The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


44. Chapter Forty-Four – Little Tease

Harry woke up with a frown and after stretching, he looked around him. He was in bed and his four mates were surrounding him, Draco and Blaise on one side, Max and Nasta on the other.

Harry wormed his way out of the bed, thankful that they didn't have a footboard so he didn't have to clamber over it to get free and he stretched again, properly this time, popping the vertebrae in his spine with a satisfying crack.

He plucked up a still sleeping Braiden, he hadn't woken up last night so one of the others had to have woken up with the baby, it made him feel a little less vindictive about yesterday, but when he saw all the love bites that littered his body, he firmed himself, he was going to go through with his plan and he'd dare them to touch him because if they did they would lose a hand, after all, they didn't really need their hands to give him more children.

Harry ambled down the stairs and went into the downstairs bathroom, he started running a bubble bath for himself before moving over to the living room to floo call the in-laws and tell them that he was going to be spending some quality time with his mates to 'recover from his sustained injuries the previous day' he only got the family house elves, who swore to tell 'Masters and Mistresses, little Master Harry's message' and Mrs Weasley, who, of course, 'understood that he needed some alone time to recover from yesterday's theatrics and that she would owl over some biscuits for him later.'

Harry thanked her and the house elves and grinned sadistically as he went into the bathroom to turn off the taps and headed into the kitchen to feed a stirring Braiden a bottle of milk.

"You gutsy little boy." Harry cooed proudly as Braiden finished his bottle in record time.

Bright, baby blue eyes opened to look at him and Harry grinned widely at their appearance, he had seen Braiden's eyes perhaps a handful of times since he had been born. Harry quickly swiped the ever present camera from the kitchen counter and snapped a quick photo of those gorgeous, cornflower blue eyes before Braiden closed his eyes again. Harry wanted to remember the colour of his infant son's eyes for the rest of his life.

Harry burped Braiden and rocked him back to sleep before strapping him into the brand new, previously unused carrycot and took the baby into the bathroom with him. He took the nappy bag and a spare set of clothes for Braiden as he planned on giving his son his first ever bath that wasn't Ashleigh or Molly Weasley supervised. Which reminded him that he had an appointment at St Mungos in the afternoon for Braiden's first ever check-up.

Harry settled Braiden on the floor close to the bath so he could easily reach him and the nappy bag whilst he scrubbed his entire body clean ready for his revenge.

Slipping into the water made Harry's breath hitch, he hadn't realised it was quite so hot, but as he lowered himself gingerly into the water and remained sitting still, it was bearable. He just sat and soaked for a while, just laying back and relaxing. It had been a long time since he had been able to relax like this; his life seemed too hectic at times.

Harry sighed as he had enough of lying around doing nothing and sat up again to reach for his favourite shower gel. He squeezed far too much into his hand and lathered up his body very generously. His mates loved him smelling like chestnuts.

Harry scrubbed every single millimetre of skin, making sure to soap up everything, from his little toes, to behind his ears and everything in between. He dunked himself into the water, fully submerging himself for a few moments before coming back up for air. He grabbed his two in one shampoo and conditioner and poured it generously into his hand before vigorously scrubbing his head and scalp.

A knock on the door made him pause.

"Harry, are you in there?" Max's sleepy voice called out.

"Yep. I decided to have a bath down here instead of upstairs so I wouldn't wake any of you this morning." Harry answered.

"Is Braiden with you?"

"He certainly is. He's been fed and he's sleeping at the moment. I'm going to give him a quick bath and then I'll join you."

"Alright, love. I'm going to go make breakfast, is there anything you fancy?"

"Anything's fine." Harry replied. "Are any of the others up?"

"Nasta's up, Blaise is still asleep and Draco was just stirring as I got up. Do you want eggs and toast?"


"How do you want your eggs?"

"Scrambled!" Harry replied back enthusiastically.

"Alright, love." Max answered with a hint of amusement in his sleepy voice.

"See you in half an hour or so." Harry called out as he heard Max pass the bathroom door and go into the kitchen to start preparing breakfast.

Harry grinned as he sunk back under the water to wash off the shampoo. He got out of the water and pulled the plug, grabbing the towel he rubbed his body dry before picking up something that had been in the box. Body moisturiser. He had never used the stuff but apparently it was supposed to make his skin 'touchably soft', 'silkily smooth' and 'irresistibly kissable.'

Harry snorted at it before dumping a load onto his hand and smoothing it over his skin, leaving on a thin white layer as the back of the bottle instructed, letting it soak into his skin, before he rubbed it in and wiped off the excess.

Harry touched himself and frowned as his fingers actually glided over his skin. That stuff actually worked! Harry grinned as he put it on 'his' shelf of the bathroom. Max and Nasta had installed five shelves and they each had one shelf to put their shampoos, shower gels and razors and things. But even though Nasta always had stubble on his chin and cheeks, he shaved every morning, it was the only time he didn't have hair, but it always grew back in the afternoon.

