The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


18. Chapter Eighteen – Survival

Harry groaned as he lounged on the settee later that night. It was seven at night and Harry had just finished eating the soft tender doe that Draco had hunted for their dinner.

He felt so full that every slight movement that he made caused his belly to feel like it would rupture.

Harry groaned again and rolled over into a more comfortable position for his belly. Perhaps he had eaten just a tad too much meat, but he hadn't wanted to hurt Draco's feelings by only eating a bit of the doe that the blond had so proudly displayed to him.

Harry had been asleep when Snape had come to take away the dominant who had somehow become his third mate. He was a bit put out because Draco and Blaise seemed to know who it was, but they weren't telling him anything. He knew that he would find out sooner or later, because the man was his third dominant mate, but he would much rather it was the former over the latter.

Snape had come to take Blaise away for 'questioning' over an hour ago now and Harry was left to wrap around Draco, who was sitting on the floor beside the settee, rubbing soothing circles onto his back.

The portrait door opened and Blaise walked back in looking disgruntled. Harry peered at him and asked softly. "What happened?"

"Not a lot, Mio Amore. Draco, Professor Snape wishes for your presence."

Draco nodded. "Take over for me here, Harry has a stomach ache."

Blaise settled beside Draco and those smaller hands took over the soothing pattern. Harry sighed softly; he had such amazing mates who were so good to him. His Uncle had been wrong after all, he had found, not one, but two, absolutely wonderful men to settle down with, men who loved everything from his messy hair to his little toes.

"Is it looking bad?" Harry mumbled a while later, his eyes closed in pure bliss as Blaise rubbed his back and sides gently, lovingly.

"It depends on what you think is bad, Bello. It is looking like the Dracken did not use any coercion to become your mate and that you called out to him and he answered your call. It is looking like he is a legitimate mate of ours, though how it is possible; we are still trying to work that out."

"Is he at least nice?" Harry asked, wondering how he'd deal with this new man if he was nasty and cruel.

"Nice looking or nice mannerisms?" Blaise asked.

Harry opened his mouth to answer nice as in kind, but stopped himself; he instead considered the question seriously before deciding that he wanted an answer for both.


"He is very handsome and very strong." Blaise answered. "From what I know of him he is a nice person and would make a good mate."

"So there is no reason to kill him?"

"None at all at the moment, Prezioso."

"Good because I think that even if I wouldn't go insane or anything from losing a mate, I think it would hurt something deep inside of me if we had to kill him."

Blaise sighed and stilled his hands for a moment before resuming his slow circles.

"A Dracken never really gets over the loss of a mate, innamorato. Professor Snape is proof enough of that. He could have taken another mate by now if he had wished, but when we have lost the ones we love so dearly, it is always hard to think of replacing them with someone different. You would likely feel the death of this new mate for years to come, even after being mated for such a small amount of time, but you would get over it eventually, with Draco and I with you and the children we would give you, that would be sufficient in distracting you from his loss."

"Can we please not talk like we have already set the execution date please?" Harry asked as his stomach bubbled a bit in disgust.

"Of course, Prezioso."

They fell into a comfortable silence, Blaise's hands still rubbing his back and sides and Harry thinking about how everything had changed, wondering how things could have gone so terribly wrong even when the entire heat period had been planned out and prepared for.

Harry had been taken down to the dungeons by both of his mates when Draco was finished with his questioning; apparently it was his turn now.

Harry sat opposite Elder Trintus and Professor Snape and allowed three drops of clear liquid to be placed carefully onto his tongue. He swallowed and looked at the two men in front of him, waiting for their questions.

"Alright, Harry dear, do you remember what happened during your heat period?" Elder Trintus asked gently.

"Yes." He replied monotonously, aware of what he was saying, but he had absolutely no control over what he said, it was a frightening feeling, it was like his mind had gone blank and the answers to the questions that he was asked just fell from his mouth of their own accord.

"Do you remember sending out a call during your heat?"


"Can you tell us why you sent out this call?" Snape asked.

"I wanted my mates to give me children."

"So you let out a call to your mates demanding to give you children?"


"When did you first notice that another dominant had joined you in your heat?"

"I didn't know the time during the heat period, but it was early on, some when during the first night. It was definitely within the first few hours of me being on my heat."

