The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


11. Chapter Eleven – One was Bliss. Two is Murder.

Harry had been steadfastly assured by Elder Trintus that, former Elder, Justo Getus would be severely punished by the other Elders of the Dracken Counsel, but unfortunately the brand new law that he'd passed couldn't be reversed because all of the other Elders agreed that it was still a good law to have in effect. So Justo Getus, as a mated dominant, could not be legally executed without the permission of his submissive, who was a truly horrible woman who thought that her Husband had done the exact right thing and that her grandson deservedto have Harry as a mate just for being alive and born the grandson of a, former, Elder. But Justo Getus had suffered the humiliation of being stripped of his Elder title, a very serious, and dishonourable, punishment that was both embarrassing, humiliating and disgracing. It was nothing less than that monster deserved in Harry's honest opinion.

Dominic was a moot point seeing as the Elders had all agreed to take him back to the Elder Hall and execute him; Blaise however did not like that one bit. He had other plans for the thing that had stated so crassly that he would sell his children on the black market and he had taken Dominic hostage in the dungeons. He had assured Harry that he wouldn't be in any trouble and would in fact be saving the other Elders the trouble of having to kill Dominic themselves; the Elders didn't like killing other Drackens if they didn't have to, like nearly all politicians they didn't like getting their hands dirty.

Harry was currently buried in a bed that was so filled with pillows and blankets that he barely had room to lay in it. Blaise had made sure that he was comfortable and cosy and warm because he and Draco were going to do some 'dominant bonding' by killing Dominic together…slowly.

Harry supposed that he should be happy that his two dominants were seemingly getting along alright; he just wished that they didn't need to kill a sixteen year old in order to do it.

Sighing Harry snuggled down further in the bed, resting his head on a pillow so soft it had to have been made with cotton wool. He yawned and tried not to think of what Blaise and Draco were doing in the dungeons with Dominic. He shouldn't care about him anyway after what he and his grandfather had done to him, and what they had been planning on doing with his children. Dominic was going to be executed either way, it didn't really matter if it was by the Elders' hands or by Blaise and Draco's, he was still going to end up dead for what he had tried to do.

Blaise stood in the middle of the dungeon room and he calmly, calculatingly observed the little worm wriggling on the floor. Draco had tied him up with a spell that had conjured silk scarves from his wand tip. Blaise had no doubts that this particular spell was not meant to be used in this way or for this purpose, but it kept the cocky dick from trying to escape from them.

Draco was stalking around the outside of the room, making sure that everything had been covered by the silencing spell and that there were no weapons with which the little twat could hurt them with in the unlikely event that he actually escaped from his silk bonds and tried to defend himself.

"We're ready." Draco informed Blaise, sending a sideways glare at the filth as it screamed behind the scarf that they'd stuffed into his mouth.

"I'm wondering now if we should keep it down here overnight. We do have a gorgeous submissive waiting for us upstairs in a bed big enough for three." Blaise answered, looking to his blond friend, fiercely stabbing out his jealousy. He didn't want Draco in the bed with him and Harry, but he had no other choice, besides the look on the worm's face was worth bragging about being in bed with Harry, he could brag as much as he liked down here in present company, as the filth would die soon anyway.

"I would rather get it over with now and not have to bother with him again. He is already cutting into the settling period, you know from experience that Harry will not be able to sleep unless I am near him. It was the same when you first mated with him." Draco answered carefully, trying not to scream at Zabini that he didn't want him in the bed with him and Harry. He had to keep reminding himself forcibly that Blaise had mated to Harry first, that Blaise had had first rights to Harry and that he was the intruder. It didn't do anything to help settle the spoilt little boy inside of himself. He wanted Harry all to himself and that had been impossible right from the start of things.

"True." Blaise nodded, looking back to the little worm on the floor. "How do we do this then, Draco? Slow and painful or quick and painful."

