The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


46. Chapter Forty-Six - Control

Harry didn't let anyone close to him or Braiden; he even swiped at his own mates when they tried to take Braiden from him and things went downhill very fast when Ashleigh and Richard came over to say hello and Ashleigh tried to touch Braiden.

Harry snarled so ferociously that some of the other submissives called for their mates in distress. Harry shielded Braiden from Ashleigh and darted away to hide in the top branches of a tree, Nasta scowling at him from below.

"Really, Harry this is foolish, get down!"

Harry hissed at Nasta, who sighed in exasperation and started climbing the tree after his errant mate and child. Harry shuffled as far away as possible without compromising the safety of his son, which wasn't very far as he was unwilling to move away from the strong, sturdy trunk of the old sycamore tree.

Nasta caught his leg and held him still until he reached his level and eased him into his arms before jumping from the tree, his black and gold wings snapping out to make the landing softer and less jarring.

Harry was carried away to the small stream at the very back of the garden, where Max, Blaise and Draco were waiting.

"Alright, Harry, we understand about the natural instincts of submissive Drackens, we do. Hell every submissive linked to my family have either destroyed their children or are in the process of ruining them, you were different and we loved that about you. Everyone loved that about you, but now you are turning into them." Max told him as Harry sat on a boulder and rocked Braiden.

"I'm sorry for my thoughtless comment." Draco said. "But I thought you knew that absolutely no one here would hurt Braiden, they'd rather eat their own hands. I didn't mean anything by the comment, love and I'm sorry I've turned you this way."

"Please come back to us, Harry." Nasta told him softly as he held his head and kissed him.

"Don't turn into them, Innamorato, you swore that you wouldn't become like them." Blaise told him. "Look at them. Look at how unhappy their children are, do you want our Braiden like that? Do you want him to hate you?"

Harry looked at the screaming children and swallowed down the bitter tasting self-loathing that had coated his tongue. What had he done? He looked to Braiden clamped in his arms, being squashed even as he wailed in discomfort. What had he done?

He loosened his arms and winced as the screaming of his Dracken tried to force him to clamp Braiden back up in his arms, to shield him from any and everyone who was in the garden. He took a deep breath and stood up, he forced himself to walk over to Myron, Richard and Ashleigh, whose eyes were slightly red tinted from crying.

He sucked up the rest of his dignity and stood in front of them with his head bowed, ignoring the blistering screeches that his Dracken was emitting in his head, making it throb terribly and his arms tremble as he retained his loose hold on Braiden where his Dracken wanted to crush him to their heart.

"What is it, Harry?" The cold way Richard spoke almost killed a part of him. Richard never spoke coldly to anyone except to Laurel and Amelle. Harry didn't want to be pitched in the same boat as the both of them, not in Richard's eyes, not in anyone's eyes.

Harry held Braiden out to Ashleigh. "I'm sorry." He whispered. "I didn't mean it, any of it. I lost myself for a moment and that was all it took for my Dracken to take over."

"I think sometimes we forget that you have only been a Dracken for little over a year. You have such good control over yourself and your instincts that it's easy to forget that you are seventeen years old, just a baby Dracken." Alexander spoke from behind him.

Ashleigh took Braiden from him and Harry peeked through his overlong fringe to see her delight as she cuddled and kissed his baby. Richard's face was still stony and Myron wasn't even looking at him. It destroyed a part of himself and he quickly excused himself and walked through the groups of people, around Mothers snarling at the Fathers of their tightly clutched babies, around faces he knew and those he didn't until he reached the house. He found a bathroom and after locking the door he sunk to the floor and dissolved into tears. What had he done?

"Have you seen, Harry?" Max asked his parents as he spotted them with Braiden. "We've been looking for him for half an hour and we can't find him."

"He was here half an hour ago." His Mother told him. "He apologised and gave me Braiden, I haven't seen him since."

Max sighed and run a hand through his hair.

"Have you tried scenting for him?" Myron put in unhelpfully.

"Of course we have." Max said coolly. "His scent is all through the back garden as you well know!"