"Did you feel at all uncomfortable or upset with him present?"


"Did you feel like pushing him away or getting away from him at any point?"

"No. It felt like he should have been there, like I wouldn't have been complete had he not been there. I was confused and distressed before he arrived."

"Now this question is very serious, Harry, did you kiss or touch any unmated Dracken in the time frame of you accepting Draco Malfoy as your second mate and then going onto your heat period with him?"


"Do you remember who these Drackens are and what you did with them?"


"Would you care to tell us, please, sweet one?"

"Henley and I kissed and hugged. Nasta and I cuddled and I used to kiss his cheek and he used to kiss my hair or hand. Arsenio kissed my hand. Jensen licked the back of my ear. Declan kissed my temple. Maximilius and I snogged out by the lake just before he told me that I was emitting mating pheromones…"

"Stop there for me, Harry. You and Maximilius shared a passionate kiss together just before he informed you that your Dracken was rejecting Draco?"


The two older Drackens shared a look that Harry didn't like and something clicked in his mind.

"My third mate is Max, isn't it?"

"I'm afraid so, Harry dear." Elder Trintus informed him gravely. "Do you remember at any time after the kiss with Maximilius if he ever acted differently around you? Possessive, jealous? Perhaps he didn't like anyone touching you or if he wanted all of your attention on himself?"

"Yes. We shared a picnic the day I got out of the hospital wing to celebrate, he was acting possessive then, he didn't like Nasta, or anyone else, touching me and he growled a bit when they did touch me."

"Dear oh dear."

"It isn't all that bad." Harry reasoned. "I like Max and he would make a good dominant."

"You have accepted him completely, as you have Draco."

"Yes, I believe so."

"Harry is Blaise your mate?"


"Is Draco your mate?"


"Is Maximilius your mate?"


"All three of them completely? Not half, all of them."


"You don't feel like rejecting them?"


"Remarkable." Elder Trintus said in awe. "Your Dracken accepted Maximilius as your mate through the passionate kiss that you shared when you rejected Draco, then you overpowered your Dracken and took Draco back as a mate, the result is you have essentially mated with them both when you should have only mated with Maximilius. Drackens do not ever take back dominants that they have rejected, usually because the reason they rejected the dominant in the first place is something that they could never forgive."

"They are both my mates aren't they?" Harry asked as he pulled a face at the bitter tasting antidote that Snape had dripped onto his tongue.

"Yes, Harry my dear. After questioning all four of you it is very clear that all four of you are mates."

"Does that mean that I don't need to search for another mate now?" He asked with hope in his eyes. He saw the answer in the way that Elder Trintus' eyes and face softened in sympathy. "I still need another mate? Are you kidding me?!"

"You have only partially mated with Draco and Maximilius, together they make up one mate, you will still need a grounding mate."

"How is it possible that two people only make up one? That doesn't even make any sense!"

"You rejected Draco, Potter. Then you accepted another mate to yourself in the time where Draco was no longer your mate. You then ignored your new mate in favour of fighting your Dracken to seal Draco to you once more. They are your mates and you are their submissive, no one can break you apart or take them away from you now, but their bonds were messed with during the time from their acceptance to the heat period that you just experienced. You accepted them both as mates and you mated with them both during the same heat period, your Dracken sees them as only one mate, so you need a fourth mate now or your Dracken side will be unstable." Snape explained as simply as he possibly could.

"But this fourth mate will definitely be the last one now, yes?" Harry asked desperately.

"If you don't have any more dramas like you have displayed in the last two months then yes. This mate will be your last one."

"Thank god." Harry sighed in relief. "Where is Max by the way?"

"Explaining to the Headmaster why he was passionately kissing one of his students on the grounds of the school without a chaperone present." Elder Trintus answered.

Harry went pale. The Headmaster could be very protective of his students and of himself especially. Harry saw the man as more than a school Headmaster and he was sure that the Headmaster saw him as more than a favourite student. Their meeting could turn ugly.

"I would suggest, Mister Potter, that you return to your rooms and allow the Headmaster to speak to Mister Maddison about his improper actions." Snape drawled in his most silkiest voice, the one that warned Harry not to disobey or his body bits would end up pickled and floating in jars.

