The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


49. Chapter Forty-Eight – Fun in the Sun Part 2

"I want to visit Braiden, but thought I'd better tell one of you where I'm going first."

Blaise nodded and sat up. He stretched again, this time without his bones cracking and he stood up. He leant over the bed and licked Nasta's ear, who murmured in his sleep. Blaise bit his ear lobe and Nasta's hazel eyes snapped open and he glared at Blaise over his shoulder.

He rolled onto his back and stretched, much like Blaise had; only he didn't sit up.

"What's the matter?" He asked as he spotted them both, his voice gruff and sleepy.

"Harry wants to visit Braiden; he wanted to tell you where he was going. I've decided to go with him."

The proud, happy smile that Nasta gave him made Harry feel tingly and warm. Nasta flicked his head towards the living room.

"Go on then, don't be too long though, I want these two up, I want us all dressed, fed and showered and I want to see what this place has to offer."

"Haven't you ever been to Guadeloupe?" Harry asked curiously, Aneirin had told him that he had taken Nasta to every country in the world at least twice.

"Never Grande-Terre, where we are now. I've been to Marie-Galante several times, Basse-Terre once, but Dad's associates here were never very accommodating of three kids and didn't like Dad visiting for very long, he was only invited to the very important meetings that never lasted very long, it didn't leave much time for exploring and I have never see the eastern half of the butterfly island or Les Saintes."

Nasta sounded so excited that Harry chuckled. "I just want to see how his first night was without me and maybe feed him as I cuddle and cwtch him."

Nasta chuckled as he heard the Welsh word and beckoned him over. Harry went and was dragged into a passionate kiss as Blaise hurriedly dressed himself.

Harry and Blaise flooed back to Draguignan and found Marianna blowing raspberries on a pudgy belly.

"There you are. I was expecting you an hour ago." She told them as she handed Braiden over immediately.

Harry cuddled and kissed his contented son, whose blue eyes were now more purple than blue and tracked his face almost obsessively as Harry held his baby up to eyelevel. It was strange having his face studied so intently by such a young baby but Harry smiled widely and hugged the tiny body to himself regardless.

"Was he alright?" Harry asked.

"He was fine, darling. He takes after Blaise. Such a good, quiet baby. He only cried twice, once after you had left until he fell asleep and then at one in the morning for a bottle."

Harry looked at Marianna. "He cried after I left?"

"He missed you, darling, all babies miss their Mothers. He soon settled down, he's fine now and slept happy. How was your first night on Guadeloupe?"

"It's lovely." Harry replied, accepting the bottle that Marianna passed him and fed Braiden, who latched on immediately and started eating.

"I was hoping for you to come by soon, I didn't feed him his midmorning bottle because I thought you would like to."

"He hasn't gone hungry has he?" Harry asked.

"Of course not, he started wailing for food just before you arrived, I was cheering him up by blowing raspberries on him."

Harry nodded and fed his little baby, enjoying the weight of him in his arms. Blaise came and stood behind him and wrapped arms around his chest, supporting Braiden as well.

Blaise rested his chin on Harry's shoulder, watching as Braiden suckled, before turning his head and laying a kiss to Harry's neck. A camera flashed and Harry looked up to see Marianna smiling, a camera in hand.

"I need to document my son's happiness." She explained as they both stared at her. "Speaking of which, I found Blaise's baby photos for you, Harry darling. You and your lovers can come and look through them when your holiday is over."

"Mother, no!" Blaise cried.

"You can't deny your mates the privilege of seeing how cute you were running around the house naked."

Blaise actually blushed and Harry threw his head back and laughed.

"If it makes you feel better I'll contact Narcissa, Myron and Aneirin and ask them for a get together to show all of their baby pictures too."

Harry felt left out that he couldn't be included in the showing of baby photos as he didn't have any parents and the people he had been left with hadn't taken any photos of him ever. The only photos he had with a baby him in them were one with both his parents and one with his Father. There weren't any more.

He smiled bravely and burped Braiden, happily changing him and dressing him, before Blaise said that it was about time they got back. Harry held Braiden and kissed him, but found it hard to let him go when it came to it.

Marianna took the baby and Blaise led him back to the fireplace and flooed him back to their hotel to find Nasta up, dressed and fed, watching over a grumbling Max who was poking at his breakfast and a half asleep Draco, who was eating a bite every other minute.

"There you are. How is Braiden?" Nasta asked.

