The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


56. Chapter Fifty-Five – Madness

It was the seventh of January and they were going back to Hogwarts in five days. Harry just didn't want to go, especially not with his Faerie baby.

Three of his babies had names, two did not. He had his Farren Deon Maddison, who was still a gutsy little boy and had moved onto another additional half ounce of milk, so he was drinking a good ounce more than his other siblings. He had his Regan Aneirin Delericey, who did not like the feeling of clothes on his body and tried twisting and wiggling away from his own skin until he got used to them again and settled down. His only daughter, who had been named Tegan Lowri Potter-Delericey, was the opposite. She did not like having her clothing removed and she pitched a fit loud enough to burst his eardrums every time he changed her.

Nasta had been teary as Harry had told him that he wanted to call their daughter Tegan Lowri. He loved the name and when Harry had told him about hesitating over the middle name due to respecting the dead, Nasta had laughed and told him that he was silly and that he was honoured to have his first daughter named after the Mother who had died birthing him.

Faerie baby was still unnamed as was his fourth born and after a week of being alive he was being urged on more urgently to name them and the pressure was heaping onto him to find the perfect names that actually suited his two youngest.

He had been ripping through the baby name book Hermione had given him, pouring over Max and Nasta's family histories and still nothing suited them. Then came a revelation that almost destroyed all of the research that Harry had been doing for the past few days.

"You know that one of those boys has to be a Potter don't you?" Draco told him.

"What?" Harry asked as he looked up from where he was scanning through the book.

"One of the babies needs to be a Potter, after you. The Potter line need's an heir, then the Black line need's an heir too, as your Godfather named you as the sole inheritor of the Black estate and fortunes, it's up to you to name an heir."

Harry blinked and then looked to his two youngest babies. One had to be a Potter, the other a Black. He wondered if Max or Nasta cared or if they had already assumed that he'd have to name their youngest sons Black and Potter. It changed everything and he flipped to the front of the book in a huff and he started all over again.

He was pulled away from his search halfway through the B's for lunch and he moodily stabbed at his food, eating minimally and when a baby cried for food, he seized the opportunity to abandon his meal to tend to him.

He looked down at Regan and smiled. He was perfect and had a perfect name to match, why couldn't he name his youngest two; they were just as perfect and deserved perfect names too.

Faerie baby started crying, his cry had gotten slightly louder as he got stronger and developed a bit more. The skin on his miniscule wings was growing in and Harry had never been more relieved to see patches of skin in his life. There were still some areas that were uncovered and raw, but for the most part his Faerie baby, who was going to be baby Potter, no matter that he had been born last, was doing amazingly well.

"Why don't you name him for your own Father?" Richard had suggested, but they just didn't understand that he couldn't. They were his parents, the two people he had begged to come and get him throughout childhood even though he had known that they were dead, they were the people who had loved him most in the world, the people who had given their lives for his, he couldn't name his children after them, he just couldn't. But maybe he could give him a name that could be linked to his parents.

"Leolin." He said suddenly, breaking up the conversation at the table. "His name is Leolin."

"Seriously? Do you have to give our child such a Gryffindor name?" Draco demanded.

"Yes, because both of my parents were proud Gryffindors. I can't name him after them, but maybe I can link his name to the both of them."

"I think it's a lovely name." Ashleigh said. "Little Leo."

Harry smiled and gazed at Leolin who was sucking his milk from his tiny bottle with a tentativeness that his siblings did not share.

It was that evening when Harry found the perfect middle name for him.

"You want to name him what?!" Draco once again shouted.

"Leolin Siorus Potter. After my parents and after Sirius." Harry said defiantly, daring Draco with his eyes to stand up to him on this.

"Have you found a name for my second son?" Max asked as he cuddled with said son.

Harry shook his head. "Do you have any ideas?"

"Nope. I'll leave all the baby naming up to you, I'll just play and coo and cuddle him until you find the perfect name."

Harry chuckled and kissed Max and then little baby Black. He poured over the books and dived into the Black history, but he hated the names of all the constellations, who would name their child Monoceros, Ophiuchus, Pavo or Vulpecula? Even as middle names they were all hideous, so Harry struck constellations out almost immediately.

It was as he was lounging on the bed after having a nap, his fourth baby in front of him to bring him inspiration while he was devouring an ancient text on ancient rulers that he came across the name. He grinned as he looked to baby number four and he applied the name to him. It stuck. He scooped the baby up and wandered down the stairs to the living room where he could hear Braiden's screeches of joy as he was tickled mercilessly by Draco's quick fingers.

"Does my son have a name?" Max asked, like he always did when Harry came into a room, as he sat burping Faerie baby with just two fingers, Harry mentally shook his head, he couldn't stop calling Leolin Faerie baby, he had a name now, a perfect name that he had given to him. He needed to get used to using it.

"Yes, he does. His name is Calix."

"A good, strong Pureblood name." Draco approved.

"It was also the name of an ancient warrior." Harry said and noted the approval from Myron, who had loved his Father's idea of naming his children after rulers, warriors and royalty.

"Does he have a middle name?" Nasta asked, Tegan in one arm, Farren in the other.

Harry nodded. "Calix Bowen Black."

"Ohh, such a beautiful name." Ashleigh sighed. "I wish I had thought of Bowen, then maybe Caesar wouldn't be stuck with Demencio. I loved it when he was a baby, but now that we're both older, I realise that it sounds a lot like demented."

"It fit's him to a tee." Max grinned.

Richard started laughing, then choking and he needed Myron to thump his back with a shake of his head. He handed the ever present bottle of potion to Richard, who took a swig and handed it back.

"You need to stop making me laugh so much, Maxie." He tittered, no heat behind his words and still with laughter in his voice, but his eyes were pained.

"It's bothering you more and more lately." Max said with worry and concern colouring his voice.

"I've never laughed so much lately." Richard waved away.

