The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


41. Chapter Forty-One – Five Men and a Baby.

Max groaned as he rolled over to the wailing baby right beside him. Why the hell had he picked the side of the bed that had the newborn baby on it? The newborn baby who would wake up every four hours for a feed.

He got out of the bed and scooped the screaming baby up to his chest and he wandered down to the kitchen before the baby could wake up anyone else. He did nod to Nasta first, who was watching him sleepily, indicating that he would take their son to get a feed. He might as well seeing as he was already up.

Blaise didn't move from his spot, Draco rolled over and Harry made a small sound, blinking open his eyes and searching for his errant baby with sleepy, pain clouded eyes.

"Calm down, love. Max has him." Nasta soothed in a whisper as Harry bolted upright in panic before recoiling in pain at the sudden, sharpness that had gone through his abdomen.

Harry nodded his understanding and rubbed his belly that had started aching as soon as the pain had receded from trying to sit up. His stomach muscles were on fire.

"You tore into your own body, it'll be a while for you to heal completely, the blood and potions can only do so much."

Harry nodded and turned to face Nasta, cuddling up to Blaise and reaching for Nasta on the other side of him.

Draco moved over to his back and pressed against him, keeping his body temperature up. They all fell asleep again quickly.

Downstairs Max held a suckling baby tightly, swaying slightly as his eyes drooped with tiredness. He moved, startled, when he almost fell asleep standing up. He had had little sleep the night before, maybe it had been a mistake to offer to feed the baby tonight.

He clumsily turned on the tap without taking the bottle from the baby's mouth and put his elbow under the stream of icy cold water, his body shivering immediately as his arm broke out into goosebumps. He felt more alert, more awake, but he knew it was only a temporary measure until he could get back in bed.

The baby finished his suckling and Max hefted him over one of his bare shoulders and patted that tiny back as hard as he dared, which wasn't very hard at all, he had handled plates with a firmer hand, but the newborn boy let out a small sound which might have been a burp, but was confirmed when a warm wetness slid down his back, the baby had spit up on him.

Max groaned in annoyance and gingerly removed the baby from his shoulder, grabbing one of the soft cloths from next to his oven gloves that Harry had bought especially for burping the baby, he could have kicked himself for forgetting to use the azure blue burping cloth, Harry had put one in nearly every room of the house before he had started nesting.

He wiped the spit up milk from the baby's mouth and chin and threw it onto the floor to sort out tomorrow, he was too tired to deal with it at the moment. He carried the baby back upstairs after swaddling him back in his blanket and Max placed him back into the bassinet, taking note that the others were all fast asleep again.

He could feel the spit up milk sliding further down his back and he pulled a face before going to the bathroom to deal with it. He leant over the bath and ran the shower head over it, shivering as the water hadn't had time to heat up and he was too tired, too impatient to wait. Max wiped the water off of his body before cursing as he had left his wand on the bedside table. He went back into the bedroom as quietly as he could, snatched up his wand and cast a drying and warming charm on himself before he sank onto the bed and scooted over to spoon behind Draco, he fell asleep almost as soon as his head touched the pillow.

Harry woke up at four in the morning, used to rising just before the sun came out and seared his eyeballs from his time on the roof.

He was happy to note that the bump had gone down some whilst he had been asleep, but there was still a considerable amount to get rid of, he made a mental note to remember to do some stomach toning exercises later to help shift the excess skin as his muscles slid back together.

Harry carefully extracted himself from the pile of bodies that he was in the centre of before he stretched and scooped the tiny bundle out of the bassinet and carried him down the stairs carefully and into the living room to snuggle a bit.

"I have no idea what to name you, love." Harry whispered softly. "You'll definitely have your Father's name, but not as a first name, you need some originality and an identity away from your Father."

The baby boy slept on peacefully, undisturbed by Harry's spoken musings or the gentle rocking movements he made.

"I know I should perhaps let the others in on the naming, have a discussion or something, but you're mine. I can't explain it, I carried you for six and a half months, you're mine, mine forever and I should be the one to name you. No one else."

Harry sighed and sat back in the chair, staring into space, wondering about his son, about his mates and what to name the little baby in his arms.

"Perhaps I should name you after Blaise's Father, I think he'd like that, but Maximiliano sounds a lot like Maximilius, I don't want anyone to ever confuse your parentage."

Harry sighed and stood up to go into the kitchen, there was a bassinet next to the kitchen table and Harry smiled happily at his mates' thoughtfulness to put a bassinet in the room that they spent so much time in, this way his baby wouldn't ever be too far from him.

Harry placed his son down carefully and looked around the kitchen, he spied the soiled burp cloth and grinned, someone had had a nasty surprise last night. He wondered if Max would mind if he made breakfast today, he was feeling a bit restless after spending so much time in his nest doing little else other than eating and lounging around and now that he didn't have a baby to protect he was going to enjoy doing everything he had missed out on, like running, jumping, flying and having sex. Yes sex sounded absolutely amazing, but he'd have to wait for his mates, that and someone to take his baby for a few hours because he refused to have sex next to his baby and likewise he would not leave his son in a different room unattended, so sex would have to wait.

