The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


55. Chapter Fifty-Four - Endurance

Harry woke up quivering and his arms were jerky when he tried to move them, his fingers curled loosely into his palms and he couldn't seem to straighten them as he shook violently. He was so cold. He felt nauseous and dizzy.

He swallowed; his throat was so dry it felt like he was trying to swallow a bludger. He sat himself up and a spasm of pain ripped right through his abdomen. He choked back a scream as everything was quiet and he didn't want to disturb any of his children.

His eyes snapped wide when he remembered that he had a critically injured baby and he searched the pile of sleeping, jumper wrapped babies for the smallest one, the baby that was half the size of the other babies that he had birthed, lying closest to him. He pulled the baby to his nose, to his mouth and he inhaled deeply, smiling lightly as he felt the light puffs of air against his neck.

The baby smelt bitter and earthy. It flashed an image in his mind of a familiar person he couldn't name, of a soft mouth, pale skin and bright, curious eyes.

He checked on the other babies, only one out of the five he had birthed was a Dracken. The others all smelt bitter, like the smell of a heavy storm, but his curious child was different again, earthy and bitter together. They smelt like a place he barely remembered, a huge stone castle milling with children that all held that strange bitter smell of an electrical storm.

He stroked the baby's thin, soft, pale hair as he checked on the baby's back after drawing up the courage, there was a part on the baby's back that was just completely raw and there was no skin. Harry could see the veins clearly and it looked so painful and wrong and raw. It throbbed as well, like it had its own heartbeat or the flesh that actually was there was so thin that he could clearly see the baby's heartbeat through it. It was a sick and horrifying sight that made tears burn in his eyes. His youngest child.

He gave a tentative lick to the raw patch on his child's back and a little face screwed up and started crying so faintly that Harry was shocked, he was used to a healthy cry, not this weak, soft, almost whimper of a cry that he could only just hear with the baby right next to his ear. It was obviously painful for his little baby. He needed to get help. He needed help for his youngest baby.

He ripped the wards around the room down and called out hesitantly, he wasn't quite ready for anyone else to come in here, but he needed the help and he had enough of himself currently that he could recognise the need and understand it. Several rumbles answered and he got flashes of images of faces and hints of names. He knew four were more important than the other Drackens. He cooed softly in invitation and the door eased open.

The bed was a red ruin, coated, almost painted, in dried blood, there was so much it was still wet in odd places and the placentas he had ripped out were still on the bedspread, the umbilical cords lying about like sleeping snakes. It was to the bed that they first looked and then Harry witnessed their panic as they couldn't see him. He cooed softly, to bring their attention to the dark, cosy corner he was secluded in as more of his mind came back to him with the urgency of the situation.

They approached him slowly, cautiously and he recognised them, his mates. Nasta, Max, Draco and Blaise. They eased down around him, but he growled when Max went for a baby, swiping at his hand lazily, not trying to catch him, but warning him not to touch.

"How are you feeling, Harry?" Nasta asked as he feasted on the babies with his eyes, Harry holding his youngest in his arms still. He couldn't put the baby down.

"Sore, tired, angry, upset, a bit confused as well." He answered thickly through a screamed raw throat.

"We need to get you to St Mungo's, love. You and the babies. Can we move you?" Max asked carefully.

Harry lowered his head to his babies and inhaled from each of them deeply, ingraining their scent deeply into his memory. He nodded only after he had finished and was absolutely sure that he had all of their scents ingrained into him.

"First tell us, who is who." Draco tried to inject some lightness into the situation and it worked because Harry smiled.

"That one is the Firstborn. Max's baby."

Max grinned so widely as Harry allowed him to remove the little baby from the little nest, wrapped up in a jumper.

"The second and third babies came out together, the third baby holding the second baby's thumb."

Blaise made a soft cooing noise to them, letting them hear his voice.

"They're both Nasta's."

The pride in Nasta's dark eyes swelled Harry's heart.

"The fourth baby born is Max's. The baby…he wouldn't breathe when I cut the cord. I had to fight to get him to breathe." Harry sobbed.

Max scooped this baby up too and nuzzled the soft spot on the front of his head.

"Harry, one baby didn't…we never heard a fifth cry." Draco bumbled out, his voice thick with tension.

Harry looked down to the baby he was cradling, who was laying so still and so quiet in his arms.

"Is…is that the baby?" Blaise asked, licking his lips nervously as he cradled Braiden tightly.

"Nasta's baby." Harry said softly.

Nasta closed his eyes and breathed out a choppy, shuddering breath.

"Boy or girl?" He forced himself to ask painfully.

"Baby boy. I got him to breathe. He cries so faintly."

They all looked to him, then to the baby and back to him, though all at different times. Draco's eyes never left the baby.