Harry passed Calix to Richard, accepted the kiss from him, before easing himself to the floor to play with Braiden, who turned indigo eyes to him and grinned widely.

"Who's my gorgeous little boy?" Harry cooed, bending down to rub noses against Braiden, who shrieked in happiness and grabbed fistfuls of Harry's hair. "Oh! Ow, ow, ow!" Harry cried and Draco quickly dislodged Braiden's fingers from his hair.

Harry rubbed the top of his head with tears in his eyes. "He has a hell of a grip." He said as the soreness eased away.

"I used to have a little beard before I had kids. Max used to pull on it so hard the hairs would come off in his chubby hands. It hurt like hell so I had to shave it off." Richard told them. "I looked gorgeous with it too."

"He didn't." Myron assured them. "He only grew it because without it people assumed that he was a little boy. I was holding his hand once when we went to Gringotts and I had some old woman tell me that I had a well behaved son."

Harry snorted in laughter and he heard it echoed all around the room as everyone laughed uproariously. Even Braiden joined in and Harry snuggled him tightly.

"Fine, pick on poor me, but I'll have you know that that woman was half blind."

That set everyone off again and Harry tried to taper his laughing down when an ache started in his belly. Max had been rubbing it with a scar reducer and it was getting better, but it still hurt now and then.

Harry sat Braiden up and propped him up with cushions, enough to soften his fall if he toppled, but not enough to support him properly. He slowly let go of Braiden's hands and held them ready to catch Braiden if he fell. He didn't.

"Look!" He demanded of the others and they broke off their conversations to look at Braiden, who looked a bit confused as to why the world suddenly looked so different.

"He's getting stronger and developing more quickly now."

"The next step is to get him crawling and to start him weaning." Nasta nodded. "But he's doing so amazingly well. Our baby boy is growing up."

Harry grinned at Nasta and he chuckled. "I was thinking we could start brushing his gums as well. He could cut his first tooth in a month or so, it'll be better to get him used to it before he actually has teeth."

"I'll go out this afternoon and pick him up a baby toothbrush." Max said.

"Can I come?" He asked.

"Of course you can, I'm not going to stop you from coming to the supermarket with me."

"You're going to leave the three of us with six babies?" Draco asked, a note of panic in his voice.

"Of course not. Braiden and Leolin will come with us."

"Do you think it's a good idea to take Leolin anywhere?" Blaise asked.

"I think he'll be just fine." Harry answered. "He's got those coverings from the hospital and he'll be in the baby sling, the pressure will be off of his back. He needs to get used to the outside world anyway and you know I don't like him being far from me."

"Keep his face hidden." Myron suggested. "If there are any…photographers watching you, the last thing we need is to see Leolin's face in the evening Prophet."

Harry nodded; noticing Myron's emphasis on the word photographers, the man hated the media almost as much as he hated suck ups and brown nosers.

"What about Braiden?" Ashleigh fretted.

"They've already seen Braiden. It's the quintuplets that are hot right now." Blaise said.

"I'll be right beside Braiden." Harry assured. "And I'm sure Max won't let anything happen to any of us."

"Of course not." Max said with a grin, Leolin looking impossibly tiny sleeping cuddled up on Max's forearm.

"Can we go now?" Harry asked, excitement colouring his tone.

"You know we're only going shopping right?" Max asked a bit curiously.

"I've only been in a supermarket once and that was because Aunt Petunia couldn't leave me with the woman over the road. Uncle Vernon wanted to leave me in the car, but there were too many people around."

Harry left to get ready, never noticing the faces of the people he left behind. He came back, his wallet in his back pocket, thankful he had converted some Galleons to pounds the last time he was in Gringotts and he sat down to tug on his shoes, shoving his unshed baby weight out of the way. It was pissing him off currently, though he was thankful that Max's potion worked on his stretch marks also.

"How many times have you been left in a car on your own, Harry?" Richard asked him randomly.

"Hmm?" Harry looked up from tying his shoelaces confused. "Oh, umm…I don't know. There was the time they took Dudley to the Cinema and they couldn't leave me with anyone, it was dark then so no one saw me in the car. I was locked in the boot once when they went to a fair ground, I either fell asleep or I passed out, I don't remember, but they never did that again and I actually got to sleep in a bed that day. I remember thinking that it was so soft it was like a cloud."

"How old were you?"

"Uhh…it was Dudley's eighth birthday, so I would have been seven."

"The first time you slept in a proper bed was when you were seven?" Myron hissed.

"Only for one night, I was back in the cupboard the next day."

"Harry honey, what did you sleep on in the cupboard?" Ashleigh asked, looking like her heart was breaking just for asking.

"A blanket." Harry shrugged as he took Regan from a silent Aneirin.

"A nest of sorts wasn't it. On a hard tiled floor." Richard told him, licking his lips and opening a brown envelope packet that he took from his work case.

"Yeah, made up of a single blanket and my clothes." Harry nodded feeling severely uncomfortable now. He just wanted to go shopping and forget this conversation.

"The day you went into labour, Harry, I left. I told you it was to do with the Dursley case."

Harry nodded, frowning heavily, trying to remember that day. Things were still very blurry.

"You left me alone with Sanex." He said after a while, remembering lying on the rug in front of the fire and a smiling Sanex behind him.

"Well I told you that what came with that owl would damn them further. Do you remember that?"

Harry nodded, vaguely remembering those words now that they had been repeated to him.

"I shouldn't be showing any of you this, but as long as you don't discuss it where anyone can overhear you, especially reporters, I see no harm in it."

"You found my nest." Harry said in a burst of clarity. "It was still there."

