The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


57. Chapter Fifty-Six – Bitterness

Harry woke up in bed with a heavy someone pinned to his back. He groaned lightly and wiggled out from under Draco, who grunted in his sleep, which was answered by a soft growl from Nasta, who was laying half out of the bed.

Harry rolled his eyes and tucked Nasta's leg back in before scooping up his children one by one and transferring them to the en suite bathroom. He shut the door, not bothering to lock it; he didn't want to keep his mates out if they woke up after all, he just wanted to keep the noise in.

He did put up silencing charms as he stripped and stepped into the shower, quickly washing his body and hair before stepping out and setting up the baby bath as he dried off, he dressed himself before scooping up the first baby to be bathed. Calix went first, because he loved the bath and didn't so much as whimper as he had his head and face quickly washed before he was dunked in and cleaned.

Harry dried his baby off, nuzzling and kissing that soft, soft skin, dressing Calix in a nappy, a standard, plain white bodysuit, a little, pale blue tee-shirt overlaid with a cardigan and thick trousers, finishing off with socks, scratch mitts, a matching hat and a bright blue dummy.

Harry tipped out the water and refilled the bath and Leolin was next, as even though he wailed as he touched the water, he didn't cry fully and his little wails weren't loud enough to wake his siblings, Harry took great care with his son's wings, running a wet cotton wool ball around them so very gently.

Harry was halfway through bathing the last baby, Braiden, who screamed until his little face went bright red and his little fists were clenched tight when the bathroom door opened and a panicked Draco peeked in. He let out a visible sigh of relief when he saw Harry struggling with the thrashing baby, before slipping to his knees to help finish off.

The cries that had escaped the bathroom when the door had been opened had roused the others, who trickled in to take care of business and have their own morning showers before taking a baby or two off his hands as he and Draco dried Braiden, dressed him and shoved a dummy into his mouth to suck on to stop him from screaming the house down.

There was a heated debate going on when he stepped into the kitchen, between Max and Myron and Harry had an inclination over what it was when Myron turned to glare at him. The dummies.

Braiden was in his arms dozing, sucking slowly on his light pink dummy as Nasta popped Farren's green dummy out to feed him his bottle.

"They're babies, Dad." Max said softly as the silence stretched. "Braiden's just five months old and the quintuplets are not even two weeks old yet. A dummy for a year or two isn't going to harm them or their development."

Myron's burning black eyes swung back to Max and he breathed deeply and harshly for a few minutes before he sat down heavily and it took him a minute or so to relax his entire body.

"You're right. It's none of my business, I'm their grandfather, not their father. But I still think it's a terrible idea, if they get attached to them and won't let them go, what then?"

"I'll tell them that the other babies need them." Harry answered.

"And if you don't have any other babies?" Myron demanded of him.

"They don't have to be siblings, I'll tell them the babies in the hospital need them more and that they need to be big boys and be a big girl and hand them over. Failing that I'll take them and bin them all when they're asleep."

Richard snorted and coughed a bit, then he started choking, which broke Myron out of his mood as he rushed to help his mate and Husband, Ashleigh already rubbing circles on his back as Myron tipped the potion down Richard's throat. It was upsetting to watch, but they had been living with it for over twenty years, it was common place for them now.

Nasta handed out bottles and Harry took the bottle for Braiden, popped out the pink dummy and replaced it with the bottle teat, Braiden immediately pouted his mouth around the bulb of the bottle and sucked strongly.

"Who's such a good boy?" Harry cooed, nuzzling his suckling baby.

A prickling on his neck made him look up, his eyes wide and his nostrils flared as he sniffed. Something was wrong. He looked around quickly, his wings vibrating hard against his spine…he let out a ferocious snarl as he saw Blaise passing Leolin over to Talia, so she could feed him while Blaise fed Tegan, who already had a bottle at an awkward angle in her mouth.


Harry pressed Braiden to the nearest person to him, Richard, who fumbled the bottle to keep it in Braiden's mouth as Harry stormed to Blaise and Talia, growling furiously, releasing fear inducing pheromones as he went.

Myron grabbed Talia and pulled her behind him, blocking Harry from his human daughter, but Harry didn't want the woman, he wanted his little Faerie baby. He snatched the baby from Blaise with a snarl, snatching the bottle that was handed over meekly, before he huddled his shoulders down as he sat down and fed Leolin, darting suspicious glances around him as he fed his youngest baby as if expecting someone to sneak up on him and rob the baby from his arms.

