The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


54. Chapter Fifty-Three – Complications

It was a week later when things came to a head. Amelle was still staying at Myron's home with Caesar and their daughter and Harry was holding back his temper, and his tears, by the skin of his teeth. He wanted to hurt her so badly that he was often walking around with his claws out, which made taking care of Braiden difficult and the amount of times he had shallowly stabbed himself because he forgot they were out was ridiculous.

He was also carting around two, two litre water bottles of blood from his mates as he had taken to drinking so much from them that they started feeling dizzy and nauseous if he took it all in one go. He had one bottle which he gulped from throughout the day and a second, back up bottle just in case.

The highlight of the week had been when Braiden had learnt a new word. Oh ah. Almost certainly learnt from Eleonora, who still only said 'ooh' despite Amelle almost demanding her to say 'Mommy'.

Braiden particularly enjoyed bashing his wooden animals about this week before shoving them back into his mouth.

Harry was currently lying on his back on the rug in front of the fireplace, Myron was sat by his head in an armchair, in fact, Harry's head was pillowed on his sock covered feet and he giggled every time that Myron moved his toes.

Braiden was on his chest, sleeping soundly through the afternoon. Harry had only woken up fifteen minutes ago and he was now rubbing the back of his head against Myron's feet. Myron chuckled from behind his paperwork and bent forward to ruffle his hair.

"Did you sleep alright?" He asked.

Harry hummed in agreement. "I could have done with an extra hour, but a baby is squashing a kidney."

"Have you been taking your potions?"

"Yes, but there's nothing they can do for organ squashing." Harry said, accepting the arms that plucked him up from his prone position and sat him upright as he held Braiden still to stop him from waking up.

Harry now felt fit to burst and couldn't see himself going another month of this, let alone another three months, but he took every day as it came, one day after the other and it seemed to be working.

Harry's stomach grumbled so loudly that Braiden made an unhappy noise and Myron chuckled.

"It's almost lunch time." Myron told him. "Max will be almost done with the meal after forcing his Mother from the kitchen."

Harry chuckled and flapped about with his one arm until Myron took pity on him and got him on his feet, tucking away his paperwork and escorting him to the kitchen.

Harry sat himself on Draco, who made a soft 'oof' noise that Harry ignored. He knew he was heavy, he was now over ten stone and it all centred around his stomach, abdomen and hips area. Draco's arms slid around him and nuzzled the back of his neck.

"You need a haircut." He groused as he tugged on the over long clumps of hair, which were so long now it was curling.

"You can cut it if you like." Harry said, uncaring about his hair, he didn't really care what it looked like, it was just hair.

"You sure it won't just grow back?" Blaise teased.

Harry chuckled. "As long as Draco doesn't plan on shearing it to my scalp, leaving five inches of fringe in the front to hide my scar then it should be fine, but the hair has a life of its own."

"Don't we know that." Nasta rumbled, ruffling it up and smirking as it didn't lie back down flat but remained stuck up and ruffled.

So Harry found himself sat on a chair, a towel around his neck like a bib and Draco carefully cutting and styling his hair with a comb as Braiden was held securely by Blaise to keep his little fingers away from the scissors.

"You're enjoying this too much." Harry grumbled, watching another tuft go falling past his face from his head.

"You're well overdue for a haircut." Draco said distractedly as he combed another tuft up and trimmed it.

"Maybe you should become a barber."

"My Father would die of an aneurism." Draco snorted. "His perfect, pureblood, straight O student, son cutting hair for a living out of some small shop off of Diagon Alley."

Harry chuckled at the image and caressed Draco's belly as he moved to stand in front of him. His hands were slapped.

"Stop that. I'm trying to make your hair decent."

"It'll never be decent." Harry complained as he pushed his hands under Draco's shirt.

"You randy bugger." Max teased as he stirred a saucepan of something on the cooker.

"You're only saying that because it isn't you." Harry said cheekily and Max winked at him.

Caesar came in with Eleonora on his hip, her head sitting upright on her shoulders as she looked around through chocolate brown eyes, Caesar's eyes and by extension, Richard's.

