The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


82. Chapter Eighty – Into the Fire

Harry had prematurely said goodbye to his children it seemed. His heat period was due some when today, so that morning had seen Alexander and Kimberly taking temporary custody of their six babies to prepare for it, but as they all finished a late dinner thirteen hours later in a tense silence, there wasn't so much as a sign of his heat period hitting him.

"Do you feel anything?" Blaise asked him.

Harry shook his head as he pushed his plate away. "Nothing, but then it usually just hits me out of the blue. I might feel a small twinge or a rush of heat just before, but it's literally just seconds before it hits."

Max sniffed him deeply as he walked past and Harry gave him a small, half-hearted glare.

"There's no change in your pheromones either."

"It'll happen when it happens." Nasta told them patiently as he stood to help Max with the dishes.

"I need the bathroom, be right back." Harry murmured as he rushed to the downstairs bathroom and took a moment to just breathe.

He used the bathroom, washed his hands and then splashed his face with cold water. He sucked in a deep breath and headed back out and went to the living room. He missed his children dreadfully. He missed Braiden babbling, Calix giggling, he missed Leolin's little scowls, he wondered if Tegan was playing nicely, if Regan had eaten a whole portion of baby food today and he hoped that Farren hadn't isolated himself from his siblings as he always did. He just missed them and he wrapped his arms around himself and swayed lightly as he ached to cradle them.

Blaise brought him a cup of hot, honey tea and sat right next to him, giving him some much needed comfort as Blaise took some liquid comfort of his own in the form of a strong coffee.

"Does Nas know that you have that?" Harry teased.

Blaise nodded his head as he took a pleasurable sip. "He knows. He's trying to keep everyone's stress down, so he's allowed me a coffee. He stopped Max from having a shot of Firewhiskey though. He told him that he needed a clear head for the heat period and that dominants had hurt their submissive through being drunk on a heat period before, we're all feeling the tension, Firewhiskey won't help anyone."

Harry smiled. He liked hearing that his mates were as stressed about this as he was.

"It's too quiet." Harry sighed.

"It's unnerving." Draco agreed as he came in to sit on Harry's other side with a cup of white tea. "I keep wanting to go and search for them, to check on them."

Harry nodded. "Exactly, it's not right, we should be enjoying a rare day off, but I just want them back, it's weird."

"Enjoy it while it lasts." Max said as he came in and sat on the adjacent settee, his own tea in hand.

Nasta followed him in, with green tea, and sat next to him.

"What's wrong?" He asked softly, looking at their faces critically.

"I miss the babies." Harry said with a wry smile. "I just want them back."

Nasta nodded understandingly. "I just went to make up their bottles, Max had to stop me and remind me that they weren't here. It does take some getting used to."

"What the hell do we do for the rest of the night? I don't think I've been able to have a whole day where I can actually hear myself think for more than an hour."

"We could get some practice in." Max suggested with a grin.

Harry gave him an unimpressed look. "If you're offering yourself up, go right ahead and bend over, but I'm going to be sore enough after this without adding to it early."

Max just grinned wider, put his tea down and slipped from the settee and bent over in front of Harry, his arse in the air and chest pressed to the floor.

Harry almost choked on his tea as he rushed to put the cup down before he dropped it.

"Oh holy hell." He gasped. "I wasn't serious!" He said weakly.

"I am." Max said and Harry could hear the grin on his lips.

"If Max wants it, give it to him." Blaise said with a grin, slapping Harry's shoulder.

"This wasn't how I saw us spending the evening."

"You have to admit, it will take away the empty space that our children should occupy and it will take away the tense wait for the heat period to start." Max explained as he wiggled his bum to get their attention back to it.

Harry smiled and slid to his knees behind Max, he couldn't deny that he was excited by the offering, he was and they could likely smell that.

"This could be just what your Dracken needs to push him over into his heat." Blaise told him as he slipped onto Draco's lap and turned to kiss him harshly.

"If I take Max. Nas, why doesn't he take you?" Harry said softly.

Nasta smiled and kissed him, then went to Blaise and Draco and broke them apart to kiss them both, before he laid himself on the floor and slipped himself under Max to kiss him.

