The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


58. Chapter Fifty-Seven – Death, Drink and Dirty Walls

Harry woke up at ten to four in the morning and he groaned miserably as he looked at the time. He rubbed his eyes and groaned again, he hated that he had woken up so early. Why the hell had he woken up so early?

He huffed in frustration as his attempts to get back to sleep failed, he rolled himself out of the bed and he shimmied into the first pair of boxers that he found in the chest of drawers before carefully scooping up two babies and he moved them down to the kitchen before coming up for another two and did the same with them before he then made a final trip to get the last two. He shook his head, he loved all six of them with his entire heart, he did, but six was too many. They were all still babies, five newborns and a near newborn. He hoped he never, ever had a set of five again, or a set of four for that matter. Three he could maybe handle, but any more than that would put him in Saint Mungos mental ward.

He boiled the kettle and made himself a cup of tea after making up Leolin's tiny bottle. He was the only baby still on two hourly feeds, his brothers and sister were all on four hourly feeds and his oldest brother, Braiden, was now sleeping through most nights, he woke up half way through the night every other day, but feeding him during the night, every night was a thing of the past, now if the others all slept through the night too, then everything would be easier.

Harry was just down to his last few gulps of tea when Leolin started wailing. His cry was still too quiet to disturb his siblings. Harry scooped him up and pressed him against his bare chest, feeding him the tiny bottle. Harry grinned widely as the milk went down further and further until a first happened. Leolin finished an entire bottle of milk, all two fluid ounces of milk. He was getting stronger and healthier and Harry patted his lower back gently to burp him and then he stripped him of his sleepsuit and his body suit and cuddled his little Faerie baby skin to skin on his chest. He checked on the weeny wings, which were now mostly covered in skin, but there were a few patches that were either scabbed over, or raw and red looking still. Harry took great care with the scabs, the very last thing that he wanted to do was to accidentally pull a scab off and he drove his mates mad as he hovered over them when they dressed Leolin to make sure they didn't catch any clothing on a scab and rip it off, but he couldn't help it, it was one thing that he just couldn't control at the moment.

He made himself another cup of tea and he sat at the kitchen table, stroking and caressing his son, but soon a chill brought his body out in goosebumps. He shivered, but couldn't be bothered to move to either light a fire or to get any clothes on.

"Dobby!" He called out softly.

In a move reminiscent of what had happened in the hospital wing what seemed like forever ago, twin pops were heard and Harry had two squawking, squabbling house elves on his floor.

"Stop it!" He ordered harshly as Leolin made a distressed sound in his sleep.

"Master Harry Potter calls for Dobby." The green eyed elf bowed lowly.

"Kreacher is Master Harry Potter's only elf!" Kreacher replied, bowing lower than Dobby had, snarling at the younger elf.

Harry rubbed his eyes and squeezed the bridge of his nose with one hand.

"I just need a fire in the living room please, Dobby, I can't leave the children."

"Master Harry Potter has such beautiful children." Kreacher said oily as Dobby popped out of the room like lightning to get a fire in the going in the next room before Kreacher got there.

"That one by there is the new Heir to the Black family." Harry told the elf, who really was still the Black family elf and had only come to him because Sirius had named him the sole inheritor.

The elf blinked big brown eyes and peered over the side of the bassinet at Calix, who was sleeping soundly, his little chest raising and falling evenly, his chubby cheeks, his thin nose and his thin, downy hair that was a distinctive black.

"He looks like Master Regulus did." The elf was choked.

"Master Regulus?" Harry questioned. "Regulus Black?" Of course he meant Regulus Black, Harry didn't need the elf to nod his head. Kreacher had served the Black family for generations; he would have known Regulus from the cradle.

"Kreacher, what happened to Regulus?"

"No! Master must not ask poor Kreacher, he must not."

"Tell me!" Harry demanded of the elf, standing up and putting Leolin in the padded bassinet.

"Master must not! Kreacher cannot say, Kreacher swore to Master Regulus."

"Regulus is dead, Kreacher. I am your Master now, tell me!"

Kreacher croaked for a bit before he fell to the ground and bashed his fists onto it, Dobby came back in wide eyed.

"Dobby, leave us." Harry growled and the elf squeaked and popped away. "Kreacher, tell me what happened to Regulus, now!"

"Master Regulus changed his mind about being in the Dark Lord's service, he found out what it was really like and he told Kreacher, he told Kreacher that he was going to bring down the Dark Lord after he used Kreacher to hide his locket. Master Regulus ordered Kreacher to take him back to that place and Kreacher wept but did as he was told like a good elf. Kreacher took Master Regulus back to the cave and showed him the locket in the evil potion. Master Regulus drank the potion and fell to the ground, he ordered Kreacher to take the locket and destroy it, to never speak of what he had done and to never tell and Kreacher was a good, obedient elf to Master Regulus, until you!"

Harry was wide eyed and breathing heavily. He needed to tell Snape, now.

"Stay here!" He ordered the elf. "You stay here, Kreacher!"

Harry wasn't thinking when he scooped up three of his children, only just managing to get his arms around them. He covered them with a blanket, using his mouth to cover them securely. He got a pinch of floo powder between his fingers and flung it into the fire, he yelled out Myron's address and he shot out of the fireplace. He placed them carefully into the bassinet that Myron had bought for his children to use over Christmas before flooing back home, grabbing the other three and repeating his actions, Kreacher was right where he had ordered him to stay.

Harry arrived back into Myron's home to find the man himself, completely taken over by his Dracken side, watching him through those jet black eyes as he put the other three babies in the bassinets that Ashleigh liked having for when he visited.


"You need to look after them for a while, the others are still asleep and they'd only stop me." He spoke out quickly, his forehead sweating and his eyes too wide with adrenaline. "I won't be long, I'll be back soon, I promise."

"Harry!" Myron called out as he tried to get around the bassinets and grab him, but Harry had gone through the floo before he could reach him.