"He…he's alive?" Nasta croaked.

"For now, but we need to get to a hospital. There's something wrong with him, half the skin on his back is missing and it's really painful for him. I can see his veins and it's covered with blood and mucus, he needs a Healer."

Nasta scooped him up immediately and Draco picked up Nasta's two other babies, holding them close in their jumper beds.

Harry held the baby in his arms tighter and when they reached the living room, they met Healer Almus, who went to take the baby from his arms. Harry snarled and he backed away.

Ashleigh had been busy making up five bottles and Harry grumbled as two babies were handed to people who weren't his mates, but they smelt familial, so he allowed it as the humans fed his first and second born. Though he kept an eye on the Drackens around as the two girls, Talia and Alayla if his memory was right, fed his newborn babies.

"Harry, please give me the baby, it'll only hurt you worse the longer you hold on." The Healer coaxed.

"We need another bottle." Nasta spoke, his voice light with relief. "Harry got the fifth baby breathing, but it was so faint we couldn't hear it through the door, all five of them survived."

Ashleigh let out a half sob as she rushed to get another bottle.

"You got all five of them breathing?" Myron whispered as if he couldn't bear to speak louder and have his dream shattered.

Harry nodded. "The last two born, the fourth and fifth, both boys. They weren't breathing when I cut the cords. I don't know why, but something told me to rub them, so I got my shirt and started rubbing their chests. The fourth baby started breathing after fluid came out of his throat; the fifth took more vigorous rubbing and jogging to get him to take that first breath. My Dracken kept telling me that he was dead, that we should leave him and focus on the others, but there was nothing I could do for the others, so I kept with the fifth and he started breathing."

"The baby boys are always more fragile than the baby girls. It's such a stereotype that girls are weaker, but it's the baby boys that are more likely to die in their first year, not the girls." Ashleigh said as she handed him a bottle, which had been cooled to the perfect temperature.

Harry realised quickly that the bottle teat was too big and he wailed in distress.

"The teat is too big; it won't go in his mouth."

"Let's get you to the hospital." Healer Almus suggested. "You need to get these babies checked out, they were born early, even for a Dracken and we want to make sure that they are all alright and that you are alright."

Harry nodded and he controlled the panic, with the help of Nasta, as he went through the floo and lost sight of four of his new babies.

Instead of landing in the reception area of the hospital, they were in an office and Healer Almus called an orderly, she came strolling in, in her pale yellow robes before stopping dead. She just stared at him as if feasting on his body and it was only then that Harry realised that he was naked, holding a jumper wrapped newborn in the arms of a gorgeous man. He went pink.

"I forgot to get dressed!" He whispered horrified to his mates.

They looked to him, naked in Nasta's arms, realising themselves that Harry wasn't wearing anything and Nasta moved his arms to cover him up more securely, his large arms acting as shields against curious gazes.

"I would be asking you to get undressed anyway, Harry." Healer Almus told him professionally. "I want to do a full examination."

They were led down a corridor, orderlies and patients' alike stopping to stare at them and Harry closed his eyes against Nasta's shoulder so he couldn't see their gawping faces. The Healer opened a door to a large room. In fact Harry was sure that this was supposed to be a full ward with five beds, not just the one bed.

"I had this ward cleared out and decked just for your impending birth." Healer Almus stated. "One of the waiting rooms downstairs has been turned into a ward temporarily. We only have two rooms suitable for pregnant males and the equipment for the inevitable high multiple children, for the first time in history, both rooms are being used, which leaves you with no room, so I had this one prepared especially for you, sometimes being a Senior Healer and the Head of the Natal Ward has its uses."

Harry was settled in the bed, which was almost double size and his legs and privates were covered possessively by Nasta as the orderly fluttered about, staring unashamedly at him.

"Holly, if you could please go and fetch Healer Cole and two additional on duty orderlies?" Healer Almus requested as he started checking Harry over.

"Babies first!" Harry demanded, cringing away as much as he could.

Healer Almus raised an eyebrow. "Who is the Healer here? I will check you first because of the trauma and shock of such a sudden birth could still kill you."

Harry pouted and growled all through the inspection, of having his vitals checked, his blood pressure checked and various spells cast as another Healer in a lime green overcoat came in and started assisting Healer Almus and two new orderlies in their pale yellow overcoats came in wheeling little glass bassinets.

Harry glared at them as they took his children, checked their cords, replaced his makeshift clamps with real cord clamps, checked their eyes, ears, throats, hands, feet, grip, reflexes and then weighed them.

"Healer, the biggest baby is two pounds and ten ounces." One of the more demure orderlies informed Healer Almus.

"The Firstborn is two pounds and ten ounces, the second born is two pounds three ounces, the third born is two pounds one ounce, the fourth born is two pounds exactly and the fifth is one pound and two ounces." Harry snarled.

