The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


95. Chapter Eighty-Nine – Saints Patience Part 2

"Do they have names yet?" Richard asked.

Harry smiled at the floor before shooting a look to Max, who was all but bouncing in excitement.

"One has so far." Harry strung out, teasing a little.

"Which one?" Myron asked.

"The baby in powder blue is the one who has a name." Harry said happily, looking at them as they looked at him, obviously waiting for him to continue.

"Don't tease them, Harry." Nasta's hand landed in his hair and stroked it lightly through strong fingers.

Harry laughed. "Her name is Eva. Eva Evelyn Potter-Maddison. Named of course after Saint Eva of Liege and after a wonderful woman who these two will now never meet."

"That's a lovely name." Marianna praised.

"Oh, did I miss the name?" Narcissa asked as she stepped gracefully and elegantly out of the fireplace, brushing the soot off of her cloak, just catching the end of the conversation.

"Eva." Harry said softly as Lucius flooed in behind her.

"Ga ma." Braiden called out and reached for her over Myron's shoulder.

"Did he just…?"

"He called you grandma. We've been teaching him with photos. So far he recognised Myron as his grandfather and you as his grandmother."

Harry blinked as he realised what he'd said and he looked at Marianna to see how she'd taken the news that her biological grandson was calling another woman grandma, but she was smiling still and she was rocking Eva gently. Dracken families truly were as fluid as water, it seemed.

Narcissa was beside herself in happiness as she plucked Braiden from Myron and kissed all over his face, leaving small smears of her pale lipstick on his cheeks and chin as she praised him and told him how smart he was.

"I better get their lunches on or they'll be eating late and then they definitely won't be happy, Farren especially." Max said with a grin.

"I'll come with you, goldilocks." Richard teased as he moved into the kitchen with Max to their shouting argument about Max's curly hair and all the names that Richard could think of to call him to tease him about it.

Harry shook his head. "I think they look sweet."

"They do." Narcissa assured him. "They look adorable, sweetheart. Now does this other little darling have a name?"

Harry shook his head again. "No, I haven't found any suitable names yet, I did think of Ava, but…well Eva, Ava, a bit too similar for my liking. There is the possibility of getting tongue tied when calling them and I never want to call one of my children by the name of a sibling, especially not an identical twin."

"Understandable." Aneirin nodded as he bounced Tegan on his forearm as she giggled and babbled happily. "Why not try a similar name but one that doesn't have a single letter difference and is pronounced differently?"

Harry cocked his head, thinking hard and deeply. Of course he was disturbed by the twin girls waking for their feed and he sighed. He didn't want his one girl to go so long without a name, but he just couldn't think of anything and he didn't know how to do everything he needed to and keep the Maddison tradition.

He blew out a deep breath and pulled Calix up onto his lap when his son hit at his knee. Calix laughed and bounced on him, Harry could only keep that up for a minute or so before his stomach muscles started searing in agonising pain.

"I can't bounce you anymore, Calix, sorry." He explained. "My muscles hurt too much, sweetheart."

Calix bounced on him some more, but when Harry didn't join in and stopped making him bounce harder and higher, he started crying and kicking out his feet in the beginnings of a tantrum.

"Pass him here." Nasta insisted as he hefted Calix up from Harry's lap, which stopped the temper tantrum in its tracks as Calix giggled happily at the fast, sudden movement and clapped his tiny hands together in joy.

They all moved to the kitchen for a little more space and better access to the kettle for tea and baby bottles and when Mrs Weasley flooed over, he called out to her and her husband to draw them to the kitchen from the empty living room, he was unsurprised to see Ginny with them, a little surprised to see the twins had come to visit, but downright shocked to see Charlie and Bill, who had a stunning blonde on his arm who Harry hadn't seen in years, it really had been too long since he'd taken the time to go and see and talk to Bill's Fiancée.

"I wasn't sure if you'd like this, but I wanted to introduce you…not that you don't know who she is, of course." Bill said a little nervously.

Harry looked closely at the woman, noting the changes from her eighteen year old self to her twenty-two years before he laughed happily and went to embrace her.

"Of course it's fine. Fleur, it's been far too long, how have you been?" Harry asked. "Why are you still with Bill?"