Harry knew he only had moments, so he ran to the kitchen, grabbed Kreacher and ordered him to take them both to Hogwarts. Myron appeared in the kitchen just as Harry left.

They arrived in the Entrance Hall and Harry dragged Kreacher to Snape's private office and he hammered hell out of the door.

Snape yanked the door open angrily, still dressed in his bed clothes, looking murderous.

"Potter!" He spat. "Why are you hammering at my door at five in the morning?!"

Harry brushed passed him, still dragging Kreacher and he stood there panting and sweating from his run and his narrow escape from Myron. His mates would be tracking him down soon, they needed to be gone.

"I know where Regulus is." Harry panted out and immediately Snape's face twisted into bitterness and pain.

"I have searched for twenty years, Potter." He spat out his last name like a curse. "What makes you think that you of all people found him?"

"Kreacher was with Regulus when he died, I'm Kreacher's Master now and I ordered him to tell me."

Snape got a crazed gleam in his eyes, a gleam of violence and rage and he would have descended upon the elf if Harry hadn't stopped him.

"We need to leave now, my mates will be coming, they won't let me go if they catch up."

"Perhaps that is a good thing." Snape answered looking at him. "I lost Regulus because he charged off without tell me where he was going."

"I'll be with you."

"That does not guarantee your safety."

"I'm going!" Harry snapped.

"Fine." Snape sneered at him. "But don't come running to me when your mates strip the flesh from your bones in punishment. You can expect a very big punishment for this, they'll be angry, their trust will be shattered in you and they will smother you for the rest of your insignificant life, but if you still want to go, then let's go."

Harry was uncertain then, he knew they'd be angry, but to never trust him again? That was a huge thing, but then he wanted to help Snape finally close the book on what had happened to his mate, but he didn't want to lose his own mates in the process.

"We'll wait for Nasta. Out of all my mates, he'll be here first."

"I have waited twenty years…"

"You can wait for two more minutes then!" Harry hissed.

Snape lost his temper, truly lost it and his wings sprang from his back in one smooth motion and he snarled at Harry with his fangs bared.

Harry was snatched up and he got a blurred image of gold on black and he knew that Nasta must have run faster than he ever had before to get here so quickly.

He snarled so deeply and dangerously that Harry huddled himself up in his arms before realising why he was here.

"Nasta, I'm not hurt. See?" Harry pressed his arm to Nasta's face and Nasta licked over his wrist, seemingly incapable of stopping himself, which set him off licking and sniffing and Harry lay as still as he could as his body was licked and sniffed. It was only then that he realised that he was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts that weren't even his.

"Myron woke us up and said that you left the babies at his and then ran off. Why would you do this?" Nasta grumbled.

"You promised to listen to me." Harry reminded. "I found out where Snape's mate is and we're going to go and get him. I waited here for you so you could come too."

Nasta wrapped him up.

"You're going home."

"I'm not." Harry answered. "I don't care what you have to do to me when we get back but I'm not going home, not yet. I could have left without you, Nasta, but I didn't. The least you could do is respect me enough to let me see this through to the end."

Nasta shuddered and swallowed. "You stay by my side at all times." Nasta ordered, using the full force of his authority and Harry could do nothing more than nod in acceptance. "Where are we going?" He asked Snape.

"I don't know, but as Regulus is my mate do you think that we can leave now?" He bit out sarcastically.

Harry rolled his eyes and took Nasta's hand, took Kreacher's and looked at Snape pointedly, who took the house elf's hand gingerly.

"Take us to the cave, Kreacher." Harry ordered and the world squeezed down a narrow tube and when he came back to himself he was on all fours on a wet and slimy rock in the middle of an ocean of water, but it was so dark that they had to be inside the cave. He could smell sea water and he inched closer to Nasta. This place had a terrible feel to it.

"Where is Regulus?!" Snape hissed.

Kreacher pointed into the water and Harry felt his heart sink as Snape tested the temperature with his fingers.

"It's ice cold." He informed them.

"It needs to be." Kreacher gasped out; pressing against the podium on the flat platform they had landed on. There was a basin of potion on top of it and Harry stayed well away from it. "It needs to keep the bodies from rotting."

"What bodies?" Nasta demanded as he held Harry to his chest, his fangs and claws out ready to attack.

They got their answer as slimy, white hands and heads broke the surface of the smooth, glass like water. There were dead bodies rising from the water, clambering onto their island, their hands grasping and grabbing, trying to catch their wrists to drag them under the water and drown them, their bodies animated with unnatural strength that only the dead possessed and Nasta let go of him with one arm and stretched the other one out ready to defend him, his other one pressing him tightly to his chest.

But Harry could see the dead bodies coming at them from behind and he unsheathed his own claws.

"Inferi." Snape hissed as he cut one body back, only for them to get up and come back like zombies. Only these didn't bleed, they were pale and dead and bloodless and the magic that animated them was very, very strong, but then they had been created by Voldemort and likely maintained by him, that was the thing with Inferi, once they were animated, nothing, not even the death of their creator, could undo them, only burning could permanently undo the evil magics at work.

Harry swallowed back his fear and he remembered Moody's lesson on Inferi. Light and warmth repelled the dead, who liked the cold and the dark. The cave suddenly made so much sense, it was perfect for holding an Inferi army, cold and dark where no warmth or light could get in naturally. He shoved his instincts back that said that he had to use his claws and fangs and he drew out Nasta's wand.

He muttered the strongest fire spell that he knew and the Inferi run from the ring of fire that could permanently destroy them, stumbling and shoving at one another to retreat back into the cold, dark water and the fire drew the two part Dragons closer to the flames.

"How are we supposed to find Regulus in this?" Harry demanded as the spell keeping the Inferi at bay sucked rapidly at his energy.

"Accio Regulus." Snape shouted his wand in hand. Nothing happened.