The orderlies blinked at him and checked the weight charts.

"How did you know?" One asked. "We haven't even weighed the smallest baby yet."

"You will not touch him." Harry said decisively.

"The youngest needs help." Nasta told the two Healers.

Harry nodded and sat up with help from Max. He undid the jumper that was wrapped around his smallest and youngest and pulled him up; showing the hideous, raw section of his back and his mates recoiled in shock, the three orderlies gasped and Healer Almus took a step back, the other Healer, Healer Cole, who had to have been in his early eighties at least, stepped forward and inspected the baby's back closely.

"I've seen this several times before." He said and he smiled at Harry. "You have nothing to worry about, Mister Potter, am I right in thinking that one of your lovers has Faerie blood?"

"Yes." Nasta answered defensively.

"How early were these babies? Two months or more?"

"Three months." Harry said softly.

The Healer nodded with a smile. "This is absolutely nothing to worry about."

"Nothing to worry about? Are you looking at his back?!" Draco demanded, his eyes wide as he saw the baby's back for the first time.

"That is not his back." The Healer told them. "Those are his wings attached to his back. If a Faerie is born before five months gestation their wings will not be properly formed and the wings will be uncovered and unprotected, you need to be extremely cautious with them as they are very easily damaged and painful whilst uncovered."

"They don't look like wings." Harry said tearfully as he checked.

"They are spread out and plastered to his back, he doesn't have the mobility to move them yet, so they look like a part of his back and they will continue to look like part of his back until he's about a year old. They are so thin at the moment, but the cartilage spines that make up the structure of his wings will start to thicken and the skin covering them will toughen up over time."

"Is he in much pain?" Harry asked.

"No more than a bit of discomfort, I assure you, all of the nerve endings are covered and protected. They will feel much like a fresh graze until the skin protecting the wings forms, which is why they are leaking some plasma, you may see some blood spots, but they won't bleed properly."

"When will the skin form?" Nasta asked, a large hand cupping the baby's head, under Harry's hand.

"It will take a week or two." Healer Cole told them and Harry sniffled, the adrenaline in his blood seeping away now that he knew his youngest son wasn't hurt in any way.

"Do any of them have any risks of dying?" Max asked. "This one wasn't breathing right away either."

Healer Almus checked the baby over before shaking his head.

"He likely had a bit of fluid in his throat and lungs."

"He coughed up fluid and started crying wetly after I got him breathing by rubbing him."

"It's a very good thing that you started rubbing them both when you did, Harry." Healer Almus told him.

Harry nodded and groaned as he tried to shift himself and a sear of pain went through his abdomen. He was surrounded by worried mates and he shoved them all aside as the Healer played about with his stomach.

"You have torn your stomach muscles, you cut too far across."

"I didn't cut too far across, I barely cut at all, the first baby forced his way out and I tore a bit, I just cleaned up the cut a bit before grabbing the second baby."

"Nonetheless you have damaged the stomach muscles; you won't be getting up for a while."

"Watch me." Harry answered.

"If the Healer says you stay in bed, you stay in bed." Nasta told him, his tone and his gaze brooking no argument.

"I recommend that he stays in bed for a few days to a week." Healer Almus told them.

Harry groaned.

"Ma ma!" Braiden cooed from Blaise's arms.

Harry smiled and Blaise handed the four month old over and Harry cuddled him in the opposite arm to his little Faerie child.

"Have you thought of names?" One orderly asked breathily, like she couldn't quite keep her mouth shut.

"No." Harry replied immediately, not even looking at her.

"Well I think you and the children are alright to stay overnight, Mister Potter, you have some severe blood loss, so a blood replenisher is in order and a pain killer will be administered to you." Healer Cole said, his narrowed eyes on the orderly who had spoken, he did not look impressed. "As long as you can stay on bed rest when you go home tomorrow that is or you'll be here all week, but in the future if any of these five look like they are having any problems, even something small, call us immediately. This is my home floo address, don't lose it and do not hesitate to call."

Harry was handed a small white card and he smiled gratefully. He watched as his children were bedded down around him, all with clean nappies on and wrapped in cellular blankets well within reach if he stayed sat in the bed, he did not let go of his Faerie child or Braiden throughout the night, sleeping dead straight on his back, he couldn't turn over even if he had wanted to, as the hours passed, his abdomen became a white hot agony and he needed help just to move an inch, let alone be able to turn over.

It wasn't usually allowed, but all of his mates remained with him, they couldn't have gotten them out of the room even if they had cared to try. Nasta did not sleep that night; he remained awake, alert and vigilant, facing the door as he sat in front of Harry's bed and the babies in the incubators. He could not, would not relax his guard in such an unfamiliar place and Harry was grateful, he knew he wouldn't have been able to relax his guard and fall asleep if all of his mates had been sleeping and at the moment he really needed the rest.