"Don't speak to your Father like that." Richard chastised him and Max understood all at once what had happened.

"It was you two, this was your fault."

"Don't blame us for the actions of your submissive."

"So he's just 'my submissive' now is he? You know how much he loves you both and if you spoke to him like this then it's no wonder he's gone. If anything, anything at all has happened to him, I'll never speak to either of you again!" Max threatened as he snatched Braiden from his Mother and strode off towards his other mates.

He handed Braiden to Blaise and thunked his head onto Nasta's shoulder and breathed deeply to calm himself. Nasta's smell always calmed him down. A perk of being the top dominant of their mateship.

"It was my Dads." He admitted softly and it was one of the hardest things that he had had to admit to in a while. "They barely acknowledged Harry and it obviously upset him so he's gone. Either home or he's here hiding."

"Draco, go and search the house, Max go with him, you need a familiar, peaceful place to calm down. Blaise and I will search here. If he's not at either place, then we will check the Weasleys home, then Granger's home and then with Lupin and Dumbledore, we will do so calmly and rationally. If we still can't find him, then we will search to the ends of the earth for him, but until then, we are going to assume that he is safe and is just calming down somewhere quiet."

"You really are taking Harry's 'don't be so overprotective and fussy' comment to heart aren't you?" Max asked with a grin.

Nasta sighed. "If he's just gone to the bathroom or is sitting at home reading a book to calm down and we're rushing here, there and everywhere looking for him, getting more wound up and feral and then when we find him we clamour him and startle him and sniff him and lick him when he doesn't even know why we're doing it, he's going to feel worse and he's going to get angry again. If we remain calm and level headed we can actually speak to him and find out if he believes he's hurt or not, we can always ask him if we can check, just in case. He knows that we need to do it to reassure ourselves, he just doesn't like us all trying to do it at once or if he's just left a room out of our sights."

Nasta looked at the others who were just staring back at him. "What?"

"I think that's the most I've heard you speak in a while." Draco answered as he turned to Max. "Let's get going then, that house isn't going to search itself and you have a big house and an even bigger garden."

Nasta put an arm around Blaise and led him over to Alexander, who was talking to his sons, his Wife and mate, Kimberly, standing happily by his side.


"Hello boys, what can I do for you?"

"Harry's gone missing, can you watch over Braiden for us whilst we search for him?"

"Harry's gone missing?" One of Alexander's sons' asked in surprise.

"We've searched the entire garden and he isn't here, may we search your home for him, in case he's just gone and hidden himself away to calm down after his bout of ferity?"

"Of course." Alexander said in surprise. "You don't need to ask about that when it concerns your own mate, go and find the little lad! Braiden will be safe here with me."

"I'll go and check the lagoon." One of the men around said.

"I'll check the garden again." Another swore.

"I'll make sure he isn't stuck down that damned cave, how many times did I get stuck down there when I was a kid?"

"Just don't get stuck down there again."

"I'm too big now." The man grinned.

"You actually went and checked didn't you?" A woman, who looked so much like Myron it was frightening, asked him incredulously.

"Of course I did." The man answered. "I spent half my childhood stuck down that cave!"

"Go on then, Harry isn't going to find himself!" Alexander reminded them.

Nasta took Blaise into the house and searched for Harry, checking every cupboard in every room, they found a couple kissing in the sitting room, two men who looked at them startled when they walked in on them performing oral sex and a little girl hiding from her Mother behind a cabinet, but no Harry.

"I hope he's alright." Blaise said as he bounced on his feet in agitation.

"Keep yourself calm." Nasta soothed. "He's going to be fine. He would have called for us if anything had happened."

"What if he wasn't near us when he called?" Blaise had to voice.

"As top dominant I would have felt his distress call vibrating in my skull, no matter how far away he is. He hasn't called, he isn't distressed."

Blaise breathed in deeply and he nodded, before they both climbed to the third level of Alexander's home. Most of the house seemed to be made up of bedrooms, but with twenty-four children to their name, Alexander and Kimberly needed them.

