The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


9. Chapter Nine – Choosing the Second Mate

Harry sat in a small, cosy room off of the Dracken common room and he held the thick plastic folder he had been given in his hands and just gawped at the amount of names on the pieces of parchment that it contained.

Name after name was listed, some names he couldn't even pronounce, some names were so long that they took up three lines of the parchments and others were so common that there were two or three of them reoccurring throughout the list.

The ages next to the names ranged from Drackens in their seventies all the way down to just turned sixteen year olds and Harry couldn't believe that several sixteen year olds had made their way here from all over the world, most of them alone.

Next to the ages were a colour, or colours, and another number that he had been told were the dominant's wing colours and sizes, so that he could further identify the more commonly named Drackens so that he didn't accidentally scratch off the wrong person.

Harry took a quill to Dominic's name immediately, who was listed under the section for the sixteen year olds, scratching it out with excessive force, much to the amusement of Blaise.

"Calm down, Harry, wait until you see his face and do the same with your claws." Blaise advised him.

Harry giggled lightly and a bit hysterically and scooted over to cuddle into Blaise. Everything felt so out of his control, he felt like a passenger in his own body, on a rollercoaster with nowhere to go but down.

"My dear, are you well?" Elder Trintus asked concernedly as he saw Harry's face crumple as if he were about to cry.

"I just…I…why couldn't Blaise be enough? I don't want anyone else in my life. I want a family! Not a group of men accosting me and groping me every time I walk into a room. How many is it going to take?"

"I would think that one more dominant will see you with a child, sweet one." Trintus told him thoughtfully. "But you might need one, maybe two more on top of that to ground your magic and to see to the needs of your Dracken."

"I only want as many as I need to have a clutch of children!" Harry stated sharply.

"I wouldn't advise it, my dear. Without an extra dominant to ground you, you may have bouts of irrationality or even very well go insane. I remember one submissive who fancied herself so in love with her first mate that she refused her grounding mate. Then six years down the line she ended up killing all of her children and then, when her lucidity came back to her, she killed herself in the grief of what she had done, leaving her dominant mate to suffer for years before he decided to join them."

"That's horrible." Harry declared, feeling faintly sick at the thought of a Mother killing her children.

Blaise swallowed bitterly and held Harry tightly. He didn't want to share his mate with anyone, but he didn't want Harry to kill their children and then himself even more. Nothing else mattered when it came to Harry and his health, even if that did mean that they would have yet another dominant male, or even a female, who would push him out of the frame and claim all of Harry's attention.

"It is horrible, yes, but that is the fate of a Dracken who refuses their grounding mate." Trintus said simply.

"Blaise?" Harry questioned timidly.

He remembered very vividly that first meeting in the forest with his first mate, of how vehement Blaise was that he would not be permitted to have a harem or any more dominants than strictly necessary to get him pregnant.

"Discount my harsh words of before, Mio amore." Blaise said softly, brushing Harry's cheek with the back of his knuckles. "I did not know before what the Elder has just told us. I would rather add as many dominants as you need than to suffer the loss of you and our children a few years into the future."

Harry smiled beatifically at him and Blaise felt his heart jolt. He had come to love Harry so very much. How was it possible to fall this deeply in love with someone in just two months?

He was truly amazed that it had only been two months that had passed when it felt like he'd known and loved Harry for an eternity already. A very good, loving eternity that he would live over again and again.

He felt like he knew Harry, really knew him, in the same way that decades old lovers knew the other like the backs of their hands. He wished to spend every minute of every day with Harry, which was probably why he was so jealous of adding in more Drackens to their relationship. It was needed to get the full family that they both wanted and craved, but Blaise still did not like the thought of sharing Harry with anyone.

It wasn't even a Dracken thing; Blaise thought sourly, he would have been exactly the same had he been born a human. He would not have wanted to share Harry at all, not with anyone. Blaise believed fully that he was taking the news so well because he wasn't human, because he was a Dracken and it was common for a submissive to have at least two mates, one to get them pregnant and then another one to ground their magic. It was rare to find a submissive that was weak enough to only need the one dominant to impregnate and ground them or a dominant strong enough over the submissive to do both. He would not have coped very well had he and Harry been human and Harry had informed him that he wanted more than one lover.

"Perhaps it would be best, dearest, if you got this over and done with?" Elder Trintus suggested carefully.

He had never seen a submissive so reluctant to take a second mate before, in his decades of experience all submissives craved children, their bodies demanded them, yet here this young, sixteen year old boy sat, looking so miserable that Quintalus just wanted to hold him, rock him and coo at him as if he were his own child.

"I suppose you're right." Harry sighed, making no move to untangle himself from Blaise's lap.

