The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


59. Chapter Fifty-Eight – School Time Blues

Max had been called in urgently to work. It had been a bit unnerving to see a grown man begging on the floor for Max to come into work for just a day to help them out. But despite the show of a grown man begging for his help, Max had looked to Harry before he had agreed and he knew that Max would have declined to help the man if Harry had given even a hint that he was unhappy with him going into work today while he was supposed to be off, but as Harry shooed them both out of the house, he wondered what to do. Blaise had gone to visit his Mother and Lucius had called Draco in for some talk or something half an hour later, Harry just hoped that it went well and Draco came back happy or he'd shove his claws through Lucius Malfoy's throat.

This left him and Nasta with six babies and Harry was currently trying out the Plum goop that he and Max had bought from the supermarket.

The bluish-purply goo was not having any more luck than the home made stuff and Harry sighed as Braiden slapped the spoon away, flinging the goo over the floor.

"Why don't you try putting the food into his mouth instead of waiting for him to work out that he's supposed to put his mouth over the spoon?" Nasta suggested lightly from where he was reading the morning paper, Tegan in the crook of the arm that he wasn't using to turn the pages.

Harry put the spoon in the sink and selected another one of the colourful weaning spoons that they had bought, got some more purply-blue goo onto it and he then tickled under Braiden's chin to get him giggling, he then placed the spoon into his mouth when it was open.

Braiden immediately gummed on the object in his mouth and he actually tasted his first real food for the first time. Harry grinned as Braiden sucked at the goo and then swallowed.

"He did it, Nasta! Did you see?"

"I saw it all perfectly, love." Nasta answered, watching with a grin. "Maybe now that he's tried it he won't be so adverse to it in the future."

Braiden kept gumming on the spoon even though there was nothing left, so Harry took it out gently, Braiden giving an unhappy cry as he did so, before he filled it up with a small amount of the smooth goo and pushed it back into Braiden's mouth, who gummed the spoon to get the food off of it, holding Harry's hand to keep the spoon in his mouth.

Harry cooed mentally and aloud as he praised Braiden repeatedly and told him over and over how 'proud Mummy was of him'

Nasta chuckled and rubbed Harry's back. Harry continued to feed Braiden until Braiden started pushing the spoon away again; Harry put Braiden into Nasta's arms and cleaned up the spoon and little bowl that he had used for the food, cleaned up the mess on the floor and then kissed Nasta hard as he took Braiden back.

"Tease." Nasta hissed at his back.

Harry laughed all the way into the living room, where four babies were sleeping peacefully in bassinets.

Harry fell onto the settee with Braiden, who could now not only hold his head up, but could sit up as well without support, though he did have a tendency of toppling over if he reached for something.

Braiden had taken a keen interest in his face it seemed as he poked and pushed little fingers into his mouth, eyes, nose and ears. Harry chuckled and blew a raspberry against Braiden's hand, which set him off giggling as only a baby could and like all baby giggles, it was infectious.

Harry found himself playing with Braiden for over an hour until his little boy got tired and started yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"Alright love, even I can take that hint." Harry grinned as he stood up and after giving Braiden a kiss, he placed him down into the travel cot that was so very handy because it could be moved to which ever room they needed it in.

"Ah ma." Braiden called out sleepily and Harry went misty eyed as he looked down on his yawning baby. He covered him over and bent down with much straining, to kiss that peachy cheek, before leaving Braiden to sleep, heading back to the kitchen.

"Braiden down to sleep?" Nasta asked as he folded up the read newspaper one handed.

"Yes, our little guy just went off. He's getting so much better with his words, I think he might start babbling to us and himself soon, not just say odd words now and then."

Nasta smiled at his enthusiasm and excitement and gestured him over. Nasta pulled his head into a passionate kiss by his hair and then turned him around as he was malleable, smacked his bum and asked for a cup of green tea.

Harry laughed at him, but boiled the kettle, putting a green teabag into one mug and an ordinary one into his own, he poured over the boiling water, disposed of the bags, handed Nasta his mug and then drizzled honey and milk into his own before cwtching up to Nasta's side.

"I love you so much." Harry said softly, after a moment was taken to savour their respective teas.

Nasta didn't answer but pulled him into another kiss, Tegan being sandwiched between them gently.