Harry picked up the plastic baby bath that was Braiden's and put it under the tap. He run the water into it and obsessively checked the temperature with his elbow. When he believed it was at the right temperature, he cast a quick spell just to double check, before he picked up Braiden and stripped him. He got a baby soft wash cloth and dipped it into the water and began washing Braiden's face. His son woke up and started whining.

"Oh I can see now how much trouble we're going to have getting your bum into the bath when you're older." Harry sighed as he finished washing Braiden's face and neck before starting on his hair, using the wet cloth to wet it and the baby shampoo to clean it. Once Braiden's head was clean; Harry lowered him into the water and he was unprepared for his son to start wailing and crying at the top of his lungs. Harry quickly checked the temperature, but it was fine. He quickly washed Braiden's body and took him out of the water, wrapping him in a towel and cuddling him.

"Are you alright, Harry?" Nasta's voice asked through the door.

"I'm fine. I don't think Braiden likes baths."

Nasta chuckled. "Max almost has breakfast ready, are you almost finished?"

"Yeah. Are Draco and Blaise up yet?"

"Yes, they're in the kitchen awaiting breakfast like the teenagers they are."

Harry snorted. "I'll be there in a minute, I need to get myself and Braiden dried and dressed."

Harry finished drying Braiden and clad him in a clean nappy, pulling his head through the stretchy neckline of his bodysuit, popping it closed under his nappy before he pulled on a plain white, long sleeved cotton shirt and a tiny pair of blue and white checked cotton dungarees. He finished off the outfit with matching white socks, scratch mitts and summer hat with sun visor and his four day old son was ready for the day.

Harry looked at the bright red, pleated skirt and swallowed. Suddenly he didn't feel like wearing it and exposing himself as much as the skirt allowed. This was a stupid idea, of course it wasn't going to make his mates suffer, they'd just relieve themselves with each other if he denied them.

Harry was about to put on his dressing gown and run upstairs for some proper clothes when he mentally slapped himself. He'd sworn that he would go through with this and he would. Where was all that Gryffindor bravery that he was known for? If they tried to relieve themselves with each other he could just hex them…of make use of those toys.

Harry pulled on the lacy knickers that were more like very small, lacy boxer-briefs now that they were on and he giggled slightly at the inside pouch thing where his bits were kept in place so they wouldn't be visible from the outside. They were made for men with the design of women's lingerie.

He pulled on the skirt and buttoned it up tightly on his left hip. It again rode high over the curve of his bum, but the lacy knickers covered his more intimate parts and held him in place. He grinned at himself in the mirror a bit bashfully.

"I can't believe I'm actually going to do this." He put his burning face into his hands and breathed deeply. He couldn't go out there whilst his face was bright red; he wanted to portray confidence and sex appeal, not shyness and blushing bashfulness. He didn't want to flaunt the fact that this had been planned so much.

"Harry? Are you alright? Everyone's finished breakfast." Max's concerned voice came through the door.

"I'm fine, Max, honestly. I'm just finishing dressing and then I'll be out. Promise."

"Alright, but don't be too long, your breakfast is getting cold."

Harry chuckled and cleaned up the bathroom with a spell, put away Braiden's bath and picked up the carrycot handle after making sure that Braiden was strapped in securely.

He left the bathroom and headed to the kitchen before he had a chance to change his mind. Blaise saw him first and he dropped his half eaten slice of toast onto the table top, his mouth hanging open.

"Really, Blaise? Close your mouth when you're eating, I don't want to see your half chewed breakfast." Draco complained as he folded his fork over his knife and pushed his plate away.

"Blaise?" Nasta asked puzzled and a little concerned.

Blaise's eyes never left Harry's little skirt or the multitude of love bites that littered his bare body, standing out like vivid bruises on his pale skin and he seemed to be having problems swallowing and breathing. As one the other three turned to look at what had Blaise so transfixed, Harry smirked as he saw their eyes go wide as they took him in, their own eyes going from the love bites, to the tiny skirt and the edge of the lacy underwear that was just visible underneath.

Harry ignored them as he put Braiden on the table top and began eating his breakfast slowly and calmly as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

"Harry…what?" Nasta asked, finding his tongue first even as he continued to stare.

"What?" Harry asked as he finished chewing and swallowed his bite of food.

"You…you're wearing…a skirt?"

"I know. Really, Nas, I thought you were intelligent."

"Is there uh… any particular reason that you decided to wear the skirt?" Max questioned as he continued staring at the tiny scrap of red fabric.

"It's comfortable." Harry answered with a straight face as he took another forkful of scrambled eggs.

"Are you going to wear it all day?" Draco asked his voice oddly strained.

"If it doesn't get too cold. I'm thinking of writing off to the company who made this skirt and asking them to make a matching top, also I'd like it in blue."

Harry finished his breakfast whilst none of his mates moved from their seats; he slapped Blaise's hand as it moved to touch his leg.

"Oi! I'm trying to eat here." Harry chastised as he finished his last bite of toast. He was quite pleased with himself; he had eaten everything, including his crusts this morning. None of his mates noticed.

