The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


5. Chapter Five – Blissful Days

Harry had come to the conclusion that Blaise was the only mate that he ever wanted. He didn't want anyone else, fuck his genes or whatever it was that said he needed more than one person to become pregnant.

How ridiculous was that anyway? Girls got pregnant at the drop of a hat; it was why Hogwarts' Medi-nurse was female, so that girls would feel more comfortable talking to her. Harry thought that that was a load of shit too. He wouldn't feel any more or less embarrassed or humiliated talking to a woman about his sex life than he would a man. He'd be equally mortified either way.

As he lay on Blaise's bed in the Slytherin dormitories, three days after the hotel from hell incident, Harry was contemplating when he would go into heat. He was still eating cereals and toast by the plateful and had recently added crackers and biscuits, but he wasn't devouring bowl after bowl of fruits like Blaise had told him would be sign of the last stage of his breeding cycle before he went into heat.

The only thing that pointed to him progressing at all was that he couldn't stand to be near meat of any sort, raw or cooked, which indicated that he was just over the crest of the middle period of his cycle. Blaise wasn't worried at all, he said that breeding cycles could take weeks even months before the submissive went into heat, it was different for every submissive.

Harry didn't know what he wanted his cycles to be, on the one hand, he really wanted to experience going into heat with Blaise, on the other hand, the minute he came off of heat, he would have to have a meeting to find his second mate.

"What's floating around in that gorgeous head of yours, Mio Bello?" Blaise asked, coming from the bathroom fully dressed, much to Harry's disappointment.

"I'm just wondering about going into heat."

"The only thing that fills your head these days." Blaise stated affectionately. "I've told you, Harry, it will happen when it happens. There is nothing to worry about."

"I was thinking that maybe we should practice first, before I go onto heat."

"Why?" Blaise asked, looking faintly offended. "I am a good lover, Harry. I don't need to practice."

"But I do, Blaise. This will be my first time; the heat is a primal act between Drackens that is rough and instinctual. I don't want my first time to hurt, Blaise."

"Oh Prezioso, come here." Blaise cooed cuddling Harry tightly. "Why didn't you tell me that you were afraid? Of course if you want me to make love to you beforehand I will. I would be honoured to."

Harry smiled and held Blaise against him. "Thank you, Blaise." He whispered.

Blaise gave that sexy smirk and took Harry's hand in his own. "Come or we will be late for breakfast, you need to eat."

"Why are you always trying to feed me? I feel like a pudding." Harry sighed, he was not used to eating so much, even when he was at Hogwarts and away from the poisonous influence of his relatives.

"It is in my instincts to feed my mate, just be lucky that I am already a year into my life as a Dracken, a Dracken who is new and is mated would not be able to control his instinct to feed you. He would drag a dead animal to you in the Great Hall, in front of everyone. Would you prefer that?"

Harry looked faintly horrified. He didn't know what to settle on, absolute disgust or faint amusement.

"That's gross." He finally settled on saying as Blaise tugged him out of his dormitory and into the common room.

Blaise gave him a wicked smirk as he pulled Harry to cradle him under his arm, hugging him close.

"Gross or not, it is how our instincts dictate that we should act. It takes a while for us to get a hold of our instincts; it took me eight weeks of running around and trying to force my housemates to submit to me before I could control myself. I don't know if you remember but I was being labelled as insane this time last year."

"I remember a mention of it and that was only because you tried to get a Gryffindor seventh year to bow down to you."

Blaise grinned then. "I remember him, he thought he was stronger than me, strutting around like he owned the place, my Dracken had to put him in his place. It was after that incident that Professor Snape got involved and started teaching me."

"It's strange thinking that Snape is a Dracken. He doesn't look like the rest."

Blaise sighed sadly and nodded. "His mate died, Harry. When a Dracken's mate dies, we turn bitter and sour, especially as Professor Snape didn't have time to have a clutch of children with his mate. Without a mate and without children, well we sort of lose ourselves and we waste away. Many decide to commit suicide, but Professor Snape is far too strong to ever sink to that level."

"My god, I don't know what would happen if you suddenly died." Harry breathed in horror.

"Don't think about it, Mio Bello. It is usually the submissive who dies anyway."

"Oh thanks for that." Harry laughed in mock outrage.

Blaise chuckled. "Not that I would ever let you die, Prezioso. Professor Snape was separated from his mate when they died, he couldn't protect them."

"That's awful, I feel bad now for ever thinking ill of him."

"Don't worry about it, Harry, you didn't know. He doesn't want people to know."

