The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


83. Chapter Eighty-One – Fantasy Part 1

"Lay off!" Harry growled angrily as he was pushed towards a chair. "We have no idea if I'm pregnant or not yet and if I was I'm not doing any damage! Back away from my body!"

"Back away from the man's body!" Max proclaimed loudly, picking Blaise up and hauling him to a different settee.

Harry's anger and frustration melted away and he couldn't help grinning, which was what Max had aimed for, he was sure.

He was turning eighteen tomorrow and he was getting excited as his mates kept hinting at a big surprise just for him, but the continuous manhandling and the urging to just take it easy and rest some more was stripping that away slowly, but surely.

"What is going on now?" Nasta asked exasperatedly. Harry felt bad for disturbing him; he'd had a large batch of paperwork come from the Welsh Dragon Reserve that morning and he was very busy trying to sort it all out. The stress rolled off of him like an almost visible haze, but Harry had learnt that Nasta dealt with stress very well. At least up to a certain point that was.

"Blaise is treating Harry like an invalid again." Max told him. "Nothing I can't sort out, don't worry."

"It looks like you're making things worse." Nasta replied tonelessly and with a cocked eyebrow.

Max was holding Blaise to the settee, but Blaise wasn't paying any attention to them and was instead fighting and snarling, his claws and fangs were out, but his wings were still absent. Small mercies and all that.

Nasta sighed and got Max to back away before seizing Blaise around the waist and holding him tightly to his chest as he went to dive on Max, presumably to tear into him. His fangs slid out and Nasta sunk them into the back of Blaise's neck to calm him and within minutes Blaise had calmed right down and he had gone boneless in Nasta's arms. Harry breathed a bit easier; he hadn't known that he had been getting tense from this situation until Blaise had visibly calmed down.

"Stop upsetting Harry." Nasta demanded. "It's his birthday tomorrow! You're ruining his big surprise; he won't want it if he's angry with all of us."

"I didn't say that!" Harry cut in quickly with a wide grin. "I want the surprise; I just want to be left alone. We were on holiday in Guadeloupe last year and I was further into my pregnancy with the quintuplets then than I am now, if I am pregnant at all that is and if I am it's only a week along."

"You're a very fertile man." Max purred. "Chances are that you are pregnant. We could have a little baby growing in here."

Harry rolled his eyes as Max's huge hand covered his slim belly. He was pulled into a harsh kiss and when they broke apart he shook his head, his chest heaving.

"When's Draco coming home?" Harry asked. "I'm hungry."

"He said early afternoon, before Regan and Tegan need to take their naps, so at about one." Nasta answered.

"I can make you an early lunch." Max offered happily. "Draco will likely eat at the Malfoy home with his parents and he has food for Regan and Tegan with him. There's no point in us waiting for him to come back to eat lunch only to find out that he's already eaten."

Harry scooped up Calix and carried him into the kitchen. Braiden had already gone down for his nap at noon, after his own lunch, and Leolin was sleeping too, it was just Calix and Farren left awake for them to entertain and they'd both be going down for a nap in an hour or so and then they'd have an hour or two to themselves to clean up the house and sort everything out before the kids woke up and then made a mess again.

Nasta set Farren down in the play area that they'd set up, using a corner of the kitchen and cordoning it off from the rest of the kitchen so that if they were all in the kitchen, they didn't have to leave their babies in a different room, but it also kept the babies safe from the dangers of the kitchen.

Harry sat down with Calix in his lap, he was chewing on a small ball that had different textured nodules to help teething babies as Calix was cutting a new tooth. Nasta went back to his paperwork, Max started prepping for lunch and Blaise sat beside him, playing with Calix's hair. His hand kept twitching as if he wanted to pull Harry onto his own lap and trap him there. Harry swore that he wouldn't do or say anything about it until Blaise actually started manhandling him again.

"So are you excited for tomorrow?" Max asked him with a smile.

"Of course I am. I turn eighteen tomorrow. It's always been a big birthday in my mind." Harry smiled.

"You won't be able to drink tomorrow." Nasta told him without even looking up from his paperwork.

Harry sighed. "I know that. I wasn't going to drink anyway, the kids will be here. I'm not some sort of alcoholic, Nasta; I don't wait for any excuse to drink."

Nasta looked up and blinked confusedly. "I know that. I wouldn't have minded if your birthday had been before your heat, but with the unknown status of your…"

"I know." Harry cut in aggrieved. "As I said, I wasn't going to drink anyway, pregnant or not."

Nasta seemed to realise that he'd shoved his foot into his mouth as he stopped talking and went back to his work silently. This was the downfall of being pregnant, or even just maybe pregnant it seemed. They were treating him like he was stupid. As if he didn't already fucking know that he couldn't drink because of the maybe baby, what sort of fool did they take him for?

Harry breathed in deeply and settled himself. He reminded himself that Nasta was under a lot of stress and had a lot of work to do and that his comment likely wasn't aimed to hurt him or make him feel stupid, even if it had.

