The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


102. Chapter Ninety-Five – Expertise Part 2

"Are you feeling better?" Nasta asked him.

Harry nodded. "Fine. I could do with some tea though, all this coffee doesn't agree with my stomach."

"There's something wrong with you." Blaise told him while Nasta scowled.

"Just how much coffee have you had?"

"You promised that you wouldn't start." Max growled.

"I'm not starting anything; I asked him a simple question!" Nasta growled back.

"Stop it, this fighting is not what I want to hear right now. I've only just got back into the house after being mentally tortured in a court room for a couple of hours, fighting is the very last thing I want to hear thank you very much! I've had two cappuccinos from a café. One before entering the court, one after I left. The muffin is the only thing I've eaten today, so the very last thing I want to hear is you lot fighting, so if that is going to happen, you can go outside and fight and leave me in peace."

The room fell silent on the adult front as Harry slipped to his knees and joined his babies on the floor, setting Farren on his lap as his boy still wasn't a fan of playing with anything that wasn't edible.

A cup of tea was offered to him a few minutes later like a peace offering and Harry smiled.

"Thank you, Nasta." He said softly.

"Do you want lunch? I kept you some." Max said.

"In a bit, let me have my tea first and get these kids down for their afternoon nap."

"They should be dropping off anytime now." Blaise said. "Like Draco."

Harry looked over when Draco remained silent after that slur, only to realise that Draco actually had dropped off to sleep with Leolin.

"He's been doing that all morning." Max said with a smile as he moved to tuck Draco in more tightly. "It's the potions, they'll make him a bit sleepy and lethargic until he gets a little more used to them."

Harry smiled at the picture that Draco made napping with Leolin before his attention was caught by Regan, who was handing him a spit soaked rag.

"Thank you, Regan." He said clearly as he took the wet cloth and tried not to visibly grimace.

Just five minutes later and Tegan and Calix had drifted off to sleep, Harry had rocked Farren to sleep and Regan was wavering.

Harry put Farren down on a blanket and smoothed his dark brown hair from his face, kissing his chubby cheek before he went into the kitchen, where Max was busy heating up a plate of food for him.

"Here you go, my dearest love!" Max declared as he served Harry with a flourish.

He chuckled. "Thank you, Max. This looks gorgeous."

"Like its wonderful, incredibly talented chef then." Max winked.

Harry smiled before he dug in. He was suddenly starved and he knew that it was because the adrenaline rush caused by his fear and nervousness that morning had finally dropped away, meaning that his stomach wasn't tied in knots anymore.

Harry got seconds and pudding down him and Max was very happy as he carried Harry back into the living room, telling the others that Harry had eaten enough for seven men. Nasta was very happy for that and Harry actually felt proud that his mates were happy and proud of him just because he had eaten something. It was completely ridiculous, but he couldn't help but grin like a lunatic.

"Here you go, have a baby." Blaise said as he dumped Eva…no, Ave onto his lap.

Harry brought her up to his nose and he inhaled deeply. Definitely his Ave.

"Hello Ave, sweetie. Have you been a good girl today? Your granddad Myron and granddad Richard are coming around to see you and your sister Eva later, that'll be nice, won't it? You'll have to save some spit up for them."

His mates sniggered at that and Harry grinned. All of them had been spit up on by Ave at some point, she was having a bit of a problem with reflux lately and it was usual for her to dribble a bit of her milk back out onto their shoulders.

Harry dived straight back into family life, now that he had nothing to stress over, nothing to worry about, he could just enjoy himself. Draco was going to be just fine; his fevers wouldn't be coming back and the damage done to him was not going to get any worse, even if it would never get any better either, but his babies were all fine and well, the initial fear of the court had gone and everything was fine. He felt like he could sing.

He fed his babies their dinners with an energy that he hadn't had for months now. It was like a great weight had been taken from him and had reinvigorated him. He felt like he could fly, in fact, that's exactly what he wanted to do.

