The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


60. Chapter Fifty-Nine – Lessons Learned

Harry felt like a zombie as he made his way to Charms with Hermione. He thanked his aching back that this was his last lesson of the day as his friend nattered his ear off about anything and everything and he just wanted to get through the lesson and get back to Max and Nasta, who he was sure were not coping on their own with six babies.

He hated this, sitting in lessons trying to force himself to learn when all he wanted to be doing was playing and caring for his children. It was torture and it wasn't fair as he was forced to listen to Professor Flitwick and write out what had been put on the board with a hand that was much more used to holding a bottle than a quill these days.

The bell rang and he swiped his arm over his desk, knocking all of his things into his backpack, he shouted a hasty goodbye to Hermione and he ran to his rooms, taking the stairs three at a time, dodging past little firsties, trying not to knock any of them down. He grinned as he reached the seventh floor and the portrait of a door. He tapped the keyhole with his wand and he rushed into his rooms, everything was peaceful and calm and Nasta and Max were both sleeping on the settee, Max had Regan and Tegan on his chest and Nasta was cuddled up with Calix and Leolin.

"Ma ba!" Braiden cooed out softly as Harry walked into the living room and past the travel cot that he was in.

Harry dumped his backpack and turned around to scoop Braiden up gently.

"It looks like your Daddies had an eventful afternoon, baby." He said with a grin, kissing a soft cheek. "Oh I missed you so much, Braiden, even though I only saw you at lunch."

Harry sat on the other settee that was free of sleeping dominants and babies and sat Braiden on his lap facing him.

"Have you got any more new words for me today?" He questioned.

"Ooo boo?" Braiden looked at him confusedly and Harry chuckled, chucking him under the chin and kissing him, which made Braiden throw his arms up and give a wet giggle.

Harry wiped up the excess dribble and curiously checked Braiden's gums carefully, there was so much drool coming from Braiden now that he was bound to cut his first tooth soon. His gums were redder than normal and slightly swollen at the front. Harry sighed; Braiden was cutting his first tooth.

A chubby fist went into the wet mouth and Braiden gummed on it.

"You want a teething ring don't you, baby?" He said softly as he got up with Braiden in his arms and he went searching for where they had put the teething rings, but there was so much junk on the floor that he almost broke his neck tripping over.

"Fuck!" He hissed, trying not to wake up Nasta and Max, but he was sure that he had just twisted his ankle tripping over a blanket. "Messy bastards!"

"Ba ba."

"Yes Braiden, they are." Harry said to his son as if Braiden's cooing had been agreement with his statement.

Harry got up and his ankle was tender and it refused to hold his weight.

"Oh fuck this!" Harry snarled as he sat himself back down and he threw an abandoned dummy at Max's head, aiming higher than normal so he wouldn't hit a baby. The white dummy bounced off the top of Max's head and his blue, blue eyes snapped open to see Harry glaring at him from the floor.

"Ooh, what time is it?" He asked as he sat up and stretched, giving a little kick to Nasta on the settee adjacent to his own to wake him up too.

"About quarter past five."

"Are you alright?" Nasta questioned sleepily as he realised that Harry was grimacing on the floor.

"No, you left all this stuff on the floor and now I've twisted my ankle, so a little help please." Harry answered.

Max immediately put Regan and Tegan into a bassinet apiece and hefted Harry from the floor and settled him onto the settee that he had just got up from.

Nasta put down Leolin and Calix and he looked around at the mess in distaste. He waved his wand and everything flew back to where it belonged, leaving the room spotless as Max hunched over his foot, eased off his shoe and sock and he rolled Harry's ankle gently between both hands. Harry hissed at him.

"It's twisted; I'll get you a potion for it." Max said as he got up to fetch his first aid kit.

"What were you trying to get or were you going to change Braiden or…?" Nasta trailed off questioningly.

"I was looking for the teething rings. His gums have swollen and gone bright red, he's drooling constantly and he's gumming his own hand, I think he's cutting a tooth."

Nasta's eyes widened and he went to a drawer in the side cabinet and pulled out a brand new, wrapped teething ring. He ripped the cardboard backing off of it, removed the plastic and then handed it to Harry, who waved it at Braiden.

"Ah! Ah!" Braiden cried out as he grabbed it and it immediately found a home in the wet mouth, being gummed on hard.

"If he is teething, then these next few weeks are going to be absolute hell!" Max groaned.

"What's going to be hell?" Blaise asked as he walked in with Draco, just in time to hear the last few words. They had both had Arithmancy as their last lesson.

"How did you get here so fast from Charms?" Draco cut in. "You must have run the entire way."

"Braiden's teething and yes I did run from Charms." Harry answered them both.

"Braiden's teething?" Blaise asked excitedly as he dumped his backpack and rushed over, cupping Braiden's face, the teething ring still in his mouth, and he kissed his forehead.

"Why is that hell?" Draco asked as he wandered over after taking the time to slip off his shoes.

"Because he's teething." Harry said slowly. "He's going to be in pain and discomfort, he'll be grouchy and grizzling at all hours, he's not going to be sleeping through the night anymore and he's going to be miserable, which will make me miserable, and I'll make sure that you four are miserable too."

"I didn't think about that." Draco admitted a bit sheepishly. "But then I haven't actually been around many teething babies."

Max handed Harry a potion and Harry drained it with a grimace of distaste.

"Nasty." He exclaimed, before grinning at his little boy, who was looking up at him through Blaise's eyes, teething ring in mouth. "He's adorable. I'm so glad he has your eyes."

"I wanted him to have your eyes." Blaise admitted with a small smile. "But he just looks so handsome and adorable; I wouldn't wish him different at all now."

"Neither would I." Draco smiled, pointedly ruffling Braiden's hair, which fell neatly back into place, all smooth and perfect, so unlike Harry's hair.

Harry chuckled. "He really needs a haircut though."

"I'll dig out the spell later on; I don't think any of us want a pair of scissors near his head." Nasta said with a smile, coming to kiss Braiden and then him, he pulled Blaise into a kiss before heading to the kitchen table where all of his paperwork was stacked.

Harry grinned as he saw the faces on Max and Draco, who did not like being left out. Draco reached Nasta first and he yanked his head back and kissed him vigorously until neither of them could stay without air for a moment longer and then Max took over right where Draco left off.