The next day was horrendous as Harry relieved Nasta of his guard and allowed his exhausted mate to sleep for an hour or two.

An orderly in pale yellow robes brought him six bottles every two hours, even though he had tried to tell her that Braiden only took a feed every four hours. One baby, the oldest one, was very, very gutsy with the milk and did not like that it run out so quickly. Harry gave the baby a half ounce more milk from the spare bottle and the baby seemed happier for it.

The hardest to feed was his little Faerie baby, who had to have a special bottle, one that was small enough to fit his tiny mouth. He was on such a small amount of milk that Harry worried for him, especially as half of the time the baby didn't even finish the bottle. But he was assured that when the others would move onto four hourly feeds, his baby would remain on two hourly feeds, Healer Almus had told him that as long as he ate little and often, he would be fine.

The orderly who was looking after him and his babies quietly slipped into the room and Nasta grumbled in his sleep, which was echoed by the three others. She smiled thinly as she handed him a breakfast tray, there were five plates, all full of food and the six customary bottles. She left quickly and Harry wondered why when usually she cooed over the babies, never touching them of course, but she did look in on them as she watched to see if Harry fed them properly, as if he was some cack-handed child who didn't know how to feed and change a baby.

Harry fed his gutsy baby first, then it was an almost automated process of feeding and burping each baby, Harry had gotten quite good at picking up a sleeping baby, waking them up gently before shoving the bottle teat into their mouths before they could cry. It didn't always work as one baby would usually wake up as Harry was feeding another baby and wake up one or all of his mates. But he was in luck with this feed and as he fed his sleepy Braiden and burped him, he checked all of their nappies before he started on his breakfast. He was just finishing off his plate and his glass of pumpkin juice when he spied a newspaper under one of the plates.

Everything was quiet, his mates were all still asleep, the babies were all asleep except for Braiden, who was quiet and sucking on his own hand, cooing and babbling at it every so often, making Harry's heart melt.

He decided he could probably get away with reading just the headlines before a baby wetted a nappy or a mate woke up.

It only took the headlines for him to screech in absolute rage. A picture of himself, naked in Nasta's arms, his eyes closed and head against Nasta's shoulder, a tiny baby in his arms with the caption: 'Saviour in hospital after five foetus pregnancy forces early labour at four months.'

Nasta was by his side in an instant and it didn't take long before he realised the reason for his screech and he snatched the paper from Harry and looked at it himself and started reading it out loud.

"It was reported last night that Saviour, Harry Potter, seventeen, was rushed to hospital after the pressure of a five foetus pregnancy was too much for his slight frame to handle. The five babies, of unknown gender, unknown paternity and unknown condition, were born five months early, at only four months gestation. It is unknown if any survived such an early birth." Nasta read aloud, his voice getting quieter and quieter, getting so angry he was almost hissing. "Harry, pictured with his strange collection of lovers which include schoolmates Draco Malfoy, seventeen and Blaise Zabini, eighteen, and sons of the illustrious businessmen, Myron Maddison and Aneirin Delericey, Maximilius, thirty-two and Nasta, thirty-seven, also pictured, were on the scene as lover Harry was seen to by two senior Healers and at least three orderlies at Saint Mungos hospital late yesterday evening as it became almost common knowledge that one of the babies, who weighed just one pound, was born with a birth defect which left the miniscule eleven inch baby with no skin. It is thought that the baby will not survive, if the poor thing was even alive to begin with."

"Who gave this to you?" Nasta demanded as he threw the paper to Draco in disgust.

"It was under the plate the orderly brought me." Harry said sobbing, clutching his little Faerie baby, assuring himself that he was still alive.

"Those little fuckers are going to pay!" Draco snarled as the paper balled up under the onslaught of his hands. Max tugged it out carelessly and wrapped an arm around Draco's neck, hand dangling down to his belly.

"Who was in the corridor yesterday? How many people? One of them had to have taken that photo! I'm naked!" Harry cried out.

Nasta snarled and slipped a hand under the blankets to pet his private parts possessively.

"They will not get away with it!" He growled. He was feral or as close to it that it didn't matter.

"Nas, calm down with the babies here." Harry said, lowering his tone of voice. "I'm angry too, but not with the babies here."

Nasta let out a shuddering breath and sat down heavily on the bed, touching the pale hair on the head of the Faerie baby.

Healer Almus came through the door and he looked angry too. He shook his head brusquely.

"I have no idea how that photo was taken." He told them, getting to the point. "No cameras are allowed this far into the hospital; it interferes with the magic running the equipment."

"It's not your fault." Harry assured the Healer.