He was not some child who would fly off the handle for an imagined slight when it wasn't intended that way. He wasn't the raged filled teenager who had felt white hot anger burning through him at all hours of the day and blew up spectacularly for any small, minuscule reason. He'd grown up since then. He wasn't the reckless boy who had once thrown himself into all sorts of danger just because he thought others were in trouble or because he was too curious for his own good. He was a Mother now. A Mother to six young babies and maybe more soon. He was a lover to four amazing men, he was one fifth of the adult percentage of their family, if he went and did something reckless and dangerous, he not only risked his lovers, but he could risk making his children Motherless too. How the hell could he live with himself if he risked that, risked them, for the sake of his own feelings and curiosities? No, he wasn't that boy anymore, he'd grown up since then and he wasn't going to look back. He would regret nothing.

Harry was the first one awake the next morning. He'd had a nightmare and he was covered in sweat, feeling sticky and dirty. He didn't even remember that it was his birthday today; all he could think about was the nightmare that had been so bad that it had mentally disturbed him. What sort of person was he to have such disgusting dreams about his own children? He wanted to vomit.

Climbing out of the bed carefully so that he didn't wake up his lovers, untangling himself from them and their limbs and from the duvet, he checked on Leolin, who was sleeping peacefully in his bassinet by their bedside. He grabbed a clean pair of pyjamas from the dresser before he went to the nursery next door and checked on the five other babies, who were again all sleeping peacefully in their cots. He'd just had to check on them after his nightmare. It was half four in the morning and he felt unrested and grubby, his thoughts flying around his head at a mile a minute, flitting through his nightmare on repeat, honing in on every vile detail until he felt physically sick and close to tears.

He went to the bathroom on the ground floor and got into the shower, making the water as hot as he could stand it to make himself feel cleaner. He stayed in just long enough to wash his hair and body before he got out and wrapped himself in a towel. He dried off carefully and dressed in the clean pyjamas that he'd brought down with him and he cleaned up the bathroom before he went into the kitchen to get a cup of tea, sitting at the table and trying to calm himself down and not think about the nightmare that he'd had, but it was the only thing on his mind, the only thing that he could actually think about. That was how Nasta found him just fifteen minutes later.

"Why are you up so early, love?" He asked softly as he checked how hot the water in the kettle was, Leolin wailing half-heartedly in the crook of his arm for a feed.

"Nightmare." Harry grunted tiredly. "I'm going to drink this and get back into bed; hopefully I can sleep for an hour or two at least before the kids wake up and need dealing with."

"I can handle them if you want a few more hours in bed; you look dead on your feet. How long have you been down here on your own?"

"Not long." Harry answered as he watched Nasta make up a bottle for Leolin over the rim of his teacup. "I woke up at about half four, checked on the kids, grabbed a quick shower to clean myself up and then came to get some tea to settle myself. If I'd known that Leolin was going to wake up I'd have brought him down with me so that you could sleep for longer. I knew I should have grabbed the baby monitor, I just wasn't thinking straight."

"I still don't think you are thinking straight." Nasta told him gently. "Get some more sleep, maybe then you'll feel better. We'll talk through your nightmare when you wake up if you'd like to."

Harry nodded and drained his tea. He dropped the cup into the sink gently, he kissed Nasta before he kissed Leolin and he trudged back up to bed, hoping to get a few more hours of sleep at least.

He crawled into the bed and he snuggled down between Draco and Blaise. He tried to clear his mind, or at the very least he tried not to think about the nightmare that he'd had, but it was difficult when it was roving around his mind and kept buzzing to life every time he tried to drift off to sleep. Max was just getting up when he finally fell asleep, restless and exhausted.

Max was very happy, excited almost, as he showered and dressed himself as quickly as he could, keeping himself as quiet as he could so that he didn't wake Harry, the birthday boy. The youngest member of their mateship was eighteen today and he was now a legal adult in the Muggle world as well as the wizarding world, which was great as it meant that all five of them could now go out into the Muggle world and do everything that they wanted to do. There would be no sneaking wine to Harry or Draco like they'd done last Valentine's Day, when Nasta had insisted seriously, to the owners of the rather grubby restaurant, that Harry and Draco were definitely eighteen, almost nineteen in fact, when in truth they'd been seventeen. The five of them had gotten seriously drunk off of that night, there were still some parts that one or more of them just didn't remember. Max smiled, it had been an amazing Valentine's night…he made a mental note to make next year's just as amazing, he'd corroborate with Nasta to treat the younger three.

He peeked his head in on the kids, happy that none of them were awake as of yet as he rushed down the stairs to start breakfast, he was going to surprise Harry with breakfast in bed again.

"Don't bother with Harry." Nasta told him from the table where he was doing paperwork with Leolin cradled in one arm.

"You said that you weren't going to do paperwork today and we agreed that we'd give Harry breakfast in bed." Max said with a frown, wondering what had happened in just several hours to change this.

Nasta sighed and put his quill down, rubbing his face. "Harry was down here this morning when I came down with Leolin. He had a nightmare, Max, he didn't even remember that it was his birthday and he looked terrible. I think it would be a bigger present to let him sleep uninterrupted for a few more hours."

Max sighed and took the chair next to Nasta, taking Leolin from him so that he had both hands free for his paperwork. He cradled his youngest son gently and pressed a kiss to his sleeping brow.

"What did he dream about this time?" Max asked softly.

"I don't know, he looked so out of it. I thought that it would be better to just put him to bed and let him tell me later. It likely has something to do with the Dursley case; it's taking over his thoughts these days and his nightmares are getting worse."