Harry nodded at the hint to not mention it or to bring it up as they entered the Great Hall. Being used to sitting at the Slytherin table, Harry didn't even try to veer off towards the Gryffindor table anymore, not that Blaise would have let him. It wasn't like there was anything over there for him anyway; he'd only be eating on his own.

The only new thing about this was that Malfoy was back. Harry had had the feeling that the huge blond had been avoiding him since he had found Harry in Blaise's bed, but he didn't know Malfoy all that well, for all he knew it could have been normal behaviour.

Blaise sat down next to a girl with long, yellow-blonde hair and opposite a boy with a pointed face and light brown hair. Harry recognised the boy as Blaise's friend Theodore Nott. This seating arrangement unfortunately left Harry sitting opposite Malfoy, who was being mauled by a fourth year girl, with the same blonde hair as the girl next to Blaise. Malfoy calmly pushed her off of himself every now and then with one arm, without stopping the calm, measured bites of his breakfast.

Harry watched curiously and Malfoy, as if he could feel Harry's gaze, lifted his head as he was chewing his bacon to lock eyes with him. Harry tilted his head questioningly as the girl once again tried to climb onto Malfoy's lap and the blond man sighed.

"Daphne, could you please remove your sibling from my proximity." Malfoy's low, serious voice cut through all surrounding conversations and drew people's attention onto himself.

The blonde girl next to Blaise peeked around his mate's huge shoulders and looked embarrassed and faintly shocked.

"Astoria!" She exclaimed sharply. "Come here and leave Draco be, I've told you before that this behaviour is unacceptable and the continuance of it will see a letter finding its way to Mother and Father!"

"She obviously hasn't been taught properly." A pug faced girl that Harry knew as Pansy Parkinson sniffed over her glass of pumpkin juice. "No self-respecting Pureblood woman would act like a desperate whore."

Daphne flushed a brilliant red and glared hatefully at Pansy as she stood up. She took a hold of her sister's arm as she passed her and started dragging her away.

"There was no need for those comments." Harry stated quietly, looking at Parkinson.

Blaise immediately stopped his conversation at the sound of his voice and turned to look at him, whether he was reprimanding him with his eyes or just giving him support Harry didn't know. He didn't care, it was wrong of Parkinson to say such things out loud, even if she did think them.

"Keep your nose out, Half-blood." Parkinson sneered.

"Do not speak to him like that." Blaise threatened lightly.

"What do you even see in him, Blaise?" Pansy asked snootily, looking at Harry critically. "He's too short, too skinny, he doesn't look after his awful hair, his face is disgusting, he can't see further than his own nose and he's stupid as well. His only redeeming qualities are a passing skill in Quidditch and his eyes, only since he lost those disgusting, plebeian glasses though."

Harry would never admit how much those words hurt him. Hadn't he heard something similar from Ron's mouth not seven months ago? Blaise however was growling continuously under his breath. Harry took a hold of his hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

"You will apologise to Harry immediately." Blaise demanded, giving a pointed look to Parkinson, who quelled under his glare.

"I apologise." She stated huffily and turned away from them both, engaging Millicent Bulstrode in conversation.

Blaise wrapped an arm around Harry and the diminutive Dracken rather thought that if he had been able to Blaise would have wrapped a wing around him as well.

"Do not listen to her, Mio Bello." Blaise whispered into his ear. "You are so beautiful and she is jealous because she will never be as stunning as you are. Not with that nose at any rate."

Harry giggled lightly and snuggled in tighter. He felt glad that Blaise had defended him, he had been too stunned to do so himself, what with Parkinson sounding so much like Ron. The only difference had been that Ron had slighted him for his fame as well; it seemed that Slytherins had no problem with his apparent celebrity status, just his appearance and his blood status, or lack thereof.

Harry growled as yet another male student went past and smacked his bum. It seemed to be a new game that the Gryffindors had started. Seamus had done it first, but Harry could tolerate the flirty Irishman doing it, he had known Seamus for five years and they both knew it meant nothing serious, it was Seamus' way of showing that they were still friends, well that and he liked Harry's new look.

Dean Thomas had done it as a joke because Seamus had, then after that it was like a tidal wave had hit, he couldn't go anywhere without having his arse smacked. Blaise didn't know about it…yet, but Harry was sure he was going to blow up about it and probably kill someone if he ever found out about it. He had to put a stop to it himself and soon.

Walking into the library, Harry went into the potions section and scanned for the particular book that he wanted, which typically was right on the top shelf. He was five foot five, but you had to be over six foot to reach the top shelf of the library in any section.