Nasta straddled the chair he was on, worming his way behind him, which was very difficult even though Harry was perched on the very end, before pulling him back against him and whispering soothingly, murmuring little noises to calm him down and when Harry burped Leolin delicately he was calm and rational again, but not very apologetic. He had told them to not give away Leolin. His baby still smelt strange to his Dracken and because of that, he wouldn't have a non-mate touch him.

"You're going back to Hogwarts soon, have you thought about how you're going to cope?" Aneirin asked.

"Take it one day at a time." Harry answered. "It's all we can do."

"You are still too stubborn to ask for help." Aneirin shook his head. "I've taken a holiday from work for the first time in forty years, I would like to help you if I can, even if I come to your rooms for a few hours a day just to give Max and Nasta a hand with the six of them or so they can get their heads down for an hour after the nightly feeds."

Harry looked at the man shocked. "You'd do that?"

"Of course, it's already done; it's up to you to decide how I spend my time off, with my family and grandchildren, or moping around regretting taking the time off in the first place."

"But…but you're their granddad, you shouldn't be doing the hard stuff."

"Oh please, handling Sanex as a toddler was hard work, then Nasta wasn't much different, a thousand questions a day that boy asked. What's that? What's that? What's that? What does that do? What's that for? Why? Why? Why? It's all I got off of him for the first five years of his life, I regretted teaching him to talk in the first place."

"Thanks for that." Nasta said dryly as he nuzzled Harry's thick black hair.

"You know I'm only joking, Nas. I answered all of your questions and then some; I even encouraged you to learn languages."

"You told me to shut up, stop asking so many questions and that if I wanted to know what the people around me were saying then to learn their language myself. So I did."

Richard started laughing and Myron let out a smirk. Aneirin was completely unfazed.

"You learnt them didn't you?"

"Of course."

"You loved learning them."


"So it all turned out fine in the end."

Harry chuckled and accepted Braiden back off of Richard, snuggling his oldest and youngest together. Braiden was staring at Leolin through his indigo eyes, a perfect match to his Father's.

"Braiden love, this is your baby brother Leolin." Harry told him softly, not expecting his five month old to understand, but doing it all the same.

Braiden soon lost interest in the sleeping baby and turned his attention to his hands, which he found much more entertaining as he flexed his fingers and gummed on them, drooling all over his hands, arms and long sleeved shirt. Braiden stopped all movement and Harry looked at him curiously before Braiden let out a quick, sudden sneeze that completely covered his top.

"Oh Braiden! I'm going to get him cleaned up." Harry said with a sigh as he stood up and went upstairs.

He made a little bed for Leolin to lie in, keeping his back from pressing too hard against the bed and he wiped Braiden's nose thoroughly before he set himself to changing Braiden's shirt and cleaning up the snot and drool. He changed the wet nappy while he was at it and wondered if it would have just been quicker and easier to put Braiden back in the bath, but then he remembered the headache inducing screams from that morning and he thought better of it.

"I…I heard that you almost lost a child."

Harry spun around, completely surprised and shocked, to see Amelle standing in the bedroom doorway, her head bent off to the side looking at the carpet, her arms wrapped around Eleonora, who was coming up to six months old. Harry was about to retort angrily, but he stopped, she hadn't actually said that sentence maliciously, just factually. It was almost like she was trying to be bland so that he wouldn't rise up in anger automatically.

"Two." Harry answered softly, wondering what was going on and where Amelle had found her new attitude. "Two of them weren't breathing after the cords were cut, but I could have so easily lost all of them."

Amelle nodded, acting strangely. Harry wondered if Caesar had actually gone ahead and drugged her, but he shook his head of those thoughts. Caesar would never treat his Wife so appallingly as to drug her, no matter what she had done.

"Four months is a bit too soon for them to come, but they…they're doing fine aren't they?"

Harry lowered his eyebrows and slowly made his way to the bed to pick up Leolin. "Yes."

"Even…even the one…the one who has Faerie blood?"

"Leolin's doing fine all things considered."

Amelle nodded jerkily and wandered in to sit on Max's bed, the bearskin blanket that he liked showing off was still so very, very soft even after sixteen years.

"I…I lost my first child." Amelle told him softly, her voice almost a whisper.

Harry felt a pang of sympathy for Amelle then, the first he had ever felt for the woman. He laid Braiden in his pop up travel cot, put Leolin in the bedside bassinet and sat as close to Amelle as he could stand. If she wanted to talk, then he'd listen, but the first bad word against him, his babies or his mates and he was gone.

"A little boy." She told him, her voice hardly above a breath. "My first mate tried to protect us both."