"Hey!" Bill exclaimed as he cuddled the woman close with a mock glare to Harry.

"Are you two still engaged? When's the wedding, can I come to this one? Do you have any babies on the way yet?"

"We were going to marry last year and the year before that, but we thought it would be best if we had a long engagement. The date has been set for this coming August though, but not near Braiden's second birthday, of course."

"I'm very happy for you both."

"You were always so sweet, 'Arry." Fleur said throatily as she hugged him and gave him a kiss to each cheek. "Pregnancy suits you well, you are glowing!"

Harry laughed. "I can't seem to stop having babies."

"Maybe you should try contraceptives?" Charlie said with a wink.

Harry huffed. "I don't want those drugs and potions, I want more babies. I'll be very happy if I have a hundred babies."

"Don't you think that's a little extreme?" Ginny said curiously with a wink. She knew that he was a Dracken and couldn't control it. Bill and Fleur, however, didn't know yet.

"No." Harry answered shaking his head. "I've been…I've been denied a family for so long. I just want to make my own now that I can. I want to make fifteen Quidditch teams out of my children and I want to do that with these four, amazing men of mine."

"Aww, we love you too." Max said as he pulled Harry into a deep, scorching kiss that made his toes curl in his socks. "As long as you give us about twenty-six babies each, you will have your wish, but if Nasta gives you fifty, I'm suggesting that we chain him up and make the numbers more even."

"You're the one with the most babies so far!" Harry pointed out laughingly.

"If I get those fifty babies then I retain the right to gloat and try to get you with more." Max said seriously.

Harry laughed and swatted at Max. "Get these babies their lunches before Farren eats through his highchair tray."

"The little girls are Max's?" Mrs Weasley asked, even as she cradled the unnamed baby close to her chest.

Harry nodded his head with a smile. "They are, which brings his total up to four babies."

"I'm going to have to start pulling away now." Max smiled. "I'm going to have to get in there quick next time again or my Grandfather will have at me."

Harry shook his head. "Where is Alexander?"

"He didn't want to overwhelm you or fill the house around the newborns. He'll leave you be for a few days, maybe a week before he comes to clamour you and meet the girls. His hand was mostly forced anyway, Ellien has gone onto her heat, he's babysitting her five children. "

"Aunt Ellien has gone onto a heat period?" Max asked in surprise.

"Yes, her first for eleven years." Myron said for Harry's benefit when he blinked in confusion. "Her youngest, Shane, is now twelve."

"Shouldn't they be in school?" Draco asked.

"Aunt Ellien is a bit of a snob." Max said with a face. "Only the best tutors will do for her little darlings. She won't let them out of her sight either despite Granddad's attempts. I think that's why it's so rare that she goes onto heats, she's fifty-six and we already have more children than her."

"How did that happen?" Blaise asked. "Her being a snob that is, hardly any of the Maddisons are like the typical submissives clogging up the meetings."

"She's the one that slipped through the net; she was always jealous and possessive, even as a child." Myron said as Max served the babies their lunches of teeny tiny cubes of chicken, creamed potatoes and peas. It was going to be a messy lunch and those peas were going to be everywhere by the end of the meal.

"She's a bitch." Richard said flatly. "If you don't think her babies are geniuses then she tries to curse you. The real kicker is that her babies aren't geniuses, they're smart, don't get me wrong, but they're not geniuses, Braiden is definitely more advanced than any of Ellien's babies were at his age."

Harry puffed up uncontrollably. He couldn't help it and he grinned right along with everyone else for his behaviour.

"You have a lot to be proud of." Aneirin told him, nudging his shoulder. "But bringing down the mood a little, Dain and Kailen want to come and see Leolin now that he's out of the hospital and the contagion in the Faerie City has been contained and has now run its course. They swear they won't bring any diseases or illnesses into the house or they wouldn't dare ask to come and visit."

"We've got to have time to settle in to a routine with the twins, Harry needs his rest to recover and the quintuplets have their third Dragon Pox vaccine next week." Nasta said stiffly.