"Well, that was a nice show." Blaise chuckled. "Do we get to watch the continuance of it later on?"

Harry let out a short giggle and he blushed when his four mates turned to him, either with grins or raised eyebrows. He let out another little giggle and then thought screw it and he carried on giggling, but hiding behind his hand.

"That is so fucking cute." Max exclaimed.

The smile slid from Harry's face and he glared at Max.

"Do not, ever, call me the 'C' word!" He demanded.

Max held up his hands, a wide grin on his face. "I give I give, don't kill me."

Harry smiled then, happily appeased, and he stood Braiden up on his lap and bounced him gently. His son took the teething ring from his mouth to let out a happy, joyous laugh and Harry joined him.

"Oh, I love you so much." He exclaimed as he pulled Braiden to his chest for a hug, kissing his face.

Someone snapped a photo and Harry shook his head.

"Unposed pictures are so much better." Draco said as he put the camera back onto the kitchen counter.

"You just wait; I'll take a picture of you sleeping in the buff and mail it to Witch Weekly." Harry threatened with a grin.

"You wouldn't." Draco replied surely. "You're too possessive of our bodies and privacy to do anything like that."

"He's got you there." Blaise chuckled, sitting on the floor changing a wet Calix, who wasn't even crying.

"That baby is so laid back he's horizontal." Harry groused as Blaise applied the nappy rash cream.

Because Calix didn't cry to let them know that he was wet, they often didn't realise that he needed a nappy change until the rash had already been caused by Calix sleeping in his own urine. It upset Harry more than he let on as the rash was very uncomfortable for his little son, so he demanded that Calix be checked every half an hour for a soiled nappy, which was helping, along with the soothing nappy cream and leaving his nappy off for a little while after having the cream applied.

"We've got a teething baby, one with nappy rash and one with scabs on his back, all we need now is colic, diarrhoea and a baby with a fever and we'll have a full house."

"Don't say that." Harry bit out, not wanting to think about it.

"It's alright, love, Calix will be fine." Max soothed him, coming to sit beside him on the settee, wrapping an arm around him in comfort. "We've noticed the problem and are actively working to fix it, it's obvious that Calix takes after his Dad and is far too laid back to care if he's sitting in his own piss."

Harry chuckled weakly and cuddled up to Max. "I just can't stand the thought of him being in pain or uncomfortable because we didn't realise that he was wet."

"Well it's his own fault." Draco insisted. "His brothers and sister all cry when they're wet, how are we supposed to know if he doesn't at least wail to let us know when he's wet? All we can do if he refuses to let us know is keep checking him, as we have been doing. We're doing fine, Harry, I think we're coping spectacularly well with six near newborn babies. No one's perfect and no one who has a remotely realistic view on parenthood expects us to be perfect, so stop worrying."

Draco kissed his smiling lips as he walked past to pick up a grizzling Farren.

"Why is it only your kids that are awake when they're supposed to be sleeping?" Draco asked Max.

Max grinned. "They're special, just like their Dad. They don't do conformity."

Harry laughed as he twisted Braiden around on his lap so he could face the room as he chewed hard on his teething ring.

"His cutting tooth must really be hurting." He said aloud as he watched Braiden clench his little jaws as hard as he possibly could around the teething ring.

"There's nothing we can do, love, he has to go through it, imagine never having any teeth." Blaise said from the floor as he played with Calix, whose bottom half was bare as his delicate skin dried.

"It might make receiving a blow job more pleasurable." Harry said a bit tearfully, trying to cheer himself up over the thought that he couldn't stop Braiden from being in pain.

The four startled laughs put a smile back on his face and the kiss to the corner of his mouth from Max made him feel so much better.

Blaise put Calix back in a clean nappy and rubbed his belly soothingly as the baby sucked on a dummy, fighting sleep.

"Pass him to me." Harry said as Calix fought sleep viciously.

Harry passed Braiden over and accepted Calix, cuddling him and finishing off the tie to his nightdress, with him having nappy rash, it was easier to check him every half an hour if they didn't have to struggle to get his legs out of his sleepsuit every time they needed to check him, so they were putting Ashleigh, Myron and Richard's Christmas present to good use.

Harry rocked and soothed Calix, humming lightly as Max cupped the back of Calix's head with a huge hand, his fingers stroking through soft, black, downy hair.

Even the yawn that Calix gave was fought furiously and Max chuckled deeply.

"It must be your genes, love, because every child we have is just so adorable." Max said kissing his cheek.

Harry gave Max a glare, but he let it go as he agreed that every child he had was adorable, he just didn't agree that it came from him.

Calix finally lost his battle with sleep and Harry stood to put him in a bassinet and scooped up Nasta's firstborn son. Regan was such a quiet baby, much like his Father and Harry felt like he wasn't spending as much time with Regan as a consequence.

He stripped Regan of his blanket and nightdress, but kept him in his nappy, stripped his own top half to a wolf whistle from Max, who got a teasing, exaggerated shake of the hips as Harry undid his belt and trousers and kicked them off before curling up on the settee with a blanket wrapped around him and Regan as he held his thirdborn son on his chest, bare skin to bare skin.

He murmured softly to Regan, having a one-sided conversation with him as his mates moved around him with the other children, Max started dinner when Blaise complained that he was hungry, Draco was doing homework, trying to get as much of it out of the way as possible and Nasta was doing paperwork now that he wasn't on baby duty, but Harry was in his own little world with a sleeping Regan.

When it was time for dinner, Harry moved to the table, Regan tucked into one arm and he ate with his other. He was so slow that everyone had finished and Max had started washing up as he ate the last bite of his lasagne.

"Thank you, Max." He said softly, pulling his tallest mate down for a kiss on the cheek as he dropped his plate into the sink.

Max was so much happier than usual and Harry didn't understand why until he was told a moment later.

"That's the first meal that you've let me cook on my own since the incident." He boasted happily.

Harry startled at that as he realised that it was true and he hadn't felt any apprehension in eating his food whatsoever, he hadn't even remembered that he was previously watching Max cook to ensure that he didn't tamper with his meal and it made him grin widely. "Then I guess it was time to forgive you and to hand you my trust again."

"I won't abuse it this time, not ever again. I promise." Max bent down and kissed his lips firmly, before ducking down further to kiss Regan's sleeping face.

"Though I do want to cook some meals with you. I enjoyed our time together." Harry shot over his shoulder as he made his way back to the settee.

