The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


4. Chapter Four – An Influx of Dominant Drackens

Harry hated this. He hated it with a bloody vengeance. He wasn't even allowed to go near Blaise. After Dumbledore had informed the Dracken Counsel that there was a submissive Dracken in Hogwarts a Counsel Elder had appeared almost instantly afterwards and he had been stuck to Harry ever since, like some sort of animated shadow, assuring him that he was never to be alone or unprotected, and that as Harry's chaperone, the elderly Dracken had to accompany him everywhere.

Harry was at his wits end already, honestly at the end of his tether with the elderly Dracken, a man named Quintalus Trintus, who wouldn't let anyone and he meant anyone near him.

The other students were talking, rumours were flying around and spreading like wildfire about him having some sort of deadly infectious disease which was why no one was allowed to go near him and he felt like screaming out his frustration for everyone to hear him.

As it turned out there were three dominant Drackens currently at Hogwarts. Blaise was one of them, which he'd already known. Very, very surprisingly Snape was another of the three and the third was unknown, but Elder Trintus, his chaperone, could smell his pheromones around the school. Harry begged to anyone who was listening that Snape didn't start vying for his attention like a horny teenager too; he wouldn't be able to bear the thought of it, nor get over the sight of his Potions Professor doing something as normal as offering him a bunch of flowers or trying to have a civil conversation with him.

Blaise was playing his part of unmated, dominant perfectly. He was testing the limits of Harry's chaperone to the max, just like any other unmated dominant who was interested in a submissive would do, and then some. Harry would giggle and chuckle and laugh and sometimes even cry with mirth at some of the things that Blaise was doing to get his attention, even going so far as to send him several dozen ruby red roses, a huge bar of Honeydukes finest chocolate fudge because he knew that it was Harry's favourite and he had given him a kitten for the day, which had really freaked Harry out seeing as the kitten had exploded into confetti after twelve hours. Elder Trintus had had to calm him down and explain that it wasn't anything that Harry had done to the kitten, but it had just been a spell. There was a spell to turn parchment into an animal, but it only lasted for twelve hours before the animal reverted back to its previous paper state. It was a very advanced, impressive display of magic that should have been well beyond a student of any age. Blaise was well and truly showing off.

Nothing was said about Blaise having an unfair advantage because he had a head start on all of the other dominants, it seemed that if you were further away from the submissive then it was just tough luck and you had to work doubly hard to impress the submissive, in this case him, when they arrived.

It took only sixteen hours after the announcement was made for the first of the dominant Drackens to arrive and when they did, they had immediately started raining attention down on him. It was like feeding time at the zoo, every Dracken flooded him with attention that he didn't actually want and Harry barely had time to say hello to Blaise, let alone get near him enough to cuddle. He was starting to feel lonely and trapped the longer he spent away from Blaise.

Harry had been moved to the makeshift house, which was more like a hotel than a house, where the only good thing to happen was that he was free to wander around with all of his Dracken attributes on show. He loved the freedom of walking around with his wings out, but unfortunately the dominant Drackens had taken being in a huge house all on their own with a submissive and only one chaperone as Harry wanting the privacy to have sex with them.

Harry had been groped more times in the past hour than all of the hours he had been alive. His chaperone was having a hell of a time keeping tabs on every Dracken that had turned up and it was to Harry's understanding that the poor elderly Dracken had called for reinforcements within the first hour.

When he had gotten two minutes alone with Blaise, his chaperone yelling himself blue at one particular Dracken who had shoved his hand down the back of Harry's trousers to fondle his bum, his mate had told him that the other Drackens were being so vicious because Harry was just so desirable to them as a prospective mate. He was gorgeous and had a personality to match which was drawing in every Dracken he met. Harry was just so glad that Snape wasn't here; he really couldn't imagine the humiliation and embarrassment of having one of his teachers grope at him like the other Drackens were doing.

Blaise had been shooed away like a bothersome cat when Elder Trintus had finally finished biting the head off of the other Dracken and he had left with a wink and a kiss to the back of Harry's hand, which had made Harry chuckle.

His chaperone had leant against the wall and had panted, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket and mopped his damp brow.