"I would say quick and painful, so that I can get to Harry quicker, but he deserves to be punished slowly for daring to think that he could sell a child. Harry's child."

"Slow and painful it is then." Blaise snarled as he imagined Harry's devastated face if anything had happened to their children.

Dominic screamed again through the scarf and tried to rip apart the bonds; however conjured items were made with magic, so they didn't break as easily as the normal, store bought product would have done.

"Be quiet you little rat!" Blaise snarled lashing out with a hard kick. "I'm going to enjoy ripping you limb from limb. How dare you think that you could get away with force mating to Harry and then selling our children to some scummy lowlife like you!"

Draco unsheathed his claws and he dug them deeply into Dominic's calf muscles, stretching them and wiggling them around to cause the maximum amount of pain, ripping through the muscles and tearing the skin without needing to pull his claws out of his legs.

Dominic screamed and screamed through his scarf gag and Draco growled with dissatisfaction.

"Take the gag from his mouth; I want to hear how much pain I'm causing him! I want to hear him screaming and pleading."

Blaise glared at the bigger blond and he waited a handful of seconds before he did as was asked of him, he was not a submissive, he was not beneath Draco bloody Malfoy.

Dominic screamed continuously when the gag came out of his mouth and Draco grinned, twisting his claws and shoving them in even deeper, the tips of his fingers brushing against the skin on the filth's leg.

"Don't make him pass out; I want him awake until he dies." Blaise snarled.

Draco nodded silently, his jaw clenched to restrain himself from snarling back at being ordered to do anything. Harry came first and he always would, closely followed by any children that he had, for that purpose he had to get along with Zabini, not matter how much he wanted to kill him and be alone with Harry. He already knew that Harry would not appreciate him killing Blaise, or his other prospective mates, no matter how much he actually wanted to. Harry would not want to be with someone who killed everyone he tried to speak to.

The screams that Dominic rewarded their hard work with riled their Drackens up even further as they systematically tortured him, causing the most nerve wracking of pain whilst keeping him conscious and alive.

"I wonder what the tender meat of his belly would taste like." Draco mused aloud, staring pointedly at the tanned, hairless expanse of pale skin.

"I would bet that he tastes disgusting, after all his insides are black." Blaise warned from his place stripping the skin from Dominic's left shin.

Draco hummed in agreement before he took the rat's right arm and snapped it back at the elbow. The scream was beautiful and it echoed off of the dungeon walls sending shivers up both of their spines.

Dominic vomited through a combination of shock and pain, his body sweating profusely as tears ran down his cheeks.

"That almost went on my two hundred Galleon shoes!" Draco growled as he slammed Dominic's head into the vomit and used it as an impromptu mop.

"Please! No more!" Dominic croaked out.

"I'm sorry, what was that?!" Blaise demanded. "Real dominants do not beg for their lives! They take their punishment with dignity! Didn't your Grandfather teach you that or was he too busy filling your head with ways to rape innocent submissives?!"

"How could you even think to sell a defenceless baby?!" Draco carried on. "Do you know what people who buy Dracken babies do to them? They keep them in a tiny cage until they are sixteen. Can you imagine that? Sixteen years in a little cage, being fed just enough to keep you alive!"

"Then once the Dracken comes into their inheritance, they take them out their cage and strap them down onto a table." Blaise took over. "On their backs first of course, the inside wing scales are much more sensitive than the outside wing scales after all, then they pin the wings down with metal stakes right through the wing bones, can't have the Dracken retracting their wings now can they?"

"Do you know what they do next?" Draco stage whispered, tugging on one of Dominic's lime green wings. "They scrape off every single, individual scale with a chisel."

"The only thing that is sharp enough and thin enough to remove our scales." Blaise added in, conjuring a plain chisel and placing it against one of the slightly raised, jade green scales.

He let Dominic feel the cool metal, the sharp edge, before using the palm of his hand he slammed it into the flat bottom of the chisel and he prised off the one scale.