Blaise smiled at the picture of misery that his mate made. He hated that Harry was upset and loathed himself for feeling so smug at Harry's misery, but he couldn't stop the pleasure or pride he felt knowing that Harry really didn't want any more mates. He knew that Harry would get used to them in time and that he would come to love them all, but at this moment in time, Harry wanted him and only him.

Harry stood once again in the absolutely huge common room that held over a hundred unmated, dominant Drackens who were all vying for his attention. Well most of them were anyway and they all seemed to be under the age of thirty. The older dominants were standing in the back, as if they instinctually knew that they had already been discounted, as if they were only here because their instincts demanded that they had to be present for his meeting.

It broke Harry's heart to see the hopeless and lost expressions that they all tried to hide. They were acting as if they had absolutely no shot whatsoever and Harry swallowed. He hadn't talked his plan out with Blaise. He didn't want his mate getting jealous or feel any more inadequate because Harry went looking through the older dominants first, but he had to give them hope that not all submissives were arrogant, stuck up pricks that wouldn't touch them with a four foot stick just merely because of their age.

"Harry has reviewed all of your names and ages and has now decided that he would like to begin his search for his second mate." Elder Trintus called out loudly, ensuring that all the dominants in the room heard him. "Harry, are there any deciding factors which would make you completely discount one of these dominants as your mate?"

Harry had known that this question was coming and he looked to Blaise, who didn't smile, didn't move his facial muscles, but wrapped him up in his arms comfortably, silently telling him that the floor was all his and that Blaise was behind him one hundred percent in anything that he decided to do.

"Just get on with it!" One of the younger dominants shouted out impatiently. "Get rid of the granddads and start the process already, the waiting is killing me!"

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

"Serif Ribbin. Twenty-three." The dominant with lush heather coloured, twenty-four foot wings answered proudly.

Harry went down the list of parchments and found Serif on the list, glad that he was the only one so that he didn't have to spend any more time on him looking for wing colour; Harry took his quill and exaggeratedly scratched out the name.

"Thank you, Serif, you can leave now."

"What?" He demanded.

"You can leave now. I don't want a cruel or spiteful man as a mate. Bye bye."

Blaise smothered a chuckle by pressing his mouth into Harry's hair. Serif was dragged out forcibly by the reinforcements that had come to protect Harry. The 'security' was made up of about eight to ten mated dominants who had agreed to be Harry's protection for his meetings.

"Right, let's start looking for my next mate." Harry stated lackadaisically. "But first things first, if any of you are currently married or have a significant other at home, then you can leave as well, I don't want to be labelled as a home wrecker, thanks."

"How do you want to do this?" An older dominant asked from the back.

He looked like a hard man, with slate grey scales and charcoal coloured eyes. His hair was black, but it was thinning and lightening at the temples. He had a few facial scars, the most prominent of which looked like a claw scratch going down his left cheek, most likely put there by a right handed submissive; Harry felt such burning curiosity to ask.

"Who are you?" Harry asked instead and the dominant's eyes hardened.

"Arsenio Demetrius. Forty-two." The man answered stonily.

Harry had noticed that all the dominants answered with their name and age, like it was a raffle number or a military identity. He held a small pale hand out and smiled softly at the man, who blinked and looked faintly stunned.

"I think I'd like to get to know you first, Arsenio."

"He's forty-two, Harry." Blaise ducked down to whisper in his ear.

"I know, I heard him perfectly well thank you and I don't care much for ages, Blaise. I love a person for who they are, not for the number of years that they've been alive." Harry whispered back as Arsenio slowly picked his way through the crowd of silent Drackens.

He still looked stunned when he reached the small dais where Harry and Blaise were standing with Elder Trintus, though he tried to hide it. He looked like Harry was about to suddenly call out that he had been joking and that he wanted to get to know a young eighteen year old instead.

"You can't be serious!" Dominic Getus had found his voice at last. Harry had noticed him mouthing wordlessly for about a minute now.

"I thought that I told you to leave?" Harry stated harshly, looking dispassionately at Dominic.

They were the same age near enough, Dominic was only two weeks older than him, but the difference in their maturity levels was astounding. Harry didn't know if it was his upbringing, his personality or the knowledge that he would be a parent as soon as he went onto his next heat period with Blaise and his new dominant that made him more mature, but whatever it was that had matured him so much at such a young age, it was missing in Dominic. Dominic who had been spoilt, like so many other Drackens, by his family, most likely from his very birth when his scent would have declared him a Dracken to any other Dracken standing near him.

It was the only time when a Dracken could be identified by their scent before their sixteenth birthday. The scent of a Dracken child was very strong at birth, but it dissipated very quickly thereafter. The scent would be rapidly diluted by the smells of the outside world as quickly as one to three hours after the baby had been born, not to return again until the child's sixteenth birthday when the genes awoke in the child's bloodstream and brought out all dormant traits and attributes.