Richard smiled sadly and pulled out a bunch of photographs bound together with an elastic band. Richard pulled the band off and showed them the tiny little cupboard under the stairs, a small space that wasn't taken up by two large suitcases, the vacuum cleaner and the cleaning supplies was covered in a thin ratty blanket and holey, worn thin clothing. There was one shelf and on it were two broken plastic soldiers, two children's books, an Oxford dictionary and a piece of paper sticking out the end of the shelf. The next photo was a close up of the contents of the shelf, the next was a man's hand holding open the baby scribble drawing, Harry smiled as he looked at it. There were three people scribbled in crayon standing in a field dotted with large, crude flowers with a bright blue sky and a large yellow sun, the man almost filled the paper, he had jet black hair and green eyes, the woman was half the size of the man, with yellow hair and green eyes and there was a tiny little person at the bottom, with black hair, green eyes and glasses, a red slash over his forehead, holding both of their hands and smiling wider than his face.

Harry's eyes welled up as he saw it. He bent forward to touch the picture through the photograph.

"That's what I thought my parents looked like. Everyone's Mum had blonde hair, so I thought that all Mum's had blonde hair, I didn't know about different coloured eyes in families either. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia both had blue eyes and so did Dudley, so I thought that because I had green eyes, both of my parents must have as well. I loved that picture and when I drew it in school I wanted it so badly, all of my other pictures had been ripped up and thrown in the bin, but I wanted that one so badly, so I hid it."

"There are remnants of compulsion charms all over this little cupboard, Harry, from your magical signature." Richard told him.

Harry looked up slowly, away from the photo of his picture before the words made it into his mind and he frowned.

"I never cast any spells and the trace on my wand would have been picked up."

"This signature goes back well before you started at Hogwarts, Harry. You wanted so badly for your little haven to be safe, along with all your most precious possessions that your magic rushed to comply, your relatives couldn't touch or destroy anything you took into your cupboard."

"That makes sense." Harry whispered. "Aunt Petunia told me numerous times to bring her my picture, but I couldn't, I didn't want it destroyed, so I always refused."

"What did she do?" Nasta asked appalled.

"Tried to hit me with the frying pan, but she always missed, she couldn't swing it very fast and I was good at ducking." Harry shrugged.

"Harry, it's the next photos that have damned them irreversibly." Richard said as he took out a small bundle of photos, pulled off the elastic band and Harry was looking at every room of the Dursley household. The state of the art kitchen, the thick carpets, the expensive artwork and all of the photos on the walls, which every single one was photographed to show that Harry wasn't in any of them. The huge, expensive TV, both the one in the living room and in the kitchen, the state of the art computers, one in the living room, the other in Dudley's room, which was cluttered with electronics, game consoles, another huge TV, a large, expensive computer on the metal framed desk, a wardrobe filled to bursting with expensive, branded clothing, a large double bed, a stocked mini fridge and more gadgets and odd things than most shops owned.

The next few photos were his Aunt and Uncle's room, perfectly furnished, the large double bed quilted in some big designer's hideous paisley rubbish that Aunt Petunia loved washing and hanging high on the washing line for the neighbours to see. The large vanity mirror with the bottles of expensive perfume and powders, the en suite bathroom filled with foul smelling products that were all hideously expensive and then finally the point that was trying to be made. The white wooden door with five locks on it and a cat flap in the bottom.

Harry heard Nasta's knuckles cracking and Draco's deep growl.

"We couldn't work out why there was a cat flap." Richard told Harry. "In all of our years working in the law field, we couldn't figure it out and your relatives were less than helpful, they tried to tell us that you had installed it yourself with your 'freakishness', whatever that means." Richard winked and Harry understood all at once. Richard's colleagues were Muggles and he worked for a Muggle law firm. "I asked Myron and he didn't know either and when Myron doesn't know something, no one else has a hope in hell at guessing."

"It was for food." Harry said with a sigh.

"Come again?" Aneirin asked, speaking up for the first time.

"They pushed small amounts of food through the cat flap so I didn't die in their home."

"I thought you were just locked in overnight, I'm no fool, I saw the five locks, but are you saying that you were actually locked up during the day also?"

"All day, every day, all night, every night." Harry said miserably.

"They didn't let you out for food? What about using the bathroom?"

Harry just shook his head and heard several hisses.

"What about when you needed to go."

"I held it as long as I could and then banged hell out of the door and hoped that someone let me out and that I'd get off with just a smack for disturbing them from their day."

"That's barbaric." Draco growled.

Richard was writing it all down and Harry felt half an inch high. Then came the worst part of it, the photographs of his bedroom.

The stained carpet was in the first few photos, but then, in the next several photos it had been ripped up to show the bare, rough wooded floorboards underneath. The damp spotted, pale, peeling wallpapers, the battered wardrobe that Aunt Petunia had bought from a car boot sale for just three pounds, a wooden desk that Dudley hadn't wanted and a tiny four foot bed that had once been Dudley's cot and had transformed into his first toddler bed and had then been given to Harry out of the goodness of his Aunt and Uncle's hearts. There was no duvet and no pillow and just a lumpy, bare mattress. Harry had been grateful they had left him the mattress so he didn't have to sleep on the wooden slats.

There were broken toys and games littering his bedroom and books on the higher shelves that Harry had read repeatedly to stave off his boredom. Harry's eyes went wide at the next photo, a close up of a rust brown stain marked with a yellow sign with a black number one on it.

There were twenty-two of those little yellow signs and every one marked rust brown stains, some as small as the tip of his finger, some as big as an apple and one was a small puddle, right in the spare corner of his room, like he had sat or laid there and just bled.

"Forensics are working to date these blood samples, Harry, but all of them are the same blood type. My colleagues will match it to you when you come in, but all I needed was one simple spell to tell me that they were all from you."

"You said they never hit you!" Blaise accused.

"They never hit me as an everyday thing; I'd have had to have done something really bad to be hit." Harry said as he curled up on himself, Aneirin scooted over a seat to hold him against his body, comforting him.

"Did you hurt yourself?" Max asked hesitantly.