"He's fine. He's bigger and his eyes are more purple, but he's fine." Harry answered, sitting down and digging into his breakfast.

"I don't see why we have to get up." Draco grumbled, putting another forkful of food into his mouth and chewing sluggishly.

Max seemed to have woken up a bit over breakfast, but Draco looked half dead and Harry grinned as he finished his food and stretched.

"Harry, you have food on your arm." Nasta deadpanned.

"Oh." Harry exclaimed, looking at the food as if he hadn't smeared it there himself. "I needed a shower anyway; I'm covered in dry sweat. Come on, Draco, a bit of cold water splashed on your face will wake you up."

Draco let Harry pull him up and followed him into the bathroom, where there was a toilet, a sink, a bath and a shower stall. It was the shower stall that Harry was the most interested in because it had a solid steel bar running across the top of it for the shower curtain and one simple reinforcement spell meant it was perfect for his naughty thoughts.

Harry stripped himself and Draco looked away.

"Don't you like what you see?" Harry asked, making his voice seem upset.

"You know I do, but I think my cock is broken."

Harry laughed and he sauntered over to Draco, playing with him and teasing the bared skin just above the waistband of the boxer shorts he was wearing.

Missing Scene

All Harry could hear was running water and Blaise and Max laughing their arses off at them. Nasta gently pulled him out of the shower and handed him to a chuckling Max, who had a towel ready and waiting to wrap him up in while Nasta extracted Draco and the shower rail.

"Seriously, what were you thinking?" Nasta berated them.

"I'm thinking that the reinforcement spell I used needs to be stronger the next time." Harry answered. "I never let go of it though, Draco."

Max started laughing again as he towelled Harry's body dry before his hand stilled on his stomach. All laughter vanished and Harry was up in the air before he could ask what was wrong, Max's nose and tongue pressed to his abdomen, being licked and sniffed.

Max let out a relieved sigh.

"No sign of damage or injury." He reported. "The fall never hurt him or the baby."

"Of course it didn't, not only did I land on my knees, I landed on Draco." Harry laughed. He was on too much of a high from everything to even berate Max for sniffing and licking at him without asking first.

"Did you really not get enough action last night?" Max asked. "We'll have to improve ourselves if we're going to satisfy our little minx here, lest he start killing us off one by one due to sexual frustration."

That did get Max a bop to the head, but Max just laughed it off and gave him a kiss, waving his wand to dry his hair and body properly before giving him to Blaise to make sure he got dressed.

"And don't try having sex on the bedside table! Its spindly legs won't last a minute."

"Then why don't you come and give me one on the bedside table then, you don't last a minute either!" Harry shouted back and heard Max roaring with laughter from the bathroom.

"Cheeky little fucker!" Max called to him.

"What was that, Max, I didn't hear you properly, you like fucking my little cheeks?" Harry shouted back.

Blaise let out a surprised burst of laughter and more laughter came from the bathroom as Max came out and started play wrestling with him on the bed, digging gentle fingers into his sides and making his eyes stream with tears as he wiggled and squirmed.

"No! We don't need this baby having a squirming fetish too!" Harry gasped, giggling as Max stopped tickling him only to lean down and kiss him.

"Nasta says we're going exploring today. It's very hot outside so I'm going to cover you in sun cream."

"Your cum doesn't count as sun cream mind." Harry told him.

Max chuckled and snatched up a big bottle of factor fifty sun cream, squirting it onto his hands, rubbing them together before plastering Harry's naked body with it.

"I'm sure every inch doesn't need to be covered!" Harry whined as Max had flipped him over after finishing his front and his hands went from his back, over his hips and to his bum cheeks. "When is my bum going to be bared to the sun?"

"You never know." Max growled in arousal.

Harry tutted and kicked his legs back and forth.

"Are you done yet?" He asked as Max made sure every individual toe was coated.

Nasta dragged Max off and started coating the larger man's body with the cream, quickly and efficiently, making sure all major areas were covered before shoving him towards his suitcase to get dressed.

Nasta took the excess cream off of Harry and helped him dress in a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, before he finally covered himself and dressed.

"Are we all ready?" He asked.

"Yep!" Harry answered, not even batting an eyelash as Nasta's hand curled around his own as they left their little villa and started making their way out of the hotel.

Harry laughed as he was chased onto the white sand of the beach. The sun was just setting and he had had an amazing day exploring Grande-Terre with his lovers. There was so much to see, so many things to do, he had learnt a bit of French, he had witnessed Blaise going into a screaming match in French with a market seller and he had walked down roads and across beaches hand in hand with one of his mates.