"I love taking you, you're so strong and silent, I love pulling sounds of pleasure from you, even if they're just small gasps or sharp, indrawn breaths. I love being the one to support you as you fall to pieces in my arms." Max groaned as he nosed around Nasta's neck.

Nasta smiled at him and Harry peeked over Max's shoulder and pressed right against his back to get a kiss.

Missing Scene

Harry woke up suddenly and so acutely that he was momentarily confused as to what was happening, what had happened and what had woken him up.

A muscle twitched in his lower belly and his eyes widened as he dashed for the en suite bathroom to relieve himself. He had to groan at how fucking good it felt to release his swollen bladder.

He finished up and cleaned himself off, before realising that he seriously needed to clean up, he was covered in blood, dried semen, saliva and god knows what else that made his skin feel tight and itchy, odd patches of things he didn't even want to name pulled on his skin as he moved. It was strange; usually his mates cleaned him up before he even thought of waking up.

He jumped into the shower and grimaced as he tried to wash his hair, but it was matted and glued together with so much semen that he couldn't even run his fingers through it.

When he was finally done with scrubbing his body and picking off flaky patches of semen and washing off stale sweat, he couldn't believe how much was on his body; he'd never had to clean himself up after a heat period before, it was a serious eye opener.

He went downstairs on shaky legs, gripping the banister tightly as his stomach tried to eat itself with how hungry he was. He went into the kitchen to find all four of his mates slouched over the table with mugs of coffee and cups of tea in their hands. That was odd too, usually by the time that he woke up they had been awake for a day or two already and they were almost completely fine. What was going on?

"How are you all holding up?" Harry asked through a screamed raw throat.

Nasta sat up suddenly and looked at him as if trying to determine if he was actually there or if he was some sort of apparition before rushing up from his seat and helping Harry to a chair, urging him to sit down and checking him over, sniffing him deeply, despite how painful it looked for him to be moving and even standing up.

"The hell you doing up?" Max grunted from where he was slumped over the table top, looking half dead.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked as Draco made him a cup of tea and passed him a vial of pain reliever.

"We all woke up an hour ago; usually you sleep for a full day or two after us." Blaise pointed out.

Harry frowned. "No wonder I feel so damned awful."

"We don't usually leave you in your own filth." Nasta assured him, looking a little uncertain and almost worried about Harry's reaction to the state of himself when he had woken up. "We come down here just to get a cup of tea and a pain reliever and then we take care of you, the bed and the house and fix any damage done during the heat."

Harry smiled, feeling his dry lips crack as they pulled. "It's fine, Nas, you always take amazing care of me and I always knew logically that you'd have to relieve yourselves and wake yourselves up a bit first. I was sleeping, unconscious almost, I didn't know what sort of state I was in and I assure you I didn't mind cleaning myself up for a change."

"Why are you awake so early?" Draco asked.

Harry shrugged. "I woke up how I usually do, suddenly and with the overwhelming need to take a piss before my bladder explodes and takes half my insides with it."

Max chuckled tiredly. "Well we can bump up our schedules a bit; we can get the kids back later today and not tomorrow."

"How long was my heat?" Harry asked with a frown.

All of his mates shrugged together.

"No idea, we'll ask Alexander later, but for now, we need to fix everything up before we bring the kids home." Blaise answered.

"I need four more of these first." Harry said with a grin as he waved his empty cup in the air.

Nasta chuckled and took his wand from his sleeve and made the kettle boil again.

"You're two feet from it." Harry smiled with a shake of his head.

"I'm not getting up if I don't have to, not in this condition." He answered. "We don't have the kids around to worry about at the moment; I'm taking the opportunity to use my magic as much as I can before they come back."

"We need to get you a man cave so you can use your magic as much as you like without hurting the development of any of the kids."

Nasta frowned consideringly. "That's actually a good idea. We all need somewhere to blow off a little steam now and then without damaging the development of the kids. I'd never forgive myself if I was the one to damage their core so much that they can't access their own magic later in life."

Harry arched his back and grimaced as it cracked several times.