"Do you need help with the dishes, Max?" Harry questioned innocently as he indicated the table full of dirty dishes and the counter next to the sink which held two frying pans, one saucepan and numerous spoons and knives.

When Max didn't answer Harry looked to his biggest mate and saw him sat there staring at the skirt still, he rolled his eyes and stood up. He walked normally to the sink, no extra swaying or unnatural movements, no need to give everything away so early into the game.

He did bend over a bit further than normal to reach the washing up liquid and the taps of the sink and someone behind him groaned. He smirked wickedly and began running the tap, 'accidentally' spraying himself with water.

"Oops." He exclaimed, turning around with his chest dripping wet, one droplet clinging to an erect nipple. What a damn stroke of luck that was.

He flicked the droplet from his nipple, flicking his actual nipple in the process and there was a sharp intake of breath. He grabbed a tea towel and rubbed his body dry slowly.

"This is why I don't do the dishes!" Harry pouted at the table of transfixed men. "I always get the water everywhere."

Harry acted as normally as he could, pretending that he was wearing jeans and a tee shirt rather than an indecently short skirt and his mates' love bites.

He started washing the dishes by the sink first and heard someone get up and collect the dishes from the table. That person came closer to him and pressed right up against his back. He could feel the hardness of who was most definitely Max pressed against him, almost crushing him into the countertop, the rough material of his jeans stretched tight against the strain of him against his zip and scratchy against Harry's bare skin. Harry remained calm and acted as if nothing was amiss.

"Hey! Max, if you're not going to be helpful with the dishes go and do something else! How am I supposed to wash up with you crushing me into the counter?"

Max didn't answer but pressed into him harder, he put the dirty plates down and wrapped his arms around him, one hand moving to pinch and twist the nipple that he had flicked the water droplet from.

Harry almost forgot what he was supposed to be doing, almost let himself sink into the pleasure that Max was offering, but he steeled himself. He would not give them sex or pleasure on demand when they denied him when he wanted sex.

He slapped Max's hands away and pushed him away, Max let him push him because there was no way that Harry could have moved him otherwise, but he didn't go far and those hands kept moving to touch him.

"Will you stop molesting me and do the damn dishes?" Harry sighed in exasperation.

"How can I when you look so damned fuckable." Max growled.

Harry's eyes dilated and his lower body clenched tight. Max's voice was so deep, so guttural that it was arousing. Harry breathed in deeply, trying to calm himself, but all he could smell was Max's aftershave and it made his legs go weak. A shiver went down his spine as he let out all the breath in his body in one shuddering gasp, the tiny hairs all over his body standing up on end as goosebumps broke out on his fever hot skin. He needed to be stronger than this.

"I don't care, now do the dishes whilst I sort out Braiden, I can smell him from here." Harry answered, holding himself firm and scooping Braiden up and moving to change him on the plastic covered, foam mat that was stored in the cupboard at the far end of the kitchen. It was yellow and had little pink and white bunnies on them, Harry was sure Mrs Weasley had wanted him to have a girl.

Harry sat down on the floor; his legs spread to either side of the changing mat as he went through the process of undressing Braiden so soon after he had dressed him for the day. He was sure he was flashing the matching underwear to all of them as the skirt was too short to pool between his legs. The thought almost made him blush, but he staved it off viciously.

He sneaked a quick peek at his mates through the corner of his eye and saw that the only one who had turned away was Nasta; he seemed to be avoiding temptation by not looking at it. Harry chuckled lightly, he couldn't have that. He finished cleaning up Braiden and dressed him again, throwing the dirty nappy and the used wipes into the bin before laying his son into the bassinet.

He went around the table and happily hefted himself onto Nasta's lap with an evil little smile. Nasta's hands automatically went around his waist to steady him, but Harry could feel the tenseness of Nasta's muscles, the hardness that he was being held against rubbing at his bum. He repressed a shiver; he couldn't let his mates know how much they were affecting him, it would ruin everything.

"What time was Braiden's appointment, Blaise?" Harry asked casually, wiggling around on Nasta's lap a bit to 'get comfortable.' Behind him Nasta let out a soft moan.

"Four." Was the clipped, deepened reply from Blaise.

Harry looked to him with a raised eyebrow.

"What is wrong with you?" He asked.

"You're sat in the kitchen wearing just a skirt and lace panties and you ask us what's wrong?" Draco demanded gruffly.

Harry shrugged and slipped from Nasta's lap even as his oldest mate's arms tried to hold him onto his lap.

"Harry, why?" Max asked, his eyes burning with lust and love.

"I told you, I like it. It's comfortable as well. I was thinking of trying out some of those toys that Ginny gave me as well." Harry added watching with a hidden smile as Draco choked on his shaky sip of tea. "She has wonderful taste in sex toys."

"When were you thinking of trying them?" Max asked licking his lips unconsciously.

Harry shrugged. "Tonight maybe. Some of them come with instruction manuals."

"Why would you need an instruction manual?" Blaise queried, his eyes glued to Harry's body.