Harry nodded uncertainly and he hoped that Max even wanted to speak to him after the Headmaster was through with tearing him a new arsehole.

Harry was nervously pacing at ten o'clock that night. Max still hadn't come to their rooms, even though he had been assured that the older Dracken did know where his rooms were located.

The Headmaster had lost him his third mate! It had been two hours; surely the Headmaster would have been finished with Max by now! What was he going to do if his mate rejected him?

"Calm down, Harry love." Draco told him calmly. "I'm sure he'll be here."

"You want him here?" Harry asked looking to Draco hopefully. "You don't mind him? I mean he did practically almost ruin your bond."

"He's your mate now, Harry, there is nothing that I can do or say to change that." Draco replied diplomatically.

"But do you hold it against him? Are you going to snub him or give him the cold shoulder? I can't live with a bunch of mates who can't even stay in the same room as one another!"

Blaise wrapped his arms around him and pulled him down onto his lap. "Hush, Mio Prezioso. Neither of us are going to snub Maximilius. Your Dracken chose him and we have no say in who you mate to or how many mates you actually end up having, it must be your decision. We are going to live with whatever you decide, Innamorato. We love you."

Harry smiled and looked for confirmation from Draco who nodded his head seriously.

"We don't have to like it, Harry, but we will live with it. I don't mind that he interrupted what was supposed to be my bonding heat; I got more than enough turns with you without him or Blaise. I just don't like how all of this has happened. He came to us when we were at our most vulnerable."

"Most vulnerable?" Harry questioned.

"Harry, during heat is when a Dracken is in his, or her, most vulnerable state. We are almost completely unaware of everything that happens around us, we are powerless to stop anything that might happen because we are so focused on you and your pleasure, there is only one thing on our minds when we are on heat, you and your pleasure and conceiving children with our submissive, everything else is meaningless." Blaise explained.

"Are you saying that…that a gang of hostile people could come in and we wouldn't be able to do anything?" Harry asked horrified.

"That is exactly what I am saying, Bello. There have been many cases of Drackens being injured or killed whilst they have been on a heat period, one submissive and her three dominants burnt to death when their house caught fire and they were caught in a period of heat, they just burnt to death because none of them could break the focus of the heat, I doubt they even knew the house was on fire in the first place."

"That's horrible!" Harry exclaimed.

"Such is the weakness of a Dracken. The second and last time a Dracken is at their most vulnerable is when a submissive is giving birth. If the dominants aren't near the submissive, or they are taken out, then the submissive is helpless against the opposing force."

"God help us." Harry whispered out as he turned to cuddle into Blaise.

"Perhaps it is time we went to bed, we need to recover our energy for when we return to classes tomorrow and we have done little sleeping in the past ten days."

"But Max…"

"Knows where we are, Prezioso. He will find us when he is ready."

Harry didn't like it, but he couldn't deny that he was bone tired as a yawn almost dislocated his jaw. He nodded sullenly and let Draco and Blaise lead him to their platform bed. It was bigger than the last time he had seen it, much bigger.

"I enlarged it so that Max could actually fit into it with us." Draco told him. "I had to extend the end of it as well, honestly how a man grows to be six foot eight I'll never know, he's almost too big to be natural."

"He's a Dracken, he grew with his inheritance." Harry told Draco.

"We don't grow much in height, Mio Amore. Otherwise we would all be near enough the same height and we are not." Blaise told him with a smile. "We swell with muscle and we gain a few inches maybe, but for Max to have become six foot eight, he must have already been six foot five or six in height at fifteen, before he had his inheritance. He was always destined to be very large."

Harry frowned as he crawled into the bed. He closed his eyes, but he was still awake long after Draco and Blaise had fallen asleep. They had forgotten one very important fact of new bonds. He wouldn't be able to sleep without Max near him.

Sighing softly, Harry rolled out of the bed and padded down the stairs. He was going to be exhausted come tomorrow, but no matter how tired he was, he couldn't fall asleep and he didn't have any more Dreamless Sleep potions left over from when he had needed to sleep near Draco and couldn't because he didn't trust him.