Sniffling came from behind one of the closed doors and Nasta tapped the door with his wand and carefully eased it open. Harry was on the floor of the bathroom, his face red and blotchy, crying into his hands.

Blaise squirmed around him and fell to his knees, pulling Harry into his arms. Harry fell onto Blaise and held him tightly as he continued sobbing and Nasta felt nothing but rage at the people who had done this to Harry.

He controlled himself, sunk down behind Blaise and pulled the both of them into his arms, holding them and letting them get comfort from him, but his mind was down in the garden, pulling Myron and Richard Maddison-Seppen into tiny pieces.

Max and Draco came back as they were still cuddled on the bathroom floor. Max sighed and handed Nasta a small vial of sleeping potion. Harry drank it without incident and fell asleep quickly.

"Did he say anything?" Draco asked.

Blaise shook his head as the blond helped him from the floor. "Nothing. He just cried."

Max took Harry from Nasta and cuddled him. "I'm sorry it was my Dads that did this to you, love." He whispered into Harry's ear as he stroked that soft, messy hair.

"Where is Braiden?" Draco asked.

"With Alexander." Blaise answered.

Draco led the way into the back garden and Max made sure his parents saw Harry's tear-stained, blotchy face, his eyes rimmed in red even though they were closed.

"You found him." Alexander sighed in relief. "Where was he?"

"In the bathroom on the top floor. He was crying." Nasta replied tightly, his eyes blazing gold under the high sun tracking every movement Myron and Richard made.

"This wasn't my Myron's fault was it?" Alexander inquired.

"They didn't like how Harry acted towards Mum when she went to see Braiden when Harry was feral." Max answered sadly to his grandfather.

"Right, I'll sort this out." Alexander told them as he strode over to Myron and Richard and grabbed the both of them by their belts and waistbands and dragged them forcibly into the house.

"Woah, what did Myron do?" Julius asked Xerxes, the both of them standing close to Max. "He's the golden boy of the family, the baby of us."

"He upset Harry." Max answered his Uncle. "Grandfather was most angry to hear about it."

Xerxes looked at Harry's face, softly sleeping on his Nephew's shoulder.

"I'm not surprised if you showed him that heartbreaking little face. Father loves Harry something chronic, enough so that he'd even tear a new arsehole in his baby golden boy for causing that heart clenching sight. Poor Harry."

"All because he lost control for a moment." Cassander sighed as he came over to them, his blue, blue eyes soft and sad, his strong mouth downturned into a frown.

"I lost count of how many times I've lost control." Xerxes shrugged. "I'm the oldest of you all and I only had Mother and Father helping me through the change, and even then they were so spaced out with the rest of you lot that I was mostly left to myself to deal with it. I ruined so many doors and trees."

"That's right, I remember you destroying my bedroom because I had borrowed one of your shirts for a date." Cassander said with a grin.

"That whore got lipstick on my favourite shirt and it stank of cat's piss!"

"Her perfume wasn't that bad, she just put a bit too much on." Cassander defended.

"It was my favourite shirt!"

Cassander laughed and turned to Max and stroked one of Harry's cheeks.

"I liked this little cutie too. This face isn't made for tears and frowns"

"Oi!" Max snarled. "He's mine Uncle, back off!"

"My own Nephew doesn't want his Uncle to be laid."

Max screwed up his face in horror and disgust. "Uncle, you're nearly seventy! Give it a rest and settle down for the love you hold all of us."

"Even Max think's you should settle down already." Xerxes told Cassander.

"He settled down early, that's why."

"I'm thirty-one!"

"And I'm sixty-nine!" Cassander told him.

"You should have settled down twenty years ago." Xerxes told him.

"Where's the fun in that?" Cassander snorted.

Max left his two Uncles arguing and went to his brother instead.

"Where are Amelle and Nora?" He asked.

"Nora is with Amelle's parents and Amelle is over there, sulking by the drinks table. I told her that she was coming today and that she was either to leave Nora home, or bring her and let her be passed around. I'm angry that she chose to leave the baby in America with Richmond and Amara rather than bring her and let my family see her to."