"Because I don't know how to use them." Harry didn't need to pretend to blush as it came regardless.

"We know how to use them." Max answered. "At least I know Nasta and myself can."

"If they're the magical variety then I know how to use them and so does Blaise." Draco answered quickly.

"I'm not going to use them for the first time with you there!" Harry exclaimed in shock. "It's going to be humiliating and mortifying enough without an audience. No, I'll try them out myself first."

Harry wished he could take a picture of all four of their faces as he made at that declaration. This was turning out so much better than he had ever imagined. He was having so much fun.

"You…you can't do that." Max replied looking like he had been denied the meaning of life itself.

"Why?" Harry asked. "It's my body; I can do as I want with it. If I don't want anyone watching me, then you'd better stay the hell away."

Harry chuckled lightly as he heard all four of them groan as he picked up Braiden and carried him into the living room. He was going to make all four of them suffer.

At half past three Harry had changed out of the little skirt and into the tightest pair of jeans he owned and the tightest tee-shirt. They were a bit small, but the way Max hung his head as he appeared back into the living room made him smile. The skirt was safely in the bottom of the bag he was taking to the hospital so Max, Nasta and Draco couldn't throw it away whilst he and Blaise went to St Mungos with Braiden.

"Come on, Blaise, we're going to be late." Harry hurried Blaise, who was strapping Braiden into his carrycot.

"I'm coming!" Blaise called out.

"I will be." Max muttered as he tugged on himself through his tight trousers.

Harry kissed each of them goodbye and took Blaise's hand, stepping into the fireplace and calling out 'St Mungos' with a whoosh they were both gone.

"Fuck I can't handle this!" Max burst out as soon as they were gone. "Why the hell is he doing this to us?!"

"I have an idea." Nasta sighed, thinking back to the previous night.

"I don't care why he's doing it, let's just get that damn skirt and hide it so he can't put it back on when he comes home." Draco exploded, turning on his heel and heading up the stairs to their bedroom.

The two older men followed and watched as Draco bent under the bed to pull out the damnable box, only to find it near enough empty. The only things in there were Muggle DVDs, two ball gags and a set of heavy duty chains.

"FUCK!" Draco hissed slamming his hands into the floor.

"Damn minx must have hidden everything." Max groaned, tugging on himself through his jeans.

"He must have hidden them here somewhere." Nasta said desperately as he started opening up the drawers to the bedside cabinet, the only things sexual inside them were various bottles of lubricant and boxes of condoms.

"Where would Harry hide something?" Max asked as he started looking in Harry's suitcase and school trunk, begging for his submissive to forgive him for the breach of privacy, he just couldn't spend the rest of the day seeing Harry's gorgeous ass swollen in red lace and barely covered by that tiny skirt. His heart was going to give out.

"The bathroom?" Draco questioned.

"I don't think he would have used Braiden's nursery." Nasta put in. "He wouldn't want to taint the baby's room. So the bathroom's a good guess."

Draco went into the bathroom and searched all of the cupboards and cabinets, but there was not one single sign of a sex toy anywhere.

"Damn it! Why is he doing this?!"

"Because he want's sex." Nasta put in. "He's sexually frustrated so he's making us sexually frustrated."

"The Healer said…"

"It doesn't matter." Max cut in. "Harry's wants sex regardless of what the Healer said and if he carries on like this then I'm not going to be able to take it."

"Where the hell would he have put them?" Draco complained as they started downstairs, Max scouring the downstairs bathroom because Harry had spent so long in there that morning.

"They're not here!" Nasta groaned in frustrated agony.

"Damn you, Harry!" Draco yelled throughout the house.

Harry hated the looks he was getting from other visitors to the hospital. He had dressed up purely for his mates, he hadn't realised that going out in skin tight clothing would mean other people would be looking at him too.

Blaise was being very possessive and had an arm firmly around Harry, hissing lightly under his breath so only Harry could hear him. It was pretty annoying but Harry understood completely because if the tables were turned he'd be just the same, if not worse, no one touched his baby's Daddy.

"I need the bathroom a sec, love." Harry told Blaise. "Stay here with Braiden in case we're called. I don't want to be here any longer than necessary."

Blaise nodded tightly and watched Harry walk down the corridor, using this time to breathe deeply and calm himself down before he gave his family away as outlawed creatures.

Harry quickly finished emptying his bladder and he washed his hands. He just wanted to get out of this hospital. Hospitals had always made him feel itchy and paranoid.

"Big, fat penguin."

Harry turned at that declaration and raised an eyebrow at the man behind him.


"That's the ice broken."

Harry just looked at the man and wondered if he had escaped from the mental patients ward. He was grinning like a loon and standing in a pose that puffed up his chest and tautened his leg muscles.

"Excuse me?" He asked again, hoping the man would make some sense.

"Hey kitty, I've got some cream you can have, you just need to lap at it." The man breathed with an eyebrow movement.

Harry's own eyebrow rose in question. This man was clearly unstable.

"Are you feeling alright?" Harry asked.