"Oh I needed that."

Harry drank two more cups of tea and he went for another wee before he actually helped his mates with the cleaning up, grabbing his wand on the way down to the living room.

They had had fun, but Harry was finding so many lingering aches and pains that Nasta forced him to take it easy. It was mid-afternoon when they finally dressed and prepared themselves to face people again. Harry wanted his sweet little babies back and he wanted to know how they'd been and if they'd done anything new. He'd be devastated if they had, but he still wanted to know that they'd been growing and developing in the time that he'd been forced away from them.

They flooed over to Alexander's and Harry found another couple of pulled muscles that he hadn't realised he had as he landed hard on his knees before falling forward and face planting the rug.

"Oh ow!" He moaned pathetically as he allowed Draco to pull him up to his feet. He ignored his blond lover's smirk.

He found Myron in the second living room, looking at him with a frown, Farren in his arms. He seemed to be trying to get Farren to take a nap as there were little bodies on the living room floor covered over with blankets.

"Are you awake early or have you come late to pick the kids up?" Myron rumbled as he shifted Farren to just one arm. His second oldest boy was so big that only Max out of the five of them could do that now and still make Farren look small.

"We woke up earlier today; does that mean I had a ten day cycle?" Harry asked.

Myron nodded. "Yes. Though I wouldn't have expected to see you awake so early."

"Why is he awake early, Dad?" Max asked as he came to give him a hug.

"It happens sometimes, usually when the submissive doesn't feel safe or feels that they or a member of their family is threatened."

Harry frowned. "I don't remember thinking any of that."

"It was likely subconscious, how did the meeting with the Faeries go?"

Harry scowled deeply and pulled a grim expression.

"Then you have your answer. You're still remembering that meeting and whatever happened and you feel threatened by them, so you woke up early." Myron explained as he tried to prevent Farren from sitting up.

"Muma." Farren called out.

Myron sighed. "He heard your voice." He said wearily as he sat him up, only for Farren to reach out and babble at him some more.

Harry smiled softly and picked up his heavy boy and cradled him, ignoring his protesting muscles.

"Did you miss me, Farren? I missed you so much."

"He really doesn't like naps." Myron grumbled.

Harry smiled at that. "No, he doesn't."

"I thought I heard you boys, what on Earth are you doing here?" Kimberly asked as she patted them all before giving them each a kiss to the cheek. "You must have had a ten day cycle; I don't believe that you would have left the little darlings here for three extra days."

"He felt threatened, Mother." Myron explained. "He woke up as soon as his heat was over."

"Then you had a fertile heat and that could well have helped you wake up earlier than usual. You may be pregnant and if you felt threatened that could have made you feel even more threatened if you'd just conceived a new clutch."

"They won't know if he's pregnant for a few weeks yet, Mother." Myron said exasperatedly. "You know yourself, a fertile heat is just the first step, there are other factors too."

"So I might not be pregnant?" Harry asked.

"No." Nasta told him as he slipped an arm around him and bent to kiss Farren's cheek. "You need a fertile heat to get pregnant, but just because you have one doesn't mean that you're automatically pregnant."

"With how fertile he is I'd say it's a sure bet." Richard said as he wandered into the room. "Glad to see you boys again, I've missed you all."

"I missed you too, Dad." Max grinned as he hugged Richard so tightly that he pulled his shorter, more slender Father from the ground.

"Alright you mutant offspring of mine, I love you too, but I feel like a baby rabbit whose been shoved into the clenching arms of a toddler."

Max gave Richard a kiss before releasing him. Richard rubbed at his rib cage and gave Max a mock glare, even as Max was grinning widely.

"How are you, Harry?"

"Sore, tired, I ache and I'm hungry again." Harry said with a smile. "But I just want my babies back."

"Understandable." Richard said as he pressed a kiss to Harry's head. "But damn they've gotten such a handful! They're into absolutely everything, we couldn't even turn our backs for a minute to have a conversation without one of us spotting another baby trying to pull the stuffing out of a cushion or trying to yank a drawer out or trying to climb the bookcase. I'm thankful there are five of you to watch over them."