Aneirin sighed exasperatedly. "I'm very sure that you could make a million excuses to hold it off for the next year and a half, Nasta, but they're cooperating with us, they're accommodating us and now they're even worse because of the tragedy that's hit them. We need to keep them sweet, Nasta and Leolin is the way to do it."

"Aneirin's right, we can't afford to make enemies of the Faeries." Harry said softly, touching Nasta and resting against him. "Think of Leolin, love. He might choose to live with them when he's older and we've all gone, we can't make that any more difficult for him than it is already going to be because he's not a full blooded Faerie."

Nasta gritted his teeth and ground them together. He nodded sharply. "In three and a half weeks then, after those injections, after my birthday and after Valentine's Day and not a day sooner."

Harry hugged him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down and into a kiss.

"I love you." Harry declared with a grin.

"You're insufferable." Nasta said, smirking to take the bite from his words and to show that he didn't really mean what he'd said.

"You love me and everyone knows it." Harry said airily, turning to go back to his babies, but two strong, solid arms wrapped around his waist tight and pulled him back against a matching solid chest. Plush lips mouthed around his neck, sucking gently and teeth lightly nipping. Harry's head automatically fell to the side to give Nasta more room to move and better access to his vulnerable neck.

"Alright, alright, break it up." Mrs Weasley clapped her hands. "Parental adults and young babies are present, gentlemen."

"Mum!" Ginny whined sadly as Nasta stood up and just held Harry to him and Harry groaned.

"I was enjoying that." He said with an exaggerated pout.

"Behave yourselves." Narcissa said with a smile before she sighed wistfully. "Oh to be young and in love." She rested against Lucius, who wrapped an arm around her back and held one of her hands in his own.

Harry was almost shocked. It was the most loving and intimate that he'd ever seen the Malfoys, Draco looked unsurprised and barely took notice of his parents' actions and behaviour, perhaps Lucius and Narcissa acted like this all the time out of the public eye. He pondered on that and he smiled as he realised that it likely meant that they were getting more comfortable with him and the others in order for them to show this side of their relationship, of themselves, in public and that made him insanely happy.

"So does my other little granddaughter not have a name?" Richard all but begged.

Harry smiled and shook his head. "I can't think of one, give me some time."

"Don't you push him." Max mock glared at his Dad. "He's doing amazingly well so far."

"It did take him a few days to name the quintuplets." Ginny pointed out, happily getting a cuddle from Eva. "She's gorgeous, Harry."

"That's Eva." He said with a nod.

"I love the name choice too." Ginny winked at him.

"They are just beautiful." Fleur said happily as she cuddled with the unnamed twin.

"Thanks, Fleur, when are you and Bill going to have some beautiful babies?" He teased.

"After thee wedding, of course." She laughed and Harry grinned.

"Your English is getting better." He praised her.

"Bill has been 'elping me, though thee French is still prevalent." She nodded with a beatific smile.

"I bet he has." Harry winked. "I remember how fun it was to try and teach Nasta Parseltongue."

"Is it difficult to learn?" Fred asked with a face.

"Very." Nasta answered. "Harry gave me a written booklet for Christmas that he'd made for me. I still haven't got a clue what it says and I can't pick out any patterns either. It's an impossible language to learn."

"I told you that it's probably because it's a snake language and snakes don't write. I don't think Parseltongue was ever meant to be written down on paper." Harry explained.

"You still have that ability?" Arthur asked, sharing a look with his Wife.

Harry nodded with a frown. "Yes. I got so used to knowing it was there and 'seeing' it with my mind's eye that I retained the ability even after Voldemort's soul fragment was destroyed from within my head."

"Wait, what?" Myron demanded sharply. "What soul fragment in your head?"

Harry sighed. "After the kids are down for their nap." He said defeatedly shying away from the furious glare that he was getting from his mates.

"I still remember how to speak it." Ginny said softly. "He possessed me for a couple of months and I still know how to say the words that he taught me perfectly. I think that once you hear it and know what it means, you just don't forget it. Ron only heard Harry say open once and he knows how to say that one word too."

"He does?" Harry said confusedly.

Ginny nodded. "I was explaining to him why I could speak the words I'd learnt, even if I could never understand a snake like you could or hold a conversation with one, but he realised then that he knew how to say open after listening to you speak it."

