The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


14. Chapter Fourteen – To Forgive and Let Die

Harry ran through the castle until his lungs burnt with the lack of oxygen and even then he didn't stop, he didn't even slow down as he charged past other students and he even knocked them over, but still he didn't care. He burst into his and his mates' room, sweating and panting and he startled Blaise into overprotective mate mode.

Before Harry could even get his breath back he was wrapped up in black wings and had solid arms around him holding him close as Blaise dragged him across their living room until they reached the bedroom.

Blaise slammed the door closed and physically pushed a chest of drawers in front of it as if it would stop anything that came through the door. Blaise always, always, forgot that he was a wizard when he fully let his Dracken out, it was cute, but from a safety angle it was a very bad thing. It meant that instead of putting up wards to protect his family, Blaise would remain primal, instinctual, purely physical and against a wizard, sometimes being physical just wasn't enough. It was one of the biggest downfalls Harry had found about Drackens.

"Blaise!" Harry shouted, pushing at his mate's chest to try and get him to release him.

"Must protect you." Blaise growled giving a final shove to the chest of drawers with his back and turning around to keep his own back to the door, hunching over Harry.

"Nothing is coming through the door!" Harry insisted. "I was running because I need to ask you something!"

"You smell like an unmated dominant Dracken."

"I was with Max, you remember Maximilius don't you? The one that was sent away?"

"Why? Why were you with another man?"

"Oh god, Blaise! You know that I love you, I love you dearly."

"You don't go near other men!" Blaise snarled wrapping that large hand around the back of Harry's neck and squeezing.

Harry hated it when Blaise went into overprotective mate mode. It made everything more tortuous and it was incredibly difficult to argue sense into a creature that was being purely primitive and acting on instinct.

"Alright, Blaise, I won't go near any other men, forgetting that I need to be near Draco, we'll forget that we are in a school that has about two hundred and fifty male students and that the majority of the staff here are males, oh and of course that I may need even more mates, or that I might have male children. Yeah, I won't go near any other male but you." Harry stated sarcastically, getting his neck squeezed tighter as reprimand.

"Stop that!" Harry hissed, wiggling his neck about to try and dislodge Blaise's hand.

"You are MINE!" Blaise snarled. "You stay with ME! No one else is allowed to touch you!"

"How is that going to work?!" Harry hissed angrily, his Dracken coming to the forefront of his mind. "I need another mate to fuck me to get pregnant because you aren't even strong enough to give me a baby!"

Immediately after Harry said those words, he wished with his life that he could take them back as Blaise's face fell into a crestfallen expression, both of their Dracken's receding, leaving their human minds at the forefront. He felt like such a bastard at that moment and he wrapped his arms tightly around Blaise.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. "I was so angry, I couldn't stop the words from coming out."

"It's okay, Harry." Blaise stated back, his voice falsely strong and calm, but Harry could hear the slight waver underneath. "I know that your Dracken is still angry at me for not getting you pregnant, that won't change until you are actually pregnant."

Blaise pushed at Harry's shoulders and gently sat him on the bed whilst he stood a few paces away.

"Blaise, please." Harry begged as he scooted over and wrapped his arms around Blaise's waist.

Harry desperately tried to hold his tears back, but one after the other they fell from his eyes. His Dracken was already rejecting Draco; he couldn't lose Blaise as well. His entire world was crashing and burning right in front of him and it was all his fault. Such a freak, he couldn't even keep hold of the men that he loved. Always a freak, freaks were always alone and they died alone too.

"Oh, Harry, Mio Prezioso, don't cry. I hate seeing you cry." Blaise crooned, gently combing his fingers through his hair and brushing the tears from his face with his other hand. "I know you need other mates, I was just being a little jealous and possessive. I'm the one who's sorry, amore."

Harry pushed his head into the front of Blaise's robes and he cried even harder, words came tumbling from his mouth before he could stop them, he wasn't even thinking as he came dangerously close to revealing his most guarded secret.

"I'm sorry! Please, Blaise! I'm so sorry. I promise not to be bad anymore! I promise to stop being a little freak, please don't leave me."

"Dio, Harry. No, I'm not leaving. I'm not going anywhere; I won't leave you, Mio Bello. Please stop crying, please don't call yourself names, I love you, Harry, I'm not mad at you."

Blaise sat on their bed and he held Harry tightly. Harry breaking down like this scared him. He didn't know what to do, Harry was so precious to him, to see him like this caused him great pain.

"I can't lose you too." Harry whispered into his robe and Blaise shushed him gently.

"You won't lose me, Harry. I'm not going anywhere."