Now the day was coming to a close and they were on the private beach of the hotel and it was empty.

"Stop running, Harry!" Max shouted at him.

"I'm fine you spoil sport!" Harry called back as he and Blaise ran side by side, laughing.

Blaise seized him around the waist and pulled him down onto the sand, making sure he landed on his body before rolling around the hot, sun baked, sand laughing.

The others joined them and fell about laughing, even Draco, who after repeating numerous times throughout the day that Malfoys didn't act like fools Harry had gotten fed up and tipped a bucket of crabs down his back. Draco had chased him for half a mile before Nasta had scooped him up and held him out of harm's way. Draco had loosened up after that and after Max had pointed out that no one was around to notice a Malfoy acting like a fool in the first place.

Harry made several sandcastles with the bucket and spade that Nasta had gifted to him when they visited Grande Anse and he had called it Castle Dracken, which made his mates laugh even as Max dug him a 'moat' around Castle Dracken and Harry made a high tower that was called Braiden's Bridge.

Harry had loved Grande Anse beach, he had even seen a sea turtle and he had followed it as it made its way to the ocean.

They stayed on the beach watching the sun set down below the horizon and afterwards Nasta carried him back to the hotel because Harry was knackered from his day in the sun. They ate at the hotel restaurant, but Harry waved away the dessert menu, telling the others they could eat more if they wanted, but he was full.

They waved away dessert too and Harry was carried through the 'jungle' and up to their villa where Nasta stripped him and tucked him into bed. Harry was asleep as soon as his head touched his pillow.

On the second day they visited Maison du Cacao in Basse-Terre for five euros each and it was amazing to walk around the gardens of cacao trees, learning about how cocoa was produced, seeing the green, orange and pink fruits growing from the very top to the bottom of the trees. Having a demonstration of how the ripe fruits were cut from the tree trunks with an axe, being shown how the seeds were fermented under the hot sun to the making of cocoa paste. They were even given a taste, though Harry didn't need Nasta to wave away the staff when they tried to give him 'liqueur au chocolat' as he would have done so himself. He did enjoy the hot chocolate drink though.

Most of their second day though was taken up by the promised visit to Aquarium de la Guadeloupe, which was amazing. Their tour guide was a helpful, friendly man who was almost as indulgent towards him as his own mates as he looked at everything and put his hand into every open tank. They happily visited the mangroves and coral reef and even went snorkelling in the lagoon, which Harry had been sure that he would have been left out of, but Nasta, after looking a tad apprehensive, had agreed to let him try it.

They spent eight hours in the aquarium and with all of the equipment they needed supplied and the exceptional knowledge the staff showed, they hardly wanted to leave, but they were hungry when they came back to Sainte-Anne and Nasta hustled them all into the nearest restaurant and ordered them a filling meal before they headed to back to their hotel.

The third day Harry wanted to go swimming, so they stayed by the hotel swimming pool, Max teaching Harry how to swim as Draco and Blaise messed about near Nasta, who was swimming fast, perfect laps of the pool.

"I can't do it!" Harry complained as he tried to do as Max showed him whilst watching Nasta's slick body carve through the water like a fish.

"Stop looking at Nasta's gorgeous body and concentrate, if you want to swim then do as I tell you."

"I can't!"

"Nas! Stop distracting Harry, he's getting hot and bothered and he'll drown!"

Nasta finished his lap and stopped, coming up for air and grinning. "Maybe you should take him out of the pool then before he has an accident."

"I don't want to leave!" Harry pouted as he did an awkward, very hilarious version of a doggy paddle over to Nasta.

"How did you swim in the Triwizard tournament?" Blaise asked curiously. "You had to go into the lake for the second task."

"I got given Snape's stolen Gillyweed and my hands and feet went webbed. I could just scoop the water and move really quickly."

"Keep your fingers together then." Nasta encouraged. "It won't be as big a scoop as when you were under the effects of Gillyweed and you won't be as fast, but it'll work."

Harry kissed Nasta and he did as he was told, but it was slow going as he didn't use his legs properly to move himself.

Later that night Harry was sat on their bed bouncing up and down, reminiscing all about the things they had done so far. Max placed a hand over his mouth and kissed him.

"Quiet down, we know what happened, we were there. Now shush or I'm going to plug up your mouth."

Harry chuckled. "Are you going to take advantage of me because Blaise and Draco are showering whilst Nasta bathes?"