"Kreacher! Find Regulus and bring him here!" Harry ordered and then the elf was gone and Nasta petted and cuddled him as he shook under the power of the spell.

"Hold on love. It'll be fine." Nasta rumbled soothingly. "We'll get back and then you and I are going to have a talk about your suicidal ideas and tendencies."

"At least I'm not pregnant this time."

Nasta smiled then against his will. "There is that." He finally admitted as he couldn't keep the small smile back.

Kreacher came back soaking wet hugging a bloated body to his chest and sobbing so loudly and violently that Harry just looked at him, until Snape threw the bereaved elf away and took over from him, holding Regulus so tightly that his whole arms mottled white, the strain showed in the underside of his forearms.

"Oh Regulus." He cried brokenly and Harry was frightened, he had never seen his Professor act like this before.

"We have to go! Now!" Harry bit out shakily as he shuddered as more of his energy was drawn out of him by the spell. "Kreacher! Back to Hogwarts! I can't hold this spell much longer."

Kreacher gabbed Nasta's hand, put a hand on Snape's shoulder and popped them all away to Hogwarts again.

They landed and Harry was up in Nasta's arms being nuzzled and kissed. Harry looked at where Snape was rocking Regulus' dead body and felt sorrow fill him.

Regulus was still perfectly preserved. There must have been something in the water, a potion or spell that stopped the bodies within it decaying so the Inferi stayed fresh, it wouldn't do to have an army that rotted to nothing after all.

Harry could see how very young Regulus had been when he had died, he was in water damaged robes and there was a swollen wand sticking out of one pocket. What made Harry turn away was the swollen belly, he couldn't be sure if Regulus had maybe been pregnant when he had died or the water had bloated him so severely in death over the years.

"Professor, we need to get him to Madam Pomfrey."

Snape looked up at him with anger burning in his eyes.

"He's dead, Potter! Can't you see that? No medi-witch is going to be able to help him!"

"No, but she can clean him up and then you can bury him, like you have always wanted to."

"What happened to him? Why was he in that place?!" Snape demanded then, ignoring him. "I need to know why he was there!"

"He was trying to take down Voldemort. He put something in that cave and he used Kreacher to do so, so when Kreacher came back, Regulus asked him about what it was and then he asked Kreacher to take him to the cave."

Snape turned to Kreacher and the look in his eyes was pure loathing and rage. "It's your fault that Regulus went into that cave."

"Master Regulus is forcing Kreacher to take him. Kreacher did not want to go back to that cave ever again; Master Regulus ordered it from Kreacher."

"It's not his fault." Harry said softly. "A house elf does as he's ordered. Regulus wanted to take down Voldemort; he thought that he was doing good. It's Voldemort's fault that Regulus is dead, Snape, no one else's."

"Leave us." Snape hissed as he held Regulus close.

Harry nodded to Kreacher, who gladly left. Harry doubted he would come back the next time he called for Dobby.

Nasta pulled him from the room and Harry dug in his heels.

"We can't leave him."

Nasta shut the door and tugged him up the corridor.

"We are going to inform the Headmaster and Madam Pomfrey so that they can help him, Harry, we've done enough. We got Regulus back and Professor Snape can now have the closure that he deserves, but we've done enough."

Harry nodded as he saw the logic of that and he stopped dragging his heels and matched his stride to Nasta's holding that large hand with his own. Both of their palms were sweaty from the fear inducing situation they had been thrown into so recently and Nasta was clenching his hand tightly, as if he was worried that Harry would slip away from him if he held his hand any looser.

They made it up to the Headmaster's office and it was just coming up to eight in the morning and they found him just about to leave for the Great Hall.

"Harry, my boy! How wonderful to see you! I had been meaning to pay you a visit, how are your children?"

"Fine Sir, but we need to speak to you about something more serious."

"Ah, of course, to what do I owe this oddly dressed meeting?"

Harry blushed as he realised that he was still in just a pair of boxer shorts that looked like they were Draco's. They back tracked to the office and sat at the desk and Dumbledore set them up with tea. Harry drained his cup before making another one with shaky hands.

"I…we found out about Regulus Black from Kreacher. He knew all along what had happened to him. I rushed to Professor Snape's office as soon as I knew, which is why I'm not dressed appropriately."

"Oh dear. I can't see Severus taking that information too well." Dumbledore stroked his beard, which he only ever did when he was thinking or nervous.

"He didn't. We went to where Regulus was and retrieved him, Snape is now hugging and rocking his body down in his office and he won't let anyone near him."

"Thank you for telling me, Harry, I'll take it from here." Dumbledore stated. "I am glad that school is not in session yet."

"No, a few more days." Harry said with a nod. "I'll introduce you to the five new babies when I get back. Four boys and a little girl."

Dumbledore smiled then. "I'll look forward to it, Harry, for now if you'd like to use the floo, feel free."

Harry smiled and nodded and they said their goodbyes and Nasta wrapped him up in his arms and flooed back to Max's, where the other three mates were waiting with the six babies and a family get together. Harry sighed in exasperation as he was clamoured and tugged on, but he was too tired to push them away as Nasta tried to calm them down. He was not looking forward to the conversation he was about to have, but first, he really needed some clothes.

Harry groaned as the living room descended into arguments and chaos over what he had done and what Nasta had 'allowed' him to do. It was just giving him a headache.

"All of you shut up! I did what I did because I wanted to. A submissive I may be, but if you try to take away my free will then you'll find yourself without a leg!" Harry snapped, getting up and going into the kitchen to get some tea.

Blaise joined him and kissed around his neck and chin as Harry made tea. Harry couldn't help the giggle that came out.

"Blaise!" He said, wanting it to be a complaint, but it came out as amusement with the breathy undertone of arousal.

Blaise licked, sucked and nibbled on his neck as he held his hips, pressing up against him.

"You're sexy when you threaten to take off someone's limb." He purred. "As long as it's not mine of course."