"You are something else, my dear." He had told Harry softly. "I have never seen a meeting this ferocious in all my time of being a submissive chaperone. But then you are one of the more perfect catches."

"Perfect catch?" Harry asked confusedly, wondering why he was being compared to a fish.

"Yes, my dear. You are stunning to look at, which alone would have gotten you a mate, but your outstanding personality really makes you shine a league above the other submissives, that you are so powerful and fertile just adds more bonuses on top of everything else."

Harry hated being spoken about like he was some sort of pedigree animal, but he held his tongue. His chaperone was the only one who was keeping Harry from having his skin groped off. Blaise couldn't help him seeing as they both had to pretend that they weren't mates, if Blaise really wasn't his mate then he'd be on the same side as the other dominant Drackens, trying to touch as much of him as possible, he wouldn't be stopping the other Drackens.

It had been two days and Harry was already bone tired. He had spoken to so many different men, had accepted so many gifts, some that he did actually like and some that were ridiculous, including a box of condoms, and had been told so many names, yet the only one he remembered was Blaise. Blaise giving him a single bracelet made of platinum, because he knew that Harry wouldn't wear silver because of Remus. Blaise giving him a gorgeous grin and a small bow which had made Harry giggle. The other Drackens were just nameless, faceless people who were getting in Harry's way of spending time with Blaise.

"Well, my dear, I think this meeting might be over sooner than I had believed." Elder Trintus stated later that night when Harry was safely in his rooms, away from the other Drackens, but also away from Blaise.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked sweetly, sipping on his favoured honey tea.

"You seem awfully receptive to only the one Dracken out of the bunch that are here."

"Oh. What does that mean?" Harry asked, playing ignorant.

The elderly Dracken chuckled. "Oh it is impossible not to be endeared by your sweetness, my dear. One can tell that you were not raised by other Drackens. You are so down to earth and not in the least bit spoilt or overindulged, that will surely change when you receive your mate, he or she will spoil you rotten and make sure that you want for nothing."

"No, I wasn't raised by other Drackens, my parents were killed when I was a baby and I was sent to live with my Mother's Muggle sister."

His chaperone shook his head sadly. "Had the Dracken world known of your existence you would have been given to a Counsel member. Such a shame. But back to you only being receptive to only one Dracken, it means that your Dracken side is being strongly drawn to him, your Dracken likes him very much, much more than the others, it will not take long before you are both mates."

"Oh, but that's good isn't it?"

The elderly Dracken chuckled again. "Only a quarter of the dominant Drackens have arrived, the others will not be happy that they have missed out on a chance to win you."

"It's their fault for not getting here quicker. I'm glad it's almost over; I can't take so much attention. I've been kissed and touched so much in just two days. I'm not used to it. The first couple of hours of the first day really frightened me."

"Do not fret, dear one, I will always be near you and these rooms are your sanctuary. If you feel overwhelmed then you only need to tell me and we will take a break here. But you are just so special that the other Drackens cannot get enough of you. Another point that makes you so endearing to the dominants is that you are so untouched; it excites them to know that they would be your first. Though they wouldn't be your only, you are too powerful to have only one dominant."

A sharp knock on the door preceded another elderly Dracken entering Harry's private rooms, but what made Harry put his cup of tea down and stand up from his armchair, ready to run if the need arose, was the young dominant Dracken who had entered the room by the elderly Dracken's side. An unmated dominant Dracken. An unmated dominant Dracken who stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he stepped into the room and inhaled the air deeply.

Deep brown eyes pinned Harry in place and a ferocious snarl was released from the other Dracken's mouth, demanding Harry to submit.

"Elder Getus, you know that unmated dominants are not allowed in the submissive's private rooms! This is a serious breach of protocol." Harry's chaperone, Elder Trintus, stated furiously, standing up himself and putting himself between Harry and this new dominant.

"I had only wished to introduce my grandson to the new submissive Dracken, Quintalus. We have only just gotten here and I thought that it would be nice to introduce them both to one another whilst you and I caught up with recent affairs."

"Be that as it may, this is against the rules lain down for the safety of the submissive in question, these rooms are supposed to be a safe haven, a place to retreat to if it all gets too much. How can you expect the submissive to feel safe surrounded by so many dominants if his private sanctuary is invaded by an unmated Dracken?"