Arsenio reached them on the dais and he gently picked up Harry's hand, laying one of the softest kisses that Harry had ever felt to the face up, curled palm. Which brought out more questions in Harry's mind, were older dominants more gentle? Had they learnt to be softer and gentler over time? Was it only the younger dominants who were harsh because they hadn't fully learnt to control their instincts? Or was this purely something that Arsenio did? So many questions, no answers yet, but Harry found that he would really, really like to find out.

Arsenio really was a kind man, despite his harsh demeanour and appearance. He held Harry's hand like it was made from spun glass; he didn't tread on Blaise's feet and backed off immediately if Blaise growled or hissed at something he did.

They were walking around the Dracken hell hotel, Harry taking advantage of being able to actually explore it this time around now that he had a lot more protection and all the dominants were stuck in the common room. Blaise was on one side of him and Arsenio was on the other, telling him all about Greece, his homeland. Harry found himself wanting to visit the country one day, even if Arsenio didn't turn out to be his mate.

"How did you get this?" Harry asked, running his fingers lightly over the scar on Arsenio's cheek, his curiosity finally bubbling over.

Arsenio smirked slightly as he reached up to touch the scar with rough fingers.

"A female submissive who did not like hearing some home truths." Arsenio answered reminiscently.

"Did it hurt?" Harry asked, fingering the scar delicately, running his fingertips over the healed, but tight, puckered skin.

"It hurt a hell of a lot." Arsenio answered, standing still and slightly slumped so that Harry could touch his face. "But I have met a lot of submissives like her and you are nothing like the others."

"So I've been told." Harry answered wryly.

"What did you say to her?" Blaise asked interestedly.

Harry looked over sharply; this was the first time that Blaise had actually taken any interest in another dominant. Did this mean that Blaise liked Arsenio? Or was he just being civil for his sake?

"I just told her the truth, that she was a pampered babyish airhead who would never get a real mate because of the way that she acted. I might have thrown in a few vulgar words here and there, but then I was only twenty-two at the time."

Blaise chuckled. "I did the same thing with the only other submissive apart from Harry I have met. Miette."

"Oh, you were there for the Solange meeting in Toulouse then?" Arsenio asked. "I didn't even have words to say to her, I just left…quickly."

Blaise chuckled again. "I couldn't help shouting a few choice words at her, but there were so many other dominants yelling different variants of the same thing that I doubt she heard any of it."

"Was she really so bad that dominants just left?" Harry asked, looking between the two.

"Oh yes." Arsenio answered. "She was a real piece of work."

"I'm almost certain she believed herself to be a Queen or something from the way she was acting." Blaise added. "She ended up with a sixty-two year old dominant, the only one desperate enough to stay."

"The rumours that have been circulating are now proving to be true, eleven months in and they still do not have a child."

"Maybe she needs more than one dominant." Harry pointed out logically. "If only one was desperate enough to stay…"

"We would have been called back regardless of our feelings towards Miette." Arsenio answered with a shake of his head. "If she had needed a second dominant, we would have had to have gone to her home again because we left of our own free will; she did not order us away."

"We'd go back just to leave again." Blaise muttered darkly.

"How could any Dracken not want a child?" Harry asked. "I can't wait for my children, I want as many as I'm physically able to produce."

Blaise chuckled and kissed his temple. "You are adorable, PreziosoTi amo."

Harry grinned happily at Blaise, before giving his attention back to Arsenio, whose giant hand was cradling his own tiny appendage carefully, as if the delicate bird bones in Harry's hand would snap if he exerted too much pressure, it made Harry feel so very cherished.

The rest of the day passed in a similar fashion. Some of the older dominants weren't nearly as lovely as Arsenio had been, some were kinder, but harsher with their touches, some were strongly outspoken, but treated him like a little doll. There were some who were so set in their ways that they believed that Harry should be kept locked up in a house with a chain and ball. Harry made sure to put a small X next to their names on the list of names that he was carrying around.

He was making notes next to names and on some he put a little tick, if it got that far then he would go to a second round sort of thing and see if he liked them anymore after a second interview with them and hopefully he would choose a mate from those who were left.

Dominic was being a very spoilt brat, but he wasn't the only one. Many of the younger dominants were beside themselves in anger that Harry was only paying attention to the older dominants, the so called 'granddads' of the Drackens who had come to see him.

"When do we get a turn?" One of the young ones burst out impatiently, but not unkindly, he was bouncing slightly and reminded Harry of a little puppy, a puppy on either a sugar rush or on crack.

Harry smiled kindly and took his hand and pulled him off into the gardens, Blaise following behind at a sedate pace with Elder Trintus. He wasn't insecure anymore. Harry fully believed that Blaise was now too used to Harry walking around with other dominants to care, but he did feel better knowing that Blaise's indigo eyes never left his back.