"As long as she stays away from Braiden and Harry…" Max trailed off.

"She wouldn't dare hurt Braiden and Harry seems to be sleeping at the minute."

"The potion was very mild, it'll last only another half an hour, it was just to calm him down and resettle his emotions."

"Then we might have another fight on our hands. Amelle hasn't forgiven him for winning their last fight."

Max groaned. "Damned submissive grudges."

"Tell me about it, I haven't had sex since I punished her for fighting with Harry."

Max chuckled. "Harry doesn't use sex as a weapon; at least he doesn't use it as a weapon to prevent us from having sex with him."

"What do you mean?"

"The Healer told us not to have sex with Harry for two weeks after the baby was born."

"Yeah, the Healer told me and Amelle the same thing, everyone knows that."

"Harry didn't agree. He wanted sex straight away."

"What did he do?" Caesar asked his face lighting up with a grin.

"He decided to come to breakfast dressed in nothing but a little skirt and matching panties."

Caesar's jaw dropped as he looked to the little boy in his brother's arms and then back to his brother. "Seriously? He walked around in just a skirt, how the hell did you resist that? I would have bent him over and fucked him on the table if he was mine."

"I wanted to." Max growled, his Dracken coming out slightly at the memory of grinding Harry against the sink.

"But you didn't."

"No. He teased us all day, we thought we'd get a respite when he took Braiden to the hospital for his check-up, but he wore the tightest jeans I've ever seen and the shirt wasn't much better. We hunted for that fucking skirt but he had taken it with him."

Caesar chuckled. "Smart boy."

"Blaise found it in Braiden's nappy bag and I burnt that fucking little piece of cloth so he couldn't wear it again."

"I get the feeling that that didn't work out quite so well."

"He came down wearing absolutely nothing. He sat there, at my table, eating his dinner with nothing on like he did it every single day."

"How long did you last?"

"He went up to the roof to tear apart his nest and seeing him bathed in sunlight, his skin glowing, I couldn't take it."

Caesar laughed and patted Harry's sleeping head. "Good boy, Harry, you take what you want!"

"Why don't you take what you want?" Max asked. Caesar looked horrified. "Get that look off your face, I don't mean rape. Fuck, who do you take me for? But maybe you could take a leaf out of Harry's book and tease Amelle a bit, surely she's at least attracted to you?"

"So I should walk around in a little skirt you mean?"

"Why are you, an idiot? Do you still have that weight set I bought you two years ago?"

"I told you I'd never use them before you bought them!"

"Use them now. In the sun. Make sure you do it topless and in a little pair of shorts, surely no woman will resist your body when your muscles are warm and stretched and your skin is coated in fresh sweat?"

The grin on Caesar's face was three parts evil, seven parts naughty. "Oh I love you, Max, I'm so glad you're my big brother."

Max chuckled and pulled Caesar into a hug, kissing his forehead and shoving his shoulder.

"You should have thought of this yourself! Taking a sex ban like a meek dog, what's wrong with you?"

"What if she doesn't react to this?" Caesar asked.

"Then she's a lesbian and you need a new Wife."

The both of them started roaring with laughter that got the attention of nearly everyone in the garden.

Harry sipped on his cup of tea sleepily as Draco rubbed his neck and shoulders. He had only woken up ten minutes ago and he was still feeling groggy and wrung out. His throat was sore and his eyes were itchy, he had tried to speak only to let out a croak.

Draco had taken him from Blaise to get him some honey tea to sooth his throat and he was now working out the tension in his shoulders.

"I love you." He croaked out.

"Stop speaking and drink some more tea." Draco encouraged, bending down to kiss his cheek.

Harry sipped some more tea and relaxed back into Draco, who stopped massaging his shoulders and wrapped his waist in a hug.

Draco nuzzled Harry's neck and bit a pale shoulder, leaving his teeth marks on the soft skin; he kissed up Harry's neck, behind his ear, before leaning around to kiss the corner of Harry's eye.

