The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


50. Chapter Forty-Nine – Castle Calm

Harry yawned as he was rocked back and forth by the scarlet steam train, the Hogwarts Express. Braiden was strapped to Max's chest in the baby carrier and it looked so hilarious but so sickeningly adorable at the same time and it was hilarious to see the amount of women, Muggle and magical alike, who had cooed at Max as he walked through the station with Braiden strapped to his chest, a huge hand adding extra protection to the back of a three week old Braiden's head.

Harry couldn't believe his baby was almost a month old already, he had no idea where the time had gone and as he lolled around the train compartment, listening to his mates talking and conversing with one another, he smiled and closed his eyes again, pillowing his head on Draco's lap.

Draco's hand rested on his shoulder and rubbed gently, one thumb stroking him. Harry was in a relaxed, happy state of mind, right up until the compartment door burst open. Nasta was on his feet standing in front of all of them before Harry could even get his body into a seated position.

Nasta collapsed back into his seat right beside the door with a groan and revealed a startled Hermione, who had her usual summer tan and her usual holiday gift for him in her hands.

She edged around Nasta and plonked down opposite him, presenting him with her gift.

"Thank you, Hermione, how are you?"

"I've been well. My parents took me to Spain this year, you wouldn't believe the amount of Spanish wizarding history there is to discover! Did you know that it was a Spanish wizard who invented the vaccination for Dragon Pox?!"

Harry chuckled at the familiar overload of information he was given from Hermione about her holidays and her newly found information.

"Braiden needs to have his first Dragon Pox inoculation soon. He'll need four primary injections and two follow up injections, one a month after birth, one when he is four months, one at nine months and the final one at thirteen months and then a final booster jab at three and five years."

"Poor thing, I heard they hurt terribly."

"They burn more than they hurt." Nasta said civilly.

"You remember what it was like?" Hermione asked interestedly.

"I work with Dragons; I need to have a booster every five years."

"I had mine as soon as I arrived at the castle, the first morning I was there. I've been trying to forget it ever since." Hermione said with a shudder.

"I never. It was assumed that I was vaccinated because I'd had had my four primary jabs. As soon as these overprotective louts heard that I had never had my two follow up jabs they booked me a precautionary booster jab." Harry grumbled rubbing his left arm in remembered pain, glaring at his four lovers.

"Better that you are angry with us than dying of Dragon Pox." Draco answered, kissing his cheek.

Harry was surprised, he would have thought that Draco, out of all of his mates, would have closed off and gone stiff and cold in Hermione's presence.

"Draco wanted you to have the full course again." Blaise told him, looking unhappy that he was seated next to Hermione.

"You just try and get me to have that injection again!" Harry snarled.

"My Grandfather died of Dragon Pox, it runs in my bloodline!" Draco explained angrily.

"We'll make sure all of our children are vaccinated, Draco, no child of ours will ever be susceptible to such a disease." Nasta assured, stroking gentle fingertips through Braiden's dark downy hair that was starting to grow in thicker and fuller.

"May I hold him?"

Hermione didn't single out any of them, but asked them all as a whole and when Max looked ready to disagree, Harry gave him a glare and the big man sighed and carefully and unhappily pulled Braiden out of the carrier, supporting his head and handing him over carefully to Hermione.

Hermione was awkward and clumsy with their son and Blaise twitched, as if he was aching to support Braiden's little body. Harry just smiled, it reminded him of when he had first started out with a newborn baby and he didn't know what to do. Braiden was fine, he had survived through Harry's parenting and he was likely better off with Hermione because there was no way that she hadn't read at least three pregnancy and baby care books over the summer.

He placed a hand over his soft belly. What was he going to do if this baby was actually two babies, or more? This was the downside to Dracken pregnancies, Kimberly had told him. The very high chance of multiple births.

"Do you have a stomach ache, Harry?" Hermione asked.

"No. Hermione, this might come as a surprise, but I'm pregnant."

"Again?" She asked shocked. "But how are you going to focus on your N.E. this year, Harry? And two babies are a huge handful, especially ones so young."

"I know, but you know what I am. These things can't be controlled. We can't even use contraceptives because the heat period takes away our minds so condoms are out and the high temperature of our bodies' burn up any potions."

"What about a charm?" Hermione suggested.