"Have you tried to have a conversation with a snake since you lost the soul fragment in your head?" Aneirin asked.

Harry nodded. "Yes, I can still understand them and hold conversations with them."

"Are you sure it's actually gone?" Aneirin asked again.

Harry nodded vehemently. "Definitely."

Max made the tea after he had washed up the plates from the kids lunches as Nasta, Draco and Blaise put the babies down for their nap, Harry was forced onto the settee and he had one of his girls pressed on to him to keep him sat down. He could stand up by himself with his arms free, but with something in his arms, especially one of his fragile babies; they knew that he'd be unable to get up.

"Sneaky, nasty people." He huffed.

"What's the matter?" Richard asked.

"I can't stand up properly yet, I need both arms to do so and even then it'll be painful. With my arms full, there's no way I can get up."

"They just want to keep you safe and well." Mrs Weasley said with an approving nod. "You shouldn't be moving just yet."

Harry rolled his eyes and made Charlie laugh.

"I'm fine." He said. "Coddling me isn't going to help anything."

"Did you, or did you not almost drop Calix because you pushed yourself too hard?" Blaise asked as he walked into the room and sat beside him.

"No, I dropped a cup; I kept my hold on Calix." Harry corrected. "He's getting heavier too. I need to start weight lifting to keep up with them."

Max snorted as he came into the room with a tray of filled tea cups.

"They aren't that heavy." He brushed off.

"Not to you!" Harry pointed out with a laugh. "You're three times bigger than I am."

"I know." Max said smugly with a grin.

Harry rolled his eyes just as Nasta and Draco came back into the room. They settled down and looked at him patiently.

"What first?" He asked sullenly.

"What was that about soul fragments in your head?" Myron repeated.

"Horcruxes. Voldemort had six of them that he knew about and a seventh that he didn't know about. He used his old diary, the Gaunt family ring, Slytherin's locket, Hufflepuff's cup, Ravenclaw's diadem, his snake Nagini and me. I was unknowingly keeping him alive and that is why we always repelled one another. It was why he was so drawn to me and so obsessed with me, I was a part of him. His soul fragment wanted to go back to him, it didn't want to be inside me, so it tried to get back to him and though he didn't know it, Voldemort was drawn to me because I had a piece of him inside me."

"Horcruxes are powerful and dark soul magic." Aneirin explained. "Not much is known about them, but I learnt about them from four different wizards, one in Croatia, one in Serbia and the other two in Greece. Just the unspeakable evil needed to split the soul in the first place would have most people baulking in disgust. To make six knowingly is completely despicable and would leave the remaining soul unstable. They're nearly impossible to destroy as well. Basilisk venom and Fiendfyre are about the only ways to completely destroy one, how did you do it?"

Harry sighed. "Back to the Basilisk."

Aneirin gave him a look. "What Basilisk?"

"His second year, my first." Ginny said softly. "The Diary, which we know now was a Horcrux, was in my belongings from a second hand book store." Here she paused and looked at Lucius, but she said nothing to or about him. "I started writing in it and it wrote back. I thought it was so cool and I was really lonely and homesick, so I continued pouring my heart out to the diary."

"As she put her soul into the diary, the Horcrux within it got stronger. There were messages left all over the school 'The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, enemies of the Heir beware.' And other such things." Harry took over as Ginny went pale and silent. "Students were being petrified by Slytherin's rumoured monster that he kept in the Chamber of Secrets. It was a pure stroke of luck that no one died that year."

Here Harry gave his own look to Draco, who had the grace to flush an embarrassed pink.

"I was young, I didn't actually want anyone to die, it was all bravado in front of my friends." He said quietly. "It was all twelve year old bluster. I would have been horrified if anyone had actually died in the school that I was attending."

"Anyway, things started happening, the school governors got involved as student safety was questioned and Hagrid, who had been blamed fifty years ago for opening the Chamber of Secrets the first time around and was subsequently expelled for it, was blamed again without any proof and he was taken to Azkaban."

"That's why he was expelled?" George asked wide eyed.

Harry nodded. "Only it was Voldemort both times, once when he was a student at the school, the second time he managed it through Ginny. But Hagrid told us to follow the spiders before he was taken away; Ron and I did this as Hermione had already been petrified by Slytherin's monster this time."