Max nodded. "I'll make him brunch when he wakes up later. But Draco and Blaise should be awake in an hour or so, so I'll make breakfast for four and get the kids sorted, that way you can get as much paperwork out of the way as possible before Harry wakes up."

Nasta pulled Max down into a grateful kiss. "Thank you. I can't believe how much I have to do. I'm going to have to pop in to the Reserve some when to evaluate the adolescents too. That's snuck up on me, it seems only the other week that I got the update that they'd hatched."

"You're doing it again." Max teased.

"Doing what?" Nasta asked curiously.

"Going all crazy, gooey eyed over the hatchlings. I've already told you, you can't sneak one away under your shirt."

Nasta smiled. "I do miss them a lot. I can't help it, but I'd never risk our children in such a blatant, selfish way."

"I know you wouldn't, I was just teasing." Max bopped him over the head before he turned to put Leolin in his kitchen bassinet before he boiled the kettle to make tea.

He made sure that Nasta was supplied with a fresh cup of green tea before he drained his own cup to wake himself up before he started the preparation for breakfast, reminding himself that it was for four people and not five like usual.

Draco came down at seven with Braiden and Farren tucked into his arms. He settled them both into highchairs with Nasta's help and predictably Farren started bashing the tray of his highchair with his hands as his breakfast wasn't immediately put in front of him.

"Alright Farren, calm down." Draco chuckled sleepily. "I haven't even woken up properly yet."

"Here you go, love, wake yourself up." Max pulled him into a kiss and passed over a teacup of white tea, just how Draco liked it, before he started up making two bowls of baby cereal.

"I'll feed these two; you have too much to do with breakfast." Nasta offered, putting his paperwork back into the case file to avoid spilling anything on it. He didn't much feel like spending two hours of his time charming dried cereal off of his work.

Nasta took the two tiny bowls from Max and set Braiden's in front of him, but he held Farren's in one hand and loaded up a tiny spoon that was nearly lost in his hand.

Braiden's hand went into his bowl and his hand then went to his mouth as he suckled his cereal from his fingers happily.

"For a boy who doesn't like having a bath, he sure does like getting into a mess." Draco observed, watching over Braiden.

Farren greedily ate every bite that Nasta gave him. Nasta was so proud of how much Farren was growing and how quickly too. He had swallowed his cereal and had his mouth open again, waiting for more before Nasta had even loaded up the spoon and he had to chuckle at him. He made sure to keep an eye on Braiden, who was smearing his breakfast halfway across his face. He couldn't believe that Braiden would be a year old in just two weeks. It had gone so very fast, he still remembered cradling a newborn Braiden in his arms, his heart bursting with love for his first ever child. He'd still been reeling at the thought that he was actually mated and that he finally had a submissive mate of his own after twenty-one years of waiting, that he had three other dominants to love too and then Braiden had come along and he had thought that his heart might burst from the amount of love that he felt.

Farren finished his cereal and Nasta had to scrape the bowl as Farren sat there with his mouth open waiting for more and when the cereal was completely gone and Nasta didn't put the spoon back into his mouth, he started crying.

"What is the matter baby boy?" Max asked him softly, coming over to wipe Farren's hands and chin with a damp cloth. Farren started crying harder as he realised that breakfast was over.

Nasta turned to help Braiden, picking up his spoon and helping him to actually eat his breakfast, grimacing as those gunky fingers tugged at his sleeves and gripped his hand and fingers, smearing more of his smooth cereal everywhere.

Max gave up trying to comfort Farren as he tore a ripe banana from the fruit bowl and peeled it. He broke it in half before picking up a knife and cutting each half into very thin slices.

He picked up half of the slices in his hand and scattered them over Farren's tray and, sniffling softly, Farren picked one slice up and jammed it into his mouth, chewing happily and dribbling mashed banana down his chin.

"This boy is only happy when he's eating!" He complained. "A whole bowl of cereal and half a banana, at seven months old! He's going to be bigger than I am before he's a teenager!"

"A little help please." Blaise asked from down the hall and Draco stood to go and help him, coming back in with Calix squirming over his shoulder, giggling and yanking on baby fine, blond hair.

"Calix love, please don't pull my hair." Draco coaxed as he tried to get those little hands from his hair while trying to also get him into a highchair as Blaise came into the kitchen with Regan and Tegan babbling together in his arms.

"Harry's sleeping like a rock today." Blaise told them. "He didn't so much as stir as I woke up because these three were screaming their heads off."

"He's had a rough night." Nasta said with a sigh. "He was down here at four this morning, he had nightmares again. I thought it would be a bigger gift to him to let him have a lie in rather than wake him up with breakfast in bed."

Draco nodded. "It would be. I think he'd enjoy that a lot more. He misses his sleep."

"I vote that we let him sleep as long as he wants to, even if it's past midday." Blaise added.

"I agree with that. The best present that we could give him. His beauty sleep." Max laughed. "We've got the family and his friends coming over later though for his party, so he can't sleep for too long, I'd think he'd want a shower at least."

"He had one this morning." Nasta informed them as he finished feeding Braiden and was using a cloth to clean up what he could.

Max picked up the other half a banana and scattered it over Braiden's tray, watching as their oldest boy clapped his hands happily as the banana slices just appeared for him. He picked one up and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing happily and wriggling his little body as he ate.

