The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


15. Chapter Fifteen – Quidditch

After that one night spent together, Harry moved Draco into the bedroom immediately and permanently. It was a tight squeeze in their platform bed meant for two, but it could fit the three of them if they all snuggled together.

Harry had chewed out both Draco and Blaise for not bothering to pull the duvet over them all and both had promised that the next time they would make sure to tuck him in.

Harry happily waltzed down to the Great Hall and sat in between Blaise and Draco, the blond sitting so close to him that their legs were squished from hip to knee, whereas before Draco had opted to sit on the opposite side of the table. Blaise automatically filled Harry's plate with all of his favourite fruits and a few slices of wholemeal toast.

Harry reached for the jar of jam and happily spread the apricot flavoured preserve thickly onto his toast. He finished it off and then went onto his slices of banana.

Draco watched avidly as he had been doing for the last couple of months, observing Harry's routine and learning his favourite foods and what were just passing fancies. When Harry reached out to grab the jug of pure, freshly squeezed, apple juice, Draco beat him to it and poured him a glass of the chilled juice with a small smile.

Harry lent over and kissed him happily on the lips in thanks. A loud squeal and the sound of flesh hitting solid wood made the two look over and down the table to little, fourteen year old Astoria Greengrass, who by the looks of it had pounded her small fists into the table, a scowl taking over her reddening face.

"What do you think you're doing?!" She demanded. "He's my fiancé!"

"We were loosely betrothed, Astoria, a betrothal that I have already written to my Father about breaking, you should be receiving the news either this morning or tomorrow morning depending on how important my Father deems you to be. I would expect it tomorrow at the earliest." Draco replied coldly as he held Harry's hand tightly on top of the table.

Harry sighed. He had heard all of this directly from Draco and he hadn't been happy about it, until Draco had assured him that it was a fall back plan. The terms of the betrothal were that if Draco and Astoria were not married to anyone else before Draco was twenty-five and Astoria twenty-three, then they would marry each other to carry on the name of Malfoy.

With Draco now near enough mated to Harry for life the terms of the contract were broken and the betrothal would never be fulfilled. Harry took satisfaction in that small victory, Draco didn't even like Astoria Greengrass, it would have been unfair to have married the two together and then force them to have sex to create an Heir to the Malfoy name.

Harry glared at the young girl, feeling very possessive and slightly jealous that this…girl could have been married to his mate. He situated himself in Draco's lap and he snuggled in, enjoying both the feel of Draco's arms coming up around him, holding him tightly and the look on Astoria's face.

Blaise scooted over to the seat that Harry had vacated and hooked an arm under Draco's and held Harry's hand.

Harry revelled in the jealous looks he received. His mates would never leave him and he would never leave them, people could look all they wanted, but if they dared to touch what was his, then he'd carve them up like so much meat.

Harry saw other Drackens floating around the school like ghosts as he went from class to class, it had unsettled him and he didn't like them being so close to him when he hadn't actually had his bonding heat with Draco yet. He had gone to Dumbledore when he next had a spare moment to see what was going on and the Headmaster had assured him that if any one of them so much as touched him then they would be restricted back to the Dracken compound, but they had become so restless stuck in the same building, no matter how big, with over a hundred other Drackens that it was becoming borderline cruel and there had been so many fights breaking out that the Elders were finding it difficult to keep control of the situation.

So Dumbledore had graciously allowed them to wander around the school and the extensive grounds and even allowed them to hunt the non-magical animals in the Forbidden Forest. Their presence was explained away as them being foreign students, and their supervisors in the case of the older dominants, doing a research trip to find out how magical England educated their young witches and wizards. Max hadn't been able to stop laughing when Harry had told him this excuse and he had vowed to put on a false accent and ask every Hogwarts student that he met insanely difficult questions, calling them stupid as they inevitably got the answers wrong. Harry just shook his head having a little laugh about it.

Nasta had given a small smile and held him closer on their rock by the lake. He stated that he had been sneaking onto the grounds to see him for weeks, so he didn't need the new freedom to see him. When Harry had told him about what Max was planning to do he let out a soft snort and a muttered 'he always was childish' before going back to nuzzle Harry's hair, whilst simultaneously playing with the small fingers of his left hand.

As soon as the Drackens had permission to be on the grounds, Harry saw Arsenio for the first time since their walk through the Dracken house; Harry grinned at him and accepted the light kiss to the cheek. Draco had growled lowly and Arsenio had looked to him coldly.

"This is Draco, my second mate." Harry explained.

"I see. I did not think you would enjoy the attentions and…limitations, of such a jealously natured mate."

"I have every right to be jealous with you laying your hands on my mate!" Draco hissed.

"Hmm, I liked your first mate better, Harry. At least Blaise wasn't as puerile and could actually control himself."

Harry could see the friction and the tension rising and he sighed. Draco was not making the prospect of finding a third mate appealing. He absolutely refused to let Harry be near any potential mate that was older than twenty-five and he was downright hostile to anyone over the age of thirty, which included Max, Nasta, Jensen and especially to Arsenio, who at forty-two, was near the same age as Lucius Malfoy, Draco's Father.

"Draco, please." Harry pleaded gently, laying a small hand on Draco's arm.

"He's old enough to be our Father!" Draco bit out.

