The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


84. Chapter Eighty-One – Fantasy Part 2

"Nothing they won't enjoy, I promise." Richard laughed.

"What was in the box?!" Myron hissed dangerously. "Where is the gift that we bought for him?"

Richard grinned as he took out an identically wrapped box and enlarged it, he handed it to Harry with a wink. Harry was almost too afraid to open it. He was noticeably slower in unwrapping it, keeping the box away from his body as if expecting a python to fly out at his face as he cracked the lid open on the box and peeked inside carefully.

Harry pulled the lid off completely as he deemed it safe, he removed the safety packaging that kept his gift from being damaged by being thrown around in the slightly too big box and he took out the beautiful leather case that held a collection of nine beautifully bound books. He pulled the first one out and a grin split his face as he realised that it was all about defensive techniques and offensive spells. A set of nine, fully detailed defence books for advanced learners of the art. He sat up on his knees and he turned and threw his arms around Myron's waist where he was sat on the settee next to Max, squeezing that thick middle as tightly as he could. Myron chuckled and held him back tightly.

"I hope you like this one more than whatever was in the box that was given to you the first time. I will find out what it is though and I'll punish him accordingly." Myron told him, glaring at a grinning Richard, who was completely unrepentant.

"I do. I love it. Thank you so much."

A scream had Harry's heart leaping into his throat as his mind took him back to what had happened to Regan that morning, his head snapped to the side to look at Farren who was lying on his back on the floor, Tegan kneeling over him with a wooden block in her hand.

He breathed deeply to calm himself, his fangs digging into his bottom lip as he picked up Farren and all but smothered him to his chest as Nasta picked up Tegan, took the block from her hand and set her into the travel cot with no toys.

"I see she's still a bully." Myron grumbled. "We had a hell of a time trying to keep her and Farren separated; she really doesn't like him."

Harry hated that. He hated that two of his children weren't getting along and they were so young. This shouldn't have been happening.

"It's because Regan likes playing with Farren." Blaise told them. "Tegan doesn't like him playing with anyone other than her and usually he doesn't mind, but sometimes he'll crawl over to Farren and she hates it when Regan wants to play with any of the others."

"She shouldn't have the capacity to feel jealousy yet!" Harry said desperately as he rocked Farren.

"They're born from Drackens." Max reminded him. "They'll develop a lot quicker than you might think, even if they are humans. They still have our genes, even though they aren't Drackens themselves they're still Dracken gene carriers and they still have Dracken blood."

"I think she needs some sisters to play with. That might make her feel better." Marianna said.

"That or she'll get jealous over them too because she's not the only girl anymore." Richard shrugged. "She might very well get jealous over any new babies because they're just that, new babies."

Harry tugged at his hair with his free hand and sat on the settee with a sigh. "Why does she have to be so jealous and spiteful? She shared my body with Farren for four months, you'd think that she'd feel even a slight connection to him for that, she doesn't do this to Braiden and Regan plays with him too."

"Ah…actually she does do the same to Braiden." Richard told him with an apologetic grimace. "It's just that he's up on his feet now and cruising, she can't compete with that as she hasn't found her feet yet, but we noticed that if he was on the floor playing, then she would make her way over to him and give him a smack and a couple of times she's hit him when he's taking his nap, so we had to always keep an eye on her."

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing and he held Farren tighter.

"How do I make her stop? I don't want her to do these things, I want her to stop!"

"She's a baby still." Myron sighed. "The only thing you can do is keep a close eye on her and pull her away if she gets too close to Farren or Braiden, it's what we were doing in the end, it's all we could do. She won't understand what she's doing wrong for a while yet, so she won't understand punishment, though I would start your method of punishment sooner rather than later, just so they know there are consequences and whatever you do, stay consistent!"

Harry lay back with Farren and his second oldest son lay snuggled into his chest and murmured quietly to himself as Harry rubbed the spot that Tegan had hit him with the block with one hand while his other rubbed his back slowly and soothingly.

When she was old enough, he would most definitely put a stop to her behaviour, he would not have any of his children treating one another this way, he wouldn't stand for bullying in his own home. He wouldn't stand for it.

At two in the afternoon, the babies were all fast asleep napping; even Farren who had had a rough start to his day, though not as rough as Regan had, who was sleeping peacefully, completely safe in his travel cot, his soft bear tucked under his arm still and Harry was happily catching up with Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George and Bill.

Hermione had just started a job at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and she hoped to make a huge difference for all magical creatures and Harry knew that she'd make sure that she would do so fairly and justly and for all creatures, including Drackens. She hoped, with the help of Myron, Aneirin and Lucius, to help reform the way that Drackens were perceived and persecuted, stating that the execution of anyone without fair trial was barbaric and archaic. She went on for a long while, but Harry just smiled and nodded along with her like he'd been doing for most of their friendship together. It was just easier than trying to keep up with her when he didn't understand half of what she was saying. It was a survival technique.

"Merlin, stop for breath once in a while, Granger, here have a cake." Draco said as he shoved a cake into her hands before dragging Harry away and into the next room.

"Are you okay, what's wrong?" Harry asked panicked, but Draco just gave him an evil smirk and pulled him into a passionate, lingering kiss.