"I think he likes bananas." Draco smiled.

Max pulled open a drawer and pulled out a notebook, he grabbed a pencil and wrote something down.

"Braiden loves bananas. They puree really well so I used to mix a bit of banana puree in with his cereal when we were just giving him his first taste of things other than milk. Farren likes them better now that they're whole; he wasn't fond of them when they were pureed."

Max put the pencil down and went to get three bowls of baby cereal and handed them out with little spoons before he turned back to keep an eye on breakfast, washing up Farren and Braiden's bowls and spoons before wiping down his counters.

Blaise fed Tegan her cereal as Draco tried to coax Regan into eating, but their fourth child was very fussy and he was playing up yet again.

"Only you could have such a fussy eater." Draco groused to Nasta.

"You mean you weren't?" Max teased.

"I'll have you know that I have always eaten everything that I've been told to eat. If it was on my plate, I ate it without complaint. Have you ever known me to leave anything?"

Max frowned in thought before he laughed. "You know what, I haven't. You always clear your plate. What if you don't like something?"

"I still eat it and then I know for next time that I don't like it and I won't agree to eat it again."

"I couldn't do that." Max grimaced. "If I didn't like it, I would not fucking eat it. I was very opinionated and very strong willed, even as a child and nothing, not even the threat of a public spanking from my Dad, would get me to eat anything that I didn't want to when I was a kid, which unfortunately had the effect of teaching my brother and sisters that they didn't have to eat what they didn't want to either. My Dad hated it."

"Ba na." Braiden babbled loudly, cutting across their conversation.

"Yes Braiden. Banana." Nasta encouraged brightly, holding out a thin slice of the fruit to their, almost, one year old.

"Na na." Braiden giggled as he grabbed the slice and squashed it in his hand before sucking the mushed banana into his mouth.

"You're so messy." Nasta mock growled at him, getting a happy giggle back and mushed banana covered fingers grabbing for his face. He pulled back very quickly out of reach.

"Ba na na." Calix babbled and as one, four heads swung to look at him.

"Get the camera!" Max hissed.

Nasta rushed to fumble the camcorder from a kitchen drawer, he set it up and set it to record as Max hunched in front of Calix and babbled to him and then he said 'banana' to Calix and he screeched happily.

"Ba nana." Calix said more clearly, clapping his hands together.

"Banana." Max encouraged again showing the thin slice of fruit to him.

"Nanah." Calix grinned bashing a little hand against his highchair tray.


"Banana." Calix copied.

Max scooped him up and cuddled him close. "Who is such a clever boy! Seven months old and he said his first proper word! This here is my boy!" He boasted, turning Calix to face the camcorder. "This clever boy is made with my genes and that bruiser by there, is also my genes!" He added pointing to Farren, who was sucking the last of the banana slices into his mouth. "I have a smart son and a big bruiser."

"Are you done?" Draco sneered. "I haven't had any biological children yet, we all know that my genes will be highly superior. Not that I think any of them are inferior, but my genes are naturally going to be a cut above yours."

Blaise snorted. "I think that it's Harry's genes that are the superior ones. All the kids are amazing and they all have one thing in common. Harry."

"I can agree to that." Nasta said with a soft smile as he put the camcorder back down and placed it back into its drawer.

"Right lovers, breakfast is up, are these monsters finished yet?" Max asked as he handed Calix off to Nasta, who had held his arms out for him.

"We're just waiting on Regan to stop being a fussy mare." Draco grumbled as he tried to get Regan to eat a little more.

"I'll set the bath up after breakfast." Nasta sighed. "If one of you could give me a hand we can bathe three of them at a time and get done in half the time so that we can focus on setting everything up for Harry."

"I'll help you." Blaise said after thanking Max for his breakfast.

"Thank you, Caru." Nasta smiled and pulled his head into a kiss as he passed on his way to get to his own breakfast.

"Did Harry say what his nightmare was about?" Blaise asked.

Nasta shook his head. "No. He didn't say much about it. He just told me that he had a nightmare, not what it was about, but I'd think it was about the Dursley trial."

"Don't say that too loudly today." Draco warned. "It's his birthday; the last thing he needs is hearing that damn name."

Nasta nodded in understanding and dug into his breakfast, but it was like chewing rubber. He'd rather eat his own wings than tell Max such a thing though, especially as he was sure that Max's cooking was just as perfect as it always was, the fault lay upstairs, sleeping in their bed and not even knowing that it was his birthday.

Max set to cleaning the dishes and the kitchen as he started baking little fairy cakes and making a very large birthday cake for Harry.

Nasta and Blaise bathed the children and dressed them smartly, but made sure they were still comfortable enough to play and move around in as they dropped them on Draco, who was freshly showered, in the living room with their toys and then they went for their own shower, and if they took a little longer than usual and Blaise came out a little bow legged and flushed, no one said a word.

Draco wrangled the five kids as best as he could, but he was definitely feeling more love for Leolin, who was fast asleep in his bassinet, not crawling over everything, not hitting his brothers, not throwing anything, not trying to climb the cabinets, not screaming, not crying, he wasn't doing anything but sleeping peacefully and Draco was forced to run around like a fucking peasant trying to keep an eye on all five of them as they all crawled off in different directions. Calix, the little speed racer, was darting off out the door. Tegan was hitting Farren, who was just sat there letting her hit him, but he was crying loudly. Braiden was cruising the coffee table, hitting it on every step with a hard, plastic musical ball that was lighting up brightly and making an ear splitting sound every time one of the buttons was bashed into the table. He couldn't see Regan anywhere.