"You are the most amazing person I have ever met." Nasta murmured against his mouth as they broke apart for air, but their lips were still pressed together. "You have given me six beautiful children, two biological sons and a biological daughter, our only daughter, which I am very boastful about."

"You shouldn't tease the others." Harry scolded without heat.

"I can't help it, love. Do you know how rare it is for an all-male harem to produce a girl? It's not impossible like it is the all-female harems' producing baby boys, but it is very rare and I gave you a baby girl."

"I live to do the impossible." Harry rolled his eyes before something clicked. "Hold on, does this mean that I won't have many daughters?"

Nasta nodded. "There isn't much information on the male submissives, even less about ones like yourself who chose all male dominants, but the few pieces that I managed to dig up, all mentioned how exceedingly difficult it was to conceive a girl. One submissive I've read up on had two dominants, both male, and they had sixty-three children, fifty-one of them were boys and only twelve of them were girls. Another harem with a male submissive and three male dominants had one hundred and seventeen children, ninety-eight of them were boys and only nineteen were girls and the last one I found was a male submissive with just the one male dominant, they had forty-eight children and all of them were boys."

Harry's face fell as he took Tegan from Nasta and cuddled his only daughter tightly.

"I don't want only the one daughter. I want as many girls as boys, Nasta; I don't want so many of the one and next to none of the other."

Nasta pulled him into his body tightly and pressed a lingering kiss to his hair.

"We'll have daughters, Cariad, just not as many as we all would like. It may not be as apparent in the beginning, but give it ten years and it'll be noticeable."

Harry sighed and he kissed Tegan, brushing her black hair from her little face. Draco couldn't wait until she was older and had longer hair so that he could brush it. Harry had already warned him that he wasn't to brush her hair until there was nothing left, but he left it alone when he saw how happy Draco was, cuddling the children, soft bristled hairbrush in hand, carefully and gently brushing the soft downy hair the Quintuplets had. Braiden's hair was growing in thick and fast now and Harry was wondering if five months was too soon to cut his hair, but very soon his fringe would be in his eyes and as Braiden had taken to pulling on his own hair and then crying because it had hurt, he was giving it serious contemplation.

Harry carried Tegan into the living room and laid her in the bassinet that was between Regan and Calix's bassinets. He liked keeping her close to Regan, he didn't know why, but it felt right to let them sleep next to one another, though he did refuse to put them in the same bassinet.

He was stuck then for something to do, anything. He had done all the baby washing that morning, he had even cleaned the house with his limited knowledge of household spells that Mrs Weasley had gifted to him, because his mates refused to see him on his hands and knees scrubbing like a house-elf. Not that he listened to them, he just didn't parade the fact that he scrubbed the floors and cupboards when he woke up an hour or so before them most days. He enjoyed doing it, like Max enjoyed cooking. Speaking of which Harry was very much enjoying his time spent cooking every meal with Max, sneaking spoonfuls of this and bites of that, and when Max caught him he always got a swat to the bum, which made him laugh.

Harry chuckled and turned on the TV quietly, flipping through the channels. Max's TV was barely used, Harry didn't think it had been turned on in months and only then it had been for a weather report.

Harry grinned as he found a sports channel showing pro wrestling, he chuckled and decided to play a little game with Nasta, who claimed that he wasn't the jealous type. He had proved that to him time and time again that he wasn't bothered by Harry kissing and having sex with the other mates, even without him, but would he get jealous if Harry started ogling other men outside of their mateship?

The heavily muscled, scantily clad men on the TV, touching and holding each other, pinning the other to the floor, had to be considered soft porn, Harry decided as he watched wide eyed as the one wrestler climbed onto the other's back, his groin pressed to the other's bum as he held him around the neck. They were wiggling and writhing over the floor, the one on the bottom was probably trying to buck the other off of him, but to Harry it just looked like he was shoving his arse back into the other's groin in a mimic of sex. There was something completely homoerotic about the entire match and Harry found himself not only glued to the screen, but getting hard to boot.

He watched several matches, completely transfixed, before Nasta came into the living room to find him.

"Harry?" He called as loudly as he dared with six sleeping babies in the room. "Harry?"

Harry didn't take his eyes from the screen and Nasta's eyes widened as the scent of lust and arousal hit him. Harry was getting off on watching wrestling of all things.