"My Father is dead, Draco." Harry said firmly. "I don't remember a thing about him! Being with an older mate doesn't bother me, I've never really had a Father to compare ages to, so having a lover that is however old doesn't register to me as being inappropriate."

"It should."

"But it doesn't, so stop acting like this and let me do what I need to do to get all of my mates so I can have a family of my own."

Draco growled and crossed his arms over his chest. He was still feeling unsettled and very possessive and he would continue to feel as such until Harry had gone through the final stage of his heat with him present. Then he would either return to near enough normal or Harry would get pregnant and his possessive and protective instincts would fly through the roof.

He watched sulkily as Harry laughed and strutted around with that Greek granddad and he felt his Dracken curl in anger inside of him. That man had no right to touch what was his!

Harry sighed as he curled into Blaise later that afternoon. Draco had made his morning nigh on impossible to enjoy. He was so jealous it was unreal. How could he find his third mate if Draco acted like an arsehole every time he spoke to someone?

Popping a cherry into his mouth, Harry nibbled all of the juicy red flesh from it and poked the stone back out with his tongue, placing it in a small rubbish bag that was by his hand that he was using for the stalks and stones.

Blaise watched him indulgently; a small smile across those sensuous lips as he tried once again to translate the book that Harry had given to him for Christmas.

Draco was on his other side of Blaise finishing his Potions essay, which was at least three foot longer than what was asked for, but as Draco had explained, where Granger just threw in every fact that she could find from the books that she read, he genuinely had a lot to say on the subject and found it difficult to curb himself to just a few feet of parchment. Draco actually enjoyed Potions, and he didn't just love them, he adored them. It had nothing to do with him being a Slytherin, or that Snape was practically his Godfather in all but official documents, Draco got straight Os in Potions because he damn well worked for them.

Harry hadn't known that you could go over the stated length for an essay, he'd thought that Hermione did just because she was Hermione, but in actuality the length of an essay given was the minimal amount that the Professor would accept, true he had trouble writing the required length in most of his subjects, but all of the time he had spent editing and cutting bits out of his Defence essays to make it exactly the length that was required, wasted. He could have handed in his essay as it was, gotten much higher marks and been credited for it on top.

No more, now his Defence essays were nearly as long as Draco's Potions essays and with both Blaise and Draco helping and tutoring him in all of his classes so he could actually do the work himself now, who needed to copy Hermione's fact riddled homework?

Harry startled as the cherry he had reached for was picked up by a large pale hand before he could grab it, Draco held it to his mouth with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. Harry chuckled and he sucked the cherry, and Draco's fingers, into his mouth. He gave the fingers a little flick with his tongue before letting them pull out from his mouth.

Blaise snorted softly beside him in amusement and lent forward to press a soft kiss to Harry's cheek as he chewed up the cherry flesh and poked out the stone.

"Why didn't you just ask for pitted cherries?" Draco asked wrinkling his nose as Harry put the nibbled clean stone into his rubbish bag.

"Because they lose their juices and I find them dryer." Harry replied simply. "They taste better this way, fresher."

Draco rolled his eyes and went back to his Potions essay. The room went back to near silence, the only sounds were the scratching of Draco's quill and the rustling of Blaise's parchment as Harry finished off his large bowl of cherries and settled down to take a short nap, pillowing his head on Blaise's thigh.

Harry was shaken awake after what seemed like only a few minutes. He groaned and pushed at the hand that was rubbing his back firmly to wake him up.

"Go 'way." He mumbled sleepily.

"Prezioso, it's dinner time." Blaise murmured to him softly.

Harry groaned as he forced himself upright, Blaise's hands on his back helping him up. Harry stretched and yawned and still he felt so tired that he would rather just curl up and go back to sleep rather than go down to the Great Hall to eat.

"I think we might have to carry him." Draco's smooth voice sounded close by, the blond was amused.

"Fine, just don't drop me." Harry answered, holding his arms out to where he had heard Draco's voice.

"You're serious?"

"You offered." Harry countered.

Harry had only been partly joking, but arms wrapped around his waist and hoisted him up before he could swing his feet off of the settee and stand up on his own. He was held closely and securely on Draco's hip and Harry blushed a light pink.

"I was only joking!"

Draco smirked. "It's alright if you want to be carried." The blond stated. "I don't mind carrying you from place to place."

Harry rolled his eyes, but he didn't make a fuss. Blaise had carried him around when they had first mated as well, true it had been from the Great Hall back to their rooms so no one saw them, but he just didn't care what people thought anymore.

He was a fucking submissive male Dracken! Why should such pathetic, human nattering bother him? All that mattered was his mates and his children, nothing else mattered, nothing else even came close to gaining his attention. Let the humans say what they wanted, as long as he had his mates and his future children, everything in his life was perfect.

People stared, people pointed, First years gasped and all students of all ages whispered that the evil Draco Malfoy, son of the ex-Death Eater Lucius Malfoy, had hurt the wizarding world's Saviour, the Defeater of Voldemort and his horde of vile Death Eaters.

Harry rolled his eyes to Blaise, who was walking behind Draco, keeping eye contact with Harry, who had his head pillowed on Draco's wide shoulder. Honestly if Draco had hurt him why the hell would he carry his injured body into the Great Hall where there were twenty adult witches and wizards sitting at the Head table?