"You actually wrestled her away?" Max asked happily as he held his arms out for his niece.

Caesar handed her over and Max kissed and nuzzled her, blowing a raspberry on her cheek making her giggle.

"How are you, Nora?" He asked her. "Uncle Max finally, finally, gets to hold you after five months."

"Ooh!" Eleonora cooed and Max nodded as if she had actually spoken like he always did with Braiden, stirring his simmering saucepan as he did so.

"Yes honey, Uncle Max is cooking lunch, do you want some?" Max turned to Caesar. "She's being weaned isn't she?"

"Yeah, mainly vegetables, but she takes some fruits as well, she hates banana."

"Harry, do you want to try Braiden on some pureed peas and green beans?"

"It can't hurt." Harry nodded. Draco bopped his head.

"Keep still; you'll ruin your hair." The blond admonished as he studied the thick, black tufts.

"Just shave his head and be done with it." Caesar grinned, sitting at the table next to Nasta.

"Shave my head and I'll shave off both of your eyebrows when you're sleeping."

"I think we're done." Draco declared. "Just don't touch it and don't grow it either!"

"Tell me to stop breathing as well why don't you." Harry huffed as he took Braiden from Blaise and cuddled him tightly.

It was half one before lunch was ready, but Harry ignored his own lunch in favour of trying to get Braiden to eat the green paste from the tiny bowl that Max had given him, using the absolutely tiny, soft weaning spoon.

Eleonora was eating gutsily, Amelle, who had been in a forced sleep and had since woken up and taken control of her daughter, was gloating and praising Nora loudly as Harry tried to get Braiden to see the green paste as food.

Harry actually put a spoonful into his own mouth to encourage Braiden, but his son seemed to find it hilarious as he huffed his little giggles at him as the spoon disappeared into his mouth and came out empty.

"He doesn't want to know." He announced decisively, just knowing instinctively that Braiden wasn't ready to come off of his milk just yet.

"Of course he doesn't. He not as advanced as Eleonora." Amelle said snidely as Nora gummed a spoonful of the green paste.

Harry picked up Braiden's bowl of pureed peas and green beans and threw it at Amelle. The paste went all over her, but the little bowl caught her eye and she started bleeding, which turned Caesar feral and made Max rush to intercept his brother before he could launch himself at Harry.

Max dragged Caesar out the back door and Nasta came around the table, picked him up and carried him out of the room, Braiden joining them as Harry had snarled at Blaise, who had tried to take the baby from him.

"That was childish and foolish, Harry." Nasta told him as he settled them in the front room, Harry sitting on his lap. "In front of Braiden as well, what if the bowl had bounced off of Amelle and hit Eleonora?"

Harry bit his lip. He had regretted doing it as soon as the bowl had left his fingers, but hearing that he could have hit little Nora was a blow to the gut.

"I can see you regret doing it, Harry, but did you need me to tell you why you have to regret it or do you regret it on your own?"

"I regretted it the moment the bowl left my hand; I just wanted her to stop talking. I can't take her putting Braiden down so much; I can't listen to it anymore. Braiden is not second best, he's not stupid or more under developed than Eleonora, he's just a different baby and he's younger than her too. I love him how he is, why should he be put down by her because he's not interested in pureed peas? Why should he be scorned just because he can't hold his head up for more than five minutes yet? I've tried to ignore her and to not let it bother me but it does! I just wanted her to shut up."

Nasta pulled his head into a light kiss to the lips and held his head against his shoulder.

"That's alright, love. I know it's hard, I want to rip her tongue out myself, we all do. All of us love Braiden so much and to hear the things that she's saying about him makes my teeth grind together with the effort to stop myself from burying my claws in her forehead. Max and I have been crushing each other's hands under the table to keep from attacking her and I've had to kick Draco's shin twice."

Harry chuckled and savoured that mental image, he felt better knowing that his mates were feeling the same as he was, that they all wanted to hurt her and make her stop talking. He steeled himself, if they could ignore her and behave, he could too, he was an adult, it's time he started behaving like one.