"I'm sure we can work something out." Max agreed with a grin.

Nasta took Regan from him and swapped him with Farren as Regan started grizzling and squirming due to his dirty, smelly nappy. Nasta handed him a bottle and Harry placed it off to the side, waiting for when Farren would wake up, he would be the first. His gutsy baby would of course be the first to wake. Harry smiled, very happy with Farren's appetite, it was Leolin's that he was worried about as his youngest son was two weeks old now and still hadn't picked up his milk intake.

Farren woke up with a wail in his throat and Harry smoothed a soft cheek gently before picking up the bottle, testing it against his still bare forearm and sent a wordless, wandless cooling charm at it, tested it again, before he stroked it over Farren's cheek and he watched indulgently as his secondborn son rooted for the bottle teat.

"Did you just do wandless, wordless magic?" Draco demanded incredulously.

Harry looked up confusedly, before his attention was pulled back to a suckling Farren and he replied distractedly. "Huh? Oh, yeah, I can't be bothered to go into my bag to get my wand."

"Look at him, so flippant and dismissive about it, like it's not extraordinary." Blaise shook his head. "It's amazing, Harry. Every time you do it, it's amazing."

Harry flushed a bit. "I've always been able to do it, so it's not anything special to me. It's just convenient, but not really anything that I'd show off to others about."

"If it was me I'd be bragging to everyone around me." Draco told him.

"You do anyway with as much as you can get away with." Max teased.

"I'm proud of myself and all of my hard earned achievements, why shouldn't I rub it into everyone else's faces?" Draco defended.

"We love you for it." Max assured. "You wouldn't be you if you didn't completely trample those less fortunate in the brains, looks and ability departments into the unyielding ground."

"Don't forget the academic department." Nasta added from the kitchen table, where he had started back up with his paperwork, looking thoroughly stressed and overworked, but he was grinning at Draco nonetheless.

"I think lovers department too, I mean, who wouldn't be jealous of him for having me as a lover?" Max said with a deep, amused laugh.

Harry chuckled even as he watched the last suck of milk disappear from the bottle. He hefted Farren up and burped him, before settling him in the crook of his arm and rocking him gently to sleep, listening as Max and Draco dissolved into an argument over who people would be jealous of for having the other as a lover.

"Alright, knock it off the both of you before I gag you both with a dirty nappy." Nasta threatened as he threw his quill onto his paperwork and stood with a stretch. "Blaise, did you remember to do your Ancient Runes translations? It's due tomorrow."

"All done." Blaise confirmed with a grin as he packed his bag in preparation for tomorrow, waving the sheet of complicated diagrams and runes that confused the hell out of him at Nasta.


"All homework is done and complete, tomorrow's books and needed homework is already packed." Draco cut in with a cocky smirk.

"Harry, did you finish your Transfiguration and Defence essays?"

"I finished the Defence essay." Harry replied sheepishly.

"You have double Transfiguration first thing tomorrow, love, get your essay out." Nasta told him firmly.

Harry sighed and didn't even bother trying to argue, it was fruitless and a waste of time to argue with Nasta over school anyway.

Draco took Farren off of him and he was left to pull out his homework from under yesterday's newspaper, right where he had left it, with the headline 'Saviour Potter arrives at Hogwarts with lovers and babies in tow'. Nasta had gone ballistic over the latest allegations that he was a catamite and was being kept as a pleasure slave by two much older men, Draco and Blaise hadn't even been mentioned and only three babies had been 'confirmed' as being seen by eyewitnesses.

Harry trudged through his Transfiguration essay, rewriting it twice because Nasta wasn't happy with it, before he finally snapped and threw a tantrum. Nasta had caught him, bitten his neck, calmed him down and now he was cuddled up on Nasta's lap on the settee.

"Why the tantrum, Harry?" His oldest lover asked eventually, still carding his fingers softly through his hair.

"It all seems so pointless." Harry replied.

"Doing the work or just Transfiguration in general?"

"All of it! I don't want to be here, doing all this pointless shit when I could be back at home spending all day taking care of my children like I want to be doing."

"What about job prospects? You won't get even a half decent job if you don't graduate from Hogwarts. You need to finish your compulsory education to have even the slightest chance of getting a good job."

"I don't want a poxy job! I already have one and that's looking after my children!" Harry snapped.

"So that's all you want to do for the next three hundred odd years? What about when our children are all grown up, Harry? When they're not living at home anymore and you have nothing to distract you from the silence and the emptiness of our house because Max, Draco, Blaise and I are all out at work."

"You'll still be working at three hundred?" Harry asked.

Nasta chuckled wryly. "No, but we'll stop having children when we're about a hundred, Caru. I very much doubt that our children will be living with us when they're two hundred themselves. So what are you going to do when we don't have any more children to look after and they've all flown the nest?"

"I…I don't know." Harry said quietly.

"Isn't it a much better idea to get the qualifications that you need now, if not to get a job right away, but to ensure that you can actually get one later on in life, when you have nothing else to do? Even if you do decide not to get a job the moment after you've graduated, you can still have those qualifications to fall back on when a time comes when you might need them."

Harry sighed; he hated it when Nasta was so logical and wise. "I guess that makes sense." He grumbled.

Nasta chuckled and kissed him. "Get your essay; we'll go through it together seeing as it's getting late."

Harry did as he was told and he clambered back onto Nasta and listened as Nasta made more sense of the essay than the textbook had. The essay was done and completed in forty minutes and he was bound to get an 'EE' on it if not an outright 'O' it was that good.

Harry kissed Nasta as he packed all of the things that he needed for tomorrow and he was led to the bedroom and up to their platform bed. It was this bed that he had missed the most when he was at home rather than at the school. He loved the platform bed and he'd have to make sure any future house they had, had a platform bed like this one, though maybe with a bigger ledge and a bigger bed. Harry striped himself bare, not that he was wearing much to begin with, and he forced himself between Max and Draco to curl up to sleep.

Harry woke up the next morning and he groaned as he stretched. He'd only had the one nightmare last night and Nasta hadn't had any that he knew about, he was glad that it was coming to an end, finally. He rolled over and he was surprised that he actually had the space to move on the bed, then the cold sheets registered in his brain and he opened his eyes to see that he was on his own in the bed and the weak winter sun was trying to force its way through the curtains.