Harry was pulled from his resting place and he let out a small squawk at the sudden action. Draco sat down on the bench at the Slytherin table and sat Harry comfortably on his lap, holding him loosely around the waist.

Harry didn't even try to move from where Draco had placed him, he knew the minute he moved to get off of Draco's lap, those arms would tighten and tense and become unmovable steel bands or at least Blaise's always did when he tried to move and his mate didn't want him to, he didn't see why Draco would be any different.

He scanned the table and nothing really took his fancy as Draco and Blaise both served themselves gracefully with all the manners that had been beaten into their young, impressionable minds. He tried not to notice the piles of meat they had served themselves nor the dishes and plates of the foul smelling animal bits up and down the table.

He was in the final stages of his heat now, only about a week to go before he was dragged off for ten days to have his body so pleasurably abused by his two dominants. He wondered how it would work. There were two of them now, what was going to happen? How would the both of them handle the heat? Would they take it in turns like they had during that night on the settee? Would they fight each other with their Drackens in charge of their mind and bodies? He wanted to ask one of the older Drackens, but he was too embarrassed.

"Aren't you hungry, Bello?" Blaise asked.

Harry sighed. "Not really."

Harry scooped a spoonful of vegetable rice onto his plate and added a couple of spoons of assorted steamed vegetables and picked at the small amount of food he had with his fork.

"Are you unwell again, Harry?"

Harry, and most of the Slytherin's around them, looked to see Ginny Weasley confidently standing behind them. She placed the back of her hand against Harry's forehead, ignoring the growls from both Blaise and Draco.

"You feel a bit heated. You better not be sick again, you hear me. The crucial game is tomorrow! Can't you hold your illness at bay for another day? No, make that two days, we need you at the after party when we win."

"Potter's playing tomorrow?" The Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain, Roger Davis, asked with horror written on his face. He had overheard Ginny talking, not surprising seeing as he was sat almost directly behind where she was standing.

"He sure is, Roger-boy." Ginny answered with a grin. "If he can hold his sickness off until tomorrow that is."

"I'm sure I can play tomorrow, Gin." Harry answered. "But I can feel the sickness creeping up on me again. This sucks."

"Damn right it does, as long as you're better for when we play Hufflepuff."

Harry rolled his eyes and took a nibble of some steamed broccoli. Roger Davis was rushing up and down the Ravenclaw table rounding up his team. They were whining and complaining about being dragged from their dinners, until he shut them up with a curt "Potter is fit enough to play tomorrow! He's back on the Gryffindor team and we have been practising for Weasley being the Seeker! Get your arses on the pitch."

Harry chuckled lightly. "Think they'll get in enough practice to beat lil old me by tomorrow?"

"Not a chance." Ginny stated happily. "You heard Davis, they've been practising for me being the Seeker and I'm nowhere near your league, you could go pro if you wanted to."

"You just have a head on your shoulders, Gin. Me, I don't care what it takes as long as that snitch is in my hand at the end of the match."

"Or in your mouth." Ginny added slyly.

Harry grinned as he remembered his first ever match and nodded. "I don't care where it ends up as long as I still get the points for catching it."

"You might regret saying that if you read One Hundred Awkward Snitch Captures. One poor guy got one lodged right up his arse after a bludger hit the snitch and propelled it through the seam stitching of his leggings and right up into his rectum, poor guy had to have a Healer shove his hand up after it to yank it out because a snitch repels magic to stop the Seeker from summoning it during a match. He got the one hundred and fifty points though."

Harry burst out laughing and almost choked on a baby carrot.

"That is a vile discussion to have whilst we are dining, Weasley. Are you so uncouth that you cannot restrain yourself whilst others are eating?" Parkinson sniffed pompously, delicately dabbing her mouth with a napkin before folding her knife over her fork and pushing her half eaten plate away from her body.

"Well everyone else dining has to put up with your vile face, Parkinson, I'm sure they can handle the conversation." Ginny scathed back.

"Why you disgusting little blood traitor!"

"Don't you speak to her like that!" Harry hissed, flicking a spoonful of buttered peas at the rude Slytherin.

"Don't play with your food, Harry." Draco admonished lightly, but otherwise ignored that his mate had just thrown a spoonful of peas and butter at his housemate, who was squawking and shrieking at her butter stained robes.

"These robes are made from crushed velvet, Potter! Velvet!"

"Then maybe you should have worn plain cotton ones like everyone else." Harry stated simply, scooping up some rice to nibble on.

Ginny was roaring with laughter behind him and leant forward to rest against Draco's back, who stiffened and opened his mouth to demand her to get the hell off of him, but Harry pushed a baby corn into his mouth and pecked his lips with a smile.

He reached over and tugged on Ginny's flaming red hair and grinned at her, laughing lightly at her obvious, and infectious, laughter.

Ginny wrapped her arms around Malfoy and squeezed him.

"Damn Harry, why do you get all the good ones? Just feel these shoulders!"

"Stop molesting my ma…boyfriend please, Ginny."

"What were you going to say before boyfriend hmm, Harry?" Ginny asked with a salacious grin. "Have you given Malfoy here a cute nickname? Suppose anything's better than pale, pointy ferret."

"That does it, get off of me, Weasley! Now!"