"One of my own orderlies let slip about the youngest baby, she was instantly dismissed. We take patient confidentiality very seriously here and though the charms on her contract forbade her from saying the true nature of the baby, she could hint enough that they got that the baby had missing skin."

"Can we go home now?" Harry asked softly. "All of us survived the night, the babies are eating well, even Faerie baby."

Healer Almus nodded. "Yes, I just want to do a final check."

"Go ahead." Harry said as he shifted around on the bed, watching as all of his babies were checked over and examined.

"This one is going very well." The Healer said as he checked one baby.

"The firstborn." Harry smiled. "I had to give him a half ounce more milk than the others because he was still looking for more when he had finished."

"That's a very good sign for him. Right, all of them are fine, but please don't hesitate to call us if anything is worrying you, I'll be coming to see you all tomorrow, just as a precautionary check, we'll also want to see them again in a week, to keep up with their progress, but I see no reason to keep you all here, they're all very strong, even Faerie baby."

Harry grinned as the Healer took up his nickname for the fifth baby with a wry humour. He was scooped up once again and he held tightly onto Braiden and Faerie baby as Nasta carried them home.

There were even more people in the corridor today as it was common knowledge in the hospital that they were going home this morning as they were only being kept overnight. Healer Almus and Healer Cole had tried to clear them out, but they were still loitering and finding something to keep them busy, but not so busy that they couldn't gawp. The babies were all covered over from head to foot as Harry had insisted, using the cellular blankets that the hospital had provided them, two in blinding white and three in crisp lemon, Braiden was happy wrapped up in pale blue, just one little sock covered foot peeking out.

They went to the Healer's office and flooed back home, Harry growling steadily under his breath.

They were met in Myron's living room by the entire family, including Remus and Tonks and the Weasleys. It was lucky the room was so big.

"I saw the article." Myron greeted them.

"Myron! Not as soon as they come into the house!" Ashleigh chastised as she practically devoured the babies with her eyes.

Harry closed his eyes as a vicious urge to claw out her eyes almost turned him feral. He didn't want her to look at or touch his babies. He wanted to claw her eyes out so that she would stop looking at his babies like that. He swallowed and instead smiled happily.

"It's alright, Mum. We saw it too. A very helpful orderly just happened to give Harry that particular newspaper this morning with his breakfast." Max sighed.

"I will rip that reporter to pieces!" Alexander threatened.

"I'll help, Granddad!" Julinda offered with a grin that was more in place on a well fed lion.

Alexander hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead, his eyes gleaming with an easy pride that was directed at every one of his children and every grandchild.

Remus came and hugged him gently, Harry heard him subtly sniffing his hair and he grinned into Remus's shirt that just smelt of Remus, reminding Harry of his third year. He wondered what his mates would do if they found out that he had chased after a 'mass-murderer' had encountered a werewolf not under the effects of the Wolfsbane potion and took on a hundred Dementors all in one night. He grinned wider and thought that maybe he'd keep that information to himself, he had no desire to be spanked and now that he wasn't pregnant anymore, he had no excuse to hide from Myron's stinging palm.

"How are you feeling?" Remus asked him.

"A bit tired. I'm just angry at that damn article. How dare they say that none of my children could survive!"

"They don't know that they are Drackens, a good thing too." Myron answered. "Most wizard born children would not be able to survive at four months, where a Dracken born child has a higher chance of survival."

"Harry, I know this is a bit…a bit forward and bold, but may I hold a baby?" Ashleigh asked, looking at the newborns, whose faces had been uncovered after the walk through the hospital and the trip through the floo.

"I have a present for you!" Harry declared with a smile, forcing himself to relax as he looked around at the five newborns, looking over them critically, sniffing them subtly before he plucked the one from Max's arms, wrapped in a lemon blanket, and shoved the baby at her.

"Is this one Max's baby?" Ashleigh asked as she cradled the tiny newborn.

"No, Nasta's, but she is the only girl out of this bunch."

"I have a second granddaughter? Oh!" Ashleigh cuddled the baby tighter. "Oh she's beautiful and so tiny and perfect, isn't she, Myron?" Ashleigh shoved the baby under his nose and he smirked amusedly.

"She's perfect." He agreed.

"Are you looking at her, Richard?!" Ashleigh snapped at her other dominant.

"I can see her, love, she's beautiful." Richard replied with a grin.

"Did our Maxie give you any children this time around?" Alexander asked. "I did tell him to get in there quick; I'll be disappointed if he didn't. I'll tell you if I was a hundred years younger, I'd be right in there!"

Harry laughed so hard that he choked and needed Max's huge hand to rub the breath back into him.

"Max gave me two sons." Harry answered happily. "Nasta gave me two sons and a daughter."