Amelle fell silent again, playing with the pink shawl around Eleonora.

"I didn't know you had a mate before Caesar." Harry said after the pause became lengthy.

Amelle nodded jerkily again. "Cordell. He was a tall and handsome African-American, he lived close by me, only a state or so away from me and my family and he was so fit and strong. He was a bit too old for my tastes at twenty-three, but he paid so much attention to me, he wooed me thoroughly, he even took me away from my home for a romantic dinner in a fancy, expensive restaurant to prove he had enough money to not only support me, but to keep me in luxury. We had to take the chaperone, but I forgot he was even there after I started talking to Cordell."

Amelle fell silent again and Harry wondered what the hell had brought this on.

"I held out as long as I could. I wanted to make Cordell fight for me and he did. He fought so viciously that he got jealous when I spent any amount of time with the other dominants. My meeting lasted for a month, that's as long as I could hold out against him. I wanted him so badly. I got pregnant immediately and he was so proud and boastful. When we found out that I didn't need a grounding mate, oh that night was so special as he knew that he had been my first and he would be my only."

Harry made a face, but fought to control it. He did not want to hear about Amelle having sex with her previous dominant, or her current one for that matter.

"He was always by my side, he came to every scan and when we found out that we were having a boy, he was just so happy. He had wanted a boy so badly and I felt so happy to give him what he wanted the most. I was six months pregnant when…when it happened."

"What happened?" Harry asked as softly as he could, insanely curious.

"The poachers had found out where we lived."

Harry's heart clenched tightly as he realised where this story was going. He swallowed heavily and his heart started to thud faster in his chest.

"They came in the middle of the night, sixteen of them. I was only a month from giving birth, I was just getting my nesting instincts and I was gathering a cache of materials to build my nest with when they came. Cordell heard them first and he stood in front of me, his gorgeous ebony wings flared, his claws and fangs displayed as they burst through the door. There were just too many of them. I thought at first that everything would be fine, but I was a naïve child. Cordell killed two of them right away, one with a swipe of his left hand claws, the other with the right, but they kept coming, he kept fighting and then suddenly he had been moved away from me and I was forced to defend myself and my unborn child. I killed three before they pinned me down. I screamed for my mate as they dragged me from the bed that I had felt so safe in moments before they had arrived. Cordell was insane with fear and rage as he tried to cut his way to me. I was dragged further from him, towards the door and I knew then that I was their true target, that they wanted to take me away and harvest me. I lashed out and they kicked back. My stomach, they purposefully aimed for my stomach. My waters broke and the blood came not too long after. Cordell was incensed as he watched them kick me like a dog, he was forced to watch as I started to miscarry our precious baby boy."

Amelle's voice trailed off and Harry swallowed around the lump in his throat. How could she be so calm in telling this story? How could she sit there beside him and tell this horrific tale without a single emotion in her bland voice?

"My body expelled the baby as they caught Cordell between four of them. He still fought and struggled, but there were too many of them. They taunted me with my baby and I snapped. I launched for the one and raked my claws across his face, he dropped my baby and I caught him, cradling him close. He was a beautiful little boy, cocoa coloured skin, thick black hair and a tiny, perfect little face; he would have been just as handsome as his Father. I was screaming, Cordell was struggling and fighting…they shoved a spike through his throat. I watched him choke on his own blood, struggling to breathe even as he still tried to reach me and our son. He bled out on the floor, leaving me alone with our dead son to fend off six poachers. I felt sick, I was in shock, my perfect son had been kicked out of me and my dominant had been murdered in front of me, I was frozen…I just couldn't move. Thankfully my family had felt my distress calls and they had come for me. My Father burst through the door just as the poachers were surrounding me and he was like a god send. My older brothers followed and between the four of them, they killed the remaining six poachers and got me to a Healer, but there was nothing they could do for Cordell or my baby, they were already dead. I went through such a deep depression that my Mother couldn't stand to be near me. It hurt her and her Dracken to see me so hurt and sad, but my Father never left me alone. He or one of my brothers were always there, I think they thought that I was going to kill myself. I thought about it, oh I thought about joining Cordell and our baby so many times, I even went to do it a few times, but I never did. I was pushed through so many hours of therapy. For years I kept going back to the therapists for help, eight years of constant therapy and I'm only now feeling better. I should have stayed with the therapy for longer, but I was fed up of repeating the exact details of what had happened that night. The Counsel elders had their own therapist check me over and she decided that I was mentally and physically able to mate again and I hated her. I hated her so much for saying that I was fine when I clearly wasn't because I was immediately put into another mate meeting and I was forced to pick another mate that I didn't even want."