Harry shook his head.

"Then why is that room filled with your blood?" Myron demanded.

"Dudley and his friends used to hit me. I…Uncle Vernon accidentally kicked over a milk bottle and yelled at me to clean it up, he shoved me onto the broken glass and it cut me. I dropped a plate and I cut myself cleaning up the shards, Aunt Petunia caught my fingers in a door when she slammed it closed on me and two of my fingers bled. Her nails used to graze me as well and sometimes cut me, but she was just grabbing me, not hitting me."

"But they were still hurting you." Richard said firmly.

Harry bit his lip. "Can I just go to bed now?" He asked.

"I thought you were coming to the supermarket with me." Max asked.

"I don't want to go anymore." Harry said as he kicked his shoes off and carried Regan up the stairs to the bedroom.

Nasta joined him a few minutes later; Harry was sat on the bed rocking Regan, tears falling silently down his cheeks.

Nasta sat behind him and held around his waist, pressing his lips against his neck. They were both silent.

They stayed that way for a while until Harry rested his head back against Nasta's shoulder and relaxed back against his body.

"I hate speaking about it, why do you make me speak about it?" He asked tearfully.

Nasta rubbed his cheek against his forehead. "You need to speak about it; you need to let it all out so that you can heal from it. Richard needs the details for his case, the Dursleys have all been arrested, the court date is coming up and Richard needs to know everything, he didn't want to put pressure on you when you were pregnant, but you're not pregnant anymore, Caru. Finding that cupboard and what passed for your bedroom has helped convict them insurmountably. Richard hadn't been expecting to find so much damning evidence just left about for anyone to see it, but he knew why when he found the compulsion charms that those Muggles can't see, feel or even know exist. That is an amazing stroke of luck, love."

"I don't think I can tell him everything."

"He needs to know, Caru. If you find it easier talking to just him, then take him into a different room, but the defence barristers will not be so gentle or understanding, they will rip you to pieces. Every memory or incident you tell the courts will be questioned and ripped apart, they are vicious jackals that are trying to get your relatives off and out of prison, it's their job to do so, but you can't get tongue tied, you can't mix up stories, we're just trying to help you, trying to prepare you for it. There will be people watching and listening, strangers you have never met, the judge and the jurors scrutinising everything you say. It will be nerve wracking, but Draco will be with you, sitting right behind you and me and the others will be waiting at home for you, Richard will be right beside you."

"I thought you said that you and the others would be in the courtroom with me?" Harry said panicked.

"We can't leave all six babies alone without any protection. My Dad and brother will be here, Myron and Ashleigh and likely Alexander and Kimberly as well, but where we could have allowed them to look after Braiden, we can't ask them to look after all six, even though they'd have no problem with it, you still won't let anyone other than us look after Leolin. It would probably be safer if we all stayed home anyway, no matter how much we don't want to, if I saw those bastards calling you a liar in court I wouldn't be able to stop myself from leaping over the chairs and tearing their heads off."

Harry giggled at the mental image and rested back against Nasta more fully.

"If I could take it all from you I would." Nasta told him a little while later. "If I could go in your place I would, but only you know what happened, love, how you felt and how they treated you, they deserve to be in prison for what they did and the more they talk about you being 'freakish and abnormal' they are going to end up in mental institutions."

"I have to do it myself. I'll never be free of them if I don't do it myself." Harry said. "It's just so hard to talk about it! I don't want everyone knowing, I don't want to sit down and just let it all out, it makes me feel unhappy and miserable when I think about it and I don't want to be. I have four loving men living with me, six beautiful babies who need all of my attention and devotion, not just half of it and I just want to move on with my life. I don't want the happiness my life has become to be coloured by my misery of the past. I was so unhappy, Nas, my life was just an endless line of misery and pain and hunger and desolate loneliness, I was always so alone that I thought my heart would shrivel. No one cared, no one gave a damn about little Harry Potter in his baggy clothes and taped up glasses. My relatives despised me, the school kids hated me, the teachers ignored me, the neighbours' tutted and shooed me away from their perfect gardens and their immaculate cars as if I'd sully them just by standing too close. I was just always alone. I hate being alone, please, never leave me alone, Nasta."

Nasta wrapped Harry up tighter and squeezed him as much as he dared with Harry's stomach still tender. He laid desperate kisses on Harry's neck.

"I swear I'll never leave you alone, cariad. If you ever feel alone, no matter when it is, what any of us are doing, find one of us to talk to or just for a cwtch if you need one. We love you and we want you to be happy."

"Can I take that cwtch now?" Harry asked softly.

Nasta scooped Harry's knees up and sat him sideways across his lap and wrapped him in a warm, tight, safe hug, keeping his left arm arm wrapped around Harry's back, his hand resting on a hip, his right arm was bent up his back, holding Harry's right shoulder to his chest so that his little submissive was turned fully into his body, his hand stroking through black, messy hair soothingly, keeping Harry's head tucked under his chin as he rocked Harry and by extension Regan, his firstborn son.

"You can have a cwtch any time you want one, Caru. You don't even have to ask, just throw your arms around me and I'll happily do the same."

"Even if you're angry at me?"

"Especially then." Nasta answered nuzzling Harry's cheek.

"You won't shrug me off?" Harry questioned.

"Never." Nasta replied firmly.

Harry walked down the stairs with Nasta, who had relinquished his arms of Regan and joined the others, who had moved into the kitchen with the babies.

"Are we still going to the supermarket, Harry?" Max asked as he waved a considerable list in his direction.

Harry chuckled and nodded as Blaise threw his trainers at him one after the other. He caught them and sat down to slip them on.

"How are we getting there?" He asked.

"Driving. I do have a car you know and I've missed it since we've been travelling magically all over the place."

"When did you bring that here?" Harry asked curiously.

"I take it everywhere; I usually shrink it in my pocket."

"Doesn't that mess with the car though?"