Nasta made his way carefully over to where Harry was lying on his stomach in front of the TV, watching as two men threw each other around the ring, his breathing had gone heavy and held a breathless quality to it and Nasta snarled as he dropped onto Harry's back and bent forward to bite at that delectable neck.

"Nasta! I'm trying to watch this! It's for the Intercontinental championship!" Harry complained, even as he rubbed his hardness against Harry's pert bum.

He growled at that and snapped at Harry's throat, trying to get him to turn his head away from the TV. Harry just batted at him and continued watching the two men roll around the floor.

Jealousy like he had never felt before flooded into him and he snarled and seized Harry's head and pulled him into a vicious kiss. Harry shouldn't look at anyone but him with those lustful, smouldering eyes!

"You want to be pinned to the floor?" Nasta growled as he turned Harry onto his back and pinned his wrists down and still Harry tried to arch his head back to watch the TV screen.

"Fuck, Nasta. I'm only watching wrestling!" Harry complained as his little submissive wriggled under him, making his hardness throb at the dominating, controlling position he had over Harry.

"You're not just watching it though are you?" Nasta hissed. "You're getting off on it!"

He rolled his hips into Harry's groin and the younger man threw his head back and groaned as his own hardness was rubbed by the movement.

"It's not my fault that wrestling is so sexy. Two big, dominating men rolling around the ring trying to pin one another to the floor, wearing a pair of Lycra pants and a pair of rubber boots. It's enough to get anyone's blood going."

"When did you get such a fetish?" Nasta asked.

"When I turned on the TV and saw it for the first time?" Harry gave him such a naughty grin that Nasta almost groaned as he swooped down to kiss those gorgeous lips, eating from them and the mouth beyond trying to get Harry to forget all about wrestling and he knew that he had succeeded when Harry wrapped those gorgeous legs around his hips and tried to climb his body like a monkey.

He broke apart for air and he looked at Harry's heaving chest, his flushed cheeks and glassy eyes and felt accomplished, right up until Harry looked over his own shoulder back at the TV and to the two men having a power struggle on the floor.

He growled, so insanely jealous that two wrestlers could hold Harry's attention over himself. He was practically throwing himself at Harry and his mate was still looking to the TV. He gripped a fistful of that messy hair and yanked that head back into a possessive kiss, Harry moaning into his mouth at the rough treatment.

"You want it rough? Is that what you're trying to do? You don't need to make me jealous to do that, Cariad, you only need to ask." Nasta whispered the last five words into Harry's ear hotly and bit at it afterwards, making a passionate cry come from Harry's throat.

Missing Scene

When the buzzing in his head stopped and his hearing and sight came back to him, he could hear a baby crying and he groaned as he pulled himself out of Harry on shaky arms and he crawled to the bassinet with the crying baby. There were two crying babies, Regan and Calix.

He scooped them to his sweaty chest and collapsed back against the settee, shushing the babies distractedly as he watched Harry wiggle and writhe on the carpet, he could see now, from his own cock and the pinkish liquid seeping out of Harry, that he had split him inside and he made a mental note to get one of Max's healing pastes to apply to Harry's insides.

The two babies dropped back off to sleep once they had been soothed and he placed them back into their bassinets and he crawled back to Harry, pulling him into his arms, even as Harry moaned and complained, his body writhing in pain and Nasta cuddled him, snuggling him in his lap and rubbing the tension from his shoulders and back.

"I'll never watch wrestling again." He croaked out of his screamed raw throat.

Nasta chuckled deeply before forcing himself up to his feet and carrying Harry into the kitchen, boiling the kettle to make them both some tea. He held Harry with one arm as he used the other to make tea for them both.

"I could get used to this, I feel like Braiden." Harry grinned.

"I could put your tea in a bottle." Nasta said with a matching smirk, raising his one eyebrow.

Harry laughed. "I don't have Daddy issues. I just want to be held, I don't think my legs will support me."

Nasta took the cups over to the table one at a time before sitting down and easing Harry up slightly, so that he wasn't flat on his back in his arms but was still reclining back slightly, resting on his shoulder. He gave Harry his cup before sipping on his own. The warm tea relaxed his body fully and he let out a long sigh. He felt so much better.

