The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


43. Chapter Forty-Three – Harry Versus Amelle

Harry grinned as he spied bright red hair come from inside the house. He ran the full length of the garden and hugged Mrs Weasley tightly.

"Oh, Harry dear, you are glowing!" She said approvingly. "Having a baby has certainly brightened you up, dear."

"I feel better now that he's been born." He admitted. "More like myself and less like an alien."

"Well where is he? Where is my only grandchild?" Mrs Weasley gave a pointed look to Bill, who cowered from his Mother's glare.

"Fleur and I aren't ready for children yet, Mum! We've only just gotten engaged."

"You got engaged?" Harry asked. "Congratulations! Where is the lucky bride to be?"

"Thanks, baby brother. Fleur is happily visiting her parents and little sister in France for a few weeks, but I've been told to take pictures of the baby for her, that is if you'll allow it of course." Bill winked at him and Harry laughed as he bounced to Blaise, who was once again defending his son from advancing relatives.

"Do you think I could have a turn holding our son?" Harry asked Blaise teasingly, who smiled at him a bit sheepishly as he carefully handed the baby over.

"You are the Father, dear?" Mrs Weasley asked Blaise distractedly.

"Yep, Blaise is his Father. Mrs Weasley, this is Braiden Blaise Enzo Zabini, the first of many."

Harry handed the baby over to Mrs Weasley who cooed and cuddled to her heart's content, tears gathering in her eyes as the rest of the family crowded around. Hermione came over and hugged him tightly.

"You must be so proud, Harry." She stated into his hair as she held him.

"I am. He's so beautiful."

"He's adorable, how much did he weigh?"

"He was four pounds two ounces. Less than I thought he was going to be, but he's fine and healthy. He's got an appointment booked in with Saint Mungos tomorrow just for a check-up to make sure everything really is as dandy as it seems."

Ginny came over and hugged him tightly, slapping his bum which made all four of his mates stop what they were doing and look over. Harry waved away their attention with a bright red face as he glared at Ginny.

"What was that for?" Harry demanded as he rubbed his sore bum.

"Why aren't you using my present?" Ginny demanded in return.

"I've only just given birth! I'm under a sex ban for another week at least."

"Please! I don't need to hear this, Harry." Hermione stated with a cross look covering her face.

"What? I am on a sex ban, here I am surrounded by four men who are all indulging in each other's bodies and I'm stuck merely watching them."


"Tell me more." Ginny grinned as she tugged Harry's arm into her own and away from everyone else, heading towards the orchard.

"No, Ginny. I've told you that my sex life is mine."

"I'll share mine; including the threesome I had with those two gorgeous, muscly Hufflepuffs."

Harry yelled out and covered his ears with his hands.

"I'm not listening you devil!" He cried and ran to Max, letting his mate scoop him up into his arms. "She's being evil, Max."

"Stop being evil, Ginny." Max demanded, even though the smile threatened to split his face in half.

"Are your hormones not settled yet?" Ashleigh asked him.

"I don't know. I think I'm just being childish." Harry admitted with a grin, Max laughed.

"You can be childish all you want to." He said.

"You can't exactly tell anyone not to be childish." Draco shot at Max as he walked past them.

Harry grinned up at Max who pouted.

"I am not childish." He whined.

Richard chuckled and threw an arm around Max's waist as he couldn't reach his shoulders. Then again only Myron, Nasta and Draco could throw an arm around Max's shoulders.

"You are childish." Richard stated. "You get it from me."

Myron snorted. "Of all the traits you possess you had to give our children your childishness."

"I gave them my sense of fun and adventure." Richard countered.

"You made them eternal children." Myron stated dryly.

"Well who wants the kids to grow up anyway." He huffed and wandered away.

Myron sighed as if this was a long fought battle in which he was double teamed, outnumbered and was losing.

Harry looked to Ashleigh who was giggling and jumping up and down with Alayla and Talia and to Richard who had gone off to headlock Caesar. He grinned. It looked like Myron waslosing a battle after all. He had two young at heart, childish mates who, in his eyes, were corrupting their five children. There was only so much one could do to counteract all of that bad influence and it seemed that Myron had done his best, but it wasn't enough to overshadow both Ashleigh and Richard's childishness.

"Harry? How are you feeling?"

Harry turned in Max's arms at the sound of that familiar voice and he leapt at Remus, but ended up kicking Max's stomach, who sucked in a lungful of air, but said nothing as he handed Harry over to the other man instead.