Nasta carried him back into the kitchen and made him swap places with Max, so that Harry was at the farthest end of the table as far as he could get from Amelle. Harry was given his plate and he started eating, Braiden in the crook of his arm playing with his own hands.

Harry ate so much that he thought his stomach had grown five inches as he had sat at the table, he rubbed his belly with a moan and rested his head on Nasta's shoulder.

"Do you feel better?" Nasta whispered to him, ignoring Amelle who was now showing everyone how amazing Eleonora was because she could grasp a moving object and Braiden couldn't.

"Much." Harry answered softly. "I needed that lunch."

"Ah ma." Braiden joined in, Harry kissed his forehead lovingly as Braiden practised his limited number of words.

Nasta chuckled. "He's such a cutie."

"Never thought I'd hear you say the 'C' word." Harry teased, a bit too loudly because Aneirin stopped talking and turned around.

"Who said the 'C' word? Surely not you, Nasta." He hissed in anger. "Not when your four month old child is practically on your lap. I raised you better than to use such foul language."

"No Dad, the 'C' word is Harry's forbidden word, he doesn't like hearing how cute he is."

"I am not CUTE!" Harry hissed dangerously.

"You are." Richard told him with a sly smirk. Harry growled threateningly. "See? It's so cute that you're standing up to me, your hair all sticking up like it's channelling your anger and your pretty eyes glaring and afire."

"You're going to talk yourself into your grave." Myron warned as he patted Richard's knee before standing up and digging out a warm chocolate pudding from the oven that Ashleigh had actually been able to make, though Max had pouted.

Harry was given the first, big slice of pudding that had been drizzled with a melted chocolate sauce; he didn't even feel the craving to shove any honey on it as he took a huge spoonful and shoved it into his mouth. He moaned around the spoon and helped himself to another spoonful.

"I can see where Max got his cooking skills from." He complimented as he licked the chocolate sauce from his spoon.

Ashleigh giggled and thanked him.

"You're welcome here any time, Harry." She said happily.

"Does that mean I'm not?" Max sobbed fakely. "I'm your son, why aren't I invited any time I want to?"

"Because you steal my cooker every time you're here!" Ashleigh answered teasingly.

Max laughed and dug into his own piece of pudding. Harry grinned as he noticed that Amelle was served the smallest piece. It was petty, he knew that, but it still made him feel better to know that Myron wasn't too fond of her and when he kissed Eleonora, his only Granddaughter, as he walked around the table serving everyone, Amelle swiped at him with her claws and hissed.

"Amelle, don't do that to my Father." Caesar growled. "Nora is his granddaughter and he has every right to hold her and kiss her."

"It's not right!" She insisted. "She's not his by blood; it's strange that he wants to kiss her all the time."

"Just what are you trying to say?!" Myron thundered, pulling himself up to his full, intimidating, impressive height of six foot ten inches. Even with a serving tray of pudding in one hand and a serving spoon in the other he looked so dangerous, exuding his feral, threatening pheromones, that Harry shrunk into Nasta's side.

"Ignore her." Harry spoke up in a soft voice as everything was silent and no one moved or breathed, the tension thick enough to walk on. "She wouldn't know a decent person if they stood in front of her face. You can babysit Braiden while I slip away for a relaxing bath."

Harry forced himself up and he made himself approach that dangerous looking man and he trustingly handed Braiden to Myron, who had put the serving spoon and pudding tray down on the table top likely thinking to free his hands of weapons so he wouldn't be tempted to smack Amelle with them. Harry latched onto one of those huge shoulders and pulled himself up and Myron down and chastely pecked his lips before turning to his mates.

"Who wants to carry me up the stairs today? I really want that bath and I want it now."

They all looked at each other and Harry scowled. "Would you rather I try to get up them myself?" He demanded and Blaise ate the last spoonful of pudding, swallowed, stood up and tugged him into his arms, Harry giggling happily at having manipulated them to do his will.

"Thank you, Blaise, you get a present now, you can join me in the bath!"