"I've been wanting to do that for the last hour." Draco confessed as they broke apart slowly, Harry blinking at him dazedly.

"By all means, carry on." Harry encouraged with a grin.

They were found ten minutes later, still snogging and clutching one another close, by Caesar, who of course laughed loudly and ran back into the kitchen to tell everyone what he'd seen, embellishing his story by claiming that Harry and Draco were half naked and were 'all but having sex' in the next room.

It backfired on him slightly as Max hit him for seeing his claimed mates in the heat of the moment and Caesar went whining to Myron, who cuffed him around the ear for snooping around in someone else's home.

Harry went to explain, only to find that the more he protested that he and Draco weren't half naked and trying to have sex, the more people actually believed that he had done it, which he thought was completely stupid, so he just huffed and went to sit next to the newly arrived Amelle, who was four months pregnant and was trying to control a fussy Eleonora.

"Hey Amelle, how are you feeling?" Harry asked softly as he sat next to her.

"Don't you start too!" She snapped. "How do you think I feel? Why does everyone have to ask me that?"

Harry grinned. "Sorry. Have your cravings started yet? How about your bump, how incapacitated do you feel with it currently? Can you still see your toes?"

"Harry!" Caesar gasped in shock.

"Finally someone who gets it!" Amelle crowed happily as she turned her body to face him and she smiled gratefully at him. "My cravings have started. Marmite, I need marmite on everything and if this damn baby gets any bigger I'll need a mirror to tie my shoelaces! How much room does this baby need? I'm sure I was never this big with Nora."

"You were bigger." Caesar informed her.

Both Harry and Amelle looked at him, both with mouths agape.

"You seriously did not just say that." Harry told him. "Well…I suppose it was nice knowing you, but you are so dead."

"What do you mean I was bigger?!" Amelle demanded, cutting Harry off. "Are you calling me fat? How dare you! This is all your fault, this baby is yours and if it wasn't for you then it wouldn't be there!"

Harry pulled her into a hug and petted her gorgeous auburn hair. "It's alright, he doesn't know what he's saying, he's a stupid man, we can't expect him to know these things. It's called ignorance." Harry told her soothingly.

"You're a man too." Sanex told him.

"I'm a submissive, it doesn't count." Harry sniffed.

"Why not?" Caesar pouted.

"Because he knows what Amelle is going through because he's gone through it himself." Nasta told them.

"I knew I loved you for a reason." Harry said with a grin. "See Amelle, not all men are hopeless. Nasta gets it."

Harry took the fussing and struggling Nora from Amelle and held her in front of his face, examining her from when he'd last seen her.

"Well now, you certainly have grown since I last saw you!" He told the year old girl softly. He had very regretfully missed her birthday because it had been when he was on his heat period. "Look how gorgeous you are, Nora! Just look at this hair." He chuckled and he twirled a long lock of the soft, dark auburn hair around his finger. "Don't let Draco see you with this hair or he'll continuously brush it for you. He loves hair."

"That's a good thing." Amelle smiled. "She loves having her hair played with."

Harry grinned. "Draco! You have a willing victim this time, go and get your brush."

Draco rolled his eyes, but did as he was told, sitting Nora on the table and using his favourite brush to smooth through Eleonora's thick, gorgeous hair, which had the effect of calming her right down and stopping her fussing.

Nora screeched happily and wriggled her little body as Draco pulled the brush through her hair that was almost to her shoulders already. He wrapped an arm around her quickly, just in case she fell from the table and carried on. Harry knew from experience that Draco could do this for an hour or more, he could almost guarantee that Nora would get sick of it before Draco did.

Harry talked to Amelle more, asking her about her little café job, which she was enjoying, though Caesar was driving her completely mad as he turned up for coffee every other hour just to check up on her throughout the day, but Amelle was just happy to actually have her small job.

He greeted more guests as they arrived, he greeted Alexander enthusiastically and Max was in his element as he cooked up a feast for them all, keeping everything under control as so many people tried to cram themselves into his kitchen, which looked tiny when it was filled with so many people, but the more people who arrived, the happier Max seemed to be, it was adorable and made Harry almost melt from seeing him act this way, from seeing him so very happy just because he had so many people to cook for.

Harry was very surprised when a sound came over the baby monitor and he realised which one it was coming from. Leolin usually never woke so early.

Harry excused himself and he went to get him quickly, seeing what he wanted, but he didn't seem to want anything as he looked up at him through his bright, golden eyes, sniffling.

Harry picked him up when it looked like he might start to cry again and he cradled him close to his heart, shushing him gently before the tears could come.

"What's the matter, love, are you alright?" He asked as he smoothed Leolin's thin, black hair through his finger and thumb. "Do you want to come out with all of us and join the party too, is that what you want?"

Harry carried Leolin back down the stairs, securing the safety gates behind him as he went, and he joined everyone back in the kitchen and reclaimed his place with Amelle on one side of him and Hermione on the other as he showed Leolin off to them both. His seven month old was scowling up at the two women.

Amelle laughed lightly. "Oh look at that sweet face."