"I'm Henley." The boy burst out, because really that was all he was, just a boy. "Oh shit, right. I'm supposed to say my age as well right? I'm sixteen. Sorry, I'm new to all of this, this is my very first meeting, I only came into my inheritance just before Christmas, my birthday is the seventeenth of December. My dad rushed me here the minute after I had finished turning into a Dracken and it was confirmed that I was a dominant, he and my Mum thought that I might be a submissive, but they were wrong. My Dad didn't want me to miss you, but he needn't have bothered, Elder Trintus told us that you were in the middle of your heat period and wouldn't be around for a while, but I stayed anyway."

Harry didn't know whether to laugh or coo at Henley. He was one of only two dominants who were actually younger than himself. The other one was only just younger though, being born on the fourth of August. Henley was his youngest dominant suitor and Harry just wanted to bundle him up and mother him, which probably was a very bad thing seeing as Henley was supposed to be vying to be an equal lover of his with Blaise. He doubted it would work when all he had the urge to do was sit down and read Henley a fairytale story in front of a fire, underneath a thick blanket, perhaps with a mug of hot chocolate and fuck it, that was a really strange urge.

"I hope I'm not boring you." Henley suddenly said and Harry blinked before he smiled softly.

"You're not boring me, please carry on."

"Well my sister's dominant mate, Georgio, is really tough and he's really big. He's huge and he can be scary at times, and I know I'm not big or tough or scary, I really hope you aren't embarrassed by me being here."

"Oh, don't feel like that!" Harry cried out, reaching out to hug Henley, who despite being younger than him, he was taller than him, though he wasn't nearly as tall as some of the other's. Harry estimated that he was about five foot ten inches, with a lot of room to grow in the next couple of years, after all Blaise was still growing too.

Henley's arms wrapped around him and they just held each other. It felt nice, like how you would hold a brother or a son. Harry found he liked it and he cuddled in closer.

"I'm not at all embarrassed about you being here. Dominic however, him I am ashamed to have propositioning me."

"But he's the grandson of one of the Elders!" Henley cried. "It's supposed to be a huge honour to be mated to a family member of an Elder."

"I don't care if he's the Prince of Salem, I've told him to leave several times and he's still here! I don't want him at all, but he's ignoring me and won't leave."

Henley giggled but then covered his mouth as if he shouldn't have; Harry smiled encouragingly and took Henley's hand into his own. It was bigger than his own hand, but not by much, their hands fit together like puzzle pieces.

"So what do you like doing, Henley?"

"I'm still in school so most of my time is taken up with school stuff, but I like playing Quidditch and I like swimming, our school has an indoor hot spring. The school was built over the hot spring so it's on the ground floor. We don't have dungeons like Hogwarts does, but I suppose they get really cold in the winter, don't they? The hot spring keeps the entire ground floor and most of the first floor of our school warm no matter what the season. I guess it's difficult for you to swim in the lake, it must be icy cold, even in the summer time."

"I like dipping my feet into it and I like walking around barefoot." Harry stated hastily as Henley stopped to draw breath.

"I've never walked around barefoot outside before, I mean I suppose I did as a little kid, but mum doesn't like me going out without proper seasonal wear on, I have to have a scarf and gloves, a hat and a jumper in winter, I have to wear a hat, sunglasses and sun cream in summer, that sort of thing. I'm not even allowed to go barefoot on the beach, I have to wear sandals or flip flops. She's very protective."

Harry mentally cooed at Henley's pouted, put out expression. Henley would make an amazing dominant later in life, when he was in his twenties, but for now, he was just a little boy whose dad had dragged him here and whose mum smothered him. Harry supposed it made for good life experience; this was, after all, Henley's first ever meeting. Then it was Harry's first meeting as well and he took it as a huge compliment that none of the dominants who had come to vie for him had stormed out on him like Blaise and Arsenio had with Miette.

Harry looked at the man opposite him with a tilted head. He knew his face from somewhere, he wracked his brains and prodded his mind to remember because it was killing him. Then it came to him as the man fluttered his bright blue wings, those matching, absolutely gorgeous, deep blue eyes glinting mischievously at him from under brown eyebrows. He was the man who had defended him in the fake first meeting.

"Hi." Harry greeted shyly.

The man grinned easily and shook his hand, before laying two gentle kisses to it.

"Hello. I'm Maximilius Diadesen Maddison. Thirty-one, with the mental age of a twelve year old."

Harry chuckled at the man and happily accepted the hand that was held out to him.

"I must say congratulations to you for getting under the skin of that little snot Dominic. He hasn't stopped bragging to everyone whether they'll listen or not about how he's going to have you for a mate just because his grandfather is an Elder."

Harry's fist clenched before he breathed and smiled.