Harry chuckled. "Why would I ever want to take off your limbs?" Harry asked. "You're so good at using them all."

Blaise chuckled deeply and he sucked a love bite onto the other side of his neck, opposite the one he had made the night previous.

"Put one at the back of my neck too." Harry demanded and Blaise complied.

Harry went almost boneless as such a sensitive place on his body was sucked and he groaned.

"How quickly can we get rid of the in-laws and make love? I'm aching for it!" Harry wailed, taking Blaise's hand and pressing it to the bulge in front of his jeans.

Blaise rumbled deeply and massaged the front of him.

"Oh! Oh!" Harry moaned, pushing himself into Blaise's hand.

"Quiet, Bello, or you'll bring the whole family running." Blaise whispered hotly.

Blaise squeezed him and Harry bit his lip. His first mate licked and sucked at his neck and raked his nails harshly over his bulge through the jeans and Harry's arms flung out over the counter and sent his teacup flying. It shattered with a tinkle and then everyone was around them asking what had happened, if they were alright and Harry bashed his head onto the counter with a groan of frustration.

Alexander of course started laughing, Ashleigh giggled and Myron started chewing out Blaise about proper behaviour when guests were around, Blaise meekly taking the bollocking from the elder man, his head bent to the floor, but Harry was short enough to see the pleased smirk on those lips, Blaise was not apologetic or sorry about what he had done at all.

"There should be a rule or something against in-laws cock blocking." Harry pouted.

Max went pale, Draco choked and Alexander and Richard laughed so hard that Harry thought they might have wet themselves as Myron turned angry black eyes to him.

"Oh come on!" Harry whined. "It was a joke, well not really as you did cock block me and I really just wanted to have it hard and fast on the kitchen table, but I don't mind that much, I'll just carry on once you're gone, when are you going?"

"Harry!" Max hissed shocked.

"What? I'm horny as hell after my near death experience of this morning and now that I'm not pregnant either I want you all. I'm not even all that likely to get pregnant again either as it's got to be only five degrees out! My nipples are as hard as pebbles!"

Nasta couldn't hide the snort of laughter and he had to quickly school his face as Myron turned his glare onto him.

"That's not the only part of you that's hard, though it is a bit bigger than a pebble." Blaise said slyly.

Harry started laughing and he couldn't stop.

"Only a bit bigger than a pebble?" Harry demanded in mock insult. "You cheeky fuck, and don't even try and pretend that it was only me that was cock blocked, I felt you rub up against my arse!"

Myron grabbed his wrist, walked him, still laughing, to the kitchen table and sat down. It was then that Harry's mind caught up with what was happening and he tried tugging away from Myron as he was pulled up onto that lap and turned onto his belly. He was spanked like a naughty child with three slaps of Myron's large hand before he was turned over and cuddled, having a kiss pressed to his forehead.

"That hurt!" Harry accused, wriggling on his burning bum.

"It was supposed to, to teach you that talking like that is not appropriate when you have company over, even close family members; we do not want to know what you boys get up to."

"It wasn't my fault the cup smashed." Harry pouted.

"It was your hand that knocked it off, Bello." Blaise reminded him.

"Only because you were sucking on my…"

"Do you want another three spanks?" Myron asked him, one eyebrow raised in question.


"Then enough of this sort of talk."

"Fine but I want cuddles." Harry demanded snuggling in. "I've had a rough morning."

Myron happily indulged him like he was a child and said nothing about his rough morning. Seeing dead bodies climbing out of water in a dank, dark cave was enough to give anyone nightmares, that the Inferi were trying to drag them under the water and drown them to join the Inferi army was more than enough to ask for a bit of comfort. So he had had his punishment, now he wanted his comfort and it was gladly given.

"I feel like a child." He said with a frown.

"Just because you want a hug doesn't mean you're a child. I still get hugs from my parents and I'm fifty."

"Fifty-three." Richard announced through a fake cough and Myron glared at his mate as he grinned innocently and Ashleigh giggled.

"Do you think Max doesn't get hugs still?" Myron asked him. "Because if he has told you any differently he's lying."

"Hey! I freely admit I like cuddling!" Max pouted.

"That's different though." Harry insisted.

"How? Just because he acts like a child doesn't mean he is one."

"Oi!" Max complained with an embarrassed blush.

"No, Max will hug any willing body that stands still long enough."

"I do not!"

"Do so!"

"You can ask for a hug whenever you need one." Myron told him, rubbing the back of his head soothingly, brushing his hair with his fingers. "Though don't hug Richard, he'll run away with you."

"Will not!" Richard burst out, echoing Max. It wasn't any wonder that Max had learnt that particular behaviour from Richard.

Harry yawned, he was tired, but he was hungry too. He groaned at his dilemma, before getting up and going to the fridge and pulling out what he needed to make Spaghetti Carbonara. He'd eat what little he could first and then he'd go take a nap.

"Harry if you're hungry I don't mind cooking an early lunch." Max said standing up.

"You sit back down." Harry ordered a bit more sharply than he'd intended. "You're not allowed near my food."

Max looked crushed so Harry smiled to take the bite out of his words, but he carried on getting what he needed before washing his hands and starting his preparation.

"I think you broke him." Talia said as she looked from her wide eyed, staring brother to Harry who started making them all lunch.

"It's not fair that Max is always cooking, I want to cook." Harry complained.

"Why isn't he allowed near your food?" Myron asked, picking up on the thread of tension from the five of them.

"I…I did something stupid yesterday." Max admitted, blushing heavily and looking ashamed.

"You messed with his food?" Richard asked, looking astonished. "Even though you knew what he had gone through in his childhood, that those people didn't feed him, you still played about with his food? What did you do, put a fake spider in his meal?"

"No, worse." Max admitted.

"You don't have to say it." Harry told him, not liking that Max felt like he had to do this in front of almost the entire of his family.