Dominic screamed so loudly that he lost his voice, screaming silently as pain tore itself through his body originating from the point where his scale had once been.

"Do you know why it hurts so much?" Blaise asked conversationally. "It's because of two reasons. Reason one is that our wings are one of the most sensitive pieces of anatomy that we possess, the inside scales more so, that's why we get aroused when they're touched and why we can reach orgasm if they're stroked just right."

"Reason two is because each and every scale has at least two to twelve nerve endings inside it, depending on where the scale is located." Draco cut in, conjuring his own chisel to place on another scale, this one turquoise blue. "Not to mention the amount of blood vessels in them, which is why you are bleeding so heavily from just one missing scale."

"Which brings us back to what happens to our proverbial Dracken tied down on a table. They will let him or her bleed to death. Can you imagine the slow, painful agony this Dracken would be in? Having each and every scale removed, growing weaker and weaker, screams becoming harsh sobs of pain and choked gasps for air before finally, sweet blackness claims them. They will never wake again. They will bleed to death on this table, surrounded by people who neither care nor lose sleep over it, content that every scale they collect will get them sixteen Galleons, mere pocket change to some."

"Could you live with that, knowing that that Dracken could have been your own child? Your own flesh and blood! The baby that you sold to them so that they could treat it like a fucking animal and then kill it sixteen years later?!" Draco snarled.

Dominic was snivelling into the floor, not caring that the side of his face was still lying in the pool of his own vomit.

Draco let out an inarticulate roar of rage before slamming the chisel into that bright, turquoise blue scale and tearing it off.

Dominic screeched with utmost pain and threw up again, tears falling faster and mucus dribbling down over his lips, bile trickling from his throat. How he wished for death's embrace, anything to stop this terrible pain.

"Did you know that our wings are never more sensitive than in the first year of our Dracken lives?" Blaise told the cowering boy on the floor. "You're still sixteen aren't you? Not much older than Harry and just slightly younger than Draco here. You are feeling everything that your future children would have felt had we let you live long enough to have them and sell them."

Blaise pressed the chisel against a pretty teal coloured scale and dug the chisel in slowly, going deeply into the wing before levering it so that the handle went down and the blade of the chisel came up, tearing off another scale as it did so.

"How many scales do you think he has?" Draco asked, putting up a façade of cool, disinterest even as his silver eyes gleamed with excitement. "A hundred thousand maybe? You know if we strip him of his scales we could get one point six million Galleons and if we haggle a bit we could get even more."

Blaise chuckled darkly and ripped off another scale. "Did you know that the brighter and more pretty the scale the more Galleons we can get? There are some potions that need a certain colour of scale; I can think of three off of the top of my head and two of them need blue scales, something that you are in possession of, worm."

"It's something to do with the hormones needed to make the colour." Draco informed his friend conversationally. "Different chemical hormones in our bodies make different colours that react differently to certain ingredients. I know for certain that orange scales react violently if used in a shrinking solution, the chemicals that make the orange pigment reacts to the bat saliva and turns it into a corrosive acid which then reacts with the foundation ingredients to cause one hell of an explosion."

"I know yellow and green scales are used in healing potions and look, our vile 'friend' here has green scales too. St Mungos will pay through the teeth to get their hands on those."

"Please, no more! I'll do anything." Dominic sobbed.

"Don't you think that your children would have begged for their lives as well as they were strapped down and put through the same hell that you are now going through? Only you've been a pampered prick for sixteen years, not starved, abused and kept in a cage!" Blaise yelled tearing off a green scale at the same time that Draco sawed off a blue one.

"PLEASE!" Dominic screeched.

"No!" Draco hissed. "You would have seen Harry killed for taking his children from him! It would have DESTROYED HIM! All for your selfish gain! He would have begged and pleaded for his babies back, but you would have already sold them to be reared and slaughtered like pigs! You wouldn't have been able to get them back for him even if you had wanted to!"