"Tetchy tetchy. So what is his nickname, Harry?" Ginny asked again as she straightened up before she fell flat on her face because Draco had twisted his shoulder out from under her.

"I was going to say man, but they don't like me calling them my man, says it sounds too plebeian." Harry said to cover himself.

"It is plebeian." Draco sniffed, puffing himself up like a peacock.

Ginny giggled girlishly at Draco's actions and Harry gave her a look which clearly stated that she was losing it. It made her giggle harder.

"I'll be fighting fit for tomorrow, Ginny, have you told Ron that he isn't playing?"

"Umm, well…no. Not yet."

"Ginny! The match is tomorrow morning!"

"You're the Captain!"

"You're the Captain that let him onto the team!"

"You kicked Weasley off the team?" Blaise asked.

"Of course I did. He's atrocious."

"He wasn't in try-outs!" Ginny defended.

"Well he is during the games and every practice we've had thus far. Put McLaggen on, brute can't be any worse than Ron."

"Oh Harry! He's awful! He thinks I'm the Captain still and he won't stop bombarding me with tips and advice, I swear he thinks he's the Captain!"

"Then I'll cut him down to size and if he refuses to reform we'll use Pauley Hendix."

"Right, okay, we've practised with both. Hendix is young, but he's a damn good Keeper."

"It's because he was the Keeper when he used to play Football when he was a kid, got right into the under elevens league, could have gone pro if he hadn't have given it up to come to Hogwarts. I mean being on a broom is different to being on the ground and of course in Football you don't have balls being thrown at you or Bludgers and snitches, but it's essentially the same thing, stop the ball from going in the hoop or rather the net in Football."

"You lost me, but I'll just nod and pretend that you aren't crazy." Ginny stated, patting his head and leaving them for her Gryffindor friends.

Harry smiled as he watched her bounce away, her hair swinging wildly. He snuggled into Draco and yawned.

"Have you finished, Harry?" His blond pillow asked. "You've barely touched a thing."

"I'm done; I think I'm just tired."

"Weasley said that you were heated."

"Of course I am, my next heat period is in approximately a week, I got flushed the last time I neared my heat as well."

Draco nodded and he stood up, this time with Harry in his arms, one arm under the bend in his knees and the other wrapped around his middle and his hand holding the top of Harry's leg. Harry's arms went around Draco's neck and he yawned more deeply as he placed his head on Draco's shoulder.

Blaise walked beside them this time and Harry noticed that there were only a couple of inches between their heights, but Draco was obviously taller and broader. Blaise was more slender, but hell if that man couldn't pack a punch.

Harry woke up the next day draped over Blaise. He blinked and looked blearily around his bedroom and yawned widely.

He was lying on his stomach, on top of Blaise, who was lying on his back, the Italian's left arm was wrapped around Harry's back, the other was under Draco's neck, who was sleeping on his side, pressed against both Harry and Blaise. The blond was sleeping on his left arm; the other was wrapped over Harry's hip and was fisting the waistband of Blaise's boxer shorts.

One thing Harry knew for certain, he was not getting out of the bed without waking the both of them up. He groaned and tried to extract himself from the pile of bodies, but he failed spectacularly when he slipped in his groggy state of mind and accidentally kneed Blaise between the legs.

His part Italian, part French lover woke up with a scream that had Draco shooting up in the bed, his silver and pale blue wings bursting from his back in a spray of blood and wrapping tightly around Harry.

"What in the name of Merlin is wrong with you?!" Draco demanded as he realised that they were in no imminent danger and that the scream had come from Blaise.

"It was my fault." Harry answered. "I tried to get out of the bed without waking the both of you up and I might have accidentally kneed Blaise in the groin."

Draco chuckled gruffly, his voice still sleep roughened. Harry shivered as he heard it.

"I have to get ready, I have a match today."

"Can't you get ready without crushing my balls?" Blaise asked in a shaky voice.

"I'm sorry, Blaise; want me to kiss them better?" Harry teased.

Blaise grinned naughtily. "Yes actually, I do."

Harry snorted and pushed his mates away to go stumble down the winding stairs that attached to the wall. He stumbled his way into the bathroom and stumbled into the shower. He'd be taking another one after the match, but he needed one now just to wake himself up.

Draco was outside the shower cubicle washing his face, Harry saw Blaise walk in with a pile of scarlet robes. His Quidditch robes. Blaise laid them on the bench outside the shower and went to wrestle with Draco for the mirror so that he could brush his teeth.

"You two are like a bunch of girls." Harry told them as he stepped out of the shower wearing a fluffy towel.

He patted himself dry and jumped into his pale yellow Quidditch leggings. It was unfortunate that they were so skin tight that there was no room to wear any underwear; he doubted that even the girls could fit a thong underneath them.

He towelled his hair roughly and when he deemed it dry enough he threw the towel into the hamper for the house-elves. He pulled on his skin tight Quidditch vest, also in pale yellow, before sitting down to pull on the bright scarlet socks with two yellow stripes on the tops.

"You look gorgeous just like that." Blaise told him, leering at him through the mirror.

"Doesn't leave much to the imagination." Harry grinned back, cupping himself through the stretchy leggings.

Draco chuckled. "You should have shared a locker room with Flint then, his bulge was the size of a Quaffle."