"Nope, I've been doing it for years."

"As long as you drive safely, we'll have two babies in the car." Harry said as he stood up and took out two carrycots from the corner that they were using to store the baby stuff in while they were at Myron's.

Braiden was secured into one with a soft 'Ah Na' as it interrupted his playing with his favourite wooden horse. Harry gave it right back to him and smiled as Braiden shrieked in joy.

Faerie baby was strapped into the special carry cot bought just for him. It was heavily cushioned and padded to support his back without crushing his wings and it was small enough to cradle him without flinging him into the plastic sides around every turn.

"Those four had better be alright when I come back." Harry warned as he kissed all the babies goodbye, before moving onto his mates.

"They'll be fine." Blaise assured as he kissed his lips.

Harry carried the two carrycots outside, to where Max was enlarging his car to its rightful size.

"You're positive that doing that doesn't damage the electricals or the brakes or anything?" Harry asked.

"Very positive, love. I had it all tested when I first started doing it and it was in perfect working condition. It goes for a regular MOT as well."

Harry nodded and secured the carrycots into the back seats, made sure they were absolutely one hundred percent secured before slipping between the two carrycots and buckling himself in.

Max buckled himself in and adjusted his mirror to grin at Harry, who grinned back.

"Just so I can see your gorgeous face and our two little angels." He said.

Harry chuckled and held Faerie baby's hand and Braiden's leg as Max started the bright blue car and set off.

Max drove slowly and safely and Harry enjoyed the car ride to the supermarket and sent Max off to find a trolley for the two boys as he had decided against wearing the baby sling. His scar was too sore.

Max came back with a trolley and unbuckled Braiden and laid him into the little trolley chair, buckling him in as Harry placed a carrycot cushion into the other reclined seat before placing Leolin into it and buckling him up. Harry made sure that Braiden still had his wooden horse and that Max had shut up and locked the car, before pushing the trolley into the supermarket.

"Where to first?" Harry asked as Max wrapped his arms around him and bent his head to kiss his neck.

"I love that we're doing something so domestic." Max said. "I've wanted to bring you shopping for months, but you've always been so busy."

"Always pregnant you mean." Harry whispered and Max chuckled deeply.

Max stood up, but he stayed behind Harry, holding the trolley handlebar beside Harry's hands, walking so closely together that their bodies brushed as they walked. Harry couldn't stop laughing, ignoring the looks they got as they stopped to kiss as they picked up bags, nets and punnets of every fruit in the produce section.

"Nasta and his bloody fruit. If he eats any more he'll become a fruit." Max grumbled.

"I thought he already was a fruit."

"Now that's not nice." Max said with a grin.

"I thought we were all fruits."

Max laughed. "I wonder if any of our kids will become fruits, after all they were created from our seeds."

It was Harry's turn to laugh and he kissed Leolin and Braiden and then Max, the woman on the aisle with them gasped, they ignored her.

"Right, oranges, where are oranges?" Harry asked as he read off of Max's list, checking things off with a pencil. "Why do we need a kilo of oranges?"

"Nasta eats an orange a day and he uses three oranges whenever he had one of those smoothie things he likes so much and Draco's fond of them too." Max answered as he put the net of oranges into the trolley, kissing Leolin on his way back up. Faerie baby was happily sleeping.

"Does Nasta eat one of every fruit a day?" Harry asked. "I know he eats a banana after breakfast and an apple after dinner."

"He eats an orange after lunch and usually a kiwi or a different fruit before he goes to bed. Speaking of seed, have you noticed that his is always fruity?"

Harry choked on his spit and he laughed so hard that he had to crouch down and cross his legs to keep from wetting himself. Max chuckled above him as he put a punnet of plums and two whole pineapples into the trolley. Harry was helped to his feet as the customers looked at him like he was walking around with no clothes on, smeared in mud or worse things.

"If eating five fruits a day does that, give 'em to me, I might get more mouth action." Max grinned lecherously.

Harry felt tears fall down his cheeks as he continued laughing as they moved down to the vegetables and once again Max added more than the average person bought.

They moved on to buy milk and cheese and yoghurts, enough fresh meat to feed a family of five for a month, but would last them a week, and then it was onto jars and tins, sauces and condiments, where Max bought a bottle of vinegar with a wink to Harry, who blushed as he remembered kicking Max's vinegar over once, before he humiliated himself for the first time by having a damned flashback.

"Right, next are eggs and sugar." Harry said reading the list.

"Damn it, we just went past sugar." Max pouted as he went back down the one aisle to collect the sugar.

He ran into a pretty woman and almost knocked her hand flying as he reached for the same bag of sugar that she had been.

"I'm sorry." He told her politely as he got the sugar down and handed it to her before reaching for another bag for himself.

"That's alright, it was my fault." She said demurely, even though they both knew that it was clearly his fault for rushing and not looking. "I'm Caitlin."

Max looked at her in puzzlement. "I'm Max."

"Do you live close by, Max?" She asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him, pouting her lips. He couldn't help but think that Harry did it cuter when he wasn't doing it purposefully and sexier when he was.

"No, listen Caitlin, I think you've got it all wrong. I'm married."

"Oh." She looked so disappointed that he wondered if she was that desperate or if she was trying to make him feel so sorry for her that he'd leave his mates. "But you aren't wearing a ring."

Max cursed. "We're as good as married." He told her.

"But you aren't married yet?" She perked up at that.

"Listen lady, I don't know who you are, but I'm very, very happy."

"Is this lady bothering you?" Max could have kissed Harry as he pushed the trolley down the aisle towards them.

"What's it to you?!" The woman snarled.

Harry raised an eyebrow and turned to Max.

"Is she bothering you, love?" Harry stressed the last word.

Max put the sugar in the trolley and walked around to kiss Harry firmly on the lips.

"This is Caitlin, love. I almost knocked her over in my rush to get the sugar and get back to you and our sons."