"We are hardly invading, Trintus." The other Elder said, suddenly much less friendly than before. "I had just hoped that the little one might be feeling receptive to my grandson, I had only wished that they would get along."

Before either Elder could speak again the dominant Dracken had leapt upon an unsubmitting Harry, who let out an undignified squeak and dropped to the floor to avoid the dominant, rolling under the coffee table and around the settee.

"Dominic! Stop this undignified display at once!" Elder Getus demanded.

His grandson, Dominic, obviously didn't listen as he jumped onto the settee, trying to grab Harry over the back of it. Harry moved further away and edged around the room until he reached the door. He flung it open as Dominic ran at him and slammed it closed behind him as he set off running, his instincts telling him to get to Blaise, that he needed his dominant mate to protect him.

Harry was very lucky that Dominic did not appear to be as fast as Blaise was in the forest, or Harry would have been caught. It was severely unlucky though that he was in a hotel sized house full of unmated dominant Drackens, who were all in the same frame of mind as Dominic. To get him and grope him at any and all cost.

To Harry it seemed that there were more dominants than there had been when he had retired to his room for a break, but then he wouldn't know any of them from Adam, the only Dracken he had been paying any attention to was Blaise and he wouldn't have recognised anyone else if he had been introduced to them five minutes prior.

Harry made the heinous mistake of peeking over his shoulder to ascertain how far away the other Drackens were, the next thing he knew he had hit something so solid that he saw stars. He was hoisted up and he heard the belly rumbling growl above his head. It was an unfamiliar growl, but those arms were so protective, so strong and solid that Harry clung to the Dracken he had run into. The only thing that Harry could discern was that he was taller and thicker than Blaise and much more solidly muscled.

The Dracken holding him growled so ferociously that Harry ducked his head under the other male's chin; he heard at least three answering growls and two hisses before he was lurched sideways as the Dracken holding him started running and then flying, his absolutely huge wings beating the air violently.

Flying was so much faster than running and Harry squeezed his eyes closed so he couldn't see the carpeted floor passing by at such disorienting speeds when he wasn't the one in control of anything, he kept his eyes closed right up until the Dracken carrying him was tackled in mid-flight, right over the banister of the stairs.

The Dracken landed heavily on his back and Harry landed on top of him, but before he could get his bearings back he was ripped from the dazed dominant's grasp and he was again held tightly as the new Dracken ran with him. A door opened and then closed and Harry heard a very strong locking spell chanted in a voice he recognised so very well.

"Prezioso, are you alright? Speak to me, Harry." Blaise's slightly breathless voice whispered into his ear. "Why did you leave the safety of your rooms?"

"One of the Elders brought his grandson into my rooms, Blaise. He was in my rooms! He tried to touch me, to grab me, so I had to run."

"Oh PreziosoMio Prezioso." Blaise exclaimed holding him tighter and wrapping his beautiful black and purple wings around him.

"Can I stay with you? My chaperone has already noticed that I'm more receptive to you than any of the other Drackens, he said that this meeting would be over soon because of it."

"Of course you can, Harry, I would never turn you away, especially not when your rooms have been invaded."

Harry smiled and snuggled in tighter to Blaise. This meeting had thrown him in at the deep end without armbands when he didn't know how to swim. He was dreading when he had to have another meeting to find his second mate, why couldn't Blaise be enough for him? He wasn't greedy; he didn't want more than one mate, so why did he have to have more than one mate just to get him pregnant?

The house was in uproar when the Elders and the dominants figured out that Harry was missing, but safely tucked up in bed with Blaise, Harry found that he didn't care as his dominant stroked each of the sensitive, white scales on his pure white wings.

He was purring again, a deep, rumbling noise that came from deep within his chest as Blaise pressed his lips against his neck over and over whilst playing with his leathery wings.

Harry was not idle either as he explored the bare chest of his dominant for the first time. He had seen Blaise without a shirt on once, it had been that first time in the forest which seemed like so long ago now, but in reality it had only been a few days, but he hadn't touched Blaise's bare skin once. Until now that is.