"They need to be recast every forty-eight hours, the heat lasts for ten days; it'll wear off before the end of the heat period."

"Is there nothing you can do?"

"I can go out and fuck a human to destroy my own womb." Harry said his tone heavy in disgust, which kept his mates from growling or hissing. "But it will make me permanently barren so I'll never have any more children for the rest of my life. The best I can do is hope that when this baby is born that my body takes a very long while before it repairs itself so I won't have another heat period."

Hermione bit her lip. "That doesn't sound like a solid plan; you're relying too much on chance and maybes."

"It's all I have. Unless I want to be permanently barren or go completely celibate and lock myself in a little box where these four can't get to me, neither of which I want to do, then there is nothing more I can do other than hoping and wishing."

"You have endless amounts of people around you to help and support you." Nasta said softly. "You will not be going through anything alone."

"At least there's that." Harry grinned. "I'm heading for hell, but at least I get to drag the four of you with me."

Max laughed amusedly and plucked Draco from his seat to exchange places with him so he could hug Harry properly.

"You could have just asked!" Draco hissed.

"And give up an opportunity to touch your luscious body? Never!"

Draco went pink, but it was less from anger and more from pleasure as he averted his eyes from Max and started a hasty conversation with Blaise.

Harry had enjoyed actually being able to go to Diagon Alley without incident. Myron had made the media rue the day that they had set foot on the alley and no one bothered them, except for two little girls who had pointed at him holding Nasta's hand and confusedly asked their Father why two boys were holding hands.

Their Father had looked up at them sharply, seen the baby in Harry's arms, went to Nasta who stood head and shoulders taller than him and was twice as broad, before his eyes went to Harry's forehead. Harry glared and the man had swallowed.

"They're married, Lauren." The man managed to get out of his tight throat.

"But they're both boys! How can they be married?" The youngest girl demanded.

"They love one another, so they married. Now come on!"

"So two boys can marry if they're in love, does that mean that I can marry a girl if I love her?" The oldest girl asked. The Standard book of spells, grade one that was clutched in her arms aged her to eleven.

The man looked horrified and shot an accusing glare at Harry and Nasta growled threateningly, starting to release pheromones that instilled fear into the human man.

The man's eyes went wide and he hurried his two daughters into the nearest shop. Nasta had wrapped him up tighter and kissed his forehead, right in the middle of the alley. It had made Harry feel better and they had carried on shopping, Harry finally getting into the baby boutique shop to buy some outfits for Braiden and to also slyly look at the prices for cots and bassinets. They had one bassinet and one cot; they would have to move Braiden out of their bedroom and into the nursery before he was ready because of the new baby, or babies. Harry swallowed as he saw that the prices of cots ran into hundreds of Galleons, one absolutely gorgeous solid wooden, hand carved, cot costed over a thousand Galleons.

None of them were short of Galleons, but how many cots and bassinets would they have to buy? If he got pregnant again just after this baby was born he would have to buy even more cots, not to mention every baby needed a new mattress and new linens. Harry had a vision then of a room the size of the Great Hall and every inch of the room was covered in cots holding sleeping babies. He shuddered and cuddled into Nasta, who looked at him with a frown, but draped an arm over his shoulders. He never wanted that vision to become reality, there had to have been at least a hundred babies in that room, he was going to struggle with just two.

Harry held Blaise's hand as he made his way into the school. He breathed in deeply and he smiled as he realised that he no longer considered the castle as his only home. Max's house was the place he most considered home now and he grinned as teenaged girls swooned over Max, who had once again put Braiden securely into his baby carrier and was striding through the castle like a virgin's wet dream wearing just a sleeveless vest and a pair of loose, linen trousers.

Harry himself was following quickly, just to keep that gorgeous arse in his sight; tugging Blaise with him and leaving Nasta with Draco, because Malfoys never rush.

They all sat at the Slytherin table, because all the girls from all of the other tables were shoving each other to 'make room' for Max to sit next to them.

"Awww." Harry complained.

"Don't worry, Harry, they can say and do what they want as long as they don't come anywhere near me." Max told him.

"Huh?" Harry said slowly.

"Why don't you tell Max just why you are so disappointed?" Blaise teased.

"You sat down." Harry said with a grin. "I was enjoying the view."

Max laughed and pulled Harry gently onto his lap to kiss him with a lot of tongue; Harry pulled back and kissed Braiden's head.