"Want to do some Arithmancy with me? We'll add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide your legs and multiply."

Harry just scooted around the clearly mental man and made for the door.

"Where are you going, honey? Back to heaven with all the other angels?"

"No, I'm going back to my boyfriend and my newborn baby!" Harry answered icily.

"Don't be like that! Me and you together equals perfect! I bet those jeans would look better on my bedroom floor."

"Fuck off!" Harry answered as he pulled the door open and made to walk out, only to have the man grab his arm and yank him backwards. "Oi!"

"Don't leave; I want to see how good you look on me. You can ride my broomstick as much as you want."

"Get off!" Harry hissed drawing back his fist and launching it right into the man's face, just like he had with Amelle the previous day. Only this time the pain that encompassed his hand almost made him screech. Hell that had hurt. The man gripped Harry's shirt to try and keep himself upright, but ended up ripping it as he fell to the floor.

"What is going on in here?!" A man in a Healer's lime green overcoat asked as he looked to Harry with a ripped shirt sleeve and a bruised forearm to the man rolling on the bathroom floor clutching his face.

"He grabbed me as I was leaving, so I punched him in the face." Harry answered truthfully, quivering just a bit. He wanted Blaise.

"Alright. Let's get you to an examination room to see if there's any damage done and I'll get a colleague for him."

"I just want to go home." Harry said quietly. His confidence was knocked, his hand hurt like hell and his forearm ached.

The Healer sighed. "Was there a reason you came in today? Anything I can help you with before you leave?"

"I came here with my boyfriend and our baby. He's having his first check up because I home birthed."

"Ah. Alright I'll send word to the paediatrician Healers and let your boyfriend know that you've gone home; I'll see you to the floo."

Harry let the nice Healer escort him to the floo; he passed right by where he had been sitting with Blaise so Braiden must have been called in to see the Healer.

"Callum, there's a gentleman in the men's bathroom in the second corridor, could you see to him please? There's no need to be gentle with him." Harry's Healer escort said to a passing Healer, who nodded and headed off towards the bathroom. Harry smiled just a bit.

He took a handful of floo powder from the offered pot, using his uninjured hand and cast it into the flames watching them turn green.

Harry tumbled out of the fire place and into a surprised Draco's arms. Harry clung to him and much to his shame he felt tears well up in his eyes.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Draco's concerned question brought Max and Nasta running.

They growled when they caught sight of his bruised arm, his cut and swollen hand and his ripped shirt.

"What happened? Who did this to you?" Nasta demanded in a feral way.

"A man in the bathroom at the hospital." Harry answered with a sniff.

"Where was Blaise?" Draco snarled.

"With…with Braiden. I was only gone for…for a minute."

"Where is Blaise now?"

"With the Healer, Braiden still needed his check-up. He doesn't know."

"He doesn't know?!" Max asked shocked.

"He had already been called into the appointment before I left the bathroom." Harry said pathetically as Max examined his hand and carried him into the kitchen to fix it up.

"This hand is badly bruised, Harry." Max told him as he spread a topical paste onto it to ease the swelling after sitting Harry on the kitchen table.

Nasta was sniffing around his arm and growling, he tugged Harry's shirt from him and threw it straight into the bin.

"Hey! I liked that shirt." Harry complained weakly.

"It smells like the man that attacked you!" Nasta growled and Harry ducked away.

Nasta cuddled him then and kissed him softly, rumbling soothingly in his throat to calm him whilst simultaneously rubbing his scent upon him. Harry purred and snuggled in tighter.

"Do you want a nap, Harry?" Max asked softly as he presented him with a sugary, fruit squash drink.

Harry shook his head as he carefully sipped the strong squash, he felt less shaky almost immediately.

"Do you want to cuddle up on the settee?"

Harry nodded and allowed himself to be carried into the living room and settled down on the cushions. He was drifting in and out of sleep when the fire went green and Blaise landed perfectly on the carpet with Braiden strapped into his carrycot.

Harry couldn't place his finger on what was wrong, but something about Blaise screamed feral and Harry sat up straighter.

"Pass Braiden to me, Blaise." Harry coaxed.

Blaise immediately handed the carrycot over, but caught Harry's arm gently, snarling as he caught sight of the bruising.

"It's alright." Harry assured. "Max sorted it out for me; I popped that bastard's nose and jaw as well."

"I should have protected you!" Blaise hissed.

"You can't always protect me, Blaise. I'm a big boy; I can take care of myself."

"You shouldn't have to." Max answered sadly. "We're here to look after you."

Harry sighed and unstrapped Braiden from his carrycot, he held his baby up to his nose and inhaled deeply before cuddling his son into the crook of his arm and snuggling down further between Max and Nasta.

"Can I have a story please?" He asked a bit childishly, but Max grinned and picked up the book they had been reading together for the past month.

None of the others had ever been involved in his and Max's quality time together, but Harry was sure Max would forgive this one intrusion as he cracked open the book to where they had left it off and started reading in the soft silence that had taken over the settee.