Harry peeked in the cupboards and the cold storage and decided that they were long overdue for a full English breakfast. Max refused to cook it, said that the grease that was left behind could plaster up wallpaper, but Harry had missed his fry-ups and he knew that both Draco and Blaise ate English breakfasts, even if Max didn't and Nasta's Dad would have rathered fed his son cyanide. It wouldn't kill them to have a fry-up once in a blue moon and after spending over six months eating healthily he wanted something unhealthy and laden with grease to sink his teeth into.

Harry pulled out the disinfectant wipes, not taking any chances with his son in the room, and he wiped down everything. He pulled out everything he needed to make breakfast and set to work, stopping only to make up a bottle to feed his wailing son. He made sure to use a burping cloth to burp his son, though thankfully it wasn't needed.

Harry was just plating up the first of the breakfast things with warming charms on them when Blaise groggily came into the room, he visibly startled at seeing Harry in the kitchen and it took him a moment to realise what it meant, when he did realise what it meant his eyes slid to the bassinet and the newborn it held.

"Morning, Blaise." Harry greeted softly. "I'm so sorry I hurt you so badly. I didn't mean to, I love you so much."

Blaise came to him and held him strongly.

"I adore you, mio amore. I love you, Harry, with all of my heart. I don't care about a little scratch as long as you're alright. How long was I out to miss the birth of the baby?"

"Only yesterday evening and last night. I went into labour a few hours after I hurt you. I think it started just after I'd finished gorging myself on the food you brought for me."

Blaise smiled and kissed him, Harry was the one who added his tongue into the kiss and Blaise reciprocated, wrapping arms around him tightly.

"I missed you, Harry love." Blaise whispered as they panted with their faces inches from each other's.

"I missed you too, Blaise. But come, come and see our son!"

Harry dragged Blaise over to their son and proudly stood by as Blaise looked at the newborn baby. Blaise gingerly pushed his arm under the baby's body and used his other hand to cup the neck and back of the head before he lifted the tiny baby from the bassinet.

"He's beautiful, Harry; he looks so much like you."

"He looks like you as well."

Blaise's head snapped to him and Harry grinned.

"Don't tease me about that, Harry."

"I'm not teasing you, he's yours." Harry replied with a smile as he wrapped arms around Blaise's waist and cuddled up to him.

"Mine." Blaise whispered, bringing the baby to his face and inhaling the scent of the baby deep into his Dracken memory.

Harry kissed the baby before kissing Blaise and going back to the food before it burnt.

"I can't believe that I missed the birth of my own biological son." Blaise said sadly.

"Don't worry, love, there will be many more to come, you can't possibly miss them all." Harry smiled as he plated up some more bacon before making Blaise a full plate and putting it on the table.

Blaise sat down in front of the plate, the baby still held in his one arm, the hand of his other arm delicately tracing the facial features of the baby, recognising his eyes and his chin now that he looked for them.

"He's got your nose and mouth."

"So I've been told." Harry replied happily.

"I hope he has your eye colour."

"As long as he doesn't get my hair I'll be happy."

Blaise chuckled. "I like your hair."

"Draco would throw a fit."

"Let him." Blaise said softly as he kissed the baby and let Harry take him from him. "What's his name?"

"I haven't thought of one yet." Harry said truthfully. "But I'll come up with one soon; I won't let him be baby boy Zabini for long."

"You want him to have my last name?"

"And your first."

Harry felt his heart ache as Blaise looked so happy and a tad tearful at Harry's declaration. He put the baby back in the bassinet and went back to cooking, giving Blaise more as he finished it.

"You're as bad as Max; I don't need any more food, love."

"This is the first time since we've been together that I've been allowed to cook. Max won't let anyone near the kitchen and I like cooking sometimes. Not all the time and definitely not as much as Max does, but I do like doing it now and then. I've got to make the most of it while I can."

Blaise chuckled and allowed Harry to put several more sausages onto his plate. Harry wasn't a bad cook at all and it had been so long since he had last had an English breakfast, he could indulge a little given the circumstances he was celebrating. He had a son; he was seventeen with a beautiful young man as a mate, three more men as lovers and a newborn son. He was so happy.

Nasta walked into the kitchen in just a pair of boxers and Harry quickly made him a plate of food and served him. Nasta pulled him into a passionate kiss and Harry smiled a bit dopily when he was released.

"Max will have your ass when he realises you've rendered him useless for the morning." Nasta told him.

"He can do the dishes if he wants to. I hate doing the dishes."

Harry was confused by the evil grin that spread over Nasta's face and the gleam of lust in those hazel eyes.