Max grinned wickedly and turned over onto his hands and knees and pinned him on either side, leaning down to kiss him.

"I don't think I'm up for sex, I'm too tired after today and the swimming lessons, but there was something I wanted to try before we left, something that I've been thinking about and wondering about for a while now." Harry said curiously.

"What's that, love?" Max asked, his voice deepening, his own curiosity piqued.

"Stand up for me."

Missing Scene

"That was a good scene to walk in on." Draco commented as he walked around the bed to get to his suitcase of clothes.

Harry swallowed obscenely and looked at Blaise who was in the doorway just staring open mouthed and Nasta who shook his head and brushed past Blaise to get his own pyjama bottoms.

"I wanted to try it." Harry rasped, his throat red raw.

Nasta kissed him and laid him back against the bed, dismantling his pillow stairs to place them back at the head of the bed and crawled in to cuddle around him. Draco cuddled his other side, Blaise crawled in behind Draco and Max fell onto the bed beside Blaise, sated and happy. They all fell asleep quickly and happily.

The fourth and final day in Guadeloupe was spent exploring. Nasta got them onto a ferry and took them over to Les Saintes and after looking around and buying various little trinkets, they got onto another ferry to go to Terre-de-Haut where they ate lunch at a place called Café de la Marine. Everything was so beautiful, the sky was blue and cloudless, the sea was a deep blue and transparent when up close, the sand was white and hot and everything was so amazing that Harry hardly wanted to leave.

They travelled back to Basse-Terre where they made a trip around the botanical garden named Jardin d'Eau and from there they went to Parc des Mamelles and Harry really didn't want to leave as they explored all the different animals, crossing bridges that went from tree to tree and over ponds and rivers.

Nasta snapped photos with the camera that had been present throughout their trip and Harry grinned happily and posed for every photo that Nasta took, or he at least posed for the ones that he knew Nasta took, there were some where Harry had been so engrossed in what he was doing or looking at the animals that he didn't notice the sly photo being taken now and then.

They finished off the day with a tour around the sugar cane factory in Port Louis, in north Grande-Terre which took two hours. Learning how the sugar was grown and its history was so interesting as they walked through the media rooms dedicated to the sugar cane, before going out and exploring the fields, but the highlight for Harry was most definitely taking a trip on the old sugar cane railway.

Harry was sleepy and happy when Nasta led them back to the hotel for dinner and then to bed. They hadn't stepped foot in the onsite spa, which made Harry grin, his mates were obviously not taking any chances with the steam room.

They all went to bed early and Harry was glad to have had a chance for a holiday, but he couldn't wait until he was home again with Braiden.

Harry woke up and stretched, it was still early, the sun had yet to come up and he grinned to himself as he noticed that he had had a pretty damn good dream last night.

His mates were all sleeping soundly and they probably had an hour or so before breakfast was served and they had to leave the hotel, but until then, Harry decided that one last romp in the bed before they left was a very good idea.

Missing Scene

"What did we just do?" Draco moaned.

"Celebrated our last time in this bed before we go home." Harry answered. "We had to go out with a bang."

"I'm going out with a banging headache." Blaise complained.

"I have a potion in my suitcase for that, love." Max said from the foot of the bed, one large arm thrown over his eyes.

"I'm starving now." Draco told them.

"Me too." Harry answered. "I don't think I'll make it down to the restaurant though."

"I feel revived and invigorated." Nasta told them, proving it by standing up and stretching, Blaise's release clinging to the top of his light six pack, Harry's on his abdomen where it had slipped out of Blaise and his own and Draco's release making his soft length glisten.

"You look sexed up." Harry giggled.

"And whose fault is that?" He asked, raising a sexy eyebrow at him.

Harry laughed and rolled himself up, groaning as his own weight was put on his bum. Nasta chuckled deeply and scooped up him and Blaise too and he carried them both to the bathroom.

"Bring Draco, Max. We need to get them cleaned up before we leave."

Max groaned but dutifully scooped up an angry Draco and carried him kicking and complaining into the bathroom.

"Stop that." Nasta ordered Draco as he turned on the shower and stepped under with Harry and Blaise.

Draco stopped reluctantly, but Max did put him down on his own two feet. Blaise too went onto his own two feet, but Harry was content to let Nasta wash and pamper him for a bit.

They made sure everything of theirs was packed and even some things that weren't as Harry robbed all the little hotel shampoos, soaps, and a flannel with the hotel name printed in the corner for keepsakes.