Myron and Richard flooed over after the kids had had their bath and were sat playing with their 'quiet' toys. Harry rushed to them and hugged them tightly; Richard laughed and hugged him tightly, swinging him around.

"How are you?" Myron asked him.

"I feel so much better. It's like a weight has been lifted off of my back."

"Max! I told you that you'd hurt your poor submissive if you laid on top of him! Stop damaging his fragile back!" Richard declared.

Max laughed before he hefted himself up and he and Myron did the whole, complete embrace and kiss to the mouth that they always did and then Max turned to Richard with an evil glint as he dragged his shorter, more slender Dad into his arms and off of his feet, giving him a back breaking hug that made Harry wince.

"Here, I got this for you." Myron handed Harry a very large bar of Honeydukes fudge chocolate that he'd taken from the inside pocket of his robes and Harry's mouth automatically started watering at the sight of it.

Harry took the bar, hugged Myron yet again, tore off the corner of the packaging and he snapped off a bite and popped it straight into his mouth. He could almost feel Nasta's glare boring into his back.

"Harry, you haven't had dinner yet." Nasta told him calmly, but Harry could almost hear the strain in his voice.

"I know, but if I put this down, you're going to hide it. I still haven't found the one that Professor Dumbledore gave me for my birthday last year that you hid away."

"I swear he makes a stash of all our sweets and chocolate and then when we're sleeping he eats it all." Draco grumbled. "I'm still missing eight ice mice from my last birthday that you took."

"If I promise not to take it, will you at least wait until after dinner?"

"Yes, but you can't go within three feet of it, or I'm going to do the whole hamster thing and stuff it all now because I actually want chocolate today and I don't want it taken from me."

"Fine." Nasta replied shortly and he left the room.

Harry groaned. "Why is it such a struggle just to have chocolate? Why am I the one feeling guilty?"

"That's Nasta's innate power, the power to make you feel guilty when you shouldn't." Max said as he slung an arm around Harry and hugged him. "Don't worry about it, just eat your dinner, get into your pyjamas and pig out on your chocolate."

"Gwanda Ion."

Harry turned to see Braiden stood by Myron's knees, arms up beseechingly, calling for Myron.

"Well, isn't he a little talker?" Myron commented as he got down onto one knee and scooped Braiden up for a tight hug.

"His words have really come on in the last week, it seems like it happened overnight almost. He just started talking in little sentences and he recognises people and things and he knows where he put his toys and where everything is kept. It's amazing."

"Who is such a clever boy!" Richard cooed.

"Me!" Calix answered as he stopped playing with his ball to look at Richard.

All of them laughed.

"Aneirin taught him that." Harry said. "He kept calling him good boy, and saying that he was such a clever boy and now when he hears those he'll think that you're talking about him."

Richard snatched up Calix and cuddled him. "He obviously took your smarts, Harry. There's no way that this little genius could be Max's."

"I'm your child!" Max declared incredulously.

"Nope, you're Myron's." Richard said with a wink. "Those three clever girls we have, those are all mine. You and Caesar are definitely your Father's boys."

Myron gave a look to Richard and the man winced.

"I'm in trouble now, aren't I?"

"Yes." Myron told him plainly.

"I'd think it was the other way around." Harry said thoughtfully. "Myron's obviously the most intelligent out of you both, so wouldn't that mean that the girls were Myron's and Max and Caesar were yours? That makes much more sense to me."

Richard was slack jawed, Myron, Draco and Blaise all laughed and Max let out an indignant 'hey!' while Harry chuckled, moving to check on Leolin.

"How is little Leolin?" Myron asked. "You said he learnt a new word? That's very impressive."

Harry nodded. "Yes, he's saying 'Da' now as well. Dain and Kailen were so surprised that we invited them over so they could hear it for themselves."

"Aneirin says that you're all getting on much better with the Faeries, I'm glad."

Harry grinned. "Yes. Everything is calmed down and everyone is interacting, it's lovely. Here, take a seat. Max will get you tea."