The others remained silent as Harry cuddled Braiden and listened to Max's storytelling. He felt calm and relaxed and it was no wonder to Max that half an hour later Harry was fast asleep and Braiden was getting fussy.

"Take him to bed would you?" Max asked, not really directing his question at anyone as he eased Braiden from Harry's sleep slack arms and took him for a bottle.

Draco followed him into the kitchen and Max groaned as he lowered himself into a chair to feed the baby.

"I can't believe it's only been four days since Harry gave birth." Draco stated, looking at the feeding baby. "He's gotten bigger."

"The Healer was pleased with Braiden's progress." Blaise told them as he walked into the kitchen and poured himself some pumpkin juice from the cold storage cupboard.

"Anything wrong or we need to worry about?" Draco asked a bit too quickly for casual.

"Nothing. Harry birthed a very strong, very healthy baby boy. He's gaining weight steadily, he's growing, all his organs are working properly, his immune system is advanced for his age and his reflexes are all normal." Blaise told them happily as he stroked Braiden's deeply suckling cheek.

Nasta walked in and grinned at them.

"What has you so happy?"

"I found all the sex toys. That sneaky minx didn't even move them out of the bedroom."

"We searched every cupboard and corner of that room!" Draco denied.

"They were piled on the bed, underneath Harry's very handy invisibility cloak." Nasta stated with a chuckle.

Draco thunked his head on the table and groaned.

"Did you find that damnable skirt?" Max asked as he burped Braiden.

Nasta shook his head. "It was the only thing I didn't find."

"I found that." Blaise put in. "Harry shoved it at the bottom of the nappy bag we took to the hospital."

"Good, give it to me. I can't see him wearing it anymore; my balls are so full they're aching." Max complained as he rocked Braiden to sleep.

Blaise pulled the skirt from his pocket and passed it to Max, who threw it out the back door and set it alight with his wand.

"I hope I never have to see Harry wearing something like that again." He groaned as he placed a sleeping Braiden into the bassinet next to the kitchen table. "Now who want's what for dinner?"

Harry woke up slowly and he stretched fully. He rolled over and his memory came back to him in sections. He looked to his hand, which was no longer swollen, no longer cut and bruised, but it was aching.

Harry frowned and slumped onto the mattress. He could smell dinner cooking and his belly rumbled. He placed his uninjured hand onto his now very minimally bumped stomach. He was almost back to normal, only not really as he had retained eight pounds of weight, which made him look healthier and his mates enjoyed the view. Harry smirked and rubbed a hand down his own body. He shivered from the contact and grinned.

He rolled over and then it clicked that whoever had taken him to bed must have found out where he had stashed the sex toys. He pouted and looked for his skirt before remembering that he had left the nappy bag with Blaise. Cursing Harry got up and shimmied out of his pyjama bottoms.

He looked down at himself and laughed as he kicked off his boxers and headed down the stairs. If he couldn't wear his skirt, he wouldn't wear anything. Either way he was getting sex tonight or he was going to owl Ginny for more toys and little outfits, in fact he might do that anyway. He'd just bribe Ginny with a few little details about his sexual life and he'd get another box of toys, he'd of course send her the money for it, but then again how much did sex toys cost? How much would he have to send to her? Max would know, but he couldn't exactly ask, he doubted if he would even get an answer.

Harry chuckled almost silently as he saw his mates setting the table for dinner. He walked in and adored the look on Draco's pink coloured face as a plate slipped from his fingers and shattered on the floor.

Max spun around as Nasta hefted Draco into his arms and away from the broken porcelain.

"Are you alright? Nothing landed on your foot did it?" Nasta asked panicked.

Draco slowly shook his head mutely and Nasta, with a feeling of déjà vu, turned to look at the kitchen door, where Harry stood wearing nothing but an evil looking smile.

He swallowed harshly and wanted to hit his head against the cabinet, they should have just let him have his damned skirt back.

"Why…why don't you go and get some clothes on, Harry? It's not that warm anymore." Max tried, even as the lowering sun was still shining and the heat from the outside was drifting in through the open back door.

"I'm lovely and warm." Harry answered as he picked up Braiden and after pulling off his little dungarees, his white shirt and his bodysuit, leaving just his nappy on, he sat at the kitchen table and cuddled his son to his chest, giving him skin-on-skin contact.

"You look gorgeous like that." Max told him.

Harry saw something out of the corner of his eyes and turned around just in time to see Max putting away the camera.

"You had better not have taken a photo of me!" Harry hissed as he held Braiden flat out on his chest.

"Would I do that?" Max asked with a massive grin.

"Would Harry sit naked in the kitchen as we're about to eat?" Draco replied dryly as he finished putting out the plates as Nasta fixed the broken one on the floor.

Blaise chuckled as he claimed the seat next to Harry and scooted his chair over to cuddle against Harry and Braiden.

"I changed him for the first time when you were in bed." Blaise admitted proudly.

Harry grinned and kissed Blaise's cheek.

"Good, now you have no excuses not to change him when I ask you to." Harry said back.