"You actually checked him out?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Sure." Blaise answered. "It's only normal to check out the opposition and damn did he have the biggest package I've ever seen."

"Probably the part troll in him." Harry stated seriously.

Draco almost swallowed his toothpaste as he choked out a laugh. "The Flint's don't have troll blood. Flint's Mother slept with a mountain Fae, it reacted badly to the Drow blood already in their genes and Marcus was the product, though his younger brother looks worse."

"I didn't know that he had a brother."

"Yeah, the Flints were so ashamed of how he turned out that they are home educating him, hardly surprising, he looks grotesque."

Harry was silently fretting inside. He had never once looked at his team-mates 'packages' he had never even been curious about it, not even as the starry-eyed eleven year old taking an after practice shower with the fourteen to sixteen year olds. It had never bothered him, but what if they had looked at him? He wasn't very big, not at all and his face grew warm and pink.

"What's the matter, Harry?" Blaise asked, noticing immediately.

"I've never checked anyone out in the locker rooms." He admitted.


Harry shook his head and Draco grinned. "You mean the only 'packages' you've seen besides your own are mine and Blaise's?"

Harry nodded a bit shyly.

"There's no shame in that, mio amore." Blaise told him lightly.

"What if they looked at me though? I've never thought about it before, but if it's normal to look, then they've been looking at me!"

"You have nothing to be ashamed of." Draco told him, wrapping arms around him and holding him tightly. "You have an absolutely gorgeous body."

"I'm not as big as everyone else."

"You've never looked so how do you know?" Blaise asked him. "You are about average, Harry, I told you that Draco and I are not going to be good indicators of size, we swelled with our inheritance."

Harry pouted but he nodded his head. It had never bothered him before so he wasn't going to let it bother him now, not when he had two mates who loved him for who he was. He was just put out that the other boys might have been looking at him showering.

He broke the two way hug he was getting and shrugged on his scarlet robes, tying them up with the dragon hide strings. He sat down and tugged on the dragon hide boots, lacing them up and then standing.

"How do I look?" He asked.

"Like the end of Slytherin's dream of winning the Quidditch cup." Draco grumbled.

Harry grinned widely and gave him a kiss.

"I can't help that I'm just so obviously talented on a broomstick."

"Yeah you are." Blaise stated, but the way he said it made Harry blush.

Harry pushed him. "I didn't mean it like that!" He cried out.

Draco grinned cottoning on. "I don't think it matters which way you meant it, you're amazing at both ways."

"You're both perverts." Harry huffed, walking to the sink to brush his teeth.

Blaise hopped into the shower and was out within five minutes, letting Draco hop in after him. Harry was in the living room polishing his Firebolt when they both came out.

"Merlin, between you two I'm surprised the entire morning hasn't flown by, I've pampered this broom twice waiting for you to get out of the bathroom."

"I can't believe that you're a Dracken and only take fifteen minutes to get ready." Draco told him. "Ten minutes of that is showering, how can you go out in public without doing your hair?!"

Harry snorted. "If you hadn't noticed I did comb it and then I brushed it, this is just the way it lays! I can't do anything with it!"

"I'll shave it for you if you'd like." Draco stated seriously. "It might look better if you had no hair."

"You come near my hair and I'll gut you." Harry snarled.

Blaise chuckled and wrapped an arm around Harry and led him out, Draco followed behind them still laughing.

They made it to the Great Hall and Harry spotted the exhausted looking Ravenclaw team dressed in bright blue. They all looked like they had been practising all night.

Draco huffed and shook his head.

"All the practice in the world won't help them if they're too tired to even play. Idiots."

Harry grinned at Draco as the blond regally sat down on the bench and he happily sat next to him, in between the blond and Blaise. He perused the table and selected some cut up galia melon, cut up honeydew melon and cut up watermelon. He put a bit of each in his bowl and threw a spoonful of grapes on top of them.

"Is that all you want, Harry? No toast?"

Harry shook his head then cocked it as Blaise grinned. Oh hell, he was onto purely fruits; his heat was coming ever closer. He looked at Draco who smirked and he swallowed nervously. But what was he supposed to do? He would go on heat whether he wanted to or not and Draco and Blaise would both be there, he just prayed that they didn't damn well kill each other as he whined beneath them for sex.

Harry stood in the middle of the Quidditch pitch with his team in the pouring rain and the harsh winds, Ginny had told Ron at breakfast, just before they had come outside for the match, that he had been dropped from the team and had been replaced by McLaggen.

He had shouted and yelled and raged, but the team had just left the hall to his profanities and Professor McGonagall's shrieks about his foul language and unacceptable behaviour.

Harry was sure he was going to be looking over his shoulder for the next week at least for retaliation attacks from Ron. Not that he didn't think he could handle the hot tempered redhead, but he really didn't want to think on how Blaise and Draco would react to someone intent on harming their submissive mate.

Thinking about Draco and Blaise automatically drew his eyes to them, they were right in the front of the Slytherin bleachers, but what touched Harry the most were the little Gryffindor flags that they had. It made him laugh and caused the rest of the team to look at him. He nodded to the crush of silver and green Slytherin students and the two flecks of bright red and gold.

Ginny grinned and looked to him with a naughty look.

"Your men are behind you, Harry, are you going to give them a present for supporting you so much?" She asked with a wink.