"Now you just need a little blonde to complete your set." Alexander cackled giving Draco a wink, who went pink cheeked.

"May I see my grandsons?" Myron asked.

It was with a shock that Harry realised that Max's two sons were Myron's only blood grandchildren and he had only had Caesar's daughter, Eleonora, as a grandchild before, who wasn't his by blood and Amelle wouldn't let anyone near her.

Harry took a baby from Draco and handed him to Myron, who studied the little face, brushing it gently with a thumb.

"Thank you, Harry." He whispered.

"That's my fourth born, the one who wasn't breathing at birth. The Healers said he just had a bit of fluid in his throat and that he'll be fine. Max's other son, my firstborn, is the gutsiest little thing I've ever met. He sucks that milk so strongly I fear he'll pull the teat right off the bottle."

"Just like Max." Ashleigh giggled. "I was disappointed when he was a newborn and he wouldn't latch onto me, but now, looking back, I probably wouldn't have had a breast left."

Harry laughed as Max stammered and blushed, but he couldn't get the smile off of his face, no matter how embarrassed he was.

Nasta scooped him up one handed and settled him on the settee; Harry frowned at him but made himself comfortable.

"Harry needs to stay on bed rest for a week. Healers orders." He explained to everyone.

"My belly hurts as well." He admitted.

Blaise sat beside him and rubbed gentle, experienced fingers into the scar tissue and Harry relaxed back with a sigh.

"I'll get some of the scar reducing salve for you." Max nodded. "It'll help to make it feel less tight as well."

"May I hold my grandson?" Aneirin asked and Harry waved at him with his permission.

"I don't mind all of you holding and touching them, but feeding, bathing and nappy changing are mine."

"I won't argue that." Richard said with a grin as he fawned over the little girl in Ashleigh's arms, then cooed over the baby boy in Myron's.

"Which two boys are Nasta's?" Sanex asked, Harry couldn't help but notice that Aneirin was purposefully standing between him and Sanex and he wondered why. Something niggled at his brain, but he shoved it away, he was too tired to deal with it right now.

"Max has one and I've got the other. The third born and the fifth."

"Which one can I hold?"

"The one Max has, no one is allowed near my littlest."

"He's…" Nasta started but Harry cut him off with a deep hiss, glaring at him viciously and Nasta held both hands up and smiled at him.

"He's what?" Aneirin asked a hint of caution in his voice.

"My firstborn, Max's son, was two pounds, ten ounces and sixteen inches."

"Oh that's so small!" Marianna fretted as she cuddled with Braiden.

"The second born was Nasta's daughter, two pounds, three ounces and fourteen inches."

"They're going to get lighter and smaller." Myron said in a sudden moment of clarity.

"My third born was her brother, he was two pounds, one ounce and thirteen inches. The fourth born was Max's second son, he was two pounds exactly and fourteen inches."

"Only two pounds?" Ashleigh whimpered. "That's too small."

Harry bit his lip. "My last born, Nasta's second son was one pound, two ounces and eleven inches."

"Should he be out of the hospital?" Aneirin demanded.

Harry nodded. "He's fine. The Healer said that as long as he eats little and often, he'll be alright, but…"

Harry licked his lips and wondered how everyone was going to react to his Faerie baby. He unwrapped the cellular blanket and, making sure that he had hold of his son's nappy clad bum, he let it fall away.

There were gasps, curses, Marianna let out a choked, sobbing sound, Mrs Weasley drew in a startled gasp and Narcissa almost fainted, clutching at Lucius with a steel grip as she teetered backwards.

The wings on his Faerie baby's back were red and raw looking today, a sign that the skin that would cover his son's wings was growing in, but it was irritating, hence the redness and small droplets of sticky plasma oozing out.

"The papers were partly right." Harry admitted. "The fifth baby is missing skin, which is currently growing in, but there is nothing wrong with him. The Healer said that this is perfectly normal for babies like him, who were born before five months, to be missing skin where he is."

"Why?" Lucius asked. "Why is this normal?"

"He took Nasta's Faerie blood. He's a Faerie and Faeries born before five months haven't had the time to develop completely. He's missing the skin on his wings, but I've been assured that he's completely fine and after his rough start, he's doing well. His wings feel like a fresh graze, it's not truly painful, just discomforting and a bit irritating, but the skin should grow in in a week or two."

"Poor baby." Alayla cooed, tears in her eyes.

"There hasn't been a Faerie in the Delericey bloodlines in over a hundred and fifty years, all the Faeries claimed that our blood had been tainted by the introduction of the Dracken blood. They said that it diluted the Faerie blood too much and they don't recognise us anymore." Aneirin stated. "They stopped recognising us when my Great-Grandfather, Nesta, who Nasta is named after, failed to produce a Faerie child."

"Will they take him from me?" Harry asked, winding his arms gently around his son.