"I'm fine. How are you?"

Harry scrambled to get his feet on the floor so he wasn't being carried; only his mates could carry him.

"I've been alright. I've mainly been thinking of you, Harry."

"Why?" Harry asked curiously.

"Why? Harry you are seventeen and have a newborn baby."

"I'm considered an adult man in the wizarding world." Harry pointed out stubbornly.

"Do you feel like a man?" Remus asked seriously.

Harry opened his mouth to say of course he felt like a man, he had four lovers and a baby, but he stopped and thought about it, having lovers and a baby didn't make you an adult, kids could have sexual partners and children, that didn't make them adults. Did he actually feel like a man? He felt overwhelmed, like he was stuck in quicksand which had just reached his neck and was climbing ever higher. He felt lost without a guide to help him through these new experiences, his mates were no help, this was new to them as well, which made him think, did they feel like men or lost little boys thrust in at the deep end?

"I feel…lost sometimes, like I'm drowning in my own panic. Before Braiden was born, I was always worried about making a single mistake, but now I know that I'm obviously going to make mistakes and have lapses in judgement, I just have to make sure that they aren't so bad that they screw Braiden up for life. I do feel like a man. If I was thrown into a house on my own then I'd know how to take care of myself and those around me. I know about money management, I know how to cook and clean, I know how to do laundry and how to change bed sheets, but on the other hand, this is all new to me and I feel like a little boy whose just discovered the endless dark hole at the bottom of the garden, excited and adventurous, with a hint of fearful adrenaline at the new experience and the possible dangers ahead. So I feel like a man at times and like a little boy at others." Harry shrugged and looked up at Myron, Max and Remus.

"That was a good answer." Myron told him with a smirk.

"If you had just said yes straight off, that you feel like a man, that you never get scared or feel overwhelmed, then we would know that you are still just a child." Remus answered, looking happier. "A true adult can admit they're frightened and overwhelmed by new experiences, a child pretending to be an adult thinks that nothing frightens or gets to us and acts the same."

Harry rolled his eyes and hugged Remus tightly. "I didn't know I was being tested."

"I needed to know if you were adult enough to be in this situation, Harry."

"Braiden is very safe with me!" He hissed.

"This isn't about the baby, Harry, this is about you. I'm not worried about anything happening to the baby because I know all five of you love and care for him; it's you I'm worried about. James was an amazing Father, loving, doting, I don't think he left you alone for more than five minutes, we used to go around and visit him and you'd always be tucked up in his arms sleeping, on his lap playing or on the floor with him sitting right behind you. He grew up well and knew how to deal with a baby and the emotions and responsibilities that came with you. But if you were given to Sirius…" Remus shook his head sadly. "Completely hopeless. He loved you so much and he'd rather have eaten his own arm than hurt you, but it was always clear that he was overwhelmed when he was near you. He didn't know how to act, what to do or say. He was very awkward around you because he'd never had to deal with responsibility before and, I say this in the nicest possible way, his mind was too immature to cope with a baby. He got better the older you got, he grew up more, but it wasn't until he went to…to Azkaban that he really grew up. It's tragic really that it took going to that place for him to grow up, but it was the hard kick up the backside that he needed to finally become a man."

"Even that didn't really mature him; he still acted like a big kid."

"No, it did mature him, Harry. Sirius was always going to be a big kid at heart, but he could be serious and responsible when the need for it was there, before Azkaban he wouldn't have known how to. He was a very clever, intelligent man, but he was quite dim as well. He was emotionally stunted by his dark, hatred filled family. Hugs and kisses from family members that most of us take for granted weren't offered to Sirius when he was growing up, his parents hated him, his brother rejected him, he had no one, no one except his imaginary friend."

"Sirius had an imaginary friend?" Harry asked shocked.

"Yes, he had needed one growing up. He was surrounded by blackness, by dark, cruel people who sneered at him and hated the air he breathed, but he was the Black Heir, he was not to be touched. Deprived of any sort of contact or communication except from his hired tutors, Sirius made a friend who liked him, who spoke to him without loathing in their voice. Sirius could very well have snapped from his upbringing, but because he was clever enough to invent someone he could vent all of his feelings, dreams, wants and fears at, he survived with his mind intact until he found James at Hogwarts, Pettigrew and I came later, but together we were just what Sirius needed to root him to his sanity."