"That bathtub barely fits Max, how are you and Blaise going to fit?" Draco scoffed.

Harry sent him his nastiest glare that he could muster up and turned away from him and urged Blaise up the stairs.

"Ignore him, love. How about you get in the bath and I rub your back like I used to, we've barely had the time to do anything together lately and I miss you."

Harry smiled beatifically and he kissed Blaise so passionately that his mate had to stop walking or risk walking into something or falling over.

They carried onto Max's childhood bedroom, which was so cute to see with its posters of his Quidditch team, The Appleby Arrows, their pale blue robes adored with a single silver arrow and what amused them all the most was the playwizard magazine that was tucked behind his bedside cabinet. Draco had found it and had laughed uproariously and teased Max for days and still teased him now. Max had gone bright red and explained that it was from when he was a teenager and got aroused by any sight of skin, though he said that he had realised quite quickly that he was more interested in the male body, but he used the magazines to get used to the female form, because he had thought that he would end up mated to a female and that the most he could have hoped for was a second male dominant. Harry had grinned at Max and kissed him, indicating the other three and had said 'Now you have four men to please, how do you feel?' Max had replied with a soft, goofy smile 'I feel like my wish came true and I couldn't be happier.'

Harry smiled as he remembered that conversation and he had even skimmed through the magazine, though he had felt nauseous afterwards, boobs he could look at, faces he could see as beautiful, but it was the other parts that made him feel a bit…queasy. It did absolutely nothing for him.

Blaise run him a bath in Max's en suite. As the oldest child, Max had the second biggest bedroom after his parents and had the only other bedroom with an en suite, which he still goaded his three sisters about thirty years on.

Harry felt himself sink into the warm water and as Blaise stripped off his shirt and knelt beside him and started rubbing his shoulders and neck he felt like the luckiest man on the planet.

"You're so good to me." Harry moaned appreciatively.

Blaise chuckled and kissed him soundly. "You deserve to be treated good and how I treated you that day…I'm sorry, Harry, so sorry. I'll never be able to make it up to you but I swear, no matter how hard things get from now on, no matter if you have half a hundred babies at once, I'll be right by your side."

"If I had half a hundred babies at once you and the other three would be six feet under." Harry said seriously.

Blaise chuckled and nuzzled his neck as his smooth hands rubbed the knots from his shoulders, moving slowly lower as the water cooled around him. Harry was drowsy when Blaise finished and he was quickly dunked under the water and Blaise washed his hair and body for him before tugging him out and rubbing him dry with a warm fluffy towel. Harry felt like a King as he was then dressed in Nasta's favourite, softest pyjamas and carried back downstairs to settle in with the others, who were all in the living room, Myron with a sleeping Braiden down the right side of his chest, one huge hand that swallowed his entire back and bottom holding him in place.

Harry waddled to Max and hefted himself next to the big man and snuggled into his side, ignoring the coos it caused, he was too mellowed out to care and he sighed happily as Blaise sandwiched him from the other side, Max's arm wrapping around the both of them.

"Did you enjoy your two and a half hour bath?" Ashleigh teased.

"Oh very much." Harry purred.

Harry could tell from their looks, from Myron's scowl, Aneirin's eye roll, Sanex and Caesar's grins and Ashleigh's childish delight that they thought that he and Blaise had had sex together, when he really had just gone for an extra-long bath and had all of his muscles massaged into tranquillity by Blaise's expert hands.

The soft conversations and murmurings around him, the weight of the filling meal he had eaten and the relaxing bath he had taken as well as Blaise's massage had left Harry so peaceful and quiet that not even Amelle's snide comments could permeate his sleepy bubble.

He let her make snide comments about him, Braiden, his mates, his pregnancy and his five new babies who weren't even born yet. He just didn't care, in many ways Amelle was just a foolish child and you didn't get into a slanging match with a child, you ignored them and carried on, unless it was your own child, then some small punishment was in order, but Amelle wasn't his child, she wasn't even his mate, his friend or his sister. So he ignored her, she didn't matter, though he did perk up a bit when Caesar let out a growl and marched her out of the room, her arm twisted high behind her back, he settled down once they were gone and the calm and the peace left behind soon had him falling asleep cuddled up to Max's side, the warmth of two bodies pressing in on him, keeping the chill of the December snows away from him.