Harry was beginning to understand why Amelle had such a problem with Caesar and his family. It wasn't him, or them or even her; it had been the Counsel's fault. Them and the therapist who had declared that Amelle was ready for another mate when she obviously hadn't been.

"I held out that meeting for months. I didn't need to rush, I felt like I had all the time in the world. I didn't want any of them; I banished half of them within the first week. Some of them killed one another and I didn't care. I hoped that they all killed one another until none of them were left. I couldn't stop thinking about Cordell and our son, buried together in a grave that I had spent a fortune on and it just wasn't enough. I would have spent every Knut I had on their coffins and graves, but my parents curbed me, I hated them for that."

"What…what made you choose Caesar?" Harry asked.

Amelle turned to him, showing her slate grey eyes filled with unshed tears. Her voice may have been emotionless, but her eyes couldn't hide the pain and the sadness that she felt over the memories.

Amelle shrugged. "He fought as hard as Cordell did for me the first time around. The Maddisons' didn't make it to the meeting the first time I was looking for a mate, a family dilemma or something, but they were there in force when I was forced to take another mate, all of their Uncles and their Aunt and the two youngest, Max and Caesar. Max was thirty already, I was only twenty-five and thirty sounded so old. But he was so tall and strong and handsome."

Harry recoiled at that. "You wanted Max?!" He hissed.

"He was the biggest, the strongest, the most physically appealing dominant there. I wanted a stronger mate than Cordell, not many filled that requirement, but Max did. I watched him fool about with his Uncles; they bet him that he couldn't lift more than his body weight and he turned around, laid on his back and picked up the thick, heavy, solid oak dining table. He could bench press a table! I wanted him."

Harry felt like he couldn't breathe, it felt like his heart had stopped.

"He, of course, didn't want me. I thought that it was something I had said or done, or thought that maybe he was one of those dominants who would only accept a virgin submissive, but then I found out that his younger brother wanted me for himself so Max had bowed himself out of the running. I was so angry."

"Why did you chose Caesar if you were so angry with him?" Harry asked, trying to keep the demand from his voice, he liked Caesar.

"He was the second most suitable, he wasn't the strongest or the biggest, but at twenty-eight he was the right age for me, the only other big and strong dominants were Max's Uncles, who were all over fifty! I thought that even if Caesar wasn't big and strong, that his family were and that they'd be able to protect me."

"You chose Caesar just for his family?!" Harry hissed outraged.

"You wouldn't understand." Amelle sighed sadly. "To lose a mate and a child together, my Dracken was so angry, with Cordell for not protecting us, with my family for not coming sooner after I let out the distress calls, with the Counsel for forcing me to pick another mate. I was so angry all the time and nothing helped. Nothing. I wasn't in that young state of mind where a mate meant children. I wanted a mate that could protect me and a large, strong family around me, so when Max bowed out, I chose Caesar. If for some reason they had both bowed out I would have chosen their youngest Uncle, Nicodemus. I was adamant that I would be a part of their family for the protection they offered. Only it backfired on me, the Maddisons' aren't like normal Dracken families, who rally around the submissives and protect them no matter what; they hate me and many other submissives in their family and they would gladly leave us to die if they could. I saw that after the fights that you and I had. It was you that they rallied around, not me, even though I've been a part of their family for longer than you have, it doesn't matter, because they actually like you, so they protect you."

"To be honest though, I'm not a complete bitch." Harry pointed out.

Amelle smiled, just a little flick up of the lips. "I don't mean to be. I don't know how you force your Dracken away, how you just ignore your instincts so easily when it's so difficult for me to even think straight when my Dracken comes to the forefront."

"I already lose myself when I'm on a heat period without doing it when I'm not on heat. My Dracken will not force me to do things that I don't want to do. I won't allow it."

"But how? I've tried, Caesar has told me to try harder, but I just can't do it."

"Pass me Nora." Harry said suddenly and watched as Amelle pulled the baby higher up her shoulder and turned to shield her. "See? You don't think before you react, Amelle. Just stop and think, what do you think I'll do to her? Do you honestly think that anyone in this family will hurt her or let anything, anything at all happen to her? The family dislike you because you act like all the other pampered, spoilt submissives. You're rude, bitchy, arrogant and you won't let them get to know their own grandchildren, of course they aren't going to like that. The key to getting them to like you and protect you is in your arms, let them hold and play with Eleonora and let them see the real you, under all the Dracken instincts and the fear of losing her like you did your son. I assume the perpetrator who sold you out was caught?"