Harry did the same but he was visibly uncomfortable as he shifted continuously on his lap. Nasta slipped his arm from around Harry's back, to down around his hips, pushing his forearm under his thighs and pulling him up, taking his weight off of his sore bum. The awkward placement and angle of his arm was borderline painful, but when Harry smiled at him so lovingly and gratefully, he didn't care, especially not when Harry snuggled up to him and pecked at his lips as if feeding from them.

"I love you so much, Nasta." Harry told him, his eyes burning with sincerity. Nasta loved those eyes only slightly more than he loved those plush, pouty, kissable lips, especially when those eyes burnt with such love for him.

Nasta made sure not to jostle Harry as he kissed him before pressing him to drink his tea, hoping it would relax him some more.

Max came tearing into the room, his wings and fangs displayed as he sniffed deeply, a constant and uncontrollable growl in the back of his throat.

"Harry's fine, we had a very rough sex session." Nasta said soothingly as Max came to kneel before Harry and sniffed at his naked, bleeding body.

"Very, very rough." Max grumbled deeply as he took in the bloody bite marks on Harry's inside thighs.

"I'm alright. Are you done with work?" Harry inquired as he pushed his teacup at Max, looking at him pleadingly with wide green eyes until Max chuckled and gave him a kiss before going to make some more tea.

"All done. Two sick calls and an outbreak of Scrofungulus in Maidstone that's spreading very quickly to neighbouring cities. Twelve batches of the antidote done in four hours. My hands are cramping."

Max set three cups of tea down on the table and he sat down but before he could pick up his cup his hands were caught in small, soft, gentle hands and Harry began massaging his hands, rubbing his fingers and easing the painful tension from him.

"You keep this up and I'll be forced to marry you." Max teased, kissing Harry softly.

Harry chuckled and wrapped Max's hands lovingly around his teacup, pulling back with his fingertips gliding over the backs of Max's hands teasingly.

"So tell me how you two got to have such a rough ride when I was stuck in work, labouring over potions, where's Draco?"

"Lucius flooed Draco and wished to speak to him." Harry answered. "So he left not too long after you did."

"And the sex?"

"I caught Harry indulging in a new fetish." Nasta answered.

"You weren't playing with those toys without us again were you?" Max pleaded.

"No, he was panting and getting off on watching your TV."

Max lowered his eyebrows. "What the hell was on the TV? I thought I blocked all the porn channels when Caesar went looking for them just after I moved in."

"You forgot to block the soft porn channels." Harry grinned.

"Soft porn channels?" Max questioned.

"The contact sports channels." Nasta elaborated.

Max understood all at once and he grinned and then threw his head back laughing.

"What sport was it? Football, rugby, American football? All of those are homoerotic sports."

"Wrestling." Harry said softly.

Max laughed and pinched his cheek gently. "I'm proud of you, love. Only you could know that watching wrestling would wind Nasta up."

"It did not 'wind me up'." Nasta refuted. "He was damn near ignoring me! I was throwing myself at him and he tried to get away from my advances so he could watch his match."

"I still don't know who won the Intercontinental championship." Harry pouted.

Nasta nibbled around his neck and Harry chuckled. "I'm far too sore to go again." He said apologetically.

"Max, could you get a healing salve for him, I tore his insides. We didn't use lubricant."

"Fuck, I wish I'd been there to watch." Max exclaimed even as he got up to pull down the first aid kit he kept in the top cabinet in the kitchen. He took out the right salve without even needing to look at the little label on the front and he handed it to Nasta.

Nasta coated a finger and without any hesitation, or time to allow Harry to protest or think about it, he pushed that finger into Harry's body. Harry moaned and dug his heels and his little toes into Nasta's leg and rubbed his feet against his leg as he mewled and writhed, not entirely in pleasure either as that probing finger rubbed the splits inside his body, no matter how gently.

Max knelt down in front of him again and held his feet tightly to stop him from hurting Nasta accidentally as he applied the healing salve, but he did help take Harry's mind from what was happening by kissing and licking his kicking feet, which were too ticklish for Harry to ignore the ministrations placed on them, so he alternated between giggling and moaning, which made Max chuckle and Nasta to grin against his neck.

"All done." Nasta replied, easing his finger out gently, grimacing as it was covered in blood. Harry was bleeding more than he thought he had been. "Give the salve time to work, love then you may want to have a bath, you're bleeding quite a bit."