Harry laughed as he snuggled Farren, who still wasn't taking his nap.

"They are all very curious." Myron nodded in agreement. "Braiden wanted to climb up everything, even the curtains, we had to pin them up out of his reach. I don't know what you're feeding Calix these days, but I've never seen a baby move so fast. It took us ten minutes to catch him the other day and Regan started cruising the furniture."

Harry gasped and rocked backwards. "Regan stood up?"

"He…hasn't done that before? Myron asked carefully.

Harry shook his head, trying to control the disappointment growing within him for having missed Regan standing up for the first time.

"He's only six and a half months old, he shouldn't be standing yet." Blaise denied.

"It was less standing and more pulling himself up and then hanging onto the seat of the settee. He didn't like his feet being flat on the floor. I took photos, I'll show you when they're developed."

"Thank you." Harry nodded in gratitude. If he hadn't seen the moment in person, at least someone had thought of him enough to capture it in a picture.

"Where's Granddad?" Max asked with a frown.

"He's had to pop over to see Alexus." Kimberly fretted.

"Uncle Alexus has moved out again? I thought he was living back here?"

"He doesn't want to live with his parents." Kimberly said. "He's in a small home in Kent."

"Is…is he any better?" Max asked, already knowing the answer.

"No sweetheart. He still misses Sean."

"Did you find out why Sean left him?"

"Lex is still adamant that it's another man, but no one has actually heard anything from Sean, we can't find him."

"Have you heard from Caesar?" Max asked instead.

"He sent an owl just the other day." Myron nodded. "Amelle and the baby are fine, Nora has started standing and he's fine too."

"She's four months pregnant now, isn't she?" Draco questioned.

Harry nodded. "Yes. She has three more months to go. Has she found out if she's having a boy or a girl yet?"

"No, the baby's legs are still folded together." Richard told them.

"I hope she gets her second little girl, I don't know what would happen if she had a boy, it could undo all of the progress that she's made so far."

"Has she told you why she doesn't want a boy?" Myron asked with a look that said he didn't know and if he didn't know, then Caesar didn't know.

"I do, she told me just after the quintuplets were born and then once again when she was a month pregnant and she came to me for a talk, she reaffirmed that she was still feeling the same. It's not my story to tell however."

"If it's something that can help us to help her…" Myron started before Harry cut him off.

"It's not. Nothing and no one can help her with this, she just needs time to understand and to come to her own realisations, she's been doing so well, better than any of us could have thought, but she still has lingering pains and only time can help her come to terms with them."

"Is this about her first mate and the baby she lost, was that baby a boy?" Myron asked shrewdly.

Harry sighed and dragged a hand through his hair. "Yes, he was a boy, a month from being born when those poachers made her miscarry as she watched her mate being overpowered and killed in front of her. She naturally has lingering pain over that experience and it won't go away in just a few years. She might never be ready for a baby boy, but if she gets used to little girls, with the right mind set she might even miss having a little boy."

"What if she has a boy before she's ready, do you think she'd harm him?" Max asked.

Harry laughed. "Don't be ridiculous. She'd never harm one of her children, that I fully believe, but it would hurt her to look after him and it might negatively affect her mental health and back track on the progress that she's already made, or she could surprise us all and look after him amazingly well and finally put the baby that she tragically lost to rest. I just don't know."

There was silence, but it was interrupted before anyone could say anything else by the floo flaring up and Alexander stepped out a moment later. His worried, lined face broke into a wide grin as he spotted them and he immediately pulled Harry into a big hug.

"How are you, dear one?" He asked.

"You just walked past me to greet my mate!" Max said in mock offence. "I'm your grandson!"

"I have a hundred grandsons; I only have a handful of sons-in-law and only one of those I actually like at the moment." Alexander said back as he kissed Harry's head, before he went and hugged Max tightly, pulling his head down to give him a kiss. "How are you, Maxie? You're a little early for a ten day heat."

"We figured out that Harry was feeling a little threatened from the meeting with the Faeries." Nasta explained. "So he woke up as soon as his heat period wore off barely an hour after we ourselves had woken up."