"Does that mean he's an Unseelie?" Hermione asked. "I read up about Faeries when you told me that Leolin was one through Nasta's bloodline. You should have an indication by now of whether he's a Seelie or an Unseelie."

Harry nodded at his friend, smiling indulgently as she went into a spiel about everything she'd learnt about Unseelie Faeries, even Aneirin looked impressed.

"You know more about him than I do." Harry told her with a laugh. "At least if I ever have any questions I'll know where to go."

Hermione gave him a small, embarrassed smile, but Max took all the pressure and attention away from her by serving dinner and yelling at everyone to sit down at the table, which had been magically enhanced to its limits to fit everyone in.

"I've been reading up on Drackens too, Harry." Hermione said. "The book I have said that you could only be pregnant with chicks in the winter."

Amelle turned and snarled at Hermione, but Harry touched her shoulder and murmured gently to her.

"What did I say wrong?" Hermione asked.

"You called our children chicks." Harry said softly, trying not to let the others hear, but Amelle had attracted their attention by growling.

"The books said…"

"I know. I read a book that called Dracken young chicks too, but I found out, when I called them chicks in front of my Elder chaperone, that it's a derogatory term that the Ministry have coined to describe a Dracken's young to dehumanise them to the public to make it easier for them to be able to extradite Dracken carriers and execute the inherited Drackens as soon as they're sixteen. They're not chicks, they're not birds and they are not born from eggs. They're babies, Hermione and to our Drackens they're just our young, or our offspring, we don't call them chicks and our Drackens don't call them chicks."

"I didn't know." Hermione said, biting her lip.

"I know. I didn't know either, as I said I read a Ministry sanctioned book when I was first inherited, it was the only information I had to go on while I was still keeping it a secret, and I honestly thought that they were called chicks, but no, it's just another way that the Ministry is trying to turn the mass public against us as a whole species, a way to dehumanise our children so that they aren't seen as human right from their birth."

"That's disgusting." Hermione said furiously.

"It is." Myron said calmly. "We're trying to change such things, but there is only so much we can do without endangering our families. No one is going to listen to a Dracken preaching about Dracken rights."

"I'll do as much as I can." Hermione swore seriously. "I've been overturning house-elf rights and campaigning for the legal discrimination against vampires and werewolves to be demolished, including the children of said creatures. I've got a rather large backing from both colleagues and from the public too."

"Be careful, Granger. It's our lives that you're playing with, not your own." Draco warned her.

"No, this could be a good thing." Harry said. "Hermione is well known for fighting against such injustices, even while we were still in Hogwarts, and she's a Muggleborn…if anyone is not going to be linked in the slightest to any Dracken blood, it's going to be her."

"Harry's right, this could be just what our species needs as a whole. Someone obviously not a Dracken or related to one to stand and fight our corner." Aneirin insisted. "If you're serious about doing this, Hermione then we will give you all the help and support that you need. Lucius Malfoy is pushing through several protective bills himself, if you add to that to support his bills, this could actually work and the laws can finally be changed."

Hermione started talking seriously with Myron, Aneirin and Richard about reforming the laws and what needed to be done and how much work there was to do, but Hermione being placed in the Control of Magical Creatures department was an amazing opportunity that they couldn't miss out on. This could be just want their species needed, people to support them and back them. With Hermione and Lucius, two people who weren't linked in the slightest to Drackens, perhaps between them they could get the public on the side of the Drackens and that disgusting 'executed on sight' law could be abolished and their 'dark creature' status could be overturned.

Dinner carried on as normal after that and Harry had just blown out the candles on his two tiered birthday cake an hour and a half later when he heard Braiden calling for him through the baby monitor. He was up and gone before anyone else could offer to go and get his first born son for him.

He went in to the nursery to find Braiden stood in his cot and bouncing in anticipation as he called out for him repeatedly.

"Hey, what's this?" He asked. "You impatient little boy." He cooed, picking him up and cuddling him close.

Calix and Farren were also awake and Harry scooped them both up and carried them carefully down the stairs, thankful that he'd left the gates open on his way up, anticipating coming back down. He sent Blaise to get Regan and Tegan and told him to close the gates on his way down.

The attention went from Harry to his children in seconds and he was thankful for that, he'd had more than enough attention for one day as his sons were taken from him and cooed and fussed over, but Max did serve him a huge chunk of cake with orders to tell him how much he liked it. Harry grinned and took a huge bite of the moist cake, chewing thoughtfully.

"Love it." He declared after swallowing, kissing Max hard, his mate's tongue sweeping into his mouth to taste the cake for himself.

Harry broke away from Max to take another big bite of cake. It was chocolate cake, he could see that well enough, but he detected a hint of fudge and he grinned at Max as he realised that it was actually a chocolate fudge cake.

"I really do love you." Harry said as he rested against him.

Max wrapped his arms around him and bent to kiss him, making his way to his ear. "Don't forget you have your big surprise later."

Harry blinked as he remembered his promised surprise and he grinned excitedly.

"I can't wait! What is it?"

"Later." Max promised as he kissed him hard again before turning away and annoying his sister Alayla.