Nasta and Max carried the suitcases down into the main part of the hotel and left them behind the desk as they went to have breakfast. They went down to the hotel's private beach after breakfast for the last time and Harry quickly collected another bag of seashells for his already large collection and some pretty pebbles and even a few fossils.

"Don't you have enough of those?" Draco asked as Harry dug up another shell.

"No, I've never been on a beach before we came on this holiday, I love it! We'll have to go to the beach with the kids when they're older whether I'm pregnant or not. I love it! The sea, the sand, the shells, the sandcastles, the fun and the sun! I just love it."

Max scooped him up and kissed him. "We love you, Harry and we're happy to have given you this experience, even if it should never have been your first time on a beach."

"Of course we'll take the kids to the beach." Nasta told him. "I swear it."

Harry smiled wonderfully at him and Nasta felt his breath catch as Harry actually glowed with utter happiness. He was almost sad to rip Harry away from this place, but their Portkey would be leaving soon and no matter how much fun and excitement they had had on this holiday, it would be nice to go home and to see Braiden again, he had actually missed waking up in the night with the little boy, the night feeds had become their bonding time and he really had missed it.

Harry took hold of Braiden and hugged him tightly. He had missed his baby so very, very much. Everyone was there to welcome them home. Marianna had invited them all to her home because she knew that that is where they would come first, because Braiden was here.

Myron, Richard and Ashleigh were hugging Max, Alayla and Talia were grinning as Max blushed. Aneirin had taken Nasta into another room as soon as they had arrived home, leaving Sanex to run wild with Caesar. Narcissa was kissing Draco's cheek and remarking on his good health and how the sun had done him good and Harry smiled as he held Braiden, wishing deep down that he had a parent to welcome him home from his holiday and ask him how it had been.

A hand landed on his shoulder and Harry turned to see Remus smiling down at him. Harry turned with a grin and hugged him with all his might. Remus may not have been a parent, but he was the closest thing that he had to a family member that he had had when he was a baby.

"You look amazing." Harry told the man and he really did. His skin and hair looked healthier, he looked happier, he had fewer lines and wrinkles on his face and his robes were nice. Not expensive or lavish, but nice.

Remus smiled and Harry saw the playful man that used to run around on the full moons with three illegal animagus'.

"I've been feeling better lately and I've been happier." Remus answered.

"Is there a reason for this?" Harry prodded as he shifted Braiden up onto his shoulder and sat down on the settee.

Remus followed suit and sat down with him, he looked as nervous as Harry had ever seen him.

"I have started seeing someone." Remus explained carefully, avoiding looking at Harry.

"Really? That's wonderful! Do I know them?"

"I…yes, you do."

"I do? It's not Professor McGonagall is it?" Harry demanded.

"What?" Remus asked with a horrified laugh. "No! No, it's…well it's Tonks."

"Really? Well she seems like a nice enough woman and if you're happy that's all that matters, where is she? Why didn't you bring her?"

"She's in work today, Harry."

Harry grinned at the goofy look on Remus's face.

"You really do love her don't you? When are you going to get married? I expect an invite for me and the guys."

"Married? Harry we've only just begun a relationship." Remus said flabbergasted.

"Alright, but remember that anything could happen and it's always a good thing to marry the woman you love before she gets pregnant, otherwise she'll just think you're marrying her for the baby." Harry replied as he laid his own baby across his lap and tickled his belly.

"What baby? Harry, I'm not sure what you know of relationships, but most do not end up with babies."

"Really?" Harry asked, pulling a confused face. "Mine did."

"Well Braiden was a stroke of luck due to your creature inheritance." Remus said as he took a tiny, baby hand between his fingers. "The book Nasta gave me explained that you wouldn't get pregnant again right away."

Harry pulled a face. "Remus, I'm pregnant again. Nine days along."

Remus looked for a moment like he would faint.


"I didn't so much go onto a heat as my body became heated enough through outside factors to conceive and I did."

Remus pulled Harry into a hug and held him close.

"It'll be alright, you'll be fine." The werewolf soothed.

"I know. I just didn't want to be pregnant quite this quickly. I am going to make sure that this baby is the last for a while."

"Oh, you know it's only the one then?" Remus asked.

"What do you mean?" Harry frowned.

"Harry, Dracken pregnancies are typically multiple babies. Only the first pregnancy is usually one baby."