Sighing and resigning himself to dragging a chair over to reach it, because not only could he not take out his wings to hover high enough to reach it, but he wasn't allowed to use magic in the library anymore thanks to six, third year students who had had a duel in the study area last month.

"You're not going to be able to get it down by pouting at it." A smooth, cultured voice told him.

Harry knew that voice before he even turned around to see the hulking figure of Draco Malfoy. Harry hated that the blond had seemingly shot up a foot during the summer, they had almost been the same size last year, he had been five foot three and a half and Draco had been five foot seven, now the blond was at least six foot five, six foot six in height.

"I was just about to get a chair." Harry defended hotly.

Malfoy rolled those silver coloured eyes and stood up from the chair that he had been sat in. Harry hadn't seen him when he'd come down this way to get the particular book that he wanted.

"Which book do you want?"

"The big blue one."

"Well that's helpful seeing as there are several big blue books that you can't reach."

"Extremely Advanced Potions: Of a Creature Kind. It's on the top shelf." Harry replied.

Harry wasn't sure, but it looked like Draco went ten shades paler, which was quite a feat as he'd been look extra pale this term and slightly sick.

"Why do you want that book?" He asked, striving for nonchalance but only achieving Harry's curiosity.

"Because I do." Harry replied. "Now are you going to get it down for me or do I have to go and get a chair?"

Draco reached up and took down the book from the very top shelf; he didn't even need to go on his tip toes to reach it. He handed it to Harry reluctantly and it made Harry so insanely curious. What was in this book that Malfoy didn't want him to see?

"Thank you." Harry stated, before scurrying away before Malfoy could change his mind and snatch the book back off of him.

Harry checked the book out and quickly left the library. He went out into the grounds and sighed as the fresh air hit him. His wings twitched under his skin and Harry had to concentrate doubly hard to keep them hidden. He wanted to bring them out and flex them.

He made his way over to the lake and sat down against the tree closest to the edge; he pulled his shoes and socks off of his feet and happily dipped them into the water. Blaise would probably kill him for doing it, what with it being the end of November, but Harry didn't care, he had always loved the feeling of the icy water lapping at his toes.

He cracked open the book and started at chapter one. He had planned on just looking up Dracken pheromone suppressors, seeing as he didn't like advertising himself to every Dracken within a fifty mile radius, but Malfoy had made him so itchingly curious, he had to find out why the huge blond hadn't wanted him to read this book.

So he was being nosy, he really didn't care, Blaise would have an eppy fit if he knew the reason he was scouring every page of this book, he valued privacy, but Harry was just too curious to let it drop. The truth was that Draco Malfoy had always fascinated him. He followed every move the blond made religiously and his eyes always found a way to follow his blond nemesis, only he wasn't so much a nemesis anymore. Ever since they had come back to school things had changed, Malfoy wasn't going out of his way to torment him, in fact he hadn't even insulted him and had even helped him get the book from the too high shelves.

"Potter! Get your feet out of the water." A sharp, icy voice demanded.

Harry automatically did as he was told, the voice of a dominant Dracken forcing his submissive will, but he looked over his shoulder at who had ordered him to do so, his emerald green eyes meeting and holding the jet black eyes of Severus Snape.

"Hello Professor."

"I see Zabini hasn't yet taught you enough. Drackens do not like the cold, Potter. Prolonged exposure to the cold will make you very, very ill."

"Oh." Harry frowned; he loved dipping his feet into water.

"I can see that Zabini is not going to teach you efficiently enough. I expect to see you in my quarters after dinner, Potter. This is not a request."

With that the Potions Professor strode away, his black cloak billowing out behind him as per usual, but Harry was half expecting the sky to fall down. He was going to have private Dracken lessons with Snape! Of all people it had to be Snape.

Blaise was not happy at the idea of private lessons with Snape, a dominant Dracken at that, never mind that Snape wasn't looking for anyone because he had already been mated, and he insisted on accompanying him.

"Honestly, Blaise this is ridiculous." Harry grumbled.

Blaise's hand curled around the back of his neck and squeezed lightly, warning him not to say another word, however Harry was incensed by the action. He was not some obedient little puppy!

Moving his shoulder to try and nudge Blaise's hand away only made the hand squeeze tighter and Harry mewled in pain. He twisted in Blaise's hold and tried to kick out, but Blaise moved his leg to block the attack.

"You can't be with me twenty-four seven, Blaise! No matter how much you fucking want to! What if I get a detention? Are you going to walk me there holding my hand?"