Nasta handed Harry off to Max, who cuddled Harry on his lap tightly before easing himself up into his chair and he pulled the honey tea towards Harry as Nasta went to wash his hands in the sink.

"I haven't had a bath in ages. We've only managed short showers since the quintuplets were born."

"We'll take over the afternoon shift." Max joked, winking at him. "You take as long as you need, though if you stay in for over two hours we'll assume you've drowned and barge in on you."

Harry chuckled and snuggled into Max as he agreed without too much prompting; he loved baths and he hadn't had the time to indulge lately. He was looking forward to it.

Draco looked horrified to the man who had been his mentor. He looked to Severus Snape, who was a ruin of the man he had been only a week ago.

His hair, which was usually greasy anyway, hung in limp rats' tails against a face that was drawn and skeletal looking. He looked like he had aged fifty years overnight and Draco was at a loss for what to say as he stood beside his Father.

The Headmaster had managed to get Regulus' body away from Severus and he was being prepared for burial. His water swollen wand was clasped tightly in Severus' hands and a leather cord with a tarnished silver pendant that Draco had never seen before was tied around Severus' throat.

"Severus, we have been friends for many years and I mislike seeing you like this. You did not deteriorate this badly when Regulus first went missing, why have you now that you have found him? You knew that he was dead long before you saw him, or perhaps it is the manner of which you saw him for the first time in almost two decades that has you acting this way."

"Harry and Nasta are having nightmares about what they saw." Draco put in quietly as Severus remained silent. "It's only logical to think you are as well, especially with the added stress of finding him after so long and in such a place."

"He drowned." Severus' voice was coarse and gruff. "The Inferi dragged him to the bottom of that lake and he drowned."

Draco swallowed. Nasta and Harry were having nightmares of the Inferi dragging them into the lake and being drowned also, so he found those words clogging his throat with emotion after being woken up three times a night and listening to Nasta and Harry as they talked about the horror of being dragged into the ice cold lake and drowned at the endless bottom in the pitch blackness.

"I can take small comfort in the knowledge that Regulus was not pregnant at his time of death." Severus told them. "But the pain of seeing him, dead and lifeless, of holding his stone cold body in my arms, looking as young as he was when he died, unchanged and unaged."

"It cemented it in your mind that he was dead." Lucius finished. "It affirmed it in your mind that he was dead and gone and it put an image of him as he died in your mind, an image you had lost over the years or had become less real and now that you have seen him again, it has brought all of those images back and with it all of the memories."

"You need to let him go." Draco said softly. "Not his memory or his unique person, but his body. You need to let him be buried; you need to bury your hurt and pain with him, because if you don't, you'll end up joining him."

"Is that such a bad thing?" Was the soft, curious reply as if the thought were not only acceptable, but appealing.

"Yes, it is a bad thing, because you have people here who will miss you still." Draco answered. "Mother and I would be distraught and what would all those dunderheaded first years do without you to weed out the talent and train them in your own unique way? I only have a love of potions now thanks to your teachings."

"You're a strong man, Severus." Lucius slipped in. "You have survived before; you can do so once again. Allow us to help you. Allow us to support and love you, you are young still, you're life can carry on, but life is only what you make of it, if you wallow around in self-pity and squalor, living in despair and your own filth, then perhaps you are better off dead after all."

Draco was shocked at his Father's words and the firm hand that dragged him towards the doorway. The heavy wood door slammed with a resounding bang and Lucius strutted down the corridor, still pulling him along.

"Father…how could you say that to him?" Draco questioned, still stunned.

"Severus is a very stubborn, prideful man, Draco. People like Severus will not accept help from anyone, they need to be forced and manipulated into living once more."

"You sound like you're speaking from experience."

"Who do you think it was that got him to start living his life again after Regulus went missing in the beginning?" Lucius raised an eyebrow at him and Draco grinned, more comfortable these days at showing emotion around his Father, which seemed to both surprise and please Lucius Malfoy. "I was the one who got him to get off of his backside and started him off looking for Regulus after he first realised that the boy was missing, when he didn't find him at the Potter wedding."