"Of course not and if they tried I'd kill them." Aneirin said easily. "But this is going to be so sweet, those stuck up Faeries have been denying us for a hundred years and now that a Faerie child has come through our blood they'll have to swallow their pride and accept the Delericeys' back into the fold."

Harry chuckled at how excited Aneirin was as he nuzzled his Faerie baby. He had to think of names as well, but he couldn't get his brain to think, he really only wanted to go to sleep, but it was only mid-morning and it was too soon. Though he would have a nap in the afternoon, hell come to anyone who tried to stop him.

Harry woke up and for a minute he wondered why he had, then the faint, rapid puffs of air on his neck and the tiny whimpering cries came to his ears. Faerie baby was crying.

He sat up with the baby in his arms and checked him over, he needed a nappy change. It had been only one day since he had birthed his quintuplets and already the owls were rushing in, some carrying presents, others well wishes and cards, but some were not so nice and they upset him, so Myron had shooed him off as he sorted through the junk with the help from Caesar, Aneirin, Marianna, Max, Nasta, Narcissa and Lucius. Harry stayed cuddled up in his warm bed, his six children around him and the warm weight of Blaise cuddled behind him, who was sat in the bed finishing his Christmas homework as Harry slept beside him, Faerie baby in his arms.

"Is that his crying?" Blaise asked shocked. "We'll never hear him when we're all asleep! I can't hear him when I'm awake!"

"He won't leave my arms." Harry assured him. "I can feel the change in his breathing and hear it faintly and I instantly wake up. I think my Dracken is more in tune to the babies' needs."

Blaise kissed him as Harry cleaned the soiled nappy, handing the dirty one to Blaise, who scrunched up his nose, but otherwise made no complaint as he disposed of it as Harry clad Faerie baby back into a nappy and wrapped him up in the blanket. He had tried to put him in one of Braiden's old sleepsuits, the tiny little suits he had thought so tiny and so adorable drowned his four bigger children and became a hazard for Faerie baby as he was almost lost in the folds of fabric. Draco had gone out with Talia and Alayla to get some much needed clothing and emergency bassinets for the five.

"I've been thinking." Harry told Blaise softly.

"About what, Prezioso?" Blaise asked, putting his quill down.

"The babies, what else. I've been thinking about names. Running a few through my head, because we can't keep calling them babies one to four and Faerie baby."

"You're going to tell me first? Before the others?"

"I love you, Blaise. I don't just say those words; I mean them with every ounce of my mind and body. You were my first for a lot of things, my first boyfriend, my first mate, my first lover, the Father of my first ever child. I love you for everything you've done for me and for the way you support and love me back, I don't love any of the others any more or any less than I love you."

Blaise smiled and they kissed heatedly, before breaking apart.

"You have no need to be jealous of the others or to feel insecure, I will always accept your love and affections and I'll never turn you away, whether you want a hug, a kiss or something a bit more."

Harry winked and Blaise chuckled.

"Now, back to baby names. I like Farren."

"For the little girl?"

"No, for the first born. Max's son, the little monster that ripped my stomach muscles as he forced himself out of me and is keeping me on bed rest."

Blaise chuckled and got the first born baby out, who had been given a solid silver bracelet from a box that Aneirin had given them. Apparently they were common among male birthed babies to tell which baby was born in which order, not that Harry needed them because he could inhale and tell everyone exactly which baby was where, but Aneirin had told him that it had become tradition to use claiming bracelets and it would seem strange not to use them with such a large clutch.

"He looks like a little Farren. How did you come up with the name?"

Harry looked a bit sheepish, before reaching over to the bedside cabinet and pulling out an absolutely huge book and thunked it on the bed.

"A complete guide to naming your child." Blaise read the title. "With examples of famous names and name origins and meanings."

"Hermione gave it to me when I was pregnant with Braiden, I forgot all about it until this morning."

"You read up to F in a few hours?"

Harry blushed. "I skipped over some letters completely and over even more names. I've found a few I like, but none seem to fit these little ones, but Farren does. Farren Deon Maddison."

Blaise smiled. "I think Max will be very happy with Farren. I am. What does his name mean?"

Harry grinned. "Farren means Thunder. The way he cries it's a wonder we've still got windows left. It was also the name of a King a hundred odd years ago; it was spelt differently, instead o but it's pronounced the same, to keep with Max's family tradition of naming their children after warriors and rulers."

"I think he'll love it. Have you thought of the others?"

Harry shrugged. "It's so difficult to name so many babies. I wasn't prepared at all. I like Lyra, but it doesn't fit my baby girl, she's not a Lyra. I also like Mathias, but again it doesn't fit them. I tried to name Faerie baby Ashden, but I couldn't keep it up, my mind kept calling him Faerie baby, so that name's out. I tried Phoebe, but that didn't stick either."