"What did they say?" Alexander demanded. "Did they threaten my little Leolin? Tell me if they did and I'll kill the lot of them and burn their ridiculous, not so secret slum to the ground."

Harry smiled. "They didn't threaten him, but it is likely subconscious on my part, a few of them did want to take Leolin away from us as they didn't think that Drackens could raise a Faerie baby correctly."

"Arrogant fluff thinkers." Alexander snorted. "I'd love to sink my claws into them."

"You and me both." Nasta grumbled.

"How is Alexus?" Myron asked, changing the subject quickly.

Alexander's face went tight again. "Still being a stubborn arse. Your drama loving brother is convinced that his life is ending and I don't know what to do to make this better for him."

"Find Sean, truss him up and offer him up to Alexus on a skewer?" Harry suggested with a shrug. "It would make me feel better."

Alexander smiled and ruffled his hair. "I knew there was a reason that you were my favourite."

Harry smiled and bounced Farren a little as he wriggled. He sat him up when he started whining and looked like he was going to start crying.

"You really don't like naps, do you?" Harry said with a smile, kissing Farren's chubby cheek and inhaling the scent that was his second born son. It was comforting and settled him right down.

"Give me my boy." Max said as he held his arms out.

Harry kissed Farren again gently. "Go to Daddy baby." He said as he handed Farren over to Max, who squeezed him gently and kissed him wetly.

"Max! He doesn't want your dribble all over him."

"Why not? He dribbles all over me." Max grinned.

Harry rolled his eyes and moved to stand by Blaise, covering his yawn with his hand.

"Cutie! How are you?"

Harry looked over his shoulder at the doorway to see one of Max's identical Uncles; he was either Cepheus or Nicodemus, but they both had blond hair and jet black eyes and were completely indistinguishable from one another. They didn't even have any visible freckles or birthmarks like Fred and George did to tell them apart.

"You don't remember me, do you?" He pouted.

"Knock it off, Nico." Myron grumbled, glaring at his older brother.

"Nico…Nicodemus. I know who you are, but I've heard that name somewhere be…" Harry trailed off as he frowned and then he turned around fully and glared at him. "You're the bastard who wouldn't stop pinching my bum at my meetings and you tried to grope me through my boxer shorts!"

Nicodemus threw his head back laughing, Alexander joined him, but Myron and Max looked equally unimpressed with Nicodemus.

Max threw an arm around Harry's neck, put another one around his waist and pulled him up into his arms and gave him a possessive kiss.

"Alright, Max, I know he's yours, calm down. I wouldn't sink so low as to steal my own Nephew's mate."

"Like you could." Harry huffed.

"You saying this isn't a body to die for?" Nicodemus demanded as he indicated the general area of his torso and groin.

Harry laughed and twisted onto the crook of Max's arm. "You saying what you have is better than this?" He demanded as he caressed a hand down Max's front before pointing to Nasta, Blaise and Draco. "What about those three, do you think you're better than them too? Better than all four of them?"

"Of course." Nicodemus grinned.

Harry shook his head.

"Ignore him." Myron told him. "My sister Kyra and I are the only sane ones."

"Aunt Kyra isn't here is she?" Max asked quickly, looking around as if his Aunt would step out of a corner somewhere.

"No, Nico came here to tell me that he was booted out of yet another meeting, but Cepheus might be in with a chance to get a mate." Alexander said with a smile.

"I'm not surprised that he gets kicked out of every meeting if he goes around pinching people's bums and trying to fondle them when they're not looking." Harry grumbled.

"What about Xerxes?" Richard butted in. "He's sane."

"You and I have different perceptions of sane." Myron told him.

"He's not that crazy, not like Nico and Ceph." Richard said.

"Still here!" Nico called out with a grin.

"You can't call everyone that's not as boring as you are insane." Richard carried on.

"I'm not boring." Myron growled. "I'm sane."

"See, you're doing it again."

"Who want's tea?" Kimberly broke in mildly, glaring at her son and son-in-law.

She didn't wait for a reply; she just left towards the kitchen, leaving them in silence.