"Why do you want to be alone with Snape so much? Is it because he's older than me? More experienced? He sure as hell isn't better looking." Blaise hissed.

"Would you listen to yourself? You're being a jealous dick! I don't know what experienced is! I don't know what inexperienced is because I'm a virgin! I've told you that already so get the fuck off of me!"

Blaise let his claws come out to touch the skin of Harry's neck and pulled him closer so their faces were as close as they could get.

"Do not speak to me like that."

"I'll speak to you how I damn well please!"

Harry gasped as Blaise's claws dug into his skin, but he still threw his arms out to push at Blaise's chest.

"Let the fuck go!"

"Oi!" A new voice joined their argument in the assumedly deserted corridor. "Let him go!"

Harry looked to the side and could have groaned as he saw Cormac McLaggen, a seventh year Gryffindor, standing by an open doorway just a few feet from them. He walked closer and Blaise started growling, a low sound which Cormac probably couldn't even hear, but Harry could feel under his hands which were frozen against his mate's chest.

"Do not stick your nose into other people business!" Blaise threatened.

"It is my business if you're abusing a fellow lion."

McLaggen was either stupid or crazy, probably both, Harry deduced. No one would willing walk towards an enraged dominant Dracken. Not that McLaggen knew that Blaise was a dominant Dracken, but the pheromones that Blaise was releasing into the air should have scared any human off by now.

"Back off!" Blaise snarled, pulling Harry behind his own body and keeping him there by hooking four claws into his robes. At least it wasn't his skin.

But fucking hell, Blaise was seeing McLaggen as a threat. Harry needed to diffuse this situation immediately!

"McLaggen its fine. Just go away. I've got a detention with Snape now anyway."

"I'll walk you there." Cormac stated confidently.

"No you won't!" Blaise burst out. Harry could feel his mate's wings pulsing under the skin of Blaise's back, through his shirt and his robes. If McLaggen didn't leave soon, he wasn't going to walk ever again.

"I'm going to be late!" Harry shouted at them both. "I'm not being late for Snape, you two stay here and fight like barbarian cavemen, I'm leaving!"

With that he hurried down the corridor and further into the dungeons. He had gotten a short missive from Snape at dinner, which had told him that his private quarters were located around the corner and six doors down from the potions classroom.

Solid arms wrapped around his waist and lifted him from the floor. They were unfamiliar and too wide to be Blaise's.

"Little submissives shouldn't be wandering around on their own, especially when they haven't consummated their mateship through a period of heat."

Harry didn't recognise the voice and he started struggling more viciously and lashing out to break himself free.

"Well you are a fiery one, good. I hate little obedient slaves; you'll be that much more fun to be around."

"Let go of me!"

"But you fit so well in my arms. I promise that you'll come to love me after we have mated, you won't be able to resist me when I have given you a baby."

Harry felt his entire body tremble with rage and he didn't care who was watching or who might see, he brought out all of his Dracken features and dug his claws deeply into his assailant's arms. Not that he needed to seeing as his wings had almost taken the other Dracken's head off.

"You little bitch! I'll kill you!" The dominant Dracken screamed. Harry didn't recognise him; he wasn't a student here, had he been at the meetings a few days ago? Damn it, why hadn't he paid more attention?!

"What is going on here?" Snape's silky voice cut through the noise, just as Blaise ran around the corner.

"He attacked me!" The dominant Dracken stated. "I was just talking to him and the little psycho took a chunk out of each of my arms!"

Blaise snarled at the other dominant from his place cuddling Harry, who clung to Blaise like a lifeline. He didn't want another dominant to take Blaise's place. He didn't want anyone other than Blaise's babies. He had been shaken by the threats of forced mateship and a clutch of children with someone he didn't love.

'You won't be able to resist me when I have given you a baby.' Harry shivered, was it true? Did a dominant Dracken only have to get him pregnant to get his love and affection? He needed answers.

"Mr Potter, is this true?" Snape addressed him, those jet black eyes warning him to not even think of lying.

"No. Well yes, I did attack him and I did gouge his arms with my claws, but he grabbed me from behind when I was walking to your rooms and he wouldn't let me go. He said that I shouldn't be walking alone when I haven't consummated my mateship, that he would make me love him once he gave me a baby. I don't want his baby!"

Harry flinched as Blaise damn near roared in his ear. Snape was there then, holding Blaise around the throat with both of his arms and trying to calm him down. Harry wanted to step away in fright, but he didn't want to leave Blaise's side in case the other dominant snatched him and forced him to mate with him. He didn't want to mate with anyone other than Blaise!