Caitlin looked wide eyed to them and then the two baby boys in the trolley infant seats.

"You…you're both men."

"Very well observed." Harry hissed cattily.

"You were allowed to adopt two babies?"

Max squeezed Harry's hand. "What's it to you?" He demanded, aware that Braiden looked like Blaise and Leolin had pale hair due to his stunted development, it would get darker the more he developed as it started to produce melanin, but neither baby looked like him or Harry, it would be easier to just tell the Muggle woman that they were adopted. "If you don't mind, we're shopping."

Max turned the trolley around and stood behind Harry, protecting him as he stood between the woman and Harry and their two sons. He got them into the main aisle before going down the one that held all the different cartons of eggs.

"I'm going to eat her." Harry snarled and Max chuckled.

"With this trolley filled with lovely food, you want to eat that scrawny bag of bones?"

Max felt accomplished as Harry chuckled lightly. He just wanted to forget all about the woman.

"I'm craving raw meat." Harry whispered suddenly. "I didn't realise until we went down the meat aisle, but I want raw meat."

Max grinned savagely. "Please, please let me go hunt something for you? It's been almost a year since we last hunted and I want to get you your first meal, please?"

"Of course, but does this mean that my breeding cycle has started? I can't be pregnant again, Max! I can't!"

"Calm down!" Max said startled as he wrapped Harry in a huge hug and swayed with him, before taking one hand and putting four boxes of twelve large eggs into the trolley. "You're not starting your breeding cycle; you're just being a Dracken. Raw meat contains bacteria that your pregnant body can't deal with, so you stop craving it when pregnant and me and the others have been avoiding it because the smell would have made you sick, but now that you aren't pregnant, you're Dracken will want fresh meat again. The reintroduction of it into our diets will give us more energy and will make us all a lot happier and fitter."

Harry grinned. "I can't wait."

"Just a few more things." Max promised as he squeezed Harry's bum, making him jump and glare.

Max laughed and wheeled the trolley around carefully and set off to buy soap powder, antibacterial wipes and washing up liquid. They got more than a few derisive looks, some curious looks and only a handful looked at them like they were just ordinary lovers in the supermarket to buy groceries with their sons.

Max got his usual washing up liquid and a bottle of sensitive fabric conditioner for the babies along with a box of non-biological washing powder before heading to the toiletry aisles, searching for toothbrushes. He found them and chucked a load into the trolley along with three tubes of toothpaste, before searching for baby brushes. They were on the bottom shelf so Harry got them; he found a blue one with a little train on it and a tube of baby toothpaste.

"It can't hurt to get it now in case we can't get here easily if he cuts his first tooth while we're at school." He explained as he chucked them into the trolley, which was very full now.

Leolin started wailing and Harry dove into the nappy bag and pulled his special bottle out of the thermal pouch, shook it as Max unstrapped the baby from the seat and placed him into Harry's arms as Harry carefully stroked his cheek with the bottle teat, watching as Leolin rooted for it and caught it with his mouth and sucked.

Harry walked around the store, Max's hand on his back guiding him as his mate pushed the trolley down the baby aisle to pick up nappies, wipes and creams, Harry looked up from feeding Leolin to look at all the little pouches of pureed fruits.

"Do you think Braiden will like any of these?" He asked. "They say from four months plus."

Max looked over from chucking in another pack of nappies and considered it before plucking up a pouch of plum branded weaning food.

"Stage one pouches, blueberry, banana and vanilla, naturally organic ingredients, made especially for first tastes, perfect for weaning. Food for super babies. What do you think, Braiden; do you want to be a super baby?" Max asked the baby chewing on the wooden horse still. He made a grab for the pouch as Max waved it. "There we have it, he wants to be a super baby. We'll buy one and see how he goes with it. It sounds nice, so if he doesn't want it, I'll have it."

Harry laughed and then spied something that made him grin wider. A selection of different dummies. He got three packs of six right off and threw them into the trolley.

"Do you think that's a good idea?" Max asked as he picked one up and looked it over.

"Can you handle six babies all crying together? If sucking a dummy helps to calm them down then I see absolutely no harm in giving them one for a few years, it won't be all the time, just in the evening and maybe at night."

"Alayla had a dummy." Max said. "The only one of us to have one; I think Mum was trying to keep her little girl a bit longer, after each baby she babied the new baby more and more. It drove Dad mad, but when she lost…lost the baby, she tried to keep Alayla as a baby, so she had a dummy until she was seven. Dad went ballistic, I remember him telling Mum off every time she gave Laya the dummy, he'd go up to her and take it off her, but then she'd cry and scream and throw a fit until she was sick, she was just so attached to it."

"No, we'll take it off of them at three or four." Harry said firmly. "So they can learn to talk properly, I just can't handle six babies all crying during the night when we've got school. I know you gave up work and I'm grateful for that and to Nasta too, for taking paperwork duties even though he hates it, but I don't think it'll be enough, Max."

"We'll get through it, love, I swear it. We're being careful, no unprotected sex until your hormones are calm again, we don't want to be caught out again, we'll keep watch over your diet and scent to check for your cycle, but I don't think we have anything to worry about for a while. The Dracken wants babies, but it's not cruel. It can feel how many children you have; I don't think it'll give you any more."

Harry smiled as Leolin continued to suckle from his special bottle, it was then that Harry realised that the dummies he had put in the trolley, probably wouldn't fit in Leolin's mouth. Sighing Harry scanned the shelves until he saw a specially shaped dummy, looking like a sideways number eight or an infinity sign, it was a bit more expensive, but the three, clear dummies were smaller than the rest and had cut outs on either side so it wouldn't hurt Leolin's nose and they had more of a curve around them, so it would sit on Leolin's face without sticking off either end of his cheeks. He put a pack of them into the trolley and walked around to the other side, following Max as he fed the baby and he blushed when he saw Max calmly and confidently put four bottles of lubricant into the trolley along with two large boxes of condoms. Draco was always the first to complain of any mess.