"I'm sure he'd love to do the dishes." Nasta replied with no hint of sarcasm as he started eating.

"Who'd love to do the dishes?" Draco asked as he sauntered into the room and sat next to Blaise.

"Max." Harry answered as he happily served him a plate of food.

Draco chuckled darkly. "Max would love to do the dishes."

Harry shared a look with Blaise who shrugged. At least he wasn't the only one left out of the loop.

"Does Max not like the dishes anymore?" Harry asked confusedly.

"Max loves the dishes still, not too sure he likes his counters though."

"Okay, I'm thoroughly confused so I'm just going to tend to the baby and perhaps go back to bed because I'm getting tired again."

"You over did it." Nasta sighed. "You've only just come out of your nest; you cut yourself wide open just yesterday, not even twenty-four hours ago."

"No." Harry replied thoughtfully as he looked at the kitchen clock. It was solar powered by the bright sunlight coming through the wide, unadorned kitchen window. "About fourteen hours ago. That doesn't seem too long ago when it's put like that but it feels like weeks."

"You shouldn't be pushing yourself so much, you should be resting, potions can't do everything, you need rest to recover fully, Harry." Nasta told him seriously.

"Alright, alright. I'll happily go back to bed after I've eaten something."

"You haven't eaten yet?" Draco asked.


"Then park your arse and eat something." Draco told him.

Harry smiled and did as he was told, taking the seat next to Draco. The seat that was right beside the bassinet that was parked right next to the end of the table.

"Why is Max still sleeping?" Blaise asked curiously. "He's normally up early and I don't think he's ever slept in so late before."

"He woke up with the baby in the night." Nasta said, cutting over whatever Draco was about to say.

"Oh." Blaise had no idea how to take that comment. He didn't like that someone had gotten up to tend to his son when he himself had been sleeping, regardless of whether it had been potion induced or not.

"I still wouldn't have thought he'd sleep so late." Harry replied between bites of toast and fried egg.

"His family are coming around today so he'll be up. My brother went to get my Dad in Cairo and they will likely be here by this afternoon." Nasta replied.

"Your Dad went on another business trip?"

"He's always on a business trip." Nasta replied with a reminiscent smile.

"You miss travelling the world don't you?"

"Sometimes. I miss seeing different cultures, learning different languages and interacting with different people from around the world."

"Maybe we could all go on holiday together." Harry hedged a bit uncertainly. "I know the baby has just been born, but maybe in a year's time we could possibly go somewhere."

"We have no idea when you could start going on heat. You could start as early as six months' time; you could be pregnant again by next year."

"Oh." Harry replied down heartened. "I'm never going to be able to do anything again, am I?" He asked sadly.

"What makes you say that?" Draco asked.

"If I'm always going to be pregnant, then I'll never be able to do anything that I want to do. If we can't even go on holiday together with our children because I'm pregnant, I feel like I'm ruining everything, everyone's plans. The kids are going to hate me."

The three men all made noises of disagreement and smothered him in strong hugs, soothing and reassuring him, but Harry couldn't help but feel that they were empty words. He had hated not being able to go on holiday when he was a child, he had hated being left behind at Mrs Figgs, he had hated the Dursleys for leaving him behind. If he was the thing stopping his children from going on holiday, then they were going to hate him like he had hated the Dursleys.

Harry smiled and thanked his mates for their hugs and kisses, he excused himself as quickly as he could which came in the form of his unnamed son suddenly emitting a smell that would wilt flowers.

"Dear Merlin, what have you been feeding him?" Draco asked, who was second closest to the baby after Harry.

"He's only had a few bottles of milk."

"Circe was that milk spoilt and left to ferment for several years?"

Harry frowned as he scooped his son up. "You're going to hurt his feelings!" He chastised.

"Harry, he's less than a day old! He doesn't know what we're saying!"

"He can pick up on your negativity!" Harry hissed as he left the kitchen to tend to his dirty son.

"Don't worry, sweetie, Mummy still loves you. Mummy will change all of your dirty nappies happily, if only to torture you mercilessly with the knowledge when you're a teenager and bring a girl or boyfriend home."

Harry carried the baby into the bathroom and used the closed down toilet seat as a changing mat, because he had no idea where his mates had put the actual changing table they had bought. He pulled the poppers on the sleepsuit and the bodysuit and hoisted them above his son's waist before he peeled the fastenings on the nappy away from the front of it.

The smell increased and actually made his eyes water as he pulled the nappy from his son's body and set to cleaning him up, thankful that he had insisted on keeping a pack of nappies and wipes in both bathrooms.

"Hell, I think Draco was right, we should call you stinky from now on." Harry said as he wiped his son's bum, pulling a face at the thick, greenish-black tar like substance on his baby's skin. "Oh ick! I got it on my fingers!"

Harry's pulled face remained all throughout the cleaning until he had powdered and covered his son with a new nappy. He quickly washed his hands and even used an extra pump of liquid hand soap.