It wasn't often that he slept longer than his mates and as he realised that every one of the five bassinets around the bed was empty, he got confused. He was normally the first one to wake up and was certainly the one who did the babies' morning feed. Had he been slipped a sleeping potion? No, he didn't have the strange after taste in his mouth that a potion induced sleep left.

He climbed out of the bed, found someone's discarded boxers to wear for now and he padded down the stairs in just a pair of boxer shorts he was almost sure were Blaise's and went into the living room cum kitchenette. Max was cooking, Nasta was reading the paper, Blaise and Draco were entertaining the six children.

"Sleeping beauty arises!" Max called out from the kitchen as he spotted him.

"I can't believe I slept for so long." He murmured as he realised that his mates were all showered and dressed.

"You did have a late night." Nasta reminded him.

"It was only quarter to twelve." Harry disputed.

"You've been going to bed around ten every night; it's natural that you slept a bit later once you stayed up later and the nightmare couldn't have helped." Draco told him.

Harry grunted and scooped up Tegan on his way to the kitchenette in search of tea. Max was several steps ahead of him and sat him down in front of a cup of tea that was the perfect temperature for consumption.

"Anything in particular you wanted for breakfast, love? I'm making crepes."

"That'll be fine, but I want some cereal or something first. I don't have much time before lessons and I still need to shower and get dressed, so I want to make sure that I've actually had something to eat first."

Max dug out the trusty box of muesli and handed it to him with a bowl, a spoon and a jug of milk. Harry ate quickly and effectively with Tegan in his one arm. He was getting better at eating one handed now.

He finished his cereal, kissed his daughter and handed her off to Draco and rushed to the bathroom to shower and get into his uniform. He barely had time to stuff a blueberry crepe into his mouth before they had to leave for lessons, Harry and Draco to Transfiguration and Blaise to Ancient Runes.

Harry waved Draco away with a kiss and stayed with Hermione and Ginny for the first half hour break, though he knew that it was probably a bad idea as he was already missing Braiden, Farren, Tegan, Regan, Calix and Leolin immensely, but he had a free period next, while everyone else had Potions and then came lunch, so he had plenty of time to catch up with his children and his two older mates a bit later on, but for now he had been kidnapped by the girls and they were bundled up against the snow and the cold of the outside courtyard for their break as they talked about anything and everything until the topic of Ginny's toys came up.

"Oh, Gin, can you get me some more outfits." He stressed as she told him and Hermione about the cute pair of ballet shoes that she had gotten for Christmas. "I'll give you the money for them and give you a little extra."

"Do I want to hear this?" Hermione asked with a frown.

"Probably not." Harry answered with a lopsided smile as Ginny grinned from ear to ear.

"You liked my gift! You've used it?! I knew it!"

"Yes, Ginny." He answered with a blush, laughing out his embarrassment. "Max burnt that lovely skirt you got me though, I don't think he appreciated me wearing it and then telling him not to touch. Does the company do other ones? Perhaps in blue? Max likes the colour blue."

"Ohh, I'll get you cute little outfits, did you like the skirt? I wasn't sure if you would, but Luna said to include it. Do you like cross dressing? Should I find you a dress, oh, let me take your measurements!"

Harry was attacked then as Ginny wove her wand around his body and he felt strangely violated somehow. Though Ginny could give her Mother a run for her money with how quickly and efficiently she casted household spells, though he doubted that Mrs Weasley had fetish clothing and sex outfits in mind when she taught Ginny the spell to get a person's measurements.

"There. I'll find you the best that I can get my hands on and those lovers of yours will be crawling after you drooling! Oh I had better go and find Luna, she'd like to help me pick out outfits for you, it's like dress up only with very skimpy clothes and a live doll."

Ginny chuckled and then took off running into the castle leaving Harry bemused and Hermione sniffing in disapproval.

"She's only sixteen, Harry; you shouldn't encourage her like that."

"I fell pregnant at sixteen." Harry said softly, watching the door Ginny had gone through long after she had disappeared. "I had four lovers as well, had had a creature inheritance shoved onto me, was rushed through three mate meetings and basically paired off with four total strangers and told they were my life mates and that I would have children with them. Somehow I think a little fetish shopping won't do Ginny any harm, Hermione. She's a strong, bright, wonderful girl who is going to make someone very happy one day, but she's not stupid enough to put herself into a position where she can be harmed and I doubt very much that she's foolish enough to have sex without a condom or contraceptive charms, hell maybe she uses both just to be sure, but if she's doing it, she's doing it and nothing I say or do will change that, whether I ask her to shop for sexy clothing for me or not, she'll still be doing it, the most we can hope for is that she's being safe."

Harry finally turned away from the door to look at Hermione with a soft smile.

"You really sounded like a proud Father just then, Harry." She told him.

"I am a proud Father, Hermione, well Mother. But either way I'm a very proud Mother to six children and it'll be more soon enough."

"You're not pregnant again?" Hermione asked, her lovely brown eyes going wide and shocked.

"I fucking hope not!" Harry grinned. "No. I'm happily unpregnant at the moment. Six is enough for now; six is enough for a long while."

"But with your…genes, it's not going to be for long is it?" Hermione asked softly.

"Probably not, but Drackens have gone years without falling pregnant again, so my fingers are crossed."

"You know how I feel about wishes and luck."

"I know, you're more for the logic and scientific approach to everything, but when those are taken from you, all you really have is faith and luck. The heat cycle will take away all logic and capacity for thinking and leave me and the guys only with luck that it's not a fertile heat."

"I thought all heat cycles were fertile." Hermione said confusedly.

"No, Nasta was telling me about dry heats. A heat cycle where a submissive's body temperature doesn't get up to the one hundred and ten degrees needed for the conception of a baby. It's basically a practice heat before the real thing to get our bodies used to the cycle again before letting us fall pregnant. It's why most mass produced creature books about Drackens think we can only get pregnant in the winter, the book I read told me that as well as saying falsely that I could only get pregnant during only two heat cycles per year. I've since leant differently."

"I'm learning a lot from the book that Nasta gave to me. It's so informative, Drackens are really very complex creatures and they have such a large and wide history, it's amazing and I'm learning so much."

Harry chuckled and linked his arm through Hermione's, kissing her cheek before getting them walking towards the Entrance Hall on the opposite end of the castle, Hermione for Potions and Harry for his free period, he'd wait for Draco and Blaise so that he could get a kiss from them both and then he'd go and spend the afternoon with his helpless little ones…and his babies too.