"Do we have to buy those here?!" He hissed.

"Where else would I buy them from?"

"I don't know, can't you owl order them?!"

Max scoffed. "Harry, there's no need to be embarrassed because we enjoy being with one another, if more people shoved away their embarrassment at the supposed taboo around these products then I'm sure there'd be less sexual diseases and less unwanted pregnancies. Condoms are friends to hormonal teenaged boys and grown men who aren't trying for a seventh baby just yet."

Harry glared at Max, not happy with the reminder that Max and Nasta had been fucking for years. He accepted it, he knew why they had done it, he knew they hadn't even known about him and that he hadn't even been born when Nasta had lost his virginity, but he didn't like it damn it!

"Are we done now?" Harry asked as he looked at the list and nodded to himself that every item was checked off.

"I believe so, unless there was anything else that you wanted?"

Harry shook his head and then changed his mind as they walked past a small cabinet with warmed doughnuts. He just stared at the one of them and he wanted it.

"Actually, I want one of those."

Max looked over and moaned. "I see them every time I come in here, but Nasta would have both our balls if we even stare at them for much longer."

"One can't hurt." Harry said as she strode towards it, Leolin still suckling slowly. "I want that one, the white iced one with the yellow on it."

"Lemon meringue." Max read off the card. "Ah hell, if we eat it in the car he'll never know."

Max got a bag and scooped two lemon meringue doughnuts into it and then he hurried away to the checkouts, hiding the doughnuts like Harry would have done the bottles of lube that were clearly on show in their trolley.

Harry ignored everyone in the queue as he heard them cooing and tutting at him as he fed Leolin, whose tentative suckling was slowing down further. Max put the heaped trolley full of items onto the conveyor belt and shoved the trolley around to the other side; he needed to use forty shopping bags.

"I hate these stupid shopping bags." He grumbled as he packed it all into the bags and then back into the trolley.

Harry hummed in agreement as Leolin pulled his mouth from the bottle teat before the milk was finished. Harry sighed and hefted him over a shoulder and patted his lower back, it wasn't as effective, but he did not want to pat Leolin's tiny developing wings.

"He still doesn't finish a bottle." He sighed as he placed Faerie baby back into his padded cushion and strapped him back in.

"Excuse me, your son dropped this."

Harry turned and looked to the smiling woman holding out Braiden's wooden horse.

"Oh, thank you, he loves that thing." Harry said as he took it off of her, wiped it with a sanitizer gel from his nappy bag, checked it automatically, yet subtly for spells, wards or Portkeys as he spread the gel around it and gave it to a fussy Braiden, who shoved it straight into his mouth and gummed on it.

"He's adorable, how old are they?"

"This one's four months and that one is seven days."

"How adorable."

Harry accepted the compliment, but he really just wanted the woman to go away as Max continued packing up their hefty shop.

"That's four hundred and twenty-eight pounds, sir." The cashier told Max and Harry sucked in a breath at the total.

Max paid by using his Muggle debit card. He had two bank accounts, one with Gringotts and one with a Muggle bank; he transferred money over to his Muggle account when he knew he'd have to buy something with Muggle money so he didn't have to deal with a wad of cash in hand.

"I wasn't expecting it to be that much." Harry said quietly as they went back to the car.

"I was expecting it to be more." Max answered. "We got a great deal on those three chickens for ten pounds, they're six pounds each and the nappies were buy one get one free and so was the lube, the wipes were buy one get one half price, the formula milk we use was buy one get two free, which is an amazing deal that I took excessive advantage of and the fruit punnets were three for two mix and match. I was expecting it to be close to six hundred."

"But this is just a weekly shop." Harry said as he secured Leolin into the car seat.

"Yeah, it takes a lot of money to feed five grown men and keep six babies in nappies, wipes and formula milk, but such is life. It's why Nasta and I are working and were working well before any submissives came along. A dominant knows that if he's going to have a submissive, he'd better have a damn good paying job, one of the usual questions a submissive asks a dominant is where he works, what he does and exactly how much he earns."

"I didn't." Harry said thoughtfully, wondering if he had done anything right in his own meeting.

"You, my gorgeous love, are not a typical submissive and thank fuck for that because if you were I wouldn't love you half as much as I do. Imagine if you acted, behaved and talked like Amelle?"

Harry pulled a face.

"Exactly! I couldn't be stuck with Amelle for life, I feel sorry for Caesar, but he's a grown man and he was a grown man when he pursued her so viciously. I was at that meeting and I was not impressed with her, but when Caesar showed interest in her, well, he's my baby brother, of course I was going to help him out a bit."

"What did you do?" Harry asked as he sat up front this time as Leolin was fast asleep after his milk and Braiden was getting drowsy from his busy day.

"I cleared the field for him a bit, I wouldn't have bothered, but he was so desperate to get her. He always did have a thing for auburn haired women."

Harry chuckled as he ate his own doughnut and held out the other doughnut for Max to bite as he manoeuvred the car carefully out of the car park. Max's doughnut was gone in five bites, Harry's took a little longer, but Harry did make sure to clean Max's face for him with his tongue as they stopped at a set of traffic lights. Max groaned and Harry spied a bulge in the front of Max's jeans that he caressed with his hand.

"Stop it!" Max part groaned, part growled, his jeans rising further.

"Is this for me, or for the doughnut?" Harry asked with a grin.

Max pulled him into a vicious kiss which only stopped when the car behind honked its horn angrily. The light had turned green.

Max panted, cursed and put the car into gear and drove off carefully. Harry huffed in breaths and felt his body tightening.