Draco hoped that it worked this time as well and that they didn't get a floo call informing them that Severus had killed himself in his private rooms. He couldn't wait to get back home so he could give Harry a hug and reassure him that everything was going to be fine, that the nightmares would eventually abate and the terror that he obviously felt would fade.

He knew that Max was helping Nasta, but he hoped that he would be able to help as well. He didn't like the thought that Nasta was suffering as Harry was and he wanted to be able to help the older man like he was helping Harry. He didn't understand why Nasta was only allowing Max and Harry to comfort him after the nightmares. Harry he could understand, he was the one who had gone through the ordeal with him, but why wouldn't Nasta allow him or Blaise to help him or comfort him when he woke up gasping in a cold sweat? They both wanted to help, but they always seemed to be shut out.

Harry groaned as the staring, pointing and whispering started back up the moment he stepped foot into the Great Hall.

It was the twelfth of January and they were back at Hogwarts after a very chaotic goodbye and a trip through the floo, because Harry refused to waste time he could spend lounging around at home on the gossip mongering, uncomfortable, cramped compartments of the Hogwarts Express.

The newspapers had ignored Richard, Myron and Lucius' threats and had continued printing lies and rubbish about his children. One particular issue had claimed, very spectacularly, that his 'defective child had died' and that he was 'inconsolable to the point of a complete mental breakdown.'

Harry could have gone a lifetime without hearing the lies spewed about him and his family, but when students noticed that he was in fact still surrounded by his four lovers and that they were carrying six babies and not five, the whispers broke out.

Hermione rushed to him and refrained from breaking his back in her usual hug as he had both arms full of baby. She looked so worried she was actually pale.

"I've been reading the papers and…"

"All shit." Harry cut in immediately. "I haven't given any interviews, these lot haven't given an interview, we've been trying to stop them from printing shit about me, them and the children, but they're ignoring us and any legal jargon Lucius, Richard and Myron are sending them. Richard in particular is outraged that he and his law firm are being ignored. He's threatening to take legal action against them."

"So you haven't lost…"

"No. All babies are alive and well."

"But they said one was born…"

"Leolin looked like he was born without the skin on his back because he was very premature. He took Nasta's Faerie blood, Hermione, Faeries wings finish developing during the fifth month of pregnancy and the quintuplets were born at four months, so Leolin's wings didn't have any skin on them. We had to be so very careful because it's painful for him and because they were basically open sores we had to be aware at all times of any infections and things, but he's completely fine, he has a few scabs left, but the skin on his wings has grown in nicely."

"I'm glad to hear that, Harry, but Leolin, really?" She gave him a knowing look and he felt his cheeks flush with blood.

"See, even Granger thinks it's a terrible name." Draco put in as he moved past them to the Slytherin table.

"It's not a terrible name; I just know why you called him that." She put in softly as she kissed his cheek. "Ginny and I want to catch up with you later; we haven't been introduced to the little bundles of joy." She gave him a grin that he returned and Harry chuckled as he left to the Slytherin table to be pointed at and have nosy little fuckers trying to get a glimpse of his blanket wrapped children.

"I swear to Merlin if they don't stop I'm going to curse them." Max hissed possessively as he cradled Regan in his one arm, his other arm slipping around Harry in a display of the possessiveness in his voice.

Harry cuddled Leolin and Farren tightly to his chest as a Ravenclaw ambled past in a faked casual way while waving to a friend halfway down the Ravenclaw table, but her eyes were devouring his mates and the babies they held as she peeked over his shoulder to see if the blankets covered the babies' faces.

Harry lost his patience and he shoved her away from him, she stumbled, but he hadn't shoved her hard enough to land her on her arse, thought he had wanted to. He glared at her and she hurried past to the friend that she had been waving to.

"That wasn't nice, Harry." Nasta chastised, but there was no real heat to his words and he was trying to hide a smile.

"What? I was just giving her a helping hand, she obviously wanted to reach her friend, but it seemed to me that she hit a section of floor covered in a sticking charm." Harry answered innocently.

Draco and Blaise snorted, Max let out a laugh and Nasta smiled and handed him a chunk of fudge chocolate.

Harry quickly and safely held Farren and Leolin with one arm, snatched the chocolate chunk and shoved it whole into his mouth, chewed and then swallowed, before moving his sons back into separate arms.

"You said that there was none left." He accused with a pout.