"I'm already losing Draco, I can't lose you too!" Harry continued and Blaise's head shot down to look at Harry's screwed up face. What the hell had Draco done now?

"Harry, Mio amore, what has Draco done now?"

"My Dracken is rejecting him!" Harry cried out, looking up at him with such a heart-breaking expression that Blaise's words froze in his chest. "Max said that I'm releasing mating pheromones, I'm looking for another mate to replace Draco with! I don't want another mate! I'm sure Draco is better now that the potion is gone, Blaise, I don't want to reject him."

"We must go and see Severus, now." Blaise stated as he stood up, placing Harry on his feet and wrapping an arm around him.

Blaise used his magic to move the chest of drawers out of the way of the door and led Harry down to the dungeons before he knocked on Snape's door, he could smell Draco inside the room as well, which would kill two owls with one spell, he wouldn't have to repeat any of this to the blond at a later date.

Snape opened the door with his usual scowl, but ushered him in once he saw who was on his threshold.

"What's the matter now?" He growled to them after he had indicated for them to sit on the settee.

"Harry's upset because another Dracken told him that he is releasing mating pheromones. The other Dracken told him that Harry is subconsciously rejecting Draco as a mate and is looking for a new one."

Draco's face cracked in shock and misery. He could hardly blame Harry for rejecting him after his actions, but he had sincerely hoped that Harry would find it within himself to forgive him, even though he didn't truly deserve it.

Snape looked at the submissive Dracken and he inhaled deeply, noticing the very slight change in scent. He knew both Draco and Blaise would be unable to detect the change, they were already mated to the boy and would be unaffected by the pheromones that he was releasing to attract a new mate to him.

"The other Dracken was correct, Harry is releasing pheromones to attract another dominant mate to him, however the pheromone is not very strong, only those within a small distance of him would be able to smell it. This is good news because Potter will not yet be hounded by every dominant in the vicinity and also because there is still time to rectify this."

"How?!" Harry asked desperately. "How can I fix this?"

"You need to spend more time with Draco." Snape said, trying to keep the sneer from his face as he looked to the son of his once best friend and his once enemy. "You need to accept him and it wouldn't hurt to be intimate together."

"I don't want to force Harry to do anything with me that he doesn't want to." Draco cut in immediately.

"I know what you did to me was wrong and if you ever hit me like that again, Draco, then I'll beat you myself, but I never wanted to lose you as a mate. I'll do anything to fix this."

Snape hid a smirk from the three young boys in front of him. Perhaps having Potter as a submissive mate wouldn't be the end of their lives after all.

He watched with a bleeding heart as Potter crawled from Blaise to embrace Draco, kissing the blond quickly and chastely on the mouth before snuggling into him.

"You still have to sleep in the cupboard room though." Harry told Draco seriously. "You can't come back into our bed just yet. My trust won't stretch that far just yet."

"I don't mind waiting for as long as you wish, as long as I can hold you like this." Draco answered, his arms wrapped tightly around the smaller boy in his lap.

Perhaps Draco had learnt his lesson after all, Snape thought consideringly as he watched the boy cuddle like a lovesick fool. He remembered when that was him and his mate. How young he had acted, how foolish they both were. He gave a small smirk remembering how his mate used to whine for his attention like a puppy and how he always used to give it to the little brat, no matter what he was doing or how important it was, he dropped everything just to spend time with his beautiful mate and now he was gone. He could feel it in his heart that his mate was no longer a part of this world, but he would not stop until he found out why and who was responsible.

He glanced quickly at the framed photograph on his mantelpiece, risking a quick smile at the picture of his younger self and the beautiful young man who was sat on his lap. He wouldn't rest in peace until he found out what had happened to his beautiful submissive mate.

It had been two days and Harry had been down to Snape's private quarters more times in those forty-eight hours than he had ever been before, either willingly or, in the case of his numerous detentions, unwillingly.

Every time he came down he asked the same question as soon as he saw Snape. 'Am I still producing the pheromones?' and he knew that Snape's limited patience was being stretched to the extreme by the way that he had started to growl out a short, clipped 'yes' before slamming the door in his face.

Harry had spent every single free minute with Draco, talking, doing homework and even though they still argued and fought a bit, Harry thought that their relationship had started to strengthen, but he was still calling for another mate and Snape had told him that far from lessening, the smell was only getting stronger.

What made everything more difficult and made Harry panic was that he had started craving fruits and vegetables. He was in the first phase of his heat cycle and his Dracken still wasn't recognising Draco as a mate.

Draco had complained and bitched about the cupboard room, as Harry had known that he would, but the blond still slept in there every night. Harry was so conflicted. He wanted to punish Draco for what he had said and done to him, but he didn't want to lose the blond as a mate, he was unsure what he could do that wouldn't be seen by his Dracken as him rejecting Draco further.