"Your Daddy is seriously going to be changing you next." Harry said as he swaddled his son back in his blanket and headed to the bedroom after chucking the soiled nappy in the bathroom bin. He had handled it as much as he was going to, someone else could change the bins.

Harry smiled at the site of Max spread over the entire bed, sleeping happily on his stomach wearing absolutely nothing, the duvet pooled on the floor, yet hanging on by one foot, the corner twisted around his ankle.

"This is your Daddy Max. He's impossible yet adorable." Harry whispered as he swaddled his son up tighter and placed him in his bassinet before hefting the duvet onto the bed and covering Max with it.

Max grumbled and mumbled into the pillow, his voice muffled by the fabric.

"I didn't quite catch that, love." Harry said softly with a grin.

A thickly muscled arm shot out and dragged Harry onto the bed and under the duvet and he was held prisoner there by the same arm and a leg that hooked over his back.

"I said it was on the floor for a reason." Max said more clearly as he removed his face from the pillow, darting forward to give Harry a kiss before dropping his face back into the pillow.

"What reason would that be?" Harry asked, though he could take an educated guess.

"Love, it's the middle of August! It's got to be thirty degrees out there!"

"It's twenty-four actually, but there is absolutely no wind, which makes it seem hotter." Harry replied as he snuggled up to Max.

"Still too hot for blankets." Max replied, but he made no move to dislodge the duvet that was covering himself and Harry. "It's alright for you, laying on the roof in nothing but your birthday suit, tanning yourself in the sweltering heat, it probably feels cool in here to you."

"Keep your voice down or you'll wake the baby."

"Baby's here?" Max asked as he tried to look over his own shoulder to see into the bassinet.

"The baby has been here since yesterday evening, yes."

Max flicked his cheek. "You know exactly what I meant. Has Blaise met him?"

"Of course he has, he seemed a bit shell shocked really."

"I can't imagine why, he went to sleep and when he wakes up, poof you're back in the house and the baby's here. Poor sod must think he's going mad."

"He seemed fine, like I said a bit shell shocked but he's taken to Fatherhood really well."

"He is the more mature out of the younger doms, no matter how much Draco tries to kid himself and act older he just comes across as…I don't know, naïve isn't really the right word for it, but he just acts younger, like he's been sheltered for his whole life."

"I think he has been sheltered his whole life, his parents really love him. He misses them."

"They'll come around, Harry, this isn't your fault. Draco loves you; he wants to be with you. If you gave him a choice between his Mother and Father or you and the baby, he'd choose you."

"He shouldn't have to choose between his lovers and his parents."

"No, no he shouldn't, but his Father has pressed the issue and Draco chose anyway. He's made it clear to them that he is with you and he isn't leaving, it's up to them now to decide if they want their only son in their lives."

Harry made a small noise of acknowledgement and snuggled into his pillow and further into Max, who groaned and cuddled up tighter.

"I really should be getting up; the others will be wanting breakfast." Max groaned.

"You can stay here with me." Harry purred into Max's ear. "I made breakfast this morning, so you don't have to."

Max shivered as he heard Harry's tone of voice before something he thought of made his eyes widen. "Did you wipe down the counters?"

"Max, seriously, you wash those counters several times a day! It's not healthy!"

"No! No, no, no, no." Max bolted out of the bed, taking the duvet with him, and he ran out of the bedroom, presumably to the kitchen.

Harry sighed and sat up; it looked like he wasn't getting any sleep this morning. He scooped his son up and went to the source of the ruckus.

He found Nasta holding Max with his teeth biting into his neck. It was obvious why as Draco was helping a stunned and slightly pained Blaise from the floor.

"Maximilius Diadesen Maddison, what the hell is wrong with you?" Harry demanded as he went to see if Blaise was alright.

Max shuddered. "You sounded just like my Mother when she was angry."

"I will act like your damned Mother if you carry on, you could have hurt Blaise even more! He doesn't need any other injuries on top of the ones that I gave him!"

"It was my fault, Prezioso, I should not have gotten so close to you. I knew what would happen when I did, but I just had to see you, smell you. I was foolish."

Harry smiled at Blaise and kissed him.

"You don't understand!" Max panted as he looked at all the dishes and splotches of food on his countertop, on that countertop.

"Then tell me so I do understand. You were asleep, I was awake and I was hungry, so I made breakfast for once, it's not the end of the world, Max. I like cooking too now and then!"

"But the countertop, it's…we…I."

Harry started getting upset and it showed. Nasta stepped in smoothly and held Harry tightly to comfort him.

"What Max is trying to bumble out of his big mouth is that we had sex last night on the countertop, he thought he would be cooking so he didn't wipe it down last night, thinking he'd do it this morning. I believe he is less concerned with you actually cooking, but more with if you actually sterilised the counter before you started cooking."