"Max!" He called out loudly, trying to keep his voice under control so that he didn't wake up Harry, but Max heard him and the urgency in his voice.

Max dashed into the room wearing his dark green apron, covered in flour and Calix under his arm.

"He was just coming into the kitchen when I heard you." Max sighed as he settled Calix down on the floor and went to take the musical ball from Braiden as Draco picked up Farren and cuddled him gently, soothing and comforting him.

"I can't find Regan!" He told Max desperately.

Max looked around and Draco saw when the panic set in. He put Braiden in the playpen, snatched up Calix and put him into it too, Draco got the message and placed Farren into it with his two brothers, but Max had separated Tegan off and placed her into a travel cot that was up behind the settee, then he started looking for Regan.

Draco joined him, his heart in his throat and he felt like either bursting into tears or shifting form and clawing up some prey.

"What's wrong, what happened?" Blaise asked as he came into the living room from the downstairs bathroom, happy, relaxed and sated for all of a minute.

Nasta moved him to the side so that he could come into the room and see what was happening for himself.

"Regan's gone missing." Max informed them.

Both of their faces slackened and then the panic set in as they started searching the whole room.

"How the hell did you lose him?!" Blaise raged hysterically.

"Braiden was bashing his damn music ball against the table, Tegan was attacking Farren and Calix was off out the door, I couldn't track all of them at once and I lost Regan."

"We'll find him." Nasta said soothingly. "He can't get out of the house."

Max blanched. "I have the back door open to stop the kitchen from overheating." He explained before he ran to his kitchen to the back door to see if maybe Regan had taken a trip outside. His heart felt like it was going to explode.

"He couldn't have gotten far!" Draco said a bit hysterically.

"Calm down, just stay calm." Nasta encouraged. "Check under the settees, check under everything."

Draco dropped to his belly and peered under their chairs, his heart constricting when he didn't see even a hint of his little boy.

"Where the hell can he be?!" Blaise shouted.

They all sighed when they heard Harry getting up at Blaise's shout, but before they could even exchange glances to decide what to say to him or how they could possibly explain to their submissive mate that they'd lost one of their children, a thump on the stairs had their hearts lurching into their throats, another thump followed by another had them rushing into the passageway as they heard a little body falling down the stairs.

A sleep tousled, very exhausted looking Harry in pyjamas stood at the top of the stairs, his face etched in fury and horror.

Regan was stuck halfway up the stairs, floating a mere half an inch from hitting the next step, he was screaming even as he was frozen in place and Harry almost fell head long down the stairs to grab him as Nasta rushed up the stairs to grab them both.

Harry clutched at Regan tightly and ignored Nasta carrying him down the stairs as he focused on the screaming baby in his arms. He was so angry that he was visibly shaking and all sorts of thoughts and scenarios were going through his mind, he felt bile creep up his throat.

Nasta sent Draco to go and find Max in the considerable garden and Harry kicked out at Nasta to get to the floor, sniffing and tracing his eyes all over Regan's little body, but there seemed to be no damage done to him at all that he could see, but he wasn't taking any chances, not with his little boy as he inhaled deeply around his head, trying to scent out any damage whatsoever.

"Oh thank fuck. I need a shot of Firewhiskey after that scare." Max groaned.

"He fell down the stairs." Harry bit out so coldly that they all swallowed nervously.

"Is…is he alright?" Max asked hesitantly.

"He fell down the stairs!" Harry repeated angrily, his voice rising as his arms tightened around Regan.

"Let me see him, Harry, I have first aid training." Max encouraged. "One simple spell, that's all, you know that this could be an emergency situation, we've been in this position before, just let me check him okay? Please."

Harry clenched his jaw so hard that they could hear his teeth grinding together. "I won't let go of him."

"If you're pregnant then the spell might…"

"I don't give a fuck!" Harry hissed. "If I'm not pregnant then I'm going to feel worse for not holding him, stop wasting time! If he needs a Healer then the sooner we get him there the better!"

Max nodded haltingly and pulled his wand out of his sleeve and cast a diagnostic spell while Harry nuzzled with Regan, still sniffing him.

"He's alright, Harry. There's absolutely no head trauma and no concussion. He doesn't have any broken or fractured bones, he might have a little bruising, but I swear to you there is no danger to him or any damage done."

Harry unclenched his jaw and he swallowed hard as he heard that. He nodded sharply instead and tried to regain normal breathing patterns.

"What happened?" Harry asked them, deceptively calm.

"I…I couldn't keep track of them." Draco admitted bitterly. "Braiden was damaging the table, Tegan was attacking Farren, Calix was out of the door and into the kitchen and I lost Regan. He must have gone out of the door before Calix did without me noticing. I'm so sorry."

Harry nodded and sat down on the settee, curling his legs up and cuddling with Regan. He looked so tired that none of them knew what to say.