The next day Harry bundled Braiden up in his brand new snow suit, attached mittens to his little hands and a woollen bobble hat to his head, thick socks on his feet which were then tucked into the snow suit and he took him out into the snow.

He sat down and let Braiden pat at the snow, seeing how different it was to the grass and the carpet he was used to. It was so silent, the world muffled under a blanket of pure white, untouched snow as January came ever closer and Harry relaxed and enjoyed the time to himself as he let Braiden kick and squirm in the snow.

They didn't stay outside for long, twenty minutes if that and there was a big mug of hot chocolate waiting for him and a warm bottle for Braiden and he took them both into the living room and sat cosy by the fire as he fed Braiden the warm milk and gulped his hot chocolate.

"Did you enjoy yourself outside?" Richard asked.

Harry nodded. "Just don't tell the others when they get back or I'll lose my head."

Max had gone food shopping with his Mother as he enjoyed it so much, but Ashleigh had insisted that it was because he didn't trust her with a shopping list instead. Nasta had been called in urgently as a Welsh Green bull went rampaging through the reserve in agony with a sliced up wing that he couldn't fly with. Blaise had gone to visit Marianna and Harry had waved Draco off to his parents when Lucius had owled him saying that he would enjoy Draco's company for an afternoon. Harry smiled every time he thought of how happy and excited Draco had been as he scrutinised every item of clothing as though it were his first date. Caesar had taken Eleonora to visit Alexander and Kimberly and likely his sisters as well and left Amelle knocked out on potions again. Harry was sure it wasn't healthy for her, but he had to admit that things were more peaceful without her harping on in his ear.

Harry was left with Richard and Sanex as Myron and Aneirin had gone to visit a mutual business partner over some upcoming bill or something, he forgot, politics talk bored him to tears.

He yawned and lay down on the rug and left Braiden on his little belly, pushing himself up in a push-up position, he was getting stronger day by day.

"Ah hell." Richard groused a half hour later as an owl floated through the window. He tore it open and read the curling parchment. "I have to leave you boys for an hour or two, problems with the damn Dursley case."

"What problems?" Harry asked as he lifted his head up so fast that his neck cricked, his heart in his throat.

"Nothing for you to worry about, Harry, just something that I wasn't expecting." Richard looked grim and Harry's heart missed a second beat.

"Are they going to get off?"

"What? No! Hell no. If anything this will damn them further. I'll explain later but I need to be there as soon as possible, you'll be alright looking after Harry won't you, Nex? It won't be for long. Myron and your Dad will be back soon, so will Max and Ashleigh and I won't be any longer than two hours."

"We'll be fine! What harm can possibly happen in a few hours?" Sanex replied airily and Harry felt his stomach sink, those words did not bode well for them and he laid himself back on the rug and hoped his clenching gut wasn't telling him that something would happen to Braiden.

It was only half an hour later that they found out exactly how bad things could get when Harry rolled himself to his knees and stretched lazily, thinking of scavenging for some more food.

The popping sound was so loud that it even made Sanex look up from where he was doing his paperwork.

"What was that?" He asked with a frown.

Harry quivered as he felt around his abdomen, feeling a looseness that wasn't there previously. He was shaking and adrenaline was pouring into his bloodstream but he didn't know why and then a smaller, quieter pop was followed by a ripping sensation that was so agonising that it threw his head back as he screamed.

"Shit, Harry. What is it? What do I do?"

"Call the Healer! Call my mates!" Harry hissed out through gritted teeth as Braiden cried beside him, frightened by Harry's screaming. He tried to hold the next scream back and bit through his tongue, but it was no use and he screamed again.

His wings burst from his body and the change threw his balance and he face planted the carpet, leaving smears of blood from his mouth on the cream fabric.