Harry had talked it over with Blaise and they had agreed that if Draco could behave himself, he could move into their bedroom and their bed at the end of the week, but only if he was on his best behaviour.

Nothing could have stopped the both of them from partaking in their more carnal instincts and desires, Harry just prayed that his Dracken didn't see him having sex with just Blaise, whilst Draco was well within earshot, as him rejecting Draco further.

He knew it must have been torture for Draco to listen as he and Blaise had sex right in the next room, but it couldn't be helped. He wasn't ready to have sex with Draco yet, or god forbid, have sex with both Draco and Blaise at the same time, not yet at least, but he knew that he had to get used to the idea of the both of them being together in bed with him before he went onto his next period of heat. That is if he could reverse the whole rejection thing before then.

He sighed as he soared over the bleachers on his Firebolt. He was practising with the Gryffindor team and it just his luck that Ron, who was the Keeper for the team, had not grown-up over the Christmas holidays. The redhead kept yelling out that Harry shouldn't be allowed on the team because he would purposefully hand the cup to the Slytherins.

Harry had finally had enough, his emotions were already highly strung and his anger was slowly climbing higher due to the situation he found himself in with Draco. He had yelled back that he was the Gryffindor Captain and that if Ron didn't shut his mouth and stop at least one Quaffle from going through his hoops then he was going to replace him and he, rather cruelly, went on to say that they didn't need him, Harry, on the team in order to sabotage the games so that Slytherin could win the cup because they were doing a bang up job all by themselves if they didn't even have a Keeper who could stop a Quaffle.

Ron had not liked that at all and his face had turned so red that it had matched his Quidditch robes. Needless to say he hadn't been able to stop a single Quaffle from going through the goal hoops during that practice session. Harry had pulled Ginny aside after the match and had asked her what was going on and why she had allowed Ron onto the team; he prayed to god that it wasn't purely because that Ron was her brother.

"He was so much better at the try-outs, Harry, I swear. He didn't miss a single Quaffle and his competitors were so much worse, all except for McLaggen, but he missed one and Ron didn't, it seemed clear cut to me."

Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "We won't be able to win anything, Gin if we haven't got a decent Keeper. He hasn't saved a single shot all practice; you said he was the same in the match against Slytherin?"

"No, he was worse. It was actually painful to watch that match, Harry. He's my brother, but it was my first game ever being Captain and my face was filled with so much blood from flushing in embarrassment that I could hardly concentrate. It had been my decision to put Ron in the team and he showed all of us up, the entire school is laughing at us, not only the Slytherins. Ravenclaw now think that this next match is going to be a dawdle…they don't know that you're fit enough to play yet and we should keep it that way for as long as possible so they underestimate us and don't have enough time to prepare."

"To be honest, Ginny it probably is going to be a cake walk for them if Ron can't even catch a Quaffle. We need to hold Keeper try outs again, what do you think?"

"You're the Captain, Harry."

"You're my sort of Deputy Captain, you will take over the team next year as I'll probably be unable to play due to my N.E. , so your opinion matters, Gin. Should we hold try-outs or do we let ourselves be crushed by Ravenclaw and lose the cup for the first time in two years?"

Ginny sighed and scrubbed her freckled forehead. "We need to hold try-outs, Harry, but we only have a little over a week to integrate the new Keeper before the match against Ravenclaw, can we catch them up in time?"

"It's the Keepers job to stop the Quaffle going into the hoop, even I can understand that, Ginny. No fancy shit, just stop the Quaffle and stay focused."

"Maybe you should take over the Keeper position then?" She said slyly.

Harry snorted. "You kidding me, Gin? I can't keep still for an entire match; I have to be zooming through the air! I need dangerous manoeuvres and near Bludger misses."

"You need to try and break your neck in every match." Ginny grinned.

"That too." Harry stated with a grin of his own. "Blaise is going to have a heart attack."

"Ooo, speaking of your new little love interest, I've been meaning to ask you, is he good in bed? There are rumours that he's got a ten inch cock, is it true? Come on spill!"

"Ginny!" Harry choked out, his face going redder than red.

"Ooo, it is true isn't it?! Damn, Harry, did you luck out or what? Does he let you ride him or is he the 'I'm on top and I'm staying on top' type, I don't like those kinds of men, I like using my legs to sink onto a nice cock."

"Fucking hell, Ginny stop it!" Harry cried in despair as he covered his ears and screwed his eyes shut.

Ginny chuckled and patted Harry's hair like he was a puppy. "There there, the images will go away soon."