"He needs to take a serious rain check." Harry answered seriously. "If he thinks I'll let him be my mate just because his grandfather is an Elder he needs to open his eyes, and ears, a bit more. I've told him to leave several times now and the little fucker is still here!"

Maximilius chuckled deeply and the sound went straight to Harry's cock via his clenching gut, which made him turn pink cheeked.

"I…um…what do you like doing?" Harry stammered, his face going red as he heard Blaise chuckle from behind him.

"Eating and cooking. I eat a lot of food, so you can guarantee if you accept me as a mate that we'll be spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen. I really like cooking and I'd be so happy to cook for you and Blaise every day and though it might not seem like it at first glance, I do have a quiet side…a small part of my personality it might be, but it is still there." Maximilius shrugged a massive shoulder and grinned down at Harry, who was probably just the right height to lick and suck at a nipple.

He blushed deeply and cursed his raunchy thoughts, blaming Elder Trintus for interrupting him and Blaise that morning.

"I like reading in front of fires. I'm not a huge fan of the cold and I'm more reclusive in the winter months." Maximilius carried on.

"I like sleeping or lying down in front of fires, Blaise is the one who reads in front of them, personally I don't see how you can read in front of a fire because all it does it make me sleepy."

"His favourite thing to do is to lay on me as I read, we have a bear fur in front of our fire and if I can't find Harry, I go looking on the bear fur, because nine times out of ten that's where he is, sleeping peacefully." Blaise cut in.

Maximilius threw his head back and laughed. That laugh again went straight to Harry's cock and he subtly readjusted himself as the two dominants laughed together. He didn't know what was happening, why did Maximilius' laugh affect him so much?

"So Maximilius, do you have a job?" He asked, trying to take his mind off of his throbbing erection.

"Oh, fuck no, call me Max, you sound like my Mother." Max stated with a roguish grin. "I do have a job, I work for a potions company that makes and sells potions to stock hospitals and small chemists all over Britain."

"You're a Potions Master?" Harry asked impressed.

"Damn right I am. I worked hard to get my Mastery in potions too, I finally achieved it when I was twenty-six, it isn't the record, but I'm still one of the youngest to ever do it so young."

"That's impressive." Blaise stated. "It might not be the record but doing a ten year mastery in six years is still an accomplishment."

"How do you know he started his Mastery at twenty?" Harry asked, fretting that he might have missed something that was said.

Blaise chuckled along with Max, but pressed a reassuring kiss to his cheek.

"I know because a witch or wizard is not allowed to start a Potions Mastery until they are twenty years of age."

"Oh." Harry blushed a bit again, but didn't duck away, he wasn't ashamed that he didn't know little titbits like that about the wizarding world, he hated the Dursleys but he wouldn't be ashamed of how he'd grown up because if he started doing that now then he'd probably break down and go mental, he'd be sharing a room with Lockhart in St Mungos before the end of the week.

"You're adorable." Max told him sincerely, bending down to kiss his hair.

Harry was surprised that Blaise actually let him, but his mate was grinning at him and moved over to them to throw an arm over his shoulder, his and Max's arms crossing on his back.

Harry found hope, perhaps it wouldn't be so difficult to find a mate that Blaise got on with after all. He seemed to really, really like Max and Harry really, really wasn't opposed to him. Perhaps things wouldn't be as bad as he had first thought.

Harry was exhausted at the end of the first day. The dominants had wanted to carry on the meeting throughout the night, but Harry could barely walk through exhaustion, so Blaise had cut through all the dominants arguments and using his authority of being Harry's first mate, he had taken Harry to bed where he had curled up and snuggled into his pillow.

Blaise had clambered in next to him and had wrapped him up in his arms, holding Harry as he fell into an exhausted sleep.

Blaise stayed awake, thinking about the last day. He had watched Harry interact with all of those dominants; the majority of them men, a handful were women or boys. He saw how Harry acted and it wasn't what he had expected. Harry didn't seem interested in them as mates, but more as friends or in the case of the youngest dominant he had even acted parental, dashing Harry's fears of not being good Mother material. The only two he had been at all receptive to had been Arsenio and Maximilius.

Despite what he had previously been feeling this wasn't really a good sign. He didn't want Harry to have another mate, he didn't want competition to contend with for Harry's attention, but he wanted children with Harry and that would be impossible without at least one other dominant Dracken. Compromises compromises.

Blaise sighed lightly so that he wouldn't wake Harry before he settled down to get some sleep, maybe tomorrow would prove more eventful. Harry deserved to have more of a selection for his second mate than just two dominants, because if he did need a grounding mate after this, then he would only have Arsenio and Max to choose from and out of them both, only Max was a good enough fit.

Harry woke up to Blaise nibbling on his collar bone, he laughed softly and run his fingers through Blaise's thick, soft hair, tugging on it lightly.

"Morning, Mio amore."

"Morning, Blaise. What time is it?"