His Dracken was fighting him, was fighting him viciously, urging him to take flight and get away from the danger. Sanex had his head in the floo, talking frantically to the person on the other end. Harry scooped Braiden up and urged his wings to work, but the pain was agonising and he could barely fly in a straight line. He was halfway up the stairs when he heard Sanex shouting for him. He made it to a bedroom, bouncing off the walls as he went, before Sanex caught up to him and Harry growled and hissed and tried to tear out the throat of the approaching threat, his baby Dracken tucked under his arm.

He tucked himself into the corner of the room and placed his baby Dracken on the floor behind his body, the pain almost crippling him, but he had to stand and fight the human off, he needed to keep his baby Dracken safe and secure the area before his five new babies could come into the world.

He growled threateningly and smelt weakness as the human backed away from him; he swiped and almost sunk his claws into him. The human stumbled back quickly and Harry advanced, clutching his stomach which was a burning, stabbing pain that almost made him blind, but he couldn't become vulnerable with a threat in the same room as him.

Harry backed the human into a corner and hissed deeply, a rumble in his belly as his claws coated themselves in venom. He saw the human swallow and his eyes becoming wider, the whites showing more pronounced. He could smell the fear on him and it smelt like food and it had been so long since he had had fresh meat and warm blood.

"Please, Harry. It's Sanex. Remember who I am? Sanex, Nasta's brother. I just want to help you!"

Harry let out a continuous growl and snapped fangs at the human as a particularly vicious pain in his abdomen almost bent him double.

"Alright, alright, you win. I'm leaving."

The human wasn't leaving, Harry decided as he closed in, inching closer to the human backing him further into the corner, his hands up and out as if to fend him off.

A clattering downstairs had Harry's head snapping to the open door. More threats could come in at any moment and he would be outnumbered and surrounded. Him and his baby Dracken and his five unborns.

Harry was momentarily startled as a flash of green sparks seared his eyes and he cried out as he flung his face away from the sparks. He heard the human rushing past him and Harry lashed out with claws, still shielding his eyes and managed to swipe clothing, which ripped, but he didn't catch any skin.

Harry made sure the room he was in was clear before he shut, locked and bared the door, putting up heavy wards to keep away all intruders and threats. He heard hard, fast foot falls coming towards him and he backed away into the corner of the room with his baby Dracken. The door shook under the weight that hit it, but the wards held as the hammering on the door continued.

"Harry? It's Myron. Open the door, you need immediate help!"

Harry hissed lowly and crawled onto the bed, bringing his baby Dracken with him. He bunched up the soft duvet and made a soft cradle to keep his precious baby Dracken safe and warm as he started stripping himself of the restricting clothing, the pain he felt making him retch as his vision blurred for a moment.

He hated it here; he wanted a proper nest with a vantage point so he could better protect himself and his babies, but there was no time as a child squirmed under his skin, fighting to be released.

He tried to prepare as much as he could, making himself comfortable on a bed that smelt safe and comforting, he had two big bottles of blood within reach and his baby Dracken was calming in his crude cradle.

The most vicious pain yet ripped through him and he screamed, mixing it with an unconscious distress call. He felt four comforting rumbles answer; they were all a long way away, his protection was not near him. He was alone.

"Harry! You need a Healer, you can't birth this soon, the babies aren't viable for another three weeks!"

Harry hissed as his knees and wrists trembled. Something wasn't right; this didn't seem to be the same as his last labour. It was different and he couldn't place why.

He stroked his engorged belly with venom coated claws and as soon as he pressed in, his body gushed outwards with fluid. He quickly split his stomach open wide and a baby fell out as soon as the split was big enough, pushed out by siblings fighting for space. His sac had ripped on its own.

He ignored everything else as he put the baby more securely on the bed, before reaching inside, ripping the split in his sac wider and pulling out a second baby as soon as he found a neck to wrap his fingers around. The third baby was attached to the second, grasping on tightly to the second baby's thumb and they came out one after the other easily. The fourth baby was hard to find as all he could feel was arms, legs and cords, no necks.