"Kimberly had several single births before…"

"It doesn't matter; Kimberly is from a whole different generation. She is decades older than you are and the strain of the times and conflict that she was living through would have messed with her breeding and fertility. You on the other hand are a young, virile young man living in a time of peace, there is every chance you are carrying multiple children."

Harry mouthed wordlessly for a bit before he stood up and strode over to Max, he stood right in front of him and glared up at him.

"What did I do?" He asked as he cowered away from that poisonous glare of his little submissive.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Harry demanded.

"Tell you what, love? Whatever Caesar has said then it is likely a lie."

"Why didn't you tell me that this baby I'm carrying is likely more than one baby?!" Harry snapped.

"It might not be." Ashleigh told him. "The circumstances under which the baby was conceived might mean that the usual Dracken breeding statistics don't apply, Harry love."

"Is there any way to find out?" Harry asked.

"Not before your first scan."

"Why can't I have my first scan now?"

"Because you won't be able to see anything." Myron told him patiently. "The scan won't pick up anything visible until the baby, or babies, have had a chance to grow."

"If I am carrying more than one baby then you and the rest can look out!" Harry threatened and stomped off with Braiden.

"I think now is time for some light hearted relief." Marianna exclaimed. "Remus, be a dear and go and fetch Harry back. Myron, go and find out what Aneirin is doing to his poor son, I'll fetch us some tea and then the fun can begin."

Harry sulkily sat on an equally sulky Nasta, who had had both his ears chewed off by his Dad for not taking care of his submissive properly, though Aneirin had been a bit lenient because Harry had gotten a holiday after all.

"Right, you have been home for an hour and already your faces look like you have been hit with a soggy loaf of bread. Drink your tea and let us make you feel better…by embarrassing the hair from your heads."

Marianna picked up a delicately embossed photo album that had Blaise Mariano Zabini scripted on it in elegant cursive along with Blaise's birth date; the twelfth of October nineteen-seventy-nine.

"Mother, please no!" Blaise begged as he stood up so quickly his tea cup shattered.

"This is Blaise's baby book; he was such a cute baby."

Marianna opened the book to show a baby that was at least three days old, lying on his stomach wearing just a nappy.

Blaise started speaking in rapid French and Nasta started laughing as Marianna giggled at her son, but she obviously ignored him and what Harry suspected were threats as she turned the page.

"Aww, Blaise, you were so cute." Harry cooed. "You look so much like Braiden."

Max pulled Blaise down and made him sit through the entire baby book and the three photo albums after that that went through his childhood and all the way up to this summer. Blaise shoved his face into his hands at the naked pictures of his baby self, the bath time photos, the grins with the missing baby teeth and the picture where he was cuddling a stuffed toy when he was twelve.

Marianna took out a single photo from behind her back and Blaise went pale.

"What photo is that?" He demanded.

"This is a very special photo just for Harry to put in his own photo album; I thought he'd enjoy it."

It turned out to be a picture of a six year old Blaise wrapped around a five year old Draco as they slept on a rug in front of a fire place.

Draco went pink and Blaise went red when Harry cooed over the photo and thanked Marianna.

"Now that Marianna has finished, we can move onto Max." Myron said with a smirk that was so evil that Harry cackled and he went to sit on his lap so that he could see the photo album better.

"Wait, wait wait, is this what all this is about? You're going to show off all of our baby pictures?" Nasta asked his face whiter than paper.

"Of course. It's every parent's right to embarrass their children with photos." Narcissa said with a dainty laugh.

"You too, Mother?" Draco asked, his already pale face going grey.

"Of course, Draco darling, you were the cutest, most handsome baby I'd ever seen, I want to show you off."

They sat though Max's huge baby book, all the way to his adult years, from tiny six pound baby to eighteen stone man. Then they went onto Draco's baby book, seeing the very cute, pink ball with blond fluff for hair to the pouty child and the angular teenager and finally the man he had become.

Aneirin delighted in showing Nasta's baby photos, from the miniscule three pound baby, the very happy and healthy child with the huge grin, there was a very cute picture of Nasta between his two older siblings, standing head and shoulders shorter than Sanex and coming to his sister's elbow and another one where Aneirin was carrying Nasta on his shoulders, little legs in a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt that was in a foreign language which Nasta told them was Polish. Harry had never seen any of them blush so much and he delighted in laughing at them from his place still sat on Myron's lap.

"Alright, Harry, you're next. You've spent all day laughing up us, now it's your turn." Max stated.

"You'll have to go without then, I don't have any baby pictures of myself." Harry answered sadly.