Harry thought about how similar he and Sirius had grown up. Only he had never been deprived of touch or communication. His communication from the Dursleys may have been cruel words, spiteful hisses and demands and his contact with them was usually a slap or a kick, but he had still gone to a public school. He had gotten praised by his teachers, pats to the head, smiles and on occasion's even sweets. They spoke kindly and encouragingly to him, he couldn't imagine what he might have turned out like if he hadn't gone to school, if he like Sirius had been barricaded in number four Privet Drive with stuffy tutors who had been hired to teach him and nothing else. Not that the Dursleys would have ever wasted money on him, they wouldn't even buy him clothes or food.

"Anyway, enough of this. Where is the baby, Braiden did you call him? I haven't seen him yet."

Harry grinned. "We're going to have to wrestle Mrs Weasley for him." He laughed.

"On second thoughts, why don't I just get a drink instead."

Harry laughed again as he scanned the back garden for his son. He couldn't contain his grin when he saw that Blaise was cradling him again as their son drank deeply and greedily from a bottle.

"I should have known that you'd stolen Braiden again." Harry told Blaise as he approached.

Blaise drew his eyes slowly from Braiden's face, as if he couldn't quite bring himself to stop looking at that smooth, sweet face, baby blue eyes closed, little mouth pouted around the bottle teat sucking strongly.

"I adore watching him feed." Blaise admitted. "I would wake up with him every single night just to watch him feed."

"I wonder how long that'll last." Draco commented, peering over Harry's shoulder at the baby. He kissed Harry cheek and Harry rolled his eyes, turning to face Draco for a kiss to the lips. "My parents will be going soon; Father has a prior engagement at five o'clock."

"That's fine, Draco, I take it they want to see Braiden one last time before they leave?"

The blond nodded. "Mother wishes to buy him more clothes, I told her that he has enough clothes but she insisted on buying something."

"If she really wants to buy clothes tell her to get them in a bigger size, he has enough clothes for now, but he will outgrow them all soon, he's getting bigger every time I see him."

"I don't know why, you and Blaise made him and you're the shortest of us all."

Harry huffed and shoved Draco away from him. "Tell your parents they can have Braiden to say goodbye after Remus has met him."

"But he's…"

"If you say one bad thing about him, Draco, I will kill you." Harry hissed threateningly, his claws coming out of his nail beds.

Draco growled and Harry felt the urge to submit. He shoved it aside violently and hissed again, keeping his eyes pinned to Draco's and his neck hunched to his shoulders to show he wasn't submitting. He wasn't going to back down from this.

Draco leapt on him and Harry fought back. Kicking and scratching and biting as Draco tried to bite down on his neck.

Strong hands forced them apart and Harry found himself being held by Nasta, who wrapped a leg around both of Harry's own to keep them pinned, held both of his wrists in one hand and held his head still with his other hand.

Max was sitting on Draco, pinning the snarling blond to the grassy ground.

"What the hell happened?" Max demanded his own wings and claws out as Draco tried to bite him.

"They were fine a moment ago." Blaise answered holding Braiden tightly, even as he finished feeding the baby and burped him.

"He was saying bad things!" Harry hissed.

"You said you'd kill me!" Draco snarled back.

"I'm going to!" Harry assured the blond as he struggled against Nasta.

"What is going on?!" Lucius Malfoy demanded as he was blocked from getting to his feral son by Richard Seppen. "Why are you manhandling my son?!"

"You must understand that Drackens are very physical, violent creatures." Richard informed the other man. "They will fight often and usually for the most stupid of reasons."

"Max, get Draco inside." Nasta ordered as he carted Harry towards the house. "We will be back shortly." He told the other guests.

Harry was sat on the living room settee and Draco was sat beside him, they were both held tightly as they hissed and growled at one another.

"What happened?" Nasta asked calmly.

"He wasn't going to let Remus near the baby!" Harry growled.

"Braiden is as much my child as yours! I will not see him in the arms of a werewolf!" Draco exploded.

"You were going to let the werewolf hold Braiden?!" Max demanded.

Harry glared at his biggest mate and launched himself at him, trying to cut out his eyes. Nasta held him around the chest and pinned his head back to his shoulder, whispering soothingly into his ear whilst glaring at the other two.

"It is Harry's right to allow whomever he wishes to see and hold his child." He explained patiently.