"Yes he does." Draco said coldly.

"What did you do?" Myron demanded.

"I…I'm ashamed of what I did and I regretted it immediately, but I still did it and it can't be excused, not when Harry doesn't trust me to cook for him anymore."

Harry frowned at that. Did he trust Max to cook? A claw of panic slipped up his throat from his belly and the revelation almost brought him to his knees. No. No, he didn't trust Max to cook for him anymore. He turned horrified eyes to Max and they looked at one another for a long moment, before Max buried his face in his hands and his hands in his lap.

Harry swallowed and turned away from all the eyes that were staring at him curiously.

"What did you do, Maximilius?" Myron asked sternly.

"I purposefully made the food too spicy for Harry to eat because I was angry at him." Max said into his hands.

"Sit up, take your hands from your mouth and tell me what you did clearly. I'm sure I misheard what you mumbled to the floor." Myron said angrily.

Max sat up and repeated what he had said and Myron looked livid.

"You purposefully messed with your own submissive mate's food so that he couldn't eat it, even knowing that during his childhood he was starved and had food used against him as a punishment, just because you were angry?!"

The smack from behind him made Harry flinch as he chopped up little shallot onions. Max was dragged away by Myron, Richard and Alexander and Harry heard the shouting clearly from the next room about how irresponsible he had been, how foolish, how he had been raised better and smarter, how they had thought that they hadn't raised such a petty man and all the while he hunched down and carried on cooking.

Richard came back in and told them that Myron had gone home to cool off, Ashleigh complained because apparently 'cooling off' meant that Myron retreated to his home gym and lifted weights until he was so tired he couldn't be angry, which took a long time.

Max had retreated upstairs with his Granddad and Harry said nothing. His light lunch didn't take long to complete and he served it up and he couldn't help but remember the last time he had tried making this, he had been sent upstairs, again by Max, and he had gone without food all night. Was that a contribution to why he didn't trust Max when it came to food? Or was it purely his actions yesterday? Had that first moment started the break of trust and yesterday been the straw that broke the camel's back? He didn't know and he fiddled with his plate of food, thinking, ignoring the prompts to eat and only taking a forkful into his mouth every now and then.

Max came down, pale faced and smelling of tears. He had been crying, but it was impossible to tell from his face. Harry had purposefully left the seat next to him open and Max was forced to sit next to him and eat.

Harry scooted over until he was eating pressed right in against Max's side, which made him smile for the first time in about an hour. He ate with his right hand, his left arm wrapped around Harry, rubbing soothing, tickly little patterns onto his side, back and mid-chest, making him giggle when Max hit a ticklish spot.

Max took over the washing up and Harry left for the living room and lined all six of his children up on a patch of carpet padded with three duvets. Leolin was asleep so he was placed on the very end along with Tegan, who was also asleep, but his four remaining boys, Farren, Regan, Calix and Braiden were all awake.

Harry tickled, pulled funny faces, made stupid noises and blew raspberries on them all until Nasta robbed one away to change his nappy and Draco joined in with playtime, Blaise sat behind Harry and started nibbling on his neck again.

"Really, Blaise, what is it with you and my neck?"

"You've asked before and the answer is still the same, you have the most gorgeous neck I've ever seen, it's delicious too." Blaise mumbled against his skin.

"He does?" Draco asked. He bent forward and started sucking and nibbling on the other side and Harry held both of their heads to his neck and tried to roll his hips forward into Draco's stomach, unfortunately the blond was too far away, which made his act of trying to find friction comical and made Nasta chuckle from the settee, where he was cuddling Farren, who was dozing in his arms.

Max came in after finishing washing, drying and putting away the dishes and he robbed Regan and hefted him up onto his lap, kissing his cheek repeatedly and snatching up a silver backed soft bristled, heirloom, hairbrush and he started brushing Regan's jet black hair from his little face.

"You put hair gel in any of their hair again and I'll beat you with a chair." Harry threatened.

"Oh come on, seeing Braiden with a Mohawk was hilarious and adorable!" Max whined. "Besides it was Caesar's idea."

"You're older than Caesar; you're supposed to know better!"

Max pouted and Harry had to smile. He had raved and ranted about it, but the photos were safely tucked into the photo albums he had and the babies' individual baby books. It had been adorable, but Max wasn't allowed to do it again, he had had to bath Braiden for half an hour to get the gel out of his hair and he had not liked a single second of it and he had cried himself into exhaustion and had fallen asleep soon after. It was not something he wanted to repeat again.

"Just because he's supposed to know better doesn't mean he does." Nasta pointed out wisely and Harry chuckled.

"Ma ma!" Braiden called out and Harry turned to him and made a huge fuss over him, kissing and cuddling him.

"He's so clever!" Harry cooed at Blaise as he hefted Braiden to his chest. "And he's getting heavy; he has to be at least fourteen pounds now!"

"Only a stone. Ha, love, I've just realised that seven Braiden's make up your weight." Max teased and Harry poked a tongue out at him.

"It's hard to believe that seven babies makes up your weight." Draco said with a frown poking his belly.

Harry pouted. Draco kissed him and Blaise started nibbling on the back of his neck. He giggled and then moaned.

"Okay, break it up." Richard gave all three of them a cuff as he moved past them before settling down next to Ashleigh.

Kimberly came tottering in with a large tea tray and Harry got up to help her.

"Why didn't you say you wanted tea, I would have made it." He chastised the elderly woman, who scoffed at him.

"I'm ninety, Harry, not dead. Now park your bottom and drink this lovely cup of honey tea that I made for you."

Harry did as Kimberly told him and parked his bum between Max and Nasta and accepted the china teacup of his honey tea. He sipped it and it was perfect and he moaned into the cup and continued sipping on it.