"Please tell me that you weren't so stupid as to follow them, how can you be so reckless with your own life?!" Myron snapped at him.

Harry sighed. "We were young, Hermione had been petrified and she could have died. I got hold of the diary after Ginny had tried to get rid of it in the abandoned girls bathroom and I worked out how to use it and once we got talking, it took me into a memory of the day that Hagrid had been blamed for the opening of the Chamber and the death of a student, so we went to talk to Hagrid about the Chamber, just as he was arrested."

"I was there that night." Lucius cut in. "I surely would have seen you."

Harry scratched his nose and grinned as he held his newborn daughter tighter. "I have an invisibility cloak. Ron and I were in the corner, watching you and Fudge, but Hagrid told us that we'd get the answers we needed if we followed the spiders, so we did."

"Spiders are naturally afraid of Basilisks." Aneirin cut in smoothly, displaying his intelligence and learned knowledge from all over the world. "For a creature with eight eyes to come up against a Basilisk who has a killing stare if caught with a direct gaze…it's very reasonably their worst nightmare."

"Add in that spiders don't have eyelids and can't close their eyes, it makes sense that they'd flee from a Basilisk." Nasta nodded and Harry grinned, they were like two peas in a pod. Two very handsome, muscular peas.

"Ron and I followed the spiders as we'd been told to do, right into the forbidden forest and straight into a nest of Acromantula."

"You did what?" Mrs Weasley demanded in a soft, horrified whisper, her face pale and her hand gripping Arthur's arm tightly.

Harry rubbed the back of his neck. "Well at least they could speak English. We were able to talk to Aragog, Hagrid's pet from when he was a child."

"How many were there?" Max asked.

"Oh hundreds, from tiny little ones the size of my finger tip, slightly bigger ones the size of dogs, some that were the size of horses and then there was Aragog, who was just huge. We spoke with him as the others were his children and they deferred to him as their patriarch."

"What happened?" Charlie asked interestedly, sitting forward with his curiosity. Harry remembered that that it wasn't just dragons that Charlie loved, but all magical creatures. No one could get near an Acromantula, let alone actually speak to one, and that had spiked his latent curiosity.

"Aragog told us what he knew, how Hagrid wasn't the perpetrator and that he wasn't the monster in the Chamber and that a student had been killed in a bathroom."

"What then?" Richard asked.

"He told his children to eat us. If it hadn't been for the car that we'd stolen at the start of term and crashed into the Whomping Willow then we'd likely be dead."

"You stole a car?" Nasta demanded. "At the age of twelve!"

"It was Mister Weasley's car and technically Ron was the one who opened it and drove it, I didn't know how."

Fred and George sniggered and Harry smiled at his lap.

"So you got away from the killer spiders, what then?" Blaise asked.

Harry sighed. "We knew the spiders feared whatever the monster was, we knew that it had killed in a bathroom the last time the monster was released from what Aragog told us, I worked out that the student killed was Moaning Myrtle, who never leaves the first floor girls' bathroom. So naturally we tried to sneak away into the girls bathroom to talk to her, we were caught by McGonagall and told her some sob story about wanting to see Hermione, so she led us to the Hospital Wing to see her, that's when we noticed that Hermione had a piece of paper scrunched up in her hand as we sat with her petrified body."

Harry shook away the shiver that travelled down his spine at the memories of seeing Hermione lying so still, stiff as a board in the hospital bed.

"Of course, clever little miss that she was, she already knew what it was. The piece of paper was a page from a book called Most Macabre Monstrosities, the page was on Basilisks. Everything fit; we knew then that Slytherin's monster was a Basilisk and Hermione had written pipes underneath it all. It was using the plumbing of the school to move around unseen, which helped the bathroom theory."

"What did you do then?" Myron asked, his face etched into false calm, obviously expecting the worst.

"We went to the staff room to wait for a teacher; we hid in a wardrobe of spare robes when we heard the call for all teachers to report to the staff room. That's when we found out about Ginny." Harry said nodding to her. "Ron was devastated. I don't think I've ever seen him so pale, not even when we walked into the Acromantula nest and he absolutely hates spiders."