"But a werewolf?" Max demanded. "A werewolf is a danger to our children!"

"Remus is no more a danger to Braiden then anyone else!" Harry yelled.

"Your instincts should not have allowed you to take Braiden within a hundred yards of a dangerous creature like a werewolf!"

"Well I'm not exactly listening to my instincts now am I? If I was then I wouldn't have let your Mother hold him. You can't pick and choose you know! Either you want me to listen to my instincts in which case Remus and your mother won't be allowed near Braiden, or you don't want me to have them and you let me decide who I trust enough to let near Braiden."

"My Mother is not a threat to Braiden!" Max roared angrily.

"And neither is Remus!" Harry yelled back. "I trust you when you say your Mother isn't a threat to our children, do the same courtesy for me and trust me when I say that Remus isn't a threat either!"

Harry broke away from Nasta and stomped back outside. Everyone was staring at him and he realised that they must have heard every word that had been shouted and screamed through the open back door. He felt heat flare up his cheeks but he pushed it back. He wouldn't be embarrassed, he would not be ashamed of how he felt.

He went to collect his son off of Blaise and after glaring his mate into handing the baby over with no fuss; he took Braiden to where Remus was sat alone at a table and dumped the baby, gently, into the man's arms.

"I've caused problems for you." Remus whispered.

"No you haven't. They've caused problems for themselves. I trust you, Remus, with my life and my son's. You aren't dangerous just because of what you are. You're a werewolf one night a month, Remus; I'm a Dracken every hour of every day. Besides you must have held me as a baby, Dad and Mum would have trusted you with me and I'm very sure you never once thought to hurt me. I'm more of a danger to my son than you are. I almost gutted Draco and Max, you couldn't do that to me as you are now, you aren't strong enough, nor do you have it in you to hurt me or Braiden. The sooner they learn that the happier I'll be."

Remus said nothing. Harry got the idea that he was holding back tears and Harry left him to his thoughts as he held and cuddled Braiden.

"He's gorgeous, Harry." Remus finally said his voice slightly choked. "You were a very cute baby as well. I'll bring you photos the next time I come and visit. You had bigger eyes than your son though, huge, brilliant, bright green eyes that could stop any stranger dead in their tracks."

"He has Blaise's eyes." Harry said. "Though we don't know the final colour yet."

"You're eyes started changing a week after you were born, they started going darker and James was certain that you would have his hazel eyes, a complete clone of your Father, but then they started going bluey-green, getting greener every day and we all knew whose eyes you had taken at that point. Lily was ecstatic."

Harry smiled at the story, hearing about his Mum and Dad always made him smile. He brushed Braiden's hair out of his little face and scooted closer to Remus. He hated fighting with his mates, but he would not be told who to entrust with his child.

"Is there something wrong with you?" A soft voice asked from behind him.

Harry looked over his shoulder and saw the woman who had come with Caesar, his Wife and mate, Amelle. She was still holding the pink shawl; she hadn't put her daughter down all afternoon.

"Not that I know of." Harry replied a bit confused as to what she meant.

"You're letting a dangerous animal hold your son. I mean, I know he's not as good as my Eleonora, but that's no reason to kill him, he'll just have to settle for being second best."

"Excuse me?!" Harry demanded, already riled up from his previous fight with Max and Draco.

"That's alright, you can't help having second best children, you are after all, not me." Amelle let out a little laugh and Harry saw red. He would have liked to have ripped her arms from her body and stomped on her head, but she was holding a baby and he was hesitant to put the baby in harm's way, no matter how angry this woman was making him.

"You should apologise." Remus coached, looking at the woman in front of them. "No child is second best."

"What would you know werewolf, you can't even have children." Amelle stabbed.

Remus looked crushed and Harry got even angrier. What the hell did Caesar see in this woman? Surely he could have waited for a better submissive to turn up, but then he realised that most of the submissives acted like Amelle if the horror stories his mates had told him were true, they truly believed that they were Princesses and the men around them were just more gifts, no more than slaves. It made Harry sick to think that Caesar was being treated like a servant, he liked Caesar a lot.

"You're a vile woman." Harry scathed.

"There's no need to insult me because I have the better child." Amelle answered airily and Harry realised that Amelle was a very hard woman to insult because she'd just turn everything around and assume that the person insulting her was just jealous.