"Piss off, Max!" Alayla shouted loudly five minutes later as her temper won out over her patience and control.

"Alayla, watch your language, there are children in this room!" Myron chastised.

"Tell Max to leave me alone then, he's more annoying now than he was when he still lived with us!"

Myron sighed heavily and went to split up his son and daughter, cuffing Max upside the head as he was at it.

Harry shook his head as Max turned to him, pouting and holding his arms out. He had to chuckle and he opened his arms and let Max bury himself into his chest as best as he could. It looked as ridiculous as it sounded.

"Everyone is mean to me, Harry."

Harry laughed. "If you weren't such an annoying twat then maybe they wouldn't be mean to you."

Harry suddenly found himself off his feet and in the air as Max carried him around and held him happily, nibbling at his neck.

"Mama!" Braiden called out startled and Harry looked down at him to see him frowning up at him as if wondering how he'd suddenly gotten so tall.

Harry bent to pick him up from Blaise and Max settled them both up in his arms and Harry clutched at Braiden tightly as he wriggled and stood up to look over his shoulder, giggling at how high he was.

"My fearless little boy." Harry kissed him.

"Did you find out if you're carrying?" Alexander asked him.

"Not yet. I'm holding it off as long as possible so that I can enjoy an extra week or two of freedom."

Harry shared a laugh with some of his guests, but others, including his mates, were not impressed.

"It would be better if we found out sooner rather than later." Nasta tried to sooth.

Harry rolled his eyes. "What do you think I'm going to do, go skydiving?" He asked. "I won't do anything more or less than I already do, pregnant or not. At least if you lot don't know then you can't treat me like I'm made of glass."

"Isn't the point of being mated to a dominant, or four dominants in this case, being treated like glass? Shouldn't you be enjoying it?" Julinda asked curiously.

Both Harry and Amelle scoffed, looked at one another and then laughed. Harry shook his head. "No, Juda. The very last thing that we want is to be treated like glass, pregnant or not. We can look after ourselves and we want to."

"Exactly." Amelle nodded. "I only know a handful of submissives that actually enjoy being treated in such a way and I always thought they were weird."

Harry snorted and grinned at her. "I don't mind being pampered occasionally, or getting a bit of bonding time and I'm getting better at letting these lugs carry me, but I'm not some pathetic, weak person who needs a big strong man around just to function normally. I don't need protection, I don't want to be coddled and I absolutely do not want to be escorted around everywhere like a dainty woman from the nineteen hundreds."

"We can't help ourselves sometimes." Max assured him. "If we know you're pregnant, or even suspect it, the urge to protect you is nearly overwhelming."

"Which is why I don't want it confirmed until the very last moment possible." Harry smiled as he cuddled into Max's body. "I don't want to be overwhelmed or coddled. I'm not used to it and it makes me uncomfortable."

"We can't be having that." Alexander said as he pulled Harry into his own arms, taking Braiden with them. "You boys can't be letting your instincts rule you."

"It's hard, Granddad." Max said with a sigh.

"You don't think I know that?" Alexander snorted. "I'm not some feeble old man, I'm a dominant Dracken too; I had my own mate and children. How terrified do you think I was when your Grandmother had quadruplets after a string of six singleton births? How about when we had the quintuplets? How much do you think I wanted to smother my mate and never let her out of my sight?"

"I could see the physical strain on your body and in your eyes as you stopped yourself." Kimberly smiled at her Husband softly. "But I will be forever thankful that you let me deal with it the way that I wanted to, in the way that I felt I needed to, to get through those high multiple pregnancies."

Alexander shared a soft look with his Wife and mate and kissed her gently.

"How hard do you think it's been on Harry to actually go against his instincts so much? You idiots can't even suppress a mere overprotective instinct, yet every single day this amazing young man not only suppresses his instincts, but he goes against them using logic and his heart. If he can do that, why can't you? If I could do it decades ago, why can't you youngsters do it now, when you're two generations younger than I was when I managed it? You're supposed to be evolving into smart, intelligent humanoid dragons, not devolving back into mindless beasts who only run on their base instincts."

Harry glanced at his mates and saw their unhappy looks and he sighed. "It isn't easy." He admitted as he wiggled to be put down. "It's a continuous struggle between my head, my heart and my instincts. I have to fight one of them every day, with almost every decision that I make and sometimes the instincts just take over, but I see how proud you all are of me when I decide to ignore my more irrational instincts, I see how happy it makes you, so it makes it easier to do, but I face that fight, that struggle every single day, yet I do it to make you all happy, why can't you do the same?" He asked.

"We'll try." Nasta nodded. "But the safety of you and the children come first."

Harry nodded. "Trust me, if we were attacked or under threat, my instincts would take over too. I almost lost it this morning and I only managed to hold on by a thread."

"Let's stop this talk now and get back to your birthday." Aneirin encouraged. "I don't like that this heavy talk has taken over what is supposed to be a celebration."

"I quite agree." Mrs Weasley nodded. "Harry dear, if you are pregnant we can cross that bridge when we get to it, for now, concentrate on yourself and the fact that you have turned eighteen today, not if you might or might not be pregnant."