Amelle nodded. "My supposed best friend in school. I foolishly told her what I was and I boasted about how a hundred men would be falling at my feet. She told her Father, who informed the Dracken poachers of where Cordell and I lived together."

"She's dead isn't she? Her Father is dead, the poachers are all dead and no one knows your secret. You're safe here with us. We aren't going to sell you out because we're Drackens too, we'd be selling out ourselves too. They may not like you, but they wouldn't see you dead, Amelle, because it would kill Caesar. He loves you so much and you just don't seem to care. He's trying his hardest and he loves you and Nora, but he also loves his family. You have put him in such an awkward, horrible position and he's miserable. You've been mated for two years now; surely there must be some feelings between you other than the ones created with Eleonora."

"I…I suppose there are. I wouldn't want anything to happen to him, especially not what happened to Cordell. But it's so hard for me to forget the past, even with the therapy I've had I wake up sometimes and expect to see Cordell in bed with me and not Caesar; I keep changing Eleonora and expecting to see male genitals, not female and I get confused when I unwrap her and she's this pale, pink baby, not my perfect cocoa baby that I had birthed. But I'm slowly getting more used to the changes and the confusion over my two babies is happening less and less now that Nora is getting older."

"That's good, that means you are making progress and if you can show that progress then you'd get the support you need from the family."

Harry went and picked up Braiden. He licked his lips and took a chance. He pressed his son into Amelle's arms and watched as she held him, looked at him. She blinked her slate blue-grey eyes and took several deep breaths before handing him Eleonora.

Harry made sure he held her supportively and safely as Amelle watched him critically. He stroked a chubby cheek and brushed auburn hair from chocolate coloured eyes.

"She's going to be a stunner when she's older." He praised and that made Amelle smile.

"I didn't mean what I said about Braiden. He's not ugly or slow. I was just jealous that everyone was paying more attention to him than to Nora."

"Only because you wouldn't let anyone see her. It's hard to tell what a baby looks like through a shawl." Harry teased lightly.

Amelle let out that tinkling laugh. "I suppose. Let's go back down before they realise that I'm missing and they think I'm descaling you."

"They'd be more worried that I'm shredding you. How is your leg?"

"Better now that Max actually agreed to give Caesar the scar reducer."

"Max can't resist his baby brother's begs."

"That's true. Max is a sucker for his siblings."

Harry grinned. "That he is, I think it's cute."

Amelle went on ahead with Braiden, while Harry scooped Leolin up out of the bassinet and showed him to Nora.

"This is your baby cousin Nora, Leolin."

"Ooh!" She cooed, poking at Leolin's face with rough fingers, Harry caught her hand and sat her up higher on his shoulder so she couldn't poke Leolin.

Harry was only just behind Amelle, so he heard the screams as she walked into the kitchen with Braiden.

"What are you doing with my son?!" Blaise roared.

"You shut your mouth." Harry said as he walked in carrying Leolin and Eleonora. That stopped all of them short.

"You seem to have mixed up children." Alexander pointed out.

Harry and Amelle looked at one another, Harry a bit put out because he had to look up to see Amelle, who stood an inch or so higher than he did.

"No. No we haven't. We're doing trust exercises."

"Trust exercises?" Max asked as if he couldn't comprehend what they were saying.

"Yes. I'm trusting Amelle with Braiden and she's trusting me with Eleonora. We're bonding."

"Bonding?" Draco questioned.

"Must you repeat the last thing I say?" Harry frowned. "Yes. We're bonding, is that such a bad thing?"

"No. No it's brilliant!" Caesar exclaimed with tears shimmering in his chocolate eyes. He looked so happy that Harry had to smile softly at him.

Amelle sat down with Braiden, whose indigo eyes flickered to everything within eyesight. Harry sat down with Leo and Nora and he cuddled them both being watched by the family as if the entire world had suddenly turned upside down and the sky was green and the grass was now blue.

Harry soothed Amelle all throughout the exercise as his mates surrounded him; some of them touching Eleonora and Harry patted and squeezed Amelle's hand to calm her. He passed Leolin to Nasta, who passed him Tegan, the only two girls of five boys.

"You need to have another girl." He teased Amelle. "Or these two are going to be outnumbered for life."

"Why don't you have another girl?" She replied back as she let Braiden play with her slender fingers.

"I already have six kids! I'm not planning on making it seven for a very long time. I'm sure Caesar won't say no to another baby."