"I like this baby carrier." Harry announced. "He's safe, protected; no one can take him from us and unlike with the carrycot we don't have to put him down where he can be kidnapped."

Max run his fingers through his hair, watching as, instead of bouncing back into place like normal hair did, it stayed up in ruffled tufts and thick layered clumps. Max loved Harry's hair. It was so soft, thick and clean, but so different to everyone else's hair that it was its own entity.

"I spent an hour doing that hair!" Draco scolded, trying to salvage Harry's hair with his fingers. Harry was wholly unconcerned with the state of his hair but he purred deeply as Draco's fingers massaged his scalp.

Draco stayed sitting behind Harry playing with his hair throughout the sorting ceremony and then the food was there and Harry dug in happily, having missed Max's usual large lunches for pumpkin pasties and cauldron cakes, which just couldn't fill him up properly anymore, not since he had met Max.

His mates watched him as he ate and when it seemed that he was actually going to eat more than usual they focused on their own plates. Harry stopped eating halfway through and pulled out a bottle from the black dragonhide satchel on his shoulder. It was his new nappy bag that he had seen in the baby boutique and he had fallen in love with it and after Nasta had made absolutely sure that it was made from shedded hide and not from a murdered dragon, he had actually bought it for him as a present. Though he had spent ten minutes checking the quality of the hide and checking the thickness of the hide, apparently if it was more than an inch thick, it made a higher quality item and looked much better, but to go an inch deep into a dragon's hide meant to injure and kill it, if it was less than an inch thick, like Harry's bag, then it was shedded hide, which didn't look quite as good, vibrant or shiny, but still made a strong, durable and fire resistant item. For Nasta's piece of mind Harry didn't care that his black nappy bag was a dullish grey-black instead of shiny, jet black like the living scales of a dragon. It made him sick to think that people paid hundreds of galleons per square inch for the hide of a murdered dragon just for them to wear.

Harry tugged Braiden from the carrier and bounced him lightly to ease him gently from sleep so that he could have his bottle. He rubbed the bottle teat on his cheek and watched with a smile as Braiden rooted for the nipple before taking it into his mouth.

Harry fed him quickly and efficiently, burped him, wiped the spit up milk from his lips and chin with a soft cloth before he slipped Braiden back into the carrier on Max's chest and placed a little ear flat over Max's strong heartbeat, Braiden was asleep again within moments.

Harry happily dug into his slice of treacle tart and even had a second one, watched by a disapproving Nasta, who was eating an apple, but his oldest lover said nothing and as long as he said nothing, Harry was happy to eat treacle tart until he was full…or sick, whichever one came first.

Harry managed three and a half slices of treacle tart, watched on in amazement by those around him and when he finally put his fork down and pushed the last half of tart away from him it was Daphne Greengrass who spoke first.

"Where did you put all of that?" She asked him, not unkindly, but looking pointedly to his slim frame. "I can see that you've put weight on since last year, but not enough to be eating near four slices of tart after a large meal."

Harry shrugged. "I'm pregnant." He told her and he loved the shock that covered her face and the faces around her as they heard.

"Again?" Theodore Nott demanded.

"I do have four lovers." Harry pointed out, giving him a glare as he looked to see where Blaise was. He trusted Blaise completely; he didn't trust Nott not to touch his lover, not one bit.

"Whose baby is it this time?" Pansy asked neutrally.

Harry shrugged again. "Absolutely no idea. I am a man of carnal desires and I have a harem of men at my beck and call. I can't help myself, when I get started I can't seem to stop until I'm unconscious."

Blaise and Max chuckled, Nasta just rolled his eyes but Draco looked scandalised.

"That is not something you should be talking about publically!" He chastised.

"Relax, Draco, I wasn't going to tell them about the time you fucked me in the shower so hard that you ripped down the shower rail." Harry said with a devious glint in his eyes.

"You just did, Mio amore." Blaise pointed out with a chuckle.


"When was this?" Daphne asked, striving for nonchalance, but Harry could see the lust in her eyes.

"Oh we went to Guadeloupe this summer on holiday. I think it was the first morning we were there, wasn't it, love?" Harry asked evilly.

"Are you having four babies?" A girl a year below them interrupted curiously.

"Why would you think that?" Harry asked.