He could have gone to ask Professor Snape for some more, but Harry doubted that the man would want to be woken up at two in the morning just for him to ask for a potion. Madam Pomfrey could also give him a sleeping potion, but again Harry didn't want to pad all the way down to the hospital wing, wake her up just to ask for a potion, there was no reason two of them needed to have disturbed sleep after all.

Sitting on the settee, Harry curled himself up and sunk deep into his thoughts. Everything had turned upside down. Just seven months ago he had been a human boy looking forward to going back to school for his sixth year. Then on his sixteenth birthday everything had changed, he had changed. He had turned into a labelled dark creature, a Dracken and not just any Dracken, a bloody rare male submissive Dracken.

Then he had come to school, concealing his new and alarming species status and almost two months later he had mated to someone that previously he had never even spoken to. Everything had happened so fast, too quick, not enough time for anything to sink in.

Before he could even get used to Blaise, he had been separated from him, which had hurt him deeply inside, to parade around a damned house with a hundred other dominant Drackens all intent on groping the skin off of him whilst his actual mate looked on, neither of them able to do anything about it.

Then he had learnt that he needed to do it all over again just to get pregnant, something which he still hadn't been sure he wanted. Hell he was sixteen years old! He remembered what his Aunt had used to say about teenaged pregnancy, only she had been slagging off Mrs number forty-eight's granddaughter, who had gotten pregnant at fifteen. The scandal it had caused the entire of little whinging had been enough to drive poor Mrs Huddson and her Husband to move house. But Harry remembered the awful things that people had spat at Mrs Huddson, calling her a bad Mother for not raising her daughter up properly enough to teach her granddaughter, calling the little granddaughter a slut and a whore. Aunt Petunia had been on her high horse for months and months, saying that she had waited until she had married before partaking in sexual activities. Harry had valued his life back then so he hadn't voiced aloud his opinion that she had had to wait until she was married because no one other than Vernon Dursley was that desperate.

Now all he wanted was a baby, but he would still be a teenaged Mother, his baby's Father would still be a teenager, Harry's back straightened then, unless the baby's Father was Max, then he would be a sixteen year old Mother whose baby would have a thirty-one year old Father. Oh hell.

There had to be a rule or something against that somewhere. Did he even want a baby right now? It would interfere with his school work, he still needed to complete another year of schooling before he graduated, hell how many kids did Blaise say he could have? He'd be overrun with them and the school definitely wouldn't be the best place to raise kids, how the hell did other Drackens manage? He couldn't be the only one that was overwhelmed. But then he remembered that nearly all Drackens were scented out at birth and they were raised knowing what would happen, they had sixteen years to get used to the idea, he had had literally overnight to come to terms with being mated and then he had had a second mate thrown on top, then there was that drama of his Dracken rejecting Draco, then he had apparently accepted Max as a mate and then forced Draco back into being his mate and now he had three of them and there was a high possibility that he was already pregnant with one of their babies and fucking hell he needed a break.

This wasn't how he saw his life. This wasn't how it was supposed to be! His life should have been calm now, blissful now that Voldemort was dead and all his Death Eaters were either dead or in Azkaban. He may have lost Sirius in the Department of Mysteries, but he had also gotten rid of Voldemort there too.

He didn't know what that beast had hoped to accomplish by possessing him but it really hadn't gone his way when Harry had forced his love for his friends upon him. Harry could still hear the screams of agony, of rage and pain. Voldemort had been seared to death by Harry's intense love for his friends, for Sirius and Remus as his parental figures, his love for Dumbledore as a mentor and perhaps as an eccentric Uncle or Grandfather.

Voldemort had curled up as his flesh had flayed around him, the remaining parts of his soul hidden all over Britain burning and turning to ash through the love that they just couldn't understand, that they had never been shown nor felt before.

It was sad really that a grown man had never known an ounce of love from anyone in his life, it was even sadder that that lack of understanding for such a simple yet complex emotion such as love had killed such a terrible man. Harry hated knowing that it was the strength of his love for those around him that had ultimately killed the one who had taken so much from him.