Blaise was smooth and firm, there was a scattering of hair around his bellybutton and a soft line of hair that went below the waistband of his sleeping bottoms, but other than that, Blaise was smooth and hairless, deeply tanned and firmly muscled.

Harry run his fingers lightly over one dark brown nipple and then the other, loving the shiver that rolled down Blaise's spine each time. He played with the darkly tanned skin, curiously comparing the olive tone to his own porcelain white with hints of pink.

Blaise chuckled and pulled Harry's hands from his body, tucking them against his chest as he rolled over to trap them between both of their chests.

"If you carry on with that, Prezioso, then neither of us will be sleeping tonight." Blaise whispered darkly.

"Is that such a bad thing? I'm done with this charade of a meeting. I want to announce you as my mate to the whole world, Blaise. I don't want to be touched or kissed or groped by anyone other than you."

"You will change your mind soon, after your first heat when your Dracken side realises that I alone will not be enough to impregnate you."

"That's later on, Blaise. I'm talking about now. I want just you for now. I don't want them."

Blaise sighed and buried his head into Harry's long, black hair, he loved his mate's hair, both long and silky when he was showing his Dracken features and short and messy when he was showing his human features. In both forms it smelt the same, like chestnuts.

"The other Drackens will call foul play if we announce it so soon, but then they always call foul play when they have not been chosen by a submissive, so it will not be looked into much, but the fact that you haven't even compared wing sizes or spent a great deal of time with any Dracken will count against us, Bello."

"I've had dominant Drackens flashing their wings at me for two whole days, Blaise! None of them entice me at all, I look at their brightly coloured wings being shoved into my face and I'm thinking, huh, another pair of wings, how nice, now get out of my way please. I don't want to see green wings, blue wings, yellow ones or bloody red ones, the only wings I'm even remotely interested in are black and purple and I'm looking at them right now!"

Blaise silenced Harry with a ferocious kiss and Harry forgot about everything as those skilful lips teased his apart for a strong tongue to lay claim to his mouth.

Harry woke up on his third morning in the Dracken hotel, as he had named it, well rested and relaxed for the first time in months, perhaps even years. The reason became apparent almost immediately as he found himself cuddled under Blaise's heavy, yet comforting, arm. One black leathery, purple scaled wing pulled over the top of their sleeping bodies like an umbrella, protecting him, and Blaise, from the bright sunlight filtering through the un-curtained window.

Yawning and stretching, Harry made a small, soft noise, but Blaise was awake and alert within seconds, sitting up and scanning the room for danger, before retracting his claws and fangs when he came to the conclusion that there was no apparent danger.

"Morning, Prezioso." Blaise murmured, lying back down next to Harry and stroking one pale, but sleep reddened, cheek.

"Morning, Blaise." Harry answered, happily leaning into Blaise's touch.

"Are you hungry? I can hunt for you."

Harry shook his head fondly. Blaise sounded so excited at the prospect of going and killing an animal for Harry's breakfast. Blaise was always offering to hunt for Harry; he had to wonder if it was in the dominant genes to hunt for every meal or if Blaise just liked hunting. Either way Harry was feeling more like having cereals for breakfast than meat, so regretfully he turned Blaise's offer down with an explanation.

"You want cereals? You're going into the first stages of heat, Prezioso. You need the grain for energy; soon you'll want fruits and vegetables for slow release and energy storage."

"Oh, but then the other Drackens will know that I already have a mate, the breeding cycle doesn't start until I have a mate."

Blaise nodded. "I know, Prezioso. We will announce our mateship later on, but first we have to be seen interacting with one another and you will have to watch some of the other dominants, then disregard them, if you really don't like them, Harry, then simply reject their gifts and attentions. As the submissive the power is all yours, no one else's. You have the right to reject or dismiss any Dracken that you want to, you can even send them away. Don't let them bully you, Bello, they're not allowed to."

Harry smiled happily at this revelation and he hugged Blaise, mentally thanking him for giving him the strength and confidence he needed to get rid of the other dominants. If he was allowed to dismiss them and send them away from this hell hotel, then they couldn't touch him, no more running from them, if they did something that he didn't like then he'd damn well get rid of them. Unfortunately it would look too suspicious if he ordered all of them apart from Blaise out of the house like he wanted to.