"It would serve you all right if I hadn't! Having sex without me."

"I was still out of it on sleeping potions." Blaise shrugged. "I had no idea either."

Harry looked to Draco, who went faintly pink.

"I watched them from the kitchen table."

"I feel a bit left out, don't you, Blaise?"

Blaise nodded to Harry's question, but he chuckled slightly as he caught on to what Harry was implying.

"You're going to be too sore for sex for a few days." Nasta shot down immediately. "Either giving or receiving." He added as Harry opened his mouth. "You'll do damage to your healing stomach muscles."

Harry huffed and cuddled his son tighter. "I know when I'm not wanted. I'm going to bed; at least my baby will still touch me."


But Harry carried on up the stairs. He grinned to himself, perhaps in a few days his mates would be wound up enough to give him what he wanted, until then he'd play the sexually frustrated submissive to a tee, he was going to tease his mates into a sexual frenzy, or into insanity, whichever one came first.

Nasta was getting a headache. Draco and Max were arguing in the kitchen and Blaise had gone off to another room after Harry had sulkily gone to bed. He needed a headache potion, or some pleasurable release, whichever came first, though if Harry had his way then he'd be taking headache potions for the rest of his life.

He had to get away from the two twits in the kitchen, he hoped their argument didn't escalate or get louder, the last thing he wanted to hear right now was the shrill cries of a distressed newborn baby. His head wouldn't be able to take the pain of it.

He wandered into the living room to find Blaise sitting on the settee a bit dejectedly. He hadn't thought for a moment that Blaise would feel hurt by him, Max and Draco having sex together, even if Draco had only been watching and masturbating.

He sat down beside him and threw an arm around his shoulders, but Blaise pushed him off before turning to look at him with such a look on his face. Nasta felt his stomach drop, he liked Blaise, loved him even, he didn't want to be on the receiving end of such a look from one he loved.

"Do you think I'm a submissive?!" Blaise demanded, his accent going thicker in his anger.

"No, of course not, Blaise." Nasta replied immediately.

"Don't lie! You all treat me as lesser, you treat me like Harry, like I'm easy to break. So I got hurt, I can handle it! I don't need to be mollycoddled! So I like receiving as much as giving, does that make me a lesser man? A lesser dominant than the rest of you?"

Nasta sighed, he knew now what this was about and he twisted to face Blaise.

"We don't see you as a submissive, Blaise, we don't see you as lesser, I certainly don't. I take care of you because I love you. I pamper you because it makes me feel better, I pamper Harry, I pamper you, I pamper Max as much as he allows me to and I'd pamper Draco if he'd let me. It has nothing to do with seeing you as lesser or more submissive, you are just more secure in who you are and what you want than the other two hot heads in the kitchen, so you allow me to do more, which makes me happy."

"So you don't think I'm a lesser man just because I like being topped? Because I wouldn't fight for dominance and willingly allowed the three of you to become more dominant than I am?"

Nasta chuckled and pulled Blaise forward with a hand to the back of his head, resting their foreheads together.

"You are not a lesser man for going after what you want. Fighting doesn't prove that you're a man, Blaise; it only proves that you're an idiot by having your head knocked around by other idiots. You said it yourself, you allowed us to become dominant to you, we didn't earn that place. For all we know you could be a martial arts genius and hand our arses to us in a fight, but you didn't fight us, so we'll never know. That doesn't make you weaker, lesser or submissive, it makes you smart. You are a smart, secure man who likes sex and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that."

Blaise smiled and relaxed against Nasta. He felt better knowing that the older man didn't see him as weak, that he didn't consider him lesser. An arm came around him and pulled him into a cuddle. He went to break the hold, but then thought better of it; he was not an insecure woman! The other man had said he wasn't weak, was having a cuddle really such a weakness?

Nasta smiled happily as Blaise settled down in his arms after a moment of tension. Perhaps now Blaise would accept his cwtches more readily. He was a loving guy, he liked hugs, he liked kisses, he had four men around him and it pained him that only one of them readily accepted his shows of affection and love. He wanted to be able to walk up to Draco and hold him from behind like honeymoon lovers, he wanted to hold hands with Max now and then just because he liked the contact, he wanted to sit cuddled up with Blaise like he was now, but they often snubbed him, brushed him off or turned him away. Not always, but often enough that it upset him. He wanted to care for them, to love them to his fullest extent and he would, if only they'd let him.

Nasta shifted his body to lay on the settee and pulled Blaise on top of him, still holding him tightly, slightly afraid that if he let him go then he'd move away from his hug. He grimaced as his movement caused a spike of pain to sear through his head.

"What's wrong?" Blaise asked.

"Headache." Nasta grunted.

"Why don't you get a headache potion for it?"

"I locked Max and Draco in the kitchen because they're fighting like babies."

Blaise grinned and Nasta felt his heart speed up just a bit. "I heard that really good sex cures headaches, it's apparently what Muggles use instead of potions."