Harry took Braiden from Remus because if he didn't then he was going to attack Amelle. He cradled his son and turned his back on the woman behind him, he would not be drawn into a pathetic fight over who had the better child. He knew he did, just as Amelle thought she did, there was no competition, of course they were going to favour their own child. He just kept chanting that Braiden was better in his head, but there was no keeping Amelle's voice out.

"Hiding your inferior son isn't going to help you know." Amelle told him from behind.

Harry could feel the anger that had been bubbling inside of him spike into a raging inferno, he ached to defend his baby son, to lash out and rip the woman's tongue from her mouth, but it would be pointless, she would argue back and he'd just get angrier and angrier until he got himself punished or did something unforgivable, he'd never forgive himself if he hurt Eleonora and he'd doubt if Caesar, Max and the entire Maddison-Seppen clan would forgive him either.

"How can one person be so cruel?" Remus asked rhetorically as he stared at Amelle.

"You're one to talk werewolf, eat any babies lately?"

Harry shivered with suppressed anger and pressed Braiden onto Remus, he stomped up to Amelle who looked faintly amused, she was taller than him by two inches and used them to pull herself up to her full height. She foolishly didn't see him as a threat, which is why when he gently, but swiftly pulled Eleonora from her arms to get the baby out of the line of fire she took a few moments to react.

Harry had already pushed the baby into Remus's arms when Amelle attacked him with a screech, riding his body to the floor and she began hitting his head into the ground. Harry snarled and grabbed a fistful of all that prissy hair and yanked it. Not like the girl on girl pulling that constituted as a catfight, but yanking at it as if he'd pull half of her scalp away with it. He heard screams; distant yells and Alayla's voice calling out 'Get her, Harry! Take out her bitchy tongue!'

A large hand grabbed his arm and Harry sunk fangs into it before he even knew who it was, they let go with a yell, cursing him. Harry twisted around, pushed the woman off of him and then got on top of Amelle and with a hand in her hair holding her head in place he threw a mean punch at her face, feeling that perfect nose breaking under his fist.

More hands grabbed him, but as they pulled him off of Amelle, he refused to let go of her hair and dragged her with him even as her claws sunk into his stomach. He screamed, part in anger, but mostly in pain, his stomach was still very tender from giving birth.

He kicked out at her and caught her thigh, she would have fallen but he still had her hair in his fists, he could hear more yells and then a very familiar hand in his own hair. Max was behind him. Even as Max clenched his own hair and demanded that he let Amelle go he refused, kicking out at the woman again as he held her hair tightly. She couldn't kick him because she couldn't lift her legs from the floor without pain to her scalp, so she clawed at him instead, cutting up his stomach and chest, but he didn't care, he had gone past pain, all he thought about was her slagging off his baby son, the cruel words she had spat at Remus and he ignored the pain in favour of causing her as much pain as possible.

He could see Caesar behind Amelle, his arms were around her middle trying to pull her away from him, but Harry had her hair bunched tightly in both of his hands and he was not going to let go. Myron and Richard were trying to unwind his fingers from her hair, whilst Aneirin was trying to stop Amelle from causing more damage to his stomach and chest, getting cut up himself in the process.

"Harry, let go!" Max growled tugging harder on his own hair, forcing his head back. There was a thread of fear in his biggest mate's voice.

Harry hissed in denial and wound all of that hair around his wrists and yanked Amelle off of her feet, kicking her as she went down. Max kept him on his feet, but he also allowed Harry to cause more pain to Amelle because he still had her hair by the scalp and he was now digging claws into the top of her head.

"Let go, Harry!" He heard Nasta's voice yelling, there was a demand in there somewhere as well, but he didn't care how angry he made his mates, he hated this woman and she would not get away with insulting Braiden and Remus like she had.

"Get him off!" Amelle screeched thickly in pain from her broken nose. There were tears in her voice. Harry could see her face, it was dry and she was smirking at him even though the lower half of her face was covered in blood. "Caesar! Caesar, get him off me! Please!"

The next thing Harry knew his jaw was on fire, his whole body had gone numb and slack with shock and Caesar was standing over him looking horrified with his fist raised. It took four seconds for what had happened to sink in before Max let out a terrifying roar and tackled his brother to the ground and started battering the shit out of him.

Harry was clamoured and hugged; Nasta held a bleeding arm to his mouth and Harry sucked it up deeply. He noticed that no one was helping Amelle as Myron, Richard and Aneirin were now trying to split up the fighting brothers. It looked like Max was winning.