Harry nodded and he smiled at the wonderful people that he had around him. He knew sometimes he was difficult to deal with, he had a temper and he had his own thoughts and ideas that maybe others didn't like or agree with, but they were his thoughts and feelings and he'd like for others to respect them as he respected their thoughts and feelings too, even if he might not like them.

It was eight at night when the last of his guests left, his children had been bedded down for an hour already and Caesar had taken Amelle and Eleonora home a few hours before when Amelle started to get tired and Eleonora was starting to flag from all the excitement and people fussing around her.

Harry collapsed onto the settee and accepted a cup of tea from Max gratefully as Nasta moved around them picking up debris and cleaning up. There wasn't much to do as everyone had been considerate of them and they had cleaned up after themselves for the most part. It was mainly forgotten cups and glasses and a few plates of half-eaten cake that had been put down and forgotten about.

"I'm bloody knackered." Harry groaned.

"You can't be that tired!" Draco insisted.

"I didn't sleep very much or for very long." Harry sighed. "I don't want to be tired, but I am."

"How about if you stay awake for another hour or two, I'll give you a dose of Dreamless sleep." Max offered.

Harry perked up and grinned. "That would work, why can't I have it now though?"

"You'll be awake at four in the morning again if you take it now. So if you wait until ten, then you can take it to get yourself back into a regular sleep pattern." Max told him with a strict, no nonsense tone that only came out when it came to dealing with doling out his pre-dosed potions.

Harry nodded at that logic and settled back once again, cuddling into Draco who wrapped a muscular arm around him and held him close.

Feeling safe, happy and very content, Harry let himself snuggle into Draco's chest and kissed his chin, peppering lingering kisses along his cheeks and his lips.

"Are you ready for your surprise?" Max asked him, his voice deepening.

Harry blinked and stopped kissing Draco's face to look at him.

"You mean there's more? You already gave me presents, I've had too much as it is."

"I don't think you have." Max told him firmly. "None of us do, so you get a big surprise from all of us because you deserve so much and more."

"Will I like it?" Harry asked curiously.

"I damn well hope so." Max grinned and Harry grinned back. Max's happiness really was the infectious type of happiness; Harry was almost certain that not even a Dementor could rip Max's happiness from him.

"Well, where is my surprise? I want it." Harry said.

Draco chuckled and carried him up to their bedroom. Harry was dumped on the bed and told to stay where he was as his mates all walked into the bathroom.

Harry frowned and stared at the closed door, wondering what the hell they were doing. He swung his legs over the bed and went to check on Leolin and made sure that he was alright and sleeping peacefully. He tucked the blanket around him, made sure that his little feet were to the bottom of the bassinet so that he couldn't be suffocated by his own blanket and then he made sure that there was a silencing bubble around his bassinet. He didn't want Leolin hearing them, if he was getting what he suspected at least, but he wanted to know immediately if his little Faerie baby woke up.

He climbed back onto the bed and he lay back sighing, looking at the clock on the bedside table before looking back at the ceiling. What the hell was taking them so long and what the hell were they doing?

His thoughts run around his mind at a mile a minute as he tried to guess what they were doing. Several thoughts floated through his head, ranging from sex, sex, more sex and then his mates ambushing him into the bath, but that one made him laugh to himself, so he went back to sex. He did wonder why they had to go into the bathroom though, why couldn't they have stripped in front of him? They'd done it half a hundred times before, why was tonight different?


Harry propped himself up on his elbows and his jaw dropped and his mind went completely blank. His eyes traced every detail of what was in front of him and he hardened instantly, completely out of his control.

All four of them stood there with their heads bowed, collars around their necks and wrists, wearing robes made from such a sheer material that he could see that they were wearing nothing underneath them and that they themselves were hard.

He swallowed several times, trying to wet his bone dry throat.

"What…what's this?" He asked, or more stuttered really as he tried to wrap his head around what was happening.

"We're your new slaves, Master." Max answered demurely, his head still bent to the carpet.

Harry almost bit off his tongue and a full body shiver raced through his spine, one he couldn't have supressed even if he'd wanted to.

"Do we not meet your high expectations, Master?" Blaise asked.

Harry giggled nervously and he tried to sort himself out. "This is insane."

"Should we leave you be, Master?" Nasta asked him and Harry understood immediately that if he told them to leave, even if it was just to sort out his own nervous tension, then this would be over and they wouldn't try it again. He absolutely did not want that to happen.

"No, I want you to stay here with me." Harry told them, trying to get himself into the fantasy that they had obviously been planning for him, trying to get into a 'master' mind set. He didn't want to spoil this for them, or discourage their efforts, but he still wanted to break down into helpless giggles, he couldn't believe that they'd set this up just for him.

He took a deep breath and wondered just how far they'd let him go, how much control they'd give him, they were his dominant mates after all, they were in their human forms at the moment, but their Drackens were never far from the surface.