Nasta chuckled and pulled Blaise into a kiss. Usually Blaise let him take claim to his mouth, but today, today Blaise fought back with everything he had and Nasta found himself panting, out of breath as Blaise mapped out his mouth with his tongue.

"You want to take the dominant role today, Blaise?" Nasta asked, or rather offered to the younger man.

"You…you'd let me top you? Why?"

"Because I'm thirty-seven, Blaise. I know who I am and what I want out of life, I don't mind bottoming to those I love because it won't change anything for me. Making love to those you love so deeply is making love to those you love no matter who is on top or who is on bottom, it'll still be love making. I'm not half as insecure as the rest of you, I don't care, I don't try to find a deeper meaning to it, I don't over analyse it. Its love making and I love you, there's no need to analyse anything, there is nothing to analyse. I love you, end of story."

Blaise smiled and moved to kiss Nasta more forcefully. Nasta shoved his knee under Blaise's body and lifted the smaller and lighter man until he was fully on top of him, proving that he had absolutely no problems with the other man completely dominating him, and he didn't. Nasta really couldn't care less if he was on top or being topped as long as he was connected to those that he loved.

Blaise was slightly unsure of himself, he had topped Harry, of course, but Nasta was a lot different to the small and slight Harry. How awkward would it be to have sex with a man bigger than he was?

"Stop thinking so much about it." Nasta coached him. "You do love me, don't you?"

"Of course." Blaise replied immediately. "I love all of you."

"Then let your love dictate your actions."

Blaise took the advice seriously and he began mapping out Nasta's chest with his hands, lowering his mouth to the skin to lick, suck and nibble on it. He licked Nasta's skin like he would an ice cream, repetitive licks to the same spot, tasting him, savouring him like he would a sweet. Nasta tasted good and it hardened parts of him that he pushed into Nasta's thigh.

Blaise took his time to explore Nasta fully; he had never had the chance to before, not really and never one-on-one. Nasta wasn't idle either as he pulled clothing from Blaise, the very same pyjamas that he had dressed the younger man in yesterday. Blaise was healed completely; his stomach wound not even a scar.

Missing Scene

"Now that was love making." Nasta said with a grin, pulling Blaise into a kiss.

Blaise moaned his protest at being moved.

"I feel like I've been hit by the Knight bus."

"That's how real sex should feel after every coupling, that ache is how you know you've pleasured your lover to your fullest capacity."

"No wonder your abdomen is like steel if you do it like that every single time you have sex."

Nasta laughed full throatedly and made Blaise shiver.

"It's not just the stomach that gets a work out." Nasta said with a grin, indicating his muscled arms and thick thighs.

"I ache all over so I can't tell which areas I've worked out, but if I keep this up and end up looking like you, I'll be a very happy man."

Nasta laughed again and pulled Blaise into a cwtch.

"I think I took all your aches into my own body." Blaise moaned.

"What do you mean?"

"You don't have your headache anymore do you?"

Nasta startled at that. "No. No I don't." He laughed again in wonderment. "All those women that said no to sex because of headaches, they should have just accepted the natural remedy. Muggles have it right, fuck potions; I want sex every time I have a headache."

"In this house you'd never be out of bed." Blaise teased.

"Maybe that's the point."

It was Blaise's turn to laugh and Nasta lay on the settee and watched the laughter light up Blaise's eyes; transform his face into a young, happy man. He looked gorgeous with his face lit up with laughter.

He pulled a startled Blaise into a long kiss, more of a snog really as he pushed his tongue into Blaise's mouth, his body twitching with renewed heat.

"I don't think I can do that again." Blaise said a hint of regret in his voice.

"You can't, but I can." Nasta purred as he grabbed Blaise and rolled them off of the settee and onto the floor.

Missing Scene

Harry woke up to a noise that he didn't recognise. It took him several moments to realise that his baby son was crying. He rolled out of bed, stumbling with his grogginess and scooped his son into his arms.

"Are you wet or hungry, love?" He croaked, his mouth dry. He looked around for a glass of water before realising that he hadn't brought one up with him. He cursed silently.

He lay back on the bed and brought his crying baby with him, he checked his nappy to find him wet. He looked around before noticing the changing table in the corner of the room. He sent a silent thanks of gratitude to whoever was looking over him and got up and walked to the changing table. He put his crying baby gently down and pulled apart the poppers to the sleepsuit and the bodysuit.

He changed his son and double checked that he hadn't missed any part of his body with the wipe, he never wanted his son to suffer with nappy rash. He had heard from Mrs Weasley that it could get quite bad and quite painful. He powdered his son's little bottom and clad him in a new nappy, taking the sleepsuit and bodysuit off of him completely, now he knew where the changing table was, he could change his son's clothes.