The cuts in his stomach and chest made by Amelle's claws were not healing as well as the other scrapes and bruises he had gotten and it was with a groan that he remembered that submissives had certain toxins in their claws that could stop the cuts made by them from healing properly; he hoped he didn't die from them.

He noticed that Ashleigh was cradling a beautiful little girl and he smiled. It seemed that Grandma had gotten to hold her granddaughter after all. Braiden was still being held by Remus and Harry sighed in relief. At least his son was alright.

He wrapped his injured body around Nasta and snuggled in, hoping to avoid punishment. He felt any punishment would be unfair and he'd react against it, but he was done fighting for now. He'd done what he had said he wouldn't and he'd gotten dragged into a fight with Amelle, he had fought with Draco and Max, he didn't want to fight with Nasta as well.

Max and Caesar were eventually split up and Caesar was definitely the worse off, which angered Amelle again who started screeching at Caesar for not being a proper dominant and him not being strong enough to protect her. Caesar grabbed Amelle's wrist and bent her arm behind her back, holding it in an uncomfortable position, but not a painful one, not yet, but Harry watched as Caesar inched that arm up further the longer Amelle yelled until she whimpered in pain and fell silent. He frogmarched her away and into the privacy of the house.

Harry feigned sleep as Max approached him and stroked the place where Caesar had hit him, something wet and sticky clung to Max's fingers as he pulled them away, Caesar had made his lip bleed. Nasta moved him into a more comfortable position and held him tightly; as if he were afraid he would either disappear or fall apart.

"How is he?" Blaise's concerned voice asked. Harry felt awful for worrying him, for worrying them all.

"Alright as far as I can tell. He's exhausted though, he overdid it, I told him to be careful." Nasta answered softly, his hand caressing his cheek.

"Are the cuts healing?" Draco asked.

"They will in time." Nasta answered. "Amelle doesn't seem to be overly poisonous or have too dangerous a property to her claws, Harry'll be fine."

"It could have been so much worse." Max said with such pain in his voice Harry considered showing he was just pretending to be asleep and comforting him.

"It wasn't." Nasta soothed. "Harry will be fine. Amelle will be fine as well." He added as an afterthought and Harry grinned into Nasta's shoulder.

"What happened anyway?" Draco asked.

"Amelle insulted Braiden and myself and Harry felt the need to defend us when she went too far." Remus explained. "I had no idea a fight between two submissive Drackens would be so violent."

"Oh fights between any Dracken, no matter if they're dominant or submissive, can be very, very violent, sometimes to the point of death." Max replied seriously. "I'm just glad that Harry wasn't killed. If so many of us weren't here today then they could have done serious damage to one another."

"They weren't killed so it's best not to think about it." Nasta stated as he adjusted his arm to cuddle Harry even tighter belying, if only to a sleep feigning Harry, that Nasta had been frightened for him.

Harry woke up and it took him several seconds to realise where he was. He was snuggled up in bed alone. Braiden was not in the bassinet beside the bed and the amount of sun coming into the room from behind the closed curtains was the reason why. It was still daytime.

He rolled over and off the side of the bed and padded out of the bedroom and down the stairs, the smell of cooking food made his belly rumble and he smiled as he realised that it must have been dinner time.

"Should I go and wake Harry for dinner?" Draco's voice came from the kitchen.

"Let him sleep a bit longer, those cuts were nasty. I'll keep him something for later." Max answered.

"No need." Harry told them as he walked into the kitchen, smothering a yawn, letting himself be pulled over to the table by a concerned looking Nasta, who sat him on his lap and licked and sniffed at his bare skin.

"Nas, 'm fine." He complained half-heartedly.

"Just…just let me do this. Please." Nasta whispered into his ear as he stroked gently over his skin with a brush of fingertips.

Harry sighed and settled himself back into Nasta's arms and watched as Blaise rocked Braiden to sleep. He smiled as he realised that Blaise was being incredibly possessive of the baby, it was cute.

Max plated up ten chicken breasts, two per plate, and smothered it with a white sauce that had been bubbling in a saucepan, he added a large amount of salad from a pre-prepared bowl, making sure there was no cucumber on Draco's plate and no spring onion on Blaise's, that Nasta had extra tomatoes and there was plenty of red onion on all of their plates as it was a food that they all enjoyed, he finished it off with a large spoonful of mashed potatoes and served them dinner.