Amelle looked at Caesar through a fall of her hair and he almost stumbled over himself answering.

"Of course I wouldn't mind! I'd love to have a second child with you."

"You would? You never said before." Amelle said quietly.

"I didn't want to upset you by bringing it up." Caesar admitted softly.

"I think we had best leave." Harry elbowed his gawking mates to get them moving and swapped Eleonora for Braiden and he left the kitchen to go to the living room to give the two some privacy. He had no idea what had happened to Amelle, if she had knocked her head, if she had fallen and had some sense bashed into her brain, but he hoped that whatever it was that it wasn't a temporary thing and that her new attitude didn't wear off. She was a lot more tolerable when she was calm and rational and not trying to always attack him.

Harry and his mates had decided to go home, to Max's, for the last few days before they left for Hogwarts. Ashleigh had giggled and winked at them, thinking that they meant privacy for some 'alone time' and she had even offered to look after all six babies for them, but what she didn't know was they had had sex twice in Max's childhood bedroom since the birth of their quintuplets.

Harry grinned goofily as he thought back to those times and Nasta scowled at him, a light pink covering his cheeks, partially hidden by the stubble that was growing back in.

"No need to ask what you're thinking about." Max grinned roguishly, giving him a naughty wink.

Harry laughed. "I'm thinking that sex will be a lot different now that I'm not going to be rubbing my bare back against a real bear skin."

"I can go and get it for you if you want it." Max said mildly.

"It hasn't come off your bed in sixteen years." Harry replied.

Max shrugged. "Mum wanted it on there to remind her of me when I was off being 'a grown-up' in my own house. She hated it when I left, so I left my room as it was, I think with the addition of Grandchildren floating around, she's forgotten all about it."

Harry chuckled. "It's fine for now, but I want all of your first kill skins to decorate our bed when we finally upgrade from this house. Where is your first skin?" Harry asked Nasta.

"At my Grandparents house." He answered as he handed him a cup of honey tea. Harry made an excited noise and gulped it.

"What was your first kill?" Harry asked.

"A stallion, like most dominant's first kills; Max is just a show off."

Max laughed happily.

"I killed a buck." Blaise boasted.

"What was your first kill, Draco?"

The blond blushed and turned away from them.

"Draco?" Harry questioned curiously.

"Three rabbits." He said stiffly. "I didn't grow up with Drackens or know what I was, so I didn't keep the skins for you."

"That's alright." Harry said softly, embracing Draco from behind and worming his head under Draco's arm to kiss a smooth cheek.

"Why rabbits?" Max asked curiously, ignoring the glare that Harry sent him. "Usually the Dracken wants the biggest pray it can find."

"I lived in a Wiltshire mansion on grass plains, there are no forests or limitless wilderness. A rabbit was the biggest prey I could find unless I ate my Father's prized albino peacocks…or the house elves." He replied defensively.

"If you want you can hunt for dinner and we can keep that animal to skin to put with the rest." Harry offered.

"You want me to hunt for dinner?"

"If you don't mind that is."

"Of course I don't mind, I'd love to." Draco smiled then and Harry smiled before pecking Draco's mouth, his head was seized and he was kissed thoroughly.

"So, can we enjoy one another tonight? Or do you think I'm 'unfit enough to perform'" He said scathingly, quoting the Healer who had examined his stomach and said that he was unfit to be walking, lifting or going to the bathroom by himself, he had gotten into a fighting match with the Healer, proving that he could walk and lift things, but the Healer had ignored him and had written him off as unfit. Harry was still livid about it.

Max and Nasta looked at one another, despite having sex twice since the birth; it had stopped a few days ago, as soon as that Healer had said that he was 'unfit to perform simple tasks' all logic had gone out of the window.

"I don't think it's a good idea." Max finally answered.

"Fuck you!" Harry spat.

Max stepped forward and gripped his hair, bending his neck backwards. Harry hadn't even tried to run. He was learning. He just stood there, not saying anything, not moving, thinking up ways in which he could kill Max without leaving a body behind.

"Say sorry." Max said gently, loosening his fist.

"Bitch." Harry answered and grimaced as that hand clenched in his hair again.

"Don't you think that was childish, Harry?" Nasta coaxed.

"Do you think I care, Nasta?" Harry growled back.

"Say sorry!" Max almost demanded, angling his neck back more. Harry gritted his teeth together, locking his jaw.

Harry stayed silent and felt Max's hand start tugging on his hair, if Max pulled anymore then he would be losing a clump of hair.