The very tip of a little white tooth could be seen poking out of Braiden's gum as he cried constantly and without pause. It was heart rendering and headache inducing as the normally quiet, relaxed baby screamed his lungs and throat raw.

Harry found himself tearing up as he listened and tried to sooth Braiden, but he refused to let his tears fall. He needed to be strong for Braiden, his tears would not help his son feel any better or take away the pain of his first tooth.

It was Saturday morning and Harry was so glad that Braiden's first tooth had chosen today to make an appearance, when he could spend all day with his son and not be forced to leave him for lessons.

His mates were all bustling around, trying to do what they could, trying to make him and Braiden feel better, but there was nothing that anyone could do, so he had taken control and he had ordered Draco and Blaise to the library to study and do their homework, he had sent Max out to find something, anything, that could help Braiden and he had put Nasta on quintuplet patrol as he paced around the bedroom with a screaming five month old baby in pain.

He sat on the settee under the platform that held their bed and he snuggled a red faced Braiden to his chest, shushing and trying to calm him to no effect. If Max didn't find something, then he was going to have to call in Ashleigh, Narcissa, Marianna and Aneirin and pray that they as Mothers' themselves, and a single Father, that had obviously gone through the teething period before, would know what to do.

It was so distressing and stressful to sit here and listen to his baby constantly crying and knowing that it was because he was in pain and not being able to do anything. It made his Dracken scream and he had already accidentally let out two small distress calls that had brought Nasta running. He just wanted to take the pain away from Braiden, he hadn't slept since he had woken up crying at five that morning, he hadn't eaten anything since his ten O'clock feed last night and Harry was so worried and completely petrified that it would harm Braiden in some way to have missed those feeds, to have gone so long without food and sleep. He had tried everything just to get some milk into Braiden, even dribbling some into his mouth from a spoon, but Braiden had slapped the spoon away in temper.

Harry heard Max come back in and Nasta directing him through to the bedroom and Harry pleaded with his eyes that Max had found something as he came through the bedroom door.

"Here, try this. The Pharmacist recommended it, she said that it had helped all three of her children when they were teething." Max told him, digging out a little box, ripping it open and handing Harry the tube. "She says to just put a fingertip sized blob on the affected area."

Harry did as he was told and prayed that the Bonjela teething gel worked as he gently rubbed Braiden's gums with his fingertip.

"I called my Mum and asked her for advice; she said she'd be around as soon as Dad got home." Max told him. "But for now, she said to use the gel and then feed him as soon as it takes effect just to get some fluids into him."

"Go make up a bottle please, this one went cold a while ago, it might help if he had a fresh bottle instead of a warmed up one."

Max took the bottle and Harry continued rubbing Braiden's gums as it seemed to be working. Braiden's cried trailed off and his tears dried into tracks on his red flushed cheeks.

Harry went out into the living room with a smile and Nasta and Max just looked so relieved that Braiden was quiet. Harry took the magically cooled bottle of milk from Max and coaxed Braiden into drinking it. He managed half before he fell asleep with the teat still in his mouth.

Harry took the bottle from him gently and eased him into his cot before collapsing onto the settee and burying himself into the comforting body of Nasta.

"That was horrible." He said into the fabric of Nasta's shirt.

"I know." Nasta comforted, wrapping an arm around him and pulling him in tighter.

"Imagine in a few months now, all five of the quintuplets teething at the same time." Max whispered in horror.

"They won't. Leolin is a Faerie; Faerie's don't start getting their teeth on average until they're about eighteen, nineteen months old and the chances that the remaining four will all cut their first tooth at the same time is astronomical." Nasta explained patiently.

"Leolin won't get his first tooth until he's a year and a half?" Harry asked.

"No. He's a Faerie, love; his development is considerably slower than other babies, especially Dracken born babies. I'll get Dad to go to the Faerie Court to get you some books on it. He'd be happy to do so as he also wants to rub the Court's face in the fact that he has a Faerie grandson."

Harry chuckled and he snuggled up to Nasta and yawned. It had been a very long morning for them all, but he was afraid to go to sleep just in case Braiden woke back up, he wanted to be there for his son, not sleeping because he wanted a nap.

"Why don't you sleep for a bit, love?" Nasta coaxed.

"I want to be here for Braiden."

"He's not going anywhere, Harry and I'm very sure he'll wake everyone up when he does." Max told him.

"If anyone should be sleeping it's you two, not me. You did all the night feeds last night and you were up at five this morning with me and Braiden."

"We're not the ones who are tired, love, you are." Nasta pointed out.

"It seems cheeky though to be tired when you've been up for longer."

Max snorted and patted his bum. "This is cheeky, not you wanting to get an hour's sleep before pacing around the rooms with a teething baby, the gel can only be applied once every three hours and it's bound to wear off before he can have it again."

"I hate this." He confided softly.

"We all do, love, but think how cute he's going to look with those two bottom, front teeth when he grins now."

Harry chuckled and yawned again, before deciding that it wasn't the end of the world to want an hour or two of sleep.

"If your Mum comes before Braiden wakes up, wake me up please. I want to talk to her."

"Will do, now get some sleep." Max said with a grin, bending himself over the back of the settee to give him a kiss, coming back up to kiss Nasta, before heading to the kitchen and the bags he had brought from the supermarket.

Remus was unnaturally happy with his life at the moment. The closest that he had ever been to this sort of happiness before was back in his school days and the years shortly after he had graduated, being with Sirius and James and unfortunately Peter. Though back then none of them had had any idea of what Peter had been capable of. Peter had always been a shy and timid boy, but he had still been a close friend, one of the only people at that time to know that he was a werewolf. One of only three people who he had shared his hopes and dreams with in the dead of night when the rest of the castle was sleeping, but four young boys were wide away, eating chocolate, drinking pumpkin juice and butter beer stashed from the latest Hogsmeade weekend.