"You two are in trouble." Nicodemus laughed. "Mum only looks like that when she's seriously pissed off."

"Watch your language!" Myron snapped at his older brother, much like a Father.

Nicodemus just laughed and went to sit down. Harry joined him, but he sat on a different settee. He was so tired and he felt achy, almost flu like, perhaps they should have taken the rest of the day to just rest and come to pick up the children in the morning, but then he'd missed them so much that he didn't think he could have waited that long.

"Stop it!" Kimberly hissed at Richard and Nicodemus when they started arguing just after she placed a tea tray of full cups on the table. "If it had escaped the notice of your fool brains, there are five babies trying to sleep in this room! Merlin help you if you wake any of them up! Don't make me go and get my spoon."

The two of them lapsed into silence, cowed by the anger of Kimberly who had sat down and started talking to Harry quietly about what the babies had gotten up to when he'd been on his heat.

Regan, Tegan and Calix usually napped for an hour and a half to two hours at a time, Leolin was still cat napping, he'd sleep for four or so hours, wake up for a little while before he fell off to sleep again. Farren would nap for thirty to forty minutes if they managed to get him to take his afternoon nap at all, but he always refused his late morning nap and Braiden would sleep for nearly three hours in the afternoon, but like Farren, he also refused his morning nap. It was a nightmare sorting them all out and trying to keep all of them straight and happy and well rested.

"How long have they been down now?" Harry asked. "I'd hate to wake them up with floo travel."

"Braiden went down right after lunch." Kimberly told him, smiling softly and the blanket covered bundles on her living room floor. "There's no fuss from him either, just straight down and almost straight to sleep too. He's such a good boy. He's been down for…almost three hours now." She said looking at the clock on the mantelpiece.

"He'll be awake soon then, he usually only sleeps for three hours. How about the other four?"

"Calix, Regan and Tegan went to sleep two hours after Braiden, naughty little ones that they are; they thought that it was a game of catch." Kimberly smiled indulgently. "They've been asleep for a little over an hour now."

Harry nodded. "That's about right, they usually wake up all together, though sometimes Braiden will wake up half an hour before them, it depends on how tired they are. How was Leolin?"

"Leolin has been a bit restless, he's been sleeping shorter and waking up more often."

"Has he been doing that through the night too?" Nasta asked curiously.

"Yes, he doesn't seem to want anything though. Alexander and I tried feeding him, changing him and even singing to him, but he was just so disgruntled."

"He usually only wakes up in the middle of the night once now, for a bottle." Harry said, biting his lip concernedly.

Nasta went to where Leolin was in his bassinet and he picked him up gently. Harry watched with baited breath as Nasta checked him over and even sniffed him before his tongue peeked out and licked over a sharp cheek. He shook his head.

"He's fine, maybe he just missed us?" Nasta wondered aloud as he cradled Leolin's miniscule body in his arms. "It could be separation anxiety."

Harry breathed a little easier and patted the seat next to him. Nasta took the hint and Harry bent over to smooth the hair away from Leolin's tiny face.

"I hope that's all it is." He murmured.

"I'm sure it is; don't stress yourself out over it." Max said as he actually did the impossible and made Farren drowsy enough to close his eyes. He was still awake, because his fingers were twirling through the hair behind his ear, but his eyes were closed and his body was sagging in Max's arms as his biggest mate swayed with him gently and slowly.

"I don't know how you do that." Blaise grumbled. "He never falls asleep for me, even when I do the same."

"He loves me." Max replied smugly.

Blaise rolled his eyes, but he smiled when Braiden's blanket twitched, right before their eleven month old rolled onto his knees and rubbed his eyes with little fists.

"Call him, go on." Max urged him in a hiss. "He loves you the most."

Harry huffed, but shifted forward to the edge of the settee and opened his legs.

"Hello Braiden, love. Did you have a good sleep?" He asked gently and clearly.

Braiden turned around and the grin that lit up his face made Harry feel teary.

"Mama! Mama ma!" Braiden burbled out as he set forward as quickly as his hands and knees could get him, going back on his knees and lifting his arms up when he got between Harry's legs.