"Ease off, Max." Nasta coaxed, patting the hand clenched in his hair. "Say sorry to Max, Harry."

Harry pulled a face and growled.

"Harry!" Nasta put the order into his voice, not full force, but enough to make Harry hesitate and he fought back his instincts that wanted him to clutch both of their legs and beg for forgiveness.

He tore his own head away from Max's loosened hand, leaving more than a few strands in Max's closed fist, he snarled at Max before backing out of the room. Max growled and went to follow him, but Nasta wrapped an arm around his waist.

Harry made it upstairs, banging and stomping like a spoilt child, but he didn't care. He was being treated like a child; he'd damn well act like one! How dare they deny him sex again? Like his opinion or wants didn't even matter!

He was too damned angry to think and he knew the skirt idea wouldn't work a second time, not that he had the skirt anymore since Max had burnt it. The bastard!

He claws came through his nail beds and his fangs tore free from his gums. His wings sprang from his back so violently that he felt a warm trickle of blood over his back.

His Dracken urged him to go and eliminate the one who had made him angry, but he had enough of himself to know he didn't want to kill Max, just maim him a little. He chuckled at that and it slipped roughly from his throat.

He peeked in on his sleeping children and cooed and purred over them. Such sweet, beautiful babes. He had the most perfect babies; no child was more perfect, more sweet, more cute, more adorable. He had the smartest, most beautiful children in the entire world and no other baby compared to his six. He'd cut up anyone who said otherwise!

Stretching his wings out, as he stretched his body, Harry climbed onto the bed and curled up on his arms and legs, lying on his stomach on his curled up limbs, folding his wings into his sides. He rubbed his face on the duvet and yawned. He'd just sleep with his children for a bit, he'd hear them if they woke up and he'd hear anyone who came into the room.

Harry woke up slowly, gradually and he shook his head to clear it. He almost put his own eye out when he rubbed them with his hands, which had claws attached to them.

He stretched and tucked in all of his Dracken attributes and yawned and stretched again. All of the babies were sleeping still, but someone had been in to tend to them, an empty bottle was on the bedside table. They must have been incredibly quiet not to wake him up and then his mind kick started and he frowned as he realised that there was a silencing bubble around him. That made him angry again.

"Twatting bastards." He hissed.

He kissed each baby carefully, being mindful of his fangs and claws before heading down the stairs to the smell of cooking.

Max wouldn't even look at him as the other three greeted him and Harry glared at his back, hoping the heat of his glare peeled the skin from his back.

"Have you calmed down now?"

"Yes." Harry answered his top dominant softly.

"Do you have anything you want to say to Max?" Nasta encouraged.

Harry sat down and said nothing. Max snorted from the cooker and stirred something he was making. Harry was surprised when ten minutes later a plate was shoved viciously under his nose, he hadn't expected anything.

He found out why he had been given a plate after only one forkful. He choked on his mouthful and ran to the sink to get a drink of water. It tasted like Max had used the entire contents of his spice cupboard in the chilli he had made.

"Harry?" Nasta questioned confusedly. Max looked smug as he ate his own food easily.

"You know I don't like spicy food!" Harry yelled at him.

Nasta took up Harry's fork and tasted the chilli on his plate, then his own.

"They're the same, Harry." He said.

Harry walked around Nasta angrily, took his fork and ate from his plate and shuddered, his eyes streaming.

"It's too spicy." He complained. "I can't eat it."

"You have to eat something." Blaise fretted.

"Apparently I don't." Harry spat. "But that's okay, isn't it? It's not as if I'm not already used to always going hungry." Was his parting shot as he left the kitchen.

"See what you've done!" Draco yelled at Max, who looked a bit guilty as Harry left the kitchen without eating.

"It's a double edged sword." Blaise said quietly as he tried a small forkful of his own food and pulled a face. "You seem to have forgotten that I can't eat spicy food either as it makes me feel sick, so it looks like both Harry and I are going without dinner."

Blaise pushed his plate away, got to his feet and he followed Harry out of the kitchen and up the stairs. He found him crying in the main bedroom. The huge, wracking sobs widened his eyes; he didn't think that Harry had been this upset. He had expected him to be more angry than upset.

He climbed onto the bed; passing through Nasta's silencing bubble and he wrapped Harry up in his arms, kissing that upturned face as Harry looked up at him to see who had joined him.


"I don't like spicy food either, so Max really screwed up that revenge plan." Blaise replied.

Harry smiled depreciatingly. "All I wanted was some love."

Blaise nosed around his ear and pressed an open mouthed kiss behind it.