"So you went down into this Chamber alone?" Myron demanded.

Harry shook his head. "No. We went to Professor Lockhart, he was the Defence teacher that year and he was apparently this legendary wizard who'd defeated all of these fantastic beasts and ghouls, we went to him with what we knew."

"So you got a Professor to go with you this time?" Lucius asked interestedly.

Harry sighed. "Well, not exactly. He was packing to leave the school as we found him. We confronted him and he admitted to being a complete fraud. He'd get the full story and all the details of what these other amazing witches and wizards had done and then he used the Obliviate charm on them and then he passed their heroic deeds off as his own, of course he then turned around and he tried to attack us and wipe our memories to stop us from ratting him out. In his words 'he'd never be able to sell another book' if we told anyone."

"That's totally illegal!" Nasta burst out, utterly appalled. "To use the Obliviate curse upon two twelve year old boys for such a selfish reason! What happened to him?" Nasta asked, looking very much like he wanted to rip him to pieces.

"Oh he more than got his just desserts. I disarmed him and then forced him to come with us at wand point." Harry sighed. "I found the entrance to the Chamber in the first floor girls' bathroom, it could only be opened by a Parselmouth, so either me or Voldemort, who had possessed Ginny so that she could go back and forth through the Chamber, could even open the entrance. I pushed Lockhart down first…just in case."

Max snorted in amusement and Harry smiled as he looked at him from under his lashes.

"I went down next and then Ron. It was just a carpet of small animal bones in an underground cavern that was so deep under the school that it was even underneath the lake. That's when we found the skin."

"The skin?"

Harry bobbed his head.

"The shed skin of the Basilisk. It was sixty feet long and a horrid, dark poisonous green. That's when Lockhart attacked us again after he'd pretended to faint after seeing the skin. He grabbed Ron's broken wand because we'd thrown his out of a window after the first time he'd attacked us. The wand backfired when he tried to perform the memory charm on us again and knocked him back into a wall which caused a rock fall. He wiped out his own memories and I believe he's still in Saint Mungos recovering."

"Good." Draco muttered. "I hated him, he was a terrible teacher and I learnt nothing, absolutely nothing in that year."

"Yeah, I think the only thing that I learned was to never open a full cage of Cornish Pixies in a classroom full of students." Harry laughed. "But the rock fall now separated me from Ron and Lockhart, I carried on alone, he stayed to clear a path through the rocks."

"Oh here we go!" Myron snarled. "I was wondering when you'd get to the part where you went into a dangerous situation on your own."

"I was not going to let Ginny die!"

"For all you knew she was already dead!" Myron answered back.

Harry had no answer for that, they hadn't known and the message had read 'her skeleton' which had pointed to her already being dead, but neither of them had wanted to think about that at the time.

"I wasn't going to leave her down there." He said in the silence. "Dead or not, I was not going to leave her there."

Ginny stood and came over and sat next to him and Harry held her hand with his free one and he smiled at her.

"She was still alive when I reached the Chamber." Harry said softly. "But she was being drained by Tom Riddle, he set the Basilisk on me to give him more time to drain Ginny and get stronger."

"How are you still alive?"

"Luck really." Harry shrugged. "Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix came and blinded the Basilisk so it couldn't kill me with its gaze and it brought the sorting hat with it too. I put it on and begged for help and I almost got knocked out by the sword of Gryffindor."

Harry shifted the baby in his arm and Ginny read him like a book, reaching forward to snag the only cup of untouched tea left on the coffee table, holding it out to him. The taste of the honeyed tea soothed and settled him, even if it was a little cool.

"The next thing that I happened to do was pure stupidity, I know that, but with the adrenaline and the fear, you just have to act. Stopping and thinking things through would have meant my death and likely Ginny's too. The Basilisk was angered, it was in pain, it was thrashing around and lunging unpredictably, so naturally, the little idiot that I was, I climbed up the giant statue of Salazar Slytherin to face it."

The looks of shock and horror he got almost amused him if he hadn't realised in hindsight how dangerous and suicidal he had actually been. All it would have taken was one slip or misstep on the age smoothened, wet stone and he would have plummeted to his death.