"Did those people not take even one photograph of you?" Ashleigh asked in surprise.

Harry shook his head. "No, they made me stand out of the shot and then, when I was older I was the one taking the pictures."

Myron hugged him tightly and kissed his forehead.

"I've got two pictures." Harry admitted as he stood up and went to his suitcase. He dug out the photo album from where it was wrapped in his invisibility cloak.

"You took your cloak and photo album on holiday?" Nasta questioned.

"I take them everywhere I go." Harry replied as he opened the book, skipped over the pictures of his parents and Sirius and Remus and showed them the two pages, on one side a picture of a smiling Lily and James holding a baby Harry between them and on the other side a picture of James holding a grinning toddler.

"Oh Harry, you were beautiful." Ashleigh sighed. "You can really tell you're a submissive Dracken."

"Really, how?"

"The eyes." Richard answered, pointing out how large and alien Harry's eyes looked in his head.

"Can I tell with Braiden?" Harry asked.

"Are you saying Braiden's a Dracken, Harry?" Myron asked him perceptively.

Harry grinned and he looked to his adorable little son. He felt it was a bit too early to tell them that he had birthed a Dracken, but it didn't matter too much.

"Yes he is. I smelt it on him as soon as he was born."

Ashleigh squealed excitedly and grabbed Braiden's little hands and shook them gently as his mates looked on proudly. Blaise more so than the rest as Braiden was his biological son.

"Back to the question, can I tell if he'll be dominant or submissive?"

"You can hardly ever tell using the eyes alone." Myron answered giving his two mates a reprimanding stare. "It's so difficult to tell, you'd be better off treating all of them the same, boys and girls, as one of my sisters thought that she was going to be a submissive just because she was a girl and she turned out to be a dominant. We thought for years that Caesar would be a submissive and he turned out as a dominant. You can never truly know until their inheritance, you can only make educated guesses and even then they could be wrong."

"You what?" Caesar demanded.

"We all thought that you were a submissive Dracken, Caesar." Max chuckled before turning to his parents. "You used to tell me to treat him like the girls, because he was delicate and easily hurt."

"Caesar had wide eyes too, not as wide as yours though and he was so slim and slender, very androgynous, I had hoped that he was a submissive."

"Please stop talking." Caesar begged, covering his burning face.

"He shot up days before his sixteenth birthday and gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time. We still thought that he might be a submissive, but when he woke up on his sixteenth birthday, he was the man you see before you, only less of a man and more of a boy, but he was a dominant like Max."

"This is where I come in." Remus said with a grin. "You might not have any baby photos of yourself Harry, but I do."

Remus pulled out a bright blue photo album that had a picture of Lily and James on the front of it.

"James thought it would be fitting to put a picture of himself and Lily on the front rather than a picture of you." Remus explained as Harry carried Braiden over to sit on his lap to see photos he had never seen before.

There was of course the mandatory bath photo, only baby Harry was covered in so many bubbles it was hard to see him.

"That was Sirius' fault. He preferred showers so he didn't realise that you only needed one capful of bubble bath. He poured in half a bottle before he started seeing bubbles and he finally stopped pouring, you of course found it hilarious." Remus said as he pointed out Harry's wide grin. "You had such an infectious laugh."

Harry giggled and he turned the page.

"Now this was a cute picture." Remus said as he showed everyone a year old Harry wearing a pair of lopsided sunglasses that were far too big for his face. "Those were your Mother's favourite sunglasses, of course you loved them and she let you have them, you broke them the day after this photo was taken by snapping out the lenses."

Harry laughed and he even stroked the photos with his parents in them with such a wistful, longing look on his face that it brought lumps to everyone else's throats.

The required naked photo of Harry even made him laugh as he was in the back garden of his parents' home, in the pouring rain, covered in an inch of mud and muck. The only parts of him not covered in mud were his eyes and nose, one elbow and half a peachy, pert bum cheek.

"You can keep these, Harry." Remus told him as they finished the book and it was closed.

"But they're yours." Harry answered.

"And I'm giving them to you. I have my memories, Harry. I remember all of these situations and the long days I spent with you and your parents, you don't have that, you don't have those memories as I do, so you can have the photos, you need them more."

Harry hugged Remus tightly and he didn't let go, whispering a soft 'thank you' into Remus' ear.

"Now that we have thoroughly embarrassed you, how was your holiday? I was so excited when Marianna told me what she'd done; I wish I had thought of it! What did you see, what did you do?" Ashleigh asked.

