The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


8. Chapter Eight – Christmas Meetings

Harry woke up rather quickly with his eyes feeling gritty and it didn't take long to realise that he'd been woken up so rapidly because he had one hell of a pounding headache. For several minutes he just lay there, in the bed, trying to remember where he was, why he was there or what the hell had even happened. Then it all came flooding back to him. He'd had his first heat period.

He had been on his heat period with Blaise for ten days! That meant that today was in actual fact Christmas Eve. Well it was the early hours of Christmas Eve, it being only five o'clock in the morning.

Unfortunately other things took higher precedent than the fact that it was Christmas Eve, like his swollen bladder and his gurgling, roaring stomach that was demanding something to eat. Harry was just glad that Blaise had already used that cream to heal him up because he was still feeling stiff and sore and that was after the cream had been applied to his body. He didn't want to think on how much pain he would be in if Blaise hadn't used the cream.

Harry didn't notice that Blaise wasn't in the room with him at first, not until after he had spent five minutes emptying his bladder and giving his face a wash to make him feel more alive. He looked around the bedroom, went back up the stairs to the landing that held their nest bed and then he went to check their sitting room, but Blaise really wasn't there.

Collapsing into a heap on the carpet, Harry felt oddly numb and lost. He let out a high pitched, inhuman squealing roar that he was sure had echoed all throughout the school. It sounded a bit like a dragon's roar only in a higher pitch. He remembered well the sounds a dragon made from the first task of the Tri-wizard tournament. He'd had an unrivalled front row and VIP experience of a dragon roaring in his face and he knew the sound they made deep in their chests just before they spewed forth their destructive fire.

Harry curled up on the floor. He felt detached from himself, like he was missing half of his body. He let out the squealing roar again and this time he felt about a hundred answering vibrations in his very bones.

The door to his rooms slammed opened and before he could turn around there was a loud thump and the sound of the door closing again, but Harry didn't care as the moment his eyes clocked deep black, layered hair and indigo eyes he pounced on his mate and licked his cheek, hugging him tightly.

"Harry, why are you giving out a distress call?" Blaise asked seriously.


"You're sending out a distress call to every dominant in the proximity, which I don't know if you remember, is quite a few hundred."

"I couldn't find you." Harry answered softly.

"Oh, Mio amore! I went hunting for you! I knew that you'd be hungry when you woke up."

Harry looked over Blaise's shoulder to see the half torn apart deer and his stomach rumbled loudly.

"Eat up, Harry; I have already eaten my fill."

Harry near enough dived on the still warm corpse of the deer and happily tore chunks of meat from the bones to devour, getting blood everywhere and being watched by a very pleased, smug Blaise, who was watching his mate eat the meal that he had killed just for him.

Once he was full to bursting point, Harry leant back and groaned, patting his full belly.

"Do I even want to know how you dragged a fully grown buck up here without being seen?"

Blaise grinned. "It was easier with a concealment charm and it's very early in the morning. It was only really the portraits and any wandering ghosts that I had to hide my kill from."

Harry grinned back and reached out for Blaise. He felt so much better; his body was back to its normal temperature, he was no longer burning and he didn't feel uncomfortable or pained anymore, with the ending of the heat, he had gone back to normal.

"Do you feel any better, Prezioso?"

"Yes, I was so uncomfortable at the beginning of the heat, I felt like I was being boiled alive."

Blaise held Harry close and licked his mate's neck.

"I'm sorry, Bello, it couldn't be helped. Your body temperature had to reach one hundred and ten degrees."

"Why?!" Harry asked stunned.

"Harry, why do you think Drackens call the mating period 'heat'? Like our dragon ancestors we need to raise our body temperatures up to a certain degree in order to conceive a child. Drackens do not like the cold and we need heat and obviously sex in order to conceive a baby."

"Our body temperatures have to be raised to a hundred and ten degrees to get children?" Harry asked astonished.

"Yes, and again when you are nesting and you are in labour, your body will raise its temperature to a hundred and ten degrees to keep the babies healthy and comfortable."

"About that, how will I give birth, Blaise?"

"I'm not too sure, Mio amore. I'll find out for you, I know that female submissives just birth their children naturally, but I'm not certain how you will give birth seeing as you are a male."

Harry did not like being told that his mate didn't know something so important as to how he would birth their children. It made him angry.

"What do you mean you don't know?! You've been a Dracken for a year!"