He shoved down on the top of his bump and a baby moved and he grasped a neck and pulled the baby out quickly. The final baby was easy to find and cupping the baby's neck, Harry eased it out of himself before realising that he had nothing to clamp the cords with. Panicked and losing blood, he looked around desperately. He found two shoe laces, a camera cord and he shredded the sheets for little strips of material. He tied them all around the babies' umbilical cords tightly, before severing them. He ripped out all the placentas in his sac with an inhuman screech of agony before reaching over and draining a bottle of blood. It was cold and it was thick and sluggish going down his throat, but it did its job. He swallowed the second bottle as an extra safety measure as there was still a thick opening where he had cut himself that was oozing blood, but with the second bottle, it closed fully, leaving a livid red scar.

Two of his babies were wailing incessantly, a third was squalling, red faced and blood coated. Two babies were not moving, they were not crying, they were not breathing.

Panicked Harry picked them up and cradled them. They were tiny. So, so tiny that he was afraid to touch them, but he forced himself to lay back with the babies on his chest, snatching his discarded shirt and rubbing them frantically with it, trying to stimulate breathing. One dribbled fluid from a tiny puckered mouth and started crying wetly, the other did nothing, did not respond.

His Dracken screamed in distress and he could feel his throat ripping at the ferocity of the cry, ignoring the background noise going on around him as he rubbed harder, limp limbs floppy and little extremities turning pale blue. He screamed again and again, willing his baby to live, he could feel the tears, could feel the adrenaline and distress his body was in. He was so tired, he ached and he was sore, but he shoved it out of his mind as he hefted the absolutely tiny baby higher up his chest, resting that floppy head on his shoulder and he jogged the baby, still rubbing vigorously. His hand caught something that made his heart freeze; he looked down at his baby's back and saw all the blood, the veins and the mucus, it was raw. It looked like a part of his baby's back had been turned inside out and he vomited over the side of the bed, tears streaming from his eyes as he screamed his distress and his wretched misery long and loud for all to hear.

Draco was happily enjoying his life at the moment. He was with his Father in his study at his ancestral home; they were sitting side by side on the soft, calf's leather settee, sipping wine and talking.

His first indication that something was wrong was the tight feeling in his chest. He brushed it aside and took another swallow of wine. Then the pain increased and he flashed, for just a moment on the smell of chestnuts and knew that something was wrong with Harry.

He stood up and put his wineglass down.

"Is something the matter, Draco? I thought you were enjoying our get together."

"I was. I am, but I think something's wrong with Harry, I can smell him, I feel all tight and there is a sense of urgency to get to him. I'm sorry but I need to check on him."

Lucius nodded understandingly and he followed his son to the receiving room and followed him through the floo.

Myron Maddison's house was in chaos and turmoil as Aneirin Delericey comforted his shaking son Sanex, Richard and Ashleigh Maddison-Seppen were anxious and tense as they held one another and a man he did not know, in Healer's lime green robes stood still and silent.

"What has happened?" Draco demanded just as a scream of agony came from upstairs and Draco was gone in the blink of an eye.

"Harry went into labour."

"He's only four months pregnant!" Lucius said shocked, his grey eyes found the smears of blood on the cream carpet almost automatically.

"It's unlikely that all of the babies will survive at four months gestation." Aneirin said softly. "The biggest and strongest will likely survive, but the others aren't viable."

The most agonising scream that Lucius had ever heard blasted through the house and Ashleigh winced and trembled, her blue, blue eyes glistening with tears.

"What can we do?" Lucius asked.

"Nothing. Harry has warded the room he is in tighter than a Gringotts vault. Myron has been trying to get in for the past half hour and Nasta and Max are up there trying to do the same. They can't get in and Harry is in no state of mind to hear, understand or even listen to them. He'll be feral by now, he tried to kill Sanex because he tried to help and he almost succeeded, I dread to think what would have happened if Harry had even grazed Sanex with a claw. Humans are so much more susceptible to Dracken venom than other Drackens or other creatures are."

Sanex shuddered in his Father's hold, who shushed him and cuddled him tighter, even as Sanex squirmed and reminded his Father that he was almost a forty year old man.

