sort everything out with violence."

"It's the way that they sort everything at this age." Nasta sighed. "They're experimenting with what happens if they do, do it and if it'll be the same every time they do it. I'm not looking forward to when they start biting, kicking and hair pulling either."

"We've been there and done that with Tegan." Max pointed out as he put the tray down and handed Harry a very sweet cup of tea, which he happily gulped down instead of sipping and savouring it.

"Tegan is just one baby, imagine them all doing it." Nasta replied.

Max shivered in exaggerated horror. "Please, don't frighten me like that, I'm getting older, my heart won't be able to take it!"

Harry laughed happily and pulled Max into a kiss. "You're not that old, don't be silly. Save it for the Dracken meeting in two weeks when we have to unleash eight babies on those poor Counsel members."

"Those poor, poor people." Max sighed sadly, shaking his head.

Harry couldn't keep back the grin and he got the feeling that Max was being silly just to make him smile. It was working and his heart swelled with love for these four men, who were trying their all to make him feel better on today of all days.

"How are we going to protect the kids in those halls?" Draco asked.

"We don't have to." Harry said. "They're old enough now to stand up and walk, we'll keep Leolin and Eva and Ave with us, but the other five can go into the crèche. They'll have the time of their lives in there with all those ball pits and trampolines."

His mates looked at him with surprise. He gave them a solid look.

"It's going to be impossible to keep eight babies with us and I don't see the point. They'll be under armed guards, no one can hurt them or take them out of the crèche…I'm very happy to leave the older five there and keep the younger three with us."

"I'm so proud of you." Nasta declared.

Harry rolled his eyes. "You lot are insufferable."

"We're not that bad." Max denied with a wide grin.

Harry just rolled his eyes again and chuckled. He loved them all, but they were insufferable sometimes. He couldn't wait until the court case was over though. He wanted all of that, the Dursleys, Voldemort…he wanted it all behind him and gone. He wanted to live for the future, not for what was in his past and the sooner he didn't have to think about any of that, the happier he'd be.

When May rolled around, Harry felt like a nervous wreck. He had gone in for his Potions exam after some last minute spurts of hard revision courtesy of Max. He didn't think he'd done too badly on the practical; at least it had actually looked like The Draught of Living Death when he'd finished with it, but the theory paper could have gone a lot better in his honest opinion. He was now waiting on eggshells for the results of his exam to come back and he was begging for it to at least be a pass grade so that he wouldn't have to take the exam again, because he knew that if he had anything less than an 'A' in this exam, then his mates would make him take it again, Max especially would be insistent on him resitting the exam as he'd taught Harry himself and it was a point of pride for him, so if Harry got anything less than a pass grade, then he was going to be either upset or embarrassed, maybe even both, and Harry didn't want Max to be feeling that way just because he was completely rubbish at Potions and couldn't be taught.

The yearly Dracken meeting had gone pretty much how Harry had expected it to. Nasta had been hit on, Draco had been hit on, Max had been physically wrestled away when he'd gone to get drinks at the bar to meet some flimsy little fifteen year old brat wearing next to nothing who had told Max that he should be honoured that she had liked the look of him and wanted him as her own and Harry had happily let his babies roam the crèche while he had kept his twin girls and little Leolin with him and with the family. Not much else had happened in the very few hours that they'd been there, they'd talked to family, with friends, Harry had spent twenty minutes talking to Elder Trintus and then they'd come home early to put the kids to bed and get an early night themselves.

Eva and Ave were now four months old and they had gone in for their second Dragon Pox vaccinations with the wonderful, experienced Healer Nasser. They'd been just as bad as their first vaccines, if not worse as they screamed themselves sick and refused to calm down as their bruised arms went purple. They clung to him, the both of them, and he'd spent the afternoon sat on the settee with two sniffling, grizzling girls on his lap who refused to let him go and when they'd calmed down and he tried to move them, they whined a soft, sleepy 'Muma' and started crying again as they woke up. This was as terrible as Harry had ever seen his children after a vaccination; he hated the thought that his girls needed yet another vaccination in just five more months. 'It's to keep them safe', he repeated as a mantra as he spent the afternoon cuddling them close to his chest.

Harry's court case was starting in just a week and he was getting worse and worse with his nerves. He couldn't help it and he was seeing more and more of Richard the closer it came to the seventeenth of May.

It just kept playing over and over in his head and his mind drifted off over and over again until it sometimes took several tries for his mates to get his attention. Damn it, he just wanted to fast forward this part. This court case had been playing on his mind ever since it had all come out and now that the time had come for it to start; he just wanted it all over with.

"Come on, love. Eat something, please." Max begged as Harry sat staring out of the window, his fork prodding his food, but not actually eating anything.

Harry startled and looked at his mates and he sighed. "Sorry. I'm a million miles away."

Harry started eating his cold food with a grimace and he realised that his mates were already finished their own dinners. He'd done it again and he was worrying them needlessly because he couldn't stop his mind from whirring.

"There is nothing to worry about." Blaise told him.

"That's easy for you to say! It's not you who has to face the people who hurt and abused you for fifteen years!"

Harry sat back down gracelessly when he realised that he'd jumped to his feet in anger and bashed his head against the table top.

"I'm sorry, Blaise, I'm not angry with you. I'm just…I'm scared and I hate admitting that, but I am."

"We know." Nasta said softly, coming to hold him. "We love you and we will support you through this in any and every way that we can. Even if you need to shout at us to release some pent up anger and frustration. We may not be able to go to the court with you, but you will have Richard right beside you and we'll be right here with you when you come home every afternoon."

Harry nodded. "I know…I just keep thinking of worst case scenarios and I just…this court case is going to be the death of me."

"It won't, we won't let it." Draco told him.

"It's just difficult." Harry said softly.

"We will do everything that we can to make this less of a strain on you." Nasta said firmly, his wonderful, needed pillar of strength.

"I love you. All four of you. I don't know what I'd be doing if I never had you four with me. I'm so glad that I'm a Dracken, I'm so glad I have the four of you and I'm so glad that we have a family together."

"Come on, I don't think you're going to eat any more of this."

"I'm sorry, Max, it was nice. Thank you."

Max sighed and took his almost untouched plate away. "It's alright, love. I know you're feeling stressed and out of it. Do you want tea and biscuits?"

Harry just nodded as Nasta carried him into the living room. Normally he would have insisted that he could walk there himself, but today he could use the attention and the comfort as he wrapped himself around Nasta and snuggled in tightly.

Nasta sat on the settee and Harry stayed wrapped up on his lap, straddling his thighs and resting on his chest, his ear pressed over Nasta's strongly beating heart. Blaise sat next to them and rested himself on Nasta's shoulder, facing Harry and smiling at him as they held hands.

Draco went to his armchair and cracked open his book and everything was hushed and peaceful, the kids were all in bed, it was eight O'clock in the night and it was peaceful. Harry pushed all his thoughts away and he refused to think of anything else as he rested on Nasta and absorbed the peace. This would all be over soon. This stress would be gone, this fear would be gone and this worry would all just be gone. It would all work out in the end and then he would be fine and happy and free to live his life and expand and love his family. That's all he wanted in life, it's all he'd ever wanted.

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