"So Harry, Draco, Blaise, have you decided on what you want to do after Hogwarts?" Alexander asked as his Wife settled next to him, he wrapped an arm around her and kissed her cheek and she giggled like a school girl, it made Harry smile and he hoped that he and his mates were still in love when they were Alexander and Kimberly's age and beyond.

"I was thinking about becoming a literature translator." Blaise hedged after all three of them looked at one another. "I'm having such fun translating the book that Harry gave to me the first Christmas we were together."

"Even though it frustrates you to the point of madness." Harry grinned.

"Yes, even then, but I think I'd be good at it and I took Ancient Runes, which is really the only prerequisite they ask for."

"Go for it." Harry encouraged enthusiastically with the others murmuring their agreement.

"I'm torn, I always thought I'd be a politician like my Father, but I just don't have the flare for it like he does and I can't stand still and be polite to someone who's annoying the hell out of me like he can, so I was thinking of becoming an Arithmancer."

"You can take over from Professor Vector." Blaise teased and Draco scowled at him, staring a play wrestling match, or rather Blaise did and then Draco started whining that it was undignified when they had company over.

"What do you want to do, Harry?"

Harry shrugged. "I haven't given it much thought, what with having Braiden then the quintuplets; I'll likely be pregnant again before I can find a job, so I suppose it doesn't really matter what I want to do."

"Harry, we've talked about this, love, you can have a job if you want one." Nasta told him, turning his body to face him and taking one of his hands gently.

Harry shrugged again. "I don't see how I can. What job can I really do when I'm pregnant all the time? When I get heavily pregnant I'm always tired and grouchy, what employer will stick with me when I'm constantly off with pregnancy leave?"

"I'm sure you'll find something." Kimberly answered. "I used to own a flower shop, but after I started having children, it got harder and harder to run. When Xerxes was toddling, I only had three children, Xerxes, Cassander and Alexus, but he used to pick all the flower heads off, eat the leaves, he'd cut his hands on the rose thorns, but the last straw was when he was four, nearing five, and I turned around from wrapping up an order and I found him holding Alexus' hand through a pair of pruning shears. I closed up shop and rushed them home, I called my sister Catherine and I asked if she could take over the shop for me and I never went back to work."

"That must have been terrifying."

"It was. To think that I had foolishly turned my back on them even for a minute, a minute more and Alexus could have been without his left hand. All through my negligence. It took me weeks to convince myself to leave them be. I was always hanging over them, watching them, but Alexander soon convinced me to leave them be and that it had been a one off accident."

"Mama ma." Braiden cooed from the floor. "Ah ma!"

Blaise picked him up and handed him to Harry, who held him upright on his lap, a hand on his belly, the other one making his favoured wooden horse dance in front of him.

Braiden screeched in happiness and reached out chubby hands for the toy, which was just out of his reach. He huffed, cooed, screeched and shrieked as Harry made the horse dance in mid-air before making it clamber over Braiden's leg, making him giggle and kick his legs.

Harry chuckled and blew a raspberry on Braiden's cheek and he shrieked and flapped his arms and kicked his legs, twisting a little sock in the process. Draco immediately bent forward and straightened the little sock carefully on that tiny foot, pulling down the hems of the trouser legs to cover those bared legs while he was at it.

"Da!" Braiden cooed out and everyone stopped moving and looked at Braiden, who was stretching out towards Draco. "Da! Ba Da!"

Harry handed Braiden to Draco, who looked a little shell shocked as he cuddled that small body to his chest. Then Braiden did something unforgiveable. He clenched drool covered fingers into Draco's perfectly brushed and styled hair and the blond shrieked in horror, Braiden shrieked in happiness and Harry laughed along with Max as Nasta slipped to his knees and unwound the baby's fingers from Draco's hair.

Draco rushed to the bathroom to fix his hair, Harry was laughing so hard he had tears rolling down his cheeks and Nasta nuzzled Braiden with his nose, pecking those little lips as Braiden cooed in confusion as he was moved around too quickly.

"Leo needs a nappy change." Blaise announced handing the smelly baby to Harry, knowing better than to do it himself as Harry would only shove him away and do it himself anyway.

Harry took Leolin, wiped the tears from his eyes and pulled put the padded foam mat they kept in the living room, this one was pale blue, it depicted the waves of an ocean, with two reeds on either side of the mat and a large, grey hippo half underwater in the centre.

He laid Leolin on it carefully; the tiny baby squirmed and let out a little cry. The mat put pressure on his wings, so Harry stripped him and changed him quickly, making sure he wiped up everything before he powdered Leolin's bum and clad him into a clean nappy and redressed him.

"You're such a good baby, Leolin." Harry cooed, snuggling him in to his neck tightly, being careful not to crush those tiny wings.

Max and Nasta were hissing at one another in low voices and Harry rolled his eyes and turned to Blaise, who was playing with Tegan and Calix's feet, licking and nibbling over the soles of their feet and Harry laughed and Blaise turned to look at him and blushed.

"Don't stop, it's cute." Harry said, ignoring Max and Nasta hissing and the adults all talking about boring things that had been in that morning's newspaper as they sipped their tea.

Harry kept Leolin in his arms, but nuzzled Regan as he blinked dark blue eyes at him. Calix's blue eyes were the darkest, followed by Regan's, Tegan's, Farren's and then Leolin's, whose eyes were a very pale blue. Leolin's hair, which was the palest, was steadily getting darker, becoming more brown than the oddly colourless and strangely textured hair it had been when he was born.

Alexander and Kimberly left just after six in the evening and Ashleigh and Richard left not too long after to check on Myron and to make sure that he hadn't killed himself weight lifting all afternoon.

"I'm going to start dinner." Max announced, all smiles and Harry didn't say anything as he and Blaise bathed the babies one at a time, once again leaving Braiden for last.

They took the little toothbrush to Braiden's gums and carefully brushed them. Surprisingly where Braiden hated baths, he loved having his gums brushed and he snatched the toothbrush from them and gummed on it himself. Harry thought it was so cute as he took some more photos of it.