Max was used to this by now and he just snapped to attention and gave off a very authentic looking salute before turning on his heel and marching into the kitchen. Harry just shook his head.

"I swear he's taking something." Blaise sighed. "He's not normal. It's all those potion fumes he inhales at work."

Harry laughed. "Leave him alone, he makes me smile. Now you wanted to see Eva and Ave, yes?"

Harry went to the bassinets and he pulled out Eva and took her over to Richard, transferring the baby over easily as he took Calix from him and dropped the boy to the floor before he went back to get Ave and handed her to Myron, taking Braiden from his arms and hefting the almost two year old up and onto his hip.

"They've gotten so big, are they…are they actually bigger than Leolin?" Richard asked.

"Eva is thirteen pounds and eight ounces at twenty-four inches and Ave is fourteen pounds three ounces at twenty-four and a half inches. They haven't quite caught up to Leolin yet, but I think it'll only take a month more before they do."

"They're beautiful, I particularly love their hair." Myron said with a smirk. "How does Max feel about it?"

"He loves it, he think it looks lovely on the girls…he just doesn't like it on himself."

"I noticed he managed to get his hair cut."

Harry nodded. "Yes. He finally found a spare moment to shear it all off. We have been quite busy lately with the girls."

"They're absolutely gorgeous, look at their little faces. Their eyes haven't changed yet?"

"They have." Harry said with a nod. "They got slightly darker, but I think that they're going to keep their blue eyes."

"Blue eyes and chestnut brown, curly hair…yep, you boys are going to have to get those sticks ready for when they're teenagers."

"Oh behave." Harry scoffed. "I have every faith that my children are going to have the strong, intelligent minds to know what they want and that they'll be strong enough to stop anything they don't want from happening. They won't need us hovering over them with sticks; they'll be able to do it for themselves."

"I love you so much." Max declared as he wandered back in with a tray of tea to hear Harry's passionate statement.

"You are very mature." Myron said, even as he gazed lovingly at little Ave in his arms.

"No one will be touching my daughters." Draco sniffed. "Not until they're legal adults. That goes for our boys as well." He added.

Blaise laughed and pulled Draco into a hug, sprouting something off in French. Draco looked affronted and shoved Blaise off, replying to him in French.

"Hey, non-French speakers over here, switch back into English." Max told them.

"Blaise is agreeing with Draco about not letting anyone with 'ill intentions' near our children and he offered a chastity pact to be sealed with a hug."

Harry looked at Nasta who had Regan cocked on his hip. He looked fine, nothing to suggest that he might be angry or feeling ganged up on.

"There will be no pact making!" Harry insisted. "If my children want to have crushes and dates, then they can, I'll just have to trust that they'll be sensible and make intelligent decisions, but I will not rule their lives for them. I will not become a tyrant to them and dictate what they can or cannot do with their lives or hell, even themselves and I won't allow any of you to do it either. I won't do it. I had a girlfriend once when I was fifteen…it was thanks to her that I started entertaining the idea that I might be gay. I did have a girlfriend, does that mean I was depraved and some sort of sexual deviant? Of course not, I kissed her several times and held hands on the way to Hogsmeade…that was it. So no, I won't stop them from exploring themselves or their love lives, that's their business, not ours."

"This girlfriend, it was that Cho Chang you told us about, wasn't it? The one who kept crying on you and the one who you tricked into crashing into the ground during that Quidditch match that we all watched and you almost gave the entire crowd heart attacks in." Max said thoughtfully.

Harry nodded with a grimace. "I think she was trying to replace Cedric with me because she knew I liked her. As for the match, no one gets in my way during Quidditch, not girls who cried on me and not Blaise either."

"I still don't like hearing or remembering that you had a girlfriend." Blaise said with a scowl. "I like the idea of my pure, submissive mate."

"I was your pure submissive mate; just because I had a girlfriend doesn't mean anything." Harry shrugged. "We never even kissed with tongues, I did that with you first, that's why I was so bad at it."