"I don't agree with the Healer. I'm not as sexually experienced as Max or Nasta, but I wouldn't say no to sinking into your luscious body." He breathed hotly into that tiny ear.

"You don't believe the Healer?" Harry asked tremulously.

"Of course not. He said you were unable to walk or lift anything. I have watched you walk, run, jump and carry two of our children at a time. The Healer was wrong about that because he doesn't understand your Dracken nature, so why would he be right about you not being ready for sex? As long as you tell me if I hurt you or if it's too uncomfortable, I would gladly make love to you all night, Prezioso. All you had to do was ask me."

Harry was embarrassed to realise that he had tears in his eyes and he threw himself around Blaise's body and kissed those sensual lips with all the passion that he could muster.

"Hold on." Blaise whispered as he pushed Harry onto the bed, taking out his wand and waving it.

Harry lowered his eyebrows and looked curiously at Blaise, who grinned evilly.

"A very handy ward that I found a while back. Anyone who crosses over it will be immobilised. So the other three idiots will be forced to stand there and watch as I completely and utterly ravish you and they won't be able to do a thing about it…or interrupt us." Blaise finished with a hot whisper and he immediately kissed Harry's mouth, adding a tongue as Harry responded readily to him.

"The babies."

"We fed them only half an hour before you came down, they should be good for an hour and a half at least."

Harry grinned and he went straight back to kissing Blaise's mouth, tangling their tongues together as other body parts rubbed and slid against one another.

"I've wanted this for what seems like years." Blaise panted. "For it to be just me and you, like it used to be, with none of the others. I've come to love them so much but for a while I've just wanted you for myself, just once, Bello. Just once."

"Why didn't you say?" Harry asked as his shirt was pulled over his head. "I would have jumped on you."

"For one, when I started feeling this way you were pregnant with quintuplets. Then you had a traumatic birth and there was no time to tell you that I wanted just an hour or so of your time to ravish you. I'm trying to block out the thoughts of what the Healer said, because I know different, but it's difficult to do when the thought that I could hurt you comes floating in."

"You won't hurt me. It hurts me more not to be physically connected to those I love so very much."

Massive missing scene

Nasta manipulated him up to the pillows and maneuvered him under the duvet and gave him a sweet kiss, such a contrast to the passionate, tongue filled kisses from moments before.

Harry yawned and made no movement as Nasta and Max got Draco and Blaise under the covers as well, Max went out of the room with the six empty baby bottles and came back up ten minutes later, just as Harry had finished wriggling around to get comfortable, with six new bottles. He put them on the bedside table and Nasta handed him a damp wash cloth that he had gotten from the bathroom.

Max cleaned himself off as Nasta had finished cleaning all three of the others and tucked them into the bed, taking care with the back of Harry's legs and his abused, sore entrance.

Regan woke up first this time and he wailed for his food. Nasta scooped him up lovingly and pressed a bottle to his cheek, watching him root for it adoringly.

Tegan woke up next and Max took her into his vast arms, cradling her tiny body as he fed her. The two of them were much more smoother in handling all six of them than Harry and Blaise had been, but then they did all of the night feeds by themselves. Harry sat up and he was handed Calix as he woke up for his bottle and Harry cuddled him and kissed him, trying to tell his little boy that he loved him so very much as he fed him.

Nasta burped Regan, placed a red dummy in his mouth and placed him back into his bassinet before he scooped up Braiden as Blaise fed Farren and Draco took little Leolin, nuzzling his little face with his sharp nose. Harry loved seeing Draco so loving and affectionate and he was sad that it really only happened in their bedroom, usually after a great bout of sex.

Once the babies had all been fed, Tegan and Braiden had had nappy changes and they all had a dummy in their mouths, including little Leolin, who had his special dummy between his lips, looking so adorable that Harry had taken several photos the first time he had put the dummy in his mouth, they settled down in bed. Max went to turn out the light as Nasta moved Braiden to the nursery next door, taking one of the three way baby monitors with him. He came back and slipped into the bed, and he reached to the bedside table and turned off the lamp as Max did he same on the other side. Harry yawned as he snuggled down, feeling relaxed, calm, contented, but most of all happy as he was surrounded by his children and his mates, who were also his lovers, his best friends and his life companions. He loved them and he'd love them for life, no matter what little tiffs they had or would have in the future, because there was bound to be more than enough, but life wasn't going to be easy. Life wasn't worth living if it was easy, but if they all stuck together, then no matter what came at them, they'd be able to overcome it.

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