"You're fifteen! You're not legal to have sex."

Ginny actually looked at him like he had lost his mind before she burst out laughing.

"You are so innocent, Harry it's actually endearing. So do you and the gorgeous Mister Zabini do role playing? Have you ever played innocent virgin and predatory pervert? Or is disciplinarian teacher and naughty school boy more your thing? How about doctors and patients? You could have him give you a prostate exam with his cock."

"Stop it, Ginny! Please, I'm begging you, just stop talking!"

Ginny chuckled again before kissing his cheek lightly. "I can give you some of my toys if you want them."

"What are you talking about now? What toys?"

"You and Blaise don't play with toys? I know what to get you for a late Christmas present slash Easter present. I wonder if Luna will help me."

"I…what, Luna? I…no! Stop talking about mine and Blaise's sex life!"

"Okay." Ginny relented with a smile. "Can I talk about yours and Malfoy's sex life? Is he good in bed?"

"Draco and I haven't had sex so I don't know."

"Harry! You have been with him now for how long and you haven't had sex with that gorgeous man yet? Shame on you!"

"I… he's being punished!" Harry flustered out.

"Ooo, what for?"

"He spanked me, Ginny!"

Ginny's grin ate up most of her face as she looked to him as if he had actually impressed her.

"Spanking, really? Harry, you naughty boy, I never took you for the sort to like corporal punishment during sex."

"No!" Harry exclaimed, trying to gain back control of the situation. "He hit me too hard, Ginny. I couldn't sit down for three days and that was with a bruise salve!"

"I remember when I had that gorgeous Ravenclaw, you know the one, the tall one with those big hands, I just had to have him spank me with those. I refused the bruise salve and I couldn't sit right for a week!" Ginny sighed and got a glossy look on her face.

"You liked it?" Harry asked in an incredulous, slightly curious tone.

"Oh Harry, Harry, Harry. Spanking is one of the most erotic things during sex."

"But it wasn't during sex, Ginny." Harry confided softly. "He did it to punish me for cutting my hair; it's why I've been pranking him."

"You cut your hair?" Ginny asked looking him over with a critical eye. "I didn't notice. Well spanking for punishment is alright in moderation I guess, just thrust and rub against his legs the next time and get yourself hard, turn it into something sexual and then you barely notice the small stinging slaps."

Harry scrunched up his face in thought before he nodded. "Alright, I'll try it."

"Don't forget to tell me all about it!" Ginny stated lecherously.

Harry blushed and lightly shoved Ginny's shoulder. "How did we get to this from Quidditch try-outs?" He demanded.

"We're just sexual creatures." Ginny sighed as if put upon. "We need nice, large strong men to fuck us unconscious."

"Ginny!" Harry cried.

"Oh come on, Harry, I'm not an innocent little girl anymore. Charlie ruined that when he brought his girlfriend home and fucked her without using silencing charms this summer, Mum almost beat him to death with a wooden spoon."

Harry chuckled and swung an arm around Ginny's shoulders, they were almost the same height, Ginny being five foot four and a half and him being five foot five. Just half an inch between them, at sixteen Harry should have reached at least five foot eight by now and by seventeen he should have been at least six foot if he were following his parents genes, because Remus and Sirius had told him that neither of his parents had been short, but now he would forever remain at five foot five thanks to his Dracken inheritance.

He sighed, perhaps Ginny was right and he needed to have Draco spank him again to get over his fear of it, to prove that Draco really had changed and of course to practice turning the spanking into something sexual so that he could escape the pain. It wasn't a true punishment so Blaise would be able to intervene if Draco got too heavy handed. The question now was, did he want to do this tonight or put it off until he gained more confidence. Would he gain more confidence the longer he waited or would waiting make him lose his nerve? Damn it he was coming towards a huge hurdle and he wasn't sure if he could leap over it or if he'd fall flat on his face.

Harry was snuggled up with Blaise on the settee. He hadn't told the brunet about his plan to ask Draco to spank him again; he wasn't sure how he would react to it.

Draco walked into the room and sat down opposite them, he still wasn't confident enough to sit near the both of them, he was afraid that every small move would get him kicked out of their rooms permanently. It wasn't anyway to live.

After sitting in a tense silence for ten minutes with no one saying a damn word and the air getting thicker with tension, Harry snapped.

"Right, I can't put up with this any longer!" He burst out suddenly.

Draco looked alarmed, more than likely thinking that he had done something wrong and was going to be rejected for it.

"We can't live like this!" Harry told them, standing between them and looking from one to the other. "I want this sorted out, NOW!"

"What do you suggest, Harry?" Blaise asked.