"Hello Braiden, did you miss me?" Harry murmured gently as he squeezed his firstborn gently.

"I think it's safe to say that he definitely missed you." Richard grinned.

Harry smiled at him, but his attention was taken by Braiden, who stood in his lap and wrapped little arms around his neck. He was still babbling.

He couldn't help but laugh softly. "I wasn't gone that long, love. Come on, tell me what you got up to, did you have fun?"

Harry moved his son to sit on his thigh and wrapped an arm around him and then he sat and listened to Braiden babbling, nodding his head and humming when Braiden looked up at him, acting like they were having an actual conversation, which to Braiden they likely were.

"He's so adorable." Nicodemus praised. "You're an amazing Mother, why can't all submissives be like you?"

"Harry's one of a kind." Max said proudly, his chest swelling as his Uncle praised his submissive mate.

Harry snorted and turned away from both of them as he looked back at Braiden's bright indigo coloured eyes and he smiled widely.

"Sorry love, Daddy Max distracted me; carry on with what you were saying."

"Baba ca, da mambe ah." Braiden nodded seriously.

Harry smiled and nodded his head back at him. "Is that right?" He questioned and was surprised when Braiden nodded his head and carried on babbling.

"I swear he understands every word you say." Draco told him.

"I think I actually believe you." Harry laughed. "Who's my clever boy?"

Braiden giggled when Harry tickled him, but he couldn't help grimacing as one of his pulled muscles throbbed.

"I think you're the one who needs a nap." Max laughed, still swaying and bouncing lightly with a sleeping Farren.

"I think it's time we got home, none of us are really recovered yet." Nasta said, not really giving them a choice either.

Harry nodded and yawned widely.

"I'll go and pack up their things." Alexander nodded with a grin. "I'll miss these little blighters when they're gone."

"You can come around and visit you know." Max told his Grandfather. "You never know, it might put you off babysitting the next time."

"Why is that a good thing?" Draco demanded.

"It'll give someone else a look it at the kids." Max answered with a grin.

Harry shook his head and stood up, groaning as a pulled muscle in his back made itself known. He handed Braiden to Blaise and rubbed at the sore spot unhappily.

"I'll give you a muscle relaxant when we get home." Max said sympathetically. "Just enough to loosen them up to stop the pain."

"Thank you, I feel like my body is trying to rip itself apart."

Alexander came down from up the stairs with three suitcases of the stuff that Harry had packed, including toys, blankets, dummies, clothes for the six of them for ten days, with spares just in case, all of their bottles and formula powder, baby food jars, a box of rusks, a packet of apple rice cakes and carrot flavoured corn sticks. Alexander had bought his own stock of nappies for them, as Harry didn't think he had a suitcase big enough to carry all the nappies they would need for ten days, let alone the wipes and talcum powder too. He had packed Calix's medicated cream though, just in case.

"Thank you so much for looking after them." Harry said with a shy smile.

"It was my pleasure to look after my great-grandchildren." Alexander waved off. "They're so cheeky now, such a difference two months makes."

Harry smiled at that and went to ease up his remaining three quintuplets as Tegan woke up from her nap and was not very gentle in clambering all over Regan, waking him up too.

"Hello sweetheart." Harry greeted her, kissing her little mouth gently. "I've missed you so much baby girl. Did you have fun while I was gone?"

"Mama." Tegan babbled softly as she snuggled into him, clenching her little fists into his shirt.

"That one is definitely the naughtiest." Alexander said, sounding very approving of that fact. "She wouldn't let any of them play, she snatched toys, threw them at me when I tried to tell her not to and always…always filled a nappy right after I'd dressed her for the night after her bath. It didn't matter how long I waited either, I kept her in just a nappy yesterday until I'd finished off the others and I honestly thought that she wasn't going to, so I dressed her, tucked her in, bang on time she needs a change."

Harry laughed and snuggled with Tegan. "She definitely likes being the one in charge." He allowed with a nod.

Draco eased Regan out of sleep, he was a little groggy after the rude awaking he'd had, but he was very happy to see them back and he clapped his little hands together awkwardly, missing every other try.