"There's a male carrier in my family, he has a male harem too, though he only has three lovers. Every pregnancy he had was triplets, one baby for each lover except for one peculiar pregnancy where he had six babies, but it turned out that those three extra babies were a set a set of identical triplets on top of a set of identical twins and a singleton."

Harry mouthed a bit as the girl continued.

"I'm surprised your first pregnancy only gave you the one baby, but then I suppose you only had Draco and Blaise at the point of conception, but maybe you'll make up for it with this pregnancy." She eyed his still reasonably flat stomach with considering eyes. "You'll want to gain a bit more weight and start taking a bone strengthening potion or you'll be in agony soon enough. Cristobel was the same when he hit three months, his body wasn't big enough to support all six babies so he was confined to a bed and force fed nutrient and bone strengthening potions and he came out of it alright, though at this point he had eighteen children. He made his lovers go for vasectomies."

Every male listening except for Harry winced. "Did it work?" He asked curiously.

"Of course it did, if no sperm can get into the sac, no baby can be formed."

"Absolutely no way." Max hissed. "I don't care if we get a hundred babies, I will not have a vasectomy!"

Harry thought back to the vision he'd had, of the hundred cots in a room the same size of the one he was sat in, all full of babies and he rather thought that if Max had shared this vision with him then he would be the first in line for a vasectomy, but Harry said nothing and instead he just smiled sweetly.

"Not even if I have four babies a year, every year?"

That stopped Max short and he looked to be thinking it through.

"In ten years we could have forty babies. Maybe even more if I get pregnant twice in the same year like I have this time. That's a lot of dirty nappies, vomit and snot, Max."

Max licked his lips and he seemed to be warring between the two points.

"Even you don't have a hundred relatives." Harry pointed out. "We'd run out of people to fob them off on to. We'd never be able to go anywhere or do anything as we'd always have four newborns with us, I'd have my sac ripped out first."

Blaise chuckled and kissed his cheek.

"If we get over forty babies, then I'd say it was time for a vasectomy."

"Agreed." Draco answered, looking on in horror. "If we have forty babies, I'll go for a vasectomy."

Harry chuckled. "Forty does seem a bit much, but some of our older children will be grown up, our little Braiden will be on his way to Hogwarts in ten years' time. So we won't ever have forty babies."

"By the time we have forty kids, Harry; I will be more than ready for a vasectomy." Draco told him.

Harry yawned, but dutifully looked up at the top table when the dishes vanished. Harry barely heard Dumbledore's start of term speech and when he was done he was leaning against Draco, nearly sleeping.

Nasta scooped him up from the bench and carried him to their old rooms. They were just how they had left them and Harry smiled, inhaling the familiar scent and welcoming the rush of happy memories these rooms brought him.

"I love these rooms." He told them happily.

"Let's get you to bed, love, you, Draco and Blaise have lessons tomorrow." Nasta told him softly.

"Are you working tomorrow?" Harry asked.

"You know I'm on paperwork duty for as long as I can stick it. Though they may need me soon, breeding season is almost upon the dragons and it's the worse time of the year for a dragon handler." Nasta told him with a smile. "Max goes back to work in a few weeks unless an urgent call comes in for a stock of potions."

Harry nodded as he was put in the bed and tucked in after being stripped and redressed. Braiden was placed in his bassinet and the three week old baby squirmed as he lost contact with Max's warm body, but he fell quiet and still a few moments later.

Draco groomed himself and got himself ready for bed while Blaise just stripped to his boxer-briefs, pulled on a pair of pyjama bottoms and climbed in beside him.

Max, who had forced Harry to stay in bed that morning when Braiden cried at six in the morning for his bottle, let out a jaw breaking yawn and climbed in on his other side, pulling Harry and Blaise tight to his chest. Draco climbed in behind Max and faced away from him, back to back, one leg hooked around Max's and Nasta climbed in behind Blaise, closest to Braiden. He would be the one to wake up in the middle of the night with the baby.

Harry blinked open gluey, emerald eyes and it took him a moment to realise where he was. He was being squashed and remembered that they were back at Hogwarts. Their bed here was smaller than the one at Max's, so it was a tighter fit. Not that he minded as he rolled out of bed and scooped up Braiden before he started crying, trailed carefully down the stairs from their platform bed and wandered into their kitchen area to boil some water for a bottle and a cup of tea, perhaps ginger this morning as he was feeling slightly nauseous. He hoped he never had morning sickness as bad as he had with Braiden. He hated it more than almost anything else about pregnancy.