Blaise yelled in rage as he heard Draco say that, he had been trying not to think on how Harry would have reacted to learning that his own mate had sold his children and he dreaded the day that Harry found out what would have happened to his defenceless babies had Dominic managed to get his hands on them. How crushed he would be, how sick it would make him to learn the abominable truth.

Seeing red, Blaise ripped off four scales in quick succession, hearing, but not caring, about the screams and pleads that Dominic was emitting. Harry was his sweet, but fiery submissive mate, this thing would have betrayed sweet little Harry in one of the worst possible ways, he would have watched as Harry retreated and withdrew into himself before finally not being able to take the slow, mournful suffering anymore and he would have watched as Harry had killed himself from his overwhelming grief.

This bastard would have caused Harry this unbearable, slow suffering, would have watched and not batted an eyelid over it! All for five hundred thousand Galleons a child.

Roaring again, Blaise stabbed off several scales before throwing away the chisel and sinking his claws into the tender belly of the other dominant, ripping and tearing.

Huge arms encircled his shoulders and just held him as silent tears made wet tracks down his face. Harry was the most important person in the world to him; just thinking about what Harry would have gone through if this spineless prick's plan had succeeded caused the blinding rage to set in again and he used both fists to cave in the gurgling Dominic's rib cage, finally killing the worthless mass of flesh.

Those arms held him tighter and a face pressed against the back of his neck, soft soothing noises coming from the strong throat. Blaise turned around and let himself be emotionally weak, just this once, accepting the comfort from the other dominant that he would be sharing Harry with, that he would share the rest of his life with and share all those precious moments with. He let out all of the pain and anger and sorrow that he felt, the images of a little girl looking just like Harry, but with his wing colouring strapped to a table and screaming and pleading with her captors as they peeled her deep amethyst wing scales off one by one, of Harry sitting in the corner of a dark room, tears marring his beautiful face, a picture of the little girl in his hands and a little pink teddy in the other held closely to his chest, rocking slowly backwards and forwards before picking up the silver knife sitting next to him and plunging it deeply into his own broken heart.

"It will never happen." Draco assured Blaise, knowing exactly what he was thinking as he was picturing something very similar; only the child that he was seeing looked just like him, with Harry's stunning emerald eyes.

Harry was sitting up in bed when Draco and Blaise finally made it into the bedroom, jogging up the winding stairs to reach the platform that the bed was kept on. They had both stopped off at the Slytherin boys' dormitory first, so that they could have a quick shower and grab a change of clothes so that they didn't subject Harry to any unpleasantness unnecessarily.

Harry just looked at them blankly for a moment, before gesturing that they join him in the bed, which they do so after stripping down to their boxer shorts, or in Draco's case, boxer briefs. Harry snuggled in with a dominant on either side of him, holding him close. He knew what they had done, that their hands were now blood stained with torture, but he found that he didn't actually care.

He had found out quickly that he hadn't been able to sleep; he had thought that it might be his conscience beating seven levels of hell out of him for letting his two dominants kill a sixteen year old, but he found that sleep was misting his eyes the moment that he came into contact with his two dominants.

He didn't care about Dominic, didn't care that he was dead; in fact he was actually quite glad that he was dead, all he cared about were his two dominants who were holding him so close in the bed that they would now share. At least for a little while because if he really did need a third mate then he was going to need a much bigger bed.

- X

All three of them got to sleep in the next day, it still being the Christmas holidays there were no lessons to get up early to prepare for and with Harry knowing the location of the kitchens they didn't even need to get up for breakfast as they could just go to the kitchens when they wanted to.

Draco was the first one awake and he remained perfectly still as he looked to the flawless face that was turned towards him. Harry truly was beautiful and he felt so privileged to be able to wake up next to him and he hoped to wake up next to him for the rest of their lives.