"You weren't bad at it." Blaise insisted.

"If you're going to keep on this topic of conversation then we're leaving." Myron told them sternly.

"Speak for yourself; I'm enjoying all this juicy gossip." Richard laughed.

"Okay, we're drawing a line under it." Harry said with a slight flush. "I don't like speaking about those things."

"You don't like mentioning it in front of your mates." Myron said with a smile.

Harry shifted uncomfortably. He nodded. "Yeah, I don't like mentioning past girlfriends because I hate hearing about their past lovers, who were actual lovers I might add." He said with a growl.

Nasta's hand dropped to his hair and his nails scratched gently against the top of his scalp and Harry all but purred in delight. He turned and snuggled straight into Nasta as those short, straight nails moved down to the back of his head.

"Myron, we have to try that. I want to know if it works." Richard said. "It looks good."

Myron chuckled and kissed the side of Richard's head, he whispered something that had Richard laughing joyously.

"I won't have any of that talk over my baby girls!" Harry said sternly. "They're awake and they're listening to you!"

Myron and Richard shared a grin, but they sat back away from one another and went back to cradling the four month old girls.

"I can't believe that you told those Faeries that they were Drackens before us! We're their biological grandfathers!" Richard pouted.

Harry rolled his eyes. "I told you, it just slipped out. I'd already told my mates the week before, but I hadn't gotten around to telling anyone else."

"You could have sent us a message." Richard pouted.

"Oh yeah, I can just imagine that message going astray. To Myron and Richard Maddison, our new girls are Drackens! Come over and see them soon, all my love, Harry. That isn't happening." Harry deadpanned.

"I see your point." Richard sighed. "But still, you could have flooed over to tell us."

"How about this, our next Dracken child and I'll tell you both first…after my mates, obviously." Harry added quickly when Max opened his mouth to complain. "They'll naturally be told first when I feel ready to divulge such information."

"You actually announced it quite early this time around." Blaise said.

Harry shrugged. "It felt right. I let Braiden slip, so I over compensated with the quintuplets, but with the girls, it felt right."

"I can't believe we have identical, Dracken daughters." Max said as he looked to his two girls a bit gooey eyed.

"Just remain aware that they could be dominant and submissive, or even both dominant. Your Aunt Kyra thought that she was a submissive for all of her childhood and early teenaged years. It came as a nasty shock then when she was a dominant, so don't put those sorts of expectations on them, because anything could happen."

Harry nodded. "We've been having a few talks about that, about what age to break it to them, at least the ones we have now, because I'm sure when we have teenaged Drackens strutting around, the younger ones will know and understand at a much earlier age. But we're planning it as best as we can."

Myron nodded his approval. "Good. We planned Max's talks too, giving him little bits of information so that he'd understand, yet not overwhelming him. We were forced to do it young because he liked playing rough and we were worried about Caesar and the girls, but he accepted it all with good grace."

"He took after me in that way." Richard grinned.

Harry smiled at that and when Regan came and wrapped himself around his leg, Harry hunched down and checked on him concernedly. It was then that he noticed the time.

"Oh hell, these kids should have been in bed half an hour ago!" He said as he picked up Regan, who was so tired that he was getting upset.

"Then that means I should be starting dinner for us." Max said as he hefted up Farren and cradled his son, kissing his little face.

"I think that's a subtle way of telling us to leave." Richard said with a grin.

"It is, but feel free to come back again tomorrow if you have a spare moment. We aren't doing anything for the next two days and then it's Talia's birthday. Which reminds me, Max, did you get the gift?"

"Of course, it just needs to be wrapped. It's up in our bedroom."

Harry nodded as Draco took Eva and Ave from Myron and Richard. They said goodbye to the two men and then they set about getting their overtired children into their cots and settled down. Tegan was already asleep, so was Eva, Ave and Leolin, but Braiden was grizzling, Farren didn't want to go to sleep, Regan was too tired to sleep and Calix was throwing a screaming fit.