"I can't know everything, Harry! A year isn't all that long and male submissives are so very rare that I never thought that I would ever see one, let alone meet and mate with one!"

"But you're my dominant mate! You're supposed to know!" Harry screamed.

"I will find out for you, now calm down and stop yelling at me." Blaise hissed.


Blaise was on him quicker than Harry's eyes could keep up. Blaise had not been that fast before the heat.

A hand around the back of his neck forced him to his knees and kept pushing to get him onto his stomach, but the hell would Harry make it easy! He swiped a leg out and caught the back of Blaise's knee, knocking it out from under his mate and letting him collapse next to him, before he leapt up and ran, or he tried to.

Blaise grabbed his ankle and yanked him back down before plastering himself to Harry's back, pressing his considerable weight down onto his mate.

"Get off of me!"

"Not until you calm down." Blaise told him, licking over the back of Harry's neck, lightly nibbling the skin with his teeth.

"Oh! Blaise…no!" Harry moaned, caught between anger and pleasure.

"Yes, my love." Blaise whispered, finding that one spot behind Harry's ear that made his mate melt.

"Why am I so angry?" Harry asked miserably.

"Because your Dracken has realised that you are not pregnant. He is angry that he will not have young to carry and nurture."

"But surely my Dracken knew I wouldn't get pregnant, I need another mate before I can get pregnant."

"We know that love, but both of our Dracken sides didn't. Our Drackens run on instinct and not much else, love. The reason you have only me as a mate currently is because, though we knew otherwise, our Drackens fully believed that we would gain a clutch of children from mating. Your Dracken is angry that I couldn't give you a child and my Dracken is feeling inferior and useless because I couldn't give you a child."

"Oh, Blaise! Please don't feel like that, I'm sorry I need another mate, I don't want one."

Blaise smirked that gorgeous tilt of lips and kissed Harry gently as his mate rolled over so that they were face to face.

"I don't feel like that, love, but my Dracken does. Again it is purely instinct, you knew we weren't going to get children, I knew that you needed another mate to get a baby, but our Drackens have only just found out, so give them some time to settle down."

"I feel like something is missing." Harry confided softly. "Before this, you were enough, but now there is a small hole inside of me that is craving someone to fill it."

"That is your Dracken telling you that you need another mate. You will start releasing pheromones to attract the dominants to you again and then you will start calling to them. To minimise the risk of damage or injury we should hold the meeting as soon as possible, in a few days at most."

"After Christmas though. I want our first Christmas together to be just you and me."

"Not Christmas, love, Winter solstice. Christmas is a Muggle thing." Blaise chastised lightly.

"It will always be Christmas to me." Harry stated stubbornly.

Blaise smiled and pecked Harry's lips, standing up and pulling Harry into his arms. A bout of unexpected anger towards Blaise had Harry curling away from his mate.

"I'm sorry." Harry whispered sadly.

"I know, Bello. It isn't your fault."

"I want a bath." Harry decided, suddenly remembering that he hadn't washed or bathed in ten days. "Join me?"

Blaise smiled lecherously and dragged Harry off to the bathroom wordlessly to 'bathe'.

Blaise went hunting again for dinner and then again on Christmas morning, his instincts were too close to the surface for him not to hunt, which suited Harry just fine seeing as he had such an enormous craving for raw meat that it was all that he wanted to eat. Blaise said that it was to make up for the weeks of just grains, fruits and vegetables that he'd been eating recently.

Harry finished eating the mare that Blaise had dragged through the castle just for his breakfast and he smiled happily at Blaise. His emotions still hadn't calmed down and he still had unexpected bouts of anger towards Blaise, his Dracken seeing his inability to give him children as a failure.

Unfortunately Blaise's Dracken was moping about and was feeling like a failure and nothing Harry did could convince Blaise in Dracken form that he wasn't a failure, as a result Christmas was spent in their human forms despite having the privacy to be in their Dracken forms.

Harry shyly handed Blaise a beautifully wrapped gift and watched as his mate carefully opened it and rustled the tissue paper inside before locating the gift.

Blaise pulled out a very thick, very heavy and very, very old book. He looked it over carefully noticing that it oddly did not have any title that he could see. It was covered in smooth, but age cracked, brown leather and the pages were very yellow, dry and musty with age.

Blaise carefully opened the top cover of the book and his heart almost stopped at the inscribed letters on the front page. Cægan Æðelræd Bealusearu.