It was strange, he hadn't wanted to be a Dracken, he had fought every single step of the way, but now, looking into the finely boned, delicate face of Harry 'Scar head' Potter, he realised that he didn't want to fight anymore. He was perfectly content to lie here and never move if it made the young man sleeping next to him happy.

Unfortunately he couldn't continue lying next to his little mate for much longer as nature called him urgently to the bathroom, where after he finished his morning business, his vanity called him to bathe and primp himself. He had been bad before, but with the Dracken inheritance and the proud, vanity instincts, he became almost manic with his morning routine and Merlin help anyone who even dared to slight his appearance or clothing.

"Are you going to take all day?" An annoyed sleep slurred voice demanded. "The rest of us mere mortals need the bathroom as well you know!"

Draco's hand itched to smack his submissive's arse red raw, but he controlled the urge and instead he unlocked the bathroom door to let Harry shuffle inside and take care of his own business. Draco's annoyance lessened as he realised just how badly his submissive had needed to take a piss. He wouldn't be a good dominant if he had made Harry wait for another five minutes. Making him hold in all that urine would have been cruel.

"Come on, Harry; piss for Britain why don't you." Blaise teased from the doorway.

"I was going to ask if you wanted to join me in the shower, but now I think I'll share it with my flannel instead."

"Oh don't be like that, Prezioso. You know I was only teasing." Blaise backtracked.

"Nope. You can have a shower all on your own." Harry stated as he flushed the toilet, washed his hands before stripping off his boxers and climbing into the shower cubicle.

It was the first time that Draco had seen Harry completely naked and his mouth was bone dry and his muscles twitched to move and go and join him himself, his blood filled cock tenting his black trousers fully agreed with his muscles, if only his brain would regain function so that he would be able to remember how to move his tension filled limbs.

All of that beautiful, silky looking soft skin layered over firm, lithe muscles and such a delectable looking bum, he had to taste it.

"Don't even think about it." Blaise growled softly so that Harry wouldn't hear him over the running water. "If Harry says no, then he means no, got it?!"

"He said no to your company not mine!" Draco growled back.

"He'll react badly to you, I'm trying to help you here! Harry is very shy and he will not welcome your sudden advances, give him some time to adjust to you first!"

Draco snarled, trying to work out if Zabini was doing this on purpose to block any intimacy that he might have had with his submissive and thus make sure that he had less one-on-one time with Harry or if he actually was trying to help.

Growling angrily Draco stalked towards the bathroom door, but stopped as he reached Blaise.

"If you are lying to me, I will maim you whilst you sleep."

"Duly noted." Blaise spat back, watching as Draco walked through the doorway back into the bedroom.

Harry never took very long in the shower and he was in and out within ten minutes. He came out wearing a fluffy white towel and looked so adorable with his messy hair, dripping wet and falling all over his face and neck that Blaise chuckled and kissed a delicate cheek.

"Where did Blondie go?"

"I believe he went back into the bedroom to primp in the mirror we keep beside the wardrobes."

"I am not primping in the bedroom mirror!" A harsh snarl came from the next room.

"Of course you're not." Blaise answered soothingly, whilst rolling his eyes to Harry, who stifled a giggle with his hand.

"If it's a fight you want, you'll get it!" Draco stormed into the bathroom and shoved Blaise's shoulders.

"Stop it!" Harry cried out in horror. The last thing in the world that he wanted was his two dominant mates fighting with each other and over such a little thing as a teasing remark too.

The both of them ignored Harry as they faced off with one another, Blaise furious that Draco had physically manhandled him and Draco's instincts telling him that he needed to both impress his new submissive and show the other dominant just who was bigger and stronger.

"Stop it now or I swear to god I'll walk out!" Harry threatened, holding his towel closer.

When neither Draco nor Blaise took any notice of him and continued wrestling around the bathroom floor Harry got angry.

"I'm going to slice up all your clothes and books!" He threatened.