Harry blushed but was saved by Madam Hooch, who gestured for both of the Captains to come forward. Harry smiled at Roger Davis, who looked like he had swallowed an entire case of Fred and George's puking pastilles. He had the air of a man who was already defeated before the battle had even begun; it made Harry's self-confidence soar sky high.

Harry shook Davis' hand amicably and he mounted his broom, the minute that Madam Hooch blew the whistle he was in the air, the superiority of the Firebolt ensuring that he was in the air before anyone else and he immediately zoomed off looking for the little golden ball that would win him the game.

Cho, the Ravenclaw Seeker, tailed him, Harry hated tailers, they were right up there in his list of things that he hated most in Quidditch, along with cheaters, illegal bludger moves and Professors jinxing his broom.

The reason he hated them was because instead of attempting to find the snitch, they just followed him everywhere he went, getting in his way and distracting him from looking for the snitch himself. He was aware that she was there and he clenched his broom handle with his hands and knees tightly. He was tempted to force her to crash, but it was too early in the game to give his mates heart attacks with a sudden nose dive.

Shooting off to the opposite end of the pitch, the acceleration of the Firebolt meaning that it took several moments for Cho to catch up to him on her Comet Two Sixty, allowing Harry to actually have a bit of time to search for the snitch. He didn't see it, but what he did see were Drackens, a lot of them, in the bleachers and dotted around the stands. They called to him like homing beacons, his eyes were drawn to them and he swallowed heavily. That wasn't right, he shouldn't have been drawn to them, he had found his second mate! He would not accept any other person as his mate; He had already had sex with Draco that was near enough marriage for him.

Swallowing and breathing calmly, Harry zoomed right down to the other end of the pitch, just as Cho had reached him. He swooped upwards and hung in mid-air as his eyes scanned for the tiny golden ball with his new superior eyesight.

"Gryffindor Chaser, Katie Bell, scores another ten points! Gryffindor lead the match forty points to ten."

Harry looked up at that and over to McLaggen who was hovering in front of his central hoop. He was a damn good Keeper so why the hell had Ravenclaw been able to score?

Harry watched as McLaggen saved a hard toss from Luke Bradley before throwing the Quaffle to Ginny, who sped off towards the Ravenclaw side of the pitch.

"What is Gryffindor Keeper, Cormac McLaggen, doing?" The commentator, a Hufflepuff fourth year, asked incredulously.

Harry, who had been watching Ginny, turned back to his Keeper and he sent a glare to McLaggen who was wrestling the Beater's bat from Jimmy Peakes. Harry darted towards them and very, very narrowly dodged a bat to the head, it hit his shoulder instead, very fucking hard and he growled lowly, snatching the bat from McLaggen.

"McLaggen, you are a fucking Keeper, not a Beater, get back to the fucking goal hoops and stay there or I'll call time and replace you with Hendix!"

"I was just showing him…"

"I don't care what the fuck you were doing, get back to the hoops and stay there! Oh, and the next time you fucking hit me with a bat, make sure it's not my most dominant arm that you aim for! How do you expect me to catch the snitch with my arm throbbing like it is?!"

"I just…"

"STOP TALKING AND GET TO THE HOOPS!" Harry yelled. He could almost feel his throat tearing at the volume.

McLaggen flew off to the hoops and Harry handed the Beater's bat back to Jimmy and clapped him on the back.

"The next time he tries to take it off you, hit him with it." Harry advised.

Jimmy nodded trustingly and Harry grinned before flying off again, he growled as Cho sidled up to him and began shadowing him again. He had to get rid of her; he wasn't in the bloody mood for this!

"Now after that bit of inner-match drama involving Gryffindor Captain and Seeker, Harry Potter, yelling at his Keeper, who hit his own player with a Beater's bat that he shouldn't have had, Keeper Cormac McLaggen has gone back to where he is needed, but not before Ravenclaw stole another twenty points making the score forty points to thirty in favour of Gryffindor."

Harry cursed violently and bashed his hand against his broom handle. He breathed deeply and scanned the air for the snitch, hoping to god that he actually caught it and he hadn't been disabled by his own team member.

He curled the fingers of his right hand and pain speared through his shoulder. A bone was either fractured or he was bruised bone deep, he didn't think anything was broken because he could still move everything.

He saw a sparkle of gold and quickly darted towards it, but it wasn't the snitch, it was Nasta's golden wing scales. Harry's eyes widened in fear for the other Dracken. He was sitting in the stands surrounded by humans and he was displaying his Dracken attributes proudly for anyone to see, yet no one seemed to care or even notice…the rain seriously wasn't coming down hard enough for those around Nasta to not see the giant freaking wings he was sporting.

Nasta saw him looking and smiled; he pulled a long, slender piece of wood from under his raincoat and he winked. Harry sighed, Nasta had spelled himself so that only other Drackens could see him, Harry should have remembered, it had been in the book that Max had given to him.

Going into a sudden and perfectly vertical nose dive from over a hundred feet up had everyone on their feet, yelling and cheering, shouting and jeering. Harry's heart was in his throat, adrenaline pumping through his body, his muscles loose and limber. He pulled up at the very last possible second and he was exhilarated as he felt his knees scrape along the sand near the Gryffindor goal hoops.