"We are never breaking their routine again." Harry growled as he tried to settle Regan to sleep by rocking him slowly, his little boy sniffling and whining softly, getting quieter and quieter as he was rocked, shushed and had his back rubbed until he slipped off to sleep, the tears still wet on his face.

Harry put him down into his cot and he took Braiden from Max.

"Go and sort out dinner, love, otherwise we won't be eating today. We'll sort these out."

"Are you sure?" Max asked. "I don't like leaving you in the middle of a crisis like this."

"I'm sure. I'll get these kids to sleep in half an hour." He swore.

An hour later and Harry was regretting his words as Calix had cried himself sick, the noisome fluid getting all over his sleepsuit and Harry's shirt and Harry had to give his seventeen month old son a quick bath because the vomit had gotten all over Calix's hands, his hair and it had gone down the neckline of his sleepsuit.

The warm water seemed to calm Calix more than his rocking or shushing had and Calix was yawning as Harry cuddled him dry in his arms while Draco passed over a clean sleepsuit, bodysuit and nappy.

Finally all of the kids were sleeping and Harry was able to go down and eat his dinner, stifling a yawn as he did so.

"I am really not looking forward to those terrible twos." Harry sighed.

"None of us have anything to do now for two days, we don't have to go out, we don't need to do a food shop, do we, Max?" Nasta asked their biggest mate.

"No, I have all of our meals planned out for the next week, the kids have enough formula powder and we're well stocked on nappies and wipes."

"What about the fresh fruit?" Draco asked.

"I buy some of the berries and things in frozen punnets. I defrost them the day before I need them and then blend them into pastes for the baby food jars. Apples and oranges keep for a while, so the kids will have snacks, but if we need grapes or plums or other stone fruit, then I can easily pop to the supermarket for half an hour to get them some more."

"I'm on top of the washing, I've done my Potions exam and I'm not due back in court for a few days to a week. We have nothing to do." Harry grinned. "This little break is going to be very welcome; you and Max are still off work, yes?"

His two mates nodded.

"You two won't be looking for work in the next two days?" He asked Blaise and Draco.

"I'm not allowed to." Draco huffed.

"I can stop for a couple of days."

"This is going to be brilliant, I can't wait! We all need this little break."

"I second that." Max said as he stretched, before he stood up and took the empty plates to the sink.

"Go sit down, I'll do those." Harry offered.

"You get out of my kitchen or I'll lock you outside until I'm finished." Max growled.

"It's cold outside!" Harry frowned.

"All the more reason to back away, then." Max said as he started cleaning the dirty dishes.

"Come on, mio Prezioso. Leave him to his dishes. Let's go and see what we can do together on that rug that you love so much."

"Don't you have sex on that rug without me!" Max shouted out after them. "I mean it! You two have already had sex in that chair without me; you won't have sex on that rug without me too!"

Harry and Blaise laughed as they fell onto the mentioned rug and started kissing.

"They are having sex on the rug without you." Draco called out.

"Damn it!" Max cursed.

Harry couldn't stop laughing. "Okay, stop now." He said. "We'll have sex tomorrow, but tonight I just want to cuddle, is that okay?"

"Of course." Nasta said as he picked him up and settled him onto the settee. "Please don't feel the need to suffer through anything sexual just because you think you have to, because you don't."

"Of course not." Blaise agreed. "I want to have sex with my willing lover, not someone who's pretending to enjoy it when they aren't."

Harry grinned. "I just feel tired and achy today and with all the stress, I don't feel good."

"This break has come too late, it seems." Max said as he came in with a tray of tea, putting it on the coffee table and collapsing down on the settee.

"Maybe, but we do have eight children we have to look after. It's not as simple as just taking a holiday from work, we can't do that with our children and really speaking, I don't want to do that to them."

"Agreed." Nasta said as he twisted himself so that he could recline on Max, who shifted his shoulder and sent Nasta sprawling over his lap where he grinned down at him and started grooming his hair with his fingers.