"Seven." Blaise answered distractedly as he licked over the hollow of Harry's throat.

"Should we get up?" Harry asked before Blaise found a particularly sensitive spot which made him moan.

"Do you want to?"

"Not really."

Blaise chuckled and stroked firm, yet gentle, fingers down Harry's sides. Harry giggled, though he would deny it vehemently if ever asked, and he leant up to kiss at Blaise's lips and chin.

"Are we going to finish what was interrupted yesterday?" Harry asked with a wicked grin, readjusting himself on the bed to make himself as open and sexually alluring as possible.

Not that Harry needed to, Blaise thought to himself with a smirk. Harry had the ability to get him hard with just a look.

Blaise covered Harry with his body and kissed Harry with every ounce of passion and love he held for his mate. He had already gone to tell Elder Trintus that he would be being intimate with his mate this morning and that if he interrupted them this time that he wouldn't be walking away again.

Grinning as Harry mewed under him, Blaise unbuttoned Harry's shirt loving the small flush of colour spreading down Harry's body from his cheeks.

He couldn't stand it anymore. He just needed a small peak in at the submissive. He wasn't going to do anything; he just wanted to see him again. He was so beautiful, so delicate looking and his smell was inebriating.

He had cast spells upon himself to keep him from being heard or scented out, he just had to avoid being seen, it wouldn't be that difficult, he only wanted a small peek after all.

He heard the noises before he came even close to the submissive's private rooms and he snarled lowly at the sounds of moaning and growling, of skin hitting skin. He hated that another Dracken had gotten to the submissive first. Harry had smelt so pure, so fresh at that first ever meeting. Virginal. Now he wasn't, the other Dracken had deflowered him, had stripped that pure scent from Harry's skin.

He reached the door where the sounds were originating from and he pushed it open carefully, for all the notice it got him he could have kicked it in because the two entwined on the bed didn't notice the door opening or him framed on the threshold.

Sweet, beautiful Harry was laid out on the bed, his long black hair was spread out on the white and gold embroidered bed covers. His white wings, which were now blemished with a deep amethyst colour, were cushioning his back. His long pale legs were wrapped around the other Dracken's waist and his hands were holding on tightly to the headboard.
The other Dracken, Blair or something as equally unmemorable, was drenched with sweat, vile sweat that was dripping onto sweet Harry's soft and pale chest. He was leaning over Harry; his hands were placed on either side of Harry's head so he wouldn't lose his balance.
The both of them were covered in sweat, Blair pounded into the boy under him steadily, never losing his pace. Sweet, lovable Harry threw back his head screaming the name of the other Dracken, Blaise, as he hit that sweet spot deep inside of him that made him see little white dots dancing in front of his eyes.
He almost snarled when he watched that atrocity Blaise lean down to kiss sweet Harry lovingly. Harry returned Blaise's kiss in the same loving way, before a loud moan and a gasp broke them apart as Blaise did something with his hips that had Harry tugging on the bars of the headboard.

"More…harder…Blaise…please…oh god…more" Harry breathed out, his legs squeezing around Blaise's waist tightly, urging him to go faster and deeper.

The vile dark haired Dracken said nothing but he started to thrust even harder than before into delectable little Harry, who looked so beautiful and tantalising stretched out on the bed of white silk.

Harry screamed and arched his back, pressing his chest into Blaise's who was kissing along Harry's neck and shoulders, placing small bites and long licks to the ivory white skin, marring it with bright red marks. How dare he bruise and mark Harry!
He was going to step forward, he was going to put an end to this vile display, but he stopped when Blaise wrapped his arms around Harry's shoulders and shifted into a different position before he pulled Harry off of the bed to sit in his lap. His cock still buried deeply inside little Harry, who shuddered when Blaise's cock went even deeper inside of him.

Blaise started thrusting into Harry again, but not as forcefully, Harry writhed and mewled and it stopped him dead. Those noises, Merlin those noises would be enough for him to get off on. He made sure not to move, not to make a sound; he didn't even dare to breathe as he watched Harry experimentally lift himself onto his knees before sliding back down onto the piece of trash that had stolen his innocence.
Harry gasped so loudly, wrapped his arms tightly around Blaise's neck, how he wished Harry would squeeze tighter and not let go until the other Dracken was dead. Harry repeated his previous actions and then started getting faster and dropping quicker, that vile Dracken's breath hitched and Harry screamed in pleasure, the sound vibrating down his spine. How he wished that it was him who was causing Harry to scream like that.

"Keep going, Mio Bello." The thief encouraged as he kissed Harry again, cupping one of Harry's absolutely gorgeously round, plump bum cheeks in a large hand and he actually had the gall to squeeze it!

He was mesmerised by the sight of that beautiful bum raising and falling onto a cock that wasn't his own. How he would give his very life to be in the position of the other Dracken right now.