"He was on the top landing." Harry informed them. "He was right on the edge of the stairs as I came out of the bedroom because you were all shouting, when I woke up I heard him babbling to himself. I thought I was having a heart attack. He turned sharply to look at something down the hall and he just fell backwards. I tried to reach him, fuck I tried to get to him before he fell, but he toppled backwards before I could get halfway to him. Anything could have happened to him. He could have broken his neck! We're lucky that he was born a wizard and he had his magic to help save him from tumbling down the full staircase, but he shouldn't have been in that position in the first place. I want those safety gates put in on the top and bottom of those stairs within the hour."

"Mama!" Braiden called out from his small prison.

"Let them out too, I won't have them locked up like animals because you can't keep an eye on them." He said grumpily.

"Did you have another nightmare?" Nasta asked softly.

"Not now." Harry snapped. "I at least want some tea before I start thinking about that again. That is the very last thing that I want to deal with right now."

Nasta sighed and turned away, letting the kids out to play once again, separating Tegan and Farren as his little girl seemed to really enjoying going after Farren in particular for some reason. He closed the door to the living room so that none of them could get out again as Max went to get Harry a cup of his favoured honey tea and Blaise took a dejected Draco to find the safety gates that they'd put into storage for when the babies were older, they really hadn't thought that they'd need them until the kids were at least walking around a little, but it seemed that there was still a hell of a lot they needed to learn. He couldn't believe that Regan had been put into such danger, just for the sake of a gate at the bottom of the stairs.

Max came back quickly to hand Harry his cup of tea and Harry was feeling better enough to at least thank him for it, but he looked ill from where Nasta was standing and he hated the thought that Harry was plagued by these nightmares enough to make him ill. He really couldn't wait until it was all over and done with and Harry never had anything to worry over again.

The room was silent except for baby giggles and screeches and babbling, with the occasional sip that Harry took from the cup of tea that he'd been given. They watched silently as Braiden crawled to where Harry was sat and pulled himself up to his feet, lifting one arm up towards Harry, the other had a death grip on the fabric of the settee.

"Mama!" Braiden called out loudly and demandingly, gaining Harry's attention and Harry gave him a small, pained looking smile, but he smiled nonetheless and he bent forward to put his cup on the table before he pulled Braiden up to cuddle on his lap with Regan, who was held so tightly to Harry's front that he couldn't have gotten away even if he'd been trying to, but their little boy was just lying on Harry, not doing or saying anything with his little hands clenched tight into Harry's pyjama top. They could almost believe that he was sleeping, but his hazel-gold eyes were wide open and frozen with shock and terror. That made all of them feel so much guilt and pain, all of them felt terrible that this had happened to Regan, their beautiful little boy.

"The safety gates are up and I checked them several times. They're secured and magically warded. They won't be able to fall down the stairs again." Draco said hesitantly as he came back into the room with Blaise.

None of them were sure what to do or to say about what had happened, they were at a loss in such a heart stopping situation. Honestly speaking, what could they do after what had happened?

"Do you even know what day it is?" Blaise asked him suddenly.

Harry frowned. "Friday."

Nasta sighed as his concerns from earlier were confirmed. "It's your eighteenth birthday, Harry."

They watched as Harry's eyes widened as realisation hit him. Nasta sighed again and rubbed his forehead with his finger and thumb.

"I completely forgot. I just wasn't thinking." Harry tried to assure them.

"That's okay, Harry, you had a rough night. Would you like to talk about it?" Nasta asked patiently.

Harry sighed. "It was them again. It's always them! I just want these dreams to stop."

"If you talk the nightmares through with us then maybe you'll feel better." Max hedged. "You know you can come to any of us for anything, Harry, anything at all. We only want to help you."

Harry raked a hand through his already messed up hair and all but groaned, wrapping his arm back around Braiden and he kissed him lingeringly before turning to do the same with Regan on his other side.

"They took the kids away from us. They hurt them like they once used to hurt me and I was just stood there like a fucking idiot doing absolutely nothing but shouting at them to stop, but they never. No matter what I did I couldn't move, it was like I was cursed to the spot. I heard the babies crying, calling out for me, but I couldn't go to them. I've never felt so helpless. I think it was a mix of the trial, my old memories and those damned Faeries threatening to take Leolin away from us. It all jumbled up and made that monstrosity of a nightmare. Then I wake up from the same dream that I had had this morning and I find Regan playing on the top of the stairs! Seeing him fall backwards while I was powerless to help him, while I was too far away to protect him, hearing him hitting the stairs as he fell down them, his crying and his screaming. I couldn't have controlled my reaction to that if I'd tried, but I did manage to keep a hold on my Dracken, who still wants to come out to make sure our little baby is alright."

"How did he even get up the stairs?"

"He crawled up them." Harry said with a look. "Myron and Richard told us that he pulled himself up using the settee and held himself off the floor. If he can do that then he can pull himself up a set of stairs."

"The gates are up now, he won't be able to do it again and he's fine, Harry. He might be a little scared from his sudden fall, but he's not injured. I am sorry that it happened in the first place, of course I am, but he's okay and we've taken measures so that it'll never happen again." Draco said softly.

Harry sighed and nodded. "I know, I'm sorry for snapping, but it's been a long night and after that nightmare and finding Regan on the landing, watching him falling…it didn't make me feel very secure. If he hadn't have been up on the landing, if he hadn't have fallen, then I might not have had a bitch fit over just a few nightmares, but he was and he did."