Was this a new level of trust that they were giving him? Especially after that talk downstairs that afternoon about them pushing away their needless instincts more. But no, they would have had to have planned this for longer than a few hours, they had obviously talked about this at length and they had to have been planning it for a while, well before the talk that afternoon, because they were all in those sheer robes that he'd never seen before and he knew, without a doubt, that they hadn't owned them before now. His mind conjured up the morning, at least a week and a half ago now, when Max had received a parcel at breakfast that he had hurried away and hidden and Harry remembered vividly that Max had almost swallowed his own tongue when Harry had asked what it was. He was obviously looking at the contents of that parcel on his mates' bodies.

He stood up, locking his knees to keep them steady. He had an uncontrollable urge to touch the floaty, sheer robes that they were wearing and he reached out to run it through his fingers. It was soft and comfortable, he had expected something coarse like lace, but it wasn't, it was so very soft.

This close he could see that Draco was wearing a cock ring that matched the collar around his neck and the bracelets at his wrists and he quickly checked his other mates, to see them wearing cock rings too. He swallowed and he almost shook from the quivers that wracked him, he felt lightheaded, almost like he wanted to swoon like one of the damsels in an old romance novel.

He giggled again and he breathed deeply again to try to calm himself. If this is how his mates felt when he dressed up in a skirt for them then he felt their pain. He was rock hard, throbbing and leaking and his balls were aching already.

"What do I do with you four?" Harry asked almost breathlessly as he walked around to stand behind them, smiling at the sight of their gorgeous bums through the teasing material.

"Whatever you want to do with us, Master." Draco told him carefully, no hint of his usual superiority in his voice. He actually sounded demure and bland, like Harry truly was his Master.

Harry trailed his hand over his back and down to his bum, leaning forward to kiss his shoulder through the soft, sheer mesh robe, rewarding him for trying.

They had taken a huge leap of faith here, put themselves in such a vulnerable position and Harry would not abuse that. He settled himself and swallowed another nervous giggle. He wasn't used to taking charge in the bedroom, not outside of his heats and even then all he did was whine until his mates took notice of him, or when he was drunk, of which he barely remembered much other than throwing himself at his lovers. Even when he topped them during sex, it was never really him in charge, it was them who pushed back onto him, them who told him what to do, this was something entirely different.

This was out of his comfort zone too, but these four men were his. He loved and trusted them and they loved and trusted him too, he could do this, he would do this. They were his mates and for the next hour or so, they were his play slaves and he wouldn't embarrass them or make them regret the decision to give him this gift and their trust.

"You, on the bed." Harry ordered with a thick tongue, giving Draco a gentle little shove, watching with a dry mouth as Draco moved slowly and crawled onto the bed, giving him a show and his breath caught in his chest at the sight.

"Where do you want me, Master?" Draco asked with his head still bent subserviently.

Harry was nearly panting as he moved to position Draco exactly how he wanted him on the bed, his sheer robe falling open to frame his body as it had no ties on it to hold it closed.

"You look gorgeous like this." Harry complimented.

"Thank you for saying so, Master."

Harry shivered as his cock twitched yet again at that title, he was already leaking against his belly. He licked his lips and bent to kiss at Draco's cobblestone abs, they were softer than they once were, Draco not having done his usual exercising with so much going on, but he wanted to get back into it now that they were all out of school. He said it wasn't anything time consuming, just fifteen minutes, maybe half an hour at the most of simple stomach crunches and maybe push ups. Apparently wizards didn't have magical means of staying fit that were as permanent as actually doing the exercise, so the young, admittedly vain, witches and wizards did it the good, old physical way to keep fit and Harry was more than appreciative of Draco's efforts to keep himself healthy and in top shape.

Harry licked and kissed his pale skin, sucking at his belly button and he felt the effort Draco made not to break character, not to make a noise that would displease his 'Master' and Harry raised himself up to smile at him, letting his love show through.

He stood up again and turned to the other three, who hadn't moved but definitely looked more unsettled and wobbly than they had before. This was driving them insane as well as him. He smiled at them.

"I'm very pleased with you all." He said softly, his voice slightly gruff from arousal.

"We're very happy to have pleased you, Master." Blaise told him.

Harry went onto his toes to kiss Blaise. "Climb onto the bed for me."

Blaise did as he was asked and climbed on, sitting away from Draco and waiting for Harry to position him.

Harry laid them next to one another, Blaise's robe slipping open to show off his gorgeous body as well. Harry paid him the same amount of attention as he'd given to Draco, licking and kissing his skin. He was so hard that he pressed against his own belly and he shuddered as he reached down under his trousers to tug at himself sharply, trying to ease the pressure, just a little.

"You four are going to kill me." He groaned.

"Never, Master. We love our Master. We would never harm you." Max assured him passionately.

Harry smiled at him. "Then you better get over here and help me."

"Yes, Master." Max agreed fluidly as he came to stand in front of him.

Harry was frustrated as hell, he didn't want to order them to do anything, things they might not want to do or might not have otherwise done, but they seemed to expect him to order them to do everything and anything.

"Kiss me." He gave in and Max immediately pulled him into his arms and kissed him passionately. At least he didn't have to order the passion into their kisses or order them to hold him while they kissed. That would have been too much for him.

Harry stumbled away when Max let him go and he sat on the bed between Draco and Blaise, who had both sat up and started caressing his shoulders on either side.