The Dracken, Blaise, leant back with Harry until he was flat on his back on the bedspread, his knees bent and his feet flat on the duvet, his toes touching the pillows where Harry's little head had previously lain. Sweet Harry was now kneeling on top of the other Dracken, looking a bit unsure and Merlin how he wished he could have that beautiful boy sat astride him.
Harry placed his small, delicate hands on Blaise's chest and smiled beautifully as he lifted himself up carefully and slowly pushed back down onto Blaise's cock. He was forced to watch, entranced, as Harry gained more confidence under the sure hands of Blaise, encouraging him with light strokes and soft words of love.
The noises the both of them were making was causing his body to arch in pleasure, his eyes never left Harry's pleasure flushed face, or that supple, soft looking body moulded with lithe muscles and gorgeous curves.
Blaise moved his own hand and placed it over Harry's small, but perfectly proportioned cock and he started to stroke it gently, softly, as if playing with something easily broken.
Harry threw his head back and wailed, the gorgeous length of his neck stretched and arched as he continued to fuck himself on Blaise's cock. Those sinful pink lips let out a loud scream as he came undone, releasing himself onto the other Dracken's chest and arms.
Growling, Blaise twisted around so that he once again had sweet little Harry pinned to the mattress underneath him and he was on top. He pulled himself out of Harry's clenching channel before he thrusted back into sweet, delectable Harry with a force that had Harry's tired body arching from the bed, ripping a scream from his raw throat.

The other Dracken continued to brutalise his Harry and it took all of his will power not to pounce and rip the other Dracken off before showing him exactly how delicate submissives should be treated.

He almost screamed in rage when the other Dracken let out a choked moan and started thrusting erratically into Harry, leaning down to seal their lips together in a primal kiss before cumming inside of the exhausted, deliciously sated boy pinned underneath his body.
Blaise carefully pulled himself out of Harry and collapsed on top of him, turning his head to the side and nuzzled the side of Harry's face, trailing his hand down to the heaving chest. He reached his hand back up to brush back a strand of wild hair that was in his lover's face.

"Ti amo, Harry. Li amerò per sempre."

"Ti amo, Blaise." Harry whispered out softly, his throat sore and his body still not being recovered enough.

The next thing Harry knew, Blaise had disappeared from his side in a flash of orange. The sounds of snarling and ripping had him tiredly propping himself up on an elbow to see Blaise and another Dracken wrestling on the floor.

He yelled out in shock before he snatched up his wand before remembering that Drackens scales reflected offensive spells. Unsure what to do or what he could possibly do in this situation, Harry picked up the pillow lying beside him and he had thrown it before he had even thought things through.

"Stop it right now!" He screamed, his voice cracking twice with the pain it caused his already screamed raw throat.

The other Dracken, who had to have been six foot four and about thirty-eight years old, stopped immediately upon hearing his voice, Blaise however didn't and with the other Dracken's attention being on Harry, it was very easy for him to reach over and slice deeply into his exposed, vulnerable throat with four of his claws, digging the fifth claw, the one attached to his thumb, into the other side of the neck to get a cleaner swipe.

Blood spurted everywhere and Harry just sat there with his wide green eyes, blood covering him and everything around him.

"Bl…Blaise." He called out, his voice quivering.

Blaise was there then, sweeping him up and carrying him off to the bathroom, running the water and submerging the both of them in the pool sized bath which was filling very rapidly.

Blaise washed and caressed him, scrubbing off the blood and Harry let him do so, huddling in Blaise's arms. Someone had watched them making love, someone had seen them together, had watched one of their most intimate moments, it didn't matter that he was now dead. It could have easily been the other way around, Blaise could be dead and Harry could have been being raped by an unknown dominant Dracken.

Harry clung to Blaise as if he would fall from the face of the earth if he didn't. He let Blaise dry him off, let Blaise dress him gently before he was carried carefully in Blaise's arms, facing the way they were walking because Blaise had taken hold of the dead Dracken and had started dragging him through the hell hotel, the body making a loud, wet thump after every step of the stairs and then they reached their destination. The dining hall which was full of dominant Drackens whose heads snapped up at the heavy scent of blood.

"What is the meaning of this?" Elder Getus demanded, standing up on the other side of the room.

"If anyone, and I mean anyone, tries to take Harry from me, this is what you'll get." Blaise hissed threateningly, hauling the dead man up with a show of absolute strength before slamming him onto the dining table, knocking food, plates, bowls and glasses everywhere.

"Harry, are you well dear one?" Elder Trintus asked, scurrying over.

"I'm fine, just a bit shaken up. He…he attacked us as we…as we were…" Harry trailed off with a pink blush and held tighter to Blaise, who was glaring at everyone.

"Well one more off the list is what I say. When are you going to pay me any attention?"