Cho wasn't so lucky and she plummeted straight into the sand and rolled off of her broom, unmoving. Harry should have felt bad, but he didn't. He grinned and laughed. This match was Gryffindors; Ravenclaw no longer had a Seeker.

Harry's smile hurt his face it was that wide. He did a couple of tight twirls to let out his joy, before he happily went back to surveying the pitch for the tiny golden ball that would get him off of his uncomfortable broom, out of his soaking wet robes and into the arms of his mates, hopefully in front of that wonderful, wood burning fire they had in their rooms.

Madam Hooch's whistle cut through the howling wind and the lashing rain and Harry looked to see her calling for a time out. Harry sighed and he landed under the erected covering for the Gryffindor team.

"Who called time?" He asked as soon as his team were gathered around him.

"Davis." Ginny told him. "He wants to bring on his substitute Seeker since you took out Chang. Great job on that by the way."

Harry grinned. "I got her good. I can't stand tailers and she was practically my shadow, I had to do something."

Harry looked to his sopping wet team and nodded to each of them.

"We are doing great, sixty points to thirty is good, but not great. McLaggen, stay at the goal hoops, you got it, I am the Captain so you listen to me or you'll be axed! Jimmy, Ritchie, you're doing amazing, aim to take out the Chasers and keep the bludgers away from our own, you got it?"

The two young boys nodded and clashed their bats together with grins and Harry laughed at their antics.

"Ginny, Katie, Demelza, you're doing great, watch out for those Bludgers and don't forget that passing is the key to a goal!"

"That speech was worthy of Oliver." Katie told him with a grin that made Harry blush.

"Are you ready to remount?" Madam Hooch asked as she fought her way through the wind and rain to speak to them.

"Yeh, yeh we are." Harry answered and sent his team ahead of him.

"And here come the Gryffindors! Now that the little break is over we welcome substitute Ravenclaw Seeker, Heath Brodwick! Will this small, inexperienced fourth year stand up to the clear class and absolute might of the Harry Potter? The most amazing, most sensational Seeker and broomstick flier this school has seen in decades!"

Harry grinned as he caught sight of the quaking fourth year. He had fought a dragon on a broom when he was the age of Heath, no one else here could claim to have done that.

Harry set to finding the snitch as quickly as he could; he wanted to get out of this rain before he became sick for real, which would be a disaster with his impending heat. What would happen if he was sick when he went on a heat period? What if he was injured or unconscious? Would his mates still fuck him if he wasn't aware of what was going on or if he was injured or sick? Damn, he really needed answers to these rather important questions!

Harry could have cursed Brodwick as it seemed he was mimicking his predecessor. The fourth year was following him everywhere on his Cleansweep Six. Harry sped off to the opposite end of the pitch and let his gaze wander for the snitch, a little tip he had learnt was that the snitch never showed up in your direct line of vision, he had always caught it out of the corner of his eye, so looking around leisurely always worked better for him.

A bludger came about an inch from the tip of his nose and he leant back to stop it from crushing his face. He glared at the Ravenclaw Beater, Duncan Inglebee, who had hit it towards him. It seemed that Davis had told his Beaters to aim for him during the time out.

Harry chanced a look at his mates, who were physically vibrating from the power of their deep growls. He swallowed, poor Inglebee, he'd probably end up with nightmares for the rest of his life for that little stunt after his mates got through with him. They wouldn't kill or injure him; Inglebee hadn't hurt him after all, but the possibility had been there.

"Gryffindor Chaser Demelza Robins scores! Ten points to Gryffindor who lead this game ninety points to forty!"

Harry let out a relieved breath, Ravenclaw hadn't been able to score past McLaggen, at least his Keeper was staying where he damn well needed to be. Harry gave a light glare to his Keeper, who had just saved a spectacular shot from Davis.

Harry floated higher and higher and he unintentionally took the little fourth year, Brodwick, with him. It was pathetic; Brodwick should have been looking for the snitch on his own! He wasn't going to find it looking at the tail end of his Firebolt!

At a hundred and fifty foot Harry sighed and gave a grin as he bent down on the handle of his broom and once again went into a vertical nosedive. He pushed the broom faster and the ground was suddenly right on top of him, but he kept his cool and went down into the maintenance trenches around the entire outside of the pitch. They were used to drain off the rain water so that the pitch didn't get flooded. He dodged beams and skimmed his feet in the moat of water that had already formed and was steadily getting higher as the rain came down harder. Harry really hated February games. It was always either raining, or if it was cold enough then he had even played when it was snowing before, being frozen to his broom in the process.

He came out of the trench and looked around. He couldn't even see Brodwick anymore; he prayed that the fourth year hadn't followed him into the trenches because if he had then the boy wouldn't be coming back up.

"And Harry Potter resurfaces after that spectacular and hair raising dive that left him travelling through the trenches! The Gryffindor Seeker is without the snitch, so we must assume that either he lost it in the wooden maze of beams or he hadn't seen it in the first place and was looking to disable yet another of Ravenclaw's Seekers!"

Harry snorted to himself, it had been neither reasons, he had dived because he liked the thrill of it, the wind in his hair, even if his hair was plastered to his skin by the downpour of icy rain.

He scanned the pitch and prayed that he found the snitch, this game had already passed the hour mark, he wouldn't be able to go another hour, not in this weather.