"You have as many bitch fits as you want. You're entitled to them after that." Max grinned. "We still love you, or at least we do until you start gouging out eyes."

Harry chuckled and smiled at Max, grateful to him for lightening the mood.

"Do I get birthday kisses now?" He asked with a cheeky smile, trying to apologise for his behaviour, even if it was caused by the most horrific nightmare that he'd had to date and watching his precious little boy falling backwards down the stairs. His heart still wasn't beating smoothly.

Max darted right in and snogged him breathless, sweeping his tongue into his mouth and pressing their lips together hard and kissing until they were both struggling for air. Harry's lips were bruised, bright red and felt a little tender, but his chest heaved and he was grinning a bit dazedly.

"Now that was a birthday kiss." Harry practically giggled. "Where are my other three?"

Harry was in a much better mood after he'd had a proper kiss from all of his mates and seeing Regan moving again also helped. His little boy pushed back from him and shimmied to get himself off the settee and onto the floor, Harry's hands hovering over him in a protective gesture that he didn't even try to reel in. He watched with his heart in his throat as Regan crawled to a soft bear and cuddled with it, rubbing it over his face in a comforting gesture.

Max jumped at the chance to get back into his kitchen, remembering that he had a cake in the oven. He made Harry swear not to move and not to go into the kitchen. Harry pouted and threw his arms up and had a mini, very exaggerated tantrum, even rolling over the floor, in which all of his babies and his mates laughed at him. Braiden even clapped for him and it made Harry feel better as he pulled Braiden into his arms and he carried on rolled around the floor with him.

"You haven't even asked about your presents." Max teased as he brought Harry another cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.

"I keep telling you, I don't need them. I have everything that I could possibly want, what else can you give me?" Harry asked with a smile as he cradled an armful of children close to his chest before letting them roam off towards their toys again. "This helps though." He grinned as he held up his sandwich and took a big bite, wiping the blob of brown sauce from his lip with his thumb.

Max shook his head and sat behind him and dragged him back onto his lap, wrapping his arms around him tightly and kissing the back of his neck with soft, dry lips.

Braiden stood on Harry's lap and reached over his shoulder to grasp at Max's hair, giggling his little heart out.

"You're getting so much better at standing, little man. A year old in a few short weeks, dear Merlin where does the time go? I still remember you looking like a small hairless rat lying in the crook of my arm."

Harry stopped chewing and turned his head to stare at Max. He swallowed hard.

"Did you, or did you not, just call our son a hairless rat?" He demanded.

"He did look like a hairless rat." Max defended. "Didn't you baby?"

Max pulled Braiden over Harry's shoulder and cuddled him tightly. "You were a little hairless rat weren't you, love? Yes you were!"

"Did I just hear you calling my Grandson a hairless rat?"

They all stopped and turned to look at a very unimpressed Marianna standing framed in the doorway.

"Well?!" She demanded of Max, her hands on her considerable hips.

"I uhh…well that might not have been exactly what I meant." Max stammered a little and Harry laughed at how uncomfortable and embarrassed he looked.

"It had better not have been!" Marianna huffed before she turned to Blaise and gave him a hug that looked like it had crippled his back before she turned to Harry and smiled at him. "Happy birthday, sweetheart, here you go."

She handed him a wrapped present and took Braiden from Max's arms to squeeze him tight.

"Thank you." Harry said politely with a smile as he went to open it.

"You can't open just one gift, you need to receive them all first." Draco complained.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Marianna has been kind enough to bring me a gift, I'm not going to shove it to the side and ignore it." He said as he tore the colourful paper open to reveal an absolutely gorgeous jumper, it was overlarge, just how he liked them in the winter and he buried his nose into it. It was so soft and thick and it smelt clean and he knew just from looking at it and feeling it that it was expensive. The label was all in French.

"Thank you so much. I love it."

"I thought you might." Marianna smiled. "Even if it is summer, I've never known a boy to wear so many jumpers."

Harry grinned as he folded his new jumper back up and carefully placed it on the coffee table, scrunching up the paper to dispose of it before a baby got hold of it, but Max took it from him and ushered Marianna to a settee, offering to get her tea.

"A coffee would be better." Marianna told him. "You had better make a good cup too, to make up for calling my sweet Braiden a rat; you just wait until your Father hears what I overheard."

Max actually blushed, one of the only times that Harry had ever seen him do so. He could count on one hand the amount of times that something had embarrassed Max enough to blush and he couldn't help grinning as he watched Max nod his head and rush out to the sanctuary of his kitchen.

"He is just too fun to wind up." Marianna chuckled huskily.

"You shouldn't tease him, Mother." Blaise chastised lightly.

"Why not?" Marianna asked. "He insulted my Grandson, I will tease him until he gets all flustered or, if that doesn't work, I'll insult his parentage and insinuate that he is a few genetic pairs short of normal."

Blaise rolled his eyes as if this was all completely normal and Harry chuckled, finishing his sandwich and draining his tea. He didn't have to wait long before Max came back to refill his cup, handing Blaise and Marianna mugs of coffee as he sorted out Nasta and Draco with tea too.

"Silly boy, did you hear me say put milk and sugar into my coffee?" Marianna asked with a frown.

Max swallowed and apologised, going to take the mug back to make her a new one, but Marianna laughed.