"Potter, go to my rooms immediately." Snape ordered, but Harry didn't move. Blaise was the only one who could even try to order him around.

"Get a hold of yourself, Zabini and get your mate to safety before you go on a killing rampage." Snape snarled.

Blaise's head snapped around to look right at Harry, those gorgeous indigo eyes were furious, murderous and Harry did take a step back then, only for those eyes to soften and for Blaise to scoop him into his chest.

"Shh, Mio Amore, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm not angry with you. Please go to safety, I know you don't like violence and I don't want you to be harmed."

Harry gave one last look to Blaise before he walked off to Snape's rooms. He didn't care what happened to the other dominant Dracken; he didn't even want to think about it, so he gave in and left, because really, he just did not want to watch as Blaise tore him apart, which is what was going to happen and nothing could stop him, no person, no law, nothing. It was within Blaise's rights as a dominant Dracken to grievously maim and kill any who touched, harmed or upset his mate and Blaise was right, Harry really didn't want to stick around to watch it.

Snape's private rooms calmed Harry instantaneously. They reminded him of a forest, of trees and leaves and woods and flying. Everything reminded him that he was a Dracken and he had had no want whatsoever to tuck his wings back in, or his claws or fangs or scales. He wanted them out, he wanted to feel the air against his leathery wings, he wanted to stretch them out to their fullest, which the extra wide, extra high ceilinged room actually allowed.

Yawning, his jaw stretching wide to accommodate his mouth full of sharp little teeth and four curving fangs, Harry automatically lay down in front of the near enough wall length fire, loving the wash of warmth it gave him, and he started purring deeply.

Snape was right, he would much rather be lying here in front of this huge fireplace than swimming his feet in icy water.

A hand stroking his hair had him bolting up right and snarling, before he realised that he was looking into the amused indigo eyes of his mate and he settled down again, purring even louder as Blaise pet him like an animal. It just felt so good.

"Did you kill him?" Harry asked in a quiet voice.

"Yes." Blaise answered without hesitation. "I'd kill for you, Harry. You are my mate and I will not have anyone scaring you like that."

"Won't you get into trouble for killing him?" Harry asked quietly.

"No, Mio Bello. Not after what he threatened and tried to do to you. Forcing a submissive into a mateship by impregnating them is not just breaking a serious law, it's obliterating it. It does not matter that he never tried to do it; just threatening to do it is enough for a death sentence that is how serious this law is. The Counsel would have executed him anyway for his threatened actions. It is better that I am seen to be protecting and honouring you than to be seen as weak by sending him to the Counsel just to be executed anyway."

Harry nodded and silence filled the room, but Harry couldn't keep silent for long, he had too many questions that he needed answers to.

"Could he really have made me love him just by getting me pregnant with his baby?" Harry asked, looking from Blaise to Snape, who had seated himself in a black armchair which looked to be made out of dragon hide.

"Yes." Snape answered with a no nonsense tone. "It is a flaw in the submissive's genetic make-up. A submissive, like yourself, will love any and all children that they give birth too and because you'll love every single thing about your children, you will not be able to hate the one who gave them to you, because your children would be half you and half the dominant who gave them to you. In time you would be unable to hate the one who had given you your children, but because you feel such strong emotions for them, which used to be hate, it would transfer into love."

"Why love?" Harry asked in a small voice.

"Because not only could you not hate them, but you wouldn't be able to feel any negative emotions towards them either and love is the strongest positive emotion a person can feel." Blaise told him gently, still stroking him.

"So all of the negative emotions I would have felt towards him would have built up and are then turned into the strongest positive emotion I could have possibly felt, all because of my child?"

Blaise nodded and brushed his fingers against his cheek, before he lay down next to him, their noses touching and they just stared at each other.

"Is this the reason that you didn't want to leave me alone? Because I haven't gone into heat yet and I could be attacked by another dominant?"

"Yes." Blaise told him. "My instincts will calm down once we have consummated our mateship, but until then I will not want to risk leaving you."

"Why was he even here?" Harry burst out. "He is too old to be a student here, why was he in the school?!"

Snape sighed and rubbed his eyes. "The other Drackens haven't left yet, Potter. You need another mate and none of them want to risk losing you because they cannot get here in time. They are staying close by and many of them are holed up in the temporary house over on the other side of the lake."

"They're still on Hogwarts grounds?!" Harry asked, very upset by this revelation.