Nasta went from tensed and a little irritated to settled and relaxed as he shifted himself a little to make himself more comfortable on Max's lap, putting his shoulders at a more comfortable angle against Max's muscled thigh.

Harry grinned as he watched them, before he stood up from the other settee that he'd been sat on and he went to sit right on Nasta's lap, wriggling around to get himself comfortable.

"You said that you didn't want sex today, I suggest that you don't wriggle around or you'll be sleeping down here for a few hours while I ravish the others." Nasta warned him.

Harry chuckled. "Okay, I'll sit still. You just looked so comfy, I couldn't help it."

"Admit it, you just like sitting on people's groins." Blaise told him as he went to the sideboard and got out a case and a notebook. Harry groaned.

"If you're going to be doing that then I'm getting out of the firing zone." Harry said seriously. "You threw an inkpot at me the last time you got that shit out."

"I told you, I didn't mean to throw it at you."

"You shouldn't be throwing anything in a house with eight babies!" Harry huffed.

"We only had six the last time I got this out." Blaise corrected as he took the ancient book out of its protective coverings.

"It's no wonder they like throwing things, they're copying you!" Harry huffed.

"How? I only get it out after they've gone to bed."

"Your fault!" Harry insisted.

Blaise chuckled and Nasta reached up and yanked Harry to lie down on him, playing with his hair, even as Max reached a hand over to play with his and Nasta's hair, scratching along his scalp. Harry immediately started purring.

"I love that noise." Max chuckled.

"It's right up there in the top five of noises Harry makes that we all love." Draco laughed. "Right next to that little squeak when he's caught off guard and the sweet mewling noise during sex."

Harry laughed. "Do you all discuss this when I'm not around then?"

"We have in depth discussions over our favourite noises that you make, yes." Draco said. "We even discuss favourite positions."

"That was only once." Max said. "We get very bored when you're in your nest and we miss you lots and lots, so we need to talk about these things to make it more bearable when you're gone."

Harry laughed harder and he felt Nasta rumbling in his chest underneath him.

"I'll say if you start discussing the noises I make and the best positions you like me in."

"Nasta, what does this word mean?" Blaise cut in.

Nasta groaned and he sat up, rolled Harry into the warm groove where he'd been lying and went to sit behind Blaise, peering over his shoulder as he petted that layered, fluffy hair, his mouth moving silently as he read whatever Blaise was stuck on.

"This is disgusting." He declared suddenly several minutes later. "Why does your family want this book?"

Blaise shrugged. "They just do. My Grandfather Bastien would sell his organs for this book."

"Tell him that if I can have his abdominal muscles, he can have it." Harry said.

Draco snorted. "Don't be ridiculous, your muscles will heal."

"It is getting better." Harry agreed with a smile. "I can bend down now without pain and I can walk without it aching, it's if I push myself too much that I start feeling pain."

"He might have to sell his organs for this book, or at least harvest them." Nasta grimaced. "That word means, to my understanding, ripen. You have to wait for the liver to ripen, which I believe might mean mature, and then you need to cut it out with a silver blade, taking care not to cut through the hepatic artery."

"What the hell sort of book is that?" Max asked.

"Where did you say you got that book?" Draco asked Harry.

Harry shrugged. "It was in my family vaults, there are hundreds of books in there. Blaise had mentioned that his family had been looking for it for generations, so I asked the goblins where to find it and they actually told me it was in my family vaults. I gave it to Blaise as a present for our first Christmas together."

"Why would your family have such a book?" Draco asked interestedly.

"My family are related to the Blacks, I assume there are lots of books like that in my vault." Harry reminded him. "Besides that book was 'married' into the family, it came into Potter possession when one of my ancestors married a Greek witch. It's been in my bank vault, untouched for seven hundred years."

"That still doesn't explain why Blaise's family want it."

Blaise just smirked. "They've always wanted this book, my Grandfather is going to lose his head when he realises that I've found the book that his great-great grandfather spent his life looking for."