Harry turned his head to stare incredulously at Dominic, who for all the acknowledgement he showed, was acting like there wasn't a dead body on the table in front of him.

Harry unwrapped his legs from Blaise and stood on the floor, Blaise stooping down to make sure he was actually on the floor before he let go. Harry stalked up to Dominic and stood in front of him, leaning into him.

"What did you just say?" He hissed in a deadly tone.

"When am I going to get my turn?!" Dominic answered back, stressing his words as if he thought Harry was stupid.

Harry reacted purely on instinct and jammed his clenched fist into Dominic's nose, listening to the satisfying crack as it broke under the pressure.

Letting all of his frustrations out, Harry launched his knee into Dominic's gut and brought an elbow down on his back, before kicking him repeatedly as he lay curled up on the floor.

Arms wrapped around him and Harry turned immediately, arm up, claws out, ready to swipe out the person's eyes, only the eyes were a familiar shade of indigo.

Blaise held Harry's head into the juncture between his neck and shoulder, forcing him to breathe in his scent, which calmed him immediately. Blaise pulled him away from the whimpering Dominic who was being fawned over by his grandfather.

"No one demands anything from me." Harry told Blaise, but in the stunned silence nearly every Dracken there heard him. "I told him several times that I didn't want him here and that he was never going to be my mate, I told him and he didn't leave."

Harry could see Henley from his position looking over Blaise's shoulder, his young face was pale and a bit wary, but he grinned to Harry and gave him the double thumbs up, Harry smiled and laughed a bit at him. Henley really was too cute for words.

"I know, mio amore. You can do what you please in this house. He refused to leave even after being rejected, it was within your rights to attack him for his insensitive outburst."

"Come along, dearest. You need some privacy and some rest while your rooms are cleaned up." Elder Trintus chided, appearing at his elbow and shooing them into the little room off of the common room, which was opposite the dining hall.

"Am I in trouble?" Harry asked worriedly.

"No dear, no. Your mate has explained that you were within your rights to attack Dominic, just as Blaise was within his rights to attack the Dracken who attacked you. I'm afraid Elder Getus will not see it this way however, he is very fond of Dominic, he is the only one of his grandchildren who inherited his Dracken genes, his own children having been skipped."

"What will he do?"

"Nothing!" Blaise snarled.

"He can't do anything, Harry dear, now you just stay here and calm down a bit before we resume the search for your second mate."

Harry nodded and he cuddled into Blaise, breathing deeply and evenly to calm his racing heart. He could hardly believe what he had just done. He had been so angry that he had just reacted, apparently when he didn't think things through his Dracken took over and he became violent.

"Harry, are you feeling better?" Elder Trintus came back in to ask a few minutes later.

"Yes, thank you."

"Alright, dear one. The first dominant off of the remainder of the list wishes to see you."

Harry stood up with a sigh and taking hold of Blaise's hand he tugged him out of the room to meet a tall, statuesque woman with jade and teal coloured wings.

"Hello Harry, I am Keeley. Thirty years old."

"Hi Keeley, this is Blaise."

Harry watched as Blaise and Keeley shook hands a bit stiffly before the day carried on pretty much the same as yesterday, only Blaise was far less receptive and was very cold towards the other dominants and very possessive of Harry. He hardly let anyone touch him or get close to him and he put himself between Harry and his prospective dominant. These meetings had now taken a turn for the worse because Harry refused to take a dominant mate who Blaise didn't also like, but Blaise wasn't giving any of them a chance anymore.

Harry wasn't getting anywhere, Blaise wasn't letting any of the other dominants touch him, some he wouldn't even let near him and it was making everything more stressful and tense.

"Blaise, love, please." Harry begged as his mate scared away yet another dominant by wrestling with them and with a quick jab to the temple, he had knocked the poor nineteen year old unconscious.

"Perhaps it would benefit you both if we stopped for today." Elder Trintus sighed.

"It will take too long." Harry complained. "People will talk and I'll have to have another heat in two months and I'll be away for ten days, the longer this takes the more people will become suspicious, I'm just glad that it's still Christmas break and there are minimal students at Hogwarts to poke around in my business."

The Elder Dracken sighed and nodded, before going out of the room to see if there were any other Drackens brave enough to come forward. Between Harry's display of beating up an Elder's grandson that morning, Blaise presenting the dining hall with a dead body and his continued bad mood it was any wonder that there were any Drackens left to choose from.

Harry heard Blaise suck in a breath and he looked first to his mate and then to where he was looking and his heart stopped and he leant away from the Dracken who was coming towards them in a reaction of pure shock. He was gorgeous with pale alabaster skin, bulky muscles and beautiful silver and pale blue wings. He was blond haired and had silver coloured eyes. Sitting opposite them was none other than Draco Malfoy himself.

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