"Oh it was wonderful!" Harry said enthusiastically. "We took loads of photos; I saw an iguana and a sea turtle and I went to a beach! An actual beach!"

"You've never been to a beach before?" Sanex asked astonished.

"I have now, I've been to three beaches and I picked up so many little shells! Nasta says they're from dead molluscs and crustaceans, but they looked so pretty!"

Harry recounted everything they had done and seen, talking so happily and quickly that it made them all smile as Harry told of the wildlife parks, the botanical gardens and the aquarium.

"And Nasta even let me go snorkelling when the boat with the window in the bottom stopped! We saw so many little fishes and Max said he saw a shark, but I don't think he did because no one else saw it."

"I did so see a shark!" Max pouted.

"It sounds like you had an amazing time." Marianna told them. "Braiden and I were fine, though I had forgotten how taxing a young baby could be. Do you boys feel better?"

"Much better." Harry replied. "I think I even got a tan! Despite Nasta's orders that all of us wear factor fifty sun cream all day every day."

"Nasta only made you do that because I forgot to cover him when he was eight and he got the worst sunburn I have ever seen." Sanex replied. "His skin was peeling for weeks. And he was red raw and he was in constant pain. I got a beating for that."

"You did not get a beating." Aneirin denied. "I just clipped you around the ear."

"And then spanked me so hard I couldn't sit down." Sanex pouted.

"You could have caused Nasta to get skin cancer!" Aneirin growled. "Your baby brother!"

"He's not a baby anymore." Sanex said.

"I'm fine." Nasta stressed. "I got one skin mole and that was the end of it."

"Is that where it came from?" Harry asked. "I love that little mole."

"You mean you love running your tongue around it." Max chuckled. "Makes me wish I had one for you to play with."

"Maximilius!" Myron berated. "There are women and children present, including your own Mother and your own child!"

Max looked abashed but he was grinning still and Harry chuckled.

"I can't believe you went four days without cooking, or did you sneak a camp stove into your luggage again?" Talia asked her brother.

"The food was really nice." Max told her.

"Not as nice as Max's, but it was nice." Harry explained further.

"Aww, he really loves you, Max." Caesar cooed.

Harry chuckled and happily fed Braiden when he woke up, wailing for his dinner. They said goodbye not long after that and flooed home for the first time in days and just the smell of Max's home made him sag in relief and it made him so glad to be home.

They all left their suitcases by the fireplace and went into the kitchen; where Max threw open all of the windows and the back door before making them all a cup of tea.

"It's good to be home." Harry said with a smile as he sipped on his honey tea.

"You see this place as home?" Max asked a happy, hopeful glint in his eyes.

Harry nodded and he swallowed a mouthful of tea. "I gave birth here, this is home to me. Though we might have to upgrade in a few years when we get more kids as you only have two spare bedrooms, though that won't be for a long, long time yet. Just let me enjoy the babies I have before giving me anymore, okay?" He asked.

Max came and kissed him deeply and Harry made a small noise in his throat. Things got heavy and passionate and then Braiden started sniffling and squirming in discomfort as he started emitting a very bad smell.

Harry laughed as Max backed away. "It's good to be home." He repeated as he took Braiden to the changing mat they kept at the end of the kitchen to change his son's dirty nappy.

Max started on making them a late dinner and he was so infectiously happy to be back in his own kitchen in front of his oven that it made the rest of them happy.

Harry changed Braiden and happily handed him off to Blaise, who silently asked for the baby by holding out his arms. Harry went and sat on Nasta after disposing of the soiled nappy, Nasta who then wrapped his strong arms around him and kissed the back of his neck.

"We should get to bed early tonight, perhaps with the aid of a very light sleeping potion, just enough so that we can sleep, but not enough to keep us sleeping through Braiden's cries. We should go to Diagon Alley tomorrow to pick up your school things before it's too late, you only have a few days left before you need to leave."

Harry nodded and as he was served a plate of food, the conversation turned to their school schedule and child minding duties. After dinner and all of the dishes had been washed and put away he readily agreed to take a sip of the light sleeping potion to make him drowsy enough to fall asleep and he cuddled up with his mates, in their own bed and snuggled in until he fell asleep a little while later, dreading when Braiden would wake them up crying, he had become accustomed to sleeping in and his body was not going to welcome the screaming baby in his ear again and though he was looking forward to going back to Hogwarts again, he realised with a grin that he wasn't looking forward to it as much as he had in the past as he hadn't even made his count down chart that summer.

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