"Harry? Where…where did you even get this?" Blaise whispered reverently.

"I had a hell of a time tracking it down for you. Remember I got you to write it down for me because I couldn't pronounce it? Well I took that paper into every bookshop, and second hand junk shop, because you never know what you'll find in those, and I hunted for it for you, because I remember that you said that you really wanted it and that you and your family had been looking for a copy for generations."

"We agreed on no ridiculously expensive gifts, Harry! This must have cost you not only an arm and a leg, but both arms, both legs and all of your internal organs of yourself and all of your descendants for at least the next ten generations!"

Harry chuckled softly, bordering on a giggle. "It didn't cost me anything, Blaise. I finally got fed up of hunting and getting nowhere, so I asked the goblins for help when I went to withdraw some money, I told them that I'd had no luck looking for it and they turned around and told me that a copy, this copy, had been sitting untouched in my bank vault for seven hundred years. I already owned it, so it didn't cost me anything to get for you."

Blaise mouthed wordlessly, unable to form how much this actually meant to him. "I…thank you, Harry, thank you so much!"

"Thank me by giving me my present before I go stir crazy!" Harry grinned bouncing a bit on the settee he was sitting on.

Blaise smiled so softly and tenderly at him Harry stopped all movement. Surely Blaise couldn't feel the level of love he was displaying just for him, could he? Did he love Blaise as much as Blaise seemingly loved him?

His Dracken roared and clawed at his chest, saying a firm no. They should hate Blaise for not being strong enough to give them younglings, but that wasn't Blaise's fault. He needed more than one mate, he was too strong.

'I am not too strong, he is too weak!' A voice hissed in his head that sounded suspiciously like his own. Harry gasped, clutching at his head.

"Harry? Prezioso, are you alright, what is it?"

"My head hurts."

Blaise held him so gently, run such soft fingers through his hair and pressed such light kisses against his temple that Harry started crying silent tears. Blaise deserved better than him. His own Dracken was rejecting Blaise! On Christmas day no less!

"Innamorato, what is wrong? Why are you crying?" Blaise asked stunned.

"The anger is back." Harry whispered through his tears.

"Hush now, mio Diletto. We knew this would happen, we knew our Drackens would not be happy that we hadn't conceived children. It's alright if you are angry."

"But I don't want to be angry with you, Blaise. I love you!"

Blaise smiled and gave him a sweet kiss. "Ti amo, Harry."

Harry cuddled into Blaise and breathed deeply to calm himself, he didn't want to hate Blaise or be angry with him. He truly meant it when he told Blaise that he loved him.

Blaise handed him a small, very intricately wrapped box and Harry looked at it, not wanting to open it and destroy the beautiful masterpiece it was.

"It isn't my chocolate then." Harry stated with a grin.

"I buy you your favourite chocolate twice a week, innamorato, this gift is special." Blaise told him, bringing him in for a hug.

"I don't want to open it." Harry said softly, before hastening to explain when Blaise looked upset and offended. "It's too pretty! I don't want to destroy it."

Blaise chuckled and did a little wave with his wand before he run it up, down, over and around the little present.

"What did you just do?" Harry asked curiously.

"I took a photo of it, Prezioso. A proper photo, not those silly flat muggle ones, but a moving wizarding one so you will always know what my first Winter solstice present to you looked like."

Harry hugged Blaise tightly before he carefully opened his present. It was a little blue velvet box and Harry pried the hinges open gently and gasped at the contents.

Sitting nestled in a bed of crushed silk and velvet was the most beautiful bracelet that Harry had ever seen. It was an inch wide and looked more like half a cuff than a bracelet, it would fit snuggly against the base of his hand, but it would not cover his ulnar styloid. It was made of solid platinum and had a large emerald in the centre; an emerald that looked so much like his and his Mother's eyes that it took his breath away. On either side of the emerald was a smaller, but no less beautiful amethyst. They were deep purple in colour, the same colour as Blaise's wing scales.

"Oh, Blaise I love it!" Harry exclaimed, taking it out of the velvet and silk cushion and he flicked open the clasp. He wrapped it around his wrist and fastened the clasp again, loving how it was tight against his skin, but didn't cut off his circulation.

There were small carvings on the bracelet, looking so delicate and flimsy that he didn't want to touch them. They looked like vines wrapping around the bracelet with off-shooting spirals.

"It's so beautiful, Blaise, but what the hell? You tell me not to give you an expensive gift and here you go giving me this?!"