He pulled open a drawer and got a new bodysuit out. He carefully slipped his baby's head into the clothing before shimmying it down his body, pushing the poppers together before digging around to find a tiny pair of light blue cotton trousers and a tiny little white tee-shirt, the both of them bought by Nasta.

Harry fought to get a pair of socks onto his son's tiny feet and finished the outfit off with matching scratch mitts and a little hat.

"That was a struggle wasn't it, love?" He asked as he swaddled the little boy back into a blanket and scooped him to his chest, making obsessively sure that he supported his baby's head. "Don't worry, I'm sure I'll get better once I get more used to it, you're just so tiny. You'll have to grow a little more!"

His every step was carefully measured, he made sure he had his full weight on his foot before he moved his other foot, making sure he kept his balance. It was slower to get anywhere this way, but he was so paranoid that it was worth it.

"You sweetie, need a name." Harry told the blinking baby boy, those huge baby blue eyes tracking every curve of his face. "I like the name Braiden. Do you want to be a Braiden? Braiden Blaise Enzo Zabini."

Harry grinned, feeling proud of himself for coming up with the name by himself.

"Braiden Blaise Enzo Zabini, a name all for your own, a name after your Father, and one after the grandfather you'll never know and the Father your Daddy never knew." Harry said sadly, his heart going out to Blaise.

He went down stairs and as he past the living room door he stopped and did a double take at the entwined bodies in front of the fire.

"Seriously?" He asked and their heads snapped to him. "Maybe I should just lock myself in the bedroom and keep myself company with Ginny's new toys. I thought we had an understanding, Blaise? You would take me first, the first one in how many months has it been? I'm bound to be virgin tight again, oh well your loss."

Harry carried onto the kitchen as the other two scrambled to get into their clothes. He grinned. He wasn't upset at all, a bit hot under the collar at seeing two very handsome, gorgeous men spread out, completely naked together on a rug in front of a lit fireplace, but not at all angry, he'd get sex one way or another, he just wanted to know who would snap first.

He opened the kitchen door and the noise from behind it startled both him and the baby that had been quiet in his arms.

"SHUT UP!" He yelled, holding his son to his chest protectively. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Max and Draco were both red cheeked and shouting hell at each other. Nasta came to his shoulder and held him around the waist, one hand on the top of his baby's head.

"You're still at it? What on earth has you riled up enough to shout for two hours at one another?"

"Draco said Harry's cooking is better than mine." Max pouted.

"That is what you're arguing about?" Harry asked incredulously as he bounced the baby in his arms lightly to sooth him, moving to make a bottle for him but being beaten to it by Max.

"I just wanted to rile him up." Draco admitted with a pink blush.

"For Merlin's sake, why?"

Draco mumbled and Blaise, who was closest, burst out laughing and Draco went an even brighter pink, the brightest Harry had seen him.

"Come on, spill, I wanna know what has you blushing so brightly."

"Max looks sexy when he's angry." Draco bit out in a rush.

"So you deliberately wound him up with something you knew would anger him just to arouse yourself?" Nasta clarified.

"I guess."

"Oh you are so going to bend over for me." Max growled as he shook the bottle to mix the formula powder and the hot water.

Draco's receding blush came back and Max's face lit up like a kid on Christmas Day.

"You want to bend over for me, don't you?"

Draco tried to struggle for nonchalance but the blush gave him away.

"Does no one want to be with me anymore?" Harry pouted as he held the bottle for his suckling baby son, Braiden. "I know I had a baby, but I cut him out, I didn't actually birth him, I'm still as tight as ever, perhaps tighter as I haven't had sex in months!"

"I'd love to have you." Draco put in.

Harry grinned. "You take me whilst Max takes you. Nasta and Blaise can have each other as they've so recently been sated."

Draco chuckled and came over for a hug, kissing the baby on his full, apple cheek as he suckled the milk from the bottle.

"Have you thought any more on names, Harry? He can't remain nameless for much longer."

"I have thought of a name, I think it's perfect." Harry answered.

"Well don't leave us in suspense, Harry, what's his name?" Max asked.

"Braiden." Harry answered. "Braiden Blaise Enzo Zabini."

Harry watched Blaise as he said the name, watching his face fall slack with shock before tears welled up in his eyes as he came to hold Harry and his son tightly, wrapping his arms completely around them.

"Ti amomio amoreTi amo." Blaise whispered lovingly, laying his head on Harry's.

"I love you, Blaise. I don't feel like I say it enough, but I do. I love you. I love all of you."

The baby was eased from his arms and held to Max's huge chest, one large hand completely covering the baby's head and part of his back.

"Braiden huh? Welcome to the family, little one. You don't know us yet, but you will. We love you so much; we will always protect you and look out for you, even when you're old and grey. I'm your Daddy Max; this knucklehead is your Daddy Nasta, that's Daddy Draco, Mummy Harry and your wonderful Daddy Blaise."