He sighed and then he smiled as he looked to the photograph that he had stuck to the fridge of Harry, Harry who was surrounded by four grinning young men and six children. It wasn't the life that he would have pictured for Harry, or one he knew that James and Lily had even considered for their beautiful baby. James had insisted that Harry would be nothing less than Minister for Magic and Lily had even suggested Harry would be a specialist Healer or even a Professor. Neither of them would have ever believed that their baby boy was a Mother to six and a lover to four at just seventeen. He hadn't even graduated yet, but none of them had thought for a moment that Harry would have a creature inheritance, Lily was a Muggleborn and James had been very human with very human parents, so it hadn't even crossed their minds, not even Sirius', whose ancestor had given Harry the Dracken blood in the first place, and Sirius' own brother had been a Dracken as well without him knowing, apparently it was very easy to hide a Dracken inheritance, even within a family.

Remus remembered Regulus Black, as handsome as his older brother, cocky, arrogant, just like a son of the Blacks, but oddly shy and conciliatory, unlike his outspoken, brash and sociable brother.

He remembered when Regulus was just fifteen and he had started a relationship with Severus Snape, oh how Sirius had hated the very thought of Snape touching his younger brother in such a way. The rivalry between Sirius and James and Severus had been in full swing at fifteen and to find out that Severus was then in a relationship with Sirius' brother was like adding salt to a wound. Sirius had been certain that Snape was only doing it to get back at him and he'd ranted about it at almost every opportunity he'd had. He'd even tried telling his brother that Snape was only going out with him to get under his skin, but Regulus wouldn't hear of it and Snape had turned around and told Sirius to stop thinking that the world revolved around him. The both of them had ended up in the hospital wing.

Regulus had changed when he was sixteen, it had been common before that to find him and Severus together, studying or just talking, they had even held hands a few times while coming into the Great Hall after a walk through the grounds, but when Regulus had turned sixteen, everything changed. He became very possessive and jealous, he snogged Snape where everyone could see them, he walked firmly by Severus' side, head tucked into Snape's chest, their arms wrapped around one another. It was possible to come across them in secluded corners, Regulus pinned to a wall, his legs wrapped around Severus' waist and hips and the other Slytherins complained that their love making kept them up all night.

Sirius had lost it, it had been bad enough thinking that his baby brother was in a relationship with Snape, being touched and kissed, but his sixteen year old brother having sex and groping and being groped all over the castle had been too much for him to bear and he had tried to kill Snape.

Sirius had thought it was due to a potion, because Severus was a genius with potions, but thinking back, if Regulus was a Dracken, then he would have come into his submissive Dracken inheritance at sixteen, which would possibly explain his behaviour at that time.

Then came the dreaded news…for Sirius at least. Regulus was pregnant. So not only was he and Severus having sex, but they were having unprotected sex which had resulted in a baby. Remus had thought then that Sirius would have an aneurism at the news.

Then came the unthinkable, Regulus had lost the baby. Severus and Regulus had lost a daughter, Sirius a Niece, and all because James had accidentally knocked Regulus over in his haste to reach the hospital wing after hearing that Lily had fallen ill the night before. James hadn't even realised it was Regulus that he had knocked down until the boy had started calling him a murderer after his release from Saint Mungos hospital. It had upset James and he and Sirius hadn't spoken for a week and they had almost come to blows over the incident, because Sirius did still love his brother and he had seen how upset and crushed Regulus had been after losing his daughter, even if the baby was also Snape's. They had eventually realised that they were being idiots, that James knocking over Regulus had been a complete accident and had made up, which had only heightened Regulus' rage and his perceived betrayal by his older brother.

Then Regulus had died, just nineteen years old and Sirius of course threw all of his hate and pain at Snape, the person who Regulus had been seeing and living with at the time of his death. He still remembered hearing the killing curse come from Sirius' lips, he remembered tackling him to send his spell astray so that he didn't go to Azkaban for life, not that that plan worked as only three years later Sirius had been imprisoned in Azkaban for life anyway, even if it was falsely.

"You're thinking too hard again." A soft voice told him.

Remus turned with a smile to Tonks, who was wearing just a bathrobe, her usual bubble gum pink hair was dry and bouncy on her shoulders. She was the reason that he had been so happy these past few months. He had expected her to run after just a week with him, but she hadn't and even seeing him as weak as a newborn kitten the morning after the first full moon that they were together hadn't turned her away from him. She had in fact spent the day nursing him, feeding him chicken broth, helping him sip water through a straw and applying salves to his skin to help with his bruised body caused by the violent transformation.

"Just some observations from the past that make more sense when looked back upon." He told her softly. "That and I'm just worried about Harry."

"He's a tough kid, give him some credit. I've never met a boy so young, with such pressure on him, be so normal. He was just a normal teenaged boy, his bedroom was a normal teenaged boy's when I first met him, he had the temper and personality of a fifteen year old, even if sometimes he was far more mature and cynical than he should have been. But I just couldn't believe how normal he was when I actually met him. Normal sixteen year olds are thinking about sex and relationships, Remus. So he's had a couple of babies in his teenaged years, most wizard couples do, Remus. I told you about my friend Justin, the one who got involved with that man Brian and he got pregnant within the week. He's twenty-three now and he has had eight children in five years. It's just the way male couples are and everyone knows that male pregnancies are more likely to be multiples over singletons so it's no surprise to me that Harry had quintuplets, especially with four lovers to keep happy."

Remus felt terrible omitting to Tonks that Harry and his lovers were Drackens, but it wasn't his place to tell her, even if he did find her trustworthy and one of the least likely people to run to poachers with the information. But it wasn't his life that he was gambling with, it was Harry's, his mates and his children's lives and he couldn't do it and he didn't think that it was his place to tell her, especially with his track record, because he had thought that Peter was the least likely person to ever run to Voldemort with the information about James, Lily and Harry's whereabouts and that had been exactly what he'd done.

"It's just because it's Harry." Remus sighed. "I've known him since he was born, I was there as James proudly told us that Lily was pregnant. I may not have been there after he was sent to Lily's sister, but I've been there for him since he was thirteen. Knowing that he has six children now, it seems inconceivable to me when I think of the small baby he was and the sweet, but fierce teenager he grew to be."

"It was always going to be difficult for you. You see him as a son, you've looked out for him, changed his nappies, fed him a bottle or two and he was just a baby in your arms, but now he's in an obvious sexual relationship and he has his own children. But the fact of the matter is, you are always going to see him as too young, even if he was fifty you'd think him too young, because to you he's always going to be a baby. Harry is obviously happy with his life and he is enjoying it, all you can do, all anyone can do now, is support him in his decisions, because he has obviously decided what he wants from his life and he is not wasting any time in going after it."