"Shh, Prezioso." Blaise soothed. "I am not going to leave you alone. If you thought that I was bad before, it will be nothing compared to how I am going to be from now on, I cannot control myself now that they have made a move on what is mine, I cannot afford to leave you for even a moment."

It should have bothered him, it really should have, as he valued his privacy and alone time above almost everything else, but it didn't. He felt relieved, he felt safer now that he knew that Blaise wouldn't let him be attacked or let any other dominant impregnate him to force him into loving them.

Maybe he would put a stop to it later, much later, after he had already fully mated with Blaise. But for now, he could live with Blaise constantly being at his side.

Two days later and what Harry had been waiting for finally happened. He started craving fruits and berries of all sorts. It happened quite literally overnight. One day he was still eating cereals and toast, the next morning, he saw a bowl of apples and he sat down eating one after the other like he was a starving man.

Blaise had looked at him and then plastered himself to his side, an arm firmly around his shoulders and back and he glared at everyone who came within a five foot distance of him.

"Could you at least pretend that you have some table manners, Potter?" Malfoy told him with a regal sniff.

Harry swallowed his bite of apple and cocked his head.

"No." He answered before going right back to eating his apple.

Blaise had chuckled and happily handed him every fruit within reach, proudly watching as Harry ate them all.

"What in the name of Merlin is wrong with you?" Theodore Nott had asked.

Harry shrugged a slender shoulder and swallowed his blueberries. "I'm hungry, sue me."

"There's hungry, Potter and then there's eating enough to feed a herd of Hippogriffs."

"If Harry wants to eat everything off of every plate in this hall he can!" Blaise stated.

"Fine, whatever." Theo stated morosely. "Whatever happened to us being best friends? What happened to friends coming before girlfriends, or boyfriends in this case?"

"We are still friends; I just need time to settle down with Harry first."

"Blaise, you're acting as if you're going to marry him! This behaviour isn't normal."

"I am going to marry him, as soon as we are out of school."

"That isn't you!" Theo burst out. "You haven't been with Potter for a month yet and you're already talking about marriage!"

"Quit your whinging, Nott." Malfoy drawled. "If Zabini wants to spend more time with Potter than with you then let him. You don't need him to hold your hand, its Potter he's marrying not you, so stop acting like a jealous lover."

Theo went bright red and stood up from the table, moving to storm away.

"Theo!" Blaise called out. "Don't bring this up again. I've told you several times I will never be with you. You are my best friend and that is how our relationship is going to stay."

Harry watched this interaction with interest. He wasn't at all threatened by Theodore Nott. He was a human and Blaise had told him that any Dracken would choose a submissive Dracken over a human, so he was secure in the knowledge that Blaise wouldn't leave him for the other boy.

"We would be good together." Theo whispered so quietly it was like listening to the wind.

"We will never be together. I am happily with Harry and we will be married."

Harry watched Theo's Adams apple bob as he swallowed heavily. He nodded once before he left the hall at a quick pace. No one from the other tables noticed him, no one ever noticed the Slytherins. They were discarded and disregarded when they shouldn't have been.

Harry was now learning that labels and net stereotypes were dangerous. Not all Slytherins were bad where not all Gryffindors were good.

It was childish to think that every Gryffindor was a squeaky clean, goody two-shoes and that every Slytherin was a dark, evil, vile cretin that wanted to take over the world. There was so much more to a person than a stereotype and it was unfair to label someone and to group them with the few bad people who they shared a school house with.

Harry was a Gryffindor and he had killed several people. He had taken down Voldemort just seven months ago. He had killed Voldemort, it didn't matter that he was a Dark Lord or a ruthless, merciless murderer. Harry had killed him, one moment was all it had taken and he was dead. He had killed some of the Death Eaters as well. All dead and nothing to bring them back. A good person didn't kill anyone; a good Gryffindor didn't kill another living thing, a good Gryffindor did not use the illegal Unforgivable Curses.


Harry blinked and turned his head to look at Blaise questioningly.

"Are you alright?"

Harry smiled and nodded. "I'm fine, just thinking too hard."

"I hope you aren't reading anything into what Theo was saying."

"No, I wasn't. I'm not threatened by him."

"Good, because nothing has ever happened nor will it ever."

Harry smiled fully then and rested his head on Blaise's shoulder, still popping blueberry after blueberry into his mouth. He wasn't a good person, he had killed numerous people, but then Blaise had killed that other Dracken too, they had both killed others, so maybe they were meant for each other, they could be bad people together.

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