Blaise grinned. "This is a family heirloom, mio caro. The only thing I spent money on was resizing it to fit your tiny, elfin wrists and changing the gems from diamonds and rubies to emeralds and amethysts."

Harry grinned as well and hugged Blaise tightly. Blaise unclasped the bracelet when Harry's head was turned and took it off of his wrist and Harry gasped, pulling back and looking at Blaise with wide eyes.

"You missed the inscription on the inside band, Harry." Blaise told him, pointing out the elegant, cursive letters on the bottom.

'Ti penso moltissimo.'

"What does it mean?" Harry asked. He had a very warm feeling from the words.

"I think of you always." Blaise answered with a smile.

Harry nearly melted as Blaise fastened the bracelet back onto his wrist and kissed the back of his hand gently.

"Ti amo, Harry. Ti amo."

"Tee ammo?" Harry questioned.

Blaise chuckled and pressed his lips to Harry's temple. "Ti amo. I love you. I love you deeply, Harry."

Harry smiled happily, ignoring the warmth in his cheeks as he pressed a kiss to Blaise's soft lips.

Christmas day was turning out to be one of the happiest that Harry could ever remember. They went down for dinner in the Great Hall, where they found only a few students along with the Professors.

"Harry, my boy, it's so nice to see that you are feeling better!" Dumbledore cried out jovially, sending him a wink.

"Yes, I felt better a few days ago, Professor, but I didn't feel up to socialising much and yesterday was when I started to truly feel like myself again, but it being Christmas Eve, I wanted to spend the day with Blaise."

"Of course you did, my boy. I am glad that you are feeling better, I hope you don't have a relapse."

"Madam Pomfrey said that if I did then it would be a small one a few days after I started feeling better, so I suppose if I'm going to relapse it will be any when from now to a couple of days away."

Blaise sat Harry down before sitting down himself and serving Harry a plateful of food, knowing that Harry and himself had eaten purely raw meat for the past two days. He made sure to put a bit of turkey and chicken onto the plate, before he filled the rest with vegetables and side dishes.

Harry smiled at him and started eating with polite manners that he hadn't had when he was tearing apart the mare that Blaise had hunted for him. Blaise would rather watch Harry eating the prey he had killed for him.

"Someone said that you had Dragon Pox!" An excitable second year Hufflepuff burst out.

Blaise glared at the little girl and she recoiled, but Harry sent his own glare to Blaise who sniffed and went back to his dinner.

"I didn't have Dragon pox, but the illness that I did have is contagious through skin to skin contact, so I couldn't leave my special rooms. Blaise had already caught it from me, so he stayed with me to keep me company."

"But what about food!" The little girl asked, exuberant as usual now that Harry was talking to her.

"The house elves brought us our meals; they are a different species, so human illnesses don't affect them."

"Oh. What was it like?"

Harry went pink cheeked as he remembered the ten days of continuous sex and the pleasure it had brought, the smells and the sounds he and Blaise had made.

"It was pretty boring." Harry stated lamely.

Blaise's head snapped to glare at Harry. He leant in close and blew in Harry's ear.

"I guess I'll have to up my ante the next time, Prezioso, so that you are not so bored."

Harry went a furious red in the cheeks and he pushed Blaise away from him. He didn't need to defend his words. The little girl was twelve; she didn't need to hear that they had been having non-stop sex for ten days. No one at this table, of age or not, needed to know that they had been having sex at all. It was bad enough that Snape and Dumbledore already knew.

"I hope that you do not relapse, Harry." Dumbledore stated gravely.

"So do I. I've missed enough lessons as it is, but I just have a gut feeling that it's going to happen."

"If it happens it happens, Potter." McGonagall stated. "Just make sure you catch up with all of your work."

"Don't worry, Professor, it's all done and I'm even ahead in certain subjects! Blaise is trying to tutor me with Potions as well."

"Do try not to blow out one of the castle walls, Potter." Snape told him.

"I'll try, Sir, but I can't make any promises."

"I think I am competent enough to stop him from blowing out a wall, Professor, but blowing off one of his own hands…" Blaise trailed off with a sigh and Harry nudged him as Dumbledore chuckled merrily.

Harry shook his head and popped a Brussels sprout into his mouth, chewing moodily. He stabbed at his peas and carrots before placing a forkful of mashed potatoes into his mouth and swallowing. He glared at Blaise as his mate laughed at his sulky behaviour.