Harry sipped the ginger tea and fed Braiden, a tiny hand covering his own as he held the bottle and Harry grinned happily as Braiden's fingers brushed gently against his skin. Braiden was growing and learning.

"You're such an amazing baby and I'm so sorry I got pregnant again so soon, I swear I'll still play with you and pay attention to you, this baby won't take anything away from you, I promise. I still love you and you'll always be my first child, no one can ever take that away from you, Braiden." Harry told the suckling baby, kissing his forehead as bright purple eyes flitted open to look at him. Harry loved that Braiden had taken Blaise's gorgeous indigo eyes.

Harry burped Braiden and kissed him gently as they cuddled quietly together as Harry sipped his tea to ease his queasy stomach.

Max came out at twenty past six halfway through a yawn, his hair all rumpled and his face still sleep creased.

"Morning, Max." Harry greeted softly.

"Morning, Harry." Max said back, coming to give him a kiss, pulling Braiden's head to his face for a kiss, before grinning as he went into the little kitchenette. "It's not my kitchen, but it's good enough."

Harry chuckled as he finished his tea.

"Do you want another one?" Max asked him as he started making pancakes for breakfast.

"Please. Ginger tea though."

Max turned to him as quick as Harry could blink.

"Are you alright? You haven't been sick have you? I didn't hear anything."

"I'm fine, I just felt slightly queasy this morning, so I think it might be safe just to stick to ginger tea."

Max nodded and he quickly made the requested tea and placed it in front of him.

"Thank you, Max."

"That's alright, love. Nasta's up and showering quickly before Draco gets in there."

Harry smiled and drank his tea, thankful that he felt better.

"I smell ginger." Was Blaise's first comment as he came into the kitchen slash living room.

"Just a queasy belly. I'm fine." Harry smiled, hugging Blaise as he kissed Braiden.

"You're sure you're alright?" Nasta asked as he greeted Max with a deep kiss, his hair still damp from his shower.

"Where's my kiss?" Blaise demanded.

Nasta chuckled and pulled Blaise into a toe curling kiss, sitting him in a chair as he came to Harry and kissed him deeply, his tongue stroking over Harry's in greeting. Braiden got a peck to the lips as well as his eyes landed on his Daddy Nasta for a moment.

"Don't forget Draco's kiss." Max reminded Nasta.

"Draco had his first." Nasta replied with a grin as he set the table.

"I missed it? Damn it!"

"Stop being a lecher." Draco demanded as he walked into their living room slash kitchen already dressed in his uniform.

"I like being a lecher." Max replied as he served up some pancakes for everyone, before going back to make more.

"I wish I could take him with me." Harry said softly as he looked to Braiden's sweet little face and huge, trusting eyes.

"Perhaps it was a good idea that we went on holiday without him, it's helped you to learn to carry on without him." Nasta said thoughtfully.

"At least it won't be days on end without seeing him, you can see him every morning, for lunch and then after dinner you'll spend the evening with him." Max pointed out.

Harry smiled. "At least there's that." He conceded brushing his knuckles against the so soft skin of Braiden's chubby cheek.

At half past eight in the morning they made their way down to the Great Hall and slipped to where their Head of House were handing out the students' schedules to sleepy, unhappy, grumbling pupils. Max came with Harry to the Gryffindor table to collect his schedule from Professor McGonagall, who gave Harry a rare smile and chucked Braiden under his chin as she handed him his schedule.

Harry read it and frowned as he counted his subjects and realised that he was one short and that he had free periods on his timetable, no N.E.W.T student ever had free periods.

"Professor, has there been a mistake with my schedule? I seem to have free periods and I'm down a subject."

"You have been taken out of your Potions course, Potter." Professor McGonagall informed him and Harry made an 'ah' sound, understanding all at once. He was pregnant again and couldn't do the course, not to mention that he had had to cancel his Ministry tests because of his pregnancy, he should have realised. He'd have to make sure that he didn't get pregnant next summer and that he took his N.E. in Potions.

Harry wandered back to Draco, Blaise and Nasta and handed over his schedule before it could be snatched from him.

"Why do you get free periods?" Draco demanded.