Blaise chuckled again and kissed Braiden's cheek.

"We have a beautiful, healthy baby boy, Harry. Thank you."

Harry blushed a bit and quickly looked down to Braiden, whose cornflower blue eyes were open and looking up at the both of them.

"I think he knows who we are to him." Harry said softly.

"Of course he does, Harry. How could he not know you are his Mother?"

"Yeah he spent the first six months of his life listening to your voice." Max hollered from the oven where he was taking out a large side of salmon. "Poor kid."

Harry hissed at Max, but couldn't bring himself to stay even remotely angry as he sunk back into his soft, calm bubble with Blaise and Braiden. He made sure to keep as much eye contact with Braiden as he could, he adored his son's blue eyes and he was almost sad to see the day come when they would change colour.

"Here you go." Max interrupted with a flourish as he served them dinner.

Harry tucked Braiden into his left arm in a position where they still had skin-on-skin contact and he could eat comfortably, he was glad that Max had cooked salmon for dinner and not something that required the actual use of a knife, he really did not want to put Braiden down at the moment.

They ate normally, as if Harry wasn't wearing just his skin at the dinner table, until Harry had finished eating and Braiden started fussing for his own dinner.

Harry stood up unashamedly and boiled the electric kettle to make up a bottle for Braiden, showing off his body in a long, lean line for his mates' perusal. Draco choked on a bite of salmon, Blaise stopped chewing with his mouth still full, Max bent his fork when he clenched his hand into a tight fist and Nasta appeared to have stopped breathing.

Harry made up the bottle and instead of sitting back down, he turned to face his mates and fed Braiden standing up, ignoring his own hardness that was pressing against his belly and ignoring the four of them as he attentively fed his son, who was going to be put down for the night very soon and then…then the real games would begin.

"Please put something on." Draco almost whispered.

"Why? It's such a nice day, I was thinking of laying outside for a bit when Braiden has been put down."

"Outside?" Max croaked his body tensing so much that Harry feared for the table top that his biggest mate had a death grip on. "I put away all of the blankets."

"That's alright, Max, I prefer the grass under my body anyway and I still have to dismantle my old nest, I'm sure there are some blankets in there. I can't actually remember what I used to build it."

A splintering sound accompanied Nasta diving for Max's hand before it could go through the solid wood table and they gripped hands like one of them was dangling over a five thousand foot cliff and the only thing saving them from certain death was their grip on that one hand.

Braiden finished his bottle and Harry burped him confidently, wiping away the small amount of spit up from his baby's chin and giving him a sound kiss on those pouty little lips.

"I'm going to put this little monster to bed, make sure you have one of the three way monitors switched on."

Harry walked out of the kitchen without looking back, even though he could feel the burning gaze of four sets of eyes watching him. He climbed the stairs and went into his bedroom with a laugh.

"We did it, Braiden baby! We're getting some love tonight, so you be a good boy tonight and wake up in four hours exactly. This is not a day where Mummy wants you to break out of your routine. I'll promise you that I'll beat your Daddies into agreeing when you want to join the Hogwarts house Quidditch team. I'll be on your side and I'll be in those crowds cheering you on every second of every game, your Daddies will not stop you from doing what you want to, just give Mummy this one night, please."

Harry changed the wet nappy that had started to make Braiden grizzle and dressed him in a clean bodysuit and overlaid it with a light blue sleepsuit that had little yellow ducks on it.

Harry cuddled him in his arms and hummed lightly to get him to sleep, Braiden yawned and Harry mentally cooed, wishing he had his camera. Braiden's eyelids slowly drooped and within moments he was fast asleep as Harry slowed his humming and finally stopped.

Harry watched Braiden's little chest raise and fall for a moment before he put him into the bassinet and covered him over with a light summer blanket, making sure that Braiden's little feet touched the end of the bassinet, before he switched on the monitor and picked up the third one.

He made sure he could hear Braiden breathing over the monitor before he opened the bedroom window and leapt out, unfurling his wings as he did so. He closed the bedroom window from the outside so no bugs could get to Braiden and then he went up to his abandoned nest.

He looked at it and grinned. Odd memories came to him of just lying about sunning himself, a bit like he was doing now, he mused as he pulled out his full Dracken attributes so he wouldn't get sun burnt. He started dismantling the mess and he was incredibly amused at what he found, including three of the eighteen set of woven linen coasters Max had. Why he had needed three coasters to build up his nest he didn't know, but he had wanted them at the time and he had had them.

Harry walked through the backdoor with an arm full of curtains and the front room rug he had borrowed and he grinned bashfully at Max's shocked face.

"You robbed my damn curtains?"

"I'm sorry?" Harry stated, not even trying to sound apologetic. "I found your three missing coasters as well; I guess Caesar wasn't to blame for those going missing after all."

Harry placed the three coasters down on the table top and laughed all the way to the front room to replace the rug.