Remus pulled Tonks onto his lap and looked up at her beautiful heart shaped face.

"Why did I have to love someone so smart?" He teased.

"Because you're usually a smart man, just not when it comes to a certain black haired boy who you see as a son." Tonks teased back, brushing the tip of his nose with a finger before leaning in to kiss him.

Missing Scene

"I think I'm just going to sleep until tomorrow." Tonks laughed.

"I thought you wanted to go to dinner tonight." Remus replied.

"It can wait." Tonks said through a yawn as she turned onto her side with a deep groan, snuggling into him.

Remus chuckled and threw an arm around the woman that he loved. He was so happy at the moment that he couldn't believe that he had ever seriously considered denying himself and Tonks this happiness, no matter how briefly.

Harry paced with a screaming Braiden; he had kicked Blaise and Nasta into the bedroom with the quintuplets and he had kept Max and Draco with him as he tried fruitlessly to quieten his screaming baby. Max caught him in his arms and pulled him onto his lap, holding him comfortingly as they were forced to listen to Braiden's agonised cries.

"I hate this!" Harry burst out tearfully. "When can we give him the gel?"

"Another hour and a half."

"This is ridiculous! I can't take this anymore. That gel is making it worse!"

A knock at the portrait door made Harry send up a silent prayer. "Thank fuck!"

Draco opened the portrait door and Harry had never been so pleased to see Ashleigh, Myron, Richard, Marianna, Narcissa and Lucius.

"Ohh, what's the matter with him?" Ashleigh fretted as she hovered over him and Braiden.

"That's why we need help, Braiden's teething and we can't stop him from crying, he won't sleep and he won't take his bottle." Harry answered tearfully. "How did I stop him from being in pain? I don't want him to be in pain anymore."

"That's the emergency?" Richard asked as he flumped onto the settee. "I thought one of you had lost a hand from the way that Max was acting."

"Ignore him, Harry; he purposefully scheduled high profile court cases when any of his children were teething so that he was away for days at a time." Ashleigh glared at her younger Husband. "Have you tried teething rings?"

"He won't take it anymore." Harry said sadly as he showed her the ring, showing them how Braiden pushed it away, crying so hard he was almost sick, coughing roughly.

"I used a teething potion brewed by Severus for Draco." Narcissa told him. "It worked a treat."

"Severus isn't exactly in a position to brew anything." Lucius told her. "But perhaps if you could get the recipe he used, Maximilius could brew it for you."

Harry nodded, acknowledging Lucius' attempt at being civil. "What can we do for now though? The teething gel we bought can't be applied often enough to keep him out of pain."

"I used a wet washcloth with Blaise." Marianna told them.

"I don't think smothering him with a wet washcloth will help." Harry denied furiously.

Marianna laughed delicately for such a large woman. "I would have a few choice words if you smothered my grandson with a wet washcloth, no you give it to him to bite on."

"I'm willing to try anything." Harry said tearfully.

Marianna called out to Blaise, who came to hug his Mother with a smile. She kissed his mouth and then turned him towards the bedroom and asked him for a clean, wet washcloth. He looked at her strangely, but he went to get what she had asked for.

Nasta slipped out of the bedroom and greeted everyone politely.

"All the babies are asleep." He told Harry as he gestured for everyone to sit down.

Blaise came back with the wet cloth and he offered it to his Mother, who took it from him and handed it to Harry. Harry put the damp end into Braiden's mouth and he tried to push it out with his tongue, but instead he bit down and then he started gumming on it, his tears stopped, though he remained sniffling and making grizzling noises in his throat as he gummed on the cloth hard.

"Thank you." Harry said to Marianna as he cuddled Braiden on his lap.

"It's my pleasure, Harry. I know how hard it is to see a little one in pain and know you can't do anything to prevent it, it's the worst feeling in the world."

Harry nodded as he wiped away Braiden's tears, kissing the bright red cheeks softly, letting his lips linger. He hated hearing Braiden cry, he hated seeing him in a screaming fit, knowing that it was caused by a pain that he couldn't immediately erase.

"How are the other five?" Myron asked as he settled on the settee easily.

"Leolin's wings are getting so much better, just a few scabs left and then he'll be all healed!" Harry said happily. "Calix has nappy rash because he's too laid back to cry when he's wet, but I blame Max's lack of brain cells for that."

Richard laughed and gave him a double thumbs up.

"Is Calix's rash under control?" Myron inquired.

"Of course, we're checking him every half an hour, he has cream to be applied and we're leaving him out of his nappy to let his skin dry. It's given us an excuse to use the nightdresses; they're more practical than sleepsuits."

"I bet they look adorable in nightdresses, especially Tegan." Narcissa fawned.

"Actually Calix looks the cutest in them." Harry grinned. "Farren's too big to really pull it off; Leolin's too little so his just drowns him and it looks more like a wedding dress on him."

"You have to show us." Ashleigh coaxed.

Harry grinned at Max, who nodded and went to get his second son. Calix was tiny in his arms and in the little nightdress with the blue flowers embroidered on the front he looked dainty as he was handed to his Grandmother to coo over.

"Oh he looks absolutely adorable! Do you have pictures of him in the nightdress?"

"More than we possibly know what to do with." Draco answered with a chuckle. "I suppose we could always repaper the walls, we have more than enough with how many photos Harry has taken."

"I like taking photos of them; I don't want to miss a single moment!" Harry said with a smile as he rocked Braiden in his arms, who was gnawing on the wet washcloth until it was time for more teething gel so he could have a bottle and then some sleep.

"At this rate you can line them all up and make a timeline of all their lives."

Harry stuck his tongue out at Blaise and handed Braiden off to Nasta so that he could get everyone tea. He enjoyed the peace and conversation with the family while it lasted, though he wished that Aneirin and Sanex had agreed to come, but Aneirin was finishing up paperwork so he could come and help them the following week and he had told him that Sanex was also busy with work. Harry wondered if he had done anything to offend either of them recently, but nothing came to mind and their last meeting had been friendly and amicable enough, especially with presenting Aneirin with two grandsons and a granddaughter and Sanex with two Nephews and a Niece. He missed them both and he didn't understand why they hadn't come when he had called them asking for help.

"Harry? Love, are you alright?"

Max was standing in front of him and Harry looked up confusedly, blinking slowly.