The dinner passed by amicably and Harry found himself laughing and joking with Blaise and the younger students. Blaise pressed a kiss to his ear and licked it.

"You would make a wonderful Mother, Mio Bello." Blaise whispered.

Harry smiled happily and snuggled in with Blaise, still spooning Christmas pudding and extra thick double cream into his mouth, giving the odd spoonful to Blaise.

Students began trickling away at eight and Harry yawned against Blaise for the third time in five minutes.

"Come on, Mio amore, let's get you into bed. You still need to take it easy after your illness." Blaise told him, standing up and pulling Harry to his feet.

Harry leant heavily on Blaise until they were out of the Great Hall and away from the curious eyes of all those who were left in the Hall. Blaise swept Harry's legs out and caught him easily, carrying him cautiously up the stairs.

"I can walk!" Harry tried to sound angry, but a huge yawn that almost unhinged his jaw ruined the effect.

"I know." Blaise soothed gently. "But I want to carry you."

Harry didn't have the energy to fight Blaise. He just gave in and let his body relax as he was carried up to their rooms and into their bedroom. Blaise carefully climbed the narrow set of stairs leading up to the ledge that their bed was on and placed him down on it.

Blaise happily undressed Harry, quelling any arguments with a soft, 'I want to do this for you.' Leaving Harry undressed, Blaise undressed himself and climbed in next to his ethereal mate, covering them both up and wrapping his arms around Harry's waist.

"Sogni d'oro, mio amore." Blaise whispered, kissing Harry's cheek before settling down to sleep.

Harry was back in his private rooms in the hell hotel. Only this time it was more bearable with Blaise firmly by his side and his chaperone not too far behind them.

There were approximately one hundred and twenty dominants living here, there had been four deaths already from fighting and another several were injured. To be honest Harry was astounded that there wasn't more than that, but apparently word had gotten around that he didn't like violence and the dominants were trying to curb themselves, which he was actually grateful for.

"So, Harry." Elder Trintus stated happily. "Here we are again."

"Yes, I have no idea how I'm going to choose another dominant from all of these!"

"One submissive once held a gladiator like challenge." Trintus told him reflectively. "Yes, she made all of the dominants fight each other. The one left standing at the end became her mate."

Harry was horrified that anyone could be so cruel and heartless.

"So all the others just died?" He asked in absolute disgust.

"Oh no, dear boy! No, we placed up safety measures, a rarity as normally we would let the submissive gain their mate by any means that they see fit, but obviously we couldn't just cull all the dominants down to one. No, we made a single rule that if you were knocked down for more than three seconds then you were automatically disqualified. It saved many dominants, but there were more than a few casualties and quite a fair few deaths too, despite the safety measures in place."

"Can I just spend some time with each one?" Harry asked.

"You want to do the interviews again?" Trintus asked.

"Not exactly. I want to be able to walk around with them; I want to see what they are like when they are relaxed and comfortable, not crammed into an overstuffed armchair opposite me. I think some of them were nervous and hid it behind inane nattering."

"Alright, my dear, let's get started, after all you cannot be ill for too long or your classmates will get suspicious."

Harry walked hand in hand with Blaise, who had his wings stretched out to their max, making them seem longer than they were, but he still got dirty looks from the other Drackens, who were flaunting their twenty-five foot wings, clearly telling Blaise that theirs were bigger.

Harry was dismayed to see that Dominic, the presumptuous twat who had burst into his rooms during his last meeting, was standing right in the front with his grandfather.

"Harry, sweet one." Elder Getus greeted. "I hope you are well."

"I am, thank you." Harry replied politely.

"You remember my grandson Dominic."

The big dominant held his hand out, but Harry didn't take it. There was a gleam in both of their eyes that he didn't like. Perhaps they remembered that he had mated with Blaise over a simple handshake and believed that it would work twice in a row. The only problem was that he hadn't mated with Blaise over a handshake, but a single lick to the back of the neck.

"Yes, I do. I seem to remember telling him to leave and to not come back." Harry answered coolly.

"I have seen the error of my ways." Dominic told him, his voice very pompous and insincere.

"Good, but you will still never be my mate. I don't want you as my mate!"

"Now Harry, it isn't a choice as such but a need to have the strongest mate possible. Dominic might be the best suited mate for you."

"He's not." Harry replied stubbornly and loudly. There were a few snorts, laughs and titters from the crowd of dominants.