"Keep trying, love. I know you'll name them all perfectly and I know you'll say no, but if you want the help, none of us will mind."

Harry smiled as he shifted Faerie baby into his one arm and flipped the book open to R after skipping the Qs and began the tortuous task of reading every name and weighing them, checking their means and making sure that it wasn't the name of some mass murderer somewhere.

Harry was allowed to be carried downstairs the next day for breakfast, his book, which was at least five and half inches thick, tucked under his arm, Faerie baby in the other.

Harry had been asleep when all of his dominant mates came to bed, so his children had only been dressed in their new sleepsuits when Harry had woken up. Draco had some wicked taste in fashion and Harry chuckled every time he saw the gorgeous outfits that had been bought, not just for the five, but for Braiden as well, who was growing rapidly.

"I see you are searching for names." Myron told him as he accepted the biggest baby, the first born, Max's first son, who was now named Farren.

Harry grinned a secretive grin.

"You've named some of them." Marianna accused him.

"Oh you must share, Harry!" Ashleigh begged.

Harry smiled a bit bashfully, worried that they might not like the name. He looked to Max, who gave him an encouraging smile.

"I'll love any name you've picked out." He assured.

"I won't." Draco sniffed. "Imagine having a child named something ridiculous or insipid like Betty or Simon."

Harry giggled, not at all offended. "I've named two of them. My firstborn and my third born."

They all looked to the babies that had been named. One Max's heir and the other Nasta's heir.

"Well don't keep us in suspense little one." Alexander chided.

"Farren Deon Maddison and Regan Aneirin Delericey." Harry announced with a grin.

Max pouted.

"You don't like it?" Harry asked, feeling short of breath and a bit panicky, not sure what he'd do if his mates didn't like the name, especially the baby's own Father. Nasta pressed a hand to his back and urged him to breathe, giving Max a glare.

"But…but…Braiden got named after Blaise! Braiden Blaise Enzo Zabini. Why can't he be Farren Maximilius Deon Maddison?"

"Because that sounds awful." Draco supplied after a sip of tea.

Max huffed, but took the baby from his Father gently and kissed him.

"Welcome to the family, Farren! Now we just need to name your brother, even though he'll be a Potter-Maddison, he'll still be your baby brother, and even though your other brothers and your sister have different last names and different Fathers, you all share an amazing Mother and you will protect them all as the elder sibling."

"Braiden's the oldest." Harry reminded him.

"Details!" Max grinned. "My boy will be twice the size of Braiden, a day old and eating heartily."

"If he keeps eating like that he'll be twice as wide as Braiden maybe." Blaise quipped.

Harry chuckled and told them both to knock it off and that it didn't matter who was bigger or older, his children would be taught to look after one another, regardless of age, gender or size.

"Have you got any more names for us?" Ashleigh asked as she cooed over the fourth born.

Harry shook his head. "I'm still reading the book. I'll find the perfect names though."

"Hurry up then, sweet one, I can't wait until you've named them." Alexander teased him. "Also Shae wants to see you."

It took a moment for Harry to remember who Shae was; so much had happened yesterday that his mind was drawing blanks left and right. She was one of Alexander's Grandchildren. Myron's sister's daughter who had twelve children and had become pregnant on the same day as he did. They had become fast friends.

"How is she?" He asked.

"Worried for you and your little ones. Though after that newspaper article everyone is worried for you and the babes. When she found out that she was pregnant with twins, she rejoiced, then it was found out you had quintuplets and she was frightened for you, dear one. She wants to make sure you're alright."

"That's alright, she can come and see me, I don't mind. We've been talking through owls since we met."

"Ba!" Braiden supplied from Narcissa's arms.

"That's right Braiden, owls." Harry encouraged.

"How the hell did ba sound like owls?" Draco asked.

"It's to encourage him!" Harry said back. "It's the principle of it, not what he actually said, he's learning, that's all that matters."

"Well said, Harry." Aneirin told him as he cuddled with his granddaughter and a name popped into his head, seemingly randomly. Lowri.

It had been Nasta's Mother's name. Would he want his daughter named after his Mother? Harry didn't. The memory of his Mother was sacred to him, she had died for him, much like Nasta's had died for him, but the memory of her, of her red hair and vibrant green eyes, so much like his own, cut something deep into him and her name and his Father's would forever be tainted with the vileness that was Voldemort. Perhaps further down the line, in a few years' time he wouldn't feel as strongly, but right now he couldn't bear it, but did Nasta feel the same way about his Mother. Harry turned the page and then another one, thinking, considering and then he saw it. Halfway down the page, the perfect name for his baby girl and he grinned at her, wondering if the others would like it as much as he did.

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