"Huh?" He asked.

"Did you have a flashback, love?" Max asked, holding his hands softly and pulling him into a hug.

"No." Harry said a bit defensively, pulling away from Max. He wasn't some distressed woman and he hated being treated like glass.

"You got the same look on your face and you weren't responding to us."

"I was just thinking."

"What about?" Nasta questioned.

"Your Dad and brother." Harry admitted after realising that they wouldn't leave it alone. "I don't know if it's just me, but they seem to be treating me differently since the birth of the quintuplets. Was it something I did or said? Did I offend them both or something by not allowing them near Leolin, even though he was related to them to blood? Because that wasn't personal, I didn't want anyone holding Leolin after his birth."

"I think that's our cue to leave." Richard said in the silence that followed as he stood up.

Harry watched confusedly as everyone said their hurried goodbyes and left quickly, Calix being handed over to Draco, who was avoiding his eyes.

"I did do or say something, didn't I?" Harry said hollowly as he felt light headed at the thought of offending two much loved and very respected people that he held close to his heart.

Harry slid down the kitchen counter and he stared ahead blankly. Nasta's face appeared in front of his gaze and Harry realised that his eyes were blurry through tears. He blinked and those tears slid down his face.

"Harry love, no one blames you."

"I'm not like the other submissives, I'm not, but I couldn't hand over Leolin after just learning that he was a Faerie and had an open back wound, I just couldn't."

"Harry, it's not about Leolin, love, it happened before Leolin was even born."

"What? What did I do, Nasta? Please tell me." Harry begged tearfully.

Nasta sighed heavily and pulled him between his crouched legs and held him to his chest, even as Harry struggled and tried to push him away.

"You tried to kill Sanex." Nasta told him, softly, calmly, as if he had done nothing more than knock over a glass of water.

"What?!" Harry screamed trying more viciously to break Nasta's hold on him.

"After you had gone into premature labour and gone feral, Sanex foolishly followed you up to the bedroom through concern. He acted like a damned idiot and he's already been told off by me and Dad for it, but he didn't think, he heard you screaming and he foolishly followed you. You were feral, in labour and looking for a place to birth and Sanex was in the same room, misguidedly trying to help you. Of course you reacted negatively to his presence, of course you tried to eliminate the perceived threat to you and your babies. No one blames you, Harry."

"Obviously they do blame me or they wouldn't treat me any differently!" Harry snapped as the memory played out in his mind as Nasta's words uncovered the memory from his mind. "Fuck, I almost killed him, Nasta! I would have managed to kill him if Myron hadn't come home when he did. I had Sanex pinned down in the corner of the room, he wouldn't have been able to get out or away from me, but I was distracted by Myron coming home and I turned away from him just long enough for him to slip around me. He could have died! I could have killed him! I almost did kill him!"

"But you didn't." Nasta said firmly. "Sanex even admits that it was his own fault. He shouldn't have gone after you like a brainless idiot, he knew better, Harry, he's been taught better than that. He's grown up with Drackens, he's been taught these things, Cariad, he should have remembered how dangerous a feral Dracken is and kept well away from you, but he didn't. That was his fault, not yours."

"But I almost killed him!"

"No one blames you." Nasta answered firmly. "Max, get my brother and Father here now, no excuses." He ordered. "Harry need's to hear it from them."

Harry heard Max moving away and the portrait door opening and closing. Nasta still refused to let him go, holding him tightly and unrelentingly.

It took ten minutes before Max came back into their rooms with a panicky looking Aneirin and a confused Sanex.

"Max said that you needed us and that it was urgent, I was picturing you sick or dying." Aneirin confessed as he hunched down and clamped Nasta in a hug, kissing him.

"No, I'm well enough, but Harry noticed that you and Sanex are treating him with caution and he believes that it was because he wouldn't let you hold Leolin."

"What? Harry, no. I understood why you were more protective of Leolin and why you wouldn't let him out of your arms. My Dracken is a bit more cautious around you because, well you…"

"Almost killed Sanex." Harry said tearfully.

"It was my fault, Harry." Sanex cut in. "I didn't think, my mind was just completely blank and I followed you without thinking. I never should have followed you up the stairs, let alone into the bedroom."

Harry got out of Nasta's arms and slipped his arms around Sanex. "I'm sorry. I don't want to kill you, no matter how much of a pest you and Caesar are sometimes."

Sanex laughed at that and hugged him back tightly. "I'm not afraid of you, Harry. I'm afraid of your Dracken though, and with good reason, you are damned scary when you're feral, I almost shit myself. But I couldn't be afraid of you now in human form, you're too cute and your glare is adorable."

Harry glared at him, his eyes promising death, but Sanex laughed.

"That's it; you just look so cute like that."

"Sanex, you carry on speaking and he'll kill you without his Dracken form." Nasta warned. "No one calls Harry the 'A' or 'C' words and lives."

"It wasn't your fault, Harry, but you know how Dracken instincts are, I felt that I had to protect my child, my human son, from you after you had tried, and very nearly succeeded, in killing him. But seeing you with him now, I have no desire to rip him from you, or to fight you to protect him, which I would have done if I thought that you were any real threat to Sanex. I don't blame you; Sanex was a fool who forgot everything that I drilled into him for the last forty years. I admit it was his fault, so stop blaming yourself for something that was obviously the fault of my son."

Harry smiled and hugged Aneirin.

"Now, where are my Grandchildren? I want to see all six of them before I leave."

"You still want to come and help next week though, yes?" Harry questioned as if Aneirin might have changed his mind overnight.

"Of course, but I want as much time with my six Grandchildren as possible, even if I will be seeing a lot of them over the coming months."

Harry chuckled and went to sit on the settee as Max finished making the tea that Harry had abandoned when their guests had fled from him. All six babies were brought out of the bedroom for Aneirin and Sanex to see, though more for the fact that it was coming up to feed time.

Harry cuddled with Braiden, who had fallen asleep with the smallest corner of the damp washcloth clenched between his gums and Blaise couldn't resist a picture. Draco was cuddling Farren, Aneirin had Leolin cradled carefully in his arms, Sanex had Tegan, Nasta was holding a sleeping Regan and Max was gazing adoringly at little dainty Calix. Hell Harry loved his family, even if they did try to kill one another from time to time, as long as they could still have moments like this, everything would be forgiven and forgotten.


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