It was astonishing to see what he had actually used in his nest as he pulled it apart, his mates helping him when they realised what he was doing. It took an hour before the roof top was clear once again and everything was either put away or put in a safe place for cleaning. Harry hadn't realised exactly how much blood he had gotten everywhere.

"Damn it, you puffed up this nest with some absolute rubbish." Draco complained as he rubbed his back. Harry wondered if this was the first time that Draco had done any manual labour and decided it was best not to ask.

"My favourite pyjamas are not rubbish." Blaise complained as he critically checked every inch of the silk pyjamas, Harry had loved how they had felt on his skin.

Big fingers stroked Harry's right wing and the sensation it caused sent him to his knees with a moan. He looked over his shoulder to glare at Max, who was staring at him through lust blown eyes.

"You could have caught me." Harry whined as he showed Max his grazed knees.

"We can't be having that." Max whispered, his voice once again gone deep as he picked Harry up from the floor and jumped off of the roof, his huge, bright blue wings snapping open to save them from a nasty fall.

They landed harmlessly on the grass and Harry rolled a bit more than he would have, just because the feel of the sun warmed grass on his naked skin was wonderful. He giggled as he rolled.

Removed Scene

"Okay, off!" Max wheezed, rolling all three of them off of his chest and onto the grass. Nasta moved back before he got rolled over by Max's legs. "I can't handle all of your weights post-coital. You're just too heavy when you're all boneless."

Harry giggled and curled up as his body ached pleasantly.

"That was amazing." He told them all.

"Can you please start wearing normal clothing now?" Draco begged. "Or at least actual clothing. Anyone could have come around today and seen you in that skirt."

"No they couldn't." Harry answered. "I flooed everyone this morning and told them that I was going to spend the day fucking you all senseless on as many surfaces as I could and that I didn't appreciate an audience. Your Mother was particularly shocked, Draco."

All of them turned to look at him in horror and when Harry showed no sign that he was joking they started stumbling over their words.

"Dad will slaughter you if Mum doesn't get to you first." Max announced seriously.

"Mum's going to be scarred for life." Blaise stated.

"Dad's going to flip." Nasta sighed as he flopped back onto the grass.

"You spoke to Mother like that?" Draco demanded. "Father is never going to forgive this!"

"You lot need to grow a funny bone." Harry giggled. "Of course I never worded it like that. I can't believe you'd think I would! I said that I needed a day or two to settle myself down after the fight with Amelle."

"Thank Merlin." Draco mumbled.

The sun was setting as they lay in the cooling grass, none of them bothering to move as they all rolled over, groaning and complaining, to cuddle against one another. Harry ended up with Blaise, Draco and Nasta on one side of him and Max on the other, Blaise being cuddled in the very middle.

"I want a bed." Harry told the other's through a jaw breaking yawn as sleepiness settled in.

"Go and get in one then." Max told him, his gorgeous blue eyes closed.

"I can't move. Max, carry me to bed."

"Any other time I would love to hear you say that, Harry love, I would even joke and salaciously beg for sex, but as my chest feels like it can't support itself, let alone anyone else, I'm going to have to apologise and push you towards Nasta, even though the thought breaks my heart."

Harry giggled sleepily as he moved from his spot in the line-up and crawled slowly and achingly to Nasta and flumped on him, completely spent of energy.

"Take me to bed, Nasta, please?"

Nasta just grunted, that could have been anything really, but the clue was that he didn't move from his position.

"Please take me to bed." Harry begged.

Draco forced himself upright and stood up groaning like an old man.

"I feel like death." He whined, but he stooped down and picked Harry up and started carrying him to the house.

"We can get the best position in the bed." Harry told him. "Right in the very middle, cuddled up together."

Draco chuckled roughly. "Sounds like a plan, love."

Draco settled him down once they had climbed the mountain they called the stairs and the both of them snuggled up together in the centre of the bed. Harry rolled over and peeked into the bassinet just to check on Braiden, who hadn't moved an inch from where Harry had placed him, his little chest raising and falling softly, his little breaths only just loud enough to be heard if everything else was silent. Harry tucked the blanket around his little side more firmly and with a soft kiss to his little head, Harry rolled back towards Draco and cuddled up again.

"How is he?" Draco asked with his silver eyes closed.

"He's fine. Sleeping like a pro."

Draco chuckled and wrapped his arms more firmly around Harry's waist. It took a while before Nasta showed up with Blaise, Blaise was already fast asleep and Nasta tucked him up next to Harry and took a stirring Braiden straight downstairs for a bottle. Max stumbled up before Nasta came back and he claimed the largest part of the remaining bed space, which was behind Blaise.

Nasta came back up with a happily fed and changed Braiden and put him back into the bassinet carefully, making sure his feet were to the bottom and that the summer blanket was tucked under him before he came around the bed and climbed in behind Draco. The four of them slept soundly for four hours when Braiden woke up at two in the morning for another feed. It was a groggy and very sleepy Max who was brave enough to roll out of the bed to feed the baby and Harry smiled, knowing that the next time Braiden woke up at six in the morning it would be his turn to take the screaming baby.

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