"Because I've been kicked from the Potions course due to pregnancy." Harry grinned.

Draco blanched as he searched Harry's schedule for Potions and didn't find it.

"I'll take the tests this summer." Harry assured. "But I'll need to do a lot of work."

"We'll all help and support you." Nasta told him as he checked all of their schedules against one another. "Your first lessons aren't together."

"I didn't take Arithmancy." Harry said. "I have Charms first."

"Me too." Hermione said as she popped up behind him with her schedule.

"There we go. I'll be with Hermione, she's not a you-know-what, but she's damned fast with her hexes and curses, she'll keep me safe."

Harry chuckled as the whole idea was ludicrous. He was a Dracken, he was decent at defence and he had defeated Voldemort at fifteen. He didn't need protecting from a bunch of students.

"Be careful, you hold onto the bannister rail if you go up and down stairs, you do not run and you tread carefully." Nasta told him sternly. Hermione giggled.

"I'll be fine, I promise." Harry answered as he handed Braiden to Nasta and held onto Hermione's arm. "Come on, Hermione, if we're going to get to Charms this side of Christmas we'd best leave now, every step needs to be measured and weighed carefully."

Harry exaggeratedly picked his foot up and slowly put it down half an inch in front of him, making sure his toes were firmly on the stone floor before he eased his heel down, made sure his foot was securely on the floor before peeling his other foot up and putting it half an inch in front of him and repeating. It took him four minutes to move past Blaise, who was almost crying with his laughter.

Nasta swatted his bum with a grin and told him to get to it and that he'd see them at lunch. Harry giggled and set off at a normal pace with Hermione towards Charms and after that he had History of Magic and then Transfiguration with Draco then Defence Against the Dark Arts and finally Herbology with Hermione and Neville.

He met up with all of his mates and shared a kiss with them all as they sat around the Slytherin table for dinner and he told them of the exhausting first day that they had had and the mountain of homework they had been given by merciless Professors.

"I'll be fifty before I get through with it all." Draco complained and he speared a broccoli floret with his fork and popped it into his mouth, chewing moodily.

"I have a Herbology essay that needs to be in tomorrow!" Harry whined.

"I need to go to the library after dinner." Blaise joined in. "I have twenty Defence questions I need to answer by tomorrow."

"What questions are they?" Harry asked interestedly, wondering if they were the same ones he had been given and had already answered with ease. They were.

Harry giggled as he pulled out his already completed Defence questions and handed them to Blaise, who pulled his head into a deep kiss before scouring the homework, taking in the information instead of just copying it.

"When did you get the time to answer them? Wasn't Defence your last but one lesson?"

"I answered them in the half hour break between Defence and Herbology." Harry gloated proudly.

"What lessons do you have tomorrow?" Nasta asked as he pushed his empty plate away from him and picked up his pumpkin juice.

"Double Potions, Charms, double Defence and Arithmancy." Blaise answered moodily.

"Double Potions, History, double Defence and Arithmancy." Draco answered just as unhappily.

"A double free period, History, double Herbology and Charms." Harry grinned. "I'll get to sleep early, wake up with Braiden and do my homework in the two hours before my lessons start."

Nasta nodded his acceptance of Harry's plan. "You two need to do your homework before you go to sleep and you can lie in tomorrow morning." He told Draco and Blaise, who nodded themselves, unhappy with the prospect of an evening full of homework.

They went to their rooms and Harry snuggled with Braiden, but decided to get his Transfiguration essay done and over with when Draco pulled his out, they had Transfiguration together, so had the same homework, so it made sense to work through it together. Harry was tired when he finished, so he fed Braiden his ten o'clock bottle, kissed all four of his mates goodnight and then went up to bed.

It felt nice being back in the castle, it was nice being back into the flow of a balanced education and the castle was so welcoming and calm, despite the hustle and bustle of everyday student life, that he felt calm and balanced himself, which put him in a good mood despite the mountain of homework he had and because he was happy, that put his mates in a good mood too. He was sure all of that would change once the exam month rolled around and if his two youngest dominants were anything like there were last year, during the practice and mock N.E. , then what were they going to be like when the real thing rolled around? Plus he'd have given birth already, Max and Nasta would be back in work and he was sure everything would be one huge mess. His last thought before he went to sleep was a prayer that he was pregnant with only one baby.

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