"You had eaten three bars."

"They were snack sized bars, they don't count."

"What made you change your mind?" Draco asked, leaning over the table and using a napkin to wipe a smear of chocolate off Harry's lip.

"He deserved a reward for helping the young woman get on her way after hitting a sticking charm." Nasta replied simply and Harry grinned widely.

"I love you." He told Nasta.

Someone snorted and the five of them looked to Theo Nott, who was sitting as close to Blaise as he could given that Pansy Parkinson had claimed the seat directly beside him and the Greengrass sisters directly opposite.

"Something you wish to say?" Draco inquired in that snobbish, drawling tone that he pulled off so well that it made you feel like a scummy, inch tall, mollusc.

"You can't love more than one person." Theo answered back.

Harry reared back in surprise.

"Who the hell told you that?" Max demanded incredulously. "Because I assure you that they're wrong. I love my Mother and Fathers, my brother and sisters, my grandfather and grandmother, all of my Uncles and Aunts and cousins. I love my little niece, I love my four lovers and our six children with all of my heart. If what you're saying is true, then what parent do you love and which one don't you love? Because if you can only love one person at a time, then you only love one of them and if you love one of your parents, then you can't possibly love our Blaise as you claim you do."

Harry grinned at the stressed emphasis on the word 'our', ensuring that not even Theo could miss the possessive claim Max put on Blaise.

"You can't all love him! Not as much as just one person could! I could love him fully, not designate him a time to be in my affections!" Theo burst out passionately.

"Who said anything about our affection being designated to time slots?" Harry demanded. "We love one another fully and completely every moment of every day! I can't just turn my love for one of them off and move onto another, I love them all, all of the time."

"You think you do…"

"No, I do. End of!" Harry snarled as he pushed Farren at Max, slipped around him and shoved Blaise along the bench until he was between him and Max and sat in his place, turning his back on Theo and by extension Pansy and latched onto Blaise with the arm not holding Leolin.

"Ma ma!" Braiden cooed from Blaise's arms and Harry felt all the tension and anger melt from him as he looked into the little face of his five month old son.

Harry kissed those pouted lips, not even minding the drool and he pulled back to rub noses with him, making Braiden screech in delight.

"Pass Leo to me, love." Nasta encouraged. "You can focus on Braiden then."

"Leo?" Theo cut in, his face disgusted and horrified. "You let him call a child Leo, Blaise?"

"I didn't let him do anything, Theo. Harry named them and that's the end of it. I quite like the name, it fits him." Blaise said coolly, as he twisted Braiden on his lap to face Harry.

"Just like a Gryffindor to name a child Leo." Astoria sniffed.

Harry glared at her. "His name is Leolin. Lee-O-leen." He stressed to them. "Not Leo."

He turned back to Braiden and tickled his sides and Braiden huffed in screechy, giggling delight and Harry couldn't not grin at him as those hands reached out to him, little fingers clenching.

"We make an adorable baby, Blaise; you'll have to give me another one soon." Harry said loudly.

Blaise kissed him and Harry grinned into that kiss as he heard a hiss come from Theo.

"You too, Draco. I want a baby from you as well."

Draco smirked at him and saluted him with the glass of water he had taken a sip from.

"Whatever you want, love." He proclaimed.

"What about me? Don't you want my babies?" Max actually managed to fake a look of total devastation and Harry chuckled.

"You've already gotten two out of me." Harry reminded him.

"Not nearly enough." Max pouted. "And what about him?" He said pointing at Nasta, who raised an eyebrow at him silently. "He has three babies."

"He's not asking for any more." Harry winked at Nasta who smirked.

"So the five babies you just birthed were not Draco's?" Astoria asked looking smug at this thought.

"No. They weren't." Harry answered, his tone very unfriendly.

"I could give you a baby, Draco! I'm ovulating today!" She told the blond excitedly.

Harry burst out laughing at the disgusted horror and slight panic that passed over Draco's face.

"That's disgusting!" He exclaimed, losing control of his tight, Malfoy mask for a moment. "What could possibly lead you to conceive that I would not only want to have sex with you in the first place, but that I find the idea of having a baby with you remotely pleasant or welcoming?" He demanded.

"But…you want a baby, you need an Heir." Astoria replied confusedly.