"Let us make you feel good, Master." Blaise whispered into his ear.

"We can make you feel everything, Master." Draco agreed.

Leolin however had different ideas as he started sniffling and then wailing. Harry sighed and stood up; he mock glared as Nasta had moved to go to Leolin.

"Did I say that you could move?" He queried, showing that he was still going to keep to this fantasy, even if they had a little distraction in the form of Leolin wanting a feed.

"I…sorry, Master." Nasta said as he stood still and spread his legs, holding his arms behind his back and he dropped his chin to his chest.

Harry went to Leolin and picked him up, cradling his littlest boy to his chest gently.

"This little one is my son. You do not touch my son without permission. Now, none of you move while I see to him and my other children. It won't take longer than ten minutes. I'm sure you can behave and stay still for that amount of time, can't you?"

Harry got four 'yes Master's' from his 'play slaves' before he left the room to feed Leolin. The others wouldn't need feeding for a while and he would be free to play with his mates and the fantasy they had set up for him on his birthday just as soon as he settled Leolin back down to sleep.

Harry took the downtime to get himself into the zone that he needed, the head space he needed to slip into this fantasy, he wanted to do this, he wanted this gift that they'd given him and had planned to give him for a while, something that they had planned meticulously. It was only fair that he did his best too. He just needed to calm down a little, get over the shock and the surprise of seeing them in such a way and squash the nervous giggles that wanted to come out at inappropriate times. He could do this, he would and he'd damn well enjoy it too.

He fed Leolin and encouraged and coaxed him to drink as much as he could before burping him and snuggling with him gently and humming softly until those half open golden eyes closed and stayed closed, his little chest raising and falling rhythmically in sleep.

Harry carried him back up the stairs and took Leolin into the nursery to check on the five sleepers inside, all in separate cots, all in various positions and all fast asleep and peaceful. He checked the baby monitor to make sure that it was still on before he went next door to find his 'play slaves' were all still exactly where he'd left them. It sent a thrill of excited pleasure through his spine and down into his gut. It pleased him more than he would have expected to see them as still as statues, still exactly where they'd been when he'd left the room.

"Is your son alright and well fed, Master?" Draco asked.

Harry nodded. "An extra eighth of an ounce of milk tonight. I'm very proud of him."

"We're happy that you're proud of him, Master." Nasta smiled softly, his own pride glittering in his hazel eyes as he watched Harry tucking Leolin in gently. They looked darker in the low lighting.

"I'm very proud of the man who gave him to me too." Harry said smiling. "Now come here, I want to play."

"I am yours to play with, Master." Nasta assured him softly, ducking his head with a playful part smile, part smirk on those kissable lips.

"I'm going to play with all of you tonight." Harry promised with a naughty grin. "Kiss me."

Nasta snatched him up and kissed him hard and deep, pulling his body in tight to his own barely covered skin. Harry let out a soft, uncontrollable moan that was muffled by Nasta's mouth.

He felt breathless and a little dizzy when Nasta set him back onto his feet and he sucked in deep, rapid breaths and tried to calm himself, but he was hard and solid in his trousers, verging on being uncomfortable and almost painful.

"What would you have of us, Master?" Blaise almost purred in his ear.

Harry swallowed and tried to keep track of where all four of them were and what they were saying, but as soon as they said 'Master' he couldn't remember anything that came before it, he just felt a huge jolt of absolute desire and all he could think about was his cock.

He played with the collar around Draco's neck; it was simple in design, lightweight and looked like it had been put on with a charm as it was seamless. The matching cuffs around his wrists were the same and Harry kissed the thin, pale skin of Draco's wrist.

"You don't know how turned on I am at seeing these on your body." Harry whispered.

"Anything to please you, Master." Draco whispered softly.

"You all please me." Harry said, trying to keep in his Master persona, but he couldn't help adding. "You didn't have to do this to please me."

"We wanted to." Max whispered behind him, bending his head to his hair. "We just want to please our beautiful, wonder Master."

"You do." Harry said strongly, slipping back into the fantasy. "Now make yourselves useful and strip me."

Missing Scene

Harry woke up to someone washing him with a damp cloth, he felt the strange residue from being magically cleaned, but still someone was washing him with a damp cloth as well.

He cracked his eyes open to see Draco smiling above him, damp flannel in hand as he washed Harry's body. He was wearing pyjama bottoms and not his floaty robe, Harry wondered which one he liked the most, Draco in just pyjama bottoms, his view unobstructed from that glorious chest and cobblestone abs by any material or the teasing, tantalising sight of glimpsing skin and the hint of muscles beneath the transparent robe.

Something in his mind clicked and he sat up, or he tried to as he fell back holding his lower abdomen with a groan, the pain in his lower back making itself known.

"Leolin!" He called out. "We can't use magic around Leolin!"

"We didn't." Max assured him from somewhere near the foot of the bed. "He wanted another bottle, so Nasta took him to feed and change him; we cleaned everything up when he was out of the room."

Harry relaxed then and he wondered why he had thought that his mates wouldn't have already made sure that Leolin was well out of the room before using magic. Then he decided that his brain wasn't really in the best of places after his birthday surprise, fantasy, whatever it had been and he just rested back on the pillows and let Draco pamper him, one large hand massaging his lower belly to ease what was most definitely pulled muscles.