Harry carefully slipped out of Blaise's room and practically skipped down the corridor and into the breakfast room. Blaise was going to have a shower and take his time so it wouldn't look in the least bit suspicious.

The massive hall that rivalled Hogwarts' Great Hall fell silent as he entered and Harry had the odd thought that he was walking down death row as he confidently walked to the head of the table where his 'special' seat was located. Honestly it was more like a throne than a chair with a thick, soft, plush cushion for him to perch on with a padded back and arms.

"Oh, Harry, dear one. We have been searching all over for you." His chaperone, Elder Trintus, stated with relief.

"I spent the night in the castle." Harry lied smoothly. "I had to get away from this house, especially after my rooms were sullied."

"Yes, about that, Harry, Dominic is very sorry for his behaviour." The other Elder cut in, looking sorrowful. "He wishes to make it up to you."

"He doesn't have to, in fact I don't want him to, what I want is for him to leave."

"You don't know what you're saying, Harry." Elder Getus told him firmly, chidingly.

"Yes I do. I will not stay here whilst he is here. I want him gone!"

"Get rid of him." One dominant growled. "How can we properly interact with Harry if he is constantly running away from him?!"

"Let us not be hasty, all of you reacted the same to Harry when you first got here, Dominic is no different."

"We didn't act like him!" Another man, this one at least six foot eight with wide set shoulders to match, burst out harshly. "We respected the rules! None of us would have dared to enter the submissive's room, only Dominic has been rude and disrespectful enough to do so! Harry's rooms are supposed to be his own, no one is allowed in them because it is his space."

"He's right; no one else has barged into my rooms like that." Harry answered, giving a smile to the huge man, who smirked back, his gorgeous blue eyes sparkling, puffing his chest out under Harry's attention like he had just been told he'd won gold in an Olympic event. "There are some of you here that I just can't be around, we are completely incompatible and you'll never be my mate, I can't concentrate on any of the others if you're here."

"Alright, dear one, you can come with me after your breakfast and we will interview each Dracken in turn, if you aren't compatible with each other, you have the right to reject them." Elder Trintus told him.

"I like that idea; it will give me a chance to spend some one on one time with all of you to find my prospective mate."

The dominants all started murmuring to each other, but mostly they just growled at each other. They weren't here to make friends after all; they were all in direct competition with each other. It was a shame; Harry thought sadly, none of them would be his mate, at least not this time around, but they all thought that they had a chance.

Harry happily ate his second bowl of cereal and then moved onto two pieces of wholemeal toast. He made sure to eat several pieces of nearly raw, cubed lamb because he was being watched closely, even though he didn't really fancy eating meat and then it was time for the showdown. His one on one interviews with the dominant Drackens. He had a feeling that he just wasn't going to enjoy this as much as he was supposed to.

Harry was going to be reduced to cold blooded slaughter. Honestly if this kept up he would have no other choice, it would be them or him and Harry would much rather it be them. He had deduced, in just three hours, that dominant Drackens were pompous, arrogant, self-satisfied, egotistical bastards.

Harry had been under the false impression that this interview was to learn about his compatibility with his prospective mate. But apparently it was him sitting in an armchair listening to a bunch of dicks and egos telling him their accomplishments, their prowess's and their achievements.

Even Elder Trintus was looking quite astonished at their level of rudeness and self-centredness, at least Harry wasn't the only one. Honestly he hadn't once been asked how he was or even what he was interested in, there had been one Dracken who had been very into a hobby called caving, which Harry had expressed a slight interest in, so the guy had explained everything about it to him, before going on to brag that he had a trophy in mountain biking, a subject that Harry wasn't in the least bit interested in.

"I can't take this anymore." Harry complained to his chaperone as they took a little tea break. "None of them are right for me! What if I never get a mate?"

Which wasn't likely seeing as he already had one, but Harry's fear was more for his future clutch of children, which he'd never have unless he found a second, possibly third and fourth mate. He wanted Blaise, of course he did, but he also wanted his own children. Was he doomed to pick an ignorant berk to spend the rest of his life with, to spend time with, to mate with and to have sex with, just to have children?

"Oh, Harry dearest, don't be daft, of course you'll find a mate. Really they can't all be this selfish! There must be one among the hundred or so that are here that you like."