"Yes, I want a baby with my lover Harry, I do need an Heir, but as I'm yet to graduate and my lover has proven himself fertile and a competent, capable Mother, my Father is willing to wait until Harry and I eventually conceive naturally, rather than force the issue and make problems."

"Really?" Harry questioned.

Draco nodded. "It's what he wanted to speak to me about yesterday before we went to visit Severus."

"How is he?" Harry asked softly.

"I am hopeful that he will be fine in time, but as you can see from the presence of Horace Slughorn at the top table, he will not be teaching again this year. Mother insisted that he take the rest of the year off and she is doting at him at his home, much to his ire and annoyance."

Harry grinned. "I hope he gets better soon." He whispered as Dumbledore stood to welcome them back after the Christmas season and gave the go ahead for the feast to start.

Harry dove in and filled himself with as much food as he could manage. He had eaten a filling lunch, but Nasta seemed to think that he was still too skinny, so he was eating bigger portions than he normal did, but if it gave Nasta peace of mind then he'd suffer through it.

Harry collapsed onto the settee in their private rooms with a groan, accepting the three babies that were passed to him as Nasta and Max went around making sure that everything was safe and as they had left it, of course Max went right into the little kitchenette and made sure all of his things were there still and that all of his appliances still worked. Harry thought it was cute, but he wouldn't be saying the 'C' word out loud to anyone but the babies.

A harsh yank on his hair had him snapping open his eyes and howling, which of course had his mates surrounding him in seconds and startling the armful of babies he had, including Braiden, who had gripped hold of his hair and pulled it.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Braiden pulled my hair and I wasn't expecting it." Harry answered as he ignored his throbbing scalp and watering eyes to sooth Braiden, Tegan and Calix.

"I think it's bedtime for them all now anyway." Nasta put in as he took Tegan from him and nestled her head into his strong neck, patting her back gently and soothingly.

Draco handed a quiet Leolin to Blaise, who already had Regan and Max scooped up Farren as Draco took a crying Braiden from him, leaving Harry to sooth Calix as Blaise took the calm babies into the bedroom.

They got the babies to calm down easy enough and got them off to sleep, it was then time for their ritual snuggling on the settee before they headed to bed themselves. Draco sat against the arm of the settee with Blaise in his lap, leaning against his chest, Nasta claimed the middle spot with Harry lounging all over him and Max sat against the other settee arm with Harry's lower body in his lap, all because the settee was too small to sit all five of them side by side, so two of them, usually Harry and either Draco or Blaise, had to sit in laps so they could all fit.

"I love this peaceful moment to ourselves." He told the others as he twisted himself until he could lie on his back with his head in Blaise's lap, Draco's fingers carding through his hair and massaging the sore spot that Braiden had tugged on.

"Savour it while it lasts, as soon as those buggers get older we're going to have absolutely no free time." Max said lazily, covering a yawn with his hand.

"I think it's bedtime for us now." Harry giggled slightly as he stretched and rolled to his feet.

He went into the bedroom, shirked all his clothes off before he climbed up the stairs to their platform and he then crawled naked into the bed.

"It's too cold for you to sleep without pyjamas." Nasta fretted, following him up.

"I'm going to sandwich myself between you and Max." Harry told them. "You two run hotter than those two skinny sticks." He poked his tongue out at Blaise and Draco, the former chuckled and the latter rolled his silver eyes.

Draco dressed into his favourite pyjama bottoms, Blaise did the same and they cuddled up on the right side of the bed, Draco on the outside. Nasta slipped into the middle of the bed and Harry snuggled up to him on one side and Blaise did on the other and then Max pressed tightly against Harry's naked back and Harry shivered in pleasure and in delight as the warmth of their bodies seeped into his own to chase away the goosebumps that had sprung up over his skin.

The heavy duvet was pulled over all of them and Harry snuggled down between his two biggest, oldest lovers and he eased himself into sleep a bit hesitantly, because no matter how much he tried to play about and brush it off, they all knew why he wanted to be between Nasta and Max and it had nothing to do with how warm they were and absolutely everything to do with the nightmares that he and Nasta had been having since the cave incident. He wanted the comfort and the protection that the both of them offered and if he did wake up with nightmares, then he wanted to feel warm, solid muscle on either side of him and none of his four mates begrudged him that.

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