"Where's Blaise?" He croaked out.

"Changing Calix and seeing if any of the other kids need anything." Max answered as he clambered into the bed wearing sleep shorts and a wide grin.

"Am I clean?" He asked Draco.

"As clean as I can get you outside of a bath, yes." Draco replied as he stood to take the damp cloth back to the bathroom.

Harry rolled over and snuggled into Max's chest.

"Did you have a good birthday, Master?"

Harry groaned. "Stop that, I'm too tired to get hard, but yes I did. I loved my big surprise. Thank you."

"You're very welcome. We remembered that you said that you had a slave fantasy."

"It was a joke." Harry groaned.

"You enjoyed it though, didn't you?"

"I can't exactly lie now and say no, can I?"

"Not really." Nasta chuckled as he came in with Leolin.

Harry forced himself to sit up and held his arms out when Leolin turned to look at him through gold eyes.

"Hey baby, why are you still awake? Why don't you go to sleep?" Harry cooed tiredly to Leolin.

His mates all clambered into the bed around him, watching as he rocked and hummed and bounced Leolin to try and get him to sleep, but his little boy refused.

The main lights were switched off, leaving just the lamp on the bedside table switched on so that they could see and tend to Leolin.

"Of all nights to fight sleep, Leolin, you choose the one night where I'm so tired I can't think properly."

"Do you want me to take over?" Nasta asked, sitting up and moving over as much as he could with Draco between them.

"No, I've got him. I won't sleep and leave you to deal with him alone." Harry said, speaking louder in his last sentence.

Blaise groaned and rolled over, covering his head with his arm. Max did nothing as he was deeply asleep already and Draco just sighed.

Harry huffed and rocked Leolin, wondering why his Faerie baby wasn't sleeping, but his brain was too tired and too fucked out to think on it.

"Please baby, go to sleep. You like sleep and though I love this new development in you, maybe you could sleep now and try it again tomorrow when Mummy and your Daddies are actually awake and have enough brains left in their heads to function, yes? Is that a deal?"

Leolin did nothing, just blinked up at him and then he smiled at him and Harry smiled back wider.

"I saw that smile." Nasta told him. Harry looked at him and they shared a proud grin together.

"These bastards should have been awake to see it too!" Harry scowled.

Leolin copied him and his little mouth pulled into his familiar frown. Harry laughed and cradled him gently.

"Who's my favourite little Faerie baby?" Harry cooed. "You're so adorable!"

"Stop talkin', go sleep." Draco complained from between them.

"Oh I'm sorry, is being awake with our son bothering you and disturbing your sleep?" Harry demanded. "Maybe you should damn well wake up and sit with Nasta and me as we try to get him to sleep."

Nasta plucked Leolin from his arms and sniffed at him, his tongue flicking out to lick over Leolin's forehead. He shook his head.

"No fever, no sickness. He just wants to be awake with us."

Harry yawned tiredly, almost unhinging his jaw and Leolin copied him a moment later, tiny mouth puckering in a wide yawn. Harry cooed some more and nuzzled with Leolin.

"I'm not sure, love, but I actually think that he's copying you. That wasn't a real yawn." Nasta said with a small frown. "You smiled, he smiled, you frowned, he frowned, you yawned and so did he."

"Coincidence maybe." Harry said, his own frown coming to his lips and he watched as Leolin's blank face slipped into a frown.

"He is copying you." Nasta laughed.

"I still think it's coincidence."

"Close your eyes and pretend to sleep." Nasta encouraged.

Harry did as he was told, he was almost actually asleep after ten minutes of pretending, but Nasta's soft laugh had him blinking open his eyes, to see that Leolin was fast asleep and breathing deeply and evenly.

"He was copying you." Nasta grinned as he slid out of the bed and placed Leolin gently, oh so very gently, into his bassinet and covered him over, laying a huge hand over his little son's chest and smiling softly. He bent to kiss Leolin's little face before he slid back into the bed and turned on his side and cupped Harry's face over Draco's broad shoulder.

"That was new, I wonder if he'll do…do it…tomorrow." Harry said around a huge yawn that made his eyes water.

Nasta nodded and lay down. "We'll see tomorrow, but for now, let's just get some sleep, Cariad. We need the sleep now."

Harry didn't reply. He just snuggled in tighter to Draco and heard Max groan in his sleep as he shifted tighter to his back. He settled himself down and stopped himself thinking too much, he'd think about Leolin's development and his want to copy everything that he did tomorrow, for now, he ached pleasantly in all the right places and he wanted some sleep before he had to wake up again tomorrow morning. He'd had a fucking brilliant birthday, his surprise was even better and he was very, very happy. He couldn't have asked for any more than he'd gotten and he was thankful every single day that he had these four amazing men with him to share in everything his life held. He loved them so much and he would be sure to tell them that tomorrow, after some decent sleep that was. He didn't even care that Max had forgotten his Dreamless Sleep potion, because after that, he was sure that his sleep would be too deep to dream of anything at all.

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