They arrived home and Harry slipped out of the car. Max shut off the engine, strode around the car, pulled him away from the door that he had been about to open to get the babies before he walked him to the front of the car and threw him, carefully, on the bonnet. Max covered him with his own body and pushed an insistent tongue into his mouth, one hand pinning his hands above his head by the windscreen, his other drifted up his shirt to pinch a nipple as Max climbed onto the bonnet with him and pressed their bodies together.

Harry felt how hard Max was and he responded. The air was cold, but the warmth of the bonnet at his back and Max against his front heated his blood until he shook off Max's hand and wrapped them around his neck, pawing at his back, tugging off his shirt and scratching red marks onto his back and shoulders as they kissed more insistently.

"Maximilius!" Myron's angry, clipped voice broke through their rushed, sexual frenzy and they looked to see the family standing at the front door, obviously having heard the car come back and they had come out to help unload the shopping bags.

Richard and Alexander were laughing uproariously. Ashleigh looked pleased as she giggled with Alayla and Talia, but it was the lust in the three mates who were standing in the group that made Harry swallow; he wondered what he and Max must look like spread on a car bonnet, kissing and petting each other passionately and possessively to put that look on their faces.

Max dropped his head beside his face and groaned in repressed sexual frustration and he gave his ear a lingering lick before he slithered off of the car and helped Harry slide down onto his feet as well.

"You couldn't have given us even five minutes, Dad!" He whined.

"Do you think that's acceptable behaviour, not only in front of your children, but in a public place as well?" Myron demanded.

"Leave off of him, Myron." Richard said softly. "Max is still a kid at heart; don't you remember what we were like? I remember an incident with a rubber dinghy, out on the ocean, in full view of a public beach that was packed with families, including our own, complete with three year old Max and year old Caesar. We conceived Julinda in that dinghy."

Myron blushed so brightly that Harry wondered if there was enough blood left in the rest of his body. Ashleigh laughed so much she had to support herself on the doorframe.

"I remember that. That was an amazing day, we took the boys to the beach for the first time, Max was so happy. I was so sure that all three of us wouldn't fit in that little rubber raft." She gasped through her tears of laughter. "You boys had to prove me wrong, I thought that it was going to tip and dump us into the ocean with every thrust."

"Mum, please!" Caesar snapped as he covered his ears, his face screwed up in horror, as his sisters shrieked and covered their own ears.

Max laughed so hard tears streamed down his face. "You never told us that story before, Dad!" He called out cheekily.

Alexander shook his head. "It's a grey day when you look up to check on your son and his mates in a little rubber boat on the sea and all you see is a white bottom mooning back at you."

Harry laughed so hard he couldn't breathe and he needed Nasta's hand on his back to get him to take in some much needed air. The look on Nasta's face was utter amusement, even as he helped Harry support himself.

"Let's get the bags in before they spoil." He said, trying to calm down the laughter.

Everyone grabbed a fistful of bags as Harry and Kimberly got out Leolin and Braiden and carried them into the house to join their brothers and sister.

Harry placed a heavily sleeping Leolin onto the soft, cushioned little bean bag that they had bought for him so that he could sleep on his back, but without the pressure to his little wings, but he took Braiden from Kimberly and brushed the thick black hair he was growing out of his face.

"Four months old and already it looks like he'll need a haircut." He said as he watched the others putting away all the food, Max keeping one bag by his legs. Harry knew that it had the lube and condoms in it, but the top showed toothbrushes, toothpaste and two boxes of three bars of soap. Max had packed the bag cleverly.

"Right, I'll be back in a bit." Max said as he winked to Harry and took the one bag upstairs.

Harry staved off the blush and glared at Max all the way out of the kitchen. Max didn't come back for an hour and when he did come back, he was covered in blood and wrestling a skinned lump of meat towards Harry.

He presented it to him with a happy, proud grin at his accomplishment, but Harry didn't see it. Instinct took over at the scent of fresh meat and warm blood and his wings, fangs and claws pulled out of his body and he fell onto the skinned bear and tore into it like an animal, making feral noises and he growled and hissed furiously when anyone approached his meat.

"Any particular reason that you decided to bring a bear home?" Myron asked as he watched Harry tear a chunk of warm, bloody meat from a bone with his teeth before swallowing it whole. "I thought we were over this when you and Caesar had left home."

"Harry told me in the supermarket that he was craving raw meat again and I asked if I could hunt for him and he agreed."

"I never understood why you had to wrestle with bears." Ashleigh said. "I remember when your Fathers took you hunting for the first time; they came back looking paler than ghosts."

"Why?" Aneirin asked. "Nasta was a natural, took down a stallion in just three hits." He said proudly.

"Max decided that he wanted a bear and nothing else would do." Myron said, his face white as he remembered. "I've never been so frightened for Max in my life."

"I thought my heart would stop." Richard said. "We had pointed out a stallion grazing, but he had picked up the scent of a male bear and he just had to show off."

"It took him eight hits before he could even get the bear off of its feet, just the one to end its life." Myron said, a hint of pride in his voice, but he was frowning with past worry and he was still pale.

"Since then it's always been bears." Richard sighed. "Though poor Caesar was practically dumped in front of his first prey after Max's stunt."

"It wasn't a stunt!" Max denied. "The bear smelt so delicious, so much better than that stringy horse."

Richard laughed wheezily, but the crunching of bone drowned it out when Harry slid his fangs over a rib to get the meat off of it, cracking it twice with the force of his jaws. All attention went back to Harry then, whose face, hands and arms were smeared with blood as he picked apart the most tender and juicy bits of meat, leaving what he didn't want. When he was finished eating his fill, he lay back and groaned, allowing his mates to eat what was left as he curled into a ball and just lay on the floor with his belly pleasantly full.

Harry was carried to the settee and laid on it, five minutes later he had crawled back off of it to sprawl on the rug in front of the fire where he fell deeply asleep with the scent of his mates, his children and his family around him all wrapped up in the scent of the wood burning fire.

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