"What if I don't like any of them? And you told me that I will need more than one mate to get pregnant, I can't choose one, how can I pick two?! What if I need more than two? Oh god I can't do this, why can't I just have the one mate? Why can't one mate be enough for me to have a clutch of children?"

Elder Trintus sighed and took a refreshing sip of tea, before he looked at the distressed young man across from him. Sixteen, this boy was just sixteen years old he thought sadly and the biggest age group of the dominants was in the late twenties, early thirties range. He wished that there were more submissive Drackens, then he wouldn't have to watch time and time again as a submissive was paired with a dominant three times older than they were.

"Your Dracken instincts know what they are doing, Harry. You may have already subconsciously chosen, you have, after all, been inhaling the scents of all of the dominants here for the past two days. Just get through these interviews and if at the end you still haven't chosen then we will think of something else, but for now, we still have about sixty more dominants to interview."

"Three hours and we aren't even halfway." Harry mumbled, throwing back the last few gulps of his honey tea and swallowing hard. "Someone give me the strength to carry on."

Another hour and Harry wanted to slice up the next dominant Dracken that he saw. But unfortunately for his killing urges, but very fortunately for his sanity, it was Blaise who sauntered through the door next. His gorgeous, wonderful, amazing mate, Blaise.

"Good afternoon, I'm Blaise Mariano Zabini, seventeen." Blaise greeted with a small smile that had just a hint of smirk in it. "I hope that you are well."

"You know you are the first person to even ask me how I am. I've had an entire day of being bombarded with selfish remarks and comments and I'm just so glad that one of you isn't too self-absorbed to actually ask me how I am!"

"How dull and utterly disgusting behaviour." Blaise replied with a wink that was hidden from the chaperone. "I've brought you some more chocolate; you told me yesterday that you had none left so I went out this morning and bought you some more."

Harry nearly pounced on the bar of chocolate that was offered to him and opened it immediately and bit into it.

"Thank you so much, I love chocolate fudge bars."

"I know, I remember you telling me the first day we were in this house." Which was a lie as Harry had told Blaise that he liked this particular chocolate bar a few days after their chase through the forest on Halloween, when he'd been eating the last bar that he had.

"You remember that? I didn't think anyone was listening to me. That and I doubted anyone could hear me over the squawking of that huge Dracken, the one with orangey wings."

"I was listening to you, Harry."

Harry blushed lightly and coyly took a look at his chaperone, who was writing something on the clipboard that he had had all day during the interviews. The elderly Dracken had better not be putting anything other than praise down for Blaise or Harry would have his head on a plate.

"What are your interests, Blaise?" Harry asked, pretending to be politely interested. "What do you like doing during your spare time?"

"I spend most of my time studying; I am in the mind frame that my school years are for study. I wish to get a very good job, the very best that I can, in order to provide all the necessary and luxury items that my mate could possibly want. We would need a big house for us to share with our children, I will not see my family wearing rags and clothing costs money and also I would wish to feed my family the very finest foods to ensure the highest amount of nutrition."

"Do you do anything else other than study?" Harry's chaperone asked, surveying them.

Harry made sure to jump slightly, acting as if he had been so engrossed in his talk with Blaise that he had forgotten that the other Dracken was there. It worked as Elder Trintus made another note with a wide smile.

"I like walking." Blaise answered. "If I had a mate, I would like to think that we could enjoy walks through the countryside together."

"I like walking barefoot through grass." Harry told him with a smile and a small blush. "I also like dipping my feet into the lake and walking through the forest and I've never actually told anyone that before."

"Then I am honoured that you have told me about your secret wanderings." Blaise answered with that gorgeous grin.

Harry laughed and broke a bit of his chocolate off, offering it to Blaise, who instead of taking it like Harry had expected, lowered his mouth to suck it from Harry's fingers.

Blushing deeply, Harry smiled and moved from his armchair and over to sit next to Blaise on the settee opposite him. He cuddled into his side and subconsciously started purring.

"I think that this interview is over, Harry, my dear. You have obviously chosen a mate for yourself and a very fine mate as well. You get on really well with each other, Blaise you have obviously been very serious about your mate from the very beginning and you have been listening to Harry and what he says, which is more than some other dominants can say. We will be seeing each other again, Harry. As I have already said you are too powerful to only need one mate and I would be honoured to be your chaperone once again."