"I need to get over my fear of Draco unexpectedly touching me and you need to prove that you can touch me without hurting me, Draco and we all need to forget that this happened!"

"How?" Draco asked.

"You need to spank me again." Harry rushed out with a burning face. "You have to control yourself enough not to hurt me, to not go overboard."

"You…you want me to spank you?" Draco asked as if he hadn't quite heard right. "I thought you never wanted me to do it again."

"I've been enlightened that every dominant has a punishment technique that is instinctual, Blaise's is squeezing, yours is spanking, you can't change that, Draco, it would be like asking me to change my scale colour to orange."

"Harry, are you sure about this?" Blaise asked seriously.

"Yes and if he gets out of hand you can intervene this time, Blaise, it isn't a real punishment because I've asked him to do it."

Blaise nodded and he moved to sit right next to Draco, who tensed up slightly at the proximity of the other dominant.

Harry breathed to calm himself as he slipped his trousers off of his legs, leaving him standing in front of both of his dominant mates in only his over large boxer shorts and his white school button up shirt. He was regretting this idea already. He felt like a tiny child standing in front of his parents waiting for a huge telling off and a cuff around the ear. Only he had never had parents to 'cuff him around the ear' he just got a harsh beating before he was thrown into his cupboard, or was locked in his room when he was older, and that was his punishment done with.

"Come here, Harry." Draco coaxed him. Fuck, his voice had gone sexily gruff; the bastard was getting aroused from this.

Harry swallowed heavily, his pride going down as well, yet he kept a very tight hold onto his dignity, he would not lose that, this was his idea after all, Draco was HIS and no one, not even his Dracken was taking his blond brute from him.

Harry positioned himself over Draco's lap, his head in Blaise's lap, his oldest mate combing slender fingers through his hair, tugging on it soothingly as Draco slowly and hesitantly pulled down Harry's boxers and bared his bum.

Harry's face was almost purple red with his embarrassment as Draco's hand caressed his bum cheeks; he was finding it difficult to breathe.

The first slap had Harry jumping, but it was nowhere near as hard as Draco had hit him the first time, but still Blaise held onto Draco's shoulder with one hand whilst the other caressed Harry's cheek.

"How was that, Harry?" Blaise asked him.

"Better than the first time. I just wasn't expecting it."

Draco smacked him again and Harry felt the sting, the brief burning pain in his bum, before Draco smacked his other bum cheek. Harry tried to think of having sex with Blaise, but as Draco's hand came down it ruined the fantasy and he couldn't think of anything but Draco's strong hand smacking against his skin.

Harry resorted to the last thing he possibly could to turn this experience sexual, jabbing himself against Draco's hip. He wasn't really expecting it to work, so when he started to get hard he let out a surprised moan, which stopped both of his dominants dead.

"Are you getting off on this?" Blaise asked nearly silently, shocked and a little bit incredulous.

"Maybe." Harry answered as he thrusted against Draco's hip again.

Draco shifted and Harry was no longer bumping his hip but rubbing over his thigh, which was so much more pleasurable. He let out a small whimper, which turned into a moan when Draco's hand came down on his bum again.

Seven more slaps and Harry barely noticed as he rubbed against Draco like a shameless whore, he did notice however when he was suddenly hoisted up and his mouth was attacked with lips, tongue and teeth. His lower body was straddling Draco's lap, a lap with a very, very hard piece of anatomy pressing against him.

A body moved to the side of him as a mouth attached itself to his neck and suckled, Harry let out a small whimper into the mouth that was attacking his own, a strong tongue mapping out the inside of his mouth.

His mouth was released as Draco moved to nibble along his neck, but Harry didn't have time to pout as his mouth was taken once more by the very familiar tongue and teeth of Blaise, who tried to suffocate Harry by trying to crawl down his throat.

Missing Scene

Harry must have blacked out; either that or he had fallen unconscious because the next he knew he was lying in a soft bed with two warm, sleeping bodies on either side of him and no way to tell how much time had passed.

Groaning Harry started to move into a more comfortable position, but as pain speared through his lower body, he decided against it and lay back down in the soft warm bed, cuddling into the body he was facing and dragging the arm of the body at his back closer so that he could wrap himself in it like a cocoon.

Neither of his mates had thought it a good idea to pull the duvet over them and he was going to beat the both of them for their lack of foresight. No matter, he'd use their body parts as his heater and if they complained, well it wasn't him who had forgotten to cover them all up after all, he had been fucked unconscious.

Yawning Harry snuggled into someone's back and cuddled the arm in his grasp tighter and he slipped off to sleep again, before he had to get up and get ready for lessons in the morning.

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