"Cassander taught him that." Kimberly smiled. "He was here the third day of your heat."

"His depth perception is a little off." Max grinned.

Harry rolled his eyes before easing Calix out of sleep when he made a soft murmur and shifted.

"Calix love, are you going to wake up?" He coaxed gently.

"Ah ma." He sighed sleepily.

"Oh he's so cute." Harry gushed quietly.

Draco snorted and gave him a look that Harry knew meant he was being a complete dork, but he didn't care.

Calix rolled over and blinked those jet black eyes open, so much like Myron's and Kimberly's. He grinned widely when he saw Harry sitting over him that he babbled nonsense and held his arms up in the air, still on his back.

Harry laughed at him. "Come on silly boy, up you get, we need to go home."

Harry cradled Tegan and Calix to his chest and he stood up, groaning as it made his legs and back ache.

"We really need to get you home." Max teased. "You're falling apart at the seams."

"It seems like it, I definitely feel like I'm falling to pieces." Harry nodded.

"Let's get you boys home then." Alexander smiled. "You need the rest."

It was easy getting home from then on, though Nasta made Harry wait until last, just so that he could be ready to catch him on the other side, he still wasn't any good at landings, and experience from his trip to Alexander's, pulled muscles only made him worse and with two babies in his arms, he really didn't want to face plant the floor.

Nasta caught him easily and did a really cheesy dance dip before kissing him while his head was tipped backwards. Harry laughed along with Tegan and Calix as Nasta righted them up and led him to a settee to sit down.

Harry still had a grin on his face when Max held out a cup of tea which he promised had a muscle relaxant in it. Harry set Calix and Tegan on the floor by his feet before grabbing it and swallowing the hot tea down in five large gulps.

"It'll take a few minutes to work, but it will work." Max assured him with a smile.

"Where's Leolin? I want to make sure he's okay."

"He hasn't woken up yet, Cariad." Nasta told him, but he nodded to the bassinet by the arm of the settee regardless.

"I just want him to know that we love him and that he's home now." Harry said. "I don't like that this has distressed him in any way."

"It couldn't be helped." Nasta soothed.

"That's not the point." Harry said sadly. "He was unrested and distressed when we took him to the Faerie city too, but at least that was only one day, now he's distressed and unrested at Alexander's too. I think we should focus more on his routine and work harder on keeping him in it."

"It changes so often though." Blaise pointed out. "Some days he sleeps longer than others, sometimes he takes in more milk, some nights he wakes up twice, others only once. His routine differs."

Harry nodded. "I know, but if we focus on his main routine, feeding him at the same time every day, bathing him at the same time and doing everything on a repetitive cycle then maybe he'll be more reassured."

"If you think it'll help then we'll try it." Nasta said.

Draco picked up some parchment and got a bottle of ink and a quill. "I'll write it down so that we can look at it if we need reminding of what he needs next."

"If he's kept on near enough the same schedule every night then he should come to anticipate it and hopefully that will make everything less stressful, but there will be disturbances and things he may not like, like trips outside." Max told them.

"I know that, but if his basic routine is solid then maybe he'll deal with the disturbances and distractions better, or at least that's what I hope." Harry sighed sadly.

"He won't be this way forever." Draco reminded him as he scratched away with his quill.

"I know, but if there is anything I can do to reduce his stress and anxiety, I'll do it." Harry said firmly.

"You know that we all will." Blaise answered him softly. "I hated hearing that he's been unrested and anxious while we've been otherwise occupied. I'll do anything to help him, even learn a new routine for him every week if needed."

"Hopefully it won't change that quickly, but with Leolin, you never know."

Harry sighed and sunk into the chair, relaxing back and watching his children play on the floor, all of them looked at him every ten or so minutes to make sure that he was still there and it made his heart ache, he hated knowing that he had caused them all some degree of anxiety or stress, not just Leolin. He almost hoped that he was pregnant now, at least then he wouldn't have to have a heat period and leave them for however many days at a time in another two months. He'd have a guaranteed nine months at least of no heats that he could stay at home with them and reassure them that everything was fine. That would actually be for the best now.

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