They dressed the babies for bed and placed them all upstairs in their bassinets, Braiden in his cot, with the help of Draco, whose hair had been perfectly styled once more.

Max called them for dinner and Harry nervously went into the kitchen, to find that there were only three plates set on the table, Harry was confused and he looked to Max who looked as nervous as he had been as he walked into the kitchen.

"I hope you don't mind, Harry, but I know that you don't trust me to cook for you anymore, so I thought that perhaps we could go to a restaurant instead, that way I'm not cooking, we go on our first proper date and you get to learn how to trust in me again."

Harry smiled and nodded.

"Give me two minutes to get changed!" Harry said as he darted back up the stairs to get dressed.

"I told you he'd enjoy it." Nasta said calmly as he ate another bite.

"Does this mean that we each get a solo date with Harry?" Draco asked a little while later.

"If you want one." Harry said as he skipped back into the room. "I wouldn't say no to having a date with all of you either."

"You look lovely, Harry." Max told him as Harry nervously fiddled with his hair.

He had dressed in his smartest, best fitting jeans, a smart, clean white shirt and the new pair of dragon hide boots that Nasta had bought for him because the profits of the sale went to help his own Dragon reserve in Brecon.

"Where are we going?"

"Nowhere too fancy as I know you don't like those posh, rich places, but it's not a complete bug infested dump either." Max answered.

Harry smiled, kissed the other three goodbye, warned them to look after the babies and he took Max's hand as he Apparated them into the receiving room of a very relaxed, but still upscale restaurant. The other patrons were dressed smartly, but causally, some businessmen with briefcases of parchments on the tables with them, women were wearing skirts and blouses or dresses, but no ball gowns or evening dresses in sight and there was a relaxed, but clean air about it and Harry happily held Max's hand.

A man dressed in an immaculate tuxedo greeted them at a podium and Max asked for the reservations under his own last name and the waiter led them to a table for two with a candle and a crystal vase of red, red roses in the centre.

They sat down and they were given a menu each and Harry grinned as he read it. This place served so many of his favourites!

"Oh I don't know what to choose!" He complained five minutes later, sipping on his glass of red wine, which Max had made him swear not to tell Nasta about as the bottle was placed primly on their table, within easy reach of Max.

"I'd suggest a rare steak." Max said. "It'll go well with the wine and it'll keep away the cravings."

"Ooo. I want steak." Harry grinned.

Max grinned back and he gestured to a waiter, who came over to them immediately, and he ordered for the both of them; he instructed the waiter that the steaks were to be a rare as possible. The waiter showed no signs that this was a strange choice and he bowed his way away from their table.

"How are you coping out of work?" Harry asked as he took more wine.

"To be honest, I do miss it, but I realise now that the stress of the job was getting to me and I just didn't notice, so it's a good thing overall and if it helps you and Draco and Blaise, then that's the main thing, your schooling is very important."

"I'm going to try my hardest, but the most important things to me are my children and my mates." Harry said softly.

Max smiled at him. "Harry, we want you to have more out of life than us and the kids."

"And if I told you that when I was younger and the teacher asked me what I wanted out of life when I grew up, I always answered, a family?" Harry admitted quietly.

Max took hold of his hand and laid a kiss to it.

"I love you, Harry. All of us love you so very much, but there is more to life than the four walls of our house and the people inside it. We want you to have independence, a life outside of us and the kids, your own separate life with your own friends."

"You don't have any friends." Harry accused.

Max laughed. "I do, love. My work colleagues and I used to go out for meals and to pubs almost every night before I found you and had children. We still correspond between owls now that I'm not in work, but I don't want to go out every night now that I have you to come home to. I've been there, done that and I'm too old for it now."

"Perhaps I don't want to start doing it in the first place." Harry said lightly. "Perhaps I'm happy staying at home all day every day because it's what I want to do. Perhaps I want to stay home and cuddle up with my mates and look after my children, not because I'm apparently supposed to, but because I actually want to."

"If you want to then that's fine, but don't do it just because you feel that you have to, because you don't. There are five of us, if you want an afternoon off or hell, even a whole weekend, to do what you want to do then you can and we'll still be there when you come back. I can't promise you won't find Draco handcuffed to the bed or Nasta gagged and blindfolded and chained to a chair, because let's face it, they are the biggest killjoys in our family, but everyone will be well cared for and fine and healthy for when you come home."

Harry grinned. "I thought you were leading to something sexy then with all the talk of tying up to beds and gags, blindfolds and chains."

Max looked surprised before he burst out laughing and Harry joined him until he was forced to calm down with the appearance of the waiter with two plates in his hands. He placed them down on the table as Harry took a sip of his wine, snorting into the glass when he saw Max pressing his lips together tightly.

They ate in silence for a while and Harry chewed thoughtfully.

"It's still not as good as your cooking." Harry said softly.

"Harry, I am sorry. It was stupid, petulant, petty and I will never do it again. Never. I should never have done it the first time, I knew what had happened in your past, but it wasn't on my mind when I did it, if it had been, if I had just had that little reminder of how painful it would be for you, I would never have done it. I'm not cruel and I hate being called cruel, I love you, Harry."

"Who called you cruel?" Harry asked curiously.

"Nasta when he beat the shit out of me when you and Blaise left the kitchen, Draco when he beat the shit out of me when you and Blaise had left. My Dads', my Granddad said it twice, my Grandma, my Mother and my sisters and Caesar will likely say it when he hears what I did as well."

"I believe you when you say that you won't do it again, Max, but I need some time to realise that, it hurt me what you did and it did break my trust in you, at least concerning food and cooking, but I think if I cooked with you for a while and saw that you weren't adding anything, then I'd get better."

Max smiled and bent over the table to kiss him. "We can do that if you think it'll help. It can be practice for when I teach the kids to cook."