When this still got him no reaction he took a pair of scissors from the bathroom cabinet to cut up their clothes with and walked to the bathroom door. Half way there his Dracken side came out, coaxed out by the fighting dominants and his own anger. As his hair rapidly grew to tumble down his back he got a better idea and he fingered the silky tresses. He wouldn't miss the hair, it was a pain to brush and keep tidy and it was always in the way. He honestly didn't know how girls, and some men, could keep their hair this long, but then he supposed that that was why girls were always wearing ponytails, buns, plaits, braids and the like, to keep it from getting in the damned way so much.

The million Galleon question, however, was how much did Draco and Blaise like his long, shiny hair and would they even care if he cut it all off in rebellion?

"I'm going to cut all of my hair off!" He shouted over their snarls and roars and it was then that both of their heads snapped towards him, taking in the long, silky wave of jet black hair and the pair of scissors he had in his hand.

Harry ran and put as many obstacles between them as possible, clenching his hand around the end of the pair of scissors so that even if he fell they wouldn't hurt him.

He backed into a corner of the common room slash living room and gripped all of his hair in his hand and placed the hair between the blades of the scissors.

Draco and Blaise found him like that, glaring at the both of them with his hair in his hand held tightly to his head and the scissors poised, ready to snip away that beautiful fall of hair.

"Harry, mio diletto, please don't." Blaise begged. "I am sorry. I let my instincts take over and I couldn't pull myself away from them when I heard you shouting, please don't do this."

"Your hair is part of your Dracken appeal." Draco told him and Harry turned his glare onto the blond. "All submissive Drackens have long hair in Dracken form, Harry."

"I don't care! I won't have you fighting! We're supposed to be a family! How can we be a family if you are always at each other's throats?! How can I bring a child into this world when you two quarrel and bicker over the smallest things?! What example would that set for our children?!"

"What are you saying?" Blaise asked fearfully.

"You stop acting like kids and learn to love one another! We will be a family or we will never have children! I would never bring a child in this world with you two fighting and shedding blood all over my newborn baby!"

Harry's rage grew and his hands tightened, cutting into a few strands of hair which fell over his closed fist like wilted flowers.

"Alright, Harry, whatever you want, but please put the scissors down. I'll try to get on better with Draco, I promise."

"No! You won't try at all; you will get on better with each other! You were friends before all of this happened, you can at least be civil to one another in the beginning, but you will love one another before I will bring a baby into this world!"

Both dominants nodded, they just wanted Harry to put the scissors down and Draco, who was unused to Harry's bouts of rebellion, was growing angry with his submissive. They shouldn't be having this discussion, they had told him to put the scissors down and he should have damn well listened to them!

"It's alright, Harry. I promise that Draco and I will work things out, we just need a settling in period to get out all of our bad feelings and then we'll be fine. It'll be alright."

"Just put the damn scissors down already." Draco snapped, being glared at by both Harry and Blaise for his impatient outburst. "What? Harry is a submissive he should do as he's told!"

"I am not a doormat!" Harry yelled, his anger flooding his body once more, making him feel shaky as Blaise had been calming him down and edging him away from any drastic actions, but Draco was riling him right back up again. "I will not jump the minute you tell me to! I will not bow to your every command nor crawl around after you like a love sick dog! I'm a submissive Dracken, Draco, I can't help that I was born a submissive, but all that means to me is that I get to carry our family's children, other than that there is no difference between us in my eyes! If you carry on like this then you won't be fucking me and you won't be getting children until the moon turns neon green! Do you understand me?!"

"I am your dominant mate…!"

"And so is Blaise! You have to learn to put up with each other because I will not put one of you before the other! I already love you both the same! I want children with you, but not if every hour of every day is a fucking power struggle between you! I won't have it!"

"We understand, Harry." Blaise soothed him gently. "Please put the scissors down."

Harry sniffed and moved to take the scissors from his hair.

"You'd look awful with short hair in Dracken form anyway." Draco huffed and just like that Harry saw red.