Harry giggled lightly and put his tea cup down so he could turn in Draco's arms and cuddle him better.

"Are you feeling better?"

Harry nodded, but he touched his neck.

"Your throat still hurts."

"I cried too much." He said his voice no longer croaky, but it was still wavering and it cracked on random words.

"I know." Draco sighed. "None of us blame you for going feral for a bit, I've done it more than once."

"I can't believe I treated Ashleigh like that. I swore I'd never act like all the other weak willed submissives. That I'd never stop her from having Braiden and I did both in one afternoon."

"No one blames you." Draco reiterated. "Ashleigh understood, she's forgiven you."

"Myron and Richard haven't."

"Alexander shouted at them for twenty minutes, they're still sulking inside the house as far as I know. Alexander came to see you when you were sleeping though, he wanted to hold you again but Blaise wouldn't let you go."

That made Harry smile. Apparently he'd been passed from mate to mate and when Blaise held him he wouldn't let anyone take him back, not even Draco, who had taken him as soon as his bleary eyes had opened and had yet to let him go.

"I hope they forgive me."

"If they don't then Max swore that he'd never speak to them again."

"What? But they're his Dads!" Harry cried upset.

"He loves you, Harry and they are in the wrong. I can understand being protective of their mate, but it was a onetime thing. You have never stopped Ashleigh from seeing, holding, even feeding Braiden, not once until this afternoon and you were very feral. How they can treat you how they did I'll never understand. I mean, it wasn't a personal attack on just Ashleigh, you wouldn't even let us hold Braiden and we're your mates. They need to get their heads out of their arses and realise that they're making a big deal out of nothing."

Harry held on tighter to Draco and breathed deeply, shoving his Dracken down when it tried to force him back into a feral state through the weakness it sensed in him. Braiden was fine. Nasta had fed him a bottle, had changed him and he was sleeping again on Kimberly's lap. He was safe, content, happy and sleeping. Harry refused disturb him.

Feeling sick and run down, Harry lay on his back, on the grass by Alexander's feet, spreading his body over the grass, much to people's amusement.

Everyone moved around him, but he remained on his patch of grass, sunning himself and enjoying the warm feeling of the grass below him and the sun above him.

He saw Myron and Richard again and flipped onto his stomach so he didn't have to see them. The sight of them caused his heart to clench in pain. Blaise brought him a glass of chilled apple juice and Harry gave him a loving kiss as he gulped the cool liquid down and rested his head back on his folded arms. He yawned and was just entertaining the thought of going back to sleep when a pair of white ballerina shoes came to stand before his folded arms, just in his view.

He looked up bare legs, to a knee length skirt and a small, strappy top, up to the anger twisted face of Amelle.

"You ruined my perfect face!" She hissed.

Harry really looked at her face and thought that it was just as lovely as before, her nose was slightly off centre, but it was barely noticeable and it didn't stop that face from being almost devastatingly beautiful, yet Amelle seemed to think that it made her ugly, Harry was sure Caesar didn't mind in the slightest.

"I think it's an improvement." Harry told her spitefully.

She screamed shrilly and lashed out with her foot before Harry could even get to his knees and he felt the blood pouring from his lip where her dainty ballerina shoe had kicked him. Harry had a sense of Déjà vu as he heard male voices shouting as Amelle continued to kick him, stopping him from getting to his feet. Harry refused to disgrace himself any further by fighting back and he instead just curled up into a ball and let her kick his body as she pleased.

His wings burst out and curled around himself protectively as his fangs and claws slid out of his gums and nail beds. Amelle got one good kick to his head and then she was dragged off by a livid looking Caesar, Harry lashed out and sunk his claws into her leg, raking them all the way down and tearing a chunk of meat out of her calf as she screeched in agony.

Harry was picked up by Max's Uncle Philip and placed on his feet. He swayed as his head swam. He collapsed back to his knees and threw up onto the grass. Blaise was there then, his scent soothing him as strong arms cradled him as he hissed and growled at anyone who came close.