"If we could calm this down a bit." Elder Trintus boomed. "Harry wishes to get to know all of you in turn; he wishes to see you when you are relaxed and comfortable. You will not be permitted to take Harry away from this house or its grounds, you will not be permitted to be alone with Harry without myself and his first mate, Blaise, present and you are not permitted to touch him at any time."

"Dominic will be going first." Elder Getus stated as if it was his god given right and hell did Harry's temper raise another few notches at that.

It was as if he wasn't even a person capable of intelligent speech or thought patterns. His white wings, now with their shiny, deep purple scales flared out and he bared his fangs to the elder man and hissed deeply.

"He won't!" Harry declared harshly. "He won't even get a fucking turn because I don't want him anywhere near me!"

"All dominants deserve a fair chance at becoming your mate, Harry."

"Then why are you pushing your grandson at me? Why does he have to go first for everything? That isn't fair to the others! What, is he so undesirable and so vile as a person that he needs your help getting him a mate because he can't get one on his own?"

There were gasps, laughs and surprised snorts after his outburst. Elder Getus and his grandson were not included. They looked angry and offended and Harry did not care in the slightest.

Blaise placed a single hand on the back of his neck, he didn't squeeze or apply any pressure, it was a warning to calm himself down lest he get himself into trouble.

Harry let his body relax and let his temper cool. He wouldn't achieve anything by yelling. He knew he didn't have to go anywhere near Dominic and the Elder knew that as well. Shouting was just giving him a headache and making him grumpy, it would be better if he turned and ignored them both, but ignoring something like that was never Harry's strongest personality trait.

"I want a list of all the names and ages of the dominants." Harry told Elder Trintus, before taking Blaise's hand and storming away to cool down.

Harry estimated that it would take at least an hour, maybe more to get the names and ages of the dominants, enough time for him to work out his frustrations with Blaise, who was very happy to help him.

They were tangled on the carpet of his private rooms before the door had fully closed, kissing and biting at the other's mouths. Harry's breath hitched when Blaise moved his mouth down his chin to nibble on his neck.

Blaise squeezed Harry's sides, moving his hands down to grip at his mate's hips, before moving them up again to divest Harry of his shirt. Licking a sugar pink nipple, Blaise smirked as Harry yelled out in surprise.

"Blaise, no teasing, please. I just need to get my anger out." Harry whined.

"As you wish." Blaise answered, ripping Harry's trousers from his legs, taking those bright grass green boxer shorts with them.

A knock on the door had Blaise roaring in rage and Harry scrambling to cover himself with something before Elder Trintus cautiously peeked around the door frame.

"I am so sorry!" He gasped as he caught sight of Blaise lying over a near enough naked Harry, who had only just managed to get his boxer shorts over his private bits in time.

"It's okay." Harry assured, throwing his arms around Blaise's neck to stop him from pouncing on the poor elderly Dracken. "Did you want something?"

"I…the list is complete. We took a register at the very first meeting; we have been updating it with every new arrival."

"Oh. Alright. We'll be there in a minute." Harry answered, pretending that he wasn't laying in his boxer shorts underneath Blaise.

The Elder nodded and left very quickly as Blaise snarled angrily.

"We'll continue this later, Blaise." Harry assured him. "Nothing will stop us tonight."

Blaise sighed and held Harry tightly, running his hands over Harry's bare skin, squeezing those beautiful thighs possessively, before moving up over Harry's covered arse and stopping on his lower back.

"Ti amo, Harry." He stated seriously.

Harry grinned impishly. "Ti amo, Blaise." He stated back, pronouncing the words carefully and a bit heavily, watching as Blaise smirked in happiness.

"You are learning."

"I am. You'll have to teach me more Italian, Blaise. I need to know what you're saying to me."

"Anything for you, little love, anything for you."

Harry chuckled happily and shimmied back into his trousers and buttoned up his shirt.

"Let's get this over with. I don't want to be here any longer than necessary."

Blaise nodded and he wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "Remember that I'll be with you every step of the way this time, mio amore. If you don't like one of them, just hide behind me and I'll protect you with my life."

Harry shook his head at the declaration, but he didn't say anything as he walked out of his private rooms and back down to the Dracken common room. There wasn't anything that he could say and he couldn't argue either, Blaise would only tell him that he was his dominant and that was how it was supposed to be. Harry sighed silently and he walked, hand in hand with Blaise, to try and find his second, and hopefully last, dominant mate.

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