Harry once again ate whilst sitting on Nasta's lap, leaning slightly to one side to give his oldest mate room to eat his own food.

"Is this white wine sauce?" Harry asked as he licked it off of his fork.

Max smiled. "Yep, you aren't pregnant anymore, so I've seen fit to start cooking with wines again."

"I'd forgotten how nice your sauces were." Harry grinned as he cut off another chunk of chicken, slathered it with sauce and put it into his mouth.

"Smaller bites, Harry!" Max warned him. "I don't want you choking."

"I'm starving."

"Your body is expending energy to heal you." Nasta told him. "You need to eat and sleep as much as possible."

"Eating I can do, but I don't think I can sleep anymore." Harry answered. "I'm wide awake."

"You are now, but you might not be in a few hours' time when it's later." Draco replied, cutting off a polite sized bite of chicken and putting it carefully into his mouth.

"You do know that if you shoved your face into your plate and ate with just your mouth none of us would think anything of it, Draco." Harry told the blond, who was actually cutting up a leaf of lettuce to make it bite sized.

Draco looked like Harry had told him to strip naked, roll in red paint and run streaking through Gringotts.

"I certainly will not eat like a pig, Harry." He answered as he cut a cherry tomato into quarters, scooped a small amount of potato onto his fork with it and placed it delicately into his mouth.

Harry rolled his eyes and shoved a whole baby beetroot into his mouth and chewed happily. Draco grimaced, but said nothing, likely thinking that at least Harry was eating something.

Max had only just finished and put his knife and fork down when Braiden started crying in his bassinet. Blaise made to move to grab him, but Max bopped his head and indicated that he should carry on eating as he scooped Braiden into his arms and turned to boil the kettle to make a bottle. Harry had insisted on using Muggle means as much as possible after he had read an article that had made a connection to magic and the health of a baby. He had asked Blaise and Draco, who had both grown up as Purebloods without Muggle means and they had admitted that the house elves that had looked after them on occasion used Muggle means to do so right up until they were five and their magical cores had settled down. Harry had forbidden anyone to use magic around Braiden and had taken the opportunity to fill Max's house with even more Muggle things, much to Myron's disgust, but his two mates were able to sooth his ruffled feathers over the Muggle stuff appearing in his son's life, especially as they had used Muggle means to raise their five children, not as much stuff as Harry was demanding be used, but enough.

"How is Amelle?" Harry asked casually, every one of his mates stiffened and Draco let out a rough growl.

"Fine." Max replied tightly. "Caesar finally took charge and let her know that her behaviour is unacceptable. He forced her home without Eleonora, who is spending the night with my parents while Caesar asserts his dominance over Amelle."

"She's missing clumps of hair and her nose didn't heal straight." Blaise told Harry with a sadistic smile.

"Don't encourage him, Blaise." Nasta chastised.

"I'm not encouraging him." Blaise answered. "I'm telling him the damage he did to Amelle to counter the damage she did to his chest and stomach. We all know that he almost got an infection."

"I didn't know." Harry replied with confusion.

"You were asleep." Draco told him with a conflicting smile that was part reassurance and part worry.

"I feel fine." Harry said confused.

"Max has been applying potions and pastes to you since you fell asleep to aid healing and block fever and infection."

"Thank you, Max." Harry said with a little smile to the man who was feeding Braiden.

He grinned at the stiff posture of Max as he watched Braiden feed, the tenseness in his muscles and face as he held the baby tightly, but not crushingly. Harry sighed, he knew it would take some time before Max was comfortable with such a tiny person around, but he hoped that he did finally come to trust himself and relax around Braiden, if not he'd have to step in and talk to Max about his inability to trust himself around the baby.

Harry was lying on the fur rug in front of Max's huge fireplace. They were settled in the second living room, the one where the fireplace wasn't connected to the floo network so anyone who came to visit wouldn't stomp on him when they came through.

He was cuddled up with Blaise and Draco as Max was doing paperwork and Nasta was reading one of his books in a strange language that Harry had no hope of recognising.

The fire was large, bright and oh so very warm as he twisted over once again as the side of his body facing the fire got too hot to stand.

"I think this fire is cooking me." Harry complained as he moved.

"Make sure you turn yourself periodically." Max replied with a grin on his face. "It'll ensure you cook properly and evenly."