"Ravenclaw score! It is now one hundred and thirty points to fifty to Gryffindor!"

Harry swivelled to glare at McLaggen, only he wasn't at the goal hoops that Ravenclaw had just scored through, he was heckling Demelza.

"Fucking retarded ogre!" Harry cursed violently.

He gestured to Madam Hooch and called for timeout. He landed angrily and he waited for the rest of his team to join him.

"McLaggen you moronic monkey! What the fuck are you doing?!"

"She wasn't flying properly I was just telling her…"

"I don't care if she was flying backwards with her damned eyes closed as long as she scores points! You are going to lose us this match!"

"If you just caught the snitch…"

"Don't you dare blame Harry for this!" Katie raged. "He is trying his hardest, he always does! How many times has he almost died trying to catch the snitch? How many times has he been in the hospital wing due to a Quidditch injury?!"

"I will not lose this game, McLaggen." Harry growled seriously. "We'll lose the cup for this year if we lose this match and that is unacceptable. You're benched. Where's Hendix?"

"He didn't think he would be playing, he's in the stands." Richie answered. "He's in his Quidditch gear though." He added quickly as it looked like Harry would burst a blood vessel. "I'll just go and get him."

Ritchie ran off to go and fetch the wayward substitute Keeper and Harry turned to McLaggen's angry shouts.

"You can't cut me from the team! I'm the best Keeper you have!"

"I can cut you from the team and I have as I'm the Captain, you may be the best at saving goals, but if you're never at the fucking hoops then even the best Keeper in the world would cause his team to lose! I will not lose this game, McLaggen!"

"I'll try harder."

"Tough, you're already off the team, I gave you fair warning and still you didn't listen, now fuck off!"

"I'm so cold." Demelza chattered through her teeth.

"I'm trying, but I haven't seen the snitch once. I can hardly see anything in this weather."

"We can't even blame your poor eyesight for it anymore." Ginny teased.

Harry touched the place where his glasses used to rest against his face and grinned widely. He loved not having to wear them anymore.

"I'll up the ante, I promise, this match will be over soon and we will be victorious."

"You always lead us to victory." Ginny told him with a smile.

Ritchie and Pauley came jogging into the little open fronted tent and Harry had to silence McLaggen before he burst his eardrums at his shouts of how unfair it was that he was being replaced by a third year.

"Sorry, Captain, I really didn't think I'd get to see pitch time." Hendix told him.

"Warm up, Hendix, we haven't got too much longer." Harry told him.

Hendix nodded and began stretching as quickly as he could. Madam Hooch came over to ask if they were ready to get back in the air. Harry nodded and sent his team out before him. He placed a hand on Pauley's arm.

"Don't panic, Pauley." He said soothingly. "Do your best and no one will hold it against you. You're a damn good Keeper and we know it. Just keep your eye on the Quaffle and watch out for deceptive throws."

Harry clapped his shoulder and mounted his broom. Both he and Hendix took to the air and Harry waited for Madam Hooch's whistle before he zoomed off looking for the snitch.

"And Gryffindor have replaced Keeper Cormac McLaggen with their substitute, third year Pauley Hendix. We have to ask ourselves is this so their inexperienced Keeper can get some action or is Captain Harry Potter really that fed up with McLaggen?"

Harry grinned. His reason was most definitely the latter. He had put McLaggen on because he wanted to win, but he realised now that there was no way they were going to win if McLaggen remained on the pitch.

"Gryffindor Keeper Hendix has just proven why he has been brought on, what a spectacular save!"

Harry gave a double thumbs up to Pauley as he flew past, holding onto his broom with his knees. The rain was coming down harder and faster, he was soaked through and he was starting to get chilled. This game needed to end!

He redoubled his efforts and they finally paid off when he caught a glimmer of gold out of the corner of his eye. He shot after it like a bullet and poor Brodwick, who had been saved from the moat of water during the time out, had his work cut out for him just trying to keep up with Harry and the Firebolt.

His hand outstretched Harry felt the flutter of tiny wings against the tips of his fingers, two bludgers almost tore his body apart with pain as one smashed into his knee and the other, in a hit that was reminiscent of his second year, hit his elbow, shattering his arm in two.

Growling with the pain that made his stomach lurch with nausea, Harry cradled his arm to his chest and used his other arm, the problem with this was that his right leg was searing with pain originating from the place where the bludger had connected with his knee. He was holding onto his broom with just one knee and as the snitch suddenly went down, Harry followed it and his body fell forward. He quickly gripped the broom with his broken arm and felt bile rise up his throat at the pain that he felt. Brodwick bumped into him, his knee digging into Harry's bad one, almost crippling him with the pain and Harry fell back as the blinding pain encompassed his entire leg.

Pushing the Firebolt forward in absolute determination, he easily overtook Brodwick again and stretched his hand as far as he was able to, his hand closed around the little fluttering ball and as the Gryffindors were screaming up a storm at their victory over Ravenclaw, a bludger crashed into Harry's back, sending him forwards and off of his broom as his one uninjured knee was unable to keep him seated.

He wasn't very far from the ground, only ten, maybe fifteen feet at the most, not like the hundred foot fall in his third year thanks to the Dementors, but he was already injured from the game and he blacked out as soon as he hit the water soaked ground with a sickening thud, landing on his already injured arm and knee.

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