It was fitting really though when he thought about it. His Mother had stood in front of him, had given her life to save him through her absolute and heart deep love for him and Voldemort had killed her regardless of her pleas. Fifteen years later he had killed the one who had taken her life so mercilessly, so emotionlessly with the burning love that he held for her and his Father and for everyone around him. Maybe it was fates way of redeeming to him everything that he had lost, by giving him X amount of men to love and be loved in return as well as cared for and cherished and allowing him to have babies so that he could have the family that had been so cruelly ripped away from him at such a young and tender age. He had been struggling to survive all his life and now that he had actually survived against all the odds, he was at a loss as to what to do.


Harry startled badly and looked to the portrait door where the huge, formidable form of Maximilius Diadesen Maddison stood, filling the stone archway completely.

The large man rushed forward and fell hard onto his knees in front of Harry, who was frozen on the settee.

"I am so sorry, Harry. I didn't mean for it to happen, I couldn't control myself, I couldn't stop even though I knew what I was doing would frighten and confuse you. I felt you go onto heat and I knew I had to be there, but I barricaded myself in my room to keep from running to you and scaring you, but when you started calling to me, I had to answer your call, you were my mate, I had to answer you when you called."

Harry had never heard the fun loving Max in such distress, he was holding Harry's hands in both of his own, looking imploringly into his eyes and he was on his knees begging to be forgiven, but Harry didn't know what needed to be forgiven, Max hadn't done anything wrong in his opinion. Their Drackens had acted on instinct, like they were supposed to, that wasn't Max's fault.

Harry leant forward and smiled as his Dracken practically made him purr at the contact with his third mate. Max wrapped those huge arms around him and Harry could hardly believe that he had thought that Draco's arms were huge. Max's had to have been twice the size.

"Max." Harry sighed happily. "You couldn't stop yourself, I know that. I couldn't stop myself from calling out. I wanted a baby, I wanted my mates, so I started calling and I couldn't stop myself. I don't blame you, you are my mate and I'm glad that you joined us on our heat period. You needed to be there…we wanted you to be there."

Max was, for once, speechless and he just held Harry in the curve of his body lowering his head to smell the soft scent that came from Harry's tufty hair.

He suspected that Harry was pregnant. There had been an eighty percent chance that he had conceived during the last ten days and the affectionate way that Harry was behaving towards him seemed to be a big indication that he had conceived. He had heard that a Dracken who didn't have any children and had not conceived whilst being on a fertile heat turned violent and aggressive towards their mates. This would never happen again once they'd given birth to their first child as the Dracken only wanted a child, the submissive would only get aggressive if they didn't have any children from their mates, once they got what they wanted, they would calm right down.

Harry had fallen asleep in his arms and Max didn't know what to do. He had never imagined that he would be mated to this beautiful, kind and unique boy in front of him. He barely knew Blaise and he knew even less about Draco. Would they accept him into their bed? It would be disconcerting to go to sleep and then wake up in the morning and he was suddenly in their bed with them.

Biting his bottom lip, Max slid Harry into his lap and pushed his arms underneath the tiny body; he lifted Harry up into his arms and carefully slid onto the settee and lay down, his legs hung off the end of the settee at the knees, leaving his lower legs to dangle in the air.

Max carefully, slowly, gently moved Harry to lay lengthways down his body and cuddled him on his chest. It was uncomfortable for him, very uncomfortable and nigh on painful, but as Harry snuffled in his sleep and cuddled in closer to him, he realised that he didn't give a flying fuck that he was going to be stiff and have cramps and pins and needles all through his legs tomorrow, he was very happy right where he was.

He was a mated man now, a mated man with a submissive and two other dominants and a possible clutch of children on the way. It was complicated and this…relationship needed work, it needed a lot of work and effort and it would be so hard, but Max couldn't for one minute think of a time in his adult life that he had ever been happier than he was at the moment. He had a submissive mate of his own at last, he was actually mated and not just to any old submissive either, he had somehow managed to get the most amazing, beautiful and kind submissive that he had ever had the good fortune to meet to choose him as his dominant mate. He had never been as in love as he was right now with anyone before. He held Harry closer and he placed a kiss to his smooth forehead. He was the luckiest man in the world. He was mated and he was mated to sweet Harry, the boy who had been so kind to him and everyone else, the boy who had eaten the biscuits that he'd made and gifted to him with obvious enjoyment, the boy who had chosen him to become his dominant no matter how messed up the process had actually been. They were mated now and nothing could break them apart now.

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