"It's an ugly book." Nasta sneered at it as if it could see him. "I don't like it being here, in the same house as our children."

"It's hardly the monster book of monsters." Harry placated. "It's not going to actually bite one of our kids like that book would if it got loose."

"This book is black." Nasta said.

"I know it is and I admit that, but I'm hardly going to start harvesting unsuspecting people to perform these rituals. I just want to translate it."

Nasta nodded. "I understand that, which is why I'm helping you, but I don't like that book, at all."

"Duly noted." Blaise said as he took a gulp of the tea he was keeping well away from the ancient book that was so dry, it creaked when it was moved or so much as picked up.

"Draco, can you help me tomorrow?" Harry asked.

"Sure, what do you need?"

"I want another family portrait done now that the girls are born and they're a little older, I need to find some dresses for them, I want cute, adorable dresses, non-matching, that doesn't look like they're going to a wedding or something, they will need shoes that match their dresses and Tegan needs a dress too and you're the best at digging out the cutest, most appropriate dresses at any store."

Draco smirked. "I can definitely do that."

"Good, I've got all the owl order catalogues, I just need to sit down and find something that I like and then I need all your opinions on the dresses and then I need to somehow find matching shoes."

"Do you want the boys in mini tuxes again?" Max asked. "Because I really don't think Braiden or Farren will fit into their old ones…in fact I know that they won't."

"I know I need to get them bigger sizes; I've already got them ordered."

"This picture is going to take us several hours to get done and if Ave doesn't spit up on her new dress, it'll be a miracle." Blaise said as he translated another line.

"I know. I know it's going to be difficult, but I want it done. Every time we get a new family member, I want a new picture done and I want them all over the house." Harry declared. "I want to frame some of our older photos too; I just need some time to go through them all."

"Good luck finding that time." Draco laughed.

Harry glared. "How would you feel if I asked your parents to have them overnight?" He asked. "That way we could all do it."

Draco all but choked. "I wouldn't trust my Father with all eight of them! He barely survived when we had him babysitting the last time and Eva and Ave were only newborns, they're more mobile now and more demanding."

"I know." Harry said with an evil, shit eating grin.

"My granddad would do it." Max said with a shrug.

"My Mother would kill for the chance." Blaise offered.

"Hmm, it has been a while since Marianna has had them." Harry said. "If Narcissa and Lucius can't mind them, then Marianna can have them. I want to do those photos. We'll naturally keep Leolin here."

"Oh Harry, my beloved! A whole day with only one baby, I love you!" Max declared.

Harry laughed. "The last time we let someone babysit for us was Valentine's Day, before that it was actually the heat period that we conceived Eva and Ave. I don't like pushing our kids onto other people, but we do need a break now and then and the kids need to spend some time with their grandparents, so tomorrow, I want to sort out the photos and the dresses for Eva, Ave and Tegan."

"I'll talk to my Mother tomorrow morning, I'm sure she'll be delighted, she's been asking, almost begging really, when she can have them for an afternoon."

"I'll pack up their nappy bags then, Max, can you sort out snacks, bottles and things?" Harry asked.

"Of course, lover. Don't forget to pack their dummies though."

Harry nodded as he started packing a bottomless nappy bag with the exact number of nappies his babies used in one day, adding in several spares with a pack of wipes, he made sure their dummies were inside it, their favourite toys, blankies and spare clothes and anything else he could think of.

He was so excited for tomorrow, not because he was getting rid of his children, but because he'd been wanting to sort out these photos for months now. He wanted some of them framed and put up along the walls of their house, others he wanted to send to family and he definitely wanted to do this current, up-to-date family portrait before he had another heat period and fell pregnant again. It didn't help that he'd been feeling a pull towards cereals in the mornings. He was not ready for another heat period, but of course his Dracken didn't really care, it just wanted to reproduce like it was programmed to do. He hoped at least that his first few were dry heats…he couldn't handle another multiple birth right now.

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