"You're lucky that I like my coffee with milk and sugar." She explained with a smirk as she took a deep sip. Her violet eyes glinting with the smile that she wouldn't let show on her mouth.

Max sat down heavily on the settee behind Harry and seemed to be giving himself a mental pep talk. Harry wondered if it was the calm down and get under control sort or the 'I'm not going to kill her' mantra. He smiled and hid it behind his cup as he pulled a lost looking Regan back onto his lap and tickled him until he screeched happily. He still hand the stuffed bear, which had been a gift for Braiden last Christmas if he believed right, in his one hand.

"Muma." He said quietly, looking up at him through Nasta's hazel-gold eyes, a wide grin on his little face. He looked so much like Sanex that he had to smile. His hair was black and his eyes were paler than Sanex's, but the face was all Nasta's older brother's and by extension Aneirin's, he hoped they would both come today, it seemed like forever since he'd last seen Sanex and Caesar, he wanted to catch up with Amelle and with Talia too. He wanted to know if Julinda had worked things out with her Husband that was never there and if Alayla's nursing course was going well. He had so much to talk about with so many people.

"How are you, Regan?" Harry asked him happily. "Are you enjoying yourself? I bet you are. I bet you're just hampering to go exploring again, but you can't do that without me or one of your Daddies with you, it isn't safe."

Regan giggled and reached for Harry's lips. He couldn't help but smile as those little fingers curled around his bottom lip, little nails digging in, but not too much, they'd groomed all of them recently, cutting nails, trimming hair and making sure everything was all alright and after the ordeal that Regan had been through, Harry would have let his son do anything and everything to keep that smile on his face and the giggle on his lips. He seemed to be much better now, or at least the wide eyed, frozen terror had gone.

"Where are you boys hiding?" Richard's voice demanded just before he rounded the corner into the larger living room, the one that wasn't connected to the floo. His scowl transformed into a grin. "There you are! I found you."

Harry chuckled as Richard came to greet him first, bending down to hug Harry where he was on the floor before taking Regan from him and holding him tight.

"Hello munchkin!" He greeted brightly before swooping in and kissing Regan on the cheek. "How have you been? Still as naughty as you were last week, or have you gotten even naughtier?"

"Naughtier." Max said with a smile, obviously feeling better since his run in with Marianna.

"I don't believe you." Myron grumbled as he stepped up behind Richard, his arms going around his Husband's waist and holding him tightly as he bent his head to kiss the top of Regan's head, his fluffy black hair just long enough to show that it wasn't going to take after Harry's own.

"This little one is as good as gold." Myron continued. "Richard seems to think that Regan knew enough to only act up when I wasn't in the room to witness it."

"He did!" Richard insisted. "I swear he only got that evil glint in his eyes when he saw you leave the room."

"He fell down the stairs, please be careful with him." Harry breathed out, his fingers aching to turn into claws. "I don't want to attack you, but my Dracken does, so be gentle with him.

"He fell down the stairs?" Richard gasped and Harry saw his arms tighten in an automatic gesture of protection; it calmed his Dracken down further.

"Halfway down them." Harry amended. "His innate magic took over and he froze himself in mid fall. He was so scared."

"Are you sure he isn't Max's baby? Did we ever tell you about the time that Max fell out of the third storey window? Myron jumped out after him only to find him floating just off the ground." Richard said with a shiver.

"You did tell me that story." Harry nodded and he felt better for being reminded of it. All parents had scares like this, he still wasn't going to let Regan out of his sight, but he did feel calmer.

"All parents go through something like this, Harry, there will be many more accidents to happen too, you can be sure of that, but someone is always going to be there to help pick them up and dust them off. Regan seems fine to me, just like Max was fine after his tumble out of the window, you won't want to let him go, but he's absolutely fine and he doesn't need smothering. Myron even brought Max to bed with us and he was six at the time, my poor balls have never ached so much!"

Myron rolled his eyes and kissed Richard before he took a small something from his pocket and enlarged it with his wand.

"Happy birthday, Harry." He said as he pulled Harry off the floor with the force of his hug and petted his hair lovingly before setting him back on the floor and he sat himself next to Max, pulling his son into a tight hug and pressing his lips to Max's temple. That gesture alone told Harry that Myron still had nightmares over Max falling from that window, thinking on it, his loveable mate could have died that day, Harry might never have met him and then he wouldn't have had Farren or Calix. He swallowed and made a mental note to catch a tight hug with Max himself later.

"Thank you." Harry grinned as he tore open his present and opened the box inside, only to gasp and shut it again quickly. He blushed to the roots of his hair and even down his neck, his cheeks flaming. He could feel the heat of it as he turned to stare at Myron, his mouth parted slightly in shock and embarrassment. He couldn't believe that Myron would have ever thought to get him a sex toy, let alone such an outrageous set.

"Don't you like it?" Myron asked confusedly.

"I…yes of course. Thank you." Harry flustered out, the heat in his face flaring up another level and he had to lower his eyes, he couldn't even look at Myron as his cheeks burned red.

Richard started laughing uproariously and Myron's eyes narrowed dangerously, he knew his Husband too well by now and that laugh let him know that Richard had done something that he wouldn't approve of.

"What was in the box?" He demanded. Harry wasn't sure if he was talking to him or to Richard.

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