Harry chuckled as Max turned the baby's body to face each of them, the baby blinking slowly at them as if he thought they were all fools.

"Either he's constipated or he thinks you're a dim-witted ogre." Draco commented as he carefully took the baby from Max and went to sit at the table, the morning paper open on the wooden surface.

"Shall we go with dim-witted ogre?" Harry asked with a grin.

Max launched at him and hefted him over one massive shoulder so he was upside down staring at Max's bum.

"You're not pregnant anymore, Harry, you're mine."

"Stop laying claim to all of us like we're dogs!" Harry tried to chastise, but he was laughing so much that it ruined the effect; instead he took to pinching Max's bum, which was more effective seeing as Max was only wearing a pair of small shorts and a tight tee-shirt.

"When did you get dressed anyway? Last I saw you; you were in your skin, ranting about your counters."

"You were sleeping like a baby with Braiden; you didn't hear me come in."

"Oh! Am I interrupting?"

Harry looked to the doorway, where Blaise's Mum Marianna was standing, looking as tall as ever, muscle bound yet flawlessly lovely in a practical summer dress made of a light, earthy blue cotton which brought out hints of the colour in her violet eyes.

"Madre!" Blaise cried out happily as he embraced her and let her hold him back.

Harry smiled happily at the scene, having being righted by Max. It warmed him to know that Blaise was still so affectionate to his Mother; he hoped his son was that affectionate towards him at seventeen.

"I heard that my little grandson was born, where is he?"

Blaise grinned and accepted Braiden from Draco and, after a look from Harry, who nodded his assent, he passed the baby over to his Mother.

"Oh he's gorgeous, Blaise. I can tell immediately that he's yours, he has your eyes." Marianna said.

"Harry named him." Blaise told her as Marianna bounced the day old baby in her arms.

"Well are you waiting for me to beg, Blaise? Tell me my little grandson's name."

"Braiden Blaise Enzo Zabini."

Marianna's arms stilled as she heard her mate's middle name. She swallowed and smiled bravely as she resumed her bouncing.

"I think your Father would have been very smug to hear that you had named his grandson after him."

"I hope it makes him happy."

"It would have, darling. It would have made him very, very happy."

"Where's Josiah?"

"He's still in France; I left as soon as I was showered and dressed when I was told this morning that Braiden had arrived, I forgot to inform him. I'm a bit late as I popped over to Toulouse to get you a gift, Harry."

Harry went pink as he was presented with a box wrapped in bright blue paper and tied up with a white ribbon. He quickly opened it and smiled happily at the assortment of baby clothes inside the box. He didn't really need any more, but he would make it a point to dress Braiden in the clothes his Grandmother had bought him.

Blaise chuckled and brushed his fingers against his son's cheek. His heart ached with love for the small baby in his Mother's arms. Braiden, his son, a part of his whole world.

"My Dad will be coming over today, I sent Sanex to Cairo yesterday to get him from his meeting." Nasta said.

"You shouldn't have dragged him from his work meeting, won't he be angry?" Harry fretted.

"Cariad, he'd be furious if I hadn't interrupted his meeting with the news of his first grandson's birth. This is something that he'd want to be disturbed over, family first, everything else second."

"Did you floo call my parents?" Draco asked in a small voice that didn't suit the blond one bit.

"I did, I spoke to your Mother and she assured me that she would give us space to bond with the baby and then come over later today." Nasta answered.

"My family will be back over today as well; they were never going to leave us alone for too long. Maybe it would be better to set up a few tables and chairs on the back lawn? I could get a gazebo to protect the baby from the sun." Max said thoughtfully.

"That's an idea; do you have more than the kitchen table?"

Max snorted incredulously. "I have a large family, a large family that comes over often. I have four picnic benches in the outbuilding."

"Go set them up, Draco go and help." Nasta ordered.

"What are you going to be doing?" Draco grumbled.

"Getting blankets to put on the grass and tablecloths for the benches." Nasta replied with a raised eyebrow.

Harry chuckled and hopped onto the kitchen table.

"You get your peachy behind off of my table!" Max hollered from the back garden.

Harry full out laughed as he wiggled his bum around instead of removing it. Marianna let out a tinkling laugh as she handed Braiden back to Harry.

Blaise lifted him carefully from the table and set him on his feet. Harry covered his baby as much as he could; made sure his hat was pulled over his head and went outside, he opted to sit on the blanket covered ground with Braiden rather than the picnic benches with Marianna, Draco and Max. Nasta sat behind him, cradling his body with his strong legs; Harry reclined against him as Blaise sat beside them both. The soft noises of the summer, the light conversation and the soothing feeling of Nasta drawing patterns on his arm with his fingertips lulled Harry into a peaceful, tranquil state as he held Braiden reclined against his chest. His gut clenched lightly and Harry got the feeling that the peace wouldn't last much longer as he spied two heads of platinum blonde hair being led out of the back door by a house elf.

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