Putting the scissors back against the base of his skull, Harry let out a small yell of utter frustration and he closed his hand tight, the blades of the scissors easily cutting through his thick fall of hair. He threw the mound of hair onto the carpet and the scissors after them, glaring at Draco who looked a bit shell shocked, staring at the pile of hair, as if he'd never seriously thought that Harry would actually do as he's threatened to do.

Harry's head immediately felt lighter without the mass of hair and he fluffed up the remaining hair. It felt nice, he felt more like himself as his hair bounced back into messy tufts of uneven patches as the weight that was holding it straight and neat was taken away. He would have to visit a proper barber to have it evened out and cut neater, but he felt elated.

It didn't last for long as Draco leapt at him and grabbed him into his arms, dragging him to the settee and sitting on it. He tugged the knot out of the towel that was the only thing that Harry was wearing, the only thing covering his naked body and Harry yelled out, trying to cover himself as the towel came free.

Before he could even scream, shout, cover himself or punch Draco in the nose, he was flipped over Draco's knee and a hard slap landed on his left bum cheek. Harry found his voice then.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" He yelled out.

His only answer was an even harder slap to his other bum cheek.

"Stop it!" He screamed, trying to wiggle his hands free, but they were clasped tightly together in one of Draco's huge hands. He tried rolling off of Draco's lap, but the hand that continued spanking him just quickly and effectively tugged him back before carrying on with the slaps.

"You are never to disobey your dominant!" Draco breathed harshly bringing his hand down continuously onto Harry's now flaming red bum. He had been right; it looked even more delicious stained red and covered in his handprints.

It took twelve hard slaps before Harry started crying, twenty slaps before Harry stopped yelling abuse at Draco, twenty-five before he stopped trying to get away, twenty-eight before he started pleading for Draco to stop and thirty-four before he started begging for Blaise.

"I am sorry, Prezioso; it is against the Dracken laws to interfere with a dominant punishing his submissive. It is Draco's right to punish misbehaviour in any manner in which he chooses."

"It's just your luck that I prefer spanking to punish unruly little subs." Draco growled. "That I love seeing my hand turning your pale, peachy little bottom flame red."

"Please stop, I'm sorry." Harry whispered as the continuous, stinging smacks to his arse caused it to throb painfully and the humiliation of being in this position made tears of shame clog his throat.

Draco ignored the soft pleads to stop until Harry stopped begging and just lay on his lap passively, sobbing his heart out.

He petted the beacon red bum and soothed it, feeling the heat radiating from it from at least two inches away from Harry's skin.

Draco moved Harry until he lay over the arm of the settee, his little sub too docile to move, too humiliated to do anything other than what Draco did for him.

Blaise moved to Harry's head as soon as the punishment was over, smoothing the butchered hair out of Harry's red rimmed eyes, brushing the still falling tears off of his cheeks and kissing those red raw lips, from where Harry had bitten into them at the start of the punishment to keep from crying out.

Draco leant down and pressed a loving kiss to one bum cheek before kissing the other, letting his tongue come out to sooth the heated skin, loving the tiny little speckles of pale flesh coloured scales that covered Harry's skin.

Harry let out a broken sob and just lay there like a weak little kitten and let his dominants do whatever they pleased. He had lost the battle, but he had won the war. He might have a red bum and wouldn't be able to sit down comfortably for a few hours, but his hair was gone and that was a permanent change. He had cut it and it would take years before it grew back to the length that it had been before and if he had any say in it, he would keep his hair short in both his human and Dracken forms, in his opinion short hair was just better suited to him and regarding his appearance, his opinion was the only one that mattered. No matter how many punishments he had to endure, no matter how many times he had to do this, he would not take any demands or orders that his dominants gave to him lying down. He would stand up for himself and he would fight against them every single time if he had to, until they understood that he was not an animal to be trained and ordered about. He was a person and he demanded the same common decency that all people deserved.

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