Harry let out a surprised burst of giggles. "You wouldn't want to eat me. I'm all skin and bone, Draco however has more meat on him."

"Are you saying I'm fat?" Draco asked affronted as he opened an eye to glare at him.

"Draco is mostly all muscle, he'd be tough. Blaise is too lean, he'd be hard to digest, but you, you Harry still have all that gorgeous baby weight, you'd be soft and juicy."

Max slipped off of the settee and crawled over to them and covered Harry's body with his own, giving long licks and little nibbles to his skin making Harry giggle uncontrollably.

Max worried a patch of flesh on Harry's belly; sucking on it and making Harry thrash with laughter. Max pulled away to grin proudly at the bright red love bite he had left on Harry's stomach.

"There. I've branded you. No one touch my meat!"

Nasta chuckled as he watched all of them. Draco rolled his eyes before he closed his eyes again and went back to a peaceful almost sleep state, but Blaise growled at Max with a smile on his face and leapt playfully at him.

"I challenge you for your meat!"

"What do I get if I win?" Max asked pompously. "You are too lean to hold my tastes."

"You get my meat." Blaise indicated a resting Draco.

Harry started laughing and couldn't stop as Draco was unaware that he'd just been called Blaise's meat. Nasta shook his head, but put his book aside to watch as Blaise and Max circled one another on their knees.

They embraced like they would kiss, but Max flipped Blaise over and onto his back, pinning him to the ground and started tickling him whilst sucking a love bite onto his skin, just above his left nipple.

Harry startled as arms wrapped around him and started pulling him backwards. He looked up into Nasta's hazel eyes, which looked darker than they actually were because of the firelight, there were golden hints in them that captivated Harry and made him twist his head back for a kiss.

Nasta complied as he pulled Harry behind the settee and began caressing him and licking him. He sucked his own love bites onto him and Harry moaned his appreciation, gripping onto Nasta as the game turned into something more.

"Ha! I win!" Max yelled out, breaking through Harry's hazy lustful fog. "Hey, where's my meat gone?"

"He's my meat now!" Nasta shouted out. "I've claimed him! You foolishly left your meat alone and unprotected where anyone could come along and take him."

Max crawled around the back of the settee and let out a false roar of anger, charging at Nasta on his knees and tackled him, making Harry tumble harmlessly onto the carpet.

Harry was confused as his trousers were painfully restricted. He had hoped that Nasta's ministrations would lead to something a bit more gratifying, instead he had been brushed off.

"Hey! I wanted sex!" He cried out.

"You can't have sex yet, Harry; you're under a sex ban for another two days." Max answered as he stopped play grappling with Nasta to look at him.

"But…but I want sex now!"

"You can't." Draco replied calmly from the rug.

Harry's shoulders fell and he bit his lip. He was ashamed to realise that his eyes were tearing up. He turned away and left the room with a called out message to his mates that he was going to bed.

He climbed the stairs and after checking on Braiden to make sure he was still asleep, he went to wash his face and dug around for a pair of pyjamas. It was too hot for pyjamas, but if they didn't want to have sex with him then they sure as hell couldn't look at him.

He was feeling irrational and hurt by their rejection, he felt fine, he was back to his normal self, nothing was going to get damaged if he had sex a few days earlier than the Healer had recommended to them.

It was as he was pulling his trunk from under his bed to get his winter pyjamas, a bar of fudge chocolate in his mouth, that he pulled out Ginny's toy box. He was going to push it back under again but curiosity got the better of him. If his mates wouldn't have sex with him, then maybe he could have sex with himself. Or rather with some helpful toys. He opened the box and saw all of the toys inside and he blushed even though there was no one there to see it. He didn't know what half of them were for and knew how to use even less. He spied the little red, pleated skirt and remembered how Max had loved it. He took the skirt out and hurried it away to the bathroom. He tried it on after locking the door and he looked in the mirror. It only just covered his bits, but the back was shorter than the front, half of his bum cheeks were on show as the skirt rose up with the curve of his bum. It was then that he found the tiny pair of matching lacy knickers that were attached to the skirt. They wouldn't cover much more, but they would at least keep his bits in place and keep his bum partly covered. He grinned as an evil idea formed in his head. His mates wouldn't know what hit them tomorrow. He was going to show them what happened when they denied him sex. He was going to make them suffer for denying him.

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