"Oh I'm looking forward to that! Having them stood on a chair beside me as I bake cakes and cookies." Harry went dreamy eyed and Max grinned.

"You handle the cakes and sweet treats; I'll handle the main meals! Together we'll breed culinary geniuses!"

Harry laughed in joy as they continued eating, drinking two bottles of the gorgeous red merlot and talking about all the things they would teach the kids to make in the kitchen and as more wine was consumed, the conversation moved on to, naturally, sexually torturing their missing three mates.

They shared a slice of indulgent chocolate cake and a smooth vanilla cheesecake slice and Max paid their bill and they left, laughing down the dark street.

"We need to get you home and to bed." Max chuckled as Harry swayed a bit on his feet once the cool night air hit him and the wine he had drunk with dinner seemed to settle all at once into him and he would have stumbled if Max hadn't caught him, even though he had felt fine in the restaurant.

"I think I need a bed, as long as Blaise is handcuffed to it with Draco balls deep inside of him!"

"Where is Nasta in this fantasy vision?" Max asked deeply.

"Playing with the box of toys wearing a dress."

Max burst out laughing and led him down the Muggle street and into a dark alleyway.

"We'll Apparate from here, put your arms around me."

"Ooo Max, can't even wait until we're home!" Harry giggled, his cheeks wine flushed.

"You're drunk." Max told him.

"Yes, yes I am, but that doesn't mean I don't want you still! Besides, you're drunk too; you had the same amount of wine as me!"

"I did, but I can handle my drink better than you."

"Liar!" Harry called before he crushed his lips to Max's.

Missing Scene

They panted harshly as they tried to calm their racing heartbeats and get themselves back to a normal level of breathing. Harry rested himself against Max's chest, snuggling into Max's neck.

"I'm tired now." He said softly.

"Me too. I'll make sure to get some salve on the bedside table for tomorrow morning; you're going to be sore."

Harry just nodded as Max pulled up his boxers and trousers from around his ankles, before hunting down Harry's boxers and jeans. The jeans they found, the boxers had vanished.

"Fuck it, just leave them. I'm too tired to care over a pair of boxer shorts." Harry said through a yawn.

Max nodded and he dressed Harry in just the jeans before he concentrated heavily and Apparated home. He got them home without splinching either of them, but he landed heavily and went to his knees with a thump.

Harry giggled hysterically, and loudly, as Max struggled back to his feet and tried to get them up the stairs, but where the fresh air had brought out the wine in Harry, Apparating had brought it out in Max, who couldn't get himself up the stairs, and it seemed to have amplified the drunkenness in Harry, who just couldn't stop giggling. So, as a result of this, they now both appeared very drunk as they stumbled into the bedroom, or rather Max stumbled into the bedroom as Harry was being carried, but Harry was still giggling like a mental patient and a sleep tousled group of mates greeted them as they were woken up by their loud, clumsy, intoxicated mates.

"What time do you call this?" Draco demanded in a sleep roughened voice. "It's two thirty in the morning, you only went for dinner!"

"You…you shut up you!" Harry slurred. "Why aren't you tied to the bed?! You're supposed to be tied to the bed!"

"Are you drunk?!" Nasta hissed sitting up suddenly in the bed, inhaling deeply.

"Not as much as I was an hour ago!" Harry answered.

"You said you were taking him for dinner, not out clubbing!" Nasta accused Max.

"We did have dinner; we just had wine with dinner."

"Too much wine!" Harry added. "Though it was a nice wine, nice dinner too and nice cake, and nice sex. No…very nice sex!"

"You had sex? Where damnit?" Blaise asked curiously.

"Somewhere I forget." Harry mumbled. "I want bed now. I'm sleep. Maxie makes me sleepy, too good sex."

Max grimaced as the other three turned to glare at him. "Against a wall in an alleyway on the way home." He admitted and Harry giggled as three sets of eyes glared at them.

"You had sex in public?" Draco hissed as if it was the biggest scandal that he could possibly comprehend.

"Very nice sex." Harry reminded Draco as he made himself fall backwards from Max's arms and onto the bed that Max had approached as they talked.

Harry shimmied out of his ruined shirt and his opened jeans with nothing on underneath before he crawled naked to the nearest pillow, showing off the bite mark in his shoulder, the scratches on his lower back and the top swell of his bum and the small crescent nail cuts and shallow scratches in his thighs.

Harry yawned and snuggled down, until Draco smacked his bum twice.

"Owwww!" He whined. "What was that for?!"

"Those two were for having sex in public." Draco smacked his one cheek even harder, looking angrily at him. "That one was for coming back at gone two in the morning and worrying the life out of us."

Nasta joined in and smacked the opposite cheek to the one Draco had just smacked.

"That one was for getting drunk." He added disapprovingly.

Harry rolled on to his back to stop them from spanking him in punishment and he pouted at them. "I enjoyed myself and Maxie and me worked everything out! Isn't that good? So we had sex, no one saw us, though I did lose my boxers, I think I threw them out onto the street, but then they were ripped so I didn't want them back anyway, but we're fine, aren't we, Max?"

"Completely fine." Max said as he crawled onto the bed and snuggled into Blaise.

"I want cuddles now that you've smacked my bum so hard, that hurt! I've been fucked hard against a brick wall! I'm tender!"

That made Blaise chuckle and soon all of them were laughing and Nasta cuddled him up in his arms and Draco slipped down to cuddle between him and Blaise, who wrapped up Max in a hug and soon they all fell asleep, though Nasta stayed awake tonight to watch them all drift off, letting out a relieved sigh that Max and Harry had seemingly worked something out over their trust issue with food and cooking. He didn't want to live in a conflicted household, yet he had wanted them to work their issues out themselves without his interference and he was so glad that they had. He settled himself down with Harry in his arms, making a mental note to bring up a healing salve for Harry when he went down in an hour to make up Leolin's bottle.

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