"I'd love to have you as my chaperone again, but I really wish I didn't have to go through all of this for a second time."

Elder Trintus chuckled at the cute little submissive, he honestly thought that Harry had no idea how beautiful he was, inside and out, if only he were unmated and fifty years younger, he thought wistfully.

"I think that your next meeting will go much more smoothly, Harry dearest, you will, after all, have Blaise with you for your second meeting and you would have already been mated and had your first heat. Blaise, as your first mate, will not accept any dominant touching you without your permission; he will likely fight them to encourage them to stop."

"I don't like violence." Harry stated softly.

"Then I will make sure that you will see nothing, Mio Bello." Blaise told him seriously, wrapping a huge wing around Harry.

"I always do love seeing a mateship form before my eyes; you are a very strong and powerful submissive, Harry, to bond with Blaise as quickly as you have."

"I could feel a connection with him right away, from that first time when he introduced himself to me with a handshake."

"Dear Merlin, you are much more powerful that I could possibly have believed, Harry. Mating over a simple handshake, it takes a submissive on average three days before they recognise a mate, but if you and Blaise mated together the first time that you shook hands, it would possibly explain why your Dracken has been rejecting all of the other dominants."

"I don't mean to hurt their feelings, I just really like Blaise."

"That is quite alright, dearest, they are not going to be happy, but then the only way they would be happy was if you had chosen them as your mate, which you are not going to."

"Can I go back to having a semi-normal life now? I'm sure the rumours in the school are terrible by now. When I left I was dying from an incurable, deadly disease. Merlin knows what the students have come up with now."

"Of course, my little dear. You leave the clean-up to me, you just have to announce Blaise as your mate to the other dominants and then you are free to do as you please."

Harry did not relish the thought of telling the hundred or so dominant Drackens that they had wasted a journey or that he already had a mate and it wasn't any of them.

He stood in the huge common room, looking at all of their hopeful eyes and lustful gazes and tucked his white wings into his body, some of the white scales were getting a slight purple tint to them and Harry couldn't wait until he finally, proudly, wore the colours of his mate.

"You spent longer with him!" One dominant burst out. "I want a longer interview as well."

"None of you are going to get another minute of my time. I'm sorry, but it seems that I have already found my first mate. Elder Trintus believes that Blaise and I mated from our very first handshake, which is why I have been less receptive to any of your advances. I'm sorry, but I am no longer looking for a mate."

There was uproar, yells of denial, screams of rage and deep growls that had the hair on the back of his neck standing up on end.

Harry was very glad for the strong presence of Blaise at his back, his arms around his shoulders and his wings flared out, ready to wrap around him if needed.

"You all know that you cannot seek retribution." Elder Trintus spoke up loudly, his voice easily carrying over the shouts and growls of the dominants. "Against Harry or Blaise. But this isn't over yet, Harry is a very powerful Dracken and will require another mate at least, possibly two or even three more, you all have the chance to try again."

Harry hated that too, being offered up like a piece of meat or a raffle prize. He might not be human anymore, but he was still a living person and he deserved the basic respect for that. He still had feelings and thoughts and he was still the same person that he was before, he just had wings, claws and fangs. Oh and his scales, he couldn't forget his glittery, white scales, which were turning a very light purple in patches. He couldn't wait until they went the same dark amethyst as Blaise's, he smiled and looked at his wing scales over his shoulder. He really, really couldn't wait for them to reflect his bond with Blaise.

With most of the dominants calm now that they had been informed that they could possibly become his mate still, Harry felt secure enough to walk through them, with Blaise of course, and out into Hogwarts' grounds.

He slipped his hand into Blaise's much larger one and smiled to his mate. Now they had time to get to know one another and enjoy their relationship. At least until it was ruined by the introduction of a second mate, but that was way off, he had to go onto his first heat period before he had to pick another mate. Harry smiled at Blaise from under his eyelashes, first things first though; they had to get to know one another better and maybe get in some practice before he officially went onto his heat. It never hurt to practice after all, he thought with a salacious grin.

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