Lucius headed up the stairs and was almost bowled over halfway up them by the Zabini boy as he darted past as quick as a viper.

He reached the top landing safely and he witnessed the pandemonium that was going on outside a bedroom door. The Zabini boy was being updated and it seemed he brought a new question to light. Did Potter…Harry have the baby, Braiden in the room with him?

The sounds were horrendous, the screaming was heart rendering, the scent of blood was so thick he could smell it with his human nose, he wondered what it was like for the Drackens beside him.

It took a further ten minutes of ramshackle chaos before they heard the loudest, most pain filled scream yet and Lucius winched in sympathy for the boy on the opposite side of the wall. Then the moment that had been waiting for, the wailing of a newborn baby and everyone on the top landing hushed. At least one baby was alive. A second baby joined its lungs to the first and then a third and Lucius actually wondered if the boy had beaten the odds and birthed a full set of five living babies at four months gestation. They waited with bated breath, all of them, for the fourth and fifth cry, but they never came. It took two breathless minutes before a fourth fainter cry started and the boys breathed in relief, before realising that a fifth cry couldn't be heard.

Harry screamed and the sound was so mournful and distressed that Lucius just knew that one baby was dead. Harry did not stop screaming in distress and misery. Draco shook where he stood and Maximilius slung an arm over his shoulder, ducking his own head, his blue, blue eyes, just a shade darker than his Mother's, welled with tears. They had lost a child. Blaise wormed his way into the middle of Draco and Max and Nasta came from the other side and they all held one another, but it was clear on their faces and the way they all stood facing the door, that the person they really wanted to comfort at this moment was Harry, who was locked and warded behind a door that they couldn't get past. He knew it was a waiting game now, he had been reading a lot of Dracken books lately, since he had found out that his son was a Dracken last June and he knew that no one was permitted to enter the submissive Dracken's nest until the submissive gave them permission. It was now a gruelling wait until the boy inside, who was likely cradling his stillborn child, to feel the urge to let them in.

Harry did not give up rubbing, jogging and nuzzling the baby in his arms, ignoring the other four crying as he focused all his attention on the baby in his arms. It was hard to ignore the crying of the newborns as his Dracken tried to turn his attention away from the dead baby to focus on the four living ones. He wouldn't. He wouldn't give up on his baby, his four others would be alright, he couldn't feed them anyway, he nothing to give them.

A tiny, weak cough and liquid on his shoulder and then the baby in his arms was crying faintly, so faintly and Harry screamed out for his mates, cried for them to come to him and the pounding on the door became more insistent. But he didn't want to let them in just yet. It was confusing, he wanted them, he wanted the comfort, he wanted to share in his joy and elation at getting his fifth baby to start breathing, to start living, but he didn't want them near his children yet, he needed to clean them up and sort them out first.

Harry didn't move as screaming words came from behind the door, useless noise that was frightening his babies. He didn't think he could move as he tried to sooth all five wailing babies. He had no bottles, no milk, no provisions, not even a nappy or a bodysuit. He was so frightfully unprepared. He wasn't supposed to give birth for another three months.

Breathing deeply and forcing away his fatigue. Harry gathered his baby Dracken to him, wrapped in the cupped, bowled duvet and he carried him on trembling legs to the corner of the room. He made the cradle bigger, using the double duvet and hoping the thick carpet padded his babies enough and kept them warm enough. He cleaned off each baby as much as he could and wrapped them in the thick, fleecy shirts he found in the wardrobe before tucking them in with his baby Dracken.

He curled around them, made sure they were all alright, before giving in to his exhaustion and settling down to take a short nap, the baby with the inside out back cradled in his arms so he could feel the soft, quiet breaths on his bare chest, reassuring him that the baby was still breathing, still living.

He'd have to leave his birthing area, because he was loath to call this farce a nest, sooner than he'd like because he was so unprepared and his babies would be wanting their first feed soon. He promised himself that he'd sleep for just an hour or two before he pulled down the wards and let his mates in and he fell asleep quickly and deeply despite the hammering on the door to his birth area.

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