A bloodied arm was pressed to his lips and Harry licked slowly as his stomach roiled and clenched. He shoved the arm away and threw up again and someone screamed for someone else called Claire.

Claire turned out to be a lovely looking middle aged woman with lots of curly blonde hair and kind brown eyes. She was married to Julius and had been around Drackens since she had met and married him. She was also a Healer and had taken an apprenticeship under a Dracken Healer at the Counsel Halls to learn all she could about her Husband's family and in case any children she had turned out to be Drackens, she did not want to be unprepared if one of them got sick or hurt. She had been caring and diagnosing problems in Max's family for over ten years now and had even helped Tisha birth her twins when she had gone into a sudden, unexpected labour outside of her nest, two months premature.

She told him all this and more as she checked him over with soft fingers and a non-invasive wand. His lip was bleeding sluggishly as he had taken in enough blood to slow down the bleeding, but not enough to close the wound, his head throbbed where Amelle had kicked him repeatedly and his eye was sore. His stomach hurt where he had been throwing up and his fingers ached where he had raked his claws through her flesh and the speed of his actions had forced his fingers back at unnatural angles because he hadn't had time to lock his fingers properly into place.

Once again he was the one clamoured and Caesar was left alone to deal with Amelle on the other side of the garden, forcing his blood down her throat as his shirt was wrapped around her leg. He was talking quickly and angrily if his hand gestures were any indicator.

"How are you feeling?" Alexander asked him.

"Dizzy." Harry replied weakly.

"You're still dizzy?" Claire asked, moving her wand immediately to his head, tapping it gently, roving her wand over every inch and running her hands through his hair to search for bumps.

Harry pushed her away and turned his head as he threw up for a third time, four large hands rubbing his back. Harry would have smiled if he wasn't currently throwing up. All four of his mates were behind him, soothing him.

"What can we do to help you, Harry?" Max asked sadly.

Harry heaved up more vomit as an answer, though he wanted to tell them that there was nothing they could do, that they were doing everything they could do just by rubbing his back to ease the spasms that went through him as he vomited, but as his mouth was full of bile and vomit, he just spat instead of talking.

"Sit up for me, Harry, good boy." Claire told him softly, helping to ease him back up. She ran her wand over his belly and sighed, pushing his shirt up to expose the red mark just slightly bigger than the size of Amelle's shoe. "This will bruise." She told him with a sympathetic smile.

Harry lolled back onto one of his mates and groaned, moving his hands to clutch his stomach; large hands caught his own and held them away as Claire moved her wand over his stomach.

"Oh. Oh dear." She exclaimed.

"What? What is it?" Draco demanded, moving forwards, maybe to shake her into answering quicker, but Harry moved an elbow to stop him.

"Harry sweetheart, you've given birth recently, haven't you?"

"Yes." Harry answered, Braiden was being passed around from pillar to post, everyone in this garden knew that Braiden was his and was only six days old.

"Is your nest still intact?" She asked casually.

"No. I demolished it the other day."

Many of the older Drackens gasped or growled.

"Why?" Nasta asked. "Why is that significant? He wasn't using it any longer."

"Submissives keep their nests intact until the day of their next heat after they've given birth."

"I haven't had a heat." Harry answered, feeling miserable as he burped up more bile.

"What day exactly did you dismantle your nest on?" Claire persisted.

"Why does it matter?" Blaise demanded, slipping his arms around Harry's neck and pulling him further back against him.

"Did it happen to be two days ago? When the temperature hit record highs and it hit forty degrees Celsius?"

Harry looked at his mates and they all looked at him. How had this woman known?

"How did you…?"

"Let me guess, you made love outside, underneath the sun after you had taken down your nest."

"What are you saying?" Nasta asked, his hand moving protectively around Harry's waist.

"Harry went on heat, caused by the spike in the weather because his body heated up to over one hundred and ten degrees as he was having sexual contact and then later sexual intercourse. A submissive only dismantles their nest when their bodies feel the heat approaching."

"What does this have to do with my stomach?" Harry asked.

Claire looked at him with soft, sad eyes. "You're pregnant." She told him.

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