"The Basilisk could smell me, even blinded and half mad with pain, it lunged for me and I thrust up with Gryffindor's sword and it went through the roof of her mouth, into her brain and out the top of her head. She went into death throes and died half in a pool of water and half on the walkway of the Chamber."

"Where does the 'being punctured by the Basilisk fang' come into it if you'd killed it?" Nasta asked.

"That was on your notes." Richard nodded. "One of the photos had to be discarded because the scar at your elbow was magically created."

"You knew he'd been bitten by a Basilisk?" Myron demanded.

"He's obviously fine!" Richard insisted stubbornly.

"I am fine. When I stabbed the Basilisk through the top of her head, her fang went into my arm. Naturally I knew that I was dying, but…"

"Knew you were dying!"

Harry nodded. "Well yeah, it was a little hard to ignore the fuck off huge snake fang in my elbow! Plus my vision was going blurry and the edges were going black, my very blood was burning and I was dizzy and confused. Not to mention the sizzling of the puncture site."

"What did you do, how did you save yourself?" Bill asked.

"As I sat there listening to Riddle lay out what was going to happen, how I had mere minutes left at the most, how he was going to drain Ginny to death so he could become solid and corporeal, Fawkes came to lay his head on me and he shed tears over my wound…"

"The healing properties of phoenix tears." Nasta said with a smirk.

Harry nodded. "Fawkes saved my life and I picked up the fang that had gone through my arm and I stabbed it through the diary, one of the only things to destroy a Horcrux…"

"Basilisk venom. Genius really." Aneirin said, though his face was still pale and tight from anger and a touch of fear.

"Not that I knew it was a Horcrux at the time, but like I said, I survived from luck. With the Horcrux destroyed, the shade of Riddle that lived within it was destroyed and with the drain gone, Ginny woke back up. I took the sword, the diary, the sorting hat and the fang to Dumbledore along with Ron, Ginny and Lockhart. Ron and I were given awards for special services to the school and I still have the Basilisk fang upstairs with Gryffindor's sword and that was my second year at school."

"Did you ever have a normal year?" Lucius asked him with a concerned look.

Harry nearly glowed at that look directed at him, things were slowly improving between them and their relationship, despite its downright frosty start and rocky, patchy middle, was getting better all the time and Harry was so glad. He didn't want Draco to be caught between his parents and his lovers, it wasn't a fair position to put him in and with the improving relationship came a relaxed air and trust was beginning to form, not a lot just yet, but Harry was sure that if he and Lucius continued to work at it, with the help of Draco and the tight handed guidance of Narcissa, then things would end up being better in the near future.

Lucius was already quite content to sit Tegan on his lap or hold Braiden's hand as he toddled around his knees and he'd even had a cuddle with the newborn twins without anyone having to dump them on him. It made him smile and it made him insanely happy and his life was all but perfect at the moment.

He shook his head to Lucius question though before he answered him. "No, not before I got with these guys, if you can call getting into a relationship with four men and falling immediately pregnant normal and then of course I fell pregnant with the quintuplets and now only a mere year later I have identical twins as well."

"You really are going well with the babies." Mrs Weasley said happily.

Harry relaxed as the women took over and started talking babies and the air just relaxed and everyone started talking and cooing over the babies again. Harry sighed happily and rested back against the settee, baby still in his arms. He still needed a name for this one and it was driving him insane. He just knew that he was going to get more grumpy and irritable the longer it took for him to find her a name.

The kids woke up soon after their naps and they had water and weak juice in little sippy cups as the adults had their tea cups refreshed and they got to have a light snack of poached pears as they hadn't had their desserts and then there was no time for anything else, no time to talk as the kids started playing and shouting and laughing and moving everywhere and climbing on everyone. It was adorable really and Harry watched it all with an indulgent smile from where he sat cuddling with his newborn daughter, at least until Marianna stole her from his arms that was.

He didn't mind as he stretched himself out and rotated his shoulder. He assisted Braiden up onto the settee when he climbed up to sit with him, cuddling into his one side, Harry was curled against the arm of the chair and Braiden was curled against him. He hadn't meant to fall asleep, but he did, he never noticed the photos being taken of him by his adoring mates.

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